USD 71st Undergraduate Commencement 2024

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May 26, 2024

USD Mission Statement

The University of San Diego is a Roman Catholic institution committed to advancing academic excellence, expanding liberal and professional knowledge, creating a diverse and inclusive community, and preparing leaders dedicated to ethical conduct and compassionate service.

University Seal

Every institution of higher learning prides itself on its seal, an emblem incorporating the history and finest traditions of the college. Each device pictured on the seal holds a special meaning. The seal adopted by the University of San Diego is a combination of the seals of the two founding institutions, the San Diego College for Men and the San Diego College for Women. The three rings represent the Holy Trinity; the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit. The lamp of learning is on the right and the laurel of excellence and achievement is on the left. Below it is the stew pot or Spanish olla, the symbol of St. Didacus’ role of feeding the poor and sick in Alcalá. The three nails have been used traditionally by the Franciscans, the original missionaries to San Diego, as the symbol of the Passion of Jesus Christ. The motto, Emitte Spiritum Tuum, which means Send Forth Thy Spirit, was taken from Psalm 104, which reads: “Thou shalt send forth thy spirit and they be created: and thou shalt renew the face of the earth.”

Alcalá Award

The Alcalá Award is bestowed upon a graduating senior man and woman who best reflect the achievement of the holistic education to which the University of San Diego is committed. These students have excelled in scholastic achievement, leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, and service to the university community. Recipients receive a plaque at Commencement and their names will be placed on a permanent plaque located in the Hahn University Center foyer. A committee representing Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, University Ministry and an alumni Alcalá Award winner selects the recipients for this award.

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 2

Class of 2024 Undergraduate I Ceremony

College of Arts and Sciences

Sunday, May 26, 2024

9 a.m.


Mace Bearer

Lukasz Pruski, PhD, Professor, Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 — Sir Edward Elgar


Gail F. Baker, PhD, Senior Vice President and Provost


NROTC San Diego


Angélique Marie Genevieve Brown ’24


Christian Santa Maria, Director, University Ministry


James T. Harris III, DEd, President


Aidan C. Jacobs-Walker ’24, Biology



Noelle H. Norton, PhD, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences



Helen (Kasperick) Finneran ’81, P’08, Alumni Association President


Angélique Marie Genevieve Brown ’24



Class of 2024 Undergraduate II Ceremony

Knauss School of Business and Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Sunday, May 26, 2024

2 p.m.


Mace Bearer

Johanna Hunsaker PhD, Professor, Management, Knauss School of Business


Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 — Sir Edward Elgar


Gail F. Baker, PhD, Senior Vice President and Provost


NROTC San Diego


Alizea Therese Hinz ’24


Fr. Michael Timothy White, C.S.Sp., Resident University Chaplain


James T. Harris III, DEd, President


Zoey Charlene Brown ’24, Marketing and Business Analytics

Juliet Michelle Arizcuren ’24, Computer Science


Tim Keane, PhD, Dean, Knauss School of Business

Chell A. Roberts, PhD, Dean, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering



Helen (Kasperick) Finneran ’81, P’08, Alumni Association President


Madison Calderon ’24 and Alizea Therese Hinz ’24


UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 4

2024 Commencement Steering Committee

Roger Pace, PhD, Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost, Co-Chair

Coreen Petti, University Events and Partnerships, Co-Chair

Amii Cambaliza, School of Law

Stephanie Castro, University Events and Partnerships

Linda Dews, School of Leadership and Education Sciences

Dana Farhoud, Associated Student Government

Lisa Fernandes, University Advancement

Diana Hannasch-Haag, Professional and Continuing Education

Kacy Hayes, PhD, Knauss School of Business

Sean Horrigan, PhD, University Mobility and Scheduling

Benn Joyce, Professional and Continuing Education

Ron Kaufmann, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences

Emily Nagisa Keehn, JD, School of Law

Jake Kuennen, Athletic Facilities and Operations

Frances Laviscount, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies

Jennifer Lee, Student Affairs

Johnny Martin, Graduate Student Council

Rachelle Martinez, School of Leadership and Education Sciences

Chief James Miyashiro, Public Safety

Sabrina Nelson, Center for Student Success

Rick Olson, PhD, Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Stephanie Reighley, University Advancement

Sybilla Robison, One Stop Student Center

Mariann Sanchez, Graduate Student Life

Christian Santa Maria, University Ministry

Kristin Scialabba, PhD, Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost

Elizabeth Silva, Office of the Registrar

Jim Thrailkill, USD Torero Store

Mia Torres, University Events and Partnerships

Amy Wright, Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science

Sahmie Wytewa, Center for Inclusion and Diversity

Russell Yost, University Marketing and Communications


College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program

Sarah Ashley Adrid, BA, Political Science/ Sociology

Paige Catherine Augustine, BA, Communication Studies

Miranda Anne Ball, BA, Psychology

Emery E. Betzer, BA, Anthropology

Sean Edward Billings, BA, Philosophy

Alessandra Rose Brizuela, BA, International Relations

Evan C. Broer, BA, Architecture

Iesha Brown, BA, Political Science

Sydney Madeline Bui, BA, Political Science

Paulina Andrea Castellanos, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Julienne M. DeSanto, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Eva Marie Eleftheriadis, BA, International Relations

Navah Isabell Eshraghi, BA, Biology

Michael Thomas Fagan, BA, Biochemistry

Michael James Farrell, BA, English

Sydney Lof Gager, BA, Communication Studies

Sofia Demiana Hart, BA, Ethnic Studies

Jack Hartley, BA, History/English

Hannah Jo Hintermeister, BA, Spanish/ Political Science

Julia Humphrey, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Miya Hoku Jacobs, BA, Biology

Aidan C. Jacobs-Walker, BA, Biology

Makena Grace Johnson, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Elle Rae Kallsen, BA, Biology

Katarina Victoria Kaminsky, BA, Biology

Arianna Kolostyak, BA, History

Yana F. Kouretas, BA, Communication Studies

Isabella Marie LeKander, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Riley Samuel Lim, BA, Communication Studies/French and Francophone Studies

Nicole Ann Magliocco, BA, International Relations

Catherine Rose Mansour, BA, Political Science

Allison Marquis, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Janea Rose McCoy, BA, Political Science

Katherine Leas Moran, BA, Biology

Shree Rangapriya Narasimhan, BA, Biochemistry

Maya E. Nugent, BS, Biophysics

Vita Anne Olson, BA, Biology

Calli Grace Ortega, BA, Political Science

Emma Jo Peters, BA, Political Science

Celia Estelle Raney, BA, Biology/Political Science

Megan Kathryn Rasich, BA, Psychology

Sabrina Rose Richards, BA, Political Science

Amaya Ámbar Rodriguez-Agiss, BA, Biology

Sofia G. Rossini, BA, International Relations

Lucie Louise Russell, BA, Psychology

Pryscilla Michelle Sanchez, BA, English/ Political Science

Maria Caroline Simpson, BA, English

Abigail Reese Stallard, BA, History

Ashley Lyn Sutton, BA, Communication Studies

Khauri Amel Williams, BA, Biology

Natalie Elizabeth Wright, BA, Sociology

Zoe Wynter, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Ashley Hunter Ziomek, BA, Chemistry

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 6 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees College of Arts and Sciences

Delina Tesfay Abey, BA, Psychology

Ruth Cecilia Abranches, BA, Architecture

Sydney Alexandra Adams, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Naarah-Moriah Addae, BA, Political Science

Annika C. Affleck, BA, Liberal Studies

Audrey Alexandra Agnew, BA, Political Science/Business Administration

Madison Chourré Ago, BA, Political Science

Elizabeth Zion Aguilar, BA, Psychology

Marisleysis Aguilar-Vargas, BA, Biology/ Psychology

Arianaz Ahmadi, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Lauren Marie Aiello, BA, Psychology

Zaynab Adnan Alameri, BA, Philosophy

Alexa Laine Alderete, BA, Biology

Briana Natalie Alexander, BA, Psychology

Fawaz Hamed Alkhudhairy, BA, Political Science

Dustin James Allen, BA, Sociology

Kyra Elizabeth Allison, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Natalie Alexis Aloia, BA, Communication Studies

Christopher Eduardo Alvarado, BA, Sociology

Rosalyn Rubi Alvarez, BA, Communication Studies

Angela Victoria Amaro, BA, Art History

Juliet Susan Anawalt, BA, Biology/French and Francophone Studies

Anna-Katrina B. Andersen, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Jessica C. Anderson, BA, Sociology

Nolan Joseph Anderson, BA, Mathematics

Michael Ryan Avila, BA, International Relations

Taniah S. Ayala, BA, Theatre

Caitlin M. Bachman, BA, Psychology

Meredith Jordan Bacon, BA, International Relations

Nicole Badiola-Katusak, BA, Psychology

Abigale Katherine Baines, BA, Sociology

Hayden Mills Baker, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Bailey Madison Bancroft, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Anthony Matthew Barbero, BA, Political Science

Giorgia Rose Bates, BA, Psychology

Andre Ramzi Battikha, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Daniela Guadalupe Bautista Vanegas, BA, International Relations

