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Your guide to UCAS and student finance Neal Robertson, EBS Marketing and Recruitment Officer

Applications and offers  Students submit their application via UCAS  Universities make a decision by early May.  Students can log in to UCAS Track to view and respond to offers.  Offers will be either conditional or unconditional.  An offer from Essex might be flexible.

Decisions, decisions‌

Decisions, decisions  Students need to narrow down their 5 choices to 2.  They will need to pick their firm choice (favourite) and insurance choice (runner-up).  5 May 2020 – Reply deadline for decisions received by 31 March.

Surviving results

Surviving results  They got the grades! Conditional offer becomes unconditional on UCAS Track.  Better grades than expected? Opportunity to change university choices via ‘Adjustment’.  They didn’t get the grades… Check UCAS Track then enter Clearing.

Student finance

Student finance  Tuition fees: the cost of the student’s course. The maximum they can be is £9,250 for a fulltime undergraduate course per year.  Living costs: also referred to as maintenance. This includes rent, bills, groceries and fun money.

Tuition fee loan  Available to all UK and EU students on a full-time, undergraduate course.  Not income assessed – loan covers tuition fee in full.  Paid directly to the university.  Nothing to pay before or during the course.

Maintenance loan  Available to all UK students on a full-time undergraduate course.  Paid directly to the student in 3 instalments.  What student gets depends on 2 factors: Household income Where they study

Maintenance loan (2019-20) Where

Non-income assessed

Income assessed (maximum)


Outside London












Find out more:

Assessment for maintenance loan  Students will provide details of their household income as part of their application for student finance.  Information given will be verified by HMRC using NI numbers.  The student will receive a Student Finance Entitlement Letter.


Students won’t make any repayments until the April after they graduate The amount to repay combines tuition fee loan, maintenance loan and accrued interest

Repayments are 9% of anything the student earns over ÂŁ26,575 per year (rate applies from April 2020) Repayments stop if their salary drops below ÂŁ26,575; anything outstanding is written off after 30

Sample repayment rates Earnings

They pay 9% of



<= £26,575
















N.B. Repayment rates are estimated, rounded and ignore the impact of monthly pay fluctuations (e.g. as a result of bonus/overtime payments).

The loan is personal to them, you are not a guarantor Neither your own or any future partner/family finances affect repayment. It is purely the studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s individual income

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UCAS and student finance presentation  

Information about UCAS and student finance given at the parents session at Essex Business School Applicant Day

UCAS and student finance presentation  

Information about UCAS and student finance given at the parents session at Essex Business School Applicant Day