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“World-class universities generally have three main streams of income: government funding (including research grants), fees and philanthropy. In 17 short years the Foundation has achieved wonderful things in the area of philanthropy, growing its funds from essentially zero to $33 million and now distributing over $4 million each year back to the University and our students. Philanthropy is important to the University and I am working with the Foundation to move it to the next level in helping us achieve the strategic objectives of Tasmania’s university – whether that be by enhancing current research and teaching programs or facilities at UTAS or raising donations for new initiatives and building projects. The flagship program of the Foundation is its wonderful Scholarships Program, which provides, through the generosity of our donors and corporate supporters, considerable financial support to our students, often to those with significant financial need.  This is important for Tasmania as we strive to increase our participation rates in higher education.” Professor Peter Rathjen Vice-Chancellor University of Tasmania

ABOUT US University of Tasmania The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is an international university based in Tasmania. The University was founded by an Act of the Tasmanian Parliament on 1 January 1890, and being the fourth oldest university in Australia, we are an original ‘sandstone’ university. UTAS is committed to the creation, preservation, communication and application of knowledge, as well as excellence in all teaching, research and scholarly activities. Our research is integral to our identity and sense of purpose and we aspire to be ranked in the top 10 research universities in Australia. At UTAS, we continue to make far-reaching educational, cultural and economic contributions to Tasmania, Australia and the world. While we maintain a strong and distinctive Tasmanian identity, our programs and research are international in scope, vision and standards. Our community includes over 80,000 graduates who are now sharing their expertise and ideas across the globe in over 100 countries. We work hard to stay connected and contemporary, creating life-changing, life-shaping experiences that provide the foundation on which to build careers and success for our students. To find out more about the University of Tasmania visit

Our activities AIM to ensure UTAS remains a vibrant institution ­­­­– a leader in education


that produces quality graduates and

UTAS Foundation

research connected to the businesses and industries not only in Tasmania but across

“Support from our alumni and friends




Making a Bequest

UTAS Appeals


3 5 7 9 10





13 14 15 16

The UTAS Foundation is the fundraising arm of the University, managed by the

has ensured that our programs, such as

UTAS Advancement Office. Our activities aim to ensure UTAS remains a vibrant

the Annual Appeal and the Scholarships

institution – a leader in education that produces quality graduates and research

Program, have been successful and continue

connected to the businesses and industries not only in Tasmania but across

to provide lasting benefits to the University

Australia and the world.

of Tasmania and its students. I would like to

We assist the University to achieve its mission and strategic objectives by working with our alumni and friends to accept, acknowledge, manage and allocate gifts. Financial support from our alumni and friends is vitally important to ensure that the University continues to fulfil its mission as Tasmania’s university

Australia and the world.

thank you, on behalf of the University and the UTAS Foundation, for your support.” COLIN JACKSON Chair of the UTAS Foundation

and is able to make a significant contribution to the cultural, economic and social development of Tasmania. The UTAS Foundation is governed by an independent board of directors with a CEO responsible for managing the operations of the Foundation. The UTAS Foundation currently manages over $33 million in funds, from which we are able to support a growing range of programs reflecting the priorities of UTAS. Find out more about the UTAS Foundation by visiting

endowing the future



WHY SUPPORT UTAS? As the only university in Tasmania, UTAS is focused on retaining the

The UTAS Foundation has a vision to enable the key areas of excellence, and

brightest students and ensuring increased participation while creating

those identified as the greatest priority by the University, to accelerate their

avenues for innovation and excellence that often contribute to commercial

achievements through provision of funding for targeted projects and programs.

opportunities for local, national and international enterprises. The key areas

To facilitate this vision the Foundation has established a Development Fund

of research excellence at UTAS are broad and include medical research,

where donations can be directed. Donations to the fund are untied to a specific

marine and Antarctic studies, agricultural science, chemistry and

purpose; however, there is a commitment for these gifts to be directed to areas

earth sciences.

of greatest priority and need within the University.

The UTAS Foundation manages gifts with a personalised approach by

Donations to well-established programs, such as the UTAS Scholarships

providing donors with a single contact within the Advancement Office.

