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Front cover: portrait of David Bowie by Edward Bell from Unmade Up Back cover: Girl with Vermeer, Max Ferguson, 2014 from Lulu in New York and Other Tales Catalogue design by Felicity Price-Smith

Welcome to Unicorn Publishing Group’s Spring 2017 catalogue Seasons come and seasons go and for Unicorn and Uniform the seasons become more and more bountiful. Autumn ’16 finished with the launch of the first of our three volume autobiography of Stanley Spencer, Looking to Heaven. Spring ’17 sees our cultural history imprint Unicorn leading with Unmade Up, a collection of previously unpublished photographs and paintings of David Bowie by his go-to artist Edward Bell. We are pleased to announce our Art Solos series of monographs for exhibiting artists, featuring six new titles for Spring ’17. Additionally, we continue to partner major cultural institutions, this season featuring Neural Architects, published in partnership with the Sainsbury and Wellcome Trusts. Over at our military history imprint Uniform we lead with the first in a major new eight volume commemoration of the Victoria Cross, For Valour produced in association with the Victoria Cross Trust. These volumes will be exclusive, limited and numbered editions and be produced evenly over the next four years. We are also very proud to be working in association with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on our Epitaphs of the Great War series as we approach the centenary of the Battle of Passchendaele. Unicorn Sales & Distribution continues to market not just our Unicorn and Uniform titles but also those of the Imperial War Museum, The Historic New Orleans Collection, The Mosaic Rooms and Heni. All our client publishers have exciting new titles. The IWM features Weird War Two, following on from Weird War One, The Second World War in Colour, and Churchill War Rooms Guidebook. The Mosaic Rooms presents Garden State and HNOC Guidebooks to Sin. We hope you enjoy our backlist too – now at 120 titles and still very much in play. Lord Strathcarron, Chairman access to the laboratories. This arrangement makes it possible to use the lecture theatre for public events. At the same time, after discussions with the planning authority about providing some public amenity space, the whole western end of the building has been set back 10 m from the edge of Cleveland Street, allowing space for a public ‘pocket park’ and complementing the one diagonally across the junction. ART FOR SCIENCE’S SAKE The budget for the SWC provided for an unspecified ‘art project’ to enhance the building, and developments in the design of the building envelope crystallised Ian Ritchie’s ideas for how to fulfil this part of the brief. The architects made an early decision to puncture the opaque wall facing the colonnade with five fullheight clear vitrines, which could display a changing array of exhibits. ‘There’s the chance to have a communication of the building's activity sensed and read by the public, which very few buildings achieve’, says Ritchie. ‘Interestingly all shops sell you what they have through the window. But not many science buildings communicate what they are doing.’ The content of the various elements of the art project was not finalised until long after the planning application had been accepted – indeed, until the building was almost complete – though Camden stipulated that each part of the project must subsequently be submitted and signed off. It was David Sainsbury’s strong preference that the contents of the vitrines should be based on scientific principles, rather than Ritchie’s original proposal of contemporary art pieces inspired by neuroscience. Thinking back to the stimulating sessions he had enjoyed with Richard Gregory at Cambridge, Sainsbury suggested that they should focus on perception and visual illusions, which are captivating for the viewer but also tell you something interesting about how the visual system works. And through Sarah Caddick he also provided an adviser for the project. Marty Banks is a professor of optometry and vision science at the University of California at Berkeley. ‘Our job is to make people understand how difficult it is to see and interpret things’, says Banks. ‘Illusions are a very useful way of doing that.’ Before the SWC was launched, Banks chaired a committee reviewing the work of the GCNU. ‘I was in London for two or three days, and met Lord Sainsbury at the end of it’, he says. ‘I had a chance to chat with him, and he ended up coming to Berkeley and touring the lab. We said, “Maybe we'll get together on some project”, and so it has turned out.’

Transparent glass on the corners gives the impression of ice melting into water: pocket park at street level


Hastings sheds | 1998 | Oil on board | 68.6 × 58.4 cm


Birling stairs | 2011 | Oil on canvas | 41.6 × 31.6 cm


Unmade Up

Recollections of a Friendship with David Bowie Edward Bell Unmade Up features much previously unseen artwork and photography of the enigmatic singer David Bowie, by his go-to artist of his heyday, Edward Bell. His commissions included the sleeve for Bowie’s 1980 album ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’ which featured the number one single ‘Ashes to Ashes’. Bowie later bought all of Bell’s artwork for his private collection. Edward Bell is a photographer, designer and artist living in Wales. Having studied at Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art he went on to work as a freelance photographer and illustrator for Vogue, Tatler and Elle magazines. As well as his commissions for album covers for David Bowie he was also commissioned by other outstanding musicians and groups of the time. His art covers many genres from life paintings to pop art to sculpture; he has worked and exhibited all over the world, especially in the US and Ireland. He now lives in Wales, quietly. Paperback with flaps │ 108 pp │ 230 x 210 mm BIC Code: B, BGF, AVGP, A │ Colour images throughout 978-1-910787-62-5 │ June 2017 │ £15.00


Hardback, quarterbound 160 pp 270 x 225 mm BIC Code: A, AGB 150+ colour images 978-1-910787-36-6 October 2016 £25.00

Painting the Ice Bear

A Visual Investigation by Mark Adlington Mark Adlington London based artist Mark Adlington has travelled extensively in search of wildlife, his principal obsession since early childhood. He works extensively on site before returning to the studio to recreate the immediacy of his responses to the animals, using various and often mixed media. In Painting the Ice Bear the artist’s fascination with this magnificent arctic beast is clear: this fully illustrated, quarterbound edition features watercolours, sketches and large scale oil paintings and represents hours spent searching out and watching polar bears – both in wildlife parks across Europe, and in the wilds of northern Canada. Mark exhibits regularly in London and abroad, and occasionally works to commission. He is represented by the John Martin Gallery in Mayfair, London and by the Bridgeman Art Library with whom he is one of their most frequently downloaded artists. Mark Adlington’s paintings of otters were recently used to illustrate Unicorn’s bestselling centenary edition of Gavin Mawell’s Ring of Bright Water (978-1910065-09-9).




Hardback 128 pp 270 x 225 mm BIC Code: A, AGB Colour images throughout 978-1-910787-39-7 February 2017 £25.00

Pop Expressionism Works on Paper

Rudolf Humm and Edward Lucie-Smith Rudolf is a German/Belgian artist living and painting in London. From a young age Rudolf had a great love for the arts and took art and design classes. Despite this he was sidetracked into academia, finishing with a BA in Philosophy and an MBA. He then went on to have a successful corporate career. In 2012 Rudolf returned to London and was greatly inspired by this vibrant city. He enrolled in art classes and reconnected with his passion, spending up to thirty hours a week painting whilst still holding down a demanding day job. He finally transitioned to become a full time professional artist. Rudolf is a neo-narrative figurative painter and his art typically bridges between classical painting and modern pop art. He works in series, each based on a dominant idea. Rudolf ’s work is influenced by his early studies of Philosophy. He specialized in Existentialism from Heidegger and Sartre; “Finding the meaning of my life and the role I play in the bigger picture within civilization and my purpose of existence are questions which are close to my heart”. Edward Lucie-Smith is generally regarded as the most prolific and the most widely published writer on art. A number of his art books, among them Movements in Art since 1945, Visual Arts of the 20th Century, A Dictionary of Art Terms and Art Today are used as standard texts throughout the world.



AND OTHER TALES WORDS by Robert Power PAINTINGS by Max Ferguson

Hardback 128 pages 270 x 225 mm BIC Code: A, AGB 60 colour images 978-1-910787-52-6 June 2017 £30.00

Lulu in New York and Other Tales Robert Power and Max Ferguson Often featuring solitary figures, the brooding atmospheres and urban landscapes of Max Ferguson’s paintings have a cinematic quality that hint at hidden stories and conversations waiting to happen. Robert Power’s critically acclaimed fiction of longing and resolution, alienation and loving, provides the perfect vehicle to breathe life into these luscious paintings. Lulu in New York and Other Tales is a volume of sixty stories from Power, inspired by Ferguson’s paintings. Some of the pictures, like Chess Players and Interiors lend themselves to whimsical conversations. Others, such as Woman in Bath, Subway have violence and menace simmering at their core. And then there are paintings that tell of love both lost and found. What binds Ferguson’s painting and Power’s storytelling is a common understanding and appreciation of the nuances, agonies and ecstasies of the human condition. Max Ferguson is an American artist best known for his realistic paintings of vanishing urban scenes in and around New York City. Ferguson has worked on a number of series over the years, including Coney Island, nocturnal imagery, paintings of his father and Jewish life scenes. His work has been widely exhibited, including in many prominent private and public collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The British Museum and the Albertina, Vienna. Writer Robert Power freelanced as a journalist appearing regularly in publications including the Guardian, New Statesman and Time Out. He has worked in international health for thirty years, travelling globally as a consultant, and publishing over 100 academic journal articles. He has also written three novels and a collection of short stories.



Hardback 144 pp 270 x 225 mm BIC Code: A, AGB 100+ colour images 978-1-910787-40-3 November 2016 £25.00

Steven Heffer

A Very British Modernist Steven Heffer and edward lucie-smith This book is the first comprehensive retrospective of the paintings of Steven Heffer spanning over twenty years of his art practice. Written by leading art historian Edward Lucie-Smith, it provides an exploration of the British artistic relationship to landscape in the context of Steven Heffer’s work and the artist’s place in the continuing story of British art. Edward Lucie-Smith is generally regarded as the most prolific and widely published art historian and critic. A number of his art books, among them Movements in Art since 1945, Visual Arts of the 20th Century, A Dictionary of Art Terms and Art Today are used as standard texts throughout the world.

