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BEACON U n i t a r i a n C h u r c h o f L i n c o l n

Sunday Services Including “The Changing King” January 17

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7 Principles in Word and Worship

Congregational Unitarian Art Study/Action Issues Gallery: January

Four weeks beginning Jan 10

Town Hall January 17

Cafe Monochrome II

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Come One, Come All: Cottage Meetings! Beginning on the weekend of January 29 – 31, 2016 and running through the first weekend in March, 2016, all members and friends of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, NE (UCL) are invited to participate in Cottage Meetings intended to refine your understanding of the UCL congregational mission through a process of Appreciative Inquiry. “What is that?” you ask. Cottage Meetings are gatherings of eight to twelve people, held in various places from church classrooms to family homes to Open Circles. During these gatherings, you will first be invited to consider what energizes you about the Unitarian Church of Lincoln. You will share and refine those understandings with a group of other Unitarian Universalists. Each meeting will be facilitated by someone trained in Appreciative Inquiry. The gathered information will be sent on to three Fair Witnesses, who are asked to set aside any agenda they might have and examine the data fairly to determine major themes emerging from all the responses of the participants. These major themes will then be offered in the form of a mission statement and “Main Thing” that the congregation can agree on as a project for the next five to ten years. “Why bother? Haven’t we done enough surveys over the past years?” These are really good questions and go to the heart of this process. Since the process is appreciative, it raises up the activities that give you passion and energy for action. This does not address needs or wants; it offers visions

and ways to accomplish them. Over the past decade, UU churches have found this liberates the energies of the church and focuses them as no other process does. In addition, your candidates for ministry want to know what energizes you and what your visions and dreams are. Churches that have done this process actually have an answer they can articulate. Thus, a ministerial candidate is able to determine if his or her gifts, talents, and interests would work well with yours. It helps the search and the ensuing ministry beyond measure. Like any congregational process, Cottage Meetings only serve well if well-attended and thoughtfully experienced. You are truly needed for this to work for the future of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln. Come one, Come all! Sign up on the sheets the Transition Team will have available by January 6. You might also want to host one in your home. You can sign up to do that. And anyone who wants to be trained in the Appreciative Inquiry process may come to the trainings on Sunday, January 10 at 11:45AM; Wednesday, January 20 at 6:45PM, or Thursday, January 21 at 6:45PM. Further questions? Feel free to ask anyone on the Transition Team (see page 9) or myself, Gretchen Woods, your interim minister. Eagerly awaiting your responses, Gretchen Woods Interim Minister

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



A Month of Sundays 10:00AM at 6300 A Street Sunday, January 3 - “Living Ultimology” An alternative to theology. Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods Worship Associate: KK Munson Music: Jack Rinke, piano

Sunday, January 10 - “Truly Meeting, Connecting, and Appreciative Inquiry” How can all of these acts greatly enhance our lives both individually and collectively. Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods Worship Associate: Barb Brant Music: Lindsay Bartlett, flute; David Breckbill, piano Share the Care: Public Relations

Sunday, January 17 - “The Changing King” Martin Luther King, Jr. was anything but static in his life work. Let’s look deeper than the platitudes.

Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods

Worship Associate: Amy Miller

Music: TBD

Sunday, January 24 - “Good Grief” Grieving is not fun, but it can also be quite worthwhile. Let’s examine how that might be.

Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods

Worship Associate: KK Munson

Music: Unitarian Choir

Sunday, January 31 - “Of Groundhogs, Bridget, and Imbolc” An earth-based exploration of this awakening time of year.