Katharine Baxter, BA, Liberal Studies

Martina T. Beam, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Spencer Michael Beane, BA, Architecture

Alexandra Beas Mora, BA, Sociology

Nicole Gabriela Bechtel, BA, Psychology

Anisa Abdul Aleem Beckett, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Alanis Nicole Berrios, BA, Sociology

Jeffrey Paul Best, BA, Psychology

Natalie Grace Biancofiori, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Isabela Carmen Bidaburu, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Michelle Christie Bidwell Astaburuaga, BA, Biochemistry

Téa Hwang Bishop, BA, Sociology

Spencer Mark Bispham, BA, Communication Studies

Paynton Hartfiel Black, BA, Biology

Leyla Katinka Blackwell, BA, Political Science

Lila Katsuyo Bobertz, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Julia Duval Bohanon, BA, Biology

Melody Angela Bonifacio, BA, Psychology

Nolan Elias Booher, BA, Political Science

Mary Clare Boselli, BA, Psychology

Samantha Rae Bottari, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 7

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Kasey Kelly Bowles, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Alana Maeve Bowyer, BA, Psychology

Mckenna Janelle Braegelmann, BA, Biology

Jayne E. Brandt, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Dominique Marie Brattesani, BA, Psychology/Visual Arts

Lauren Brazil, BA, History

Parker Colton Joseph Brei, BA, Communication Studies

Tiffany Anne Bresnan, BA, Biology

Alexandra Holiday Brooke, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Alexander Lillaston Brown, BA, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Angélique Marie Génévieve Brown, BA, Music

Michelle E. Brown, BA, Biology/Psychology

Savoia Elizabeth Budenholzer, BA, Communication Studies

Abigail Sarah Buehler, BA, Communication Studies

Alexandra Bukhtiyarova, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Lily Theresa Burger, BA, Psychology

Audrey Caroline Butler, BA, Psychology

Madison Calderon, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Hailey Elene Caldwell, BA, Psychology

Teriza Errasquin Camaisa, BA, Biology

Madison Birdie Campbell, BA, Biology

Julia Marie Capodanno, BA, International Relations

Lauryl J. Cardoza, BA, Philosophy

Taylor N. Carlin, BA, Psychology

April Carreno, BA, International Relations

Emily Singer Cary, BA, International Relations/Spanish

Fernando Casanova, BA, Spanish

Abigail Jayde Cavizo, BA, Communication Studies/Political Science

Brooke Elizabeth Celani, BA, Sociology

Savannah M. Chackerian, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Matthew Blake Chen, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Christopher Choan, BA, Communication

Gina Choi, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Ella Chomiak, BA, Liberal Studies

Akanksha Choudhary, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Beck Willem Chrisbens, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Alexander Kinjiro Churness, BA, Liberal Studies

Giovanni Guiseppe Clark, BA, International Relations

Olivia Aileen Clark, BA, Architecture

Zoe Faith Clark, BA, Biology

Chloe Rose Cohen, BA, Political Science

Sophie L. Cohen, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Natalie D. Colfer, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Ciara Lynsey Colgan, BA, Art History

Rachel Julia Conley, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Claire Rong Aureli Corsi, BA, Political Science

Jordan Elizabeth Cortina, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences/Spanish

Jack Patrick Costello, BA, Communication Studies

Ella Corinne Cotter, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Victoria Jasira Cowles, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Zachary Alexander Cramer-Wilensky, BA, Political Science

Isabella Emilee Cribb, BA, Communication Studies

Olivia Amalie CrimiVaroli, BA, Communication Studies/International Relations

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 8 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Giuseppe Matteo Crivello V, BA, Psychology

Camden Grace Crook, BA, Psychology

Daniela Dalton, BA, Visual Arts/Art History

Ashley Marie Daugherty, BA, Communication Studies

Aleksandra Davies, BA, Psychology

Vanessa Alexia De La Riva, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Tristan Joseph Russell Deetz, BA, Architecture

Sophia A. Degrassi, BA, Biology

Zoey Marie Delgado, BA, English

Mia Christine Delmonico, BA, Communication Studies

Kyle E. DeLorme, BA, Visual Arts

Natalia Domenica D’Ercole, BA, Sociology

Himani A. Desai, BA, Psychology

Krisha Anant Desai, BA, Sociology

Abigail Eugenia Desiatnikov, BA, Political Science

Katherine Lily Desmond, BA, Psychology

Lindsey Marie Dexter, BA, Psychology

Michaela Sky Diaz, BA, Biology

Santiago Diaz Sr., BA, Visual Arts

Miles Dickey, BA, Communication Studies

Riley Jane Diersbock, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Trevor D. Dillon, BA, Communication Studies

Kenza Djamaa, BA, Biology

Sophie Joann Doneen, BA, Biology

Nicole Marie Doucette, BA, Psychology

Emma Dowd, BA, Psychology

Madison James Dowson, BA, Visual Arts

Danielle Paige Drake, BA, Biology

Tereza Driehaus, BA, Sociology

Emma Joy Drozda, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Jana Lynn Dulcich, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Caroline Thornbury Duncan, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Kaylee Madison Dundee, BA, Communication Studies/Spanish

Kylie Jade Durham, BA, Communication

Omar Amir Durrani, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Erin Colleen Dwyer, BA, Political Science

Elena Rose Ehlert, BA, Political Science

Ali Takreem El-Tohamy, BA, International Relations

Katherine Grace Wood Ely, BA, Communication Studies

Avery Shea Tran Encarnacion, BA, Psychology/French and Francophone Studies

Isabella M. Escovar, BA, Psychology

Ehliyhan Polet Eslava-Deanda, BA, Psychology

Lexy Sarai Espinoza, BA, Biology

Sarah M. Fahey, BA, Communication Studies

Dana J. Farhoud, BA, Biology

Taylor Ann Faris, BA, Spanish/Political Science

Griffon Jack Farlow, BA, Psychology

Nicole Silva Fassina, BA, Psychology

Kaelyn Hope Faull, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Victoria Grayce Ferguson, BA, English

Jessica Fernandez De La O, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences/Ethnic Studies

Macarena Fernandez Diaz, BA, Architecture

Andres Fernandez Perez, BA, Political Science

Holly Lynne Fisher, BA, Visual Arts

Trenton Edward Flack, BA, Psychology

Priscilla Maria Fletcher, BA, Biology

Gabriella Rose Flores, BA, Sociology

Valeria Anahi Flores, BA, Biology

Amy Jolene Flowers, BA, Psychology/Visual Arts

Kate Fritze Folsom, BA, Psychology

Katherine T. Foreman, BA, Communication Studies

Lauren Olivia Forsterer, BA, Psychology

Kaitlyn A. Forte, BA, Psychology

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 9

Bachelor’s Degrees


of Arts and Sciences

Angelina Rose Franco, BA, Psychology

Virginia Anne Fraser, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Carla Yahaira Frias, BA, Biology

Hannah Ysabel Tuazon Fumar, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Christopher Alexander Gagle, BA, Philosophy

Michael A. Galik, BA, Physics

Lilian Victoria Gallardo, BA, Sociology/ Italian Studies

Patricia Galvan, BA, Political Science

Amy Giselle Garcia, BA, Sociology

Guillermo Garcia Tejeda, BA, Architecture

Rachel Hannah Garmo, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Alexander A. Gayosso-Valencia, BA, Chemistry

Brooklyn Sienna George, BA, Psychology

Heran G. Getnet, BA, Psychology

Lauren Marie Ghibaudo, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Nolie Haviland Giles, BA, Biochemistry

Catherine Ann Giorgi, BA, Psychology/ Italian Studies

Madeleine R. Glenna, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Salma Dari Godoy, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Russell Kees Gokemeijer, BS, Physics/ Computer Science

Jesus Miguel Gomez, BA, Psychology

Maria Gomez, BA, Political Science

Sofia Ariana Gomez, BA, Liberal Studies

Vannessa Gomez, BA, Psychology

Alex Lua Gonzalez, BA, Biology

Brenda Jeannette Gonzalez, BA, English

Yanely Gonzalez, BA, Biology

Jacquelyn Maryl Gore, BA, Liberal Studies

John Patrick Grady, BA, History

Cassandra Bella Graham, BA, Psychology

Brendan Matthew Graville, BA, Political Science

Mia Paige Griffiths, BA, Communication Studies

Victoria Florine Grout, BA, Political Science

Briana Alexis Guardado, BA, Sociology

Deziree A. Guerra, BA, Political Science

Marisa Christine Gunter, BA, Political Science

Kathleen Pearle Haarmann, BA, Political Science

Elizabeth Hahn, BA, Political Science

Gabrielle Faith Hall, BA, Sociology

Julia Wells Hall, BA, Political Science/ Psychology

Sophia Veronica Hamstreet, BA, Biology

Corinne Amelia Hansel, BA, Music

Jazmine Maria Harper, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Judith Jane Harrington, BA, Communication Studies

Nyla S. Harris, BA, Communication Studies

Ryan Saville Harris, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Elsie Noel Harrison, BA, Psychology

