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Monday, April 14, 2014

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The 21st Annual Spring Powwow honored all Native American tribes and welcomed all SCSU students and faculty. The St. Cloud community was greeted by traditional dances and a free feast featuring buffalo meat.

Halenbeck hosts Native American powwow ied from traditional to pure entertainment, as the get-together showed off many aspects of Native American life. Each dancer wore a different form of regalia, presenting their own unique culture and ancestry for the audience. In history, powwows were celebrations of life for Native Americans. During these reunions, families would gather and renew their spiritual bond with each other and The Creator. However, not all powwows are purely for spiritual purposes. During the spring season, there are competition powwows that involve groups from different tribes who compete for recognition and prize money. The SCSU powwow is a traditional gathering where people are allowed to get together to feast and honor ceremonies. This tradition has helped keep alive the cultural and spiritual traditions throughout St. Cloud. The Master of Ceremonies during the Spring Powwow, Mickey Hodges, believes that hosting powwows helps the community understand his culture better, and this gets rid of the stereotypes that haunt Native Americans. “Education is the bridge between understanding and ignorance,” Hodges said. “I love sending information out there and telling the stories about the way things used to be.”

Bailey Vertin NEWS EDITOR

Halenbeck Hall’s main gym was barely recognizable last ly for the grand entry of the 21st Annual Spring Powwow. Traditional Native American decorations had been strung up around the arena, all in preparation for the celebration that was about to begin. When the drums began sounding off, participants began moving rhythmically to the beats, twirling in brightly colored regalia that represented their tribe. Presented by the American Indian Center, SCSU was proud to present an opportunity for the students and community of St. personal. Students and community members of St. Cloud were invited to join in on the traditional celebration that occurs every spring. During this time, members of the Native American community celebrate their ancestry and their connections with the earth. Starting off the summer powwow season, the Annual Spring Powwow is a like a family reunion for everyone who attends. The dances displayed during the powwow var-

MOTOKI NAKATANI / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER All community members were welcomed at the Spring Powwow.

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SCSU employee survey results discussed at SG Vicki Ikeogu EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Results of an SCSU employee survey were released to Student Government during the April 10 meeting. Speaking in open gallery, Director of Human Resources Holly Schoenherr presented a PowerPoint with the data collected from the employee survey conducted by Great Place to Work in November. “Most or all of you know the university recently asked all employees to participate in a survey in November 2013,” Schoenherr said. “What we learned through employee engagement is that it is built on a foundation of trust.” essary foundations for building great working environments. The three aspects of trust are credibility, respect, and fairness, which all play a vital role with the relationship between the employee and management. In addition, camaraderie and pride are important categories that shape how employees feel about their jobs. Schoenherr said the way the survey was designed included 57 core questions, which Great


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Place to Work survey administers to all of its clients. In addition, SCSU submitted 10 more questions, including two open-ended questions asking employees to comment about what makes SCSU a great place to work and what would make SCSU a better place to work. With 1,582 employees at SCSU, Schoenherr said they had received a 40 percent response rate, equivalent to 634 employees. Receiving 130 pages of content, Schoenherr said the survey results were divided into two portions. “Each statement the participants responded to their feelings of the overall organization and their work-group or department. We asked them to respond on management, such as the president and other members of the senior leadership. We also asked their opinion on their work-group, such as their direct supervisor,” Schoenherr said. Comparing SCSU results to companies that have made the Forbes list of 100 best companies to work for and the 100 best unionized companies, Schoenherr said the results will provide SCSU with a foundation for continued efforts. One of the strengths Schoenherr outlined was that SCSU employees had pride in their job. “Employees across the institution have great pride in working here. Employees feel that they have autonomy. At the work-group level there is a sense of cohesion and collaboration

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Atwood hosts drag show

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The show featured hit songs from favorite movies.

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Monday, April 14, 2014


Monday, April 14, 2014

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2014 Spring elections President and Vice President Candidates Bailey Vertin DUSTIN JOHNSON AND BRIAN KUNZ BIO

Dustin Johnson wants to be a part of Student Government and help students get their ideas realized. A third year student, Johnson prides himself on his ability to network and meet people of varying ages and interests. He hopes to bring in fresh, new ideas to the executive

branch of Student Government. Having experience as an at-large senator has given Johnson an opportunity to work with Student Government and has pushed him forward to run for student body president. Johnson has experience networking with his past in selling products and being a business analyst. His goal as president would be to get a better turnout to the meetings and to get more students involved. Looking past school, Johnson eventually wants to go into corporate government and serve on boards. Johnson is joined

with Brian Kunz in his candidacy. If elected, Kunz would serve as Johnson’s vice president and would handle internal involvement. Kunz is looking forward to working with Student Government and helping improve the communication between senators and the student body. With a focus on making the Student Government a friendly, healthy environment for students to express themselves, Kunz hopes to increase the student turnout at the meetings. Kunz has been involved in the SCSU community and prides himself on being on the Dean’s List. Having started a company when he was thirteen years old, he has dealt with employees and believes that he has the leadership capabilities to deal with internal affairs and the student body. Both Johnson and Kunz want to make sure that students are being heard, and that they see what they want happening on campus. They hope to bring new information for incoming freshman, and to provide students with insight into government. The president and vice president candidates look forward to serving their community and the students of SCSU.


chair of the Urban Affairs Committee, and is currently serving as the student body vice Lindsey Gunnerson president. Lindsey is also the vice president of New Member Education in Delta Zeta Lindsey is a junior pursuing a degree in Sorority, serves as an Honors peer mentor, women’s studies and a minor in human re- and is an intern at the Women’s Center. lations. Since joining the SCSU community Gunnerson was unavailable for an in 2011, she has strived to establish herself interview with the University Chronas an involved student. Lindsey has been actively involved in Student Government, icle. where she has served as a at-large senator had to have available weekends, he couldn’t continue being a CA this year again, because Ivana Sreckovic he would have to be on duty some weekends. “If I have chosen to do both, I wouldn’t ALEX BRYSON BIO be able to do both to the fullest and that was something I wasn’t okay with,” Bryson said. Right now, Bryson is the chairperson of Alex Bryson is a junior student pursuing the Economic Affairs Committee, which he the career in mechanical engineering. Bryson started serving last semester. Also, he is a stuis currently the chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee and is applying for the If there was a masters program for mechaniVP position. His involvement in SCSU has cal engineering at SCSU, Bryson would know for sure what he wants to do after he ment when he started his studies, Bryson got gets his bachelors degree. “That would be a involved in the swimming team and he still hands down the thing I want to do. I would swims competitively for the university. Along love to stick around for few more years and with being an athlete, he got involved with a group called Student Athletic Advisor ComIf he gets elected for the VP position in mittee, which gives input on how SCSU athSG, Bryson thinks that it will be a big change, letes feel and make recommendations to the conference. In the meantime, he became the role in SCSU. “You are the head of the president of this committee. students. Your voice carries a lot of weight In his sophomore year, he worked as a Community Advisor (CA) in Stearns Hall, versity,” Bryson said. On the other hand, he which he considers a great experience. “That plans to make changes in SCSU as well by wasn’t the hall I lived in my freshmen year, continuing to work closely with the St. Cloud so I was a little nervous going to new hall, Police Department and Metrobus, and “our but I loved it. I think that people there were own public safety, to make St. Cloud a safer the best part,” Bryson said. This year he is place.” a captain of the swimming team. Since he