Hastings sheds | 1998 | Oil on board | 68.6 × 58.4 cm


Still life pears apples lemon | 2012 | Acrylic on canvas | 30 × 40 cm

Birling stairs | 2011 | Oil on canvas | 41.6 × 31.6 cm



Still life pears apples lemon | 2012 | Acrylic on canvas | detail



Sophie Walbeoffe Painting with both hands

Hardback 128 pages 270 x 225 mm BIC Code: A, AGB 110+ colour images 978-1-910787-54-0 April 2017 £25.00

Sophie Walbeoffe

Painting with Both Hands Sophie Walbeoffe and Edward Lucie-Smith The book presents images and anecdotes of established travel painter Sophie Walbeoffe’s sojourns across four continents, with an introduction by Edward Lucie-Smith. Tracing her first paintings as a teenager, through art school and the struggles starting out as an unknown artist, painting native North Americans on the bitter streets of Nanaimo, through to the baking tradewinds of the Middle East and Africa. The book illustrates Sophie’s long career painting on site in deserts, surrounded by camels, wild people and exotic beasts, while raising her two young children in the African bush. Her yearning for home and other climes enriches the book with images of her Devon roots, the freshness of Italy, Spain and France, the colour of India and the history of Jerusalem. Wherever she travels she draws a crowd as she paints with both hands. Sophie Walbeoffe graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 1984, tutored by Maggi Hambling and Christopher Lebrun. She then studied under Cecil Collins where she learnt to paint with two hands. Having travelled in Dubai and Canada in the mid-eighties, in 1987 Sophie joined the Operation Raleigh expedition to Kenya as the official artist, where she met her husband Dr. Piers Simpkin. Sophie continued to travel and paint in Syria, Jordan, India, Spain and France and spent three years living in a studio in the Old City, Jerusalem. She has painted some curious people from Wilfred Thesiger to the Emir of Sharja on his death bed. With over thirty solo exhibitions to date she is still living and working in Kenya where her husband’s sixty camels and their herders still model for her paintings. She is represented by the Osborn Gallery Studio in London. 12


Hardback 128 pp 270 x 225 mm BIC Code: A, AGB Colour images 978-1-910787-41-0 April 2017 £25.00

Amazonia Imagined Kim Poor and Edward Lucie Smith The Amazon has universal appeal and Kim Poor’s artwork encapsulates the magic and colours of that extraordinary region. It showcases her unique fine art technique in creating images inspired by a mythology that is alive today and used by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon to explain nature and its origins to the next generations. Amazonia Imagined is an important and beautiful document that preserves a vital link to the past that is stored in the minds of the Amazonian peoples. It is a book that will be loved by anyone who has travelled to Brazil or is planning to visit there. It will have an instant appeal for those who are interested in the preservation of the Brazilian rainforest and the fate of the native Amazonian Indians. It is an elegantly conceived and executed tribute to these indigenous peoples and to this Brazilian artist’s inimitable and pioneering technique. Kim Poor is a Brazilian artist working in London and Rio de Janeiro. She has exhibited all over the world, including major solo shows at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio and in São Paulo with her Legends of the Amazon multimedia exhibition, raising awareness of something precious which is about to vanish from the earth. In the 1970s Salvador Dali christened her technique of fusing glass powder on steel plate ‘Diaphanism’. She has also created artwork for over thirty record sleeves and a book illustrating the music of the English group, Genesis. Edward Lucie-Smith is generally regarded as the most prolific and widely published art historian and critic. A number of his art books, among them Movements in Art since 1945, Visual Arts of the 20th Century, A Dictionary of Art Terms and Art Today are used as standard texts throughout the world. 15



Neural Architects

Neural Architects

Hardback 196 pp 210 x 250 mm BIC Code: AM, AMA, AMX AMCR, AMG 100 photographs, hand-drawn sketches and architectural drawings 978-1910787-48-9 February 2017 £30.00

Neural Architects

The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre: From Idea to Reality Georgina Ferry Neural Architects documents a unique collaboration between a leading architectural practice, Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd, and a community of scientists seeking to understand how we think, feel, understand and remember. The outcome of this collaboration is an outstanding laboratory for the 21st century, the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre at University College London. This book celebrates the opening of the building in 2016. Ian Ritchie and his team swept away all preconceptions about how to design a laboratory. Instead they visited neuroscientists around the world, gaining an intimate understanding of the way they use and construct the spaces around them. Through continuing dialogue, the design team imagined the new lab ‘from the inside out’, and then finished it with a stunning contemporary take on the Fitzrovia streetscape. Georgina Ferry’s text is based on interviews with all those involved, giving a rare insiders’ view of the process of creating a highly specialised building. Georgina Ferry is a science writer, author and broadcaster. She was formerly a staff editor and feature writer on New Scientist and has presented science programmes on BBC Radio. She has also published several books on 20th-century science and her biography of Britain’s only female Nobel-prizewinning scientist, Dorothy Hodgkin: A Life (Granta 1998) shortlisted for the Duff Cooper Prize.


in the brain?’ He began to see the Howland Street façade not as a flat surface, but as a series of vertical waves. ‘That rhythm applies to how you look at it in the street’, he says. ‘You will never look at the main façade of this building perpendicularly, always tangentially. Because you’re in a Georgian area of London, surrounded by a conservation area, getting verticality into the design is important. All visually horizontal buildings within the city look wrong.’ The rhythms introduced by constructing the façade as a series of waves mimic the verticality of traditional Georgian buildings. ‘The Georgian rhythm – the spacing between party walls in the Georgian terraces of London – is roughly 6 m’, says Ritchie. ‘Even though traditionally brickwork is a single plane, the windows give you the verticality, and the door indicates the separation.’ Partly as a joke about the rapidly firing neurons of the computational neuroscientists, and partly to give the GCNU a distinct identity from outside the building, he increased the frequency of the waves across the central block of the building. ‘There are always differences [in Georgian architecture] that make the places interesting’, he says. ‘I thought that while using only one material, we would vary the frequency, and enjoy the material at the small scale as it mimicked the larger waves which it was creating.’ The walls at the eastern and western ends continue the whiteness and translucence of the cast glass, though in a flat plane. At each end of the laboratory levels, where there is a meeting room, there was an opportunity to provide views up and down the street, and so they are faced in clear glass. ‘It looks as though when the cast glass, which is ice, comes round the corner, it melts into liquid’ says Ritchie. Much of the detailed design and research on the building envelope was undertaken by one of the younger members of IRAL, Karl Singporewala. The architects worked with a specialist façade contractor, Frener & Reifer who are based in northern Italy, to develop the finished design. ‘It’s been very interesting working with the Italian façade contractor’, says Singporewala. ‘They have brought a passion and rigour to the detailed design, working closely with us. They were selected because of their understanding of our design. They produced their own tools and said, “OK, this is how I think you would make that.” And some things we agreed with and some things we didn’t, and we learned from each other.’ When they were first presented with the design of the façade, the scientific advisers, inevitably, were less concerned with its appearance than with whether it would perform as required. ‘The deal was that Ian could have the façade’, says

Rear elevation: in the foreground, a glass skylight allows light into the basement staff room 156




Building studies: models show the evolution of IRAL's ideas



builders could understand what they were building, she had arranged for them all to go and see a performance in the RSC’s ‘temporary’ Courtyard Theatre. It was such a success that in 2010 she decided to do the same for the SWC team. ‘Team building was even more important with the neuroscience project’, she says. ‘Putting people in a situation where they travel together, they get to know each other in a different way. We booked coaches, toured the site before the theatre was finished and then we went to see a show in the Courtyard, the theatre that Ian had already built. When the Royal Shakespeare Theatre was finished [in 2011] we took them again, the whole lot.’ Representative user Arifa Naeem had never previously been to Stratfordupon-Avon. ‘Susie treated us to a really lovely lunch and the performance, it was a complete day out’, she says. ‘It did work as a team building exercise, but I find the whole team works very well anyway. Even if they don’t agree it’s dealt with in an adult, mature way. But yes, the trip did help. We talked a lot on the bus, and found out about people’s lives, which you don’t normally do at the meetings. I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ The strict timetable of the outline plan of work concentrated minds, and the time spent in workshops proved its worth, even for busy scientists. Chris Russell ticks off numerous points in the development of the design that emerged from the workshop process (these are all explored in more detail in the following chapters): ‘How the building is arranged, with the BSU where it is; how that would be serviced; the novel satellite BSUs; accepting the concept of the two-storey lab spaces; whether the GCNU’s space would be on multiple floors or not; how the building would be furnished. The double-height lab spaces were Ian’s concept, but developed through the workshops. Certainly the louvres for the windows, and even the fact that there should be windows; the write-up and meeting room spaces; the location, layout and subdivisibility of the lecture theatre and the fact that it is not raked; the open amenity space at the back of the building, and the pocket park. Even things like where visitors would come in, and where lockers would be (and how that would be arranged versus the scientists putting their bags next to their desks); going to the loo, having a coffee, having a sandwich, as well as the workspace.’ By January 2011, the version of the SWC that had been designated as building study 23c had become the basis of Stage D, which would be costed, sent to the planning department at the London Borough of Camden, and presented to contractors bidding to build the laboratory.

Architects’ sketches illustrating sound and vision considerations on the roof terrace


The main staircase (‘Ariadne’s thread’), painted in gold, is the only exception to the blue and white colour palette



But John O’Keefe was initially slightly sceptical that creative interaction could be engineered. ‘The questions in the scientific CIRCULATION SPACE advisers’ workshops would be “Where are people going to bump In architectural terms, circulation spaces are into each other?”’, he says. ‘That is a very dominant view among the areas through which people who think about how science works. I do believe that people occupants of a building get ideas from each other, but equally there’s the idea that somebody pass on their way to or from the rooms they occupy goes away and sits in their monkish cell and thinks very hard, and for longer periods. They include staircases, corridors, to be honest I think that’s much more the British tradition.’ However, no one wanted the arrangement that the visiting foyers or atria. In a welldesigned building they offer team saw in one laboratory: a long corridor of doors with names on, opportunities for unplanned and no windows. ‘You can’t say “Hi Sarah, Hi Bob”, and they might encounters that increase give you a wave to come in’, says Talbot. ‘You don’t want to knock on the social coherence of the community of occupants. the door, so where else do you meet? Sarah and Susie said “Coffee is everything” and Peter Dayan said “Coffee is definitely everything, and by the way don’t forget tea.” But then there are other natural spaces, that’s what we were striving for – it could be the stairs, it could be the corridor. So we just widened out the circulation spaces to try and create informal meeting places in front of the stairs. It was a very simple move. But hopefully it isn’t contrived and they are open spaces and they’ll work.’

