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COMMENCEMENT2020 SPRING AND SUMMER Graduate School School of Architecture College of Arts and Sciences Patti and Allan Herbert Business School School of Communication School of Education and Human Development College of Engineering Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music School of Nursing and Health Studies

M essage f rom t he Pre sid e n t


To the Class of 2020, Congratulations! You are now prepared to undertake the next stage of your personal and professional development. Your education has equipped you with a unique skill set enriched by the experiences you have gained here at the University of Miami. The relationships you have forged with faculty, advisers, and fellow students have not only strengthened our community, but will undoubtedly be a source of community and strength throughout your career. I have always had an unwavering belief in your ability to persevere, but you have truly exhibited in an outstanding way the characteristics of caring and resilient ’Canes in the face of challenges such as hurricanes and now, the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented emergency, which for the time being has transformed learning and upended life as we know it, forced the postponement of our spring commencement ceremonies until December. But that in no way affects your degree status, nor our immense pride in your accomplishments. I know you must feel frustration and disappointment at not being able to celebrate together at this time. If you choose to return in December, we will celebrate then. For those of you who are unable to return, I know that the positive outlook that brought you to this moment will continue to propel you forward. In either case, I wish you the best and hope you stay in touch and remain safe and committed. The world needs you, your skills, and your compassion—now, more than ever.

Go ’Canes,

Julio Frenk, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. President University of Miami


C andidat e s f or D e gre e s The awarding of degrees and honors to the candidates named in this program is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the appropriate requirements by each candidate. The listing of a student’s name in this program in no way implies or ensures graduation, or the award of honors. The information listed on the following pages is current as of April 2, 2020.

Graduate School Established 1941 Presented by Guillermo Prado, Ph.D., Dean

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Nojoud Khaled Al-Hakeem B.S., 2010, Lynn University M.P.H., 2012, Florida International University Major: Ergonomics Dissertation: Improvement of Gait Patterns in Spastic Adults through Surgical Intervention on Spastic Upper Extremity Adviser: Shihab Asfour Mutabe Saad S Aljaghtham Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Simulation-Guided Design of Thermoelectric Generators for Waste Heat Recovery Applications Adviser: Emrah Celik Omar Aloui B.S.C.E., 2012 M.S.C.E., 2015 Major: Civil Engineering Dissertation: Cellular Morphogenesis of Tensegrity Structures Adviser: Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos Celeste Amadei B.A., 2008, University of California, Berkeley M.S., 2009, Georgetown University Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: E6AP Target Genes in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Angelman Syndrome Advisers: Michael Alessandri and Zafar Nawaz Steven R. Anderson, Jr. B.L.A., 2011, Harvard Extension School M.S., 2018, University of Miami Major: Psychology Dissertation: Investigating How Stoicism Influences Empathy for Pain: A Cross-Cultural Neuroimaging Study Adviser: Elizabeth A. Reynolds Losin Daryl Axelrod B.B.A., 2005, Baruch College M.A., 2008, University of Miami Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: Multilingual Students’ Literary Analyses via Transmediation into Digital Comics 4

Jhonelle C. Bailey B.A., 2013, Emory University Major: Psychology Dissertation: Do Learning Behaviors Mediate Associations Between Parent-Reported Peer Social Competence and Literacy and Mathematics Outcomes for Low-Income Preschool Children? Adviser: Rebecca Bulotsky-Shearer Jeramy Lee Rueff Baum B.S., 2011, Valdosta State University Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Design of Non-Invasive Systems for Detection of Exogenous and Endogenous Volatile Compounds for Applications in Environmental Exposure and Health Diagnostics Advisers: Leonidas G. Bachas and Sylvia Daunert Winter A. Beckles Major: Biology Dissertation: Signal Evolution and Adaptive Diversification in the Caribbean Bark Anole, Anolis distichus Tatiana Bejarano B.S., 2012, Florida International University M.S., 2014, Florida International University Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: Optimizing Treatment Plan Selection of Human Papilloma VirusAssociated Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma using Machine Learning on Electronic Medical Records Adviser: Ivaylo B. Mihaylov David H. Bernstein B.A., 2012, Brandeis University M.Phil., 2014, University of Oxford, United Kingdom Major: Economics Dissertation: Essays in Efficiency Analysis and Energy Economics Adviser: Christopher F. Parmeter Sheerin Marie Berte B.A., 2007, University of Massachusetts Boston M.A., 2010, Boston University Major: Music Education Dissertation: The Lived Experiences of Adult Musicians with Dyscalculia: A Heuristic Inquiry Adviser: Stephen F. Zdzinski

Elena Buglo B.S., 2014, University of Alaska Anchorage Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Establishing CRISPR Models of Rare Hereditary Neurodegenerative Diseases Advisers: Julia E. Dallman and Stephan L. Zuchner Alejandro Carvajal Pardo Bachelor, 2006, Pontifica Universidad Javeriana, Colombia Major: International Studies Dissertation: Neither the Rock Nor the Hard Place: Local Actions of Neutrality in Colombia Adviser: Bruce M. Bagley Elizabeth Pearce Casline B.S., 2010, Bates College M.S., 2012 Major: Psychology Dissertation: Exploration of Distress Intolerance, Anxiety Sensitivity, Emotional Impulsivity, and Repetitive Negative Thinking as Risk Factors for Anxiety-Promoting Parenting Behaviors Alessandro Cresci B.S., 2012, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy M.S., 2014, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy Major: Ocean Sciences Dissertation: Magnetic and Celestial Orientation of Migrating European Glass Eels (Anguilla anguilla) Adviser: Josefina M. Olascoaga Alexis Anne Denton B.S., 2012, Miami University Major: Applied Marine Physics Dissertation: Deriving Advanced HighResolution Satellite Retrievals of Sea Ice Dynamics in the Summertime Arctic Marginal Ice Zone Adviser: Hans C. Graber Pouya Derayati Bachelor, 2011, Sharif University of Technology, Iran Major: Business Administration Dissertation: A Multilevel Analysis of Dynamic Capabilities: How Firms Benefit from Internal and External Capabilities at the Individual and Firm Level Adviser: Naquia K. Williams

Lorella Di Gregorio B.A., 2006, University of Catania, Italy M.A., 2010, University of Bologna, Italy M.A., 2012, Texas State University Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies Dissertation: The Global Journey of Mexican and Southern Italian Cultural Products in the Time of Flows Adviser: Bridget Christine Arce Belen J. Fadrique B.S., 2010, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain M.S., 2012, Universidad Internacional Menendez Pelayo, Spain Major: Biology Dissertation: Bamboo and Its Role as a Key Modulator of the Structure and Functioning of Andean and Amazonian Forests Adviser: Kenneth J. Feeley Kimberly C. Galvez B.A., 2013, University of Miami Major: Marine Geology and Geophysics Dissertation: The Distribution and Growth Patterns of Cold-Water Corals in the Straits of Florida Adviser: Gregor Paul Eberli Melanie Christina Goergmaier B.S., 2004, Catawba College M.B.A., 2007, Elon University Major: International Studies Dissertation: Trade between the European Union and the United States: Transatlantic Opportunities for Business, Economy and Public Health Policy Adviser: Joaquin Roy Alma Gracic B.A., 2013, Earlham College Major: Economics Dissertation: Media Sentiment, Social Networks, and Public Opinion Adviser: Naquia K. Williams Sajini Deepashika Hettiarachchi B.S., 2009 M.S., 2015, Sam Houston State University Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Carbon Dots Based NanoDeliveries for Brain Diseases Adviser: Roger M. Leblanc I Kuan Hu B.S., 2008, National Taiwan University, Taiwan M.S., 2011, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Exploring the Behavior of the Community Atmosphere Model in the Tropics: The Single-Column Root of a Hierarchy Adviser: Brian Earle Mapes

Matthew M. Ishahak Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: Engineering Microfluidic Systems to Recapitulate Human Physiology Adviser: Ashutosh Agarwal Jake J. Krupa B.S.B.A., 2012, University of Miami M.Acct., 2012, University of Miami Major: Business Administration Dissertation: Managers’ Voluntary Disclosure Decisions and Business Press Attention Adviser: Miguel Minutti-Meza Vanessa Lara B.S., 2014, University of Miami M.S.Ed., 2016, University of Miami Major: Exercise Physiology Dissertation: Hypocaloric versus Ad Libitum Diet on Cardiometabolic Markers and Microbiota of Overweight Individuals Performing Intense Exercise Adviser: Wesley Smith Rachel Eileen Lautenschlager B.A., 2012, George Washington University M.A., 2016, University of Miami Major: Sociology Dissertation: Surveillance Hotspots: The Geography of Stop and Frisk Across Nine U.S. Cities Adviser: Nick Petersen Alexander Lazar B.A., 2011, Cornell University M.A., 2014, University of Kansas Major: Mathematics Dissertation: The Homogenized Linial Arrangement and Its Consequences in Enumerative Combinatorics Adviser: Michelle L. Galloway Hyunhwan Lee B.B.A., 2007, Korea University, Republic of Korea M.S., 2015, State University of New York at Stony Brook Major: Marketing Dissertation: The Power of Visual and Audio Saliency in Audience Engagement: Evidence from Facebook Video Ads Adviser: Joseph Johnson Ji-Young Lee B.S., 2014, University of Pittsburgh M.S.P.H., 2016, University of Miami Major: Prevention Science and Community Health Dissertation: Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Treatment as Prevention, HIV Pathogenesis, and Participation in HIV Cure Research Adviser: Adam Carrico

Chuan Liu B.S., 2014, Nankai University, China Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Photophysical, Morphological, Potentiometric and Aggregation Properties of Novel Classes of Metalloporphyrin Superstructures Yuan Liu B.S., 2012, Nanjing University, China Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Optogenetic Regulation of Neuronal Survival and Axonal Regeneration Adviser: Maria T. Zayas Christian Paul Llano Robayo B.S., 2007, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Russian Federation M.S., 2012, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador Major: Industrial Engineering Dissertation: Simultaneous State and Parameter Estimation of Non-Linear Dynamic Models Using Particle Learning Adviser: Murat Erkoc Viviane Machado De Mello Andrade B.S., 2012, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Major: Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Dissertation: Addressing the Role of Myeloid Cells in HIV-1 Persistence Mercedes Maria Adelaide Mazza B.S., 2010, University of Cagliari, Italy M.S., 2014, University of Cagliari, Italy Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Stimuli-Responsive Organic Fluorescent Probes for Fluorescence Imaging Adviser: Françisco M. Raymo Americo Mendoza Mori B.A., 2009, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru Major: Romance Studies, Spanish Dissertation: Gestores Andinos: Discursos Culturales en el Cusco Urbano Contemporáneo Adviser: Tracy L. Devine Guzman Samantha Mitsven B.A., 2013, San Diego State University Major: Psychology Dissertation: Language Experiences, Language Use, and Language Abilities in an Inclusion Classroom Vanesa A. Mora Ringle B.A., 2012, Temple University Major: Psychology Dissertation: Developing and Testing the Effects of an Educational Podcast to Improve Critical Appraisal of Healthcare Claims Adviser: Amanda Jensen-Doss


Nadia Naami Ph.D., 2014, Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies Dissertation: Desired Exiles and False Origins: Ethical Bastards in Decolonial Francophonies from North Africa, the Antilles, and France Adviser: Ralph Heyndels Erica Rachel Nahin B.S., 2015, University of Illinois at Chicago Major: Psychology Dissertation: Changes in Inflammation and Depressive Symptomatology Over the FirstYear Post-Surgery and Emotional Distress and Fatigue into Survivorship in Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients Nashat Mohammad Ibrahim Nawafleh B.S., 2013, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan M.S., 2015, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Additive Manufacturing of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Composites Adviser: Emrah Celik Lydia Lenora Ocasio-Stoutenburg B.S., 2001, State University of New York at Stony Brook M.S., 2008, Adelphi University M.S., 2014, St. Thomas University Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: Voices of Diversity in Parent Advocacy for Children with Down Syndrome: Contextual Considerations for Special Education and Health Practitioners Adviser: Elizabeth G. Harry Marsha Simone Pacheco B.A., 2000, Coppin State College M.A., 2002, Brandeis University Major: International Studies Dissertation: Distributional Conflict and Compensation Mechanisms in Regional Integration Arrangements in the Global South Adviser: Maria Laura Gomez-Mera Wei Peng B.A., 2010, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, China M.A., 2012, University of Missouri Major: Communication Dissertation: The Power of Emotions: An Investigation of Emotional Appeals for Support to Enrollment in Precision Medicine Adviser: Susan E. Morgan


Mariya Petrova M.S., 2012, University of Rochester Major: Prevention Science and Community Health Dissertation: Adolescent Hazardous Drinking: Longitudinal Evaluation of Measures and Prevention Communication with Peers and Parents with Ethnically Diverse Urban Sample of Youth Adviser: Seth J. Schwartz Mirza Muhammad Fahd Qadir D.V.M., 2012, Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, Pakistan M.S., 2014, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan Major: Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Dissertation: Induction of Beta-Cell Regeneration by Activin-Like Kinase 3 Stimulation Adviser: Juan Dominguez-Bendala Rosamary Ramentol B.S., 2013, University of Havana, Cuba Major: Physiology and Biophysics Dissertation: Gating Mechanism of HCN Pacemaker Channels Adviser: H. Peter Larsson Mehdi Rashvand Avei B.S., 2005, Islamic Azad University, Iran M.S., 2008, Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Iran Ph.D., 2013, Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology, Iran Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Study of the Oxidized Derivatives of Pillar[5]arene Compound Adviser: Angel E. Kaifer Robyn Porter Rice B.A., 1999, Northwestern University M.S.P.T., 2002, University of Miami Major: Physical Therapy Dissertation: Risk Factors for Injuries in Elite Junior and Professional Tennis Players Adviser: Michele Raya Jessica Christina Roman B.S.N., 2009, University of Florida M.S.N., 2012, Johns Hopkins University Major: Nursing Dissertation: Factors Associated with Up-toDate Cervical Cancer Screening among Hispanic Refugee and Nonrefugee Women in Miami-Dade County, FL Adviser: Joseph P. De Santis Dhaka Mohan Sapkota B.S., 2007, Tribhuvan University, Nepal M.S., 2009, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Major: Physics Dissertation: Properties of Local Diffuse X-Ray Background below ¼ keV Adviser: Massimiliano Galeazzi

Robert Clark Saunders B.S., 2007, Duquesne University M.A., 2013, University of Rochester Major: Music Education Dissertation: Mandolin Parallels and Their Effects on Beginning Violin Achievement Adviser: Stephen F. Zdzinski Anne Elizabeth Schmalstig B.A., 2010, Rollins College M.A., 2014, Purdue University Major: English Dissertation: Living in the Trouble: Slow Resilience in Environmental Speculative Fiction Adviser: Timothy P. Watson Bryant Louis Scott B.A., 2009, Central Connecticut State University M.A., 2014, East Carolina University Major: English Dissertation: Palimpsests of Empire: Humanitarian Recognition and the Ethics of Bearing Witness in World Literature Adviser: Joel T. Nickels Afton Danielle Seeley B.S., 2011, Grand Valley State University M.S., 2014, Western Michigan University Major: Exercise Physiology Dissertation: Influence of Serially Applied Ischemic Preconditioning on Muscle Blood Flow and Ventilatory Compensations during Exercise at Normobaric Hypoxia Adviser: Kevin A. Jacobs Sharon Lynn Smith B.A., 2013, Purdue University Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: “Stories Are Important!”: Navigating Narratives, Reclaiming Stories, and Humanizing Writing through a Translingual Story Studio Adviser: Mary A. Avalos Ahmed Talaat Elsayed Soliman B.S., 1998, Ain Shams University, Egypt M.S.E.C.E., 2007, University of Miami Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering Dissertation: Cancer Driver Missense Mutation Identification Adviser: Mei-Ling Shyu Nicole Stevens B.A., 2000, Brigham Young University M.S., 2002, Brigham Young University Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil and a Novel Blend of Essential Oils as Potential Modulators of Glucose Metabolism Adviser: Thomas K. Harris

Khaja Waheeduddin Syed B.S., 2006, Kakatiya University, India M.S., 2011, The Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: Investigation of ImmunoSuppressive Populations in MDS Disease: A Detrimental Effect on any Changes in the Produced Hematopoiesis Adviser: Feng Gong Hongyan Sun M.S., 2011, Jilin University, China Major: Biology Dissertation: Evolution of the Wnt Signaling Pathway: Insights from Comparative Studies in Bilaterian and Non-Bilaterian Embryos Adviser: Athula H. Wikramanayake Abhishek Thakur B.Pharma., 2015, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, India Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Applying Computations to Elucidate Product Specificity in Protein Arginine Methyl Transferase, Explore Conformation Changes in Alkane Sulfonate Monooxygenase, and Design De Novo Inhibitors for Monoamine Oxidase Adviser: Orlando Acevedo Anastasiia Timmer B.A., 2012, Lviv National University, Ukraine M.A., 2014, Minnesota State University Major: Sociology Dissertation: Cool or Hot Decisions? A Multilevel Analysis of Youth Crime in the United States Adviser: Olena P. Antonaccio Thalassa Philomen Tonks B.A., 2002, Lehigh University M.A., 2003, Lehigh University Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: Language Ideologies and Attitudes: A Qualitative Study in a High School in St. Croix, U.S.V.I. Adviser: Luciana de Oliveira Jeffrey David Tse B.S., 2007, Vanderbilt University M.S., 2012, University of Miami Major: Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Dissertation: Cell Sorting and Tissue Morphogenesis and Roles of Dab2 in Eye Development and Pathology Adviser: Xiangxi Xu Joshua Brett Wadler B.S., 2016, University of Oklahoma Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Downdrafts and the Evolution of Tropical Cyclone Boundary Layer Thermodynamics Adviser: Lynn Keith Shay

Oliver Wallis B.A., 2011, Brigham Young University M.A., 2013, New York University Major: English Dissertation: The Canon, the Cult, and the Cliche: Modes of Attachment and the Digitization of Modernism Adviser: Patrick A. McCarthy Lafayette Trey Watson B.S., 2013, University of Miami M.S.Ed., 2014, University of Miami Major: Exercise Physiology Dissertation: Biomechanical and Electromyographical Analysis of Visually Observed Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Hip Movement Patterns in the Back Squat Joanna Elaine Witkin B.S., 2009, Tufts University M.S., 2013, State University of New York at Stony Brook Major: Psychology Dissertation: Examining the Impact of PTSD Symptomology and Mindfulness Training on Working Memory in Military Cohorts Adviser: Amishi Jha Drewry Frye Wofford B.A., 1977, Fordham University M.A., 1980, New York University M.A., 2013, North Carolina State University Major: History Dissertation: History at the Speed of Sound: A Transnational Case Study of How the AngloFrench Concorde SST Reflected Historical Issues in Post-War Europe and Led to the Revival of the European Aerospace Industry Ryan Joseph Worthen B.S., 2008, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Regulation of Mouse Learning and Mood by the Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Interleukin-10 Adviser: Eleonore Beurel Gang Xu B.S., 2010, Liaocheng University, China M.S., 2013, Suzhou University, China Major: Biostatistics Dissertation: Conditional Residuals for Interactions Adviser: Hemant Ishwaran Shuang Xu B.S., 2011, Hebei University, China M.S., 2014, Chinese Academy of Forestry, China Major: Biology Dissertation: Evolution of Microbial Interactions Adviser: James David Van Dyken

Xue Yin B.S., 2013, George Mason University Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: ATP Metabolism of Intervertebral Disc Cells under Physiological Nutritional Conditions Adviser: Chun-Yuh Charles Huang Keyvan Yousefi Pharm.D., 2012, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Dissertation: Osteopontin in Cardiorenal Disease: A New Mouse Model for HFpEF and a Novel iPSC Platform for Drug Discovery Adviser: Antonio Barrientos Rachel Colleen Zelinsky B.S., 2014, Texas A&M University Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Understanding and Predicting the MJO during Dynamo Adviser: Benjamin Kirtman Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Abdullah Anad M Alghuried B.S., 2011, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia M.S., 2014, University of Miami Major: Industrial Engineering Dissertation: Big Data Analytics for Anomaly Detection in Large-Scale Sensors-Intensive Networks Adviser: Ramin Moghaddass Abdullah Mohammad S Alrashidi B.S., 2012, Florida International University M.S., 2014, Florida International University Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Laser Perforation of Gas Diffusion Layers and Improvements of Mass Transport of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Adviser: Hongtan Liu Luis Alberto Alza Leรณn B.S., 2001, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru Major: Biology Dissertation: Demographic History and HighAltitude Adaptation of the Specialist Andean Torrent Duck (Merganetta armata) Adviser: Kevin G. McCracken Omer Abdullah Bafail B.S., 2012, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia M.S., 2016, University of Central Florida Major: Industrial Engineering Dissertation: Comparative Analysis of Different Recycling Strategies on Paper Contamination Adviser: Nurcin Celik


Michele Baldoni B.A., 2009, Politecnico di Milano, Italy M.S., 2012, Politecnico di Milano, Italy Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Computational Analysis of the Lumbar Spine Kinetics Advisor: Weiyong Gu Nathan Charles Balukoff B.S., 2013, University of Iowa B.S., 2013, University of Iowa Major: Cancer Biology Dissertation: Adaptation to Extracellular Acidosis by pH-Sensing elF5A Nikhil S. Banerjee B.A., 2012, University of Miami M.S., 2017, University of Miami Major: Psychology Dissertation: Cardiovascular, Neuroimaging, and Neuropsychological Correlates of Subjective Fatigue in Older Adults Advisers: Gail Ironson and Bonnie Levin Mary Kate Barnes B.S., 2013, University of Florida Major: Psychology Dissertation: The Psychological and Environmental Determinants of Healthy Weight Behaviors in Ethnically Diverse Middle School Age Girls: A Multilevel Analysis Adviser: Patrice G. Saab Nor Sara Izzatti Binti Bashah B.S., 2009, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia M.S., 2012, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia Major: Marine Geology and Geophysics Dissertation: Bottom Currents in Carbonate Depositional Environments Adviser: Gregor Paul Eberli Vanessa Benzecry B.S.C.E., 2014, University of Miami M.S.C.E., 2014, University of Miami Major: Civil Engineering Dissertation: Durability, Mechanical Behavior, Design and Application of GFRP Bars as an Internal Reinforcement Adviser: Antonio Nanni Jeremy Spencer Boling B.S., 2012, Union College M.S., 2014, Columbia University Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Investigation of Transonic Co-Flow Jet Performance Adviser: GeCheng Zha


Elena Bonmatí Gonzálvez B.A., 2009, University of Alicante, Spain M.A., 2010, University of Alicante, Spain M.A., 2014, University of Tennessee, Knoxville Major: Romance Studies, Spanish Dissertation: Anarchism, Eroticism, and Sexology in Spanish Early Twentieth-Century Magazines and Literary Collections (19011936) Adviser: Gema Pérez Sánchez Nicolas Bordage B.A., 2008, California State University, Long Beach M.A., 2010, California State University, Long Beach Major: Romance Studies, French Dissertation: An Argentine in Paris: Gaspar Noé’s Cinema Challenges France’s Social, Political, and Moral Values Adviser: George A. Yudice

Gina Marie Delcanto Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: Lipid Modulation through Simvastatin as a Treatment for Autoimmune Alopecia Adviser: Joaquin J. Jimenez David Albert Didomenico B.A., 2011, University of Akron M.A., 2014, Georgia State University Major: Philosophy Dissertation: The Nature and Epistemology of Inference Adviser: Simon J. Evnine Michael Antonio Durante B.S., 2012, University of Florida B.S.C.E., 2012, University of Florida Major: Cancer Biology Dissertation: Identifying Molecular Mechanisms of Uveal Melanoma Tumorigenesis Adviser: J. William Harbour

