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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Volume 89, Number 9

SCSU student ascends political ladder

Single mothers receive support John Rusett MANAGING EDITOR

In an old supply closet with the smell of fresh paint hanging in the air, sitting on a squeaky, red leather couch so new the tags were still on, Amanda Toppe explained just how far her program had come since its inception halfway through last semester. Toppe, coordinator of the Young Student Parent Support Initiative, took the reins of the newly-formed program in mid-March. She is settling in to her secthe transformation of a space which was previously occupied by old electrical supplies into what will be a



President Potter thanks professors for their hard work during the Research and Creativity Recognition reception.

Potter conveys message for fall Molly Willms

parents. and the new social space Toppe has secured for the fall semester she said the biggest success so far has been the response to available scholarships for single mothers. “One of the biggest successes we had this summer was the Mary Beth Wedum Single Mothers Scholarship. We had 65 applications that came in for that scholarship,” Toppe said. “It really show the need for support that parents, in general, need.” SCSU received $187,283 from the J.A. Wedum Foundation to fund scholarships through the Mary Beth Wedum Single Mother Scholarship Fund. SCSU graduate Jay Portz, the foundation’s president, presented the check to President Earl H. Potter on Monday, Aug. 6. “Mary Beth Wedum is an SCSU alumnus and was a single mother while attending college. She knew that students face while trying to improve their lives,” Portz said. “The Wedum foundation’s mission is to change and improve people’s lives through the stewardship and generosity which is the reason that we strongly believe in providing scholarships for SCSU students.” Toppe said she was intimately involved in the process of deciding who would ultimately receive the scholarships. “I was on the committee to help go through all the applications. We had a process in what we were looking for. We decided how many we wanted to give out of the 65 applicants,” she said. Toppe said. “It pulls at your heart strings when you read people’s stories. Some of

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The theme of self-examination is woven throughout the events of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning’s (CETL) yearly Fall Convocation. “Holding Up the Mirror” will be the theme for this year’s abbreviated fall sessions and year-long training required of faculty and staff at SCSU. “The idea is engagement in teaching and learning for students, faculty, staff, administrators, everybody,” said Lalita Subrahmanyan, director of CETL. “At the launch, we mirror to ourselves.” The Fall Convocation sessions have been shrinking in number for the last few years. This year, apart from new faculty training days, there are only two days of meetings as opposed to the past. “We wanted to do things throughout the year,” Subrahmanyan said. “Instead of keeping them [the training sessions] all up front, we moved them into [January,]

April and October.” The ultimate goal of CETL is to get faculty and students more engaged in teaching and learning. Moving the sessions to later in the year is a process that has been gradually put in motion over the last two years. The Fall Convocation began as always with the President’s address on Wednesday. In addition to the president, the provost, union representatives and Student Government President Jarrod Wiggins all spoke to the group of faculty and staff that nearly Ritsche Auditorium. The provost spoke about improving the university through initiatives emphasizing undergraduate student success, improvement of transfer student recruitment and a quality initiative required by the Higher Learning Council for accreditation. Provost Devinder Malhotra also said he’d make a slight change to the last two years’ address theme, which was “Reimagine SCSU.” “If I had to pick a theme for the next two

years, it wouldn’t be very different,” Malhotra said. “It would be to reimagine the SCSU student experience.” According to Malhotra’s address, SCSU has a reputation for being one of the schools to work with.” After Malhotra left the stage, Wiggins took over with a speech imploring

faculty to connect with and challenge students. “I challenge you all to not only provide me the best education possible, but provide me with a wellrounded education,” Wiggins said. “Make me use my hands to learn. Make me volunteer in my com-

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President Potter addresses faculty and staff during the fall convacation.

The former president of Student Government has moved on to lobbying at the federal level on many key issues. Amanda Bardonner began lobbying for better textbooks early in her higher education career. Bardonner was in Student Government for three years. In 2010 she was elected president. During her time as a passed legislation on the ISELF construction project. She also saw legislation pass for updates to the National Hockey Center. When the football program was in jeopardy, Bardonner lobbied to community members to keep the program. “It was an experience,” Bardonner said. “It was intimidating to stand up in front of 300 angry community members saying ‘Save our football program’ and help them settle down and rationalize the situation.” After serving on Student Government for three years, she moved on to lobby for the Minnesota State University Student Association. Her stay in MSUSA would take her to Washington, D.C. She lobbied for easier and better access to the Pell Grant, a student grant given to many. With Representative John Kline from Minnesota’s Second District, she pushed for better and more accessible grants for students. Bardonner said that lobbying is an “odd” experiand it was something she