Meet your At-Large Senator candidates Vicki Ikeogu JACK PEGG BIO

Serving on Student Government for only one semester, one of Sen. Jack Pegg’s goals was to be an advocate for students. Seeking reelection, he hopes that he can continue on his mission. “I hope to be a voice for them. I want them to have better opportunities while they are here,” Pegg said. A native of Albertville, Minn., Pegg, a political science major, originally attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Not really liking that university, Pegg moved back to the state to go to Anoka-Ramsey Community College. Always wanting to get a four-year degree, Pegg chose to go to SCSU. “I’m a smaller town kinda guy,” he said. “St. Cloud is not as big, but it still has bigger city stuff. It’s a little more what I’m accustomed to.” Pegg also cites that his decision to come to SCSU was Husky hockey. “I play intramural hockey,” Pegg said. Playing the game since he was old enough to walk,

Pegg said he grew up as a big Husky hockey fan. Hearing about Student Government through his friend, current constitution committee chair and at-large senator candidate Matt Gutsch, Pegg soon became involved in the organization. Knowing Gutsch and President Petersen and their involvement with Student Government, Pegg saw this as an opportunity to make SCSU better. With his experience in Student Government, Pegg hopes to help bring homecoming back to SCSU. “I know homecoming is a big thing. With my experiences in Madison, I saw that it was great for the university. It was fun being with the alumni. It’s a big thing I’d like to see done,” Pegg said. In addition to working with the student government in their attempts to bring homecoming back to the university, Pegg also wants to work closely with his current college, the School of Public Affairs (SOPA). “I’ve been looking into SOPA and seeing what more can be done there,” Pegg said. Pegg currently holds an at-large senator position with Student Government.

out as a freshman in 2007 and in 2010 I moved to Los Angeles, Calif., for a bit of soul searching. Samantha Olmsted While I was there I decided to pursue a major in international relations. I couldn’t be more ex“My name is Samantha Olmsted and I am a cited to be back at SCSU and all that this school junior here at St. Cloud State University and my has to offer.” major is international relations. I am 24 years Olmsted was unavailable for an interold and I grew up in Elk River, Minn. I started view with the University Chronicle.


Katelyn Dyer, a current SCSU freshman, is re-running for Student Government’s senatorLooking to become more involved on campus, Dyer ran for a position with Student Government in the fall of 2013. She is double majoring in nursing and entrepreneurship, with a minor in gerontology. Dyer’s goal, if re-elected as senator-at-large, is to make sure each student’s voice on campus is heard, while making campus a better place for everyone. “We’re a very good functioning body,” said Dyer. “We get a lot of stuff done.” One of Dyer’s most rewarding experiences she’s faced in her position as at-large senator is collaborating with campus’ Public Safety to start a committee that would address student concerns or questions on campus about procedures and policies. Although no committee has been successfully established, it is still in the works,

Dyer said. A major concern Dyer has heard coming from students deals with parking on campus and Public Safety’s role in issuing tickets. If a committee could be successfully established with Public Safety once a month, students’ issues and concerns would be addressed. When asked what she could bring to Student Government, Dyer responded, “I would be able to bring a different connection. I meet with a lot of smaller student organizations who don’t necessarily understand what Student Government is able to do for them, so by fostering this connection, they are better able to understand the opportunities available.” Current leadership, Dyer said, has shaped Serving on the board, Dyer has been exposed to how the state government and federal government traditionally operate. Dyer looks forward to continuing to help students in their efforts to make SCSU’s campus a better place.

Brody Hagemeier

“My name is Brody Hagemeier, and I am a junior studying political science and

Samantha McIntosh NHU LE BIO

Nhu Le is running for at-large senator in Student Government. Le is currently a justice in the judicial council in Student Government. Le is a sophomore and a public relations major at SCSU. Le chose to attend SCSU because of its “rich history,” she said. “I love all the nice people and the student organizations they have,” Le said about SCSU. Le is the LGBT Alliance Administrative co-chair; she has taken part of the LARP Society, EDM club, Anime Bridge, Queer People of Color (QPOC), and OutLoud!. This past year she was involved in six committees in UPB and next fall she will be the vice president of marketing of UPB. She was a volunteer leader with OutFront MN, and she worked with an


Cassandra Spruit is currently a commuter student who is attending two colleges, SCSU and Pine Technical College. She states her experiences at Pine led her into Student Government at SCSU. “At Pine Tech, it was a happy accident that I got involved in Student Government there. I was in computer club and was an alternate senator for that group. Then, I jumped to activities committee, and then just jumped to vice president,” Spruit said. Spruit felt it was a pretty natural step to continue in Student Government when she began to attend SCSU. “It’s given me some amazing opportunities. With the people I’ve met, some work absolutely stunning.” Spruit is running for at-large senator, as she is not currently admitted to her major, which will be computer science. While she does not live in the St. Cloud area this semester, the only day she is not on campus is Wednesdays. She says this has not affected her representation of students, but it has prevented her from attending monthly meetings of the Sustainability Committee she serves on. But Spruit states that she keeps up with the committee via minutes that are sent out and reports back to government. Senators are expected to serve on 1-2 internal committees and one university committee. Sustainability is a university committee. The internal committee she serves on is the Academics Committee. The committee is curbe in certain blocks: Monday, Wednesday, FriSometimes they go longer or shorter,” Spruit said. The time changes are usually due to schedules of professors and the group is looking at

organizer to get signatures to pass the Safe and Supportive Schools Act. The Safe and Supportive Schools Act strengthens protections against the threat of bullying in Minnesota schools. Le’s hobbies include baking and cooking. Le is interested in several issues on campus, including recycling, and she would like to start organic recycling and compost recycling on campus. Le says she’s also passionate about the mental health of SCSU students, LGBT issues, and keeping the campus aesthetically pleasing. She would like to get more unisex bathrooms for transgender students, including one in Halenbeck Hall. Le says, “People should vote for me because I work really hard to make things happen. I am really committed, I care and I am always willing to help a fellow Husky in need. If anyone knows me I really care and do my best to help others,” she said. Le also said her faculty/staff endorses her and believes she would make a good leader and a good senator. how to work with that and improve for the future. She adds, “You have to communicate with not just registration, but you have to communiwhy their classes are at different times and why these are not meshing up like they should be.” She states this project will be ongoing, and will Spruit attended a Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) conference as a delegate from SCSU in February and was planning on attending the Spring Assembly from about platform decisions with delegates and we have leadership workshops,” Spruit explained. She also discussed the Charting the Future document, which students may have heard about via an email sent on Friday by the Presidents and Chancellors of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU). Spruit mentions that the document is MnSCU’s vision of “where we want to go in the upcoming years, focusing on online, transferring credits.” And Spruit admits, “Overall, everyone has different opinions on it. “ “One of the biggest issues I have personally been through and personally have seen other students go through is the transferring of credits. Even here at this campus, about a third of students here have transferred from other schools. A lot of times, students think their credits will transfer easily and that’s not always the case,” Spruit said. Spruit says her goal for student government is to change the school for the better. “While this is a great school, it can always be improved upon. My experience with other campuses, I tend to know the system pretty well and I think maybe my past experiences can help the students here, since this is my new home,” she said. “This is a great school, it can always be improved upon. My experience with other campuses, I tend to know the system pretty well and I think maybe my past experiences can help the students here, since this is my new home.”

philosophy. I have been an at-large senator for three years and am interested in remaining a part of Student Government because of my dedication to SCSU, St. Cloud, and the safety of students and community members in and around my home town.” Hagemeier was unavailable for an interview with the University Chronicle.


