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Pictured left to right: Klamath County Commissioner Donnie Boyd (son) receives Campaign Inspiration Award and Don Boyd (father) receives United Way Campaign Volunteer of the Year honor.

John Elliott earns Lifetime Achievement honor for 17 years of service on the United Way board of directors (former board president & campaign chairman), and served 10 years as a Klamath County Commissioner.

136 N. Third Street, Klamath Falls, OR • 541-882-5558

2017 Annual Report February 9, 2018

United Way

2 Friday, February 9, 2018 Herald and News

An Exciting Past – A Promising Future financially supporting a variety of local service agencies that help improve the lives of nearly 20,000 local citizens each year.

Michael Griffith

Frank Hernandez

We honor Don Boyd and John Elliott for their decades of leadership and service to our community. We also confidently look forward to what our elected officials and community leaders will do to improve the quality of life throughout the Klamath Basin.

The United Way community campaign in 2017 raised $510,170 for 94% of its $545,000 goal. The Klamath County Government employees led the way in donating $22,079 for a 96% increase in support. ThirtySheri Hargrave Ray Martens five workplace campaigns earned Spirit awards for Through all its ups and downs, the Klamath outstanding achievement and Basin remains a great place to live, work, 99 leadership giving KEY Club donors contributed a record raise a family, and to call home. For the past $194,278. 73 years, the mission of our local United Way has been to help people by promoting Congrats to the Klamath County volunteerism, conducting an annual Commissioners for earning the comprehensive community fund drive, and Herald and News persons of the

year award. Congrats also to Sky Lakes Medical Center President/ CEO Paul Stewart for receiving state-wide recognition and for leading health care initiatives throughout the Klamath Basin. Educating and caring for our children has been the responsibility of County Schools Superintendent Greg Thede for the past 40 years. Thanks for everything.…well done. Oregon Tech President Dr. Nagi Naganathan and KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez are doing great things for higher education in Klamath County, and high school graduation rates at City and County schools are soaring. 2018 is starting out with an historic rise in the stock market, and there’s a hopeful national enthusiasm that employment opportunities will also increase and personal taxes will decline. Drugs, alcohol abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, hunger, child care, elderly care, and youth development

programs continue to be top social issues of your United Way. We wish to thank the staff and volunteers of United Way’s 18 participating agencies for all they do to improve the quality of life of Klamath citizens. The board of directors and staff of the United Way wishes to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Bridgitte Griffin Azevedo who died on November 3, 2017. Bridgitte was serving as United Way’s campaign chairman. Todd Andres stepped up to close out the campaign. (See page 7 for more details). This annual report attempts to acknowledge many of United Way’s volunteers and donors whose caring and loyal support has helped thousands of Klamath citizens in 2017. Because of your financial support and trust in what we do, your United Way looks forward to a promising 2018. Thank you.

2017 United Way Board of Directors Officers & Executive Committee Michael Griffith Frank Hernandez Todd Andres Bridgitte Griffin Sheri Hargrave Ray Martens Janet Thede Marla Edge Tom Hottman Kristin Sayles Marcus Henderson Jeff Faganello Mitch Stokes


2017 President Lt. Colonel Martin Balakas Lauren Jespersen 2018 President-Elect John Elliott Don McDonnell 2019 President-Elect, 2018 Campaign Chairman 2017 Campaign Chairman Suzie Galloway Jeremy Morris Board Secretary/Fund Distribution Chairman Amber Gomes Ruth Olsen Treasurer Nominating Chair Betsy Honzel Jean Phillips Volunteer Center Shelly Hunt Dr. Anthony Rosilez Marketing/Communications Personnel United Way Staff Planned Giving Leroy Cabral Executive Director Immediate Past President Member at Large Candace Anderson Office Manager

