Commencement 2024: Undergraduate Degree Ceremony • May 10 • 5:30 p.m.

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MAY 10 • 5:30 p.m.

Undergraduate Degree Ceremony



MAY 10 • 5:30 p.m. Undergraduate Degree Ceremony

Patti and Allan Herbert Business School College of Engineering


Grand Marshal Alex Horenstein, Ph.D.

Patti and Allan Herbert Business School

Alumni Banner Marshal

Faculty Senate Marshal

Academic Banner Marshals

Patti and Allan Herbert Business School

Rosanna Lucotti-Roberts, B.B.A. ’86

Sandro C. Andrade, Ph.D.

Patti and Allan Herbert Business School

Ricardo J. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

College of Engineering Chang-Yu Wu, Ph.D.

Faculty Marshals

Patti and Allan Herbert Business School

College of Engineering

Alumni Marshals

Valeria Alterman, Ph.D.

David Andolfatto, Ph.D.

Miguel Iraola, Ph.D. Caglar Irmak, Ph.D.

Maikel Leon Espinosa, Ph.D. Seth Levine, Ed.D.

Karoline Mortensen, Ph.D.

Harihara P. Natarajan, Ph.D.

Leila Pinto-Campillo, M.B.A., M.I.R. Ville Rantala, Ph.D. Mark Shapiro, J.D. Tie Su, Ph.D.

Ines Basalo, Ph.D.

Jaime Buitrago, Ph.D. Xiaodong Cai, Ph.D. Andrew Dykstra, Ph.D. Derin Ural, Ph.D. Yang Wang, Ph.D.

Mark E. Klein, B.B.A. ’85

Oscar Paez, B.B.A. ’03, M.A. ’05

Lloyd A. Straits, B.B.A. ’65

Andy Unanue, B.B.A. ’91

Michael J. Unger, B.A. ’12

Raul A. Velarde, B.S.En.E. ’15, M.S.C.E. ’15

Commencement Marshals

Academic Procession*

Commencement Program

University of Miami Fanfare

David Lambert, D.M.A. ’05

Pomp and Circumstance

University of Miami Commencement Band

Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music

Robert M. Carnochan, D.M.A.

Director of Wind Ensemble Activities

Tina DiMeglio, D.M.A. ’20

Edward Elgar Conductor

Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music

President’s Procession*

President’s Processional Fanfare Toward Our New Century

Brian Balmages, M.M. ’00

Pomp and Circumstance

Edward Elgar

Convocation Opening

Guillermo Prado, M.S. ’00, Ph.D. ’05

Interim Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

The National Anthem* Zoë Argabright

The Star-Spangled Banner Student, Music Therapy

Francis Scott Key Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music


Rabbi Jason Cook

Jewish Chaplain, University of Miami

Imam Abdul Hamid Samra, Ph.D.

Muslim Chaplain, University of Miami

Adjunct Professor, College of Engineering

Father Richard Vigoa

Catholic Chaplain, University of Miami

Welcome Julio Frenk, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. President

Introduction of Commencement Speaker

Devang Desai, B.A. ’97, J.D. ’03 Member, Board of Trustees

Advice to Graduates Kimberly Stone, M.B.A. ’03

Chief Executive Officer, Washington Spirit


Conferral of Academic Degrees

Patti and Allan Herbert Business School

College of Engineering

Student Address

Alumni Association Welcome

Alma Mater*

William S. Lampe

Ann M. Olazábal, J.D., Interim Dean

Pratim Biswas, Ph.D., Dean

Rebecca Menendez, B.S.B.E. ’24 College of Engineering

Maribel Perez Wadsworth, B.S.C. ’93

President, University of Miami Alumni Association

Holden M. Seward and Christine Asdurian

Arranged by Henry Fillmore


Man of the Hour

Miami March

The Crosley March

The Noble Men March

Henry Fillmore

Student, Classical Voice Performance

Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music

University of Miami Commencement Band

Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music

* If possible, please stand for these portions of the program. At the conclusion of the program, the audience will remain standing until the platform party has left the Watsco Center. The band was recorded during the Fall 2020 Commencement exercises. The commencement set was designed by Kristian A. Rodriguez, B.S.C. ’04, M.F.A. ’18, art director in University Communications.


Commencement Speaker

When the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship in 2012, the team and the city faced a logistical nightmare. They had just three days to organize a Monday parade for 350,000 fans through the heart of downtown Miami, as well as a separate celebration inside what was then the American Airlines Arena. The event required intricate coordination between the Florida Department of Transportation, the U.S. Coast Guard, local police and fire rescue, and numerous city and county agencies.

But the decision on who could lead such a mammoth endeavor was easy: Kim Stone. At the time, the North Carolina transplant had risen through the ranks of the Heat organization and was serving as executive vice president and general manager of the arena. Although she had never organized such an event before, she was quickly named parade director and oversaw every detail of the sun-soaked celebration.

And it went off without a hitch—a testament to a mantra that has guided Stone throughout her life: “Being uncomfortable is where you grow.”

Stone quickly evolved into a highly sought global leader in sports business and arena management. After two decades with the Heat, she was lured to San Francisco in 2019 to become the first general manager of the $1.6 billion Chase Center, the new home of the Golden State Warriors. In 2022 she moved to New York to become president of UBS Arena, home of the New York Islanders. And in 2024 she moved to Washington, D.C., to become the first chief executive officer of its professional women’s soccer team, the Washington Spirit.

While the cities and jobs in Stone’s life changed, her ability to thrive when facing challenges remained constant. At her high school in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Stone played volleyball and basketball, and walked on to the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s basketball team with hopes of a playing career. But when a knee injury derailed that dream, she transferred to UNC’s main campus in Chapel Hill, switching her major to journalism and, after earning her bachelor’s degree, landing a job in the sports information department at the University of Miami.

Stone was soon hired by the Heat’s media relations department and, eager to understand the business of sports, she enrolled at the University, earning her M.B.A. in 2003. Combining the skills she learned in Coral Gables with her natural leadership abilities, she quickly moved up the ranks of the Heat organization. She was tapped to lead its short-lived women’s basketball team, the Miami Sol, and was named the organization’s chief of staff. She then became general

manager of the arena, where she was responsible for everything from the fan experience to guest services to food and beverage and much more. Under her watch, the arena won the NBA award for the best fan experience and hosted four straight NBA Finals series and two championship celebrations—and became the world’s first sports and entertainment facility to earn LEED Gold certification. Her talents soon caught the eye of Rick Welts, then president of the Golden State Warriors. The NBA basketball team was preparing to open the Chase Center in San Francisco and, as Welts told The Athletic, hiring Stone to lead the effort was “the easiest decision that we’ve ever made.” Stone’s successful launch of the revolutionary facility would earn it the Sports Business Journal’s 2019 Venue of the Year award. But she soon faced another daunting challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic. Her creation of a response team and implementation of on-site testing was so successful that the Chase Center became one of the first sports facilities to earn accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council.

Stone has also overcome many personal challenges. When she and her longtime partner wanted to marry in 2007, the couple had to do so in Canada, where same-sex marriages were legal. When they wanted to adopt a child, they had to wait until Florida overturned its law barring same-sex couples from adopting. Stone and her wife were the 13th same-sex couple to adopt a child in the state. As she told The Athletic, “If you value who you are and try to work along those lines, I tend to think things will work out for you.”

Stone has earned many honors over her career, including being named one of Billboard’s Women in Music Top Executives in 2023 and Woman of the Year by Women in Sports and Events. She served on the University of Miami’s President’s Council for over a decade and was enshrined in the University of North Carolina Public Relations Hall of Fame.

The University is proud to welcome Kimberly Stone, a trailblazer who has charted her own path to the top of the sports and entertainment world, as today’s commencement speaker.


Candidates for Degrees

The awarding of degrees and honors to the candidates named in this program is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the appropriate requirements by each candidate. The listing of a student’s name in no way implies or ensures graduation, nor the award of Latin or other honors. The information listed on the following pages was current as of March 7, 2024.

Graduate School

Established 1941

Presented by Nicole Leeper Piquero, Ph.D., Interim Dean


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Charles Garcia Alver

B.S., 2017, Harvard University

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Dissertation: Robust Fluidic Platforms for Organotypic Culture and Serial Assessment of Human and Rodent Pancreatic Slices

Advisor: Ashutosh Agarwal

Dena Arizanovska

B.A., 2018, Pomona College

Major: Neuroscience

Dissertation: Microglial D-Serine Mediates

Synaptic Damage After Traumatic Brain Injury

Advisor: Daniel J. Liebl

Yohannes Dires Asega

B.A., 2017, Colby College

Major: Mathematics

Dissertation: Surface Quotient Singularities and Bigness of the Cotangent Bundle

Advisor: Bruno N. De Oliveira

Ryan Nolan Bagwell

2013, Victor Valley College

B.A., 2017, California State University

M.A., 2019, California State University

Major: Sociology

Dissertation: Sports and Inequality: Social Movements, Hiring Processes, and Crime in Sports

Advisor: Alexis Piquero

Anna Cassandra Bakker

B.S., 2017, University of Washington

Major: Marine Geosciences

Dissertation: Coral Reef Biodiversity from Remote Sensing

Advisor: Sam Purkis

Manuel Bernal Escobar

M.S., 2013

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Evaluating Tree Growth Rates With Dendrochronology Throughout the 20th Century: Effects of Climate and Anthropogenic Disturbances

Advisor: Kenneth Feeley

Edward Bowen

B.S.E.E., 1993, United States Coast Guard Academy

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Pharmacogenomic and Structural Factors That Modify Outcomes in Randomized Clinical Trials

Advisor: Annalise Marie Fernandez Clarke

Jamie L. Burgess

B.S., 2016, Utah State University

M.S., 2019, Utah State University

Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Dissertation: Core Mechanisms That Contribute to Inhibition of Wound Healing in Diabetic Foot and Venous Leg Ulcers

Advisor: Marjana Tomic-Canic

Alize Ariel Carrere

B.A., 2011, McGill University, Canada

M.S., 2013, McGill University, Canada

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Climatopia: An Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Radical Designs for the Climate Crisis

Advisor: Kenneth Broad

Mauro Cazzolla

B.A., 2011, Istituto di Alti Studi SSML Carlo Bo, Italy

M.A., 2014, Università degli studi di Trieste, Italy

Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies

Dissertation: Annie Ernaux, Édouard Louis, and the Craft of Translating Autosociobiography

Advisor: Rudolf Heyndels

Giulia Cerini

B.S., 2009, University Degli La Sapienza, Italy

Major: Physics

Dissertation: Baryons as Tracers of Dark Matter in Large Scale Structures

Justin Andrew Chmiel

B.A., 2011, University of Arizona Global Campus

M.A., 2014, Miami University

Major: History

Dissertation: The Economic Thought of the School of Salamanca as Developed in the Cultural and Theological Context of the University of Salamanca

Advisor: Martin A. Nesvig

Wesley Robert Cunningham

B.S., 2015, Monmouth University

Major: Chemistry

Dissertation: Dynamic Applications of an Underutilized Renewable Biopolymer With Simple Modifications

Advisor: James N. Wilson

Christine Minh Dang

B.S., 2014, University of the Sciences

Major: Microbiology and Immunology

Dissertation: Impact of Chronic Opioid Use on Immunity in People with HIV

Advisor: Savita G. Pahwa

Kevin C. Davis

B.S., 2015, Brigham Young University

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Dissertation: Development of an At-Home Brain-Computer Interface in a Case of Spinal Cord Injury

Nathaniel Dean

B.S., 2008, Cornell University

M.S., 2012, Georgia Institute of Technology

Major: Computer Science

Dissertation: Novel Feature Measures for Deep Neural Network Training and Evaluation

Advisor: Dilip Sarkar

Caroline Elizabeth Dennison

B.S., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Marine Biology and Ecology

Dissertation: Role of Symbiodiniaceae Diversity in the Susceptibility of Corals to Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD): Implications for Disease Spread, Restoration, and Interventions

Advisor: Andrew Charles Baker

Oscar Alexis Diaz Campo

B.S., 2016

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Using Physiological and Molecular Approaches To Study Micro- and Macroevolutionary Patterns on Selected Waterbirds of the High Andes

Advisor: Kevin Grant McCracken

Vinh B. Dinh

B.S., 2017, University of South Florida

Major: Microbiology and Immunology

Dissertation: The Interplay Between HIV Infection and the Development of the Early Life Immune System

Advisor: Savita G. Pahwa


Justin Benito Domena

B.S., 2018, William Paterson University

Major: Chemistry

Dissertation: The Journey of Red Emissive Carbon Dots: From Concept to Application Advisor: Roger M. Leblanc

Sandra Garcia-Davis

B.A., 2016, Florida Atlantic University

M.P.H., 2018, University of South Florida

Major: Epidemiology

Dissertation: The Epidemiology of the LongTerm Care Needs of Older Adults in the United States: An Analysis of the Hero Care Survey and National Health and Aging Trends Study Advisor: WayWay Myaing Hlaing

Ashley M. Goncalves

B.S., 2018, Rutgers University

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Multiscale Approaches to Understanding Impacts of Stony Coral Disease on Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems

Advisors: Kathleen Sullivan Sealey and Nikki Traylor-Knowles

Carrie Hough

2004, Broward College

B.A., 2007, Florida Atlantic University

M.A., 2010, Florida Atlantic University

Major: Sociology

Dissertation: Addiction Recovery Among Criminal Justice-Involved People in Miami Advisor: John W. Murphy

Anthony R. Joffre

B.A., 2015, University of Miami

M.A., 2016, University of Miami

Major: Business Advisor: Fabrizio Ferri

Akil Abraham Kalathil

B.S., 2014, University of Georgia

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Treatment of Lipid Dysregulation in Diseases Through Orally Administrable Nanoparticle Mediated Treatment

Advisor: Shanta Dhar

Marilia Kamil

B.A., 2011, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

M.A., 2014, Teachers College, Columbia University

Major: Music Education

Dissertation: Instituto Baccarelli, Where Music

Transforms: A Case Study of Music for Social Change

Advisor: Don Coffman

Richard Feldman Karp

B.S., 2014, Pennsylvania State University

M.P.S., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Marine Biology and Ecology

Dissertation: Increasing Thermal and Disease Resilience in Caribbean Corals Through Symbiont Manipulations: Prioritizing Coral Intervention Strategies

Advisor: Andrew Charles Baker

Dipendra Khadka

B.S., 2012, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

M.S., 2017, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Major: Chemistry

Dissertation: Chemistry in Confined Spaces: Photochemistry of Ketones and Nitrites Within an Organic Capsule

Advisor: Vaidhyanathan Ramamurthy

Chitvan Viplav Killawala

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Dissertation: Real-Time Occupational and Environmental Health Monitoring Using Solid-State Sensor Arrays: A Focus on Drowsiness Detection and Firefighter Safety

Seokmin Kim

B.A., 2014, Princeton University

Master, 2019, Duke University

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Examining Natural Seed Dispersal Interactions in Caribbean Islands and Their Status in the Anthropocene

Advisor: Christopher A. Searcy

Steven Francis Koller

B.S., 2012, Pennsylvania State University

Master, 2017, University of California San Diego

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Navigating Flood Hazard in a Changing Climate: Household Asset Exposure, Vulnerabilities, and Policy Opportunities for Risk Mitigation

Advisor: Renato Molina

Alyssa Therese Kullberg

B.A., 2018, Colby College

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Acclimation of Trees to Elevated Growing Temperatures: From Concrete Jungles to Boiling Rivers

Advisor: Kenneth Feeley

Kathryn Michelle Laporte

B.A., 2017, University of Chicago

Major: Microbiology and Immunology

Dissertation: Targeting the High-Affinity IL-2 Receptor in Combination With PD-1 Blockade To Unleash Highly Effective Antitumor Activity

Hsin-Chieh Liao

B.S., 2013, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

M.S., 2018, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Major: Mathematics

Dissertation: Representations of Symmetric Groups on Chow Rings of Boolean Matroids and Extensions

Advisor: Michelle Wachs

Qinran Liu

B.S., 2016, Saint Louis University

M.P.H., 2019, Washington University in St. Louis

Major: Epidemiology

Dissertation: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Staging, Treatment, and Survival of Lung Cancer

Advisor: Paulo S. Pinheiro

Amanda Guerra Lobato

B.S., 2019, St. Thomas University

Major: Human Genetics and Genomics

Dissertation: In Vivo Functional Characterization of Novel FICD Biallelic Variants Causing Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Advisor: R. Grace Zhai

Yueyang Lu

B.S., 2018, Ocean University of China, China

Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

Dissertation: Mesoscale Eddy Effects on Oceanic Tracers

Advisor: Igor Kamenkovich

Zhiyao Ma

Bachelor, 2018

Major: Philosophy

Dissertation: Yin-Yang in Epistemology

Advisor: Michael Slote

Zara Masood

B.A., 1992, National College of Arts, Pakistan

M.A., 2011, Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan

Major: Communication

Dissertation: Climate Change Communication Using TikTok Video and Dialogue: Impact on Pro-Environmental Knowledge, Attitude, Behavioral Intentions, and Dialogue Intention

Advisor: Jyotika Ramaprasad

Brendan McBreen

B.S.M.E., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Dissertation: Co-Flow Jet Active Flow Control with Extreme Adverse Pressure Gradients

Advisor: GeCheng Zha


Marina Christine McLerran

B.M., 2014, Stephen F. Austin State University

M.M., 2021, University of Miami

Major: Music Education

Dissertation: Identifying Splice Variant-Specific Functions of Casein Kinase 1α Advisor: Don D. Coffman

Ricardo Andres Melendez Calderin

B.S., 2016, University of Miami

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Identifying Splice Variant-Specific Functions of Casein Kinase 1α

Advisor: David Robbins

Olivia Skye Montoya

B.S., 2020, Kennesaw State University

Major: Cancer Biology

Dissertation: Investigating Resistance Mechanisms to Non-Covalent Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors and Using Degraders to Overcome Resistance for Patients With B-Cell Malignancies

Advisor: Justin Taylor

Alexandria Denise Morgan

B.A., 2013, Newcastle University, United Kingdom

M.A., 2016, King’s College London, United Kingdom

Major: English

Dissertation: The Embodiment of Negative Desires in Early Modern Women’s Poetry

Advisor: Pamela S. Hammons

Mitchell Jon Nienhuis

B.A., 2013, Hope College

M.S.Ed., 2016, University of Miami

Major: Exercise Physiology

Dissertation: Concurrent Validation of an Artificial Intelligence-Based Motion Capture System Using a Common Functional Movement Screen Exercise

Advisor: Kevin A. Jacobs

Alex David Nyburg

B.S., 2015, University of Miami

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Essays on Urban Ecology and Natural Capital in Miami-Dade's Water Systems

Advisor: Donald L. DeAngelis

Jesús David Ortiz Polanco

B.S., 2018, Colombian School of Engineering, Colombia

M.S., 2021, Colombian School of Engineering, Colombia

Major: Civil Engineering

Dissertation: Bond Performance of GFRP

Rebars and Damage Detection in EB-CFRP Strengthened Concrete

Advisor: Antonio Nanni

Sanchary Pal

2014, St. Xavier Collegiate School, India

M.A., 2016, Depaul University

Major: Communication

Dissertation: Ephemeral Content on Instagram Stories to Influence Attitudes and Behaviors

Advisor: Christina Lane

Xu Pan

Bachelor, 2017, University of Science and Technology of China, China

M.S., 2019, University of Pittsburgh

Major: Computer Science

Dissertation: Biological and Artificial Intelligence: Understanding Contextual Surround Effects and Variability

Advisor: Odelia Schwartz

Alessandro Peca

B.S., 2014, University of Bologna, Italy

M.S., 2018, University of Bologna, Italy

Major: Physics

Dissertation: Harnessing the Power of Big Data: Using Large Surveys and Multiwavelength Catalogs to Unveil the Obscured AGN Universe

Advisor: Nico Cappelluti

Emma Pontes

B.S.M.A.S., 2015, University of Miami

M.P.S., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Marine Biology and Ecology

Dissertation: Suffocating Reefs: Investigating the Effects of Ocean Deoxygenation on Scleractinian Corals

Advisor: Chris Langdon

Miguel Angel Portales Guemes

B.S., 2018, Nova Southeastern University

Major: Biology

Advisor: Sandra Rieger

Sijan Poudel Sharma

B.S., 2012, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

M.S., 2015, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Effects of Stress, Sex and Space on Adaptative Potential in Experimental Populations of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Advisor: James David Van Dyken

Tamira Bartholomew Prince

B.S., 2004, Morgan State University

D.P.T., 2007, University of Miami

Major: Physical Therapy

Dissertation: Factors Impacting Adherence to Physical Activity Recommendations in Patients With Heart Failure: A Three-Part Approach

Advisor: Kathryn E. Roach

Natalie Rose Ricciardi

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: The Role of Exercise in Healthy and Alzheimer's Disease Brain Aging

Edda Luz Rodriguez

B.S., 2017, Florida State University

M.P.H., 2019, Florida State University

Major: Prevention Science and Community Health

Dissertation: Using an Intersectionality Perspective to Consider the Role of Sociodemographic Characteristics, Latinx Cultural Values, Mental Health, and SelfPerceived Social Connections on LMSM's PrEP Stigma and PrEP Use

Advisor: Mariano Kanamori

Miguel Gabriel Rojas 2017, Miami Dade College

B.S., 2018, University of Florida

Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Jasmyn Nicole Sanders

B.S., 2014, Florida Agricultural and Mechnical University

M.S., 2021, University of Miami

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: Pride and Community Connectedness as Potential Moderators of the Effects of Trauma Exposure on Substance Use and PTSD Among Transgender Women

Advisor: Steven A. Safren

Ankita Padma Sankar

B.A., 2019, Boston University

Major: Cancer Biology

Dissertation: Mechanism of Novel Anti-EGFREndostatin Fusion Protein Inhibition of Vasculogenic Mimicry and Motility in TripleNegative Breast Cancer

Advisor: Joseph D. Rosenblatt

Samara P. Singh

B.A., 2019, University of Chicago

Major: Cancer Biology

Dissertation: Targeting P38 MAPK Signaling to Suppress Inflammatory Tumor-StromaImmune Crosstalk in Pancreatic Cancer Advisor: Nipun B. Merchant

Matthew Tonini

M.A., 2015, Harvard University

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Characterizing PRMT5 Dependent Alternative Splicing Events as a Novel Biomarker for Tumor Populations With Heightened MTA Accumulation Due to MTAP Deletion

Advisor: Annalise Marie Fernandez Clarke

Olga Natalia Tserej Vazquez

B.S., 2011, University of Havana, Cuba

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Leaf Thermal Properties of Tropical Trees: Insights From Research and Educational Perspectives

Advisor: Kenneth Feeley


Ifigeneia Anais Tsironi Tzinious

B.S., 2018, University of Athens, Greece

Major: Chemistry

Dissertation: Tools To Engineer and Modulate P-Conjugated Superstructures at Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium States