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‘Mainstreet’ just around the corner Staff Report

The Atwood Mall will once again buzz with life as students are welcomed back to SCSU through Mainstreet 2012. On Sept. 5, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the space just outside of Atwood will be occupied by numerous booths set up by different student organizations. The event gives students a chance to check out the more than 200 student organizations on campus. Mainstreet also showcases student and academic support departments, and various volunteer opportunities through nonThis year’s sponsors include: KCLD, Sun Tan City, Century Link, Coborn’s, TCF Bank, Charter Communications, BioLife Plasma SerFederal Credit Union. If Mainstreet must be canceled because of the weather, it will be held instead on Sept. 12.

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Football season has arrived


Student organizations from all over campus gather during ‘Mainstreet’ last fall.

Page 10 Husky football practice is underway. August 30 will mark season.

Bookstores gear for fall

Page 5 The bookstores are in high gear preparing for the rush of fall semester.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

3219 Division St St.Cloud, MN 56301 320.230.4444




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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Students star in promotional video



President Potter is a husky, and I know it. It might seem like a bit of an odd statement, but that is what is sung in the “Husky and I Know It” music video that is slated to be released at St. Cloud State’s Welcome Ceremony this fall. “Husky and I Know It” is a parody of the infectious LMFAO song “Sexy and I Know It” featuring students, the SCSU mascot, Blizzard, and the president of the university. The parody goes virtually shot for shot to the original version, with students dressed up in garb that looks like it belongs in a 1980s aerobics class. “We wanted to create a fun video for students that would hopefully go viral,” said Derrick Silvestri, head of the entire project. “It wasn’t done to increase enrollment as much as it was to increase school spirit for current students,” he said. However, increasing stalled enrollment wasn’t completely out of the equation. “Wisconsin University made a ‘Teach Me How To Bucky’ video that gave them great publicity and increased their enrollment,” said Tyla Hughes, a senior who helped with the project. Carrying out the video project was a bit of a process. The idea originated from Zach Norton, Student Government member, during the spring semester. Lyrics were written that needed some

tweaking and then the project was sent over to KVSC. “KVSC created the mix and then sent it back to me,” Silvestri said. “The hardest part was getting people together to shoot the thing. There was no way we could shoot it while school was in session because that would be too June but it kept getting pushed

back because it was hard to get people to commit over summer session,” he continued. There were approximately 25 student volunteers and a large portion of them were from UTVS. The video was shot on Aug. 13 and took seven hours to get all the footage. “It was shot throughout

campus,” Hughes said. “It didn’t cost much either because a lot of the equipment was donated. The gym equipment was given to us by people at Hallenbeck Hall.” video the day after shooting. The only thing left is to show it to the public. “I have really high hopes for it,” he said, “It was done really well.”

The video will premiere in the Nation Hockey & Event Center on Saturday, Aug. 25 at 9 p.m. as part of St. Cloud State’s Welcome Weekend. It will also appear on SCSU’s YouTube page at the same time. To view it online, go to on Aug. 25.


Soo Line gets new look The public is invited to the groundbreaking ceremony of the newest addition to trails in the area; the Dairyland Trail. The event will be held on Aug. 28 at 3 p.m. at the

trail was made after a 2007 County Parks survey, which indicated there was interest in a trail from Albany to Brooten. Phase one of construction

Elrosa, and will mark the beginning of construction on the trail. Construction will begin with Phase One, which comprises development from Elrosa to Greenwald. Formerly the Soo Line Trail Corridor, the Dairyland Trail will “ultimately run through western Stearns county from Albany to Brooten,” according to the Stearns County website. The trail will eventually be 26 miles long and connect with the Lake Wobegon Trail in Albany. It will also feature an aggregate limestone surface, which will make it horseback riding in Stearns County. The Dairyland trail will also be open to snowmobilers in the winter, linking to the state of Minnesota’s grant-inaid snowmobile trail system. The decision to create the

Readers, fans and followers respond.

is expected to be completed by spring of 2013. At that time, that portion of the trail is expected to be open for public use.

Six hundred-eleven isn’t bad, there are thousands of colleges! no, ranking is advertisement space. Don’t trust those ranking. If you compare again, the highest ranking usually have the highest pay in their football teams, the donations they have


before, like how to promote “Best place to travel”, so kinda see how the tactic behind these ranking works. The school eventually paying for advertisement, the ranking is part of advertisement packages. Follow us on twitter

(in response to ranking on Forbes website) To be frank, the prestigious organization of St. Cloud State University is hardly worth this merit. Maybe if the started using this thing called a ‘professor evaluation’ and started requiring professors to hand out syllabi to their students, they could be rightly called and ‘Accredited University’. It really says something about one’s academic experience when, even given free tuition, I was forced to transfer to another institution (UWMadison, best decision of my life). Shame on you, Forbes. #611 puts St. Cloud State in the top 25% of all colleges nationwide. Only 29 of the top 650 colleges cost less than SCSU.

