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For the past 80 years we have provided business education to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to be effective managers. Our programmes place an emphasis on working with business, innovation and internationalisation. Furthermore, our students are supported throughout their studies to realise their full potential and succeed in the workplace. Our programmes, which are underpinned by the School’s research, are continually reviewed and updated to ensure they meet the changing demands of the business environment and students regionally, nationally and internationally. We are proud of our students’ achievements while at University and subsequently when they graduate – and you will hear from some of them in this guide. I hope you enjoy reading about their time studying with us and that it brings the School and University experience to life for you. As Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programmes, I look forward to welcoming you to the vibrant community of the Business School. June Dennis Associate Dean, Undergraduate

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Discover the benefits of studying with us • Our range of professionally relevant courses will develop your skills, challenge your thinking and deepen your knowledge. • You will have opportunities to work on real life projects during your period of study and access guest lectures from senior leading practitioners. • You may opt to do a work placement or internship, including international placements as part of your course. • We have strong partnerships with Professional Bodies and enjoy excellent relationships with industry. Many of our awards will enable you to claim exemptions or accreditation from professional qualifications such as CMI, CIM, ACCA, CIPFA, ICAEW and AIA. • Many of our subject areas can be studied jointly, so for example, you can study Marketing and Human Resources or Business and Accounting. • The BA (Hons) Business Management allows you to specialise in your final year and gain a bracketed degree title that confers that specialism e.g. BA (Hons) Business Management (Economics). • The School is a lively and diverse community which prides itself on the quality of its academic staff. We have over 60 full-time lecturers and professors drawn from a wide spectrum of business and management disciplines and backgrounds. • You will join a School with over 80 years’ experience meeting the needs of its students and organisations in the region, across the country and worldwide.



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Course descriptions


BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance


BA (Hons) Business Management


BA (Hons) Human Resource Management


BA (Hons) International Business Management


BA (Hons) Marketing Management

25 HND Business 27

FD (Arts) Business Management


Entry requirements


What to expe Student support in the Business School is tailored to the needs of each student. You will have a personal tutor who can guide you through your modules and refer you to all available support and facilities. You will benefit from advanced facilities and access to online information on the go. Our diverse body of international students is very important to us and extra language support is provided for those who need it. Typically, you will study in a variety of sessions such as tutorials, workshops and lectures. You will learn how to work independently, have the opportunity to work as part of a team and develop skills that will prepare you to hit the ground running when you enter the world of work. Our tutors come with a wealth of knowledge from roles in industry and research that informs their teaching. We’ll help you develop critical thinking skills and experience working on live projects to prepare you for work. Graduates are invited to return to share experiences in industry with current students.



Our courses We offer a wide range of undergraduate courses: • BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance • BA (Hons) Business Management – with the option to specialise in your final year in one of the following subject areas e.g. BA (Hons) Business Management (Finance) - Economics - Enterprise - Finance - Human Resources - Marketing • BA (Hons) Human Resource Management • BA (Hons) International Business Management – with the option of gaining two degrees from two different Institutions, if you choose to study in Finland in your second year • BA (Hons) Marketing Management • HND Business • FD (Arts) Business Management

Joint courses • BA (Hons) Business and Accounting • BSc (Hons) Business and Finance • BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management • BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management • BA (Hons) Marketing and Human Resource Management • BA (Hons) Business and Law • BA (Hons) Human Resources Management and Law • BA (Hons) Accounting and Law For more information about joint courses, visit:

Where will I study? With the exception of the FD (Arts) Business Management course, all Business School courses are delivered at City Campus, Wolverhampton.  


What our students say about us… Laurren Wood-Bowness, BA (Hons) Business Management All the tutors are amazing, you can feel the experience behind their words…backing up their theories with their own experiences.

Rohet Paul, graduate, BA (Hons) Business Management (Human Resources) The lecturers are so supportive. Whenever I have an issue with an assignment or general enquiry, the lecturers are so helpful.

Arun Singh, graduate, BA (Hons) International Business Management

I have developed my team work, time management and research skills. I’ve learnt to consider new perspectives and I’ve improved my knowledge and understanding.


Chrystal Hill, BA (Hons) Business Management The student support I’ve received has been really good and the tutors are easily available.

Aldrin Chindendere, graduate, BA (Hons) Human Resource Management You work with people from different backgrounds, cultures and different abilities and skills.

Daria Ostapengo, Marketing Joint Award As an International student in a new country I was quite nervous at first. Studying at the University has really helped develop my confidence, communication skills and time management. I am confident giving presentations which used to terrify me.