Advisor: Jean-Hubert Olivier

Matthew Varkony

B.S., 2016, University of Miami

M.P.S., 2018, University of Miami

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Essays on Affordable Housing and Climate Risk in Florida

Advisor: Renato Molina

Camilo Jose Vega Vargas

B.S., 2012, Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito, Colombia

M.S., 2015, Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito, Colombia

Major: Civil Engineering

Dissertation: Interface Shear Transfer Mechanism in GFRP-Reinforced Concrete and Precision Statements for GFRP Bar Tests

Advisor: Antonio Nanni

Samara Jo Vilca

B.A., 2016, Florida Atlantic University

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Role of Microglia in Methamphetamine Reinforcement and Seeking

Advisor: Luis M. Tuesta

Heqiang Wang

B.S.E.E., 2016, University of Kentucky

M.S.E.C.E., 2019, University of Connecticut

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dissertation: Online Optimization for Federated Learning With Streaming Data

Advisor: Jie Xu

Edward William Wintergalen

B.A., 2019, Washington University in St. Louis

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Urbanization and Livelihood Resilience in Mexican Small-Scale Fishing Communities

Advisor: Renato Molina

Jeneva Plumb Wright

B.A., 2006, University of Montana

M.A., 2015, East Carolina University

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Climate Change, Corrosion, and Cultural Heritage: Climate Change Impacts and Strategies for Underwater Archaeological Sites

Advisor: Kenneth Broad

Maichong (Tilda) Xie

B.S., 2019, Dalian University of Technology, China

Major: Chemistry

Dissertation: Biomimetic Structure and Optical Property Control of Monometallic and Bimetallic Inorganic Nanoparticle Catalysts

Advisor: Marc R. Knecht

Ruijie Yin

B.S., 2015, Southern Medical University, China

M.S., 2016, Georgetown University

Major: Biostatistics

Dissertation: Ensemble Methods of Rank-Based Trees

Advisor: Xi Chen

Breanne J. Young

B.S., 2014, University of Miami

M.S., 2016, University of Miami

Major: Prevention Science and Community Health

Dissertation: A Community-Centered Approach to HIV Prevention Among High-Risk Black Populations

Shiyi Zhang

B.B.A., 2012, Kent State University

M.S., 2016, University of Pittsburgh

Major: Business

Dissertation: Essays in Diversity and Behavioral Finance

Advisor: Alok Kumar

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Khulud Khalid Almutairi

B.S.N., 2013, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

M.S.N., 2019, University of Miami

Major: Nursing Science

Dissertation: Religiosity As Moderator of the Relationship Between Religious Discrimination and Quality of Life

Advisor: Karina Alvarez Gattamorta

Hannah Claire Artman

B.A., 2015, University of Miami

M.A., 2015, University of Miami

Major: Communication

Dissertation: Desinformación, Discourse, and Political Microcelebrities: Understanding the Practices of Social Media Disinformation in Latino/A/X Communities

Advisor: Sallie L. Hughes

Umer F. Bakali

B.S., 2018, University of Miami

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Mass Spectrometric Analyses of Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds for Health Risk Assessment and Diagnostics Facilitated by Low-Burden Sampling Methodologies

Advisors: Sylvia Daunert and Carl I. Schulman

Jeffrey Edward Blackwatters

B.S., 2017, Cornell University

M.S., 2018, National University of Ireland, Ireland

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Reckoning with the Contradictions of Conservation Philanthropy: Governance, Justice, and a Radical Future for Environmental Giving

Advisor: Rebecca Gruby

Anthony Mario Bonacolta

B.S., 2019, University of Miami

Major: Marine Biology and Ecology

Dissertation: Exploring the Ecological, Evolutionary, and Transcriptomic Underpinnings of the Coral Eukaryome

Advisors: Javier del Campo and Andrew C. Baker

Andrea Botero Londono

B.S.B.E., 2009, Escuela de Ingenieria de Antioquia, Colombia

M.S.Ed., 2019, University of Miami

Major: Community Well-Being

Dissertation: Unfreezing Human Service Organizations: Key Tensions Hindering Their Mission and Values

Advisor: Scotney D. Evans

Jacob D. Brannum

B.A., 2016, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

M.A., 2019, University of Miami

Dissertation: A Commune in Conflict: Microstrategies of Power in Venetian Society 1348-1381

Advisor: Annette M. La Greca

Evan T. Burdette

B.A., 2016, Temple University

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: School Transition Stress, Repetitive Negative Thinking, and Sleep Disturbance on Depression and Anxiety Symptoms in Hispanic Immigrant and U.S.-Born Youth

Advisor: Annette M. La Greca

Alexander James Calder

B.S., 2018, Brigham Young University

Major: Counseling Psychology

Dissertation: Relational Processes and Goals in Natural Recovery From Opioid Addiction Advisor: Blaine J. Fowers

Ivenis Italo Capistrano Pita

B.S., 2016, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

M.S., 2019, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

Dissertation: Estimate the Meridional Overturning Circulation and Associated Heat and Freshwater Transports Across the South Atlantic Basin From Sustained In Situ Observations

Advisor: Benjamin Kirtman


Braulio Carrera Loureiro B. Ferreira

Bachelor, 2018

Major: Chemistry

Dissertation: Tailoring Carbon Dots Functionalities for Biomedical Applications in Targeted Therapeutic Delivery, Imaging, and SARS-CoV-2 Inhibition

Advisor: Roger M. Leblanc

Sana Iqbal Chaudhry

B.S., 2018, University of Florida

Major: Cancer Biology

Dissertation: Altered RNA Export by SF3B1 Mutants Confers Sensitivity to Nuclear Export Inhibition Advisor: Justin Taylor

Leah Nicole Chomiak

B.S., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

Dissertation: The Advection of Subpolar Climate Signals From a Subtropical Atlantic Viewpoint

Advisor: Benjamin Kirtman

Kaylie Cullison

B.S., 2016, George Washington University

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Dissertation: Machine Learning and Radiomics Investigations of Daily MRI-Guided Glioblastoma Radiotherapy

Advisor: Eric A. Mellon

Julian Dieter Dallmeier

B.S., 2014, University of South Carolina

M.S., 2018

Major: Neuroscience

Dissertation: Evaluating Mechanisms Underlying Resistance in Alzheimer’s Disease

Carla Alessandra Anna Dario

B.S., 2011, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

M.P.S., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Valuing Coastal NatureBased Solutions: Investigating Preferences, Perceptions, and Policies for Coastal Adaptation in Florida

Advisor: Renato Molina

Livia Helena De Moraes

2014, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

B.A.M., 2015, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

M.M., 2019, University of Cincinnati

Major: Music Education

Dissertation: A Multiple Case Study of Divisive Concepts Laws: Music Teachers’ Perspectives

Advisor: Stephen F. Zdzinski

Bonnie Elene Deal

B.A., 2016, University of Connecticut

M.A., 2019, San Diego State University

Major: Communication

Dissertation: Enhancing Communication and Managing Uncertainty Through Social Support: The Roles of Doulas in Maternal Healthcare

Advisor: Nicholas Carcioppolo

Gabrielle Marie Del Rey

B.A., 2016, University of Texas at Austin

Master, 2019, University of Southern California

Major: Counseling Psychology

Dissertation: A Qualitative Study on Familismo for Latina Adolescents in the Context of SelfHarm

Advisor: MarieGuerda Nicolas

Allyson Nicole DeMerlis

B.S., 2017, McGill University, Canada

Major: Marine Biology and Ecology

Dissertation: Molecular Mechanisms of Enhancing Coral Resilience to Thermal Stress Advisor: Nikki Traylor-Knowles

Jessica Lee Dennison

B.A., 2012, Fordham University

Major: Neuroscience

Dissertation: Investigating Female-Specific Risk Factors of Alzheimer's Disease

Advisor: Claes Wahlestedt

Rim El Belkacemi

B.A., 2016, Université Mohammed V de Rabat, Morocco

M.A., 2018, Université Moulay Ismail, Morocco

Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies

Dissertation: The Marginalization of Women in Master-Narratives on the Algerian War of Independence: Violence, Narrative, and Truth in Literature, Film, and the Archive Advisor: Christine E. Civantos

Marvelle Christian Elledge

B.S., 2016, Rogers State University

Major: Cancer Biology

Dissertation: A Novel Antibody Endostatin Fusion Protein Inhibits Lymphoma Angiogenesis, Lymphangiogenesis, Vessel Cooption and Prevents Lymphoma Dissemination Advisor: Joseph D. Rosenblatt

Elena Fernández

B.A., 2018, George Mason University

M.S.Ed., 2020, University of Miami

Major: Teaching and Learning

Dissertation: Impact of Assistive Technology Use on Toddler Communication, Behavior, and Engagement in an Early Childhood Center Advisor: Batya Elbaum

Stephanie Frosch

B.F.A., 2015, University of Central Florida

M.A., 2019, New York University

Major: Community Well-Being

Dissertation: Ctrl + Alt + Oppress: Understanding Psychodigital Phenomena; An Emerging Theory

Advisors: Isaac Prilleltensky and Scotney Evans

Mollie Sasha Goldfinger

B.A., 2015, University of Michigan

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: Sleep Duration and Variability, Nondiabetic Insulin Resistance, and Sequential 14-Hour Assessments of Pre- and Post-Prandial Ghrelin Over Two Days

Advisor: Barry E. Hurwitz

Alex Gonzalez

B.A., 1992, University of Miami

B.A., 1998, University of Miami

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: The Role of Light Spectrum, Retinal Macular Pigment, and Filtering in Moderating Visual Photosensitivity

Advisor: Annalise Marie Fernandez Clarke

Zachary T. Goodman

B.A., 2015, California State University, Sacramento

M.A., 2018, California State University, Sacramento

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: Leveraging Bayesian Machine Learning to Elucidate Brian-Based Biomarkers of Cognitive Aging

Advisor: Sierra Bainter

Eric Michael Griffin

B.A., 2012, Southern Seminary College

M.A., 2017, Marquette University

Major: History

Dissertation: The Soul of the Nation: Guarani Indigeneity and Nationalism in Paraguay and Corrientes, Argentina, 1900-1955

Advisor: Eduardo Elena

Hajar Hazime

B.S., 2015, University of Miami

M.S., 2016, Georgetown University

Major: Microbiology and Immunology

Dissertation: DUOX2 Mediated HostMicrobiome Interactions in Health and Disease

Advisor: Maria T. Abreu

Lillian Henderson

B.S., 2019, University of Rochester

Major: Ocean Sciences

Dissertation: Vertical Variations in Organic Composition of Particulate Matter in a Stratified Euphotic Zone and Implications for Carbon Export

Advisor: Hilary Close


Bridget Herlihy

Major: Neuroscience

Dissertation: The Contributions of the Gut Microbiome in Somatic Morphine Withdrawal

Jessica Hersh

B.S., 2019, Cornell University

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Targeted Nanotherapeutics and Diagnostics Using Peptide and Protein Ligands

Advisor: Sapna K. Deo

Shanelle Hodge

B.S., 2017, State University of New York Brockport

M.P.A., 2019, State University of New York Brockport

B.S.N., 2020, University of Miami

Major: Nursing Science

Dissertation: Barriers and Facilitators to Disclosure and Treatment of Sexual Violence Among Black Women

Advisor: Joseph P. De Santis

Zahid Hussain

B.E., 2013, Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering Science and Technology, Pakistan

M.E., 2019, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia

Major: Civil Engineering

Dissertation: Building Code Provisions for the Design of GFRP-RC Members: Implications and Improvements

Advisor: Antonio Nanni

Gillian Erica Jacobsen

B.S., 2015, University of California, Berkeley

Major: Microbiology and Immunology

Dissertation: Forgotten Players in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Innate Immunity, Pathobionts, and Stromal Cells

Advisor: Maria T. Abreu

Chong Jia

B.S., 2017, Ocean University of China, China

M.S., 2019, University of Miami

Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography

Dissertation: Characteristics of the Sea-Surface Temperatures in the Arctic Derived From Measurements From Saildrones and Satellites

Advisor: Peter Minnett

Karlon H. Johnson

Major: Epidemiology

Dissertation: The Effect of Patient-Reported Discharge Communication on Post-Stroke Behaviors and Outcomes

Sam G. Johnson

B.A., 2011, Aquinas College

M.A., 2014, University of New Mexico

M.A., 2017, University of New Mexico

Major: Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies

Dissertation: Amazonian Transmedia: Seeking Ecological and Epistemic Justice in the Anthropocene

Advisor: Tracy L. Devine Guzman

Hengyi Ke

B.S.E.E., 2016, University of Miami

M.S., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Biostatistics

Dissertation: Tree-Based Methods for Causal Matching and Distorted Variable Analysis

Advisor: J. Sunil Rao

Kayla Larkin

B.A., 2012, Pennsylvania State University

M.A., 2014, Lesley University

Major: Teaching and Learning

Dissertation: Meeting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students With Dis/ Abilities’ Secondary English Language Arts Curriculum and Instructional Needs

Advisor: Wendy Morrison-Cavendish

Quinton Anthony Lawton

B.S., 2019, Texas A&M University

Major: Atmospheric Sciences

Dissertation: Convectively Coupled Kelvin Waves and Their Interactions With African Easterly Waves

Advisor: Sharanya J. Majumdar

Boshuo Li

B.A., 2018, Tsinghua University, China

M.S., 2020, Peking University, China

Major: Business

Dissertation: Strategic Talent Hiring and Its Implications

Advisor: Wei Shi

Songyi Liang

Bachelor, 2018, Northwest A&F University, China

Major: Communication

Advisor: Michelle I. Seelig

Jiaqi Liu

B.S., 2016, Jishou University, China

M.S., 2020, Yantai University, China

Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Dissertation: Compartment-Specific NAD+ Metabolism in Glioma

Advisor: R. Grace Zhai

Peter Daniel Lyon

B.S., 2016, Ohio State University

Major: Cancer Biology

Dissertation: Defining the Role of Vitamin B12 in the Pathogenesis of Myeloid Malignancy

Advisor: Luisa Cimmino

Melanie McKenna

B.A., 2018, University of Miami

M.A., 2022, University of Miami

Major: Sociology

Dissertation: Intergenerational Effects of Maternal Exposure to Violence on Infant Health Outcomes

Advisor: Kathryn M. Nowotny

Merranda M. McLaughlin

B.A., 2015, University of Michigan

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: A Systematic Review and MetaAnalyses of Factors Related to Muslim Mental Health, Help-Seeking, and the Feasibility of Islamically-Integrated Interventions

Advisor: Amy Weisman de Mamani

Noelle Amanda Mendez

B.A., 2015, University of Miami

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: The Impact of Recent Incarceration and Structural Barriers on the HIV Treatment Cascade

Advisor: Steven A. Safren

Robert A. Mesa

B.S., 2009, Boston University

M.P.H., 2019, University of Miami

Major: Epidemiology

Dissertation: Social Determinants of Health, Race/Ethnicity, and Biological Aging Among Diverse U.S. Adults

Advisor: Tali Elfassy

Marisol Ledesma Meyer

B.A., 2018, Dartmouth College

Major: Counseling Psychology

Dissertation: Fireside Mental Health Chats: Feasibility and Acceptability of a StrengthsBased Approach to Empower Foster Youth Advisor: MarieGuerda Nicolas

Jacquelyn Michele Moffitt

B.A., 2016, California State University, Fullerton

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: Objective Measurement of Toddler Vocalizations as a Predictor of Later Autism Symptoms

Advisors: Michael Alessandri and Daniel Messinger

Michael P. Moraskie Alvarez-Tabio

B.S., 2016, Haverford College

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Illuminating Quorum: Engineering Quantitative Bioluminescent Biosensors for the Novel Quorum Sensing Molecule 3,5-dimethyl-pyrazine-2-ol (DPO) and Revelations From Its Quantified Presence in Humans, Animals, and Bacteria

Advisor: Sylvia Daunert


Beronica A. Ocasio

B.S., 2017, University of Florida

Major: Human Genetics and Genomics

Dissertation: Facilitating the Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Advisor: Stephan C. Schurer

Natalie Ortiz Vega

B.S., 2018, University of Puerto Rico

Major: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology

Dissertation: Regulation of Proteostasis by Sleep in Drosophila Models of Alzheimer’s Disease Advisor: R. Grace Zhai

Diego Palacios

2013, Miami Dade College

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dissertation: Extending Optical Techniques in Resolution and Range for Single Aperture 3D Imaging and Fundus Scanning Advisor: Michael Renxun Wang

Renae L. Patterson

B.S.N., 1998, University of Miami

M.B.A., 2010, Nova Southeastern University

Major: Nursing Science

Dissertation: Seventy-Eight Would Be Great: An Exploration of the Use of Patient Portals as a Supporting Intervention to Improve HIV Care Engagement Among Black Men Who Have Sex With Men Living With HIV Advisor: Audrey Harkness

Meredith Pinkerton

B.S., 2019, Colorado State University

M.S., 2020, University of Miami

Major: Neuroscience

Dissertation: Slowing Proteotoxic Neurodegeneration by Boosting Mitochondrial Bioenergetics and Recruiting a Novel Class of Chaperones

Nikolaos Theodore Polizos

B.A., 2015, Knox College

Major: Biology Advisor: Julia Dallman

Sofía Poma

B.A., 2013, Tufts University

M.P.H., 2015, University of Miami

Major: Counseling Psychology

Dissertation: Feasibility and Acceptability of a Family-Based Intervention in El Salvador: A Mixed Methods Study

Advisor: Lydia Pearl Buki

Victoria Lynn Rapp

B.A., 2019, Loyola University New Orleans

M.C.J., 2020, Loyola University New Orleans

Major: Sociology

Dissertation: Strain, Impulse, and Selfishness

Theory: A Theory of General Offending

Advisor: Nicole Leeper Piquero

Molly Ream

B.A., 2016, University of Pennsylvania

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: The Long-Term Impact of Brief Post-Surgical Stress Management on Positive Psychological Adaptation, Medication Adherence, and Breast Cancer Outcomes

Advisor: Michael H. Antoni

Gazelle Rouhani

B.S., 2006, Emory University

M.P.H., 2010, University of Miami

Major: Epidemiology

Dissertation: The Impact of Dermatologic Toxicities Among Colorectal Cancer Patients

Advisor: Robert R. Kirsner

Marissa B. Rykowski

B.S., 2016, University of Miami

Major: Marine Biology and Ecology

Dissertation: Assessing Threats From Global Warming and Bycatch to Northwest Atlantic Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Advisor: Elizabeth A. Babcock

Genesis Melissa Saenz

2019, Miami Dade College

B.A., 2021, Florida International University

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: Gossip, Outness, Internalized Homonegativity, and Suicidal Ideation in BIPOC Individuals Who Are Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual

Matthew Jesse Schneider

B.A., 2016, Pennsylvania State University

B.S., 2016, Pennsylvania State University

M.S., 2018, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Major: Environmental Science and Policy

Dissertation: Historical Ecology Case Studies in South Florida

Advisor: Traci A. Ardren

Nastasia Schreiner

B.Ed., 2019, McGill University, Canada

M.Ed., 2021, McGill University, Canada

Major: Teaching and Learning

Dissertation: Quality of Transition Supports in Middle School Inclusive Classrooms

Advisor: Wendy Morrison-Cavendish

Spencer Owen Seely

B.S., 2015, Utah State University

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dissertation: Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics in a Post-Pandemic Era

Advisor: Sylvia Daunert

Ratanpriya Sharma

B.S.E.E., 2013

M.S.Ed., 2017, Indiana University

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: Assessing the Neural and CardioAutonomic Reactivity to Social Ostracism in Persons Living With HIV

Advisor: Roger McIntosh

Acacia Nicole Shouse

B.S., 2013, Arizona State University

M.A., 2016, Loyola University Chicago

Major: Microbiology and Immunology

Dissertation: Interleukin-2 Instructs Peripheral Regulatory T Cell Heterogeneity

Advisor: Thomas R. Malek

Sisam Shrestha

B.S., 2019, University of Louisiana

Major: Atmospheric Sciences

Dissertation: Analysis of Changes in LargeScale Atmospheric Circulation and Their Implications on Climate Sensitivity

Advisor: Brian J. Soden

Ganesh Sigdel

B.S., 2009

M.S., 2013

M.S., 2019, University of South Dakota

Major: Chemistry

Dissertation: From Synthesis to Visualization: Lanthanide-Doped Carbon Dots as Emerging Tools in Bioimaging Research

Advisor: Roger M. Leblanc

Dieyun Song

B.A., 2015, Lynchburg College

M.A., 2017, Lynchburg College

Major: History

Dissertation: The Power of Philanthropy: Development, Empire, and Non-State Actors in Cold War Colombia, 1961-1973

Advisor: Eduardo Elena

Markus Spurlock

B.S., 2011, University of Miami

Major: Neuroscience

Dissertation: Role and Regulation of Inflammasome in Acute Pressure-Induced Injury of Retinal Ganglion Cells

Advisor: Valery Shestopalov

Gabrielle Monterano Mesquita Van Meter

B.S., 2017, University of Miami

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Dissertation: Optical Coherence Tomography of the Ciliary Muscle Dynamics During Accommodation

Advisor: Fabrice Manns

Katherine M. Villa

B.A., 2016, St. Olaf College

M.S., 2018, University of Illinois

Major: Philosophy

Dissertation: Affective Injustice and Moral Responsibility

Advisor: Aleksandra Hernandez

Brittni Rae Walker

B.S., 2017, Loyola University Chicago

Major: Neuroscience

Dissertation: CNS Gene Therapy in Mouse Models of Complex I and Complex IV Encephalopathies

Advisor: Carlos T. Moraes


Bradley A. Weiler

B.S., 2016, Carleton University, Canada

M.S., 2019, Memorial University, Canada

Major: Marine Biology and Ecology

Dissertation: Applying Comparative Multiomics to Study the Holobiont of the Reef-Forming Coral Pseudodiploria Strigosa Through Health and Disease

Advisors: Javier del Campo and Andrew C. Baker

Alexandra D. E. Wen

B.S., 2019, Duke University

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Causes, Consequences, and Longevity of Shifts in Algal Symbiont Communities (Family Symbiodiniaceae) in Caribbean Corals

Advisor: Andrew C. Baker

Jeffrey Wayne White

B.S., 2015, Middle Tennessee State University

M.S., 2019, Marshall University

Major: Biology

Dissertation: Characterizing Patterns of Foraging Ecology, Diving Physiology, and Population Structure in Multiple Diving Seabird Species

Advisor: Kevin Grant McCracken

Paul Kozol Wojtal

B.S., 2016, Brown University

Major: Ocean Sciences

Dissertation: Geochemical Tools to Understand Trophic, Microbial, and Anthropogenic Effects on Organic Matter Cycling in Marine Particles

