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APRIL 28, 2004



U N I V E R S I T Y - S A N


Sexual orientation an issue for regents Proposal challenges current policy

By Chris Boehm and Katherine Eissler News Reporters

An unidentified Texas State University System regent has recently dropped his proposal that would invalidate Texas State President Denise Trauth’s

decision to include sexual orientation in the university’s non-discrimination policy. In a meeting of all TSUS presidents held April 21, a majority made a recommendation that the rule change should not be included on the agenda for the Board of Regents May meeting. However, in an e-mail Thursday from Kent Adams, Board of Regents vice chairman, he stated there is backing for a change in Texas State’s nondiscrimination policy. “I have been contacted by several members of

San Marcos may be site for new regional airport

the (Texas State) faculty who favor a change in the current policy and by faculty members from other schools in our system who likewise support a change in Texas State’s policy,” Adams wrote in the e-mail. In the meeting, Trauth brought forth the Texas State Faculty Senate’s resolution against the potential systemwide policy. “We just wanted to affirm to the president that we have not changed our position on the issue,” said William Stone, Faculty Senate chair.

Trauth said every issue on the proposed agenda received thorough discussion, but with so many proposed rule changes, the presidents could not dwell on any one issue. “This is a controversial issue that receives a lot of attention, but the majority of the presidents thought it was not something that should be included on the agenda, and as a result it will not be included,” Trauth said.


g See REGENTS, page 3

By Ryan Coggin News Reporter

San Marcos officials are hoping the city will not be overlooked during the Texas Department of Transportation’s search for a new location to install a regional airport. TxDOT received funding from the Federal Aviation Administration several years ago to determine whether Central Texas could support a new general aviation airport. The study is the result of a mandate by the Legislature to account for the lack of options and space available to local owners and users of aircraft following the closures of Austin’s Robert Mueller Municipal Airport and the Austin Executive Airpark. It will also be used to find the best location for such a facility. San Marcos Mayor Robert Habingreither said he is approaching the prospect of a regional airport in San Marcos with caution. “My reason for supporting the resolution was to put our name back in the hat,” Habingreither said. “After more discussion, we might say ‘thanks, but no thanks.’ We have to know all the conditions of the deal before anybody signs on the dotted line.” However, he said a regional airport, if contracted correctly, could be a major economic engine for the city. “If you can take something and turn it into a tremendous economic resource for the city, then I believe that’s something elected officials should pursue,” Habingreither said. TxDOT has proposed building new facilities in Travis and Williamson counties, but has received opposition from residents and county commissioners in those areas. San Marcos was originally overlooked for the project because of its location and the state’s desire to build a new facility instead of revamping an old one. “(Hutto, Taylor and Manor) were the preferred sites for a new airport because the demand area is in g See AIRPORT, page 5


By Kassia Micek Assistant News Editor

Tony Ramos/Star photo Students such as Roydan Mcculloughun, undecleared freshman, are enjoying the weather in late April. Mcculloughun returns a serve during a match Monday afternoon at Sewell Park.

River Fest to offer variety of music SACA to host annual event in Sewell Park

By Kay Richter News Reporter

With the local Texas music scene becoming a popular form of entertainment, students can enjoy a free concert featuring a plethora of musical talents in a relaxed atmosphere. The River Fest Spring Concert, sponsored by the Student Association for Campus Activities, will feature Roger

Creager, Honeybrowne, River Train, Rodger Wilko and Micah Harris. Students can enjoy a wide array of music from traditional country to rock to Americana. “It’s definitely country and Texas music with a little bit of honky-tonk combined,” said Micah Harris, musician and agriculture junior, about his music. River Fest will begin at 5 p.m. Thursday in Sewell Park. None of the bands performing are foreign to the Texas music scene. Roger Creager, who will headline the concert, has been perform-

ing for seven years around the Texas area. He is best known for his mixing of musical genres and is excited about coming to play in San Marcos. “San Marcos has always been good to us and we always have a good time when we play,” said Kirby Standley, Creager’s tour manager. The majority of these performers are not new to the San Marcos scene either. Many have performed on The Square. “A lot of these kids have seen us before,” Harris said. “We have g See RIVER, page 5

Civil Rights activist lectures on campus

By Jennifer Warner Senior Reporter

Tiffany Searcy/Star photo Texas State Association of Recreation Majors sponsored Recreational Awareness Week in The Quad Tuesday. James Herrington, public relations senior, takes advantage of the free use of the 20-foot rock wall that was provided by the Austin Rock Gym.

Professor to speak on legal moralism

A journalist, advocate for First Amendment rights, author and Civil Rights activist visited Texas State Tuesday as part of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Distinguished Lecture Series. John Seigenthaler spoke in two presentations, addressing everything from his experiences in the Civil Rights movement to his new book about former U.S. President James K. Polk. He held a book signing and information session at the Southwestern Writers Exhibit on the 7th floor of the Alkek Library, but the small, informal session was

overshadowed by his lecture, “Reflections of a Son of the Racist South,” in the Alkek Teaching Theater. Seigenthaler SEIGENTHALER admitted to being from the racist South, not with pride but not with shame either. “I am a son of the segregated, racist South,” Seigenthaler said. “I state it neither as self-condemnation nor as conviction. I state it simply to acknowledge a truly grotesque fact of life in a cursed time, in a conflicted place.” During the lecture he told stories

about growing up in Tennessee and watching the Civil Rights movement unfold before his eyes. One such story was a tale his grandfather had told him about witnessing a man thrown from a bridge and hung. Seigenthaler also regaled a story of his fifth grade teacher telling the class that the Civil War was not fought to free slaves. She told them the slaves were better off on the plantations than the whites in northern factories. Texas State President Denise Trauth gave the opening and closing remarks and stated that Seigenthaler is the first person who g See ACTIVIST, page 5

A University of Chicago professor will speak at 7 tonight in the LBJ Student Center Ballroom for the Randall W. Bland Lecture on American Constitutional Law and Theory. Jean Bethke Elshtain is the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics at the University of Chicago. “Dr. Elshtain is a very prominent intellectual American individual,” said Kenneth Grasso, Texas State political science professor. The title of Elshtain’s lecture is “The Problems with Legal Moralism.” Grasso said Elshtain will speak about the limits of law as an institutional reform and how to deal with these problems. Elshtain said she will discuss the ways in which the United States has become moralistic to the point where every human contingency is covered by legal laws. Elshtain will talk about ways to solve these problems through politics and religion. “Human freedom requires that the world is not covered with laws,” Elshtain said. She said certain laws are necessary, such as murder and child abuse laws, but laws such as punishing a juvenile who has given the finger are unnecessary and remove responsibility from people. “We can’t cover everything g See LEGAL, page 3




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Today’s Weather

High: 77 Lo w : 62

Cloudy/Rainy All Day

Wind: From S at 13 mph Precipitation: 30% Max. Humidity: 59% UV Index: 8 High Thursday’s Forecast Cloudy 80/66

Yearbook returns for 100th anniversary edition

PAGE TWO The University Star

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Dean of Students Office would like to announce that, through the efforts of the Associated Student Government, the Texas State yearbook is coming back just in time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first yearbook published on campus in 1904. The Pedagog will return in a special commemorative edition this year. The 100th anniversary edition will include highlights of the year, including student organization pages, academics, campus life, athletic teams, significant events and more. Only 1,000

Am e r ic a n S ig n L a n gu a ge C lu b meets at 7 p.m. in LBJSC, Room 3-10.1. The Rock meets at 7:30 p.m. at the CSC chapel.

Calendar of

EVENTS Wednesday

Christians at Texas State meets at noon in the LBJ Student Center, Room 3-10.1. Sexual Assault & Abuse Services meets at 4:30 p.m. at the Texas State Counseling Center. For more information, call 245-2208. Student Volunteer Connection meets at 5:30 p.m. in LBJSC, Room 3-5.1. Higher Ground meets at 5:30 p.m. at St. Mark’s Church. Bobcat Supper is at 5:30 p.m. at the Christian Community Center. Science Fiction/Fantasy Society meets at 8 p.m. in LBJSC, Room 3-11.1.

C h i A l p h a Ch ri s t i a n F e l l o w s h i p meets at 8 p.m. in Old Main, Room 320. Christians on Campus meets at 9:30 p.m. at the McCarty Center.

Friday Pa ck I t U p a n d Pa s s I t On recycling program barrels will be placed in residence halls until the halls close. Call 245-9645 for more information. NA Meeting is at noon. For more information, call 2453601. C a mp u s A s s o c i a t i o n f o r S t u d e n t Organizations’ annual registration for all student organizations ends at 5 p.m. in the CASO office. S t u de n t s W i t h A l t e r n a t i v e Transportation, the organization that provides free rides home for Texas State students, operates from 11 p.m.-3 a.m.


Crosstalk meets at 8 p.m. in the Alkek Teaching Theater. Bible Study meets at 8 p.m. at the Catholic Student Center.

SWAT runs from 11 p.m.-3 a.m.



Campus Christian Community meets for free lunch and study at 12:30 p.m. at CCC. Relationship Concerns meets at 4:30 p.m. at the Texas State Counseling Center. For more information, call 245-2208. The 3rd Annual River Fest Spring Concert is free of charge from 5 p.m.-midnight at Sewell Park. Victory Over Violence meets from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at LBJSC, Room 3-12.1.

Higher Ground meets at 7 p.m. at St. Mark’s Church. Deck Support, an electronic music radio show, airs from 810 p.m. on 89.9 FM, KTSW.

Calendar Submission Policy Calendar submisions are free. Send submissions Calendar of Events Manager Paul Lopez at or call 245-3476 for more information. Notices for weekly meetings need to be submitted once. The University Star reserves the right to refuse entries or edit for libel, style and space purposes. Deadline: Three working days prior to publication.

Hours of Operation

Albert B. Alkek Library Monday Wednesday 7:30 a.m. - 1 a.m.

Thursday 7:30 a.m. - midnight Friday 7:30 a.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m. - 1 a.m.

Student Recreation Center Monday - Thursday 6 a.m. - midnight Friday 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday noon - midnight


LBJ Student Center Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Golf Course Open daily 7 a.m. - dusk



College of Business Administration dean receives award for ‘year’s best’ article of 2003 at annual conference

An article co-written by Denise Smart, College of Business Administration dean, was named Outstanding Article of the Year for 2003 at the Marketing Educators’ Association’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas. The winning article, titled “Mastering the Art of Teaching: Pursuing Excellence in a New Millennium,” was written by Smart; Craig A. Kelley, California State University-Sacramento; and Jeffery S. Conant, Texas A&M University. Douglas Lincoln, marketing professor and Journal of Marketing Education editor, made the announcement. The article was published in the April 2003 issue of the journal. Smart, Kelley and Conant have developed a multi-year stream of research on excellence in marketing education and the winning 2003 article was their most recent contribution. Their research accomplishments are well respected by marketing educators worldwide and they continue to guide interested professors in continually improving their roles in educating students, Lincoln said. The winning article was chosen by the journal’s review board and was selected from the 24 articles published in 2003. Most noteworthy is the fact that the Journal of Marketing Education’s acceptance rate in 2003 was just less than 12 percent. This means that the winning article’s chances of being selected for this award were less than one-half of 1 percent, based on all submissions. The Journal of Marketing Education was recently ranked as the most influential journal in the field of marketing education by a recent article appearing in the Journal of Marketing. The journal is published by Sage Publications, Inc., and cosponsored by the Marketing Educators’ Association.