Ken Simpson Wayne Snoozy Linda Stastny Hal Sturgeon Dennis Winn

United Way

Friday, February 9, 2018, Herald and News 3

United Way Community Campaign Raises $510,170 The 2017 United Way Community Campaign raised $510,170, representing 94% of its $545,000 goal. “I want to thank the many thousands of people who contributed financially to the campaign, and who gave their time and energy to help raise these funds,” said Todd Andres, campaign chairman. Following the death of campaign chairman Bridgitte Griffin Azevedo on November 7th, Andres, who was the associate chair, assumed the responsibility as chairman. Andres will also chair the 2018 Community Campaign. Leadership giving KEY Club gifts of $1,000 or more from individuals and small business owners are vital to the success of the United Way campaign. A record total $194,278 from 99 donors was raised this year for an average gift of $1,962. Of course, every gift (large or small) is important. “We want to thank everyone who joined

the KEY Club this year, your support is gratefully appreciated,” said Mitch & Tammy Stokes, KEY Club chairpersons. Sky Lakes Medical Center employees donated more than $50,000 with 11 employees joining the Key Club. The Henley High School Key Club and the Henley student body continued their tradition of leadership and philanthropy by donating a record $2,728 to the United Way for a total of $26,118 over the past 16 years. Among the many campaign highlights: United Parcel Service posted the 4th consecutive year of double digit increases in contributions to the United Way; Bi Mart employees increased their donations to $167 per person; and Lithia Klamath Falls Auto Center employees donated a record $12,768. Jeld Wen continues to be the single largest contributor to the campaign, and Klamath Energy LLC posted the highest employee per

capita contribution of $771.46. A special thanks to Basin Tire Service, Washington Federal, Klamath Energy, and Pacific Power for matching their employee contributions 100 percent. Our sincere thanks to the nearly 200 volunteers throughout the Klamath Basin who helped United Way raise its funds. As always, 99 cents of every dollar donated to your local United Way stays local and helps nearly 20,000 people of all ages every year. The United Way accepts contributions year-round of cash, stock, life insurance policies, property, and other planned gifts. Memorial gifts are also welcome. For estate planning information, contact United Way at 882-5558. As we prepare to kick off our 73rd annual campaign this fall, we wish to thank everyone for their past and current support.

Bridgitte Griffin Azevedo 2017 Community Campaign Chairman

Todd Andres 2017-18 Community Campaign Chairman

Campaign 2017 Spirit Awards The United Way Spirit awards are presented to employees of public and private workplaces. Qualifications include annual contributions must be a minimum of $250; have achieved a minimum $25 per capita (gift per employee); and have a minimum 5% increase in giving over the prior year. The levels are Bronze $25.00 to $49.99; Silver $50.00 to $74.99; Gold $75.00 to $99.99; and Platinum is $100 or more. The purpose of this award is to challenge employee groups to try new campaign approaches and strive for excellence. In 2017, 35 Spirit Awards were achieved. Account

Percentage Gain Over Prior Year

Basin Mediactive 10 Basin Tire Service 88 Bi-Mart 40 Citizens for Safe Schools 100 Friends of the Children 100 Klamath Basin Senior Citizens’ Center 8 Klamath County Commissioners 100 Klamath County Community Corrections 89 Klamath County Community Development 88 Klamath County Public Health Dept. 117 Klamath County HR/Risk Mgmt. 69 Klamath County Information Technology 100 Klamath County Mental Health Disabilities 92 Klamath County Property Tax Collector 100 Klamath County Schools KCS Administration 21 KCS Falcon Heights Academy 140 KCS Food Service/Warehouse 100 KCS Malin Elementary School 29 KCS Mazama High School 13

Spirit Award

Employee Per Capita

Gold 77.00 Platinum 104.42 Platinum 167.17 Platinum 433.00 Gold 92.40 Platinum 180.00 Platinum 682.00 Bronze 46.36 Bronze 40.91 Platinum 123.56 Platinum 280.40 Platinum 144.00 Platinum 212.31 Silver 69.00 Silver Platinum Silver Bronze Bronze

