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Live the UCF Experience H ousin g









University of Central Florida G

et ready for one of the most rewarding experiences of your college life. Friendships, social activities

and educational programs are just a few of the reasons students love living on campus.

H O U S I N G and R e si d e n c e life COMMUNITIES

A p ollo L i b ra H ercules Nike L a k e C laire R osen CO L L EG E O F H OS P I TA L I TY MA N AG E ME N T Student a partments

TH E Tow ers at Kni ghts Pla z a

A ffiliated housin g at P E G AS U S P OI NT E


H ousin g

Why do students love living on campus?


residence L ife


I love the atmosphere and I believe on-campus life is a great transition into adulthood.

Della Wilburn Nursing Major

I like being so close to everything and avoiding looking for a parking spot!

Amber Scheurer

Electrical Engineering Major

What I like most is how involved I feel with my school and community. Janelle Urquiola Molecular BIOLOGY and Microbiology Major

I like the opportunity to meet and bond with different individuals from so many diverse cultures and backgrounds. Brandon Campbell History Major

Living on campus allows me to focus on my studies and be close to all the resources I need to excel academically.

Sofia Casado

Biology (Pre-Dental) Major

On-campus living has the best security available for UCF students. Dehn Larson Accounting/Finance Major

It’s the best way to make friends and to find out where you fit in within the UCF community. Chelsea Rae Gardner Psychology Major



College Life

Students who live on campus are more likely to get involved in extracurricular activities and learn valuable educational, social and leadership skills. University housing eliminates most of the inconveniences associated with living off campus so students can concentrate on academics. UCF is committed to providing opportunities for academic and personal growth.

I’ve never been in any situation that has exposed me to such diverse people and activities. In the time I’ve lived on campus, I have grown so much and have had the most memorable experiences I’ve yet to encounter. Shaina Duffey Forensic Science major

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H ousin g


residence L ife

Apollo Community



Swim and sun at the Leisure Pool

Take a study break at the Lake Claire Apartments


Rock climb at the Recreation & Wellness Center

Stay in shape at the Recreation & Wellness Center

H ousin g


residence L ife

Residence Life Events and Activities

One of the most important and exciting aspects of on-campus community living is participating in the many events and activities sponsored by the staff and area council. Not only will you meet and make new friends, but you will have fun and learn something new.

Staff Resident Assistants (RA) are specially selected and trained upper-level students who live on your floor or in your building. They facilitate a sense of community by helping residents meet one another, planning activities, ensuring that community standards are followed, and serving as a resource for students as they navigate university life. Graduate Assistants (GA) are students in UCF graduate degree programs who help to supervise the RAs, facilitate events and activities, assist students with concerns, and participate in the overall community operations. Area Coordinators (AC) are full-time, master’s level, professional staff members who oversee the community, supervise the staff, administer departmental and university policy, and assist students with concerns.

Leadership Along with the dozens of other ways to get involved at UCF, housing residents have the unique opportunity to become part of their area council under the leadership of the United Resident Student Association (URSA). Students involved in URSA develop leadership skills, network with other students, advocate for their fellow residents, and plan events for their communities. More information is available at



K N O W ?

Students who live in double rooms acquire valuable life skills by learning to live with another person and share space.

Enjoy a quiet moment at the Hercules Community


Choos e f rom

RESIDENCE HAL L S A PA RTMENTS THE Tow ers at Kni g hts Pla za

Rosen COLLE G E OF HOSPITALI T Y MA N AGEME N T Student apartments

Affiliated housin g at p eg asus p ointe

Lots of Choices...

UCF offers several different housing choices. Housing assignments are based on the date a student’s housing agreement is received. The sooner you apply, the better the chance you will have of getting your choice in housing.

Residence Halls Residence halls at UCF feature two double-occupancy rooms with a shared bathroom. Each student is provided with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and closet space. Each double room has its own sink and vanity mirror. Residence halls are mostly reserved for firstyear students because of the unique opportunity to live and interact with each other.

17’8” X 16’8”

17’8” X 16’8”

LIBRA COMMUNITY: Brevard, orange, AND seminole halls

Living on campus is like being at a vacation resort; all your friends are just a walk away. Catalina Agudelo Advertising/Public Relations Major

13’ X 15’3”

13’ X 15’3”



H ousin g


residence L ife

10’ X 12’3”

10’ X 12’3”

Nike and hercules COMMUNITIES

Living on campus has given me more opportunities than I could ever imagine. I have been more involved in more organizations and living on campus has helped me to stay more focused. I love it! Yolle Dervil Psychology major

12’ X 15’

12’ X 15’

10’6” X 11’