Residence hall students encouraged to ‘just pack it up and pass it on’

Residence hall students who must move their things out of their dorm and into their home for the summer have a chance to get rid of the things they no longer need and, at the same time, help a needy family in the San Marcos community. Residence hall students are invited to participate in “Just Pack It Up and Pass It On.” Students can drop off unwanted items in designated barrels in their residence hall lobby. Once the items are collected, they will

be set up in a garage sale setting where needy families are invited to shop for free. Many items can be donated such as clothes, shoes, unopened shampoo and soap, non-perishable food, computers and books. Last year, more than 800 San Marcos residents benefited from this event. The collection begins Friday and ends May 15. If a student lives off campus and wants to participate, donations can be dropped off between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. May 17 to 21 at the Aquarena Center Pavilion. For more information, contact Community Relations at 2459645 or e-mail Visit to learn more about this project.


Bastrop County authorities apprehend suspect in aggravated assault case

The Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office notified the San Marcos Police Department that fugitive Johnny Alison Grant was apprehended this morning in Bastrop County. Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office deputies received a tip from a person who saw a local news story about Grant being wanted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Based on information received from the caller, the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office investigated the lead and developed information about the possible location of Grant. Grant was apprehended Tuesday morning at about 8:45 at a residence in Bastrop County. Details regarding his capture are not completely known at this time, but he is currently being held at the Bastrop County Jail awaiting transfer to the Hays County Jail. At about 5:30 p.m. Saturday San Marcos police officers responded to a residence in the 100 block of Windmill Drive. Officers found a woman who had been beaten and stabbed. The victim has been identified as 58-year-old Lerlean Williams of San Marcos. Williams was transported to Brackenridge Hospital the night of the assault and remains hospitalized because of her injuries, which include a stab wound to her throat. No additional information regarding her condition is known. Police believe Grant assaulted the victim during an argument. Grant will be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a first-degree felony. Blanco County Sheriff’s Office deputies received a report that Grant threatened to kill his former employer and his wife following the assault in San Marcos.


San Marcos Police Department

April 27, 6:11 a.m. Criminal mischief/South I-35 — Criminal mischief under $500. April 27, 12:14 a.m. Theft initial dispatch/North Bishop Street — Caller reported that their teenage child had taken a motor vehicle valued at less than $500. April 26, 4:38 p.m. Burglary of a habitation/Sagewood Trail — Burglary of a habitation and credit card abuse.

Campus Crime Stoppers: 245-7867 San Marcos Crime Stoppers: 353-TIPS



Press releases courtesy of Media Relations, the city of San Marcos

University Police Department

April 26, Unknown hours Theft $500/Aquarena Center Hotel — A non-student reported items missing from the hotel. This case is under investigation. April 23, 1:32 a.m. Duty upon striking an unattended vehicle/San Saba Hall parking lot — A student reported she witnessed an unknown individual damage her vehicle. This case is under investigation.

April 23, Unknown hours Burglary of a building/Mitte Complex — A faculty member reported a computer missing. This case is under investigation.

April 26, 1:39 p.m. Burglary of a vehicle/Airport Drive — Officer dispatched to 2200 Airport Drive for a burglary of motor vehicle report.

April 23, 8:22 a.m. Lost keys/Strahan Coliseum — A faculty member reported she lost keys belonging to the university.


9:00 AM

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REGENTS: Debate wording of anti-discrimination policy Wednesday, April 28, 2004

g Cont. from page 1

Regent Bernie Francis said he did not understand why the issue has recently garnered so much attention. “It’s confusing,” Francis said. “I’ve had trouble sizing up the importance of the issue to our institution and I am not sure why it has made it to this level of consideration.” Francis went on to mention the validity of the issue based on the homosexual population in the TSUS. “We’ve got a lot of stakeholders and donors to please, and I don’t know what the homosexual population is in our system,” Francis said. “Based on national statistics, I would guess it would be marginal at best.” Fernando Gomez, TSUS vice chancellor and general counsel, said the May meeting is for revising or introducing rules and regulations, which is done every year so the system can keep up with different changes in state and federal law. “Our goal is to help campuses accomplish what they feel they need to accomplish to satisfy the students,” Gomez said. Gomez said the regent who proposed to discuss the non-discrimination policy at the May meeting withdrew the motion from the agenda. Gomez would not reveal the identity of the regent. Trauth said there are measures for introducing emergency items to the agenda, but she does not expect that to happen. Some Texas State faculty members are worried the wording of the current non-discrimination policy will extend rights to pedophiles, sadists and masochists. In a letter written by Sandra Merryman, associate psychology professor, which was sent to all Faculty Senate members, Merryman expressed her fears about including sexual orientation in Texas State’s anti-discrimination policy.

be the most beneficial to the community. “Why put out a fire if no fire is there?” Merryman said. Her reasoning is that such discrimination does not occur at Texas State. She said there have been no reported acts of homosexuals being fired or not promoted in oncampus jobs. Gilda Garcia, director of the Office of Equity and Access, said investigations done on officially filed reports of discrimination have turned up zero results. She also said cases filed formally without an investigation performed — Fernando Gomez have proTSUS vice chancellor and general counsel duced no results. “I believe it is important for would want to know any legal implications before taking any the university to say in a very visible and strong way that we do action. Some have said that not tolerate discrimination that Merryman’s argument was built has a negative impact,” Garcia said. “It was a good move by the on a false premise. According to the Diagnostic university to support creating a and Statistical Manual of Mental safe environment for everyone.” Ronald Sawey, computer sciDisorders, pedophiles, sadists and masochists are classified under ence associate professor and the category “paraphilia,” not Faculty Senate member, said that if Texas State excludes homounder sexual orientation. The DSM also states that sex- sexuals from the non-discriminaual orientation is the diagnosis tion policy, it would make the used when one feels “persistent university look like a “backwater and marked distress about one’s institution full of bumpkins.” “It’s a disappointment and not orientation.” Sheila Fling, professor emeri- what we would hope for at Texas tus of psychology, notes in her State,” Sawey said. “It’s not response to the letter that in 1973 entirely surprising, considering the DSM made a 180-degree that all of our current regents change from classifying homo- have been appointed by sexual orientation as a disorder to Republicans.” “The suggestion to amend the classifying it as a disorder only when it causes someone distress. policy to no longer include gays Not having an anti-discrimina- and lesbians does not surprise tion policy could certainly con- me, but I am disappointed that it tribute to such distress, Fling said came from a faculty member,” said Griffon Elliot, theatre and in the response. Merryman listed three options anthropology sophomore and to solve the dilemma in her letter: Lambda of Texas State member. Leave the policy as is and face “It is interesting and a little that the conunforeseen consequences, rewrite amusing it to include homosexuality rather servative/religious obsession than sexual orientation or return with denying rights to homosexto the old wording, which does uals is actually bringing a marginalized issue to the forefront. I not mention sexuality. The letter goes on to give rea- hope this trend continues, until sons, in her opinion, why the third we finally have equal rights. And option of returning to the wording by equal, I mean equal, not sepawithout sexual orientation would rate.” In the letter, Merryman states if the policy stays in its current form, Texas State may find itself having to extend “affirmative action” to pedophiles, sadists and masochists. “We have a history of things being brought into the system and being turned into affirmative action,” Merryman said. “Usually these things turn into affirmative action informally.” Alan Dreeben, Board of Regents chair, said he did not want to discuss the issue until the Board of Regents meeting and

“Our goal is to help campuses accomplish what they feel they need to accomplish to satisfy the students.”

LEGAL: University of Chicago professor to discuss U.S. constitutional law, theory g Cont. from page 1

with the law,” she said. Elshtain will bring Christian theology into her lecture and try to balance laws and freedom. Grasso said he expects about 300 to 400 people to attend tonight’s lecture. Elshtain has given several hundred guest lectures in universities around the world, according to a press release. Elshtain has lectured at Texas State before and was asked to return for this year’s Randall W. Bland Lecture in American Constitutional Law and Theory. Randall W. Bland, former political science professor, began the lecture series on American Constitutionalism in Fall 1992 to

educate the campus community on American constitutional systems, Grasso said. Since the series began, more than 40 speakers have come to campus to speak about constitutional law, Grasso said. Former participants include Robert George of Princeton University and Pulitzer Prize winner Jack Rakove of Stanford University. Since the 2001-2002 school year and after Bland’s death, one lecture per year, usually the most prominent lecturer of the year, has been designated as the Randall W. Bland Lecture in American Constitutional Law and Theory in honor of Bland as the founder of the series, Grasso said. To make the lecture series


Show your Student ID or GPA of 2.8 (or higher) and get a FREE LOCK! FREE use of our truck to move in!! State of the Art Security System Climate Controlled On-Site Management $39 (5x5) and up Boxes and Moving Supplies

available to a wider audience, selected lectures from the first four years are available in book form and were published by the University Press of America in 1997 and 1998. Tonight’s lecture is open to the public and supported by the political science department, the University Lectures Committee and the Intercollegiate Institute, according to a press release.

News Briefs

Charity-hosted revelry not just for Republicans

WASHINGTON — Public watchdog groups have criticized Republicans for using a charitable group to help host lavish parties at this summer’s presidential nominating convention, but Democrats are now employing the same strategy. Democrats are inviting corporations to contribute as much as $100,000 to attend the “Rockin’ on the Dock of the Bay” party July 28th in Boston, the night before Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., is to be nominated to challenge President Bush. The event’s official beneficiary is the National Childhood Cancer Foundation’s “CureSearch” program, but the trappings are overtly political. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., is chairing the “late night concert party” at the Roxy club to honor seven fellow southern Democratic senators. A $100,000 donation, according to a brochure, nets “8 backstage passes with photo op, 25 VIP Lounge passes” and “100 General Admission passes.” Five other donor levels are offered, the lowest being the $2,500 “Dock Pass,” which yields three generaladmission passes. At past Democratic and GOP conventions, such soirees were financed with unlimited “soft money” donations from companies and individuals. But the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law now bars national political parties from taking soft money, so lawmakers are turning to charities.