21.42 101.50 60.00 32.82 29.19


Percentage Gain Over Prior Year

KCS Merrill Elementary School Klamath Falls City Schools Conger Elementary School Roosevelt Elementary School Klamath KID Center Klamath & Lake Counties Food Bank Klamath Public Employees FCU Lithia Klamath Falls Auto Center Lockheed Martin Pape Machinery Sky Lakes Medical Center South Suburban Sanitary District The Salvation Army United Way of the Klamath Basin United Parcel Service Wise & Co., LLP YMCA

64 9 6 100 21 11 23 7 100 10 17 23 8 21 28 75

Spirit Award

Employee Per Capita



Silver 56.15 Silver 53.21 Bronze 31.06 Silver 58.00 Silver 59.00 Platinum 146.76 Platinum 281.20 Silver 67.88 Bronze 49.13 Silver 56.01 Platinum 397.15 Platinum 1300.00 Platinum 245.57 Gold 91.00 Gold 75.00

United Way

4 Friday, February 9, 2018 Herald and News

Campaign Volunteer Leadership Team Bridgitte Griffin Azevedo Campaign Chairman Todd Andres Associate Campaign Chairman Mitch & Tammy Stokes Leadership Giving KEY Club Suzie Galloway Major Firms Jamie Tschetter Corporate Gifts Connie Hedrick Commercial Division Dr. David M. Souza DO Professional Division Ruth Olsen Special Gifts Jim Carleton Agriculture

Jessica Towne Small Business Ray Martens Golf Challenge Lauren Jespersen Loaned Executive Recruitment Kristin Sayles Pacesetters/Cultivation Chair Tom Hottman Marketing/Publicity Shelly Hunt Public Sector Division Marla Edge, Don McDonnell Oregon Tech Christy Davis Klamath County Government

Teri Leeper Taylor Klamath Falls City Schools Patty Ranjus, Laney Loney Klamath County Schools & Stephanie LeRoy Henley High School KEY Club Students for United  Way Campaign Amanda Squib United Way Agencies Dr. Anthony Rosilez Klamath Community College Brooke Marshall, Joe Walls City of Klamath Falls & Kristina Buckley

Loaned Executives – Class of 2017 We extend our grateful appreciation to the employers and participants of this year’s United Way loaned executive management development program. They performed exemplary telling the United Way story to countless employees at their workplace. A big thanks to Lauren Jespersen for chairing the program.

The 2017 loaned executives included Timothy Estores, Umpqua Bank; AIC Haley Mejia, TSgt. Amanda McCormick, SMSgt Ruel Gadbury Oregon Air National Guard Kingsley Field; and Bob Tumpane, Sky Lakes Medical Center.

United Way Loaned Executives – Class of 2017 Left to right: Timothy Estores, Bob Tumpane, Haley Mejia, Ruel Gadbury and Amanda McCormick

Leadership Giving KEY Club Raises Record $194,278 The Leadership Giving KEY Club was chaired by Mitch & Tammy Stokes. While EVERY gift to our United Way is appreciated and important, leadership gifts of $1,000 are vital to the success of our campaign. In 2017, 99 KEY Club members donated a record 36% of the entire campaign funds raised. Through estate planning (wills/bequests) donors may endow a leadership gift - contact United Way for details. BRONZE KEY (Gift of $1,000 to $1,499)

Kasie Anderson Todd & Mindi Andres Janice Arnold Tim & Kris Bailey Julie Bainbridge Dr. Beverly Baumann James Baxter William P. & Sharon G. Brandsness Denise Britan Alan Caldwell Jessica Chastain Nicole Conde Marla & Rick Edge For Gods Glory #1 – Anonymous Donor Gerald and Susan Freschi Suzie Galloway Frank Ganong Michael & Laila Griffith Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Haddeland Sheri Hargrave

Patricia E. Henderson Ron & Chuck Johnson (JEJ Enterprises, Inc.) Chris & Susan Kandra Faith Koepke Ray & Pam Martens Susan Hensley McCollum Rick McGuffey Steve Meng Mick Insurance Agency, Inc. Shay-lee Morris John & Ann Novak William Patterson Hal Periman Tom & Vonnie Powley Levi Reisinger Denise Rising Randy L. Shaw Sherm’s Thunderbird Market Ken & Karen Simpson Lisa Smith Joan Staunton Tim & Gloria Steiner

