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Gestational Carrier Welcome Packet
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Welcome to United Surrogacy Agency. Thank you for considering becoming a gestational carrier If you have children of your own, you know what a treasure it is to be a parent. For some, using a gestational carrier, or surrogate as most people call it, is the only pathway to parenthood. Surrogacy is a wonderful experience, but can also be complex to both the intended parents and the surrogate. We want to offer assistance if you have thought about this for a while or are just starting out. At United Surrogacy, we promise to walk you through this process so you feel informed, educated, and empowered. Your gift of bringing life into the world for another family is selfless and rewarding. Just as much as it is for our gestational carriers, it is also life changing for us at United Surrogacy. We at United Surrogacy understand the delicate topics that may arise, as well as the extreme joy all parties experience We are committed to making this experience safe and rewarding for everyone.

Your Team at United


Meet our team!


Founder Surrogate +208-353-2248

I am passionate about helping families complete their desire for children. Through my personal experience, hours of research & networking with mentors, I advocate and provide support to numerous local carriers via social media and face to face meet ups I am dedicated to promoting ethical standards for surrogacy I am the first point of contact for Intended Parents and a magical matchmaker to find their perfect surrogate!


Chief Operations Officer

Intended Parent Coordinator +208-284-4400

I w Parents and Gestational Carriers to coordinate with clinics, hospitals, escrow and legal professionals to keep the process moving smoothly throughout the entire journey



Gestational Carrier Coordinator 3x Surrogate 208-697-6241

matched, I get to start working with our carriers gh the rest of their journey! I advise and educate arriers all through the medical, legal, transfer cycle, regnancy I work with the fertility clinics to inate information and appointments, set up travel gements for stress-free travel for the carrier, guide through their transfer cycles, and just be their nal advisor for their entire journey.


a Gestational Carrier's first point of contact in this rney, I promise to support & guide with love, mpassion, and the highest ethics. This is truly my eam and I am honored to help build families I get the asure of meeting, screening, and guiding new and perienced carriers through the vetting process and t you ready for matching Passing you along to the xt adventure is truly exciting for me!

Gestational Carrier Intake Coordinator 3x Surrogate 208-608-3410 chrissie@united-surrogacy com
UNITED SURROGACY 5 COMMUNICATION BUSINESS HOURS Monday To Friday 8.00 am - 5.00 pm MST RESPONSE TIME Email: 24 hour response time Phone: Same business day Texting is much quicker! ADDRESS Physical: Mailing: 6126 W State St. 7154 W State St. Box #157 Boise, ID 83706 Boise, Idaho 83714 www united-surrogacy com @united surrogacy @UnitedSurrogacy keep in touch! 208-353-2248

Surrogacy Requirements:

Must enjoy being pregnant

In most cases, travel may be required. (expenses will be covered for you)

Between the ages of 21-45 with a Body Mass Index under 32*

Must have had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy and have at least one child you are currently raising Must be a non-smoker and drug free

US citizens only (we cannot work with women from Michigan or Louisiana)

Criminal free background for you and your spouse if applicable

No anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication use in the last six months* with the ability to pass psychological evaluation

Must not be on any form of government financial assistance and financially stable

*certain clinics may be flexible



Signature Process



If you are reading this, congratulations!- You made it through this first step.

Chances are, we are on this step right now. We are happy to get to know you over Zoom or if you are local to the Boise, Idaho area- chatting over coffee is great.

United would like to answer all of your questions & concerns. We welcome your partner in this too! We are here to help you every step of the way. You are never alone.

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The Team at United Surrogacy uses their excellent skills to match you with your ideal Intended Parents. You will have a chance to chat with them and see if you fit like the perfect puzzle piece.

After matching, you will move onto Medical Clearance at the IP's RE Clinic. After being medically cleared, both parties have legal representation creating & signing contracts.

After all clearance, it's time to start medications and transfer a sweet baby. From there you will grow, not only a baby, but a relationship with His or Her parent(s)! This is truly the most exciting part!

