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Students protest in quad after Trump elected

Students hosted a Love Trumps Hate peaceful protest in the free speech area of the university on Thursday, Nov. 10. Students of varying opinions came out to stand up for what they believe in. PHOTO BY EMILY SHARP | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

By Bri Watkins News Editor @briwatkins17 Freeman said she was astonished when she saw Hays County show up red on Tuesday night and decided to speak up for what she believes in, even if people disagree. “Tomorrow I’m going to be out here, even if I’m the only one. I may not be making the biggest difference, but I will have my voice heard,” Freeman said. “I don’t want my rights taken away. As a female, as being part black, as being

bi-sexual, if I fall in love with a female I want to be able to marry her in the long run.” The University Police Department defined the protest as peaceful, but they are on alert to step in if needed. “I was fearful because someone is going to attack me because I’m black or because I am bisexual,” Freeman said. Grayson Trygar is also among one of the protesters, holding up a sign that read “if you aren’t afraid, you are privileged.” “(Trump) has made

some really blatantly discriminatory comments. I think as an American, if you vote for someone who makes those blatantly discriminatory comments, then you are going against American values,” Trygar said. “Somehow, we gave in to that fire as a nation, and he got elected, and I don’t understand how that happened.” Students in the quad have sung the Star Spangled Banner as well as songs about love. Trump supporters, Love Trumps Hate, and Black Lives Matter supporters are all


part of the protest. Arguments as well as peaceful conversations have gone on throughout the protest. The Texas State chant has been yelled periodically throughout the protest to resounding cheers. The protest stems from student’s feelings of fear on campus and the need to show love to all people. Freeman and Trygar both agreed that students are fearful with Trump reigning as president, especially after the controversial flier incident. On Wednesday, supporters of president-elect

Donald Trump distributed fliers around campus that read “go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders.” Denise Trauth, president of Texas State, immediately sent out an email after the incident, encouraging students to remain unified in a time of differences in belief and emotions, during this transition. “As Bobcats our aim should be to better understand that which causes divisions among us and to work toward strengthening our bond as a university commu-

nity,” Trauth said. “Constructive dialogue is the best way to achieve this goal.” While there is a Love Trumps Hate rally happening there are students on campus being disrespectful to others based on their looks alone. Denise Cervantes, lifestyle editor, was sitting alone waiting for her class to start when she was spat because she’s a minority and told she shouldn’t be at this university anymore.


Student woke to find stranger in home

Body found on Campus

On Saturday, Nov. 12, at approximately 2:30 a.m., a San Marcos woman and resident of Ella Lofts woke up to find a man at the foot of her bed staring at her. Jordan Taco woke from sleep after her dog conveyed startling growls. Immediately she asked

A Texas State student was found dead at 7:20 a.m. Nov. 14 in the Academic Services Building North in a stairwell, according to

By Bri Watkins News Editor @briwatkins17

the man who he was, in which he replied “Kyle.” After realizing Taco was awake, the suspect walked into the bathroom and turned on the lights, seeming unfazed during the situation. Taco ordered him to leave, and he did so accordingly. The suspect was described as a white male, 6 feet tall and weighing about 250-300 pounds.

Taco notified the police, and is expecting to receive the video footage soon. Taco encouraged Texas State students on her Facebook page to take action in regarding their safety. “Stay safe out there, inform others, protect others and always take extra measures to ensure your safety,” she wrote.

By Bri Watkins News Editor @briwatkins17

university spokesperson Matt Flores. Matt Flores said it is an apparent suicide and is currently under investigation. We will update here with more information as it becomes available. If you or anyone you

know is seeking help, please visit: Texas State Counseling Center Or, call these hotlines: 1-877-466-0660 1-800-273-8255 1-888-628-9454


Counseling Center here for students amidst election stress By Stacee Collins Lifestyle Assistant Editor @stvcee

Amidst election stress and political protests on campus, Texas State’s Counseling Center aims to assist students during this trying time. The Counseling Center has posted an official statement on its website for those stressed about the election cycle. Different opinions, political views, feelings and inStar File Photo. teractions will be shared

on campus, and the center recommends various strategies for students to remain peaceful. “You may find yourself within a circle of friends or classmates who do not share the same reactions as you,” the website states. “These interactions may evoke strong emotions and questions and may intensify your reactions.” Officials encourage students to acknowledge their feelings, focus on tasks, connect with oth-

ers, focus on the present, monitor media use, opt out of unproductive conversations and maintain health. In addition, the Counseling Center offers a plethora of services for students during this time, including counseling sessions, crisis response calls and mental health programs. See,


A2 | Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The University Star Bri Watkins News Editor @briwatkins17 @universitystar

UNIVERSITY, from front. Ethel Banks, senior administrative assistant, said a majority of the center’s on-call counselors are busy with clients throughout the day. During the Nov. 10 peaceful protests on campus, Banks said the counselors were booked up until closing time at 5 p.m. “Our calendars are booked solid,” Banks said. “We’re working the best we can with everything that’s going on and handling it case by case.”

Students seeking counseling assistance should call the center or visit the office in the LBJ Student Center 5-4.1 to see if there are any available times or vacancies open for meetings. Since the Counseling Center has no more capacity to add new clients, employees have constructed one-time sessions that last an hour and focus on immediate issues for students. If students are in need of further resources after

a meeting, counselors will connect them with additional services. Banks said the recent election and aspects that come along with that are the reasoning behind the full schedules. “It’s a multitude of things,” Banks said. “Stresses of exams coming up and everything— it’s a variety of things and we’ve been booked all fall.” Students in need of immediate assistance can call the center at 512-245-

2208 for an on-call crisis counselor. In addition, there are various hotlines that cater to psychological needs. The Trans Lifeline can be reached at 1-877-565-8860. The Hays County Mental Health Crisis Hotline can be contacted at 1-877466-0660. In addition, there are multiple mental health resources across the community. The Scheib Center, Bluebonnet Trails and The Center for Health Care Services can

provide services. Texas State’s Counseling Center offers educational workshops for students, such as How to DEAL, stress reduction programs and selfimprovement sessions. In addition, The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion provides various services for LGBTQIA persons and allies. Bobcat PRIDE, Bobcat Equality Alliance and the LGBTQIA Advisory Council may offer students assistance.

