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2 Our thanks 2011 saw the start of a conversation about the future of the University of Tasmania, as we began the development of our next strategic plan, Open to Talent. A green paper, released for public comment at the end of last year, identified community as one of three priorities, along with research and students, for the University. Articulation of this priority speaks to a unique closeness between the University and the community and geography that are Tasmania. From this emerge distinctive opportunities that can guide our progress. It also captures the very essence of the work of the UTAS Foundation. Support from our communities, our alumni and friends is critical to the health of the University, and to fulfilment of our mission. As you will read on the following pages, the UTAS Foundation had another successful year in 2011 due to the very generous support of nearly 2,000 donors. We started the year with a $1 million donation plus a bequest of artworks from Geoffrey and Frances Tyler, and finished with a $2 million pledge from Graeme Wood towards the Menzies Stage II campaign. This campaign is the University’s highest fundraising priority with $10 million required to complete the $90 million project. The state government has agreed to match donations. We have received $2.5 million in donations and pledges and require a further $2.5 million. We would be delighted to hear from you if you may be able to assist us in reaching this target. In 2011 we continued to work with a large number of supporters to expand our flagship Scholarships Program. This allowed us to award 467 students with almost $2 million in scholarships. We also had the opportunity to thank our supporters at the UTAS Foundation Dinner, welcomed over 2,000 to events across the globe and received gifts from more donors to the Annual Appeal than ever before. In 2012, the UTAS Foundation will continue to support the strategic priorities of UTAS and provide scholarships to our students. We aim to complete the Menzies Stage II campaign and consider the philanthropic potential for redevelopment of the University’s original home, Domain House. So as we anticipate an eventful 2012, we thank you for your continued support of the University of Tasmania and thank the UTAS Advancement Office staff for their commitment and hard work. We look forward to working with you to enhance the University, as well as opportunities for its students, over the coming year.

Yours sincerely Professor Peter Rathjen

Miles Hampton



University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania Foundation

3 2011 highlights Graeme Wood generously pledged $2 million to the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania Stage II campaign Leo Cooper White Memorial Scholarship Appeal reached the half-way mark of its $60,000 goal Professor Ed Byrne, UTAS alumnus, launched the inaugural Arthur Cobbold Memorial Lecture, established by his wife Dr Elizabeth Cobbold as a memorial to Arthur’s contribution to the School of Medicine, and to medical education Geoffrey and Frances Tyler donated $1 million, plus their art collection to UTAS 2,061 alumni and friends attended events including 75 alumni who graduated 50+ years ago who met for lunch at the Henry Jones Art Hotel Sandy Duncanson Social Justice Fund exceeded its target and reached $100,000 to establish a bursary The Sue Napier Appeal received over $115,000 in gifts from 64 donors The UTAS Foundation received over $7.3 million in donations and bequests from our generous supporters

The UTAS Foundation would like to thank the following individual and corporate donors for their outstanding generosity to the University in making significant gifts of $100,000 and above in 2011. • Australian Power Institute Ltd

• Fairbrother Foundation

• BHP BillitonTEMCO Community Foundation Inc.

• Geoffrey and FrancesTyler

• Department of Premier and Cabinet

• Kate McPherson Foundation

• Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

• The Dr Joan Woodberry Estate

• Graeme Wood AM • The Atlantic Philanthropies • The Nettlefold Family

4 Financials at a glance As at 31 December 2011, the UTAS Foundation is managing over $33 million in trust funds. With the support of 1,960 donors, the Foundation allocated over $7.3 million in donations to various UTAS scholarships, capital works and programs in 2011. Total Income in 2011 8,000,000 6,000,000 4,000,000 2,000,000 0 2009


UTAS & Other Funding


2011 Donations

Total Donors in 2011 2500

2000 1500 1000 500 0 2009

2010 New Donors

2011 Total Donors

Total Trust in 2011 $34 $33 $31 $29 $28 $25 $24 2009



Total $m Trust Under Management

The Foundation has an ambitious plan to significantly increase trust funds over its 2011/2015 planning period. In 2012, we aim to receive $11 million from donations and bequests.

