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FISCAL YEAR 2021-2022
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thank you for giving, supporting, and including

I am heartened by how our generous alumni, faculty, and friends have given thoughtfully and generously to our diverse community at the University of San Diego School of Law This year I announced that a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force would be established at the USD School of Law Educational and career outcomes are enhanced when the school creates a learning environement in which students from all backgrounds and lived experiences feel welcomed, included, supported, and a full sense of belonging

In Fall 2021, the Task Force convened a variety of stakeholders to enhance and guide the School of Law’s actions to advance diversity, equity and inclusion for all members of its community In the same vein, many of our donors specifically contributed funds to increase and support this cause at our law school

As an institution anchored along an international border, we must continue to make diversity and inclusion a priority at USD School of Law The programs and initiatives highlighted in our Donor Impact Report will showcase how your support is benefitting our student body and curriculum Thank you for your part in making USD School of Law an institution where everyone can feel welcomed and supported

With sincere appreciation,



alexander Kat ʼ22 (JD)

In his own words

I joined Young Maudsleys due to my family’s commitment to giving back and making a positive impact, particularly within the USD School of Law community My wife, Julianna ʼ16 (JD), serves on the USD Law alumni board, Earl B Gilliam Bar Foundation, and the Association of Corporate Counsel, so I have quite the reputation to live up to as I start my career

My journey at USD was marked by my involvement in various organizations, more notably the Employment and Labor Law Society (EALLS) and La Raza Law Students Association, where I had the privilege of serving as president for both during my final year EALLS was able to partner with various student organizations and fundraise for our student scholarship, raising over $6,000 and assisting a number of students during our inaugural networking/fundraising mixer held each spring semester La Raza was able to work collaboratively with the two other San Diego law schools and plan multiple events geared toward advancing opportunities for the Latino community

I took every opportunity to get as much practical experience as possible One of the highlights of my time at USD was my externship with a federal court judge, an experience that broadened my understanding of the legal system I also had the privilege of serving as a research assistant to Professor Orly Lobel and helping with her newly-published book However, it was my work at a boutique employment defense firm that truly resonated with my passion and previous work experience that allowed me to find my way into my current practice area – labor and employment

Being a first-generation college student has significantly shaped my perspective and fueled my commitment to giving back The struggles I faced growing up are shared by many who come after me, and this shared experience serves as a driving force in my dedication to guiding and supporting students, during their time in law school but also inspiring elementary through high school students to pursue a legal education I firmly believe that no one should feel alone on their educational journey, and my personal history motivates me to extend a helping hand to the next generation Whether through mentoring, providing guidance, or supporting financially, I am driven by the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and if I can make that even the slightest more simple or stress free, then I will find a way to contribute

Currently, I am an attorney with Snell & Wilmer, and I focus on leveraging my experiences and expertise to assist employers with the ever-changing employment law landscape I was also recently elected to serve as a Director for the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association With my amazing family of four, we try to truly experience everything San Diego has to offer, especially the growing soccer community (Go SD Wave!)


California Honors

Alec Cory

On April 24, California celebrated Alec Cory Day in honor of legendary San Diego lawyer and longtime social justice warrior and leader in San Diego’s legal community In Cory’s name, Procopio annually awards the Alec L Cory Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Service, a graduate award given to San Diego law school graduates who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to their community

Cory was among the first lawyers in the San Diego legal community to embrace pro bono work and provide legal services to the poor His commitment to the San Diego legal community drove his firm’s many contributions to students at the University of San Diego (USD) School of Law Cory was also instrumental in establishing the Alec Cory/Procopio Scholarship Fund that assists students with a demonstrated interest in public service or public interest law

In 1946, he co-founded Cory and Schwartz, now Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves and Savitch LLP, in a small

downtown office in San Diego with Edward Schwartz

When Cory retired after 47 years, the firm had grown to more than 40 attorneys with six broad practice areas, General Business, Real Estate, Tax, Bankruptcy, Trial and Complex Litigation, and Real Estate litigation The firm’s leaders continued Cory’s focus on smart growth after his retirement Today, Procopio has nearly 200 attorneys in seven offices across the United States and is the only AmLaw 200 firm headquartered in San Diego