Staff members at the Counseling Center are required to keep all sessions, appointments and records confidential by state law. The Counseling Center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday on the 5th floor of the LBJ Student Center. The staff is dedicated to value diversity and strives to provide services for all regardless of race, values, gender, ethnicity, ability, religion, sexual and gender identity and age.


Pro-Trump flyers on Texas State campus call for ‘torture’ of school officials Bri Watkins News Editor @briwatkins17 Pro-Trump flyers were found posted in Texas State restrooms and buildings Nov 9., a day after republican candidate Donald Trump was elected into presidency. The flyers, posted by a group named “Texas State Vigilantes” called for the “arrest and torture” of “deviant university leaders spouting off all this diversity garbage.” According to Matt Flores, university spokesperson, the flyers have been deemed as criminal activity and are currently undergoing investigation. The flyer states, “now that our man (Donald Trump) is elected and republicans own both the senate and the house – time to organize tar and feather vigilante squads and go arrest and torture those deviate university leaders spouting off all this diversity garbage.” The picture accompa-

nying the flyer has been around since at least 2008 with just the word vigilantes on it. Some group has added the Texas State above it and is using it for themselves as the “Texas State Vigilantes.” “We want students to feel safe on campus,” Flores said. “We’re trying to reassure everybody where free expression is encouraged but at the same time we want there to be a sense of civility.” A mass e-mail was sent out to the university by president Denise Trauth in response to the flyers. “Texas State strives to maintain an atmosphere that protects free speech, but one that is respectful to other members of the Bobcat community,” Trauth stated. “Threats absolutely have no place on our campus or in a free society, and anyone who is directly threatened should notify University Police immediately.” Amber Newman, public relations junior, said although anxious, the re-

sponses to the election and fliers on campus have not come as a surprise. “I’m not shocked,” Newman said. “That’s the crazy thing about it, as crazy and as outdated as it is, I know people who think like that. But what is crazy to me is there is a group like that on campus actively trying to pursue people of color.” Samantha Lopez, theater education sophomore, said no matter who is president, the country needs to come together as a whole and be supportive of one another. “The fact that (flyers) were posted scares me,” Lopez said. “I don’t think just because who is voted defines the way someone should act towards another person.” Lopez said people should address and express their feelings in a more peaceful manner, regarding the anti-trump protest held on campus Nov. 10. “I never really imagined that it would happen

Students call for love over acts of hate during a Love Trumps Hate protest. PHOTO BY BRI WATKINS | NEWS EDITOR

to this extent,” Lopez said. “If this is what happened after not even 24 hours after he was elected I can’t think about what’s going to happen two years from now or four years from now if he is reelected.” Flores said students

feeling unsafe on campus should report any crime to the university police department and utilize services such as bobcat bobbies, a program with a mission to safely escort students on campus. “The one thing we do stress to everybody,”

Flores said. “If this is an issue of free speech or someone threatening someone with their speech we believe there is no place for this at our university we want those individuals who feel threatened to let police know.”

The University Star

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 | A3




Best Asian Food

Best Asian Food

Best Asian Food

Kobe Teppan & Sushi

Best Auto Shop Nichols Tire & Automotive

Best Barbecue Kent Black’s BBQ

Best Boutique Two P’s & Calli’s

Best Breakfast Root Cellar Cafe & Bakery

Best Burger Taproom Pub & Grub

Best Coffee Shop Mochas & Javas

Best Date Night Codys Bistro and Lounge

Best Dessert Marble Slab Creamery

Best Happy Hour Zelicks

Best Italian Food Italian Garden

Best Liquor Store Twin Liquors

Best Mexican Restaurant Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant

Best Nightlife Zelick’s

Best Pizza Pie Society

Best Salon Salon Mink

Best Sandwich Shop Alvin Ord’s

Best Tacos Torchy’s Tacos

Best Tattoo Shop Classic Tattoo

Best Live Music The Marc

Thai Thai

Best Auto Shop A&A Automotive

Best Barbecue Hays County BBQ

Best Boutique Barefoot

Best Breakfast Cracker Barrel

Best Burger Gordo’s Burgers & Stuff

Best Coffee Shop Jo On the Go

Best Date Night Palmer’s Bar & Courtyard

Best Dessert Rhea’s Ice Cream

Best Happy Hour Grin’s

Best Italian Food Carino’s

Best Liquor Store Spec’s

Best Mexican Restaurant Chuy’s

Best Nightlife The Marc

Best Pizza Valentino’s

Best Salon Monroe’s Hair Studio

Best Sandwich Shop Erbert’s and Gerbert’s

Best Tacos Lolita’s Cafe

Best Tattoo Shop Mystic Marks

Best Live Music Cheatham Street

Wok & Roll

Best Auto Shop Reliable Automotive

Best Barbecue AJ’s Ranch Road Grill

Best Boutique Francesca’s

Best Breakfast Dos Gatos

Best Burger Railyard Bar & Grill

Best Coffee Shop Tantra Coffeehouse

Best Date Night Root Cellar Cafe & Bakery

Best Dessert Casa Maria’s Bakery

Best Happy Hour Chimy’s

Best Italian Food Fazoli’s

Best Liquor Store Gabriel’s Wine & Liquor Outlet

Best Mexican Restaurant Herbert’s Taco Hut

Best Nightlife


Zelicks By Vanessa Bell Lifestyle Reporter @vanessayvebell Zelicks Icehouse has been voted winner for best night life its second year in a row. Zelicks also won best happy hour this year and was the only location to win two awards. Carl Barlow Maxey, key holder and bartender, said he was gratified to hear Zelicks Icehouse won best nightlife in a city filled with different varieties. “It’s pretty neat,” said Maxey. “It’s something to be proud about.” Amanda Mouchette, geography senior and bartender, said she would have never thought they could win a second time with the opening of new bars in town. “I kind of didn’t expect it because we have so much competition,” Mouchette said. Mouchette said Zelicks

Icehouse customer service sets them apart from other bars in town. Mouchette said Yappy Hour is offered once a month, and allows customers to bring in their dogs. Mutt-Strutt Guardian Angel program, was at Zelicks’ second Yappy Hour to give out microchips for $20 and also provided animal adoption information. “We have dog pools, and a place called Guardian Angel came by,” Mouchette said. “The first time, we had like 50 dogs in here.” Maxey said Zelicks Icehouse is different from other bars around San Marcos due to its outside patio, its service and its customers. “I think the customers make the place really great too,” Maxey said. “It’s just a different attitude.”

