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Map of Skuleberget Hill


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High Coast


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Nature reserve Skuleberget Hill Skuleberget Hill rises 295 m above the sea. On thè top of the hill you find the highets shoreline in the world, 286 meters above the current coast line. During the last ice age the High Coast area was pressed down by a 3000 m thick inland

ice. Nowherc else in the world has the land uplift bèen as great as here. About 10 500 years ago the The High Coast area was no longer covered with inland ice and thé landscape was depressed 300 metres below the position before the ice age. At that time Skuleberget Hill was just two small skerries, I meters high. As thè land rose all till of the newly èxposed hill was washed away. Today we see a hill with a "cap" of kees and wavewashed rccks below with some wind swept pines as the only vegetation. lt is still possible to see the boundary line between the wavewashed rock and thè till-covercd top, located 286 metres above present sea level. The land uplift continuès and is current 8 millimetres a year and when Skulèberget Hill has rose further 14 metres will it be in the same level as before the ice age.

Skulèberget Hill is

a south facing hilll with a uniquè tlora for the area. The steep, south facing hillside stores the suns heat during the day and releasès it du ng the night. This

Trails in the nature reserve:

creates a local climate with a longer vegetation

ladders leading to thè cave-

pèdod and less frost. Skulèbergèt Hill has a local climate which corresponds to the climate in south of Sweden. A few èxamples of south growìng plants which you find on the hill side are livedeaf (Hepatica), maple, linden, hazel and herb-robert.

Common species of bird in the area are wood peckers; on the hill you can find 5 different species. Other kinds of birds common in the reseNe arè Calpercaillie, Black Grouse, Willow

Ptgarmìgan and Hazel Grousè- Ivlammals frequent on the hill are Lynx, Moose, l\laden and Wood Lemming.

The cave, creatèd by the wawes of the sea, is

located 185 meters above sea level.



called The Kings Cave, after Karl Xl and his visit on the hill in the171h cèntury. Another common name is The Robbers Cave related to all the stories about the many robbers in the

Skule forest. The famous Swedish botanist Linné has also visited the cave (î732) on his journey through Swèden.

At the top of Skuleberget Hill there is a metal band nailèd to thè rock marking the worlds hjghest shoreline.

The bedrock in the naturc reserve


consjsts of nordingrà granite, a kind of granite which only exists in Sweden and Finland. On the west side of the hill you find a fèw veins of dolerite, a kind of rock that weathers alcalic which benefits the vegitation.

East trail, blue marked: A route of approximately 4 km. On your way from naturum up to the top you find a path with 3 Top tlail, rcd marked: Takes you round the 2 tops of Skulebe€et Hill. The Cap trail, unmarked: Leading around one of the two caps of the hill. The two caps was the only pad of Skuleberget Hill which could be

seen above the shore line at the end of the latèst ice age.

Yellow trail: Strètches bètween the top of Skuleberget Hilland the camping area.


. You ale welcome on foot. Bicycles and motor vehicles are not allowed .Camping and motor homes are not permitted. Do not harm the vegetation, neither living nor dead treès or bushes Do not harm the wildlife . Keep the dog on a lèach . Do not litter Fares are only permittèd at the designatèd fìreplaces

. .


The naturè reserve Skuleberget Hill

was founded in 1969, and enlarged in 1974, with an area of 263 hectares. The aim was to protect the miqhty hill and an area of valuable vegetation.

For more information or visit. Contact naturum Hóga Kusten: 0613 - 700 200

Map of the trails at Skuleberget Hill in the High Coast  

Map of the trails in the nature reserve of the Skuleberget and general informations about the nature reserve Skuleberget Hill. Map and texts...