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KUDOs is a publication of the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning, Fall 2016


Eight Ways We Are Flying High.

To Be the Creative Force: Be Fluid and Think Wrong. Animated by Innovative Resourcing Models. In an Open, Dynamic, Cutting Edge, and Adaptive Space. A Partner for Professions, Communities, and Industries. A Distinctive and Global D-school. A Diverse, Integrated, and Global Network for Lifelong Learning. A Leader in Regional and Global Urbanism. The Measure of Excellence in Design Research and Teaching.

Dear University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning Alumni and Friends, If I haven’t met you already, let me introduce myself. I am Mahesh Daas, the Dean of the School since June, 2015. My first year has been an exciting one and we have much to share with you on the following pages. Last year, our faculty, staff and students came together and established a new vision for our school. Together we shall be: The Pioneering Force for Global Impact Through Design. This vision is rooted in the ideals of Dean Goldwin Goldsmith, who founded the School a century ago. And as a member of what I call The School of 12,000, consisting of 11,000 alumni + 1,000 students, you are an integral part of it too. We’re Jayhawks. We fly high. We belong to a sky that has no limits.

We work hard to bring our hands, hearts, and minds together to engage the world. Here’s how.

Dean Mahesh Daas / DPACSA

PS: We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at!

32 . 70 N / 87. 5 9 W

How do we teach a student to believe, “I can walk on water,” when she has spent her life being told, “No, you can’t”? By showing her how to discard assumptions, rigid preconceptions, and to “be fluid and think wrong.” For our students, those words are more practice than theory. Here, student Alexandra Frost takes a ride on

a bamboo-and-fiberglass paddleboard made by hand at HERObike, a Greensboro, Ala., workshop. Alexandra was among a dozen students and faculty who went there over winter break to work on prototypes of new products that could be built by local craftspeople.

Makers Architects Artists Partners Teammates Empathizers Designers Doers KU SCHOOL OF

What is

Design Thinkers Innovators Change Makers Experts Visualizers Dreamers Leaders Planners Sensemakers

Lateral Thinking Prototyping Scenario Building Diverging Thinking Wrong Sketching Modeling Ideating

What if ?

Iterating Generating Building Experimenting Speculative Making Design Processing User Testing Diagramming Visual Thinking

3 8. 57 N / 8 5 . 1 5 W

Studio 804 design-build program in 2013-14. The Forum’s proprietary displacement ventilation system and automated shading system were researched and designed by architecture students in the class along with Henderson Engineers and Transsolar|Klimaengineering.


Students get ready for a presentation in the award-winning Forum, an addition to Marvin Hall funded through the generosity of alumni and donors. The 3,000-square-foot Forum, which includes a commons, the flex-space above for reviews and meetings, and 120-seat auditorium was built in its entirety by students enrolled in the School’s

3 8. 9 4 N / 9 5 . 1 8 W

Craft shop manager Jacob Johanning works in the School’s 65,000-square-foot East Hills Construction Innovation Laboratory, located in an industrial park east of Lawrence. The aircraft hangar-size facility is infinitely adaptive, and outfitted with everything students might need to design

and build at scales ranging from prefabricated residential modules to rammed earth walls to wooden canoes. East Hills is one of nine facilities that serve as homes to the School’s innovative programs.

3 9. 1 2 N / 9 4 . 6 0 W

Shannon Criss and student Matt Kleinmann. The students above built a garden shed for Community Housing of Wyandotte County’s Splitlog Farm in one of Nils’ design studios. CHWC is one of almost a dozen community organizations working with the agency.


Assoc. Prof. Nils Gore leads a class gathered at the School’s Dotte Agency storefront in Kansas City, Kansas. The space is used as community meeting room, classroom, and a home base for research into food deserts in the Wyandotte County area which is being led by Assoc. Prof.
