Linnae Noelle Hartzel, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Alexa Paulina Hatt, BA, Political Science/ Spanish

Lauren A. Hays, BA, Biology/Ethnic Studies

Brooke Emma Hekman, BA, Communication Studies

Victoria Isabela Hernandez, BA, Psychology

Jasmine Sulieman Hersh, BA, Architecture

Stella Suzanne Nalani Hess, BA, Communication

Lindy Aldrich Hickman, BA, Psychology

Abigail Joy Hinrichs, BA, English

Hannah Marie Hobbs, BA, Political Science

Lily Kathryn Hogan-Maguire, BA, Political Science/Philosophy

Alexandria Erika Hoglund, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Mackenzie Lee Hoie, BA, Philosophy

Emilia Honey, BA, Psychology

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 10 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Noemi Hong, BA, Psychology

Anna Maria Howard, BA, Biology

Abigail Elizabeth Humphreys, BA, Political Science

Emily Grace Hunsicker, BA, Liberal Studies

Arianna Sade Imholte, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Hasan Iqbal, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Alyssa Nicole Jackson, BA, Communication Studies/Political Science

Madelyn Rose Jackson, BA, Communication Studies

Haley A. Jacob, BA, Communication

Meredith Ann Jaeger, BA, Sociology/ Communication Studies

Naza R. Jaff, BA, Communication Studies

Aryam Jaimes Carbajal, BA, Sociology

Diana Jamaleddine, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Grace Jeffery, BA, Mathematics

Victoria Esther Jehle, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Margaret Burke Jelsma, BA, Biology

Jenna Jenkins, BA, Psychology

Megan Allison Jenkins, BA, Political Science

Anna June Jenkins-Griffin, BA, Sociology

Jean Joseph Descartes Jeremie, BA, Architecture

Andrew W. Jockelle, BS, Physics

Amelia Rose John, BA, Biology

Hannah Lily Johnson, BA, Psychology/ Communication Studies

Katherine Kinyon Johnson, BA, Psychology/ French and Francophone Studies

Mia F. Johnson, BA, Political Science

Giscard Kahwaji, BA, Biology

Madison Kealohiokala Kalahui, BA, Communication Studies

Manya S. Kamara, BA, Communication Studies

Karisa Grace Kampbell, BA, Political Science/Communication Studies

Julia Anderson Kanamine-Surrick, BA, Mathematics

Trisha Kanjilal, BA, Biology

Claudette Ishimwe Kankindi, BA, Psychology/English

Blake Noah Kasday, BA, Communication Studies

Romanpreet Kaur, BA, Biology

Jason B. Keep, BA, Sociology

Drew L. Kelly, BA, Biology

Kerolos Sami Khalil, BA, Communication Studies

Shayan Khan, BA, Philosophy

Audrey Roya Khosravi, BA, Communication Studies

Hannah Lillian Kildow, BA, Sociology

Haley Olivia Kiley-Ram, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Tayler Lynn Killoren, BA, Biology

Aliza S. Kim, BA, Communication Studies

Liliana Michelle Kim, BA, Communication Studies

Debra Suprenant Kirkwood, BA, Biology

Georgiana James Kobzeff, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Kelly Elizabeth Koenig, BA, Communication Studies

Kaylee Isabella Kolander, BA, Psychology

Ellissa Claire Krekeler, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Kalyana Chandra Krsnadas, BA, Communication

Kylie Ann Kumnick, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Ayomide Kuponiyi, BA, Theatre

Allie Marie Lafferty, BA, Biochemistry

Valerie Marie Laguna, BA, Political Science

Jackson Paul Lambros, BA, Communication Studies

Emma D. Lancaster, BA, Psychology

Victoria May Lange, BA, Biochemistry

Autmn S. Laning, BA, Political Science

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 11

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Alicia Marie Lary, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Connor David Lawrence, BA, Biology

Richard Harrison Lawson Jr., BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Miriana Ledesma Fimbres, BA, Psychology

Briana Marie Lee, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Renee Carmen Leewens, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Jessica Arden Lefford, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Summer Angel Leija, BA, Biology

Samantha Jazlyn Leon, BA, Political Science/ Spanish

Brianna Francesca Leveille, BA, Biology

Carina Noella Leveroni, BA, Biology

Emily Rose Leyva, BA, Communication Studies

Amanda Nicole Limon, BA, Psychology

Hannah Lissner, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Juliana Marlo Lo, BA, History/International Relations

Alexandria Margaret Longo, BA, Communication Studies

Samantha Lopez Diez, BA, Biology

Sarah Lozano, BA, Psychology

Cameron Michael Lynch, BA, Communication Studies/History

Ella Anne Lyons, BA, Psychology

Lindsey Joy Maddalon, BA, Sociology

Claire Rives Madsen, BA, Communication Studies

Maria Karen Magana, BA, Psychology

Mark Lawrence Mahoney, BA, Psychology

Vanessa Mai, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Mitchell Maker, BA, Theatre

Tamerat Stefan Mandanis, BA, Biochemistry

Bobby Darin Manion, BA, Political Science

Gia N. Manzella, BA, Visual Arts

Savannah R Manzo-Plascencia, BA, Sociology

Chloe Jane Martinet, BA, Communication Studies

Alexandra Nicole Martinez, BA, Psychology

Catalina Rose Martinez, BA, Interdisciplinary Humanities/Theatre

Xavier Martinez Jr., BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Bianca Sofia Mascareno, BA, Communication Studies

Hannah Catherine Matcham, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Shiara Franchesca Mateo, BA, Sociology/ Political Science

Christopher Baluyot Mauhay, BA, Biochemistry

Hallie Elizabeth Mayer, BA, Psychology

Jordyn Taylor McBride, BA, Communication Studies

Chelyn Surya McCants, BA, Mathematics

Emily Mary McCarthy, BA, Psychology

Ana Lucia McCawley, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Jennifer Louise McDonald, BA, Biology

Arya Erin McEuen, BA, English

William Patrick McGee, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Simon Pong-Yin Blake McGuire, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Cole Anderson McIntyre, BA, Biology

Emma J. McIntyre, BA, Biology

Audrey Jane McKenzie, BA, International Relations

Gavin Cruz McLaren, BA, Biology

Victoria Marian Melendez, BA, Political Science

Kenneth Bailey Melvin, BA, Architecture/ Visual Arts

Valeria Merino Inzunza, BA, Visual Arts

Scott Joseph Meyer, BA, Mathematics

Cassandra R. Michel, BA, Political Science

Noah Nathaniel Harper Miles, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 12 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Erin Mary Miller, BA, International Relations

Jane Cecile Miller, BA, Communication Studies

Mackenzie A. Miller, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Nicole Alexandra Miller, BA, Biochemistry/ French and Francophone Studies

Luke Andrew Minnick, BA, English

Avalon Sky Miracle, BA, Communication Studies/Visual Arts

Rebecca Soraya Mirkhani, BA, Biology

John Taylor Mitchell, BA, History

Kaiya L. Mitchell, BA, Political Science

Keana J. Miyashiro, BA, Political Science/ Communication Studies

Rebecca Geneve Mock, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Tiffany Nicole Montgomery, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Julian Casey Moore, BA, Political Science

Maria-Alejandra Moreno, BA, Ethnic Studies

Danielle Loucilia Morgan, BA, Political Science

Jorge Enrique Morgan, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Taylor A. Morgan Longo, BA, Political Science

Lilliana Mira Marie Morino, BA, Communication Studies

Jameson Sumner Morrin, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Joseph Carlton Morse III, BA, Political Science

Charles Noah Kaimana Mitsuyoshi Mosley, BA, Political Science

Chanelle Mouawad, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Yekta Moussavian, BA, Psychology

Colin M. Mullaney, BA, Psychology

Olivia Kathryn Mummery, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Piper S. Murphy, BA, Psychology

Jacob Michael Mushatt, BA, Philosophy

Celeste Lynae Naranjo, BA, Political Science

Emily Lynn Nash, BA, Chemistry

Maya Christina Nava, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Emma Sadie Navarro, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Alexandria Clavio Nazareno, BA, Communication Studies

Charlotte Joy Nazareno, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Kasey Marie Neubert, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Clara Grace Newton, BA, English

Zaccheus Jewel Ng-Posey, BA, International Relations

Connor Stephen Nichols, BA, Biology

Madalyn Jean Nistal, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Spencer Raye Noonan, BA, Sociology

Ellis Jude Noteboom, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Maria Mwaba N’Senga, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Benjamin N. O’Brien, BA, Communication Studies

Kathleen Grace O’Brien, BA, Sociology

Cassidy O’Connor, BA, Sociology

Giana Lourdes Odish, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Tiffany E. Oh, BA, Biology

Faith Alissa O’Neal, BA, English

Emilia Christine Orosco, BA, Psychology

Ashly Orozco, BA, Psychology

Andrea Valentina Ortiz, BA, Psychology

Erica Michelle Ortiz, BA, Sociology/ Communication Studies

Jorge Alfonso Ortiz Jr., BA, Architecture

Shelby Nicole Osborne, BA, Music/ Communication

Estela Monserrath Osorio, BA, Sociology/ Political Science

Sydney Taylor Overstreet, BA, Psychology

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 13

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Nayeli Angelina Pacheco, BA, Psychology