Where soffits are concealed in meeting rooms, lighting continues the blue and white theme




Paperback with flaps 144 pp 297 x 235 mm BIC Code: A, AC, AGHF, HBWE 50+ colour illustrations 978-1-910787-38-0 February 2017 £25.00

Portraits of the English Civil War angus haldane The period of the English Civil Wars was one of the most momentous in English history. These significant events have been examined in great detail from an historical point of view, but never before has the period been discussed in detail from the point of view of portraiture. Art historians have tended to ignore the period 1642-1660 on the basis that it falls between the genius of Van Dyck, court painter to Charles I, and the genius of Sir Peter Lely, court painter to Charles II. There is an overriding sense that these years represent as much an artistic interregnum as a political one. This book examines the portraiture and history of the English Civil Wars through representations of the protagonists who were involved in the conflict. Each portrait illustrated is accompanied by a short biography of the protagonist’s life, and an extended discussion on the iconography of the painting and its art historical relevance, including aspects of patronage. Angus Haldane is Director of Haldane Fine Art, an art dealership and consultancy. He is also an independent curator and art historian. Angus studied Classics at Oxford University. After Oxford, Angus graduated from the Courtauld Institute with an MA in Byzantine and Early Renaissance art. He worked for many years as a senior specialist in paintings at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, where he gained considerable experience researching, attributing, and valuing pictures. He has catalogued museum collections, in particular The Cromwell Museum in Huntingdon, and provides consultancy to some of London’s leading Art Advisors. Angus has appeared as an art commentator on the BBC and CNN and speaks French, Italian and Russian.


Hardback 176 pp 235 x 155 mm BIC Code: A, AC, ACQ 55 colour images 978-1-910787-50-2 May 2017 £25.00

Eighteenth-Century Women Artists Their Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs Caroline Chapman The eighteenth century gave us a burgeoning middle class, who could enjoy a remarkable flowering of the arts. But it was a man’s world; any woman who wished to succeed as an artist had to overcome numerous obstacles. In a society in which women were required to marry, reproduce, and conform to rigid social conventions, being a professional artist risked becoming an object of gossip and hostility. Nevertheless, for a woman who had charm and good looks, ambition, and allied talent with hard work, success was attainable. This book examines the careers and working lives of celebrated artists like Angelica Kauffman and Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun but also of those who are now almost forgotten. As well as assessing the work itself – from history and genre painting to portraits – it considers artists’ studios, the functioning of the print market, how art was sold, the role of patrons and the flourishing world of the lady amateur. It is enriched by over 50 illustrations in glorious colour. Caroline Chapman is a writer, editor and picture researcher. She has worked for both the Arthur Tooth and Son art gallery and the Crane Kalman Gallery as well as a working as a freelance picture researcher for thirty years, for Times Books, Dorling Kindersley, Phaidon, and Weidenfeld. Caroline Chapman is the author of Elizabeth & Georgiana: The Duke of Devonshire & his Two Duchesses for John Murray and John and Joséphine: The Creation of The Bowes Museum for The Bowes Museum and has written an number of travel articles for the Times Education Supplement and Cosmopolitan.



Hardback quarterbound 256 pages 257 x 209 mm BIC Code: WB, WBF,WBA, WBH 250+ colour images 978-1-910787-53-3 October 2016 £25.00

Fresh and Simple Leyli Mustafaeva and Rena Lavery Located in the heart of South Kensington, Brown and Rosie’s is a landmark café that brings a slice of Australian breakfast and brunch culture to London. The Fresh and Simple cookbook now offers the reader the chance to recreate the sophistication of Brown and Rosie’s cuisine at home. Inspired by years spent in Australia and travels across the world, Fresh and Simple brings together over one hundred recipes, combining favourite dishes from the café menu with a homemade cooking style that inspires experimentation with taste and presentation. They have simplified tricky techniques and minimised fussy ingredient lists, giving the dishes a modern twist that’s still achievable with today’s busy lives. The cookbook features recipes for all occasions and meal times, from early morning poached eggs to fragrant butternut squash soup for chilly afternoons and slow-roasted leg of lamb to seared tuna salad, plus indulgent desserts, bakery and healthy juices and smoothies for that all important health kick. Authors Leyli Mustafaeva and Rena Lavery come from a strong family tradition of cooking and sharing food; as young children they watched their aunt in the kitchen experimenting with unusual ingredients and innovative flavour combinations. Having worked and travelled in Europe, Australia and Asia, Leyli and Rena now bring together their culinary experiences to establish a contemporary café in London’s cultural quarter, serving healthy, nutritious dishes that are full of flavour.


Hardback 208pp 200 x 200 mm BIC Code: 80 colour photographs 978-1-910787-51-9 April 2017 £14.99

What the Queen Said to Me Chilli Brener What the Queen Said to Me is a collection of anecdotal stories by people who have met and spoken to H.M. The Queen. The stories are a small glimpse of the Queen’s personality as told through the conversations and the detailed back stories that led up to that pinnacle moment when the Queen was all theirs for that small moment in time. There are a whole variety of stories in the book from a whole host of different people. From walkabouts to investitures, from civil servants to royal servants, from royal outfitters to radio DJs, from artists to head teachers, the book has stories from all walks of life, covering many different royal occasions. Writer and poet Chilli Brener has spent four years collecting fifty anecdotes and stories about meetings with the Queen from the 1930s to 2014.


“On the first visit some thirty years ago, I found The Queen to be

The Chairman of the Henley Royal Regatta, Peter Coni, led The Queen into the main lobby where I was positioned at the head of a line of eleven people, all of whom were dressed in blazers and

Peter introduced each one. I do not recall any exchange of words with The Queen at this point. That would come later, but she did talk to a few people in the line. The visit went on with a grand tour

flannels even though it was a cool April day.

of the new building, a short speech to declare the new headquarters open and the unveiling of the official plaque.

very professional and very focused. She showed interest in what was going on and she asked pertinent questions, really seeming to enjoy herself. On the second occasion, ten years or so later, she seemed to

There is quite an amusing background to the wording on the plaque. As is customary, we had submitted to the palace the form of words

be a little more relaxed in her role as Queen. The third time, though initially a much more formal event, it was in her own environment and it turned out to be the most relaxed, chattiest and easiest

which the palace would either confirm or change.

The wording we sent went something like: “Henley Royal Regatta

meeting of them all.

Headquarters opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on suchand-such a date.” We received communication back from the palace

The trophy is kept either on display at Henley Royal Regatta Headquarters in Henley or in a bank vault. However, all the trophies are always on display during the regatta races and they really are quite impressive.

Right: Deck chairs at Henley Royal Regatta



Richard Goddard (back of head) with Peter Coni and The Queen outside Henley Royal Regatta Headquarters



Henley Royal Regatta plaque, still with the incorrect wording


Hardback 208 pp 180 x 129 mm BIC Code: WFBS, WF, WDS Contains over 40 B&W illustrations 978-1-910787-63-2 May 2017 £10.99

Knits and Pieces A Knitting Miscellany Danielle Holke A comprehensive and entertaining illustrated guide to the one of the world’s most popular crafts. Revisit the earliest traces of knitting whose origins lie in the basic human need for clothing as protection against the elements. Find out the useful (and not-so-useful), the historical, the humorous, and how the universal craft brings out optimism in human beings, from knitting for soldiers comforts during conflict to kntting graffitti or yarn-bombing. Knits & Pieces has a sharp focus on today’s popular culture. The 21st century knitting revival led by bloggers, podcasts, celebrities and social media connects enthusiasts around the world and the wider availability of natural and exotic fibres combines with the general ‘handmade revolution’ and interest in DIY crafts to create a truly international knitting community with online and social networking site Ravelry having over six million users. Complete with some iconic patterns this is a must-have for anyone with an interest in the craft. Danielle Holke is a knitting and social media guru responsible for the online site KnitHacker – a daily exploration of all things fibre. As founder and curator of this popular knitting blog, now in its eighth year, receives up to 60,000 visits per month, has over 18,000 Twitter followers, 52,000 Facebook fans, and active participants on Ravelry, Flickr, Pinterest and other social media. As a craft influencer, KnitHacker is regularly spotlighted by CRAFT, MAKE, Etsy, Knit Today, Vogue Knitting and more.


Hardback 220 pp 220 x 270 mm BIC Code: HBWN, HBW, AMGD Over 100 B&W photos and colour illustrations 978-1-910500-66-8 March 2017 £30.00

Canada’s Dream Shall be of Them Canadian Epitaphs of the Great War

Eric McGeer with Photographs by Steve Douglas There could be no truer witness to the enormity of the First World War, and its terrible cost in lives, than the memorials and war cemeteries along the old Western Front. In Canada, no less than in the other Dominions of the British Empire, the war left a conflicting legacy of pride and sorrow that endures to this day. The soaring Vimy Memorial, the Brooding Soldier, and the monuments honouring Canada’s significant contribution to the Allied victory symbolise the spirit of shared sacrifice and nationhood that emerged from the crucible of the war; but alongside this official commemoration there exists a poignant, strangely overlooked, record of the grief and search for consolation among the Canadian populace in the years after the Armistice. Simple, heartfelt, these farewells preserve the voice of Canada’s bereaved, the parents, the wives, the children, who were left to mourn and to seek meaning and comfort in their loss. Photographs and war art will transport readers to the sites, and each chapter reviews the sources and themes of the epitaphs to establish their place in the national memory of the First World War. The close cultural affinity between Canada, Great Britain and other English-speaking Dominions should make these epitaphs accessible and relevant to readers whose countries were as profoundly affected by the ordeal of 1914-1918. Foreword by Terry Copp, leading Canadian military historian, Professor Emeritus at Wilfrid Laurier University and Director of the Laurier Centre for Military and Strategic Disarmament Studies. 27

Paperback with flaps 320 pp 246 x 202 mm BIC Code: HBTW, JWF, JWMN Over 100 B&W photographs, diagrams and charts Paperback: 978-1-910500-68-2 E-pub: 978-1-910500-69-9 PDF: 978-1-910500-70-5 April 2017 £30.00

H-Bombs and Hula Girls Operation Grapple 1957 and the Last Royal Navy Gunroom at Sea Written and compiled by Michael Johnston Foreword by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh kg, kt, gbe, om, pc Published to coincide with the 60th anniversary of Britain’s first successful nuclear bomb tests in the Pacific, H-Bombs and Hula Girls tells the extraordinary tale of ten bright and cheerful young men, brought together through National Service, sailing in the aircraft carrier HMS Warrior through an Atlantic hurricane, squeezing through the Panama Canal, and taking part in the top secret thermonuclear weapon tests at Christmas Island. The book evokes the Cold War atmosphere of Britain in the 1950s and the race to secure the nation’s place among the thermonuclear powers. But it also paints the picture of a heterogeneous group of young men enjoying together the life-shaping experiences of learning to be sailors, exploring South Sea paradises, participating in and witnessing three vast explosions, being their nation’s goodwill ambassadors as they encounter completely different cultures, and here and there experiencing life-threatening moments intertwined with having their hearts broken. This fascinating memoir of the last Royal Navy Gunroom at sea, crafted from journals, letters, and contemporary records, plus the wonders of hindsight, culminates in the surprising realisation that Operation Grapple may not have been quite what it seemed. Michael Johnston was the oldest of the group of ten Midshipmen and went on to become a Sub-Lieutenant.