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2023 Compensation & Fee Package Example


Base Compensation:

Fee to be divided into eight (8) equal payments beginning at 8 weeks gestation following first heartbeat confirmation. Compensation will be paid in its entirety if the baby is born after 34 weeks gestation (for a single pregnancy) and 32 weeks’ gestation (for a multiple pregnancy)

$42-50,000+ first timers $50,000+ experienced

Monthly Allowance:

In lieu of itemized reimbursements, this fee covers mileage under 75 miles round-trip, local travel expenses for appointments including meals, childcare, fuel, telephone calls, pregnancy test kits, vitamins and/or supplements and other incidentals related to the surrogacy. It begins the first of the month following contract signing and ends the first of the month after birth or at the termination of the surrogacy contract


Additional Monthly Allowance:

Starting with the 28th week of pregnancy, gestational carrier will receive additional non-accountable monthly allowance to cover their choice of housekeeping, chiropractic care, massage, and/or additional childcare. Additional allowance may be prorated


Multiples Fee:

Amount is for each additional fetus the gestational carrier is carrying. This fee will be added to the base compensation fee starting with the second base compensation disbursement in seven equal installments


Medication Start Fee:

To be paid upon the commencement of estrogen for each transfer cycle



Transfer Fee:

To be paid at the time of each transfer of an embryo(s) to the gestational carrier.


Dropped Cycle Fee: This fee is to be paid if the intended parents cancel the cycle without medical recommendation or the cycle is cancelled after the start of progesterone due to no fault of the gestational carrier.


Mock Cycle Fee: If requested by the RE or Intended Parents, this fee will be paid for any mock cycle performed


Maternity Clothing Allowance: Gestational Carrier will receive an allowance for maternity clothing on the first of the month following the 12th week of pregnancy (by gestation).

$500/single $750/multiple

Minimally Invasive Procedure Fee:

If the gestational carrier undergoes a minimally invasive procedure (Endometrial Receptivity Assay, Cytotec-induced miscarriage) she is eligible to receive this fee. $750/ procedure

Invasive Procedure Fee:

If the gestational carrier undergoes an invasive procedure (D&C, ectopic pregnancy, selective reduction, cerclage, amniocentesis) this fee will be due.

$1,500/ procedure

Loss of Organs Fee: This amount to be paid in the event the carrier loses one or more reproductive organs directly related to a pregnancy complication.

$5000/loss of uterus $1500 per tube/ovary

C-Section Fee:

If gestational carrier undergoes a C-section for the birth of the baby, she will receive this fee.


Lost Wages:

1) Lost wages are to be paid for time missed from work for the post birth recovery period; 6 weeks for a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks for a c-section delivery; regardless of outcome

2) In the event of physician ordered bed rest, the carrier is to be paid lost wages during the bed rest period

3) Lost wages for spouse/partner limited to ten (10) days during the surrogate journey

TBD/Hour, TBD hours per week – to be verified by pay stubs



In the event of physician ordered bedrest, the surrogate will receive this fee to cover childcare and housekeeping.


Breastmilk Compensation:

This fee to be paid in the event that the surrogate is willing to pump breastmilk for the baby after birth.

$250.00 per week up to 2 weeks postpartum then $1.00 per ounce up to a max of $300.00 per week plus, pumping supplies and shipping costs.

Life Insurance Premiums

Intended parents will provide up to this amount for a life insurance policy for the gestational carrier. Payable at the time of first positive BETA. .$450

Travel Costs:

Travel costs to be paid for any overnight travel Mileage also to be paid in the event the gestational carrier needs to travel more than 40 miles from home for appointments (mileage only to be paid for the number of miles exceeding 40 miles). Travel for transfer, medical procedures, and medical screening (if companion required by RE) to include reimbursement and/or prepaids for a travel companion

Mileage: $ 65/mile Childcare: $100/day for overnight care Food: $50 per person/day Airfare, hotel, and ground transportation at actual cost Lost wages for missed workdays



Andrew Y.

