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Impact Report 2017

For more than two decades, Delta Dental of Colorado and the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation have helped keep the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine on the leading edge of education, research, patient care and community outreach. What we have achieved together is a testament to the vision and generosity of Delta Dental, and we are grateful for your partnership. In this impact report, we have highlighted just some of the many ways your support has kept us at the forefront of innovation and evolution in the field of dental medicine. By investing in our students, our faculty and our facilities, you have advanced the CU School of Dental Medicine’s ability to transform lives and build futures. With Delta Dental by our side, we are making great strides in educating a skilled future workforce, shaping the integrated dental medicine of tomorrow, and enhancing the oral health of our local and global communities.

Thank you!

Celebrating A Transformative Partnership – The CU School of Dental Medicine and Delta Dental of Colorado In the life of any academic institution, many new programs and partnerships are initiated with the promise of positive change. It takes time to identify the limited number of these that will be deemed transformational. In this Impact Report, we have the opportunity to celebrate the truly transformational programs that have resulted from the longstanding partnership between the CU School of Dental Medicine, Delta Dental of Colorado and the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation. The generosity of Delta Dental has catalyzed change and created several “firsts� through funding for the Frontier Center, the Heroes Clinic, the Delta Dental of Colorado Endowed Chair in Early Childhood Caries Prevention, and most recently an endowed scholarship. Local impact and national leadership have characterized each of these investments, and have truly inspired the faculty, staff, students and patients of the CU School of Dental Medicine. In addition, your support is an inspiration to the thousands of other future health care providers in the CU Anschutz Medical Campus schools and colleges. With a sincere thank you to Delta Dental of Colorado for the leadership and vision that have powered our collaborations and will continue to improve the health of the future patients we are privileged to treat, I invite you to learn more about our cutting-edge and game-changing initiatives. With appreciation,

Denise Kassebaum, DDS, MS Professor and Dean





1ST VETERANS PROGRAM The Heroes Clinic offers free dental care to student veterans and homeless vets



1ST GIES AWARD for innovation by a dental institution; the Frontier Center

1ST DELTA DENTAL SCHOLARSHIP Barbara Springer Endowed Scholarship in Pediatric Preventive Dentistry



1ST DELTA DENTAL ENDOWED CHAIR Bill Bailey became inaugural Delta Dental of Colorado Endowed Chair in Prevention of Early Childhood Caries

1ST CULINARY DENTAL MEDICINE interprofessional elective course to connect nutrition and chronic disease prevention

C U S C H O O L O F D E N TA L Denise Kassebaum, DDS, MS, became the 7th Dean to lead the School of Dentistry.

CU School of Dentistry opens. First Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) class completed with 25 graduates (first hygiene class completed with 16 graduates in 1975).




School of Dental Medicine Alumni Association, $500 ($4,350 raised to date)


The Frontier Center for Interprofessional Education was established with a generous gift from the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation. Since then, the Frontier Center has provided hands-on interprofessional learning opportunities in dental medicine for over 3,500 medical, pharmacy, nursing and other health profession students, residents and practitioners.



School of Dental Medicine Alumni Association Golf Tournament, $750 ($3,110 raised to date)

Tooth Fairy Ball Gift, $4,250 ($31,550 raised to date)





Delta Dental Foundation Frontier Center Fund, $1M ($3.675M raised to date)

School of Dental Medicine, $3,779 ($9,779 raised to date)

Delta Dental Kaiser Permanente, $5,000 ($15,000 raised to date)



School of Dentistry becomes School of Dental Medicine to reflect expanded mission.

CU School of Dental Medicine receives the William Gies Award for Vision, Innovation and Achievement for Outstanding Innovation with its Frontier Center program. Heroes Clinic established through a generous gift from Delta Dental of Colorado to provide free dental care for CU Denver and Anschutz student veterans.

First genome-wide association study to identify genes affecting susceptibility to caries in adults conducted.



Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation Early Childhood Caries Endowment, $750,000 ($2.5M raised to date)




Delta Dental Heroes Clinic Endowed Fund, $1M


Barbara Springer Endowed Scholarship in Pediatric Preventive Dentistry, $100,000

Second Heroes Clinic Gift, $1M ($2M raised to date)



Culinary Medicine, $25,000 through the Frontier Center

TOTAL RAI SE D TO DATE: $8,878,312

The CU School of Dental Medicine has been a wonderful experience, the interprofessional education course in particular. I have had the opportunity to rotate in clinics such as Salud and Clinica, where all disciplines worked together, and I believe my training in IPE helped me. It is always rewarding to help your patients, but it is even more gratifying when you can work as a team to treat all aspects of the patient’s health. I think the health industry as a whole is moving in this direction, and the courses provided in IPE were ahead of their time. These courses are truly beneficial for the new-to-be health care professional about to enter the field. Rabia Farrkh, DDS, 2017