The Marc

Best Pizza Gumby’s

Best Salon San Marcos Hair

Best Sandwich Shop Which Wich

Best Tacos Exxon

Best Tattoo Shop Twisted Rabbit Tattoo Co.


Best Live Music Tantra Coffeehouse

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A4 | Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The University Star Mikala Everett Opinions Editor @mikala_maquella @universitystar


Standing with Standing Rock is imperative for all Bridgett Reneau Opinions Columnist @bridgelynnn The protesters at Standing Rock are fighting for more than the discontinuation of the Dakota Access Pipeline, they are fighting for the future of the planet. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a “1,172-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline that will connect the rapidly expanding Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to Pakota, Illinois,” according to the Energy Transfer website. The site states the goal of the pipeline is to “help close the gap between (oil) we produce as a country and what we consume.” Of course, it is no secret our nation requires oil to function. Society is centered on the necessity of the fossil fuel, and that fact will not change

anytime soon. However, we have continually failed to consider the massive ramifications of pursuing crude oil relentlessly. The consequences are serious, and the main dilemma is climate change. “Burning oil is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore a major driver of climate change,” said Rebecca Lefton and Daniel J. Weiss in a column for the Center for American Progress. Climate change must be taken seriously, as it poses many “environmental, social, political, and military risks.” Global warming will ultimately result in more severe weather, wildlife extinction, acidic oceans and higher sea levels. These things are slowly, but surely, contributing to the demise of Mother Earth. Building the Da-

kota Access Pipeline also raises more urgent concerns regarding the possibility of immediate disaster. If the pipeline


were to break, it would spell immediate environmental destruction for the surrounding area and its citizens. If the pipeline spilled, it would flow into the Missouri River, which millions of people rely upon for clean drinking water. This would be a

have banded together at Standing Rock are “standing up for clean water, environmental justice and a working climate,” said Bill McKibben in an Op-Ed column for The New York Times. Actress Shailene Woodley has spoken out

about her own experience at Standing Rock, bringing awareness about the crisis into mainstream media. In her essay for Time magazine, Woodley recounted her time spent protesting. Native Americans have “put their livelihoods on the line, to protect their children, your children, and my future children,” Woodley said. Native tribes, who once waged war with each other, stand in solidarity in order to protect the overall future of our planet. However, these tribes are also standing for something equally as imperative—the preservation of their culture. America has a history of blatantly disregarding the culture of the indigenous people who inhabited the land precolonization. This culture is one that has a deep respect for the planet and its natural resources.

The protests occurring at Standing Rock are cries for help. “The Dakota Access Pipeline, my friends, is not another time to ignore, mistreat and turn a blind eye to Native Americans,” Woodley said. By ignoring the plight of Native Americans, we are only hurting ourselves. The situation at Standing Rock is a microcosm for the overall condition of our entire planet. Our decision to discount the severity of the issue of global warming, and in some cases doubt the truth of the subject in its entirety, will ultimately be detrimental to our generation and generations to come. - Bridgett Reneau is a psychology junior



Where is she And when they say, “stop crying,” I bellow somewhere between my appendix and liver, “I’m trying.” Although I know what they mean is not what I mean, I mean what I mean, except that – we are trying. He seemed objective, and that’s what I wanted to catch word of. Sweat, body odor you did not mind, the warranted smell of Others’ breath – you could see their canker sores. Claustrophobic, but with so much available oxygen. I saw him, he switched through the two sides, seemingly objective, so I asked him what they were saying. He told me not to be so sure whose side he was on. That was it – I had assumed. Incorrectly. And a man in Supras, shorts in brisk weather, zipped up with camouflage clothing that was not camouflage, but hid him nonetheless, who bore white skin shouted that our safe spaces were dead. I saw a black woman, and I apologized somewhere near by liver and appendix, but also through my eyes, and realized that I am this man, when I saw my dermal pigment.

horrific catastrophe of epic proportions. Think of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, times ten. The protestors who

I smiled. I guess it seemed fake. Because of the way she cried. Sweat, body odor, when they ask us what we want to change, I think, “You!” and remember “Mother” by Pink Floyd, and Clinton’s cardboard cutout reaches apex on the monument. Where is she? I see her, and I have her pinned on my lapel now. She’s a safety clip on my lapel. Safety. Can you clip safety to yourself ? If so, it can be unclasped. My lapel is as heavy as my heart. Safety clips bind things otherwise loose from each other. Some angry Trumpette (they told us our nonbinary life didn’t matter – plastered it to the walls and took people of color with them with threats of tarring and feathering; feathers come out of pillows when you are sucking your thumb, and you play with them, and it’s fun to pull them out one by one by one by one by one by one by one, and they are amusing, not abrasive), and I say Trumpette because she made it clear she was a woman: “I’m a woman, and you’re mad that your candidate didn’t win,”

and I wince, somewhere closer to my larynx, right by my thyroid, “She was your candidate, too; you just voted for the other one.” Some Trumpet wished us farewell deaths – as if we were on death row for being alive. Somebody else’s orgasm – that’s all I am, and I am on death row for that. We all feel that now. Sweat, dehydration, and solidarity – it feels good, but nobody catches the high the same way after the first time. Tumpets and Trumpettes. They sound the same. Like homonyms. Because they are alike. I wonder what we are to them. Clints and Clits? It would be so, if history reflects onto the unseen. He looked objective. I remember “The Wall” (both the rhetorical concept and the soundtrack), I remember “Dispatches,” and I cannot believe how many people remember the Alamo but do not know where Texas “won.” Won. Won. Win. Win. Winning. Winning. Lose. Loser. The Biggest Loser. Lost. Lost. Loss