Study will follow children to identify health risks

WASHINGTON — Several federal agencies have teamed up to launch one of the most ambitious biomedical projects in history — a massive study to identify the biggest threats to children’s health. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Environmental Protection Agency are working together to plan the National Children’s Study. The study would examine a vast array of factors that may affect physical, mental, emotional and developmental health by following more than 100,000 children across the country from before birth until age 21. “Most people think of this as ‘big science,’” said Peter Scheidt, director of the program office of the National Children’s Study at the NICHD, which is coordinating the effort. “It’s very ambitious. Nothing like this has been attempted before.”

College host chides Cheney

Vice President Dick Cheney was rebuked by his host Monday after lambasting Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., in a speech at a private college in Missouri. Fletcher Lamkin, president of Westminster College in Fulton, Mo., e-mailed students, staff and faculty shortly after Air Force Two headed back to Washington. “I must admit that I was surprised and disappointed that Mr. Cheney chose to step off the high ground and resort to Kerry-bashing for a large portion of his speech,” Lamkin wrote. “The content and tone of his speech was not provided to us prior to the event — we had only been told the speech would be about foreign policy, including issues in Iraq.” The speech was a BushCheney campaign event, but Westminster officials said they had been led to expect academically oriented remarks. Cheney drew frequent applause and a standing ovation midspeech. Lamkin invited Kerry to come and “make his views known.” The Bush-Cheney campaign said in a statement that “robust debate about how best to protect our country from the threat of global terror is central to this election.”

Some seek quick answer to airline missle threats

U.S. Rep. Steve Israel of New York’s Long Island sees the jets come and go from Kennedy International Airport and worries about a terrorist threat that no amount of baggage scanning can stop. Suppose a terrorist managed to smuggle a shoulder-launched missile to within a mile or so of the airfield, he said. Fired from a rooftop, a patch of woodland or even a highway overpass, the heat-seeking missile could bring down a plane and kill hundreds. Such an attack could paralyze the U.S. aviation industry like nothing before, Israel contends. “This is the most glaring vulnerability that we have,” said Israel, whose 2nd District is a few miles from New York’s major airports. “It wouldn’t even have to hit. A missile attack would be the effective end of the aviation industry as we know it, and that would have a catastrophic effect on our economy.” Israel, a Democrat, and Rep. John Mica, the Florida Republican who heads the House subcommittee on aviation, are among several members of Congress who say the nation is moving too slowly to defend commercial airliners against portable surface-to-air missile systems, known as SAMs. Briefs are from wire reports.


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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

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RIVER: SACA expects large turnout at Sewell Wednesday, April 28, 2004



f the week

Alisa Pekar/Star photo This female dog needs a name and a good home. If you are interested in adopting her, please call the San Marcos Animal Shelter at (512) 393-8340. Her animal control number is 21546.

ACTIVIST: Discusses civil rights, history g Cont. from page 1

comes to her mind to give the LBJ Distinguished Lecture because of Johnson’s commitment to the Civil Rights movement. Seigenthaler said he is certain he is not the first person who would come to Johnson’s mind. Seigenthaler spent a short time in politics as administrative assistant to former Attorney General Robert Kennedy but he said that during his time in government, Johnson was nothing but kind to him. As Kennedy’s assistant, Seigenthaler worked as chief negotiator to the Alabama governor and tracked the Freedom Riders across the South. On one occasion, while trying to ensure the safety of the Freedom Riders, Seigenthaler was attacked by a mob of Ku

Klux Klansmen. The Freedom Riders’ bus arrived in Montgomery, Ala., before it was scheduled to and the riders were met by an angry mob. Seigenthaler attempted to rescue two young women from the mob, but was not able to get away. He said the events of that day do not qualify as courageous. “If you look at most books on the Civil Rights movement, I should say that what I did that day was hardly an act of courage, it was an act of calculation,” Seigenthaler said. “The real courage was demonstrated by those young students who faced death.” After Seigenthaler’s grandson Jack found out about the Klansman attack, he asked if Seigenthaler was AfricanAmerican. Seigenthaler said Jack gives him hope for the future.

“The flowers are not gone, the flowers bloom in Jack and his parents and in young people like them across the country,” Seigenthaler said. “We shall overcome.” Seigenthaler said he is amazed at how far freedom has come in the last 50 years, but that there are still problems such as the recent discrimination against Arabs. Undecided freshman Allison Balemian said she was amazed to hear these stories from someone who lived during the Civil Rights movement. “You learn about it in history class, but to hear it from someone that was there was just amazing,” Balemian said. “It just seems more real.” Bob Hardesty, former university president and LBJ Distinguished Lecture series founder, told Seigenthaler that his presentation was the finest

Nation split on presidential candidates

By Helen Kennedy New York Daily News

WASHINGTON — Three days before the 2000 election, with George Bush and Al Gore neck and neck, baffled pollster John Zogby tried an experiment. If you were a citizen of Oz, his analysts asked, would you pick the Scarecrow or the Tin Man for mayor? Given the choice between a candidate with no brains but heart and one with no heart but brains, respondents returned a remarkable answer: 46.2 percent versus 46.2 percent. “That told me everything I needed to know: that I wasn’t going to know who was going to win this election,” Zogby said. Four years on, perhaps the most surprising thing is that nothing has changed — even after a cataclysmic, unifying event like the Sept. 11 attacks. “We are now no different than

Marcos. “It’s an airport that has been the north part of Austin,” said waiting to blossom to a lot of Linda Howard, director of industry,” Hobizal said. “More planning and programming for aircraft would mean more the aviation division at maintenance, fuel sales and TxDOT. “San Marcos has a more general traffic, and the very good facility right now, city would benefit from that.” After standing alone in a 4-1 and designating it as a Central Texas airport would not add vote by Hays County commiscapacity to the system.” sioners last week in favor of But Dan Rogers, director of supporting the regional airport, the Greater San Marcos commissioner Susie Carter said Economic Development Coun- she disagrees with placing the cil, said the conversion of the new facilities east of I-35. current municipal airport into a “It appears to be a sad menregional one would be a logical tality that would embrace every action. unpleasant project as long as it “This airport already has is placed east of I-35,” Carter more than what they’re propos- said. ing a new one She cited should have,” the ThunderRogers said. Hill racetrack, “You could the San Marmodernize it cos wastewatfor a lot less er treatment tax dollars plant, the prithan what is son in Kyle being propo— James Hobizal and the new sed for a new Special projects coordinator, power plant airport.” Berry Aviation — all placed He said east of I-35. there would “Some of be no plans these may be necessary, but it for future residential construction near the airport, since most is not necessary to place all of of the area has been zoned for them on the same side of the commercial and industrial use. freeway,” Carter said. “I “There is an abundance of believe that all parts of Hays space and room at the airport County should be preserved and all around it,” Rogers said. and protected, not just certain “The few residences that have ones.” The San Marcos municipal been there for years and years understand where the airport is. airport housed military training missions during World War II It is probably too logical.” James Hobizal, special proj- and is home to a number of ects coordinator at Berry businesses. Four asphalt runAviation, a full-service avia- ways, each more than a mile in tion company located at the air- length and aligned so that diffiport since 1993, said the possi- cult crosswind operations are ble conversion would benefit virtually eliminated, make the both Berry Aviation and San airport popular among pilots. g Cont. from page 1

g Cont. from page 1

played at Gordo’s and we’re hoping that this event will give us a lot of exposure.” Local talent will be in excess at the concert as well. “We started at Nephew’s and played there for around two years, “ said Zach Walther, Rodger Wilko member and geography resource and environmental studies senior. Two other artists who are part of the Rodger Wilko band are Texas State graduates. Stephanie and Matt Briggs are a married couple that bring their alternative style to the mix of talent in the band. “We have three singers and a woman bass player, and this gives us an edge over everyone else,” Walther said. River Fest is an event SACA coordinates every year. It is open to students and the San Marcos community. “We are hoping for an attendance between three and four thousand people,” said Val Rodriguez, SACA fine arts coordinator.

AIRPORT: Could bring money to area

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we were Nov. 8, 2000. It’s like 9/11 never happened,” he said. Half the country loves Bush, half the country can’t stand him. Some pollsters say the pool of undecided voters is smaller than ever. “We have not seen this split since the Civil War,” Zogby said. “We’re at stalemate.” “We had an unparalleled period of national unity after the 9/11 attacks,” said Pew Research Center Director Andrew Kohut. “But the way of dealing with the attacks — war in Iraq — became the issue that divided us again.” Not only is the nation divided 50-50, but the electoral college is, too, with a few big liberal states counterbalanced by numerous small conservative states. Americans are also more hardened in their views now than in recent memory. The Gallup poll found 91 percent of Republicans approve of the job Bush is doing, while only

17 percent of Democrats agree. “This remains a country that is almost evenly divided politically — yet further apart than ever in its political values,” a Pew Research Center survey of historical opinion polls concluded. The Pew Research Center estimates the number of swing voters — those who are undecided or only leaning toward one candidate — at about 30 percent. Zogby’s estimate is much smaller: closer to 5 percent. Such hardened opinions explain why a fearsome surge in casualties in Iraq this month and growing questions about the Bush administration’s commitment to fighting terrorism before Sept. 11 had little influence on recent polls. It’s also why Bush’s $50 million ad blitz failed to demolish Sen. John Kerry, and why recent positive economic news hasn’t boosted Bush.

LBJ lecture he had ever heard and that Johnson would agree with every word. At the end of the lecture the floor was open to audience members for a question and answer session. One audience member asked how Seigenthaler felt about the USA PATRIOT Act. Seigenthaler responded by saying he was not in favor of it. Seigenthaler is the founder of the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, a former reporter and editor of The Tennessean and former editorial director of USAToday. His most recent book, James K. Polk: 1845 - 1849: The American Presidents Series, was on sale for $20 at the book signing, but Seigenthaler said it could be found on the Internet for only $13. The presentation was free and open to the public.

“It’s an airport that has been waiting to blossom to a lot of industry.”

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Democrats go AWOL in Texas politics

Wednesday, April 28, 2004



efore Republicans gained control of the Texas Legislature in 2002 for the first time since Reconstruction, state Democrats did not know what it meant to be in the minority. How things have changed. Not only are the Republicans firmly in control of the Texas capital and likely to gain a majority in the Texas delegation to Congress in November, they are also running unopposed in 70 races statewide. Most of the races are in the Texas House, where 51 of the

incumbent Republicans will “waltz to victory without breaking a sweat” as Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith put it in his editorial in the May issue. As the loyal opposition, Texas Democrats have an obligation to run candidates in as many races as possible to make sure voters have an option come Election Day. Most Democrats cite reasons such as impossibility of winning or draining resources away from important races as reasons for not running more candidates. However, there are reasons for

not letting the Republicans have things so easy. Smith cites many reasons why Democrats should go all-out this year, including the opportunity to benefit from divisive Republican primaries, heavy Democratic turnout that will be generated by a close presidential election and the investigation of alleged campaignfinance violations by U.S. Speaker of the House Tom Craddick. Smith said even an unsuccessful effort this year might have served to inspire future voters and

prove that the Democratic Party is not dead in Texas. He is right. Filmmaker Michael Moore once proved on one of his television shows that voters would rather vote for a ficus tree than some incumbents. Perhaps the Democrats should consider running other forms of vegetation rather than avoiding the appearance of shrinking from a fight. In the end, it is not just the Democrats who will lose in November. The voters will also lose because they will not have the benefit of having a choice.