Cory began his career in the San Diego Public Attorney’s Office, which later became the Legal Aid Society During his career, Cory was recognized for outstanding achievements by the San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program and the San Diego County Bar Association, of which he was a past president He was also named an Inaugural Fellow by the San Diego County Bar Foundation in 2005 . Cory passed away in 2010



Paul Peterson’s “A Life well lived” endures

Paul Peterson was truly a generous man, who strongly believed in giving back to the community He donated countless hours of his time, talent and treasure to community causes, including University of San Diego School of Law’s— Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI)

As one of the founding members of the CAI Board of Advisors, Peterson dedicated himself to improving the lives of children, especially those who are part of the foster care system . His compassion for children seeking the security of a stable home stemmed from personal experience Having lost his mother at a very young age, Peterson did not like talking about his early days, but he never forgot his turbulent childhood Instead, he acted with determination to create a beautiful home for his family and for the children of San Diego Peterson served in the Korean War and used the G .I . bill to attend the University of California at Berkeley He graduated from Berkeley’s law school in 1956 as a member of The Order of Coif, an academic honor society for the top 10% of the class His tenacity and strong work ethic stayed with him throughout his life He moved his family to San Diego in 1958 and practiced law with Byron F White, and later alongside Sol Price, the founder of FedMart, Price Club (which ultimately merged into Costco) and PriceSmart Price is considered the “father” of the “warehouse” store retail model

The Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI) is an academic, research and advocacy center dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of children and youth Through its academic program, CAI trains law students to be effective child advocates, providing unique clinical opportunities through the Child Advocacy Clinic . Through its research and advocacy component, CAI represents children

in legislatures, in the courts, before administrative agencies and through public education programs CAI’s goal is to ensure that children’s interests are effectively represented whenever and wherever government makes policy and budget decisions that affect them

After retiring from law, Peterson chaired the CAI Council for Children for many years and was CAI’s largest contributor virtually every year since its inception in 1989 Peterson served on the CAI advisory board and brought his friends and community members along with him on his journey to help shape better lives for children, especially those in the foster care system

Peterson tracked everything the CAI did, guided and supported the work as a founding member of the Council for Children, and was a personal adviser to Professor Robert C Fellmeth, Price Chair in Public Interest Law and Executive Director of the Center for Public Interest Law and the Children’s Advocacy Institute Fellmeth values his lifelong friendship with Peterson and is grateful for the support the CAI received in loving memory of him . Fellmeth notes that “Both Sol Price and Paul Peterson were critical to its (CAI) successful founding Paul’s support was essential to its success in many different ways — from financial help to policy guidance to the morale of all of us — year after year after year . ”

In December 2014, USD School of Law Dean Stephen C Ferruolo announced the establishment of the Fellmeth-Peterson Faculty Chair in Child Rights with the receipt of gifts totaling more than $2 million from a group of donors led by the Price Philanthropies Foundation, the Peterson Charitable Foundation, and Professor Fellmeth


“The generosity of these donors ensures that USD’s Children’s Advocacy Institute will be teaching and advocating children’s rights, and forging the legacy that we shall all leave behind…in perpetuity… forever,” said Ferruolo “We know of only two other law schools that have an endowed child rights program And no other law school has child advocacy operations on its campus, in its state capitol, and in Washington D C . Only USD School of Law . ”

“Paul Peterson’s steadfast dedication ensures that the Children’s Advocacy institute will be well supported into the next generation,” said current USD School of Law Dean Robert A Schapiro “This ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of children serves as a lasting legacy of his compassion and vision ”

Gifts in Peterson’s memory may be contributed to the Fellmeth-Peterson Chair in Child Rights by clicking here, or by contacting Debbie Rider at lawdev@sandiego .edu (619) 260-4692



“As a result of my scholarship award, I will be able to support my tuition and alleviate some financial burdens on my family for living expenses I’ll be able to spend more time working pro bono with organizations that I care deeply about, such as Legal Aid Society and Animal Legal Defense Fund . I have immense pride in that I have been recognized and supported for being my authentic self and working hard in my community . Thank you for your generosity, I am deeply grateful!”