5 2011 scholarships 2,100 students lodged over 12,000 applications for scholarships in 2011. The UTAS Foundation awarded 467 scholarships provided through the generosity of individuals and organisations. The Scholarships Program showcases the important partnership between UTAS and the wider community. Faculty/Institute Distribution of Scholarships in 2011 All Multiple AMC Arts Business Education Health Science IMAS Law Menzies Science, Engineering & Technology

Find out more at:

“All my life I’ve been associated across the farm fence with agriculture, and we’ve been fortunate, so I wanted to put something back into the industry that supported us.” John Edwards, Neale Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science or Forestry donor

“With the cost of accommodation and having to pay for travel back and forth, I don’t think I could have afforded to come to uni without the Neale Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science or Forestry. It has helped me relocate and all the things that go with that. It’s made first year a lot easier.” Nicole Pinny BAgrSc (Hons) ‘11 2011 Neale Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science or Forestry recipient

6 annual appeal The target for the 2011 Annual Appeal is to raise $115,000 before May 2012. At 31 December, 250 donors had provided gifts totalling $74,400 to the Annual Appeal. Thanks to the generosity of our Annual Appeal donors, in January 2012 three students will receive the following Annual Appeal Scholarships: -  The Annual Appeal Scholarship – open to any student commencing study in any degree – awarded to Georgina Hall, who is studying a Bachelor of Environmental Design. -  The Adrian La Palombara Annual Appeal “My time at university has been a great experience, and it now gives me pleasure to support young students to achieve the same wonderful

Honours Scholarship in Physics and Mathematics – for a female student undertaking honours in the discipline of physics in 2012 – awarded to Ellen Manning. -  The Adrian La Palombara Annual Appeal

experience that I have enjoyed.

Scholarship in Accounting – for a female student

Universities cannot exist

commencing an accounting major in the Bachelor of

without students, and there are

Business, who can demonstrate financial need –

a number of exceptional students

awarded to Hollie Gamble.

who, without a scholarship, would miss out on obtaining a university degree.” Judith McKernan BSc ‘62, donor to the Annual Appeal since 2001

Read more at:

In 2012, the UTAS Foundation will hold an event for donors to the Annual Appeal to meet the new students and current students to hear how the scholarship support will and has assisted them in their career aspirations.

7 Bequests Dr Joan Woodberry Postgraduate Fellowship for Women Dr Joan Woodberry AM had a major influence on young Australians through her writing, teaching and educating teachers. She made an important contribution to Tasmania through her advocacy of women’s rights, support for emerging writers and involvement in a variety of community initiatives. In July 2011, the University received a generous bequest from the estate of the late educator and author. The $400,000 from the Dr Joan Woodberry estate has been allocated to the Joan Woodberry Fellowship Trust, which is managed by the University

It means a great deal to me to be

Foundation, to support the Dr Joan Woodberry

a recipient of this fellowship, and

Postgraduate Fellowship for Women in Engineering

I am extremely grateful for the

or Bioscience, valued at $7,500 per year for up to

generous financial assistance

three years.

it provides while I undertake my PhD research into olfactory

For more information about leaving a bequest to the University of Tasmania, contact the UTAS Foundation directly to speak with an Advancement Officer.

communication in the echidna. Rachel Harris BSc (Hons) ‘09 2011 recipient of the Joan Woodberry Postgraduate Fellowship for Women.

8 leo cooper-white memorial scholarship appeal The Leo Cooper-White Memorial Scholarship Appeal reached the half-way mark in 2011 with $17,700 in donations and pledges received. Donations to this appeal are being matched by the UTAS Foundation, effectively bringing the total raised to over $35,000 of our $60,000 target to establish the scholarship. Leo was a third-year student at the University of Tasmania School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA). On 18 March 2011, Leo’s life was cut short in a tragic accident. At the Hobart graduation ceremony in August, Leo was awarded a posthumous associate degree to recognise his Leo’s involvement in the arts will always be remembered. We would like to acknowledge that fact. Leo will continue to inspire a generation of SVPA

achievements while studying at the University of Tasmania. Leo’s family and the SVPA are seeking to remember Leo and his contribution to the School by supporting students who are following similar passions to Leo with a scholarship in performing arts at the SVPA.

students for years to come.

The Leo Cooper-White Memorial Scholarship Appeal will

This scholarship will help

continue through to July 2012 and the inaugural award

future students who never

will be made to a deserving student in early 2013.

knew our son. Kim White and Alison Cooper-White, Leo’s parents

For more information or to donate, visit:

9 menzies research institute stage II Graeme Wood generously pledged $2 million to the Menzies Stage II development. I’m proud to be supporting world-class medical research through this project. Stage II of Menzies is important as it will add to the vibrancy of the strong medical and scientific research community that already exists in Tasmania. It also highlights how effective collaborative funding can be in activating the community around important national projects. I think there should be more giving done by people with wealth in this country. We’re way behind the United States generally in that cultural understanding of the philanthropic thing… but I also see it as a much broader philosophy in which everyone can donate something, even if it’s a tiny amount of money every week, or once a year, or if you haven’t got the spare cash you can give your time. My support of Menzies Stage II is an opportunity to help reinforce that there are different pathways for Tasmania to grow and one of them is definitely in the academic and science research area. The Tasmanian-based Select Foundation has also pledged $500,000 to the Menzies Stage II development. $2.5 million in donations is still needed to reach the required target.

