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April - June 2013


University of Bedfordshire Theatre Bedford Campus Polhill Avenue Bedford MK41 9EA

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For ticket sales and information call the University Box Office: Tel: 0800 3285334 Visit: Find us on Facebook: uobtheatre

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Ticket Information • The start times of each performance are shown within this programme • Ticket prices vary and concessions are available. Concession prices are for those over 60 or under 18 years of age, unemployed, people with a registered disability, and students (evidence is required on arrival)

Performing Arts Degree Shows At this time of year the programme focuses on the culmination of the students year of study in dance, performing arts and theatre. All undergraduates have the opportunity to perform their work in the theatre here at the University. This programme includes tutor-led productions such as Caryl Churchill’s Light Shining in Buckinghamshire and Love and Information, both of which will be performed by second year undergraduate Performing Arts students and directed by Dr Daniel Bye, Lecturer in Theatre and professional actor/ writer. Visiting professional practitioners are commissioned to choreograph, direct or devise new work for students, providing direct access to the industry. Peripheral Vision, a dance and technology performance choreographed by first year Dance and Professional Practice students will be under the direction of professional choreographer, Diccon Hogger. The programme also includes another important area of performance work for students and that is creating their own choreographed, devised or directed pieces. There is the opportunity to see the work of six new production companies; Awaken Theatre, BOMBSYTEtheatre, Divadlo Theatre, Fannypack, Pointless Dramas and Twisted Reflections. They have been formed by final year students in Theatre and Professional Practice in order to devise or direct their own plays. It’s an opportunity to celebrate student success and for you to see emerging talent and the next generation of actors, choreographers, dancers, directors and writers who are growing here within the town and the region. I look forward to seeing you at the theatre and hearing your comments on the work you see and joining in the conversation about arts and culture at the University.

Helen Bailey Associate Dean, Arts and Cultural Development



Love and Information by Caryl Churchill SECOND YEAR PERFORMING ARTS Thursday 25 April, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

In this fast-moving kaleidoscope, more than a hundred characters try to make sense of what they know, and what they don’t. Thrilling, funny and occasionally very moving, you’ve never seen anything like it before.

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Light Shining in Buckinghamshire by Caryl Churchill SECOND YEAR PERFORMING ARTS Friday 26 April, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

The rawness of life in the English Civil War is laid bare in this gripping collage of crazy ideals, false revolution and dashed hopes. Directed by Dr Daniel Bye

The Naked Truth FANNYPACK THIRD YEAR THEATRE AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Monday 29 April, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

Fannypack theatre company are an all female theatre company… with balls. Our performance is all fact no fiction, with just a sprinkle of exaggeration. It is based around ourselves, a group of five girls with five very different lives. Become part of our friendship group as we show our true personalities at face value. No secrets. Devised and performed by Bethanie Minshull, Laura Barratt, Jessica Adams, Lauren Cook, Stephanie Pearson

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Where it was. There it was. Behind seven mountains. Behind seven valleys... DIVADLO THEATRE THIRD YEAR THEATRE AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Tuesday 30 April, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

Rub’s world is really his. His world is really small. There is another world, the one behind his eyes. In this transient, momentary world he finds Lic. They say when you meet someone their image will stay in you, but Lic is not just an image; she puts on a different face every time and Rub’s mind is not always his own. In a physically sticking, hissing and crackling piece of theatre the moments of silence loom large. Immerse and escape with Rub and Lic to the place where dreams are made and fade away in a heartbeat. Devised and performed by Emma Matthews and Michal Spisiak

0800 3285334



Recalculating BOMBSYTEtheatre THIRD YEAR THEATRE AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Wednesday 1 May, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

BOMBSYTEtheatre presents ‘Recalculating’

Join us on our road trip On our trails of accidental self discovery we learned that organisation is key, that driving is tiring and stressful, petrol is expensive, the sat nav doesn’t quite take into account other traffic when estimating time of arrival, a Peugeot 206 is actually pretty small for 5 people on long journeys and a week is not enough time! Fasten your seatbelts as we bring the people we met and places we saw to you. Come journey with us through the highs and lows as we go from end to end of Great Britain. BOOM! Devised and performed by Don Morrisey, Errin Keefe, Eva Blackwell, Giorgia Davies, Kyle Gardner