Advisor: Hilary Close

Yang Yi

B.A., 2016, Hunan Normal University, China

M.A., 2020, University of Miami

Major: Communication

Dissertation: Communicative Efforts in Workplace Microaggressions

Advisor: Nicholas Carcioppolo

Wei Zhang

B.S., 2017, The State University of New York at Binghamton

M.S., 2019, The George Washington University

Major: Biostatistics

Dissertation: Integrative Multi-Omics Variable Selection and Clustering Analysis Using Multivariate Random Forest Approach

Advisor: Steven X. Chen

Hao Zhu

B.S., 2015

M.S., 2019, University of Southern Mississippi

Major: Computer Science

Dissertation: Computational Approaches for Predicting DNA Methylation and Constructing Whole-Genome Structures Using Hi-C Data


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Shannon Bell

B.A., 2017, Dominican University

M.B.A., 2019, Dominican University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Learning Trauma Coping and Healing Strategies Through Christian Communal, Faith-Based Restorative Healing Practices

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Sylvie M. Billings

B.A., 2012, University of Miami

M.Ed., 2019, Concordia University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Trauma-Informed Practices in Title One Education on Trauma-Informed Practices in Title One Education

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Melissa Kay Christensen

B.S.B.A., 2005, Southern New Hampshire University

M.B.A., 2014, Plymouth State University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Cultivating Undergraduate Student Motivation: Designing an Online Professional Development Course for College Faculty

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Aileen Delgado

B.A., 2007, Florida International University

M.S., 2012, Nova Southeastern University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Restorative Practices in Schools: Training Teachers to Improve School Culture Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Gayle Eberhardt-Mitchell

B.A., 2017, The University of Arizona Global Campus

M.B.A., 2019, The University of Arizona Global Campus

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Math Anxiety and Study Skills: Reducing the Effects of Anxiety on Developmental Math Students

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Matthew Louis Garrett

B.S., 2009, Temple University

M.B.A., 2014, Saint Joseph’s University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Building Autonomy and Competence: A Capstone Project on Black Women Entrepreneurs’ Development Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Donna Lipkis Goldstone

B.A., 2005, Hofstra University

M.S., 2008, Pace University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Restorative Practices in Schools: Training Teachers to Improve School Culture Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Melanie Lynn Graziano

B.A., 2004, Nazareth College

M.A., 2006, University at Albany

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Math Anxiety and Study Skills: Reducing the Effects of Anxiety on Developmental Math Students

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Lara O’Donnell Grillo

B.A., 2002, Emory University

J.D., 2005, Harvard University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: The Impact of Constructivism on Adult Learners’ Understanding and Perceptions in Online Workplace Training Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Jessica Charlene Harris

B.A., 2015, University of South Alabama

M.A., 2017, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Building Autonomy and Competence: A Capstone Project on Black Women Entrepreneurs’ Development

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Susan Rose Hausman

B.S., 1998, Florida International University

M.S., 2011, New York Institute of Technology

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Advancing Knowledge of Service Dog Adaptation and Human-Animal Interaction: Application of Constructivist Learning in a Workplace Training Program

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Christon James Hicks

B.S., 2013, Indiana Wesleyan University

M.A., 2018, Indiana Wesleyan University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Building Autonomy and Competence: A Capstone Project on Black Women Entrepreneurs’ Development

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Marquez Hughley

B.A., 2012, Morehouse College

M.A., 2021, Oral Roberts University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Learning Trauma Coping and Healing Strategies Through Christian Communal, Faith-Based Restorative Healing Practices

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Jamie Elizabeth Kneisley

B.A., 2005, Austin College

M.A., 2014, University of Texas Permian Basin

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Math Anxiety and Study Skills: Reducing the Effects of Anxiety on Developmental Math Students

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn


David Henry Lobo

B.A., 1989, College of Charleston

M.S., 1993, University of Central Missouri

M.B.A., 1999, University of Dallas

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: The Benefits of Applying a Problem-Based Learning Approach Within an Online Customer Relationship Management Course

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Rosanna Marte

B.S., 2011, Albizu University

M.S., 2014, Albizu University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Restorative Practices in Schools: Training Teachers to Improve School Culture

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

DaShon Monee Rivers

B.S., 2018, University of Illinois

M.S., 2020, University of Miami

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Metacognitive Learning Strategies in 9th-Grade Mathematics Class

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Christopher Dondré Trémor Roblész

B.S., 2015, Barry University

M.A., 2016, University of Central Florida

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Metacognitive Learning Strategies in 9th-Grade Mathematics Class Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Yardia Lorraine Spencer

B.S., 2017, University of Phoenix

M.B.A., 2019, American InterContinental University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Building Autonomy and Competence: A Capstone Project on Black Women Entrepreneurs’ Development

Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Panagiotis Theodosios Tsamoutalis

B.S., 2016, Drexel University

M.S., 2021, Western Governors University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Metacognitive Learning Strategies in 9th-Grade Mathematics Class Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Tamika Aysia Adams

B.A., 2001, University of South Florida

M.B.A., 2009, University of Phoenix

M.S.Ed., 2021, Nova Southeastern University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Implementing Instructional Strategies: Addressing Student Success and Barriers in a Community College

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Elga Agbaw

B.A., 2005, William Peace University

M.B.A., 2010, Strayer University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Constructivist Approach to Investigate Motivation, Skill Development, and Proficiency in Youth Volleyball Using Designs for Learning Advisor: Bruce Baker

Alicia Jacqueline Browne

B.S., 2005, St. Francis College

M.B.A., 2010, Baruch College

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Constructivist Approach to Investigate Motivation, Skill Development, and Proficiency in Youth Volleyball Using Designs for Learning Advisor: Bruce Baker

Kevin D. Crum

B.S., 2007, Lane College

M.Ed., 2014, Tennessee State University

Major: Higher Education Leadership

Final Project: Reconceptualizing Name, Image, and Likeness as a High-Impact Educational Practice To Help Black NCAA Division I Student-Athletes Succeed Beyond Degree Completion

Advisor: Carol-Anne Phekoo

Crystal Doyle

B.A., 2017, Washington State University

M.Ed., 2019, Northeastern University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Utilizing Action Mapping To Support Educators in Reducing Behavior Referrals Within School Settings

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Patricia Mae Bangate Early

B.A., 2018, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

M.A., 2021, Grand Canyon University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Implementing Instructional Strategies: Addressing Student Success Barriers in Community College

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Brian Matthew Garcia

B.A., 2007, University of Florida

M.S., 2021, Barry University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Promoting Critical Thinking Skills Through the Creation of Board Games

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Candace Gomez

B.A., 2012, Barry University

M.S., 2015, Florida Institute of Technology

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Utilizing Action Mapping to Support Educators in Reducing Behavior Referrals within School Settings

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Kentrell Sharod King

B.S., 2014, Savannah State University

M.Ed., 2021, University of West Alabama

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training for Academic and Residential Advisors To Improve Persistence and Completion for First-Time Undergraduates in Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)

Advisor: Bruce Baker

Amy Lynne Koehler

B.G.S., 2016, University of Connecticut

M.S., 2020, Southern New Hampshire University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Maintaining Self-Determination Theory for Students in Blended Learning Educational Programs

Advisor: Bruce Baker

Janice Vanourney Leister

B.A., 2011, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.A., 2016, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.S., 2020, Syracuse University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Addressing Learning and Information Needs for Neurodivergent Students in Elementary School Media Centers

Advisor: Bruce Baker

Verónica Lugo

B.A., 2012, University of South Florida

M.S., 2015, Nova Southeastern University

M.S., 2020, Nova Southeastern University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training for Academic and Residential Advisors To Improve Persistence and Completion for First-Time Undergraduates in Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)

Advisor: Bruce Baker

April Dawn Mann

B.S., 1987, Florida International University

M.A., 1993, University of Miami

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Navigating the Jagged Frontier: University Faculty Engage With AI-Based Writing Tools in a Community of Practice

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Tara M. McKenna

B.S., 1989, James Madison University

M.S., 1991, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: The Impact of Mentoring in Fostering Strategic Business Planning Skills Among Pre-Service Professionals

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn


Artonya Dean McNeally

B.S., 1990, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

M.Ed., 2009, University of Central Florida

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Missionary Parents Working Abroad: Are Pedagogies, Self-Determination, and Universal Design a Strong Continuum of Support for Preschoolers To Be Successful in School?

Advisor: Bruce Baker

JimiBeth Myers

B.A., 2001, University of Illinois

M.A., 2003, University of Illinois

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: The Impact of Mentoring in Fostering Strategic Business Planning Skills Among Pre-Service Professionals

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Diane Ocampo Moss

B.S., 2001, Nova Southeastern University

M.S., 2003, Nova Southeastern University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Constructivist Approach to Investigate Motivation, Skill Development, and Proficiency in Youth Volleyball Using Designs for Learning

Advisor: Bruce Baker

Lauren Robinson

B.A., 2012, Florida Atlantic University

M.Ed., 2016, Florida Atlantic University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Utilizing Action Mapping To Support Educators in Reducing Behavior Referrals Within School Settings

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Adina Sanchez-Garcia

B.A., 1989, Florida International University

M.A., 1992, University of Miami

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Navigating the Jagged Frontier: University Faculty Engage With AI-Based Writing Tools in a Community of Practice Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

David O. Wilson

B.S., 2002, Franklin University

M.B.A., 2005, Ashland University

M.S., 2020, University of Pennsylvania

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Enhancing Instructor Implicit

Bias Awareness With Online Micro-Learning Modules

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Kara Elizabeth Young

B.M., 2008, Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania-Mansfield

M.A., 2011, Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania-Mansfield

M.M., 2016, Boston University

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: Enhancing Emotion Regulation Skills in Students With Emotional Dysregulation via Communication, Organization, and Regulation of Emotions Through (CORE) Percussion Intervention Advisor: Soyeon Ahn

Anastasia Theresa Zavodny

B.S., 2007, University of California San Diego

M.A., 2008, University of California, Santa Barbara

M.A., 2011, University California, Santa Barbara

Major: Applied Learning Sciences

Final Project: The Impact of Mentoring in Fostering Strategic Business Planning Skills Among Pre-Service Professionals

Advisor: Soyeon Ahn


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Kevin Bryson

B.M., 2008, Berklee College of Music

M.M., 2021, University of Southern California

Major: Instrumental Jazz Performance

Final Project: Linear Chord Scale Analysis and Improvisation in Post-Bop Jazz Harmony

Advisor: Dante T. Luciani

Jin Cai

B.M., 2017, Renmin University of China, China

M.M., 2021, Lynn University

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: A Guide to Making AmericanStyle Second Oboe Reeds

Advisor: Robert Alan Weiner

Carolina Calvache Narvaez

B.A.M., 2008

M.M., 2010, University of North Texas

Major: Jazz Composition

Final Project: Pan-American Fusion in Composition: Where Jazz, Classical, and PanLatin Music Meet

Advisor: Stephen James Guerra Jr.

Fabian Carrera

B.A., 2017, Florida International University

B.S., 2017, Florida International University

M.M., 2021, University of Miami

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Archival Recording Project: Carlos Bonilla Chavez' Composition ‘Raices’ (Roots) Concerto for Classical Guitar and Orchestra

Advisor: Rafael Martin Padron

Richard Anthony Carrillo

B.M., 2007, University of Houston

M.M., 2021, Missouri State University

Major: Choral Conducting

Final Project: A Conductor’s Guide to Frank La Rocca’s Mass of the Americas

Advisor: Amanda Quist

Yin Bob Aaron Chan

B.M., 2017, McGill University, Canada

M.M., 2019, McGill University, Canada

2021, Lynn University

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Beyond the Melodious Etudes: Transcribing Opera Arias Into Bass Trombone Performance

Advisor: Timothy M. Conner

Robert Franklin Chapman

B.M., 2017, University of North Texas

M.M., 2021, University of North Texas

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Adapting Bob Becker’s “lahara” (1977) for Multiple Percussion

Advisor: Svetoslav R. Stoyanov

Daniel Chiva Sanz

B.M., 2018, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castellón, Spain

M.M., 2021, Southeastern Louisana University

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Concerto No. 2, Op. 25 by Theodor Albin Findeisen: A Formal and Performance Practice Analysis

Advisor: Brian Timothy Powell

Jaehyun Cho

B.M., 2018, California State University, Northridge

M.M., 2020, New York University

Major: Instrumental Jazz Performance

Final Project: Applying Three Distinct Analytical Techniques in Examining the Composition and Improvisational Style of Jazz Bassist Drew Gress

Advisor: Charles Lawrence Bergeron

Benita Peycheva Dzhurkova

B.A.M., 2015, Nicholls State University

M.M., 2018, Lynn University

M.M., 2020, Florida Atlantic University

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Instrumental-Vocal Fusion: Exploring the Correlations Through Operatic Areas Transcribed for Violin

Advisor: Charles Castleman

Joao Felipe da Fraga

B.A., 2019, Nicholls State University

M.M., 2021, University of Miami

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: The Humble Genius: A Journey into George Enescu’s Compositions for Violin and Viola

Advisor: Charles Castleman


Cory William Fica

B.M., 2015, University of South Carolina

M.M., 2017, University of Texas at Austin

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Exploring the Use of Electronics in Alejandro Viñao’s Madera Viento y Metal

Advisor: Svetoslav R. Stoyanov

Kelsey Gallagher

B.A., 2015, University of New Hampshire

M.M., 2017, University of North Texas

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: In the Flesh: Contemporary Approaches to Live Performance

Advisor: Margaret Ann Flavin

Rashaad Hakeem Greene

B.M., 2018, Vanderbilt University

M.M., 2020, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Major: Instrumental Jazz Performance

Final Project: A Rationale for the Inclusion of Video Game Music in Collegiate Jazz Curricula

Advisor: Dafnis Prieto

Maria Fernanda Guglielmina

B.M., 2017, Western Michigan University

M.M., 2020, Pennsylvania State University

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Miami Flute Suite by Miguel Del Aguila: A Performance Guide Through Musical and Cultural Analysis

Advisor: Jennifer Grim

Ian Andrew Prescott Henderson

B.M., 2016, University of North Texas

M.M., 2021, University of Texas at Austin

Major: Instrumental Jazz Performance

Final Project: The Evolution of the Texas Tenor: A History of How Texan Saxophonists Have Influenced Music from Free Jazz to Aretha Franklin to Snarky Puppy

Advisor: Marcus Wayne Strickland

Tadao Hermida

B.M., 2018, University of Cincinnati

M.M., 2021, University of Miami

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: “Lost in Transcription?”: A Critical Performance Edition of Selections

From Pièces de Viole by Marin Marais, Transcribed to Violoncelo and Basso Continuo

Advisor: Ross T. Harbaugh

Dallas Joseph Howard

B.M., 2016, Oklahoma City University

M.M., 2018, Ithaca College

Major: Composition

Final Project: Bubble Theory

Advisor: Charles N. Mason

Jung Eun Kim

B.M., 2018, University of Auckland, New Zealand

M.M., 2021, New England Conservatory of Music

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Study of Sergei Prokofiev’s Transcription Techniques, and a Transcription of Piano Sonata No.2, Op.14 for String Quartet

Advisor: Ross T. Harbaugh

Haoran Li

B.A., 2017, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China

M.M., 2019, New England Conservatory of Music

Major: Instrumental Jazz Performance

Final Project: An Exploration of Jazz Trombonist Michael Dease’s Improvisational Style

Advisor: Dante T. Luciani

Yanjun Lin

B.F.A., 2019, Xiamen University, China

M.M., 2021, Cleveland Institute of Music

Major: Vocal Performance

Final Project: The Selected Chinese Art Songs of Futong Wong (B.1948)

Advisor: Frank W. Ragsdale

Jiajie Liu

B.A., 2009, Henan University, China

M.A., 2013, Communication University of China, China

M.M., 2021, University of Hartford

Major: Composition

Final Project: Cantonese Opera and the Taiji Composition System in A General’s Dream

Advisor: Charles N. Mason

Yihan Liu

B.M., 2019, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, China

M.M., 2021, New England Conservatory of Music

Major: Composition

Final Project: The 52 Hertz: Chamber Music for the Loneliest Whale in the North Pacific Ocean

Advisor: Dorothy E. Hindman

Sheldon McLean

B.S.H.S., 2010, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

M.M., 2015, Florida State University

Major: Instrumental Conducting

Final Project: Roots, Routes, and Repertoire: An Exploratory Review of Black Aesthetic Lines of Influence in American Wind Ensemble Music

Advisor: Robert M. Carnochan

Jiana Peng

B.M., 2016, Cleveland Institute of Music

M.M., 2018, Cleveland Institute of Music

Major: Keyboard Performance

Final Project: Polish Folkloristic-Nationalism in Piano Works by Szymanowski, Bacewicz, and Maciejewski

Advisor: Kevin Kenner

Nethanel Elazar Pollak

B.M., 2013, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel

M.M., 2016, The Juilliard School

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: The Viola Behind the Iron Curtain: A Survey of Original Viola Music From the Soviet Era

Advisor: Jodi Levitz

Luis F. Rivera

B.M., 1998, Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico

M.M., 1998, University of North Texas

Major: Instrumental Performance and Multiple Woodwinds

Final Project: Woodwind Portraits

Advisor: Margaret Ann Flavin

Aramis Javier Ruiz-Ruiz

B.M., 2019, University of Central Florida

M.A., 2021, University of Central Florida

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Application of Selected Principles From Kinesiology, Physical Development, and Psychomotor Learning to Cello Pedagogy

Advisor: Ross T. Harbaugh

Madison Nicole Ryan

B.M., 2019, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.M., 2021, University of Wyoming

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Expanding the Repertoire: A Presentation of Violin Concertos Composed by Women

Advisor: Charles Castleman

Kaiji Wang

B.M., 2018, Berklee College of Music

M.M., 2021, Eastman School of Music

Major: Jazz Composition

Final Project: From Piano to Big Band— Translating Idiomatic Piano Devices to Large Jazz Ensemble Writing

Advisor: Stephen James Guerra Jr.

Adrienne Williams

2014, Utah Valley University

B.M., 2018, Brigham Young University

M.M., 2020, University of Rochester

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Intersections: Utilizing Principles of Viola Pedagogy To Improve Violin Performance

Advisor: Charles Castleman


Xiao Xu

B.M., 2018, National University of Singapore, Singapore

M.M., 2020, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Major: Instrumental Performance

Final Project: Harmonious Echoes on China: A Viola Collection

Advisor: Jodi Levitz

Zi Xu

B.M., 2018

M.M., 2018

Major: Keyboard Performance

Final Project: Etudes Advisor: Kevin P. Kenner

Yaqi Yang

B.F.A., 2019, Central Conservatory of Music, China

M.M., 2021, Temple University

Major: Vocal Performance

Final Project: Folk Songs of the Han Chinese: A Performance Practice Guide

Advisor: Frank W. Ragsdale

Yuan Zhou

B.M., 2019, Cleveland Institute of Music

M.M., 2020, Cleveland Institute of Music

Major: Keyboard Performance

Final Project: The Triumph of the Fugue

Advisor: Kevin P. Kenner


Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Karen Spiritto

B.S.N., 2016, Miami Dade College


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Victor Agbara

B.S., 2019, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jafar Felix Alkenany

B.S., 2019, San Diego State University

Dhyeya Barot

B.S., 2018, University of Virginia

Catherine A. Bergeron

B.S., 2021, Colorado State University

Anna Besowshek

B.S., 2020, Florida Atlantic University

Jose Black

B.S., 2019, Barry University

Natalie Bollt

B.S., 2016, University of Miami

Ricardo G. Cabrera

B.H.Sv., 2021, Florida International University

Kaisa Karolina Chirinos

B.S., 2020, Florida International University

Alex Decker

B.S., 2013, Barry University

Shaina L. DeMichele

B.S., 2021, Rutgers State University

Gabriel Deol

B.S.B.A., 2016, Menlo College

Anthony Fano

B.S., 2019, Ithaca College

Evan Quinn Garr

B.S., 2017, Baylor University

Paul Isaiah Gonzales

B.S., 2021, University of Wyoming

Kristine Gouin

B.S., 2019, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Alanna Marie Hunt

B.S., 2021, Valdosta State University

Kasey-Elise Jureidini

B.S., 2021, Nova Southeastern University

Alexa Khantzian

B.S., 2021, Sacred Heart University

Zachyre Lane

B.S., 2021, Howard University

Steven Linowes

B.S., 2016, Syracuse University

Sarah Lopez

B.S., 2019, Montclair State University

Franco Loza

B.S., 2016, American Public University

M.S., 2017, Point Loma Nazarene University

Alexi Machado

B.S., 2020, University of Central Florida

Emily McGuigan

B.S., 2021, University of Pittsburgh

Estella Maritza Mejia

B.S., 2020, Florida International University

Bissan Mustafa

B.A., 2021, University of South Florida

B.S., 2021, University of South Florida

Jordan Naidrich

B.S., 2020, Union College

Margarita Sofia Padin

B.A., 2019, Florida International University

Kevin Scott Page

B.A.S., 2020, Appalachian State University

Bruna Parreira Fonseca

B.S., 2020, Florida Atlantic University

Erica Marie Perry

B.S., 2021, University of Indianapolis

Sydney Jacquelyn Pincus

B.S., 2020, University of Miami

Benjamin Emanuel Portnoy

B.S., 2021, Russell Sage College

Veronica Rogers

B.S., 2020, University of Florida

Michael Rusnak

B.S., 2021, University of Central Florida

Shubhreet Sandhu

B.S., 2020, Simon Fraser University

Esmeralda Elvira Sandoval

B.A., 2019, University of California, Santa Cruz


Kristin Nichole Seal

B.S., 2021, University of Washington

Sarah Segan

B.S., 2019, College of William & Mary

Denis Milian Shostak

B.S., 2021, California Baptist University

Nikki Srur

B.S., 2016, Western Washington University

Carly Swanson

B.S., 2020, University of West Florida

Kristin Barbara Taylor

B.S., 2021, University of Tampa

Celine Trinita A. Thompson

B.S., 2020, University of Miami

Mia Troiano

B.S., 2019, University of Virginia

M.S., 2021, University of Virginia

Kathryn Webster

B.S., 2011, Georgetown College

Ph.D., 2017, University of Louisville

Rachel Weinstein

B.S., 2020, University of Minnesota

Jarrell Williams

B.S., 2019, University of Montevallo

Mitchell Patrick Wood

B.S., 2019, Salisbury University

Brooke Therese Young

B.S., 2020, Pennsylvania State University

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Veronica Danielle Garcia

B.S., 2020, University of Miami

Logan James Waller

B.A., 2021, University of Iowa


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Taryn Eliana Barnett

Elizabeth Ann Deese

School of Architecture

Established 1983

Presented by Rodolphe el-Khoury, Ph.D., Dean


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Andrea Jahell Aguilar Ruiz

Fatemeh Bahmani

Dagmar Paola Barron Nava

Maryam Basti

Roberto Alejandro Borberg Mendoza

Maria Adalgisa Cannavo Violante

John Edward Carlisle

Drew Gordon Dunphy

Adriana Garcia Stenftenagel

Alexander Joshua Glass

Soraya Maria Hasbun Zamora

Eugenio Janeiro

Quan Le

Mia Mackovski

Sophia Dae Rocha

Maritere Rodriguez

Tatiana Alexa Rosello

Caroline Rebecca Rothschild

Santiago Salamanca Jimenez

Delaney Skelly

Romi Sofi

Kiera M. Tucker

McKenzie Higgins Waldron

Alexa Jill White

Alexandra Marie Wise

Kevin Harrison Wright

Jacqueline Hope Zuckerbrod


Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Domenica Anais Bravo Bravo

Daniel E. Cutimanco

Guang Liang

Guna Nagavalli Lakshmi Abhijna Medavarapu


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Caden McLamore Brown

Alyssa Fraga

Juan Pablo Gutierrez Gonzalez

Michael Charles Lombard

Chukwudum Theophilus Muoneke

Jesus Quintero

Richard Woods

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Sebastian Andres Aviles Rodriguez

