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and Chicago, as well as Sydney, with outstanding learning experiences evident from the resultant projects placed on exhibition at our gallery and documented in the MUDD21 Yearbook. Urban Design at UNSW continues to evolve under the outstanding leadership of Professor James Weirick, with the support of Emeritus Professor Jon Lang, Emeritus Professor Alexander Cuthbert, Dr Scott Hawken and Visiting Professorial Fellow Dr Karl Fischer alongside leading urban thinkers as well as designers from professional practice from Sydney and around the world. Reflecting the growing role of the discipline and the benefits of interdisciplinary learning unique to UNSW, opportunities to integrate advanced digital technologies applied to urban conditions, easier pathways to double professional degrees linked to Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Planning as well as easier entry from undergraduate degrees are now either available or being explored. Connections with leading practices around the world and our alumni network also support our students with global opportunities for employment on graduation. And the welcomed appointment of Professor Helen Lochhead, as the new Dean of Built Environment, herself a distinguished architect, urban designer and landscape architect points to a continuing positive trajectory for the MUDD program. MUDD’s legacy is reflected in the growing cohort of graduates working around the world and registering outstanding professional achievements. Through the advancement of knowledge and the success of our alumni we see the evidence of our academic staff’s contribution to more sustainable, equitable and livable urban futures. It has been a great privilege for me to serve at UNSW and to occasionally have the opportunity to participate in reviews of student work at MUDD. As is the case with many who leave the faculty, I look forward to continuing my support for the MUDD program as well as Built Environment more generally, including our alumni with whom my path frequently crosses. It is the excellence found in the combination of academic and alumni work that continues to be my inspiration in the quest to contribute through design to a better future for the generations that follow.

Master of Urban Development

Design 2015-2016


Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  
Mudd folio final 02 mar 2016  

City Visions: Method & Design Chicago | Berlin | Sydney International Studio workshops from the Masters of Urban Development & Design degree...