Worship Leaders: Julie Enersen, Chelsea Krafka, Gretchen Woods

Worship Associate: LauraLee Woodruff

Music: Terry Keefe, violin

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


WO RS H IP Woods Working: “Winter Reflections” The sudden snap of frost released the last leaves from our trees; their lives now fully lost they float so delicately freed and, upon landing, sound the crunching trumpet of dessication. How odd that sliding through them, I am euphoric – not lonely – as cold opens the door to holiday cheer, as well as meteoric roller coasters of emotion: sad and sympathetic at pain I see, joyous at harmony I hear, quietly grateful for love echoing throughout the waning year. May the seasons of light as we light fires, candles, and trees, seasons of love, when we ponder gifts given and received, remind us of our own worth, possibilities in others as well as ourselves, and our resolve to become what we know we yet may be in this New Year. Blessed Holy Days to you! Wishing you Joy, Peace, and Love throughout the coming year, Gretchen Woods Interim Minister 6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


WO RS H IP WORSHIP ARTS NEWS offered by Julie Enersen, Worship Arts Director

A New Year = A New Chance to Sing With the Choir Is “sing with the choir” one of your New Year’s resolutions? Here is the information you will need in order to make that happen! The Unitarian Church Choir is open to all of our members and friends. If you like the challenge of reading music and would enjoy singing in the Sunday services, then simply come to our rehearsals in the church auditorium: Jan. 13 & 20 - 7:00 rehearsals Jan. 24 - 8:30 rehearsal for 10:00 service Feb. 14 & 24 - 7:00 rehearsals Feb. 28 - 8:30 rehearsal, 10:00 service Mar. 16 & 23 - 7:00 rehearsals Mar. 27 - 8:30 rehearsal, 10:00 Easter service Apr. 13 & 20 - 7:00 rehearsals Apr. 24 - 8:30 rehearsal, 10:00 service Willingness and enthusiasm are the two major requirements; don't rule yourself out because you're "not a very strong singer." We need all kinds of voices in our group and yours is most certainly welcome here.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


RELIG IO US G RO WTH & LEA RNING SECRET FRIENDS Do you like to meet new people? Do you enjoy writing letters and exchanging gifts? Are you good at keeping secrets? If so, then get ready to sign up for Secret Friends! Secret Friends is a fun way to meet someone new and bridge the generation gap. Each young person is paired with an adult/high school student and then each pair spends three weeks exchanging letters about themselves without giving away their identity. February 14 will be the day of the big reveal, when everyone will find out the identity of their secret friend and they can spend time getting to know each other in person at a special luncheon reserved for Secret Friends participants. You don’t want to miss out on this highly anticipated, fun bonding tradition of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln! Look for the sign-up table on January 3 and 10 in the gallery. Secret Friend assignments will be passed out at church on January 17 with exchange days on January 24 and 31, February 7 and the big reveal on the 14. More information will be handed out when you sign-up. Please let Chelsea Krafka or Renee Burchell know if you have any questions. Peace, Faith and Love, Chelsea

JANUARY RGL CALENDAR Preschool Class and Nursery Care are available every Sunday for younger Pre-K children in the Preschool Room. January 3


January 10

Regular Classes

January 17

Regular Classes

January 24

Regular Classes

January 31

Regular Classes

Teacher and Assistant Chat Save the Dates! Jan. 24 Teacher and Assistant Chat and Jan. 31 as only the back-up date if weather is bad. ALL teaching and assisting volunteers please meet in the auditorium after service at 11:15am. You will touch base about the year in your class teams. Even if you have finished your teaching or assisting slots for the year please come to share your wisdom and insight with others. Questions? Contact Chelsea:

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



A Little Horse

Sundays, January 10, 17, 24 31 • 11:15AM

update offered by the 2015 Pledge Team

7 PRINCIPLES IN WORD AND WORSHIP is a discussion group for newcomers that will be held on January 10, 17, 24, & 31. Each class will be held after church at 11:15AM and will end at 1:00PM. Childcare will be available and we’ll have a light lunch. This class is particularly good for newcomers and others who want to learn more about the 7 Principles. Each of the Principles is discussed by a different Unitarian Universalist minister giving us a variety of viewpoints on the principles. Contact Karen Dienstbier to find out more about the class or about childcare registration. There is a sign-up sheet to register for the class on the Welcome Table.


