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It’s June which means it’s PRIDE month! Yet, more importantly it’s my birthday. Yes, I know the one day we all wait for, well at least I do. This year my 27th birthday is actually landing on Sac Pride Day, June 2nd. If you read ‘My Mostly UnFabulous Life’ you might know how unfabulous my 26th birthday was, however, this year with so many great things happening and the fact that is Pride Day, I can hardly wait. Thank you to all of our readers and contributors this month, everyone who puts Q together hopes you enjoy this June edition, and wishes you guys a happy and safe Sacramento Pride and San Francisco Pride! Have a great month peeps! Sincerely

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all american red, white and blue never looked this good.

pix photography

by luiS barrera

5 years and GoinG stronG

Always a Crowd Never a Cover!

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Sitting back with some of my older gay friends, I’m constantly subjected to their ridicule on how I and all the other little “gaybies” have it so easy. How back in their day if they wanted to meet some of the local guys they had to subject themselves to a personals ad in their local paper next to the all night massage parlors and used car sales. While that concept may seem more than farfetched to some of the members of my generation, it was a simple and effective (to an extent) way to meet others. Naturally as the years progressed so did our resources, we went from personal ads and the pony express to cell phones and social media. However, with all this technology at our literal fingertips it sparked a new change, instant gratification. Regardless of your location you can undoubtedly find another guy within moments and miles for whatever tickles your fancy. With all this connectivity how does one avoid twittering their Google all over someone’s Facebook? I should know, I’m a survivor of a social hit and run. Recently, While enjoying a beer at one of my favorite local bars I mistakenly left one of my apps open and had received several messages from someone I had never met. Typically I am all for making new friends, but within a thirty minute period while I was doing my own real life socializing he was sending message after message of “how dare you ignore me” and what a stuck up bitch I was. After discovering my little treasure trove I decided that rather than dragging this out into a childish banter I chose to block him instead. Time passed and with what only seemed like minutes I felt someone shove me and mumble “bitch” under his breath. Me being the confrontational yet classy guy I am, I snapped around, ready to read into some rude bar hopper only to find my online assailant standing but inches in front of me. Had I been in a different state of mind I probably would have picked a fight; a gentleman never throws his drink in someone’s face, thats alcohol abuse. No matter how frustrated I was I realized that this angry mess in front of me wreaked of gin and the confused expression plastered across his face solidified that this fight had nothing to do with me. Chances were good that this had not been the first time he didn’t get what he was looking for online, and me explaining my seemingly innocent mistake wasn’t going to take back any of his disappointment. So rather than causing a scene I stood down and returned to my group as if nothing happened, and while ignoring the glares from across the crowded bar I logged off all my apps and shut my phone off. So the next time you find yourself in need of some instant gratification, remember it’s all fun and games till someone is a hundred feet away.

pix photography BY LUIS BARRERA


people / on the cover


wild and free ...from labels


bels No La



When we first met Devin Young we knew he had the Q look. However we didn't know what angle his editorial would be. Yet, once we asked Young the first question, during his interview, the lightbulb went off. "So Devin, are you Gay, Bi, Straight?" We asked. "I'm neither, I'm just Devin" he replied. "I don't like labels, I don't want people putting me in a bubble" he added. Young, who currently is a full time student and a football player at his college, admits that labeling someone as gay, straight or bi doesn't come without consequences. "We limit people by labeling them, we say, you can't love this person because you're gay, or you can't act this certain way because you're straight" Young stated.

