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2 | Thursday, April 28, 2016

The University Star



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The University Star

Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 3

2016 REWIND @universitystar


As we go on we remember...


As Bobcats prepare to cross that graduation stage into the world of adulthood, certain collegiate training wheels will be missed while others will be happily dismissed. Changing from an adultadjacent college student into a person with mature responsibilities is going to take some adjusting. After all, in the real world there aren’t month-long winter breaks or three-month-long summer

breaks—it’s only working toward that next paycheck and making sure bills are paid. Saying “I’m a student” will no longer be an acceptable excuse. No more student discounts or sympathetic sighs from older generations who can relate to the struggle. Just full-fledged adulthood: work, work and more work. Speaking of work, there’s a certain decorum and dress code inherent in the busi-

ness of adulthood. People cannot roll out of bed and put on Nike shorts and a headband and head off to the office. The art of being a slob is not as tolerated in more mature spaces. Being a hot mess in the classroom is acceptable—endearing, even—but that stops after graduation. Real clothes are needed to get a real job, as unfortunate and constricting as that may sound. Graduating Bobcats will

never get to use the overpass that has so inconvenienced them—unless, of course, they remain in San Marcos. For those who are leaving San Marcos for job prospects, they’re going to miss being in the perfect place in Texas, right between Austin and San Antonio. Bobcats are never too far away from any of the major metropolitan areas in the state. The distinctiveness of Texas State is contingent upon its place-

Letter from the Editor

The people who work for The University Star are arguably the most hardworking students on campus. Students here, in the tiny Trinity Building nestled on what feels like a hidden part of campus, often find themselves working on perfecting articles, photos, illustrations and page design sometimes until 1 in the morning. Nowadays, with 24/7 news disseminated through various social media networks, being a student journalist can sometimes be a thankless job. So, I’m taking a moment to thank the staff at the newspaper that has served Texas State and San Marcos for over 100 years. This academic year, we

diligently covered the Memorial Day weekend flood that killed 12 people, the Halloween flood that left Texas State students displaced and the complicated Student Government election filled with Supreme Court hearings, among other things. Whether we were hosting city council debates, updating breaking news swiftly or letting you know what was happening in the world of Texas State athletics, The University Star was there this year—a year where the newspaper has undergone the most changes in its history. In August, we cut back our printing days from three to two. This allowed for our digital content to be updated daily and

The University Star Editor-in-Chief...........................................Kelsey Bradshaw, News Editor........................................................Anna Herod, Sports Editor..............................................Paul Livengood, Lifestyle Editor......................................Carlie Porterfield, Opinions Editor..........................................Brandon Sams, Multimedia Editor..............................Daryl Ontiveros, Copy Desk Chief.................................Abigail Marshall,

our print product to host longer features and larger photos. It was a big adjustment, but we did it and we did it well. In October, we debuted a new website. The updated site continues to be faster with news updates as they happen in real time and serves as a space for our readers to click through photo galleries, listen to podcasts and, of course, read our articles. As The University Star finishes the semester, one more change is on its way: a new building. The University Star newsroom is located in the Trinity Building, just down the hill from Old Main. By August, the building will host not one, but two

ment—it’s the perfect hotbed for every kind of Texan the state has to offer. All the things that have made the Texas State experience a unique one, from Barbie Jeep girl, Donald Tramp and that infamous campus bull to performance artist Monika Rostvold, will be relatively nonexistent. No one will lie naked outside of a regular day job in order to start a discourse on contemporary topics.

campus media publications as the campus radio station KTSW 89.9 will be moving in. The building will be updated and streamlined to match the needs of a modern-day news publication. While the newspaper and radio station are not becoming one organization, the move will allow for better coverage from both entities because a combined newsroom can only prove beneficial. Finally, I feel sure in saying that The University Star proved itself as San Marcos’ newspaper. Although the Star is run by students, our coverage of the areas outside of the university has proven we are much bigger than ourselves.