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s rn










Sponsored Projects

I Co ndu ns st or ry tia Service Learning

ng i u n in tio t n ca o C du E

Kansas’ Flagship Design School. A School of Pioneers. We engage our students in the practices of design thinking, making, and visualization to create beautiful, innovative, and responsible solutions ranging from architectural spaces and art objects, to design products, systems, experiences, and services, that respond to human needs and enhance the quality of everyday life. Our programs foster the development of real-world problem-solving skills that can be applied through a variety of creative disciplines.

The School’s distinctive focus on planning, designing, and making prepares our students to become thought leaders for such things as health and wellness, visual communication design, and design-build.

This innovative pedagogy turns conventional educational models inside out by placing students in a world where they breathe, dream, and live design, producing work like this award-winning environmental graphics wall which our students created to promote KU Design Week.

Afghanistan Bangladesh Brazil China East Timor Egypt France Germany India Iran Iraq Israel Japan Kuwait Libya Morocco Myanmar Oman Pakistan Paraguay Philippines Saudi Arabia South Korea Taiwan The Gambia United Arab Emirates Ukraine Venezuela

Australia Austria Canada China Cuba Estonia France Germany Greece Finland Hong Kong India Ireland Israel Japan Malaysia Nepal New Zealand Poland Brazil Singapore Sri Lanka Sweden The Netherlands United Kingdom







China France Germany Ireland Israel Japan Philippines Singapore South Korea Sweden United Kingdom







Australia Austria China Cuba Denmark Finland France Germany Israel Italy Japan Kenya Laos Macau Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand The Gambia Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Vietnam

Algeria Argentina Australia Belgium Bolivia Brazil Cameroon Canada China Colombia Costa Rica Cyprus Egypt Ecuador Finland France Germany Honduras India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kenya Kuwait Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Peru Poland Qatar Republic of Korea Singapore Spain Sri Lanka Switzerland Taiwan Tanzania Thailand The Bahamas Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Venezuela West Africa




People might not think of the School of Architecture, Design & Planning, located as it is in a university in the middle of the United States, as a global place, and yet the influence of our students, faculty, and alumni is truly international.

We believe that exposure to different cultures is so important that nearly all of our students take some study abroad, so they can truly be “citizens of the world.”

3 8. 57 N / 9 5 . 1 5 W

The plan would create an urban arts district in Kansas City, Mo., that will give the city international prominence. Dean Daas recently became board president of the Kansas City Design Center, located in the Power & Light District, where urban design is taught.


Julian Zugazagoitia, director & CEO of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and Dean Daas discuss the P/A Awardwinning urban design plan that the museum and the New York architecture firm Weiss Manfredi developed with input from the local community.

2016 School of Architecture, Design & Planning Faculty and Staff Alejandro Aptilon J. Todd Achelpohl Kathy Achelpohl Kadim Jewad Al-Asady Patti Baker Alan Black Richard Branham Ben Brown Hui Cai Tad Carpenter Robert Castillo Jae Chang Daniel Coburn Bob Coffeen Joe Colistra Ken Conrad Shannon Criss Mahesh Daas Bryon Darby Patrick Dooley Anne Dunning Michael Eckersley Gera Elliott Phil Englehart Steve Fair Farhana Ferdous Barry Fitzgerald Tyler Galloway John Gaunt Nicholas Gilliland Amber Goodvin Nils Gore Stephen Grabow Amy Hardman Jason Hascall Andrea Herstowski Tim Hossler Tom Huang Jake Johannes Bonnie Johnson Bill Johnson Stephen Johnson Whitney Juneau Farhan Karim Zach Kessler Elise Kirk Lisa Koch Jonathan Kowalkoski Chad Kraus Bret Lawson