Take some time for self-care after the election By May Olvera Opinions Columnist @yungfollowill Whether you are a Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump or third party supporter, the 2016 election cycle has been emotionally draining for most. In order to keep any respective movement alive and avoid the possibility of burning out, self-care is immensely important. Because this election has been so traumatic, the fears of deportation, lynching, sexual assault and a failing economy have become intensified realities for folks all over the United States. People are scared and exhausted, and rightfully so. Postelection blues have been hard to shake this year. The world has become so noisy it seems nearly impossible to interact with others and not fall into conversations about the election and the state of the world. Many people have taken to the streets to protest and are putting in immense amounts of emotional labor. However, it is okay to not feel prepared to put in immediate collective emotional work just yet. In the long run, the

movement will thank you for taking care of yourself. First, figure out your needs. At this moment, do you feel the need to be alone or surrounded by like-minded people? Taking time to do things you love can work wonders for the soul. After a year centered primarily on politics, it is time to get to know your favorite person in the world again: yourself. One of the easiest steps you can take is to tune out of social media completely and direct your attention elsewhere. A personal favorite routine is to turn off the phone, put on some jams and dance for as long as possible on top of the couch or bed for some optimal bounce. (Pro tip: You can never go wrong with Queen’s “Under Pressure.”) If you need visual stimulation, Netflix has got you covered. Maybe you were so caught up in the elections you somehow never got around to watching Stranger Things. Now is the time to indulge. You also cannot forget the return of Gilmore Girls later this month. Ample Hills Creamery,

based out of New York City, has created three Gilmore Girls themed ice cream flavors that ship nationwide. Put in your order now and make plans to kick back Nov. 25 with some coffee chocolate pudding ice cream topped with PopTart sprinkles. If you would rather be around people, plan a cooking night with friends or go out for some drunken karaoke. It may feel wrong to partake in fun activities when it seems like the world is falling apart, but now is the best time to take a break from all the pain and step into a better state of mind. Most importantly, remember you matter and deserve better than any politician the two-party system can offer. Do not be ashamed of having to take a step back and recuperate these next few days or weeks. America was slighted by two awful candidates, and it is okay to mend your own wounds before facing what is to come. There is still a chance we will all survive. - May Olvera is a journalism junior


Veganism: Saving Your Health and The Environment By Baleigh Morgan Junior- International Studies/International Relations When most people hear the word “Vegan”, they often relate the term to “a raging PETA Advocate who’s trying to shove their leftist views down the throats of society”, however being Vegan is so much more than advocating for animals rights. Veganism is a way of life that excludes cruelty to animals in all forms, including exploitation, consumption, clothing usage, or any other reason. In nutritional terminology, Veganism means the abstinence of consuming all animal produce, including meat, eggs, dairy, honey, and their derivatives. While animal rights are still

very important to myself and fellow Vegans, I’m here to persuade you to consider the switch to Veganism for health benefits, and to help battle the detrimental effects that climate change has on our environment due to factory farming. Leading into the 21st century, an alarming increase of Type 2 Diabetes, certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks have occurred. The increases in these life-altering afflictions have even impacted younger individuals, such as college students. According to Nutrition and Food Sciences professor Ingrid Lofgren of Rhode Island University, “unhealthy dietary habits play a huge role in the rising numbers of young people with these

diseases.” The simple fix of eating a healthier diet could save the lives of millions who suffer from these diseases, or who will suffer from them in their future. It has also been said by Dr. Lofgren that obesity increases the chances of heart disease by two-to-four percent each year as a young person is classified as obese. Eating a variety of healthy foods such as nuts, beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, decreases your chances of developing diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, and can even prevent heart attacks and strokes. While many individuals focus on health issues as a main reason to convert to Veganism, the environment is also a huge concern within

the Vegan community. Climate change is an epidemic that is a major issue to society today. One largely contributing factor to climate change is greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions) due to the waste created by animals that are concentrated in factory farms. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, “the animal agriculture sectorwhich includes the production of feed crops, the manufacturing of fertilizer, and the shipment of meat, eggs, and dairy- is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions.” GHG emissions include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor. As stated by the Climate Institute of America, “Carbon Dioxide is con-

sidered the most powerful GHG emission, as it has the most significant direct- warming impact on global warming temperature as a result of the sheer volume of its emissions.” Climate change is not ideal for our environment due to it causing harm to our oceans and sea-life, contamination to fresh water outlets, substantial diminishment of certain vegetation, soil disruption, and many more damaging occurrences. In order to reduce the staggering effects that climate change has on our planet, you can stop consuming meat, eggs, dairy, and all other animal products by converting to Veganism. In the end, the only way to combat health issues, such as Type 2 Diabetes, certain

cancers, cardiovascular disease, strokes and heart attacks, is to take control of your health today. You can start by introducing healthier foods into your diet, which include nuts, beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. If your health isn’t much of a concern to you, you can consider converting to Veganism in order to combat the damaging effects that climate change has on our environment. This will lead to the decrease in GHG emissions, thus decreasing the harmful effects that factory farming has on our environment. If you’re not up to cutting meat out of your diet “cold turkey”, then maybe consider following a Vegan diet one day out of the week.

The University Star

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 | A5


Garcia’s Mexican Restraunt By Trista Castillo Lifestyle Reporter @tristaaaaa San Marcos residents can enjoy a welcoming environment when they walk into Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant. Kevin Avila, manager, said ever since Garcia’s opened in 1988, the restaurant has provided a family atmosphere. “We have established ourselves in this community as a family restaurant by providing home-style cooking and great service,” Avila said.