For more information on the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania and the campaign, visit: building-healthier-lives

Donations to Menzies Stage II are still urgently needed to secure the matching funding from the State Government and the final $5 million to finish this world-class facility.

10 student success story I am a triathlete and, thanks to the support of Corporate Express, I was able to compete in all three of the Australian Series races and the Australian Championships while undertaking studies in medical imaging (radiography). The season went very well, I won all 15 races I entered on a local, state and national level including all three of the Australian Series races and the Australian Championships in the 16 - 19 year age group as well as winning the open men’s category by 1 minute and 50 seconds. These triathlons were over a 1500 metre swim, 40 km bike ride and a 10 km run. This sport takes a lot of time for training, so juggling school and casual work has become very tight. My results for second semester were well above my expectations, as I achieved three distinctions and a credit. During second semester of university I competed at the Triathlon World Championships in Beijing. Travelling to China to compete in the championships, my expectations were not very high, I was just excited to have made it there James Hodge, BMedRadSc (Medical Imaging) ’15, recipient of the 2011 Corporate Express Tasmania University Scholarship

and be competing. I ended up coming home as World Triathlon Champion. I was the Tasmanian University Sports Person of the Year and also received the Tasmanian Triathlete of the Year award. I really appreciate the help Corporate Express has provided to me financially to help me fulfil my dreams. Without their help none of this season would have been possible. They have played an enormous part in letting me see my potential and I really thank them so much for that.

11 save the tasmanian devil appeal The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal has achieved its best annual fundraising result, raising $441,796. Contributions from individuals, schools and community groups have continued to grow, augmented by an increasing number of corporate supporters. Your donation contributes to ensuring the sustainability of Tasmanian devils in the wild in three key ways: the establishment of an ‘insurance population’ that is safe from disease; maintenance of devils in the wild; and investigating means to neutralise the impact of the disease. Critically, your donations allow the Appeal to support

Funding from the Appeal will

a range of grants and scholarships, extended in 2011 to

enable Healesville Sanctuary

include management and community grants, as well as

to install remote surveillance

research grants, to boost the capacity to deliver results

equipment in the Tassie devil

on the ground.

free range enclosures helping

In the latter part of 2011 the Appeal was the nominated charity of a number of high-profile Tasmanian events, reaching new audiences. These included the V8 Supercars ‘Falken Tasmania Challenge’, the Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival and the Mark Webber Challenge. With many confirmed corporate supporters, including Collins Debden and Scouts Tasmania, continuing into 2012, the outlook for the coming year to increase total contributions is positive.

ensure natural behaviours and social interactions continue during captive breeding program. Maintaining natural behaviours in captivity is critically important to animals’ conservation, particularly if they are to be reintroduced to the wild.” Healesville Sanctuary, Zoos Victoria

Thank you to all donors for your commitment to the Appeal. Securing the future of our iconic Tassie devil relies on your continued support.

For more information go to: devil

12 student appeal – the issue foundation ‘Dad, I want to buy a block of land in Uganda and build a medical student volunteer house’. I’m sure that it wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. I know that when I sold my Ducati a month prior the thought had never crossed my mind. It is not every day you get asked if you are interested in going to Uganda for the summer, but as third-year medical students we found it a hard offer to pass up. When you add the incentive of designing, fundraising for and implementing a project yourself then you really have my attention. Our plan was to discover the major causes of health problems, design a project to address these problems then Lachlan Davey, Chairman of the International Society for Student Unity and Empowerment (ISSUE) Foundation

complete the project. How hard could it be? We were forced to think of the easiest, most beneficial and cost-effective way of spending the $5,000 we had raised. We decided to concentrate on the issue of malaria and used our money to purchase nets and our medical knowledge to educate people regarding malaria. During our expedition to Uganda we learnt more about ourselves than we ever thought we would. The experience was like nothing else I have ever encountered. While on a bus in Uganda the International Society for Student Unity and Empowerment was created. The ISSUE Foundation would help students from around the world to connect with each other for the purpose of community development through projects designed by them. Through the ISSUE Foundation I would like to help others

For more information or to support the ISSUE Foundation visit:

realise for themselves that learning through participating is good, but learning through creating is exceptional. This is my experience.