Marie Alice L’Heureux Charles Linn Adam Long Craig Long Ward Lyles Jared Macken Andrew Manto Kirk McClure Jeremy Mohler Dale Nimz Abbey Ockinga Alejandro Ogata Meredith O’Neil Steve Padget Anne Patterson Samantha Raines Lance Rake Mahbub Rashid Dan Rockhill Dan Rolf Linda Samson-Talleur Dennis Sander Paola Sanguinetti Derick Schweppe Barb Seba Jeremy Shellhorn Hugo Sheward Kapila Silva Mike Sinclair Kent Smith Kent Spreckelmeyer Denise Jo Staples Michael Swann Meredith Tack Gregory Thomas Huw Thomas John Trefry Henry Troyer May Tveit Jay Vaglio Nilou Vakil Amy Van de Riet Keith Van de Riet Richard Varney Bruce Wagman Stacey Swearingen White Jonathan Wilde Nicole Wilson Jane Wong Frank Zilm

Thinking Wrong Designer John Bielenberg of Future Partners, San Francisco, a frequent School visitor, gives workshops on the Design Blitz: a rapid-cycle design technique. This imaginative approach to helping participants make the world a better place by getting them to discard convention, and to jump what he calls the innovation gap.

He challenges them to “be bold, get out, think wrong, make stuff, bet small, and move fast.” The technique builds leadership skills, and helps to raise social consciousness. In the blitz above design students prepare to rethink the century-old experience of going to the movies.


48-Hour Repack Competition For the second year in a row, students participated in the Southeastern Chapter of the Institute of Packaging Professionals Repack Competition. This year’s problem? Design and prototype a new apple juice container that is recyclable yet makes an emotional connection with users, all in just 48 hours.

Design Blitzing the Jaybreak Extending the School’s sphere of influence into the larger university community our students collaborated with the College of Liberal Arts and School of Business to help their client, the Kansas Memorial Union, redesign the Jaybreak Cafe , a coffee bar and study area in Chalmers Hall, the former Art & Design Building.

Jersey Creek Park Exercise Stations Prof. Gore’s students Erik Stockler, Emily Davidson, and others designed, fabricated and installed hybrid bike rack-exercise stations to promote fitness in underused Jersey Creek Park. A consortium of funders helped the students, including a Centers for Disease Control REACH grant through the KU Work Group for Community Health.


The Armourdale Levee Hike-Bike Trail To date Assoc. Prof. Nils Gore’s students contribution to this recently opened hike-bike trail includes designing and building a sign that marks the trailhead. They have also created prototypes for benches, bikeracks, and informational signage.

Building Healthy Communities Assoc. Profs. Shannon Criss and Nils Gore have created the Dotte Agency, a multi-disciplinary design collaborative that engages neighborhoods to shape the built environment in ways that will improve public health. Much of their work focuses on Wyandotte County, arguably Kansas’ most economically challenged urban area.

Assoc. Profs. N I L S G O R E AN D S H AN N O N C R I S S

dotte agency

Using a Kansas City, Kan., storefront they rented from Community Housing of Wyandotte County (CHWC) for $1 as a home base, they have engaged in research projects to improve access to healthy food and to encourage active lifestyles. They use the moCOLAB, an Airstream trailer renovated by students under their direction, as a mobile community center. Dotte Agency funders include the Health Care Foundation of Greater KC, Community Health Council of WyCo, Wyandotte Health Foundation, KU Work Group/Latino Health for All Coalition, and CHWC. Criss recently won the Steeples Service to Kansas Award, and is a member of the AIA’s Health & Design Leadership Group.

New Certificate Options The Departments of Architecture and Design have begun offering certificates to those who enroll in and complete coursework in specific subject areas. In the Department of Architecture the certificates are in Acoustics, Health & Wellness Design, Urban Design and Historic Preservation. The Design Department offers a certificate in Book Arts. Other certifications are in the process of being approved by KU. Under the direction of Prof. Kent Spreckelmeyer, Masters of Architecture students (left), who choose the option earn their certificates by taking a combination of seminars, design studios, and interning in one of the nation’s top healthcare architectural design firms. More than 30 firms worldwide have hired interns through the program.


MATT KLE I N MAN N His research combines public health and built-environment research methods to help neighborhoods tell their stories and improve the health of their communities.