“I look back fondly on my judicial externship with a federal magistrate judge in the U .S . District Court for the Southern District of California Every day that I went to chambers provided me with new learning opportunities and fascinating legal issues to tackle This scholarship will be tremendously valuable to me as it will help fund my last semester of law school As I currently lack a source of income while in school, I work hard to budget, pay my monthly expenses, and come up with enough money to pay my tuition . ”

“My favorite memory was taking a course taught by the Chief Judge of the U .S . Tax Court, the Honorable Maurice Foley, in Sacramento I stayed at McGeorge School of Law while interning at the Franchise Tax Board . The only reason I was able to study legislation and tax was because of the opportunities afforded to me through the law school at the University of San Diego . As a result of my scholarship award, I will be able to understand how to manage my finances better and eventually have financial freedom in my life I write my scholarships on my resume because it shows that someone else has taken an interest in my success ”

“I feel so lucky to have such amazing classmates . We have made so many memories together including pulling all nighters studying, attending bar reviews, and chatting in Warren Hall between classes I am so thankful and grateful for Ms Haida Massoud Mojdehi who donated to my scholarship . It makes a huge difference in my cost of living this year . I am able to take out less loans and more easily afford my textbooks and living expenses!”


“My first semester as a 1L was definitely the most difficult academic challenge I had faced in my life It also confirmed my desire to become a lawyer With every class I took, I genuinely enjoyed each class . I thought every topic of discussion was fascinating because it juxtaposed logic and reason with human subjectiveness Growing up with a childhood dream to become a lawyer never felt like it was 100% the right thing to do, until I entered a USD law school classroom . My scholarship will allow me to focus more on my studies, graduation, and studying for the bar However, more importantly, I can also start planning for my future in terms of gaining a more stable immigration status in order to be able to spend more time with my family

-Rosa Namgoong ’21 (JD)

“It is an honor to receive the Mike White Scholarship for Excellence in Litigation and the EALLS Social Justice in the Workplace Scholarship These awards have greatly lifted the financial burden of pursuing my degree and have validated the time and effort I have spent pursuing a career in employment law . I plan on becoming a workplace investigator after graduation When employees raise complaints of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, I will thoughtfully and thoroughly investigate the issues . ”

-Tristan Stidham ’21 (JD)

“I enjoyed my time at the USD Veterans Legal Clinic . I worked with a Veteran who was denied benefits by the VA and helped him draft an appeal It was emotionally draining work, but it was very rewarding to help him get what he deserved My scholarship will help me afford my bar prep course . I can now focus on studying for the bar without the distraction of stressful finances . ”

-Jonathan Greenbergs ’22 (JD)



April 13-14, 2022

The University of San Diego (USD) School of Law’s Big Give—36-Hour Giving Campaign roared to success with the help of alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends

It was Powered by Participation as law alumni flooded the giving link and showed up in droves for a lively kickoff reception hosted by Ronson Shamoun ‘98, ‘02, ‘03 at his firm, RJS Law

Over 200 supporters of the law school mixed and mingled as they vied to win one of the many unique silent auction baskets The evening was capped by the emotional words of two current law students, who expressed the importance and need for law scholarship support Elle Peterson ʼ24 said, “As an up and coming legal professional, it’s inspiring to see so many alumni and San Diego legal community members coming together to support the student experience at USD law, specifically funding for scholarships that encourage equitable opportunities for historically underrepresented communities ”

Over the next two days, the law school was Powered by Participation as alumni, staff, faculty, students, and friends of USD answered the call to support law students, programs and many other areas they were passionate about This participation, as well as $140,000 in challenge gifts, made it possible to exceed the $350,000 goal, finally reaching a two day high of $358,000

big give 2022


• Adam Bass, ʼ91 (JD)

• Libby Carson

• Michael B . Kaplan, ʼ72 (JD)

• Kim Koro, ʼ86 (JD)

• Linden Root Dickinson—John Henkel, ʼ77 (JD)

• Eric Houser, ʼ87 (JD)

• Cary Mack, ʼ88 (JD)

• Haida Massoud Mojdehi, ʼ94 (JD)

• James R McCormick, Jr , ʼ97 (JD)