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Girls with Class POINTLESS DRAMAS THIRD YEAR THEATRE AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Thursday 2 May, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

You are invited to be our guest for an evening in the DIY setting of a cramped flat in south-east London which is home to the Boyle sisters. For you observant people, we assure you, these three girls are sisters... even with the... difference in... hair colour. The actual rent-payer (Evelyn) shall be your host for the evening supplying the teas, biscuits and making you feel like one of us. As the other two sisters (Izzy and Charlie) shall attempt to lure you into bed or have a Jagerbomb or two… or threefourfivesix... Above all, family comes first, which is what these three sisters are all about... even if they do ‘hate’ each other most of the time, throwing secret house parties, getting drunk, watching Jezza K and playing the new Wii. Directed by Hayden Turner Performed by Stephanie Dunne, Sarah Kycz, Medina Aliyu

0800 3285334



A Quiet Life by Stephen Bean AWAKEN THEATRE THIRD YEAR THEATRE AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Friday 3 May, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

It’s not always A Quiet Life when the world around is too loud and frightening. What is real? And what is just a figment of our imaginations? An escape from reality? This play reveals the lives of four mentally unstable patients trying to escape from the world they have been excluded from. £10,000 has gone missing from the Greenwood village commission grant. But what does the £10,000 really stand for? Loss of identity? Abandonment? Sanity?

We invite our audience to observe from a distance the journey that these four seemingly ordinary people are undertaking. Watch them in their everyday lives as they begin to uncover the secrets they have been trying to conceal. Not knowing what could happen next, try and work out for yourself who these individuals really are and why they are here.

Directed by Katie Crossley Performed by Clare Heerey, Kim Fry, Georgina Knighton, Mike Kimberley

0800 3285334



Baba Yaga TWISTED REFLECTIONS THIRD YEAR THEATRE AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Saturday 4 May, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

Baba Yaga is a gothic horror story. It tells the tale of a young girl who becomes entangled in a dark mystical folk yarn of a ferocious cannibal witch, who dwells in the nearby woods, in a cabin which plays host to the sleepless dead. The play uses physical theatre and strong imagery, underscored with atmospheric Russian folk music, which will take the audience on a journey from the safety of Vassilisa’s house right into the witch’s lair. We give no guarantee of a happily ever after!

Directed by Sarah Hand Performed by Leah Louise Starkey Natalie Coles Sam Rawlins Abigail Moultrie Sophie Giscard

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Handmade Dances THIRD YEAR PERFORMING ARTS Friday 10 and Saturday 11 May, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions



Making Performance SECOND YEAR THEATRE AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE / ENGLISH AND THEATRE Thursday 16, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 May, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

TRUTH AND LIES: what do you believe? What could you be convinced of? What would you like to convince others of – even if it isn’t true? A staggering range of theatrical forms and styles demonstrate the exceptional range of talent and ambition of our second-year students.

An evening of new dance works

Seven short shows, a different programme every night.

Students present individually directed choreographic works that embrace diverse approaches to making. Join us for an evening of dynamic physical work that spans the practices of physical theatre, installation, film and contemporary dance. A highlight of the evening will be a performance by the entire group in a new dance work created by professional choreographer, Annie Lok.

0800 3285334




Staging New Writing

Peripheral Vision



Wednesday 22 May, 7pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

Sunday 26 May, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley Directed by Jess Laurenco

Dog Sees God by Bert V. Royal Directed by Naomi Stephenson

Decade Directed by Stacey Charles

A culmination of a yearlong course, Staging New Writing students produce an evening of three one-act plays by contemporary playwrights. Forming three ensembles, each working on a different play, the evening will highlight students’ skills in collaboration to realise a cohesive vision for staging and performing contemporary plays.

Peripheral Vision is a new dance work that integrates digital architecture and choreographed live dance into a hybrid performance event. An exciting evening of new dance work created by first year Dance students working with professional choreographer and dance artist Diccon Hogger. This is a show packed full of highly visual interactive imagery and energetic choreography.

0800 3285334



Dance In and For the Community

Choreographic Resolutions



Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May, 7pm, Main Theatre

Wednesday 5, Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June, 7.30pm, Main Theatre Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

Tickets: £5 full, £3 concessions

Over two evenings the second year Dance and Professional Practice students present their performance work created collaboratively within the community. To inform the creative process, students and their partners have explored what dance can offer in a community context, the integrity of dance as art form and how the ideas of the community groups can be reflected in dance practice.