Coloring for Contemplation, by Amber Hatch This beautiful coloring book has been created to help you to be mindful - to slow down and breathe and to give you the inspiration to live more fully in the present. Each illustration has been inspired by an accompanying quote to aid your contemplation of its message while you color. Divided into three parts: Mindfulness, Insight and Inspiration. Aimed at helping you reflect on both your handiwork and your inner journey. $9.95:

On Sunday, Dec. 13, our congregation voted to approve a budget built in part upon ALL our offered and anticipated operating pledges for 2016. So far, 170 households have logged $316K of the needed $384K. As our 2016 budget necessitates, the majority of operating pledges (87 households, $224K) have increased by an average 13%. That’s wonderful! The second-largest group of pledgers (47 households, $58K) have been able to maintain 2015 pledges. That’s also wonderful! The third largest group of pledges (20 households, $19K) is from those who found a decrease necessary this year and gave as they were able. Just as wonderful! And last but not least are the pledgers we weren’t expecting (16 households, $15K) including new members. Take away ANY of these sub-groups of pledgers, and we wouldn’t be within reach of our total goal. Every pledge, thoughtfully considered, makes a critical difference to all of us who are willing and able to pledge -- the largest pledges and the smallest ones and every pledge in between; those who are able to meet or exceed the 3% Giving Guide help us balance pledges of those who reach for it if/when they are able. We’re not there yet and we honestly need to maintain a 9.6% increase (or more when possible) in remaining pledges to get there. Our callers are getting a little horse (err… ummm…hoarse) leaving messages on answering machines. If you have not already done so, please let the church office know of your stewardship intentions. If you need pledging information, it is available in the church office or electronically. For the latter, contact Christine Starr Davis at

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



Congregational Study/Action Issues (CSAIs) are issues selected by Unitarian Universalist member congregations for four years of study, reflection and action. In the third year, delegates at GA can vote to approve a Statement of Conscience (SOC) resulting from three years of congregational feedback on the CSAI. A fourth year is devoted to implementation. Vote on the following Congregational Study/ Action Issues (CSAIs) your congregation thinks should be added to the 2016 General Assembly agenda for four years of study, reflection, and action. Twenty-five percent of all certified congregations must participate and a majority of those must vote in favor for the CSAIs to be included in the agenda. Voting 'Yes' for one or more CSAIs means your congregation wants the CSAI to be added to the 2016 General Assembly Agenda. Voting 'No" means your congregation does NOT want the CSAI to be added to the 2016 General Assembly Agenda. 'Abstain' means your congregation is being present only to contribute to the quorum. Congregations can 'Opt Out'. The deadline to vote in the congregational poll is 5 PM Pacific, February 1, 2016.


The blatant racism directed at President Obama, increased killings of unarmed Black men by police officers, persistent racial inequity, as well as the attacks on the Black Lives Matter Movement show that our country needs a faith community to demonstrate leadership in modeling racial reconciliation through a national conversation. We can no longer wait for someone else to figure out how to help us recognize and combat racism, or to effect reconciliation. Our denomination and our nation cry out for guidance towards love and compassion. CLIMATE CHANGE/ ! ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE:

What is the moral response to climate change? How can congregations work in solidarity with the oppressed? The problems of racism, economic injustice, patriarchy, ageism, and ableism continue.  A vision with a plan for environmental justice is needed. Support human rights, care for the wounded, and defend Mother Earth.

Proposed CSAIs (with live links):


•A National Conversation On Race

As corporations use “corporate personhood” and “money as speech” for their interests rather than the people’s needs, can a constitutional amendment be passed to protect us? Could this further Unitarian Universalist work for social and environmental justice and help protect the health and safety of the people and the planet?

•Climate Change and Environmental Justice •The Corruption of Our Democracy •Ending Gun Violence in America Watch for table displays on these issues in the Gallery on January 3 and 10, then come to the meeting after church on January 17 to hear 5 minutes on each issue and then we will vote as a congregation. Let’s make use of 5th Principle: The right of conscience and use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. If you have questions, please contact Kathy Disney, Jean Helms or Sharad Seth.


Gun violence in our country is epidemic. There are significant, societal, demographic and racial issues to investigate. Our American gun culture must be addressed. 