Just ask any man working in a creative field, there’s no doubt at least one person has assumed he was “gay.” we spoke with Robert Echevarria, a stylist and make-up artist currently living in San Francisco, about his stance on stereotypes. “being that i’m a stylist, i think that is a huge ‘gay’ stereotype, but I don‘t mind nor do I care,” said Echevarria. Research suggests that most gay men prefer work in the fields of fashion, design, or hair and make-up because it is more widely accepted and a much more comfortable workplace. Stereotypes take place everyday in the community and you’d be a liar if you said you didn’t use them or think about them regularly. Just turn on the T.V. or watch a movie with a Gay character and they are portrayed as the biggest “queen” in town and they wreak of flam- boyant effeminacy. “Personality wise, I’m clearly more feminine than the average "man" but I’m definitely not flamboyant,” said Echevarria. But more surprising is the way the terms “gay” and “fag” have become adjectives to describe not just people or the community but situations and things; it’s amazing how a simple three letter word can have so many differ connotations! Everyone has been a victim of stereotyping and the hurt they can cause. It isn’t ever easy to take criticism and even the best constructive criticism hurts the biggest bitches and penetrates the best laid hookers. Stereotyping stems from our innate want for identity and the need to be a part of something but this conformity doesn’t truly support individuality. Individuality is defined as the particular character or qualities that distinguishes one person or thing from others but stereotyping should not be a positive way to identify yourself. The behavior of stereotyping is learned from our family, friends, and peers but mentors our ideas and thought processing in the perception of people. Unfortunately, the want to put a label on someone for the sake of fitting them “in “makes even the biggest size queen look like prince charming. We’ve all been called them before: gay, fag, queen, twink, bear, and jock but what do they really mean? Using a term to suggest that you follow one type of person or style is a simple way of putting yourself in a box. While not all stereotypes can be seen as negative stereotypes, the counter stereotypes have often become just as popular as stereotypes but in the same vein, still project the same ideal of putting people into boxes. Young admits that it's hard for people to understand his concept of non-labeling himself. Yet, by being himself Young is showcasing the best of our LGBT community, individualism. After all there isn't only six colors in the rainbow, because each color has many shades.

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Organizations / theater

get ready

Closet Door Theatre

bringing LGBT productions back. By Matthew Burlingame

It’s been one year since Sacramento has been without a LGBT theatre company and there are some who feel that is too long. A group of theatre loving community members have come together to form the Closet Door Theatre Company, scheduled to debut its first production at some point between Fall 2012 and Spring 2013.






“We are going to be fundraising this summer,” says Jones, “with the help of Noemi Rios, our fundraising and sponsorship director.”

Also on the board of directors is Misty Adams, Board Secretary and Erik Mann, Board Treasurer. The group is receiving a great deal of community support and is already has a number of “Sacramento had 23 years people stepping forward as of LGBT theatre and though volunteers. Lambda Players may be gone, there is still a need for The group has two events our community – particularly already in the works. The our youth – to be exposed to first will be “Kaboom” held productions that reflect GLBT July 1, 2012 in the parking themes and characters,” says lot of the Depot/Badlands. Board President Rich Jones. The event will feature a “So I began a dialogue with Barbeque, dunk tank, and others in the community live musical performances. and Closet Door Theatre A Hoedown is planned for Company was born!” later this year and the group is discussing a playwrighting “As someone who has been contest to encourage new part of the theater scene since and local playwrights to get I was very young, I’m really more involved with the local excited to be a part of a new theatre scene. theater company that caters to the LGBT community with new works, original plays, and classic theater productions.” To donate or get says Board Vice President, involved with Michael Hedges. “I’m very the company hopeful that the community will embrace us and support please email our new endeavor.” With the Articles of Incorporation already approved the group is now seeking to file for 501(c)3 status, which will cost approximately $400.