Lisa Rae Bucci B.S., 2007, University of Michigan M.S., 2010, Florida State University Major: Atmospheric Sciences Dissertation: Impacts of Doppler Wind Lidar on the Prediction of Tropical Cyclones Adviser: Sharanya J. Majumdar

Hannah Fisher B.S., 2012, Duke University Major: Psychology Dissertation: Exploring the Broaden-and-Build Theory in Women with Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Parallel-Process Latent Growth Model

Tiago Carrilho Bilo B.S., 2012, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil M.S., 2015, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Pathways of the North Atlantic Deep Water in the North Atlantic Subtropics: Structure and Dynamics Adviser: William E. Johns

Petoria Emily Gayle B.S., 2012 Major: Microbiology and Immunology Dissertation: The Protective Activity of Perforin-2 at the Maternal-Fetal Interface

Romain Chaput B.S., 2013, Université Paul Sabatier, France M.S., 2015, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France Major: Ocean Sciences Dissertation: Quantifying Biological Uncertainties in Biophysical Models: A Study of Fish Larvae Early Life Behaviors and Group Dispersal Adviser: Mohamed Iskandarani Qian Chen B.S., 2010, East China Normal University, China Major: Mathematics Dissertation: Gaussian Bounds for the Brownian Hitting Time Adviser: Ilie Grigorescu Austin K. Choi B.S., 2012, Syracuse University Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: The Role of Ml45 in Mitoribosome Translation and Insertion

Mengyuan Ge B.Med., 2012, Nanjing Medical University, China M.Med., 2015, Nanjing Medical University, China Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Dissertation: APOL1 Risk Variants Affect Podocyte Lipid Homeostasis and Energy Production in FSGS Adviser: Alessia Fornoni Zhaoyuan Gong B.S., 2014, Minzu University of China, China Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Sharp Spectra Line in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance via Lower-Power Excitation and Delay-Acquisition Adviser: Jamie D. Walls Rebecca Grossman B.A., 2012, Brandeis University Major: Psychology Dissertation: Understanding Anxiety in Head Start Classrooms: The Role of Social Emotional Learning Interventions

Qian Huang Bachelor, 2013, Renmin University of China, China M.P.A., 2014, University of Miami Major: Communication Dissertation: An Examination of How Video Type and Message Features Influence Intention to Vaccinate for HPV Adviser: Tyler Harrison Kiet Huynh B.A., 2008, University of California, San Diego M.A., 2013, San Diego State University Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: Responding to Heterosexism and Racism: The Effects on Trauma and WellBeing for LGB People of Color Adviser: Debbiesiu L. Lee Lesley Leanne Kamphaus B.A., 2004, University of Central Florida M.A., 2012, University of Central Florida Major: English Dissertation: “A New True-Born Storie”: Homosocial Resistance to Narratives of Monstrous Birth, 1520-1660 Adviser: Pamela S. Hammons Hao Kang B.S., 2013, Lanzhou University, China Major: Mathematics Dissertation: Age-Structured Population Dynamics with Non-Local Diffusion Adviser: Shigui Ruan Durga Bahadur Khadka Bachelor, 2009, Tribhuvan University, Nepal M.S., 2019, University of Miami Major: Physics Adviser: Sunxiang Huang Jeremy Michael Klavans B.A., 2011, University of Miami M.S., 2014, University of Chicago Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Towards a Conceptual Model of Low-Frequency Atlantic SST Variability Adviser: Amy C. Clement Samantha J. Kramer B.S., 2015, University of Miami Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Analysis and Meteorological Influences on Saharan Dust Variability at Miami, Florida Advisers: Benjamin Kirtman and Paquita Zuidema Nicholas Sebastian Kron B.S., 2015, University of Miami Major: Marine Biology and Ecology Dissertation: Aging of Glutematergic Sensory Neurons in Aplysia californica Adviser: Lynne A. Fieber

Samantha Frances Lang B.S.Ed., 2012, University of Miami M.S.Ed., 2014, University of Miami Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: Testing a Shared Identity Theory: An Expanded Conceptualization of Alzheimer’s Caregiving Adviser: Blaine J. Fowers Cynthia N. Lebron B.S., 2009, Florida International University M.P.H., 2013, University of Miami Major: Prevention Science and Community Health Dissertation: A Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Early Childhood Obesity among Ethnically Diverse Families Adviser: Eric Christopher Brown Noris Leon B.A., 2009, University of Miami Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: The Impostor Phenomenon among Latin American Students in the U.S. Adviser: Marie Guerda Nicolas Mengying Li M.S., 2014, Florida International University Major: Biostatistics Dissertation: New Methods on Classified Mixed Model Prediction: Theory and Application Adviser: Jonnagadda Sunil Rao

Joseph G. Masterjohn B.S., 2014, University of Miami Major: Computer Science Dissertation: Constructing the Arrangement of Algebraic Surfaces in a Bounding Box Adviser: Victor J. Milenkovic Vera Mayo B.S., 2009, Drexel University B.S., 2009, Florida International University Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: Modular Tissue Engineering of Bone Microenvironment as an Extravasation Model Adviser: Ashutosh Agarwal K. McMonigal B.A., 2015, Northwestern University Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Estimating a Time Series of South Indian Ocean Heat Transport Adviser: Lisa Beal Edward Bernard Miller Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Photocatalytic Reactions using Palladium-Decorated Nanocomposite Materials Adviser: Francisco Raymo

Anna Ling Hui Mee B.S., 2010 M.S., 2013, University of Zurich, Switzerland Major: Marine Geology and Geophysics Dissertation: Influence of Ocean Currents on Carbonate Platform Drowning Adviser: Gregor Paul Eberli

Hannah-Rose Mitchell B.A., 2011, Muhlenberg College M.P.H., 2013, Yale University Major: Psychology Dissertation: Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms among Cancer Patients and Caregivers: Patterns, Predictors, and Neuroendocrine Outcomes Adviser: Youngmee Kim

Piumi Yasodha Liyanage B.S., 2014, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Carbon Nitride Dots Synthesis and Optimization for Biomedical Applications in Imaging, Sensing and Targeted Therapeutic Delivery

Ashkan Nejadpak B.S., 2013 M.S., 2017, University of North Dakota Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Finite Element Analysis and Design in the Presence of Uncertainties Adviser: Singiresu S. Rao

Judith Diane Lobo B.A., 2012, New College of Florida Major: Psychology Dissertation: Intrinsic Brain Connectivity, Inflammation and Depression in Postmenopausal Women Living with HIV

Silvia Maria Niño B.S., 2010, New York University M.Ed., 2013, Harvard University Major: Psychology Dissertation: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Examining Teaching Philosophy in Head Start Teaching Teams Adviser: Daryl B. Greenfield

Lilianne Lugo Herrera B.F.A., 2010, Universidad de las Artes (ISA), Cuba Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies Dissertation: Mediated Archipelagoes: Theater, Women, and Media Adviser: Lillian Manzor

Halie B. O’Farrell B.S.M.A.S., 2013, University of Miami Major: Marine Biology and Fisheries Dissertation: Identification of Favorable CPUE Conditions, Implementation of a Moving MPA, and Bycatch Estimation: Ways to Avoid Shortfin Mako Bycatch Adviser: Elizabeth A. Babcock


Christopher Paik B.A., 2012, University of Washington M.S., 2015, Florida Atlantic University M.A., 2017, University of Miami Major: Economics Dissertation: Financial Liberalization and Market Competition in Banking Adviser: David L. Kelly Purvic Patel B.S.Eng., 2008, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India M.S., 2015, University of Wuppertal, Germany Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: RANS/LES Hybrid Turbulence Simulation of Axial Compressor NonSynchronous Vibration Adviser: GeCheng Zha Devon C. Pawley B.S., 2012, University of Florida B.S., 2014, University of Miami Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: Drug Infused Polymeric Microneedles as an Improved Drug Delivery System for Intracochlear Biodegradable Devices Adviser: Sylvia Daunert Nuria Pedreno-Lopez B.S., 2013 B.S., 2014 Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: Isolation of Novel Anti-SIV Monoclonal Antibodies from SIVmac239Infected Indian Rhesus Macaques Adviser: David Watkins Marisa Judith Perera B.A., 2013, University of Michigan M.S., 2014, University of Michigan Major: Psychology Dissertation: Obesity and Depression as Predictors of Incident Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease in Immigrants and Non-Immigrants in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) Adviser: Maria M. Llabre Kaitlin Anne Pericak B.A., 2015, American University M.A., 2016, American University Major: Sociology Dissertation: Institutionalized Healthcare: Injury Experiences among Collegiate Athletes Andrea Michelle Peters B.S., 2001, United States Military Academy M.B.A., 2008, University of Phoenix M.S., 2009, Missouri University of Science Major: Industrial Engineering Dissertation: Female Urination in Austere Environments: A Quantitative Analysis Adviser: Murat Erkoc


McKenzie Killworth Roddy B.S., 2014, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill M.S., 2016, University of Miami Major: Psychology Dissertation: Effects of OurRelationship and ePREP on Low-Income Couples’ Individual Mental and Physical Health Adviser: Brian D. Doss Daniel Alexander Rodriguez B.S., 2014, Florida International University M.S., 2015, Florida International University Major: Cancer Biology Dissertation: Class 2 Uveal Melanoma: An Investigation of Disease Susceptibility, Pathogenesis, and Progression Alvaro Ruiz Emparanza B.S.C.E., 2014, Universidad del País Vasco, Spain M.S.C.E., 2016, Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany Major: Civil Engineering Dissertation: GFRP Reinforcement in Concrete: Durability Assessment and Evaluation of the Bond Behavior Adviser: Antonio Nanni Mampi Sarkar B.S., 2010, St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, India M.S., 2012, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India M.S., 2014, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India M.S., 2017, University of Miami Major: Atmospheric Sciences Dissertation: Observational Analysis of Shallow Cloud Processes in the Northeast Pacific Ocean Adviser: Paquita Zuidema

Utsav Sharma Master, 2011, SRM University, India Major: Cancer Biology Dissertation: Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts and Their Contribution to the Stemness and Metastasis of Breast Cancer Dharmendra Prasad Shukla Bachelor, 2013, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India Major: Physics Dissertation: Low-Temperature Thermal Conductivity in Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) [C(NH2)3][X(HCOO)3] (X=Cu, Zn, Ni) Adviser: Joshua L. Cohn Jazmyne Vanecia Simmons B.A., 2011, University of South Florida M.P.H., 2014, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Major: Communication Dissertation: An Experimental Investigation on the Effects of an Entertainment-Education Short Film on Internalized HIV-Related Stigma, Sexual Partner Status Disclosure Intentions, and Medical Adherence Intentions among Black HIV-Positive Women in the Southern U.S. Adviser: Nicholas Carcioppolo Shameka Thomas B.A., 2010, Spelman College M.A., 2015, Georgia State University Major: Sociology Dissertation: Giving Birth in South Florida: A Phenomenological Study on the Pregnancy and Birthing Experiences among Black and AfroLatina Women Adviser: John Murphy

Yusuf Secerdin B.S., 2009, Hacettepe University, Turkey Master, 2013, TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Turkey Major: Industrial Engineering Dissertation: Cost Efficiency, Capacity Balancing, and Resilience in Transportation Network Design Problems Adviser: Murat Erkoc

Juan D. Torralba B.B.A., 2013, University of North Texas M.Ed., 2016, Southern Methodist University Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: Student Experiences in MakerBased Projects: Investigating How Students Make Meaning through Making Activities Advisers: Wendy Morrison-Cavendish and Nam Ju Kim

Thomas Alonso Sevilla B.S.E.E., 2015, University of Miami Major: Civil Engineering Dissertation: Model-Based Control of Distributed Energy Resources Adviser: Gang Wang

Anddre Osmar Valdivia B.S., 2011, University of California, Irvine Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Lipid Complexation and Protein Deimination in Demyelinating Disease Adviser: Vance P. Lemmon

Yifan Sha B.S., 2013, University of Miami Major: Biostatistics Dissertation: High Order Interaction Hunting: A Random Forest Based Method to Detect High Order Interaction Adviser: Hemant Ishwaran

Ramkumar Varadharajan B.S., 2006, Bharathidasan University, India M.S., 2008, Bharathidasan University, India Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Studies on Supramolecular Chemistry and Photochemistry of Encapsulated Organic Molecules Adviser: Vaidhyanathan Ramamurthy

Maria V. Veliz B.A., 1999 Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies Dissertation: Silence in Performance Art: Liveness in the Americas in the 21st Century Adviser: George A. Yudice Michael Louis Weiss B.A., 2011, New York University Major: Mathematics Dissertation: Deformations of Hypersurfaces in P^3 with Big Cotangent Bundle Adviser: Bruno N. de Oliveira Kari Alysse Weiterschan B.A., 2009, Siena College M.A., 2012, New York University Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: Green Zone: Developing and Evaluating a Training to Support Student Veterans Adviser: Lydia Pearl Buki Jesica Suzanne Westwright B.A., 2014, McDaniel College Major: Psychology Dissertation: Regulation and Function of Pancreatic Oxytocin Sara Wigderson B.A., 2012, State University of New York at Geneseo M.S., 2017, University of Miami Major: Psychology Dissertation: Transmission of Parental Relationship Communication Patterns to Young Adults and the Moderating Role of Relationship Awareness Adviser: Kristin Lindahl George Edmond Williamson III B.A., 1994, Princeton University J.D., 2000, Columbia University Major: Interdisciplinary Studies Dissertation: Portrait of the Mindful Worker: Traits and Training Toward a More Mindful Workplace Adviser: Terri A. Scandura Shun Nan Wu B.S., 2011, National Taiwan University, Taiwan M.S., 2013, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: The Role of Clouds in Tropical Cyclone Intensification Adviser: Brian J. Soden Jing Xu Master of Medicine, 2015, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Mechanisms behind the Regulation of NAD+ by the Ischemic Neuroprotectants PKC Epsilon and Resveratrol Adviser: Miguel Perez-Pinzon

Burak Yildirim B.A., 2010, Kocaeli University, Turkey M.S., 2015, University of Bridgeport Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering Dissertation: Surface Acoustic Wave Based Sonoporation Microsystems for Single Tumor Cell Applications Adviser: Onur Tigli Breanna Lindsay Zavadoff B.S., 2016, State University of New York at Stony Brook Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: North Atlantic Rossby Wave Breaking and Its Relationship to European Atmospheric Rivers Adviser: Benjamin Kirtman Jianhao Zhang B.S., 2014, Florida State University Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: The Interactions between LightAbsorbing Smoke and Marine Boundary Layer Clouds in the Remote Southeast Atlantic Adviser: Paquita Zuidema Wei Zhang B.S., 2015, Nanjing University, China Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Understanding Decadal Climate Predictability in the Global Ocean Adviser: Benjamin Kirtman Yeting Zheng M.S., 2012, Nankai University, China Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Supramolecular Complexation Studies of Viologen Derivatives by Cucurbit[7]uril Adviser: Angel E. Kaifer Xin Zhou M.S., 2013, University of Science and Technology of China, China Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering Dissertation: Inference of Multiple Gene Regulatory Networks and eQTL Mapping with Gene Expression and Genetic Perturbation Data Adviser: Xiaodong Cai Yuwei Zhou B.S.B.E., 2010 B.S., 2010, Southeast University, China M.S.B.E., 2015, University of Miami Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: A Prototype of Automated Lattice Particle Treatment (LPT) Planning System Adviser: Weizhao Zhao

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Ahmad Mohammad N Alassaf B.S., 2009, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia M.S., 2014, Catholic University of America Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: Non-Invasive Analysis of Electrophysiological Properties of Primary Cell Culture Adviser: Ashutosh Agarwal Ashley Harris Beecham B.S., 2006, Presbyterian College M.S., 2008, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Major: Human Genetics and Genomics Dissertation: Leveraging Admixture in U.S. Minority Populations to Elucidate the Genetic Underpinnings of Multiple Sclerosis Adviser: Jacob McCauley Rachel R. Besser B.S., 2014, University of Florida Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: Engineering a Compartmentalized Hydrogel Platform for In-Vitro Assembly of Neuromuscular Junctions Adviser: Ashutosh Agarwal AhjanÊ D. Billingsley B.A., 2005, Whitman College M.A., 2010, Boston College Major: Community Well-Being Dissertation: Reimagining Gender Violence: Understanding Community-Based Organizations’ Use of Restorative and Transformative Justices as Social Change Strategies Advisers: Laura Kohn-Wood and Donna Coker Briana M. Bohannon B.S., 2015, University of Alabama at Birmingham Major: Physiology and Biophysics Dissertation: Investigating Novel Compounds in the Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmia Adviser: H. Peter Larss Thomas Cadenazzi B.S.C.E., 2014, Politecnico di Milano, Italy M.S.C.E., 2016, Politecnico di Milano, Italy Major: Civil Engineering Dissertation: The Halls River Bridge Case Study: Constructability, Economical, and Sustainability Aspects for an FRP Reinforced Concrete Bridge Adviser: Antonio Nanni


Fely Suzette Paule Catan B.A., 2010, Université La Sorbonne, France M.A., 2011 M.A., 2014, University of Wisconsin– Madison Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies Dissertation: Non-Sovereignty and Artistic Production in Puerto Rico, Martinique, and Guadeloupe: Rethinking Nationalism and Independence Adviser: Tracy L. Devine Guzman Chuan Chen M.D., 2010, Southern Medical University, China M.S., 2013, Sun Yat-Sen University, China Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Dissertation: Role of the Conserved NDR/LATS Kinase Orb6 in Controlling Cell Growth and Stress Adaptation Adviser: Maria T. Zayas Shanghua Chen B.S.M.E., 2014, University of Miami M.S.M.E., 2016, University of Miami Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: A Method to Investigate a SparkIgnition Lean Burn Homogeneous Charge I.C. Engine’s Energy Balance without Pressure versus Volume Measurements Adviser: Michael R. Swain Sarah Alison Cowles B.A., 2009, Gustavus Adolphus College M.S., 2013, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Major: Biology Dissertation: Genomic Analyses Reveal the Evolutionary Dynamics of Speciation in Two Tropical Avian Systems Adviser: John Albert C. Uy Lacey T. Critchley B.S., 2007, University of Florida M.P.H., 2010, University of Miami Major: Epidemiology Dissertation: Food Insecurity: Deconstructing Its Predictors and Relationship to HIV Medication Adherence Adviser: Daniel J. Feaster Mark J. Demma B.S., 1985, State University of New York at Albany Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: Targeting the Oncogenic MYC Pathway by Miniproteins: Understanding Mechanism of Action Christina Kay Johnson B.S., 2014, Appalachian State University Major: Physiology and Biophysics Dissertation: Glial Regulators of Ionic Homeostasis Shape Neuronal Output in C. elegans


Andre Ryan Jordan B.S., 2009, Syracuse University B.S., 2013, Brooklyn College Major: Cancer Biology Dissertation: Molecularly Targeted Treatments for Urothelial and Renal Cell Carcinomas Ibrahim Kaya B.S., 2008, Middle East Technical University, Turkey Major: Biomedical Engineering Dissertation: High Rate Quasi-Steady State Pattern Visual Evoked Potentials for BrainComputer Interface Adviser: Ozcan Ozdamar Alexander Kreymerman B.S., 2008, Florida Atlantic University Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: The Diverse Roles of Mitochondrial Dynamics in Retinal Ganglion Cell Maturation, Disease, and Regeneration Adviser: Maria T. Zayas Luyuan Li M.S., 2011, Tianjin Medical University, China M.S., 2013, New York University Major: Cancer Biology Dissertation: Understanding the Role of IDH Mutation in Chondrosarcoma Darlah Michelle Lopez Rodriguez B.S., 2009, University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo Major: Microbiology and Immunology Dissertation: A Role for the Hypoxia-inducible Factor 1 Alpha in Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68 (MHV68) Lytic Replication and Reactivation from Latency Adviser: Samita Andreanksy Marie E. Maloof B.A., 2004, Boston University M.S., 2005, Tufts University Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Brd4 Is Required for Granule Cell Progenitor Proliferation Adviser: Maria T. Zayas Jacob Martinez B.S.N., 2013, The University of Texas at El Paso Major: Nursing Dissertation: Informing an Intervention to Address High-Risk Sexual Behavior Men Who Have Sex with Men Adviser: Joseph P. De Santis Sanchit Mehta B.S., 2010, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, India M.S., 2012, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India Major: Applied Marine Physics Dissertation: Air-Sea Interaction Dynamics under Hurricane Wind Conditions Adviser: Brian K. Haus

Rhoda Keese Moise B.S., 2015, Pennsylvania State University Major: Prevention Science and Community Health Dissertation: Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control in Haitian Women Living in South Florida and the Central Plateau of Haiti Adviser: Erin Kobetz Lisa Marie Nyman B.S., 2014, Palm Beach Atlantic University Major: Applied Marine Physics Dissertation: A Study of Upper Ocean Dynamic Features Based on Advanced Coherent Marine Radar Techniques Adviser: Roland Romeiser Seong Oh B.A., 2006, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea M.A, 2014, Tufts University Major: Philosophy Dissertation: Perceptual Experience and Understanding Language Adviser: Berit Brogaard Merly L. Ovares B.S., 2011, University of Miami Major: Marine Biology and Ecology Dissertation: Infection of Mitochondria in Damselfish Neurofibromatosis: Impacts on Mitochondrial Function and DNA Levels Adviser: Michael C. Schmale Daniel Branden Perez M.S., 2016, University of Miami Major: Mechanical Engineering Dissertation: Multi-Scale Analysis of Multifunctional Composites and 3D Printed Polymers Adviser: Ryan Lee Karkkainen Joshua D. Poorbaugh B.A., 2000, Asbury College M.S., 2005, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dissertation: Identification of T Cell Biomarkers: A Gene Signature for Human CD8 T Cell Exhaustion and Ultrasensitive ELISA Methods for IL-21 Adviser: Sylvia Daunert Marco Rossini B.S.C.E., 2013, Politecnico di Milano, Italy M.S.C.E., 2016, Politecnico di Milano, Italy Major: Civil Engineering Dissertation: FRP Reinforcement for Prestressed Concrete Applications Adviser: Antonio Nanni

Govindi Jayanika De Alwis Samaranayake B.S., 2010, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom M.S., 2012, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom Major: Cancer Biology Dissertation: A Comprehensive Investigation of MTH1 as a Novel Therapeutic Target in RAS-Driven Cancers Adviser: Priyamvada Rai Kristen Marie Sanders B.S., 2009, Meredith College M.S., 2014, Wake Forest University Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Characterization and Optogenetic Manipulation of the Affective Itch Circuit in Mouse Models of Itch Adviser: Tasuku Akiyama Lela Sylvia Schlenker B.A., 2009, Smith College M.S., 2014, College of William and Mary Major: Marine Biology and Fisheries Dissertation: The Effects of Environmental Variables and Anthropogenic Pollutants on the Physiology and Behavior of Marine Fishes Adviser: Martin Grosell Gaurav Sharma B.S., 2011, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, India M.S., 2014, Idaho State University Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Investigating the Mechanisms of Hydrolysis and Amyloidosis through Computational Approaches Adviser: Rajeev Prabhakar Amina Yasmeen Simmons B.A., 2012, Pomona College M.A., 2014, University of Missouri Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: African American Women’s Experiences of Race-Based Traumatic Stress Adviser: Marie Guerda Nicolas Erotokritos Skordilis B.S., 2011 University of Thessaly, Greece M.S., 2013, University of Thessaly, Greece Major: Industrial Engineering Dissertation: Bayesian Filtering Methods for Dynamic System Monitoring and Control Adviser: Ramin Moghaddass Madina Makhmutova Sokolov B.S., 2012, University of Michigan Major: Neuroscience Dissertation: Pancreatic Islets Communicate with the Brain via Vagal Sensory Neurons Adviser: Alejandro Caicedo Evan Thomas Stanforth B.A., 2010, The Ohio State University M.A., 2014, University of Denver Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: Externalizing Problems and Hispanic/Latinx Adolescents: A Bioecological Approach Adviser: Daniel A. Santisteban