13 successful appeals – wrapping up Sue Napier Postgraduate Fellowship in Education Fund In March 2011, Sue’s family, friends and colleagues initiated an appeal to raise funds for the Sue Napier Postgraduate fellowship in Education Trust. The inaugural Fellowship will be offered in 2012. Our initial goal was to raise $75,000 from the Tasmanian community. To date support has been overwhelming with donations of more than $115,000. Sandy Duncanson Social Justice Fund The Sandy Duncanson Social Justice Bursary will be offered for the first time in 2012. Laura Sykes, the

Associate Professor Rick Snell

successful student, will pursue a project in social justice and present at the 2012 Sandy Duncanson Memorial Lecture. At the end of 2011, the fund exceeded its goal of $60,000 by raising $105,000 with 436 gifts from 286 donors including matched funds from the UTAS Foundation. The final $12,500 was raised through the commitment

While these appeals have been successfully completed, further donations are welcome through ‘General Donations’. Please specify the fund of your choice.

of Associate Professor Rick Snell to shave off his hair and beard, which he had worn long for 16 years. Dr Leon Wescombe Memorial Fund After a very successful fundraising appeal that raised over $200,000, the inaugural Dr Leon Wescombe Honours Scholarship in Cystic Fibrosis was awarded to Melissa Robertson to study in 2012. Melissa will undertake research at the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania, continuing cystic fibrosis research that Dr Wescombe was so passionate about.

For more information go to: foundation/donate

14 utas foundation dinners As the UTAS Foundation continues to grow we have much to celebrate. In 2012 we will be hosting two dinners, in Hobart and Launceston, to ensure that more of our supporters and students have the opportunity to attend. These premier black-tie events welcome new scholarship students, acknowledge the generous support of donors and celebrate excellence, innovation and participation at UTAS.The outstanding achievements of UTAS alumni will be recognised with the awarding of the UTAS Foundation Graduate Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award. HOBART The UTAS Foundation Awards Dinner is a wonderful celebration of our future and recognition of our past – a very enjoyable evening – and I am proud to be able to provide

Thursday 22 March, 7pm Tasman Room, Wrest Point LAUNCESTON Thursday 19 April, 7pm Hotel Grand Chancellor

support to UTAS and its students.

Tickets: $170 per person

Dr Stephen Giugni, CSIRO

Attire: Black-tie Sponsorship opportunities are available. Find out more by contactingTeisha Archer on (03) 6226 2596 or email

For more information visit: events-and-programs

15 alumni & friends There are over 80,000 UTAS alumni around the world. We are in touch with 53,000 through our biannual Alumni News magazine, a monthly emailed newsletter and a host of networking events. As a graduate or friend of the University, you may receive the monthly newsletter and attend these events. Email to be put on our mailing list. UPCOMING EVENTS IN 2012 • Adelaide Alumni Function – Sunday 13 May, 6pm • Singapore Alumni Function – Saturday 26 May, 6pm • Shanghai Alumni Function – Monday 25 June, 6pm • Brisbane Alumni Function – Wednesday 25 July, 6pm • Alumni Debate and Function, Melbourne: The House moves that Tasmania should become part of Victoria – Thursday 26 July, 6pm • Public Debate, Launceston: The House moves that violent video games do more harm than non-violent erotica – Wednesday 29 August, 7pm • Public Debate, Launceston: The House moves that sometimes a good citizen must disobey the law – Wednesday 12 September, 7pm • Cascade Brewery Alumni Function, Hobart – Thursday 18 October, 6pm • Alumni Dinner, Canberra – Saturday 27 October, 6:30pm • 2012 UTAS Alumni 50+ Club Lunch, Hobart – Friday 23 November, 12:30pm

Further events are being planned within Australia and overseas. For all Alumni events and information visit:

16 with thanks to... The following individuals and organisations provided gifts to the UTAS Foundation in 2011. We would like to thank you for making a difference. $1 million+ The Atlantic Philanthropies Mr Geoffrey Tyler

$200,000 – $999,999

Norske Skog Australasia

$10,000 – $29,999 1 Anonymous Donor

Newmont Mining Services P/L

UTAS School of Nursing and Midwifery

Anglo American plc

Nyrstar Hobart Pty Ltd

Aurora Energy

Pharmacy Guild of Australia – Tasmanian Branch

1 Anonymous Donor

Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

Professor Peter Davies AM

Barrick Limited

GHD Pty Ltd

Mr Bernard Brain

Hydro Tasmania

Burnie City Council

The Estate of Dr Joan Woodberry AM

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

Mr Peter Cockbain

Mr Graeme Wood AM

Menzies Research Institute Tasmania

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment Kate McPherson Foundation