Mitch & Tammy Stokes Cheryl Westbrook Dorothy L. Winters Doug & Carolyn Woods Kenneth Young * Five anonymous donors SILVER KEY (Gift of $1,500 to $1,999)

Eric Baker Timothy Boozer Dr. Robert W. Graham Tom & Sue Schiess Thomas J. & Barbara Shaw Greg & Janet Thede Brent Thomas Patricia & Bud Wakefield Dennis & Carolyn Winn Wise & Co, LLP *One anonymous donor

GOLD KEY (Gift of $2,000 to $3,499)

Donnie Boyd Leroy & Nora Cabral

George & Janice Calvert Alan & Neal Eberlein (Southtowne Commerce Center) Ann Kellogg & Heather Emel-Kellogg Frank & Renee Hernandez J.W. Kerns, Inc. Don & Kwanda McDonnell Stan Neitling Kent & Linda Pederson Gary & Wanda Powless Mike Romtvedt Bill & Cindy Schmeck Anne Weaver * Six anonymous donors PLATINUM KEY (Gift of $3,500 to $4,999)

Marcella Bell, John & Kendall Bell Mike Cheeseman Glenn & Ursula Gailis Drew & Betsy Honzel Larry & Maureen Jespersen Dick & Chris Ledgerwood

Mitch & Tammy Stokes Dr. Raul & Karri Mirande (Cascade Vein Center) Tom Romig (Romig & Associates) *One anonymous donor EMERALD KEY (Gift of $5,000 to 7,499)

Basin Fertilizer & Chemical Company Dan & Ann Cavanaugh Matt & Denise Howard William & John Walker (Walker Brothers) *Two anonymous donors DIAMOND KEY (Gift of $7,500 to 9,999)

No donors this year UNITED WAY WORLDWIDE

Alexis de Tocqueville Society (Gift of $10,000 or more)

Bob & Michelle Wynne

United Way

Donald & Donnie Boyd Honored As Exemplary Campaign Volunteers

Friday, February 9, 2018, Herald and News 5

Henley High School Students Raise a Record $2,728 for United Way

Donnie & Don Boyd

Demonstrating outstanding leadership, commitment, and resolve to help our community’s citizens by supporting the United Way Community Campaign, Don Boyd (father) and Klamath County Commissioner Donnie Boyd (son), received top campaign honors at the annual meeting of the United Way board of directors and supporters. Don Boyd, a long-time supporter of United Way, past campaign chairman and board member, received the 2017 Campaign Volunteer of the Year award. “Don just came into the office one day and said it was time again for him to get more involved with the United Way campaign,” said Leroy Cabral, executive director. “So we gave him several of our largest accounts and he did a masterful job posting significant campaign increases.” Commissioner Donnie Boyd received the 2017 Campaign Inspiration award for leading the way in helping Klamath County Government employees to raise $22,079 for the United Way. Boyd set a goal to double their financial support and the employees responded by donating a 96% increase in contributions

            OUR          

      541.882.6311 541.882.6311            

Henley students Left to right: Alexis Virtue, Samantha Virtue, Fawn Harris and Nathan Holliday.

The Henley High School Key Club and the student body raised a record $2,728 in the 2017 “Students for United Way Coin Drive.” This marked the 16th anniversary of the Henley High student body fundraiser bringing their combined total to $26,118 raised so far. “The first coin drive in 2002 raised $250, but it sparked an enthusiastic tradition of caring and giving back to the community,” says Linnae Salvati, faculty advisor of the Key Club.