Taylor Bernel, Garcia’s staff member, said the bond between the customers and waiters is why people continuously return. “The restaurant is so close knit, and right when you walk in, you immediately feel welcomed,” Bernel said. “We try to make you feel happy, regardless if you are eating or not.” Avila said it’s great to know the community picked the restaurant as a San Marcos Star this year. “I know we are close to campus, and just to be

convenient to everyone at great prices is something we are happy about,” Avila said. Avila said the cheese enchiladas are usually the go-to for everyone, but the chicken fried chicken is one for the books. “It’s family twist on an original chicken fried chicken, but it has Garcia’s Chile con queso and Pico de Gallo served on top with a side of rice and beans instead of French fries,” Avila said. Bernel said the restaurant’s tacos are number one sellers.

“Hands down, I would say that tacos are what most people get when they come to Garcia’s,” Bernel said. “The customers order all types of

tacos—from breakfast to street tacos—you name it.” Garcia’s has seven total locations, two of which are in San Marcos. The

Dutton Drive and South LBJ Drive restaurants share the same menu, but hours may vary. For more information, call 512353-0099.


Kobe Teppan & Sushi


A dinner party watches a hibachi chef prepare food, Nov. 12 at Kobe Teppan & Sushi. Kobe recently won the San Marcos Star award for best Asian restaurant.

Men and Women 18 to 45


Up to $6000



Healthy & Non-Smoking BMI 19 -30

Fri. 12/2 - Thu. 12/22


Autumn Anderson Sports Editor @aaautumn_ Kobe Teppan & Sushi was awarded the San Marcos Star for best Asian food in town. If you’re a college student on a budget hungry for authentic Asian food, Kobe is the place to go. Kobe serves Japanese cuisine, sushi, has a full bar and features a hibachi

grill. The restaurant has been in San Marcos for over a decade and is now run by Andrew Chen, who took over when his father retired. Chen believes most of Kobe’s recent success is thanks to the all-you-caneat sushi deal it has had for about a year. “It’s a relaxed environment, (and) it’s a really good value—$10.95 all

you can eat,” Chen said. “It’s something you can come to not just once a week, but multiple times a week and not break the bank.” Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is located in the Springtown Shopping Center next to Chuy’s and Logan’s Roadhouse. The restaurant has two locations: San Marcos and Tempe, Arizona.

Men and Women 18 to 55

Up to $2000

Healthy & Non-Smoking BMI 18.5 - 30 Weigh 110 - 220 lbs.

Tue. 12/6 - Sun. 12/11 Outpatient Visit: 12/15

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B1 | Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The University Star



Kent Black’s BBQ

Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery

By Bridgett Reneau Opinions Columnist @bridgelynnn Barbecue is a Texas tradition, so many Texans take their barbeque very seriously. Kent Black’s BBQ was voted the best barbecue in San Marcos by Texas State students. Javier Rodriquez, Kent Black’s BBQ manager, was honored to receive the award because of Texas’s rich history with barbecue. “It is a great recognition,” Rodriquez said. “Being voted the best, getting the recognition from the public—it feels great.” Walking into Kent Black’s, barbecue connoisseurs immediately feel at home with a warm atmosphere, the smell of brisket smoking and a friendly hello from employees. It is the unbeatable hospitality along with quality meat that brings people back for more. “We greet everybody as soon as they walk in the

The Root Cellar Cafe and Brewery’s eggs benedict dish features two poached eggs and grilled ham topped with hollandaise sauce, served over an English muffin with fruit and home-style potatoes. PHOTO BY DARYL ONTIVEROS | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

By JeriLynn Thorpe Senior News Reporter @jerilynnthorpe

James Dickinson slices a brisket for a customer Nov. 13 at Kent Black’s BBQ. Kent Black’s was also voted best barbecue in San Marcos in 2015. PHOTO BY DARYL ONTIVEROS | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

door,” Rodriquez said. Guests pick their sides and cuts of meat, then sit down and enjoy a home-style meal. The sides, along with the meat entrees are favorites of many customers. “I love going to Kent Black’s,” said Kelsey Hantz, exercise and

sports science junior. “I especially love getting their mac and cheese. It is absolutely delicious!” Rodriquez said when visiting Kent Black’s, guests cannot go wrong with ordering the menu favorite, a big beef rib. However, it is impossible to be let down with

Texas State students have spoken and the results are in. The best breakfast in San Marcos goes to the Root Cellar Café and Brewery. Chris Carter, Root Cellar Café manager, said he is thrilled to be voted a student favorite. He can remember being a student and having many food options, but always wanting to go somewhere comfortable and homey. “We take a lot of pride in trying to serve great food in an environment that’s comfortable and doesn’t make anybody feel out of place,” said Carter. “To be a favorite

any choice on the menu, including brisket, homemade sausage and barbecue sandwiches with the guest’s choice of meat. Texas State students said Kent Black’s is a San Marcos gem for any barbecue lover who wants to sit down, relax and enjoy a real, Texas meal.


Italian Garden By May Olvera Opinions Columnist @yungfollowill At Italian Garden, indulging in delicious food doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure. Voted the best Italian restaurant in the city, Italian Garden has been feeding San Martians for nearly two decades. “I’ve been coming here for years,” said Eric Martinez, political science senior. “I love the atmo-

sphere. It always feels like a romantic date when they pull out the Sinatra tunes, and the endless bread is probably the best part.” Italian Garden’s menu is simultaneously diverse, delicious and accessible to college students living on a tight budget. The restaurant has a bring-your-own-beverage (BYOB) policy and several equally delicious pasta entrees usually ranging from $6 to $8.

as cherished by the community as this little local eatery, with its checkered tablecloths and framed pictures of mob bosses. Italian Garden shines as one of the brightest San Marcos stars. a lot of regulars. I love working here and getting to know the community.” It’s safe to say that Italian Garden has become a San

Freshly cooked Italian food sits on the line Nov. 13 at Italian Garden in San Marcos. The restaurant has once again been voted as San Marcos’ best Italian. PHOTO BY LARA DIETRICH | MULTIMEDIA EDITOR

“I think that it’s all about the food”, said Parker Fernandez, Italian Garden waiter. “The food and the environment of the restaurant keep people coming back. There are definitely a lot of reg-


ulars. I love working here and getting to know the community.” It’s safe to say that Italian Garden has become a San Marcos staple since it first opened in 2000. Few restaurants are quite

meal for students is realizing that goal in a big way. I can only hope that we maintain everything they expect of us so they can keep coming.” Katy Wemmert, Paper Bear sales associate, said she is a frequent patron of the Root Cellar Café along with many of her coworkers. Her favorite breakfast items are the fried potatoes and mimosas. “I think it’s a cute place to go,” said Wemmert. “It’s a local place, and there’s not really anything else like it.” Breakfast and lunch are served from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday with many options under $10. Marcos staple since it first opened in 2000. Few restaurants are quite as cherished by the community as this little local eatery, with its checkered tablecloths and framed pictures of mob bosses. Italian Garden shines as one of the brightest San Marcos stars.