$30,000 – $49,999

Distinguished Professor James Reid Relationships Australia Tasmania

Copper Mines of Tasmania Pty Ltd

Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Dr Peter Davis

Mrs Beryl Sedivka

Minerals and Metals Group Rosebery

Department of Education

Southern Water

MyState Financial Community Foundation

Department of Health and Human Services

Tasmanian Early Years Foundation

DJ Motors Pty Ltd

The late Hon. Sue Napier

Mr Rhys Edwards

Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees Ltd

Mr Brian Faulkner

Fairbrother Foundation

The late Mr Grote Reber

The Nettlefold Family

Mr Roderick Roberts

$100,000 – $199,999 Australian Power Institute Ltd BHP Billiton TEMCO Community Foundation Incorporated Department of Premier and Cabinet

$50,000 – $99,999 Mr Damian Bugg AM, QC Collins Debden The late Miss Muriel Horsfall Kingborough RSLA Launceston City Council Mark Webber Challenge Foundation

Dr Peter Smith OAM

Elphinstone Pty Ltd Forestry Tasmania Freemates

St Barbara Ltd

Tassal Operations Pty Ltd The Cancer Council of Tasmania Transend Networks Pty Ltd

Tasmanian Alkaloids Pty Ltd

Global Resources Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

The Bruce Wall Estate

Hobart City Council

The Order of Australia Association Foundation Ltd

UTAS Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits

Jim Bacon Foundation

UTAS Faculty of Arts

Dr Fiona Joske

UTAS Faculty of Education

The Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation Dr Noel White

Associate Professor Anthony Koutoulis Lester Franks Survey and Geographic Pty Ltd Newcrest Mining Ltd

UTAS School of Asian Languages and Studies UTAS School of Chemistry

17 with thanks to... UTAS School of Human Life Sciences UTAS School of Medicine The late Mr Kenneth Waters

Caterpillar Underground Mining Pty Ltd Central Coast Council Chem-Supply Pty Ltd

Mr Kerry Wescombe

City of Burnie Lions Club

Wildlife Australia Fund

Clemenger Tasmania

$2,000 – $9,999

Dr Winifred Cobbold

Grey Innovation PL Mr Miles Hampton Hash House Harriers – Hobart Hazell Brothers Group Horticulture Australia Limited Impact Fertilisers Pty Ltd

Pharmacy Guild of Australia – Queensland Branch Pitt & Sherry Qantas Call Centre Team 6S Hobart Ms Beverley Richardson Rio Tinto Aluminium Bell Bay Ltd Mr Daniel Ritz

3 Anonymous Donors

Corporate Express

Agricultural Contractors of Tasmania

Country Women’s Association

John Holland Fairbrother Joint Venture


Mrs D Jordan

Alexander Symonds

Mr Alan Dann

Juicy Isle Fruit Juices

Mrs Sheila Allwright

Davey Financial Group

Mrs Bess Kable

Mr James Allwright

Dr Marion Davies

Analytical Services Tasmania

Dell Computers

Mrs Shin Ching Ko Woo MBE

Delta Hydraulics

Lady Gowrie Tasmania

Anglicare Tasmania

Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

Launceston Chamber of Commerce

Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

Devonport Chamber of Commerce

Mr Timothy Lewis

SEMF Pty Ltd

LGAT Assist

SGE Analytical Science Pty Ltd

B & E Ltd Ball and Chain Grill

Diagnostic Services Pty Ltd

Bass Metals Ltd

Mrs Felicity Edgell

Blundstone Pty Ltd

Mrs Margaret Eldridge AM

Dr Sue Boyd

Environment Protection Authority

Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society Hobart

Mr Leon Brice Brighton Council Broadreach Holdings Pty Ltd

Devonport City Council

Launceston Mountain Bike Club

Lions Club of Westbury Inc. LSL Equity Professor David Mackey Ms Ona Maksvytis

Robert Fergusson Family Foundation Roberts Ltd Rotary Club of Central Launceston Rotary Club of Suva Rotary Club of Ulverstone Rotary Club of Wynyard Royal Hobart Hospital Mrs Yvonne Rundle Mr Mac Russell

Shellfish Culture Ltd Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd Mrs Gurdip Sindhu