This campus is full of light, life, love and community. The real world is far too segregated and apathetic to allow this same kind of communal relationship to seed, let alone blossom. Where else has a coffee shop on damn near every corner for those long nights of studying? No one likes their coffee quite like college students—especially Bobcats. While sentimental, there are inevitably going to be qualities of college life that no one would miss. Starting with the most obvious: tests. Those with the paradoxical fortunate misfortune of leaving university will not have to spend the early hours of the morning cramming for their calculus test or reading the latest interpretations of Antony and Cleopatra. On the opposite end of that spectrum, they will no longer be surrounded by people with similar passions. A big structural change is on the horizon. Regardless of where graduating students fall on that binary, surely they can all agree that spending hundreds of dollars each semester on textbooks will not be missed. Most importantly, no one is going to miss being broke. There is real money to be earned outside of college…at least until Sallie Mae starts demanding compensation for those oh-so generous student loan checks. So, enjoy the money while it lasts, because woes abound in both worlds. Congratulations to all those preparing to leave Texas State—don’t forget to call. H.A.G.S.!

I feel nothing but grateful to have been part of such a monumental year for The University Star. I’m still not sure how I ended up with the editor gig, but I’m glad I did. There really is nothing like The University Star—this place is special, for the people that work here and for those who read us. This place has been my home for the past three years and I’m not quite sure who I am without it. I don’t know what this place will look like in 10 years, but I can’t help but feel excited for what the future will hold. I love you, University Star. Star Team, Go! -30-

601 University Drive Trinity Building, Room 101 San Marcos, TX 78666

Phone: (512) 245-3487 Fax: (512) 245-3708

Design Editor...........................................Lauren Huston, Web Editor........................................................Emily Sharp, Account Executive............................................Hanna Katz, Account Executive..................................Morgan Knowles, Account Executive..........................Angelica M. Espinoza, Media Specialist.............................................Dillan Thomson, Advertising Coordinator...............................Kelsey Nuckolls, Publications Coordinator........................................Linda Allen, Publications Director............................Bob Bajackson,

The University Star is the student newspaper of Texas State University and is published every Monday and Thursday of the spring and fall and every other Wednesday in the summer semesters. It is distributed on campus and throughout San Marcos at 8 a.m. on publication days with a distribution of 6,000. Printing and distribution is by the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung. Copyright Thursday, April 28, 2016. All copy, photographs and graphics appearing in The University Star are the exclusive property of The University Star and may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the editor in chief. The first five issues of each edition of the paper are free. Additional copies of the paper can be purchased at 50¢ per copy. Contact The University Star office at (512) 245-3487 to purchase additional copies.

Visit The Star at

4 | Thursday, April 28, 2016

The University Star

2016 REWIND @universitystar

The University Star’s


JUNE 27, 2015

June 2015 – April 2016

Elderly couple found dead at CTMC

June 9, 2015 An elderly couple was found dead from gunshots June 9 at the Central Texas Medical Center. Officials said the husband and wife were found dead in the woman’s hospital room. Police were called to the scene at 7:49 a.m. after the couple’s daughter

found them. The couple was identified as Joyce Chamness, 85, and Ben Chamness, 87. The pair was found dead inside Joyce's hospital room at the Central Texas Medical Center in San Marcos in an apparent murdersuicide.


Same-sex marriage legalized Same-sex couples were finally able to have their "I do's" recognized by law after love won in a

Supreme Court decision last summer. The Hays County Clerk’s Office began issuing same-sex

marriage licenses June 29 just three days after the 5-4 Supreme Court decision overturned

state bans on gay marriage.

JULY 22, 2015 TSUS Board of Regents approves multi-million-dollar Strahan renovation

August 24, 2015

City council approves deal with Amazon

The Texas State University System Board of Regents approved a multi-million-dollar renovation to expand Strahan Coliseum. The coliseum, home to the Texas State basketball and volleyball teams, is expected to undergo construction in August 2016, according to the agreement. Once renovation starts, it will take an estimated

City council unanimously approved a deal with Amazon July 22 set to create 350-1,000 jobs. The project was in the works for a couple of years, said Councilman Jude Prather, Place

Campus Carry Task Force created


2. Amazon, the largest Internet-based retailer in the country, is asking the city to build a new fulfillment center off of McCarty Lane. The center is planned to be 855,000 square feet and an esti-

mated investment of $60 million. The retailer is expected to bring in 350 new jobs, not including those provided through labor and construction on the new building

two years to complete the construction, said Juan Guerra, former associate vice president of facilities. Renovation is expected to be complete by Spring 2018. The coliseum will be converted into a 360-degree seating arena, Guerra said. The east wall will be knocked down to complete the circular arena.