Stephanie Esther Banon

Michael Brenner

Christopher Chase Candela

David Joseph Flaxer

Stuart W. Fort

Rodrigo Gutierrez

Erika Jakobson

Tyler Brigden Michael James

Clarence Johnson

Fredrika Jorge

Harilaos Constantine Stav Ladas

John Warren McMillan

Nicolas Montana

Eric Olvera

Kaya Ozturk

Nayantara Shilpin Patel

Alexander Pegues

Christopher M. Perdios

Miguel A. Perez

John C. Seiden

Colton Teitelbaum

Justin Raymond Telleria

Veronica Testori


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Juan Francisco Uria Vallejo

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Mohammad A A A Alramadan

Natalie Castillo

Milagro J. Valerio


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Naomie Najsia Payen

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Vignesh Burada

Jackeline Ivonne Del Arca Argueta

Shriya Dhir


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Lillian Elizabeth Acosta

Alex Jermaine Adams

Abdullatif M H H Alhusaini

Salem Alsalmi

Nicholas M. Amadori (S)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Salome Arango

Daniela Barbano

Annsley Montgomery Barton

Sophia Maria Benitez

Ryan Jacob Berman

Alana Jasmin Bernard (C)

Ethan Blatt (M)

Julia Borges Reis

Sacha Aina Braggs

Keely Rae Brunkow

Teodoro Julian Bueres Jr. (S)

Gray Covington Burke (M)

Jack Kenneth Chazotte

Juan Jose Chinchilla

Zachary Cronin

Nathan Ben Yishai Dankner

Gabriela De Camarero Perez

Emily Anne Dietzko

Meghan Angela Dombroski

Tyler James Dowd

Josie Ann Duran

Alexis Emmanuel Ebue

Didem Macey Erbilen (M)

Ayca Erturk

Sean Christopher Festa (S)

Mariana Fleites

Emma Simone Friderici

Rosana Galban

Nicole Cristina Garcia-Tunon

Jake Trueman Gawrych

Dario F. Gonzalez Bautista

Brandon Alejandro Hernandez

Alexandria Elizabeth Jones

Tarynn Kaelin (C)

Joshua Kaufman

John Steven Kovacic

Ashley Lee

Andrea Maria Lira (M)

Fabiana Maria Macedo Rodriguez

Ana Carolina Machado Rusconi

Sidney Marques III (C)

Benjamin James Martin (S)

Andrea Martinez

Manuela Marulanda Bedoya

Hannah Meyer

Douglas Noriega

Erika Melissa Orellana

Teagan Connelly Polizzi (M)

Nandha Ravi

Benedetto Rebecca

Kayla Marie Rembold

Quinn Palmer Riesch

Mikayla Rose Riselli

Carolina Rodriguez (M)

Francisco Alejandro Sanabria Garcia

Carlos Enrique Santos Ortiz

Daniel Sicorsky-Brener (M)

Brandon Rourke Soto (M)

Rebecca Mason Stewart

Shea Elizabeth Stuyvesant (S)

Yen Chi Ta (M)

Jaclyn Faye Torn

Adam Toum Benchekroun

Nicole Alana Trujillo

Samuel Tsirulnikov (C)

Robert Ireland Upton

April Vasquez

Anthony Louis Venant

Leanne Vera

Emel Yilmaz

Emmaus Yonas

Isabella Alejandra Zayas

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Karla Alarcon (S)

Roee Nissim Aviv

Khalil Justice Bland

Ann Michelle Ceballo

Lara Anne Connolly

Justin Alec Heitner

Blaise Lowen

Bennett Kyle Resnick

Yanitza Gisselle Velez

Angela Lee Wilk

College of Arts and Sciences

Established 1926

Presented by Leonidas G. Bachas, Ph.D., Dean


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Cory Callejas

Nathanael Crutchfield

Zoe Storm Fundora

Kelly Rose Garcia

Mikayla Justine Gowaty

Akshata Gunda

Yaliza Gutierrez-Nunez

Hyekyung Jung

Taylor Majher

Caroline Irene-Alonso Miles

Vanessa Linda Roske

Allison Marie Sabo

Cecilia Calderon Salzburg

Massiel Valcarcel

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Santiago Enrique Casamayor

Alyssa Michelle Catlin

Audrey Grace Greer

Sara Howard


Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Mariama Sanoe


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Yulia Escalante

Hannah-Sophia Clark Hall

Maria Victoria Madiedo

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Feiyu Lu

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Mariana Espindola

Sepideh Kalani

Catherine Kramer

Guillermo Leon

Allen Laurence Means

Qiang Meng

Isadora Maxine Spangler

Alyssa Christine Wood


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Jonathan Bodine

Destiny Harden

Tatyana Shelby Normande Hippolyte

Jiayuan Zhang

Kangnan Zhao

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Carlos K. Mathis

Rebecca Helena Morales

Lei Qiao


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

David Adekoluejo

Ana Bido

Kimberly Ashley Bisel

Christian Beckett Campe

Yumei Chen

Yu Fu

Samantha Gaelle Israel

Ashley Karlovich

Mason J. Krueger

Yousef Lari

James Lee McKenney

Lauren Milgram

Mariia Paliienko

Sushil Pokharel

Paula Jean Popok

Yasmin Shemali

Binjie Shen

Bikram Dhoj Shrestha

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Rhea Bhatnagar

Scarleth Blanco

Teagan Lynn Campbell

Olga Escoto Balas

Amanda Garcia

Julia Giovanella Grando

Paola Guareschi

Lara Hermione Hopkins

Jessica Carlie Jacobs

Olivia Jane Joyce

Michelle Luana Manfrini

Kyla Pagliai

Valeria Alai Palacios

Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Emma Kassandra Romaker

Amanda Danika Same


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Jasmin Maria Abadi

Evelyn A. Abraham Lopez

Kate Marie Adams (M)

Jesulayomi Deborah Adeojo

Abigail Lin Adera (M)

Ainar James Aijala III

Nelson Alejandro Albareda

Geoffrey Ross Albert

Anabell Marie Alfonso

Trey J. Alhorn (C)

Fahad Y Y E A Alsouri

Kristina Din Alzugaray

Gabriel Alejandro Amaro

Autumn Anderson

Brittany André

Alannah Argyle

Mark Armano

Liberty Valentina Arnez

Vasili Arveladze

Emily N. Arzola

Edua Nadine Atu

Bryan Bahm

Jonathan Ban

Diane Barbano

Caden Barton

Constantina Bassias

Abbigail M. Baumstark

Nia Jeanine Simone Bayardelle (C)

Laura Bea (M)

Krystalann Amanda Bechard

Brianna Sydney Benjamin

Dallas Jon-Henri Bennett

Skylar Marie Bentlin

Ramy I. Berberena

Nate Stephan Bergfeld (C)

Zachary Ean Berkowitz (M)

Leonardo Bernardes Mandia (S)

Sydney Eleanor Billings (C)

Leah Taiba Bloshteyn

Margaret Anne Borneman

Ashley Rose Bouzon

Wesley Anderson Breier

Roshean Delara Briones

Aaliyah Brianna Brown

Delaney Paige Brown

Jack Brown

Amelia Rose Buch

Manuela Bueno Hissnauer Vieira (C)

Valentina Bustamante Valero

Christopher Aidan Cahan (M)

Christina Marian Callas (C)

Anthony Campbell

Sergio Anthony Capobianco

Alexa Danielle Capote (C)

Laura Lyrio Caram

Alessandra King Carden

Christopher Carreiro

Taryn Koehler Case

Kayla Cassie

Leah Jennifer Castaneda (C)

Diana Castro

Moyu Chen

Benjamin Owen Chestnutt

George Thomas Chieffi

William Joseph Cincotta

Carson Clark

Matias Owen Clotfelter Bastias

Hanna Shana Cohen

Lucas Ridge Cole

Olivia Grace Cole

Sterling Jonathan Cole (M)

John Phillip Comella

Whitney Ashlyn Contreras

Connor Joseph Corcione (M)

Andrea Correa

Courage Eshe Cosby (M)

James Dylan Costello (C)

Margaret Ann Coughlin

Bridget Erin Craig

Antonella Criscola

Kenneth Wildes Crumm II

Domenick John Cupelo

Joshua Josiah Cureton (C)

Madison Dantes

Anna Maria Davis

Juanni De Los Santos

Gianna Katerina DeHerrera

Lance Christian Dela Cruz

Ella Noemi Delgado

John Edmund Demmler

Spencer Deutsch

Jacob Lindon DeWitt

Diego Alejandro Diaz Jimenez

Christopher Daniel Diaz-Silveira

Cynthia Elizabeth Dillon

Andrew Joseph Diorio (C)

Chloe Sunshine Djonovic

Emma Nicole Dominguez (C)

George Dumbauld

Raeanna S. Dunkley

Kyra Elizabeth Earley

Oliver Noah Echevarria (C)

Ryan Egan

Olivia Eison

Katherine Elizabeth Ellison (C)

Matt Ellis-Ramirez

Lindsay Endicott

Nicolas England

Sarah Epes

Kristina Rai Esposito

Liliana Esquivel Cossio

Angela Fajardo (M)

Shaion Michelle Falconer

Claire Josipa Fallon

John Anthony Fallon III

Jade Qin Yun Farr

Lindsey Robin Faucher (C)

Colin Ferguson

Daniel Fernandez

Logan Gabriel Fernandez-Smith

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Guy Nicholas Fernando

Maxwell Chinniah Fernando

Nikolas Fabian Ferreyra

Katelyn Figdore (C)

Jonas Javier Figueredo

Josie Sophia Filipanits (M)

Jason Paul Fiske

Carl Louis Fleurizard

Annie Hinckley Foregger

Wesley Graham Forst

Caleigh Quinn Fotiades

Malia Jaden Freedhand

Aminta Freites

Evan Nathan Friedmann

Gavin Cole Galiardo (C)

Sofia Bella Galis-Menendez

Mia Isabella Galvez (M)

Kai Gao

Alanna Garcia

Alexandria Michelle Garcia

Ariana Garcia

Cristina Gabriela Garcia (C)

Nicole P. Garcia (S)

Nicole Victoria Gazo

Alexandra Gelman

Gavin Gibbons

Dezirae Justine Gilliard

Caroline Margaret Gilmore

Steven Anthony Giovanniello

Jacqueline Faith Glaser (S)

Sydney Lauren Goltzman

Sofia Del Mar Gomez Mahecha

Myles Jacob Gonzalez

Elizabeth Grane

Lillian Landis Graul

Margaret Brown Gregorich

Shelby Christianne Griffith

Michael Bruce Guy (C)

Sean Halbert

Anise Renee Haley

Angelina Harb

Janell Crystal Harper

Chase Hannon Harvey

Patrick James Haskell (M)

Nicholas Gerald Heinzen

Chloe Hession

Samuel Glenn Hinds (S)

Ruthann Hires

Natalia Hoadley

Katie Renee Hoisch

Lillian Hoit

Kenasia Holmes

Benjamin Jordan Honig

Joanna Rose Howson (C)

Antoneasha Aalize Hudge

Trinitee Saniah Hughes

Jacqueline Veronica Hunt

Annia Ibarra

Kayla Iozzi

Anne-Marie Esper Issa (M)

Jael Esther Jean Charles

William Joaquin

Reese Anne Johnson

Wyatt James Jones

Makenzie Rae Jordon

David Anthony Joseph (M)

Jadae Amira Joseph

Judith Hermine Juste (C)

Leor Kaminski

Amber Elise Kass

Sydney Allesandra Lewis Kelley (S)

Cara Elisabeth Kelly

Emma Jaye Kershenbaum

Jamari Dexter King

Alexandra Maxine Kondratenko

Amira Kozhaya

Jacob Ryan Krongard

Joy-Jude Jad Lahoud

Alexis Rebecca Lahrheim (C)

Xavier Lane

Sofia Patricia Larrieu

Jack Harrison Laser

Susan T. Laskowski

Daphnee Eftihia Therese Lavassas

Rose Celeste Lazer (C)

Eva Suzanna Lucia Le Roux

Lauren Ann Ledon

Mia Fitzgerald Lenardos (C)

Bryson Alexander Leonard

David Jonathan Lesser

Brandon Max Levine

Chailin Alexis Lewis

Natalie Ava Lewis (C)

Juliette L. Leyton

Kevin Liang Xiao

Marlo Liebenthal

Nick C. Litowitz

Zachary Jonathan Littman

Yafei Liu

Yuyuan Ma

Conor Christian Maenpaa

Justin David Maglin

Luke Craig Mair (C)

Rayik Malik

Gabriel Malka

Daphne Nicole Mall

Michael Scott Malone

Zoe Carney Manz

John Michael Marciniak

Gabriel Alexander Marinelli

Maura Lane Markowitz

Adrianna C. Marrero

Santiago Martinez

William Charles Mason

Meghan McCadden

Andrew Christopher McCleskey (S)

Abigail Kristine McDonald

Marisa Ashley McDonald

Francis Michael McKiernan

Julia Isabella Arnoso Meckley

Chanel Marianna Menard

Shelsa Menard

Michael Nathaniel Mendelson

Emily Caridad Mendoza

Akheem Nels Mesidor

Danielle Annette Metzger (C)

Yeabsira Mezmur

Allison Micale

Edward Blake Miller

Matthew Miller

Avery Jordan Mistro

Sarah Ali Kassim Moledina

Katerina Alexi Molina

Jolie Abigail Montlick (C)

Caroline Grace Moody (M)

Mark Wayne Morrison

Mary Gabrielle Mraz (C)

Betsy Claire Mullins

Olivia Munoz-Legarre (M)

Caitlyn Elizabeth Murphy (S)

Lia Mussie

Caroline Kaimuri Mwenda

Layne Morgan Nagele

Katherine Elizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth Nestor

Britney Lan-Vy Ngo

Alexa Juree Noel

Jim Alexander Norris Jr.

Kevin Christopher Oakley

Antonio Ocampo

Anjalita E. Oliveros

Sebastian Alberto Omeechevarria

Kevin Stephen O’Neill (C)

Miriam Abigail Ordonez (S)

Mya Adesola Osibogun

Christine Akinyi Oyalo

Stefania Eleni Papadopulos (C)

Gianna Taylor Pasacreta

Catherine Marie Pasquella

Leena Rishika Pasricha

Jaidyn D. Patel

Gillian Evangelista Perez

Miguel Joseph Permuy

Christopher Wilton Peters

Alexandra Margaret Petrone

Piper Lauren Phillips

Mia Picciotto

Matthew Joseph Piccirillo

Samuel Robert Piedmonte

Jose Nicolas Pinilla

Julia Postell

Frederick William Potter

Sebastian Adam Przytula

Alexander Ernesto Quant (C)

Alejandro Quevedo

Valentina Quiceno

Karim Rahman

Sydney Elizabeth Reavely (M)

Audrey Catherine Regan (C)

Julianna Rendon

Xavier Restrepo-Padgett

Cade Retino

Paul Joseph Rhoades (C)

Alexa Zoe Riedmiller

Madisen Alexis Rieger (C)

Kumani Farisa Riley

Felix Emmanuel Rios IV

Mia Esther Rivas

Victor Alejandro Rivera (C)

Darren Conrad Roberts Jr.

Jordan Roberts

Hannah Elizabeth Robinson

Quinn Grace Robinson

Chloe Elisabeth Robison

Abigail Elizabeth Rogers

Katerina Bella Romanach

Paula A. Romanowski

Diego Alejandro Romero

Benjamin Oliver Rosen-Cappellazzo

Hallie Risa Rosenfield

Victoria Rose Rosenstock

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Nicholas Mario Rubinetti

Ellie Ana Russo

Logan Sagapolu

Andrea Jolie Salazar

Rachel Salomon

Graciela Elissa Sandoval

Christina Marie Santora

Massimo Saponieri

Sarah Taylor Savage

Zuzzie Savitz

John Thomas Scanlon

Isabelle Scavilla

Sarah Ashbrook Schiavo

Sarah Vantil Schuringa (C)

Helia Dafna Schvartzman Lopez (M)

Juan Carlos Seguí Garratón

Harrison James Shapiro

Asha Rani Sharma

Josie Tate Shindler

Reagan Robert Silver

Riley Claire Simon (M)

Alexis Juliet Simons

Tyler Justin Sisko

Wesley Henderson Slimp

Kailey Alexis Smith

Gabriela Sommer Yamamoto (M)

Tianyang Song

Sopho Sopromadze

Andres E. Sordo-Martinez

Joshua Ethan Sparro

Aidan Glynn Sparrow (M)

Kenedie C. St. Mary

Allison I. St.Clair

Caleb James Stacey

Conor James Steel

Konstantinos Daniel Sterling

Alex Stetkevych

John George Strifas

Selin Surdum

Arielle Marie Charlot Swilley (S)

Cassandra Leona Charlot Swilley (M)

Jacobo Tamayo

Hans Arnaud Teme

Spencer Thomas Terwilliger

Serene Brielle Thompkins (M)

Fatima Toc

Angelica Nicole Torres

Noah Anthony Tri (M)

Alexander Joseph Trombley

Justin Tyler Tulloch

Jesus Tunon Ibarra

Allyson Marie Turino (M)

Ethan A. Turkewitz

Hashiro Valdivia

Justin Gabriel Valladares (M)

Marcel Henri Paul Van Hemert

Nicole Elizabeth Van Meter

Elijah Samuel Velasquez

Elliot Lance Verdiguel (M)

Destiny Sariah Vergara

Luke Edward Vetrone

Riley Callan Viens

Julian Cesar Villeta

Gabrielle Vitti

Matthew David Vittitow (M)

Meng Wang

Qianwei Wang

Yile Wang

Jeremy Leighton Ware

Frances Holliday Wear

Ava Jai Weshler

Michaela Rae White

Gabrielle Louise Whitehorn

Dayton Foster Whitman

Leah B. Wilbur

Quinn Martin Wilkes

Nevaeh Marie Williams

Niya Victoria-Christine Williams

Brenda Bene Wilmore (M)

Aylin Abigail Xenes

Jiasu Yan

Rafael Ernesto Yanes Jr.

Abbas J J A Yaqoub

Drew Elias Yuskevich

Zachary Zabinski

Victoria Therese Zanoni

John Joseph Zekich

Longyi Zhang

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Mona Amjad Abuzahra

Elijah Tor’Mon Arroyo

Joseph Michael Balem

Brian Balom

Samantha Brooke Bickel

Audrey Sidney Boch-Collins

Andres Enrique Borregales

Lucianna Monica Brambilla

Dylan Braun

Kelly Brennan (C)

Andrea Sofia Caballero

Joaquin Ignacio Cabrera

Noah Camcam

Quincy Chijioke Chukwu

Adam M. Cigri

Emanuel Jose Clemente

Grace Ann Cohen

Makayla Ashley Counsel

Syriah Channelle Delgado-O’Neil

Jonathan Denis

Sandy Theresia Denis

Zach Djamal

Tai Michael Dottin-Meggs

Cole Dupee

Mai KH A M Esmaeel

Craig Casey Forbes

Macey Geller

Farah Star Gonik

Nicolas Angelo Gonzalez

Thomas Anthony Gore

Tara Hecht

Avery Cross Kern

Reon Koizumi

Xiaohan Liu

Malachi Lofton

Liliana Moham

Gabriel Darien Montero

Ashley Chanel Moore

Henry Fischer Nathan

Milla Nicolas-Nader

Oghenefega Chantel Omene

Ajdin Pelinkovic

Payton Elizabeth Pettine

Daryl Mauricio Porter Jr.

Fian Usman Sama

Anjolie Clare Scott

Madeline Mae Sims (C)

Maxwell Lawrence Sorger

Grace Layne Spector

Richelle Janay Evette Still (M)

Zoie Evelyn Tirona

Lianchen Xu

Samantha Elizabeth Yannucci

Joy Zamzelig

Amir Alex Zidan


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Melanie Sol Bergunker

Alexander Jacob Christian

Eve Derian Cohen

Joshua Alexander Escobedo

Marialejandra Gonzalez

Mallory Wynn Harrington-Fei

Kyle David Hendricks (M)

Samuel Geoffery Heroux

Dominique Anastasia Karanfilian

Sasha Aneshka Lippis (C)

Keenan Patrick Lyons (M)

Victoria Mejia

Christian Lane Miller (M)

Davis Meyer Parks

Eleanor Jessica Parks (C)

Kishan Manjunath Rao

Marley Grace Rubin (S)

Johanna Ximena Salazar

Roberta Maria Salles Santos De Macedo (C)

Jordyn Faith Simon

Michael Benjamin Stafford

Eleanor McShane Sundell (C)

Owen Harris Trawick (M)

Griffin Daniel Welti (C)

Madison Sage Wenig


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Luis Acosta

Heather Diaz

Victoria Veelsia Grubbs

Diego Halac

Randy Michael Johnson Jr

Crystal Parks-Warren

Jaelan Everett Phillips

Mario Antonio Pons

Gregory Oscal Rousseau

Tedral D. Smith Jr.