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Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Spring elections cumbersome.” In relation to issues like homecoming and safety, she feels that senators “have to be Patty Petty actively persistent. Being on government for one semester won’t necessarily accomplish your goal if, for example, your goal is bringing homecoming back. [You need SHIRLEY AURAND WEISMAN BIO to be] building relationships with administration, other senators, helping commuShirley Aurand Weisman is currently a senior here at SCSU, majoring in infor- nication between students and government and helping them to voice their issues, mation systems. She completed an internship at Disney World last spring and upon which can change from year to year,” and goes on to say, “We’re only here for a very returning to campus wanted to get more involved. She showed up at an internal election last fall, “I saw an announcement on Facebook that they were having interto try to balance those needs, but I do believe there is a way to do it and try to work nal elections and they were looking for senators to serve.” She was elected. with administrators, and understand where students are coming from.” E-cigarettes and the tobacco policy, safety and homecoming have always been worked on internal communications and a website, but now serves on the Student talked about during Aurand Weisman’s time at SCSU. In regards to homecoming, Service Committee. Their main task has been working on a plan to communicate she states, “The resolution passed, but resolutions are the easy part.” She goes on to students where the student fees go and recently passed a resolution to help with to mention, “It’s something in the works. For homecoming to come back, the adthat. Student fee funded areas have a budget approved by President Potter and the ministrator’s approval has to be [in place] and there has to be a very decisive and Senate Finance Committee each year, and from now on when you go to the DCI comprehensive plan exactly how that would happen and it’s a process of communioperating budget. All the services that are student fee funded are required each cation that’s still being worked out. It’s not being ignored, it’s just a lot of logistical issues.” When talking about Student Government concerns, “I’d just like to see us conit. One of many areas of concern that Aurand Weisman brings up is enrollment tinuing to work on the major projects we’ve been working on this year and seeing it decline, and its effect in “trying to meet the students needs, such as bringing back next year,” Aurand Weisman said, “It’s just that we have issues that need to be conhomecoming, helping to establish stronger bonds with the city, and advocating for students amongst administrators and trying to keep student fees from becoming too sistently worked on from government to government, that it continues to improve for the long term.”


Melanie Devine is running for the senator-atlarge position in Student Government. Devine is a sophomore and a social studies major with a content area focus in political science, and this is ment. Devine’s past leadership roles include participating in youth government in high school, which sparked her interest in continuing to participate in government roles in college. Devine’s extracurricular activities include the Social Studies Club, and her involvement in extracurriculars inspired her to want to join Student Government. “There’s a lot of student organizations on campus, but I don’t think a lot of people get involved in them. So that’s one of my goals next year if I’m elected, to mend that gap,” Devine said. The Social Studies Club has put on events like the ‘Econ Challenge’, a high school economics challenge that took place at SCSU.


A passion for athletics inspired current senator-at-large, Neil Manning, to join Student Government this semester. Since joining the organization, Manning hopes to continue providing the body with what he describes as a unique perspective. from Texas, Manning said he was recruited to come to SCSU for the swimming and diving team. “The team was awesome,” Manning said

The club also hosted the geography bee competition on April 3. The club also helps with the tends different social studies conferences in Minnesota. Other issues on campus that Devine is interested in are getting commuters more involved on campus and bringing a better community atmosphere to the SCSU campus. To get freshman students more involved on campus, Devine says she’d like to do something with residential life to get students informed on the organizations that are on campus. Devine says she’d also like to use ‘Husky Howler’ emails to inform students on student organizations. Devine said she chose to attend SCSU because it was big enough that there are many different clubs and opportunities, but it was also small enough that there is a friendly, community atmosphere. In regards to wanting to be in Student Government, Devine says, “I’m an open-minded person and a good listener, so I would like to help people with their concerns and be able to represent that in student government.”

this semester from swimming teammate and vice presidential candidate Alex Bryson, Manning applied and was elected to his current position of at-large senator. “This year I have been working on an electronics recycling program,” Manning said. Seeing the lack of a good method of recycling electronics, Manning is working with Student tion that can help SCSU’s Husky Tech with its electronic recycling program. Aside from this, Manning said his experience in Student Government has taught him a lot. “Student Government has a lot of connections that you need to get things done,” he said. Getting to meet and work closely with people like the athletics director and the director of Husky Tech, Manning said the experience he has gained working for the organization has helped him a lot.

During his practices, Manning said he started hearing about Student Government from his swim coach. “Last year with the big athletics referendum, our coaches made us go to meetings to under- me,” Manning said. “I am involved in athletics stand what was going on. And I liked it,” Man- and I live on campus. I have the chance of talking to a lot more students.” ning said. Manning currently serves on the Campus Learning about the internal elections early Affairs Committee.


Graduating in the top half of New Prague In high school, Pexa was a member of New Prague’s tennis team, and a member of the women’s and varsity choir. As a current at-large senator for Student Government, Pexa is responsible for voting on and different regulations. With 18 at-large senator positions that are elected. [at-large senators] spots, so we don’t automatically get the spots until we’ve secured two votes for that position,” Pexa said. Pexa is re-running because she enjoys what Student Government is able to accomplish for student efforts on campus. “I think students should vote for me because of my commitment of seeking out students’ input around campus and working to establish a feedback forum that would encourage more student feedback,” Pexa said. Participating in the MSUSA Conference

has been one of Pexa’s best experiences so far as a member on Student Government. Students from Minnesota State Universities attend these MSUSA-sponsored events, providing student governments information and support to increase campus-wide participation. “We attend different meetings, such as small group or informational, and then come together as one large student government meeting to discuss the different challenges each campus is going through,” Pexa said. A topic brought up during a February MSUSA conference discussed placing solar panels on top of buildings on campus. Interesting topics Student Government has exposed Pexa to include Coca-Cola’s contract with campus and Garvey food complaints from students. Three words Pexa’s peers would describe her stantly has a smile on her face. Pexa is very active on campus, and is a member of the SCSU Women’s Choir. She has plans of continuing to run for Student Government, and is considering pursuing a chair position for small group committees in future elections. In Pexa’s free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and studying for her general classes. “Student Government is a great way to communicate with campus, my peers, and to help make a difference,” Pexa said.

Rhondisha Washington

member in my internal committee (Legislative Affairs). So far this year, in my position, I’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible when it comes to voting for things and will continue to do so this upcoming school year if I’m elected!”

“Hello, my name is Rhondisha Washington. I am currently a sitting member on the St. Cloud State Student Government as a senator-atRhondisha was unlarge. While being in Student Government I’ve co-authored available for an interresolutions to better represent view with the University Chronicle. our students, been an active

processes to make showing my point of view fascinating to others. Analyzing others outlook takes a while but in the end after reviewing what is brought before me I can add to the subject. Thinking over all my prospects may takes longer but good things come to those who have patience.”

“Creative, humorous, and intelligent are a few words that have described my character as a person by other people. Organizing is a fun habit of mine that has helped make my life easier for planning to use my time. My ingenious way Samantha was unavailof thinking helps to improve able for an interview with long-winded explanations and the University Chronicle.


Matthew Gutsch is a candidate for at-large senator and currently serves as the constitution chair on Student Government. Before and after he was a at-large senator, he was the Legislative Affairs chair. He’s a senior who is double majoring in international relations and political science, but he his Student Government duties. Matthew said that, if elected, he’ll continue to push for veteran’s issues on cam-

Alanna Xiong “Hello, my name is Al-

pus as well as safety concerns, such as traveling at night in the campus area. One of the issues that Matthew has worked on during his time in Student Government is the new constitution, which is up for vote this semester. He has also worked on the issue of priority registration for veterans. One thing that Matthew wants to work on, if elected, is reaching out to groups at SCSU and “not just waiting for them to come to us.” This will be Gutsch’s third semester at Student Government and he’s looking forward to serving the students of SCSU.

cleanup. I’ve recently been voted on board as a freshmen representative, and I am hoping to be a voice for new and older students of HSO. One of my main goals for HSO’s following year is to diversify the group and encourage other campus involvement.”

year student here at St. Cloud State University. I am currently going to school for my general education. Here at SCSU, I am an active memAlanna was unavailber of the Hmong Students able for an interview with Organization. I’ve helped the the University Chronicle. organization fundraise, such as concession stands and hockey point of view fascinating to others. Analyzing others’ outlook takes a while, but in the end, after reviewing what is brought before me, I can add to the subject. Thinking over all my prospects may take longer, but good things come to those who have patience.”