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Right wing should not point fingers


the deficit … merely by cutting programs that are clearly pork-barrel boondoggles.” The programs included Navy submarines and crews, a large number of Army light infantry units, Air Force tactical fighter wings, complete termiIn case you haven’t noticed, it’s an nation of the Navy coastal mine-huntelection year and the most important ing ship program and forcing the retireissue in any election is having ment of no less than 60,000 members informed voters. Since there have been of the Armed Forces in one year. no national debates and Democrat colleagues especially since the Nathan Brooks including Sen. Robert Byrd, Democratic Party hasn’t D-W.V., took the Senate officially announced a canfloor against Kerry saying didate, there are little facts his plan was “unwise and publicized about its future unsupportable.” Since 1985 nominee, John Kerry. John Kerry has voted 38 While I’m sure the vague times to decrease the overpamphlets in Commons all defense budget and has provided by Pi Sigma voted 12 times against Alpha were nice napkin increasing pay for military Star Columnist holders, here are some personnel. His record on detailed facts about the military intelligence is just as cost cutMassachusetts senator that you should ting, including plans from 1994-1995 take into consideration this fall. to cut the intelligence budget by $7.5 In a recent Kerry political ad, he billion. Remember, this is the man who said he “will keep this country safe said he has the plan for success in Iraq and secure,” even though he has conand plans to give all the support our sistently campaigned against military troops need. and intelligence spending for 30 years. Kerry also proposes in this ad to In a 1972 congressional campaign he “defend American jobs,” even though said, “I truly believe that the U.S. is in many economic analysts say his corpoa superior enough position that only rate tax plan will have little effect on our initiative can guarantee a worldwhere businesses base jobs or hire new wide mitigation and reduction of employees. In fact, Gary Hufbauer, an defense spending.” Then, in 1984 he analyst at the Institute for International proposed to cut $54 billion in a longEconomics, said under Kerry’s tax term plan to cut $200 billion in the plan, “U.S. companies also would defense budget for the next four years. have an incentive to relocate their Also included in his proposal was headquarters abroad to take advantage eliminating 27 weapons systems and of tax breaks offered by foreign govseverely reducing 18 more. ernments.” This is not mentioning his Then, in 1993 he wildly proposed rant on “Benedict Arnold CEOs” and to slash defense and intelligence by how they are bad for the American $45 billion, stating, “This proposal economy because of their participation would achieve a radical reduction in in off-shoring. But, did you know the

Don’t buy false promises, check his track record first

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same CEOs he’s talking about are his top campaign financers with more than $400,000 in contributions? Kerry also has a plan to “invest in education” and improve health care, despite his skimpy record on both of these very important issues. In the past 19 years Kerry has been a lead sponsor on only 10 education bills, which represents a meager 3 percent of all legislation he sponsored. Last year Kerry missed 24 important education votes in the Senate that totaled more than $10 billion in funds to build and improve schools, increase teacher wages and additional spending to improve special education programs. Then on health care he’s led only 14 bills in his 19 years, which is a staggering 4.5 percent of bills he has introduced. None of these bills he’s introduced has passed the Senate, a couple were added to amendments after revising. He also fought legislation to make health insurance more affordable only 14 times and missed three votes on medical liability reform from 20032004. While “Bush bashing” has become a favorite media sport of late, these are real facts and statistics on Kerry’s voting record in the Senate that are public information that can be found on government Web sites. Kerry has done little campaigning, but what he has done is play starting quarterback in Bush bashing while supplying no actual plan on how to combat terrorism, create jobs (even though the economy is booming), improve education or reform health care. So, before voting this fall, take this detailed information into account, and remember the most important issue in any election is being informed voters.

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It sure didn’t take long for the hearings into how the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks happened to descend into partisan wrangling. Contrary to what some would have you believe the Democrats are not the main instigators of this fight. No, that distinction is largely reserved for the Republicans and their allies on AM hate radio. I would now like to set the record straight on the current sordid state of affairs. The right would have you believe that the sum of Clinton’s counterterrorism James Baker efforts was Guest Columnist effectively nil. That is simply not the case. The perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing were indeed caught, tried and convicted in a court of law, proving that we don’t need draconian measures such as the USA PATRIOT Act or its successor, PATRIOT II, whose provisions include revoking the citizenship of those belonging to or supporting “disfavored groups.” Though PATRIOT II fell flat on its face, some of its provisions are being attached to other bills as riders, so we may yet see the Dixie Chicks stripped of their citizenship. But, I digress. In response to the visible threat of terrorism, especially after the Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh, Clinton moved quickly to propose a series of antiterrorism measures. His first crime bill contained stringent anti-terrorism measures, including deportation powers and a federal death penalty for terrorism (McVeigh was the first to be executed under these statutes). Once the Republicans took control of Congress in 1994, however, Clinton’s counterterrorism efforts were stymied for partisan purposes. Sen. Orrin Hatch dismissively referred to Clinton’s 1996 anti-terrorism bill as a “phony issue,” and other prominent Republicans complained the bill infringed on civil liberties, yet the provisions that didn’t get passed in 1996 were passed in the wake of Sept. 11. It’s funny how conservatives only care about civil liberties when it’s a Democrat proposing legislation, but they don’t mind infringing on the rights of “swarthy males.” It was about this time when the “Get Clinton” campaign kicked into high gear, and when the FBI should’ve been looking into the activities of Mohammed Atta and his buddies, it was being conscripted into rooting around inside Clinton’s zipper and sniffing Hillary’s panties. Speaking of Atta, a Clinton proposal that was defeated by then-Sen. John Ashcroft

would have tightened controls on encryption software and given counterterrorism officials the ability to crack the encryption codes used by terrorists. Intelligence experts believe al-Qaida used such encryption methods in planning the Sept. 11 attacks. Furthermore, Clinton’s efforts to get bin Laden were hampered because he kept being dragged in front of commission after commission to determine whom he boinked by hypocrites that were doing the very same thing for which he was impeached. After all, getting bin Laden wasn’t nearly as important as destroying the evil Democrat in power to such staunch defenders of morality as Newt Gingrich, Bob Barr, Henry Hyde and Bob Packwood. In spite of this, Clinton did have some major successes defending the United States from al-Qaida, most notably being the millennium bomb plot. With only a “general” threat warning to go on, Clinton’s intelligence agencies were able to interdict the terrorists plotting that attack. So much for the Bush Administration’s claim that if they had known exactly when, where and how al-Qaida would strike, they “would’ve moved heaven and earth to stop them.” Furthermore, in 1998, Clinton authorized the CIA to use whatever covert means necessary to gather intelligence on and disrupt alQaida operations. This was met with derision by Republicans, who were only interested in removing Clinton from office. His strike on terrorist training camps in Afghanistan — retaliation for the 1998 embassy bombings — missed bin Laden by mere hours, yet this was criticized as “wagging the dog” by the Rush Limbaughs of the world. I could continue to cite examples of Clinton’s efforts to attack al-Qaida and the response of the Republicans in power, but I don’t have enough space. I would like to conclude with this final thought. If partisans like Brett Bousman want to whine about politicizing Sept. 11, they ought to look at Bush’s use of pictures of him on Sept. 11 at a fund-raiser in 2002, or his recent re-election campaign ads that were panned by the general public and the Sept. 11 victims’ families in particular. Maybe they ought to look closely at the Republican National Convention, which is scheduled for late August or early September in New York. I would think that Matthew 7:5 should be required reading for the partisans on the right who claim to be holier-than-thou. Baker is a computer science graduate student.

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Death Cab bassist discusses Cribs, vegetarianism

The University Star



“It’s the night before Death Cab, and all through the dorms/The emo kids are stirring with hearts strangely warm/And their cameras are loaded, their tickets in hand/With hopes of a picture or time with the band.” If this poorly knocked-off holiday rhyme describes any similar feelings you get before a good emo show, then you may be suffering from Pre-Show Emotional Anxiety. The symptoms are all too common and usually include, but aren’t limited to, giddiness, inability to control breathing and lack of focus on daily tasks. Well fear not, ye who wears heart on sleeve; I may have just the information you need to nip PSEA before it starts. I was bestowed the opportunity to chat one-on-one with Death Cab For Cutie’s bassist, Nick Harmer, about what fans can expect from Wednesday’s show, DCFC’s future with MTV’s Cribs and hippie vegetarian foods. Jonny Wyall: With the recent release of Transatlanticism, is it safe to assume much of the show will be made up of Tranny material? Nick Harmer: Well yes, we definitely will be playing a lot from the new album, but we rotate sets. We’ll do our best to play as much of everything as we can.

Nick Hammer, Death Cab For Cutie’s bassist, tunes up before a show at the Seattle Showbox Feb. 28. Courtesy photo

JW: DCFC recently took on drummer Jason McGerr. What’s his effect on band chemistry so far this tour? NH: Things have just been and still are awesome. Jason really is a rock, musically he just adds so much. I couldn’t imagine a better setup.

JW: Who’s the coolest person you have met since you’ve been on the road? NH: Last night we were in New Orleans and I didn’t g See DEATH, page 9

Sex and the City doesn’t lose its trademark scent in syndication

Entertainment Briefs New campus vocal ensemble seeks members


had Samantha posing nude for a personal photograph — then showed the photograph hanging in her apartment — and still featured Carrie strutting her stuff down the runway in a pair of Dolce & Gabbana jeweled underwear. The next episode, “Ex and the City,” featured some minor voice-overs, one in particular when Samantha said, “Women are for friendships, men are for screwing,” while her lips distinctly moved differently. The girls still said “bullshit” quite a few times, though. Later in the show, Samantha meets a businessman who is rather endowed and sleeps with him. The sex scene is cut short with a fade into the next scene where Samantha and Carrie talk about the night. The “Where There’s Fire” episode still has Carrie in some risqué clothing and a few firemen in a stripping

contest. Samantha spends some time in a firehouse and gets caught half-naked when the firemen are called to a rescue. “Drama Queens,” the last episode on the sample tape, has the most blatant voiceover, when Samantha says, “how to get ahead by putting out,” and her lips clearly moved to a different tune. There was a small portion of a sex scene between Miranda and Steve, followed by a scene with Samantha and a “friend” experimenting with Viagra. Overall, the series is pretty well-edited, with only a few strangely edited moments. The fun of Sex and the City is in the friendships you get to watch that many of us can relate to. The series will forever be known as the reason women talk about sex freely and can quickly recognize a great pair of Manolo’s.