Anthony Charles Tatum

Helen L. Williams

Ho Yin Wong

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Faisuly Camacho Ruiz

Amanda Fernandez Rodriguez

Sarah Elizabeth Noethen

Bryan Otero

Belinda Penton

Tyrique Stevenson

Yanay Tabraue

Willie Connie Townsend


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Thierry Theodore Bien-Aime

Christopher Isaac Washington

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Alexandra Marie Campisi


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Phoebe Aboagye Atta

Carolina Acevedo

Elliana Diane Adeson (C)

Carolina Alexandra Alegrett

Sofia Alkon

Asia Sophia Almarales

Aleen Y. Almesmar

Francesca Annabella Amato

Anna Katherine Amirov (C)

Milan Antonopoulos (C)

Sabrina Arcila

Edua Nadine Atu

Gianluca Azzaretto

Julien Bacon

Aashay Praveen Badgamia (C)

Riley Olivia Badie

Jackson Earle Baer

Jixiang Bai

Luke David Baily

Alexandra Andrea Bakulina (S)

Kofi Takyi Bame

Brielle Bannister

Alexa Marie Barroso (C)

Zoe Quinn Bassett (C)

Francisco Belliard

Ansley Bennett

Ethan James Bentley

Niloy Bandyopadhyay Bhattacharyya

Titus Biel (M)

Daniel Alexander Bishop (S)

Anjali Reddy Borra

Ismael Adam Bouhenguel

Nicholas Michael Brejcha

Carter Stephen Brenner

Nika Rose Bucan (C)

Jelena Ann Bulatovic (C)

John Thomas Burke III

Cole Maxwell Calcagni

Ra'Monte Campbell

Alejandra Cano (M)

Julian Nicholas Cantillo

Lucas Javier Carbajal

Jillian Elizabeth Cary

Isabel Castro

Mariana Jane Ceniza

Valentino Cesiliano (S)

Kerui Chen

Ava M. Cherry

Isabella Jolene Comella

Gabriel Cordova (M)

Michael Anthony De Simone

Madison Marie Dijoseph

Stacyca Yvette Dimanche

Jillian Leroux Dimonda

Julian Dane Dimuzio

Lydia Marie Dixon

Irina Djuraskovic (M)

Hannah Drum (M)

Ronak Dsouza

Nicholas Daniel Dunac

Sky Makana Dunmyer (M)

Dario Lorenzo D’Urso

Jacob Ellis Edwards

Rebecca Elizabeth Elia

Adam Bolton El-Kadi

Franchesca Escobar

Piper Olivia Evans

Chloe Marie Favaloro

Cierra Felton

Michelle Fleishaker (M)

Andrew James Fryer

Yichen Gao (S)

Jordan Mason Garber

Diego Garcia-Davidson

Justice D. Gerry

Alisis Gilleard

Olivia Goldman

Anna Golikova (S)

Mariam Gomareli

Miguel Angel Gomez (C)

Jalen Ethan Ashworth Gordon

Jessica Marie Greer (C)

John Thomas Greer

Monica Gupta

Gabriela Andrea Gutierrez

Isabelle Clare Haham (M)

Queen Assala Hakim

Joyce Mary Harbie

Alejandra Beatriz Hernandez

Madison Caroline Hewitt

Erikka Saige Hill

Ainsley Anne Hilliard

Elena Elizabeth Hoffman

Aiden Matthew Hoke (C)

Riyan S. Ibadah

Gabriella Idonije

Patrick Alexander Janssens

Tyler William Jaquays (M)

Aryan Nimish Jhaveri

Isabella Rose Jimenez

Adarsh N. Johar (M)

James Anthony Johnson

Skyler Y. Kahng

Daryn Heather Kaplan

Leah Sophie Kellerman

Kiara Jyoti Khemani (C)

Christian Kondo

Kylee Krivijanski

Ethan George Kumar

Shirsika Reddy Kummeta (C)

Jean Yves Laguerre

Sarah Lambert

Richard Jacob Larsen

Ivan O. Levkovsky (C)

Jessica Li

Erica Lin

Minghang Liu

Susan Nicolle Lopez

Nathaniel James Marlowe

Cindy Marquez Gutierrez

Melanie Martucci (M)

Sabrina Maria Mas

Anand Brandon Maturah

Matthew Alejandro Maya Martinez

Julia Vanessa McDevitt

Camryn Alyanna McDonald

Angeline Lindsay Medvid

Lauren Nicole Meeks

Maria Antonia Mejia-Botero

Simonpeter Joy Meleth

Gabriella Catherine Mezzich

Shota Mochizuki (C)

Sarah Mohammed (C)

Cameron Mac Moore

Benjamin Antonio Morales

Julianna Morera (C)

Alexandra Moutafis

Peyton Patrick Mullin

Sophia Miranda Nealon

Felix Trung Nghia Nguyen

Miah Elizabeth Nicholls

Juan Camilo Nieto (M)

Benjamin John Oberg

Mason Van Offutt

Margot O’Marah

Mia Ornstein

Katerina Myrna Ortiz

Isha Jaymin Patel

Vraj D. Patel

Zuri Jaydeep Patel (S)

Tatiana Mora Peixoto

Anthony Adrian Pena

Bryce Rowe Pendleton

Cassandra Iris Perez

Keren Perez

Claudia Elizabeth Perez Perez

Adrian Carlos Perez Ramirez (M)

Rory Alexander Peters

Morgan Ann Pill

Joseph Jude Pinzone Jr. (M)

Dylan Walter Pitt

Jonathan Plata

Sydney R. Plowman (C)

Scott Thomas Pollowitz (S)

Madison Nicole Pope

Justin Phillip St. Clare Prince

G’Vanni Puchi (C)

Christopher Yves Putz

Hui Qiu

Aline Andrea Quintana

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Adriana Ramirez

Nicole Rochelle Ramones

Damian Peter Rapeshovski

David Raveh (M)

Ariana Rejas

Jenna Diana Robinson

Ana Nicole Rodriguez

Carolina Cristina Rodriguez (S)

Catherine Rodriguez

Christopher Rodriguez (C)

Cameron Jordan Sachs

Alden Zachary Sadovnikoff

Mohamad Louay Saem Aldaher (C)

Jeremy Joshua Saintyl

Michael Anthony Sampino

Arya Narayan Sandella

Julia Sophia Sariol

Brooke Sydney Schatz

Riley Scout Scheier (C)

Cataryna Dea Senra (C)

Gianna Marie Sesto

Rian Phagoon Shah (C)

Sohi Darshan Shah

Sonia Ashit Shah

Syed Muhammad Hamza Shah

David Davon Shannon

Hannah Shapiro

Kareena Sara Shetty

Sophie Shrestha (M)

Tyler Jaden Slade

Makenzie Elizabeth Smith

Jacob Smyth

Lindsey Natasha Somwaru

Isobel Sowells

Sebastian Spencer

Ross Campbell Stewart (C)

Nimmi Suri

Aarohi Amit Talati (M)

Christopher Justin Taylor (C)

Tyler Nathaniel Tejera

Lauren Kelly Tierney (S)

Julia Mae Tietsworth

Albert Ting (C)

Emma Lauren Tishler (M)

France Michelle Tomgambo-Kaye

Cameron Hope Tovin

Caroline Ly Tran

Lauren Victoria Twamugabo

Lissette Uribe

Elizabeth Varela

Kayla Vennos

Sarah Frances Viceconte

Ngoc Diep Vu (C)

Kelsey Anne Walls

Yuming Wang

Simone Rosemary Weatherspoon

Emilia Ann Weiss

Javier Veron White

Jon Trevor Williams Jr. (M)

Shelbi Amira Winslow (M)

Kevin Dalton Wright

Maria Anika Noelle Garcia Yamar (M)

Jenna Elizabeth Zabroski

Jiaqi Zhang

Ajay Zheng

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Elius Bessard Jr.

Ananda Simone Chaplin (S)

Allulah Beth Collins

George Christopher Gatterer

Diego Augusto Oropeza Rodrigues

Francesca S. Pinto

Donatella Asened Riddick

Stephanie Anita Rigakos

Benjamin Zachary Steckel

Julia Mara Vaz

Ashley Mia Yankulin

Patti and Allan Herbert Business School

Established 1929

Presented by Ann M. Olazábal, J.D., Interim Dean


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Katya Rose Abuhoff

Mohammed Jammal A. Alammari

Pierre Alexander Alonso-Vargas

Andres Joao Alves-Hasslbeck

Antonella Amore

Guillermo Amore

Michael Aresty

Issam Saleem Bajwa

Ana Julia Baldner

Nicolas Matthew Beaubrun

Catherine Bellis

Neyl Benkirane

Nicholas Sebastian Bolanos

Gregory Borders Jr.

Josie Brennan

Lorianna Nicole Brock

Matias Marcelo Cantergiani Sepulveda

Flavia Maria Cespedes Duffoo

Natalie Isabel Chaiken

Brandyn Cunningham

Indira Dandridge

Selina Lara Dantzler

Lucas Michael Davenport

Georgette Patricia De Hechavarria

Janery De Leon

Andres Rogelio Diaz

Pedro Orlando Diaz Jr.

Eleni Doucas Nolas

Bryce Edmunds

Kenroy O. Ellis

Phillip Evans

Carmen Sofia Fraga

Brett Garner

Valentina Garzon Vargas

Miriyam Ghali

Alexander Ross Gibstein

Katelyn Marie Gonzalez

Randy Gonzalez

Carter Jon Gray

Jessica Rachel Griff

Stephanie Michelle Guevara

Kaitlyn Marie Halter

Abigail Hayes

Noah Hunter Hirsch

Allison S. Hoch

Valentina Hoyos

Stefano Isetta

Maya Isom

Lindsey Nicole Johnson

Lyka Antonette Turalba Johnson

Ashley Johnson-Alford

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Abdul Kabir Khan

Yana Kropotova

Jonathan Lacau

Audrey Laplante

Ciara Lawler

Juandiego Lebed Wright

Dominic Leoni

Adam Shapira Levy

Xiao Qing Liu

Robert Allen Locke III

Daniel Logvynsky

Donelle R. Crank Longo

Chanda Luitel

Alec Thomas Mahoney

Edgar Lee Malcom Jr.

Derek Martin

Edward Menin

Kiana Genevieve Meza

Vrinda Monga

Richard David Morales III

Renato Aldo Morzan Jara Almonte

Daniella Murcia

Giovanni Murillo

Alexandra Najarian

Mealea Newbill

Deborah Noya Zapata

Pixley Ospina

Kyle Paddack

Samantha Parrillo

Pooja U. Patel

Joaquin Gustavo Pinasco

Navtej Ryan Singh Rahil

Alejandro Ravelo

James Edward Reddy

Joshua Reid

Natalia Sofia Rios Brache

Sergio Roa

Pedro Rodrigues de Castro Jalles

Alonzo Andres Rodriguez Arrieche

Marcela Rohrbaugh

Brian Rooney

Alexander Arlen Russo

Disha Salva

Simone Nico Saputo

Zaria Scarlett

Michaela Sigurani

Andrew Smith

Ricardo Sotomayor

Sam M. Stepanovic

Anna Sumpter

Talia Svid

Zachary Sweeney

Arsh Tiku

Marc Valancy

Lissette Andrea Valdivia Ferreyra

Keegan M. Vaughn

Leannie Velazquez

Gilberto Tomas Viguie

Joseph Robert Weinstein

Prosper Williams III

Semyung Yoo

Caleb Michael Zapata

Javier Guillermo Zedan

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Nicholas James Alonso

Alexa Carballo

Chelsea Allyson Cartee

Constantinos Chafos

Sandro Chiappe

Xyla Davis

Devon John Ellis

Alexander Erro

Camila Paola Espinoza

Danielle Nicole Hidalgo

Tiffany Lynn Holley

William Edward Humphreys

Carlha Zoe Masiello

Michael Andrew Mejias

Megan Miller

Natalie Miller

Brianna Chapman Oats

William Joseph Quigley Jr.

Isari Mari Rodriguez

Nelson Eduardo Rubio

Dakota Sponsler

Izabella Victores

Jordan Yehudiel

Brianna L. Yzkanin

Wisly Zephir


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Jebreel Nidal Farhan

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Roberto Oscar Fernandez

Naynika Juvvadi

Jonathan Reichenberger


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Sashrika Agarwal

Sarah H M M H A Alturkait

Nicole Anglarill Greminger

Victor Austin III

Marcio Jose Baltodano

Zaya Keeva Booker

Mariana Guadalupe Canale Padron

Stephanie Cavazos

Sve Liv Chang Svensson

Jeremy Cody

Gibram Cruz

Nancy Victoria Diaz Falconi

Mackully Flanigan

Amel Hermida

Shelby Alexa Hite

Pierce Reagan Kinney

Marko Knezevic

Sage Parker Knitowski

Jiahao Kong

Xianyou Liu

Mariana Isabel Lopez Valles

Fatmah Marafie

Marianna Sofia Minervini-Reyes

Taylor Moore

Dagmara Jadwiga Pasternak

Adriel Pena

Anastasiia Pohoretska

Victoria Prado Fernandes

Xuan Ren

Joshua Adebola Rojugbokan

Andrea Romero Ramos

Dylan Rothstein

Carly Marie Singh

Landey Thibaud Louchin

Vanessa Venti

Daniel Reinaldo Villamil

Grace Anne Wagner

Denae Lavonne Ward

Jane Wasserson

Taylor Arlene Watson

Yufei Wu

Zhanpeng Wu

Xiaoyuan Zhang

Sophia Angelina Zulich


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Maricruz Abbott

Abderrahmane Abeidna

Katrina A. Acosta

Anna C. Borges

Danielle Chari

Julissa S. Collado Arias

Humberto Contreras Valdez

Jordan Craft

Christian Alejandro Echeverri

Diana Ursula Farmer

Kudakwashe Lawrence Gadzikwa

Jose Fernando Gonzalez

Felipe Cayetano Gruneisen

Christopher George Hall

Orestes Hernandez

John Gilliland Humphreys

Leticia Jack

Paige Elizabeth Jackett

Adelei Jacqui Johnson

Lindsey Johnson

Lourdes Valentina Jude Patrick

Bahram Marami

Alexa Lauren Mulligan

Martin Thomas Murphy

Juan Pablo Olivares Enei

Dharma Imani Proctor

Michael Pierce Rappaport

Cael Michael Sawyer

Kimiya Shirinbar

Jonathan Christian Somma

Christina Villanueva

Cristhian Villarreal Grajales

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Scott Edward Allison

Anndrina Arne

Noelle Anne Bisogno

Daniel Blumenstein

Matthew Dylan Caldwell

Andrew Francis Colannino IV

Ian Diaz Brannon

Edward Ferrini

Logan John Fitzgerald

Niles Ghaffar

William Giles

Lauren Marie Gsell

Jason Kahan

Jackson Robert Kalfus

Emily Brooke Kriger

Nicholas Riordan Lane

Zonghao Li

Liane Lopez

Wenhao Lyu

Samuel Andrew Makarov

Miranda Nicole Morgan

Bryan Cedric Nioupin

Sailen Orta

Carlos Emilio Paguaga Jr.

Dylan John Rudisill

Austin Powell Terowsky

Ryan Theodore Travers

Gabrielle Vangruber

Di Wu

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Jose Francisco Boada


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

David Atkins

Philip Gregory Bachas-Daunert

Antonia Elena Balzert

Michael Berros

Andrea Ernesto Bianchi

Anirudh Bollu

Joseph Patrick Brunetti

Saul Campanella Palacio

Andreina Isabel Diaz

Qian Dong

Aya Farihi

Francisco Garcia

Marcelo Alejandro Garcia Acosta

Brittany Paige Hostetler

Jiaqian Li

Harrison William Lindman

Lorena Alessandra Lorenzo Candelaria

Ziyang Lu

Mariam Malki

Dylan Michael Mason

Druv Murthy

Qingyang Pan

Laura Piedrahita Sardi

Julian Lawrence Pollak

Julia Rebiere Tortolo

Zhonghao Ren

Matthew Stuart Roman

Yan Shen

Sam Smith

Sean J. Smith

Andrew Wolfe

Teja Yendapally

Peiliang Yu

Xiaoxi Yuan

Ricardo Antonio Zapata Turull

Zhaoyang Zhang

Hongyan Zhao

Yang Zheng


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Fatmah H. Alamer

Ahmed Mutlag H Alanazi

Abdullah M S A M Almarzouqi

Allie Marie Arpino

Kartik Mangaldas Bandal

Frank Abel Bericiarto Perez

Anthony Jacob Berrebi

Marcus Briscoe

Sean Buechele

Maria Cristina Calero

Esteban Caro Hurtado

Lakshminarasimha Swamy Chanda

Marjorie Chery

Jiaze Cong

Kenneth Congrove

Yasmin Cortes

Alfred De St. Croix von Seidlitz

Deniz Martin Demir Velez

Katherine Dharbal

Valeria Diaz Rojas

Paul Schoonmaker Doherty IV

Marcella Dennise Dolmus

Brian Feal

Richard Justin Garber

Rodrigo Gomes Curiati

Andrew Grinberg

Bastien Louis Grunenwald

Yunze Han

Yile He

Christian Enrique Herrera

Tianzhuo Huang

Renita Nicole Hutchinson

Diana Marie Jarquin

Jonathan Jimenez Jimenez

Yaqoub Y A H M Kandari

Syed Mohammad Adil Kazmi

Valeriy Kuchuk

Hunter Levine

Jiahong Li

Kayleigh Lumia

Ming Jun Ma

Manasi Dhruthi Manda

Donal Mc Keon

Joseph Alexander Membreno Mendoza

Sofia Pilar Mena

Jose Xavier Mendoza Baquerizo

Vanessa Arlette Miceus

Arturo Moyeda Garcia

Sree Lakshman Nallam

Matthew Martin Orta

Mario Petushi

Lakshmi Sriyutha Raavi

George Anthony Ramirez

Pablo Reyes-Retana

Isabel Reynolds

Hassan Ahmed Mohsen Mohamed Salama

Miguel Angel Sandoval Borda

Koki Sawada

Kyle David Shaffstall

Darrell Shelton

Dairo Ivan Sierra

Arman Singh

William Andrew Solomon

Carly Jordana Stern

Constance Comeskey Stirling

Michael Umana

Cynthia Velez Rojas

Robert I. Villani

Jefferson Walls

Yiyang Xue

Alan Zarakhovich

Haokang Zhang

Isabel Eglantina Zuloaga Hernandez

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Brian Arias

Nilsa Gonzalez

Kassidy Aubrey Lee


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Dan Cao

Sam Zachary Colman

Matthew DeBord

Joshua Scott Gruber

Nadine Mariam Khoury

Amanda Liz Lopez

Torah Lenge Muyambo

Ed Perceval

Walter Rodriguez

John George Sierant

Philip David Steinberg

Joseph Hai Toomey

Thomas Son Toomey

Ruben Torres

Diego Andres Vega

Riley Jake Walters



Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Daniela Marta Abbo (S)

Maxwell Winston Ackerson

Akshay Umesh Advaney

Angel Aguilar

Paula Gabriela Aguirre (M)

Mikhal Akhund

Brandon Cooper Al-Agha

Harris David Albuck

Lana Mishal Alfadl

Kahnya Goodyear Alicandro

Mohammed Ibrahim M Aljurayyan

David M. Allen (S)

Sophia Cristina Amaro

Tatum Blake Anderson

Angelo C. Andrew (M)

Morgan Elizabeth Angelo

Nicolas Anikeyev

Wysh Jewell Anstine

Ana Alcala Arceo

Elizabeth Dianne Arrowsmith

Chloe Eliza Ashburn

Amna Asif (M)

Brandon Noah Assam

Katherine M. Baker

Nicholas M. Balmann

Souleymane Jean Bangoura

Pietro C. Barbaglio

Joao Henrique Barbosa

Jamilah Elizabeth Barclay (M)

Justin Charles Barnett

Savannah Lane Barr

Samuel Becker (M)

Brian Behrod Behnejad

Stacy-Love Belizaire

Luca Kei Berger

Isabella Tyler Bermingham (C)

Jordan Karim Berrada

Saul Birmaher

Ethan Blatt (M)

Brillana Isabelle Bouzy

Alice Elizabeth Bradburn

Molly Evelyn Brady

Ethan Scott Brandwein (C)

Riley Alexander Breaux

Belen Brizi

Logan Heath Brown

Nina Brunetti (C)

Isabella Magellan Buonomo (C)

Charles Avery Burnette

Michael Blake Burstein

Bryn Leslie Burton

Alexandra Lee Bussan

Sara Jane Byrne (C)

Jessica Katherine Cain (M)

Marley Elizabeth Cain (C)

Andrew James Caldwell

Stella Maxine Campbell

Joseph Anthony Canosa

Taylor Zoya Capozzoli

Nicholas Carnemolla

Frank Thomas Carris (M)

Madeline Elisabeth Carter

Noah Sam Celler (C)

Ana Raquel Chacin Vitale

Ethan Daniel Charlton

Sofia Elena Chi

Elise Chough

Cole Christ

Havell W. Cinea

Yasmina Frani Clugston Matten (M)

William Patrick Coen

Isabella Claire Cohen

Amanda Rose Coleman

Jonathan Alexander Colt

Liam James Conrad

Matteo Emanuel Constantine (S)

Chase Vincent Cook (C)

Sydney Cooke (M)

Hunter Riely Cornelius

Miguel Enrique Corredor Romero

Maximillian West Covan

Jacob William Cozine

Casey Crawford

Samuel Bryant Crewse

Keiry Mariel Cruz

Samuel Robert Curran

Nicholas Constantine Damianos

Ronit D. Daryanani

Gabriel Kenneth Davenport (M)

Molly Violetta Davis

Tyler Alexander De Boer

Luc Nicolas De Wilde

Mackensie Mi-Rah DeBello (M)

Dylan Wasserstein Del Giglio (C)

Santiago Felipe Del Risco Chaman

Gabrielle Bush Delgado

Justin Michael DeWitt

Nicholas Cole Diambrosio

Kevin Diaz

Thomas Carlo Dibuono

Lauren A. Digemma

Harper Sidney Dillard

Maxwell Pasquale Dimarzo

Konstantino Dimitrakis

Alexander Rivera Domenech

Ethan Gene Dominguez

Michael Raul Dominguez (C)

Jack Andrew Dowd

Adam Joseph Dubi

Paul Francis Duffy III

Jack Dunn

Benjamin McGann Easton

Allie Nicole Edelstein (M)

Amberly Britney Eghobor

Shannon Ego-Hofmann

Benjamin Ali Elizondo (S)

Carmine John Emilio

Evan Ross Erman

Michelle Valentina Espinoza Caraballo

Coral Dawn Estes

Collin Euvino

Robert Andrew Evans

Cameron Quinn Ezell (C)

Michael Joseph Farnen

Caroline Louise Feldhaus

Jason Feldman

Maya Feldman

JAY Patrick Feltham

Noah Elliott Ferber

Angelina Sofia Feyjin

Colin Xavier Fitzpatrick (C)

Benjamin Luis Flores

Pamela Nicole Flores

Isabella Rose Fodera

Maurizio Fonz

Connor Fox

Allie Marie Fraga (S)

Renato Franchi Filho

Karina Ava Frangella

Emily Bancroft Frank (C)

Isaiah Michael Frazier

Brett Levin Freeman (C)

Juliana Rose Friedman (C)

Victoria Grace Fuentes

Alexis Nicole Gaines

Kylee Scott Gallagher

Andrew Robert Gallois

John Preston Gangemi

Han Gao

Charlotte Gilbert Gardner (C)