“Creative, humorous, and intelligent are a few words that have described my character as a person by other people. Organizing is a fun habit of mine that has helped make my Samantha was unlife easier for planning to use available for an intermy time. My ingenious way view with the University of thinking helps to improve Chronicle. long-winded explanations and processes to make showing my

at-large senator. What that means is that if you have not been admitted into a certain major you cannot represent that certain major. So you have to run as at-large Rebecca David senator.“Senator at large represents around a thousand students,” Johnson said. The reason she is involved with Student Government at SCSU is because she enDIXIE JOHNSON BIO joyed being part of it at her previous college. On her free time, she organizes mission trips at her church. She also attended “Something very personal about me is that my husband committed suicide, but and lobbied for Pell Grants in Washington D.C. during the term of the late Paul I want people to realize that when things get tough, it is not the end of the world. Wellstone. Johnson said what sets her apart from the other candidates is her age There is help and resources out there to help them with whatever they are going and her experience. “I represent the non-traditional and traditional college student through.” because I also have a son in college.” for her pre-nursing major but was denied. Johnson said she is planning to apply one students, not what is best for her. “Students should vote for me, because I am very more time but is also looking into gerontology. approachable and I want the best for them,” Johnson said. Student Government and also president of a club. She is currently running for

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Monday, April 14, 2014

21st Annual Spring Powwow Continued from Page 1 Hodges has been around powwows his whole life and enjoys watching kids and parents keep the tradition alive by attending community events such as this. The event featured the Red Tree Drum Group, who were situated in the middle of the arena and kept the beat for the singers and dancers spread around the gym. The tradition with the drums is that the drums may be handed down in a family and can be made out of deer, elk, or buffalo hides. The culture features the drum as more than a musical instrument, but an important part of the Native American traditions. The drum is perceived as having its own spirit and is treated as a sacred instrument, symbolizing the heartbeat of the people. The drums are accompanied by different songs, including “The Potlatch” and “The Eagle Feather”. Both songs represent and honor spiritual leaders and the traditions of the people and culture.While the drums symbolized the heartbeat of the people, and the songs honored them, the different dances portrayed at the edges of the arena peaked the audience’s interest with jiggling bells and included the men’s and women’s traditional dances. The men’s allowed for much individual expression and has been held over the years from when war parties would return to the village and “dance out” the story of the battle. The moves would portray the tracking of an enemy or the killing of a prey. Traditional dancers wore circular busts of eagle feathers, which represented the unity of everything. The movements are patterned after animals and birds, and the eagle feathers themselves represented a channel between the Great Spirit and and all things on Earth.

Crystal Stempson, the female head dancer, was a part of the Fancy Shawl Dance. This dance began early in the century and is a fast-paced dance characterized by fancy footwork and colorful regalia. The dresses shown were covered with elaborate beadwork and design.The shawl, worn by Stempson, was an integral part of the dance, showing the speed and grace of the dancer. Stempson has been dancing since she was a little girl. Taking part with her family in powwows has been a traditional thing for her for years. A student at SCSU, she has one semester left in the accounting program before graduating next year. For the past two years she had taken part in the Annual SCSU Spring Powwow and has enjoyed the community feeling that surrounds the event. “When you dance you develop your own style,” Stempson said. “It’s exciting to see this many people come out and watch.” Stempson is joined by many other dancers who look forward to the start of the summer powwows where they are hosted outside at campsites. Powwows are an integral part of the Native American community, and represent the continuation of the old traditions while adopting some new ones. Jim KnutsonKolodzne, the director of the American Indian Center, likes to focus on what this means for the community. “This is an eye-opening experience for a lot of people,” Knutson-Kolodzne said. “Hopefully this will open the door for future discussions.” According to Knutson-Kolodzne, the powwow season is just starting this year and will be continuing throughout the summer. While most powwows typically last more than one day, the 21st Annual Spring Powwow went from 1 to 10 p.m., and was a welcoming event that encouraged all community members to come feast and learn about the Native American people.


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The Fancy Shawl Dance includes elaborate beaded regalia and colorful shawls.


The Red Tree Drum Group kept the beat with the dancers and singers nearby.

Eagle feathers represent one’s connection with the world and The Creator.

Student Government

“For us, we just get the benchmarks (the 100 best companies and the 100 best unions to work for),” Schoenherr said.

Continued from Page 1 with their colleagues,” Schoenherr said. However, the survey did indicate areas where the university seems to be lacking. “Our concerns are with the fact that employees felt leadership at the senior level didn’t care, didn’t recognize or appreciate their work,” Schoenherr said. “There was also a lack of feedback for recognition of high workloads. Also, employees felt there was favoritism going on. Communication was the foundation for a lot of these things. Some had to do with poor communication between senior leadership and employees.” Overall, the survey did provide positive data for the university, Schoenherr said. Fifty-seven percent of employees who responded felt positively about their workgroup. While not as high as the 100 best companies and unions, which saw numbers near 90 percent, Schoenherr said SCSU is a great place to work. “But we have some work to do,” she said. with their jobs. “36 percent is far lower than what we would ideally like to see,” Schoenherr said. number. “We consider 36 to be a low number,” Schoenherr said. “What would be considered a low overall number?” Collins asked.

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the university is still working toward getting more data. “Is is foreseeable to make any changes yet this semester?” Sen. Dixie Johnson asked. “With every organization there is a culture and a behavior. And this takes many years to develop.

Providing an example of their employee town hall meeting with several employees to discuss the survey, Schoenherr said President Potter heard concerns from staff about the lack of tools and resources needed to do their jobs. “There’s a communication problem between the senior leadership and the front lines,” Schoenherr said. When Schoenherr said Potter heard of this, he immediately found funding to get these resources to these employees. Schoenherr told student government that for the rest of the semester, Potter will be working a share/listen/act program to improve morale at the university. Currently at the listening phase, Schoenherr said Potter will be making a listening tour around the university. “He will be visiting with all the departments, meeting with them for an hour,” Schoenherr said. With these campus conversations, Schoenherr said she hopes to implement the action phase hard next fall. “While the president plays a major part, it is really going to involve an effort on everybody’s part,” Schoenherr said.


1. Tastes 5. Offspring 10. Shove 14. Burden 15. Ottoman title 16. Dwarf buffalo 17. A formal accusation 19. Salt Lake state 20. Liveliness 21. Killer whales 22. A drama set to music 23. Fashionable 25. Made of oak wood 27. Half of a pair 28. Classify 31. Internment camp 34. Crinkly 35. Lad 36. The original matter (cosmology) 37. Dossiers 38. Swing around 39. Regulation (abbrev.) 40. More prudent 41. Round red root vegetables 42. Peroxides, for example 44. Hasten 45. Anagram of “Fires” 46. Most destitute 50. Collection of maps 52. Lit to a higher degree 54. Neither ___ 55. Its symbol is Pb 56. An amusing remark 58. Way in 59. Choose by voting 60. Angers 61. Ends a prayer 62. Coils 63. A covered garden walk


1. Cleansing agents 2. Arm of the sea 3. Squashy 4. South southeast 5. Scant 6. Quilt part 7. Largest continent 8. Whatever person 9. Indian bread 10. Poor person 11. Indefensible 12. Fly high 13. Laugh 18. Coming and _____

22. Alright 24. Rich soil 26. Mimics 28. Periods of discounted prices 29. Brag 30. Visual organs 31. Greek sandwich 32. Gorse 33. Pass into law 34. In a sad pensive manner 37. French for Finished or Done 38. Clairvoyant

41. Flora and fauna 44. Lifting devices 46. Location 47. Vestibule 48. Open skin infections 49. Secret meeting 50. Aquatic plant 51. Squad 53. Equal 56. Dowel 57. Veto

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Monday, April 14 , 2014

Parking on campus, again


Parking and not parking on SCSU campus is one of the most frustrating things ever. I know I’ve talked about this before, but I just need to complain and inform once more. A couple of months ago I parked in the library parking and received a ticket. Along with that ticket, a boot was put on my car and I had to pay removed. Now that’s a unpaid parking tickets, but I wasn’t upset about it because I knew I hadn’t paid the tickets and shouldn’t have parked by the library. I on my way.