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Unitarian Art Gallery

CAFE MONOCHROME II The first exhibition of “Café Monochrome” took place at the Noyes Art Gallery in May of 2015. The themed show was conceived by Bob Egan. The other artists, who normally work in color, agreed to this unique challenge by creating a wonderful diversity of “monochrome” artwork. We all hope you enjoy this month encore presentation. Larry Pelter has been a potter for many years. “I had a diverse upbringing experiencing, at times, life as a sheepherder, cowboy, railroad gandy dancer, truck driver, anti-submarine warfare specialist, electrical engineer, barista, and Zen practitioner. I have always done art in one form or another throughout my life. These days I work mostly with clay usually starting with a vessel form and letting the work evolve serendipitously to its final form. I tend to emphasize the sculptural rather than the functional in my work. I strive for a quiet dignity in my pieces.” Peg Pelter has been working with over glazes (china painting) for over thirty years, teaching and painting in an art form set in the 18th century. “I have persisted in this old-fashioned medium with an eye to take this art form into the 21st century.” Phyllis Higley has been quilting for over 30 years. “My quilts have moved from traditional to contemporary; I’m currently exploring improvisational quilting. Pattern, texture, and color are what appeal to me in quilting. By limiting myself to black,

white, and grey in this collection, I’ve been able to focus more closely on pattern and texture; it’s been a wonderful creative expansion.” Bob Egan has been a fine art black and white photographer for over 35 years. “I am continuously drawn to mountains and wilderness areas for photographic inspiration. In recent years, I have had the opportunity to indulge my photographic passions in Australia (primarily in Tasmania, 2008, 2011- 2015) and New Zealand (2010 and 2014). For me, black and white photography (using both the visible spectrum and, more recently, infrared wavelengths) best reveals the wonderful textures, shapes, lines and patterns of nature. Like Ansel Adams and others, I strive for not only meaningful and expressive images but for photographs with meticulous attention to print quality and archival longevity. Jo Brown is a mixed media artist and art educator. Her works include landscapes, abstracts, florals and peas in pods. “When Bob asked me to be part of Café Monochrome, I was delighted. As I began creating pieces for this show, I soon found that working only in black and white was going to be quite a stretch. I have always considered myself to be a colorist. To my surprise, I realized that I had been working in beautiful colors, but I had been working with a narrow value range with limited use of strong darks and lights. It wasn’t until I began to work on the first images, ‘Peas In Pods,’ that I realized how hard I would have to push values, the darks and the lights, to create strong pieces for a monochrome show. I spent hours and hours and days and days slowly pushing the darks and lifting the lights until I was satisfied with the results. Being part of this Cafe Monochrome show has led me to look at the world with ‘new eyes.’ 

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS Notes from the Transition Team

Stranger Share Our Fire (SSOF)

submitted by Evelyn Weymouth, Transition Team

At the SSOF Service December 20, we gathered to share our songs and our gifts. The list below does not begin to capture the warmth and love that filled the Sanctuary.

Through the months of January, February and into the beginning of March the Transition Team will be focused on CMing (as opposed to IMing). CM stands for Cottage Meetings and the team will be helping to keep them on track. For details about the Cottage Meetings see the front page. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of us - Transition Team: Evelyn Weymouth, Wesley Botham, B.J. Wheeler, Becky Seth, Jerry Petr. And, if these friendly folks should call upon you to help out, please listen carefully and give them your thoughtful, considered response.

Stop the presses offered by the Nominations Committee

The nomination process for the Settled Minister Search Committee has been pushed back six weeks to allow for the Cottage Meetings. In deference to the board of trustees and other congregation members, it has been decided to push back the schedule for the settled minister search committee process. The schedule will be pushed back six weeks. This will allow people to participate in the cottage meetings where we will explore in-depth assessments of the strengths of the church and the path we want to follow for the next 5 - 10 years. This discussion will be invaluable input to our thoughts of who participates on the search committee. Calls for the church poll will now begin March 7, instead of Jan. 17.