THE FRONTIER CENTER The Frontier Center is innovation and collaboration at work and is the cornerstone of interprofessional education (IPE) at the CU School of Dental Medicine. Since its establishment over 10 years ago, and with generous ongoing contributions from the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation, the Frontier Center has also become a landmark program at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus – one that fosters rich, hands-on interprofessional educational experiences for students in a wide range of fields. “Your support allows us to strengthen our clinical programs by creating new interprofessional practice opportunities in which both dental and other health care students on campus can participate,” said Dean Denise Kassebaum. In total, more than 3,500 students, residents and practitioners have taken part in the program, which received national recognition in 2013 when the school was presented with the prestigious American Dental Education Association Gies Award for Innovation by a Dental Institution. With Delta Dental’s 2015 contribution to create the Frontier Center 4 Health, we have since expanded the center’s focus to new models of patient-centered clinical care. For pharmacy student Kimberly Uweh, the team-based experience gained at the Frontier Center has been one of the highlights of her educational career. “My most memorable experience thus far has been working with the CU School of Dental Medicine,” she said. “My work there provided me with the opportunity to talk with dental students about smoking cessation, specific antibiotics and special patient cases.” In an increasingly integrated and interconnected world of health care, cross-disciplinary training like that offered at the Frontier Center is more vital than ever before in preparing the next generation of leaders in health to join the workforce and impact lives. We have Delta Dental to thank for the forethought and generosity that made the Frontier Center a reality for future generations of capable health care professionals.

Interprofessional education was, and continues to be, a phenomenal opportunity to connect with future providers from other disciplines and make lasting connections, and it gave me much-needed insight into the workings of health care. Particularly for dentists, who tend to be rather insular, the importance of having an idea of what goes on when patients aren’t in the dental chair cannot be overstated. As I move out of academia and into practice, the lessons learned in IPE will continue to guide my professional judgments. Thank you for all your dedication to funding IPE.

Rick Collette, DDS, 2017



Increase awareness of the oral-systemic connection and catalyze interactions between dentistry and medicine for enhanced patient care.


3,500 health professions

students learn oral disease implications for health










pharmacy, nursing, medicine



and physician assistants

experience hands-on training



Physician Assistants


Nurse Practitioners



dental students

taught chronic disease





Oral exams and flouride varnish for primary care providers

Team-based communication in patient care

Systemic health concepts for future dentists

THE HEROES CLINIC Daniel Cabrera returned from Iraq with a disability incurred through his service, severe pain in a lower left tooth, and no dental insurance coverage. In the midst of his junior year, he found himself inundated with academic and personal responsibilities, and a host of anxieties. He credits the Heroes Clinic for making a difference in his life. “Without the Heroes Clinic, I wouldn’t have been able to receive the dental care I needed,” he said. “I otherwise had no place to turn.” For many veterans like Daniel, making the transition from military to civilian life is rife with complications – a lack of dental coverage being one of them. For Colorado student veterans, the CU Heroes Clinic helps bridge this gap by providing quality care at no cost. Senior dental students provide all services in the Heroes Clinic under the supervision of highly qualified faculty, many of whom are veterans themselves. In addition to providing much-needed care, the students who take part in the program learn about the unique challenges facing many veterans and about barriers that often stand in the way of student veterans’ ability to focus on their education. “This is a benefit to our patients, but also our students, by allowing them to learn about these barriers so they will be better prepared to treat diverse populations once they graduate,” said CU Heroes Clinic Assistant Director Heidi Tyrrell. Since Delta Dental made its initial investment to establish the CU Heroes Clinic in 2014, the program’s impact has expanded exponentially.

V E T E R A N S I M PA C T E D • More than 500 veterans served • Student veterans from all four CU campuses, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Community College of Denver, Community College of Aurora and Emily Griffeth Technical College • More than $350,000 of free dental care provided to date

•The new Pathway 1 Program is treating homeless veterans from across Colorado •The new Pathway 2 Program is providing care to low-income veterans • Pathway 3 will be launched in summer 2017 to further impact Colorado’s veterans

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness. You are not only making it possible for me to acquire a lovely smile, but you are making it possible for my teeth to become functional once again. I have been missing two key molars since I was 13 years old after they became infected and neither my parents nor I could afford to fill the spaces. Over time the teeth behind the missing molars tipped so badly that I could no longer fully close my bite and chewing became very difficult. It had gotten to the point that I stopped enjoying certain foods in order to avoid the pain that came with eating them. The military never addressed the issue, but the Heroes Clinic did. I am fortunate to be receiving the care I need to have a functional mouth once again. I am very grateful. Respectfully, Canna O’Carroll CU student veteran, 2017


