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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Buenos Aires

Barracas Urban Regeneration Jyothsna Dhileepan + Samuel Osakwe + Fahim Razali Since the MUDD12 Buenos Aires Studio in 2006-2007 hosted by the Facultad de Arquitectura, Dise単o y Urbanismo, Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA), the site under investigation, centred on two semi-abandoned rail yards in the southern industrial suburb of Barracas, remains in the same state. This scheme proposes to regenerate the industrial seam of Barracas as a viable urban neighbourhood, one that promotes economic development and social integration. The scheme seeks to address the high noise and air pollution from industrial activities and the challenge of expanding informal settlements on unused railway land. Stimulation of local economic activity will be the key to revitalisation. The project closes the existing passenger station on the site (Estacion Buenos Aires) and incorporates its function in

Constitution Station. A new train station and a bus terminal will serve as an important transit hub for southern Buenos Aires. Art studios and learning centres are provided at the higher levels of the train station to provide educational and small-scale economic opportunities. A marketplace acts as a connector to the slum community, linked by a pedestrian mall to the proposed entry point of Barracas with space for the sale of local products. A sports hub to the north is linked to the terminal precinct. The spaces of the existing medical campus will be strengthened with new parks and plazas. Precincts will be developed in grids within radial avenues in relation to traditional BA urbanism, in part to promote walkability and create strong vistas. Perimeter-block housing schemes, adapted from traditional BA typologies, will have their own private courtyards that become interactive community spaces.

Northeast-southwest section through the proposed axis looking southeast

Figure ground map of urban district

Design principles Existing major node

Urban design framework

Perspective of proposed market


Proposed minor node

Existing nodes Proposed major node

Perspective of proposed plaza

Perspective of proposed plaza

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