ClosetDoorTheatre@ Or visit

er m al. m n u o i s t s thi is op g n i h clot is not. e styl


Sacramento, California 95811 Right above The Depot


Schedule your appointment @

[916] 849.9219

Rinascimento by KRISTY ONETO

Hand Crafted Cuffs, Bracelets & Bangles

Plan Ahead

Reno’s Rainbow Fest

R Cuffs Bracelets & Bangles

Made froM 75 & recycle M % reused aterials

d one of a kin s accessorie


For + Info: 415.954.2099

July 27-28, 2012

Reno Rainbow Fest offers the largest and most spectacular showcase of diversity in Northern Nevada. Rainbow Week has been established throughout the LGBT community as a celebration of equality. All six popular Gay bars get caught up with Out & Proud parties to paint the town in rainbow colors. The rainbow flag was first used to symbolize gay pride and diversity by artist Gilbert Baker. It first flew in the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade on June 25, 1978. Come out and play at host hotel, Harrah’s Reno. Call 1-888-726-6311 for special room rates. Gather at the annual Rainbow Fest Welcome Party at Harrah’s at 7pm Friday, July 27. Reno’s Biggest Little Sisters Rainbow Bar Shuttle assembles at 8pm at the Welcome Party. Tronix is host to the 18+ Official Rainbow Fest Kick off V-PARTY at 10pm. Gay Reno explodes with world class entertainment at Wingfield Park at Saturday’s festival that includes the incredible country music recording artist Lacy J. Dalton, Billboard Dance Sensation Matt Zarley, and the illustrious Tasha Kame. The Build Our Center’s CommUNITY Pride Parade will lead participants into the Festival grounds at 10:30 am. Thunderous booms of Reno Taiko Tsurunokai drummers opens entertainment on Wingfield Park’s amphitheater. Check out various Exhibitor booth’s, Artists Row and Youth Dance Tent. Cool off after the festival at the SPLASH Pool Party featuring Rendezvous w/Cool Beans, Xavier Toscano and The Ethel Merman Experience at 5pm. The 5 Star Saloon’s Rainbow Party featuring rockin’ DJ Haute Mess, Brett and their exotic San Francisco GoGo Dancers starts at 10:30pm. Reno Rainbow Fest is sponsored by Intuit and Harrah’s Reno Hotel & Casino and is also part of the 17thannual Artown festival during the month of July. Keep posted for updates at or (775) 742-9953.

Q 14 18

life / special to q

my mostly

] s u o l u b a f [un social life By Luis Barrera

RULE# TWO No Almost Lovers (Part II)

When people hear the phrase “friends with benefits” they automatically think those benefits are sexual. Yet in my experience with Mario, the benefits came as the emotional benefit he got from our friend-tionship. Even to this day I ask myself, can a whole relationship be created based on just emotional affection, without ever crossing the lines into sexual desire? After breaking up with Jonathan and realizing that somehow, someway, I had fallen for Mario. He and I got back to our normal routine of seeing each other everyday and being somewhat inseparable. In my mind, I guess I saw the Jonathan hic-cup as a good thing. I thought Mario had finally realized that I wasn’t willing to be someone’s Plan B and that perhaps he also had more than friendly feelings for me. Some of the days that followed, at the time, could have possibly been described as some of the best in my life. Everyday I got to see and hangout with this amazing, funny, charismatic guy, who truly made me feel like I was the only boy in the room when he looked at me. I didn’t care how awful and stressful my whole day was, because I knew that just seeing him for 10 minutes at the end of it, would somehow make my day perfect. It was like deja vu, one October night after leaving The Naked Lounge, we decided to walk around midtown. “I’m so glad your in my life,” Mario said. “Me too”.... I paused…“yet, we still need to talk about… well you know where we stand. What are we,?” I said. He cautiously replied, “I know, I know, but let’s not talk about it tonight, let’s just enjoy where we are right now.” I knew that not being upfront and dealing with the fact that we were

acting like we lived somewhere in gray area between frienship-ville and lover’s land, was eventually going to blow up in my face. And it did, one infamous Friday before Halloween, Mario and I had decided to celebrate all hallow’s eve in what else but a couple’s costume. As what else? Mario and Luigi. Yes, to further add to the confusion of, are we? are we not? I made the stupid decision to go as one of the most iconic friendly duos in pop culture history. After a few pre-partying drinking, we headed into the gayborhood hand-in-hand for what would become a very unforgettable night in our lives, matching miniature backpacks and all. In true unfabulous fashion, the beginning of the end started at the place where it all began, The Merc. What can I say? We got a lot of attention. “OMG It’s LUIGI and MARIO,!” one very tipsy bar patron yelled. “Where is Princess Peach,?” another asked. I don’t know if it was the three shots of Patron we did before we got there, the matching fake mustaches, or the red bull vodka we shared, but for the first time in our friend-tionship it felt like we were a unit, and it was a great feeling. The night went on and after all the “oouus” and “wows” from the other people in the bar, the uneatable