Christine Toledo B.S., 2010, Florida International University M.S.N., 2016, University of Miami Major: Nursing Dissertation: The Association of Breastfeeding Practices and Postpartum Depression Risk Adviser: Rosina Cianelli Yadong Wang B.S., 2013, Ocean University of China, China Major: Marine Biology and Fisheries Dissertation: The Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms of Nitrogen Excretion in the Early Life Stages of Mahi-Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) and Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Adviser: Martin Grosell Jimmy Manuel Wong B.A., 2000, The George Washington University M.P.A., 2004, New York University Major: International Studies Dissertation: The NATO Allies and Intervention in Libya Adviser: Bruce M. Bagley Sunil Yadav B.S., 2015, Coppin State College Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Dissertation: Exploring Myosin RLC Phosphorylation as a Potential Novel Therapeutic Target for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Sarah Zaldivar B.S., 2009, Notre Dame University–Louaize, Lebanon M.S., 2012, American University of Beirut, Lebanon Major: Exercise Physiology Dissertation: The Effect of a High Intensity Interval Exercise Bout on Addictive Behaviors in Overweight/Obese Adults Adviser: Arlette C. Perry Yunjun Zhang Bachelor, 2011, Wuhan University, China Master, 2014, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Major: Marine Geology and Geophysics Dissertation: Geodetic Imaging of Volcanic Processes with Time Series Radar Interferometry Adviser: Falk C. Amelung Yi Zhu B.Med., 2010, Jinan University, China Master, 2013, Sun Yat-Sen University, China Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Dissertation: Isoform-Specific Protection of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Adenylyltransferase in the Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Diseases Adviser: R. Grace Zhai

DOCTOR OF EDUCATION Degree candidate May 7, 2020 James Ochoa B.S., 2015, Florida International University M.S.Ed., 2015, Florida International University Major: Higher Education Leadership Dissertation: Perceptions of Academic Advising for Nontraditional Students in Community Colleges Adviser: Carol-Anne Phekoo

DOCTOR OF MUSICAL ARTS Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Philip Beatty B.A., 2015, University of South Florida M.M., 2017, University of Massachusetts Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: The Evolution of Brass in the Orchestra from Bach to Wagner Adviser: Aaron Tindall Belinda Xiya Chen M.M., 2017, Peabody Institute Major: Keyboard Performance Essay: George Gershwin’s “Concerto in F” and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”: An Interdisciplinary Analysis in Search of the Lost Generation Adviser: Santiago E. Rodriguez Charles Lee Christenson B.M., 2005, Lawrence University M.M., 2008, Manhattan School of Music Major: Vocal Jazz Performance Essay: A Study of Vocal Technique through the Development of Four Advanced Études for Jazz and Contemporary Vocalists Adviser: Kathryn Irene Reid Gregory David Diamond B.A., 2004, Queens College M.A., 2007, Queens College Major: Instrumental Jazz Performance Essay: The Continuation of a Lineage: Applying the Afro-Cuban Son Tradition to Contemporary Jazz Guitar Adviser: John S. Hart Emily Jeanette Dierickx B.M., 2015, Michigan State University M.M., 2017, Ohio State University Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: Flutist Trudy Kane and Her Professional Career in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Beyond: An Oral History Adviser: Stephen F. Zdzinski


Charles Henry Dugan Jr. B.M., 2005, Ohio Northern University M.M., 2007, Florida State University Major: Vocal Pedagogy and Performance Essay: A Survey of Speech Pathologists Regarding Self-Administered Laryngeal Massage on Singers Adviser: Frank W. Ragsdale Lindsay Jane Garritson B.A., 2008, Principia College M.M., 2010, Yale University A.D., 2011, Yale University Major: Keyboard Performance Essay: Carl Vine’s “Piano Sonata No. 4”: An Analysis and Performer’s Guide Adviser: Santiago E. Rodriguez Claire Grellier B.M., 2014, California State University, Fullerton M.M., 2016, California State University, Fullerton Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: Studying Clarinet in France: A Guide for American Clarinet Students Who Wish to Study in French Music Institutions Adviser: Margaret Ann Flavin Anna Gryshyna B.A.M., 2011, National Music Academy of Ukraine M.M., 2012, National Music Academy of Ukraine Major: Keyboard Performance Essay: Witold Lutoslawski “Variations on a Theme of Paganini”: The Significance of Piano Duo Communication Adviser: Santiago E. Rodriguez Wei Huang B.A.M., 2012 A.D., 2016, Columbus State University M.M., 2016, Columbus State University Major: Keyboard Performance Essay: Zhou Long and His Piano Concerto Adviser: Tian Ying Ioannis Iliadis B.M., 2010 A.D., 2014 M.M., 2016, California State University, Long Beach Major: Keyboard Performance Essay: College Group-Piano Class: Devising Supplemental Teaching Materials for NoteReading, Rhythm-Reading, and Technique Adviser: Santiago E. Rodriguez


Bryan Earle Kennard B.M., 2006, Mercyhurst College M.M., 2008, Youngstown State University M.M., 2017, The University of Texas at Austin Major: Jazz Composition Essay: A Study of Contemporary Works By Jazz Composers and Arrangers for Chamber Jazz Ensembles Adviser: Gary M. Lindsay Karen Ann Lee B.A., 2011, Bard College at Simon’s Rock M.M., 2015, University of Cincinnati A.D., 2017, University of Cincinnati Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: Exploration of Right-Hand Technique Development and the Bornoff Method Adviser: Charles Castleman Jami Alison Lercher B.M., 2002, Iowa State University M.M., 2004, University of Wales, Bangor, United Kingdom Major: Choral Conducting Essay: The Life and Choral Works of Welsh Composer Morfydd Owen (1891-1918) Adviser: Corin T. Overland Yipeng Liu B.A., 2015, Northwest Normal University, China M.M., 2017, Manhattan School of Music Major: Keyboard Performance and Pedagogy Essay: Pedagogy of Piano Pedaling Adviser: Naoko Takao Caitlin Beth McKinney B.A., 2014, Texas Christian University B.M., 2014, Texas Christian University M.M., 2016, Indiana University Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: “In the Forest I Wound My Horn:” Studies in the Gender Semiotics of Horn in Classical and Romantic Orchestral Literature Adviser: Marysol Quevedo Benjamin Jay Montgomery B.M., 2013, Ithaca College M.M., 2017, Michigan State University M.M., 2017, Michigan State University Major: Composition Essay: Audio-Tactile Cross-Modal Correspondences in the Composition of Phantasmagorical, for Wind Ensemble and Electronics Adviser: Charles N. Mason Andrew Evan Riley B.M., 2014, Indiana University M.M., 2017, University of Miami Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: The Auditioning Percussionist’s Unique Problem: An Approach to Adjusting to Unfamiliar Instruments Adviser: Svetoslav R. Stoyanov

Aldo Houari Salvent M.M., 2015, Florida International University Major: Instrumental Jazz Performance Essay: A Study of Afro-Cuban Jazz as Pioneered by Chucho Valdés and the Group Irakere Adviser: Gary W. Keller Tatiana Schnitman Espindola B.A., 2011, Lewis & Clark College M.M., 2013, Florida International University M.M., 2017, University of Miami Major: Composition Essay: Accounts: 1001 Living Sound Poems, Creating Spaces that Resonate with Our Emotional Identities Adviser: Charles N. Mason Wesley Ryan Stoner B.M., 2002, University of Georgia M.M., 2010, Michigan State University Major: Choral Conducting Essay: A Choral Conductor’s Guide to the Preparation and Performance of Gerald Finzi’s “Requiem da Camera, Op. 3b” Adviser: Corin T. Overland Jeffrey Paul Summers B.M., 2008, The University of Texas at Austin M.M., 2017, Sam Houston State University Major: Instrumental Conducting Essay: Sarah Kirkland Snider’s “Disquiet—A Transcription for Wind Ensemble” Adviser: Robert M. Carnochan Qiying Wang B.M., 2015, National University of Singapore, Singapore M.M., 2017, Manhattan School of Music Major: Keyboard Performance Essay: A Performance Guide to the Twelve Etudes, Op. 74 of Anton Arensky Adviser: Santiago E. Rodriguez Andrew Richard York B.M., 2005, University of the Pacific M.A., 2009, University of Miami Major: Vocal Pedagogy Essay: The Influence of Individual Singing Lessons on Voice Quality and Voice-Related Quality of Life in Adults with Parkinson’s Disease Adviser: Teresa L. Lesiuk Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Patrick Shea Kole B.A.M., 2003, University of Rochester M.M., 2006, Ohio University Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: Charles Villiers Stanford: A Performance Edition of the “Cello Concerto in D Minor” Adviser: Ross T. Harbaugh

Alexander Magalong B.A., 2004, University of Denver M.M., 2016, University of Miami Major: Instrumental Conducting Essay: James Stephenson: “Symphony No. 3” Adviser: Trudy Kane


Wesley Louis-Neil Thompson B.S., 2013, Messiah College M.M., 2015, Penn State University Major: Instrumental Performance Essay: The Symphonies of Johannes Brahms: An Exploration of Performance Considerations for the Orchestral Trombonist Adviser: Timothy M. Conner

Dalmis Boulandier B.S.N., 2014, Miami Dade College M.S.N., 2016, University of Miami

Raphael Mbanwi B.S.N., 2011, Miami Dade College

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Claudia Alonso B.S.N., 2012, Florida International University

Lauren Christine Bradley B.A., 2010, Rutgers University B.S.N., 2013, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing Kizzanna Layna Brown B.S.N., 2002, Tuskegee University Natalie Desiree Collazo B.S.N., 2013, University of Miami Melissa Correa B.S.N., 2012, Florida International University

Nkemakonam Christiana Mbelu B.S.N., 2014, Nova Southeastern University M.S.N., 2015, Nova Southeastern University Carlos Alberto Moreno B.S.N., 2013, Barry University Catherine Nadeau B.S., 2009, Rochester Institute of Technology B.S.N., 2011, St. John Fisher College M.S.N., 2017, University of Miami Lindsay Ann Noga B.S., 2011, Boston College B.S.N., 2013, University of Miami M.S.N., 2017, University of Miami Kristin Taylor Oakes B.S.N., 2013, Texas Woman’s University M.S.N., 2017, University of Miami

Yenisleimis C. Fernandez B.S.N., 2014, Florida International University

Bryan Osborne B.A., 2012, South Florida State College B.S.N., 2014, Florida International University

Esther Franklin B.S.N., 2013, Florida Atlantic University

Gilda Pamphile B.S.N., 2009, University of Miami

Joel Andres Gonzalez B.S.N., 2014, Florida International University

Nikita Patel B.S.N., 2013, Indiana University

William Alexander Hernandez B.S.N., 2013, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Stephanie Marie Perez B.S.N., 2013, Florida International University

Joshua Hester B.S.N., 2012, California State University, Sacramento Chergregory Ruth Hines B.S.N., 2011, University of Florida Kimberly De Vincentis Jones B.S.N., 2013, Columbus State University Courtney N. Kelley B.A., 2008, University of Iowa M.S.N., 2010, University of Iowa Amanda Lackaye B.S.N., 2013, Pace University Sharifa Marie Lindo B.S.N., 2013, University of Miami Kimberly Ann Lopez B.S.N., 2015, Miami Dade College Stephanie Martin B.S., 2009, Florida Gulf Coast University B.S.N., 2015, Florida International University Arisleidy Massani B.S.N., 2014, Nova Southeastern University

Rosena Petit-Frere B.S.N., 2010, Emory University Morgan Ashley Phillips B.S.N., 2010, University of Miami Katherine Andrea Pinzon B.S.N., 2011, Barry University Dorly Yenni Ramirez B.S.N., 2011, Miami Dade College Stephanie Raye Randolph B.S., 2009, Colorado State University B.S.N., 2013, University of Colorado Denver Lizette Rivera B.S.N., 2009, Florida International University Arelys Diana Rodriguez B.S., 2010, Florida International University B.S.N., 2015, Keiser University Anastasia Marie Santiago B.S.N., 2016, University of Phoenix M.S.N., 2018, University of Miami Lindsay Lauridsen Smith B.A., 1989, Barnard College B.S.N., 1994, University of Pennsylvania M.S.N., 1996, University of Pennsylvania


Anry Toni-Ann Stewart B.S.N., 2015, Broward College Central

Kevin Donald Davis B.S., 2008, Yale University

Jolly Thankachan B.S.N., 2000, Leelabai Thackersey College of Nursing, India

Jessica Jo Day B.S., 2014, Arizona State University

Jennifer Trock B.S.N., 2012, Ursuline College, Canada Maikel Valdes Oliva B.S., 2004, Miami Dade College M.S.N., 2015, University of Miami Ramniwas Yadav B.S.N., 2013, Grand Canyon University


Caitlin Ann Dewald B.S., 2015, James Madison University Mario Alberto Espinosa B.S., 2016, University of Central Florida Kelley Marie Garcia B.S., 2015, Florida International University Joseph P. Girardi B.S.Ed., 2009, University of Miami M.S., 2011, University of Louisiana Monroe

Degree candidates May 7, 2020

Juan Pablo Gonzalez B.S., 2016, Florida International University

Danielle Abigail Abel B.S., 2016, University of Georgia

Mariana Cristhina Grajeda Bujanda B.S., 2015, University of the Incarnate Word

Arvon Amisial B.S., 2013, Morehouse College M.S., 2015, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Ryan Heilman B.S., 2013, Western Washington University

Yvette Aronova B.H.S., 2013, Florida Atlantic University Jessica Balandiuk B.S., 2017, University of Scranton Kara M. Bartlett B.A., 2012, University of Washington Emily Amanda Bell B.S., 2016, University of Florida Alicia Sophia Bornemann B.S., 2016, University of Central Florida Julia Mariana Bradley B.S., 2011, Florida State University Kyle Patrick Burnett B.S., 2017, University of Florida Lucas Scott Butterfield B.A., 2017, University of Vermont Natali Lourdes Clark B.S., 2017, University of Florida Alejandro R. Costas B.S., 2017, University of Florida Giselle Darleen Cruz B.S., 2017, University of Miami Joshua James Currie B.S., 2016, University of Illinois Christopher Paul DaSilva B.S., 2016, The University of Texas at Austin 16

Robert Joseph Hope B.S., 2016, University of Central Florida Destini Bianca Jones B.S., 2016, University of Georgia Andrew Rudolph Koss B.S., 2016, University of Central Florida Nathan Ryan Kuck B.S., 2017, Bowling Green State University Gregory Steven Lark B.S., 2016, The University of Texas at Austin Nathan James Linnabary B.S., 2017, University of Wisconsin Patricia Lynn Luksich B.S., 2014, University of Central Florida Nicole Solange Maestri B.S.H.S., 2014, University of Miami Maria Isabel Mena B.S., 2017, University of Central Florida Baabak Mostoufi B.S., 2016, University of Georgia Ryan C. Murphy B.S.H.S., 2017, University of Miami Darian Ohling B.S., 2015, University of South Florida Gabriel Pardo B.H.S., 2017, Florida International University

Patrick Thomas Parker B.A., 2015, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Yesha Patel B.A., 2017, University of Florida Robert Joseph Pelaez B.S., 2015, Philadelphia University Ana Carolina Perez B.S., 2015, Stetson University Dominic Anthony Piazza B.S., 2017, Pensacola Christian College Sarah Elizabeth Roscher B.A., 2012, Skidmore College M.S.P.H., 2017, Thomas Jefferson University Courtney Leigh Ross B.S., 2017, Walsh University Anderson Bass Russell B.A., 2009, Ohio State University Kaylee M. Scott-Van Deusen B.S., 2017, University of Miami Emika A. Severson B.S., 2017, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Dana Rae Shack B.A., 2013, University of Miami Miles Zarius Slay B.S., 2015, Georgia Southern University Melissa Anne Smith B.H.S., 2017, University of Florida Robert Alexander Snow B.S., 2013, North Carolina State University Kelly Lynn Soeder B.S., 2016, University of Central Florida Lucie Marie Stagg B.S., 1987, United States Military Academy at West Point M.S., 1998, Central Michigan University M.S., 2008, United States Army War College Forrest Neal Stieg B.S., 2017, George Mason University Douglas Lee Timme Jr. B.S., 2016, Azusa Pacific University Michael F. Tragas B.A., 2012, University of Illinois Riley Marie Vermillion B.S., 2017, North Carolina State University

Kayla Paige Weber B.S., 2016, Western Michigan University Lei Zhang B.S., 2006, Virginia Commonwealth University M.S., 2010, St. John’s University

School of Architecture Established 1983 Presented by Rodolphe el-Khoury, Ph.D., Dean



Degree candidates May 7, 2020

Degree candidates May 7, 2020

Mollie Dixie Beek Sophia Helen Cayuso

Baraa Khalid A Ageel Tori Alexandra Cohen Celeste Desiano Laura Wendy Leichtman Mario Ostolaza Guitian Alba Quintanilla Dylan Rzepka Angela Maria Villada Fuhong Wang Jiayi Wang ZeYu Yuan Yibo Zhang

Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Asi Ackerman Alexander S. Alford Mazin Hasan A Alroumi Kevin Frank Bandel Justen M. Bittman David Ernesto Chonillo Breilh Antonio Chopitea Junior Ryan Timothy Coffield Caroline Edna Cozzi Chandler Alexandra Davis Nicholas Daniel Font Samuel Esteban Herrera Nicholas J. Nicola Viorica Irena Pineda Mackenzie Alsace Reininger John Alphonse Ronco Joseph Henry Roque Christian J. Salgado-Soto Michaela Madison Senior Burak Sumru Laura Zapata Cadavid Degrees conferred December 12, 2019

Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Alexis Jose Guillen Jazzmin Nickole Reid Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Kexin Ning Chenkai Zhao


Karim Fayaz Ali Troy Gulec Xiaoyun Jiang David Martinez-Delgado Jesus Alfonso Perez Villamizar Eli P. Stephan

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURE Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Donnie Jamil Garcia-Navarro

Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Yazeed Mohammadalbadr A Alhussami Ramon Antonio Hernandez Alberto Jose Hidalgo Flores Andreas Kasapis Sebastian Jesus Militello Jose Antonio Mozza Vargas Xiangyu Shao Claudia Steputat

MASTER OF REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT AND URBANISM Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Andrea Cross Dylan Rzepka Andrew Christopher Samonas Or Shai Andrew Albert Socarras

MASTER OF URBAN DESIGN Degree candidate May 7, 2020 Yiqing Wang Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Shuyi Cao Qiaochu Han Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Ali Troy Gulec Chao Wang

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Mario Osvaldo Alecio Saad F S M H Alhajri Amanda Marie Arrizabalaga Bernute Augustin Yasmine Benchekroun Michael Sean Smith Burke Daniella Paola Cancel Jacob Ronald Crociati Siyu Deng Kyle Joseph Ferry (C) Svetlozara Gizdashka Juan Marcos Guareschi Mujica Okan Andrew Has Regyne Heurtelou Elsa Hiraldo David C. Holmes Daniella Huen Joshua Max Kleinberg Beltran Lozano Martinez Sydney Rose Maubert Julia Ann Murdoch (M) Shannar O’Connor (M) Sol Perchik Claudia Vanessa Silva Sr. Emily Camila Suarez-Aviles Andrea Szapiro Ali Tanriyar Hannan Vilchis-Zubizarreta Sr.

College of Arts and Sciences Established 1926 Presented by Leonidas G. Bachas, Ph.D., Dean

MASTER OF ARTS Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Abdullah Salah Alothman Valeria Botero Jeny Acosta Bouhout Jose Rene Burgos Mariana Chaves Petersen Xu Cheng Sibel Erol Amanda Garcia Gina Alejandra Gomez Nathaniel Haas Qiaohua Liu Xavier Giovanni McClean Kristen Marie Noa Sydney Marie Shamblin Preston Taylor Stone Adam Dugan Strott Miguel Antony Vasquez Juan Alfredo Zapata Saucedo Degree candidate August 7, 2020

Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Maaryam F KH J H Alanzi Valeria Vyacheslavna Dimitryuk Kurt Anthony Gessler Alexandra Morgan Kupi (S) Malek Waleed M Matbooli Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Moises Nissim Abbo Mizrachi Laura Celeste Beltran Frances Gelbart Fioriana Maria Larche Jason Liam Arun Mahadeo Israel Martinez Jr. Julia Rose Zollner

Milind Neil Khurana Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Matilde Emma Catanese Brytten Cook Michelle Katz Jacob Lee Mormon Tarika Gabrielle Sankar Christopher Vincent Valladolid Jorge Zambrano

John Ness Merissa L. Williams Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Tashina J. Arota

MASTER OF FINE ARTS Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Jubi Arriola-Headley Christina Drill Maria Antonieta Esquinca Elizabeth Ashley Guignino Maeve Theresa Holler Saeeda Onike Effua Quansah Monica Leslie Travis

MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Savannah Rose Alcerro Urbina Xin Bao Tanya Marie Bouloy Yuqi Fan Han Gao Hengyi Guo Geraldine Grace Hayes Yuyang He Xinyi Hu Zexin Li Ruiqiao Liu Lanbo Wang Xiangmin Wang Fangxuan Wei Dominique V. Whiting Hangfei Zhang Degree candidates August 7, 2020

MASTER OF ARTS IN LIBERAL STUDIES Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Justice Bartley Xavier Isaiah Coakley Loida L. Cooper Arian Gomez Daisi Sherene Jimenez Deborah Alyn Kalach Balas Carmen T. Pissani Brad Ryan Shapiro Luz Maria Solano Cutie


Degree candidates August 7, 2020

Nadia Amaya Ericka Bourraine Lillian Diaz-Warshaw Alexia Maria Robotham Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Jose Lisandro Cerna Rubi Garcia Jiabing Han Christopher McDonald Marlene M. Moranino Thomas J. Post John E. Wallace

MASTER OF SCIENCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Yeojin Amy Ahn Victor Garcia Herrero Alejandra Hernandez Michael Lantigua Dominic Sicilian Tilak Ram Thapaliya Roberto Jose Vivanco Zihao Wang Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Dylan Alexander Braun Xueming Li Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Lara Baez Bettina Renee Billings Laura Beatriz Camafreita Durga Bahadur Khadka Paulina Isabel Lauria Lauren Lipp Ariadna Martinez Ana Maria Moreno Silvia Maria NiĂąo Julio S. Sarmiento Kai Sun

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MATHEMATICAL FINANCE Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Kangjun Cheng Christian Lantigua Rusheng Liu Armando Javier Lopez Ruibin Mai Junyu Wang Yingsheng Wang Zirui Wang Yiming Zhang

BACHELOR OF ARTS Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Leila Abdelrahman Mahmoud Abou Zied Amani Kristina Abubakr Isabella Aires Ribeiro Sebastian Xavier Aiza Bigio Kelly Ajello Alan Gabriel Alcantar Ahmed Alhadri Sr. Halle Alitz (C) Shelby Ann Allen Clay Patrick Allen-McGoran Pierre Alexander Alonso-Vargas