In association with

Hardback 132 pp 180 x 129 mm BIC Code: HBWN, JWTY, AMGD, VFJX B&W photos & illustrations 978-1-910500-65-1 June 2017 £10.99

Epitaphs of the Great War Passchendaele Sarah Wearne Epitaphs of the Great War: Passchendaele is an edited collection of headstone inscriptions from the graves of those killed during the Third Battle of Ypres - Passchendaele. Limited by the Imperial War Graves Commission to sixty-six characters - far more restrictive than Twitter’s 140-character rule - these inscriptions are masterpieces of compact emotion. But, as Sarah Wearne says, their enforced brevity means that many inscriptions rely on the reader being able to pick up on the references and allusions, or recognise the quotations - and many twenty-firstcentury readers don’t. This collection, the second in a short series, will be published to coincide with the centenary of the opening of the Passchendaele offensive on 31 July 1917. Together with Epitaphs of the Great War The Somme, published on 1 July 2016, these books cover the epitaphs of the ordinary and the famous, the privileged and the poor, the generals and the privates and, after a hundred years, give us an insight into what contemporaries believed they had been fighting for and how they viewed the loss of the men they had loved.

Companion volume Epitaphs of the Great War The Somme

Sarah Wearne Hardback │ 132 pp │ 180 x 129 mm BIC Code: HBWN, JWTY, AMGD, VFJX │ B&W photos & illustrations 978-1-910500-52-1 │ Available now │ £10.99


Paperback with flaps 272 pp 234 x 170 mm BIC Code: HBWN, HBW, BGT, PDX B&W photos and illustrations Paperback: 978-1-910500-71-2 E-pub: 978-1-910500-72-9 PDF: 978-1-910500-73-6 March 2017 £28.00

For Science, King and Country The Life and Legacy of Henry Moseley Roy MacLeod, Russell G. Egdell & Elizabeth Bruton (ed.) Even in his lifetime, Henry Gwyn Jeffreys Moseley, who died at Gallipoli in 1915, was widely regarded as the most promising British physicist of his generation. Had he survived, he could well have won the Nobel Prize for Physics. His death provoked a reassessment of the role that scientists might play in war. This book of essays over twelve chapters is a commemoration of his life, his work, and his ongoing legacy. Linked with the 2015 exhibition ‘Dear Harry… Henry Moseley: A Scientist Lost to War’, held at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science. This book charts his education, his brief scientific career, his military service and his lasting influence in a field of science which is still developing to meet the needs of current research, and foreshadowing the innovation of new material science. For Science, King and Country speaks to both historians and to scientists, and draws on a wealth of newly discovered archival material, artefacts, and interpretations. Together, it presents a comprehensive account of a young scientist whose brief but mercurial career led the way to a new understanding of nature, and to shaping the future of chemistry and physics ever since. Edited by Roy MacLeod, Professor Emeritus of Modern History, University of Sydney, Russell Egdell Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of Oxford and Dr Elizabeth Bruton, University of Manchester. 30


In association with

Hardback in slipcase 420 pp 290 x 218 mm BIC Code: HBW, HBWL, WCF, JWT B&W photographs and illustrations 978-1-910500-81-1 June 2017 £120.00

For Valour

The Complete History of the Victoria Cross Volume One – The Crimean War Michael Charles Robson (series ed) For Valour: The Complete History of the Victoria Cross will be the definitive work on the subject and compelling as a narrative as well as the ultimate reference source. This ambitous project, in association with the Victoria Cross Trust, will be published in eight volumes over four years, the first; publishing on the 165th anniversary of the first investiture in Hyde Park in 1845. Each volume is divided into two parts: Part 1 – Wars, Battles & Deeds contains a description of each war and battle or engagement which involved deeds resulting in the award of each Victoria Cross. The deeds are described within the context of the war and battle during which they occurred. Part 2 – Portraits of Valour features a fully researched biography of each recipient of the Victoria Cross. This first volume will also include an additional section covering the inception of the Victoria Cross and the rules which govern the award. Foreword by Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC who owns the largest collection of VCs in the world and after whom the Imperial War Museum’s Ashcroft Gallery was named.


Paperback with flaps 220 pp 270 x 220 mm BIC Code: HBWN, HBW, AMGD 230 full colour photographs 978-1-910500-67-5 January 2017 ÂŁ28.00

The Western Front

Battlefields, Memorials and Cemeteries of the First World War Marcel Belley One of the rare books about the First World War that visually explores the efforts of the major combatants to remember the fallen along the entire length of the old Western Front. The area of Belgium and northern France that was the Western Front is a place like no other. In a line running seven hundred kilometers from the English Channel to the Swiss border the horrors of industrialised war consumed men by the millions for over four years. When the war finally ended, entire societies were in shock and the ensuing outpouring of grief can be seen today in the countless cemeteries and memorials that dot the landscape. Much has been written of the British experience and the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission including the major architects of national memorials, but little material can be found regarding the American, French and German sites. In 2013 Marcel Belley and a friend travelled the entire length of the Western Front. The images he captured tell an amazing story and the chapters of the book are organised in such a way as to help the reader to understand the stupendous efforts of the nations involved to remember their fallen.


Paperback with flaps 24pp plus 12 postcards 210 x 148 mm BIC Code: HBWN, HBW, AMGD, 25 colour photographs and 12 pull-out postcards 978-1-910500-82-8 May 2017 £12.99

Recovering the Past Ian Alderman Despite a century having passed since the signing of the Armistice, the scale of the legacy of unexploded ammunition from the Great War is still a little known fact. Recovering the Past is a photographic documentary project of 25 striking and thought provoking images produced to coincide with an exhibition at In Flanders Fields museum in Ypres, Belgium. This accompanying postcard book contains all the images from the exhibition and describes how they came about in technical detail and the backstory behind each image. It also comes with twelve detatchable postcards. It examines the operations of the Belgian Army’s bomb disposal unit (DOVO), whilst drawing its artistic inspiration from Australian cultural icons and official war photographer Frank Hurley to commemorate the Australian Imperial Force’s (AIF) significant contribution to the fighting in Flanders. The role of the British army in the battles of Flanders is widely appreciated, yet the role of the AIF to that fighting and the eventual allied victory remain little known. The sacrifice and heroism of Australian soldiers in Belgium was as intense as that endured in France and at Gallipoli. Through sensitive compositing of both historic and modern photographs, Recovering the Past visually acknowledges Australia’s ‘Diggers’ in the successful outcome of the war in Flanders.


In association with

Paperback 168 pp 234 x 170 mm BIC Code: HBWQ, JWDG, JPSH, WQH, 1DBKESX Illustrated throughout with 70 photographs 978-1-910500-75-0 November 2016 £16.99

Brighton’s Secret Agents

The Brighton & Hove contribution to Britain’s WW2 Special Operation’s Executive (SOE) Paul McCue Winston Churchill authorised the creation of a new wartime secret service, the Special Operations Executive (SOE), with the order ‘And now set Europe ablaze’. On behalf of the Secret World War 2 Network, an educational charity dedicated to revealing hitherto-secret operations to the current generation, Paul McCue tells the story of four Brighton and Hove-born agents honoured with blue plaques. He details the organisation’s creation and post-war demise, its training methods and the missions of the four chief subjects. He also covers three other agents, a special duties RAF pilot and the inspiration for ‘Q’, the inspired ‘boffin’ of the James Bond books and films – all of whom had links with the city. Some enjoyed great success, others were doomed to failure and death, but all displayed the volunteer spirit and courage that saw Britain through the darkest days of the Second World War. Their stories, largely little-known, deserve to be told. Paul McCue is a part-time military historian and author for over 25 years, he is the author of four books to date and regularly gives talks and presentations in England and France. His current specialised subject is French Section of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and he is presently working on a three-volume roll of honour for this Second World War secret service.


In association with

Paperback with flaps 112 pp 200 x 158 mm BIC Code: YFC, YXZW, YNJ Colour illustrations throughout 978-1-910500-74-3 November 2016 £10.99

Can You Keep a Secret?

Growing up under Occupation – a Child’s Tale of Courage, Risk and Resistance. Anne de Cintra, illustrations by Louise Prentice A good versus evil children’s morality tale, illustrating the importance of honesty, reliability and trustworthiness against the backdrop of war-time resistance in occupied France. The story examines the impact of the occupation by foreign invaders on the community, as seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old child. Living with a teenage brother, papa and mama, who own the cafe in market square, the child regularly escapes to a secret world in the forests to play with friends. The atmosphere in the town progressively darkens as the fall of Paris and the establishment of the Vichy government lead to occupation of the town by the German army. The child’s curiosity is aroused by the arrival of a mysterious female guest who takes a room above the café. When the child decides to follow the mystery guest into the woods and is discovered, the adult world of a secret agent and the child’s world of secret hideouts become inextricably entangled. The child’s ability to keep a secret is repeatedly tested by a shadowy cast of characters (from resistance fighters to fugitive airmen) whilst delivering secret messages, following escape routes and hiding weapons drops. Anne de Cintra was Head of English at one of the country’s largest middle schools. She was driven by a passion for children’s literature, recognising the power of the written word to ignite the young imagination. When she took early retirement for health reasons, she applied her enthusiasm to combine her twin interests in children’s literature and the S.O.E. This novel is the result. 36

The Agony of Belgium The Invasion of Belgium; August – December 1914 Frank Fox Paperback │ 182 pp │ 216mm x 138 mm BIC Code: HBWN, 1DDB, 3JJF 978-1-910500-85-9 │ January 2017 │ £11.99

Written in 1914 by Frank Fox, The Agony of Belgium recounts events that the modern European mind would probably wish to forget. The bravery and resilience of the relatively new and untested Belgian Army, following the rejection of the German Ultimatum by the King, deserves a wider audience. Fox provides vivid descriptions of a terrible, and little known episode of the Great War including the sacking of cultural treasures.