Program, are vital if the brightest students, as well as those most in need of

Supporters receive advice relevant to their areas of interest within the University

financial assistance, can be provided the opportunity and support to study

and access to meet with students and faculty staff, tour facilities and receive

at UTAS. The prosperity and development of Tasmania, Australia and nations

appropriate recognition.

around the world will be influenced directly by the teaching and research

Providing financial support to UTAS translates to an investment in the future of Tasmania and its people. As the University that represents the whole of the

outcomes of their universities. The entire community can be a part of the future, a brighter future of Tasmania and our students, by investing in UTAS.

State we take the challenge seriously of increasing participation in tertiary

Endowment funds established from gifts from alumni and friends are

education and retaining the brightest students. UTAS is forward looking,

increasingly important in enabling UTAS to support initiatives essential to

with established campuses in Burnie, Hobart and Launceston. These locations

the achievement of its aspiration to be a leader in new ideas, new knowledge

enable students from all parts of Tasmania to access the University.

and new approaches to the issues that impact our society. This may include

At our heart, UTAS is about people, what they can become,

scholarships to exceptional and needy students, attracting outstanding

what they can create and how they can inspire.

academics, purchasing cutting-edge equipment or building world-class facilities.

As the only University in Tasmania, UTAS is focused on retaining the brightest students and ensuring increased participation while creating avenues for innovation and excellence.

Pictured left: Joe Kadisha – Corporate Express Scholar and Paul Vincent – State Manager – Tasmania, Corporate Express



Many scholarship donors enjoy meeting with the students who they support, learning of their academic progress and seeing the benefits of their support through the personal growth of the students.

Recognising Your Support The Foundation places great importance on appropriately and sensitively

Many scholarship donors enjoy meeting with the students who they support,

recognising donors. Recognition serves many purposes, including:

learning of their academic progress and seeing the benefits of their support

• Donors are appropriately acknowledged for their thoughtfulness and generosity • Public acknowledgement can serve as an important example of philanthropic leadership to others who may be contemplating a gift Depending on the type and size of gift, recognition may be given in a variety of ways, including: • Foundation membership • Recognition on the Foundation website • The naming of a scholarship • Recognition in, and receipt of, the bi-annual Foundation Update

through the personal growth of the students. Donors who support other activities and programs, such as research areas, are provided opportunities to meet with faculty staff and researchers, tour facilities and be briefed on research and teaching developments. Significant donors may also be invited to join the Vice-Chancellor’s Circle, which is a small group of highly engaged individuals who provide advocacy through their generosity to the University. Members of the Vice-Chancellor’s Circle are provided with opportunities to meet with the Vice-Chancellor to discuss their areas of interest and receive invitations to events. The UTAS Foundation respects the wishes of donors. All donor details are confidential and gifts can be made in confidence with anonymity assured.

• Invitation to special events • For significant gifts it may be possible to name a facility or part of a facility

Pictured left (back L-R): Jim Reid, Ruth Mallett, Damian Bugg AM QC, Carmen Whiteley, Mark Bennett, Ellen Manning (front L-R): Kate Bennett, Jenny Bugg, Hollie Gamble



Leaving a bequest to the University is a significant


way for alumni and friends to make an enduring contribution to their community.

Leaving a bequest to the University is a significant way for alumni and friends to make an enduring

Giving to a specific area of interest encourages growth in an area that is

contribution to their community.

important to you. Such bequests must be carefully worded to ensure that

Funds from bequests are targeted only to those areas specified in the will of the donor. Where there are sufficient funds to establish an endowment, the funds are invested by the UTAS Foundation on ‘trust’

your wishes are met well into the future. Example wording:

I give [insert amount] to the University of Tasmania Foundation for [insert purpose].

and the Foundation protects the capital value of the original donation. Each year, before money can be distributed from a trust fund, a percentage of the income earned, which represents CPI, is added

Over time the research, courses and priorities of UTAS will change. If you choose

to the capital. The remaining income is then provided for the purpose of the trust fund.

to make a bequest for a specific area of interest, the University requests that you

Therefore, as the capital of a trust fund increases over time, the capacity to maintain the real value of any

include the following provision in case the stated purpose of the funds cannot be

payment is retained. While bequests can be made for specific purposes, the most valuable gifts are untied,

implemented in the future. Example wording:

providing the opportunity for donors to support the University’s areas of greatest need. Bequests can be: • A gift of money

If at any time the University of Tasmania determines that it is impossible to carry out the stated purpose then the University may apply the bequest for such purpose or purposes as the University determines most closely accords with the original stated purpose.

