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Telltale on Selecting the Perfect Granite Countertop Granite is the most durable and naturally occurring stone which have the heart of homeowners from centuries. It’s natural finish and beautiful colors which are imparted by nature itself are really unmatchable. A beautiful granite countertop can completely change the way your kitchen looks and make it completely royal and classy. Well, now when you entered the remodeling project for your kitchen, you must have a few plans for what you want exactly. You may have decided to install the oh so popular granite counter-tops for your dear kitchen, but do you know which granite? Until now you must be thinking that all types of granite are the same, but experts say that this is not the case and there are many different types of granite available. We usually select the type which we see in look books and find that appealing enough but have no idea about the details regarding them exactly. Now which one is more suitable for you to know by reading further. 

Ample Research -

Before jumping on to the final one, do deep research to make sure you are buying the right one because this is definitely a costly project and you don’t want to end up with a poor outcome to deal with. 

Harmonious -

Granite usually has the basic difference of colors and patterns ranging from black to white, red to orange and many more dark and light shades with either solid look or with some unique patterns. The basic rule is to match the countertop with your cabinets and floor pattern so that everything looks blended and beautiful but not out of the place. Either choose a similar shade for a uniform look or go for a contrast one. 

Kitchen size -

If you have a small kitchen, go for some light shades to have an effect of space, but with dark color granite, it will look small further. If you have a big kitchen you have plenty of choices to go for.


Installation guide -

Although some people like to do Diy projects, but this particular needs a completely professional approach from such as granite countertop installation Charlotte NC, to cut the right piece and to install it perfectly which stays as such for years long. So do take professional help for a complete makeover and don’t mess to do it by your own, if you are a layman. ďƒ˜

Where to buy from -

Invest in granite but always buy from a trusted store that assures you to provide the best granite counter tops, that also with a nice finish. Universal Stone is committed to providing you with best of all your stone based requirement for home and commercial area. Visit us and place your order now for a perfect home project.

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Telltale on Selecting the Perfect Granite Countertop  

Read the given post to find out some useful tips to select the right granite countertop.

Telltale on Selecting the Perfect Granite Countertop  

Read the given post to find out some useful tips to select the right granite countertop.