• Steven Nunez

• Bruce, ʼ90 (JD) and Laurie, ʼ90 (JD) Poole

• Mike, ʼ83 (JD) and Debbie, ʼ84 (JD) Rider

• Dean Robert A Schapiro and Dr Lillian G Schapiro

• Former Congresswoman Lynn Schenk, ʼ70 (JD)

• RJS Law—Ronson J . Shamoun, ʼ98 (BBA), ʼ02 (JD), ʼ03 (LLM)

• Annsley and George Strong, ʼ74 (JD)

• Mike Weaver, ʼ73 (JD)

• Katherine and Cameron Weiss, ʼ12 (JD)













62% San Diego

San Francisco

Los Angeles



60’S AND 70’S
46 1980’S 46 1990’S 89 2000+
9% Orange County
New York
Washington, D.C.
Las Vegas
Phoenix 9% Other


USD School of Law has an annual tradition of welcoming back milestone reunion classes to commemorate the anniversary of their graduation. In 2021, we celebrated twice the number of class years. In addition to the 2021 reunions, we included the 2020 reunion classes who had their reunions virtually. From the 5-year sapphire blue anniversary to the 50-year golden anniversary from USD School of Law, we honored the Classes of 1970, 1971, 1980, 1981, 1990, 1991, 2000, 2001, 2010, 2011, 2015, and 2016.

In-person alumni events at USD were on hold for more than a year at USD. We were delighted that the reunions provided an opportunity for alumni to return to campus and reconnect with each other and their alma mater. The 2021 Milestone Reunions symbolized the law school’s coming back together again after a period of separation.

1970 1971 1980 1981 1990 1991 2000 2001 2010 2011 2015 2016
GIVING 14 • C. • Center • Children’s • Diversity • Experiential Each connections Scholarships,
Classes of 1970 and 1971

Each year, Reunion Classes join together to create a Reunion Class Gift, sustaining their connections with the law school and making a lasting impact. In addition to annual named Class Scholarships, the 2021 and 2020 Milestone Reunion Classes designated their Reunion Class Gifts:

C. Hugh Friedman Professorship

Center for Public Interest Law

Children’s Advocacy Institute (CAI)

Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Experiential Advocacy Practicum

• Graduate Jobs Initiative

• Harvey Levine Endowed Scholarship

• Legal Clinic Clerkship Fund

• Legal Clinics

• Sister Sally Furay Scholarship

Thank you to our 2021 and 2020 Mileston Reunion Classes for celebrating their reunions by giving back! law.sandiego.edu/reunions