Carrie moments Any viewer of Sex and the City knows that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) likes to strut her stuff in her Manolo Blahniks. Here are a couple of memorable Carrie struts.

Carrie walks an actual catwalk in bejeweled Dolce & Gabbana undies in “The Real Me.”

Carrie walks away from Big for what seems to be the last time (but isn’t) in “Ex and the City.”

Adult film stars, industry face HIV epidemic BY JONNY WYALL TRENDS REPORTER On April 14, Darren James, veteran adult film actor, was diagnosed with HIV. The Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation has quarantined 12 of the confirmed women in contact with James since his estimated time of contraction and refers to these women as “Line A.” Lara Roxx, the second victim in what has become an epidemic, is being investigated, and those in contact are said to be “Line B.” Known as the “first generation,” these

women were tracked down and quarantined by AIM, ironically founded by ex-porn star Sharon Mitchell. More than 50 adult entertainers are being detained, with the roots of the virus snaking into its third generation. James allegedly contracted the virus on a trip to Brazil around February. On the excursion, James suffered a spider bite and experienced mild influenza HIV-like symptoms. Other sources claim unprotected sex on that same trip was to blame. As the scare heats up, more adult entertainment production companies are declaring a moratorium on production. Heatwave

Entertainment, Limelight Productions Video Team, Nectar Entertainment and Adam & Eve are among the multitudes suspending productions, all with the same intention — to secure the talent’s health until things can be sorted out. According to industry executives, about 17 percent of adult film actors regularly use condoms, and only two out of about 200 production companies in Southern California require male actors to wear protection. State and county officials, however,

Houston Summer Jobs! Miller Swim Academy Now hiring

swimming instructors, lifeguards, and

g See ADULT, page 8

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Nothing endears a crowd to a performer like an honest smile. A warm grin invites the audience to join the performer onstage and opens up the conduit of feelings that must exist between the two for a meaningful exchange. On Friday, the University Performing Arts Center will feature classical guitar student Jason Clark in his final performance at Texas State in what is sure to be a stellar evening of sublime guitar work. Not only does Clark impress audiences with his effortless delivery and warm tone, but his friendly rapport with the audience makes his performances seem less like a stuffy recital and more like an evening with a good friend. Clark is a natural onstage and is most comfortable sharing his gift with those who listen. Friday night’s performance will feature compositions by Torroba, Grieg, Carcassi, Scarlatti, Dowland and a special arrangement of The Lord’s Prayer by Texas State’s Mark Cruz. Pianist Ben Lane will accompany Clark on a contemof arrangement porary Beethoven’s Adagio, originally written for harpsichord and mandolin. Fellow guitarists Kelley Knowles and Randall Naranjo will also appear on an Albeniz composition for three guitars. Come witness the final performance from one of the School of Music’s most promising young guitarists.


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Maybe you’re the kind of person who parks at a red light, cranks the radio as loud as it goes and sings your heart out to your favorite song. Perhaps you are the kind of person who puts a little head-nodding into it or waves an emphatic finger in the air indicating that, “You ain’t having it!” Or you could be a shower singer extraordinaire belting out your favorite tunes in the warm, safe environment of your bathroom. Worse yet, you could be the karaoke king/queen who tortures your friends with endless nights of drunken crooning. If any of these apply to you, unlock your inner performer and join Texas State’s newest vocal ensemble. The new music review group, under the direction of Tiffany Stone, will feature all popular styles of music from jazz, oldies, rock, pop and country. Singers and dancers are encouraged to try out, even if your only performance experience thus far has involved a bar of soap and a loofa. Auditions will be held the first day of school this fall and all majors are welcome to vie for a spot in this exciting group. There will be ample performance and travel opportunities. Interested parties should contact Stone at 245-3397.

Student guitarist to play at UPAC

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TBS Superstation is bringing the Sex and the City gals to syndication beginning June 15. According to a TBS press release, the work they have done editing Sex and the City “upholds the series’ integrity, award-winning writing, storytelling, character development and signature style.” Watching the four-episode sample tape proved TBS worked hard to “uphold the series’ integrity” with only minor changes that had to be arranged to make the show a TV-14 DLS rating. Some alterations made were to the theme song, which was shortened to about 10 seconds of the original. There was also some minor voice-over work done on scenes that were not re-shot or altered to edit out curse words. The first episode, “The Real Me,” still contained the word “vagina” (ED note: ‘vagina’ is not a curse word) when Charlotte explained her problems to her friends, still

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 Page 7

McCarty Lane

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TRENDS Women’s rights ADULT: HIV epidemic shuts

8 - The University Star

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Are females abusing what was fought for? BY PORSHA THOMAS TRENDS REPORTER “Don’t compromise yourself; you’re all you’ve got,” is something we should take seriously. Who knew these words uttered by Janis Joplin could provide today’s woman with a foundation to base values on? The millennial woman is powerful and carefree. We have come far from the gender-rolebased society the United States was founded on. We are provided with opportunities unfamiliar to those who came before us. We own property, work jobs once reserved for men and are guaranteed the right to vote. Today, we are given a choice. Women of the past who fought for our rights did well; however, our actions have the ability to unravel all that has been so greatly achieved. What do I mean by this? With a little click of the power button on the TV remote control, maybe a few channels up, a few down, what do you see? A commercial showing blonde “Bettys” with silicone D-cups sexily opening beer cans, or perhaps scantily clad video girls shaking what they have in their jeans. The list continues. Exploitation of women is normal in

today’s society. I realize all opinions, liberal or conservative, have a home on a college campus, but this does not mean I have to agree. Remember the fliers distributed for Sex Signals, the event hosted by the Student Association for Campus Activities? It had a blonde looking sexily into the camera, sporting the “I’m a Calvin Klein undies model” look. I distinctly remember asking my girlfriends if the use of a half-naked man to grab our attention ever crossed the creators mind ... half of us on campus are women. Maybe we wanted to drool over eye candy to make us anxious to attend the event. Nevertheless, we are used to it and easily ignore it. Media are the culprit, the cause that makes insecurities swirl around in our brains and flush into our bodies, triggering those not-really-there flaws we point out to our friends. Let me not solely blame others who partake in the manipulation of women. We control ourselves. Who forced questionable role model Britney Spears to wear rhinestones instead of clothes and kiss a set of men in her “Toxic” video? Is it freedom of expression or a desperate attempt at high

album sales? The line is thin. I would rather my 7-year-old niece idolize Anna Julia Cooper than Britney Spears. Departing from the stars and landing on a level of mediocrity, the oppression continues. Recently, my enjoyment from getting my boogie on at Nephew’s was cut short at the sight of the couple next to me. A guy had ever so cleverly propped his dancing partner’s leg up to fondle her on a public dance floor. Embarrassed that my friend and I noticed, she quickly put a stop to it. Appalled, my friend and I danced over to another spot. Telling the story later to a male counterpart, I learned I may have been overreacting, but I still felt the girl shamed herself. It would be ignorant to think that this doesn’t happen all the time. Women, whether it’s for attention or some reason I’m unfamiliar with, succumb to levels that make it acceptable to call us bitches or sluts. It is our job to put an end to this. Women in Afghanistan must endure threats and violent attacks for exercising rights we’ve had since the ’70s, and we flaunt our freedom by making the conscious decisions to get fondled in clubs and selling our bodies in a place of music.

down pornography industry g Cont. from page 7

claim that existing regulations give them the authority to require prophylactics during filming. About 1,200 adult film actors are tested monthly for HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia. The results are generally a required part of good filmmaking ethics, but with a general sixmonth dormant incubation period, and much of that time being medically considered contagious, are these tests really effective? As of now, four of the 12 firstgeneration women who had direct contact with James have tested negative for HIV. Contrary to popular belief, it is likely that many of the women in contact with James will, in fact, test negative for HIV. The virus, when being passed from a man to woman, must enter the bloodstream. This is highly unlikely through “traditional sex.” The vaginal lining is actually a very difficult partition for sperm to penetrate and, unless weakened by sexually transmitted infections, remains virtually impermeable. The anal lining, however, is significantly weaker and often yields to transmission. That’s not to say cases of viral transmission through vaginal sex don’t exist, but the likelihood is far greater

through alternate means. This sudden epidemic isn’t exclusively affecting the actors and actresses in the film industry, but it has the potential to possibly create trans-industrial, political and commercial tidal waves. The ripples have already reached the Los Angeles County Health Legislature, of whose docket includes the possibility of mandatory condom use in film. Many production companies are willing to shoot condom-only films according to the stipulation that everyone agrees; unanimous consent is next to impossible. A condom-only agreement between production companies may never be reached. There will always be lone wolf companies trying to get ahead of the game by featuring actors and actresses willing to go condom-less. Aside from production companies, local area dealers of the explicit material haven’t yet felt the effects plaguing the upper chain. San Marcos’ own Talk of the Town has been dealing with condom-only films for quite some time now. “I haven’t heard nothing about what’s been going on. I don’t watch the news much,” said an employee who wished to withhold his name. “We sell and rent mostly exclusively condom-only videos anyway.”

Whether the production stigma will affect prices on a local level is yet to be determined; as the dry spell continues, time will yield these answers. Direct economical effect is said to be minimal by some economists. The multi-million dollar industry generates a large majority of its capital on the consumption end; that is, the money put into production of material is severely minimal when sided next to sheer return. Many people will likely pay similar prices on vintage titles and “new material” alike. All this, of course, is only related to the more popular and still legal adult entertainment. Gonzo/amateur and other such material may become a more available medium but, again, the speculation will give way to the fact of how long the industry spends in quarantine and productive moratorium. Blessing in disguise or boldfaced disaster; either way you view the epidemic, the facts still remain. These are human beings faced with a uniformly terminal illness. The vicious political debates historically follow every threat to humanity and have only yet to get up and run, some with and some without the aid of a rubber. Art or abomination? Liberty or liability? Freedom or folly? The issue is out there, what will you do with it?

Red Letter Salute to present eclectic artists, musicians in Austin BY BRANDON COBB MUSIC REPORTER Austin’s underground art consortium Red Letter Salute will present Not Punk Enough, a diverse showcase of local artists and musicians, Thursday at The Church of the Friendly Ghost in Austin. The group, dedicated to creating a space

for underground art, will present a multimedia amalgam of paint, graphic design and indie rock artists in a melding of the visually stunning with the aurally intense. Featured visual artists Nicky Davis, Charlie Young, Steven Lee, Alan Dennard and Matthew Crawford will present an array of paintings and graphic

design concepts encompassing a myriad of artistic genres. Musical acts will range from electronic-singer/songwriter “Economy” Rob Landerman to indie and hardcore bands Seaflea and In Praise of Folley, with acoustic sets by Dennis O’Donnell and Dale Beach. The Church of The Friendly Ghost, Austin’s resident experimental artwork

and music venue, is located at 209 Perdenales St. between Second and Third streets in East Austin. The show is free, but donations, which enable The Church to continue its crusade for a meaningful underground art scene, are appreciated. The Church hosts a variety of experimental “services” throughout the month; check the calendar on its home page.