Over three evenings, students share their choreographed group pieces. This provides the students with the opportunity to engage in substantial independent choreographic research. It also provides them with the opportunity to undertake in-depth investigation of improvisatory and compositional strategies and approaches. The students have worked with their peers, selected through audition from all three years of the degree programme.

0800 3285334



SifDans III Sharing Excellence: Taking the next step Saturday 8, Sunday 9 and Monday 10 June Bedford Campus

The 2013 Student International Festival of Dance – SifDans, hosted at the University of Bedfordshire offers a three day event to celebrate excellence in Dance. This festival provides an annual performance platform for UK and international student work. Through a combination of workshops and performances over three days, it is a unique opportunity to explore and engage a range of student dancers, dance makers and practitioners to encourage the next generation of dance professionals.

Research DanceDigital IMPACT Seminar

Choreographic Languages Saturday 22 June, 10am – 4pm, Dance Studio (P0.50), Bedford Campus Price: £25

Join us for a series of presentations and workshops on the development of new choreographic languages that are supported by digital technologies. DanceDigital is currently leading a year of events, conversations and dialogues that address contemporary choreographic approaches offered by experimental intersections of dance and new technologies. The IMPACT seminars are designed to explore the ways in which dance and new technologies impact upon the development of new choreographies, cultural experiences and social interactions. Keynote speakers include BAFTA award winning producer, Anthony Lilley, and Professor Helen Bailey, the University of Bedfordshire’s dance and technology expert. DanceDigital is a dance agency with an international remit for dance and technology and are resident at the University of Bedfordshire

0800 3285334



UoBEATS Yoga classes Dance Studio, Bedford Campus Weekly UoBeats Yoga classes start on Tuesday 16 April 2013 from 5-6pm. This class is appropriate to all levels of experience and open to the general public. The classes are held in the professionally equipped dance studio at Bedford Campus, Polhill Avenue. The price of classes is £4 or £3 concessions (students, unwaged, senior citizens). You can pay on arrival. For more information visit: departments/pae/eveningschool

Travel Writing Short Course May and June 2013, Bedford Campus Like travel? Like reading about others’ travels? Like writing about your own travels?

John Bunyan International Summer School 20-27 July 2013, Polhill Campus, Bedford This week-long School offers an unrivalled opportunity to study and discuss the works of John Bunyan, especially The Pilgrim’s Progress. It will be directed by Professor Bob Owens, and will include lectures by leading Bunyan scholars and visits to places of interest. Open to residential and nonresidential participants. For more information visit: or email:

Postgraduate study at the University of Bedfordshire MA Dance Performance & Choreography MA Community Dance Leadership MSc Dance Science

This eight-week course at the University of Bedfordshire explores contemporary travel writing, looking at some of its most important writers and some of its major modes. There will also be an emphasis on the techniques of travel writing, for those hoping to do some travel writing themselves. The fee for this eight-week course is £150. For further information, including dates, please contact:

Dr Michael Faherty Call: 01234 793222 Email:

Get 50% off your Master’s when you study this September* Think Postgraduate. Visit: *Terms and conditions apply. Visit:

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Theatre Diary April to June 2013 Tuesday 16 April

UoBeats Yoga Classes start

Thursday 25 April

Love and Information

Friday 26 April

Light Shining in Buckinghamshire

Monday 29 April

The Naked Truth

Tuesday 30 April Where it was. There it was. Behind seven mountains. Behind seven valleys… Wednesday 1 May


Thursday 2 May

Girls with Class

Friday 3 May

A Quiet Life

Saturday 4 May

Baba Yaga

Friday 10 and Saturday 11 May

Handmade Dances

Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 May

Making Performance

Wednesday 22 May

Staging New Writing

Sunday 26 May

Peripheral Vision

Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May

Applied Choreography: Dance and Leadership

May - June

Travel Writing Course

Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 June

Choreographic Resolutions

Saturday 8 to Monday 10 June

SifDans III

Saturday 22 June

Choreographic Languages

Saturday 20 to Saturday 27 July

John Bunyan International Summer School

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University of Bedfordshire Theatre - programme April - June 2013  
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