Classes of 1980, 1981, 1990, 1991, 2015, and 2016

Diego School of Law 5998 Alcalá Park, San Diego, CA 92110-2492
Class of 1991


Dean’s Senior Counsel



Lisa S and David S Casey Jr ʼ74

Charles G . Koch Charitable Foundation

Vicky Carlson and Steven J Cologne ʼ84

Haight, Brown & Bonesteel

Higgs Fletcher & Mack LLP

High Tech Inventors Alliance

Anne P Shelburne and Steven R . Hunsicker ʼ75

Kimberly M Koro ʼ86 and Markus P Koro

Stanley W . Legro*

Sunita and Patrick W ʼ92 Martin

John P Massucco Jr ʼ69

May & Stanley Smith Charitable Trust

Virginia C Nelson ʼ79 and Mark W Andrews

Daniel C . Peterson ʼ83

Barbara J and Paul A Peterson*

Matthew ʼ86 and Heidi Peterson

The Paul Peterson Charitable Trust

Gwendolyn L and Thomas A Price / Price Family Foundation


Former Congresswoman Lynn Schenk ʼ70

Trish M and Vern D . Schooley ʼ66

Richard L Stack / Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation

Susanne Stanford ʼ75

Dean’s Counsel


Shelley H . and Derek K . Aberle ʼ96

John D Alessio ʼ91 (BBA), ʼ94 / Procopio

Jill C . and Jeffrey B . Baird ʼ98

Richard D Barton / Procopio

Steve Beuerle / Procopio

Gayle Blatt / CaseyGerry

Bryan Briscoe

Kathleen A . Brown ʼ89 / Procopio

Michele B Brown ʼ94 / Procopio

Robert J Brown ʼ92, ʼ94 (LLM) / Procopio

Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield LLP

Michael J Changaris / Procopio

Croul Family Foundation

Margot L and Dennis J Doucette ʼ86

Cambra L ʼ96 and Phillip R Finch Jr ʼ93 ʼ96

Finch, Thornton & Baird, LLP

John R Henkel ʼ77 / Linden Root Dickinson Foundation

Karen M (Peckham) ʼ89 and Andrew Hewitt

Denise M Hickey ʼ94 and Christopher J Soares

Faye D Hunter ʼ90

Jenna ʼ07 and Dustin Jones ʼ07

Terri and Michael B Kaplan ʼ72 / Michael B Kaplan Charitable Foundation

Una Davis and Jack McGrory ʼ81

Laurie S ʼ90 and Bruce P Poole ʼ90

Procopio Cory Hargreaves and Savitch LLP

Laura and Kurt L Robinson ʼ84 (MBA), ʼ87

Kevin J Ruddy ʼ73 (BA), ʼ77

Robert G Russell Jr ʼ75/Procopio

Jason R Thornton ʼ96

Tyson & Mendes LLP

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati


Elaine and Larry Alexander

Michael Bidart

Lynda F and Robert W Blanchard ʼ80

Blanchard, Krasner & French, APC

Elizabeth “Libby” H . and Dr . John C . Carson*

Donald Dripps


Julianne (D’Angelo) Fellmeth ʼ76 (BA), ʼ83 and Robert C Fellmeth

Robert Francavilla ʼ79 (BBA), ʼ83 / CaseyGerry

Marla and Gordon L Gerson ʼ76 / Gerson Law Firm APC

Susan Westover-Giali ʼ90 and Dale J Giali ʼ90

Senior Partner

John H Gomez ʼ89 (BBA) / Gomez Trial Attorneys

Sylvia and Eric Houser ʼ87

Kathryn and Phillip J Jelsma / CGS3

Hon . Herbert B . Hoffman

Angela and Mark A Krasner ʼ81

Cary P Mack ʼ88

Tricia L Samson-McCormick ʼ98 and James R McCormick Jr ʼ97

Karen G and Thomas F Mulvaney ʼ77

Gwen T and Robert Y . Nagata ʼ70

Office of the Attorney General

Thomas D . Penfield / CaseyGerry

Lisa and John S Reynard III ʼ09, ʼ10 (LLM)


Dimitra F and Frank E Rogozienski ʼ71 / Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Dr Lillian and Robert Schapiro

Frederick A . Schenk ʼ78 / CaseyGerry

Sempra Energy

Melanie and Ronson J Shamoun ʼ98 (BBA), ʼ02 (JD), ʼ03 (LLM)

Annsley and George G Strong Jr ʼ74

John D Thelan ʼ74 / Costco Wholesale

Van Law Firm




Tommi and Robert F Adelizzi ʼ63

Debra ʼ82 and Alan Barbanel ʼ82

Deborah W and Robert S Barry Jr ʼ75 / Barry Family Foundation

Liz and Richard M Bartell ʼ75 / Bartell Hotels

Amy D . and Adam J . Bass ʼ88 (BA), ʼ91

Sandy Minc and William G Baumgaertner ʼ75*

Hon Christine A Bologna ʼ77 and John B LaRocco ʼ77

Buchalter APC

Linda F and Benjamin C Bunn ʼ89

Ryan Clarkson / Clarkson Law Firm

Lynne G and Stephen P Doyle ʼ84

Linda B Dubroof ʼ80 and Tom McGinnis / McGinnis Family Fund

Erin F . ʼ01 and Bryan Giglia / Montage Legal Group, LLC

Allison H (Hughes) ʼ00 and Patrick E Goddard Jr

Shaka H Johnson ʼ03 / Sony San Diego Employees


Rebekah G ʼ07 and Jay A Jurata Jr ʼ00 Jones Day

Kelly and Robert J Kaplan ʼ81

Helen (Weaver) and Webster “Buzz” Kinnaird ʼ75 / Paul Bechtner Foundation

Karen and Michael D . Lurie ʼ93


Victoria Monaco

Morrison & Foerster

Cheryl and William Naumann ʼ80 / The Naumann Law Firm, PC

Dawn and Steven Nunez / Rotary InternationalThe Shannon Fund

Hon Jinsook and Jason Ohta ʼ00

Deborah J (MacLean) ʼ84 and Michael J Rider ʼ83

Jaclyn, Natalie and Nick Robbin

Laura G (Gormican) ʼ04 and Kyle E Rowen ʼ00 (BA), ʼ04 / Montage Legal Group, LLC

San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Judy and Gary W Schons ʼ73 (BA), ʼ76