University Chronicle - Page 4 News SCSU trains for tobacco-free fall University Chronicle

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Staff Report


Bardonner plans to graduate and continue to work with higher education standards.

Bardonner Continued from Page 1 had to ease in to. “I’ve gotten more comfortable with [lobbying],” Bardonner said. “It’s never easy standing in front of people to try to convince them your cause is worth funding.” on the podium, lobbying is something Bardonner wants to continue in the future. Former Student Government senator Zach Norton said she was always a pleasure to work with. “She is incredibly passionate about higher education,” Norton said. “She lobbies because she believes in those causes.” Matt Trombley, assistant director of Atwood, also recognizes her hard-working attitude and passion. “I have appreciated Amanda’s commitment to the position. Whether it is an early morning meeting or a weekend event, Amanda has represented Student Government and St. Cloud

Wedum Continued from Page 1 those women have come really far so you want to reward everybody for where they’re at and encourage them to continue,” she said. The response to the scholarships, more than anything, drives home the need for student-parent support on campus, she said. Initially there were to be up to 20 scholarships of $2,000 awarded Toppe said with the surprising response the committee in charge of awarding the scholarships proposed a new number to the foundation. She said they are waiting to hear if that number has been approved and those receiving scholarships should be notiSingle mothers, however, weren’t the only ones interesting in the scholarships. ”I had six or seven emails from single dads regarding [the scholarship] in which they were very frustrated and upset, kind of a ‘hey, what about us’ kind of thing,” Toppe said.

Potter Continued from Page 1 munity while I learn. Make me learn from the different people around me. Challenge me. “Listen to me. Learn from me. Learn from my life, just as much as I’ll learn from yours.” Susan Hobbs of the faculty association, after requesting a moment of silence for the late Prof. Michael Tripp, gave an as“Before you speak or act in our community, ask yourself if what you are about to say, write or do meets all the following

State University whenever and wherever she has been needed,” Trombley said. “I’ve been impressed by her ability to handle her full-time course work while serving in this role.” Bardonner was the recipient for the Newman Civic Award. This award is presented to those students who have displayed an active and positive role in communication and business in the community. “I was honored just to have been nominated,” Bardonner said. Though lobbying has exciting for Bardonner, she says it is not what she plans to do as a career. Bardonner is involved with several different projects. She regularly writes articles in Campus Magazine. She favors writing about higher education and the importance of public universities. She was also on CNN discussing higher education costs with Don Lemon. Bardonner will graduate with a degree in international business and hopes to continue her work with higher education standards.

Feedback of this sort really helps Toppe prepare for the future and see where the need is, she said. A reframing of the scholarships might be in order, she said, because single dads should be included as well. Interest in the program has continued to grow, Toppe said, citing double the number of parents in attendance at her latest support group. “We had the last support group of the summer today and we had double the turnout we have had all summer,” she said. Six were in attendance and

Tobacco-free SCSU has been in full swing for three weeks and the university is preparing for incoming students. In order to make sure that students will be keeping SCSU smoke-free, several departments have setup training meetings. Students and faculty are all welcome to attend all meetings. Attendees will be shown how to approach a person that is violating the rule and what to do if that person becomes aggressive. Another reason for the meetings is to spread awareness about the new rule, as many returning students may not be aware it has gone into effect. The policy itself is also brought up to discuss that it is important to keep a safe, clean and healthy environment on campus. Banning tobacco is only one part of the new policy. Prevention is also at the forefront. SCSU has provided many resources for tobacco users that seek to quit. There are individual plans, group plans, phone and online plans to help people quit tobacco. is a helpful resource for those who seek help online. There is also the over-the-counter nicotine patch to help curb urges. Reporting “hot spots” where people often smoke was also part of the training. The new policy, which came into effect Aug. 1, bans tobacco from the SCSU campus. Exceptions were made for personal motor vehicles, theatrical research. Each department will have their own training session. Though several have already occurred, there will be more in the coming weeks and students are encouraged to attend.