Alejandro Amado Peter Anthony Amador Nicholas Andrew Danlay Antuna Victoria Eugenia Anzola De Goiricelay Blake Alden Ashcroft Marsalis Xavier Atkins Derek Byron Alexander Auguste Daniela Baboun (C) Elif Kelly Badak Luis Carlos Balaguer Escobar IV Gianna Maria Balli Jessica Lynn Banalewicz Monique Barbosa Alana Ciresi Barrett Taylor Barrocas (C) Daniella Barton Venkat Nakuldev Reddy Basani Abraham Bastos Jessica Nicole Bayuk (M) John Becker Sydney Alisa Behr Steven Tyler Beldner (C) Jobenei Benjamin (M) Megan Bente Maria Camila Bernal (C) Abdulrahman Mohammed Saleh Bin Damnan Alicia Jane Blagg Naiya D. Blake Laura Blockman Kyle Anthony Bonhomme Diana Carolina Borras Alexandra Botto (M) Naya Kiersten Bowe Quinn Samuel Brashares Loretta Brueckner Balsa Bulajic Savana Burdick-Perez Sophia Michelle Burvenich (C) Manuela Caicedo Bryan Lawrence Calhoun Natasha Gabrielle Camarillo Isabella Robbie Campbell Alma Campiani (S) Francesco Cannavo Teixeira Dejah Cason Joel Lazaro Castillo Jr. Otto Cedron Chiesa Shamir Jonathan Cetoute Calvin Antonio Chappell Ashley Chappelle Darlene Charles Ana Chauvin Lisset Chavez Natasha Taylor Chen (C) Peijun Chen Alexandra Cherem Seraphina Yau-Chong Choi (S) Paige Cilluffo Maria Eugenia Cisneros Kara Nicole Clemmenson (C) Kelsey Clifford Aliyah Cofer Adam Harrison Cohen Samuel Cohen

Mollie Cole MacGregor Doyle Collins Colleen Keefe Cook Pierre Gerard Craig III Christian Cuzma Juliana Marie D’Alleva Rachel Laura Daniel James Davison Amir Reza Davoodi Miranda De Gasperi Delpino Antonio Eduardo De La Heria Armand Andrew Del Castillo Rosendy Nicholas-Sebastian Desir Sebastian Diaz Stefania Disalvo Digiallorenzo Olivia Dobrin Kimberly Dodt (C) Navaughn Jimleel Donaldson Alexandru Pontes Doncea Nicholas Goeransson Donohue Stoni Tanejah Drane (C) Andrew Christian Dunlap Brianna Edge Alexandra Eisman (M) Matthew Erik Ertle Mateus Edward George Normande Fairbairn Ethan Fang Corey Allen Feist Alejandra Andrea Fernandez Sydney Yvonne Feyerick (M) Frank Nick Fiorito Leah Olga Amelia Fragogiannis Sydney Nomizu Frame Lydia Madeleine Franklin (S) Angelica Fromer (M) Sirong Fu Daniel Gallego Nicole A. Gany (S) Chenxu Gao Yuchen Gao Gianna Gabrielle Garcia Lay Justin Geber Rachel Nicole Genoune Maren Gierlatowicz Zachary Robert Gluckow (S) Parv Gondalia (S) Tivisay Gonzalez Jaime Mauricio Guardia Ponce Sr. Jacob Cecil Gubin Ilana Gucovschi Rose Gupta Mika Zenette Gustave Brittany Lynn Gutierrez Nicole Bella Habina Brandon Hadeed (C) Peter Graham Hamilton Tais Hamilton Jack Alexander Haroche Victor Harrouche Attia Lauren Marie Haverlin (S) Robert Kent Hemphill Camille Alayne Henley (M) Patricia Herrera Samantha Lauren Hessinger (M) Harry J. Hewson IV Nia Michelle Hinds Kayla Hippolyte-Wade (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Samuel James Holbrook Samantha Ashley Howell Huizi Hu Bingche Huang Jane Myung In Huh Amy Grace Humber (C) Shanice Hyler Claire Leah Ifrah (M) Sabrina Lorraine Irizarry Noa Israel Courtney George Jackson Delaney Kendrick Jacoway (C) Hannahlore Frieda Janczur Ashley Catherine Johnson Elke Hanna Johnson Jessica Joseph Cassiel Amicy Juste Stavros Kalemakis Zev Kanter Amy Kaplan (M) Alliah Kassem Noah Hunter Kathe Kathleen M. Kean Brett Kincaid Joshua Jay Kleinman (M) Benjamin Alexander Kling Sydney Nicole Konrath Danielle Faye Konsky Joseph Charles Krupar Eileen Akorfa Kumi (M) Michael Anthony Laday William Curt Lafrance III Emma Lam Emily G. Lawrence Veronika Ledovskikh Heuiji Lee Hanming Lei Nia Kali Lennan Jasmine Antonise Lewis Kira-Sophie Lewis ZeYu Li (C) Lauren Lipsky (C) Claudia Emily Lopez Maria Loreta Lopez Arionna C. Loreti Sara Louis Sherry Lubin Michael Joseph Lundquist Madeleine Agnes Lysek Xiyao Ma Nicole V. Macias Alexandria Major Kayonne Alexis Markes Madison R. Martin Meagan Ashley Massey Kainoa McFadden Madison McKesson William Kyle McMahon Camden McNeil (C) Rayne Louise Mershon Naomi Migoya Lauren Tess Milgram (S) Shruti Mishra Gabriel Monteiro Mendes Maria Elena Mora Lilian Morales Gali Moritz 20

Maxwell Richard Morris Samantha Gabrielle Mosle (S) Christopher Moy Breon Laurence Mullings Gabriela Elizabeth Nahous (C) Renu Sara Nargund Sofia Bayley Nelles Daniel Isaac Nepomechie Ahmed Nijem Panagiotis Nikas (C) Gabriel Zachary Nord Fallon Anne O’Brien Milagros R. Ocampo Alexa Nicole Occhipinti Alexandra Olavarria Anne Robinson Oliver Martin Torkuma Orkuma Dinora Esperanza Orozco (M) Nora Tova Pakravan Jessica Palma (M) Maylah Paneca-Montes De Oca Alison Koumantzelis Pappalardo (M) Asha Amish Parikh Ashley Rebecca Paris (C) Samuel Ayres Parson (M) Alexis Soraya Paul Ultimate Jewel Peatross Stephanie Alina Perez (M) Debora Perez Glorianna Nicole Perrotte Remi Nicole Petit Nicole Sophia Phocas Bryce Kristian Pickett Cassandre Pierre Charles Polit Emily Jane Powell (M) Jessica Powell Stephanie Marie Prieto Kai Primus-Dawson Lance Christen Pringle Fabio Andres Ramirez Jr. Frank Alonso Ramirez Olivia Fitzgerald Raymond Sean Michael Regan Chloe Dorrance Reid Ann Elizabeth Reynolds (C) Taylor Grace Rice Megan Nicole Rittenberg (S) Daniel John Rivero Anairen Rodriguez Emily Kristen Rodriguez Laura Rodriguez (C) Peyton Ashley Russell (C) Julia Tiernan Saltonstall Sebastian James Sama Alyssa Samberg (C) Allyson Samet (C) Denisse Sandoval Dominic Kenneth Sands Skyler Jordan Sands (C) Carolina Victoria Serralta Jenny Chen Shao (C) Enrico Shippole Arielle Renee Shoikhet Sydney Ariel Simmons Alexa Michelle Skolnik (C) Morgan Ann Smith

Gwendolyn Snyder Olivia Anna Steinberg Ryan Arthur Steinberg (M) Sara Stjuste Megan Strauch Stefanie Suarez Phoebe Suazo Piers Sullivan Ariana Sverdlen Cara Nicole Szigethy Gabrielle Alexa Tanner Kent Christopher Tavera Alexis Taylor Jed Harold Teitelbaum Isabella Simone Tenenbaum (M) Talula Belle Thibault (S) Lauren Elizabeth Thomas (C) Jordan Elizabeth Thomas Leila Mae Thompson Alvaro Antonio Torrejon Jessica Taylor Triche Kaitlyn Faith Tucker Amanda Turzi Madeline Valverde Rebecca Vargas Sergio Velikopoljski Tiffany Vlasenko Krishnaraj Sanjay Vora Rebecca Carmen Wagner Bridget Wallenberger Yueting Wang Zhenyuan Wang (M) Maxwell Washington Jacqueline Shevrin Way (M) Asha Wedemier-Allan Yifan Wei Chinoia Weir (M) Jacob Welton Amelia Pharr West (M) Raenelle Elana Williams Alyssa Christine Wood Allison Noble Works (C) Jiawei Yang Catherine Nataly Yaya Georgia Rikki Young Mathurine Zama-Sity Anastasia Ruth Zausner Yizhen Zhang Haoyu Zhao Pu Zhou Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Ruqayah M M H Abdullah Folashade Grace Akinola Morgan Andrade Elisa Baena (M) Aurora Borgen Andrew Buonpastore Nicholas Caltagirone Joshua B. Czerwiec Vanessa Victoria Haffey Kai-Leon Herbert Claudia Lilly Hyman Joshua Kadisha Teoman M. Kaplan

Brittany Marie Kegley Kaylan Paige Knitowski Emil Corrington Menzies Madeline Logan Parente Marina Linda Pataro Alara Peker Melisa Peker Elizabeth Thornton Pellegrino Carson Proctor Genesis Celeste Reyes Andrew Michael Sabo Jack Francis Sadeghpour Tristan Jakob Schultheis Kelsey Brett Shields Shalla Marie Sorensen (M) Jacob Steirer Ruoyan Sun Aileen Valido Elias-Jose Vasquez Samuel Douglas Waardenburg Hailey Logan Weiner Redmond Anthony Willis Kemeng Zhai Jiawei Zhang Yingjie Zhang Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Isaac Jose Abbo Hasky Mohamed T Aboualazzm Naser A M B M Albader Rafael Ernesto Aleman Arias Sophia Avina Anandita Bahri Victor Joseph Bettsack Setton Ryan Don Biggs Melissa Blanco Alexander Block Ava Mila Burstyn Javier Cabrera Aguado Maria Cristina Carro Adam Elliott Cass Lourdes Elisa Cebada Priya Chandok Lorena Claure Josefina Coll Yenesis Maria Colon Mariana Cordoba William Donald Corson Ana Cecilia Helen D’Angelo Carlos Andres Danzilo Shawn Darling Jr. Patrick Davidson Ryan Patrick Deering Michael Brian Derham Melanie Alexis Despinich Maria Noelle Drevyn Vanessa Frances Eng Fabian Escalante Joshua Fayne Rossini Garcia Maria Gabriela Garcia Bodan Jeremy Garg Nicholas Giamarino Manuel Eduardo De Jesus Goico Pockels Lily Yang Griffin Shuyi Guo

Martin Haberer Sabah Yangshan He Morgan Brooke Henry Emmanuela Mudia Imansuangbon Alba Raquel Jose Patrick Stan Jurkiewicz Caroline Kane Steven Kaufman Kendall Brooke Kilberger Michael Aaron Kuzniecky Faskha Merrick Lawrence Matthew Todd Lischin Tairi Lu Olivia Holland Lutz Zhou Lyu Tyreic Daejon Martin Harold Martinez Marelyn Martinez Michael Martino Austin Karl McGreevy Kyrie Jordan McLoskey Andrew Xavier McNaney Sixuan Meng Beatrice Mompremier Laurence George Moneo Juan Esteban Montoya Carlos A. Mora Maria Jose Mora Lavalle Mariana Alejandra Morales Maldonado Dhanna Aubrey Najour Faruk Mehmet Ozturk Kelvin David Pacheco Hanlin Pan Astrid Elena Pena Perez Paola Perez Derek John Pichler Sara Marie Punal Shaquille D. Quarterman Ashley Marie Ramos Sophia Raymond Charlotte Rose Resnick Daniella Roldan Britny Sanchez Alfonso Santiago Jacob Schuster Allison Michelle Schwartz Natasha Valeria Sealey Francesca Therese Servidio Baoyin Shi Mohammad Emad Siddiqui Emmanuel Soto Christine Marie Stech Ashley Sarah Tacher Morgan Brenna Thomson Lilibeth Torres Daychelle Trim Diego Alejandro Waisman Brittany Werbelow Robert John Williams Suyun Yu Alexandra Mary Zampano Ke Zhang

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Katherine Berger (C) Dayana Corton Nicole Ashley Delsack Shereen Khatibloo (M) Sophia Irene Leicht (M) Jamilah Aishah Muhammad Dana Gabrielle Musso Alecsys Jianni Proctor-Turner Noah Thomas Vesey Josh-Andrew O’Brien Wisdom Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Carter J. Nash Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Denise Aguilar Prats Anna Sjoukje Runia

BACHELOR OF GENERAL STUDIES Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Manouchka Behrmann Ana M. Gonzalez Annette Hequin Ganapolsky Michelle Johnson Gioconda Y. Marchena Morillo Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Katerine Hadfeg Elston Ponciano Lombillo Gladys Robles Taimy Trujillo Rafael I. Vargas Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Doralis Bugallo Yamile Cosme Rebecca Gabrielle Dumornay Beatriz J. Fernandez Claudette L. Guzman Ailen Parera-Ruggiero Jennifer Ruggiero Joel Andres Sola Anthony Torres

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


BACHELOR OF LIBERAL ARTS Degree candidate May 8, 2020 Catherine Joan Rooney Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Angel Luis Beltre Kevin Vincent Groeninger

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Emily Linnea Ahearn Jeimy Alfonso (C) Dalia Ali Lauren Aloia Ana V. Angeli Michael Alexander Arencibia Tanvi Bafna (M) Aneesha Balachandar Chitra Banarjee Lauren Ryan Barry Rita Bekhash Andreas Bello Krysta Lindsay Bennia Michael Spencer Benrubi (C) Aaron Ben-Shalom Elijah Francis Benzon Emily Frost Berkowitz Andreas Bezahler (C) Gabrielle Nicole Bigham Trevor Alexander Birenbaum Marisa Bohamed Angelica Bolivar Alexa Boric Avi Zane Botwinick (M) Jabari-Ture Ghingo Brooks (C) Kassidy Monae Alexxis Brown Nikita Cunha Bundschu Alessio Buraggina (C) Neave Mary Burton Susana Bustamante Salas Jonathan Caballero Caitlin Lauren Camarena Tijana Canic Melissa C. Cera (M) Ankit Chandwani Meghana Chapalamadugu Catherine Stewart Chase (M) Amanda Marie Clichy-Silva Phoebe Lynn Cohen Lilianet Colas Sashana Ashley Cole Collin DeyConnors Matthew David Coppello (M) Andrea Cordoba Tiffany Arnese Crawford Orshuntis Cross Julia Eileen Cuite Anil David Dalling Matthieu Chauncey David Cinthia Del Toro 22

Claudia Christine Delorenzo Alessandra Margaret Delucia (S) Ayshna Desai Dhyey Desai (M) Renel Desir Emily Rachel Deutsch (C) Yunwei Di Daniel Christian Diaz Abigail Dieter Sophia Paige D’Ippolito Thanh Chau Do (C) Amy Dodaj Laura Pilar Doyle Miraj Dudhat Maria Sabina Echeveste (M) Dunia Elshafie Kayla Etienne Michael Jeremy Farias (C) Corey Fehlberg Yingtai Feng Legnay Fernandez (C) Antonio Miguel Fontanella (M) Henry Orsi Foreman Chengzhang Fu Lauren Isabel Fuster (M) Jacobo D. Fux Jordan Lane Gallant Maria Karla Garcia Chavez Erik Daniel Garza (M) Tarek M. Ghaddar Grayson Vail Gigliotti (C) Danielle Alexis Gogerty Matthew Gorecki Emmanuel Gorrin Ava Grossman (M) Frank Gutierrez Alejandra Vraanica Gutierrez Patrick Roman Haller (C) Mariah Kathryn Hamby Wil Arthur Harris (S) Wyatt Xavier Hathaway Dylan Joseph Haynes-Simmons Angie Hernandez Elise Viola Herschlag (C) Daniela Hojda Natalie Jae Hollo Lindsey Alexandrea Hoshaw (S) Bruce Hsieh Megan Sarah Rudell Huber Melissa Ann Huberman Dalia Taher Husainy Sheam Jahan Nishant Daniel Jain Emma Mackenzie Jaisle (C) Suhang Jiang Gaurang Girish Jivani Alexia Allica Johnson Jacob Michael Johnson (C) John D. Johnson (M) Nicole Marie Johnston Audrey Nicole Jongens (C) Maria Mariana Kanellos Shruti Karnani Abdul Kabir Khan Julia A. Kiffel (C) Leo Solomon Kleyman (M) Annie Kleynerman

Kenneth Ko (C) Kyle Kopacek Jerry Kourkoumelis Carolene Sarah Kurien (C) Haley Labo Talia Sarah Lall Roshni C. Lalwani (S) Thao Thanh Lam (S) Quinton Le (C) Thuy-Mai Le Haeun Lee (C) Tiffany Elaine Leesang (C) Andrew Walker Leith Marc Brandon Levine (C) Alyssa Francesca Levy (C) Mufeng Li Yiming Li Yaoan Li Johnathan Libier Tiago Aladino Lopez Lauren Xue-Ling Lotenfoe Emma Sue Lunking Shengxin Luo Luheng Lyu Conor Francis Mackey Ariana Rhea Madan Rami Hisham Helmi Mahmoud (S) Carolina Maria Mallar (C) Christina Panagiota Markopoulos Emily Katherine Marshall (S) Justin Townsend Martin Alex Martinez Hannah Marwede (C) Shaniah Cymone Mauldin Kellen Mae McDonald Vanessa V. McGaughey Dylan William McLean Alexandra Rose McMurray Shefali Mehra (M) Sivanne Mikayla Mendelson Annabelle Marie Menendez Josefine Tighe Merkert Marissa Miara Mila Mikalacki Evan Scott Miller Abby Monica Mintz Michael Dennis Miskimmon Steven Allan Moncrief Regan Montes Neil Mookerjee Christopher Ahmad J. Moree Shwetha Mudalegundi (S) Kiley Shea Mulligan Luke Thomas Myers (M) Siriveena Nandam Skyla Noel Nassetta Ka Lam Nguyen Nguyen Le Thanh Nguyen (M) Qismat Bahar Niazi Sara Nissen (M) Hannah Nossan Jessica Hannah Nussbaum (S) Bailey Aileen O’Brien David Olaya Sade Orejobi Olivia Michelle Orris Leydiana Otano Velazco

Maya Oton Pooja Sanat Patel (C) Pooja U. Patel (C) Prachi Patel Sagar Nimesh Patel Sahil Patel (M) Caitlin Pavlick Kamila Pecherek Darien Pereira Amanda Estrellita Perez (M) Eric Perez Juan Pablo Perez Tina Phan Yuehua Pu Sarah Emilie Purins KatherineViolette Raffensperger (M) Rachna Rahul (C) Sita Ramaswamy (C) Sitara Juhi Rambarran Rochan K. Ramesh Adrien Darren Ramsamy Kylie Rose Rasco Anjali Ravichandran Riya S. Reddy Alexander Kenyon Richardson Owen Ridenour Carolina Isabel Rivas Kelly Lynn Rivera Samantha Anne Roberts Gabriela Denisse Rodriguez Jordan Luis Rodriguez Tessa Fay Rogari Anthony Santino Roselli (M) Laura Madeline Rosok Leslie Rowell Gabriella Ruffo Merritt Ryan Basent Saleh (M) Elyssa M. Salmeron Hakan Samli Adam Patrick Sanchez (C) Daniela Sant Ana Pereira (C) Sharnikha Saravanan Evan Sarmiento (C) Jordyn Dale Savy Valerie Schraer Rishubh Hitesh Shah (M) Connor David Shatz (S) Aara Shail Sheth (C) Chloe Shields (M) Robert Henry Silverberg Navin Singh (S) Roshni Dang Singh (C) Salma Singh Jake Tyler Sirlin Blaire Victoria Slavin (M) Samuel Smith Madeleine Grace Snider Vytharna Srikakulapu Nandita Srivatsa Gemma Nicole St. Louis Clara Sun (M) Grace Lillian Super (S) Albani Alejandra Suph Sandra Taboada Czavier Tan Michael Taylor

Monai Chantay Thompson Jessica Timmer Austin Torres David Tran Brian Truong Grace Michelle Ugwueke Vanessa Veltre Sahil Verma Daniel Vernik Mukta Vibhute Manny Enrique Villar Loren Leighton Volpe Rachael Lyn Vukovinsky Qikai Wang (M) Zuhua Wang Heather Noelle Whitt Maxwell Carl Wray Yixin Yang Christopher Michael Young Anthony Ashraf Youssef Rong Yu Syed Mustafa Hussain Zaidi Alejandra Zavala Yue Zhang Wencheng Zhong Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Sarah Abood Saraith Aviles Monique Cherie Fiscella Haoxin Liu Nobuyo Nakamura Christopher Naranjo (M) Sydney Jacquelyn Pincus Dalton Isaiah Platt Christian William Poorten Madelyn Kennon Rayos (M) Shaina Swimmer Briana Janee Thompson Degrees conferred December 12, 2019

Grigory Gonastarev Stephan Gonzalez Regina Gonzalez Braniff Ricardo Luis Gorrin Polo Michael W. Goulette Sean Anthony Griffin Lukas Gudelis Christina Lee Halstead Dayana de la Caridad Hano Michael Carter Huzior Christopher Jamhour Justin Tyler Johnson Zaim Ahmed Khan Sunna Siraj Kureishy Shun Liu Lis Maria Llanio Alexis Marina Manns Timothy James Manolias Alan Martin Laura Martinez Darby Mary McEleney Laura Delaney McGee Emily Cecilia Morales Devi Theivanai Nallakumar Jori Henrietta Opara Daniela Osorio Olivia Katharina Ostermann Dianne Nathalie Pagan Sonia Prakash Patel Tallia Popowycz Dominique Rajic Isabella Ramjeet Stephanie Revah Gabriel Alejandro Rigueiro Gabriella Faith Rodriguez Grace Hillary Ruh Vincent Robert Sferra Jr. Linda Shahin Allison Rachel Thron Shiyi Wang Matthew D. Wiefels Yuan Xie Jingjing Zhao

Neha Radhika Aitharaju Tyla Anne Azan Mickael Benhaim Ihsane Benkhadra Victoria Rachel Brzezynski Mateo Cardona Mejia Nicole Carvalho Taylor Kathryn Daniels Francyess Denis (C) Angelique Marie Dominguez Christopher Andreas Dorizas (S) Emily Fakhoury (S) Bilal Ahmad Farooqui Kathryn Helen Forcone Natalia Freitas Cordeiro Robby Jayson Friedman Alia Joan Giolitti

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Patti and Allan Herbert Business School Established 1929 Presented by John Quelch, Ph.D., Dean


Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Chen Chen Mingze Gao Maureen Grace Gilbert Yanetsy Gutierrez Qian Hu Xinyi Luo Sixian Tao Zhihao Wang Yuhe Xie

Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Benjamin Bacal Catalina Ballesteros Jennifer Blum Xintian Chen Yajun Chen Jacqueline Elizabeth Coleman Ruolan Ding Jonathan B. Flick Marcos Daniel Galo Salgado Yuanjun Gao Harry Goldszmidt Ellison Garieth Greenslade II Linyan Gu Christine Hoynack Zian Huang Joseph Abraham Joseph Linda Hendrika Maria Kuijf Joong Yeol Lee Rochel Wai Yee Li Yingchengyi Li Zhuoyi Li Yan Liu Christopher Malahias Ricardo Benjamin Mena Ethan Jay Murphy Meghan Elaine Nixon Brandon Michael Pellitteri Jake Alexander Ramirez Katherine Elizabeth Robinson Floriselda Elizabeth Rubio Contreras Brendan Ryan Smith Xueqin Su Jieyunmei Wang ShuangWang Yinhao Wang Jingyi Wu Weixian Wu Shuyue Xiao Xuechun Yang Ziming Yu Ranting Zhao Wanxia Zhao Yunchang Zhao Qinwen Zheng Wen Zheng Yanchen Zhu


MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Maria Ivette Acevedo Guillot Ibrahim Hisham Akbar Abdulaziz A A S A Albabtain Hani Saleh M AlHarbi Saidhasan Alzalzalah Edward Almonte Daniel Amat Monica Valentin Atanassov Jacob Michael Beachy Recho Bascom Bell III Nicole Ilinka Brehnan Alexander E. Brody Justin Stephen Brown Matthew Edward Burke Kevin Michael Bursaw Claudia Elizabeth Carrera Manciati Michael Caveney Ryan M. Chang Zhihao Chen Sara May Cherami Kevin Robert Brown Crosby Guillermo De Aranzabal Bittner Jimena Maria Del Solar Mikeco Lavira Desir Melissa Diaz Faneva Kris Hanni Durandisse Stephanie Farache Quiros Atara Fink Neelima Gaddipati Gabrielle Anna Gallou Jonathan Germano Joyce Malkoun Germano Michael Gilliam Alex V. Griffith Ariel James Harvey Emilio Roberto Hasbun Padilla Kai Jen Hsiao Iman Jean-Jacques Patrick Sidney Johnson Rebecca Kravetz Edward Solomon Kropf Nicholas Thomas Latorre Alexander Lazo Dmitri Anatolievich Loutsik Franchesca Lozano Lance R. Maynard Charles McHugh IV Patricia McPoland

Pedro Dylan John Mencia Georgette Morgan Tamerlan Mukashev Karol Gabrielle Olivero Gonzalez Ethan David Pastel Dishant Kaushikkumar Patel Yuval Peleg Javier Pena Guerra Jessica Lynn Phillips Randy Pineiro Yasamin Rahmanparast David Aaron Ravitz Andrew David-Joel Reeves Jorge Remos Sara Maria Riascos Lopez Oscar Rivera Alexia Salkeld Piqueras Caleb Michael Saunders Matthias Amaru Schiller John D. Shelgren Avrin Singh Dharmarraj Sunthar Isabel Rachel Sutnick James Thompson IV Denzell Turner Andres Valbuena Stephanie Elizabeth Wehby Christopher Ratliff Williams Philip Drummond Winn Jacob Ryan Wolfe Crystal Lihong Yan Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Rebecca Maria Ackerman Andre Alamsjah Quentin Cleavon Allen Dylan Campbell Steven Danyus Ernest Jonathon Del Real Amanda L. DiIenno Jeanine Dimian Edward E. Eniang Nicholas James Gutierrez Jeremy Andrew Hobson Alexis Brianne Howard-Orr John Cole Lancaster John Richard Manning George Michael Mitjans Matthew Robert Moreno Cassidy Orlando Nurelys Pereiro John Thomas Reilly Donrick Anthony Sanderson II Candice Elaine Sandy Heather Thompson Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Maria Angelica Baez Gomez Jordan Carroll Bayne Bradley Steven Bills Jonathan P. Bramlett Justin Stephen Brown Denise Victoria Cabrera Michelle Pamela Cox

McKenzie Cranfill Leighton M. DaCosta Jonathan David Brad Lee Duda Ornella Esposito Adam Stephen Euster Laura Rose Falcone Kristina Fisher Christian Garcia Melissa Garcia Antonio Manuel Gonzalez David Alexander Guevara Emelie Terese Lantz Jonathan Latim Paul Joseph Letsky Quanquan Li Christopher Lopez Aaron Michael Mandel Alberto Esteban Markovich Curtis Timothy Mitchell Laura Elizabeth Mockensturm Katherine Smith Penny Nadly Pierre-Louis Thomas Raine Keenan Rodriguez Philippe Ryser Janio Rene Sanchez Jr Trevor Grey Schott Thomas R. Taillon Shane Dixon Toner Veronica Mona Vallarino-Reyes Arturo Vidal Cory Brookes Wilcox

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EXECUTIVE PROGRAMS Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Ben Nicholas Atkinson Michael Albert Bello Christian Caceres Amadeo Castellaneta Christopher S. Gilbert Samantha Rachel Halperin Nicole Jocelyn-Holt Jane Kim James Lauriello David Joseph Linares Ana Maria Lopez Nicolas Martinez Francisco N. Marty Christopher Musino Carolina Fernanda Novoa Alisha T. Pacheco Daniel Pizarro Karen Tatiana Rendon Jerry Simeon St Louis Erlin Velasquez Mia Victoria Villasante

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Joselyn Arcelin Nicholas Juan Armas Luis Armendaris Yusef Atiyeh Mario Bedolla Gabriel Blaschke Polania Juan Manuel Capistran Armando Joel Cardozo Alberto Casaretto Luis Guillermo Cisneros Hamilton William Clark Ryan Cornwell Sasha M. Davidson Nathalie Doucet Brad Lee Duda Adam Stephen Euster Kristyn Paula Fernandez Jose Florencio Paula Tatiana Giraldo Ortiz Jennifer Michelle Goldman Pedro Pablo Gonzalez Fernando Andres Gualda Ben Hantler Ryan Rashaun Hawkins Jorge Martin Jimenez Zarate Jason John Juarez Check C. Kam Leonard Kaufman Meghan Kelly David Shawn Kennedy Brian Chong Kim Meyer Levy Rosler Jose Rafael Liccardo Concepcion Lopez-Barrera Marcones Pereira De Macedo Miguel Angel Machado Shivali Malhotra Shareef Malnik Luis Martinez Chun Mei Evelyn McDermott Melissa Elena Mendible Keyvan Nouri Alan K. Novick Clarence M. Pape III Paulo Miguel Paredes Arias Brandon Ivan Pena Wendy Pierre Eduardo Pozas-Figueiras Leandro Ramirez Da Silva Kimilie Brianne Reed Wilfredo Gabriel Rodriguez Allison Nicole Roselle Jorge Rene Rucas Da Silva Lourenco Marcos Sacal Nicolas Schaal Kino Domini Simmons Lea Lavinia Singh Casey Sowers Jessica Krystyn Taylor Rocio C. Tenorio Joseph Powell Torres Sarah Weintraub Vaupen Natali Nicole Velis Andrew T. Vollman Albin V. Xavier Isis Zambrana

MASTER OF HEALTH ADMINISTRATION Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Shawn Donavan Clark Cory Gerard Asumthia Jeyapalan Lu Li Guillermo J. Morales Lucas Outcault Marina Rovis Benjamin Saltzman Sophie Torrents David Ivan Yankana Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Aia-May Apollon Anthony David Feria Bethany Franz Ismael Mella Cardenas

MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Melinda Ann Anick Ashley Bagnis Avila Jada Cheyenne Blackwell Carolina Cardona Bustamante Jean Luis Chammas Yifan Chen Marc Cutler Jack D’Errico Christian Diaz Yu Feng Maria Valentina Gascue Ruiz Jade Deanna Harris Xuanhui Li Ziqi Lin Daniela Moya Shing Tai Ngan Ashwin Balaji Rajasekaran Marie Isabel Ruano Esther Sultan Osechas Alexander Robert Varsanyi Jingyi Wang Xiwen Xiao Yinan Yang Xiyu Zhao Can Zhou Xuan Zhou Yunyao Zhu Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Carolina Reyes Jaramillo

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Yuksenin Alba Vanessa Ramona Bastien Joseph Shannon Stafford Croy Michael Christopher Davis Kenia Devesa Adam Grant Fekula Calvin Lee Harris Huijie Huang Anthony Labarr Bryan Raszinski Elizabeth Batten Reynolds Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Sherika Renee Cheese Elizabeth Ann Marie Haddad Taisel Silva Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Karina Araya Daniel Alexander Carnicer Travis J. Cartwright Kathleen A. Grace Amira Majeed Halley Daniel Masselli Christian E. Ramirez Danielle Christine Rodriguez Ruben Sanchez Christopher Seymour

John C. Gale Ebony L. Gallagher Richard Gallagher III Megan Garber Maria Gimena Giobio Carlos Victor Gonzalez Massuet Diana Lucia Gonzalez Pacheco Kesha D. Grayson Marcia Guevara Valor Faviola Hurtado Mark Jackson James Konschnik Ye Li Yixing Li Claudia Patricia Martinez Lorenzo Martino Alexandre Moreira Maria Eugenia Oribe Bajac Ana Laura Pascoini Misha Perdue Mery Benchetrit Poynter Alexina Prather Pedro Alvaro Quiroga Rodriguez Anthony Ray Rodriguez Francisco M. Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Garcia Jacqueline Ryan Carlos E. Sandoval Jillian Deborah Shapiro Ping Su Diaya Tulshi Kevin Thomas Weaver


MASTER OF SCIENCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Abid Rashid Adar Khadeine Ali Jeanette Bajo Kathryn Beaulieu Raquel Benatar Benarroch Nicholas Berman Juan Carlos Bolivar Chanal Carlisle James Wattley Carras Cristina Elena Castro Larralde Sophie Charlotte Cirone Fernando Enrique Colella Bosque Jorge L. Collazo Cherisse Cooper Elena E. Cuellar Ivette Mancha Diago Frank Diaz Michelle Marie Diaz Camila Draskovic Caprice Eady Jennifer R. Fernandez Calderon Alexis Katarina Figueroa Flora S. Fox Paisley Dee Freund 26

Yiqing Bai Lance Balding Robyn R. Blanchard Nathaniel Burn Juan Fernando Castano Tobon Romano Cevenini Keyu Chen Yufan Chen Keying Cheng Samantha Paige Couture Jose Henrique D’Apollo Rodriguez Juan Pablo De Rivero Vaccari Peter Dematteo Abel Facenda Carrasco Yucheng Fang Javier Ferrer Maria Elisa Franco Ponciano Gari Cesar A. Gavidia Asher Ginsburg Alvarez Ryan David Hernandez Hao Huang Jingwen Huang Benjamin Matthew Hyatt Hani Matthew Jardack Jr. Xueying Jiao Kexin Jing Jie Li

Yixiao Li Jiachen Lin Wei Lin Xiaohang Lin Anyi Liu Sibei Liu Yanli Liu Ziyi Lu Kanghua Mai Allen Martinez Nicholas Jorge Maspons Qingdu Meng Rafael Molina Jose Arturo Mota Lebron Yolimar Ogando Velez Federico Oldani Qian Qiao Alejandro Rengifo Hannes Gustavo Schiller Abdulla Shanan Danielle Lauren Sheerer Matthew Charles Spahr Wenhan Sun Centong Tao Jin Tao Yuqing Tong Liangliang Wang Yinqi Wang Zhongxi Wang Scott Robert Westphal James Woo Yunuo Wu Yinghong Xu Cheng Yang Sutong Yao Yiling Ye Fanyi Zhang Songyun Zhang Yueyang Zhang Xiaodong Zhao Kunfang Zheng Yi Zhou Yifei Zhou Yunfei Zhu Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Natali Buttaci Rincon Xiaoli Han Huei-Lin Hu Hangwei Li Jiahan Liu Junlin Wu

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN FINANCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Mishel Acosta Elizaveta Aksenenko Andres Alberto Albino Garcia Nicholas Joseph Altobello Vita Cristina Anes Ilias Arampatzis

Stephen Archer Priscila Denise Arkalji Osmand Javier Bobadilla Mairena Giancarlo Bombardelli Madrigal Laura Maria Camacho Ruiz Gabrielle Ina Ann Cambronne Ciaran Juan-Martin Canales Francisco Canel Junhao Chang Jiazhen Chen Meiguang Chen Zeyang Chen Zhuowen Chen Austin Chicoy Kfier Nissim Cohen Mitchell Cohen Ziyue Cui Frank Davila Pedro Deppe Leme Rui Ding Xingchi Dong Courtney Druckman Tiancheng Du Thibault Jean Marc B. Duval Andrew J. Evans Lue Fang Haoyuan Feng Andrew Robert Fox Yilin Fu Beichen Gao Chuhan Gao Tetiana Goldsmith Nian Guan Mengfei Guo Xiaoyue Guo Hassan Mohammed H Habis Dongyang Han Joshua Alrington Hewitt Junjie Hu Michelle Jattin Rondon Yanru Jiang Ze Jiao Qianqian Kang Collin Kaplan Jasleen Kaur Thomas Kennedy Matthew James Kostris Chang Li Fujun Li Jinping Li Jun Li Qiaorui Li Qijin Li Siwen Li Xinyu Li Yuhang Li Yujie Li Yuxin Li Zhiwei Li Michael Lia Jian Liu Zixuan Liu Guanyu Lu Hanzhu Luo Tianyi Luo Xinjie Ma Zhijie Ma

Katrin Martinez Chantal Marie Martinez Blanco Fanxu Meng Haonan Meng Reinaldo Andres Moleiro White Luis Fernando Mondaca Matta Jazmen Moore Hongxuan Mou Honglin Mu Swathi Murali Tram Phuong Nguyen Mingxi Nie Charlene Odom Lan Ouyang Jose Carlos Paneda Ziyue Qin Guillermo Quirch Tahzeeb Aziz Rashid Jiamin Ren Junru Ren Gustavo Henrique Rodrigues Pessoa Christina Katherine Rodriguez Hubert Earl Rush Jr. Mohammed Abdulaziz O Sager Leonardo Alejandro Segura Yufei Sha Boxi Shao Liuxin Shao Yanina Shatonova Badi Francisco Sheffey Dengchao Shi Fuming Shi Songqi Shi Xin Shu Jonathan Silva Leah J. Simmons Petra Sobotova Yifan Song Hytham Soueid Jovanni Springer Mingjun Sun Brian Steven Terrell I Dianmin Tian Si Cong To Shaojun Tong Nam Tran-Hoang Prashant Ishwar Tulsiani Makhija Arturo Vidal Bingrui Wang Jingyuan Wang Qiuyu Wang Yiqing Wang Yue Wang Zongkai Wang Wenxuan Wei Edmond Alberto White Manrique Richard Curtis Wilkinson Haolin Wu Raymond Wu Weijia Wu Xuefei Wu Yiming Xu Ruolin Yan Guang Yang Qianfan Yang Ruiqian Yang Youdi Yang

Zijun Yao Bei Ye Jing Ye Yan Yi Bowen Yin Yue Yu Fang Yue Nicolas Zaia de Achaval Lanxin Zhang Lida Zhang Suying Zhang Tengyue Zhang Xingjun Zhang Xinyue Zhang Zhufei Zhang Tianxiang Zhao Yin Zhao Jiahuan Zhou Xinyu Zhou Yinlong Zhou Yujing Zhou Chao Zhu Hongyi Zhu Liming Zhu Kyle Matthew Zonghetti Boyang Zuo Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Brian Asman Deen Brooksher Chloe Castro Jonathan George Ceballos Meitong Chen Ryan Parker Clowers Benjamin Simon Cohen Eli Cohen Alexander Cuellar Nataly D. Di Bernardo Federico Enrique Fermin Jahn Xurui Gao Andre Haui Sasha C. Jules Samuel Howard Kunau Xingyue Liang Xu Liu Alexandra Isabel Marban Ramirez de la Piscina Yuting Mi Douglas Scott Neese Daniel Enrique Suarez Yunyun Tang Domenica Ulloa Rampani Maria Belen Belen Yaman Juan Andres Zaidman Croes Yuqing Zhang Jiaxin Zhao Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Fernando José Agüero Joseph Aguilar Saeed Ali Alghamdi Geovanna Patricia Batista Shruti Bhattacharya Francisco Manuel Estrada (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Andrew Seth Friedman Andy Ross Lee Jean-Leger Michael Anthony Kaladi Tanveer Nizarali Manesia Pravin Lakdas Nanayakkara Karen Polanco Carly Ann Rowsey Sahiba Suwal

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN TAXATION Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Tali Ben-Ichay Caroline Grace Ebbert Andrew Stephen Fernandez Daniel Christian Fernandez Cristina Victoria Gonzalez Bar Milo Ryan Maxwell Morris Krystal Tanya Oms Marko Prats Jacob Vincent Riesgo Maria Gabriela Sequeira Nicole Maryam Zafrany Brief Fatima Sofia Zapata de Rivero

BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Mahmoud Farid M Abuzeid Gabriel Aichholzer Marcos Luis Alarcon Ali Hasan Ahmed Allaq Alhammadi Mohamed Hussain Mohamed Jasem Alhammadi Jr. Samantha Almazo Carlos Alvarez Mourino Mauricio Javier Alvarez-Tabio (C) Abrar Aman Emily Lynn Amato Miguel Orly Andrade Torres Philip Michael Andreaci Veronica Angulo Benedetti (S) Coby Jackson Antinoro Michel Araujo Leiman Ty Archer Daniela Karina Aserraf Esses (S) Kaylie Nicole Atwood Uday Bhupathi Avula Neha Reddy Baddam (M) Chester James Bancroft Daniel Hugh Baptist Michael Barnett Tania Benasayag Sydney Nicole Benfield Metin Benturk (C) Dominick Duncklee Berardi Michael Brandt Berg Jacob Nathan Berger Michael Bernstein 28

Tulasiram Bikkani Zachary Jacob Bladd Paul Alan Bloshuk Jr. Harrison Charles Bogusz (C) Kevin Michael Boles Sophie Claire Bollert Alberto Ignacio Borgonovo Josbany Borrego Richard Edward Bosco Matthew Bratspies Daniel Thomas Brown Samantha Elizabeth Burkart Juan Felipe Cabrera Armando Daniel Caceres Jr. Lawrence Evens Cadet Zechen Cai John Douglas Calcagni Andres Calvo Diana Cardona Ramirez Alexandra Cerrito (M) Divina Mohan Chandiramani Bellani (M) Wellington Andrew Chen David Alexander Chung Mo Facundo Ciano Ashton Marie Clancy Jade Clark Gunnar Cline James Bennett Coben Abigail Rose Codispoti (M) Gabriella Veronica Coffield (M) Alaina Claire Cohen Alexander Carlisle Cohorsky Emily M. Collins Brianna Commerford Jack Gallagher Coughlin Nicholas Coviello Mathew Crogan (M) Nazir Ruthledge Crump (M) Zhihuan Cui Michael James Cutro (M) Jasmin Marie Dakkak Karli Morgan Danielson Alyssa Jane Debiasse Max Wasserstein Del Giglio Katherine N. Demina Isabella Marie DeRosa (M) Avery Edward Devlin Raul Diaz Luke Didriksen Adam Dodge Joshua Caleb Dodge Klay Drageset Ricardo Du Pond Christian Durando Josephine Rose Dutton Zach Dykstra Bryan David Early (C) William Jameson Easterwood Cole Austin Edelstein Justin Gregory Efron (C) Jeremy Salomon Egosi Leah Maddy Elefante (M) Kate Arlene Elisha Brent Engel Leah Maribel Englehart Madison Tate Erman Michael Leo Esposito

Timothy Fabio Enrique Miguel Falla Kyle Charles Fallon Jiachen Fan (C) Junke Fan Rawan Sylvia Farah Nicholas Joseph Fasciana Ori Fedida Giovanna Fernandes Carvalho Jenna Ferreira Stephanie Field Austin Fink Steven Lazar Finker Samuel Hugh Fisher Colin Flanagan Andrew Jason Flaum Hailey Fons Dana Franco Daniel Logan Frankel Sydney Frankel Alyssa Michelle Fuertes (C) John Jacob Fumero II James Henry Furst Cara Marie Ganning Kayla Jasmine Gardner Ian Harris Gelerman Monique Gentz Natalia Georg Vidal (S) Nicolas David German (M) Madeline Isabella Gessler Thomas Christopher Glasser Ethan Liam Gold (M) Benjamin John Jefferson Golding Sara Marie Gomes Derek Austin Gonzalez (C) Zachary Goodwin (M) Jack Monahan Gorelick Christopher Joseph Greco Ryan Harrison Green Cameron Tucker Gresham Erika Sophia Grossbard Nicholas William Guerra Lina Guttman Cohen Alix Hackman (M) Liulin Han (M) Nabil Hasan Ilias Hatzopoulos Alexander Daniel Hiltebrand (C) Cindy Leng Ho Michael Hayden Holdship (M) Jakob Matthew Holgado Jean Philippe Houlzet Xhorxha Hoxha (S) Colin Hubbard Maxwell Casper Hufman (M) Vincenzo Umberto Iannucci Roberta Ibarzabal Rodriguez (M) Vernon Eugene Inge III (C) John Paul Ingraham (C) Matthew Jackson Nosa James Maxwell William Jarvis Zuhaib Javed Yujie Jin Hunter Nikolos Johnson (C) Julia Leonora Jones (S) Luke Patrick Jones

Abigail Lee Jordan Alexandra Kaire Sarena Vidya Kalap Sarah Ayesha Kapadia Jason Lee Kaplan Blake Kapnick Matthew David Kellow Scott Alexander Kellow Anam Khan Natalie Kiboneka Daniel Hyun-Joong Kim Jacob Klee Taylor Nicole Kline Ethan Kohan Chuihao Kong Ori Kopilev Kira Nicole Marie Koziak Monica Daria Kozlowski (C) Garrett Kremer Kyla Arianna Kristal Rodrigo Kuperman Baratz George Kyriakopoulos Shaurya Mohan Lal Kyle Grant Langweil Sebastian Lastra Kristian George Lastre (M) Olivia Grace Lawton Justin H. Lee Justin Emmanuel Richard Lee Chong Courtney Paige Leon Joseph Leon Qing Li Taoran Li Yuehan Li Zihan Li Charles Sopha Lilienstein Zachary William Linder Charles Aloysius Little Alessandra Carolina Longo Jacqueline Marie Lopez Andrea Marcela Lopez Juarez Daniel Lopez Ruiz Jessica Luk Sahil Madan (C) Ana Madcur (C) Adam Peter Mariano Michael Tyler Mariconda (M) Jessica Marie Maristany Faith Elizabeth Markey (M) Alexa Maria Marrero (C) Cole Michael Masterson Kendall Amy Mather (C) Albert Gabriel Maury Jr. Athanasios William Mazas Jack Cornelius McDade Claire Alesandra McGinnis (S) Brianna McMichael Madeline Carole McMillen Karim Bassam Mecharrafie Bou Said Cesar Emilio Medina Uncein (M) Nitya Mehra (C) Katherine Elizabeth Mendilut Lauren Adele Mergenthaler Benjamin William Meshel Hunter Meyer Lance Gabriel Mezhibovsky Ryan Mill

Blake David Miller Sarah Ann Miranda Jack D. Mirsky Nora S A A A Mohammed Shaila Anil Mohinani Jessica Sofia Monterrubio (S) Alessandra Morana Bereciartu Camila Moreno (M) Emily Brooke Mosgowsky Christopher Taylor Moss Jacob Hector Munoz Valentina Delmar Munoz Torres Shannon Leigh Murray Kathryn Musso (M) Bernardo Nascentes Sarah Michelle Nelkin (C) Colin Nelson Sebastian Neme Zavala Stephen Kyle Nobile Blake Ethan Nossel Kaito Nozawa Seisimo Rahsaan Olali Megan Elizabeth O’Leary (S) Rafael Siqueira Martins De Oliveira Edrian Oliver II Emily Anita Orellana Samuel Orlin Adolfo Enrique Ortega Grunauer Ahcene Ouldsaada Brendan Thomas Owens McKenzie Packer Roberto Jose Padron (M) Jared Matthew Page Paul Manja Paliath Michael Reid Parrott (C) David Joseph Pasini Hannah Rose Pastore (M) Nicole Taylor Pellicone Maria Estela Perez Somarriba Yravedra (M) David Perlov Bianca Annette Phillip Nant Tha Phyu Samuel Douglas Pidgeon Brian Joseph Polendey Griffin Barry Pollard Myjel Michael Poteat Nolan James Prendergast Cinzia Provost Emma D. Purcell (M) Gucheng Qian (C) Melissa Maria Ramirez Lascano (M) Emily Reinke Kyle Richard Ribeiro Charles Francis Rilli Jr. Quinn Rogers Miles Lee Rosengard Andrew David Laikin Rothberg Yud Tony Roye Frangie Payton Remy Ruehling Priscilla Ruiz (M) Dana Sahrai Gretta Sainsbury Madeline Grace Saldutti Lindsay Sue Saltzberg Anthony Santiago Christopher Saunders (S) Marco Emilio Scarda