• A percentage of an estate or the residue of an estate once other needs are met • A property, land, shares, artwork or other item of value that the UTAS Foundation can hold or sell at the desire of the donor The list of ways to support the University is extensive and Advancement Office staff are available to discuss these with you or with legal advisers confidentially. An experienced Advancement Officer can assist to develop an individual plan to endow for the future of UTAS. The UTAS Foundation provides “I can’t think of a better way to celebrate education than giving a theatre student a real

advice only as a general guide. It is recommended that donors seek independent legal or financial advice.

“Since Steven commenced his PhD at AMC and Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, in 2008, we have found the staff and students very welcoming and enthusiastic. We have also been encouraged by AMC’s willingness to aid the development of Australian innovations. Subsequently, we decided to bequeath two scholarships to allow future generations to benefit from a similar experience to ours and continue

opportunity to excel. My bequest will give

Including a Bequest in Your Will

the tradition of conducting research into naval architecture and marine

students a head start in their theatre pursuits

Gifts that are untied allow the UTAS Foundation to direct bequests to the areas of most need, and enable

and their tertiary training for years to come.”

to conduct research, especially given the increasing strength of women in

flexibility for changing needs and priorities. Example wording:

a traditionally male dominated field.”

Peter Hammond Head of Performing Arts

engineering related innovations. In particular we are keen to attract women

- I give [insert amount] to the University of Tasmania Foundation for its general purposes. Steven Schmied and Pauline Geleynse Bequest Donors



The UTAS Foundation facilitates a number of appeals at any one time that address specific areas of need, whether to raise donations to endow a scholarship in memory of an alumnus or friend of UTAS, to raise donations for world-class and groundbreaking research or to be


able to secure a capital project.

Large or small, all gifts to UTAS are welcome

Alumni are inspired by their experiences at UTAS and their highly regarded qualifications that are a

“The Annual Appeal Scholarship is important to me because it allowed

and will provide life-changing opportunities and

foundation for their future. Many alumni and friends recognise these experiences and want to assist to

for a certain peace of mind amongst the experiences I expected and

experiences for our students, as well as enabling

ensure that current and future generations of students have similar opportunities.

didn’t expect at University. It enables students to fulfil their potential

UTAS to achieve its aspiration to be ranked in the top echelon of universities. Each year the UTAS Foundation asks our alumni and friends to consider supporting a number of appeals that align with the priorities of the University.

The Annual Appeal Giving through our Annual Appeal is one way alumni and friends can make a difference to students’ lives or to support the priority needs of UTAS. In particular, this appeal supports the Annual Appeal Scholarships: awards of up to four years made available each year, which honour the commitment of our alumni and friends to the success of UTAS and our students. The Annual Appeal also supports the Development Fund, which provides a vital means for the Foundation to build and extend its ability to support the

Read more about the Annual Appeal by visiting

Other Appeals The UTAS Foundation facilitates a number of appeals at any one time that address specific areas of need, whether to raise donations to endow a scholarship in memory of an alumnus or friend of UTAS, to raise donations for world-class and groundbreaking research or to be able to secure a capital project.

and overcome life’s unexpected hurdles so that they may achieve their goals relatively free of hindrance. I thank UTAS alumni and friends for instilling me with confidence. I appeal to all alumni and friends to continue to share invaluable support with students at UTAS.” Cameron Ritchie 2009 Annual Appeal Scholarship Recipient

To see a full list of the current appeals and more information visit

Examples of recent appeals, some of which are still current: • Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal – alumni and friends have donated over $1.4 million to one of the largest conservation biology endeavours in the world. • The Optical Astronomy Observatory Appeal – alumni and friends donated over $4.3 million to enable UTAS to construct a new observatory in the Tasmanian Midlands. • Menzies Stage II – within six months of the project launch, which aimed to secure the last $5 million of the $90 million project as a challenge grant to complete the construction of this world-class medical facility, $3.6 million was donated. • Sue Napier Postgraduate Fellowship in Education – more than $115,000 was donated towards Education Scholarships for teachers to undertake further study.

University’s priorities.


