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Greeting from the President Dear Graduates, Congratulations, Class of 2020, from all of us at the University of Utah! Despite the challenges you have encountered this semester, you successfully made it across the finish line. In this unprecedented time, the achievements marked by this occasion are even more remarkable. Let me be clear about what really matters here. It is not the pomp or the unusual circumstances we find ourselves in. What matters is this: You set a goal, you worked hard and steadily, you persisted in this unparalleled situation, and—you did it! You showed strength and character, especially in this final stretch. We are so proud of the resilience and determination you have shown. You truly deserve all the accolades and praise we can give you. You now join the ranks of well-educated people in our society. This is a significant milestone, one that will set a foundation throughout the rest of your life. Please take time to reflect on how you have grown and changed throughout your years here. I also hope you will take a moment to offer thanks to the friends, family, staff and faculty who influenced, encouraged, and supported your educational aspirations. We also hope you will recall many fond moments and friendships developed during your time here. This is your alma mater now. Remember you are always welcome on the campus of the University of Utah. Now, more than ever, the world needs people like you, people who know how to approach problems thoughtfully, who are capable of innovating and of solving society’s greatest challenges. The future is in your hands and we can’t wait to see how you shape it. Again, warmest congratulations!

Ruth V. Watkins

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Commencement Program 2020  

Commencement Program 2020