GHQ (Montreuil-sur-Mer) Frank Fox Paperback with flaps │ 224 pp │ 216mm x 138 mm BIC Code: HBWN, 3JJF │ B&W illustrations throughout 978-1-910500-83-5 │ January 2017 │ £15.99

This unique contemporary account of Haig’s GHQ gives a vivid insight into life in Montreuil sur-Mer from 1916 onwards, and of the complexity of the planning the ultimate defeat of the German Army. It was here that Staff officers routinely worked late into the night, weekends really did not exist, leave was intermittent, and those who worked here would have suffered from that additional sense of guilt about being away from the action. An important gap in the understanding of the administration of war is filled by Frank Fox’s work in this book first published in 1920. Frank Fox was commissioned into the British Army at the age of 41, and back in France by December 1914. He suffered severe injuries during the Battle of the Somme, and spent a year recovering in hospital back in England. Yet still, he wanted to be back to the front, and succeeded in getting himself a job at Haig’s HQ at Montreuil-sur-Mer. 37

Hardback 230 pp 279 x 210 mm BIC Code: HBWN, JWM, HBW, 3JJF B&W photographs throughout 978-1-908487-12-4 January 2017 ÂŁ30.00

British Artillery and Ammunition I.V. Hogg and L.F. Thurston The definitive account of British artillery in the Great War, first published in 1972 and now re-released featuring new photographs and a foreword by Professor Peter Simkins. This book catalogues all known types of artillery weapons that were in British service at the commencement of hostilities and all new developments that were rushed to the battlefields during the following four years. It also includes types that would have entered service in 1919 had the war continued. Also listed are the great variety of coastal defence weapons and 19th century veterans that were wheeled out of retirement in readiness for active service if needed. As the artillery weapon is only a tool designed to project a missile into the ranks of the enemy, the importance of ammunition is also covered in some detail to include dimensions of cartridge cases which is useful for the collector. Many of the weapons described in the book have their ammunition types shown at the back.


Hardback 208 pp 200 x 270 mm BIC Code: HBWN, AJ 3JJF 150 colour photographs 978-1-910500-84-2 March 2017 £25.00

Echoes in Silence

Italian Mountain Landscapes of the Great War Andrea Contrini Text by Francesca Candioli, Foreword by Michael St Maur Shiel The southern part of Trentino was one of the most contended areas of the Italian-Austrian front during the First World War. A hundred years after the end of the war, the rough and deep traces of the fighting are still visible in the landscape echoing the drama of the past in the silence of nature. Taking inspiration from diaries and memoirs of Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers, Andrea Contrini has undertaken a photographic journey to discover the old front line that goes from Lake Garda to the Pasubio through the peaks and valleys illustrating how the passing of time has transformed the battlefields into places of peace. Echoes in Silence consists in one hundred and fifty colour photographs, divided into chapters following a geographical order, and illustrating the battlefields as well as the Italian and AustroHungarian fortified lines of the following areas: Massiccio del Pasubio, Piccole Dolomiti, Monte Zugna, Passo Buole, Alto Garda, Massiccio del Baldo, Vallagarina, Vallarsa and Val di Gresta. A map of the area completes the historical and geographical framework along with some photos of the period from 1915 to 1918 and numerous memories of the protagonists of the time, including Eugenio Montale, Felix Hecht and Fritz Weber. The text is presented in English and Italian. Also available

The Guardians of Silence

Andrea Contrini

Hardback │ 208 pp │ 300 x 210 mm BIC Code: HBWN, AJ, 3JJF │ 200+ colour images 978-8-874982-34-9 │ Available now │ £20.00 In partnership with Edizione Osiride


Recent Highlights Looking to Heaven


Stanley Spencer Looking to Heaven Stanley Spencer Hardback, quarterbound │ 256 pp │ 246 x 202 mm BIC Code: AGB, BGFA, BGA │ 100+ colour images 978-1-910065-59-4 │ October 2016 │ £30.00

The first of a three volume collection showcasing selected pieces from the archives of one of the most important and influential twentieth-century English painters, Stanley Spencer, KBE.

1920s Jazz Age Fashion and Photographs Martin Pel Hardback │ 160 pp │ 270 x 216 mm BIC Code: AKTA, AKTH, JFCK │ 150+ colour images 978-1-910787-28-1 │ Available now │ £25.00

The book celebrates haute couture, ready-to-wear and mass market fashion in America, Britain and France from 1919 to 1929 and accompanies the major exhibition 1920s Jazz Age Fashion and Photo at the Fashion and Textile Museum, London, 23 September 2016–15 January 2017.

Never Fear

Reliving the Life of Sir Francis Chichester Ian Strathcarron Hardback │ 256 pp │ 235 x 155 mm BIC Code: B, BG, HBTM, HB │ 12+ colour images, 48+ B&W images 978-1-910787-16-8 │ October 2016 │ £25.00

In Never Fear Ian Strathcarron follows in the footsteps and wakes of British aviator and yachtsman Sir Francis’ Chichester, the first person to sail single-handed around the world by the clipper route, and the fastest circumnavigator.


Bad Teeth No Bar

A History of Military Bicycles in the Great War Colin Kirsch Paperback with flaps │ 386 pp │ 246 x 202 mm BIC Code: HBWN, WSQ, 3JJF │ Colour reproductions throughout 978-1-910500-17-0 │ November 2016 │ £28.00

With the rise in popularity of vintage bicycles, Bad Teeth No Bar explores the history of cycling in the most challenging environment of all – War. Over 100,000 British soldiers used bicycles in World War One, even more French and Belgians rode bikes, and the Germans used most of all. See the bikes, read the stories, and imagine how you would have coped if you were one of the many patriots who enlisted to fight for King and Country.

The Riddle

Illuminating the story behind The Riddle of the Sands Maldwin Drummond Paperback │ 346 pp │ 234 x 156 mm │ BIC Code: FH, FJM 978-1-910500-39-2 │ October 2016 │ £14.99

A new edition of the definitive study of the background to the writing of The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers. It includes details of Childers own sailing experiences and beautifully illustrated by Martin Mackrill.

War Beneath the Waves

U-Boat Flotilla Flanders 1915–1918 Tomas Termote Hardback │ 352 pp │ 250 x 200 mm │ BIC Code: HBWN, JWTY, AMGD, VFJX Colour and B&W photographs and illustrations 978-1-910500-64-4 │ October 2016 │ £30.00

A detailed insight into the German U-Boats, their importance in the First World War accounts of life onboard the vessels and unravelling many secrets of these infamous submarines. 41

Sales and Distribution

Hardback 192 pp 180 x 180 mm BIC Code: HBWN, HBG, WZG c.250 colour and B&W images 978-1-904897-43-9 May 2017 £14.99

Weird War Two Peter Taylor

Welcome to Weird War Two, a catalogue of the weird, the wonderful and the downright eccentric, featuring over 250 colour and black & white images from deep within IWM’s Second World War archives. From wacky inventions to elusive secret agents, from bizarre propaganda posters to the dummy acting as a decoy for a daring escape, from inflatable tanks to painted cows, this is proof that, as ever, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Also available

Weird War One Peter Taylor with Phil Dutton Paperback │ 160 pp │ 180 x 180 mm BIC Code: HBWN, HBG, WZG │ 250+ images 978-1-904897-84-2 │ Available now │ £12.99




The First World War Retold Paul Cornish Paperback │ 256 pp │ 195 x 240 mm BIC Code: HBW, HBWN │ 250+ colour images 978-1-904897-39-2 │ January 2017 │ £20.00

The First World War Retold tells the story of that war from a fresh perspective, fully illustrated with objects, photographs and works of art from IWM’s unparalleled collections. It presents events as they happened, through diaries, letters and conversations written or spoken within hours, days or weeks of the events they describe. Through these voices and objects – emotive, immediate, and sometimes surprising – the story of the war is retold from a compelling new angle, allowing us to both understand and reflect upon the landmark conflict that still shapes our lives today. Paul Cornish has worked at IWM since 1989, chiefly as a curator in the Department of Exhibits, which cares for the museum’s over 140,000 3D objects. He is IWM’s firearms specialist and the author of Machine Guns and the Great War, Contested Objects and Bodies in Conflict.

Protect and Survive Hardback │ 32 pp │ 155 x 112 mm BIC Code: HB, HBWS, JF, WZG │ 40 B&W images 978-1-904897-44-6 │ March 2017 │ £6.99

‘Read this booklet with care. Your life and the lives of your family may depend upon it...’ Protect and Survive was first published in 1980 to advise the public on what to do in the face of nuclear war. Warning that no part of the United Kingdom is safe, it details the effects of a nuclear fall-out outlines how to plan for survival, and advises on what to do immediately following an attack and in the days after. At times shocking and unnerving, Protect and Survive is a stark reminder of how the world was poised for nuclear war. UNICORN



The Second World War in Colour Ian Carter Paperback │ 96 pp │ 220 x 180 mm BIC Code: AJC, HBW, HBWQ │ c.90 colour images 978-1-904897-42-2 │ April 2017 │ £10.00

The Second World War in Colour illustrates the most destructive war in history through rare colour photographs from IWM’s unparallelled archive. The vivid hues of flames and fabrics, the intense blue skies, the sun-tanned faces and the myriad colours of military camouflage bring an immedicay rarely felt through black and white photography. Striking and powerful, these images take away its remoteness and bring the Second World War to life.