Architecture Student’s Art Hangs in Engineering Building Perry May won a university-wide competition for a sculpture that now hangs in the atrium of LEEP2, KU’s new engineering building. Part of his prize was the opportunity to spend the summer working with A. Zahner, Inc., a Kansas City, Mo., metal fabricating company to refine and fabricate the work. A. Zahner is an important school booster and several of the firm’s employees have taught classes at the School.


2016 ARCC King Medal Winner for Archtectural Research



AIGA 2016 SCHOLARSHIP WINNER Awarded by Kansas City Chapter of AIGA, the National Association of Design.

Design Week Snags SEDG Award Visual Communication Design students Lucas Nelson, Patrick Blanchard, and Triana Thompson received a 2016 Honor Award by the Society of Environmental Graphic Design for their KU Design Week brand identity and environmental graphics (above). Capitol Federal Hall Step-Seats Erik Winkler, Alexandra Frost, and Ryan Lyssy, students in Assoc. Prof. Joe Colistra’s social entrepreneurship studio designed and fabricated seats for the new Capitol Federal Hall, aided by A. Zahner, Inc., which produced steel components for the project.

Music to Our Ears In Guitar Theory & Digital Fabrication (above) Prof. Lance Rake’s students learned to design on paper, on the computer, in the workshop, and using rapid prototyping techniques. Using digital cutting and routing, they mastered conventional woodworking skills to create beautiful instruments that were presented at Mass Street Music in Lawrence.

Tomorrow’s Design Leaders Last year, through the efforts of Assoc. Prof. Shannon Criss, the School hosted the national Design Futures Student Public Interest Design Leadership Forum. The national event helped students who have an interest in working with underserved communities develop leadership skills through lectures and workshops. More than 100 faculty and students from 11 universities participated (above).

Flights of Fancy for Lawrence Paper The Lawrence Paper Company and students in Assoc. Prof. May Tviet’s class started by creating flights of fancy that flew, floated, glided, divebombed, and jiggled through the air. The results were full-scale working prototypes of the product and package and renderings of an in-store point-of-purchase display.


2016 Outstanding International Woman Student Awarded by Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity

put com-

“Amber Unleashed” Wins International Design Competiton Industrial design student Rebekah Winegarner competed with more than 125 designers worldwide to become one of seven winners of the Roland Corporation’s Digital Piano Design Awards. Roland is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments.


Design Department Wins...Again For an unprecedented fifth year in a row, jurors at the National Student Show selected the Department of Design as “Best School.” The show is put on annually by the Dallas Society of Visual Communications. In addition, our students brought home 13 of 29 “best of” awards, including Best of Show, Best Sophomore Portfolio, and Senior Portfolio. The National Student Show is the only graphic design show in the U.S. that limits entries to student work.


1 of 14 chosen by NCAR B for pilot accelerated path to licensure program

Maker Spaces In addition to the East Hills Construction Innovation Laboratory (top) and the digital fab-lab in Marvin Studios, the School has maintains three wood and metal shops, a CNC router lab, a fully equipped black-and-white and alternative print processing darkrooms, and a complete letterpress printing shop (above).

5 PAPERS G IVE N BY STU DE NTS at the 2016 Acoustical Society of America meeting

Kuka Robots Added to Marvin Studio’s Digital Fab-Lab Two state-of-the-art Kuka Robots which can be fitted with computer controlled tools such as five-axis routers and hot-wire cutters were put to use by students for digitally enabled fabrication starting in the fall of 2015.


YEAR I N A ROW A team taught by Assoc. Prof. Joe Colistra has been a national finalist in HUD’s Innovations in Affordable Housing Competition


FI R MS CAM E T0 H I R E our talented students at this year’s SADP Career Fair


Learning by Building For the past five spring semesters students in DirtWorks Studio, which is under the direction of Assoc. Prof. Chad Kraus, have been building upon the tradition by producing complex structures of rammed earth and timber such as the Sensory Pavilion they constructed this spring for the garden of KU’s Audio Reader facility (top left).