Sophie Dunn Gardner

Tamara Lia Gee

Maxwell Slade Gentle (S)

Aspen Razi Gitter

Sydney Paige Glassman (M)

Thomas Golaszewski

Mya Lynn Goldstein (C)

William Alexander Goldstein

Virginia Gomez

Alexandra Sofia Gonzalez

David Miguel Gonzalez

Pedro Gonzalez De La Fuente

Ryan Jack Gordon

Alison Granirer (S)

Ryan Alexander Grant

Sean Paul Grasso

Benjamin James Grear

Taylor Corinne Greenspan

Jonathan Royce Grotzinger

Jacob Wayne Grujic

Meera Gupta

Emilia Haderer

Jenni Heather Haera

Noah Liuni Halfon (M)

Haydon Carter Hall

Drew Alexander Halperin

Madeline Therese Hannemann (M)

Robert Naydenov Hasamski

Justin Blake Hausman

Paige Hawthorne

Brooke O’Neil Hearst

Isaac Nathan Hentel

Christopher Paul Hilepo (S)

Logan Janae Hill

Jarrett John Hillman

Dominic Marc Hiltebrand

Thomas David Hoffmann

Ashley Emily Hohl

Liam Michael Holland

Maxwell Eliot Holton

Adam Cole Hostig

Emmanuel Trifon Houvardas

Cole Robert Hurley

Samuel Daniel Ifrah

Ansel Imasuen

Callahan Fitzhugh Inge


Iva Roumenova Iontcheva (M)

Liam Iossa

Joseph Irrgang

Ryan J. Islam

Albert A. Jacobs

Hayden Seth Jacobs

Sydney Jacobsen

Lauren Elizabeth James (C)

Matthew Juan Jimenez

Ricardo Alfonso Jimenez Montiel

Clayton Nathaniel Johnson

Andrew Ryan Jones

Lauryn Joelle Joseph (C)

Tara Alicia Julien

Eliza Meimiao Kandrysawtz

Lucas Kapala

Sofia Fidelia Kauderer

Aidan Peter Kearns

Brendan Richard Kearns

Joel David Keller

Alex William Kelley

Brandon Faraz Keshtgar

Reid T. Kiernan

Julietta Sophia Kijek

Claire Kim (S)

Nicholas Kim

Skylah Beth Klein (M)

Olivia Diane Klinzmann

Skylar Gray Koff

Shivani Koka

Gregory Charles Korsun

Lucas Joseph Kosiba

Christopher James Kourgelis

Benjamin Oren Kovacs

Ana Sophia Krikorian

Jared Troy Kulman

Nydia Olga Kyriakopoulos

Charles Anthony Labrador

Cedric Renel Lafleur

Felipe Ricardo Lahrssen

Mario Andres Lama Perez Jr. (C)

Tyler William Lamas

Evan John Lampsa

Daniella Maria Carina Larsson

Promise Lawrence

Andrew Vincent Lazzarano

Eric Lemus

Alexandra Hope Levin

Leah Jordyn Levin

Danielle Bailey Levine

Jacqueline Levy (M)

Harrison Dean Lewan-Packer

Nathaniel Mario Litamahuputty

Daoyu Liu

Fang Liu (C)

Huancheng Liu

Yinqi Liu

Giulia Lizano (M)

Dillon Filip Londin

Carlo Chase Longordo

Audrey Elizabeth Lopes (C)

Anabel Lopez

Charles Joseph Lord

Chandler Morgan Love (S)

Julia Catherine Low (C)

Adam C. Luburich

Marcela Lorraine Lynch

Jacob Lynne

Arjun Madasu

John Hazen Maddox

Logan Krishna Govinda Maharaj

Gia Maietta

Adam Jeffrey Maiorano

Chrysanthi Makrygeorgou

John Mancini Jr.

Andrea Jeanne Mancusi-Ungaro

Vasilis King Manettas

Gabriella Marinich

Edward Rafael Marr

Collin James Marsh

Brendan Maughan

Isaiah Anthony Maxwell

Sophia Kate Mayo

Beedah Mboli-Goumba

Lauren Elizabeth McCart

Anna Alyse McCauley

Arianne Rose McConkey Shedlock

Kolton Chase McFarland (S)

Michael McGurk

Lilia Ann McKernan (M)

Jordan Vaughn Melecio

Katherine Trust Melesko (M)

Anna Lee Melton (M)

Guerby Mertil Jr.

Gavin Werner Middleton

Ryann Allegra Miller

Sarah Jordan Milner (S)

Frida Amanda Friis Molin

Emilia Morales Espinoza

Casey Eileen Morgan

Robert Patrick Morrissey

Luke Allen Mortensen

Sabrina Alejandra Mosqueda

Trevor James Moyle

Michael A. Murphy

Matthew Musarra

Isabella Mylonas

Claire Napolitano

Lauren Ann Naso

Kevan Nathani

Ejine Ifunanya Marie Ndokwu

Martina Negro (C)

Liam Nelson

Lilly Tita Nevo

Ellen Rose Nickodemus (C)

Zoe Elisha Nierman

Eleonora Vilma Maria Novebaci

Sofia Ochoa Echeverry

Christopher Joseph O’Connor

Julia Odelot

Thomas Everett Orlic

Austin Ortiz

Phoebe Oyana (M)

Antonio Pacheco (M)

Emiliano Padilla Flores

Daniella Padron

Paola Carolina Padron (S)

Dennis Thomas Palmeri III

Jenna A. Pantano

Brooke Elizabeth Panzavecchia

Isabella Anna Paone

Stephen Salvador Papia

Nathan Michael Parini

Kristina Francesca Parkas (C)

Brianna Alexandra Parsons (M)

Aryan Ajit Patel

Davin Rajan Patel

Isabella Patel

Kyle Pearson (C)

Kaiying Pei

Jackeline Barbara Perez

Nicole Erica Peterson

Lucas Kristian Petersson

Marcus Phillips

Mauricio Armando Pimentel (C)

Dimitri Leonardo Politano

Claire Maeve Pomfret

Celeste Lulu Pongratz

Guilherme Porfirio Ferla

Sanjay Mohan Posinasetty

Connor Scott Pottle

Cole Powers

Makayla Renee Prado

Gabriel Proulx-Wein

Alexa Psomopoulos

Chase Anthony Purnell

Achint Pushkarna

Max Robert Quidley

Vjera Radovic

Indira Mercedes Rambarran

Daniel Alexander Rebollar

Isabella Kathrine Reisch

Isabella Sophia Renaldi

Emilio Rengifo

Edwin Rafael Reyes

Sabrina Reznik

Owen Michael Richardson

Daniel Rihan Goyeneche

Jacob Alan Ripps (C)

Bradley Smitherman Ritter

Grace Elizabeth Rivero

Ayden James Roche

Erin Patricia Rodberg (S)

Thomas Rodberg

Anthony Rodriguez

Derec Alexis Rodriguez

Joshua Samuel Roit

Jia Marie Romero

Matthew Evan Rothstein

Carter Harris Rowe

Franchesca Ruiz

Ines Ruiz (S)

Gabriella Janina Rusek

Justin David Russ (S)

Kate Lily Russakoff

Paul Joseph Russo

Luke William Rustum

Andrew James Rutherford

George Harrison Ryhanych (M)

Samuel Joseph Sachs

Fernanda Antonia Salas Hormazabal (S)

Christopher Albert Salazar

Gustavo Alfredo Salazar Jr.

Tyler Anderson Sandstrom

Krupa Sannidhi

Gil David Sapolsky (C)

Antonio Caio Scaramuzza

Sarah Gist Schachtel (C)

Jesse Nathaniel Schafer

Patricia Joselyn Scharinger

Ryan James Schlesier


Carson Jack Schweitzer

Jackson Brent Seagrave (C)

Claire Piper Seinsheimer (S)

Michael Christopher Sejas

Arlo Sevi

Nathan Edward Sfida

Noah Jake Shafton

Ortal Shazo

Maxwell Brownell Sheaffer

Jack Daniel Sherman

Davida Esther Shlomo

Brett Nathan Siegal

Julian M. Silva

Gabriela Isabel Silva Pines

Ian Zachary Silver

Elizabeth Simmers

Justus Easten Simmons

Madison Noelle Simone

Lawrence Elliott Simpson

Gregory James Sledziewski

Dylan Borrowman Smith

Daniel Snitzer

Nathaniel James Snyder

Jordyn Elise Solages

Camryn Alexis Spector

James Lyndon Spiegel

Peter Stephens St John

Ian Andrew Stanfield

Chloe Isabelle Stemerman

Samuel Paul Stiles

Rudolph Theodore Stonisch Sr. (M)

Joseph Vincent Striano Jr.

Sebastian Suarez

Daniella Sucre

Derek Joseph Sullivan

Isabelle Rose Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan

Emma Ulrica Sundstrand

Nazir Rashuan Surratt

Raymond Jeffrey Sweeney

Anna Elizabeth Taber

Alex Taraszka

Rhea Bernaola Theodore

Samuel Harold Tober (S)

Matthew Edmund Tomlinson

Andrea Torbar

Adrianna V. Trela

Stefano Pasquale Troia Jr.

Tyler Turner

Michelle Hanna Turo

Ata Egemen Tutuncubasi

Ella Maisy Understein

Armand Cristian Ungureanu

Alice Urtiaga

Nathaniel D’Angelo Valentine

Jacob Alexander Van Gieson

Brigitte Vazquez

Daniel Alejandro Vazquez

Elliot Lance Verdiguel (M)

Daniel Edward Voskoboynik

Alexzander Vu

Alexander George Wahl

Dylan Harris Waks

Devin Michael Walpole

Ethan Walters

Aidan Walton (C)

Haozheng Wang

Yuelong Wang

Zihan Wang (C)

Olivia Kiyoko Watanabe (M)

Jordan Matthew Wayne

Charles Ethan Weill

Samantha Kerry Weinstein

Jack Henry Weiss

Jarrett Owen Weiss

Marc Axel Weiss

Jagger Ian Wexelman

Bria Gabrielle White

Liam Christopher Wight

Ben Riley Williamson (C)

Colin James Wilson

Matthew Robert Wisniewski (C)

Estefania M. Woll

Nicollette Indira Wong

Zachary Samuel Yakubovich

Kevin James Yanagi

Sangjin You

Isabella Antonia Zagami

Mia Rose Zakhour

Connor Hasegawa Zaminski

Rhami Zeini

Jonathan Zhou

Eli Benjamin Zied

Bryce Andrew Zimmerman

Kelly Zirbel

Jeremy Zuo

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Amanda Dorothy Ayres

Analaura Blanco Gigato

Joseph Stephen Cardito

Liliam Fernandez

Joshua Aaron Gellman

Sophie Raphaelle Kern

Rhys Michael McCollum

Eshaan Salim Premji

Michael Daniel Rizzi

Justin Alexander Rothberg

Juan Sagi-Vela

Diana Sgarbossa

Zihan Zhao


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Samantha Marie Ackerman (M)

Patricio Almeida-Suarez

Kristina Din Alzugaray (C)

Isabelle Rane Anderson

Quentin Anthony Asencio (M)

Aashay Praveen Badgamia (M)

Rushil Banerjee

Vincent Anthony Barbaro Jr. (M)

Shant Khatchik Bardakjian (C)

Maya Bar-Mashiah

Alexandria Clare Bennett

Blake Arthur Birch (M)

Robert Kinose Birk

Annalise Danielle Blair (S)

Kayla Francis Bullard (C)

Miguel Andres Cajina (M)

Sebastian Castillo (M)

Alexander Richard Cianci

Kieran Sean Clark II (C)

Mason Matthew Clemensen (C)

Andrew Joseph Cohen (C)

Louis Michael Colaiacovo (C)

Lindsey N. Dellibovi (M)

Cierra Spencer Edejer (S)

Tyler Matthew Ehrman

Zachary Ryan Esquenazi (C)

Massimo Antonio Feroce

Aaron Lee Fishman

Mason Forte

Jason Vaughn Foster

Garrett James Francis

Natalie Grace Fuhr

Luke Sullivan Furman (C)

Jonah Gabor

Maximilian Benjamin Gieseman

Jean-Christophe Gonthier

Samuel David Gulko

Isabella Cristina Gurdian (C)

Sara Hafemeister (C)

John Robert Harrington

Spencer Kenyon Henry (C)

Robert Kieran Hinderliter

Brandon Cole Horowitz

Robert Anthony Hulbert

William Datnow Jaffee

Allyson Rose Joseph

Stanley Matthew Kaszuba

Nicole Elizabeth Kelly

Elizabeth Ana Lamerson (M)

John Griffin Leake

Kyle Levy

Jincheng Liu

Brett Lychak

Kailey Madden

Colton Alexander Mairs

Ava Danielle Maleki

Gianni Glenn McCoy

Ryan Christopher Meagher

Yuxuan Mei

Michael John Metro (C)

Michael Nicholas Millimaci

Ava Grace Moffit (M)

Winn Mason Morley

David Alexander Muina (C)

Felicia Nappi (M)

Owen Terry William Norton

Anna Olszewska (M)

Kristen Ann O’Malley (S)

Sean Alexander Park

Isabella Charlotte Pfennig (S)

Nina Le Phan (S)

Jeffrey Quinn Potvin (M)

Sarah Catherine Prior

Sebastian Ramirez

Krishna Reddy

Madelyn Arelis Rosario

Michael Cesare Rossi (C)

Alfred Joseph Sacco

Jonathan Kristian Scott

Harsh Shah

Danila Shalaikin (M)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Caitlin Scott Slattery

Gavin Edward Snook

Mikhala Jude Stepek (M)

Guangting Sun (C)

Natale Joy Taylor

Justin Nathaniel Wohst Toby

Michael Joseph Tuozzo (C)

Matthew Robert Vinsko

Zhuoyi Wang (C)

Trevor Wargo (S)

Nathan Thomas Warren

Joseph Lochlan Wicker

Payton Madison Wynn (C)

Sarah Margaret Ziegler

Preston Holden Zinn (S)


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Cameron Jacob Aaron

Megan Delaney (C)

Caitlin Olivia Gaspich (S)

Phineas James Graeff (C)

Troy Lucas Pastor (C)

Kareena Patel

Corey Joseph Pisapia

School of Communication

Established 1985

Presented by Karin Gwinn Wilkins, Ph.D., Dean


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Kweku Casely Hayford Achenie

Natalie Rose Cabral

Hongxi Chen

Ashleigh Mary Garcia

Danielle Andrea Hernandez

Bailey Jones

Logan Daniel Katz

Ariana Shiwbalak

Faith Kaylee Siem

Yibo Wei

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Guiselle Arciniega Gomez

Wyatt Mannino Kopelman

Isabella Rose Popadiuk


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Bohan Chen

Ayushi Choudhary

Alisha Jasmine Chugani Chatlani

Lauren Elizabeth Collorone

Raedan Shirali Goldblum

Zanolee J. Grant

Wanlong He

Nidhi Tarun Kalaria

Joanna Naomi Minott

Matthew Alberto Montada

Noel Nunez

Julie Marthe Janine Peley

Mikeiveka Doranee Sanon

Manisha Sharma

Erik Soriano

Pablo Velho

Xueer Xia

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Catherine Elizabeth Mairena



Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Maya Davidov

Cheyenne Alexa Dula

Amanda Faith Ferrer

Rodrigo Irineu Marinho Steiman

Marisa Maria Marcos Estrada

Aino Eveliina Inkeri Otava

Jaida Monique Patrick

Angela Maria Reed Papadopulos

Anna Rose


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Natalie Abrahantes (S)

Alejandra Belen Alvarez

Isaiah Malachi Alzume

Eleanor Ruth Andresen

Clarke Robert Augustin

Gemma L. Baratta (C)

Derryl Royce Barnes Jr. (C)

Dylan Benjamin William Barron

Marc Ross Barskie

Madeline Kristine Bassalik

Ahjae Nicole Batts

Ashley Baumgard (M)

Chloe Beach (C)

Veronica Belloso Suels

Laura Isabela Benoit (M)

Catherine Sophia Bettridge

Cirrafina Biele

Anandi Ayan Bien-Aime

Katherine Travers Blaney

Riley Jaye Block (M)

Chiara Jolie Bodor

Alessandra Nicole Bonadies

Natalie Ann Bone

Niles Niseem Boyd

Dana Broid

Kyana Brown

Sophia Valentina Bugnone

Elisabeth Butler

Amelia Byrd

Grier Catherine Calagione

Carolina Marie Camus

Victoria Rose Caputo

Patricia Chungui Carolan (M)

Sophia Rose Carter (M)

Sonny D. Carton

Isabella Rose Cascio (M)

Hannah Cherilia Celian (S)

Alivia Brooke Cerisano

Morgan Distefano Champey (M)

Jeremiah Onorio Chaparro

Caleb Abraham Chapman

Drew Michael Cheskin

Isabella Tetreault Clark

Sigi Caroline Cohen

Amanda Riley Crane (C)

Alexandra Marie Cueto

Catherine Mary Culliton (M)

Daniel D’Amico

Lauren Rebecca Davidi

Christian Johanny Davila

Sofia Morgan Davis

Paula Jacinta De La Rosa Moyano

Ava Josephine Deeby (C)

Anthony R. Delgado

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Isabella Rose Destounis

Alejandro Mikal Diaz

Gabriela Gisselle Diaz (C)

Sophia Ann Dimeo

Harvey Christopher Duplock (M)

Dora Rebecca Elice (M)

Nadia Faith Engenheiro

Osvaldo Espino

Jamar Elijah Fairweather

Margo Falack

Mary C. Farlese (M)

Chloe Auden Fayad

Eva Marie Fiore

Nina Tatianna Fracalossi

Samantha Blair Frankel

Lindsay Marie Fusco

Amalia Gangotena Freile

Ethan Joseph Gany (C)

Alanna Anais Garcia

Vanessa Maria Garcia

Hope Lauren Geissler (M)

Elias Gerstein

Andaiye Gibson

Lauren Lynne Girard-Cutaio

Wanjiru Gitonga

Jessie Ryan Glover

Javier Enrique Gonzalez

Taya Michelle Goos (M)

Troy Thomas Gostyla

Anna Margarita Granja (C)

Noelle Grant

Chantal Esi Greaves

Christopher Raj Griffin

Katya Mercedes Gutierrez

Alexandra Rachel Haas

Jingyi Hao

Xiu Meiying Hau (M)

Jaida Headley

Oliver E. Hernandez Jr.

Charly Dyann-Love Hill

Sophie Davina Himmelfarb (M)

Atlantis Deane Hofstetter (S)

Die Hu (C)

Yuxuan Hu

Melissa Ann Hunyadi

Olivia Alexandra Ivins

Lara Lyn Jackson

Brianna Nicole Johnson

Natalie Adrienne Johnson

Alan Meyer Katz

Rose Kavowras

Nicole Kelly (M)

Sydney Michelle Killion

Henry Kinosian

Brittany Jade Klaiman

Andrew Logan Klein

Kayla Marie Kraft

Halle Rose Krypell

Navya Kulhari (C)

Sarah Lambert

Sydney Julia Lavelle

Hayden Sarah Leff

Alexis Malia Leonard

Samantha Anita Lesser

Charles Edward Liebers

Samantha Ruth Loew

Daniel Alexander Lopez

Julianne Marie Lopez

Annie LoPinto

Sharron Lou

Isabella Eleanor Loucas

Ashley Taylor Lynn

Fionna Sue Magee

Anna Vanessa Malin

Megan Teresa Mannix (S)

Molly Marini

Nicholas Joseph Marino (C)

Barbara Marins

Raul Andres Maristany

Julia Marotta

Ryan Thomas Marshall

Mia Jessica Martini

Lauryn Rose Matrone

Anna Jane McCarthy

Tamia Krisann McLean

Alison Michelle Meyer

Madison Lorraine Mikan

Sasha Isabella Mironer

Isabella Morales

Ramsey Marshall Morris

Sofia Morrone

Kristen Miranda Moseley

Jamie Ann Moses

Isabella Mozzi (M)

Michael Alexander Muela

Ryan Kathleen Mulroy

Aine Louise Murray

Isabella Nessim

Avery Marie Niedrowski

Danielle Nussdorf

Kyle Thomas Oliver

Camila Ordonez

Sophie Alexandra Ostrove

Chiara Padejka (S)

Maria Clara Paes (M)

Abigail Pak

Sofia Palacios

Victoria Isabelle Palmer

Jingjing Pan

Taran Gulati Pandya

Kalifornia Marie Panoutsos

Perry Pappas

Ava May Park (M)

Sonjah Lynn Patti

Emily Elizabeth Penner (S)

Sofia Margarita Perez-Baux (M)

Emma Elyse Peterson (M)

Tara Elizabeth Phalin

Alyssa Michelle Plasencia

Lydia Catherine Platt

Emma Laine Plott

Max Popiel

MacKenzie Scott Porter

Lillian Anna Post

Amber Precious Quettan (S)

Steffi Dyan Rangel

Ella Sophia Raslavicus

Samuel Cole Raus (M)

Nailah Reaves (M)

Juliana Regueiro

Trevor Reilly

Hailey S. Reiter (C)

Anita Gaia Rivella

Alexia Carolina Saurer Rivera

Jeniffer Daisi Rivera

Ethan Robbins

Jazmin Rodriguez

Arielle Tess Rohan

Natasha Gabriella Rojany

Shoshana Ronen

Lindsey Erin Rosenfeld (M)

Joshua Pavel Rotman

Jacqueline Grace Rouse

Corrie Fran Rubinfeld (M)

Kali Wood Ryder

Indigo Sabharwal

Rebecca Saint-Leger

Joshua Alexander Schwartz

Tiffany Scott

Valentina Scotti (M)

Mateo Segui

Charlotte Hazel Seligson

Asha Darsit Shah

Danielle Sarah Shoykhetbrod

Abigail Alexa Silver

Hailey Elizabeth Smith

Nathan William Smith

Charlotte Opal Snoonian

Sage Madison Snyder

Hanna Bella Spivak

Ashley Elizabeth Stagg

Liana Eve Sofia Stern

Ashley Jordyn Stone

Annemarie Suarez (C)

Katherine Victoria Subliskey

Cassandra Leona Charlot Swilley (S)

Isabella Marie Tabio (C)

Isabella Evelyn Tobin

Cayla Isabelle Todes (C)

Daniel Joseph Toll (M)

Alexandra Kate Trombley (M)

Kellie Madison Ulmer

Caroline Elaine Val

Kathleen Ashton Valent (M)

Andrea B. Vallenilla Sanfeliz

Emma Eileen Van Riper

Ainsley Mary Vetter (S)

Elizabeth Maria Vila Creus

Hannah Sophia Viney (M)

Anna Marie Volpe

Amir Lewis Walker

Pari Walter (C)

