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A 2023 showcase of scholars, authors, and artists of the University of Redlands


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OUR HOUSE 2023 A MESSAGE FROM THE PROVOST Dear University of Redlands faculty and community members, The Our House tradition at Redlands provides a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and celebrate the scholarly accomplishments of our faculty. Now more than ever, I am humbled by the many ways you have contributed to your various research and creative communities over the past year. I thank you all for your commitment to creating new knowledge and your unflagging efforts to extend the benefits of your work to our students - as you model the power of discovery for each of them. Please join me in extending congratulations to our colleagues on their research, scholarly, and creative accomplishments completed between June 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023. With gratitude,

Art Svenson, beloved David Boies Professor of Government, has spent more than three decades as an inspired advocate of the University of Redlands. He coined the phrases “professors’ paradise” and “our house” to describe how he feels about spending his days with students “who are as interested in what I do as I am.” Through the pages of this booklet, we welcome you to Our House, an annual celebration of the scholarly and creative accomplishments of our faculty and staff that sets the stage for volumes and stories to come. ACHIEVEMENTS 2 Books 2 Book Chapters 5 Editorships 5 Exhibitions 5 Film 5 Journal Articles, Encyclopedia, and Literary Contributions 8 Performances and Readings 8 Poetry 8 Sponsored Research 8 StoryMap

Adrienne McCormick Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs University of Redlands Editor’s Note: We highlight Redlands faculty and staff in order of last name in the bibliographic entries in this booklet. In cases where there are multiple authors listed, we provide the full first name of the University of Redlands author(s) listed. The submissions in this booklet were voluntarily provided by the authors and should not be considered the definitive list of all University of Redlands scholarship and creative work. We will open a short revision window for the digital version of Our House 2023 compilation so that authors may submit corrections. We’ll publish the corrected list at

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BOOK Tejani, Riaz. Law and Economics: New Trajectories in Law. London and New York: Routledge, 2023. Tschann, Judith. Romaine Wasn’t Built in a Day: The Delightful History of Food Language, Little, Brown / Voracious, February 2023.

BOOK CHAPTER Bailey, Julius H. ““Sinner or Saint?” Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement in Selma.” In Protestants on Screen: Religion, Politics, and Aesthetics in European and American Movies, edited by Gaston Espinosa, 221-236. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023. 978-019-005891-3. Cha, Heungjoo, Cynthia C. Massey, Montana Smithey, and Jackie H. Kim. “Exploring Faculty Experiences With Technology- Supported Collaboration in College Classrooms.” In Handbook of Research on Facilitating Collaborative Learning Through Digital Content and Learning Technologies, edited by Jared Keengwe, 132-160. Hershey: IGI Global, 2023. 9781668457092. Charest, Brian C. “The culture wars redux: Responding to the attacks on critical race theory.” In Contextualizing Critical Race Theory on Inclusive Education, edited by Jose Lalas, Heidi Strikwerda, Bingley: Emerald, 2023. Tracey, Terrence, James Lichtenberg, Rodney K. Goodyear, and Bruce Wampold. “Do Therapists Get Better With Experience?.” In APA Handbook of Psychotherapy, Volume II, edited by Frederick Leong, Jennifer Callahan, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2023. 9781433836749. Hewitt, Jessie R. “Secrets, Sex, and Medicine in Late Nineteenth-Century France.” In Histories of French Sexuality from the Enlightenment to the Present, edited by Nina Kushner, Andrew Israel Ross, 161-184. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2023. 9781496235497. Jose Lalas (2023). Preface: “How did the writing of this book on critical race theory come about?” In Lalas and Strikwerda (Eds.) Contextualizing Critical Race Theory on Inclusive Education from A Scholar-Practitioner Perspective: Does It Really Matter? United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing.