Giana Scarpiniti Peter Benjamin Schmidt Mollie Elizabeth Schulman Jillian Scott (S) Zachary Segal John C. Seiden Lucas Settineri (S) Matthew Sexton (C) Jasmine Shah Matthew Avery Shainberg Reed Shankwiler (S) Samantha Morgan Shapiro Shiv Sharad Sharan William Randall Shields Rachel Nicole Shone (M) Hope Catherine Shuman Emily Anne Sierra Jacob Dylan Singer Benjamin Alex Smith (C) Hunter Howard Snyder Shahzeb Sohail Andres Michel Solares Eui Chan Song Spencer Tiel Sorfleet Marianna Danae Spentzos (M) Eli Sporn Christian Stanborough Cameryn Chelsea Steiner Jaye Alexandria Straus Brynne Alexandra Sullivan Rongman Sun John Anthony Tabert (C) Wanjia Tang Jason Alexander Teich (M) Mikayla Telasco (M) Manal Tellal Jayda Thompson (C) Christopher Tong Javier Torres Maria Milagros Torres Ramirez (M) Gerasimos Tselentis Nicholas Charles Urban Hannia Laura Valencia Vincent Jim Vales Alexander Cole Vanderbilt Erika Rakesh Vasant Fabiola Maria Velikopoljski Kristian Tyler Ventura Patric Vogdes Adrian Voysey Jordan Allen Walker Riley Ward Madison Warwar (M) Amanda Heather Wasserman Leigh Weiss Rebecca Blair Williams (M) Maia Wilson Taylor Wray Xinwen Wu Maria Yepes Mark Alan Yoder Jr. Xiaoqi Yuan Gianna Zamarra Arantza Zamarripa Oliver Zaruba James Jared Zenni Jia Xin Zhang (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Jiangnan Zheng Xiang Zhou Zhenyu Zhou Yijie Zhu Eleanor Lynn Zimering Victoria Zocco Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Andrea Badrutt Julian Khalid Bangash Ryan Louis Bullen Ryan Michael Fluxman Emma Benson Heise Elizaveta Lukianova Lucie Mau Jonathan Medeiros Tyler Messer John Morrison Mark Dixon Motta Pengcheng Qian Jacob Charles Robinson Eric Topfer Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 William Ghassan Abboud Meshari Abdulsalam H Al Mishri Ryan Alraas Randy Patrick Bethel Megan Nicole Blutfield Ron Gil Bokobza Gian Andres Boria Valentina Botero Patrick Williams Brodeur Alejandro Broussard Tulio Guillermo Chacon Ciasca Alexandros Chalioris Andres Eduardo Chavez Altadonna Paulina Claure Ana Fernanda Collado TiĂł Pedro Davila De Oliveira Marshelle Davis Alexander Cristopher Del Nogal Arias Maude Jeanne Edmee Destailleur Kalile Patrizia Escala Mundarain Chandler Timothy Bruce Feichter Daniel Freeman Ferguson-McAllister Juliet D. Fern Monica Lucia Fernandez Diego Fernandez Piedrahita Caleb Fitch Penghao Gao Solana Garcia Flores Ruicong Geng Nicholas Tucker Giangreco Ross Giuliano Maria Eduarda GrĂźndling Teixeira Claudine-Camilla Halabi George Tao Hartman John Heinrich Sebastian Herdoiza Ponce Isabella Hernandez Jacobo Hernandez Posada Sr. Samuel Lewis Horowitz 30

Manyi Hu Daniel Izquierdo Yuan Ji Ben Jacob Kaplan Daniel Kielmanowicz Nicholas Kogionis SY Whoi-Sang Lam Collin duPont Leavitt Chentao Li Shuhan Li Yunze Li Vitor Cabral Cecilio Lima Joshua E. Nortman Evelyn Pang Soojun Park Beichen Peng Gerrod Norman Phillip Cristian Alexander Pizarro Sarah Raboff Ronuq M. Rawal Felipe Rezende Mascarenhas Picchioni Max Rimeris Scott Harris Rivlin Sabrina Nicole Rodriguez John Roque Adriana Sarmiento Marie Mathilde Charlotte Scharapan Emma Michelle Schwartz David Seen Michelle Seleme Brian Serein Cody Michael Sklar Annie Stockel Yue Sun Julio Tadeo Monica Rae Tarczynski Xin Tong Fiona Joy Verdon Elvia Isabel Vilchis-Zubizarreta Gines Vivancos Duran Yiran Wang Molly Lucille Warnken Yaru Xu An Chin Yang Yuan Yao Ying Ye Shiyao Zheng Yuxin Zhu

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Peter Michael Agola Jr. (C) Adrien Sena Amoaku Karin Avivi (M) Mercedes Quinn Bajric Rachel Alexa Bollinger Jacob Wilson Borkowski (S) Jonathan Charles Butler (C) Olivia Victoria Campbell Frank Robert Castiglione

Amanda Cermele (M) Christopher Chapin (M) Yudian Chen Karan Choudhary (C) Carolyn Jo Covington Ashley Nicole Cruz Erin Rose Cullen Christopher Burkett Dawe Jr. David Carmelo De Luca Mendez (C) Kyle Peter Dolphin Jake DesLauriers Ducharme (M) Sean Richard Eccleston John Theodore Engkvist Elias Noel Eskind Cristina Espinal Joseph Michael Esposito (M) Alexander Maxwell Fass Grant M. Fee Nicholas Galimberti (S) Benjamin Gindhart (M) Sydney Seral Good (M) Ryan Samuel Gorham (S) Justin Lee Grauer Austin Jeffery Gravely Mercedes Jane Gray Harrison Spencer Groll Liam Michael Hanrahan Gemma Henderson (S) Samantha Joyce Holl Sophia Rose Janotha Zehao Jiang Julia Belle Kaplan (M) Adam Kelly (C) Shaan Khosla (M) Melany Berenice Kinderkneht (M) Ruoxi Kong (M) Ashley Joy Krawczyk (S) Phillip Lanci Shannon Lerner Victoria Jesse Levine (M) Junchen Liu (C) Amuni Logan Cayla Lomax Michael Charles Lombard Spencer Robert Loweth Kangrui Lu Carlos Agustin Luis Julia Elise Lynch (S) Ryan C. Machuga Chloe Mbote Michael McCune (C) Conor Joseph McFadden Stephanie McLaughlin (C) Rachel Lynn McMullen (C) Wyatt Elliott Miller Rachel Milstein (S) James Michael Mitchell (M) Angel Mitra Syed Golam Mohaimen Brendan Russell Murnen Jake Anthony Nardo Sean Henry Nyce Gabriele Otis (C) Jackson LoMedico Pollock (M) Joseph Arthur Ramus Sasha Reznik (C)

Jacob Richter (S) Kyle Joseph Riegler (M) Brian Rosen (M) Allison Margaret Ruka Kylie Shae Saigol Javier Sandoval Gabriella Santoli Anthony Joseph Sardella (C) Timothy James Scafaria (M) Bridget Byrne Scanlon Joseph Anthony Scarpelli (C) Gregory C. Scott (M) Kevin Shepard (C) Myra Singh Nicolle Skubic Sean William Solecki Jared Hamilton Sterling Gabriel Asher Stolar Sierra Marie Strattan (M) Abigail Pauline Stumpff Luke Sukiennik Can Taylan (S) Gabrielle Alysse Tilton David Tran (C) Xinyu Wang Erin Briane Ward DeWayne Neron Washington Jr. Nash Dale Whitacre (S) Peter Winans (C) Jacob Colton Wise (M) Zhilin Yan (C) Robert S. Zappala (S) Zichen Zhai

School of Communication

Juliana Elena Franzino Federico Manzo Zonghao Yang

Presented by Karin Gwinn Wilkins, Ph.D., Dean

MASTER OF ARTS Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Abuduaihaiti Aerpati Claudia Benshimol Delgado Daniel Braz Marissa Cruz Jinyao Li Xinjun Li Zewen Li Songyi Liang Diego David Ramirez Katerina Maria Sagardia Liat Stilman Sumair Vyas Yang Yi Zhiwei Zhang Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Gabrielle Elizabeth Garcia

Alejandra Gallegos Laura Lopez Ramos Nathalie Sacha Moreau Mariana Scarpellini de Carvalho Rego Angelica Lucia Toruno-Rios Zihao Zhong

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Philip Querido Abrams Ali Abobakr Ali Binhyazea Alegre Cohen Attias Luke Oliver Dublirer Azim Kadirov Matthew Luis Luna Jack McGlone Blake Meyerson Jing Qian Isabela Salas Avendano Mirza Ann-Dory Tanis Lauren Elizabeth Turner Anyu Wan Wancong Xu

Cathleen Dean

Established 1985

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Degree candidates August 7, 2020

Degree candidate August 7, 2020

MASTER OF FINE ARTS Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Maria del Carmen Aguilar Velez Yanius Alvarado Matos Amanda Paige Barry Robert Christopher Briggs Jr. Qinyu Ding Yuan Fang Manouj Kumar Govindaraju Yutong Han Jinqi Li Harold Sean Milenkovic Mackenzie Anne Miller Aishwarya Pradeep Navale Terance Girard Nelson Alvaro Daniel Orozco Deb Pang Davis Lourdes Raquel Roche Samuel Wilder Stern Bowen Tan Hua Tu Bianca Vargas Yushan Zhang

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Roderick David Rascoe Yaozhi Zhang

MASTER OF SCIENCE Degree candidate May 7, 2020 Valeria Viera Garcia Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Kevin Alonso Mengyu Bai Lauren Ashley Behar Elena Isabel Fernandez Ibanez Seungjo Han Yiran Li Nicole Rankow Lianna Christine Tsakonas Marcela Zelaya

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMMUNICATION Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Jordan Skylar Abrams Jacaira Allen Vanessa Aparicio Andres Arenas Grayeb (M) Josephine Allison Argento Maria A. Arocha Jeremy Sanford Augustitus Deundre Baker Anya Maria Balsamides S) Kaitlyn Victoria Bente Griffin Nash Berkenfeld Tia N. Black Bridget Ryan Blaney Maximillian Dominique Bonito Lindsey Bornstein (C) Cameron Mapp Bresee Lauren Olivia Brown Abigail Sarah Bryman Lavisha Kumar Budhrani Brittany Monique Burnette Zishan Cai Joshua Ryan Cantor Joseph Bernard Casavecchia Alec Castillo Sarah Romina Cedeno Yinyue Chang Abhinav Chatterjee Terri Elyse Coffey Drew Hunter Cohen Genesis Cosme (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Caitlin Taylor Costa (C) Carson Howard Coudriet Yaniza Alexandria Creamer Hannah Reed Culver-Zawislak Rudi Danquah Alexa Victoria Dawid Giovanna De Cristofaro Lopes De Souza (S) Kimberly De Jesus (S) Nicolas Antonio de la O Michael Allen Deantonio Kristian Del Rosario Amanda Maria Delgado (C) Francesca Nelly Deweerdt Cristina Dos Passos Nicole Kenneth Dsouza Gabrielle Dubilier Joelle Kira Hillary Dunkley Gabrielle Maly Dykema Jessica Ebert Andrea Alexandra Eduardo Paige Leah Epstein Sophia Inmaculada Espinosa (M) Benjamin Luke Ezzy (M) Yuxue Fang Talia P. Faranda Marina Ferreira Faria Camila Faria Lengyel John Morgan Faus Kevin Luis Fernandez Valerie Fay Ferrante (M) Emma Finn (C) Maxim Daniel Fisher (M) Emily Sterns Fleming Thomas J. Fletcher Kayla Andrea Foster Nicole Franco Averbach Andrew Frattaroli Alessandra Fusar Poli Simone Gaines Deyu Gao Diana Garcia Anael Luna Gavizon Azulay (M) Lauren Gimpel (M) Nicolas Giraldo Danielle Paige Glassman (M) Emily Christine Gossett Cheyann Greirson Ryan Grille Caterina Arianna Haddad Elizabeth Nicole Harris Xu He Sofia Maria Herran (C) Jennifer Kathleen Hudak Maeve C. Hyer (M) Shanika Isaacs Amalia Angel Marie Anthea Ivaldi Jr. Louise Jensen Yaru Ji Jessica Jones (C) Chelsey Marie Kaniewski Matthew Jacob Karas (C) Elina Katrin (M) Victoria Keefe Sydney Knapp (S) Kaitlin Elizabeth Krampel Candace Alina Krauss Daniel Robert LaRose 32

William Dolan LaRossa Lauren Lass (M) Simon Dennis Lehrer Emily Ann Leinweber (C) Salim Lemond Isabella Marta Leroy Christina Faith Li (C) Ziji Li Christian B. Liljenquist Paige Marie Liskiewicz Rafael Francisco Llera Francesco Longhi Berselli Alberto Alessandro Lopez Chelsea Kiera Lovell Linda Alicia Luaces Ian MacIntyre Andrea Magni Lourdes Elena Magolnick Nathalie Gabriela Mairena (M) Sasha Manning (M) Ceara Rose O’Shea Manship Jacqueline Nicole Marino Melissa Marion Lily Marks Lauren B. Markwith Virginia Martinez Lagarrigue Kristion Anthony Matas Chloe Armanda McElvein D’Andre Jacquez Robbie McIntyre Michael Melgen Sophia Merlino Maya Miller Tanja Moissl Sabrina Elaine Moron James Aloysius Murphy III Melissa Danielle Murphy (C) Alexander Zeke Musca Courtney Anna Nastahowski Valentina Neira-Diez Cory Matthew Nigrin Bianca Zacha Noguera Ishan Ramesh Outram (C) Dalia Berit Paskin (C) Charlotte Payne Simeon Payne Narcis Daniela Perez David Francisco Perez (C) Paige Siarra Petrille (C) Taishah Pierre Sabrina Maria Pizziol Alyssa Nicole Planas Matthew Thomas Powell (C) Elizabeth Pozzuoli Pengyu Qiu Alexander Recendiz Ezra David Remer (S) Madeline Paige Reyes (C) Suzanne Alexandra Rieger Sophie Gabrielle Robbins (M) Kara Rena Roberts (M) Lincoln Carlos Rodon Mariajose Rodriguez Christine Marie Roque Jailisse Rosario Rachel Rubí (C) Catherine Jenna Samara (M) Isabella Alexis Santos

Sydney Elizabeth Sapin Katya Paisley Saunders (M) Isabella Marie Savini (C) Paul Schulz Rebecca M. Schwartz Skylar Mae Seitz Juan Serralles V Elise Marie Sharkey (S) Joseph Sharon Madeline Leigh Shave Elisabeth A. Shibley (M) Ashley Shim Karina Elise Sloan (M) Grace MacKenzie Smith Morgan Rachel Smith Renee Sunita Sobaram Hannah Cristine Sorensen Camberlyn Ann Sparks Adam Kaufman Spector Samuel Matthew Stemerman Justin D. Stevens Victoria Christine Stewart William Stickle Lauren Nicole Stolz (C) Mijal Szpolski (M) Miguel A. Tamayo Jamie Clare Tamkin (C) Gabriella Nicole Tejeda Jonathan Adam Tonis (C) Danielle Travis Manon Lea Viguier Angel Tonia Vincent Demetra Vlahos Shawn L. Walker Veronica Walsh Constantine Vassikeris Waltz Zhao Wang Channing Braden Washlesky Ran Wei Allison Nichole Weilep Joshua Robert White Owen Andrew White Alexis Micheala Wiener Grace Julia Williams (M) Nicole Simone Williams Callum Williamson Theo D. Willson (M) Madeleine Rose Wood (M) Qirong Xu Guang Zhan Jiamin Zhao Sihui Zhao Nan Zhou Martina Zuluaga Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Sophia Baker Alexandra Roselanne Becker Alexa Madison Binday Robert James Burns Amanda Jean Calicchio Barbara Davis Cameron Elise Dobbs (S) Ania Ermarkaryan Ralfi Fresko

Jacqueline Giordano Liyao Guan Zianne Hoover Kayla Innes Kristen Arielle Kasmai Joaquin Edmundo Luque Marine Kelly Paccanari Camila Andrea Rocha (M) Gabrielle Brianna Rosenbloom Noah Jordan Schwartz Jordan Zachary Strauss Lakeeta Joann Vaccaro Nicole Elizabeth Weber Aliana Paige Winkle

School of Education and Human Development Established 1929 Presented by Laura Kohn-Wood, Ph.D., Dean

SPECIALIST IN EDUCATION Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Edmund L. Wong

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Omar Hassan A Alfadl Lauren L. Allen Sonia Broman Leah Rose Brown Si Ieong Chan Andreas Christodoulou Sharon Owusu Danquah Nour Said David Joshua Alexander Dinetz Marko Djokic Gianna Dunand Briann A. Evans Sara Joanne Faller Jonathan Edward Fernandez Giancarlo A. Gallo Nina Garza Juan Sebastian Gomez Chu Gong Tiffanie Gonzalez-Quevedo Noelia Maria Graham Molly Catherine Halbach Jeanette R. Hamilton Juan Jimenez Sofia Victoria Jiménez Álvarez Bradley Kaaya Sydney Keller Jenna Kurz Charbel Makhoul Karina Maldonado Ronald Maldonado Alex Matthew Mandel Patrick Alan William McCarthy Tyriq Jamal McCord Kayla Sophie Moore Jordan Orriols Kayla Lauren Pournazarian Amanda Marie Prats Alyssa Rasile Ahmmon-Reshard Richards Lester Armando Sandoval Yuyuan Shao Sagar Sharma Yicheng Shi Justin Harry Sobelman Veronica Spagna Myles Valentine Marissa Anne Vonesh Elyse Waterman Anyi Zhang

Cassie Torrence Matthew Totillo John Michael Weaver Yolanda Evett West Deanthony C. Williams

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Chris Agluba Andrea Alonzo Jarvis Avery Ashley Samantha Baker John Stephen Baker Yolonda Desire Black Alexander Christian Atangan Carbonel Gregory Paul Caruana Alexandra Chan Jacqueline Giselle Chavez Chi Ho Cheung Crystal Davidson Andie Decelis Adrienne Diaz Iva Virginia Earley Elizabeth Erra Robert H. Fuchs Christian Garcia William Hall Victoria Patricia Hrebicek Hannah Rae Hutchings Tarsheen Hyppolite Shadana James Sandra Danielle Johnson Samuel Franklin King Ye Lei Zheng Liang Shang Chien Lin Martravious Quatreze Little Stacy Liu Anthony Lucano Mariana Salome Martinez Yareliz Elena Mendez-Zamora Yihan Meng David Isaac Miller Latisha Ronelle Moulds Manali Mukherjee Doiron Nelson Dashon Monee Rivers Iliana B. Rodriguez Ana Leda Rodriguez Busto Jacquelyn Rachel Schwartz Raisa Sequeira Kaylee Ann Shaver

Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Megan Veronica Acosta Oscar Arsenio Aguirre Cecily Alvarez Madly Ambroise Katherine Aparicio Daniel Jason Arthur Erica Auguste Elisa Paola Aviles Marissa Taylor Barron Clayton Edward Berrang Dickson Bidokwu Diane Olson Botana Carolyn Marie Brown Leah Marie Burton Joseph Patterson Callaway Jose Antonio Calonge Heiry Calvi Rashida Abidemi Calvo Guillermo T. Cancio Carlene Ingrid Cargill Kaitlyn Casanas Emily Coats Marcos Cohen Angela Compton Gerardo M. Couzo Jevona Isis Cruz-Solomon Matthew Wilson Daniel Adrian Aurelian David Mary Davidson Vertivia Davis Matthew Thomas Desrosiers Michele Deull Richard Dominguez Davia Latoya Dormer Matthew Drapeau Jonathan G. Drummond Mimi Marie Eckert Tasha M. Edmonds Jaqueline Cepinho Eldridge Jessica Elguezabal Michael Donovan Ellis Brooke Lindsey Erbe Manuel E. Escarda Camilla Fantechi Elena Fernandez Kassandra Felicia Fernandez Allison Lippert Fleisher Osmarie O’Juliette Fortich Cristina Isabel Garaycoa Ashley Kay Gonzalez Jessica Gonzalez Monica Leslie Gonzalez Yara-Luna Angeles Gonzalez Terrance Grasty Brittany Greenup Loren Jacqueline Grier Alexa Guy Nasser Hasan (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Lisa Cristina Hauser Gema Francys Henriquez Dwan R. Hunt McClain Joel Izquierdo Michelle Diane Izquierdo Barrett Marie Jellie Elizabeth Caram Jewett Michelle Elizabeth Jimenez Samentha Joseph Megan Elizabeth Killilea Nancy Maria Lacayo Jack Thomas Lazur Sonia Lazzereschi Emily Patricia Leen Nuoqian Li Yamile Lima Tracy Liu Rolando Lobato Elizabethann Walsh Loffredo Monika Lopez Guerra Nicole Marie Luces Angie Luna Nicole Eugenia Madore Hadland Kelsey Alexander Major Deandra Oretha Major Randolph Marcelle Malca Keonta Andrea Malone Dawn Torri Mangham Richard Michel Martinez Maria Alejandra Martinez Villalba Erica Martinez-Romain Virginia M. Marty Danny Mayorga Annette Ofelia Mejer Jasmine Mellado Raeford Melton Lourdes Nicole Miller Michael Thomas Moleta Ronald Morales Yoanny Morales D’Joumbarey Moreau Maria J. Moscoso Bridget Brenna Mulhern Jose Miguel Padilla William Padron Carneasha Lewayna Parks Gareth Pearson Irene Bernadette Perez Jennifer Lynn Prida Denise Pujol Raul A. Quesada Dawn Reeves-McKinney Jordan Rhoden Karen Hildner Roberts Lissette Rodriguez Elizabeth Ann Rosalez Yvette Rosell Alexis Paige Rosen Katelyn Jessica Rozenbroek Yael Ruiz Michael Ian Sakowicz Jeffrey Salisbury Susana Saumell Infanta Shirley Jennifer Michelle Silveira Shella St. Juste Eric Steen 34

Adrianne Willson Suarez Marhonte Q.L. Tennial Abigail Jenna Thomas Natara Tisdol Patricia Maria Toledo Brian Turan Raquel Urgell-Perez Victor Manuel Vazquez Yoly Velazquez Daniel Vinat Joy Montaner Walther Purui Wang Rose Sarah Weintraub Monique Wilmot Chad Wilson Yu Zhang Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Aysheh Abdalhuk Julian Barzilli Sophia Nicole Bobes Lakisha Braxton Jenna Christiano Fiori Francesco Conti Jacqueline Marie Delgado Rajan Dhami Ana L. Gonzalez Agustin Halac Vania Henry Sofia Hernandez Wenhan Jin Michael Steward Johnson Daniel Nathan Kalter Amanda Lynn Lambert Dwane Allan Lindsey Jacqueline Denise Lopez Claudia P. Malave Victoria Alejandra Martinez Matthew William McQuoid Renee Lyn Minnfee Kareem Olanzo Morton Sr. Jennifer Murillo Danielle Nicole Nicholson Katherine Olson Yunely Perdomo Claudia Perez Austin Pfenninger Steven Ramirez Ronald Rennix Jr. Twan S. Russell Jonathan Salmeron Charles P. Samaris Dorothy M. Sanchez Sarah Camille Schimel Haley Rebecca Shurack Marcas Anthony Stephens Claire B. Sullivan Massiel Torres Katlyn Marie Urycki Kelly Leigh Welling Danielle N. White Natalie Anet Williams Frances Anne Wolf Sheng Zhou