happened. “Oh wow, you guys look so cute together, are you guys boyfriends? How long have you guys been together,?” asked a curios onlooker. “No,” quickly replied Mario. “We are not boyfriends.” I guess what upset me the most was that, he was so sure and quick to reply to a complete stranger the status of our friend-tionship, yet did the run-around to me when I pressed the issue. Time-after-time, many others asked and Mario’s replied was the same, “No, No, No, we aren’t together.” I didn’t say much, just did what I could to try and distance myself from my feelings. I kept those RedBull Vodka’s coming my way. Halfway through the evening and fueled by the RedBull and the Gray Goose, (Yes, I’m going to place partial blame on the A-A-A-Alchool) just like Jamie Fox would. With the help of the bull and the goose, I decided this was it, and I could not keep playing this emotional roller coaster that had no end in sight. I pulled Mario aside from the bar and took him outside and poured my heart out to him. I recall saying, “this is it, I can’t keep being your friend and acting like boyfriends and you getting upset with me when I start dating another guy.” I added, “So you’re either honest with your feelings towards me now, or we end it all,

become a

facebook fan rNo Almost Lovers No No No No No No

because it’s too much for me to be so close yet so far from you.” “I can’t, I don’t know what to tell you,” he said. I didn’t say anything after he replied. I kept true to my word, walked back into the club and enjoyed the rest of my night minus Mario. To be completely honest, after a few more drinks the rest of the night was a bit hazy. And while I wished things would of turned out differently, I don’t regret much of what I said that night, because for the first time I decided I had to love and put myself first, before I could expect someone else to love me. The next day Mario dropped off my car at my place. On the way back to his place, I couldn’t find words to spark-up a conversation. I was mad, angry, sad and I also felt so lite and liberated knowing it had all been said and done and I had given it my all. He broke the echoing silence and said, “I think we need to take a break for a few months.” I turned to him and told him, “I think we just need to stop talking, period.” It broke my heart to utter those words, but deep down I knew that I even though I loved him, I just didn’t like him anymore. I knew would miss the guy, who would take me home from the club after a night out, and have a stack of pancakes ready for me when I would wake up in morning. I knew that I would

Almost Almost Almost Almost Almost Almost

Lovers Lovers Lovers Lovers Lovers Lovers

miss the guy, that was there for me when I needed someone to talk to, no matter what time of the night it was. I knew that I would miss the guy, who believed in me and my work, and loved just holding a reflector for me during photo shoots. I knew that I would miss the guy who, with just one simple text message would brighten up my darkest day. I knew I would miss him, I just couldn’t have imagined it would be for this long. Because of Mario I have my...

Unfabulous Rule

for a more Fabulous Life # 2:

No Almost Lovers.

No guy friends, who act like boyfriends, who give you the butterflies, yet all they seek from you is an emotional benefit. qSacramento

Because in Love, just like in war, there’s no such thing as non-casualty friendly zone. And just like in war, those wounds, make take a lifetime to heal, FM(UnFabulous)L.

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Q Sacramento Magazine


Q 20

Music / Q The beat

Tyler Rich


performing at Sacramento pride

Northern California singer song writer Tyler Rich is one of the headlining musicians at this month’s Sacramento Pride Festival. Q Sacramento had an opportunity to ask Tyler a few questions about his music and his journey in the industry.

check out Tyler’s Single


“Crushed on you”