Award of Excellence (Lifetime Achievement)


John Elliott received the lifetime achievement award for his 16 years of service on the United Way board of directors. John served as the United Way campaign chairman in 2003 and again in 2010. In 2012, he became the 67th president of the United Way. John was born and raised in Klamath County and graduated from Henley High School. He graduated from John Elliott Southern Oregon University with a degree in Business Administration. Soon afterward, he moved to South Australia, where he lived for 7 ½ years serving as an Administrative Officer for the City of Tea Tree Gully, a suburb of Adelaide. Upon his return to the United States, John served as the Klamath County Fiscal Coordinator for the health and mental health departments, and later as the county’s finance director. He also worked as the City of Klamath Falls finance director. Perhaps John is best known for serving 10 years as a Klamath County Commissioner. In addition to his many years of professional public service, John also volunteered for numerous local organizations and state-wide associations. John and his wife Loudean have been married for 21 years and have four children and five grandchildren. Recently John and Loudean sold their small cleaning business and plan to spend more time having fun and enjoying their family.

First Call for Help 541-882-5558 Bi-Mart employees achieved a 39% increase in contributions for a record $167.17 per employee contribution.

Lithia Klamath Falls Auto Center campaign leaders (pictured left to right)Timothy Boozer, Levi Reisinger, James Baxter, Michael Cheeseman and their employees donated a record $12,768 for a 23% increase with four employees joining the KEY Club.

United Way

6 Friday, February 9, 2018 Herald and News

Volunteers Assure Accountability of Your Contributions The United Way’s 28 member board of directors approve the United Way operating budget and the financial allocations to its 15 member agencies. Every year, United Way agencies seeking funds are closely evaluated by 40 to 50 volunteers who donate about 600 hours visiting each agency, meeting with key staff and board members, and review a 14 page funding application to determine how best to invest your United Way contributions.

These volunteers examine each United Way agency’s annual audit, tax return, annual budget, reserve funds, grants, as well as agency debt, staffing, and program services. Independent audits are a costly expense, but the United Way board believes it’s important to assure accountability to you—our donors. United Way volunteers not only examine the agency’s finances but also evaluate how effective the agency is at solving community problems, networking

with other agencies, volunteer recruitment, and maintaining the highest standard of accountability. Not-for-profit organizations compliment public agencies in many areas of service. Together they work to help feed the hungry, protect the public from domestic violence, and provide counseling for those with mental and drug abuse issues. United Way salutes all of our local public sector heroes for what they do every day to make our community a better place for all of us.

(2017 budgeted)

United Way Participating Agency Programs ������������������������������������������������������ 64.6% United Way Fund Raising/administrative overhead������������������������������������������ 20.3% Donor designations (local, OR, US, International)������������������������������������������������4.4% Community planning, volunteer development, Information & referral����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������6.0% Reserve for Payroll Deduction Pledge Loss ������������������������������������������������������������3.7% United Way Worldwide national dues ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 1.0%

Frank Hernandez became the 73rd president of the United Way of the Klamath Basin at its annual meeting on January 23, 2018. Frank has served on the United Way board of directors since 2012. He served in various capacities including fund distribution, campaign chairman, and on the executive board for several years. He has lived in Klamath Falls since 1981. Frank worked in the banking industry for 23 years--11 years at US Bank and 12 years with Klamath First Federal Savings & Loan, retiring as its chief operating officer. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and has been very active volunteering for numerous organizations. They include: Citizens for Safe Schools (6 years), Klamath Crisis Center, SMART reader (8 years), Ragland Rife Foundation board (9 years), St. Paul’s Food Pantry (9 years), CASA (11 years), Kiwanis Club of Klamath Falls (30 years), Oregon Community Foundation (4 years), and the Klamath County Ousley Scholarship committee (5 years) awarding $1.8 million in grants to high school students.

Frank and his wife, Renee have been married for 39 years and have four grown children (Matthew, Anthony, Celina and Christopher), and five grandchildren. Frank enjoys Alpine and Nordic skiing, summer road cycling, has completed the Boston marathon and a 500 mile walking pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago) across northern Spain.