Bo Wang

Alexander Weiss (C)

Jared Christian Wells

Justin Williams

Carson Nathan Wine

Sophie Frances Wright

David Luke Wyler

Shuai Xiao

Weili Xu

Yiyun Yang (C)

Maya Zahavi

Jing Zhang

Jiyao Zhang

Yu Zhou

Zhixuan Zhu (M)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Michele Berdichevsky

Giovanna Brucker (M)

Ashley Fincheltub (C)

Regan Forrester Hakes

Isabella Maria Lozano (S)

Brian Francis Mullen

Zoe Elizabeth Newbolt (C)

Eduardo Paradiso

Erika Gail Rems

Gabrielle Paige Romano

Emma Lee Shapiro

Solomon Charles Strader

Alexa Paige Tiflinsky

Ava Lilly Wrubel

School of Education and Human Development

Established 1929

Presented by Laura Kohn-Wood, Ph.D., Dean




Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Mehdi Q. Al-amood

Brandon Barnowski

Adam Beck

Alexia Bogle

Breanna Bonner

Dayna Renae Carson

Cameron Nicole Cruz

Caleb Fennell

Rayanna Lewis Huggins

Peyton Moropoulos

Josephine Radzinski

Daniela Samantha Sirott




Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Hala Abu Al-Maati

Despina Ades

Abeer Marzouq M. Albalawi

Adam Kosta Angeloff

Athena Ashley Annastais Atkinson

David Bertram

Nickole Amanda Carballosa

Andrea Ceniceros

Maria Cecilia Chacin

Marlon Anthony Clarke

Miguel Matias Deya

Carmen Elsa Escalante

Lucia Fernandez

Stephanie Roberta Roberta Ferrali

Joseph Alfred Gemellaro

Joshua Johnson

Adam Khriss

Hyuk Jin Kim

Grayson Levy

Xiwen Liang

Joshua Alejandro Manrufo

Yari A. Martinez

Brandon Wise Masters

Emma Margaux Maurel

Julie Geoghan Mazur

Michael Mok

Paula Munoz

Nicholas Vincent Murphy

Jessica Ocampo

Henry Perez

Bryson Keith Perry

Paris Razor

Olin Rhoads

Edward Jerome Richardson

Mary Sharon Smutny

Sheridan Southall

Jennifer Patricia Tejada

Jiayu Wang

Presley Rei Wilson

Pheadra Wyche

Elena Zapata Pardo

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Maria Jose Acedo Trueba

Joshua Acosta

Adam Thomas Basinger

Jessica Blanchard

Kara Chandler Borden

Julie Virginia Carrion Bido

Genesis Alejandra Conway

Sasha Renee Gill

Xinrui Han

Kamilla Anine Hovde Handberg

Ruby Hellstrom

John Hunt

Charles Joseph Isamoyer

Ryan Keller

Leola Ivey King

Francisco Andres Lopez

Maria Lowenthal Kaehler

Karina Luis

Carisma-Ann Lynn

Peter Matthews

Julia Mary Minchillo

Farhan Mohammadi

Sydney Victoria Raeanne Moreno

Aniela Georgia Olbrys

Alexandra Brett Orseck

Freya Poertl

Zoe Polacheck

Talia Renner

Karen Shehata

Camila Sluman

Andrea Velasquez Payares

Jiahao Yang

Chaohao Zhang


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Peter Agoglia

Kaidi Grace Aloupis

Julia Antunes De Oliveira

Joshua Omwenga Walton Brooks

Lily Charlotte Agnes Butler

Sylvia Mai Chalfin-Wakeley

Charles Braden Chernawsky

John Michael Christopoul

Michaela Conway (M)

Theodore Winter Dienst

Gabriel Fontes

Cara Lynn Gilliland

Allison Elizabeth Glenn

Emily Rebecca Goldstein (S)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Isaac Henshaw Golub

Maxwell Garrett Greenblatt (S)

Rita Blue Grinfeder (C)

Robert G. Gross

Isabella Gunningham

Jason Hicks (M)

Timothy Hollywood

Jane Huber (C)

William Brooks Keenan IV

Treanor Charles Lee (C)

Theodore Morton Lester

Nathan James Lieber

Lauren Marla Lusardi (M)

Madison Macias

Julia Magistrelli (M)

Rebecca Marcus

Chara Elizabeth Maurice (M)

Aydin Conner Melamed

Miles Thyme Miller

William Steven Miller

Joshua Gennaro Mirabella

Mateo Mirko

Maya Mizrahy

Joshua Daniel Murillo

Kendall Murphy

Carissa Angelina Niccoli

Tristan Jack O’Brien

Morgan Hope Ogden

Nijel C. Pack

Andrea Francheska Pena

Sophia Elizabeth Powell (S)

Hallie Anne Pruitt

Nicolas Guillermo Rocha

Don Michael Roman Jr.

Jacob Rona

William Alphonso Rush III

Jaylen Lee Sanders

Mathieu David Schneider Jr.

Gabriela Teresa Serrate

Ethan Andrew Shinder

Benjamin Elan Shokrian

Owen Andrew Simon

Daniel Alexander Skolnick

Matthew Aaron Storch

Avery Jackson Tallman

Marina Kay Tischenkel (M)

Benjamin Samuel Troob (M)

Julia Anne Tsagaroulis

Natalie Barabra Varela

Liam Jessen Willerup

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Norchad Bascom Omier Rojas

Elizabeth Ann Vizcaino

Kameron Whiteman

Junfei Wu



Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Korlan Amirkhanova

Sufyaan Maqsood Bhatti

Margaret O’Malley Bires

Alejandro Cruz Blanco

Camryn A’jea Brown (C)

Sydney Anne Cooper

Hannah Joy Dawbarn (M)

Kailynn Sarah Fleches

Jacob Cole Fondacaro

Robert Joseph Harkin

Kristen Marie Harkins

Corinne Kavan Hentschel

Lacie Elizabeth Hoang

Alexander Klein

Laela Christine Lucas-Walker

Jordan Patrick Miles

William Price Milgrim

Cameron Grace Montanarella

Sierra Oliveira

Celine Petit

Jacob Justin Sage

Trevor John Stimpfl

Taylor Studnik

Kyle Matthew Sygall

Yung Chi Tseng (M)

James Michael Viola Jr.

Lindsay Koloe Yap

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Vincent Joseph DeLorenzi

Morgan Lee Johnson

Daniel Sean Pohlman

College of Engineering

Established 1947

Presented by Pratim Biswas, Ph.D., Dean


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Alyssa Evie Bacchus

Jason Scott Houston

Giovanny Motoa

Jonas Strazas

Jonathan Richard Tong

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Abdullah Mohammed Rahmatullah


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Abram Ayman Abdou

David Nicolas Alonso Fernandez

Ahmad Tarik Al-Salem

Parker Anderson

Timothy Thomas Arcari

Alejandro Andres Cepero

Nicholas Michael Cuesta

Tiago De Almeida Graff

Anastasiya Drandarov

Yiwei Jia

Sabrina Khan

Yu Jui Liu

Oriana Marrone Mantovani

Maryam Nasr

Junqi Song



Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Xuhui Ning

Zafiro V. Paredes

Haozhe Tian

Bhuvana Venkatappa

ZeYu Wang

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Pierina Gutierrez

Carolina Alexandra Hassun

Carlos Andres Andres Molina Mora

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

William Joseph Hoy


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Malena Fuentes

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Nikolay Miloserdov


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Alexios Nicholas Matthaiou

Raul Ramon Ramon Santamaria Obando

Paul Bruno Tautenhahn


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Julia Clark Decker

Aditya Lellapalli

Felicia Minott


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Scott Jaquiss Pyle


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Neyton Martin Baltodano Jr.

Matthew Robert Burian (M)

Fabiana Alejandra Diez-Cianferoni

Ruben Escobar

Andrea Hope Friedman

Allyson Maya

Liam Folarin Olagbaju

Tristan Peterson

Joshua Prabahar (S)

Chloe Alexandra Wells


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Fatema A F A Albahar

Afnan A A A Aleid

Luke Brian Bartholomew

Nicolas Sebastian Esquivel Campoverde

Amanda Ruth McCorkindale

John Allen Wolf II (M)


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Michelle T. Argy Telias (M)

Logan Albert Beatty (S)

Brayan S. Betancourt

Jorge Andres Blacutt Gottret

Valentina De Gennaro

Juan Fernando Antenor Flechas Beltran

Leonardo Gonzalez

Nicholas Andrew Gonzalez

Lucy Yiann Ho (S)

Taylor Leazette Hurte

Ella Rose Jacobs (M)

Cristina Joelle Kairalla

Vagif Kazimli

Cameron James King

Shante Jazmin Marshall

Rebecca Menendez

Kevin Morales

Catalina Mosquera

Jonathan Paul Occhipinti

Sylvia Patricia Ortiz

Dominic Charles Pizzico (M)

Anuradha Ramdin

Daphne Ricketts

Felipe Sarmiento

Dhananjay Suresh

Valentina Maria Vega Mindiola


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Anthony Eugene Carfora

Erik Delos Lamm (M)

John Sheridan Lee

Lane Alyssa Maxey

Jose Leandro Ortiz

Christopher Peter Papa


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Hernan William Aviles Jr.

Nikeem Dunkelly-Allen

James Michael Frierson

Karysse Dominique Hay

Adrian Stefan Ivancica

Kyounghee Kim

Jungwoo Kwak (C)

Munir Mohamed Hafeel (M)

Katherine Taylor Rose

Brandon Ulysses Rubio

Ana Margarita Velazquez

Guntram Nicholas Weissenberger


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Jose Luis Abrams

Jasem M A J Alawadh

Faisal M H M Alenezi

Faisal N H M Alenezi

Ahmad A J M H A Alshaikh

Tyler Cwiek

William Jose Desueza (S)

Yasin Nuri Erkilic

Devon Michelle Green

Daniel Scott Labkovski (C)

Juliano Andres Plata

Awdhah Reda

Elias Vihtelic

Rainier David Young


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Seba N M A A Alawadhi

Mathew Lee Birtman (M)

Raina Johnson

Hussain Adel Jragh Sr.

Joelle Taylor Solowiejczyk (M)

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Abdulwahab H E A Aljazzaf


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Ababeel H A A Abdulkareem

Yousef S A M Alqattan

Ghaidaa H A M S Alsayegh

Sulaiman Z. Alyaseen

Lucas Bernabeu Juan (M)

Esther Rose Cusnir

Dilara Erkilic

Diego Rafael Jimenez

Cage LeBlanc

Vittoria M. Marinoni Arana (C)

Steven Alfred Sanchez

Joseph John Squillace

Dyllan Joaquin Torres

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Ali A A A AlKandari

Ahmad M A S Alshahoomi

Abdulaziz Waheeb A Damanhori


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Aubay Sameer A Albouq

Cesar Eduardo Bernal

Tomas E. Cepeda

Tianxiang Chen

James Anthony Dijoseph

Moeed Haq

Pedro Enrique Herrera

Jacob Hoffman

Christian Keeley Horgan

Omari Kesantae' Lewis

Francisco Javier Paredes

Trevor Riess

Georgios Vamvakas

Mazen Younis


Degree candidate May 10, 2024

Gavin Patrick McKenna

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Ximena Renteria

Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science

Established 1969

Presented by Roni Avissar, Ph.D., Dean


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Brittany Adams

Alexandria Barry

Nicole Marie Bozkurt

Sophia Elizabeth Brown

Carlos Arturo Calderon

Julia Danielson

Luke Martin Daughenbaugh

Madeline Josephine Davis

Shawn Riley Easterbrook

Layla Basher Elfiky

Miranda Ellen Fincher

Roxanna Fridman

Suzannah Lori Friscia

Isabella Gukeisen

Zihan Guo

Chloe Mae Jacobson

Anthony Romale Johnson II

Josephine Marie Ketten

Allison Rose Kreyer

William James Legge IV

Marissa Maldonado

Paula A. Manrique

Allison C. Mooney

Erin Muniza

Ana Marie Noel

Alannah Sofia Orengo

Jun Peng

Alexander Chao Phong

Marike Pinsonneault

Jordana Portman

Haig Daniel Rickerby

Daniel Andres Rivero

Jonathan Patrick Rucker

Madeline Carol Schmidbauer

Samantha Sue Schneider

Kimberly Ann Beede Soule

Matthew Brendan Taylor

Matthew Anthony Tobin

Brieanna Lynnette Wagler

Harrison Wehmann

Xavier Woofruff-Madeira

Alexis Veronica Wysocki

Junxi Yang

Zelin Yang

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Sophia Lynne Delano

Jorge Alberto Flores

Savannah Dakota Rose Hewson

Heather Theresa Hollingsworth

Celeste Pamela Jaworski

Sohyoung Kim

Matthew John Linbrunner

Emily Miller

Carl David Ottervall

Skylar Rae Rodriguez

Hannah Shirin Shahmoradi

Emma Katherine Shuppert

Justin Ryan Simonton

Brin Kathryn Strouse

Reese Yount


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Kellie Flowers

Dale Eno Kline

Khang Vo

Hannah McKenzie Zapata

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Cailyn Joseph

Nathan Buen-Hon Lam

Tyler Lee Lopez

Sydney Marie Schultz

Bautista Tobias

Erin R. Weisman


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Bianca Camila Banato

Emma West Rosen

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Juliette Isabella Brophy


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Isabella Carolyn Anderson

Jacob Harrison Barrett

Lauren Elizabeth Chiappini

Kate Etter

Nicole Julianne Facchina

Rory Serafin Fak

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Sam Nathan Fishman

Nicholas Robert Freda

Anna Elizabeth Frey (C)

Lilly Catherine Furtado

Haley Marie Galante

Maya Lore Granderson

Brooke Estelle Harrison (M)

Michael Jacob Hill

Alejandro Daniel Loureiro Jr.

Gabriela Alejandra Martinez

Ellen Catherine Otterbach (C)

Jordan Siegel Passman

Natalie Andrea Pemberton

Myles Spencer Perrin

Nasir Rudolph

Carson Lou Russell

Micayla Rachel Shafran

Samantha Hope Suchsland (S)

David Emerson Swigart

Julia Paige Taylor

Bojun Zong


Degree candidate May 10, 2024

Jadon Ray Christian


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Adeena Aleyana Ademu-John

Georgia Anne Lillian Marie Ahumada

Abigail Ann Arnashus

Jonathan Garde Asher

Teia Francoise Baker (S)

Matthew Bannon

Caroline Abbey Bartholomew

Jacob Marcley Belkin (S)

Megan Ashley Bernini

Tiana Amber Brannan

Owen Andrew Brown

Joey Eun Caiazza-Blum

Michael James Castellucci (M)

Gerald Clark (M)

Ailis Christine Clifford

Sydney Marie Cloutier

Jacey Ranae Cox

Grace Myers Coyne

Ellyn Elizabeth Darke

Mary Simonne Dodge (S)

Emory Dunn

Eli Faigle

Gianna Mia Faraci (M)

Coryn Marie Ferguson (M)

Nicholas Christopher Forcone (S)

Benjamin Gallucci

Ryan Sandler Haas

Cameron Andrew Hallett

Eric Joshua Hellams

Taylor Jagolinzer

Dailen Li Jeng

Justin Cole Jenkins

Laura Jones (M)

Taylor Jurgens (C)

Caroline Jean Kevin

Nicole Joan Lyons (S)

Matthew Nicholas McConnell (C)

Isabelle Rose Nelson (S)

Keeley Grace O’Malley

Sthefano Xavier Orellana

Alexandra Jade Redford (C)

Alyssa Logan Rice

Kaia Elizabeth Rodgers

Savannah Lee Schiebel

Abigail Briarly Shultz

Shara Ylissa Sookhoo (M)

Sasha Lyn Sypher

Maya Taitz

Alexa Cecilia Thompson

Kyle Maxwell Torrence-Johnson (C)

Caleigh Lynn Weis

Brooke Johanna Weiser (M)

Alexander Grayson Westover (M)

Hunter Dehm Wicklund

Saige Zoe Zervos

Degree candidate August 2, 2024

Emilia Rose Spada

Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

Established 1952

Presented by Latha Chandran, M.D.

Executive Dean for Education



Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Matthew Brian Alonso

Haley Marie Barefoot

Rebecca Libby Barnett

Kelley N. Benck

Atif Bhatti

Breanna Alexis Blake

Mikayla Mary Bowen

Emilie Hannah Brown

Natasha Cox Cammer

Connor Blake Christensen

Pooja Dave

Joseph Vincent Deshan

Mirna Janeth Dickinson

Jhanvi Paraskumar Doshi

Matthew Drewes

Shaheen Emami

Nedi Ferekides

Jessica Nicole Forman

Dalton Akeim George

Neha Pradyumna Godbole

Daniel Alexander Gomez

MacKenzie Renee Goodman

Mathilde Marie Hainaut

Evelyn Roxana Hernandez

Sharon Lee Hsieh

Lauren N. Hucko

Johnathan Trey Johnson

Juan David Joly Perez

Alexis Kimberling Jones

Priyashma Joshi

Sapna Anne Kedia

Rachel Isabella Kimble

Margaret Claire Koester

Ngoc Anh Pham Le

Morgan Sydney Levy

Ana Belen Lopez Gonzales

Maya Lubarsky

Neva Nicole Lundy

Bianca Isabella Marin

Kristen Malini Mascarenhas

Suraiya Matin

Alexandra Claire Meltzer

Rhiya Mittal

Fernando Manuel Moradel Cano

Lien Morcate

Nina Okoroji

Ann Michelle Oler

Julia Marie Ossi

Sierra Perry

Pauline Portes

Marc Louis Pugliese


Sajidur Rahman-Kader

Anuradha Ramdas

Ian Ramsay

Noah Caleb Sanders

Sanjana Satish

Emma Armstrong Schindler

Serene Shehadeh

Haoyue Sheng

Hannah Ilyse Ship

Valerie Sarah Stark

Angelique La Ree Starke

Jessica Marie Stinnett

Kirill Stremousov

Nathalia M. Torres

Nicole Marie Vecin

Roen Micayla Wheeler

Carlos Wright

Mykayla Wyrick

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Mohammed Mari M Alamri

Veronica Borowy

Andrea Castro

Fiona Maura Hanly

Meadgine Ilmet

Marie Joseph

Zuhair Khan

Qingning Liu

Carolina Luque

Gianna Irene Macones

Tyra Marrs

Mariama Sanoe

Marina Santos Morais

Anton Stremousov


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Marina Hisham Shafik Aboelsaad

Rita Marleine Abou-Khalil

Emily Victoria Adis

Isabelle Aliancin

Ahmed Safwan Alnajar

Shannah Kimberly Alusma

Victtoria Olympia Ardellini

Dereja K. Bain

Nayan Deepak Bansal

Gabriella Barrios Escobar

Joseph Beaird

Gerard Andre Cabrera

Maria de Jesus Cabrera Gonzalez

Elizabeth Magdalena Castillo

Efren Chavez Morales

Alberto Antonio De La Isla

Carolina De La Torre

Lisbeth Delcid

Gabriela Patricia Estua-Botas

Farya Fakoori

Brian Flood

Angela Deandra Fredrick

Grisell Gonzalez

Olivia Nicole Gookin

Sharif Ali Hernandez

Kristy Laine Hom

Jane Margaret Igoe

Roger Mitchell Joseph

Amanda Kaine

Max Lasday

Karla Leon Escalona

Catalina Levallois

Krisna Scarlett Maddy

Richard Martinez

Avery Mooring

David Wa Ngoie Mwelwa

Samirah Ocampo

Michael Salvatore Pannullo

Shivangi Parmar

Diana Parra

Lia Antonieta Pena Clavier

Priyanka Poojari

Tyler Shayan Rahimzadeh

Kevin James Repice

Lucianne Aurelis Rivera Rosario

Ashley Marie Rodriguez

Cassandra Rodriguez

Diego Sanchez

Yanabi Sierra

Tonya Lynn Spano

Nicole Sur

Anna Helen Swirski

Mya Livier Tallo

Sebastian J. Thompson-Ceccato

Anastasiia Vereneva

Constantine Vogiatzis

Sani Shannon Watat

William A. Whalen IV

Kennedy Williams

Christalle Jadyn Hinds Wilson

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Keyanna Tyree Abrams

Sarah Adolphe

Chioma Grace Ekene Ajaegbu

Ricky Almada

Daniela Sofia Alsina

Taylor Terree Krystal Ashley

Kiyanna Bailey

Miguel Antonio Bandes Vairo

Pamela Alejandra Barletta

John Kenneth Beck

Daniel Joseph Best

Barijana Caldas

Anabela Cieslicki

Gabriela Diaz

Daniellys Fernandez

Christopher S. Fitzmaurice

Sara Garroni Gonzalez

Andrew Miller Gelsomini

Katherine Rose Gomez Martinez

Renteng Hou

Andrea Nicohl Laboy Nieves

Wilmar Belizaire Mondestin

Evelise Monteagudo

Sadie Kay Mrsny

Amanda S. Murias

Jiaxin Niu

Lucy Osafo

Kelly Ann Alecia Peart

Jonathan Pineda

Paula Natalia Plaza

Alyssa-Simone Robinson

Lisandra Marie Schaening-Gonzalez

Hossein Shayestehyekta

Brenda Solomon

Kesiena April Toweh

Erika Paola Viana Cardenas

Robert Lee Walker

Ghaith Zaatari


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Demet Tekin

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Jingyi Miao

Maria Fernanda Nieto Ordosgoitia

Yina Wang

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music

Established 1926

Presented by Shelton G. Berg, M.M., Dean


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Hannah Corinne Gallamore


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Ashley Denise Alvia

Francesca Arianna Appice

Shais Barrow

Mariana Campos Sirena

Diana Catalina Chica Loaiza

Lauren Grace Davis

Sarah Tabao Driscoll

Emma Sarahmarie Dubenionzvonicek

Daniel Patrick Fleming

Shanelle Skylar Froehle

Cristina German

Hayden S. Harlow

Howard Christopher Hill III

Inji Jung

Diego Jermaine Lewis

Antonio Martin

Nicholas Alexander Mederos

Alana Prendergast

Maci Richardson

Sydney Lauren Scott

Jinrui Shi

Mary Elizabeth Strebel

Christian Vasquez

Jordan Casey Viera

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Taylor Asbell

April Cheeseboro

Linteno Savedge



Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Luis Carlos Alacan

Iliana Barcenas

Walter Manuel Beck

Alexandra Rose Biancoviso

Julia Victoria Carey

Yuehan Chen

Diego Adrian Clavijo Saavedra

Mitchell Nolan Cloutier

Nathan Daniel Coffman

Ronald Cowler

Antonio Darias Melis

Antonio Diaz Fernandez

Brandon Dye

Zachary William Eisengrein

Luke Michael Fox

Michael Gaspari

Xochitl Santos Hernandez

Katie Mae Hillstrom

Peter Paul Paul James

Karolina Krajewska

Zachary Aiden Kusztos

Eric Joseph Law

Patrick Lamoine Leavy

Maria Paula Loria Valerin

Javier Nires Luna

David Edward Mason

Beatriz Marie Menendez

Hannah Penzner

Liamna Pestana Roche

Cees Allen Postema

Colin M. Priller

Audrey Anne Puschinsky

Andrew Peter Ranieri

Jason Harris Reiser

Andrew Lance Richardson

Jose Ignacio Santos Aquino

Samuel Scheibe

Chawin Temsittichok

Armando Torrealba Salas

Dylan Randall Tucker

Natu Oswald Tweh

Kevin Venier

Sophia Vidali

Josiah Clay Wallace

Sirui Wang

Rachel Kathryn Wresh

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Noam Armand-Meshulam Makover Aberdam

Alana Stricker


Degree candidates May 9, 2024

Thomas Nicholas Baker

Ashay Prashant Dave

Vipul Vikas Dube

Sourav Rahul Pande

Navaneeth Suresh Kumar


Degree candidate May 10, 2024

Chloe Anne McCandless


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Joseph Michael Balem

Ezinne Mary Nweke


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Gabriel Dov Abram

Angelica Mercedes Adams

Michael Anthony Bagdasarian

Spencer Carole Bailen

Edgar Ford Byars

David John Caldarella Jr.