She said she is planning an open house for Sept. 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for anyone to come in and see what they are doing. While Toppe said she has an idea for where she would like to take the program, she is always open to new ideas and ever-evolving is probably the best way to

St. Cloud State University 13 Stewart Hall St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301-4498





The boundaries of the SCSU campus are shown to distinctly designate where smoking will not be allowed.

describe the process at this point. “I’m really open at this point,” she said. “I’m always looking for new ideas. We can only do as much as the student parents let us know that they need.” The Minneapolis-based Wedum Foundation owns Coborn Plaza, which

includes St. Cloud State’s Welcome Center and Coborn Plaza Apartments. The foundation also has developed senior and student housing in Minnesota communities such as Buffalo, Rochester, Minneapolis, Fridley and Mankato.

History The University Chronicle was founded Sept. 19, 1924. It is published weekly during school semesters, including summer sessions. Schedule exceptions

time. Toppe expects more involvement once the fall semester starts and the word begins to spread. social space now available Toppe said she feels she is ready. “I feel so much more excited about it because the way it came together and the guys who worked on it. They knew I had my heart in it, so I think they put their heart in it, too,” she said. Having a space for student-parents to go is imperative, Toppe said.

Faculty Adviser Michael Vadnie Editor-in-Chief Molly Willms Business Manager Sandesh Malla Advertising Manager Ashley Kalkbrenner Ad Representative Briana Heller Copy Desk Manager Lauren Willms Online Editor Meg Iserloth New Media Editor Leah Carr News Editor John Russett Asst. News Editor Joe Edmonds Visuals Editor Shun Jie Yong Asst. Visuals Editor Yasmin Tchmola Sports & Fitness Editor Mark Schrom Graphic Designer Karly Herrera Copy Editor Ciara Pritschet

academic breaks. The newspaper is funded with student activity fees through the SG Senate Finance Committee.


Jay Portz, President of the Wedum Foundation, presented President Potter with the check of $187,283 to provide single mothers with scholarships.

kind?” Hobbs said. President Potter continued this theme in his speech. The three goals outlined by MnSCU chairman Steven Rosenstone are offering our students an extraordinary education, being the partner of choice for Minnesota’s employers and maintaining access, affordability and opportunity for all students, as cited in Potter’s speech. The president added a fourth, “the development of a culture that is characterized by issues with respect and in an atmosphere of civility. priorities can be accomplished unless you manage to accomplish to fourth,” he said. Potter went on to say that

students often lead the way in civil discussion, and that the faculty and staff community could use improvement when it comes to being leaders in modeling productive discussion. “In truth, it is often true that we have not been,” Potter said. After last year’s upsets over tobacco policy changes, the dismissal of Mahmoud Saffari, the closing of academic programs and the restructuring process, the topic of productive discussion isn’t a surprising one. “Only in a university that allows itself to be subject to the principles of civil and informed discourse can our mission be achieved,” Potter said.

The University Chronicle is distributed on the campus of St. Cloud State University along with businesses in the downtown St. Cloud area. For a complete list of distribution locations email Molly at editor@



The fall convocation will continue for two days.

The University Chronicle prides itself on journalistic integrity. We strive to publish the most accurate information, but we are prone to human mistakes. We will correct any errors of fact or misspelled names promptly. Call 308.4086 with any corrections.


thursday, August 23, 2012

University Chronicle - Page 5

Bookstores stock up for fall semester Staff Report Textbooks are essential to any academic career, but

SCSU marchandise but is smaller than the Centennial -

There are four different stores near SCSU that are The closest store is Centennial Hall and has one

is another store located near est of the bookstores around

is located at the intersection of University Avenue and store is SCSU Bookstore Avenue next to Halenbeck The location near Hation of textbooks than their While many students choose to buy their textbooks from stores around

store has also been created -



sors have requested their Websites such as ama-

students have been choos-

Each store carefully as early as May and are


local bookstores stock books

makes some books more dif-

Four bookstores provide SCSU students with a variety of options for purchasing books.



University Chronicle - Page 4

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Students: study for life, not for tests Jason Tham OPINIONS EDITOR

I know, it is welcome weekend and you think it will be long this semester. Well, trust me, that you’re already looking for Halloween costumes. Whether or not you are new to campus, you must have some experience in test-taking, and the no stranger to all of us: exams are around the corner, so please buckle down and study hard! David Jaffee, professor of sociology at University of North Florida, expressed his concerns recently on The Chronicle of Higher Education about the prob-

lems with college faculty encouraging students to merely “study for exams.” Before going further, one needs to understand a keyword that Jaffee emphasized in his article - instrumentalism. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, instrumentalism -- or experimentalism -- is “a philosophy advanced by the American philosopher John Dewey holding that what is most important in a thing or idea is its value as an instrument of action and that the truth of an idea lies in its usefulness.” In other words, ideas are essentially the tools or instruments of action. Jaffee puts it this way: the perception of many students going to college today is that they will simply earn a decent looking degree that will help them to land a good job and then lead a happy life. He disagrees with such an attitude. Jaffee believes that education has a larger purpose of learning and development. Students who simply “study for exams” will be deprived as the value for learning

becomes dubious under this “dysfunctional” teaching philosophy. Now, as a fresh graduate, here is my take on Jaffee’s conception.