August 26, 2015 President Denise Trauth created a 26-member Concealed Carry Task Force in response to the campus carry bill passed in the 84th Legislature. The group, including four faculty representatives, began meeting Sept. 4. Michel Conroy, faculty senate chair, said the task force aims to smoothly and safely in-

Uber and Lyft head to San Marcos Uber and other ride-hailing companies were officially allowed to conduct business in San Marcos after city council passed

a new ordinance in early July. Council members voted on the ordinance July 7 allowing for ridehailing programs to oper-

ate in the Hays County area after a public hearing.

tegrate the new campus carry legislation onto campus. Trauth stated in a letter sent to potential task force members that the group would be responsible for gathering relevant student and facilities’ data, staying educated on safety concerns and suggestions from university members.

Float Fest attracts San Martians for music and fun August 31, 2015 San Martians came in droves, equipped with inflatable unicorn inner tubes and beach balls Aug. 2830 for the second annual Float Fest event. The festival featured a


unique vibe and unforgettable performances across two stages over three days. Festivalgoers listened to artists such as Local Natives, Ghostland Observatory and Phantogram.

The University Star

Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 5

2016 REWIND @universitystar



t E universitystar @UniversityStar theuniversitystar

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Texas State Strutters don new uniforms

September 2, 2015 For the first time ever, the Texas State Strutters performed in maroon and gold uniforms last football season. The team has worn the same iconic uniforms for the past 17 years, but on Aug. 22, 2015 a brandnew look was debuted at their annual Meet the Strutters event. Katy Paulsen, Strutters head

captain, said she hoped the team could keep up their tradition of being trendsetters with the new uniforms. “These skirts and uniforms really move with us when we dance,” Paulsen said. “They have a lot of sparkle and I can’t wait for the crowd to see what we can do with them.”


Construction begins on Loop 82

September 9, 2015 By late 2017, Bobcat commuters can expect to make it to class promptly due to the timely construction of the railroad overpass on Aquarena Springs Drive. The Texas Department of Transportation is projected to build the Loop 82 overpass and cut traffic time in

favor of San Marcos residents and students. Kelli Reyna, public information officer at TxDOT, said this is a vital project to help with traffic flow in the city. The $20.73 million project on the overpass will allow motorists to navigate smoothly through San Marcos.


Defensive Coordinator shares story

Brad Franchione and his mother, Linda Solomon, shared the story of Franchione’s near fatal car accident and his winding road to recov-

ery. Shortly thereafter, Franchione returned to playing high school football with numerous injuries.

6 | Thursday, April 28, 2016

The University Star

2016 REWIND @universitystar


Halloween flood hits San Marcos, displaces students October 30, 2015 Hays County citizens were left with an alltoo-familiar bitter taste in their mouths as another flood

swept across Hill Country Oct. 31, further damaging areas that were still being rebuilt after the Me-

morial Day weekend flooding. The last major natural disaster struck Hays County in May 2015, when

the Blanco River reached a height of 42 feet and broke the 1929 record of 32 feet. First respond-

ers and volunteers worked to rescue people trapped in floodwaters and transform public buildings into

shelters for San Martians fleeing flooded areas.

New city council members elected, celebrate victories November 3, 2015 Newly elected Place 5 and 6 city council members Scott Gregson and Melissa Derrick shared their victory with a cheering crowd of student supporters, longtime friends and a

number of city officials on Nov. 3. By the time Derrick and Gregson kicked off their watch party at Railyard Bar & Grill, early poll data showed the two candidates were off to a

strong start. Once the final votes rolled in and Derrick’s and Gregson’s victory was confirmed, the pair said they would use their new positions to protect the San Marcos River and adhere to

the comprehensive master plan. Derrick won the election with 2,023 votes while 987 supporters of Shane Scott made their voices heard at the polls. Frank T. Arredondo lost the

election to Gregson by a margin of 838 votes. Gregson rallied 1,889 votes while 1,051 people showed up to the ballot in support of Arredondo.

‘Evita’ takes main stage November 16, 2015 One Texas State theater student followed in the footsteps of Patti LuPone and Madonna last semester. Michaela Boissonneault, musical theater junior, lived her dream


role by playing Argentinian first lady Eva Perón in the Department of Theatre and Dance’s production of Evita.