Meander Valley Council

Sirius Foundation Limited

Estate of the late Fiona Jayne Morrison

Merck Pty Limited

Mr Valentine Smith

Mrs Maria Merse

Mrs Wendy Faulkner

Murray Goulburn Co-op Ltd

Associate Professor Rick Snell

Bruker Biosciences Pty Ltd

Fine Drop Classic Wines

Burnie Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dr Anthony Fist


Genesys Wealth Advisers

Mr Roger Carrington

Glenorchy City Council

Pharmacy Guild of Australia – National Office

NRM North

Soroptimist International of Tasmania Inc. Sound One Pty Limited St Giles Society St John Ambulance

18 with thanks to... Tasmanian Institute of Sport Tassal Limited Teck Resources Limited The Examiner Newspaper

Mrs Roslyn Woolley

Mr David Bellette

Burnie Concert Band

Your Habitat

Associate Professor Kathy Belov

Professor Roger Byard

Benalla East Primary School

Mrs Patricia Byers

$200 – $1,999 2011 Graduating Theatre Class 53 Anonymous Donors

The Gilbertson Family

Abercrombie & Kent

The Mobius Lounge Bar

Mr Edwin Aliphon

The National Trust of Australia (Tasmania)

Allegria Designs

The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania The Tall Foundation

Ms Monica Allami Ms Leigh Andersen Professor Craig Anderson

Mrs Bonnie Tilley

Annandale Animal Hospital

Ms Hien Tran

Ms Elise Archer MP

Mrs Cheryl Turner

Mr Christopher Ashe

University Club Trust

Ms Judy Austen

UTAS Central Science Laboratory – Research

Mr John Austin

UTAS Executive

Dr Gregory Austin Australian Computer Society (Tas. Branch)

Mr Mark Bennett Mr Andrew Benwell Mr Brendan Berne Mr Edward Best Black Dog Investment Trust Blackmans Bay Primary School Dr Neal Blewett AC The Hon. Justice Alan Blow OAM Mr Michael Boland Mr David Booth Mr Hans Bosman Mrs Judith Bowler Boyles Family Mrs Vivienne Bozoky

Professor Peter Byers Ms Lyndal Byrne Cadbury Pty Ltd Mr Roger Campbell Miss Fiona Campbell Mrs Mollie Campbell Smith MBE (C) Ms Julia Carmichael Miss Yvette Cehtel Centrelink Community Staff Fund Miss Deanne Chalmers Mr Tony Chapman Ms Julie Chilcott Ms Edith Christensen Dr Alastair Christie Dr Steven Churches Dr Natasha Cica

Mr Stuart Breden

Claremont RSL and Ex-Servicemen’s Club

Mr Eoin Breen

Mr Steve Clarke

Ms Diane Baillie

Mrs Suzanne Breen

Dr Philip Clarke

UTAS UniPrint

Dr Jennifer Bales

Mr Warren Brewer

Dr Peter Clements

Mr Christopher Vassall

Balmoral Middle School

Mr Kenneth Briggs

Associate Professor Valerie Clifford

Mrs Claire Bamford

Mrs Edna Brock

Mr Jay Banyer

Mr John Brodie

Vodafone Foundation

Miss Karenne Barnes

Mr Thomas Brodle

Waratah-Wynyard Council

Mr Malcolm Bartlett

Mrs Edwina Brown

Dr David Warren

Bateman Primary School

Mrs Kerri Bryson

Mr Jeremy Wescombe

Ms Helen Baxter

West Tamar Council

Mr Thomas Baxter

Mr Kimberly White

Ms Keyon Bayani

Bundanoon Highland Gathering Committee

Mr Rex Wilson

Miss Sandra Bell

Mr Donald Burnett

UTAS School of Zoology UTAS Tasmanian  School of Pharmacy

Venture Minerals Veolia Environmental Services

Australian Nursing Federation

Mrs Justine Brindley

Mr Timothy Bullard

His Honour Judge Richard Cogswell SC Mr Dean Coleman Dr Nick Cooling Mr John Cooney Copperfield College Dr Troy Coyle Ms Morgana Creely Mr Peter Creighton Mr Philip Crisp

19 with thanks to... Discovery Sciences

Mrs Janet Cross

Evolve Research and Consulting

Dr Don Cross

Ms Rhonda Ewart

Mr Andrew Graljuk

Mr John Cunning

Ms Lisa Falk

Curtin Primary School

Mr Michael Fenton

Mrs Linda Curtis

Mrs Flora Fenton

Cygnet Primary School

Mrs Janet Fenton

Ms Ina Crombach

Mr Ed Davidoff Dr Geoff Davidson Mr Paul Dawes Ms Moya Deigan Miss Nicola Dempsey Department of  Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts

Dr Marie Ferland Dr Michelle Fernando Mr Mark Fisher Mr Darren Ford The Hon. Ruth Forrest MLC Mr Marco Forstner

Mr Timothy Graham Mr A Grasso Mr Michael Gray Mr Ian Grayson

Hobart High School Class of 1961 Reunion Dr Michael Hodgson L Hoffmann Mrs Diane Hollister Mrs Suzette Holmes

Ms Janet Greason

Associate Professor Peter Howell

Mr Richard Green

Ms Ann Hughes

The Hon. Bryan Green MP

Ms Jane Hutchinson

Ms Lesleigh Griffin Mr Peter Griffin Jo Grigg

Mr Stephen Fraser

Mr Wayne Grimes

Keryn Hutton Impressive Tasmania Ms Margaret Inglis Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education-UQ

Mrs Nancy Frederiksen

The Hon. Ray Groom AO

Devonport Visitor Centre

Freestone’sTransport PL

Mr Matthew Groom MP

Mr Colin Ditson

Mr Benjamin Groom

Mrs Gladys Dodson

Fuchs Lubricants (Australasia) Pty Ltd

Mr Carl Donald

Ms Margaret Fulford

Mr Duncan Hall

Dr Kirsty Duncanson

Mr Donald Gaffney

Mrs Melody Halloran

Mrs Helen Dunford

Ms Kylie Gardener

Mr Keith Hansen

Mr David Dunn

Ms Pamela Gatenby

Miss Alice Hansen

Councillor Barry Easther

Mrs Sydney Jane Geikler

Island Wanderers Motorhome Chapter

eDAQ Pty Ltd

Genesearch Pty Ltd

Mr Mark Harrison

Mr James Gibbs

Mr Anthony Hart

J&B Plumbing

Dr Barry Edwards Ms Lisa Edwards

Mr Craig Gibbs

Mr James Hartigan

Dr Robinson Jacklyn AM, PM

Professor David Elliott

The Hon. Larissa Giddings MP

Environmental Enterprises WA Pty Ltd

Mr Andrew Gilbertson

Mr Mark Halabe

Mr Brian Hartnett Mr Stewart Harvison Dr Geoffrey Haward AM

Mr Justin Giles-Clark

Mrs Barbara Hayes

Mr David Errington

Ms Sascha Giles-Peters

Mr Saul Eslake

Dr Richard Gilmour Smith

The Hon. Peter Heerey AM, QC

Estate of the Late John Francis Arthur Burke

Ms June Heilman

Ms Olivia Goodman

Ms Terese Henning

Mr John Evans

Mr Peter Gorman

Mrs Per Henriksen

Ms Briony Evans

Mr Dominik Grabiec

Ms Clare Hester

Grace Davison

Mrs Rosemary Hill

Institute of Public Administration Australia International Commission of Jurists Tasmanian Branch Intuit Technologies

Mr Graeme Jackson Ms Teresa Jackson Mrs Alma Jackson Mr Dick James Mr Anthony James Mr David Jehan Mr Heath Jentjens John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd Emeritus Professor Bruce Johnson OAM

20 with thanks to... Kahibah Public School

Mr Patrick MacKey

Mersey Lions Club

Mrs Diane Perndt

Mr Alan Keeley

Mr Mark MacKey

Dr Ute Mesch

Mrs Gloria Keil

Mr John Mackey

Professor Gary Meyers

Mrs Jacqueline Petrusma MP

The Hon. Murray Kellam AO

Mr Peter Mackey

Mr Paul Milburn

Mrs Hilary Mackie

Mr Brendan Millard

Mr Jonathan Kelp

Macquarie Group Foundation

Moo Brew

Mr Martin Kennedy Ms Tania Kennedy

Mrs Cathie Makin

Mr Barry Moores

Kenyon-Smith Laboratories (Aust.) Pty Ltd

Malaysian Delegation – Trip Down Memory Lane

Ms Jeanette Moxon

Ms Valerie Kerruish

Mr Rodney Manning

Mrs Serena King

Mr Victor Maree

Mr Paul King

R Marin

Kingston High School

Mr Bob Marshall

Ms Angelique Knappers

Mr Warwick Marshall

Miss Dorothy Kurth

Mr David Matthews

Mrs Indra Kuruppu Mr Andrew Lane Ms Amelia Langston Mrs Ann Lazenby Ms Ruth Lechte