Jen and her team are amazing! They are fast acting, thoughtful and most importantly incredibly kind human beings I was impressed from the very beginning of contacting Jen. They provided me many profiles upfront and pulled me thru difficult times They were always on top of my surrogate's appointments and milestone dates. They took initiative in contacting my clinic/lawyer/surrogate and booking trips for my surrogate They are very knowledgeable and were always super patient in explaining medical situations to me Additionally, the COO has been very considerate in helping me in financial planning. I wouldn't have been able to afford the journey without her help I'm extremely grateful I met Jen and her amazing team and I'll tell my baby how much they helped me go thru this oncein-a-lifetime journey




Abel D.

The level of professionalism and the way they really care about you is remarkable. We have our beautiful son thanks to them Forever grateful. ❤

Wendy & Kenneth

B, I, & A

There are no words which can express our gratitude to each of you for all you have done for our family. I'm sure you receive notes like this often, because the work you do is life changing- universe changing! My prayer is that our sweet Baby A grows up and brings her own special light to the world to make it a better place, just as each of you do in your unique ways. Thank you for the beautiful hat, for taking the time out of your days to visit us when we were in Nampa, and for your constant support through the good and the difficult We are so grateful to have found United and to have met each of you

With so much love & gratitude, B, I, & A


P in Europe

United Surrogacy was an essential component of this process!


U, A, & A in Israel

Dear United, Thank you very much for your care and for helping us to become a family!




I researched surrogacy and various agencies for about a year before meeting with Jen from United for coffee while I was pregnant with my last keeper I knew I wanted to be a surrogate and wanted to have ample time to do my research and decide which agency was best for me. Jen did not make me feel pressured to be with United and is just a very genuine person United emailed me following the birth of my last keeper and that meant a lot It was so caring for the agency to remember I was giving birth when I had not even started any processes with them. I spoke with other surrogates before making my decision to go with United and I could not be more pleased I am currently almost 26 weeks pregnant with the surro baby and United has been SO easy to work with, everything is very clear and streamline I intent to be a surrogate again and will 100% go with United.


Throughout my time with United Surrogacy- they have been nothing short of amazing. They have made the travel, transfer, and paperwork SO easy If I were to do another journey- i would 100% go through them again SO thankful for the attention to detail they have given me throughout my journey (over a year, due to no fault of them) They really are there for you, which is a huge bonus with something as amazing as this.


Lindsey M. 11/1/22

I had an amazing first journey with United! I delivered the most precious baby boy, and honestly I can't wait to help create another family!

Allie P


I am a carrier that completed my journey with United in June and I could not be happier with my agency I spent a few months researching agencies, and I actually settled on United because of the amazing women running the agency They’re compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive and most importantly ethical Even though I spent about a year doing research on my own, they always made sure to educate as much as possible and always made sure decisions were well informed Of course separate lawyers were used as well as 3rd party escrow What I loved was that their involvement was as much or as little as I needed There was times when I could message them at any day or night and they’d be there for me and times when I didn’t need hand holding and they gave me my space Some other carriers want them at transfer or delivery and they’re there, and in my case I liked it being just my IFs, husband and me They never pushed anything I didn’t want, and they were there for anything I needed A big thing for me as well, they have some of the lowest agency fees I’ve seen That was important because I hate seeing some IPs get taken advantage of United truly cares about everyone and strives to make sure it’s fair for carriers and IPs. I can’t say enough good things about them. If have another journey I will without a doubt use United again.

June 2019

I'm a second time surrogate and used a different agency for my first journey It wasn't a great experience. In contrast United was amazing. They were easy to work with and made sure my wants in a match were met completely Billing and paperwork were handled efficiently and accurately Overall a great experience and I will use them again


DeeAnn M

The ladies and support you get as a surrogate is unmatched I was with another agency previously and I did not enjoy anything about them. I have done 2 journeys with this agency and working on my 3rd

November 2022






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