…and the University Davinder Singh Bains, graduate, BA (Hons) Business Management (Enterprise) The facilities are very good. The online services are helpful and the staff are very knowledgeable.

Chrystal Hill, BA (Hons) Business Management The University facilities are really good. The Learning Centre has a good range of books, online resources, pcs and spaces where you can use your own equipment.

Natalie Ryles, BA (Hons) Business

Certainly would recommend the University to broaden your outlook, develop your interpersonal skills and make the most of the opportunities available.


Laurren Wood-Bowness, BA (Hons) Business Management The library is amazing and the facilities are great.

Nadeira Pinsonneault, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Counselling helped me reflect, identify, understand and deal with the problems I was facing. I could finally put all the emotional feelings into words. At last I could deal with it all. That is the best support a university could ever offer.

Tanya Mpofu, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance The Learning Centre is excellent with plenty of books, computers with internet access. The staff are very helpful and will help you find what you need. IT support is good.

For full details of facilities, workshops, online and physical resources visit: The University offers to a wide range of support services including a free counselling service for students to discuss a wide range of personal, social or academic issues.

To view full details of the student support available, visit:


Employability and work placement opportunities We offer advice and support on work placement and employment opportunities. In addition, we offer: • employability workshops including cv writing and social media awareness • employer guest sessions • The opportunity for one-to-one sessions for students at all levels of study. You can view the opportunities available to our students on Twitter: uwbs_employability @uwbs_epu

We strongly encourage you to undertake the free 12 month paid work placement as part of your undergraduate course. We also offer student internships and work based projects all designed to give you valuable work experience and develop your professional skills. You will have the opportunity to apply the theories from your studies in real life environments and, gain an awareness of how businesses function. On return from placement, many students comment on their improved confidence and communication skills. We work with a variety of companies to obtain placement opportunities – from small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to larger companies, such as Barclays and Whitbread and Nissan, with options to work abroad.


Graeme Gorthy, graduate, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Undertaking a year-long placement in an award-winning finance team at Capgemini Aspire has enabled me to apply and develop what I have learned in my course. The sandwich year boosted my employability tremendously, helped me realise what direction I want my career to go in after University, and increased my self-confidence. Meeting new people and attending company-funded social events are a nice bonus!

Pratesh Patel, graduate, BA Business and Marketing Management I’ve learnt so many things; real responsibilities, prioritising, working with clients and different types of people. I would definitely recommend a placement to anybody that wants to progress quickly through their career.

Arun Singh, BA (Hons) International Business Management Following the successful completion of my degree, I worked as an intern within the University. I now work as a graduate trainee for the Project Support Office, working with the European Research Development Fund and local businesses in project management assurance.

Kirsty Hulme, BA (Hons) Business Management I would highly recommend a work placement abroad‌I now stand out from the competition due to myexperience of working abroad and the skills and knowledge I gained from taking part.

Walsall Campus Sports Centre


The world of work – Institute of Directors (IoD) Mentoring Scheme The IoD Student Mentoring Scheme is aimed at final year students who want to get an extra edge in the job market by improving their employability skills. Directors from local businesses are matched with students to offer insight into their chosen career path and provide advice on CV writing, interview and presentation skills. Students are given a tour of the company premises and meet their mentor once a month. Visits can involve dummy interview opportunities, while some offer work experience and shadowing opportunities. Students benefit by developing their key skills, building self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

Davinder S Bains, BA (Hons) Business Management (Enterprise) In my final year I signed up for the Institute of Directors (IoD) Mentoring Scheme. I’m matched with a local logistics firm owner. He has taught me a lot about business and has helped me develop a career plan. Working with someone of his stature has made me raise my game to perform well. He has coached me to improve my employability skills.

Davinder S Bains, BA (Hons) Business Management (Enterprise)


insights into practice Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation module Students raised almost £80,000 in three years for local charities through fundraising activities as part of this module. Students worked together to create exciting activities for the public to engage with and were awarded on merit of their innovation and entrepreneurship skills. Students studying this module take part in workshops building a portfolio, which is used as evidence towards Wolverhampton Employability Award and may be used towards the University Volunteering Certificate. For more information please visit:

Prof Ian Oakes (title) with ??????

National Student Survey 2012

This module allowed us to raise money for a charity in any way we liked. It was hands on…it didn’t feel like an assignment. It was such an inspiration to help good causes.

Enterprise skills and setting up a business If you aspire to be your own boss you can apply to join the SPEED Plus programme which offers a residential development weekend, additional business development workshops, business consultancy, hot desking and incubation space at our office, and the opportunity to apply for financial assistance.