The School’s Studio 804 program continues to setthe standard for design-build programs across the nation by constructing a building like the house pictured above right each year. 2016 was the program’s 21st year under the direction of J.L. Constant Professor of Architecture Dan Rockhill.

Creating Empathy and Understanding An exhibit called “A Brighter Tomorrow” sponsored by the United Way, and installed at the Lawrence Public Library by students of Assoc. Prof. Tyler Galloway, asked visitors to walk through the daily life of a family in poverty to help understand the difficult choices they must make on a daily basis.

The Intersections of Food Energy and Water In January the Department of Architecture hosted INFEWS: Intersections of Food, Energy and Water Symposium, which was underwritten by a National Science Foundation grant and co-chaired by Assoc. Profs. Steve Padget and Paola Sanguinetti. The workshop brought in speakers from across the U.S., and was accompanied by a student design charette.

Designing Outside Studio Assoc. Prof. Jeremy Shellhorn’s students hit the road for Rocky Mountain National Park, to present design concepts for information graphics that would be installed in the park. “They provided design expertise the Park otherwise would not have had access to,” he said.

Documenting a Way of Life “New Farmers” a book and exhibition by Asst. Profs. Bryon Darby (with camera, above), Tim Hossler, and Paul Stock of the KU Dept. of Sociology and Urban Studies, explored the relationships between local farm families who pursue their work in traditional ways.



On the Kaw in a Canoe Made by You Utilizing CNC router-cut parts Assoc. Prof. Tom Huang designed a process that enables a diverse range of participants with little to no construction skill to participate in the experience of building and launching a “canoe of their own making.”

New Products Help Create Jobs For the past five years, Prof. Lance Rake and SADP students have been working with the HERO bike shop in Greensboro, Ala., to create new products. They take advantage of locally grown and harvested bamboo and are intended to help give local workers skills and income by developing high-margin goods and that can be made by hand. Among them are skateboards, paddleboards, and bicycles made of hexagonal, carbon-reinforced bamboo tubes developed by Rake.



12,000 —

Who is in the School of 12,000? You are! We’re bridging the gap between our 1,000 students and 11,000 alumni by creating new programs such as the inaugural School of 12,000 Alumni Symposium. It will be held on campus starting with a Scholarship Banquet the evening of Thursday Oct. 13, 2016, followed by a day of presentations and student reviews on Oct. 14. We will be providing many other ways for you to engage with the School, including executive education programs and our new institutes, such as the the Institute for Health+Wellness Design.

exhibited work & presentations by Hui Cai Shannon Criss Bob Coffeen Mahesh Daas Michael Eckersley Farhana Ferdous Barry Fitzgerald Tyler Galloway Nils Gore Tim Hossler Bonnie Johnson Matt Kleinmann Marie Alice L’Heureux Ward Lyles Steve Padget Ann Patterson Jeremy Shellhorn Huw Thomas Keith Van de Riet


LEADING BUILDING PARTNERING VISUALIZING PLANNING DESIGN THINKING & INNOVATING MAKING DREAMING SENSE MAKING DOING Global Impact Through Design Research Symposium April 22nd, 2016 9:00am-5:00pm Marvin Hall Free and Open to the Public

First Global Impact Research Symposium At this first annual event more than 20 faculty and graduate students made 20-minute presentations on topics such as healthcare design, urbanism, community participation and pedagogy, and building science and technology. In addition, posters and artwork produced by faculty were displayed.

Study Abroad Trips Open Doors to the World In recognition of the indispensable value of exposure to design precedents and cultures that can only be experienced in person, our School’s study abroad trips allow our students to travel all over the world, including Italy, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates, and some 25 other countries.

Workshops, Lectures, and Life-long Learning A partial list (right) of more than 50 events shows the tremendous breadth of activities that went on in the School in the last year. Hallmark Lecturer Dietmar Golzman (above) conducted a way-finding workshop with students.