The only things that irritated me was the huge, and I mean huge, sticker they pasted on my driver side window telling me not to move my car for safety reasons and why the boot was there. It took me 45 minutes, a fourth of a bottle of 409, and a butter knife to get it off. I don’t know why they think putting a giant sticker on your window is a smart thing. What’s wrong with a few pieces of tape? It’s near impossible to peal off without some sort of cleaning product, so you’re forced to drive home and look around the sticker. Thank you Public Safety for making my drive unsafe because I can’t see out my window. But like I said, I wasn’t upset because it was my fault. After I a little more aware of where I park. Parking off campus and walking a little bit never hurt anyone. What really sparked

my hate for all of this happened last Thursday. I was walking back to my car that was parked thing I saw was that sticker on my window again. I was absolutely furious because I had not received a single So I made my way to to see what was up. The woman behind the desk said I had three unpaid parking tickets, one of which was $75. Who the heck on campus gives a parking ticket of that much money? The total $125, not as much as last time, but I was still upset about it. When I went to pay said tickets in the Student Services behind the desk said she and when she did, they were under someone else’s name. That’s right. I had a $75 ticket under someone else’s name. But the boot wouldn’t come off unless it was

and went on my way, of course having to look around the sticker on my window. I don’t understand why they think that we have the money to pay We already go to school here, we should be able to park wherever we want to. I also found out that they will put a boot on your car if you have, for example, a total of four paid tickets and just one unpaid. Why, you ask? Because they think it will encourage people to stop getting tickets. Actually, no. It just make us angry and makes us hate Public Safety a little bit more. I’m not saying that Public Safety is horrible; they have a job and they do it well, but all these parking tickets they keep dishing out is getting a bit out of hand. So, I say again: We pay to attend school here so stop giving us tickets and making us pay more.

Quote of the Week Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. - Oscar Wilde A new definition of g rowing up


When I was a child, I always thought the adultversion of me would be a very different person than myself. I thought I would magically overcome my fears, worries, and doubts simply by getting a few years older. Now that I’m a couple years into adulthood, I can already see that this view was a fantasy. It was wishful thinking to hope that all my problems would vanish into thin air given enough time. Beyond issues and problems, I can also see the core of my childhood personality remains in tact. I mostly enjoy the same things, people, and environments that I did back then. After all these years, I am basically still the same. So what has changed? What does ‘growing up”’really mean if I’m still the same person I was as a

child? I’d like to put forward a theory. Growing up means learning how to better cope with the bad, and appreciate the good. I appreciate everything so much more than when I was a child. The ability to read and write, having enough in good health are some of the blessings I cherish on a daily basis. I was fond of those things as a child, too, but the extra years have given me a broader context. I’ve met the haves, the have nots, and I’ve to earn what you need in life. Every moment of happiness seems so much sweeter than it ever has before. I don’t even know if I could be happier than I am now. I’ve always heard that children are the happiest people alive, but I know that I am much happier now than I ever was in childhood. Now let’s talk about coping with the bad. I have a large supply of happiness, but there are still demons I wrestle with every day. The current demons I am battling are the process of

up my last few credits of college. I used to take little demons like these and build them up to be great, terrible monsters that ate me alive. I now see them as annoying buggers that I will overcome given enough time and effort. That paradigm shift has come through experience and learning how to be victorious. The worst thing to do when facing down your opponent is to let yourself believe that it is stronger than it truly is. Your opponent is competent, yes, but always, always defeatable. So the difference between current me and 10-yearold me is that I know what it takes to win. I know how to get the job done, and not self-destruct when the tiniest bit of pressure is put on me. I know that if I keep my eyes set on the positive, my inner-demons of fear, doubt, and worry can never defeat me completely. So maybe that’s what growing up really is. It’s not about changing as a person, but changing your attitudes and how you cope. It’s about learning how to be happier every day.

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You had me at ‘woof ’ Brianna Heller GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Dogs really are amazing. The pets that we own often tell a lot about ourselves, too. For example, one might say that the dog a the personality of its owner, and visa versa. I have a twoyear-old English Springer Spaniel-mix that I adopted from a rescue organization. I have long struggled with depression and felt that it was time I needed to add something that was missing from my life. So, I got the okay from my landlord and friend. I got Barney when I was most vulnerable. I was alone and needed someone. I turned to a rescue organization because there were probably many others that needed saving too. Before Barney, I had considered getting a young puppy. I soon realized though that it was going to be a lot of work because they’ll be teething, peeing and whining all the time. I would also have to get the dog neutered/spayed as well which is about $200. However, there are a lot of people that don’t think about that stuff until they already have the the dog. I have run into people that seem to only get a dog because they think it’s cute and know how much fun

a puppy is. The truth is, there’s a lot more to it than just a cute face. Getting a dog costs a lot of money. It can especially cost more if you get a puppy who isn’t trained and doesn’t have shots. For example, Barney was fully vetted and potty trained when we got him, and he cost me $300. That’s roughly about how much you would pay for that 6-week-old beagle you saw an ad for in the newspaper; without shots, and no papers. You see, the thing about adopting an dog is you are now that dog’s sole caregiver. You are responsible for that dog’s happiness and well-being. It means when you don’t get paid until Friday and it’s only Monday and he’s run out of food, you’ll be waiting in line at the Petco checkout with a bag of food for him. It means when he’s throwing up at 2 a.m. three nights in a row, you have to bring him to the vet which will run you about $60 after they give you some medicine on top of the exam fee. It means when your friends are out partying, you decide to stay home because you can’t leave him alone by himself all night. And you know what? You’ll do it too, because you love him. There are a lot of people I have run into that get dogs because they’re cute. Until they get big, or they cost a lot of money, or they have

to move, or the relationship doesn’t work out so they give up the dog. These reasons for giving up an dog that you chose to adopt. Adopting a dog is a full lifelong commitment to that dog that you are going to care for him, love him, nurture him, and watch him blossom. If you’re getting a satisfy your need for a shortterm relationship, because you think it’s cute, or because you want to show him off to your friends, then you don’t need a dog. If you think that getting a dog will solve all your problems, it won’t. Getting a dog really does make a difference in your life, but that difference all depends on how you let it change your life. I thought Barney was saving me, but it turned out that I was saving him, too. I know that he thanks me every single day for it. Without me, Barney wouldn’t have been stuck in the animal foster care system. But me without Barney? I don’t know where I would be. Dogs are truly an out more about myself with him around than I ever would have without him here. I just worry that there are dogs out there who are being adopted for all the wrong reasons.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

UPCOMING EVENTS Tuesday 4/15 Percussion Collective Concert Ritsche Auditorium 7:30 p.m.


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Movie melodies brought to life by kings and queens Samantha McIntosh ASST. MARQUEE EDITOR

The Spring Drag Show was this past Thursday in the Atwood ballroom. With a movie-related theme, the show was called ‘Dragged to the Movies: 14 Years of Fabulous’, and it was a family friendly show that featured songs from movies including ‘Newsies’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Wayne’s World’, and ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’. Admission to the show was free to SCSU students, and the audience was encouraged to tip the drag kings and queens, especially since all the tips were

Del Mar performed the song “All That Jazz” from the musical-movie ‘Chicago’. Del Mar performed this song at a drag show a few years ago, and she performed the song in a dress adorned with over a thousand strands of rainbow-colored beads. The dress weighs 13 pounds, and when asked how it feels to perform in that dress, Del Mar said, “I feel like I’m in a car wash.” Del Mar said that she was happy to be back performing in the show, and that she missed all of the show participants deeply. Del Mar makes her own costumes, and she made the costume that drag queen Miss Scarlet wore for the song “Let It Go” from the movie ‘Frozen’. The dress resembled the dress that the character from ‘Frozen’, Elsa, wears

Tuesday 4/15 Midori Paramount Theatre 7:30 p.m. Wednesday 4/16 ‘The Little Prince / El Principoto’ bilingual play Atwood Theatre 5 p.m. Thursday 4/17 Sunday 4/20 Atwood Movie Night: ‘Her’ 8 p.m. Additional Friday showing 10:30 p.m.