Alexa Maria Padilla, BA, Political Science

Alexis N. Padilla, BA, Political Science

Thomas J. Padinske, BA, English

Christopher Michael Padlan, BA, Psychology

Adriana Paiz, BA, Interdisciplinary Humanities

Kaylee Angeline Lontiong Palmares, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Dillon Pao, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Aristaia Pappas, BA, Visual Arts

Annette Narae Park, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Madison Ann Parks, BA, Political Science

Isabella Whitney Patterson, BA, Psychology

Olivia Catherine Anne Patterson, BA, Psychology/Communication Studies

Tyler Krautter Pearson, BA, Communication Studies

Avery Gail Pellegrino, BA, Biology

Matthew Joseph Pelletier, BA, History

Shiyu Peng, BA, English

Gabriella Rose Perko, BA, Anthropology

Lynsey Keōpūolani Perrin, BA, Political Science

Ryan Catherine Perry, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Mara Pellegrina Peruzzi, BA, Visual Arts

Kai M. Peterson, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Michaela A. Philpott, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Denise Isabel Picazo, BA, Psychology/ Spanish

Chad Michael Pitts, BA, Architecture

Lauren Grace Pondel, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Johnathon Francis Porter, BA, Communication Studies

Katherine Anne Power, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Jordan C. Pratt, BA, Psychology

Halle Taylor Price, BA, Psychology

Sascha Rose Price, BA, Psychology

Kylie Elizabeth Pries, BA, Communication Studies

Mckenna A. Priske, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Scott Andrew Prunty, BA, Communication Studies

Deeksha Rajesh, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Elijah Anthony Ramer, BA, Visual Arts

Mia Noelani Ramirez, BA, Psychology

Natalia Ramirez Cornejo, BA, Spanish

Gwendolyn A. Rath, BA, History

Massimo Giorgio Re, BA, Psychology/ Anthropology

Taybor A. Rich, BA, Chemistry

Laila Iman Richards, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Jonas Xavier Richardson, BA, Psychology

Sophie Grace-Fen Riley, BA, Biology

Leah Angela Rivera, BA, Psychology

Isabella Allura Rivetti, BA, Architecture

Ximena Elena Rocha, BA, Liberal Studies

Yanula Rodriguez, BA, Biology

Shayla Rodriguez-Hernandez, BA, Political Science/Marketing

Thomas James Roelen, BA, Communication Studies

Sophia Grace Romei, BA, Political Science

Hope K. Romero, BA, Biology

Rebecca Linn Roos, BS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Sarah Rene Rosales, BA, Sociology

Lindie Elizabeth Ross, BA, Ethnic Studies

Megan Marie Ross, BA, Psychology

Genevieve Anne Rovetti, BA, Psychology

Maya Sujana Roy, BA, Political Science

Jayden E. Ruth, BA, Liberal Studies

Jillian Kate Salerno, BA, Psychology

Arianne Emma Sambado, BA, Psychology

Gabriela Sanchez, BA, Communication Studies

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 14 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Isabella Marie Sanchez, BA, Communication Studies

Kiara Vanessa Sanchez, BA, Architecture/ Visual Arts

Samantha Nicole Sanchez, BA, Architecture/ Art History

Nicole Lynn Sanfilippo, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Nicole Rosaura Saravia, BA, Political Science

Ashley Elizabeth Savoie, BA, Biochemistry

Emily Kathleen Scalmanini, BA, History

Calli Anne Scarborough, BA, Visual Arts

Michael Liam Scarry, BA, Political Science

Stella H. Schneider, BA, Communication Studies

Bradley Robert Schuller, BA, Communication Studies

Maryssa Marie Schulz, BA, Psychology

Zeina Schulze Allen, BA, Political Science

Natalie C. Scriabine, BA, Political Science

Lauren Katherine Elizabeth Seale, BA, Political Science

Zachary David Selby, BA, Biology

Sierra Sergeant, BA, Psychology

John Moss Serino, BA, Psychology/Theology and Religious Studies

Sebastian Sevilla, BA, Biochemistry

Emma Jaimes Sewell, BA, Communication

Harrison T. Seymour, BA, English

Lindsey Sue Shallis, BA, Liberal Studies

Sacchitt Sharrma, BA, Communication Studies

Kelise Ida-Symone Shaw, BA, Sociology

Teagan Alexis Sheffield, BA, Psychology

Meredith M. Sheridan, BA, Sociology

Nicholas Harrison Shey, BA, Chemistry

Martin Leon Shum, BA, Biology

Taylor Meredith Judith Silva, BA, International Relations

Paulina M. Smale, BA, Communication Studies

Kelly Marie Smith, BA, Liberal Studies

Sabrina Anna Sneper, BA, Psychology

Kassandra Solis-Corrales, BA, Political Science

Parker Einar Sorensen Clay, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Gianna T. Spatafore, BA, Psychology

Ayla Love Sprecher, BA, Psychology

Mary Ellen Stallkamp, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Melanie Dana Standage, BA, Communication Studies

Lane Marchant Steed, BA, Communication Studies

William Christopher Stefanou, BA, Communication Studies

Katheryn Rose Stephens, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Madison A. Stevens, BA, Psychology

Amaryllis Faith Strohl, BA, Political Science

Claire Magdalene Suchy, BA, English

Samantha S. Suter, BA, Biology

Lauren Keiko Suzukawa, BA, Psychology

Isabella Rossi Szluk, BA, Communication Studies

Hayley Jean Taggart, BA, Psychology

Ethan Matthew Takaha, BA, Psychology

Humberto Tamayo, BA, Political Science

Ryan David Tancreto, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Madeline Francesca Tanner, BA, Psychology

Harrison James Tarbox, BA, Biochemistry

Isabella Anneliese McGrew Tatro, BA, Communication Studies

Maria Tavares Lobo E Silva, BA, Psychology

Matthew Henry Taylor, BA, Architecture

Adrian Saul Teran Ruiz, BA, Architecture

Isadora Rodrigues Tercariol, BA, Psychology

Davon Tyrell Thomas, BA, Psychology

Ricardo Thompson, BA, International Relations

Camille Michelle Torre, BA, English

Cameron M. Traylor, BA, Communication Studies

Alissa Analise Trejo, BA, Psychology

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 15

Bachelor’s Degrees

College of Arts and Sciences

Christina May Trexler, BA, International Relations

Cooper Truwit, BA, Communication Studies

Mason Tunbridge, BA, Communication Studies

Kieves Turner, BA, Communication Studies

Maria Turner Larrinaga, BA, Architecture

Connor Adair Tushla, BA, Political Science

Zia Meilan Udell, BA, International Relations

Meghan Anna Urbanski, BA, Biology

Fernando Urteaga, BA, Communication Studies

Josy Cavalletto Uyesaka, BA, Biology/Visual Arts

Victoria Mercedes Valdez, BA, Psychology

Melina E. Van Fleet, BA, Psychology/Visual Arts

Francisco Alonso VargasNolasco, BA, Spanish

Aracely Mae Vela, BA, Biology

Viviana Vianey Velarde, BA, Communication Studies

Stephanie Velasco, BA, Psychology

Joshua M. Venegas, BA, Psychology

Montserrat Regina Ventura, BA, Visual Arts

Almendra Viel, BA, Psychology

Grace Aria Volonoski, BA, Psychology

Madison Leigh Wainwright, BA, Architecture

Lila Wallace, BA, Psychology

Zamir Atif Wallace, BA, Psychology

Jayda Carra Walsh, BA, Chemistry

Nicholas Andrew Ytom Waltman, BA, Psychology

Sophia Grace Warder, BA, Biology

Zoe Alexandra Wasson, BA, Psychology

Catherine Jean Watkins, BA, Biochemistry

Sophie Valenzuela Watts, BA, Sociology

Kaitlyn Sondra Webb, BA, Biology

Luke Alex Weinbaum, BA, Architecture

Ezra Greyson Wheeler, BA, Sociology

Henry Robert Widdop IV, BA, History

Natalie P. Windawi, BA, Architecture

Catherine Naomi Wolfe, BA, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Megan G. Womack, BA, Liberal Studies

Jessica Sammi Wong, BA, Biology

Samantha Kelsey Wong, BA, Architecture

Kayla N. Wright, BA, Sociology

Sophia M. Wright, BA, Sociology

Madison May Wyatt, BA, Behavioral Neuroscience

Jacqueline Vivian Wylie, BA, Communication Studies

Rebecca T. Yee, BA, Biology

John Daniel Yourg, BA, Communication Studies

Mia Yu, BA, Psychology

Miguel Zamora Jr., BA, Sociology/Psychology

Emma Marie Zavala, BA, Anthropology

Michelle Meng Zhou, BA, Biology

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 16 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Knauss School of Business Honors Program