Experiencing the American Classics Students in Assoc. Prof. Kapila Silva’s design studio spent a weekend studying architectural masterpieces in the Dallas area by Louis Kahn, Renzo Piano, Rem Koolhaus, and above, the Water Garden by Phillip Johnson and John Burgee.

Intel-Sponsored Project to Mitigate Natural and Manmade Disasters The project goal of this Center For Design Research project was to conduct research and develop mechanical devices and mobile communications for use in search and rescue operations or to rebuild infrastructure in disaster-stricken environments.

Sports Architecture Studio For the past two years students in Lecturer Alex Ogata’s sports studios have divided up into small teams to work with some of the nation’s top sports architects. They’ve traveled to Minneapolis and Milwaukee to meet facilities operators and team executives while designing new arenas for the Timberwolves and Bucks. Firms participating include AECOM, HNTB, HOK, and MANICA Architecture.

R & D for Sphero Center for Design Research director Prof. Greg Thomas holds a Sphero, a playful rolling ball controlled from smart phones (below). Sphero sponsored a studio in which students developed next-generation products that could, for example, respond to the needs of an elderly person.

Sponsored Projects Recognizing that students’ exposure to real-world problems and technical knowledge that can come only from working with representatives of corporations, the School’s faculty has established collaborations with a number of companies who are leaders in their fields. The Center for Design Research has, under the direction of Prof. Greg Thomas, led the way with projects sponsored by Ford Motor Company, Intel, Sphero, Sprint, and others. Thomas’s long-term project, the WellCar, would bring healthcare to patients in rural areas using a Ford Transit van outfitted with a variety of testing and wireless technologies. Recently architecture classes have worked with firms such as BNIM and eldorado, Inc., Gould Evans, Transsolar|Klimaengineering, Morphosis, A. Zahner, Inc., and Prosoco, a Lawrence-based building products manufacturer.

Ford Engineering Scholarship Winner Student Alex Guinn was one of 10 recipients of Ford Motor Company’s inaugural Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship Awards. KU was one of only five U.S. universities chosen to nominate a Mulally recipient.

Fly High Visioning Retreat Family Weekend DIRTT Wall Technologies Lecture Deborah Luster, Hallmark Symposium Eui-Sung Yi, Morphosis Design Principal Lecture Design Egg, Hallmark Symposium Finding Balance Design Exhibit Design Recruiting Open House SADP Alumni Networking Event at Design Innovations Ian Gonsher, Hallmark Symposium SADP Alumni Reception, KCDC Graduate Student Appreciation Week KU Design Week SADP Career Fair Designing Your Startup Workshop Innovations in Rural Healthcare Environments Symposium Global Impact Through Design Research Symposium Kai-Uwe Bergmann, Partner, Bjarke Ingels Group Lecture Kansas City Streetcars Brownbag Pratik Raval, Associate Director, Transsolar Lecture Andrew Manto, Design Engineer, A. Zahner Co. Lecture Keith Negley, Hallmark Symposium


Rene Diaz Lecture Silvia Ros, Hallmark Symposium Design Deparment Porfolio Review and Career Fair Arno Minkinnen, Hallmark Symposium David Manica, President, Manica Architecture Lecture KU Summer Design Camp Todd Hensley, Partner, Schuler Shook Theater Planners Lecture Intensive Urbanism Lecture and Workshop National Architectural Accrediting Board Visit Design Futures National Conference AIAS Creator’s Ball Julian Zugazagoitia, Power of Design & Leadership BIM Pulse Big Data Conference INFEWS, Intersections of Food, Energy and Water Symposium Robo Expo moCOLAB at Spencer Museum Bill Mayer, Hallmark Symposium Faculty Design Expo Health & Wellness Internship Fair Planning Department Bike the Hill Brownback moCOLAB at Watson Library Cedric Kostovic Lecture

“The Hereditary Estate” exhibited at Filter Space, Chicago Asst. Prof. Daniel Coburn’s book of photographs of his family, “The Hereditary Estate,” is a 10-year retrospective and conceptual work of art. His work and research investigates the family photo album employed as the visual infrastructure for the flawed ideology of the American Dream. The work has been exhibited as far away as Australia.