Churchill War Rooms Guidebook Paperback │ 64 pp │ 180 x 220 mm BIC Code: HBW, HBWQ, WTHM 41 colour and 40 B&W images 978-1-904897-55-2 │ Oct 2016 │ £5.00

History was made in Churchill War Rooms. It was here that Britain’s leaders took shelter from German bombing raids in the Second World War, and it was in these rooms that they made the decisions that would take the country from the brink of defeat to eventual victory. Uncover the secrets of Britain’s wartime nerve centre; meet the people who worked at the War Rooms, and read their stories; see how the work carried out in this underground bunker helped Britain win the war; and delve into the life story of ‘the greatest Briton’ – Winston Churchill – in the Churchill Musem. 44



Hardback 156 pp 210 x 225 mm BIC Code:A,AJ, WM 53 colour images 978-1-872771-58-8 August 2016 £25.00

Garden State Corinne Silva In this new monograph, artist Corinne Silva considers how gardening, like mapping, is a way of allocating territory. Garden State is the outcome of exhibitions at The Mosaic Rooms and Ffotogallery, co - organised by the UAL Photography and the Archive Research Centre and supported by the London College of Communication. Offering an ‘unexpected view on gardening’ (Wall Street International) Silva presents 53 colour plates which trace suburban settlements in Israeli occupied territories. Between 2010 and 2013, Silva made a series of visits to Israeli occupied territories between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. She travelled across twenty-two Israeli settlements making photographs of public and private gardens. Silva presents this visually rich photographic journey and examines how the gardens in these occupied lands are both material and symbolic evidence of a continuing colonisation. The publication also features a taxonomical table of colonising plants by Sabina Knees (Middle Eastern plant botanist at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh), an essay by Professor Val Wil­liams (Curator and Director of the Photography and the Archive Research Centre) and the artist in conversation with Professor Eyal Weizman (Architect and Director of Forensic Architecture) reflecting on the work and the political relationship between gardens and colonisation that has existed from the eighteenth century to the present day. Corinne Silva’s practice is concerned with landscape as a com­plex interrelation of culture and geography, politics and botany, living beings and inanimate matter. The artist explores these interrelations on journeys through Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. UNICORN



Hardback 144 pp 305 x 227 mm BIC Code: TRLT, HB 330 colour images 978-0-917860-73-7 February 2017 £35.00

Guidebooks to Sin

The Blue Books of Storyville, New Orleans Pamela D. Arceneaux with a foreword by Emily Epstein Landau Between 1897 and 1917 a legal red-light district thrived at the edge of the French Quarter, helping establish the notorious reputation that adheres to New Orleans today. Though many scholars have written about Storyville, no thorough contemporary study of the ‘blue books’ – the neighbourhood’s guidebooks, featuring directories of prostitutes and advertisements for liquor, brothels and venereal disease cures – is available. Pamela D. Arceneaux’s examination of these rare guides invites readers into a version of Storyville created by its own entrepreneurs. A foreword by historian Emily Epstein Landau places the blue books in the context of their time, coincident with the rise of American consumer culture and modern advertising. Heavily illustrated with images of the blue books in The Historic New Orleans Collection’s holdings, Guidebooks to Sin illuminates the intersection of race, commerce, and sex at this seminal place and time in New Orleans history. Pamela D. Arceneaux is senior librarian and rare books curator at The Historic New Orleans Collection, where she has worked since 1981. She earned a BA in history from West Georgia College (now the University of West Georgia) and an MLS from Louisiana State University. Emily Epstein Landau received her PhD in American history from Yale University. She is the author of Spectacular Wickedness: Sex, Race, and Memory in Storyville, New Orleans (LSU 2013).




Paperback 88pp 210 x 148 mm BIC Code: HBWN Colour and B&W photos and illustrations throughout 978-9-082252-13-2 July 2016 £11.99

Building the Front

German Military Structures in the Spotlight Kristof Blieck and Jan Vancoillie From 1915, Zonnebeke was part of the German hinterland as the front line moved towards Ypres. With military operations fairly limited in Flanders in 1916 the Germans were busy in this area working on a defensive network of seven lines with pioneer troops and conscripted civil labourers constructing machine gun nests, bunkers and concrete shelters. This book stems from the 2016 exhibition ‘Building the Front’ at the Memorial Museum Passchendaele and explores the methods used, materials and types of building constructed from hideouts to shelters, underground bunkers and machine gun posts to the creation of false trenches and painted windows and doors used to mislead Allied air reconnaisance. The Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 presents the historic story of the First World War in a poignant and vivid way, providing an overview of the five battles of Ypres with particular emphasis on the Battle of Passchendaele. Using historical objects, posters and documents, uniforms of the various armies and video clips, etc. visitors get an insight into how life must have been on and around the battlefields and how the landscape compares today. Also available

Decoding the Front

Communication 1914–1918 Karen Derycke Paperback │ 120 pp │ 210 x 148 mm BIC Code: HBWN, JWTY, AMGD, VFJX Colour and B&W photos and illustrations throughout 978-9-082252-11-8 │ July 2016 │ £12.99




Backlist Highlights

A is a Critic 978-1-906509-20-0 PB £12.99

Albion’s Glorious Ile Four volume collection 978-1-910787-17-5 PB/SC £15.99 1 Cornwal to Worestshyre 978-1-910787-20-5 PB £5.99 2 Shropshire to Buckinghamshyre 978-1-910787-19-9 PB £5.99 3 Middlesex to Huntingdonshire 978-1-910787-18-2 PB £5.99 4 Northamptonshyre to Westmorlande 978-1-910787-21-2 PB £5.99

Alfred Wallis

the Author

Alfred Wallis

Cornish Primitive Painter Edwin Mullins

Cornish Primitive Painter

umque et expla premquos remperit porrum accae veni utem et quis alis quat id que nimperem eribera turibusae aspere, dolluptatur idebis aliquam. nem repudaes este que vid qui agnatur re consend enimpor itasitae vit landaes temperes Ga. Licipsum que lat explique veliquos eossus nobisci endant ui rerate pliquam as de nobit im namus. nobit doloriore optas ut am undus seque nullor si aliqui m adi conecte moloribus.

ISBN 978-1-910065-14-3

Edwin Mullins


About the Book Idebis aliquam nem repudaes este que vid qui volut magnatur re consend enimpor itasitae vit landaes temperes eatur? Ga. Licipsum que lat explique veliquos eossus nobisci endant as as sequi rerate pliquam as de nobit im namus. Fic tem nobit doloriore optas ut am undus seque nullor si aliqui bersperem adi conecte moloribus. Ventur alique rest harion core et debis ut es eniet, volupta tioribuscium dolorehendi imo intius cus arum ni quo min non eaquate mperece prerunt esequi in expersperum explab ideligenda quam repelecerem aut voloriatet que cum, et fuga. Asperit optatentius. Ga. Ut repra volo ilibus. Riam iumque et expla premquos remperit porrum accae veni utem siti con et quis alis quat id que nimperem eribera turibusae aspere, voluptas dolluptatur? Qui cullatiaero offic temquo voluptatem lacea doluptatur alit doloratur.

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Alexander de Cadenet Trophies of Experience 978-1-910787-04-5 HB £30.00

Alfred Wallis 978-1-906509-89-7 PB/F £20.00

Alfred Wallis Colouring Book 978-1-910065-80-8 PB £7.99

The Art of John Piper 978-1-910787-05-2 HB £45.00

Barbara Hulanicki’s Fashion Illustration Workbook 978-1-910787-34-2 PB £9.99

Beyond the Boundaries of Socialist Realism 978-1-910065-81-5 HB/SC £125.00

Cedric Morris and Christopher Wood 978-1-906509-18-7 HB £20.00 

Charleston Farmhouse, 1981 978-1-910787-23-6 HB £18.99

Art and Art History

The Craft of the Lead Pencil 978-1-910787-24-3 HB £8.99

The Dance of 1000 Faces 978-1-910065-57-0 PB £15.00

David Inshaw 978-1-910065-10-5 PB/F £25.00

Edward Johnston A Signature for London 978-1-910787-29-8 PB/F £14.99

Edwin Landseer The Private Drawings 978-1-910065-38-9 PB/F £25.00

The Eduard J. Gübelin Story ENG 978-19100-65402 DEU 978-19100-65433 MAN 978-19100-65440 HB/J £40.00

Fechin (French edition) FRA 978-1-910065-04-4 HB £35.00

Galliano: Fashion’s Enfant Terrible 978-1-910065-65-5 PB/F £20.00

George Smart The Tailor of Frant 978-1-910787-00-7 PB/F £20.00

Glasgow Museums 17th Century Costume 978-1-906509-86-6 PB £16.99

Glasgow Museums The Italian Paintings 978-1-906509-17-0 HB £55.00

Graham Dean 978-1-910787-22-9 HB £30.00


Art and Art History


The Hermitage Cats 978-1-910065-66-2 PB/F £14.99

The Hermitage Dogs 978-1-910065-67-9 PB/F £14.99

History of Loot and Stolen Art 978-1-906509-21-7 HB £40.00

1920s Jazz Age Fashion and Photographs 978-1-910787-28-1 HB £25.00

Jewels of Imperial St Petersburg PB 978-1-910065-15-0 £30.00

John Hoyland Scatter the Devils 978-1-906509-07-1 HB £40.00

The Kama Sutra Colouring Book 978-1-910787-31-1 PB/F £9.99

Laura Knight at the Theatre 978-1-906509-79-8 PB/F £25.00

Laurie Lee A Folio 978-1-906509-95-8 PB/F £24.99 

L.S. Lowry 978-1-910065-41-9 PB/F £30.00

Unity Spencer Lucky to be an Artist 978-1-910065-60-0 HB/Q £30.00

Maggi Hambling War Requiem & Aftermath 978-1-910065-22-8 PB/F £30.00

Art and Art History

Maggi Hambling The Works 978-1-906509-69-9 PB/F £30.00

Martin Cheek Mosaic Artist 978-1-910065-64-8 PB/F £20.00

Mary Fedden and Julian Trevelyan 978-19065-09118 HB £25.00

Masterpieces of Soviet Painting and Sculpture 978-1-910787-01-4 HB £60.00

The Master’s Muse 978-1-910065-63-1 HB £20.00

On Artists and their Making 978-1-910065-84-6 PB/F £30.00

A Potter’s Book 978-1-910065-16-7 HB/Q £24.99

A Potter in Japan 978-1910065-17-4 HB/Q £20.00

The Power of Letterforms 978-1-910065-55-6 PB/F £12.99

Lettering From formal to informal 978-1-910065-96-9 PB/F £15.00

Photographs from Imperial St Petersburg 978-1-906509-39-2 PB £20.00 

Robin Darwin 978-1-910065-39-6 HB £30.00


Art and Art History

Rodolphe Brèsdin #Roughsketches The Incorrigible Bohemian 978-1-910065-92-1 978-1-910787-07-6 PB/F £20.00 HB/Q £29.99