Students perform a medley of songs from movies, including ‘Pitch Perfect’, ‘The Lion King’, and ‘Chicago’ at the Spring Drag Show.

going towards the Outloud! organization, and to help take students to the ‘One Voice Choir’ concert in Minneapolis. SCSU students all dressed up as drag kings and queens for the show, and even an SCSU alum was invited to come back and perform. That alum was drag queen Trixi Del Mar. She graduated SCSU last year, and the 2013 spring drag show was supposed to be her last, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Del Mar said, she was asked to perform again. Del Mar said that the SCSU drag shows are what got her into doing drag. Del Mar said that SCSU drag shows are one of the best drag shows in the country. This is based off of the fact that the participants of the show practice for three months in advance. Del Mar said she likes how this show is community based and socially just, because it is a family-friendly show. “This show is one of the only completely student-run drag shows in the country,” Del Mar said. Having gone to several LGBT conferences, Del Mar said that people at these conferences have talked about how impressive the SCSU drag shows are, because of how well the students prepare.

Quest for freedom highlighted in Hmong Night Matt Rieger MARQUEE EDITOR On Saturday evening, the St. Cloud community gathered to celebrate Hmong Night 2014, which was put on by the SCSU Hmong Student Association. The night’s theme was “Memoirs of the Past”. The story told during the skit portion of the event was about one couple’s journey to escape communist forces that aimed to during the Vietnam War. The Hmong people escaped into the hills of Laos, but had to keep moving as they could seek refuge in Thailand. Also ongoing during the Vietnam War was The Laotian Civil War. This war lasted over 22 years with other superpower involvement and another few years after and the Royal Lao Government in which both the political rightists and leftists received heavy external support for a proxy war from the global Cold War superpow-

Friday 4/18 Upper Strings Studio Recital P.A.C. Recital Hall 2 p.m.

and Pathet Lao. This was a night to recognize those who have survived and didn’t make the journey to escape persecution. As well as tales of survival, Hmong fashion and food was put on display. A fashion show began the night’s events with many styles of traditional Hmong clothes from the different regions that Hmong people come from. Displayed on the screen were descriptions of the individual fashions being shown: Modern Hmong clothes are more vibrant, fashionable, and modern Shirts are more complex and fashionable. These are worn with dress pants by men. Hmong Chinese tends to be more colorful and have beads that are threadAt the end of the fashion show, everyone came out in organized rows and held up signs with yellow/gold letters that read “Welcome To Hmong Night”.

Saturday 4/19 Somali Night Atwood Ballroom 5-10 p.m. Saturday 4/19 Record Store Day Electric Fetus 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.

in the scene. The ‘Frozen’ number was a favorite of Gabé Miller, a social work major tended, and Miller said that her favorite things about attending the shows are “jamming to the songs” and seeing repeat performers. The show director Holly Leisenheimer’s drag king alter ego was Max Mitchell, and one of the numbers he performed was “The Candy Man” from the movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, during which he and other performers passed out candy to the audience. Leisenheimer, a co-chair of Outloud!, said that what she likes about performing drag is that she has learned how to communicate. Leisenheimer said that her drag persona, Max Mitchell, is extroverted, whereas Leisenheimer herself is introverted and shy. In preparation for the fall drag show, an informational meeting will be held this Tuesday at 5 p.m. outside the LGBT Resource Center and is open to the public.

The night was spoken with a mix of Hmong and English dialogue. We Are Hmong sang “We Are Hmong” followed by a solo piano medley by Chris Zenter. Peter Phia Pha was the featured guest speaker for the night. Peter Graduated He came back and received his master’s degree from SCSU in 2012. Peter shared a real life tale of his family’s survival when they were forced to leave Thailand from Vietnam to escape the communist rule, and ultimately getting to the U.S. Following Peter’s story about his life journey, Visa & Ongers sang “Cia Siab Rau Tag Kis”, which translates into “Bring Hope For Tomorrow”. Next was some hip hop break dancing from Tub Pab Khab Nab. A solo acoustic performance by T Xiong singing “Tig Rov Los”, or “Turn Around”, happened next. This is a song about a man longing for his love to return and proclaiming she is the only one for him. The night then shifted back into the the main story of the night. Some events that occurred in the stories included moments that ranged from the group chopping down hollow bamboo to crossing dangerous rivers to get into Thailand, to eluding communist soldiers in Laos. China is home to around 10 million Hmong people, making it the largest concentration of Hmong people in the world. Hmong China did a dance called “Hmoob Suav Quam Ntuj”. This dance had a large group consisting of seven women and two men. “Be Together”, translated from “Nyob Ua Ke”, was next, and was sung by Nina Cha. She was accompanied by a guitarist following the Hmong China dance. The song slowly built with the guitarist plucking and strumming lightly on an electric guitar, gradually building in anticipation of the climax with ever harder chord strumming.

A teaser video came up with the group of girls practicing their moves, until they quietly came on stage to perform a modern dance. The night concluded with Nina Le and Miah Thao singing a modern Hmong tune. At the conclusion of their song, they were joined on stage by the entire crew of the night. They blew a little confetti and streamers out and thanked the audience for coming to support Hmong Night 2014.

‘Dialogues’ humorously combats prejudice Matt Rieger MARQUEE EDITOR

Ron Jones and Larry Jay Tish are the acting duo behind ‘The Black-Jew Dialogues’. Their show aims to demonstrate the racial prejudices we still have and see in our world today with a humorous tone. Jones admitted that he and Tish have other guys stand in for each other when one of them can’t be there. Starting off the show with a bit called “Health and Safety Announcements”, they showed a clip of them interviewing people as puppets, asking people about what their perception of other races are. Through humor, they help us confront our prejudice of other cultures and ethnicities. They asked people to tell self deprecating jokes they have heard about other ethnicities. They then discussed, in a conversation style, about all the things about ews and Blacks. They gave a positive view of how they have been intermingling with each other for many years. They argued over who has had a more troubled history. One thing they agreed upon was that slavery sucks.

Dialogues’ / Page 8

NADIA KAMIL / ASST. VISUALS EDITOR Ron Jones and Larry Jay Tish perform a skit about two elderly women during ‘The Black-Jew Dialogues’ show.