APOLLO COMMUNITY: Lake, polk, volusia, and osceola halls


...and more Choices

There is always such an energy in the air, it's impossible to not get excited about this school. There is so much going on every day. I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything. Noelle Donovan Political Science (Pre-Law) MAJOR

8’9” X 9’5”

12’7” X 8’4”

12’7” X 8’4”

12’7” X 8’4”

17’ 7” X 11’8”

lake Claire

Apartments Apartments feature single bedrooms and kitchens. Each student is provided with a bed, desk, chair, dresser and closet space. Apartments are mostly configured with four single bedrooms sharing two bathrooms. The Lake Claire Apartments are reserved for first-year students. A limited number of Nike and Hercules apartments are available for upper-level students. If first-year students want to live in apartments, they should apply early or apply to live at The Towers at Knights Plaza or the Rosen College Student Apartment Community.

10’ X 10’9”

12’ X 8’9”

12’ X 8’9”

12’ X 8’9”


11 0 0

15’6” X 15’3”

H ousin g


residence L ife

The Towers

at Knights Plaza

10’ X 12’8”

10’ X 12’3”

12’ X 18’8”

10’ X 12’3”

10’ X 12’8”


The Towers at Knights Plaza feature 11.5-month agreements for fall, spring and summer, beginning each fall. These apartments feature kitchens with dishwashers and single bedrooms with full-size beds. The typical apartment layout has four bedrooms sharing two bathrooms. The Towers are located next to the 10,000-seat UCF Arena, the Bright House Networks Stadium, and several restaurants and shops. The Towers are a perfect option for first-year students who want their own room. Students living in The Towers range from first-year to graduate students. You are encouraged to apply early since The Towers are a very popular housing option.

There is nothing like living on campus to get a real feel of life at UCF. The proximity to everything and the way in which communities become like families is something unattainable to someone living off campus. Tina Rinelli Elementary Education Major



Rosen College of Hospitality Management

Student Apartment Community The Rosen College Student Apartment Community is adjacent to the UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management located in the heart of Orlando’s hospitality industry. This campus, 28 miles from the UCF campus, primarily serves hospitality majors or those students who want to live and work near Orlando’s tourist destinations. The Rosen College apartments feature four single bedrooms sharing two bathrooms. Each apartment has a kitchen with a refrigerator, range, oven and dishwasher. Each bedroom is furnished with a bed, desk, dresser, chair and closet. A loveseat, two chairs, and bar stools are provided in the living room. A centrally located heated pool gives residents a chance to relax and socialize during sunny days. Living on campus at the Rosen College apartments gives students the feel of a small college with all the resources and excitement of a large university.

11 2 2

Live in the heart of the hospitality area

Pegasus Pointe

H ousin g


residence L ife

24-hour clubhouse

UCF Affiliated Housing UCF is affiliated with Pegasus Pointe, a privately owned and operated student apartment facility, providing an additional 1,200 spaces. The apartments come furnished and have single bedrooms, full kitchens, washers and dryers. Pegasus Pointe provides a private residential life program through its management company, American Campus Communities. Pegasus Pointe is a gated community patrolled by the UCF Police Department and has convenient shuttle service to the Orlando campus. These apartments are a perfect option for upper-level students and first-year students who are looking for a single room. First-year students are referred to Pegasus Pointe once on-campus housing facilities are full.

Pegasus Pointe



Special Interest Communities UCF’s Special Interest Communities offer unique living opportunities. From community service to environmentalism, UCF can help you find the right on-campus atmosphere for you to live, learn and play. Check out these communities:

EXCEL Students in this program—science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors—can live together in the Nike Community.

Freshman Explorations If you haven’t figured out what you want to do, you aren’t alone. Live with others working to find out, too.

Green House Caring for the environment defines this community, from recycling to conservation efforts.

Healthy Lifestyles It’s all about living free of alcohol and non-prescription drugs in this environment.

Honors Located in Tower III, this community lets you connect directly with the Honors community, including student organization events and faculty.

LEAD Scholars Students in this program work to build their leadership skills and can live together in the Hercules Community.

Nursing @ Nike Want in to UCF’s College of Nursing? If the answer is yes, then this is the place for you.

Out-of-State Students Meet new people and find your niche in this community.

Research Connections If discovery is what you’re about, this community will help you kick-start your research interests long before you graduate.

Volunteers UKnighted CommUnity Live with others who share your passion for giving back.

Lake Claire


Towers kitchen

Libra Community

1 155


Knights Plaza


Dining Services

Dining memberships provide students with a variety of healthy, freshly made meals available in convenient locations on campus. UCF Dining Services offers students living on or off campus with several different dining membership options. Residents living in double-room residence halls are strongly encouraged to purchase a dining membership. Memberships are also available for students living in on-campus apartments.