Xinrae Cardozo

Matthew Christopher Cerrito

Theodore In Soo Chang

Karishma Chapalamadugu (C)

Arianna Catelin Charran (C)

Cherri Guanqing Chen

Jordan Chesebrough (C)

Leland Child-Lanning

Evelyn Ann Collis (C)

Angelina L. Corbin

Danessa Corton

Shelby Katherine Devore

Josephine Kate Dinan

Sarah Elizabeth Dobens

Aashraya Ajaya Durg

Adam John Finkelstein

Ian Michael Fischer

Keith Fleming Jr.

David Jonas Galli

Zaryah Gourgel

Samantha Autumn Govero

Rachel Yvonne Graham

Justin Lane Gruber

Carmen Isabella Guzman (S)

Burton Henry Hall

Carter Dean Heitkamp

Emmanuel Hernandez

Florence Isabelle Hughes

Julia Cristina Izquierdo

Dominique Natasha Kalunga (C)

Andrew Jacob Kaplan

Blake Catherine Kimmel

Justin Samuel Matthew Kinchen (C)

Mary Margaret Callahan Kinney

Aden Tej Lalonde

Kyle McLean Largey

Amber Lo (S)

Janie Rose Lobel

Stuart Alexander Lones Jr.

Jonathan Lonstein

Rafael Isidro Mendez Rubel

Joshua Lee Myers

Jake Albert Newiger (M)

Camille Therese Pastore

Jonnathan Pena

Ethan Joseph Pires

Charles Anthony Pollard III

Eva Simone Ranaldo Hochhaus

Terri Elizabeth Rauschenbach

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Robert Logan Renneker Jr.

Ethan Orion Revere

Grecia Dianel Rivera-Carrasquillo

Joshua T. Rivero

Elyse Marie Roscoe (C)

Will Grant Ryan III (C)

Maxwell David Shackman

Tucker Jude Smith

George Ellis Staton III

Samuel Isaac Strent (C)

Ishaan Louis Subramanian

Samantha Alicia Suito

Braden Rudy Sulok

Gianna Ila Terranova

Ethan Michael Trueba

Sofia Isabel Ventura

Demi Alyssa Viavattine (C)

Alexander Edward Waguespack

Gabriel Wallerstein (C)

Kayla Kathleen Wig

Jake Alexander Wild

Jamarl Donte Wilkins Jr.

Ian Edward Wolff

Xinyu Yao

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Julia Elizabeth Berg

Marcelo Diaz-Camacho

Judeny Lebron

Brandon Myrvil

Adrian Redl


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Ryan David Baker

Kamryn A. Charles

Robert J. Grande

Molly Elizabeth McKenna

Amanda Jane Pasler

Issa Mousa Shamonki

Spencer Thomas Soule

Nicholas Neng Jun Tong (C)

Eli Jackson Yaroch

School of Nursing and Health Studies

Established 1968

Presented by Cindy L. Munro, Ph.D., Dean


Degree candidate May 9, 2024

Erika Fernandez Gonzalez

Degree candidates August 2, 2024

Eva Geovanna Acevedo

Deniz Aguero

Deven Alexa Aksoy

Tatiana Maria Arce

Kaylee Ann Bachmann

Gia Gabrielle Baillie

Lynda Marie Barket

Brooke Barsky

Giovanna Benito

Veronica Biederman

Jocelyne Ellieth Blanco

Mayda Marilyn Bonilla-Oats

Emmanuelle Bouilliart De St Symphorien

Joshua Alan Boyd

Lindsay Marie Burks

Diana Victoria Caballero

Sarah Michelle Cabral

Anabel Mariela Caceres

Gabriela Maria Capdevila

Yoslayma Cardentey

Jacob Cashdollar

Arisay Castelar Flores

Amanda Nicole Castro

Arlette Elizabeth Chow

Maria I. Cintron Alvarado

Lauren Patricia Dickson

Cynthia Diez-Wong

Cassidy Donnarumma

Jessica Echaniz

Natalee-Ann Charmaine Edwards

Patricia Alexandra Espinosa

Nicholas Estelle

Liliette Estevez

Katherine Suharmy Garay

Danielle Miranda Garcia

Laura Garcia

Julian Mauricio Giraldo

Ashley Grasso

Raquel Grossman

Claudia Gutierrez

Egle D. Haven

Arianny Brigget Herrera

Feng Go Ho Wu

Danielle Erin Hoffstadt

Winnie Huang

Ivan Infante Mendieta

Lauren Ivonn Kearns

Yelizaveta Khilko

Nina Meilan Lam

Jamie Le

Ariana Lee

Cara Lindsey Lively

Dania Leticia Llana

Bryanna Locascio

Madai Martinez

Rafael Martinez

Yaileen Martinez

Danielle McAvoy

Stephanie Monjarrez

Jaslyn Montefu

Milena C. Montero

Maricela Morejon

Laura Victoria Murias

Alexander Navarro

Kelly Anne O’Connor

Yael Ouaknine

Jessica Cecilia Padron

Emily Nichole Perez

Maribel Jacqueline Perez

Patricia Perez Guerra

Marjorie Nicole Pinzon

Dailyn Pirez

Nadja Prent

Anisleidy Quintero

Evelyn Ramos

Ally R. Rosenberg

Isabel Sabsook

Peri Sachs

Nathalie Marie Salinas

Ana D. Sanchez

Claudia Francesca Simone

Catalina Echeverry Taborda

Kiara Thompson

Theodora Turrin

Lizbeth Valdes

Nina Marie Villanueva

Francesca Vizoso

Carina Marie Yates

Emilia Zumaita Hilario


Degree candidates May 10, 2024

Vito Vincent Aiello (M)

Allison Leigh Andryski (S)

Apsara A. Anugole

Christopher Grant Arthur

Emily Morin Baker

Paula Maria Barreiro

Bruce Shore Beaulieu II

Sydney Christine Benson

Nate Stephan Bergfeld (M)

Aliyah Beverly

Harper Campbell Boege

Joshua Salomon Bornstein

Nicolette Victoria Brigante

Cine' Demi Brown

Isabelle Grace Bucolo

Madeleine Cagnoli

Caitlyn Alexis Calderon

Soffia Caliva Rojas

Samantha Camejo

(S) Summa Cum Laude | (M) Magna Cum Laude | (C) Cum Laude

Hannah Rachel Casper (M)

Yazmin Monett Castelo

Caleb Joshua Chevis

Natalia Christina Chiodo

Paul Reed Clifford (S)

Alexandra Yolande Cody

Lyana Ashlyn Corvea (M)

Chloe Ella Coseglia

Chloe Melo Costa

Denise Marie Cuccia

Katherine Rebecca Cuyar

Enzo David De Carvalho (M)

Osvaldo Lazaro Delgado (C)

Chelsea Angelica Diaz

Cassie Anne Due

Sarah Rachel Edri

Sara Asfaw Elias

Sofia Juanita Fortson (C)

Samuel Aberra Fura (M)

Sophia Davigail Garcia (C)

Alexa Gelpi

Ava Caroline Goldammer

Elizabeth Miren Gonzalez

Maurice Gonzalez

Chirag Gowda (C)

Gabriel Dakota Gumbs

Shelsea Fransheska Gutierrez

Talia Zinnia Gutnikov (C)

Elizabeth Sarah Hahne

Riley Lovett Hanes

Timofei Harbacheuski

Carlos Antonio Hernandez

Eduardo L. Hernandez

Natalie Nicole Herrera

Ariel Samuel Hus

Julian Lim Joa

Madeline Elizabeth Jobin

William Kambouras

Alexa Lynn Kantor

Ines Marie-Odile Koulet Vickot

Brandon Hochahn Lee

Chenille Levy (M)

Savannah Isabel Linares

Astrid Lopez

Kate Lui (S)

Kevin Luis

Angelina Macchio

Lemuel Alejandro Madrigal

Tatiana Delphine Irma Mailli

Toyin Nicolet Marable

Allison Elizabeth Marsh (S)

Andrea Martinez

Emma Grace Massaro

Alyssa Marie Masternick (C)

James Parker Mc Elhinney (C)

Emily Elizabeth McCabe (C)

Emma Ryan McKeon (M)

Thomas William McPherson

Olivia Drew Melamed

Ximena Mendoza Infante

Martin Druno Methellus

Maggie An Meyreles

Lillian Faith Miller

Leah Maya Friedman Mohnkern (C)

Isabella Monzon

Zully Moreno

Emily Kate Morrison

Jared Lawrence Mumphard

Miah Elizabeth Nicholls

Beibhinn Mairead O’Reilly

Julia Nicole Owens

Hannah Maria Pachalis (M)

Chelsea Rosario Pachas

Nia Hazel Perry

Hemish Philip

Sophia Marie Poslock

Alyssa Katlynn Robb

Emily Andrea Rodriguez

Juan Francisco Rodriguez

Vanessa Claire Rothmeyer

Priyal Roy

Rachel Mae Sanderson (M)

Mia Frances Scholl (S)

Lia Rose Simoniello (M)

Sarah Rachel Sinert (M)

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The Great Seal of the University of Miami

The Great Seal of the University of Miami symbolizes exceptional scholarship, a limitless quest for knowledge, and an abiding commitment to service shared by University faculty, staff, and students. The Great Seal includes a stylized sun and palm tree, as well as a shield with the traditional symbols of education—a key, a book, and a torch. The key signifies the unlocking, discovery, or reevaluation

of learning and knowledge. The book holds the Latin words for discovery, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. And, the torch symbolizes the spread and dissemination of learning. Below the shield is the University’s Latin motto, from the Book of Esdras, Magna Est Veritas: Great Is Truth.


The Mace

The academic mace, an enduring symbol of institutional authority and prestige, is a vestige from prehistoric times. First used as a battle weapon, the mace evolved into a ceremonial staff carried in processions of royalty, magistrates, and church or university officials.

The University of Miami’s current mace, which dates back to 1986, was sculpted by former art professor William Ward. He chose a contemporary design, one that reflects the University’s timelessness and perpetual growth from a young institution to one of national prominence. The clean lines and polished silver surface are elegant; dignified; and reflective of colors, textures, and forms in the everchanging environment. Ward indicated that timelessness is further represented by the mace’s geometric design. Rather than employing symbols like books, candles, or globes, he noted that these geometric shapes are not tied to fad or style but are an integral part of our world.

“There are obvious relationships to mathematics and the sciences, and as the mace is rotated, some of the planes at the top resemble letters. Its complexity is like the unfolding plot of a good story,” Ward said.

The University of Miami’s mace serves as a symbolic weapon to protect the ideals of truth, justice, and learning. During the commencement ceremony, it is carried at the head of the academic procession by the grand marshal, whose symbolic duty is the protection of the University, its people, and its processes.

In 2019, staff and faculty members in the Department of Theatre Arts performed preservation and restoration work on the mace, crafting a new base and reviving the original sheen so that, after decades of use, the mace continues to play its role in the University’s commencement ceremonies.

The University of Miami Presidential Chair

The University of Miami Presidential Chair, or cathedra, took its place in 2016 on the commencement stage as a symbol of the Office of the President. Traditionally representing the seat of learning, the cathedra was designed and crafted by master furniture maker Austin Matheson, an adjunct professor in the School of Architecture, whose family history in South Florida predates the University’s 1925 founding.

Matheson carved and joined what appear to be the seamless pieces of the chair from a single slab of highly prized and once-abundant Cuban mahogany. It was salvaged from a tree felled by a hurricane in nearby Coconut Grove. The fluidity of his design represents the idea that “We Are One U,” while his use of a contemporary style and a few traditional

flourishes represent the University’s rich past and promising future. “The chair is unique. It has no precedent. It stands alone,” Matheson said.

Etched by laser, the Great Seal of the University of Miami is prominently displayed on the splat, or back, of the chair. More subtly, twin silhouettes of an ibis head, with its graceful beak, adorn each side of the crest rail. Known for its invincible spirit when hurricanes approach, the marsh bird has been the school mascot since the University opened its doors, just a month after the hurricane of 1926 devastated Miami. Like the chair, the ibis continues to be a symbol of our resilience and renewal as we approach our new century.


Academic Honors and Regalia

The ceremonies of commencement immerse us in the rich tradition of academic honors and dress that reaches back to the early days of the world’s oldest universities.

The University of Miami awards degrees in three basic divisions—the doctorate, master’s, and baccalaureate—which can be traced to medieval times. The student receiving a “first degree in arts” was crowned with a wreath of laurel berries, hence “baccalaureate” and “bachelor.” The master’s degree was a license to teach (Licentia docendi), so the “master” was an appropriate title. The doctor was even better qualified to teach, for this degree required advanced study, independent research, and defense of a dissertation. These standards still apply to the doctorate, except for those conferred honoris causa (as honorary degrees) for meritorious service in public or private endeavor.

Some degrees are awarded with special recognition. For those who have achieved appropriate standards in their work, the words cum laude (with praise), magna cum laude (with high praise), and summa cum laude (with highest praise) are used. Students who have met formal scholarly demands, including both specified courses and high overall grade averages, may graduate with “General Honors.” These achievements are recorded on diplomas and in official transcripts.

From medieval practice, academic dress has three items: cap, gown, and hood. In reviving the use of these items for the United States, an intercollegiate commission in 1895 drafted a code that most universities,

including the University of Miami, follow.

For all degrees, the mortarboard is the traditional cap. The tassel may be gold for a doctor or may indicate the field of study.

The bachelor’s gown is black with long, pointed, open sleeves. The master’s gown is black with a long, closed sleeve hanging below the elbow. The doctor’s gown is black and is distinguished by three bars of velvet on a full sleeve.

The academic hood is the identifying symbol of the degree. Its length indicates which degree it represents: three feet for the baccalaureate, three-and-a-half for the master’s, and four for the doctorate. The lining indicates the college or university that awarded the degree. University of Miami hoods are lined in orange, green, and white. The color of the velvet band represents the academic discipline. The most frequently seen colors are white for arts, yellow for science, pink for music, sapphire blue for philosophy, purple for law, scarlet for divinity, green for medicine, light blue for education, drab for business, orange for engineering, violet for architecture, gray for general studies, and apricot for nursing.

President Julio Frenk wears a black robe with four black velvet bars. The fourth chevron indicates this is the presidential regalia. The gown features orange and green piping as well as a doctoral hood lined in orange, green, and white—reflecting the official University of Miami school colors.


The Music of the Ceremony

University of Miami Fanfare

Great universities throughout the country begin their halftime performances with a special fanfare consisting of small portions of their school fight songs and alma mater. The fanfare signals the start of halftime festivities, exciting the crowd and encouraging loyal fans to remain in their seats during the band’s performance.

Following the Miami Hurricane’s National Championship season in 2001-2002, David Lambert, D.M.A. ’05, wrote a similar fanfare for the

University of Miami. “UM Fanfare” was premiered by the University of Miami Band of the Hour during the 2004 Miami Hurricane home football opener versus Florida State University. It has since been performed as a prelude to all Band of the Hour performances and has become a part of the University of Miami’s commencement to announce the opening of the ceremony.

President’s Processional Fanfare

Commencement ceremonies are rich in history, tradition, and ritual. Over the years, the University of Miami has had a number of talented musicians and composers contribute to that history and tradition. The “President’s Processional Fanfare—Toward Our New Century” was

commissioned by the Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music for the inauguration of the University of Miami's sixth president, Julio Frenk. Written by Brian Balmages, M.M. ’00, the fanfare premiered on January 29, 2016, at Frenk’s inauguration ceremony.


Alma Mater

Southern suns and sky blue water

Smile upon you Alma Mater

Mistress of this fruitful land

With all knowledge at your hand

Always just, to honor true

All our love we pledge to you

Alma Mater

Stand forever

On Biscayne’s wondrous shore.




Parking and Reception Information

The spring commencement ceremonies will be held in the Watsco Center on the Coral Gables Campus from May 9-11, 2024. Free parking is conveniently located near the Watsco Center at Levante, Mahoney-Pearson, and Pavia garages. Parking passes are not required for commencement guests. The Special Needs Parking is located in front of the Watsco Center at the Serpentine lot (425S and 425N) on Walsh Avenue. State-issued disabled parking permits are required to access these lots. Parking at Ponce de Leon Garage is strictly reserved for patients of The Lennar Foundation Medical Center.

Golf carts and shuttles will be running continuously for guests who cannot walk long distances to and from the Watsco Center from surrounding parking lots. No reservations are needed.

Guests attending receptions may park in the pink lots. For the most up-to-date information about receptions and their locations, please scan the QR code below.

Gree t Practice Fields Thomas D. Hormel Innovation Stage, age, Knight Center fo Music Innovation sic Murphy Design Stud o Studio Mahoney-Pearson Garage Theatre Arts (under construction) construc Gables One Tower ower Vi Schwart Center tz fo Athletic Excellence Excellence Sof fe ndoo Practice Facility Fros Institut fo Chemistry and Molecular Science y an Scienc Centennial Village Villag (under construction Lake Osceola Or it Building Lau Founders Hall 1535 Levante Avenue enue Rainbow Building Buildin McKnight Building ding 1552 Brescia Casa Bacardi Pick Pic Hall 1551 Brescia University ersit y Police Studio Arts o Building Pent and ntland House Lowe Art Museum t Museu Ferré Building Knight Physic s Building Gusman Concert Hall Unga Building Herman Ring Theatre Gate House Herbert Herbe Wellness llness Center Watsco Center Ce Newman Alumni Alumn Center Cente Fieldhouse Whitte Whi te University Center Metrorail/ University Station ty Gate House e 1300 Campo Sano 00 Greenhouse Fl ps Building Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigm Ch Rodriguez Park Fraser Baseball Building Buildin University Village 6230 SW 57 Avenue enue UV-7 UV-4 UV-5 UV-A UV-B UV-C UV-6 UV-2 UV-1 University Village Univ Villag Townhouses Alpha Alph Epsilon Pi Pi Kappa Ph UV-3 Shalala Studen St Center Student Center Complex mplex Saint Augustine Catholic Church University Credit Union Plumer Building Alpha Sigma Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Dooly Dool Memorial Memo ia Classroo Cla Building Bui ding Ashe As Administration Building Mc Arthur Engineering Arthu Building Cox Co Science Building Richte Librar y Library Finker-Frenkel nk -Frenkel Promenade e Storer Auditorium Watsco Light Field Townhouses West Laboratory School Doctors Hospital Physic Lakeside Field Admissions Admission Week Music Quadrangle 6565 Red Road d Klotz Player Develop Develo ment Center Klot FPL Construction Site Gifford Arboretu Intramural Field Ce Plaza McLamore Plaz Foote University Gree Fate Bridge Feldenkrei Plaza Gautie Plaza Labyrinth Cobb Fountain ChampionsWalkway Frost School of Music Sc School of Law School of Communication Co Miami Herber t i Business School College of Arts and Sciences College of Engineering School of Architec ture Graduate School School of Nursing and and Health Studies St School of Communication Co Cour tyard ar School School of Education and Human Development Huma Developmen The Ir vin n Korach ch Architec ture chitec Galler y GRANADA BOULEVARD CAR LLO STREET P ONAS VA E N U E CAMPOSANOAVENUE ALHAMBRACIRCLE ANCONAAVENUE BARACOAAVENUE MILLERROAD MILLERDRIVE TRILLOAVENUE SANAMARODRIVE URBINOAVENUE ROBBIAAVENUE BRUNSO N DRI V E B RUNSON DRIV E COLLEGE DRIVE M E C K V E MA R IPOS A CO UR TURI N T RE E T MA DRUGA AV ENUE MA DRUGA AV ENUE HARDEEROAD PONC DE LEON BOULE VA RD PONCE DE LEON BOUL EVARD PONCE DE LEON BOUL EVARD RON FR ASER WAY UNIVERSITYDRIVE ALBENGAAVENUE BRESCIAAVENUE CONSOLATAAVENUE CORNICHEAVENUE DELGADOAVENUE LIGURIAAVENUE LE VA NTE AV ENUE MATAROAVENUE HURRICANEDRIVE A N A M O D R VE VILLAGEDRIVE MEMORIAL DRIVE REDROAD(SW57AVENUE) SA GU A AV ENUE SCODELLAAVENUE ZORETAAVENUE ZULETAAVENUE US -1 SOUTH DIXIE HIGH WAY) US -1 (SOUTH DIXIE HIGH WAY) US -1 (SOUTH DIXIE HIGH WAY) DA UE DRIV E C A B A L R O B V D S. ALHAMB RA CIRC LE WILDERDRIVE ST ANFOR D DRIV AUGU ST O STRE E MAYNADA STREET DICKINSO N DRIV WALSH AVENUE SANAMARODRIVE Walkway & Footbridge Pedestrian Bridge Scharlin Family Pati Lakes de Village illage SERVIC RO AD Lakeside esid Village illage Expo Ce te Pavia Garage Levante Levan e Garage Ponce de Leon Garage University Village Villag Scodella Garage Ga age University Village ty llage Albenga Garage Lakeside Pati C Map 23-12 Copyright ©2024 Uni ersity of Mi Stanford Circl LE VA NTE AV ENUE PA VIA ST R ET WAL SH AV ENUE ANTS ORD RIVED 42 5S 425N 425N
Graduate Check-in (Fieldhouse Practice Courts) Special Needs Parking Traffic Light Shuttle Route Shuttle Stop U Statue Ride Share/Taxi Drop Off and Pick Up Parking: Levante Garage, Mahoney-Pearson Garage, Pavia Garage, and General Parking Special Needs Parking Construction Zone Fence Golf Cart Route
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