Q: How did you get started in music? A: Well when I was younger my Uncle Tim and all his close friends would get together around the holidays at our Christmas cocktail parties and other gatherings with their guitars. They’d sing together for hours. Anything from The Beatles, to Tom Petty, to original music as well. I grew up around that and knew I wanted to be a part of it all somehow. So my Grandma bought me my first guitar for Christmas when I was almost 14 and the rest is history. I started finally playing with bands when I was in high school with other friends and classmates and it was a lot of fun. Although when you’re 16, in a band, and think that you’ve got what it takes to “make it”... it doesn’t always work out well. After high school I joined another band and we actually signed a deal with an indie label that had Sony distribution. I was 19 and had a cd released in Best Buys, FYEs, and other major retailers across the country and even in Japan. We toured for a couple years, including Warped Tour and so other many things a 19 year old should never get to experience. All my friends were in college studying, taking tests, and partying at frat houses in Chico or even down in San Diego, but I was performing and partying every night in a different city, different state, and different culture. Although we had a blast playing and touring in this band it just didn’t work

Courtesy Photo

out. We had personality clashes and other problems and we split ways after a couple years. I started another band with some close friends after that, we did the touring thing for awhile and then split up as well. In 2008 I decided to make this work I needed to just write a ton of music and try things out as a solo artist. Of course I miss playing music with my friends, but I’m happier than ever and things are looking great for the future. Q: Was there anyone that influenced your style? A: Not necessarily my style, but for me as a musician and songwriter there are many. Michael Jackson, Usher, Boyz 2 Men, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, Anything Motown, Gavin Degraw, Jason Mraz, The Beatles, Maroon 5, Robin Thicke, etc... These are all artists I grew up loving and still love today. Q: When did you figure out that music was what you really wanted to do? Do you plan on making a lifetime career out of it? A: Music will be my full time career no matter what, I refuse to settle for anything less. We are all supposed to find something that makes us happy and spend our life doing it. Although mine is a dream and quite a reach, I’m going to grab it. I’ve known that since I was 14. It was the beginning of December and I went to my first concert in Sacramento at Memorial Auditorium to see Papa Roach, Linkin

Tyler Rich

Park, and Hed PE. I was right in front and knew that I was meant for that stage. It took 9 years almost to the day for me to make it to that very same stage. It was December, I was 23 and I opened up the 107.9 Jingle Ball at Memorial Auditorium for Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Cobra Starship, Boys like Girls, and Kris Allen. It took 9 years for me to accomplish my first goal, now for the other ones. Q: As far as getting started in the industry, do you have any advice to people? A: Don’t ever forget about the people that support you, whether you know them or not. Talk to them, online, in person, whatever you have to do to let me know you appreciate them. Spend a little extra money for a professional recording (even if its a demo), professional pictures and a legit online networking page. It’s all about who you know and creating a buzz. Hand out some free demos at some local shows to promote your show you have coming up at that venue. Do what you have to do to get people there! Then do that over and over and over and over again. Reach out to new people online. And once the room starts getting more and more filled every show, then you’ve got yourself a solid fan base; don’t lose it, and don’t lose sight of your dream. Some people are just handed things and it discourages others, but nobody has ever gained success without working for it.

Watch him live during Sac Pride Saturday, June 2 @ 3:50PM at the Capital City Stage

Q Sacramento’s

hot summer days

@ Faces

presented by

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pix photography BY LUIS BARRERA

Q 28

Features / Fairy collector

The Fairy Collector By Stacey White

Dear Lost in Translation,

Dear fairy Collector, Recently I found out my best friend of six years has been talking to my boyfriend behind my back. I haven't confronted either of them, mostly because I’m not positive that they are doing anything short of talking. But I have noticed how quiet and secretive they’ve become when I mention it, disregarding as if it were nothing. Part of me doesn't know who I should be more upset with, or if I should be upset at all. What should I do? I don't want to lose two of the most important people in my life, but I can't let someone hurt me either. Sincerely, Lost in translation.