Nadia Aljunaidi, BBA, International Business/Finance

Audrey Rose Bjorklund, BBA, Marketing

Jaide Sierra Cousins, BBA, Marketing

Henry Alexander Dorn, BBA, Finance/ Communication Studies

Mary M. Dostalek, BBA, Business Administration/Finance

Nina Maureen Finocchiaro, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Ruby Elena Gallegos, BBA, Business Administration

Katriana Tamar Gardner, BBA, International Business

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Nicolas Abdo, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Hamad Salah Abohaimed, BBA, Finance

Deepali Vijay Advani, BBA, Real Estate

Ganeev Ahluwalia, BBA, Marketing

Nazneen Ahmed, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Fahad Al Dawoud, BBA, Finance

Yacoub Al Ghanim, BBA, Finance

Ahmed Saif Al Malik Al Shehhi, BBA, Finance

Fahad Ahmad Al Osaimi, BBA, Finance

Ahmed AlBahouh, BBA, Finance/ International Business

Tariq M T M Albarrak, BBA, Finance

Ahmed Faisal A Albattal, BBA, Finance/ Marketing

Abdullah Albenali, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Elizabeth L. Albizati, BBA, Business Administration

Reema Hani Aldabbagh, BBA, Business Administration

Alexandra Eleni Hill, BBA, Business Administration

Angelina Rose Kapp, BBA, Finance/ International Business

Preston John Ketel, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Maria Vivian Morearty, BACC, Accountancy

Anais S. Ovanessoff, BBA, International Business

Marcos Alberto Vargas, BACC, Accountancy

Monica Vilya Wishard, BBA, Real Estate

Kelli Evangeline Wood, BA, Economics

Isabelle Esther Zakheim, BBA, Business Administration

Rita Frazao Alexandre, BBA, International Business/Finance

Besher Nidal Al-Hadid, BA, Economics

Sarah Alhawash, BBA, Business Administration

Rania Percy Al-Hosri, BACC, Accountancy

Hamad Alibrahem, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Sabeeka Abdulrahman Aljassar, BBA, Finance/International Business

Abdulaziz Ali Alkulaib, BBA, Finance

Elizabeth Grace Alling, BBA, Marketing/ Finance

Kirsten B. Allmeroth, BBA, International Business

Burton Charles Allyn V, BBA, Business Administration

Mashari F M A F Almaghribi, BBA, Finance/ Supply Chain Management

Yassmen H. Almulla, BBA, Finance

Barak Abdulmohsen Almutair, BBA, Finance

Nahar Meshal Almutairi, BBA, Finance

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 17

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Yousif Mohammad AlOmar, BACC, Accountancy/Finance

Elena Alonso De Ozalla, BBA, Business Administration/Business Analytics

Mohammad Ahmad Al-Osaimi, BBA, Finance

Abdulaziz Fahhad Alqahtani, BACC, Accountancy/Finance

Yaqoub Wael Alqatami, BBA, Finance

Hamed M H M Alruwayeh, BBA, Finance

Abdulellah Ahmed Alshaikh, BBA, Finance

Steven Alexander Alvarez, BACC, Accountancy

Caroline Marie Amling, BBA, Marketing

Ryan Anderson, BBA, Business Analytics

Grace Maxine Angermeier, BBA, Marketing

John Hartmann Anthony, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Valeria Arias-Millan, BBA, Marketing

Justin S. Aroesty, BBA, Finance/Business Analytics

Matthew Arrieta, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Morgan Clare Asher, BBA, Marketing

Samuel G. Attianese, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Pius Maximus Attisha, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Zaim Bach Attisha, BBA, Business Administration

Jacob Triden Aujero, BBA, Finance

Jacob Del Auldridge, BBA, Business Administration

Bailey Autenreith, BBA, Business Analytics

Kolbe M. Bachman, BBA, International Business

Hadi Bilal Badrani, BACC, Accountancy

Alexander Calkin Bagatelos, BBA, Real Estate

Andrew Gary Bailey, BBA, Real Estate

Joseph David Bailey, BBA, Finance

Elizabeth Ann Ball, BACC, Accountancy

Elia Balourdet, BBA, Marketing

Michael André Barajas, BBA, International Business/Marketing

Gilbert Christopher Barriga, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Mamudou Barrow, BACC, Accountancy

Rianna Batra, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Mitchell Grant Bauer, BBA, Marketing

Victor Belanich, BBA, Business Administration

Caroline Noble Bell, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Jacob Michael Benak, BBA, Business Analytics

Line Enora Jeanne-Loise Benoist, BBA, Business Administration/Finance

Pedro Bentin, BBA, Business Administration/ Supply Chain Management

Sydney Danielle Bents, BBA, Finance

Paul Dylan Benvenuto, BBA, Marketing/ Business Analytics

Tyler D. Berman, BBA, Business Administration/Finance

Eva Betanzo Fernandez, BBA, Finance

Philo Biane, BBA, Marketing

Edmon Michael William Bickelhaupt, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Ryan R. Bill, BBA, Business Administration

William C. Black, BBA, Real Estate

Siméo Bodineau, BBA, Business Administration/Finance

Cameron Parker Bonilla, BBA, Real Estate

Wajal Marzouq Boodai, BBA, Finance/ International Business

Brandon Nicholas Borba, BBA, Business Analytics

Ty Borghi, BBA, Real Estate/Finance

Lena Luisa Borrelli, BBA, Business Administration

Cade Joseph Bortle, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Matthew John Bowers, BACC, Accountancy

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 18 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Evans John Bowling, BBA, Real Estate

Julia Simone Boyle, BBA, Marketing

Kevin J. Boyle, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Sidney Wells Bradley, BBA, Business Analytics

Sean T. Brenot, BBA, Business Administration

Alexander Lillaston Brown, BBA, Real Estate

Clark Vicente Brown, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Zoey Charlene Brown, BBA, Marketing/ Business Analytics

William T. Buck, BBA, Supply Chain Management

Bryan Bullard, BBA, Business Analytics

Christina Leigh Bullock, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Blake J. Burke, BBA, Finance/Business Analytics

Garrett Chester Burns, BACC, Accountancy/ Business Analytics

Matthew L. Cahalan, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Madison Calderon, BBA, Finance

Paula Calvin Rodriguez, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Enzo Cambruzzi, BBA, Business Administration

Dominick John Caniglia, BBA, Business Administration

Elise Carlomagno, BBA, Business Analytics

Jennifer Carrier, BACC, Accountancy

Gabrielle Marie Cason, BBA, Marketing

Isabella Molina Cavagnari, BBA, International Business

Rafael Eli Centeno, BBA, Finance

Bahar Chakerhosseini, BBA, Finance

Heer Gopal Chander, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Ashley June Chandler, BBA, Business Administration

Suryavel Chandra, BBA, Business Analytics

Jaime Chapa Zambrano, BBA, Business Administration/Finance

Nicole Chapuy Castelo, BBA, Finance/Supply Chain Management

Catherine Anne Cherrick, BBA, Business Administration

Timothy Paul Chiapel, BBA, Finance

Matthew H. Chong, BBA, Marketing

Alfred Chow, BACC, Accountancy

Nina Rose Christansen, BBA, Business Analytics/Finance

Isabelle Churchill, BBA, Marketing

Rachel Joan Clark, BBA, Marketing/Business Analytics

Morgan Renee Clavet, BACC, Accountancy

Hannah Fitz Cluster, BBA, Marketing

Alexia C. Cole, BBA, Finance

Catherine M. Collins, BBA, Business Economics

David Sam Colucci, BBA, Real Estate

Francesco Giovanni Coluccio, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Landon Monroe Colvin, BBA, Business Administration

Lily Claire Conway, BBA, Business Administration

Courteney Ann Cook, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Giovanna Isabella Costa, BBA, International Business

Katherine Marie Criger, BBA, Real Estate

Bridget Irene Crowley, BBA, Finance

Ramiro Andre Cuevas, BBA, International Business/Real Estate

Reeta Dabbous, BBA, Marketing/Real Estate

Olivia Ann Dalry, BBA, Marketing

Shreya Dandu, BBA, Finance/Psychology

Tessa M. Daroza, BBA, Marketing/Business Administration

Joseph Jeffrey Davies, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 19

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Roberto De La Herran, BBA, Business Economics/Finance

Vanessa Hannah De Luca, BBA, Real Estate

Hannah Nicole Deane, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Hunter DeGeorge, BBA, Finance

Molly K. Delach, BBA, Marketing/Business Analytics

Sofia E. Delgado, BBA, Marketing/Real Estate

Lily Lynne Marguerite Dempsey, BBA, Marketing

Michael Daniel DePaula, BACC, Accountancy

Floridalma Diaz, BACC, Accountancy

Jacob M. Dickerson, BBA, Finance

Lauren M. Dickey, BBA, Business Analytics

Massimo Giovanni Dicochea, BBA, Real Estate

Michael D. DiTommaso, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Taylor Quynh Thi Doan, BBA, Marketing

Nina Kristine Doody, BBA, Finance/ Accountancy

Ellie Marie Dougherty, BBA, Marketing

Kennedy Erin Dougherty, BBA, International Business

Andrey Drakh, BBA, Business Administration

Kai Alexander Dryden, BBA, Finance

Caroline C. Duda, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Jayden W. Duffy, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Paxton Day Earl, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Dane Cooper Edwards, BACC, Accountancy