Learning to learn

I agree with Jaffee that faculty members should encourage students to study for the purpose of advancement in skills and knowledge, rather than to “know” the material so they can measure their understanding by letter-grades. Instead of cramming notes and students should strive to understand the material in order to be able to apply it in future settings. In a previous article, I expressed my sentiment on the purpose of education, which may be summed into three words: learn to learn. Faculty members and course instructors will not be around their students all the time to provide guidance once their students graduate from college. What professors ought to do is to instill the spirit of learning in every student, so on their own,” rather than having

all the time (and panic when the

It takes two to tango

Both the instructors and the students need to play a fair share of the game to achieve an optimal learning environment. It’s no use if the professors are die-hard in offering formative assessment if the students remain as realists in their acquisition of knowledge. to the shortcomings of existing system, then, they should be offered a reformed approach to the assessment of learning outcomes. Though the key players are the professors, the way students receive this new approach determines its entire functionality.


On the one hand, I believe that education should focus largely on the true development of the students. On the other hand, it is realistic to say that the world is “down-to-earth”, whether or not we like it to be. As I adapted to the college years, I picked up certain skills that come from cramming of study notes and “studying for

Hey baby, want some of this degradation and bullying?


Last week as I returned home from a long day at work, a Jeep full of young men drove toward me. I stood in the yard of my home as the men yelled to me from their car. It was the typical “Hey, baby,” “want some of this?” and “looking good” to which many of us women are unfortunately accustomed. You might sugarcoat it by calling it “cat-calling.” Prepare to have your bubble burst: it’s called street harassment, and more people are guilty of it than you think. I can’t go for a jog without getting hailed, harassed, followed or some combination of the three. Why, in 2012, are people still perpetrating this on their fellow community members? Did these men not have positive role models in their lives to teach them that harassment is unacceptable? Before you even say it, no, it is not a compliment. A compliment is a caring expression from one person to another that lets them know that they are valuable. Street harassment is degrading, objectifying, humiliating and downright scary. Still more people seem to think it’s just “not that big a deal.” I hear this response from both genders and

males who hold this view. First, imagine it happening to your mother. Your sister. Your best friend. Your girlfriend. Does that seem like a big deal? Now imagine it happening to you. The gender and sex of the harasser is immaterial, but let’s say it’s a man. Does that feel like a compliment? What’s more, as a helpful infographic demonstrates, making street harassment okay means that, eventually, public groping, and selfexposure are okay. Once those are okay, sexual assault is really just a stone’s throw away. The slippery slope goes from objectifying, to degrading, to assaulting. If we act like the top of the slope is no big deal, soon the middle won’t be, and soon none of it will be. So ask yourself, the next time you are about to call out or whistle

at a person on the street: are you okay with the precedent that sets? If you harass people on the street you are a bully, plain and simple. Giving unwanted attention in the forms of whistles, horn-honks, catcalls or anything else is never the fault of the person you’re harassing. You know it, you always have: it’s wrong. If you want to do yourself, the community, humankind and the world a favor, call someone on street harassment. Send the message that, to you and to the place you live, harassing people is never okay, and needs to stop before it gets worse. You’ll make the right kind of friends, and hopefully be happy in the knowledge that you’re part of change for the better.

exams” -- I have learned to enlist the most important bits; I have learned to ask the right questions regarding the instructions for my assignments; and most substantial of all, I have learned to prioritize. After some months of work in the actual knowledge or skills essential to my job come second to the mentioned aptitude that allows me to survive on a tightlyrun ship. Many businesses stress practicality when it comes to work productivity. Pragmatism gives priority to actions over doctrine, the Encyclopedia Britannica states. This explains why the commercial world is commonly known as the “real” world. Yet, I believe in a revolution for the real-world. Like Jaffee says, “it’s not too late to kill [the stigma].” If we are able to instill an educational sense in all colleges adopting a reformed approach in student assessment -- doing it in a way that still gives room for survival skills -- we are well on the way toward a better, well-rounded learning experience for the students.