Course Descriptions BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Peter, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance graduate

Full-time/Sandwich: 3/4 years Part-time: 5-6 years (includes daytime study) UCAS code: N400 Accounting or Finance can be studied as separate subjects as part of a joint award, see page 6.

Student low-down Tanya Mpofu, current student

The course has been challenging and hard but also a lot of fun. I hope to be a banker or go into lecturing in Accounting and Finance. So far, I’ve studied aspects of economics, financial techniques, analytics for business tools and my favourite subject is costing. My fellow students are all different ages and from different backgrounds who offer a variety of experience and viewpoints.

Hear about Tanya’s first year:

The standard of lectures was high, with the majority of lecturers having previously been in practice or industry before moving to education. They were able to bring real-world examples into the classroom. By the time I had completed my degree, I felt ready to enter the workplace. Over my time at Wolverhampton, I’ve really grown in confidence and feel I have developed as a person.

Course overview If you are looking to pursue a career as an accountant in a professional firm, in industry, or in the private and public sectors this course is for you. This degree helps prepare you for the challenges of modern day accountancy or alternatively a career in general management. You will gain an understanding of budget planning, costing, and financial accounting and auditing. In addition you will learn about other business related areas such as human resources, and you’ll learn how to use accounting software. When you graduate you may obtain exemption from professional qualifications with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), CIPFA - The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). The Association of International Accountants (AIA) accredit 12 of the course’s modules. You will also be well prepared to move on to postgraduate study in the area of finance and general business management.


Tanya Mpofu, current student, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance


Laurren Wood-Bowness, current student, BA (Hons) Business Management


BA (Hons) Business Management

Davinder S Bains, graduate

Full-time/Sandwich: 3/4 years Part-time: 5-6 years (evening only study) Full-time and part-time distance learning options available UCAS code: N202 This course can be studied as part of a joint award; for full details see page 6. This course is also offered with an additional level 3 Foundation Year – please see page 26.

Student low-down Laurren Wood-Bowness, current student I worked as a secretary at a medical practice and want to be a practice manager. In my first year I’ve studied marketing, human resources and my favourite so far has been project management. I am looking forward to my second year. We will be studying enterprise, creativity and entrepreneurship. The tutors have been really supportive and accessible; they bring their own experience into the classroom from industry. As part of my studies I’ve attended a guest lecture given by the marketing director of Green and Blacks. He gave an insight into what working in business really means. Laurren talks about her first year

In my final undergraduate year, I elected to specialise in ‘Enterprise’, which allowed me to cover business planning, business strategy and change management in more depth, in turn developing my entrepreneurial mindset. The modules were always stimulating, engaging and most of all rewarding. Davinder talks about his course:

Course overview The course is designed for those looking to pursue a career in business and management. You will study business, management, human resources, finance and operations management within a global context. You will also develop entrepreneurship skills, digital literacy, and your interpersonal skills. In your final year you can choose to opt for one of our bracketed awards, which offers you the option to specialise in one of the following areas: • Economics • Enterprise • Finance • Human Resources • Marketing


BA (Hons) Human Resource Management Full-time/Sandwich: 3/4 years Part-time: 5-6 years (includes daytime study) UCAS code: N602 This course can be studied as part of a joint award; for full details see page 6.

Student low-down

Course overview This course prepares you for a career in a variety of people management roles including training, people development, human resource management, reward practice, personal strategy or more general business roles. During your studies you will look at the specific issues relating to international human resourcing and people management strategies. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of current employment law. In addition, you will also learn about wider issues in business and management including marketing, accounting, entrepreneurial creativity and innovation. You will be well prepared to move on to postgraduate programmes or professional Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualifications with potential exemptions.

Aldrin Chindendere, graduate

If you are into working with people and you have good people skills, I would choose HR as a programme. I looked for a course to enable me to enter the human resources field. This course has helped me understand the current economic climate and about corporate social responsibility. I want to specialise in learning development, reward management by starting in recruitment with an agency or a public or private sector organisation and eventually work for myself as a HR consultant.

Hear what Aldrin had to say



Aldrin Chindendere, graduate, BA (Hons) Human Resource Management


Arun Singh, graduate, BA (Hons) International Business Management


BA (Hons) International Business Management Full-time/Sandwich: 3/4 years Part-time: 5-6 years (includes daytime study) UCAS code: N120

Student low-down Arun Singh, graduate

The best thing about studying International Business Management is that I now have the skills I need and knowledge of what it takes to be an international worker in the current climate. I chose the University of Wolverhampton Business School because it has a good reputation. Following research of the career market, I decided part-way through my first year to switch to International Business Management. I wanted to focus on entrepreneurship and international aspects of business to improve my employability prospects. I studied principles of marketing, managerial economics and project management. I particularly enjoyed corporate social responsibility, strategic management and management of risk modules. This course has taught me to take into account cultural, legal and ethical differences when working in the international business market.