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ATHLETIC TRAINING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Colissa Tranessa Alford Divinity Denice Amos-Richards Jordan H. Austin (C) Moesha Barthelemy Nicholas Briel Ethan Paul Broder Bret James Cassaday (C) Ambur Clark Andrew S. Clayman Cedia R. Dallas Charles L. Damon II Kayla Danielle Gaymon Juliana So Yeon Kim Alison Klute (C) Maeve Abaigeal McKeeby Luana Oliveira Suida Avalon Chanol Chelsea Vincent Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Henry Ramirez

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATION Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Kaici Aloupis (C) Katherine Murphy Barron Roy Jafet Casanova Colsen Khaze Centner Tao Chen Nicholas Charles Corbett Chad Crosbie Malik Curry John Daniel Erixon Dallon Reed Fell Colin Fitts Luc Freilicher Ian Austin Friedman Alyssa Kay Greaney (C) Emma Louise Greene Renate Hjelle Grimstad (C) Justin Hayes Isabella Del Carmen Iglesias Perez Balladares Alexandra Rose Kaleel Caroline Rose Kapp Tyler Keysor Lisa Marie Lima Melvin Touti Balyl Mendy Emma Rose Michiels Grace Catherine Migliozzi (C) Sebastian Salvador Molter Donna Moshe Jamie Lynn Norton (C) Sade Maya Prithwie Jason Prosper Dilan Sunil Samtani Emma Rose Sanders Erika Shimer

Julia Siegel (M) Ajani Smith Marissa Erika Steinberg (C) Ellie Catherine Stockinger Bonnie Virginia Stright (M) Jacob Ari Teplitzky Brian Van Belle Cameron Joseph Vasfailo (C) Max Benjamin Wiviott (C) Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Amari Carter Ziqi Luo Brennan Scott Prusak (C) Benjamin Hayes Shinder Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Dorian Lamont Brown II Alexis Seanna Castellano Jean-Pierre Chiluiza Alexander Robert Cole David Allen Dinsmore Nicholas Gerard Ducheine Erin Breanna Ford Alexandra Nicole Gonzalez Stefani Victoria Gonzalez Mingdi He Nicholas Andrew Muoio Alexander Edmonds Ozburn Christopher L. Riverso Luca Saputo Angel Soto Alfreda Steele Alex Michael Strickland Alexander Birman Trickett Shelby Watkins Kelly Michelle Williston

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Gabriela Eden Aklepi (C) Gabriela Michelle Arroyo Gonzรกlez (C) Natalia Angelica Asenjo Molina (M) Claude Nery Baron Dominique Arielle Bryan Emily Rose Cappucci Sara Chowdhari (C) Eloise Scott Davenport (M) Puneet Kirit Desai Danielle Donahue Taylor Corrine Donald Taylor Ashley Dotterweich Maria Paula Fernandez Laura Florez Emma Katherine Giovannucci Monique Cecelia Girgis (M) Jordana Rose Gurewitsch Manuel Andres Infante (M) Danielle Shae Lankford

Sidney London Nicola Manos Alexa Nicole Mazzilli Michael Roddy Morton Cailin Elizabeth Murphy Zachary Naveo Mauricio Guillermo Noguera Katrina Marie Pardo Courtney Pugliese Penny Danich Qadir Madeline Rose Sardinas Delaney Patrice Shaw (C) Cole Southworth Roxanna Michelle Suarez Dylan John Sykes (C) Celine Trinita A. Thompson Francis Walson (M) Maya Anayjah Williams Rebecca Lynn Zlatkin (C) Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Gregory Alvarado Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Carlos Alberto Bellido Stefano Campana Omar Dahman Candice Nichole Escobar Tiffany Nikki Lusic Pablo Andres Marinuchi Jillian Poles Angelica Rose Rodriguez Grace Jewell Russo Chelsey Brooke Sanborn Jessica Andrea Varga Papp

College of Engineering Established 1947 Presented by Daniel Berg, Ph.D., Interim Dean

MASTER OF SCIENCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Toufic Walid Awad Maria Carolina Diaz Martinez Degree candidate May 7, 2020 Nancy Rose Lewis Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Matias Troncoso Jr.

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Saad Ahmad Abdul-Jabbar Marafi Brandon Christopher McKee Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Maytham F Y Y A Alqallaf

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Victoria Amirniroumand Dillon Joseph Brennan Michael James Brennan John Anthony Camoratto Carolina Flores Tarik Amani Green Alexander John-Hari Hutson Christopher Daniel Norberg Arley Perez Sophia Bao Ngoc Poirier Joseph Rogers Ryder Marshall Schmidt Megan Witte Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Christina Li Cutrone

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Nellie Ming Li Brovold Daiki Hara Laura Anne Harwell Gabriela Maria Hernandez Julian Milberg Jasim A. Naeem Alden M. Shoup



MASTER OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Lucas Koy Lawrence Haosong Liu Benjamin James Overzat Anchen Sun Shunling Xiong Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Weixuan Li Zhengyang Lin Xuanling Liu Georges L. Nicoli Yuexuan Tu Sicheng Wang Junyi Yao

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Fawaz Khalid A Almoneef Saud Boujarwah Tyler Michael Busby Junting Feng Julieta Fernandez Surrentini Elikem Kofi Tettey-Tamaklo Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Mohammad E Alkharji Blaise Rae Garfall Niknan Hajjar


Degree candidates May 8, 2020

Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Abdulrahman M R M AlRashdan Max Nathan Rosenfeld Junying Wu Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Dawei Wang

Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Nawaf Ahmad S Alshamary Alejandra Corona Justin Miller Peter Sahwell


Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Yu Fang

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 German Acosta Quiros Cameron David Byrd (C) Marco Emmanuel Alejandro Francisco Hernandez (M) Diego Ortiz Velardo Dakota Lee Stone Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Jacob Hollander

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Firas Ossama F Albar Shmohamed Nawaf Alkhalifa Aaron Janci David Matthew Lipkin Alanna Marie Muldowney (C) Alex David Plumb Lingjing Shi Maria Laura Troncoso Jimenez Kayla Watts Degree candidate August 7, 2020

Carlos Armando Aguila (M) Stephanie Marie Almeida Quratulain Amin (M) Victoria Amirniroumand Kate Easton Anderson Yahya Siddiq Bawaney Jason Gregory Bowman Sydney Jane Boyd A'Doriann Yvette Bradley Dillon Joseph Brennan Michael James Brennan (C) Eli Jadiel Candelaria Wame Vengapi Chibamo (M) Tyra Collins Natalie De Vinck Anthony Deana (M) Nina Larissa Disandro (M) Milan Dower Duncan Aaron Duff-Gray Carolina Fernandez Carolina Flores Sebastian Gallo Keegan Gibson Samuel Jacob Glover (M) Ryan Joseph Gordon Tarik Amani Green Gaurav Gupta (S) Hiab Kifle Hagos William Hail Hunter Austin Hampton (C) Karen Johnsson Rodriguez Barreneche Vignesh Krishnamoorthy (C) Seth Landry (C) Nolan Lucas Metz Larissa Lizeth Meza Yusuf Mohamed Nimesh Nagururu (S) Carolyn Elizabeth Niosi Ismael Ortiz Edugie Natasha Osunde (S) Ari Singh Kane Padda Disha Minesh Patel (M) Sophia Irene Pete Sophia Bao Ngoc Poirier (C) Melissa Marie Suarez Molly Marie Sullivan Amy Verghese Mary Victoria Vollmar (C) Charlotte Nicole Williams Hanna Marie Wollin Ceon Wong

Abdulazeez F N R Alenezi Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Omar Salah Saif Hamood Al Bahlani

Maelle Arboite Christina Li Cutrone Nicholas Alexander Leira Maria Elisa Lozada Sabah Jovanca Ostaiza Montero Phillip Szewc Amirah Dannye Wright

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Yaser Jamal A Alwaznah Michael Andres Correa Michael Joseph Dvornik Nasir Mason Julian Milberg Kevin S. Orton Cecelia Patrice Poole Rachael Jensen Snyder

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Francisco Alberdi (M) Leonardo Jose Coll Matheus David De Carvalho Grant Claude De La Vasselais Cynthia Dorrego Kevin Horacio Hidalgo Justin Miller Adrielle Santos Lima Jessica Monika Smusz

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Samuel Aage Boley Krishna Brahmbhatt Bradley Sheehan Patrick Robbert Sutton Bovorn Wangrattanasopon

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Omar M. Alghashem Hussain M A M J A Alkhateeb Amani Hassan A Alzahrani Mohammed Ahmed Omar Baaqail Jordane Bloomfield Nathaniel Dean Furman (M) Slavi Nikolaev Kolev Lucas Antonio Martinez Katelyn Pauline Menninger Benjamin James Overzat (S) Jiawei Wang Degrees conferred December 12, 2019

Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Ruben Briceno Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Jeremy Oliver Borenstein Anthony Ferreira Luis Ostfeld Fernandez

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Nisha Chaudhari (C) Dunhan Chen Shing Ryan Cheng (M) David Jordan Elimelech (M) Mart Derek Gilbert Emata Francisco Peyton Nomura Hazama Shante Hicks Juan Lopez Sean G. Seruya Artem Sviridov Marina Zmieva Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Matthew Palkimas

Ahmed Aymn Yousef Alshaikh A Al Mubarak Hamad Sulaiman Saif Naser Albusaeedi Emma Nadine Strecker Nathan Charles Van Herpe

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Addison Kelley Climo Trent D’Alessio Ben Royal Halee Riccardo Raymond Versace Abigail Cathryn Weaver Brianna A. Woolfolk Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Lucas Humberto Goldoni Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Nakiya T. Clausell Carlos Michel Isabel Perez Rios Bravo

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Khaled J A A Alabduljalil Maryam A A M J Aljasem Fawaz Khalid A Almoneef (S) Jasem M F S F Alroomi Khaled A A B Alsabeeh Zeshan Aziz Faisal Abdulmajid S Binsaeed Al Mahdi Amin Madhi Bokhait Brianne Bujnowski Tyler Michael Busby (C) Yousef A K H A Dashti Julieta Fernandez Surrentini (C) Isabel Cristina Figueredo Merida Robert William Gadon (C) Olivia Katalin Glegg (S) Daniela Alexandra Gonzalez Guevara (M) Lauren Guidarelli (C) Mizelle Joy La’O Hornilla (M) Abdullah Mahmoud R Kabbani Maxwell Levin Ryan Gabriel Marco Francisco Josemaria Marcos Anabella Martinelli Narciso Munoz Legarre Rafael Norman Extrakt Carolina Andressa Pereira Matthew Dillon Tartt Christopher A. Wiese Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Abdulaziz A A A Almansour Salman A E A A Buzaid Paula Sofia Carvajales Namir Mohamed A Hakem Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Ghalib Salem Mabkhoot Alaamri Meshari A A Y M Alibrahim Zainab Abdulkhaliq A Alsaihati Ammar Ibrahim M Batterjee Andrew Gilbert Beauperthuy Saad Abdullah A Bin Saeed Maximiliano Cohan Blaise Rae Garfall Maria Magdalena Guirado Buenaventura Duna Mohamed A Hakem Alec Hoadley Sultan Itani Julian Bruno Limonti Isidro Andres Romero Matthew Banford Swanson Jr. Erik James Thomas Michael Charles Tomaszczyk Jr.

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Yousef A Y S Alduaij Hussein Akram Abdulhameed Alkatheri Sergio Ambrogi (C) Benjamin Amsterdam Muhammad Awais (M) Blake Edward Bannister Tiffani Amari Kiara Bellanton Jordan Andrew Chabot (M) Joseph August Christensen Esther Laura Clode (M) Garrett Andrew Coss Carly Jac Davey (M) Kaitlyn Mishaun Delisser Gabriel Luis Dopazo Jeffrey Todd Eberhardt Alecsander Zachary Falk (C) Robert Thomas Haislmaier Martin Steven Herrera Perez (C) Colin Michael Kasuska Gunhee Lee Nicole Blair Lindblom Julie Monique Llano Brandon Martin Callahan Oneal (C) Elleanna Laird Patterson Allana Jayashri Persaud Michael Pressman (M) Griffin Paul Schwartz Andrew Michael Schwee Dylan Matthew Steefel

Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Established 1969 Presented by Roni Avissar, Ph.D., Dean

MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL SCIENCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Ryan Anthony Bremen Callie Grace Cole Casey Jenna Dresbach David Ehrens Jenna Mary Fiacco Kelsey Fisher Monica Galvan Alesha Marie Herman Graham Edward Kolodziej Erin O’Laighin Lyons Annelise McDougall Chelsea Brianna Mclaughlin Michael McVay Carina Elizabeth Remmel Ariella Rebecca Swartz Gabriel Ryan Thompson Heidi Ann Van Buskirk Lexia Christine Williams Degree candidates August 7, 2020

Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Mansoor Ahmed H Alhamzah Hussein MF H Elsharqawi Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Jonathan Joseph Bown Yanni Raul Cacho Sihan Chen Victor Garcia Kamil Ajibade Lawal Mohammad Azmi Mohammad Najjar Dakota King Regan Elliot Karmel Sackman Jacobo Saldarriaga Alvarez Christopher Saltzgaber Sihao Sheng


Jay Brendan Dawsey Ryan McLennan Fochs Michaela Tiffany Harrington Lauren Reilly Athena Van Overschelde Helen Katherine Watrous Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Cameron Thayer Barner Zack L. Bellapigna Colette Renae Biondi Tyler Scott Bouma Shelbourne Brown Kristin Michelle Butler Airielle Rose Cathers Kimberly Gladys Darville Cameron Mitchell Day Tiare Jade Fridrich Alice Elizabeth Deis Frye Katelynn Gail Hackley Madison Hahn Yayue Huang John Michael Katchenago James Tyler Lassen Elan Michael Lowenstein Madeline Walker Miller Rebeca Murillo Willow Anne Patten Benjamin Charles Ford Pernia

Mary Paige Pilkinton Catherine Qualls Nicolas Jorge Quintairos Louis-Pierre Rich Evie Rikers Nicole Lynn Sears Nicole Taylor Sedran Alexia Skrbic Meghan Noelle Sutton Nikki Joy Tenaglia Stephanie Topal Phallon Abaigeal Tullis-Joyce Morgan Louise Wagner Jake Weinberger Alexa Rae Zilberfarb

MASTER OF SCIENCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Chelsea Leigh Black Daisy Claire Buzzoni Jenna Marie Dilworth Madeline Lewis Kaufman Mitchell James Rider Elana D. Rusnak Joseph Donald Unsworth Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Patricia Albano Yole Buchalla Alvim Coelho Julio Federico Camperio Ciani Katherine Christine Giesy Lillian Simone Hoenig Qianyun Lu Shubham Mathur Emily Meredtih Milton Nicolas Rivas Di Sang Kexin Song Wenlong Zhang Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Briana Rose Gibbs Chong Jia Molly Marie Martin Shannon Glenn Moorhead Charline Tina Quenee Jennifer Lynn Wright

BACHELOR OF ARTS Degree candidate May 8, 2020 Marlowe Roberta Recht Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Ryan Mulhearn

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN MARINE AFFAIRS Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Carley Evans Belanger Natalie Marie Bryce Carina Eloise Burroughs Leeav Shlomo Cohen Katelin Mary Cordero Rachel Erica Hilt (C) Veronica Malabanan Lucchese Dalya Ann Oprian Bryceton Christopher Raley Molly Tess Rickles Maximilian Baltimore Rudzinsky Keanu Stammel Imani Thomas Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Rachael Leigh Phillips Karen Kathleen Slattery

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Degree candidate May 8, 2020 Chantal Marie Newallo Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Cameron McClure Moore

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MARINE AND ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Lily Ann Aubrey Allison Banas Faith Elizabeth Bellas (C) Walter Benedict Daniel Marc Birnholz (C) Kathryn Eaton Brandenburg Max Joseph Braun Ying Chu Chen Kaylie Anne Costa Patrick McElroy Dahlmann Heather Elizabeth Deas Rachel Elizabeth Dimarco Ethan Joseph Diner Donna Documet Emma Bryant Esch Jackson Geoffrey Fiorini Michael Robert French Emily Margaret Green (M) Claire Elise Griffin (C) Timothy Brown Higgins Katherine Grace Hollingsworth Isabella Willan Horstmann

Jiaming Hu Samantha Christie Janssens Deven Khanna Patrick Michael Kiel Sydney Marie Kramer Nicole Michelle Krampitz (S) James Elliot Lachterman Raymond Leibensperger III Celia Leto Kate Marie Lewandowski Toni Josephine Lohroff (M) Nichole Jamel Lopez Alana Marie Luppino Heather Lynne MacKay Kathleen Elizabeth Mager Madeline Lucia Martinez (S) Ryan Murphy McHugh Kelly McLoughlin Samantha Medina Jonathan Edward Medla Gabrielle Maxene Menard Naja Murphy (C) John Joseph Michael Neill (S) David Enzo Newhard Jacob Sterling Nicholson Leah Palomo (S) Kabir Aland Parker Cameron Joseph Parrelly Anastasiya Plotnikova Sere Elizabeth Politano Alexis K. Pupo George Anthony Rizzuto Miranda Taylor Roller Pratima Rosen (C) Rachel Sandquist (C) Madison Elaine Santi Anna Elizabeth Schaubeck (C) Olivia Schuitema Andrew Scotti (M) Karen Marie Shedlock (M) Noah Benjamin Singer Samantha Leigh Waddell Rebecca Carmen Wagner Delphina Zepherine Walker-Phelan Kennedy Ashton Wall James Joshua Wilson Kyle John Yurkow Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Alexander Y. Kalinin Vera Jean Mariani Casey Ann O’Brien Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Rachael Ragen Jordan Pearl Rezman Kiera Basten Rumbough

Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine Established 1952 Presented by Henri R. Ford, M.D., M.H.A., Dean

MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Kurrdeige Lenora Alexander Jonathan Paul Amodio Ryan Azarrafiy Johnna Lee Bakalar Sasha-Vally Bastien Corinne Mary Bullock Luke Caddell Nicolle Castañeda Anise Crane Gabriella Verwaay Desir Erik Paul Dove Heather Farthing Mahtab Forouzandeh Kelsey Nicole Franklin Carolina Gonzalez Amanda Kate Green Annette Grotheer Sarah Anne Hatfield Alexandra Elizabeth Hernandez Alexandra Rider Heyes-Darwin Elsa Vittoria Imbimbo Todd Anthony Jackson Jr. Taylor Michiko James Viviana Jimenez Dalia Kaakour Jennifer Jeongseon Koh Vaishnavi Krishnan Jasmine Elaine Lawrence Jared Lamar Zachary Lee Deborah Joyce Li Nicole Lin Daniel Lopez Casey Shea McGillicuddy Molly Michel McKinney Hannah Stowe McMurry Kyana Breche Morris Vanessa Nascimento Waseem Nosair Amy Christina O’Donnell Nicole Reiko Okada Jason Kenechukwu Onugha Dylan Lee Petkus Faradia Pierre Kayla Ann Polcari Khaila Alese Prather Jennifer Reyes Lin Kasra John Sarhadi Anjali Nicole Sarver Victoria Brennan Saturnino Renae Danielle Schmidt Camille M. Scott Juliet Silberstein (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Samantha Brooke Steel Andrew Stine-Rowe Israel I. Taylor Darren C. Tsang Juan Michael Watkins Barbara Franciszka Wisinski Taylor Dufresne Wurdeman Felicia Meihong Yan Catherine Zaw Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Zaid Mohammad Alqahtani Guilherme F. Faviero Anna Gerber Taylor Corbin Kot Ariadna Marrero Aviad Avraham Mizrahy Patricia Perez William Andrew Smith Maria Vermejo Blumen Anna Yabloch Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Karen Dimentstein Cari T. Eckman Elizabeth Olga Henry Akhil Jayaprakash Wilhelmina Lam Marcos O. Marimon Hersila Hemant Patel Alexandra Jeanne Salinas

MASTER OF SCIENCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Sabrina Ashley Alexander Anna May Armitage Chiamaka Valerie Asimama-Duruaku Bethly Aubourg Alexandra Augusta Kathelyn Aviles Normila Barthelemy Michelle Jean Bartlett Parker Bussies Madison Bryce Calder Neal Chandnani Julia Denissova Stephanie Duarte Jorge Antenor Florindez Ullilen Mikaela A. Gay Crystal Alexis Guillen Tiffany Guillen Alejandro Hermida


Amber Arretta Jackson Amy Kloosterboer Margarete Grace Knudsen Katherine Leviste Madisen Paige Liebl Kevin Scott Liebmann Alyssa Danielle Lozano Barbara Juliette Mera Izma Nadeem Jonathan Dan Minh Nguyen Lucas Gregorio Ochoa Vanessa Maria Orlando Castellanos Quynh A. Pham Meredith Pinkerton Rebecca Lissette Quinonez Sophia Annabel Raia Claudia Isabella Ramirez Juliana Maria Reyes Alex Paul Sanchez Covarrubias Leslie Sarabia Despoina Theotoka Christian Alessandro Troccoli Haylee Fay Trulson Kailee Nicole Vickaryous Joshua Warner Jowan Joseph Watson Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Andrea Abad Zachary Jamil Abdo Zainab Jassem H Alkhater Al’Tazia Barber Malak Benkhadra Jayanthi J. Chandar Carolyn Lee Chaney Connor Costa Lauren Frances Dender Yanet Fernandez Catherine Marie Fischer Mariam Girgis Harris David Goldsmith Alexander V. Gulyayev Christina Irma Guzman Sofia Iglesia Keana M. Johnson Anna Marie Kozlowski Nicholas Alexander Kushch Kimchi Kathie Phan Le Nga Ton To Le Jasmine Elizabeth Lopez John Muller Hounsh Munshi Courtney Ortiz Miller Olivia M. Osborne Sarah Paul Rashmika Reddy Luis A. Regalado Marie Valerie Roche Kaeli Elizabeth Romero Harrison Kyle Rudd Marguerite J. Tucker Jonathan Upegui Pilar Alue Valencia Pena

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PUBLIC HEALTH Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Kevin Anthony Griffin Xiaozhuang Hu Matta Maseray Sannoh Parisa Varanloo Margaret Vieira Hankun Xie Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Aneesh Chandramouli Laura Ashley Romero

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Sarah Ashley Eidelson Amanda Perez Natalie Alexa Robles

Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music Established 1926 Presented by Shelton G. Berg, M.M., Dean

ARTIST DIPLOMA Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Abraham Josue Bonilla Zachary Dierickx Dmytro Gnativ Jacquelyn Alexis Hernandez Joseph Evan Speranzo

Carlos Fernando Lopez Pulido Kosuke Matsuda Siti Adisyah Maulidina Mareesa Nosalik Rachel Ohnsman Joseph Anthony Pazanowski Justin Javier Rivera Justin Michael Rodriguez Logan Alexander Rutledge Catherine Jane Segaller Katherine Alexis Stanton Yiming Sun Kaylah I.B. Taylor Connor Blake Towns Emilia Walasik Jeremy Whitman Zhuoer Xu Degree candidates August 7, 2020

MASTER OF ARTS Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Evan Thomas Eggers Chengge Li John Mitchell Small Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Ariel Francisco Hernandez Sheena Madeline Khan Carissa Jean Sweet

MASTER OF MUSIC Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Benjamin Arthur Brooke Abel Michelle Marie Ameerally Yuchen An David Lee Anderson II Johana Valentina Arias Juan Carlos Boglio Erin E. Buck Logan Caswell Gregory Chaimson Jennifer Germaine Denk Mistylayne Carolyn Drake Melanie Michelle Ferrabone Villarreal Ramon Garavito Juan Omar Gomez Wendy Sharon Gunther Michael Ryan Gutierrez Alan Hsiao Gabrielle Hsu Ladoverick Bryard Huggins Angelo Izzo Janine Katherine Kenner Da Jin Kim Ray Dohyoung Kim Julia Klingner Royce Daniel Lassley Rosa Lou Lemos

Jaden Aguinaldo De Guzman John David Heckel Michelle Iraheta Bruce Parker Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Casey N. Bonilla Nicholas A. DaCosta David Ole Hartman James David Jones III Jessica Ann MacLean Matais Oxidine Nicholaus Christian Poelwijk Michael Song Ross River Washington Mengting You

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MUSIC ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Nicholas Charles Bitzis Thomas James Kelly

BACHELOR OF ARTS IN MUSIC Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Alexandra Dayna Durst Luke Martin Franc Abigail Yvonne Hason Anna Park Nadia Alexandra Schriel Cassius Octavius Torres Cameron Zhen Degree candidate August 7, 2020 Logan Nicholas Butler

BACHELOR OF MUSIC Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Alexander Vincent Arnaout Katherine Attong-Mendes (M) Nicole Perla Birmaher Robert Douglas Campbell Jr. Joshua Andrew Class Phoebe Lynn Cohen Theodore Bradford Cole Nathan Constans Cameron Allan Daly Glennon Nicolas Davalos Stanton Isaac Francis Devange Bryan Satoshi Dohi Madison Quinn Dougherty Michael Edwards Kyle Matthew Elgarten Gilbert Cameron Evans Sophia Formella Nicholas Michael Forte Matthew Albert Gagnon Claire Mireille Geho (C) Radhika Vivek Gore Julia Katherine Gorordo Thomas Joseph Graf Jr. Dominic Michael Grande Gabriela Alejandra Gutierrez Perez Samantha Lynn Hassold (M) Cristian Alejandro Hernandez Jessica Jane Ivy Lucia Vanessa Izzolo Nicholas Kieffer Athena Freda Koumanelis Oliver Francis Labrador Sara Anne Latimer (C) Masimius Kiyoshi Lee Watson Daniel Lerner Julia Lorenzetti (M) Chelsea Lauren Low Katherine Grace MacKenzie Melissa Martinez Christina Nicole Martino (M) Jacob Mason Peter McFarland Mavel Alicia Morales Dora Angelica Pagan Christie Michelle Page Daniel Jose Palma Paul Prabodh Pandit Brittaney Syl Pertsas (M) Jackson Ross Green Potter Patrick Prentice Katerina Quintairos Jonathan Rose Laura Madeline Rosok Kyle Schroeder Alex Benjamin Silverstein Caitlyn Smith Logan Daniel Smith Kyle Edward Stachnik (C) Alexandra Switzler Quentin Callahan Thelen Nicholas Jospeh Tobin Victor Valdes (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Christopher Joseph Vanacore Devin E. Weitz Xinyi Yan Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Jacqueline Marie Abreu Madeleine Gabrielle Doris Leo Abraham Folsom Jennifer Hanna Su (C)

School of Nursing and Health Studies Established 1968 Presented by Cindy L. Munro, Ph.D., Dean

MASTER OF SCIENCE Degree candidates May 7, 2020

Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Julia Aida Calvo-Junkin Allison Marie Cawthon Mitchell Morrison Mattox Julia Ellen McGonagle Hayley Brooke Mickler William Keith Tipton Jr.