Looking to Heaven


See for Yourself 978-1-910787-37-3 PB/F £15.00




Singing Softly to the Light 978-1-910065-88-4 PB/F £30.00



Sir Winston Churchill His Life and Paintings 978-0-956771-52-0 PB/F £25.00

So There’s Hope 978-1-910787-33-5 HB £25.00

Stanley Spencer Looking to Heaven 978-1-910065-59-4 HB/Q £30.00

Time Traveller, Artist Man 978-1-910065-69-3 HB/Q £30.00

Treasure Box 978-1-910065-18-1 HB/SC £500.00

Van Gogh The Asylum Year 978-1-910065-53-2 PB/F £20.00

Viktor Popkov 978-1-906509-34-7 HB £40.00

The Wallace Collection’s Pictures 978-1-906509-16-3 HB £60.00

Cultural History

The Blues A Visual History 978-1-910065-49-5 HB £24.95

Changing Women’s Lives 978-1-910065-33-4 HB £24.99

Chasing Churchill 978-1-910065-08-2 PB/F £16.99

Dynastic Rule 978-1-910787-30-4 HB £25.00

The Firstborn 978-1-906509-94-1 HB £5.99

The Food and Art of Azerbaijan ENG 978-1-906509-92-7 RUS 978-1-910065-21-1 HB/SC £24.99

A History of Kitchen Gardening 978-1-910065-91-4 PB/F £20.00

Laurie Lee Selected Poems 978-1-910065-14-3 PB/F £12.99

The Lure of the Key 978-1-910787-25-0 HB £30.00

Making Waves 978-1-910065-68-6 HB/SC £70.00

Moving Heaven and Earth 978-1-910787-15-1 HB £30.00

Never Fear 978-1-910787-16-8 HB £25.00 e-book: 978-1-910787-55-7 PDF: 978-1-910787-56-4


Cultural History


On the Burning of Books 978-1-910787-11-3 HB £25.00

Painting as a Pastime 978-1-906509-33-0 HB £7.99

Ring of Bright Water 978-1-910065-09-9 HB/Q £18.99

The Tuareg 978-1-906509-30-9 PB/F £30.00

War & Peace and Sonya 978-1-910065-30-3 PB/F £14.99

Wellington Portrayed 978-1-910065-12-9 HB £40.00

The Edge of the Sea 978-1-910065-06-8 PB/F £14.99

The Sea Around Us 978-1-910065-65-1 PB/F £14.99

Under the Sea Wind 978-1-910065-07-5 PB/F £14.99

Swimming with Dali 978-1-910787-14-4 PB/F £14.99

Cultural History

In the Heart of the Country 978-1-906509-83-5 PB/F £12.99

The Happy Countryman 978-1-906509-82-8 PB/F £12.99

Canals, Barges and People 978-1-910065-25-9 PB/F £12.99

Birds of the Hedgerow, Field and Woodland 978-1-910065-24-2 PB/F £12.99

English Country Houses 978-1-910065-11-2 PB/F £10.99

The Angler’s Guide 978-1-910065-46-4 PB/F £10.99

The Natural History of Selborne 978-1-910065-56-3 PB/F £12.99

Legends of the Flowers 978-1-910065-83-9 PB/F £10.99

Going Fishing 978-1-910787-10-6 PB/F £11.99

The Year in the Countryside 978-1-910787-12-0 PB/F £11.99

Fishing and Flying 978-1-910787-13-7 PB/F £11.99


Military History

Bad Teeth No Bar 978-1-910500-17-0 PB/F £28.00

Battlefields in Britain 978-1-910065-19-8 HB £8.99

The Christmas Match 978-1-910500-01-9 PB/F £12.99

Epitaphs of the Great War The Somme 978-1-910500-52-1 HB £10.99

For This Alone 978-1910065-20-4 HB £9.99

Great War Railwaymen 978-1-910500-00-2 PB/F £25.00

The Great Retreat 978-1-906509-41-5 PB £40.00

The Gurkhas 978-1-910500-02-6 HB £40.00

The Happy Warrior 978-1-906509-90-3 PB/F £12.99

The Hurricane Story 978-1-910500-05-7 HB/Q £14.99

Imperial Russian Air Force 978-1906509-40-8 PB £24.99 

Innocence Slaughtered 978-1-910500-41-5 PB/F £28.00

Kitchener Wants You! 978-1-910500-36-1 HB £14.99

Knitskrieg! A Call to Yarns 978-1-910500-33-0 HB £18.99

Light and Life in the Middle Hills 978-1-910500-42-2 PB/F £25.00

Eugène Burnand 978-1-910500-50-7 HB/Q £18.99


Military History

The Love of an Unknown Soldier 978-1-910065-45-7 HB £9.99

Poppyganda 978-1-910500-16-3 PB/F £14.99

The Riddle 978-1-910500-39-2 PB/F £14.99

The Somme 978-1-910500-51-4 PB £28.00

Subterranean Sappers 978-1-910500-10-1 PB/F £25.00

Take Me To France 978-1-910500-03-3 HB £7.99

The Tangier Archive 978-1-910500-15-6 PB/F £25.00

The Twisted Florin 978-1-910500-58-3 PB £15.99

A Voyage to War 978-1-910500-55-2 HB £25.00

The Wager Disaster 978-1-910065-50-1 E-book: 978-19100-65518 PB/F £20.00

War Beneath the Waves 978-1-910500-64-4 HB £30.00

The Women’s Land Army 978-1-910500-18-7 HB/Q £14.99


Military History

The Eyes of Asia 978-1-910500-11-8 HB £8.99

France at War 978-1-910500-12-5 HB £8.99

Sea Warfare 978-1-910500-13-2 HB £8.99

Eagle Day 978-1910500-25-5 PB £16.99

German Submarine Warfare 978-1910500-24-8 PB £13.99

Ginger Lacey 978-1910500-27-9 PB £12.99

In the Line 978-1910500-23-1 PB £14.99

Soldier and Dramatist 978-1910500-45-3 PB £13.99

Summer of No Surrender 978-1910500-28-6 PB £12.99

Via Ypres 978-1910500-21-7 PB £13.99

Whizzbangs and Woodbines 978-1910500-22-4 PB £12.99

The New Army in Training 978-1-910500-04-0 HB £7.99

The War in the Mountains 978-1-910500-14-9 HB £8.99


War Office Publications Remount Manual (War)

Military History

Paperback 978-1-908487-75-9 £7.99

Veterinary Manual (War) 1915

Paperback 978-1-908487-68-1 £8.99

Catechism for Animal Management

Paperback 978-1-908487-69-8 £8.99

Notes on Pack Transport

Paperback 978-1-908487-74-2 £7.99

Notes on Horse Management in the Field (1919)

Paperback 978-1-908487-77-3 £8.99

The Training and Employment of Grenadiers

Paperback 978-1-908487-88-9 £13.99

Detail of the Sets of Harness Required for the Various Nature of Service Pattern Vehicles

Paperback 978-1-908487-72-8 £7.99

Horse Mobilization

Paperback 978-1-908487-60-5 £7.99

Notes on the French Horse-Breeding and Remount Organization

Paperback 978-1-908487-71-1 £7.99

Notes on Horse Management (parts I and II)

Paperback 978-1-908487-84-1 £8.99

Remount Regulations

Paperback 978-1-908487-76-6 £10.99

Notes on Identification of Aeroplanes

Paperback 978-1-908487-86-5 £12.99

Instructions on Bombing (parts I and II)

Paperback 978-1-908487-07-0 £13.99

R. L. Handbook of Ammunition

Paperback 978-1-908487-59-9 £12.99

The Employment of Machine Guns (part I - Tactical)

Paperback 978-1-908487-62-9 £11.99

The Employment of Machine Guns (part II - Organisation & Detection of Fire)

Paperback 978-1-908487-63-6 £13.99

Notes on German Fuzes and Typical French and Belgian Fuzes

Paperback 978-1-908487-92-6 £14.99

Memorandum - Treatment of Injuries in War

Paperback 978-1-908487-91-9 £12.99

Summary of Recent Information Regarding the German Army and its Methods

Paperback 978-1-908487-90-2 £12.99

Notes and Illustrations on the Interpretations of Aeroplane Photographs

Paperback 978-1-908487-85-8 £25.99

Notes and Illustrations on the Interpretations of Aeroplane Photographs


978-1-908487-87-2 £33.99

Vocabulary of German Military Terms and Abbreviations Paperback 978-1-908487-66-7 £14.99 Unexploded Shells, Bombs and Grenades - Methods of Destruction

Paperback 978-1-908487-00-1 £9.99


Paperback 978-1-908487-65-0 £8.99

Notes for Guidance of Officers of Labour Corps in France Paperback 978-1-908487-67-4 £10.99 Results of Preliminary Reconnaisance and Comparsion with Air Photographs of the Ground Re-occupied on the Foreward Areas of the Lys Salient

Paperback 978-1-908487-89-6 £9.99

The Impressment of Horses and Horse-Drawn Vehicles in Time of National Emergency

Paperback 978-1-908487-73-5 £9.99

The Remount Service in the United Kingdom in Wartime Paperback 978-1-908487-70-4 £7.99 Types of Horses Suitable for Army Remounts

Paperback 978-1-908487-61-2 £7.99 59

Universe Press


The Hoarse Oaths of Fife 978-1-910500-30-9 PB £10.99

Greg Dyke My Part in His Downfall 978-0-993242-40-3 PB £10.99

Trashing the Trainset 978-0-993242-45-8 PB £10.99

Rope’s End 978-1-911397-00-7 PB £10.99

Wellington’s Dearest Georgy 978-0-993242-48-9 PB/F £14.99

Reaper 978-1-908487-04-9 PB £14.99

Assets 978-1-908487-50-6 PB £10.99

Sterling 978-1-908487-13-1 PB £10.99

The Day Sussex Died 978-1-908487-39-1 HB £25.99 978-1-908487-79-7 PB £15.99

Rogue 978-1-908487-49-0 PB £11.99

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An A-Z of the First World War 978-1-904897-85-9 HB £6.99