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Jose Lalas and Heidi Strikwerda (2023). “Race, Racism, and Critical Race Theory.” In Lalas and Strikwerda (Eds.) Contextualizing Critical Race Theory on Inclusive Education from A Scholar-Practitioner Perspective: Does It Really Matter? United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing. April Clay and Jose Lalas (2023). “Critical Race Theory Lens: Revealing the Outcast Phenomenon Experience Through the Voices of African-American Graduate Students.” In Lalas and Strikwerda (Eds.). Contextualizing Critical Race Theory on Inclusive Education from A Scholar-Practitioner Perspective: Does It Really Matter? United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing. Jose Lalas and Heidi Strikwerda (2023). “CRT Matters: Here, There, and Everywhere.” In Lalas and Strikwerda (Eds.). Contextualizing Critical Race Theory on Inclusive Education from A Scholar-Practitioner Perspective: Does It Really Matter? United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing. Oster, Sharon B. “Emma Lazarus’s Cosmopolitanism.” In American Literature in Transition, Volume 4: The Long Nineteenth Century, 1876-1910, edited by Lindsay V. Reckson, 299-323. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022. 9781108763714. Oster, Sharon B. “Cartographies of Suffering: Mapping Holocaust Memory.” In Critical Memory Studies: New Approaches, edited by Brett Ashley Kaplan, 347-364. London: Bloomsbury, 2023. 9781350230118. Ocker, Christopher. “Prayer Literature and the History of Prayer: Material Conditions and Subjectivities.” In Prayer Books and Piety in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe / Gebetbücher und Frömmigkeit in Spätmittelalter und Früher Neuzeit, edited by Maria Crăcium, Volker Leppin, 347-358. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht, 2023. 978-3-52557345-7. Ocker, Christopher. “The Ecology of Desire: Pierre d’Ailly’s Commentary on the Fourth Chapter of the Song of Songs.” In The Song of Songs Through the Ages Essays on the Song’s Reception History in Different Times, Contexts, and Genres, edited by Annette Schellenberg, 241-262. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2023. 9783110750799. Salmon, Catherine, and J. A. Hehman. “Parent-offspring conflict.” In Cambridge Handbook of Evolutionary Perspectives on Sexual Psychology, edited by T Shackelford, 160-181. Cambridge University Press, 2022. Salmon, Catherine, and R. Burch. “Popular Culture and Human Mating: Artifacts of Desire.” In Oxford Handbook of Human Mating, edited by D. Buss, P. Durkee, 796-813. Oxford University Press, 2023. 9780197536438.

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Kuncl, Ralph W. Pomes: Writing Like There’s No Tomorrow (Collected Poetry of Douglas Lowry). Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press, 2023.

Goodyear, Rodney. Shaping the Practice of Psychotherapy: International Perspectives from two Visionaries, Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, recorded 2023, MP4.

Lai, Tammy. Nobody Told Me That the Road Would Be Easy: Devotions for People Working for Justice and Peace. 2023.


Jose Lalas & Heidi Strikwerda. Contextualizing Critical Race Theory on Inclusive Education from A Scholar-Practitioner Perspective: Does It Really Matter? Wellington Street, Leeds LS1 4DL United Kingdom: Emerald Publishing, 2023. Ocker, Christopher, Christoph Markschiess, and Christian Albrecht. Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte. Berlin: De Grutyter, 2023. Ocker, Christopher. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2023. Ocker, Christopher, Jorunn Oekland, Fiona C. Black, Kraemer David, and Katherine Marsengill. Journal for the Bible and Its Reception. Berlin: De Grutyer, 2023. Pick, James B., Senior Editor. Information Technology for Development, 2023. Salmon, Catherine. Journal Editor. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.

EXHIBITION Galloway, Munro. Solo exhibition, and publication, “Deux-pièces” at the gallery Le Passage, Paris FR, June 2023 Galloway, Munro. Two-person exhibition and publication, “Bookends” at Basket Books & Art, Houston, TX, October-November 2023. Norton, Trevor. Old Globe Gala scenic and lighting design, exhibited at Old Globe Gala, San Diego, CA, 2022. Norton, Trevor. Old Globe Gala scenic and lighting design, exhibited at Old Globe Gala, San Diego, CA, 2023.

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Journal Article, Encyclopedia, or Literary Contribution continued Thompkins, F., P. Goldblum, T. Lai, J. Reynolds, R. Lachter, and L. Brown. “Using Cross-Cultural Collaboration to Establish a Working Coalition for An Equitable COVID-19 Vaccine Program.” Journal of Humanistic Psychology. (doi: (2023).

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Journal Article, Encyclopedia, or Literary Contribution continued Peñaherrera-Aguirre, M., M. Sarraf, D. Kruger, and C. Salmon. “Soft Core Evolutionary Psychology? Potential Evidence Against a Unified Research Program from a Survey of 581 Evolutionarily Informed Scholars.” Evolutionary Psychologyical Science. (doi: s40806-023-00370-3) (2023).

PERFORMANCE OR READING Bjork, Mikela K., How We Met. Brooklyn Film and Arts Festival, Zoom, 2022, Brooklyn, NY.


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SPONSORED RESEARCH King, Heather, Sowing the Humanities. 59,680. National Endowment for the Humanities. 2023. Pick, James B., Comparing Digital Divides: US, Mexico, and India in the Covid Era. 6,000. Franklin Research, American Philosophical Society. 2023. Pick, James B., and Avijit Sarkar, Geographical Mapping and Analysis of Purposeful Broadband Use in the United States in the 2020s. $41,992. Comcast Inc. 2023.

STORYMAP Tilton, Jennifer. “Building a Movement on San Bernardino’s Westside.” 2022. Tilton, Jennifer. “Color lines in San Bernardino: Mapping Housing Segregation on San Bernardino’s Westside.” 2023. Zias-Roe, Shellie, and Lisa Benvenuti. “University of Redlands Haiku Hike.” 2023. 2c0406af70.

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