Quote of the Week The truth is always exciting. Speak it, then. Life is dull without it. Pearl S. Buck

Have an opinion? Send a letter to the editor. Web Email Mail 13 Stewart Hall, SCSU St. Cloud, MN 56301

The opinions expressed on the Opinions page are not necessarily those of the college, university system or student body. IMAGE COURTESY OF EMILY HOPKINS ON DIGBOSTON.COM


Page 7 - University Chronicle

Artist and photographer Gary Loch shows his work and collection of vintage cameras.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bowls turned by the Mid Minnesota Association of Wood Turners were on display.

Summer Art Crawl ‘Sizzles’ Lauren Willms COPY DESK MANAGER


chosen to be submitted by their respective Visitors of all ages came down to -

Crawl, some offering free food samples

local artists, vendors, and musicians to


Cloud businesses to promote by hosting


Off ”, a performance that blended live

“One of the purposes is to acquaint our community with what is downtown,”

art and music within and around their

Crawl and a full list of participating art-

Artist Paul Imholte plays a hammer dulcimer. -


Joel Cherrico that urban material also gives


Imagine the most beautiful


that are made to be used here nese techniques and aesthet-

get people using the pottery by bringing it to a local restaurant where people could touch and

is also displayed on shelves at

community will support my business because they want to

Blend, he brings in new batch-

The artists that Cherrico has studied under are beginning to switch to a carbon-neutral system, which is using only renewable or self-harvested

in the area and sells his pottery Originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Cherrico gradu-

“The local community is really important,” Cherrico

in 2010 and became a full-time pots for your local community that they can afford and use in the area, and is currently volunteering at the Paramount

what needs improvement and what should stay the same for

selling his art, but also about

for inspiration too,” Cherrico

is a wonderful project and hob-

thing, sometimes I just follow the process and the pottery

If you are interested in

love his coffee cups,” said just really cares about the qual-

pieces, such as coffee mugs and Cherrico has been selling in his art, such as a glaze using

Joel Cherrico throws on a pottery wheel.

New ‘Total Recall’ is good for action, but not much else I wanted to see the movie was for the famous


in to a revolution when he tries to use a shady service to give him exciting memories

The reason I saw the movie was sadly brief, but overall, “Total Recall” was not a

It always saddens my Irish heart to hear

lar, but the camera only lingered for a sec-

Though it shares a title with the 1990 Paul Verhoeven movie starring Schwarzenegger, this version sought to more closely

hand man to the leader of the revolution

me by abandoning her usual thespian chop

loosely based, “We Can Remember It for my partner, but I went into it without lofty fects, some bad acting, a cool storyline and a

Sheep?” which later spawned the movie

To end where I began, the whole reason -


all that exciting to me as a biological female, but I was disappointed that more screen time


Thursday, August 23, 2012

University Chronicle - Page 8




The Art Off included visual artists as well as hip-hop performers who expressed themselves creatively during this concert/art show.

Artists come together in ‘Art Off’ Lauren Willms COPY DESK MANAGER


nunchuck-throwing during the performance.

A mixture of two different art forms was concocted at the Art Off Friday. The Art Off took place at 8 p.m. outside the Falcon National Bank downtown. The event was a combination of live hip-hop music and visual artists performing and creating simultaneously. “It was a really great opportunity for various artists to get together to see each other’s work and for people to see work being made; and also to see hip-hop music performed,” said Heidi Steadman, executive director of Visual Arts Minnesota, and a participating artist in the event. Steadman and Shawn Kroll, a member of the local band Modern Condition, were in partnership in the planning and organizing of the event, having done major planning

just weeks before the event took place. “We had talked about this idea many years back and Steadman said. The Art Off was a segment of the Sizzlin’ Summer Art Crawl in downtown St. Cloud. Presented by Visual Arts Minnesota, the Art Off was included in the grant given to the Art Crawl from the Central Minnesota Arts board. When the music began, the artists gathered materials and began to create while the performance went on. The Art Off expanded the area of the Art crawl this summer, going across 10th Ave. to the bank area of downtown. “It only makes sense to try to get more people down just across the street to visit the banks and to have a bigger space,” said Colin Jerrell, a member of Visual Arts Min-

nesota and a visual artist at the event. Within the bank, there was wine tasting and light refreshments. Audience members of all ages gathered for the event. “I think it’s the reality that everything is market-driven. I think it’s good that we were able to bring in something a little bit edgier at the end of the night,” Steadman said. The event consisted of several musical artists including Pop Vultures and Modern Condition, as well as eight visual artists. While the music was performed on stage, the eight visual artists were positioned on the ground below, facing away from the audience so their work would be on display as it was created. From abstract paintings to highly detailed landscape scenes, a variety of art was created to hip-hop music.

