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Fashion and Textiles International Summer School 2014

The Mark of Style: Glamour Fashion Thursday 26 June to Wednesday 9 July 2014

Luxury and glamour are synonymous with the fashion industry. Consumer fascination with celebrity glamour inspires high street trends and seduces the consumer with the belief that they can ‘live the dream’. Luxury can be described as an identity, a philosophy or a culture. Luxury offers exclusivity, quality, image and status. This combination makes the concept of luxury desirable beyond function, often resulting in purchase persuasion associated with emotion and the desire to buy into ‘fashion glamour’. From a product perspective, luxury goods are frequently defined in terms of their excellent quality, premium price, distinctiveness, exclusivity and craftsmanship. The 2014 International Summer School will explore luxury brands and the glamour of fashion. The lecture programme will investigate fashion’s relationship with royalty, ceremony, film, theatre and performance and will illustrate the importance of high quality textiles and accessories as intrinsic elements of glamour, allure and desirability. Practical workshops will look at the detail of luxury fashion, presenting an atelier approach to textile design and garment construction.

Highlights of the 14-day course: • Workshops, lectures and seminars which will involve the production of a small body of work that illustrates a personal response to the theme of the ‘The Mark of Style’. • Visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum to view The Glamour of Italian Fashion and Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibitions. • Other organised visits to: - New Designers exhibition, Islington, London. - Wightwick Manor, National Trust - Wolverhampton Art Gallery - Birmingham Library and Museums - Moseley Old Hall, National Trust - Bicester Village Designer Retail Outlet, Oxford. • The course ends with a presentation of work and critique. Certificates will be presented at the farewell dinner on the final evening of the course.

Cost: £950 (incl. VAT)

The course fee covers: 13 nights’ accommodation, transfers (excluding airport transfer), exhibition entry fees, farewell dinner, materials and tuition.

Dates: Thursday 26 June to Wednesday 9 July 2014

Itinerary Thursday 26 June - Day 1 Travel to London Heathrow.

EVENING: Reception to welcome guests.

Saturday 5 July - Day 10

Resource provided: • All tuition and materials. ------------------------------------------

AM: Free time PM: Organised visit to Birmingham Museums and Library and review of luxury fashion and designer collections.

Students must be responsible for their transfer from Heathrow to the designated hotel. Students will be welcomed and introduced to the course at an evening reception at the hotel hosted by a representative of the University of Wolverhampton. Stay at hotel in London.

Tuesday 1 July - Day 6

Resource provided: • Two nights’ hotel accommodation. • Oyster card for London travel. ------------------------------------------

WORKSHOP 1: Developing luxury fabrics through print: Devoré print workshop.

Friday 27 June - Day 2 Visit to New Designers at the Business Design Centre, Islington.

LECTURE 2: The Mark of Luxury: Atelier design & the importance of detail in design. ACTIVITY: Library research and development of concept boards LUNCH

Resource provided: • All tuition and materials. ------------------------------------------

Wednesday 2 July - Day 7

Resource provided: • Rail/metro fare to Birmingham. • Dinner. ------------------------------------------

Sunday 6 July - Day 11 AM: Free time PM: Organised visit to Moseley Old Hall, Wolverhampton National Trust. Resource provided: • Coach and entrance to the Hall. ------------------------------------------

Monday 7 July - Day 12 WORKSHOP 5: Digital textile print for high end fashion proposals.

WORKSHOP 2A: The importance of colour – dye workshop.


Resource provided: • Entry tickets to the exhibition. ------------------------------------------


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Complete final design boards and begin PowerPoint.

Saturday 28 June - Day 3 Visit to Victoria & Albert Museum to view The Glamour of Italian Fashion and Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 exhibitions. Resource provided: • Entry tickets to the exhibitions. • Coach travel to Wolverhampton. • 11 nights’ accommodation for students in Halls of Residence. ------------------------------------------

Sunday 29 June - Day 4 AM: Free time (opportunity to shop for provisions and explore the local area). PM: Visit to Wightwick Manor accompanied by the course leader. Resource provided: • Entry tickets to Wightwick Manor. • Transport. ------------------------------------------

Monday 30 June - Day 5 Introduction to the University of Wolverhampton and guided tour of art and design facilities. Followed by a guided tour of Wolverhampton city. LECTURE 1: The Mark of Style – Investigating luxury style and glamour. Is luxury an accessible commodity for the masses? LUNCH ACTIVITY: DESIGN THINKING SEMINAR Work in groups to discuss themes and present ideas.

WORKSHOP 2B: The importance of colour – print workshop. Resource provided: • All tuition and materials. ------------------------------------------

Resource provided: • All tuition and materials. ------------------------------------------

Tuesday 8 July - Day 13 Complete PowerPoint.

Thursday 3 July - Day 8


SKILLS WORKSHOP 3A: Designing for the laser cutter to create luxury detailing in fashion garments and accessories.

• Presentation of outcomes and PowerPoints. • Project critique. • Course closes. • Evening farewell reception and presentation of certificates.

LUNCH Visit to the Wolverhampton Art Gallery SKILLS WORKSHOP 3B: Continue with design work and begin laser cut work in leather, silk or wool.

Resource provided: • All tuition and materials. • Farewell supper. ------------------------------------------

Resource provided: • All tuition and materials. • Gallery entry. ------------------------------------------

Wednesday 9 July - Day 14

Thursday 4 July - Day 9

VISIT: Bicester Village Designer Retail Outlet, Oxford.

SKILLS WORKSHOP 3A: The luxury of lace. Exploring textile techniques to create lace and lace-like fabrics. LUNCH Presentation of initial ideas and workshop outcomes. Discuss themes and present initial ideas for luxury collection. Resource provided: • All tuition and materials.

Depart from Wolverhampton, return to London.

Visitors may choose to return home on this day or may wish to extend their visit to spend further days in London (the University will not be responsible for students following departure from Wolverhampton). Resource provided: • Coach travel to London.

To book your place, visit: Patricia Dillon University of Wolverhampton MK Building, City Campus North Molineux Street Wolverhampton, WV1 1DT Email: Web: Tel: 01902 323 566 Follow us: Twitter: @wlvartanddesign Facebook: /wlvartanddesign


International Fashion Summer School