“A Poetic Guide to Havana” Asst. Prof. Tim Hossler has designed more than a dozen books and exhibitions for others, but next he is writing and designing his own. “A Poetic Guide to Havana” will be an artistic view of architecture, design, history, and culture of the Cuban city.

Fulbright Scholars Program Sends Prof. Lance Rake to India Prof. Rake used his time in there to explore using design thinking to take traditional skills into the future, using innovative design and technology to create viable, sustainable livelihoods. His approach is to create and prototype product designs that respond to current global market demands and trends—modern design beautifully expressed using local craft and materials.

Restoring Coastal Habitat Asst. Prof. Keith Van de Riet is using algorithmically derived natural patterns to create artificial reef panels. They will help restore natural diversity along urban coastal shorelines.

Scholarship and Research


Teaching is the backbone of any educational Institution. Ours is expanded by research, scholarship, and professional practice that go on far beyond the halls of Marvin and Chalmers. Here are just a few examples of current work being done by our awardwinning professors.


FAR HAN KAR I M His research covers the formation of architectural Modernism in Post-colonial India and Pakistan as influenced by Western architects, cultural and Cold War politics, development economics, U.S. modernization theory and Third World nation-building.


H U I CAI She focuses on applying an evidenced-based design approach to improve performance in healthcare environments, building healthy communities, and addressing healthcare disparities in rural areas.


E LISE KI R K She is a photographic artist and visual storyteller. Her current research explores regional identity, mythologies of place and liminal states in her native Midwest. She also produces nonfiction and documentary television when she’s not making pictures.



From Metal to Digital Assoc. Prof. Andrea Herstowski is working with the Tipoteca Italiana in Cornuda, Italy, on the digitalization of Sempicità, a typeface originally designed in metal in 1930 by Alessandro Butti. Tipoteca holds the largest collection of presses, wood and metal type in Europe.

He seeks to understand how to create more compassionate and sustainable communities, especially to reduce risks associated with natural hazards and climate change.

Dis/Re/Con.nect the solo show Last fall Illustrator Prof. Barry Fitzgerald’s work was featured in a solo exhibition, Dis/Re/Con.nect: New Works, at the Lawrence Arts Center. His painting “Happy House” (bottom) was accepted into the into the juried “Going Home” exhibition at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Mo.

Alumnus makes $1.6M gift to SADP Gratitude for the scholarship support they received led Michael Cummings, and his wife Pamela Miller, to make the generous commitment to KU. Architect Michael Cummings and his wife Pamela Miller have made a planned gift that will provide approximately $1.6 million to establish the new Michael A. Cummings Scholarship for architecture students in KU’s School of Architecture, Design & Planning. The scholarship will have a preference for, but is not limited to, architecture students from rural communities. The overall objective, Michael said, is to encourage careers in architecture and provide opportunities for the pursuit that might not be practical without assistance. “Small towns aren’t as isolated now as when I grew up,” said Michael, who hails from Burlington, Kan. “But there’s still a difference in resources that are available and in the kind of things you become aware of. “I’m hoping this scholarship will help some people who will have a similar experience to what I have had, which is to find a path that wasn’t on their radar and from there to end up with a wonderful and fulfilling career.” Pamela said the scholarship expresses their gratitude to KU for making Michael’s career possible.