The Red Letter Salute is proud to bring together this eclectic blend of visual and musical art in a celebration of the inextricably beautiful link between the two media. The mayhem is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. Thursday, but this is only the first in a series of Red Letter Salute productions; consider yourself warned.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


DEATH: Band’s bassist talks about upcoming Austin show at Stubb’s g Cont. from page 7

see, but I heard Kate Hudson was at the show. I also got to meet Julian Casablanca from the Strokes which was pretty cool. JW: Speaking of the road, is there a particular food that has proven itself tour-friendly? NH: Actually, Morning Star Farms makes these vegetarian soy patties called Chick Patties. They’re amazing! JW: You’re co-headlining this tour with Ben Kweller; what’s it like opening some nights and closing others? NH: Ben has just been great and we’re really gonna miss those guys. As far as opening

The University Star - 9

goes, just some nights it makes more sense. Ben is from Dallas so it’s kind of his turf, so it works out. JW: Ben has the Postal Service and you and Jason have/had Eureka Farm, so does any of this side project material ever make the live cut? NH: No, Death Cab shows are strictly all Death Cab stuff … well, and a few covers. JW: I’ve got to ask ... in the video for “Sound of Settling,” you guys ran around in a lifesize ginger bread costume. Where did that come from? NH: The people making the video showed up with this trailer full of props. We found

that and just started having a good time and it made the video. JW: What single occurrence stands out in your mind as your first “man, I’m really a rock star” moment? NH: (laughs out loud) Well I wouldn’t go that far! I don’t think you’ll be seeing anybody from DCFC on MTV’s Cribs anytime soon. I don’t know man, really just meeting people. It’s always flattering to meet fans. I never find it that weird that someone I’ve never met knows me. Death Cab for Cutie and Ben Kweller perform tonight at Stubb’s.

Wanna know the answers? Visit

for crossword solutions.


10 - The University Star

Wednesday, April 28, 2004


- OWNEDVOLKSWAGENS * GAMES * * * CERTIFIED PRE ROCK- CLIMBING WALL* ** NEW VOLKSWAGENS ** * * * * * Wednesday, April 28 Movie (School of Rock ): 7:00 p.m. Sewell Park Thursday, April 29 Sewell Park: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

the university star classifieds

Classified ads are accepted by phone or email only if payment is made by credit card or if the client has established billing status. The deadline for all classified ads is noon two business days prior to publication. No physical addresses or names will be printed in ads placed under the heading of “Personals.” All classified ads must be paid in advance unless credit has been established. There are no refunds on classified ads. There is no charge for “Lost call call 245-3487 245-3487 or or email email and Found” ads. Check your classified ad for accuracy. Any changes must be made by the second day of publication. To change or cancel your ad, please call 512-245-3487 or email The University Use the following formula when determining the cost Star reserves the right to refuse, edit, discontinue or classify ads under appropriate headings. Please remember it HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD: for your ad: 1. Provide your name, address, and phone number to us by is always in your best interest to research or investigate any company from which you plan to purchase a good or fax, e-mail, mail or phone. Number of words x appropriate rate per word service. University/Non-Profit Classified Rates apply to campus departments, official student organizations of Texas 2.. Provide the written text of your ad. Certain conditions + 5¢ per bolded words State University-San Marcos and recognized non-profit organizations. This rate includes classified ads placed by apply. Please read all policies and terms. + 5¢ per italicized words students, faculty and staff under the headers of “Personals,” “For Rent” and “Roommates.” Ads placed by stu+ $10 typing fee for ads over 50 words University/Non-Profit Classified Rate is 15¢ per word. dents, faculty and staff for personal profit will be charged the Local Classified Rate.The Local Classified Rate + $10 for ads not run consecutive days Local Classified Rate is 25¢ per word. Take number form above and x by the number of applies to all advertising that does not fall under the area of University/Non-Profit Rate or is for straight profit. days you would like your ad to run to determine the “For Rent” and “Help Wanted” ads placed by businesses will be charged the Local Classified Rate. Extra services that are offered: TOTAL COST. 5¢ per bolded or italicized word. Please indicate.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 - 10


‘89 Chey Corsica, 130K. Reliable engine, cold air, $500. 396-2736. (4/29) ____________________________ ‘92 Buick Century, clean, 195k mi, but runs well and recently tuned up. $975 or best offer. Call 353-1327. (4/27) ____________________________ ‘85 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Doesn’t run well, but willing to sell for parts or whole. Most parts pretty new. Open to offers. Potential PIMP car. Priceless sentimental value. 805-6347 or (210)317-5490

for rent

The Exchange. Sublease room in 4 bd/ 4 ba, May 10-Aug, MAY FREE, furnished, FREE etehrnet, cable, local phone, w/d incl. $399/mo + 1/4 electric, female preferred. Chirstina (432)352-7270. (4/29) ____________________________ Short-term leases, summer only. Many choices. $265 + Furnished available. Most bills paid. 665-8788. (4/29) ____________________________ $0 total move-in. Huge 3/2. Fenced yard, big dogs OK. Very nice. 665-8788. (4/29) ____________________________ Sublease my townhome apartment for summer. Great price plus incentives Call 557-3406 for details. (4/29) ____________________________ Sublease room at THE ZONE for entire summer for only $385 a month. Includes free cable and internet. Call (361)658-6818 even if you only need a place for a month. (4/29) ____________________________ Take over my Lease! Large 1br/1bath. Verandah Apts. $460. Off 35, on bus route. Call Mary. 512-396-7797. (4/29) ____________________________ A room for rent. $525/month. Total utilities included. Non-smoker, quiet. Wimberly. 343-6248. (4/29) ____________________________ CLEAN 2 bd/1ba. Top to bottom remodel, wash,/dry conn. 610 Bracewood Circle $575/mo. $300 deposit. Rachel (512)927-1899. (4/29) ____________________________ Apartment available for summer subleasing at Bobcat Village for middle of May to middle of August $545/month for June & July, May and August free, fully furnished, on bus route. Call 512-408-8359. (4/29) ____________________________ Take over my lease at The Zone. From May-August. Fully furnished, great neighbors. Call Jesse at 805-3331 or 956-337-6431. (4/29) ____________________________ Take over my lease from May-August. 1/1 at the Verandah. $380/month + utilities. Call Linsey 787-1718. (4/29) ____________________________ Summer Sublease Available. Two bedroom apartment on campus. Located behind Tower, 401 N. Fredericksburg #405. Kitchen, living room, private room and bath. Fully furnished, DSL, cable w/ HBO. Awesome roommate! Withing walking distance of the square. $299/month This is an awesome deal! (512)787-2658. (4/29) ____________________________ 3 BDR/ 2 BA., REF, W/D, For rent on Kamona Circle. Call after 7. Call Anytime 512-294-6471, 512-288-4095. (4/29) ____________________________ MESA VERDE APARTMENTS. Country living at its best! Short commute to Austin, Gonzales, San Marcos, Seguin, Lockhart and San Antonio. Offering 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, on-site laundry room and maintenance, pool, and the peace and quiet of country living. Call Today! MARY FRENCH REAL ESTATE (830)875-3624. (4/29) ____________________________ GIVE AWAY. Free rent or computer. Great value. Will deal. 3b/3b, w/d. 396-1520. (4/29) ____________________________ Room for rent in 3 bedroom house. Available July 5. All bills paid. $500/month. W/D. 281-356-7545. ____________________________ Summer Sublease at The Summit. $300/mo. available in May. E-mail or call 512-392-3566. (4/29) ____________________________ Take over my lease from May-August. 1/1 at the Verandah. $380 per month + utilities. Call Linsey 787-1718. (4/29) ____________________________ 2 Rooms For Rent: New 3/2 house big yard. $425 + 1/3 electric each. Call (512)787-2808. (4/29) ____________________________ Mill St. Townhomes 2 br 1 bath. Newly renovated. Small pets allowed. May move-in special. $525/mo. Phone: 353-3050 (4/29) ____________________________ Super Deal four plex. $525, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, fireplace, w/d connection, available 5/18. (512)423-7211. (4/29) ____________________________ 1064 Sycamore, fenced, 3/1, appliances, garage, patio, $900, 353-1818. ____________________________ Take over my lease! 3/1/1 house on Yale strret, CA/CH, close to campus and rec center. Rent $675/mo. Deposit $650. Move in end of May. Contact Ryan 832-283-2213. (4/29) ____________________________ 1/1 quiet near historic district, large windows, washer/dryer, newly remodeled. $550/month, 557-0960. (4/29) ____________________________