Two P’s and Calli’s Zelicks By Stacee Collins Assistant Lifestyle Editor @stvcee Two P’s and Calli’s started off as a small business 23 years ago, but has grown into the best fashion destination for college students, according to a University Star survey. The locally owned boutique carries brands such as Hudson Jeans, Kut Denim, Tribal, Capri Blue, Not Your Daughters Jeans, Joseph Ribkoff and more. In addition, the store has a home section full of furniture and art. Maggie Evans, fashion consultant, has worked at Two P’s and Calli’s for four years. She said the shop being voted San Marcos’ Best Boutique is

well deserved. “There’s something for everyone,” Evans said. “We get a mixture of everyone who comes in the store.” Evans said the store offers a wide range of clothing options for all ages. The shop sells Kendra Scott products, and she said a lot of the store’s success comes from that. “We’re not like the outlets—we work with our customers,” Evans said. “It’s more of a personal thing, and we get to know our customers. We also try to keep up to date with what’s happening on campus.” Amye Patrick, Texas State alumna, said she has shopped at Two P’s

and Calli’s since 2011 and continues to buy at the boutique for all of the brands it offers, such as Free People. “You know you’re going to find something you’re looking for,” Patrick said. “Whether it’s a long sleeved shirt or short sleeved dress, you know it will be here.” The owners recently opened a second store called The Find in Wimberley, which offers similar brands. For store hours and more information, call 512-722-3592. Two P’s and Calli’s is located on Center Point Road and is open from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


Pie Society By Rae Glassford Assistant News Editor @rae_maybe This semester, the student body at Texas State University collectively voted Pie Society its favorite place to grab a slice of pizza. Long-time manager, Ceara Fragoso, has partially attributed the restaurant’s success to the fact that staff use fresh ingredients and make everything in house. “Service is a really big deal to us,” Fragoso said. “We like to treat people as if they’re guests in our home, not just another dollar sign. So our relationship with our custom-

Brooke Phillips Sports Reporter @brookephillips_ When looking for a good deal on drinks, Texas State students have one particular bar in mind: Zelicks Icehouse. Brothers Chase and Seth Katz opened Zelicks in 2011. Originally, Zelicks was a 1930s gas station, and the Katz brothers have kept some of the building’s original designs. While the bar stays busy throughout the whole day, Zelicks’ happy hour is what attracts many local residents. “We really care about service,” Chase Katz said. “We care about the products that we’re serving—hand-crafted cocktails. We work hard to find some unique beers.” Zelicks’ happy hour takes place from 3-7 p.m. all week long. During the happy hours, deals on different drinks vary from day to day. Some of

Zelicks Full Service Bar Nov. 12 near Ranch Road 12. PHOTO BY BRANDON VALENCIA | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

the everyday happy hour drinks include shots of Fireball, Tullamore Dew and Pepe Z Blanco for $3.50, $3.50 Hops & Grain Zoe, $2.50 Lone Star beers and an $8 pitcher of PBR. Outside of happy hour, other specialty drinks have been popular and even fit in with the different seasons. “We’re coming up on the cooler weather, and we make a really fantastic hot chocolate,” Chase Katz said. “It’s basically like a thin mint hot chocolate. We do several other hot drinks that I would encourage others to check out as it gets cooler.” Beyond the drinks,

the owner said the atmosphere at Zelicks is a large reason for its success. “We have a nice diverse clientele and I think that’s important,” Chase Katz said. “We want anybody and everybody to come. You never know who you’re going to run into—we have locals, students, professors and musicians. I feel what we created at Zelicks really exemplifies what the culture is at San Marcos, and I think that’s really cool.” According to Texas State students, Zelicks offers the best happy hour in San Marcos, is inviting to all and is the local neighborhood bar everyone wants to be at.

BEST LIVE MUSIC A variety of pizza by the slice sits on display Nov. 12, at Pie Society. PHOTO BY LARISA RODRIGUEZ | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

ers is very important.” Fragoso has worked at Pie Society ever since it was initially opened back in June of 2014. The restaurant is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs Benjie Ackerman, and brothers Seth and Chase Katz. “We get a pretty mixed crowd in here,” Fragoso said of the eatery’s clientele. “At lunch time, we have a lot of students and professors coming in. We get more families and out-of-towners in the eve-

ning.” Pie Society is located at 700 North LBJ Drive, and is open until midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. “I’ve been here four or five times already, and this is only my first semester in San Marcos,” said Gustav Swift, economics freshman. “Last time my family came to town, I brought them to eat here. We’re from New York, so we’re pizza snobs, and this is good pizza.”

The Marc By Staff In a survey conducted by The University Star, Texas State students voted The Marc as the best music venue in San Marcos. The Marc hosts a wide range of music styles and genres ranging from electronic dance, to country and hip-hop. Occasionally the venue brings in guest artists such as Marshmello and Casey Donahew. Once a movie theater, The Marc opened in 2013

and became an established spot for hanging out, dancing and watching performing artists and live bands. “It fills up around midnight. That’s when everybody goes out. It gets pretty packed. We would call that the ‘dirty dancing’ club,” said Brittany Ditta, exploratory professional sophomore. If you get bottle service and go up on top, you just get your group together. The bartenders

are usually chill, it’s just fun.” Students enjoy The Marc for its late hours and live music. “It’s a staple when you’re going to The Square, I feel like when you’re on The Square you got to go to The Marc at some point in the night. It’s usually later when I go to to The Marc, like 1-1:30 a.m.,” said Dawson Smith, history senior.