“Every painting that I do, I do to music,” said Trista Kolle, a visual artist at the event. Each song had its own rhythm, pace, and style, making it interesting to watch the visual artists adjust their techniques. “The way I paint is fast and quick and thrown,” Jerrell said. Fire dancers were also part

routines. There was an optional auction for the pieces created during the performance that continued into the second half of the Art Crawl on Saturday. The Art Off was a good, solid end to a night full of art and music. The edgy styles of both the visual and performperformers, added even more culture to this August’s Art Crawl.

Jeremy Renner is re-‘Bourne’ JP Winters MARQUEE EDITOR

For anyone that can’t get enough international espionage, chase scenes, and close-quarters combat, the Bourne Legacy delivers on all accounts. Those who saw the previous Bourne movies will quickly notice that the main character isn’t played by Matt Damon, the star of the previous series. I was a little worried when I entered had attempted to swap actors and retain the Jason Bourne persona. Fortunately, this is not the case. Jeremy Renner plays Aaron Cross, a highly trained special ops soldier that has received training similar to Bourne. Cross is involved in Operation Outcome, a Department of Defense program that gives its operatives pills to dramatically improve their physical and mental abilities. Due to the exposing of the top secret Treadstone Project (a reference to the previous movies), the overseer of Operation Outcome (Edward Norton) decides to eliminate all operatives from Operation Outcome. The plot of the movie consists of Cross going off the grid to avoid being terminated as well his hunt-

ing for some more pills. If you’ve seen any of the previous installments in the series, this is nothing knew. It is a high tech, high adrenaline, high vocabulary mouse chase that moves at breakneck speed. After character introductions are made, scenes alternate between Cross pulling off fantastic stunts, and a team of CIA watchdogs attempting to follow his trail. There were a few moments where all I could do was attempt to get the gist of what was going on because the conversation moved at such a fast speed with so much jargon that only Tom Clancy could understand it word for word. That being said, I never felt too lost that. The ending is also quite abrupt. There is no real signal of it coming besides a change in the symphony score after the longest and most intense action sequence. Jeremy Renner does well with Cross’s character. Cross is a bit more rough and tough than his Bourne counterpart. Bourne is a sophisticated combat genius sort of character while Cross is more of the Midwest boy that to wrestle a variety of beasts, both in-

ternal and external. His scenes with the other operative in the mountains involve little conversation, but I found them to be the highest quality in terms of actual acting. The bottom line is that you get what you expect with “The Bourne Legacy”. It builds tension well with its mouse chase plot line, and I found myself wondering at multiple junctions how Cross is going to get out of the next unfavorable situation. If you saw the other Bourne movies and enjoyed them, even if you’re hesitant about the switch from Matt Damon to Jeremy Renner. “Legacy” won’t bring any revolutionary

years. If you haven’t seen the previous movies, this is a good pick if you’re wanting to see some action, but want higher quality acting than The Expendables 2.




There is more to see!

Windsor is a two-year-old spayed Black Lab. She was surrendered because her owner had too many animals. Windsor did well with young children in the past and was respectful and submissive toward other dogs in the previous home. She is a young athletic dog, so a home with a fetch-worthy fenced-in back yard would be ideal. Windsor knows how to “sit”

when you enter her kennel to talk to her, she can’t contain her wiggling and is very happy to have a visitor. Stop by the shelter and let her wiggle her way into your heart! Photos and information courtesy of the Tri-County Humane Society.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Sports & Fitness


Thursday, august 23, 2012

Husky Sports

WOMEN’S SOCCER Augsburg College August 22, 7:00 p.m. Home College of Saint Benedict August 26, 12:30 p.m. Home Northwest Missouri State August 31, 2:00 p.m. Away Minnesota State University Moorhead September 2, 1:00 p.m. Away


Husky football is almost here Lindsay Brock BEAT WRITER

FOOTBALL University of Sioux Falls August 30, 7:00 p.m. Home


The Husky stadium is looking as sharp as ever. An abundance of excited and energetic football players began closing in on two-a-day practices, preparing for the 2012-13 season. Players, along with coaches, are hopeful of making the playoffs again this year. players are already thinking about what they would like to accomplish. Jeff Bias, a sophomore defensive end, is one of those players who has high standards for his team. “I want to see improvement, especially on our defensive end,” he said. Bias sets the bar even higher for himself. “I want to lead the team in tackles,” he said.