“Tas Uni STAMPS is a group of overseas students from Singapore, Thailand, Australia (as that is where three of us live now), Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines and Sri Lanka who studied at UTAS in the 1980s. Three decades later we are still in touch with each other and regularly meet up for mini reunions. The idea to make a donation to the UTAS Annual Appeal was born when a few of us recently met up in Hat Yai, Thailand. The donation is a small token of our appreciation for those happy and wonderful years we spent at UTAS. Thank you, UTAS.” Indra Kuruppu Annual Appeal Donor and Alumnus


Scholarship donors are investing in the future of our students and their generosity makes


studying a reality and a life-changing experience.

UTAS is committed to recognising and rewarding talent as well as improving opportunities for students to access higher education. Our Scholarships Program reflects the tremendous support that we receive from individuals, community groups, government and businesses. Scholarships provide valuable financial support, encouraging excellence while enhancing our students’ university experience through networking and career opportunities. Scholarships are offered in a wide range of disciplines to students studying at undergraduate, honours and postgraduate levels. Scholarship donors are investing in the future of our students and their generosity makes studying a reality and a life-changing experience. With enrolment numbers increasing each year, the need for further scholarships is still a vital one. Scholarships make a difference for students moving away from home to study, for families struggling with limited income, and ensure UTAS is able to attract the brightest and most deserving students. Scholarships can be pledged to be provided on an annual basis or endowed to fund the award in perpetuity as an enduring gift.

Endowing a Scholarship

the scholarship, determine the criteria for award and write a set of rules that establishes the scholarship and ensures the intention of the

afforded to come to uni without the Neale

award is retained.

Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science.

Scholarships can be named, providing the opportunity to recognise a significant person or legacy. The criteria can be flexible, for example

It has helped me relocate from Boat Harbour

a scholarship can assist students at any stage of their study and may specify areas of study. Advancement Officers assist in planning

and afford accommodation and all the things

scholarships and ensuring that they represent donor intentions and provide for student needs over the long term.

endowing the future

agricultural science. It is available to a student who is interested in Tasmanian rural industries and who has successfully completed one year in Agricultural Science and intends to graduate in Agricultural Science. To retain this award, recipients are required to achieve a minimum pass result in all units studied $6,500 per year for up to three years.

travel back and forth, I don’t think I could have

to encourage interest and involvement in

funds that are actively managed to ensure that the wishes of donors are met and funds are available to provide scholarships in perpetuity.

“All my life I’ve been associated across the farm fence with agriculture, and we’ve been fortunate, so I wanted to put something back into the industry that supported us.”

A number of donors initially establish non-endowed scholarships by making annual gifts for a number of years prior to a larger gift to endow a scholarship, or making a gift in their will. This approach enables supporters to develop a true sense of the benefits provided to students and satisfying connections with the University and the successful students. The Neale Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science is an example of an endowed scholarship.


rural sector, has endowed this scholarship

each semester. The award provides a stipend of

Donors may wish to provide for endowed scholarships in their will. The UTAS Foundation works with supporters to ascertain the value of

Nicole Pinny 2011 Neale Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science Recipient

Neale Edwards’ family, long involved in Tasmania’s

Endowing a scholarship is enduring – the scholarship will be offered for ever. Endowed scholarships are managed through individual

“With accommodation and having to pay for

that go with that. It’s made first year a lot easier.”

Neale Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science


John Edwards Neale Edwards Scholarship in Agricultural Science Scholarship Donor


Giving Through Your Salary

Providing an Annual Scholarship


Many organisations have a workplace giving program in place – a tax-effective way to support the vital work of a charity, in this case UTAS through the UTAS Foundation. As little as $5 a week can be deducted from pre-tax pay and is transferred directly to the UTAS Foundation by employers. A single receipt is sent at the end of the financial year.

A scholarship will make a significant difference to the life and success of a student. It will also provide

Donations can be made at any time through the UTAS Foundation website at

To establish the UTAS Foundation as a recipient through a workplace giving program,

immense satisfaction to individual donors and opportunities for government and corporate supporters. This is a secure site that accepts credit card

donors need to contact their pay office.

donations via Visa or MasterCard, or a donation form can be downloaded and mailed to us.

Advancement Officers from the UTAS Foundation work with supporters to establish scholarships that achieve the objectives and intentions of our supporters while meeting the needs of our students and strategic priorities of the University. Advancement Officers discuss the range of scholarship options, the selection arrangements and timeline

on the UTAS Foundation website.