Our local United Way is audited annually by the accounting firm of Romig and Associates. The most current, complete financial information is available by contacting the United Way at 882-5558, stopping by the office at 136 N. Third Street, or visiting our web site at

Fund Distribution Volunteers Wanted

Where the Money Goes

Frank Hernandez Leads the Way As 73rd United Way President

“Guard we must the contributor’s trust,” is our United Way’s belief and practice since 1945.

Sheri Hargrave Fund Distribution Committee Chairwoman

Orientation and training for the 2018 United Way fund distribution committee will be held on March 28th. High school and college students can also participate in the process that takes about 15 hours over a six-week period. Way donors are encouraged to participate. Each year between 40 and 50 volunteers participate in the process. Contact United Way (882-5558) for more details or to get involved.

2017 Fund Distribution Team

President Frank Hernandez

“I’m proud to serve as United Way’s President because it helps thousands of local people each year through its many funded agency program services. I especially like that 99 cents of every dollar donated to our United Way stays local. It’s an excellent way to help others and improve the well being of our community,” said Hernandez.

Dyala Barbudo Jennifer Braley Joanna Bruner Matthew Thomas Edwards Timo Estores Ursula Gailis Nikki Galpin Dale Geigle Laila Griffith Brandy Halvorsen Madison Hamilton Connie Hedrick Phil Hull Shelly Hunt Betsy Honzel Lauren Jespersen Chris Kandra

Susan Kandra Tracy Lehman Jennifer Little Ray Martens Beverly McCloskey Don McDonnell Jeremy Morris Cindy Owens Dr. Anthony Rosilez Erin Schulten Mike Shepherd Jenine Stuedli Jessica Towne Jamie Tschetter Laura Williams Dennis Winn Bill Wright Sheri Hargrave, Chairwoman

United Way

In Remembrance Bridgitte Griffin Azevedo

Bridgitte Griffin Azevedo

Bridgitte Griffin Azevedo died at age 48 on November 3, 2017. She is survived by her husband Justin and sons Wyatt and Austin. The daughter of David and Joyce Griffin of Lakeview, Oregon, Bridgitte graduated with honors from Lakeview High School. She further graduated from the University of Oregon and enjoyed a 20-year career in banking. Bridgitte served on the United Way board of directors for nearly 10 years and served as chairman of the community campaign at the time of her death. She was very active in the community having also served in leadership capacities with the Klamath County Economic Development Association and the Klamath County Chamber of Commerce.

The following individuals made a gift to the United Way Memorial Fund in Bridgitte’s name. These gifts were included in the annual community campaign total. Among the donors included: Caledonia Properties, LLC; Melvin Ferguson; Matt Hurley; Klamath’s Best Marketing Freshart Potato Division; Klamath County School District Association of Administrators and the Maintenance Department staff & friends; Jon & Jill O’Donnell; Bill & Cindy Schmeck; Tim & Gloria Steiner; John & Donna Wetter; and ZCS, Inc.

Friday, February 9, 2018, Herald and News 7

Special Acknowledgements A special thanks to Shield Crest Golf Course for hosting the 18th annual United Way community golf challenge, and to the many players, sponsors, and Ray Martens for coordinating the event. Thanks to Sky Lakes Medical Center, Umpqua Bank, and Columbia Forest Products for helping sponsor this annual report. Our appreciation to Wynne Broadcasting, Basin Mediactive, and the Herald and News for helping United Way tell its story of hope and help for all those in need. Every gift to the United Way is important and appreciated. Corporate gifts and employee contributions from workplace campaigns represent the foundation of United Way’s fund raising success. The following represent some of the top contributors in the campaign that were not recognized with a Spirit Award (shown on page 3).

Columbia Forest Products team celebrates after making an eagle putt.

2017 Top 10 Employee Campaign Leaders (Reflects those not earning a Spirit Award in 2017)

Employer Per Capita Contribution Pacific Energy LLC, a division of Iberdrola Renewables Carter Jones Collections Service Klamath Crisis Center/Marta’s House NW Farm Credit Services Bell Hardware DA Davidson Klamath Hospice Collins Products Columbia Forest Products JELD –WEN

771.46 507.77 451.20 336.00 265.04 132.00 158.08 88.57 74.12 53.28

United Parcel Service employees donated $8,595 representing a 21% increase and $246 per employee.