Course overview In your first year you will learn about the concepts of business management including wider areas such as marketing and human resources. You will build on your knowledge and gain an understanding of these subjects in an international context in your second year. In your final year you will concentrate on international and global issues and develop reflective work practices.

Two degrees in 1 Study abroad and obtain two degrees with the International Year with Placement opportunity in Helsinki, Finland. A study year abroad is offered with this course, giving you an opportunity to further your experience, employability and understanding of the international business environment. If you opt to study your second year in Finland (in English) followed by an international business placement, for which there is funding available, you will be eligible for a degree from Metropolia University as well as the University of Wolverhampton Business School. For more information, visit:

Sasha Gray, graduate, BA (Hons) International Business Management I gained international study’s taught me volumes about myself and my capabilities that will help me in my professional life and most importantly, this is a valuable addition to my CV.


BA (Hons) Marketing Management

Daria Ostapengo, graduate

Full-time/Sandwich: 3/4 years I learnt about the latest technology and how it is employed in marketing today. We also studied international marketing which was important to me as an international student as I hope to go on to work in an international environment. I learnt through practical exercises and real life case studies.

Part-time: 5-6 years (includes daytime study) UCAS code: N501 This course can be studied as part of a joint award for full details see page 6.

Student low-down Scott Williams, graduate

I work for the Students Union as the Student Media & Marketing Assistant. I am responsible for the digital marketing, magazine and radio. I particularly enjoyed learning about digital marketing communications and up-to-date developments in digital marketing. I am looking forward to undertaking the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma shortly with the Business School. As I’ve already studied the BA (Hons) Marketing Management, I only need to take two modules for a small fee to receive the Diploma.

Course overview This course will prepare you for career opportunities in a variety of marketing related roles. Having studied the core elements of marketing you will have an opportunity to develop these in relation to digital marketing, global marketing, consumer behaviour, advertising and promotion. You will gain an understanding of marketing and collective responsibility within local, national and international communities. Much of your study will be based on real life examples. The course has been designed to obtain maximum exemptions from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). On successful completion of the BA (Hons) Marketing Management course, graduates will be able to get exemption from the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing and the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and with the relevant work experience can progress onto the CIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. You may also choose to study MSc Marketing.



Daria Ostapengo, graduate, BA (Hons) Marketing Management


Nermeen Hameed, graduate, HND Business


HND Business

Course overview

Full-time: 2 years

The HND Business is a well-recognised qualification in its own right but also provides a solid platform for further study in the subject area. You will study marketing, human resource management, finance as well as the operational and planning dimensions associated with business decision making.

UCAS code: 422N

Student low-down Nermeen Hameed, graduate

I really enjoyed learning about business from an early age, getting involved in business activities. I studied the various aspects of business through lots of different activities including fundraising. I was encouraged to stay abreast of current issues and researched real life case studies. We were encouraged to think about the changes in the business environment and the economy through discussions, guest lectures and group discussions. There is also an opportunity to learn about business from an international perspective. I enjoyed the HND so much that I decided to enrol on the final year of BA (Hons) in Business Management. The course covers all aspects of business and you can choose to specialise at this level too. I hope to have my own retail business eventually.

You can hear what Nermeen had to say

HND Business students can top-up their course to one of the following degree titles: • BA (Hons) Business Management (with the option to choose one of our bracketed awards) (N400) • BA (Hons) International Business Management (N120) BA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year If you have not met our entry requirements to join our HND, Foundation or BA (Hons) Business Management awards, this course will enables you to undertake a Foundation Year preparing you for HE study. Successful completion gives automatic entry to the 1st year of the BA (Hons) Business Management award.


FD (Arts) Business Management Location: City of Wolverhampton College or Sandwell College Full-time: 2 years (second year at University of Wolverhampton City Campus) Part-time: 3 years (all years delivered at College Campuses) UCAS code: N200

Student low-down

Course overview This highly practical course, incorporating work experience, will enable you to explore the latest management and business theories and practices through real life examples and activities. On completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to do a one year Top-up to a BA (Hons) in Business Management. This course will prepare you for a wide variety of careers in business, providing the skills and knowledge to take-up administrative or junior management positions in areas such as finance, marketing, personnel, information management and general management.