Jon Michael Ball Aruba Irfan Khan Janet Lorenzo Leo O’Boyle Sana Seraj Jason Torikawa-Domingo Degree candidates August 7, 2020

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MUSIC Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Donald L. Fielding Aaron Geldert (S) Christian George (M) Jack Michael Manning Evan Douglas Peters Degree conferred December 12, 2019 Samuel Anthony Fuller

Marissa Badders Ashlli Edwards Marilym Escobar Diaz Virginia H. Ferrer Jillian Paige Rothweiler Stephanie Warner Gabrielle Alyssia Woodard Mobo Worjloh Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Arlene Marie Buckland Isis Alexandria De Lama Cindy Delgado Misline Dominique Joubert Fayette Kima Karletha Leonce Caroline Loessin Wendy Minor Edgardo Quinones

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Degree candidates May 7, 2020 Valeriya Altukhova Jauvana Nichelle Hall-Wills Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Danielle Adrien Gloria Isabel Arias Giselle Aguiar Barquie Nafeeza Alli Adriana Alvarez Henao Ashley Amaro Mayra Arana Victor Leonel Arvizu Hendy Aubourg Grace Baker 42

Ruth Dalila Barquero Sade Diamond Barrington Fred Anthony Barrios Duprou Beliard Marecia Shennette Bell Joann Benalloun Krystal Samantha Benjamin Avichayil Aviva Bitran Katiana Dera Blaise Michelle Fernandia Bonostro Claudia Buchaca Dreivis Cabezas Shelika Campbell Gina Marie Carmenate Jincy Chacko Sudlaire Theresa Charlotin Tiffany Charlton Nadine Swirri Che Danielle Elizabeth Cheribin Tara-Kaye Clunis Janelle Coats Marisleydis Comesana Alison Rachel Crane Harrison Dahl Karen J. Dean Natalie Dinger Agustina Dirocco Katherine Dowling Vanessa Bitetti Dratch Sharay Estevez Dunya Anisia Felipe Maria Fernandez Melissa M. Fernandez Tka Llarissa Foster Lisandra Frezek Tamara Alekseevna Gallardo Vanessa Hope Galvez Michelle Gamazo Dominique Marie Gamez Jessica Garcia Pontigo Lauren Godwin Horacio Daniel Gomez Kimberly Dana Hall Daniela Maria Harirchi Blaire Farrior Harrold Lisandra Hernandez Cruz Elizabeth Kathleen Horn Linette L. Ibarra Rodriguez Lena Beth Iglesias Sasha M. Inclan Mikyo Jeong Erica M. Johnson Rebecca Juliao Devin Kelley Bayla Kessler Michael Lawrence Kieffer Angela Kovacs Samuel Harry Lachterman Mitza Lacroix Haiyi Lin Danny Luna Daniella Iliana Lupis Jose Javier Madrigal Yanira Mahique Tiffany Marin Mariana Martinez Liya Mathew

Monica Mella Lilia Mendoza Clarijenny Merida Yanela Mesa Jennifer Marie Mestre Abeer Mohammed Y Mobarki Zara Montufar Minhas Moon Lazaro Moreu Dorothy Tali Morgan Richard Ortega Jr. Francesca Otero Bridgett Jewel Oyeyemi Rosys Georgina Paula Jorge Antonio Paulino Rosemarie Padama Pavia Blidgie Pierre Louis Priscilla Pineda Carla Caridad Prophete Lauren Vine Redondo Jasmine Fernanda Reyes Kyliene Elizabeth Reyes Marie Beth Rivera Staniesha Monet Rodriguez Xiomara Rodriguez Kerleine Jessica Rosemey Elizabeth Mary Rozier Anaisys Rueda Brian Ruiz Madina Rustamova Evgeniya Ryzhikova Maria J. Salas Melissa Marie Samuels Antonio Javier Sanchez Gonzalez Ariel Elise Santiago Nicole Saumell Dana Michael Schuman Sarah Kathrine Shah Ravinder Singh Cynthia Singleton Radinka Susana Soto Hadley Stephens Daniela Suarez Jaicy M. Thottam Miesha Meriah Tipton Alexandra Gladys Varona Vanessa Elena Vera Daynet Vera Ayala Michelle Andrea Von Der Heyde Chen Wang Kathryn Elizabeth Watson Wailma William Zihong Xu Melanie Yepez Steffany Lynn Yzer Giovanny Zapata

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN HEALTH SCIENCE Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Abhay Aanabathula Falilat Abdulai Natalie Aguilar Galit Chaja Arreaza

Jade Rebecca Bravo Patrick Budisak Olivia Marie Burke (S) Adam Leonard Burnett Ling Cheng (C) Lilianet Colas Chelsea Carolina Constancia Emily Couts Paola Cristina Diaz Aine Donohue Philip Dutko (M) Stephany Ellissa Edwards (C) Joshua Fournier (C) Nidhi Gajakas (M) Veronica Danielle Garcia Francesca Gedeon (M) Carley Marie Havard (M) Rackel Rahme Jaar Emily Nicole Kalbac (S) Rachel Lynn Prince Katz (C) Kylie Jae Lavine Chin Wai Li (C) Amelia Catherine Llerena (C) Niva Surendran Matcha (S) Sheila Rose McAndrew (C) Gabriel Malik Meullion Shauna Robyn Ramos Karen Leah Reznik Rolee Sharma (C) Ashley Studnik Devon Hope Temme (C) Vy Quang Tran (C) Simon Young Un Agostina Waisfeld (C) Amanda Joyce Wapinsky Jabari Jakada Wilbon Matthew Ryan Wilson Ariana Winter Yeremi Yero John Joseph Zizzo (S) Corinne Marie Zrada (S) Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Maliha Aziz Antonia Marie Bartlett Rachel Caroline Dudkiewicz Jason Hokenson Rachna Siddharth Kamath Sydney Ann Mathis James Paul Murphy Julia Marie Steiner

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Adrian Jesus Abreu Ashley Nicole Anderson Stephanie Vania Armstrong Rachel Baker Margaret Laurel Ball Courtney Ballotti James Alexander Bernal

Gabriela Beverly Kristina Beyer (C) Morgan Blackman Lynda Blaise Alexus Ann Brockenbrough (C) Jenna Brondolo Jesse Samuel Brookner (C) Hannah Elizabeth Brown (C) Samantha Leigh Budd Danielle Grace Burrell Alexandra Anne Butler Juliana Byers (C) Nicole Caballero Natalia Canellas Christopher John Carey Matthew Carlson Rafael Carnet Faith Casper (C) Alyssa Marie Cermele (C) Tate Alexander Chambers Esther Chan Bayleigh Ann Chaviers Cindy Chanyoung Chung Karen Elizabeth Clemens Maggie Elizabeth Crombie Jyneara M. Daley Gopala Dame Gabriela Elisa De Faria Jade Yu DeBoer (C) Mariana Lucia Del Valle Jonarys Delgado Nichole Dennis Marija Dragojevic Olivia Cornett Drummond Nyota-Nteyi Edjidjimo Rileigh Jocelyn Ellenson Yoldine Josee Elpenord Berenice Esquivel Victoria Orok Etim Kristen Marie Fernandez (C) Claudia Fernandez Grace Dalton Fisher Elena Joana Fochs Caroline Foran (C) Diana Coelho Gibbons Milena Delicia Gomez Savannah Ashlyn Green (C) Zlata Grishakov Raquel Grossman Sarah Guest Jordyn A. Harris Jenifer Del Valle Hernandez Meredeth McHugh Jackson Jasmine Nicole Jackson Brendan Johnson Tristan Manuel Joya Danielle M. Karp Betiel Kebret Meghan Kelly Ameera Khalid (C) Mia Sandra Klasner (M) Hannah L. Klegka Jung Hwa Lee Isabella Lovera Nieto Alexandra Lowry Kemika Jenae’ah Lundy (S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude


Isabella Maggio (C) Ashley Nicole Manso (C) Jessica McGovern Tatiana Helene Mendoza Marines Mendoza Perdomo Hannah Nicole Mercorella (M) Emily Rose Moser Kemely Munoz Debbie Noh (C) Matthew C. O’Brien Kayla Ogle Melanie D. Oliveira Yael Ouaknine Alessia Rita Palumbo Sarah Carrie Paulson Mercy Perez (C) Natalie Ann Perez Melissa Peskin Caroline Anne Petitti Dien Gia Pham Lily Pham Ashley Karen Pierce Cameron Jacob Prozinski Sierra Nicole Reid Hannah Ricketts Delia Alexis Rodrigues Ariana Rodriguez Danielle M. Rosen Daniel Sam Rosenheck Peri Sachs Herveline Saintil (M) Savannah Sales Erin Salina Krista Loren Santos Taylor Nicole Scott Taylor Scott Michelle Silva Amanda Le Ann Singleton Jessica Sixto Taylor E. Skelton (C) Rachael L. Smith Samantha Lee Tan Stephenson Amanda Tullo Joshua Bonifacio Ulatan Ashley Danielle Vance Katherine Vaughn Alexandra Yulissa Vazquez Nicole Vitale Alexandra Vogt Laura Danielle Weiner Kendra Nicole Weiser Ariana Joyce Wheeler-Lafuente Tasia Alexis White (C) Zahria Williams Madyson Alexis Winogradoff (C) Stephanie Michelle Wood Carina Marie Yates Lily Anne Zuker (M) Degree candidates August 7, 2020 Jany Acanda Sophia Renae Jaecques Sherene Anya Stephens


Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Kelly Akyena Jeritza Fleurence Almonor Sabrina Almonte Veronica Princess Beaulieu Michael Jonathan Blanco Jodi Bronstien Nicole Marie Campbell Carolina Cardona Heidi Castellanos Dinia V. Cedeno Chrishe Childs Melanie Rose Chitwood Dana Cheryse Clegg Keyondra Cobbs Christopher Colby Lisa Marie Cuccinello Paige Davis Laura Del Llano Mia Valentina Del Moore Samantha Delaney Marina Drenovac Anika Marie Dunkley Annially Estrada Larisa Faktorovich Gianna Rose Falise Sarah Anne Farkas Zoe Emily Galitz Jaclyn Gallo Danielle Miranda Garcia Melanie Marie Gonzalez Alexa Granja Melanie Anne Grossman Bianca Guerrero Katherine T. Harrington Annette de Jesus Hernandez Benjamin Mason Hillowe Alexa Marie Hinnant Arianna Kyrene Hoeppner Monica Clementine Howard Faride Iriarte Jessica Jean-Baptiste Danilo J. Kacic Kathleen Jean Kittredge Schafer J. Knoepke Alisha Kopecky Claire Elizabeth Lachner Savannah Lawrence Samantha Lennon Lindsay Lester Jennifer Ashley Lopez Sean Maroney Naomi Mascharak Fabio Mayorga Juliette Mercadante Kaitlyn H. Oliver Victoria Noemi Padin Sabrina Pastore Morgan Elizabeth Peter Ashley Polyak Charlotte Price Haley Puk Sophia Rahman Rafael Rodriguez Michelle M. Rossi

Christina Salazar Ana D. Sanchez Anais Sanchez Rodriguez Ana Faye Sandot Jamelle Sang Jessica Scarpello Samantha Leah Schultz Kathryn Solomon Julia Sway Natalie Telfeja Juliana Thomas Lyam Torrens-Dodaj Jackie Tran Madison Grace Upson Tien Q. Van Melissa Stephanie Vega Juaurin Lourdes Viloria Kaitlin Elizabeth Walen Alexa Danielle Wolber

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PUBLIC HEALTH Degree candidates May 8, 2020 Maria O. Akinyoyenu Mia Ilise Annunziato Sydney Elaine Brooks Karina Alessandra Cepeda (C) Catherine Stewart Chase (M) Millie Chokshi (M) Velanie Geneva Croley Katherine Margaret Currie Amir Reza Davoodi (M) Patricia Emelle Lydia Madeleine Franklin (S) Francesca Gedeon (M) Emily Rose Hawver Maryam Yasmeen Jawid (S) Joshua Jay Kleinman (S) Tara Elizabeth Lewandowski (C) Michael Adam Light Jr. (M) Kaitlyn A. Maitland Shwetha Mudalegundi (S) Megan Ngoc Mi Nguyen (M) Jayden Pace Gallagher (S) Veronica Rive Brianna Scott Melissa Noelle Sidote (C) Yves Anne Benedicte Saskia St Lot Shirin Taee (M) Rachel Westhoff (C) Nina Wojtowicz (C) Cynthia Zha (M) Julia Zukerberg (C) Degrees conferred December 12, 2019 Tracey Agyeiwaa-Piasare Sara Duque Luna Fayad Olivia Katharina Ostermann

(S) Summa Cum Laude (M) Magna Cum Laude (C) Cum Laude

Universit y of M ia m i A lu m n i A ssoc iat ion


Th e Great Seal of t he U n ive r sit y of M ia m i

The Great Seal of the University of Miami symbolizes exceptional scholarship, a limitless quest for knowledge, and an abiding commitment to service shared by University faculty, staff, and students. The Great Seal includes a stylized sun and palm tree, as well as a shield with the traditional symbols of education—a key, a book, and a torch. The key signifies the unlocking, discovery, or reevaluation


of learning and knowledge. The book holds the Latin words for discovery, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. And, the torch symbolizes the spread and dissemination of learning. Below the shield is the University’s Latin motto, from the Book of Esdras, Magna Est Veritas: Great Is Truth.

The M ac e

The academic mace, an enduring symbol of institutional authority and prestige, is a vestige from prehistoric times. First used as a battle weapon, the mace evolved into a ceremonial staff carried in processions of royalty, magistrates, and church or university officials. The University of Miami’s current mace, which dates back to 1986, was sculpted by former art professor William Ward. He chose a contemporary design, one that reflects the University’s timelessness and perpetual growth from a young institution to one of national prominence. The clean lines and polished silver surface are elegant, dignified, and reflective of colors, textures, and forms in the everchanging environment. Ward indicated that timelessness is further represented by the mace’s geometric design. Rather than employing symbols like books, candles, or globes, he noted that these geometric shapes are not tied to fad or style but are an integral part of our world.

“There are obvious relationships to mathematics and the sciences, and as the mace is rotated, some of the planes at the top resemble letters. Its complexity is like the unfolding plot of a good story,” Ward said. The University of Miami’s mace serves as a symbolic weapon to protect the ideals of truth, justice, and learning. During the commencement ceremony, it is carried at the head of the academic procession by the grand marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the University, its people, and its processes. In 2019, staff and faculty members in the Department of Theatre Arts performed preservation and restoration work on the mace, crafting a new base and reviving the original sheen so that, after decades of use, the mace continues to play its role in the University’s commencement ceremonies.

The Uni versi t y of M ia m i Pre sid e n t ia l C ha ir The University of Miami Presidential Chair, or cathedra, takes its place on the commencement stage as a new symbol of the Office of the President. Traditionally representing the seat of learning, the cathedra was designed and crafted by master furniture maker Austin Matheson, an adjunct professor in the School of Architecture whose family history in South Florida predates the University’s 1925 founding. Matheson carved and joined what appear to be the seamless pieces of the chair from a single slab of highly prized and once-abundant Cuban mahogany wood. It was salvaged from a tree felled by a hurricane in nearby Coconut Grove. The fluidity of his design represents the idea that “We Are One U,” while his use of a contemporary style and a few

traditional flourishes represent the University’s rich past and promising future. “The chair is unique. It has no precedent. It stands alone,” Matheson said. Etched by laser, the Great Seal of the University of Miami is prominently displayed on the splat, or back, of the chair. More subtly, twin silhouettes of an ibis head, with its graceful beak, adorn each side of the crest rail. Known for its invincible spirit when hurricanes approach, the marsh bird has been the school mascot since the University opened its doors, just a month after the hurricane of 1926 devastated Miami. Like the chair, the ibis continues to be a symbol of our resilience and renewal as we approach our new century.


Ac adem i c Hon or s a n d R e ga lia The ceremonies of commencement immerse us in the rich tradition of academic honors and dress that reaches back to the early days of the world’s oldest universities. The University of Miami awards degrees in three basic divisions—the doctorate, master’s, and baccalaureate—which can be traced to medieval times. The student receiving a “first degree in arts” was crowned with a wreath of laurel berries, hence “baccalaureate” and “bachelor.” The master’s degree was a license to teach (Licentia docendi), so the “master” was an appropriate title. The doctor was even better qualified to teach, for this degree required advanced study, independent research, and defense of a dissertation. These standards still apply to the doctorate, except for those conferred honoris causa (as honorary degrees) for meritorious service in public or private endeavor. Some degrees are awarded with special recognition. For those who have achieved appropriate standards in their work, the words cum laude (with praise), magna cum laude (with high praise), and summa cum laude (with highest praise) are used. Students who have met formal scholarly demands, including both specified courses and high overall grade averages, may graduate with “General Honors.” These achievements are recorded on diplomas and in official transcripts. From medieval practice, academic dress has three items: cap, gown, and hood. In reviving the use of these items for the United States, an intercollegiate commission in 1895 drafted a code that most universities,


including the University of Miami, follow. For all degrees, the mortarboard is the traditional cap. The tassel may be gold for a doctor or may indicate the field of study. The bachelor’s gown is black with long, pointed, open sleeves. The master’s gown is black with a long, closed sleeve hanging below the elbow. The doctor’s gown is black and is distinguished by three bars of velvet on a full sleeve. The academic hood is the identifying symbol of the degree. Its length indicates which degree it represents: three feet for the baccalaureate, three-and-a-half for the master’s, and four for the doctorate. The lining indicates the college or university that awarded the degree. University of Miami hoods are lined in orange, green, and white. The color of the velvet band represents the academic discipline. The most frequently seen colors are white for arts, yellow for science, pink for music, sapphire blue for philosophy, purple for law, scarlet for divinity, green for medicine, light blue for education, drab for business, orange for engineering, violet for architecture, gray for general studies, and apricot for nursing. President Julio Frenk wears a black robe with four black velvet bars. The fourth chevron indicates this is the presidential regalia. The gown features orange and green piping as well as a doctoral hood lined in orange, green and white—reflecting the official University of Miami school colors.

Th e M us ic of t he C e re m on y University of Miami Fanfare Great universities throughout the country begin their halftime performances with a special fanfare consisting of small portions of their school fight songs and alma mater. The fanfare signals the start of halftime festivities, exciting the crowd and encouraging loyal fans to remain in their seats during the band’s performance. Following the Miami Hurricane’s National Championship season in 2001-2002, David Lambert, D.M.A. ’05, wrote a similar fanfare for the University

of Miami. “UM Fanfare” was premiered by the University of Miami Band of the Hour during the 2004 Miami Hurricane home football opener versus Florida State University. It has since been performed as a prelude to all Band of the Hour performances and has become a part of the University of Miami’s commencement to announce the opening of the ceremony.

President’s Processional Fanfare Commencement ceremonies are rich in history, tradition, and ritual. Over the years, the University of Miami has had a number of talented musicians and composers contribute to that history and tradition. The “President’s Processional Fanfare – Toward Our New Century” was

commissioned by the Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music for the inauguration of the University of Miami's sixth president, Julio Frenk. Written by Brian Balmages, M.M. ’00, the fanfare premiered on January 29, 2016, at President Frenk’s inauguration ceremony.

The Music of Henry Fillmore Henry Fillmore, the American composer and bandleader best known for his marches, was an ardent supporter, friend, and benefactor of the University of Miami band. After retiring to Miami, he quickly adopted the Band of the Hour at the University of Miami as his own. As a result, he was named “permanent guest conductor” of the band, and in appreciation of his dedication, the University awarded Fillmore an honorary doctorate in music. Fillmore’s prominence as a band composer and his tireless dedication to the field of music remain his

legacy. Benefiting most from his musical passion and artistry was the University of Miami band, to which he bequeathed most of his estate. The Henry Fillmore Band Hall, dedicated in 1959 along with the Fillmore Museum, is a symbol of that legacy. The recessional music today is but a small part of his life’s work. Each selection has a unique relationship to Miami and the University. “The Miami March” was dedicated to the community of Greater Miami, which enthusiastically supported Fillmore and his music.


A lm a M at e r William S. Lampe and Christine Asdurian Arranged by Henry Fillmore

Southern suns and sky blue water Smile upon you Alma Mater Mistress of this fruitful land With all knowledge at your hand Always just, to honor true All our love we pledge to you Alma Mater Stand forever On Biscayne’s wondrous shore.





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Commencement 2020: Spring and Summer  

Commencement is a special time at the University of Miami. Our graduates have worked hard, and commencement is our time to celebrate their a...

Commencement 2020: Spring and Summer  

Commencement is a special time at the University of Miami. Our graduates have worked hard, and commencement is our time to celebrate their a...

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