United Way Participating Agencies Member agencies (Receive an allocation of funds)

Klamath/Lake County Food Bank . . . . . . 3231 Maywood Drive�����541-882-1223

Boy Scouts of America . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1819 Manzanita St.������ 541-882-4611

Lutheran Community Services . . . . . . . . . 2545 N. Eldorado�����������541-883-3471

CASA for Children of Klamath County . . . . . . . 731 Main Street, #202���541-885-6017

Senior Citizen’s Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2045 Arthur Street ������� 541-883-7171

Citizens for Safe Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2316 So. 6th Street���������541-882-3198 Foster Grandparents Program . . . . . . . . . 2175 N. Eldorado ���������� 541-892-4521 Friends of the Children of Klamath County . . 3837 Altamont���������������541-273-2022 Girl Scouts of OR and SW Washington . . . 2001 N. Keene Way Dr. 541-622-6153

SPOKES Unlimited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1006 Main Street�����������541-883-7547 The Salvation Army . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2960 Maywood Dr., # 12���� 541-882-5280 YMCA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1221 So. Alameda ���������541-884-4149

Affiliate Agencies (Receive donor designations only)

Klamath Crisis Center/Marta’s House . . . P.O. Box 1358���������������� 541-884-0390

Chiloquin Visions in Progress . . . . . . . . . . 140 S. 1st Street������������� 541-783-7780

Klamath Hospice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4745 So. 6th Street�������� 541-882-2902

Integral Youth Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1011 Main Street���������� 541-882-2053

Klamath KID Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3801 Altamont Drive�����541-883-8141

Klamath Falls Gospel Mission . . . . . . . . . . 823 Walnut Ave ������������ 541-882-4895

8 Friday, February 9, 2018 Herald and News

United Way

Dr. Glenn Gailis Chosen 2017 Klamath Country Volunteer of the Year

Glenn Gailis, MD

2017 Klamath Country Volunteer of the Year

The event is presented annually by the United Way in partnership with The KMSB Foundation and support from the Klamath County Commissioners. Thanks also to local media professionals (Lyle Ahrens, Paul Hanson, Gerry O’Brien, and Rob Siems for reading and judging a record 45 nominations for Klamath Country Volunteer of the Year. Everyone nominated received an award and were honored at a special luncheon held during national volunteer week. Tim Bailey, president of the Klamath Medical Service Bureau Foundation, served as the master of ceremonies.

2017 Volunteer of the Year finalists included: The 24th annual Klamath Country Volunteer (Youth) Starla Dawn Chambrose, Hunter Ellis, Other finalists: Kristin of the Year is retired physician Dr. Glenn and Kristin Stotts. Gailis. Glenn was nominated by Cort Cox for Golden, John Leroy Palmer, James Alan Brown, volunteering 855 hours of service to the Blue Roosevelt Elementary School Parent Teacher Zone project. Gailis was also recognized for his Organization, Klamath Basin Senior Citizens’ volunteer service of 20 to 30 hours weekly at Center Meal on Wheels Volunteers, and the the Sky Lakes Wellness Center. Kiwanis Club of Klamath Falls.

United Way Leave A Legacy Please consider adding United Way of the Klamath Basin, EIN # 93-0441766, to your will and estate planning. Memorial gifts also accepted. Call United Way for more information.

Please mark your calendar. The 25th annual event will be held during national volunteer week on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 from 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Senior Center. Nomination forms will be available on line at www.unitedwayof, or hard copy at the United Way office, 136 N. 3rd Street, beginning February 13th and will be due no later than March 26, 2018. Nomination forms can be sent to you electronically, by fax, or US Postal Service.

Volunteer of the Year Finalists

UMPQUA BANK SUPPORTS UNITED WAY Thank you to Klamath Main, Shasta and Merrill stores! Member FDIC


United Way Annual Report 2017  
United Way Annual Report 2017