South Dakota School of Mines August 31, 12:30 p.m. Neutral Upper Iowa University August 31, 7:00 p.m. Away South Dakota School of Mines September 1, 4:30 Neutral Lake Superior State September 1, 11:30 a.m. Neutral

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“I want to make it into the playoffs again,” Bias said. “I want to see improvements all around and I want us to play more of a high-level, physical and intense game,” he said. Scott Underwood, head Husky football coach, is also expecting a lot from his team this year. “Game-by-game improvement is huge. Each outing has to be better than the last one,” he said. With some new players, and some returning all-conference ones, Underwood wants everyone to do their part to get a lot of W’s this season. “We need to see big things from our quarterbacks, as well as from our offensive and defensive lines,” he said. Underwood wants fans to do their part, too. versity of Sioux Falls. “Student support is always appreciated. Let’s start the season off right,” Underwood said. Saint Cloud State get ready, Husky football season is here.

Sports & Fitness

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Thursday, august 23, 2012

NFC Preview & Predictions AFC Preview & Predictions Mark Schrom

Matt Nielsen



The NFC is been dominant the last couple of years. NFC teams have taken home the a preview and prediction about the NFC.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers

AFC East

New England Patriots


division and cruise into the playoffs. Chicago Bears Buffalo Bills They also have a fair schedule that should allow them to compete for a playoff spot. New York Jets

Detroit Lions

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

the division. have improved from last year. They still are far from an elite team.

AFC South

Houston Texans

NFC East

New York Giants

Tennessee Titans Philadelphia Eagles

Indianapolis Colts Washington Redskins

Jacksonville Jaguars Dallas Cowboys

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons that the Falcons will win this competitive division.

Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans Saints Cincinnati Bengals make the playoffs. Cleveland Browns Carolina Panthers

AFC West

Denver Broncos Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kansas City Chiefs

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers San Diego Chargers

St. Louis Rams

Oakland Raiders

and defensive line have all improved. Overall this should be a much better football team than last season.

AFC Championship

Seattle Seahawks

Arizona Cardinals

NFC Championship

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Sports & Fitness

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Thursday August 23, 2012

Fans are excited for Vikings BEAT WRITER

percent by game one, he will at least be Ponder has made many improvements in been mentally preparing for the 2012-2013

preseason game against the 49ers isn’t an


London ends with a bang competition the Olympics


The London Olympics to watch for many years to home; many carrying hardTeam USA came home tally of 46 gold medals, 26 The closing ceremony, -

Team USA men’s and its claim to the top of the

transformed into worldwide sensations overnight, while others sailed off into the -

home gold in the women’s Giving inspiration to

Women’s beach volleyball had the best possible

African sprinter Oscar

teams of April Ross and Jennifer Kessy against Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty

mance in the men’s 400m

Jennings and May-TreMany athletes, some as

Meanwhile, American

winning two sets to none Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt re-asserted his dominance as “the fastest man in the world”, having won gold in the men’s 100m

From Michael Phelps’ memorable career, to the

world in the brilliance that The next Olympics will be the winter games in

after winning gold in the women’s gymnastics team


TWINS @ Texas Rangers August 23, 7:05 p.m. @ Texas Rangers August 24, 7:05 p.m @ Texas Rangers August 25, 3:05 p.m. @ Texas Rangers August 26, 2:05 p.m.

the fastest men to ever live,

St. Cloud’s Alise Post’s Olympic Conclusion ->

vs. Seattle Mariners August 27, 7:10 p.m.

St. Cloud Rox wrap up season many great defensive plays

Matt Nielsen BEAT WRITER

game behind second place Alexandria and only two games behind division win-

The Rox were lead by

vs. Seattle Mariners August 28, 7:10 p.m.

The lefty was named the

vs. Seattle Mariners August 29, 7:10 p.m. Adam Maxon had 10 saves

best in the Northwoods

The Rox also recently

The highlight of the second half was an eight game winRox one-half game behind Willmar with two games to

The North Division All-Star

vs. Seattle Mariners August 30, 12:10 p.m. @ Kansas City Royals August 31, 7:10 p.m.

while also leading the team with six triples, three home more thrilling season next

half of the season with a

@ Kansas City Royals September 1, 6:10 p.m.


present Condoleezza and Darla their green For some female golfers, this occasion

VIKINGS vs. San Diego Chargers August 24, 7:00 p.m.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and

mean the women’s movement and women for providing memberships to only men, the Atlantic to the British Open, which The home of the Masters has always

@Kansas City Royals September 2, 1:10 p.m

@ Houston Texans August 30, 6:00 p.m.

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