Maimon Schwarzschild

Elena and Jeffrey M Singletary ʼ04

Jeffrey T Thomas ʼ82 / United Way of Orange County

Top Class Action

Torrey Pines Bank

Katherine ʼ97 and Donald J . Umpleby III

Lynda P Vargas ʼ02

Mark R . Weinstein ʼ97

Cameron Weiss ʼ12

Christopher P Wesierski ʼ78

Western Alliance Bank



Senior Associate



A B Data Foundation

Hon Olga Álvarez ʼ02 and Dr Michael Gonzalez

Angeion Group

Association of Business Trial Lawyers of San Diego

Darlene and G . Edward Arledge ʼ73

Lynn D and Geoffrey H Ashworth ʼ76 / Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Jim W Baker

Christy and Ronald I Beck ʼ78

Carolina Bravo-Karimi ʼ08

Hon . Louisa S Porter ʼ77 (ret .) and David W .

Brennan ʼ03 (LLM)

Hon Irma E Gonzalez (ret ) and Robert S Brewer Jr ʼ75

Susan and Alan K . Brubaker ʼ76

Barry M Crane ʼ77

Hon D Lynn Collet ʼ94

Penny C and Michael A Ferrara Jr ʼ72

Margaret A ʼ94 and Rex Dalton

Bibianne U . Fell ʼ04 / Fell Law

Fell Law

Marian N and M Carr Ferguson

Leslie and Robert J Hanna ʼ75

Ashkan Hayatdavoudi ʼ18

Raymond B Hom ʼ01

Cathy and Duane Horning ʼ94

Lori K . and Ralph B . Kalfayan ʼ82 (BBA), ʼ84, ʼ12 (LLM) / Kalfayan Merjanian LLP

Vic A Merjanian ʼ10 / Kalfayan Merjanian LLP

Mary Tseng Klaasen ʼ87

Rhonda L (Cartwright) ʼ86 and Barry D Ladendorf ʼ72

Lynne Lasry ʼ80 and Allen Snyder

Charleen M . and Scott F . Lundberg

Edwin F McPherson ʼ82

Lori Abbott Moreland ʼ80

Andrea Myers ʼ08 / Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek

Elizabeth M and Craig S Nelson ʼ94

Mark Rackers ʼ07

Trudy Stambook and Paul E Robinson ʼ73 / Merrill

Lynch & Co Inc

Andrea Schaffer

Col . Sarah Schaffer ʼ02, ʼ11 (LLM)

John M Simon ʼ99 / The Simon Strauss Foundation

Nancy L . (Schons) Smoke ʼ77

Feryeni and Steven Taggart ʼ93

Verus, LLC

Tara Vukovich ʼ19 / Fell Law

Valerie and Michael J Weaver ʼ73 / Weaver Charitable Foundation

Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP

Cherri and Charles B Witham ʼ98, ʼ99 (MBA)




Sheree and Hon Richard M Aronson ʼ72 (BA), ʼ75

Jonathan J Asch ʼ97

Vincent J Bartolotta Jr / Thorsnes Bartolotta & McGuire LLP

Shelley A and Richard A Bayer ʼ83 / U S Charitable Gift Trust

Brandon Becker ʼ77

Hon Michael S Berg ʼ81

Eve A Brackmann ʼ04

Deborah Briggs ʼ83

Brian P Brinig ʼ79

Emily F Burns ʼ03

Matthew S Buttacavoli ʼ99

Jenny Woll and Kevin Cole

Susan L and K David Crockett ʼ91

Albert V De Leon ʼ76

Steven Dillaway ʼ71

Craig D Dingwall ʼ82 (MBA), ʼ82

Jenny and Julie A Dunne ʼ92

Michel J Duquella ʼ94

Donald A . English ʼ84

Nancy Dale and Dr Brian D Fellmeth


Jane Trevor and Thompson Fetter ʼ67

Bridget M and Robert J Gaughan Jr

Robert H Gleason ʼ98 and Marc Matys

Dr John M Goldenring

Kirsten ʼ98 (LLM) and Frank Grell ʼ98 (LLM)