Lukas Campbell Eidam, BACC, Accountancy

Chase Bryant Elliott, BBA, Real Estate/ Business Administration

Mason Drew Thomas Ellis, BBA, International Business

Edwin Eng, BBA, Finance

Ian Kyle Engstrom, BBA, Business Analytics

Britanny Aileen Espinosa-Arevalo, BBA, Marketing/Spanish

Carl William Philip Fallstrom, BBA, Finance

Dylan Thomas Farrar, BBA, Real Estate

Tiana Rose Marie Fee, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Carson A. Feil, BACC, Accountancy

Ryan D. Felix, BBA, Marketing

Drake Richard De Pintor Fialko, BBA, Real Estate

Mahlia Lauren Flores, BBA, Marketing

Ethan Andrew Flynn, BBA, Marketing

Adam Russell Francis, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Carina Demae Freundt, BBA, Finance

Emmanuelle Therese Frimat, BBA, Marketing

Drake Michael Frize, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Holden James Fry, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Benedikt Julius Matthias Fueller, BA, Economics

Paulina Fuentes, BBA, International Business/French and Francophone Studies

Farrah Elle Fuerst, BBA, Real Estate

William Gunnar Gabel, BBA, Finance

Adam Gacek, BBA, Supply Chain Management

Ethan Austin Gahm, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Sophie Jane Gamble, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Ding Gan, BBA, Business Economics

Araceli Garcia, BBA, Marketing

Ashley Lynn Garcia, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Eugenio Garcia Canales, BBA, Finance

Izabella Gabrielle Garfias, BBA, Marketing

Lauren Claire Gauvin, BBA, Finance

Nickolas R. Geannacopulos, BBA, Finance

Tyler Gil Gebo, BBA, Real Estate

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 20 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Anatole Gelbert-Orfila, BBA, Business Analytics/Business Administration

Jake A. Gianni, BBA, Real Estate

Alexandra Marie Gibbs, BBA, Business Administration

Summit B Gillespie, BBA, Business Administration

Aaron Glaspell, BBA, Real Estate/Finance

Lucy Leone Goldman, BBA, Marketing

Anna Sophia Goldsberry, BBA, Marketing

Yesenia Gomez Camacena, BACC, Accountancy/Finance

Trevor Martin Gonzales, BACC, Accountancy/Business Analytics

Rebeca Judith Gonzalez, BBA, Business Administration/Spanish

Steven Wayne Goodwin, BBA, Real Estate

Nicholas Francis Gookins, BBA, Marketing

Rhys Gourdie, BBA, Finance

Kevin David Gray, BACC, Accountancy

Sage Barbara Spielman Grove, BBA, Business Administration

Nicholas Scott Guerena, BBA, Business Administration

Lawrence Guerguis, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Sophia Isabela Guzman, BACC, Accountancy/International Business

Riley Elizabeth Hallissy, BBA, Marketing

Abigail Rose Hamel, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Othman Harakat, BBA, Finance

Joanna Kay Harding, BBA, Real Estate/ Business Administration

Jack Tyler Hardy, BBA, Business Administration

Henry Alan Harmet, BBA, Business Administration

Bijan Ethan Hassanzadeh, BBA, Marketing

Marielle J. Hayford, BBA, Marketing/ Business Administration

Kevin Michael Healy, BBA, Business Administration

Jon David Helsten, BBA, Real Estate/Finance

Joshua Hayden Henig, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Vincent August Hestad, BBA, Real Estate/ Marketing

Lindy Aldrich Hickman, BBA, Marketing

Jedidiah Anderson Hieb, BACC, Accountancy

Sophia Marie Hilton, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Sofia Hinojosa, BBA, Marketing

Matthew David Hobgood, BBA, Supply Chain Management

Heather L. Hochwender, BBA, Business Administration

Lucas J. Hodson, BBA, Business Administration

Jonathan G Hoebing, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

John Benjamin Hogan, BACC, Accountancy

Fiori D. Holcomb, BBA, Marketing

Madailein Viola Holt, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Samuel J. Holtz, BBA, Business Administration

Devin Kulseth Hoovel, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Nathan C. Horgan, BBA, Real Estate

Megan Alisa Howard, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Alexander L. Howell, BBA, Business Administration

Thomas Joseph Hughes, BACC, Accountancy

William Triplett Hybl, BBA, International Business

Lucas Iacarella, BBA, Finance

Reno Michael Iannuccilli, BBA, Real Estate

Kendall Laine Israel, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 21

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Ty Kristofer Jackson, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Charles C. Jafari, BBA, Business Administration/Finance

Aryam Jaimes Carbajal, BBA, Business Administration

Emma Elizabeth Janak, BACC, Accountancy

Zhenting Jiang, BBA, Marketing

Adrian Sanchez Jimenez, BBA, Marketing/ Business Administration

Marco Antonio Jimenez, BBA, Marketing

Tyler E. Johnson, BBA, Marketing/Finance

Trevor S. Jones, BBA, Marketing

Victoria Kalaitzis, BBA, International Business

Daniel George Kalfayan, BBA, Finance

Trevor Joseph Kan, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Victor Kao, BBA, Business Administration

Faisal Karam, BBA, Finance

Alexandra Diana Karos, BBA, Business Administration/Communication Studies

TallulahRose Loretta Kenny, BBA, Marketing/Real Estate

Adam Joseph Kerner, BBA, Real Estate

Moriah Joy Kettler, BBA, Marketing/ Business Administration

Isabela Khalaf, BBA, Finance/Business Analytics

Ryker S. Kile, BBA, Real Estate

Julia Lynn King, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Matthew Ryan Kiper, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Sarkis Meroujan Kitsinian, BBA, Real Estate

Sebastian John Konja, BACC, Accountancy

Zane Konsmo, BBA, Business Administration

Alexa Constance Koss, BBA, Marketing

Darnell Adonys Kramer, BBA, Business Administration

Gretchen Krenz, BACC, Accountancy

Christian J. Krueger, BBA, Finance

Charles Taylor Kuchman, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Anisha Aparna Kumar, BBA, Finance

Ryan L. Kysar, BBA, Business Analytics

Max Hunter LaBauve, BBA, Business Administration

Jennifer Marie Labosky, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Pinak Pradip Lalitcumar, BBA, International Business/Real Estate

Erik Scott Larson, BBA, Real Estate

Zak Murphy Lauerman, BBA, Business Administration

Idalis Nataliah Leanio, BACC, Accountancy

John Finley Lecky, BBA, Business Administration

Daniel C. Leclair, BBA, Finance

Matthew Thomas LeClercq, BBA, Finance

Marco León Miranda, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Alexander Michael Lim, BBA, Real Estate

Luke J. Little, BBA, Business Administration

Charlie W. Longenecker, BBA, Finance

Marcel Lopez-Echeverria, BBA, Finance

Andres David Lopezimmer, BACC, Accountancy

Emma Rose Low, BACC, Accountancy

Raymond Lu, BBA, Business Administration

Phat N. Luu, BBA, Business Administration

Mathew G. Macias, BBA, Business Administration

Cameron Carbonel Mahdavifar, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Antonio Luke Salim Mammo, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Elaina C. Manalac, BBA, Marketing

Nathan A. Mandrik, BBA, Marketing

Gia N. Manzella, BBA, Marketing

Jacob Thomas Manzella, BBA, Business Analytics

Anthony Rico Maola, BBA, Real Estate

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 22 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Laura Isabel Marin Osman, BBA, Business Economics/Psychology

Sofia Mariana Marquez, BBA, Finance/ Marketing

Maximilian N. Marrs, BBA, Real Estate

Paul R. Marsillo, BBA, Finance

Maverick Jake Raymond Martin, BBA, Finance

Valeria Martinez Martinez, BBA, Marketing/ Business Administration

Mateen Mazloom, BBA, Business Administration

Sean L. McAllister, BBA, Business Economics

Nicholas J. McConnell, BBA, International Business/French and Francophone Studies

Matthew Michael McDermott, BBA, Finance

Josie Ann McDougald, BBA, Marketing

Dominic Angelo McHale, BBA, Finance

Bridget Cassandra McNally, BBA, Finance

Kehra McTague, BBA, Real Estate

Luke Leavenworth Melin, BBA, International Business

Patrick William Menah Jr., BBA, Marketing

Alexis Mendieta Salinas, BBA, Business Administration

William E. Mendonca, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Ricardo Mendoza Pena, BBA, International Business

Connor Jeffrey Miller, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Chase Adrian Minor, BBA, Business Administration

Cairo Alexander George Minott, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Aaron Gaillard Mitchell, BBA, Real Estate

Kaiya L. Mitchell, BBA, Business Administration

Ryan Alan Mitchell, BBA, Finance

Jake Austin Mitten, BBA, Business Administration

Natsuki Mogi, BBA, Finance

Megan M. Mokhtarian, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Ryan Ali Monshi, BACC, Accountancy/ Real Estate