UUSC Guest at Your Table: $852 Eastridge Food Pantry: ~ 100 lbs of food & $167 CenterPointe: ~ 40 pairs adult gloves/mittens, 20 adult scarves, 20 adult hats, some coats & $446 Community Action: ~ 40 pairs of kids gloves/ mittens, 20 kids scarves, 20 kids hats & $154

Yazidi Refugee Family: $525 Cash/checks used to purchase: $100 gift card U-Stop, $100 gift card SuperSaver, socks, underwear & PJs for everyone, a coat & sweatshirt for mom, a soccer ball, shampoo, candy canes, a large tote, clothes and birthday presents for the two year old boy born on Xmas day Other items for the family included: •a handmade gold afghan •two fleece blankets •a flashlight •a jigsaw puzzle •an Apples to Apples game •a men’s long black leather coat •two bags of men's clothing •hats and gloves for all •a box of Kleenex •a matchbox car •a large teddy bear •$385 in gift cards - gas, food and general •A holiday card with a $10 gift certificate to our UU bookstore & an invitation to the Xmas Eve Service

Newcomer Committee


Megan McGuffey is our newest Management Team member. She will be caring for the areas of Education and Membership. Megan has given up being chair of the Newcomer Committee…..enter Shelly Fowler who has stepped up to be the new Newcomer Committee chair! We hope to be able to find Shelly a co-chair soon. If you like to plan fun events talk to Shelly

Friday, January 15 • 7:30PM • Auditorium

"Revelation" A performance celebrating the 75th anniversary of the premiere of Olivier Messiaen's "Quartet for the End of Time". Performed by members of the Rangbrook Ensemble (William Wolcott, violin, and Sophia Potter, cello) with Chicago-based guest artists Steven Gooden, clarinet, & Andy Costello, piano. Pre-concert lecture at 7PM by composer and organist, Mark Kurtz. Free and open to the public.

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



The fellowship activities and discussion groups listed below happen on a regular basis and are open to new participants at any time. Please contact the group’s organizer if you have any questions! Adult Game Night

Men’s Potluck

UU Meditation Sangha


2nd Monday • Jan 11 • 6:30PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

2nd & 4th Wednesdays • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

Contact: Leona Braziel 402-489-0916

Bridge Groups Intermediate Group Every Tuesday • 2:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Corine Simon 402-435-0225

Advanced group Every Wednesday • 1:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Coordinator: Earl Kramer 402-489-8213 Want to join us? Contact us prior to the day of the game.

All men are invited to attend to enjoy good food and conversation. Table service will be provided. Bruce Raymer 402-475-7875

Men’s Reading Group 1st & 3rd Tuesdays • Jan 5 & 19 6:30PM • 6300 A Street • K/1 Rm

The book we are reading is “Fire in the Belly” by Sam Keen. Duncan Case 402-202-9152

Newcomers First Sunday Chat Sunday, Jan 3• 11:15AM 6300 A Street • Library

Meet with visitors and friends in the Library to watch and discuss a 10-minute film. Contact Shelly Fowler


PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)

4th Friday • Jan 22 • 7:00PM 6300 A Street •Gallery

4th Tuesday • Jan 26 • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Gallery

Board games for adults and kids. Open to all individuals. Hosted by the LGBTA Welcoming Cmte. Contact Deb Hope

The LGBTA Welcoming Committee sponsors PFLAG which meets at our church. Confidentiality at each meeting is very important. Please join us or visit us at:

Men's Discussion Group 2nd & 4th Tuesdays • Oct 12 & 26 7:00PM • Library

New participants are welcome any time. Discussion topics vary. Visit us for more details or contact Duane Polzien 402-540-5025

Tai Chi Every Wednesday • 6300 A Street Gallery • 5:30PM Beginners, 6:30PM Intermediate

All UU Members and Friends are invited. No experience necessary. Contact Karen Dienstbier 402-489-7545

We gather at 7:00PM and begin a short meditation promptly at 7:15PM. Then we have discussion time followed by a longer meditation period. Contact LauraLee Woodruff 402-770-9382

UU Women’s Gathering 1st Saturday (usually) • Jan 9 2:00PM • RSVP for location

January topic: “Just Mercy” Facilitator: Melody Vaccaro For more information or to RSVP, contact the Church Office or LauraLee Woodruff 402-770-9382

Women’s Book Group Every three weeks •10:00AM 6300 A Street • Gallery

For more information, contact Diane Richards January 9 The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt January 30 All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr

Zen Meditation Every Thursday • 7:00PM 6300 A Street • Music Room

We are a small group of UU's who meditate at church each week. Contact Norm Simon 402-435-0225

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •


TH A NK Y O US Thank you to our Sunday volunteers during the month of December. They were kept very busy with all of the activity at church during the month. This is the time of year that we like to show extra appreciation to our friends and family members for being a part of our lives and I want all of you to know how much I value each of you as individuals and as my friends. I have a good feeling about 2016 and I’m glad that you will be a part of it!