Lucy Ford, graduate   I chose to study the FD in Business at the City of Wolverhampton College. I held a role as a manager and wanted to progress in my career to a higher level in management. The Foundation Degree seemed like the ideal course for me. In my first year I studied a variety of subjects such as management, marketing, finances and analytical skills for business. My favourite module was economics; the subject was interesting helped by very good lectures. The majority of my fellow students were from industry, it was good to share our experiences. In my second year I learnt how to manage financial resources and continued to learn about marketing principles. We had a mixture of coursework, presentations, group work and tests. I enjoyed the Entrepreneurial, Enterprise and Creativity module which required a real life fundraising activity. My work role fed into my work based project, it was rewarding to see the theory applied to a real life situation. I have learnt how to manage other people and have a different outlook in my role. The tutors were really supportive and always had time to see me. Although I studied solely at the College I took advantage of the excellent facilities at the University City Campus.


Lucy Ford, graduate, FD (Arts) Business Management

29 Entry requirements

2014 Entry Requirements BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Students are required to have gained a pass in GCSE Maths at Grade C or higher and be able to demonstrate English Language proficiency to at least GCSE grade C level (or equivalent). • 240 UCAS points with a minimum of 180 points from A-levels (or equivalent) or;

HND and Foundation Degree • 120 UCAS points with a minimum of 80 points from two A-levels (or equivalent) or; • BTEC National Certificate grade PPP, BTEC National Certificate grade MP – in a relevant subject • Access to HE Diploma full award.

• BTEC National Diploma grade MMM or;

• Applicants must be able to demonstrate Maths and English Language proficiency to at least GCSE grade C level standard (or equivalent).

• Access to HE Diploma full award (Pass of 60 credits – of which a minimum of 45 credits must be at level 3 including, 18 at Merit or Distinction).

Relevant experience

Consideration will be given by the School to applicants with accounting experience and/or qualifications.

All other BA (Hons) awards Applicants must be able to demonstrate Maths and English Language proficiency to at least GCSE grade C level standard (or equivalent).

AND • 220 UCAS points with a minimum of 180 points from A-levels (or equivalent) or; • BTEC National Diploma grade MMM or; • Access to HE Diploma full award (Pass of 60 credits of which a minimum of 45 credits must be at level 3 including, 18 at Merit or Distinction). • Foundation Year: students with 80 - 120 UCAS points may be eligible to study the level 3 foundation year with a guaranteed progression onto the BA (Hons) Business Management upon successfully completion.

If you have other qualifications or relevant experience please consult us before applying.

International students International student language requirements and application guidance can be found at:

Look out for our Taster Days Experience a typical university day at one of our Taster Days. Dates are available from:

Taster Day visitor

I would like to thank you for the very informative applicant day, I found the information very useful. The University of Wolverhampton is definitely a university I will be greatly considering.

Wolverhampton is a city in the centre of England, a beautiful mix of historical buildings and modern developments. You’ll find a good choice of shops, art, sport, museums and theatres to suit everyone’s taste and its central location makes it ideal to explore the rest of the UK. London is less than a two-hour train ride and Birmingham, Britain’s second city is just 20 minutes away by train and links to Birmingham International Airport. Tastes, sights and sounds The city has plenty of restaurants and cafés offering cuisine from around the world, a cinema complex showing films from Hollywood to Bollywood, and ample shopping opportunities including a traditional market that dates back to the 13th century. There are two theatres in the city that play host to national touring productions of drama, musicals, ballet and opera. A short train-ride can take you to Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratfordupon-Avon, where you can watch the world renowned Royal Shakespeare Company perform in their home venue. World-class sport Sports enthusiasts can watch Wolverhampton Wanderers at their home football ground, Molineux, next to the University. Wolverhampton also offers one of the busiest horse racecourses in the country, as well as greyhound racing and speedway at Monmore Green stadium. Not only that, it’s an easy commute to Edgbaston Cricket Ground, an international test match venue. By night, by day There’s plenty of nightlife on offer for the 23,000 students who study at the University, including bars, nightclubs and music venues that play host to well-known British and international rock and pop artists. For the quieter side of life, you can go for a walk through Wolverhampton’s West Park, one of England’s finest Victorian parks.

Wolverhampton, a city to be proud of

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UWBS undergraduate guide  

A guide to undergraduate courses at the University of Wolverhampton Business School.

UWBS undergraduate guide  

A guide to undergraduate courses at the University of Wolverhampton Business School.