Bridgett Montiel, BBA, Real Estate/Finance

Jack R. Montoney, BBA, Finance

Sally Ann Moore, BBA, International Business

Arturo Isaac Morales, BBA, Business Analytics

David Morales Jr., BBA, Finance

Juan Pablo Morfin, BBA, International Business/Finance

Anne Elizabeth Morgan, BBA, Finance

Jacob Alan Morrison, BBA, Finance

Vasco Baptista Pranto Mouzinho de Almeida, BBA, International Business/ Finance

Zacharia M. Mseitif, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Aimal Muhammadi, BBA, Business Administration

Evan B. Mulholland, BBA, Real Estate/ Marketing

Shannon Elizabeth Mulvey, BBA, Marketing

Pedro Munoz, BACC, Accountancy

Finbarr Paterson Murphy, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Teagan M. Murphy, BBA, Business Administration

Anders Henry Nelson, BBA, Finance

Ansley Elizabeth Nelson, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Leo Nicholas Nelson, BBA, Finance/ Marketing

Anika S. Nielsen, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Taylor Thuy Nielsen, BBA, Business Economics

Regan Clark Nightingale, BBA, Marketing

Samantha Nygren, BBA, Business Administration

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 23

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Owen M. O’Brien, BACC, Accountancy/ Spanish

Eoin O’Callaghan, BBA, International Business

Sean Patrick O’Connor, BBA, International Business

Gracie Ann Ohlson, BBA, Marketing

Jordan Blasej Olhava, BBA, Business Economics/Finance

Ebony E. Orozco, BBA, Marketing/ International Business

Yenick Ounigian, BBA, Business Administration

Jacob M. Pace, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Alfredo Padilla, BBA, Marketing/Real Estate

Ashley Olivia Pang, BBA, Business Administration

Tea Pantelic, BBA, International Business/ Political Science

Simona Paraklis, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Caitlyn Joan Parel, BACC, Accountancy

Mary Kathryn Paulon, BACC, Accountancy

Grace Ann Peglar, BBA, Business Administration

Sarah Jane Peitz, BBA, Finance/Marketing

Dylan Pelkey, BACC, Accountancy

Jarred Michael Peloquin, BBA, Business Administration

Angelo Trinidad Peraza, BBA, Real Estate

Mariana Perezchica, BBA, Marketing/ Business Administration

Emma Carmel Peters, BBA, Marketing

Andrew J. Petruska, BBA, Finance

Ashley Nicole Petters, BBA, Marketing

Talia Wabel Pharaon, BBA, Marketing

Joseph Cole Philippi, BBA, Real Estate

Madalyn Pinover, BBA, Business Administration

Kaylin Duong Polk, BBA, Marketing

Ched Peter Popov, BBA, Business Administration

Ashlyn Courtney Prukop, BBA, Marketing

Brianna Kaitlyn Punis, BBA, Real Estate

Makai Farmer Quintana, BBA, Marketing/ Finance

Nicolas Quintero, BBA, Business Administration/Finance

Christopher M. Quock, BACC, Accountancy

Carolina Coloja Rada, BACC, Accountancy

Maxwell Joukar Rady, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Sean Michael Rafford, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Dominic Albert Rago, BACC, Accountancy/ Italian Studies

Steffek Taylor Rainey, BBA, International Business

Mia Kathryn Rakowski, BBA, Finance

Zachary Ramos, BBA, Finance

Cade Ramseyer, BBA, Real Estate

Michaela Alese Ramsey-Higby, BBA, Business Administration

Bryan William Ranzetta, BACC, Accountancy/Finance

Lean M. Rashed, BBA, Finance

Tyler Kai Ratkovich, BBA, Real Estate/ Business Administration

Matthew Greyson Real, BBA, Finance

Jacob Raymond Reithmeier, BBA, Business Administration

Marco B. Ren, BBA, Marketing

Hector Omar Reyes, BBA, Business Administration/Supply Chain Management

Brendan Patrick Ridge, BBA, Business Analytics

Jacen Vinh Riedel, BBA, Business Administration

Adrian DeAngelo Rivera, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Catherine Anne Riveroll, BACC, Accountancy

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 24 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Yeon Seo Sabrina Ro, BBA, Business Analytics/Supply Chain Management

Emily Juliet Rodriguez, BACC, Accountancy

Valeria Rodriguez, BBA, Marketing/Finance

Brenna Faith Rogers, BBA, Real Estate/ Marketing

Henrik Maxwell Rogers, BACC, Accountancy

John Marshall Romair, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Ivran Felipe Romero, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Maria do Carmo Rosa Osorio, BBA, International Business/Marketing

Jack Warren Rousso, BBA, Business Economics

Marshall Louis Kekoa Rucknagel, BBA, Business Analytics

Clayton Joseph Russeau III, BBA, Finance

Jake Nicholas Ruther, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Alexandra Helena Saisi, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Lourdes Wisam Salem, BBA, Marketing

Luis Sanchez, BBA, Business Administration

Ryan K. Sanchez, BBA, Real Estate/Finance

Sarah Elizabeth Sanchez, BBA, Business Administration

Isabella Carolina Santoro, BBA, Marketing/ Finance

Dionisio Alejandro Saucedo, BA, Economics

Andrew M. Saxton, BBA, Finance

Nicolas Joseph Schembri, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Jack Frederick Schieferdecker, BBA, Finance

Hannah Schnitz, BBA, Marketing

Garrett O Schrantz, BBA, Business Administration

Salena Marcella Scoccolo, BBA, International Business

Hunter Seau, BBA, Real Estate

Ethan J. Senn, BBA, Finance

Siddarth Mohan Sethi, BBA, Finance

Aerin Shahman, BBA, Marketing/Business Administration

Elika Shahriary, BBA, Business Administration

Danya Amanda Shami, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Emma Katherine Shea, BBA, Marketing

Kate R. Shea, BBA, Business Analytics/ Finance

Katelyn Dorothy Sherman, BBA, Finance/ Business Administration

Evelyn J. Shetzline, BBA, Marketing/Finance

Kishin Shigemitsu, BBA, International Business/Real Estate

Jackson Charles Keolaho’Omakamai’Kealohapau’Ole Short, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Ngai Si, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Troy R. Sicaeros, BBA, Business Administration

Samantha Silva, BBA, Finance

Megan Olivia Simonian, BACC, Accountancy

Jack Leone Smith, BACC, Accountancy

Joseph S. Soares, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Sara Elizabeth Someck, BBA, Marketing

Rishi Raj Singh Soni, BBA, Business Analytics

Ashley Marie Sorgi, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Marianne Pauline Soto, BBA, Real Estate

Trevor Gerard St Amour, BBA, Real Estate

Alessia Standish, BBA, Marketing/ Real Estate

Jamison Leigh Stanistreet-Jacobson, BBA, Finance

Chase A. Stearns, BBA, Finance

Adrian Stephan, BACC, Accountancy

Carter Matthew Stokes, BBA, Real Estate

Ireland M. Stoner, BBA, Real Estate

Laura Stout, BBA, Finance

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 25

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Cole J. Strazzara, BBA, Real Estate/Business Administration

Peter Wylie Streich, BBA, Business Administration/Real Estate

Sydney Jordan Summer, BBA, Marketing

Taylor R. Sutton, BBA, Business Administration

Gabrielle Grace Suttora, BBA, Marketing

Maronne Suzuki, BBA, Business Administration

Jaden Nicole Symons, BBA, Marketing

Colton J. Tanaka, BBA, Business Analytics

David Michael Tarr, BBA, Finance

Dayan Gianni Tassinari, BBA, Supply Chain Management/Business Analytics

John Logan Tatum, BACC, Accountancy

Aschabel Neomi Tecle, BBA, Business Administration

Phillip H.G. Teixeira, BBA, Finance

Santiago Tena, BBA, International Business/ Finance

Kaitlin Love Rivera Tinoco, BBA, Marketing

Sacheen Tipnis, BBA, Marketing

Liam Hanson Tormey, BBA, Finance

Luz Yarely Torres Antonio, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Chi Thao Tran, BBA, Marketing

Kristen Hue Tran, BACC, Accountancy

Emily Claire Travis, BBA, International Business

Hieu T. Truong, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Emily Sarah Tuller, BBA, Marketing

Parker Ryan Tweedley, BBA, Marketing/ Business Analytics

Brendan Thomas Tyoran, BBA, Real Estate

Emma Lauren Vakili, BBA, Finance

Natalie R. Valdivieso, BBA, Marketing

Victoria Valero Isidro, BBA, Business Administration/Marketing

Tyler James Vallecorsa, BBA, Supply Chain Management

Hailey A. Van Houten, BBA, Marketing

John Joseph Vaske Jr., BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Carlos Giovanni Velazquez, BBA, Business Analytics