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B3 | Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The University Star


Salon Mink By Daryan Jones News Reporter @DaryanJoness Texas State students voted for Salon Mink as the best salon in San Marcos. Salon Mink is a fullservice salon that offers haircuts, coloring, massages, facials and waxing. Salon Mink manager Saidat Adelakun said the success of the salon is all thanks to its clients. “We appreciate all our clients,” Adelakun said. “They are like family to us even. It’s our clients that really keep us going.”

Nancy Divis, San Marcos resident, has been a client with the salon for about eight years, and she has a few reasons for always coming back. “I love the salon’s involvement with the community,” Divis said. “They are always participating in some way, and I love the vibe of the place. It’s a great business, and I always get a great haircut.” Adelakun said the salon staff members are grateful to everyone who voted, and they hope to see them soon.

“We just want to say thank you to everybody that voted for us, and hopefully we will see them in the future when they want a haircut,” Adelakun said. “We are super excited and hopefully more people can come check us out.” Salon Mink opened in 2008, and is located at 331 W. Hopkins St. in downtown San Marcos. To set up an appointment, those interested can call 512-754-6465. Salon Mink is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

A customer gets their hair dyed at Salon Mink which offers a variety of services. PHOTO BY LAU REN HANCOCK | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER


Taproom Pub & Grub By Valerie Gomez Sports Reporter @val_goomez A student’s paradise: amazing burgers and a seemingly endless number of beers—102 to be exact. It is not a surprise that the co-owner is a Texas State Alumni. The Taproom Pub & Grub is named the winner of Best Burger in San Marcos. The restaurant opened in 1994 and is located on the historical square in San Marcos. People visit this Pub & Grub for many reasons: after a long night on the square, a date night or possibly a game night. The Taproom comes equipped with nine large flat screens so that watching your favorite sports

A cheeseburger made at Taproom Pub & Grub. Taproom was voted as the best burger joint. PHOTO BY JENNIFER CHACON | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

team doesn’t have to come at the price of quality food. They even host trivia nights on Tuesdays called “Geeks who drink.” People return even after graduation for the perfectly made burgers; locals know the good grub is here to stay.

Karina Martinez, respiratory freshman found the restaurant one night after two-stepping at The Marc and has been coming back ever since. “My favorite burger has to be the Guacamole Queso Burger,” Martinez said. “I had no idea what to get because they were

so many famous burgers but you just can’t go wrong with guacamole and queso.” The owners of the taproom have anticipated the demands of the hungry, and have been winning awards such as the San Marcos Star award for over 15 years.

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B4 | Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The University Star


Classic Tattoo By Bri Watkins too has provided artistic News Editor @briwatkins17

Due to its outstanding ink artwork, Classic Tattoo was named the best tattoo shop in San Marcos by Texas State students. Classic Tattoo artist, Mark Diehl, said he feels honored that students’ voted for the business. “It’s amazing they voted for us,” Diehl said. Since 2003, Classic Tat-

specialty in tattoo design and body-piercings. Victoria Flores, San Marco resident, said along with the artistic talent at Classic, the shop provides an inviting atmosphere. “For a lot of people, tattoo parlors may seem like an intimidating place to walk into, especially if you’re new to tattoos, but they make it very comfortable,” Flores said. “As soon as you walk in the

BEST TACOS door, you’re greeted by a friendly staff willing to help in any way.” Flores admires the great job the artist did on her floral tattoo on her forearm. From the design ideas to the actual art work, Flores commends each artist for the talents that they possess. “I mean you can tell them what you are thinking, and they can whip up a drawing,” Flores said. “They each have styles

that they specialize in and will help you find the artist that best suits your needs.” Diehl identifies the community at Classic as his family. “I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. Everyone here is amazing,” Diehl said. “I couldn’t ask for a better experience.”


Torchy’s Tacos


Twin Liquors By Jakob Rodriguez Opinions Columnist @JakobRyRod College students tend to go through a lot of alcohol. Students deemed Twin Liquors the best liquor store in San Marcos. The staff at Twin Liquors knows what students like when they want to kick back and unwind, which is why they are a fan favorite, much to the delight of the store. “It is wonderful to be recognized by our customers,” said Sandra Spalding, Director of Marketing and Events at

Twin Liquors. “We truly appreciate it and are thankful.” With three locations west of I-35 in San Marcos, Twin Liquors has built and maintained the reputation of great service, great selection and convenience. It is the dedication to building goodwill with customers that brings people back for more. “We are about relationships,” Spalding said. “For some, it’s the relationship of ease and convenience, and for others it’s value. It’s (about) having someone at the store

By Miranda Ferris Lifestyle Reporter @mirandajferris

Twin Liquors Nov.12 near Ranch Rd 12. The store offers daily savings on liquor and more. PHOTO BY BRANDON VALENCIA | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

you know and trust to help you build your wine and spirits knowledge.” “We like to think we are a neighborhood hub where folks come together. We offer more of a shopping experience along with an educational component, whether it be

in our classroom or at the features bar,” Spalding said. For students looking to build their knowledge about wine and spirits while enjoying good customer service, Twin Liquors is the way to go.


Alvin Ord’s By Katie Burrell Opinions Columnist @KatieNicole96

Alvin Ord’s Sandwich Shop has been a staple of San Marcos cuisine for 35 years. Bobcats can easily visit Alvin Ord’s from campus and have been doing so since the shop opened. Once again, the store has been voted best sandwich shop in town. Owner William Martin has been running the place for over 33 years. He bought the shop about a year and a half into the shop’s life. Martin cannot remem-

ber how many times his sandwiches have been voted the best, but he continues to work hard to ensure they stay that way. “It’s the bread,” Martin said. Alvin Ord’s makes and bakes its own sandwich bread and, according to Martin, that is one of the keys to success. In addition to fresh bread, the store provides its patrons with a hometown feel. There’s good service and good food. Martin said he serves many Texas State students, many of whom have family who have

Torchy’s Tacos best known for their “Damn Good Tacos” was voted best taco in San Marcos. Starting off in Austin, Torchy’s has grown to be in 30 different locations.