Kathy and Hon Louis R Hanoian ʼ80

Hon Michael B . Harris ʼ71

Beth and Robert W Huston ʼ93

Curtis M Jackson ʼ18

Joseph W Kaatz ʼ11

Suzanne and Samuel J Kahn ʼ77 (BS) / Great Western Mortgage

Michael B . Kelly

Robert J Kelter ʼ87

Alice and Harri J . Keto ʼ76

Hon Greer D Knopf (Ret ) ʼ78

John P Kochis ʼ75

Sheryl and Joel Krissman ʼ73

Thomas Leanse ʼ78


Monet J Mccord ʼ20

John F . McGuire Jr . / Thorsnes Bartolotta & McGuire LLP

Daphne and James J McMullen Jr ʼ80

Nikki Presley and Joel S Miliband ʼ77

Jane and Kirk A Miller ʼ84

Danielle S Myers ʼ08

Gary L . Nell ʼ70

Carol S and Robert L O’Connell ʼ73

Katherine L ʼ02 and Cameron Parker

Stephanie L Parks Pendrod ʼ07

Barbara R and Captain Frank J Prochazka ʼ74

Nan Pugh

Josephine (Wydra) ʼ75 (MED) and Frank J ʼ67 ʼ72

Ragen Jr

Renae Fish and Gary Redenbacher

Lauren ʼ17 and Campbell C Roseman ʼ16

John G Scarry ʼ94 (BA)

Peggy B and Dickran A Semerdjian ʼ85/ Schwartz Semerdjian Cauley & Moot LLP

Kelly C Smith ʼ15

Hon David Rubin and Todd F Stevens ʼ88

Carmen and Francis J Tepedino ʼ74

Michael T Thorsnes ʼ68 / Thorsnes Bartolotta & McGuire LLP

Mayre and W . Gerard von Hoffmann III ʼ83

Lewis Walton ʼ67

Daniel S . Weber ʼ78

Catherine A (Lindseth) ʼ64 (BA) and Hon Thomas J Whelan ʼ61 (BBA), ʼ65

Sonia O Williams ʼ01

Natahsa C Wong ʼ03 (LLM)

Judith E White and Michael M Yi ʼ88

Ruthann and Tom Yuhas ʼ77

Maudsley Fellows Affiliates $500-$1,499

Lisa and Capt Matthew L Abbot ʼ15

Preston Bennett ʼ18

Robert K Foster ʼ19

James Y Hurt ʼ16

Julianna H ʼ16 and Daryoush Kat ʼ22

Erin Lupfer ʼ17

Salma Zinabidine ʼ21 *deceased



Albert and Mae Lee Memorial Scholarship

Alberta S Casey Endowed Scholarship

Alec L Cory Procopio Scholarship

Blanchard, Krasner & French Endowed Scholarship

C Hugh Friedman Endowed Scholarship

Carr Ferguson Graduate Tax Research Fellowship

Christopher McCallister Memorial Scholarship

Class of 1975 Scholarship

Congresswoman Lynn Schenk Endowed Law Scholarship

Darling Foundation Scholarship

David S Casey Trial Advocacy Scholarship

Delroy Richardson Endowed Law Scholarship

Distinguished Alumni Honoree Endowed Scholarship

Donna Lee Arledge Memorial Scholarship Fiorenza and Hernando Courtright Endowed Scholarship

Founders Endowed Scholarship

Frank E and Dimitra F Rogozienski Scholarship

Gerald and Donna McMahon Endowed Scholarship

Grant Morris Endowed Scholarship

Irvin and Eleanor B Kahn Endowed Scholarship

Jack R McGrory Endowed Student Veteran Legal Scholarship

James E Spain Family Law School Student Aid Endowment

John Winters Memorial Fund

Joyce Nagata Maguire Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Karen P Hewitt Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Keith F . Park Endowed Scholarship