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Monday, April 14, 2014


‘Captain America’ storms theaters

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‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ is a great

Ryan Hanenburg

a meeting of two old women in a park discussing the stereotypes between each other with interspersed jokes about each other. The two female characters found commonality with religion and God. After a little bit of discussion and arguing, they introduced themselves. Then the two broke out into a funky-style grandma rap. Then something spontaneously fortuitous happened to me. I became a part of the show. Jones’ grandma character looked over at me, came down off the stage, and ran over to me. Next, my head was shoved into Jones’ prostetic front end and rubbed around for a few seconds. We were given a ‘History of Blacks in America’ told by Jones parodying Morgan Freeman. Jones then proceeded to dress up Tish in a humorously stereotypical way of what black people are represented as. These items included a dunce cap, a basketball and football, guns, and shackles. tween sketches as well as keeping up with the props they were wearing or using. They brought up a new made-up word, “feareotypes,” which combines fear and stereotypes. They discussed that all stereotypes are based in fear. They played the game “Jew or Not Jew”. Their skits and dialogue demonstrated that when people learn more about one another, it helps us come closer and shows us that we have more in common than we think we

VIDEO GAME REVIEW Set two years after the events of ‘The Avengers’, Captain America is working in S.H.I.E.L.D’s black ops division alongside Black Widow. Cap is getting ing less and less people he can trust. Black Widow is often working a hidden agenda and Nick Fury is planning to turn S.H.I.E.L.D into an Orwellian police force with disturbingly lethal ways of preemptively removing threats. Black Widow’s intelligence gathering reveals possible complications with the new system and Fury becomes suspicious, but on his way to meet with Maria Hill he is attacked by the titular Winter Soldier. The series of events that follows not

fans of spy movies, action movies, comic book movies, and continuity all have something to enjoy here. It should go without saying here, but make sure to stay after the credits for the introduction of two new characters who will come to play big roles in the upcoming ‘Avengers 2: Age of Ultron’.

Final Verdict: 9/10

but also call into question the foundation of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. NADIA KAMIL / ASST. VISUALS EDITOR Jones plays an elderly African American character as part of ‘The Black-Jew Dialogues’.


Emily Carda, who is majoring in elementary education, loved the show. She loved the use of humor to confront racial prejudice as opposed to using a serious tone. Jones and Tish said they wrote ‘The Black-Jew Dialogues’ about 10 years ago. They wrote it in the wake of 9/11. They wanted to put a show together that would help unpack our ignorance. They talked in the discussion about standing up to any form of discrimination. Their performance lasted 78 minutes. Upcoming shows will see them in North Dakota and Chicago.

how connected the universe is and it will be interesting to see how this will affect things like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” as well as future Marvel movies. The casting is still great with Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson reprising their roles as Captain America and Black Widow, respectively. Robert Redford does a great job portraying Alexander Pierce, a S.H.I.E.L.D. council overseer, and Anthony Mackie has a breakout role as Sam Wilson, a.k.a.“The Falcon”. The Winter Soldier himself is also well done, though he doesn’t get a lot of screen time as he serves as more of a catalyst to the plot rather than a central villain. The dialogue is well written with the interplay between Cap and Widow making it seem as though all the black ops and “world saving” stuff is just another the elements of spy movies and conspiracy thrillers, but also making use of Captain America as a counterpoint to the grim darkness of a cloak and dagger ly entertaining and maintain the high standard that Marvel has set for themselves.

PHOTO COURTESY OF MOVIEPLOT.COM Chris Evans returns as the titular character Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.

KVSC’s ‘Move to the Groove, Boogie Down’ birthday party

MATT RIEGER / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER St. Paul natives Bomba De Luz opened up the festivities on Thursday night at the Red Carpet.

MATT RIEGER / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Har Mar Superstar sings with Lizzo of GRRL PRTY. Lizzo and the rest of GRRRL PRTY have toured with Har Mar Superstar.

MATT RIEGER / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Sean Tillmann, known as Har Mar Superstar, was featured as the headliner for KVSC’s ‘Move to the Groove, Boogie Down’.

MATT RIEGER / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Twin Cities rap trio GRRRL PRTY is made up of Lizzo, Sophia Efris, and Manchita. GRRRL PRTY was featured as the second act Thursday night.

Sports & Fitness Monday, April 14, 2014

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Nic Dowd closes one chapter and opens another The last two weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least for Nic Dowd, the now former captain of the SCSU men’s hockey team. “It was the most emotional ride that I’ve ever been on; I know my teammate Kevin Gravel can probably attest to that. You go from winning on Saturday night (against Notre Dame in the NCAA West Region high points of my career, and you lose Sunday (to Minnesota) and it ends your career

Derek Saar

in a Husky sweater. Dowd scored the gamewinner in overtime to defeat Notre Dame.


After losing to arch-rival Minnesota in signed by the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL geles drafted Dowd 198th overall in the 7th round of the 2009 entry draft. Dowd was then assigned to the King’s minor league team, the Manchester, N.H Monarchs of the AHL. “Within 24 hours I’m signed with L.A. and within a couple days I’m in Manchester. It was challenging because you close one door and open another, especially leaving St. Cloud because I was so emotionally invested, putting my heart and soul into [the

program] for four years. You make friends and build relationships, and moving on to a whole new organization is challenging,” Dowd said of leaving SCSU. Dowd believes that the same emotional investment that he exhibited during his time at SCSU will be needed at the pro level as well. “I understand that the same amount of effort and same amount of heart and soul will be needed at the [pro level] in order to be successful, also,” he said. Dowd isn’t alone in making the transition from the college game to the pro ranks,

/ Page 12


Globetrotters return to entertain the St. Cloud community


Trick shots, crowd-pleasing stunts, dancing, and entertainment. The Harlem Globetrotters’ return trip to SCSU’s HalenThe Globetrotters, facing off against the World All-Stars, took to the court in style. With their signature whistle theme song, “Sweet Georgia Brown”, the team riled up the crowd with their dancing, having the crowd rise to their feet. The Globetrotters’ emcee said that this game was going to be different. Each quarter would have a new rule put into place. For At the start of the fourth quarter, the audience would have the chance to pick their favorite game-changer rule.


ing Crash into the air, he dunked the ball, and proceeded to hang there as the packed Halenbeck Hall sounded with laughter. As the game continued on, the Globetrotters introduced their

missed, the challenging team would win those points. With the Harlem Globetrotters coming on strong with an early lead, the team resorted to their well-known antics on the court. With an apparent foul called for a pseudo-wedgie from one of the All-Stars players, the referee also got a taste of this as the foul was mimicked on him as well. Three minutes into the 10-minute quarter, the All-Stars’ head

expert dribbling skills, TNT slid around with the basketball on the court, much like a baseball player would slide into a base. To the tune of “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé, TNT slid from one side of the court to the other, slipping past multiple defensemen before she snuck in a basket. Calling immediately for a time-out, TNT grabbed a fan by the name of Haley for what she deemed as a “Haley time-out.” Dragging her out onto center court, TNT modeled off her dribbling skills, tossing the ball to the girl and asking her to imitate it. Hammer, a Globetrotter teammate, came over and asked TNT to show Haley something easier. Spinning the ball while it balanced

tall Globetrotter, Crash, to dunk a basket, the Globetrotters rose to the challenge. With Crash dribbling the ball from mid-court, he was meet near the basket by two of his fellow teammates. Lift-

of applause from the crowd, Haley was allowed to go back to her seat as the game resumed. Within a few minutes, the All-Stars’ coach called for another

court. Each coach would then be assigning a player on the opposite team to shoot a shot of their choosing. If the player made the

trick-shot challenge. This time, he was seeking to have one of the Globetrotters dunk two balls at once. Successfully completing the challenge, the Globetrotters resumed play. -

for one of the All-Stars “specialty” players to make a 3-pointer, local radio personality for 98.9 FM Jonathon West was called to the 3-point line. While West missed the shot and awarded the to let him get off easy. Forcing West to make a shot, the team moved West up from play resumed. comfortable nine-point lead, 37-28.