The University Star

Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 7

2016 REWIND @universitystar

Sophomore shot and killed at The Retreat December 7, 2015 Police said there was a threat to the public as three suspects involved in a fatal shooting at The Retreat had not been identified or taken into custody back in December. Justin Gage, exploratory profession-

al sophomore, was shot and killed at The Retreat apartment complex while visiting a friend at approximately 3:30 a.m. Dec. 6. The suspects have still not been located or apprehended by authorities.


Wild rice grows due to efforts from Conservation Crew

December 20, 2015 The endangered Texas wild rice, native to the San Marcos River, grew substantially thanks to efforts from the Conservation Crew and other organizations united by the Habitat Conservation Plan. The Conservation Crew is made up of citizens dedicated to protecting the river and its endangered species. Fourteen staff members make up the crew and they rely on volunteers to assist with relocating Texas wild rice grown in the San Marcos Aquatic Resource Center’s raceways. The group reports progress in the restoration and conservation

process has exceeded expectations. Jeffery Hutchinson, San Marcos Aquatic Resources Center botanist, said the population of Texas Wild Rice covered 5,000 square meters of the river in 2013 and 12,000 in 2015. Through combined efforts of these organizations, approximately 14,000 Texas wild rice plants have been planted over the past three years. Eric Weeks, Conservation Crew supervisor, said Texas wild rice grew by 53 percent between 2013 and 2014, followed by a 46 percent increase between 2014 and 2015.

Local drive-in provides fun for all ages December 18, 2015 Whether it’s tuning in to the latest blockbuster film on a car radio or ordering fresh funnel cakes from the 50s Café, the Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theatre provides fun-filled activities for people of any age to enjoy. Ryan Smith, owner and cre-

ator, said customers love the nostalgia of the theater. “People love the drive-in because it’s like they get to step back in time and experience something that was from a simpler time when things were slower,” Smith said.


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8 | Thursday, April 28, 2016

The University Star

2016 REWIND @universitystar


Texas State welcomes new head football coach Everett Withers January 7, 2016 Texas State names its new head coach, Everett Withers out of James Madison University. This coach has NFL coaching experience as well as a history with top-tier Division I programs such as Ohio State.

Study shows complex worsened flooding January 10, 2016 An updated analysis presented to city council members Jan. 5 showed the construction of a controversial student housing complex worsened the flooding of Blanco Gardens, an adjacent subdivision. Giving consideration to the analysis, city council resolved to take action to mitigate flooding in Blanco Gardens in the future. Halff & Associates, a regional consulting firm that focuses on engineering and architecture, presented an analysis of the record-breaking Memorial Day weekend flooding that

left hundreds of Central Texans to rebuild their damaged homes. The analysis demonstrated The Woods apartments, a student housing complex located near I-35 and River Road, caused as much as 2.3 feet of additional water to enter homes along River Road. The Woods was still under construction at the time of the flood and outspoken citizens expressed concern that an inadequate drainage system at the development site was to blame for worsening flood damage in the surrounding area.

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The University Star

Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 9

2016 REWIND @universitystar

Bobcat spends three consecutive semesters abroad January 28, 2016 Thousands of college students study abroad each year, but one Bobcat went to the extreme by spending three consecutive semesters taking classes in foreign countries. Chloe Scarborough, an-

thropology junior, spent her first semester abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand, followed by time in Granada, Spain. In Fall 2015 she enrolled in classes in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Artist brings mermaid dreams to life

January 25, 2016 An Austin-based artist who creates lifelike tails to make mermaid hopeful’s dreams come true partnered with Mermaid Society SMTX to help make a splash during San Marcos Mermaid Week. Maria Russo owns Sirenalia, a company specializing in all things mermaid. Sirenalia makes and sells adult-sized mer-

maid tails and offers other services for aspiring merpeople. Russo said she looks forward to Mermaid Week and believes it will be great for the people of San Marcos. “Celebrating mermaids is a great way to celebrate the river besides getting drunk in a tube—not that there’s anything wrong with that,” she said.

Rose Quartz and Serenity named Pantone colors of the year February 6, 2016 Every year, Pantone announces a color of the year that sets the mood for the season. However, in 2016, the colorfocused company chose

two shades for the first time ever. Rose Quartz, a light pink, and a soft blue called Serenity were revealed as this year’s

colors of the year. The color choices challenged tradition and reflect the gender equality social movement by using color as a form of

expression, instead of focusing on gendered fashion established as male or female.