KUDOs University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning Volume 1, Number 1

“I know how much he loves what he does and how good he is at it, and his career has brought tremendous benefit to our lives,” she said. “In turn we can help make a difference. We can not only pay back, but we also can pay forward.” Michael graduated from the School in 1983 with his Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, and started working that same year at TK Architects International in Kansas City, Mo. He has been a principal there since 1993. The firm specializes in entertainment architecture, including cinema, bars and lounges, food service and entertainment centers, even bowling alleys. The planned gift also will provide $400,000 for Reach Out And Read Kansas City, a program that partners with doctors to provide books for children and encourage parents to read to them. “We are grateful to Michael and Pamela for their love of our school,” said Dean Mahesh Daas. “This scholarship will give students who come from rural communities the opportunity to become part of the vision we have for all of our students, and that is that each should have the opportunity to make an impact through design.”

D EAN Mahesh Daas, DPACSA

D ES IGNER Jeremy Shellhorn, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives

ASSOCI ATE D EAN Michael Swann, PhD

EDITOR Charles Linn, FAIA, Director of External Affairs

ASSOCI ATE D EAN Mahbub Rashid, PhD

COPYEDITOR Sarah Henning

To Our Donors, On behalf of the faculty, staff, and all of the Jayhawks in Architecture, Design, & Planning­—thank you! Every contribution, no matter the amount, ensures that the School will achieve new heights in all of our endeavors— from graduating students, creating new research initiatives, programs, and degree offerings, to improving our standing in national rankings. With you, the School of 12,000, we can become the pioneering force for global impact through design. Thank you for your generosity and dedication to strengthening the School of Architecture, Design & Planning at the University of Kansas. Sincerely,

P.S. There are many ways for you to support the School while achieving your philanthropic goals. To explore ways you can help, visit or contact Lindsay Hummer, associate development director at KU Endowment, at (785) 832-7428 or

First of New Institutes Announced Institute of Health & Wellness Design will be directed by Frank Zilm Dean Daas recently announced the formation of the Institute for Health & Wellness Design, the first of several institutes that are planned. Frank Zilm will serve as the Chester Dean Director of the Institute. Prof. Kent Spreckelmeyer will be Associate Director and continue to direct the Architecture Department’s Health & Wellness curriculum program, and serve as its internship liaison.


“The new Institute is going to tap into the work of key faculty within the school and other programs at KU to help promote effective healthcare environments, healthy communities,” said Zilm.

For more information about the Institute contact:

“We will be able to help designers create facilities guidelines and policies that use evidence- and experience-based research and practice,” he continued. “Our school is one of the leaders in health and wellness graduate education, and we see this as a logical extension of that success.”

Frank Zilm, D.Arch. FAIA, FACHA Chester Dean Director, Institute for Health + Wellness Design

“This Institute will allow a major expansion of KU’s ability to provide research, consultation, and outreach to healthcare providers and healthcare design professionals,” said Dean Daas.

KUDOs is published annually by the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning and is distributed to all members of the School of 12,000, which includes our students, alumni, friends, staff and faculty. We want to hear from you! Our address is the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning, 1465 Jayhawk Boulevard, 200 Marvin Hall, Lawrence, KS 66045. Please email us at

The University of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, status as a veteran, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, gender identity, gender expression and genetic information in the University’s programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Zilm brings a unique combination of teaching and practice to the institute. Since 1984 he has been president of his own healthcare design consultancy, Frank Zilm & Associates, Inc. The Kansas City, Mo., firm specializes in facility master planning, operations analysis, and design concepts. He has led more than 300 projects, most recently for Saint Louis University Hospital and Stanford University Hospital.

The Institute for Health & Wellness Design is the first of several institutes in development.

“These are formal ways of leveraging our areas of expertise to provide new revenue streams for the School,” Daas said. These can come in many forms, such as corporate membership fees, sponsorships, grants, and firm-commissioned research.

Director of the Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access,, 1246 W. Campus Road, Room 153A, Lawrence, KS, 66045, (785) 8646414, 711 TTY. © 2016 University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning.

The Pioneering Force for Global Impact Through Design. 200 Marvin Hall, 1465 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS, 66045-7626

Eight Ways We Are Flying High  

KUDOS is a publication of the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. Fall 2016

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