I see how this could be a frustrating situation, but my first question you need to ask yourself is why is this bothering you? Has either of them given you any reason to not trust them? Whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship trust needs to be the number one factor. Is a special event coming soon that would cause them to do a little more talking then normal, or could they just be coming closer since the three of you are hanging out more? Whatever it may be I say yes, confront both of them and let them know this is concerning you. You’re not going to lose either of them for voicing your concerns, however be prepared to hear something that maybe you don't want to hear. Hold your head high and don't let either of them walk all over you. Love, The Fairy Collector " Don't be insecure if your heart is pure"



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o i d u t s The



rre Luis Ba

ith no

.w design

box in


shoots starting at




Q Sacramento’s original Photography produced by






Do you remember the throw back track “Excuse Me, I’m with the DJ”? If you do, welcome to the lifestyle of David Andersen Andersen gives “Q” an official scoop of what it’s like being behind the turntables at Faces.

Profile: David has been living the life of a DJ for the past twenty-two years specializing in Latin, Dance, House, Trance and Underground beats. He began his journey doing private parties and weddings, while establishing his credibility as an artist. Soon after, David became known in the rave and underground scene! At that time, Andersen then migrated into the night club era, working for popular venues such as Bo Jangles (Club 21), The Wreck Room, and is currently the main featured DJ at Faces Night Club.

I-did-that!: While working at Faces Night Club; he is the originator of “Latin Night” which became a huge success for the venue. “Latin Night” has been running full force for the past fifteen years, in which David is extremely proud of creating for our “Q” fabulous community. Each year you can find Andersen spinning the turn-tables at events like: The Rainbow Festival, Sacramento Pride, New Years Eve, and Halloween just to name a few. This local super star has also met many celebrities including Miss “Fergie Ferg-a-licious”!

On-the-dance-floor: “Back in my earlier years as a DJ, I remember the club scene being similar to Studio 54, people coming together to express themselves, club kids, drag queens, and everyone in between. VIP was something that you earned, not purchased like in today’s club environment. My current, top four artists that I like to play are: Avicci, Nadia Ali, David Guetta, and Sultan & Shepard.”


Did-you-see-that?!: So of course, (just for our “Q” readers), I had to dig up some juicy 411 on how crazy people can get up in the club. During our interview, I asked David: “what was the craziest experience you have had while working the DJ booth”? The “G-rated” reply was: “people will offer to do almost anything in order to get a free demo CD, from offering free drinks to sexual propositions and flashing naked body parts, just to name a few,” says Andersen. Now my thought to myself is that I am in the wrong business. Feel free to connect with DJ Andersen on Facebook ( in order to keep updated on the hottest tracks! Cheers to a fabulous life!

Q Sacramento Magazine


Q 30

life / coming out stories

coming out: the never ending story...

By William Hovey II

Coming out of the closet is stressful yet liberating. I have wondered does this process ever really end and does one have to come out only once or multiple times? I would say multiple times based on personal experience. I came out at twenty to my parents, friends, and some coworkers, which was one of the most difficult things that I ever did. The fear of rejection of my loved ones was what held me back for so long. After telling my family and friends that I was Gay, I felt so good. It felt liberated from the bondage of the closet; at the same time, I was relieved that I did not loose my family or the respect of my coworkers or college peers. I had thought coming out was completely

over for me. However, that was in my early 20’s. Nine years later, my perceptions on the coming out experience have changed since I have had time to reflect. I thought that I had taken an exodus out of the closet, but the closet is still present. Last year, I decided to come out to everyone at the office after four years. Only my boss knew and was accepting. Within that year, new people came to the office plus a new boss. I was anxious to tell them similar to telling my family because I was afraid of their disapproval and lack of understanding. My coworkers are like another family. Everyone was very accepting of me, even my new boss. I told her that I had to tell her

something important. When I came out to her, she was relieved. She was afraid that I was going to quit on her. Coming out of the closet is not a one time event. I have had to continue to come out over again as new people enter my life. I have a friend that is a doctor, and he feels that the coming out experience is an evolutionary development. As my nieces and nephews get older, I am going to come out to them as well as any people that marry or are born into my family or enter my life. Coming out will not end! Therefore, the Exodus from the closet is a continual process. I will be coming out until the day I die.

Photography Courtesy of Sarah Hawkins Shockins Photography

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