for rent

Preleasing for 8/28. 3 blocks from TxState. $785, 2 br/2.5 ba TH. Fullsize W/D, FREE HBO, FREE ROADRUNNER or 396-4181. (4/29) ____________________________ 3/2 Duplex. Move-in 5/10/04, tiled floors, just remodeled, very nice! $1,100 Rent, $450 Dep. 3 Blocks from Tx State, Full size W/D, Free HBO, Free Roadrunner, or 396-4181. (4/29) ____________________________ Duplex apartment at 911 Allen Street in San Marcos. Two bedroom/ two bath. Carport, fenced back yard. Available August. $775 per month. Call Steve Doerr at (830)372-5512. (4/29) ____________________________ Sublease my apartment 3/3 @ Jefferson Commons 512-289-0429. (4/29) ____________________________ Sub-lease at Jefferson Commons for the summer, $355/month Call 210-313-6443. (4/28) ____________________________ Summer lease May 25 - Aug 1. All bills paid except electric, pets ok, 1 bedroom at Exchange $425. Call Lacey 557-0860 or e-mail (4/29) ____________________________ Prelease and Save! Extra large 3/2.5/ double garage duplex, Appliances include washer/ dryer, SWT tram, move in July or August, pre-lease rate $1,095. 830-627-7909. (4/29) ____________________________ SUMMER II -SUBLEASE 2 bed / 2 bath / 2 patio. W/D. Furnished $400/mo. Call Liz @353-8975. (4/29) ____________________________ Pets O.K. Close to campus. most bills paid. 1/1 $449+, 2/2 $595 + Empire Leasing. 512-353-2927. (4/29) ____________________________ Great Deal 2/1.5 CACH, Appli, CF, W/D conn. Two story condo. Pay elect. $585. Call 512-353-2927. (4/29) ____________________________ Going Fast! w/ yr lease- 1 mo. free rent. 2/1 CACH, Appli, W/D conn. Outside storage. Pay electric. Inside pets ok. $450. Empire Leasing 353-2927. (4/29) ____________________________ 3b next to TSU. No parking hassles or shuttle. Large pool. $333 per person. Includes most bills. 392-2700 or 757-1943. (4/29) ____________________________ Luxury Townhome Community 3/3.5, $455 shared. Phone, cable, internet paid, w/dryer included. Apt Experts 805-0123. (4/29) ____________________________ A+ property 1/1 $482+, 2/2, $560+, 3/2 $665+ with w/dryer conn. (rest. apply) Apt. Experts 805-0123. (4/29) ____________________________ 2/2 Duplex, quiet, on bus route, w/d inc, available 6/2, $700/mo. 635-6750. (4/29) ____________________________ Plan your next move in advance. Beautiful 2/1 duplexes with washer/dryers, fans, appliances, fenced wooded yards, quiet neighborhood. $575/month, no dogs. 3 dates available, June 1, June 15, or Aug. 1. Shown all hours and days. 353-8384. (4/29) ____________________________ 1/1 garage apartment, new, ca/ch, tile/ Pergo floors, quiet area, ABP $550. 557-2770 (4/29) ____________________________ 2/1.5 apartment. Free rent until 5/01. No deposit. Call 512-787-1982. (4/29) ____________________________ Duplex 2 bed/ 2 bath. Tiled floors, full size w/d. Fenced yard, pets welcome. Available ASAP, $800 a month. Call (512)878-2095. (512)665-7893. (4/29) ____________________________ Need a place for summer/ Sublease my townhome: great bargain. Call Crystal for details @ 557-3406. (4/22) ____________________________ 2 bedroom / 1 bath apartment $450$575 (512)757-4513. (4/29) ____________________________ Female roommate. Next to SWT, don’t worry about parking or shuttle, own bedroom. $300 range. 392-2700. (4/29) ____________________________ Quiet male student. Live next to SWT. Don’t worry about parking or shuttle, own bedroom, $300 range. 392-2700. (4/29) ____________________________ 2/1, 1/1 near TSU, pleasant yard. Pets OK. 353-3971. (4/29) ____________________________ Large & private. 2b/1b duplex. W/d, near campus, trees, yard & pool. $650/month. Call CD 787-5156. (4/29) ____________________________ CONSTRUCTION SPECIAL. Efficiencies $480. Water and electric paid. 4 bdrms/2.5 baths $1250. Water paid and w/d included. Call April @ 512-754-6701. (4/29) ____________________________ PRELEASE NOW for the best apartment selection for Summer and Fall. We offer one-stop shopping for free floorplans & info on specials, availability and amenities. Call or come by APARTMENTS TO GO by “The Square”. 112 W. Hopkins at Guadalupe/ 353-FREE/Licensed Real Estate Broker. (4/29) ____________________________ 3/2.5 Huge Duplex! $1100, on Tx State shuttle, Move in 8/20/04. 1600 sq ft. Large closets. W/D, 2 garage, no dogs, or Mike 665-2772. (4/29) ____________________________ Awesome Deal 1/1, $395, gas, water, trash incld. Now pre-leasing Fall 04’ Apt. Experts 805-0123. (4/29)

for rent

Townhome Community 1/1.5, $500, 2/1.5, $545 w/ dryer incl. Water & trash paid, with 1/2 off dep. Apt. Experts 805-0123. (4/29) ____________________________ Brand New Community. Fully furn., most bills pd. Ethernet, local ph, w/d incl. $399 +, AE 805-0123. (4/29) ____________________________ Texas Size Townhomes. 1 bdrms $450, 2 bdrms $495, cable paid. Big Pets ok. Apartment Experts 805-0123. (4/29) ____________________________ Industrial Modern Living. $375 +, ethernet, phone & w/d incl. AE 805-0123. (4/29) ____________________________ Big Dogs Okay! Walk or shuttle to class. most bills pd. w/cable. 1/1 $450+, 2/1.5 $495 + 1/2 off 1st 2 months rent. Apt. Experts. 805-0123. ____________________________ ON A BUDGET? So am I. That’s why we have Langtry Apartments. 205 Craddock Ave., Waiting for you. 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment homes with washer/dryer ready for you to move-in today. Only $650 per month. Who said living in San Marcos had to be expensive? Langtry Apartments 396-2673. (4/29) ____________________________ Skinny Dippin! In the middle of Winter! Our Skinny prices are dippin even lower! One bedroom now only $575.00. Washer/Dryer, microwave, free high speed internet with no dial-up and resort style amenities. Call the Metropolitan 393-6000. (4/29) ____________________________ Privacy, Privacy and More Privacy! A place of your own! Stadium view apartments has a few 1 bedroom 1 bath homes for you. Fireplaces, ceiling fans, PRIVATE outside storage and covered parking await you. On-Site laundry, pool, and spa are only one call away. VJE Realty 353-3002. (4/29) ____________________________ Ready & Waiting! Nice, 1 bedroom , 1 bath studio home. 1642 Post Road. lot’s of storage and yard area. VJE Realty 353-3002. (4/29) ____________________________ 1 bd APT. $395/mo. 353-5051. (4/29)

for sale

Sterilized queen mattres set, $85, Popazon w/ pad, $48, Maple coffee table. $37.50, Oak entertainment center, $58, Walnut office desk, $125, Whirlpool electric dryer, $45. Partins’ Furniture. 2108 Ranch Road 12. 396-4684. Free Delivery. (4/29) ____________________________ ARTIST STUDIO goes with this great home near hist. dist. Large landscaped lot with huge trees and peaceful rock garden. Near town and TSU. 130 N. Endicott. Jerry Re/Max - San Marcos. 512-353-6500/ 353-6542. ____________________________ 233 MHz bondi imac 96mb, 40GB, AI 7, FH10, PS 5.5, $300 obo. 210-725-9269. (4/29) ____________________________ GUITARS!!! Oviation Celebrity 12-string ACC/Ele $350 obo, Squire Strat with VOX Amp, $300 obo, zoom effects Pedal $75, Danelectro distortion pedal, $20. Extras with Guitars. 979-285-5368 or ____________________________ Stop Renting Baynebridge Condo. 2/2 Modern deccor glass blocks, walk to class. $69,000. VJE Realty 423-0698. ____________________________ LIVE CRAWFISH - Large Louisiana Crawfish. Best price in town. Birdsong Brothers Crawfish. Call 979-480-5766 or 512-585-1571. (4/29) ____________________________ Living Room Furniture and Dining Room Table. All for $200 OBO. Call 392-5548. (4/29) ____________________________ Pecan Creek Condo, 2/2, w/parkay floors, refrig, w/d nego. $68,500. Available after May grad. Call Phyllis, RMA. 757-5001. (4/29) ____________________________ ‘99 Ford Mustang Com. Blk/Blk loaded includes leather and tinted windows. Has 41,000 mi. Asking $9,950. Call 512-295-6757. (4/29) ____________________________ WHY RENT? Buy my one-of-a-kind completely remodeled/ upgraded 3/2 bath mobile home 2 1/2 miles from campus, very nice 1/2 acre + lot, big oaks decks 2 car garage, work shop, storage bldg., $12,500 Call David @ 512-757-0022 or 512-228-2467. (4/29) ____________________________ Remodeled townhome for sale. Rockaway from Texas State. E-mail Daniel at

garage sale

Saturday May 1st, 8-4, 218 Blanco Dr., Wimberly. Computers, tools, tons more, benefits Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary. (4/29)

help wanted

Wanted: College students for full-time or part-time work for moving co. $10.00 per hr. Flexible schedule contact 512-894-3417. (4/29) ____________________________ Going to be here this summer? Earn big $$$! Operate a fireworks stand in Canyon Lake. 392-4007. (4/29) ____________________________ Now hiring internet tech support. Currently hiring internet technology suport position technicians - flexible hours, day, weekend, and night shifts available. Free dial-up service for all employees. Previous customer service experienced required. knowledge of Windows, Macintosh, and internet services a plus. (4/29) ____________________________ AZTEC Promotional Group is now hiring FUN, ENERGETIC sales associates for the Fall 2004 semester! Please inquire at Room 1-1.3 in the LBJ Student Center. (4/29) ____________________________ Now for 2004. Out of the ordinary summer job on the Guadalupe River at a campground, tube, raft, and canoe rental. Whitewater sports is hiring now for full and part-time positions in the office, on the campground, and for drivers. Start now or after finals, call Ellen at 830-964-3800. (4/29) ____________________________ Looking for part-time/full-time handyman. Basic knowledge of carpentry, sheetrocking, miscellaneous. Contact Alain @ (830)660-5973. (4/29) ____________________________ Jerry’s Rentals in New Braunfels on The Guadalupe River is now accepting applications. Call (830)625-2036 for directions to apply in person. (4/29) ____________________________ ROCK FISH SEAFOOD on I-35 and Stassey is looking for exceptional servers. Please apply in person M-TH. 2-4p.m. 701 E-STASSEY LANE SUITE B. AUSTIN, TX 78745. (4/29) ____________________________ Rose Garden Restaurant hiring hosts. Apply in person. 805-0880. (4/29) ____________________________ Student manager needed for apartment community. Experience preffered with flexible hours. Apply in person at The Metropolitan Apartments. 121 Craddock Ave. no phone calls please. (4/29) ____________________________ Study Breaks Magazine is now hiring writers, photographers & advertising sales representatives. Place contact. 512-480-0894. (4/28) ____________________________ Personal Attendant to assist wheelchair user with personal care and housekeeping, 5:45-7:10 a.m. 3 days a week. Must have own car, female preffered. Good pay. Call 353-1330. (4/29) ____________________________ Personal Care Attendant needed for a quadriplegic man. Applicants must be able to lift 150 lbs. They must also have a good driving record. Full-time, part-time, and weekend positions available. Experience is not necessary. Please call 512-280-5402 or ß 512-773-1468, if there is no answer leave voice mail & your call will be returned. (4/29) ____________________________ Part-time receptionist, approximately 30 hours per week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. beautiful land development office on Canyon Lake. immediate opening. Call or e-mail at 830-935-4640 or ____________________________ Part-time help needed. General office duties for busy optical office. No exp. needed. We’ll train. Bilingual preferred. No phone calls. Apply within. Texas State Optical, 1104 Thorpe Ln. (4/29) ____________________________ Tutor wanted for high school algebra I, once per week beginning next fall, Wimberly, call Shawn (512)847-8963. (4/29) ____________________________ Bartender/ Bouncers needed. 512-374-1998. (4/29) ____________________________ Looking for young energetic Licensed Real Estate Agents, prefer students highly active in campus organizations. 512-665-9220. (4/29)