Miss Mollie Maxwell Mr Mike McCausland Ms M McColl Ms Christine McDonald

Ms Robyn Moore

Ms Bridget Munro Mr James Murchison Mrs Barbara Murphy Dr Marion Myhill Mr Edward Newton Dr Valerie Nicholls Mr James Nicholls Ms Alicia Nicolson North East Landscaping Supplies North Hobart Football Club

Mr James Leckie

Emeritus Professor Ian McDougall

Ms Maree Norton

Mr Neville Lee

Mr Cameron McDougall

Ms Diana Lee

Mr David McEwan

Oakleigh Primary School

Leighland Christian School

Dr Gerard McGushin

Lennmac Consulting Pty Ltd

Ms Anne McKenzie

Mr Donald Lennox Mr Alec Leopold Miss Jeannie-Marie Leroi Ms Shelley Levy Mr Nicholas Linke Lions Club of Mersey Mr Robert Long Mr Gerald Loughran Lucas Drilling Services Mrs Noelle Mackey

Ms Patricia McKay Ms Giselle McKenzie Mrs Judith McKernan The Hon. Nick McKim MP Mr Steven McLean Ms Kirsty McNeil Dr Jodhi Menon Mermaid Cafe and Bruny D’Entrecasteaux Visitor Centre

Dr Dan Norton

The Hon. David O’Byrne MP Mrs Rosalind O’Connor Mr Michael O’Farrell Professor Coleman O’Flaherty AM Ms Katherine O’Grady Ms Teresa O’Grady Professor June Olley AM Paringa Archers Dr Edward Parkes Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd Perkin Elmer Pty Ltd

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Special thanks to the 1,232 donors who supported the UTAS Foundation in 2011 with donations up to the value of $200. Every single donation, no matter how large or small, is greatly appreciated and contributes towards enhancing the experience of UTAS students.

22 UTAS a family affair Nordin Abdul-Rahman didn’t know where Tasmania was when he was sent to study at Hutchins and then UTAS on an international scholarship in 1966, but it made such an impression on him, he has sent all five of his children to study here. The Malaysian civil engineer spent 10 years in Hobart studying engineering and then working for the Hobart City Council. This is where he met his wife Toni, who was studying a Bachelor of Arts at the time. They then relocated to Sabah, Borneo, where their five children were born. “Tasmania was the natural choice when we thought of sending our children to study overseas,” Toni said. “Why

“I feel I owe a lot to the Australian

would we want to send our children to the UK when all our

Government and the Australian

relatives and knowledge are here?”

people. In order to return the

For Nordin, paying for his children to attend UTAS was

favour I sent my children back to

his way of repaying the hospitality and financial support

school but on my own money.”

he was offered as a teenager through the Colombo

Nordin and Toni AbdulRahman returned to UTAS where they met and where their five children have also studied.

Plan scholarship. This fund enabled many young people from poorer countries to attend school and university in Australia with funding from the Government. All five children have graduated from UTAS and three are still in Tasmania. Nordin andToni returned to UTAS recently for a tour of the campus and reunion with fellow Malaysian alumni – mostly from Sarawak and Sabah.They have a strong Alumni presence in Malaysia and made a donation to the Alumni Foundation through UTAS Chancellor Damian Bugg. The trip was largely organised by Verus Aman Sham, who graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1972.

23 the utas foundation The UTAS Foundation is the vital fundraising arm of the University. Our activities aim to ensure UTAS remains a vibrant institution – a leader in education that produces quality graduates and research connected to the businesses and industries of Tasmania, Australia and the world. Gifts to the Foundation promote excellence, innovation and participation at UTAS. Many deserving students benefit from gifts to the UTAS Foundation and the support from our alumni and friends is essential for the University to continue to fulfil its mission as Tasmania’s university and enable it to make a significant contribution to the cultural, economic and social development of the state. GIVING TO THE FOUNDATION The main ways you can support the Foundation include: • A general donation which will be directed to the Development Fund which supports areas of most need within the University. • A direct donation for scholarships, research activities or facilities. • Other gifts that may include assets such as shares, property, works of art or anything of enduring value. • A bequest made through a will and directed to the University of Tasmania through the UTAS Foundation. A bequest can be made as a specific sum of money, a percentage or residue of an estate, real estate, shares, securities, etc. Giving can in most cases be tailored to the requirements and circumstances of each donor. If you have special requirements you can discuss them confidentially with a representative of the Foundation.

Contact details Email: Web:

Phone: +61 3 6226 1920 Fax:

+61 3 6226 2130


Post: UTAS Foundation Private Bag 40 Hobart Tasmania 7001 Australia

Foundation Update April 2012  

Overview of the activities of the Foundation, its supporters and upates on its latest appeals

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