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10 | Thursday, April 28, 2016

The University Star

2016 REWIND @universitystar

Art student covers self in Chikfil-A for performance piece

Piggy Smallz makes for unusual pet

February 9, 2016

February 11, 2016

A Texas State student’s performance art piece garnered attention after Monika Rostvold, studio art senior, laid on a table outside the cafeteria in the LBJ Student Center in underwear and allowed observers to put fast-food on her body. Monika Rostvold, studio art senior, attracted national attention last April after she sat on the steps of Alkek Library in only a flesh-colored thong and pasties

in a performance piece about the objectification of women for Sexual Assault Awareness month. This time, Rostvold said she intended her performance to create conversation among Bobcats about how dating mobile applications like Tinder and Grindr have changed young people’s view of romance and have created a “hook-up culture,” she said.

A seven-month old miniature pig named Piggy Smallz put a smile on the face of anyone he met during his walks around The Woods apartment complex. Reagan Haggard, public relations major sophomore and Piggy Smallz’s owner, decided to adopt him when

she saw an advertisement on Facebook. She got Piggy Smallz at the Buckwild Wildlife Preserve in Ingram when he was only two weeks old. “Piggy Smallz has never been around another pig, so I’m pretty sure he thinks he is a dog,” Haggard said.

Barbie gets a makeover February 21, 2016


It’s never been a secret the average American girl looks nothing like her sacred Barbie doll, but that is now less true than ever. The primary image associated with Barbie may be something like this: blonde, thin, ivory skin, and an im-

possibly proportioned body size consisting of a two-inch waist. This isn’t the case anymore: Last year, the company released seven skin tones, 24 hairstyles, and 22 different eye colors for the doll.

‘Donald Tramp’ takes campus by storm March 3, 2016 Another Bobcat followedin the hallowed footsteps of campus legends like the Bubble Believer, Brother Jed

and other recognizable Texas State characters. Kristoffer Ian Celera, computer science junior, began

performing stripteases around campus in late April sporting a blazer, short shorts and a Donald Trump-esque

wig. He called this now widely-recognized character Donald Tramp. His sensual moves garnered him at-

tention in nation-wide publications.

A SLURRED YESSH DOESN’T MEAN YES. be clear on consent. consent


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The University Star

Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 11

2016 REWIND @universitystar

14th annual Bobcat Build breaks records with nearly 5,000 attendees

April 5, 2016 Nearly 5,000 Texas State students braved a cold, early morning on April 2 to help the town they call home during the record-breaking 14th annual Bobcat Build. Bobcat Build is an annual event where Texas State students volunteer to work on job sites to help the local community. Volunteers are assigned

to job sites, where they help San Martians with anything from yardwork to repairing homes. “We may be a college town, but that is a good thing,” Lund said. “That should be an opportunity for us to be able to help them and use our youth and use our strong muscles to really do something for them.”


Faculty, staff and students who have passed in the last year honored at Bobcat Pause April 7, 2016 A tearful ceremony on campus allowed Bobcats to not only remember and honor the faculty, staff and students who have died in the past year, but to cherish each other in life. Bobcat Pause was held in the ballroom April 7 at


San Marcos residents vandalize Enchanted Rock



April 6, 2016 Two San Marcos residents were arrested and face charges for defacing Enchanted Rock, an iconic Texas natural landmark in the Hill Country. Officers with the State Park Police, Texas Game Wardens and the San Marcos Police Department arrested Charles Agawereh, 24, and Meredith Baird,

21, as the suspected vandals of the pink granite rock that has served as a tourist attraction for thousands of years. A Facebook post containing a picture of the pair standing near the vandalized rock in Enchanted Rock State Park near Freder icksburg helped state and local investigators locate the suspects on several viola-

tions, including state jail felony graffiti and drugrelated charges, according to a city press release. Agawereh and Baird are in custody at Hays County Jail. As a result of the arrest and search warrant execution, there are additional charges pending against the suspects.

the LBJ Student Center. The yearly tradition celebrates the lives of Texas State students, faculty, and staff, both retired and current, who passed away during the year.

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12 | Thursday, April 28, 2016

The University Star

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