Students with dining plans may eat at the Marketplace in Ferrell Commons and Knightro’s by the UCF Arena. Dining Dollars, which come with dining memberships, may be used at additional locations on campus such as Chick-fil-A®, Burger King®, Einstein Bros.® Bagels, Java City® and more. Dining facilities have many menu options for balanced eating and provide a wonderful place for students to meet new people and get together with friends or study groups. Dining memberships help eliminate the stress of cooking and cleaning from the busy life of a college student. Please visit for more details on purchasing a dining membership.

Knightro’s 16

It’s easy to purchase dining memberships online.

Libra common area

Nike and Hercules courtyard

Apollo Community

Leisure Pool

Libra Community




You have questions. We have answers. ? ? Are first-year students guaranteed housing at UCF?

No, students are not guaranteed housing at UCF. There are more students who request housing than can be accommodated on the Orlando campus, so apply for housing as soon as you are admitted to UCF. Many students who do not get on-campus housing live in affiliated housing at Pegasus Pointe.

What is the difference between an 11.5-month agreement and a fall/spring agreement? You make this choice when you apply for housing. The Towers at Knights Plaza is the only 11.5-month agreement community on the Orlando main campus, which does not close during break periods. Students who apply for The Towers are also given a single room. Fall/spring agreement communities will close during semester breaks, but students may keep their belongings in the room. The fall/spring agreement communities include Apollo, Libra, Nike, Hercules, and Lake Claire. Most of these communities have double rooms with single rooms available for first-year students who apply very early to housing. The Rosen College student apartments are also a fall/spring agreement community, but feature all single rooms and are open during break periods. Summer housing is also available at the Rosen College student apartments.

Where can I get more information on housing rates and options? Up-to-date housing information is available at Rates are subject to change.

What housing options are available for upper-level students? Housing on the Orlando campus is limited for upper-level students. There is plenty of student housing available in UCF Affiliated Housing or other student apartment complexes located in close proximity to the main campus.

Can I bring my car to campus? It’s not necessary to have a car at UCF, but parking is available for students living on campus. A shuttle system is available and serves the on-campus and off-campus apartment complexes. Parking information is available at

Are housing tours available? A residence hall room is available for tours at noon and 4 p.m., Monday–Friday, except on holidays. Several rooms are available during Undergraduate Admissions Open Houses and during first-year student orientation. Tours in Spanish are available upon request.

I’ve had a great time living on campus in the halls. It is very convenient because not only are classes just a short walk away, but I’m also just a few steps away from the pool, Rec Center, and the Marketplace. I wouldn’t change a thing! Adrianne Johns Psychology MAJOR


H ousing A p p l i c a tion Pro c e ss

Preference is given to first-year students on the Orlando campus. Transfer student and graduate student housing is very limited on the Orlando campus. All classifications of students may apply for the housing located at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. Married and family housing is not available at UCF. After admission to the university, students are eligible to apply for on-campus housing through myUCF. No student is guaranteed housing on campus so everyone is encouraged to apply early. There is not enough on-campus housing for every first-year student who applies. Housing application procedures, including detailed instructions, are available at A prepayment is required for the housing agreement to be accepted. Students will be able to view their housing status using the myUCF portal. Students who receive a housing confirmation date will have a space reserved for them. Room and roommate preferences can be submitted online at myUCF. Students with completed housing agreements will be notified by e-mail when the site will be active for preference selection. Room, roommate and move-in information will be available online. No information is sent to the student through the mail. It is very important to make sure that you keep a valid e-mail address in myUCF and add to your personal e-mail address book to prevent housing communication from being placed in your spam or junk folder. Housing agreements will be canceled and any prepayment forfeited if the admissions enrollment deposit is not paid by the established deadlines. It is important to notify Housing and Residence Life in writing if you no longer need on-campus housing once you submit an online agreement.


Towers I & II

Lake Claire

Towers III & IV

H ousin g

UN I V ERS I T Y and



Libra Hercules


L ife




g asu To P e

s P o int



Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage



ORLANDO, FL 32816-3222

407 823 4663

w w w. h o u s i n g . u c f. e d u Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services

Contact us:

HOUSING AND RESIDENCE LIFE P. O . Bo x 1 6 3 2 2 2 O rlando , F L 3 2 8 1 6 - 3 2 2 2

V oice : 4 0 7 8 2 3 4 6 6 3 Fa x : 4 0 7 8 2 3 3 8 3 1

ucf 1001SDS115-08/10 smca

Orlando, FL Permit No. 3575

Live the UCF Experience: Housing and Residence Life 2010-11  

Welcome to the University of Central Florida. Get ready for one of the most rewarding experiences of your college life. Friendships, social...

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