Bill Bailey, senior dental photo 1982

D E LT A D E N T A L ENDOWED CHAIR The School of Dental Medicine’s ability to improve lives relies on a number of factors including our capacity to recruit top talent to enhance our program’s expertise, reputation and important momentum. Understanding the significant value top talent brings to the table, the Delta Dental of Colorado Endowed Chair in Prevention of Early Childhood Caries was created in 2014. This insightful investment from the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation allowed the CU School of Dental Medicine to recruit William Bailey, DDS, MPH, a former Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, as the inaugural chair-holder. Bailey, a 1982 graduate of the CU School of Dental Medicine, spent more than three decades of his career serving communities around the state and world before returning to join the leadership of his alma mater. Recently retired as the Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, Bailey earned the rank of Rear Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps while serving as the Chief Professional Officer for the Dental Category. He also served as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Oral Health’s Acting Director and Senior Advisor for Oral Health. His broad experience in public health dentistry builds upon the school’s existing commitment to serving the oral health needs of Colorado communities. “Thanks to the generosity of Delta Dental of Colorado, we have an opportunity to utilize Dr. Bailey’s national expertise to make a significant impact on the oral of health of Colorado’s children,” said Dean Denise Kassebaum. Bringing his passion and talents to bear, Dr. Bailey is furthering Delta Dental’s and the School of Dental Medicine’s mutual goal of eradicating childhood tooth decay.

ENDOWED CHAIR ACCOMPLISHMENTS • Contributing to the design of statewide public health policies and practices • Establishing public health dental curricula in partnership with the Colorado School of Public Health • Providing advocacy for children’s health issues and teaching dental students about children’s health and the importance of preventing early childhood caries

BARBARA SPRINGER SCHOLARSHIP Future pediatric dentists are now benefitting from a new scholarship fund established with the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation’s generosity. The Barbara Springer Endowed Scholarship in Pediatric Preventive Dentistry not only provides valuable scholarship support to third-year dental students with an interest in pediatric dentistry and serving the underserved, but also honors and carries forward longtime Delta Dental leader Barbara Springer’s commitment to improving dental health for all of Colorado’s children. The first recipient of the Springer Scholarship is Grace Diehl, a native Coloradan and CU Boulder alum who plans to apply for pediatric dental specialty programs this summer.

This scholarship is a tribute to Barbara’s character, huge heart and generosity to kids and communities who need an oral health care helping hand. It will impact current students who are the future health care workforce dedicated to serving the needs of Colorado’s communities.

Dean Denise Kassebaum, DDS, MS

Oral health is where everything starts. What you put in your mouth makes all the difference.

Tamanna Tiwari, Clinical Instructor

D E N TA L S T U D E N T S J O I N I N N O VAT I V E CULINARY MEDICINE COURSE With Delta Dental’s support for interprofessional education through the Frontier Center, 17 CU dental and medical students joined culinary nutrition chefs in January for an 8-week Culinary Medicine course hosted at Johnson & Wales University. This innovative course offers students an opportunity for hands-on learning that gives them a stronger foundation in oral health, nutrition and wellness. As future leaders in dental health, our students benefit from learning about food safety, the effects of fats on the heart and oral health, calcium and osteoporosis, diabetes, protein, hypertension and more. They gain practical skills that prepare them to discuss the importance of dietary and lifestyle changes for optimal oral health and disease prevention with their future patients.

In this impact report, we’ve highlighted the core programs and initiatives that Delta Dental of Colorado has brought to life in partnership with the CU School of Dental Medicine over nearly two decades. These programs continue to evolve to create positive change. We look forward to a continued partnership with Delta Dental of Colorado and the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation in the next decade and beyond as we work together to innovate, advocate and educate on behalf of the Colorado communities we are privledged to serve.

Thank you for Delta Dental of Colorado’s generous support of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Our nationally ranked education programs and innovative research efforts are founded on strong partnerships, both on campus and in the community. I am thrilled that you are with us on our mission of training the next generation of leaders in health. Collaboration is happening in every corner of campus – in the laboratories, classrooms and clinics that you help support. Our leading scientists and clinicians are working together to transform the health care of tomorrow, and we are thankful to count you as a partner in progress. The life-saving research initiatives and leading-edge education programs at CU Anschutz are fueled by your philanthropic leadership. I am deeply grateful for your continued generosity and hope you take pride in knowing that your support is helping the brightest minds in health care today solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. Donald M. Elliman, Jr. Chancellor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

A Shared Vision with Delta Dental  

Recognizing a longstanding partnership between the CU School of Dental Medicine and Delta Dental.

A Shared Vision with Delta Dental  

Recognizing a longstanding partnership between the CU School of Dental Medicine and Delta Dental.