While most gifts are received in the form of money, the Foundation welcomes gifts in various

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual needs or queries.

forms. These may include property, artworks, shares, research or teaching support or other

Non-monetary gifts will be assessed in the light of the University’s capacity to use the gift

Become a fortnightly, monthly or quarterly donor and make regular gifts to the UTAS

in the manner envisaged both presently and into the future. Where the Foundation feels

Foundation that are automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account until

acceptance of a gift would not serve either its interests or that of the donor’s, it reserves

“In contributing to the Foundation we hope

instructed otherwise. A pledge amount can also be deducted regularly or annually before

the right to decline the offer.

to ensure that future generations will have

the end of the tax year.

There are many organisations that have looked to the future of their business or industry and prosperity of the

organisations, local government, international companies and local business. These are all acknowledged

03 6226 1920 (+61 3 6226 1920) or email

Regular Giving

scholarships to the student body and arrange for contact with the students once selection has been completed.

of scholarships have been provided for more than 10 years by state government departments, community

Non-Monetary Gifts

assets of enduring value.

for implementing scholarships. Advancement Officers work with the UTAS Scholarships Office to promote

State by supporting UTAS scholarships, as well as through their charitable endeavours. A significant number

If preferred, direct deposit can be arranged by contacting the UTAS Foundation on

the opportunity to develop their talents and

Taxation Advice

ideas through a university education.

Making a Pledge

The UTAS Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and has deductible gift recipient (DGR)

Many individuals are also inspired to provide scholarships in memory of a loved one, to encourage excellence

In doing so, we believe they will benefit not

Pledges enable donations to the UTAS Foundation over a period of time. Some donors may

status. In most cases an approved donation and gift to the UTAS Foundation will be tax

or to provide the same opportunity they received to others.

only themselves but the whole of society.”

wish to make a payment each financial year or agree to transfer an asset to the UTAS

deductible and GST free if:

Find out more about the Tasmania Scholarships Program by visiting Nick and Janet Cretan Scholarship Donors and Alumni

Foundation at some time in the future. There may also be taxation advantages in some

• It is made voluntarily

instances in this approach.

• It does not provide material benefit to the donor

On request, the UTAS Foundation can provide more detailed advice about making a pledge

• It essentially arises from benefaction and proceeds from detached and

to the University.

disinterested generosity The UTAS Foundation encourages donors to seek independent taxation advice. Staff in the Advancement Office are able to work with advisers in making arrangements for gifts.


endowing the future



CONTACT US We endeavour to give every donor our personal attention. Contact the UTAS Foundation on +61 3 6226 1920 to talk to one of our Advancement Officers.

Contact Details E:

Citizens and residents of the United States can contact the University ofTasmania Foundation USA at:

“The Ball and Chain Grill Tasmania University


Ph: +1 607 277 1346

Scholarship I received in my first year of my

P: +61 3 6226 1920

Fax: +1 607 277 0078

degree enabled me to devote my time entirely

UTAS Foundation USA

to my university work, which has been a

UTAS Foundation

PO Box 3995

valuable introduction to university, and I am

Private Bag 40

ITHACA NY 14852 - 3995

most appreciative. There is little to encourage

Hobart Tasmania 7001


young people, especially those from

F: +61 3 6226 2130


Alternatively, contact the UTAS Foundation and we will put you in

ABN 20 056 132 661

touch with the UTAS Foundation USA.

low-income families, to pursue an academic education. We, as students, are lucky that individuals are stepping forward to broaden young people’s opportunities. These years at university are a valuable time

Disclaimer: Information in this booklet was correct at the time of publishing in May 2012. Its contents are intended as a guide. The UTAS Foundation reserves the right to alter or delete material at any time.

in my life for learning, and I aim to give as much of myself to my studies as I can. Thank you again for assisting me through this scholarship.” Violet Harrison-Day, 2011 recipient of the Ball and Chain Grill Tasmania University Scholarship


endowing the future

University of Tasmania Foundation Brochure 2012  

The Foundation was established by the University in 1994 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1964 to assist it to gather together a gro...

University of Tasmania Foundation Brochure 2012  

The Foundation was established by the University in 1994 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1964 to assist it to gather together a gro...