Special thanks to all of those who put together the SoUUper Supper, the Winter Solstice service and the Stranger Share Our Fire church service. We do an awesome job with special church services! A BIG THANK YOU! to Colleen Kadleck and the Helping Hands Group for knitting scarves, mittens and hats for the Mitten Tree. The display tree in the Gallery Room was delightful and attracted a lot of attention…very creative!


January 10

January 17

January 24

Pulpit Decoration

Geri Cotter

Cindy Maly

Barbara Ellis

Vicki Treat


Gene & LaVonne Hanlon

Jan Buffum, Kathy Stastny

Amy Birky, Marj Willeke

Jerry &

Debbie Portnoy,

Mary Ann Petr

Noreen Carpenter

Coffee Hosts







Reed Maly

Amy Birky


Amy Birky



Amy Birky, Leona Braziel

Brooke Downing & Bruce Raymer

Janine Copple, Tim Johnson

Megan McGuffey, Tricia Monzon

Molly Klocksin,


Michele Dobszewicz, Michele Dobszewicz, Don Pinkley, Michele Dobszewicz, Keith McGuffey Keith McGuffey Michele Dobszewicz Keith McGuffey

January 31

Debbi BarnesJosiah

Marj Willeke


Welcome Table

Wesley Botham, Heather Fox

Jan Hostetler, Molly Klocksin

Carol Kendrick, Lee Manns

John Atkeison & Kelly Carstens

LauraLee Woodruff,

Chalice Lighters






Pamela Forster

6300 A St • Lincoln, NE 68510 • 402.483.2213 •



O U R C O M M U N I TY Thank You’s

Milestones, Millstones, Stepping Stones Julie Gibson would enjoy cards and visits, especially from people she knows. She is in Room 317 at SouthLake Village Rehab, 9401 Andermatt Dr. Lincoln, NE 68526. Lynn Darling would like “Thinking of You” cards. You may also stop and visit if you call first. If you bring food, she enjoys gluten-free,

healthy foods. And she occasionally would like rides to church. Contact the office or consult your directory. Mary Grabowski says she doesn't need anything right now. When she goes home from SouthLake in a couple of weeks, she would like a few meals. Contact Pastoral Care if you would like to get on board (Linda Brown, Wendy Hines or JoAnn Lanning).

S TA F F & LA Y LEA D ERS Staff Rev. Dr. Gretchen Woods, Interim Minister • Fritz Hudson, Minister Emeritus • Charles S Stephen, Jr. Minister Emeritus • Chelsea Krafka, Religious Growth Dir. • Jean Helms, Administrative Director • Julie Enersen, Worship Arts Director • Karen Dienstbier, Membership Associate • Christina Strong, Administrative Associate •

Board of Trustees

Management Team

Christine Starr Davis Lindsay Bartlett, President Reed Maly, Vice-President Kathy Disney Molly Klocksin, Secretary Megan McGuffey Leslie Ryan Officers: Penny Urwiler Hess Dyas, Co-Treasurer Kristi Wamstad-Evans Linda Ager, Co-Treasurer Jamie Radcliffe Jo Donohoe, Assistant Amy Birky Rich Little Mary Sommermeyer, Curt Donaldson, Immediate Capital Campaign Treasurer Past President The Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Church. Any member or friend of the church is welcome to attend these meetings.

Church Office 6300 A Street Lincoln, NE 68510

Office Hours August 15 - June 14: Sunday: 9:00 AM—1:00 PM Tues-Fri: 9:00 AM —3:00 PM Closed Monday & Saturday Phone: 402.483.2213 Email: Website: The Beacon is published monthly. Newsletter subscriptions are $20 a year. This newsletter is printed on 35% minimum post-consumer content recycled paper. It is also available online at Newsletter deadline for submissions is the 18th of the previous month.

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