Ethan Gabriel Vibal, BBA, Real Estate/ Finance

Kalissa Grace Villaluna, BBA, Real Estate/ Marketing

Viva Vorzimmer, BACC, Accountancy

Ryan Hung Vu, BBA, Accountancy

Justin A. Waddell, BBA, Business Administration

Megan E. Wall, BBA, Marketing

Amir N. Wallace, BBA, Supply Chain Management

Conor John Wallace, BBA, Real Estate

Rashaan Ward, BBA, Supply Chain Management

Kyle C. Weiding, BBA, Finance

Kai Tristan Welsh, BBA, Marketing

Dana Frederick White III, BBA, Business Administration

Trevor Wesley White, BBA, Business Analytics

Owen Wiebe, BBA, Finance/Real Estate

Olivia Grace Wiley, BBA, Finance/Business Analytics

Alston David Williams, BBA, Finance

Erin Emily Williams, BBA, Finance

Madisen Grace Williams, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Alexander Scott Willms, BBA, Business Administration

Ethan Tyler Wilson, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Jake Robert Wilson, BBA, Business Administration

Jack Rutherford Wislar, BBA, Business Administration

Kai Hui Wong, BBA, Business Analytics/ Real Estate

Madeleine Louise Woo, BBA, Finance/ Computer Science

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 26 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

Knauss School of Business

Peiwen Wu, BBA, Business Administration/ Real Estate

Lucas Hunter Xitco, BBA, Finance/ Real Estate

Andi Xu, BBA, Finance

Peisheng Xu, BBA, Finance/Business Analytics

Angad Yadav, BBA, Marketing

Tyler Macleish Yancey, BBA, Marketing

Connor Yang, BBA, Finance

Shangxi Yang, BBA, Business Analytics

Samhitha Sai Yennam, BBA, Finance/ Business Administration

Zoe Marie Villaluz Zapanta, BBA, Marketing

Kevin Jun Zhu, BA, Economics

Taylor R. Zint, BBA, Finance

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 27

Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering Honors Program

Kyle J. Cavanaugh, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Daniella Hubble, BA, Computer Science

Bachelor’s Degrees

Jacob Matthew Ryan, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Hampton Collier Adams IV, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Abdullah Abdulrahman Al Nassar, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Abdulla Hamad Alameeri, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Worood T A A Tareq AlBustan, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Ali Abdulkareem Ali, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Basel Raad Ali, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Rafid Gaffar Ali, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Rashed Abdullah Alkandari, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Abdullah KH H Alkhaddah, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Fares Khaled Alkhalidi, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Mohammad Almesri, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Ali Abdulmonem AlOjairi, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Miteb Aloqab, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Rakan Adel Alrasheed, BS, Computer Science

Abdulrahman Alroudhan, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Yaqoub Alseed, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Ali Alwayel, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

David C. Amano, BS, Computer Science

Tyson C. Aramaki, BS/BA, Engineering

Juliet Michelle Arizcuren, BA, Computer Science

Zachary Ryan Artman, BA, Computer Science

Gedeon Olenga Baende, BS/BA, Engineering

Maggie Lynn Betts, BA, Computer Science

Rene Bortoni, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Ali Hassan Boshehri, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Gregory Charles Brown, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Saleh Bubshait, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Thomas Michael Burns, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Garrett Keith Carney, BS, Computer Science

Daniel Ward Carqueville, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Kennedy Alejandro Castillon-Jimenez, BA, Computer Science

Rachelle Carrie Childers, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Kenneth Collins, BS, Computer Science

David Michael Columbus, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Ryan Laurence Curtice, BS/BA, Engineering

Cameron Antonio De Julio, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 28 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Christopher Nathan Eich, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Marissa Nicole Demagajes Esteban, BS, Computer Science

Lucca Fabani, BS, Computer Science

Emma Elizabeth Floisand, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Galen Forbes-Roberts, BS, Computer Science

William Charles Freking, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Michael Bradley Gallagher, BA, Computer Science

Abby Ray Gantenbein, BS/BA, Engineering

Enrique Garza III, BA, Computer Science

Robert John Glaser Jr., BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Maya Reilly Gonzales, BS/BA, Engineering

Hiromi Natalia Gonzalez, BS, Computer Science

Ramon Dario Gonzalez, BS, Computer Science

Oscar Andres Gracias, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Grace Olivia Gresli, BA, Computer Science

Samuel Shawn Griffin, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Alexander Mario Guerrero, BA, Computer Science

Zachariah John Hagan, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Brendan Martin Mckenzie Hamilton, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Raissa Hanna, BS, Computer Science

Paine Seth Harris, BS/BA, Engineering

Alec Xavier Henning, BS, Computer Science

Kera A. Hernandez, BS, Computer Science

David Rocky N Hidalgo, BA, Computer Science

Alizea Therese Hinz, BS, Computer Science/ Mathematics

Marius J. Huhnke, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas Brian Janney, BS, Computer Science

Timothy N. Jensen, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Haomiao Jiang, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Andrew W. Jockelle, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Derek M. Johnson, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Kathryn Tran Jordan, BS/BA, Engineering

Noah F. Kepple, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Sonia Keval, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Eric R. Kluessendorf, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Gabriel Thomas Krishnadasan, BS, Computer Science

Peter E. Kuntz, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Avery Nicole Leininger, BA, Computer Science

Sean Gabriel Go Limqueco, BS, Computer Science

Xiaonan Liu, BS, Computer Science

Zhichen Liu, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Katherine Alexandra Long, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Sining Lu, BS, Computer Science

Julian B. Luparia, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Victor Manuel Maldonado, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Austin P. Mallie, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering/History

Nicholas James Marencik, BS, Computer Science

Mia Louise Marsh, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Brennan A. Martin, BS/BA, Engineering

Andrea Yazzlyn Martinez, BA, Computer Science

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 29

Bachelor’s Degrees

Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Xavier Adan Matthews, BS/BA, Engineering

Marie Angelique Dy Membrido, BA, Computer Science

Brayan Alexis Mendoza, BS, Computer Science

Miguel Angel Mendoza, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Jonathan William Montgomery Jr., BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Diana Laura Montoya-Herrera, BS/BA, Engineering

Mikaela Imanie Morris, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dillon Muldoon, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Danielle Monique Carrera Nang, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Jason Navarrete, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Joseph A Nelson, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Brandon Nguyen, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Natalie Anh Nguyen, BS, Computer Science

Olivia Rose Nolan Shafer, BA, Computer Science

Griffin Curtin Palmeri, BS, Computer Science

Sebastian Paredes, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Aidan P. Pearce, BA, Computer Science

Gabriel Glenn Pence, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Andres Alejandro Perez, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Demili Ashley Junio Pichay, BS/BA, Engineering

Christian Francisco Picos, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Robert Wesley Querns II, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Christopher Michael Redd-Adams, BA, Computer Science

Jason Rogelio Garza Reed, BS, Computer Science

Orson Isaac Aquino Reyes, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Nicholas Filice Reynolds, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Alvaro Rodriguez, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Jorge Rodriguez, BS, Computer Science

Kevin Rodriguez, BA, Computer Science

Anthony Rojas, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Aidan Alexander Rooney, BS, Computer Science

Maria Fay Rossman, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Jacob S. Ruano, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Ronald A. Saenz, BA, Computer Science

Jacob Ryan Saewitz, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Clareese E. Santiago, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Noah Robert Leatherwood Sassman, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Christopher J. Schafer, BS/BA, Engineering

Scott Donald Schnieders, BS, Computer Science

Gabriel Felix Richard Seidl, BS, Computer Science

Jay Dongha Seo, BA, Computer Science

Mitchell Kiyoshi Seto, BA, Computer Science

Emma Grace Shenk, BS/BA, Engineering

Christopher Sosa, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Cassidy Olivia Spencer, BS, Computer Science

Nathaniel Spinks, BS, Computer Science

Aidan Patrick Steins, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO 2024 Undergraduate Commencement 30 *Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023

Bachelor’s Degrees

Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

Mia-Noelani Tabladillo, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Shaelyn Ann Sachiko Tavares, BS/BA, Engineering

Nathaniel L. Tinh, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Mauryn Virginia Toole, BS/BA, Engineering

Paul Russell Grant Tuft, BA, Computer Science

Nathan Joseph Van Kempen, BA, Computer Science

Eleanor Evelyn Vandegrift, BS/BA, Engineering

Hector Maximus Varela, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Maria Aidee Varriale Gomez, BS, Computer Science

Alexander Dominic Vazquez, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Amelia Walker, BS/BA, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Honorebel S. Walker, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Savanna Walter, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Jacob M. Weil, BS, Computer Science

Seth Istvan Welsh, BS/BA, Electrical Engineering

Weiyin Xu, BS, Computer Science

Jason Sie Lung Yager, BS/BA, Mechanical Engineering

Brian Alexander Yah Lira, BS, Computer Science

Darius Kwan Chun Yeung, BS, Computer Science

Skyler Hsiao Yin, BS, Computer Science

The above list of bachelor candidates constitutes students who have petitioned for a 2024 graduation date. It is not a certified list of 2024 bachelor’s degree recipients. Changes made after May 1, 2024 may not appear on the above list.

Honors announced at the Commencement Ceremony for bachelor candidates are not official. Variations may occur when final official grades are filed.

*Requirements completed January 31, 2023 | **Requirements expected to be completed August 31, 2023 31

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