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MUDD 21 - City Visions II

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Newcomers

Ashley Bakelmun + Huang Hanlin + Sie Thung Lau + Wang Yuyang The target group for this project are newcomers to Berlin: immigrants, families, students and young professionals. The number of newcomers will vary across time with rises and falls in immigration and industry trends in Berlin, so a variety of apartment sizes and space types have been provided. Additionally, land area has been allocated for refugee housing including Modular Accommodation (MUF = Modulare Unterkünfte für Flüchtlinge), as Berlin is lacking spaces to shelter incoming migrants. A hierarchy of spaces is provided: (1) Community Space – Provided within building blocks; shared by the residents of the surrounding buildings, (2) Neighbourhood Space – for the different communities to share and interact, three neighbourhood squares are provided in central locations, but not in the main flow of pedestrian travel, (3) City Space – These areas are open, exposed to traffic, and form connections to the surroundings.

The Neighbourhoods will be developed by multiple developers, whereas each Community should be done by one developer. The residential buildings are intentionally provided in a variety of configurations to create various feelings of intimacy in each community space. Some are more permeable to surrounding communities and some are closed courtyard buildings. Housing will be 50% affordable, made possible with an emphasis on inexpensive construction methods and shared spaces. Each community takes responsibility to define the functions of their shared ground-floor uses: examples are care centres, indoor playgrounds, co-working spaces and small community centres.

Urban design framework

City space

Community space

Neighbourhood space


Space hierarchy: city space is the most public; community space is the most private.

Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  
Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

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