Kenneth and Thelma Doucette Endowed Scholarship

Kevin and Bryan Briscoe Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Kim and Markus P Koro Legacy Endowed Scholarship

Law Endowed Scholarship

Lawrence Mahlum Memorial Scholarship

Law Student Veterans Scholarship

Lou Kerig Endowed Scholarship

The Honorable Louis M Welsh Endowed Scholarship

Mary and Alan Schulman Scholarship

Michael Konz Memorial Scholarship

Michael Mohr Memorial Scholarships

Moller Scholarship Endowment

Procopio International Tax Scholarship II

Professor Joseph Darby Endowed Scholarship

Richard A Bayer Endowed Scholarship

Roseann Gerold Hoffman Endowed Scholarship

Sister Sally Furay Law Scholarship

Tim C Rothans Public Service Scholarship

Vern D . Schooley Endowed Scholarship

Virginia C Nelson and Mark W Andrews Legacy

Endowed Scholarship

Warren Family Endowment For Student Assistance


Aberle Family Scholarship

Advancing Black Leadership and Scholarship Fund

Alan H and Deb S Barbanel Scholarship

Alberta S Casey Scholarship

Antonyan Miranda Family Law Scholarship

Baumgaertner Family Scholarship

Blanchard, Krasner & French Scholarship

Bruce D and Laurie S Poole Transactional Law Scholarship

Businesslink Scholarship

Christopher P Wesierski Trial Attorney Scholarship

Class of 1976 Scholarship

Class of 1979 Merit Scholarship

Class of 1986 Scholarship

Darshan and Tejal Patel Scholarship

Dean Donald Weckstein Memorial Scholarship

DLA Piper Life Science and Technology Scholarship

EALLS Social Justice in the Workplace Scholarship

Faye D Hunter Scholarship

Finch, Thornton & Baird, LLP Build California Scholarship

Gerson Law Firm APC Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

Gomez Trial Attorneys Gender Equality Scholarship

Gomez Trial Attorneys LGBTQ Scholarship

Haida Massoud Mojdehi Scholarship

Harvey Levine Scholarship

Helen and Webster Kinnaird Law Scholarship

Higgs Fletcher and Mack LLP Diversity Scholarship in honor of Craig Higgs

Jackson Lewis Labor and Employment Scholarship - Vincent A Cino Scholarship Program

James R McCormick, Jr – Delphi Law Group, LLP Scholarship

Jason Ohta First Generation Scholarship

Jay and Rebekah Jurata Law Scholarship

Jeffrey T . Thomas Annual Named Scholarship

Jennifer Irvine Memorial Scholarship

Jerry G Gonick and Susan S Gonick Student

Scholarship Fund in Honor of Dean Stephen C Ferruolo

John P Massucco, Jr Scholarship

Julianne D Fellmeth Public Interest Law Scholarship

Karen P Hewitt Scholarship

Kenneth and Thelma Doucette Scholarship

Law Alumni Board Scholarship

LGBTQ Alumni Law Scholarship

Linden Root Dickinson LLM Tax Scholarship

Michael J and Deborah J Rider Scholarship

Michael & Karen Lurie Social Responsibility Law Scholarship

Michael T Thorsnes Civil Advocacy Scholarship

Mike White Scholarship for Excellence in Litigation

Price Family International Studies Fund

Procopio Scholarship

Professor Jorge A Vargas DACA Scholarship

Qualcomm IP Scholarship Program

Raymond Joaquin Mercado Memorial LatinX Law Scholarship

Reynard Family Scholarship

RJS LAW: A Tax Law Firm TCI Scholarship

Robert Brewer Student Veteran Scholarship

Ronson J Shamoun RJS Law Tax Scholarship

Rose and Arthur Kaplan Law Scholarship

Sol G Dubroof Memorial Scholarship

Stacey Curry-CGS3 Diversity Scholarship

Steven J Cologne Scholarship

Thomas F . L McCauley Scholarship

Turner Diversity Scholarship

Van Law Firm Scholarship in Honor of Natalie J Hagen

VICAM Scholarship in Honor of Trent Kashima

Westover-Giali Family Scholarship

William C . Kuebler Award

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