help wanted lost and found

Camp counselors needed for Aquatic Sciences Adventure Camp. Co-ed, resident summer camp for students 9-15 years of age located on Texas State University campus. Activities include aquatic biology, water testing, swimming, tubing, river rafting, Aquarena Center, Sea World, Natural Bridge Caverns. Contact Assistant Director for Education, Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center. Must have valid TX driver’s license and be willing to live on campus during camp. Call 245-3541 or e-mail (4/29) ____________________________ NEW RESTAURANT IN GRUENE. now accepting applications for all positions. pay based on experience. apply Gruene River Grill, 1259 Gruene Rd, located next to NB Museum of Art & Music between 9am-4pm or e-mail resume to (4/29) ____________________________ INO’z where you should work. INO’z. Restaurant, located on the square in Wimberly. Now interviewing for all positions. apply in person 1-5 p.m weekdays. Call (512)847-6060 for directions. (4/29) ____________________________ !Bartending! $300 a day potential, no exp. necessary, training provided 800-965-6520 x157. (4/29) ____________________________ Athletic, outgoing students for calendar greeting cards, etc. $50 - 150/hr no exp needed. 512-684-8296. (4/29) ____________________________ SUMMER CAMP JOBS IN COLORADO --- Make a difference in the life of a girl at Girl Scout overnight camps in the mountains SW of Denver. General Counselors, Program Specialists (Western horseback riding, backpacking, crafts, nature, sports/archery, challenge course, farm, dance & drama) and Administrative Positions. Late May – early August. Competitive salary, housing, meals, health insurance, travel and end-of-season bonuses. For an application, email or call 303-607-4819. (4/29) ____________________________ Get paid for your opinions! Earn $15$125 and more per survey! (4/29) ____________________________ Arabian Horses: several open positions:Ranch in SM, close to campus, flex hrs. 1.hoof trimmer hrly $ or trade. 2.temp ranch hand $6hr. 3.serious/exp trainers--negot pay. 4.good riders who love to ride-$open! 5.attractive models who ride well-trade photos. 6.secretary--coordinate, manage, research--open$ *Riding lessons available. Project: Got 14 horses and more foaling. And a website ( working on photos/text to showcase, market, and sell 11 horses in 6 months. Experience and time are negotiable commodities. Pay you in cash when possible or trade when agreeable ..! Email resume , aspirations, services to: However, if imperative my cell 210-367-7842 and 353-3477 ranch. (4/29) ____________________________ Are you a dynamic, compassionate, motivated individual looking for the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME? If so then Horizon Camps is the place for you. Horizon Camps is made up of three OUTSTANDING coed summer camps, seeking AMAZING staff to work with INCREDIBLE kids ranging in age from 7 to 15. Located in NY, PA, and WV, positions are available in the areas of group leading, athletics, theatre-arts, water sports, outdoor education, and so much more. For more information and to complete an application please contact us... 1-800-544-5448. (4/29)

lost and found

Missing: Large, White and Gray cat. Gray ears, tail and patches. Missing from N. LBJ and Walnut St. area, near Les Chateaux Apts. Collar with rabies tag. Please help, 353-5421. (4/29) 350 N. Guadalupe St. Ste. 140 San Marcos, TX


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The most painful ’CATS BLANK AGGIES first round ever

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The University Star — Page 12

Kyle Anson, junior third baseman, safely slides into third on Sunday afternoon against the University of TexasArlington at Bobcat field. The Bobcats won two out of three games in the series. They defeated Texas A&M University Tuesday night 1-0 with the only run scored by Anson. The Bobcats will visit Nicholls State University at 6:30 p.m. Friday. Ashley A. Horton/ Star photo

By Jason Orts Sports Editor

Texas State shuts out Texas A&M in pitcher’s duel

COLLEGE STATION — Four Texas State pitchers combined to shut out the No. 10 Texas A&M University Aggies, 10, Tuesday at Olsen Field, the Bobcats’ first win against a ranked team this season. The Bobcats lost five in a row to A&M, including a 10-5, 11-inning decision at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock earlier this season. The Aggies had only been shut out on one other occasion this season. Freshman starter Joey Gonzalez (2-1) got the win after allowing just two hits over six innings and was followed by seniors Michael Gultz and Gabe Wisneski, who got through the seventh and eighth. Junior Dominic Ramos slammed the door shut with a perfect ninth for his fifth save of the year. Texas State doubled the Aggies’ hitting output, 6-3, with third baseman Kyle Anson leading the way with a 2 for 4 night, and he also scored the game’s only run. The Bobcats and Aggies struggled offensively through the first three innings, as Texas State right fielder Richard Martinez recorded the only hit for either team, a two-out single in the second. Gonzalez retired the first 11 batters he faced, not allowing a runner to reach base until walking Aggie right fielder Cory

Patton with two outs in the fourth inning. Texas State finally opened the scoring in the fourth, when Anson led off with an infield single and moved to second on a groundout. Left fielder Matt Miller, the Bobcats’ leader in RBIs, added another one with a single to center field, plating Anson. The Aggies were unable to come up with a hit against Gonzalez until the bottom of the fifth inning, a two-out single from designated hitter Andrew Baldwin. But Gonzalez got the next A&M hitter to ground into a fielder’s choice to close the inning. In the bottom of the sixth, A&M got its first runner to second base, with two outs, first baseman Coby Mavroulis singled and was followed by a Patton walk. But the Aggies were unable to do any damage, as Gonzalez got his first strikeout of the game, fanning third baseman Austin Boggs. In the eighth, Aggie left fielder Travis Bartek led off with a single. Second baseman Matt Alexander attempted a sacrifice bunt, but Wisneski was able to field the ball and get Bartek at second. A walk and fly out moved Alexander to third, but he was stranded there. The Bobcats, who are 6-0 in Southland Conference road games this season, travel to face the last place Nicholls State University this weekend.

baseball at No. 10 texas a&M 4/27/04 Score by inning


TEXAS STATE.............0..0..0..1..0..0..0..0..0 Texas A&M.................0..0..0..0..0..0..0..0..0

1 6 0 0 3 0

TEXAS STATE (25-19) Texas A&M (33-13) Players AB R H RBI Players AB R H RBI ss Ramos 4 0 0 0 3b Anson 4 1 2 0 cf Tierce 4 0 1 0 lf Miller 3 0 1 1 1b Cooper 4 0 0 0 rf Martinez 4 0 1 0 2b Mast 4 0 1 0 dh Pawelek 1 0 0 0 c Quayle 3 0 0 0

ss Pennington 1b Mavroulis rf Patton 3b Boggs c Stinson cf Infante dh Baldwin lf Bartek 2b Alexander

3 4 2 4 4 4 3 3 3 Totals 30

Totals 31 1 6 1

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Gonzalez Gultz Wisneski Ramos

6.0 1.0 1.0 1.0

2 1 0 0

0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0

2 0 1 0

1 0 0 1

21 4 3 3

22 4 4 3

Texas A&M Pitching

Donaldson Creps Frame Rampy

IP 4.0 1.2 1.0 2.1

H 3 2 0 1

R ER BB SO AB BF 1 1 1 1 14 15 0 0 0 1 6 7 0 0 1 1 3 4 0 0 0 0 8 8

Win - Joey Gonzalez (2-1), Loss - Dan Donaldson (0-1) Save - Dominic Ramos (5) HR - None Time - 2:18, Attendance - 4,597

0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 3

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


ou know the NBA playoffs are bad when nearly half of the series is finished before you even have a chance to catch a single game on television. The San Antonio Spurs, New Jersey Nets and Indiana Pacers made first-round sweeps look as easy as Paris Hilton on prom night — or any night for that matter. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love seeing the Spurs sweep any team, much less an overwhelmed Memphis team, just as much as the next Spurs fan. But Jim Bob three firstBreazeale round series sweeps? Is the NBA that lopsided? (OK, don’t answer that.) Can the majority of Sports Columnist people on this campus even name the teams that were swept by Indiana and New Jersey? Trust me, I won’t hold it against you if you can’t. The Nets, playing very good basketball all series long, swept the New York Knicks before anyone in Madison Square Garden could even utter a single “boo.” Stephon Marbury, who has the potential to be one of those players who singlehandedly saves a franchise, was anti-climactic at best. With the exception of his 31 points in Game 4, Marbury played selfish basketball and did nothing to help his team win. Yes, he scored 23 in Game 2, but that’s because he never passed the ball. He constantly stood back and threw shots without trying to create plays for the rest of his team. Now, to his credit, the rest of his team didn’t help at all. When he did drive and dish to someone else, they usually put up a shot that wouldn’t have been able to hit the side of Barbra Streisand’s nose, much less the rim. The Pacers pulled off their sweep against Boston. Big surprise. The Celtics were 10 games under .500 for the season! And they made the playoffs? Are you kidding me? If the Celtics were in the West, they wouldn’t win 30 games. Seriously, they only won 36 in the NBDL — I mean East. Putting them in the West would have been the equivalent of putting ice in a microwave. Plus, the Pacers are light years ahead of everyone else in the East and could conceivably pose a threat to whichever team from the West makes the finals. The Spurs-Grizzlies series, while a sweep, was at least somewhat

interesting (even if you’re not a Spurs fan). Memphis is one of those feel-good stories. You have to give props to Coach of the Year Hubie Brown for taking a team that was 28-54 last year and molding it into a 50-win team that made the playoffs. But the Spurs had won 11 in a row going into the playoffs and were playing some of their best basketball of the season. And they have Tim Duncan. Last year, the NBA extended the first-round series from five to seven games in an attempt to boost TV ratings and generate more revenue. A lot of good that did them. Instead of an interesting, more competitive first round, we have the current product: a quick, non-competitive series that only provides the superior teams a chance to have a few more days of rest. Even if a team barely makes the playoffs, a five-game series gives them a better chance to sneak in and pull off an upset. Now, those same teams go into the first round, already making flight reservations to their off-season house in the Hamptons. I hate the Lakers so we won’t even talk about that series. The Minnesota-Denver and the Sacramento-Dallas matchups are the only compelling series in the first round. The T’Wolves-Nuggets series is interesting only because Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell are involved (too bad for Denver those last three guys play for the other team) and the Kings-Mavs series only because both teams have the ability to give up 140 points and still win. The No. 1 reason why this year’s first round has been the most excruciating? Miami vs. New Orleans. I’m not even joking. This has to be the most boring matchup in the history of professional sports. Game 1 was close. So what? The Miami Heat aren’t even remotely as interesting without Pat Riley. The Hornets’ hopes rest on the shoulders of Baron Davis, whose ankle is about to fall off. The whole thing is like that William Hung guy. You know? The guy who sang Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” for his audition on American Idol and was so terrible people kept clamoring to see him? He went from being that guy you see carrying 15 books out of the library who trips on his own shoelace as his books go careening down the steps to a guy who now has a CD out and sang at halftime of the Rockets-Lakers game Sunday night. No one really wants to watch the first round of the playoffs. It’s abominable. But it’s terrible to a degree where people can’t get enough of it. Call it comical. Either that, or we’re all just masochists.

open 24 hours a day 4


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Wednesday May 5 Thursday May 6 Sunday May 9

Free Caffeine and Protein

(sor r y, we don’t have any answer keys)

04 28 2004  
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