/ Page 11

Faragher makes an unexpected move to the NHL

Faragher, 23, was not drafted by any NHL teams in his three years as goalie for SCSU. He attended NHL prospect camps with the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers over the past two summers. “We felt all along that this was something he aspired to do,” Motzko said. “We were thinking that he would jump at an opportunity (to turn pro) if it came his way.” Faragher helped SCSU win the inaugural National Collegiate Hockey Conference regular season title this season. He, and the team had two different statistical halves of seasons in 2013-14. Through December, Faragher was red hot and on top of his game with a 10-2-2 record, with a 2.08 GAA and a .922 save percentage. It was a different story the latter half, particularly the last three months of the season; Faragher went 10-7-2 with a 3.61 GAA and a .881 save percentage. He did win his last three starts of the regular season, helping SCSU clinch the NCHC title on the last day of the conference schedule against Colorado College. Faragher was plagued by sickness the last week of his college career and ended up getting treatment for an illness during the week of the NCAA West Regional. He made a season-best 39 saves in a 4-3 overtime win over Notre Dame in the opening round. He would’ve liked to go out on a higher note, as he stopped 12 of 15 shots in 34 minutes before being replaced in SCSU’s 4-0 loss to Minnesota Gophers in the region championship game. With Faragher’s departure, Charlie Lindgren is the heir apparent to become the team’s No. 1 goalie. Lindgren, a freshman, went 2-2-1 with a 2.42 GAA and a .905 save percentage in 10 games. “Charlie is a team favorite and the guys are excited for that,” Motzko said of Lindgren taking over for the suddenly open spot in

Ryan Fitzgerald STAFF WRITER

The SCSU men’s hockey team will have a new starting face protecting the stringent nylon between the pipes come next season. In an unexpected move, Ryan Faragher will forgo his senior season after signing a one-year pro deal with the Anaheim Ducks. Faragher was 20-9-4 with a 2.79 goals-against average and a .905 save percentage in 2013-14. He helped SCSU win backto-back conference titles and reach two straight NCAA regional championship games, a feat that has made him somewhat of a household name. It is a feat that SCSU hasn’t ever achieved, and Faragher was instrumental in his leadership and play. Faragher addressed his signing on Twitter, saying, “I want to thank my friends, coaches and most of all, my family for the support over the years. And thank you SCSU for 3 unforgettable years.” Faragher played in 99 games for SCSU over the past three seasons. He was 53-34-8 with a 2.58 GAA, a .911 save percentage, and 2,501 saves are second on the school’s career Division I lists. “Ryan did a very good job for us over the last couple years and championship in the WCHA,” SCSU Head Coach Bob Motzko said. “We’re very happy for Ryan, very thankful for all he did for the program and wish him all the best.”


hard in his three years for us.”

What’s inside @UChronSports

GLOBETROTTERS: The Globetrotters don’t disappoint in Halenbeck / 11 SOFTBALL V U-of-M-C: A perfect game and a robbed homer result in a split / 11


Jeremiah Graves: @Gravzy Ryan Fitzgerald: @RAFchronsports Derek Saar: @D_Saar18

goaltenders returning.” In his last season of junior hockey, Lindgren was named the USA Hockey Junior Goalie of the Year. In 2012-13, Lindgren was 40-19-2 with a 2.75 GAA and a .904 save percentage for Sioux Falls in the United States Hockey League. The other two backups for SCSU were Joe Phillippi, who completed his redshirt sophomore season, and Rasmus Reijola, who sat out a redshirt season last winter. Reijola will have three seasons of eligibility remaining. Phillippi and Reijola did not appear in a game in 2013-14 for SCSU.

DOWD MOVES FORWARD: From the Huskies to the Kings, Dowd’s on the move / 12

SOFTBALL V AUGUSTANA: The No. 13 Vikings are too much for the Huskies / 11

What’s inside @UChronSports

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Monday, April 14, 2014

University Chronicle - Page 11

Globetrotters Continued from Page 9 The second quarter played by the make-or-miss rules. In this 10-minute quarter teams started out with two players. For each shot made by the team, one player was allowed to join in, up until the

Blue Jays April 15-16, 7:10 p.m. HOME

Blue Jays April 17, 12:10 p.m. HOME

Kansas City Royals April 18, 7:10 p.m. AWAY

you a player, with the minimum number of players on the court being two. While the Globetrotters were off to times. Being down at one point by three players, the Globetrotters lead was cut by nearly half at the end of the quarter. tertaining the crowd. Interrupting play, the Globetrotters brought out three orange air mattresses and set them up underneath the backboard. Grabbing three boys from the audience, they set off a shooting contest. Each boy was supposed to run from the air mattresses to half court, where they on the shirt, they would run to the nightcap, place that on their head, and run the rest of the way down the court. Grabbing a basketball, they had to each make a shot and run all the way back to the air matthey did not win any prizes, the crowd roared with applause and laughter at the

The Globetrotters’ entertaining antics get fans smiling and laughing, as well as some of their own players. court with renewed energy. The challenge for this quarter was the hot-hand jersey. One player from each team would don an double the points. While this round increased the lead tremendously for the Globetrotters, it was not without the crazy actions of the team. During a foul, a member from the AllStars approached the foul line, poised and ready to take his shot. Behind him, three guises,” snuck up behind him and yanked down his shorts. With the refs whistling furiously at the offending Globetrotters,

they proceeded to yank their own shorts down, mooning the crowd with their Fourth quarter action saw the return out of the game. Left to merely watch the fast-paced intricate dribbling patterns, the stunts and the 4-point shots, the game seemed to be winding down as the Globetrotters pulled out all the stops for their last 10 minutes of play. Ending the game the Globetrotters had a 30 minute autograph session following the game.

Kansas City Royals

After a brief half time, the Globetrotters and the All-Stars came back to the

April 19-20, 1:10 p.m. AWAY

No. 13 Augustana sweeps SCSU

Tampa Bay Rays April 22-23, 6:10 p.m. AWAY

got some pretty good power numbers in the conference.

your defense on their heels.” That was it for both teams as Trautmann went four in-

Tampa Bay Rays

Alec Clark

April 24, 12:10 p.m. AWAY

Detroit Tigers

loss of the season.


Game two

offense, as they scored 5.3 runs a game, which included a 9-2 win on Friday afternoon in Duluth. Augustana (29-8,

April 25, 7:10 p.m. HOME can split with them it would be big.”


Detroit Tigers

Tuesday afternoon at the Husky Dome. Tuesday featured

April 26-27, 1:10 p.m. HOME

decided until the second-to-last inning, while the other was a 9-0 shutout.

DeBoer was forced to stay at third. Jessica Goerger came through in the clutch, though, as she lined a single through


L.A. Dodgers April 29-30, 7:10 p.m. HOME

played them really well early in the year; I think they came last week; she competed real well for us last time against to injury on Tuesday. Getting out to a lead early is just what Augustana did as -

stuck out on yet another long battle between pitcher and catcher. load the bases.

L.A. Dodgers May 1, 12:10 p.m. HOME

to score, but that was all the damage Augustana did that back at it again. The second inning was where the game really fell apart

Baltimore Orioles May 2, 7:10 p.m. HOME

Baltimore Orioles May 3-4, 1:10 p.m. HOME

The score stayed locked at 1-1 until the top of the fourth, as Augstana really broke the game open with a little help close throws.

out. play in which Emily Heinz scored as well. defense.”


score on the error. the ball.”

Cleveland Indians May 5-7, 6:10 p.m. AWAY Cleveland Indians May 8, 11:05 a.m. AWAY

with a groundout back to her. to do a better job of keeping her poised.” On the other side of the ball, Augustana pitcher Jenelle

up no hits or walks. If not for two more errors from the the game.

inning, as Jessica Goerger led the inning off with a single

runs in the top of the fourth inning. Augstana started the in-

throws strikes. With Franks being out this is a great opportu-

also walked four while striking out four.


Sports & Fitness

Page 12 - University Chronicle

Monday, april 14, 2014

Dowd’s new chapter Page



hockey and school.

played. -

In 24 hours, Nic Dowd went from falling to the Gophers to signing with the Kings and moving to Manchester. Although Dowd is leaving SCSU, he won’t be alone, as teammate Kevin Gravel is joining him in L.A.

A perfect game and a

Jeremiah Graves SPORTS EDITOR

The Huskies played host in an early-week battle unCrookston.

Game one -





two runs.


outs on the year.



possible win.


Game two -

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