Art from Contemporary Conflict 978-1-904897-74-3 PB £9.99

Art from the First World War 978-1-904897-89-7 PB/F £9.99

Art from the Second World War 978-1-904897-66-8 PB/F £9.99

Churchill 978-1-904897-77-4 PB £12.99

Churchill’s Cookbook 978-1-904897-73-6 HB £9.99

The English and their Country 978-1-904897-48-4 PB £7.99

Explore! A Kids Guide to IWM London 978-1-904897-56-9 PB £4.00

Firing on Fortress Europe HMS Belfast at D-Day 978-1-904897-57-6 PB £12.99

The First World War 978-19048-97835 HB £35.00

First World War Poems from the Front 978-1-904897-88-0 HB £9.99

Food for Thought 978-1-904897-76-7 HB boxset £8.99


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How to Keep Well in Wartime 978-1-904897-65-1 PB £4.99

In Their Own Words 978-1-9104897-53-8 PB £9.99

Make Do and Mend 978-1-904897-64-4 HB £4.99

Posters of the First World War 978-1-904897-87-3 PB/F £9.99

British Posters of the Second World War 978-1-904897-92-7 PB/F £9.99

Secrets of Churchill’s War Rooms 978-1-904897-49-1 PB £30.00

The Somme A Visual History 978-1-904897-52-1 PB £14.99

Somewhere in England 978-1-904897-54-5 PB £14.99

Spitfire Flipbook 978-1-904897-91-0 PB £3.99

Unofficial War Artist 978-1-904897-71-2 HB £12.99


Weird War One 978-1-904897-84-2 PB £12.99

Wise Eating in Wartime 978-1-904897-70-5 HB £4.99

Tanks Flipbook 978-1-904897-96-5 PB £3.99

Churchill Flip Book 978-1-904897-67-5 PB £3.99

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40 Days 978-9-950313-42-2 PB £10.00

Background 978-9-950313-60-6 HB £30.00

Effigies 978-9-950313-46-0 PB £12.00

The Future Rewound and the Cabinet of Souls 978-9-950313-56-9 PB £15.00

Intervening Space 978-9-950313-53-8 PB £10.00

Iraq: How, Where, For Whom? 978-9-950313-36-1 PB £10.00

Mogadishu Lost Moderns 978-9-950313-49-1 PB £18.00

Mouths at the Invisible Event 978-9-950313-59-0 PB £12.00

My Sister who Travels 978-9-950313-54-5 PB £15.00

The Sick Man of Europe The Painter 978-1-900300-64-3 PB £10.00

Working From Life 978-9-950313-39-2 PB £10.00


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An Excuse to Draw 978-0-956873-83-5 HB £24.99

Cage FRA: 978-0956404-17-6 HB £25.00

Gerhard Richter November EN 978-0-9930103-1-6 DE 978-0-9930103-2-3 PB £25.00

Gerhard Richter Overpainted photographs 978-0-993010-33-0 HB/SC £375.00

Seventy Two Lucy Liu

Conor Harrington 978-0-956873-87-3 HB £35.00

Groovy Bob 978-0-993010-39-2 PB £10.00

Gerhard Richter


Night Sketches

Long Live South Bank 978-0-992926-80-9 HB £30.00 When not appearing on stage or screen, Lucy Liu can often be

G.R._NightSketches_Bezug_170511.indd 1

Lucy Liu - Seventy Two 978-0-956873-80-4 HB £200.00 Trim Size: 300 x 390mm / 11.8 x 15.4 in Date of Publication: March 2012

About the Author

ISBN: 978-0-9568738-0-4

found in her art studio in New York. Born to Chinese immigrant parents in Jackson Heights, New York, Liu attended the New York Studio School for drawing, painting and sculpture from 2004 to 2006. For over two decades Liu’s practice as a visual artist has encompassed, and often combines, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, embroidery and collage. Representations of the body permeate her oeuvre, from portraiture to abstraction. To date, her work has explored issues of sexuality, identity, race, memory and history. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Nova Scotia and Munich.

BIC Code: ACXJ, AGB Price: £200 / $325.00 Extent: 192pp Binding Style: Hardback (in slipcase) Details of Illustration: 83 color & b/w illustrations


When setting down my responses, I used the technique of spontaneous writing as much as I could. I let myself associate with the image, but not randomly. It’s tempting when you look at Asian-inspired art, or abstract art in general, to turn the image into a Rorschach test. (Not that ink blots don’t have their own aesthetics. After all, they were devised to peer deeper into the patient than what he or she was willing to see, or tell.) I could be criticized for dwelling too much on everyday associations. My starting point might be too mundane. Let’s go a bit deeper, then. Telepathy isn’t about using your mind like a TV station to broadcast pictures. Indeed, telepathy is no more than an example of how mind extends beyond the brain. Mind is collective. Its contents are shared. Hidden in its deeper reaches are invisible things. What kind of invisible things is Lucy tapping into?

Key Sales Points

Helicopter 978-0-993010-30-9 HB £25.00

Salma Editions

Description Seventy Two is a dynamic body of artwork by Lucy Liu. Comprising 72 paintings in ink and acrylic, the series is inspired by the 72 Names of God – esoteric sequences of Hebrew letters that some believe help in the journey to find enlightenment for mind, body, and spirit. Liu’s art practice sits at the interface of Eastern and Western traditions of art, referencing a variety of styles, from Abstract Expressionism to Chinese calligraphy. With a freshness, vitality, and energy of its own, Liu’s Seventy Two series is a must for anyone with an interest in abstract art and spirituality. A text by Deepak Chopra offers an insightful introduction to Liu’s paintings, while Michael Dopp takes the reader on a journey through the series as a whole. An essay by theology and art history scholar Ori Z Soltes explains the history and meaning of the 72 Names of God. This Special Edition comprises a copy of the publication presented in a silkscreened cloth-covered slipcase.

Gold Struck A Life Shaped by Jewellery 978-0-956873-84-2 HB £50.00

Consider Listening To Your Soul (p. 136). If I sampled twenty people and asked them if this image was masculine or feminine, I think most would say feminine. The soul, or anima, is also feminine. It’s our source, the still point around which a lifetime of activity spins. Isn’t that implied here? I see that white dot in the center as a kind of source, and swirling out of it is Creation. The soul expands into the world exactly like that. I also think that most people could see the outline of a chambered nautilus in this image, if it were suggested to them.

Night Orchids 978-0-993316-10-4 HB £45.00

Gerhard Richter

Night Sketches

H E N I P U B L I S H I N G , L O N D O N 2 0 11

25.05.11 14:43

Night Sketches 978-0-956404-15-2 HB £25.00

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Robert Storr Interviews 978-0-993010-35-4 PB £30.00

Sabine Moritz Lilies 978-0-956404-16-9 PB £38.00

Sabine Moritz Roses 978-0-956404-12-1 PB £38.00

Sea King 978-0-993010-38-5 PB £20.00

September IT: 978-0-956404-13-8 ES: 978-0-956404-14-5 PB £15.00

Street Art Book Art 978-0-956873-86-6 PB £10.00

Street Art Fine Art 978-0-956404-19-0 HB £49.99

Street Art, Fine Art 978-0-956873-85-9 PB £20.00

Dare Gale Press

Poems of Love and War 978-0-993331-10-7 PB £9.99

Poems of Two Wars 978-0-993331-11-4 PB £12.99

Edizione Osiride

The Guardians of Silence 978-8-874982-34-9 HB £20.00

Decoding the Front 978-9-082252-11-8 PB £12.99


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A British Eyewitness at the Battle of New Orleans 978-0-917860-50-8 PB £12.99

Charting Louisiana: 500 Years of Maps 978-0-917860-47-8 HB £80.00

A Closer Look 978-0-917860-52-2 HB £12.99

A Company Man 978-0-917860-69-0 PB £20.00

Complimentary Visions of Louisiana Art 978-0-917860-40-9 HB £18.99

Creole World: Photographs 978-0-917860-66-9 HB £30.00

Drawn To Life 978- 0-917860-58-4 PB £12.99

Encyclopedia of New Orleans Artists 978-0-917860-23-2 HB £24.99

Ernie K-Doe: The R&B Emperor 978-0-917860-64-5 HB £24.99

A Fine Body of Men 978-0-917860-67-6 PB £20.00

From Louis XIV to Louis Armstrong 978-2-85056770-4 HB £24.99

Furnishing Louisiana 978-0-917860-56-0 HB £70.00

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George L. Viavant Artist of the Hunt 978-0-917860-48-5 HB £20.00

A Guide to the Papers of Pierre Clément Laussat 978-0-917860-33-1 PB £14.99

In Search of Julien Hudson 978-0-917860-57-7 HB £24.99

In The Spirit 978-0-917860-54-6 PB £16.99

Jazz Scrapbook 978-0-917860-41-6 PB £6.99

Josephine Crawford An Artist’s Vision 978-0-917860-53-9 HB £20.00

The Katrina Decade 978-0-917860-68-3 HB £25.00

Nelly Custis Lewis’s Housekeeping Book 978-0-917860-09-6 HB £8.99

Perique 978-0-917860-62-1 PB £18.99

Unfinished Blues 978-0-917860-55-3 HB £18.99

Vaudechamp in New Orleans 978-0-917860-51-5 HB £16.99

Vicksburg: Southern City Under Seige 978-0-917860-12-6 PB £6.99


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A Company Man 978-0-917860-69-0 PB £20.00

Garden Legacy 978-0-917860-72-0 HB £30.00

A Life in Jazz 978-0-917860-71-3 HB £25.00

Brussels Art Nouveau 978-1-910065-47-1 PB/F £25.00

Art, Animals and Politics: Knowsley and the Earls of Derby 978-1-910065-82-2 HB £60.00


J e w e l l e ry S t o r i e S f r o m t h e S a l e r o o m S a r a h h u e - W i l l i a M S & r ay M o n d S a n C r o F T- B a K e r 2


Hidden Gems 978-1-910065-99-0 HB £35.00





The social, architectural and landscape history of a great English country house


Christine Hiskey

The Engravings of Charles and George Hunt 978-1-910065-97-6 HB £60.00


Another Figure in the Landscape 978-1-910065-23-5 PB/F £30.00

Holkham 978-1-910065-98-3 HB £60.00

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