One of the most popular sandwiches, the “Salvation”, Nov. 12 at Alvin Ord’s. The shop was voted best sandwich in San Marcos. PHOTO BY LARA DIETRICH | MULTIMEDIA

previously attended the university and remember eating at Alvin Ord’s. “I would go there about twice a month when I lived on campus, and even now that I’ve moved, Alvin Ord’s is my favorite place to get a sandwich,” said Haley


Helenbrook, advertising junior. Helenbrook said her favorite part of Alvin Ord’s aside from the sandwiches, is the scenery. She enjoys the small town feel and the originality of Alvin Ord’s.


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Torchy’s Tacos was voted the best taco shop in town by students at Texas State. While the restaurant offers a variety of main menu items, it also has a secret menu. Dominique Fuentes, communication design sophomore, said he enjoys the good food and convenience Torchy’s has to offer. “I love Torchy’s,” Fuentes said. “It’s one of my favorite places to eat in the square. The environment is unique and the vegetarian options are amazing and super delicious.” Fuentes said the variety Torchy’s has to offer is what draws students in.

Fried fish and vegetarian tacos are a few items included on the menu. “Torchy’s is the best because it has an overall cool vibe and uniquely good taco,” Fuentes said. “Who wouldn’t love that combo?” Justin Burk, general manager, said he enjoys the items on the secret menu, especially the Green Chile Pork Missionary Style. The secret menu items have to be specially ordered, they do not appear on the main menu. “We make damn good tacos,” said Burk. He believes that Torchy’s won the best taco due to, “The quality of our food and the fact that everything is made fresh every day.”

The University Star

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 | B5



Mochas & Javas By Stacee Collins Assistant Lifestyle Editor @stvcee Mochas & Javas is the best shop in San Marcos for college students’ coffee essentials, according to a University Star survey. With four locations, the shop has served San Marcos consumers for the past 13 years. Iced toddies, caramel lattes and peanut butter brownies are among the favorites on the menu. “We want to expand our food menu,” said owner Kevin Carswell. “We’ll add fresh-made soups and expand our breakfast menu.” Carswell said Mochas & Javas won Best Coffee in San Marcos because of customer service and product quality. He is

honored his customers voted for the establishment. “We cater to the masses and try to treat everyone equally,” Carswell said. “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you look like—we want you to feel welcome here.” Mochas & Javas offers catering services, gift cards and rewards for customers. For more information, call 512-3965283. Julissa Maldonado, psychology junior, said she visits Mochas & Javas at least once or twice a week for the affordable coffee. She orders the Mocha Bianca, which is a hot drink infused with white chocolate. “It’s cozy and always quiet, so if I can study if I need to,” Maldonado

Nichols Tire & Automotive By Autumn Anderson Sports Editor @aaautumn_

Original coffee art from the crowd favorite local coffee shop. Mochas and Javas was voted best coffee in San Marcos. PHOTO BY LARISA RODRIGUEZ | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

said. “I think the prices, options and location makes it the best in San Marcos.” Customers can visit any of the four locations: N. LBJ Drive, The Medical Center, Wonder World Drive or E. Hopkins

Street. Carswell said he plans to add additional Mochas & Javas locations in the future. For store hours, menus and more information, those interested can visit

We all know the feeling when your car doesn’t start, or when you have a flat tire—it’s a stressful situation. However, at Nichols Tire & Automotive, employees strive to make you happy about your car once again. Nichols is the winner of the San Marcos Star award for best auto shop in town. Fernando Murra is the owner of the auto shop, located close to campus on North LBJ. Murra says that Nichols isn’t just a place you go to once or twice, it’s a place where you can depend on and always expect good service. “We put the customers first,” Murra said. “We want to have a long term

relationship with our customers.” At Nichols, they go above and beyond to do the best on every single car that comes through the shop. However, mistakes do come and go. “Sometimes we have little mistakes but (the customers) always appreciate that we’re straight forward with them,” Murra said. “We always try to fix whatever went wrong.” Nichols Tire & Automotive has been an auto shop since the ‘60s, and has gone through several different name changes. Before Nichols dealt with cars, the business served as a gold service station. Some of the services that Nichols offers are: alignment services, oil changes, brake repairs, diagnostic services and so much more.


Marble Slab Creamery By Sterling Wilmer @nycbornnraised Opinions Columnist After a long week of studying, all a student really wants is a scoop of delicious ice cream and a Netflix session. Marble Slab Creamery was voted the best satisfaction for students’ sweet tooth. Many Bobcats who have frequented the Marble Slab on Guadalupe enjoyed the overall experience. The staff greets each customer that walks through the door with a smile and a warm “Wel-

come to Marble Slab.” Students select a flavor from the variety of choices to create their personal ice cream masterpiece. The varied selection of flavors and toppings is a plus for many patrons. “I like this Marble Slab because of the personable employees and the different choices of flavors,” said Ja’Tyrah Joseph, English sophomore. Of course, none of the fine customer service would be achieved without a hard working staff. Manager Ed Lophandwala uses a hospitable ap-

Marble Slab Creamery Ice Cream Nov. 12 on Wonder World and I-35. The shop serves delicious ice cream daily. PHOTO BY BRANDON VALENCIA | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

proach when catering to his customers. “We try to instill a professional attitude in each employee to treat the customers with respect and to greet each customer,” Lophandwala said. The secret to achieving such an honor from the hungry college crowd of Texas State is having a

warm and friendly atmosphere, whether serving hot food or a cold treat. Lophandwala felt “absolutely great” about receiving this award, and customers feel just as great every time they walk in and out of the best dessert spot in town.

Rene Barrios inspects the underside of a pick-up truck Nov. 12 at Nichols Tire and Automotive located on LBJ Drive. PHOTO BY DARYL ONTIVEROS | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

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