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s the Colorado School of Public Health (ColoradoSPH) approaches its 10th anniversary, we reflect on the outstanding progress made possible by our community of supporters. Since our school’s inception in 2008 we have achieved regional, national and global recognition. By combining the strength of three universities, we are spearheading solutions to complex health issues spanning countries and cultures. The tremendous potential of the school was one of the compelling reasons I became the school’s third dean. I’m excited to support our students and faculty as they continue to grow and broaden our reach, and to set a vision for the next decade. With the help of generous supporters like you, ColoradoSPH will continue to improve the health of communities across Colorado, the country and the world. Philanthropy has made our growth and recognition possible from the start. In celebration of ColoradoSPH’s remarkable progress, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for all you have made possible. Your support ensures ColoradoSPH’s success and, for that, I’m grateful.

-Jonathan Samet, MD, MS Dean, Colorado School of Public Health

Celebrating Significant Milestones Philanthropy is critical to our success, and your support has fueled numerous accomplishments since we became a school 10 years ago.

• Our direct research funding has grown by 74%, totaling nearly $29 million in 2017. As a

result, we are nationally ranked among the top 20 public health schools and programs in research funding.

• Enrollment in our master of public health program has increased by more than 260% since our first year, with 500 MPH students enrolled this academic year. • Our alumni base numbers 1,700, most of whom reside in Colorado. • We are ranked #31 among all accredited graduate schools of public health in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

You’ve Made This Possible Over the past decade, we’ve made remarkable progress in public health. By attracting and retaining top talent, we’ve remained on the cutting edge of public health research and service. Our faculty are our best resource for solutions to the complex issues spanning countries and cultures. With the strength of our best and brightest minds, we are forging the way toward practical solutions for a healthier world. Our faculty members are educating the next generation of public health leaders. With over 40 concentrations, we offer world-class educational opportunities for students looking to transform public health. In addition, our faculty’s research efforts inform and enrich the education offered to our students while providing continued opportunities for collaboration. By engaging our students in the community, we are developing emerging leaders who are dedicated to protecting the health of people globally. Since our founding, we’ve also increased scholarships to support our students as they begin their careers. We’ve expanded our community programs and built bridges across organizations, institutions and interests to make a positive impact on lives around the world. These connections are possible when we take our knowledge and skills, and use them to promote population health. Together, we are working to provide seamless, essential public health services to improve the health of our communities. These accomplishments, and many others like them, are made possible by generous support from our community. Thank you for making a difference in the health and well-being of communities across Colorado and beyond.

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Unique benefactors

$12,100,000 Total giving 382 First-time ColoradoSPH benefactors

“As a first-generation student, I know that my education makes my family proud. More importantly, it has shaped how I perceive the world and has ultimately given me a purpose in life. Furthermore, philanthropic support has allowed me to pave a path for younger first-generation students who have a dream to pursue an education.” - William Mundo Albino Scholar

William is one of many students whose education is propelled by generous philanthropic support. Scholarships have helped address William’s concern about financial barriers, allowing him more time to focus on attaining his education and career goals. William shares that he is excited to continue his work in public health as a future physician and an advocate for basic life needs such as job security, affordable education and safe neighborhoods, while using holistic social and environmental justice approaches to serve diverse communities. William will graduate in May 2018 with a Master of Public Health with a concentration in Global Health + Health Systems, Management and Policy and will begin his MD program in Fall 2018.

“ColoradoSPH is an extraordinary environment in which to conduct research and trainings. The collaborations that we’ve been able to forge to address complex problems requiring a variety of expertise have been fabulous, and much of that is because of generous philanthropic support.” - Lee Newman, MD, MA Director, Center for Health, Work & Environment

At the Center for Health, Work & Environment, Dr. Newman and his team are pioneering novel solutions to tremendously complex problems that affect workers around the world. The center is currently focused on three projects in particular. First is an international epidemic of kidney disease in young men who cut sugar cane for a living. In response, a team from the center is working to develop prevention strategies. Another problem is the opioid epidemic ravaging the country. Dr. Newman’s team is helping by educating medical providers on better ways to help patients who suffer from chronic pain. A third problem faces small business in Colorado. More than half of Americans work in small businesses, yet that’s where most injuries occur, and where safety and workplace wellness programs need the most improvement. Through a program called HealthLinks™, the center has trained community advisors around the state who have already helped more than 350 companies develop better goals and practical solutions.

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Your Gift in Action at the Colorado School of Public Health  
Your Gift in Action at the Colorado School of Public Health