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Front cover: Christ Church, Newgate Street, after its destruction in December 1940 (detail), John Piper, from The Art of John Piper Back cover: Studio and the Landscape, Konstantin Maksimov (detail), from Masterpieces of Soviet Painting and Sculpture Catalogue design by Felicity Price-Smith

We at Unicorn Publishing Group are proud to present our Spring 2016 catalogue, which includes over twenty new titles we will publish between January and June, as well as showing our complete backlist of almost one hundred titles. We now consist of four imprints and our own client publisher marketing arm: Unicorn Press (visual arts and cultural history), Uniform Press (military history), Universe Press (biography and trade), Unity Press (mediation and academic) and Unicorn Press Sales and Distribution. Among this season’s highlights are a major new biography, The Art of John Piper by David Jenkins; Lord Baker writing On the Burning of Books; How Flames Fail to Destroy the Written Word; a major new contribution to our understanding of Soviet Art, Masterpieces of Soviet Art and Sculpture and Johnny Fenn’s photographic perspective of life in Nepal a year after the devastating earthquake in 2015, Light and Life in Middle Hills. In addition Unicorn Press Sales and Distribution are offering over thirty new titles from our client publishers: the Imperial War Museum, Heni, Mosaic Rooms and the Historic New Orleans Collection. These range from books on Iraq, a cult biography on the hedonistic gallery owner Robert Fraser, Groovy Bob; American airmen in the Second World War, Somewhere in England; and a book to celebrate the major art installation of poppies at the Tower of London in 2014, The Poppies, which are now part of a travelling exhibition around the UK. We hope you enjoy these and our other latest offerings from the Unicorn Publishing Group. Lord Strathcarron Chairman


Hardback 512 pp 290 x 238 mm BIC Code: A, BGF 300+ colour images 978-1-910787-05-2 June 2016 £40.00

The Art of John Piper David Fraser Jenkins and Hugh Fowler-Wright Foreword by Luke Piper

Published to coincide with a major exhibition at the Portland Gallery in June 2016, this book is the first published survey of the whole of John Piper’s art throughout his long life; it includes not just his painting and printmaking but also his stained glass and opera designs. It was begun in collaboration with the artist and his wife Myfanwy and benefits from unprecedented access to the family archive and a foreword by Piper’s grandson, Luke Piper.

The Art of John Piper

Landscapes in France and Italy: 1955–63

Chapter Five made from one of these paintings for exhibition. In both summers of 1958 and 1959 John and Myfanwy and three or four of their children had again made a relentless tour of places in south-western France in the Citroën. These tours were Piper’s major replenishment of visual material. He went elsewhere in England and Wales, and in both years went to Venice in the spring as a special trip with a particular agenda; but the four weeks of driving in France fed Piper’s eyes like food given to a hungry gourmet. Arriving somewhere he would begin a search for visual subjects, typically a Romanesque tympanum or some remarkable cliffs or rocks, or a At firststained during glass. the war thesuccession art dealers’ particular piece of modern The ofgalleries places in London were mostly closed, although a few re-opened in the summer listed by Clarissa, who was with them in 1958 and kept a diaryofof1942 and then traded rather infrequently. a result Piper had tosuggests dependthis on commissions locations where theyAs stayed or just visited, rush for new for selling new pictures, and for much of Noyon, this timeAveyron, only a single private patron,Béziers Sir Osbert Sitwell, bought his work regularly. impressions: Chartres, Rodez, Narbonne, Piper had become well knownthe forCanal his paintings of the destruction of Coventry (drawing sunflowers), Agde, Sète, Aigues-Mortes, du Cathedral, but his fame came at theCollioure, expense of his temporarily losing command of his Midi, Perpignan, Estagel, St Michel de Courcay, Céret, own direction. Although there was increased interest in new art, perhaps because the Elne, Serrabone, Carcassonne, Cordes, Albi, Castres, Larroque, museums wereLa empty of treasuresMontpellier but showing modern exhibitions, he became locked Najac, Minerve, Lodève, Le Caylar, Couvertoirade, a notion of Polisot-sur-Seine, what was expectedHem of him, le Vieux, the Gorges into du Tarn, Vichy, (forand relied on those who commissioned himback to tell what The National glass by Manessier) and tohim Calais. Into thedo. summer of 1959Gallery they displayed both the work of the war artists and the ‘Recording Britain’ pictures continually from 1940 to 1945, in changing made a similar tour to Provence, meeting a friend, Georges Gruber, arrangements (5.1).and These were popular,but and Piper’s work there was usually regarded the widow of the artist Francis Gruber, André Masson, as outstanding. happening to miss appointments with the abstract artist Pierre Tal The know) early 1940s wasCalders. a difficult period for him because much of his profuse output Coat (whom Piper did not and the depended the events of the war, and this cast him as a representative of the Home Most of the oils exhibited in on November 1959 were abstract Front in France, such a way the seen emotional landscapes of south-western or ofthat places on thecore way,of his work – always essential for him – also a given, and not(8.16), something he had created himself. Piper is sometimes such as the west frontwas of Chartres Cathedral whichthat Piper remembered as a war artist, and at it has visited regularly on the drives out.primarily This example looks full face the often been considered that his work the 1940s his best, especially his drawings of Windsor Castle and of the Sitwells’ cathedral, making it of appear to be was a single flat plane, interchangeable Hall, and his post-war paintings Snowdonia. But these gloomy and with the light-brownRenishaw ground that encroaches everywhere. Piperofhad near-monochrome pictures were made at a period that for him was ‘In Parenthesis’ taken a photograph of the same view, and probably had it beside (as David hadand called of the First World War). Piper’s output has him while painting. There is noJones colour, the the onlyperiod part shown come to reflect situation in Britain through his century, and his war with a stone-coloured surface is the remarkably rectangular the block that contains work has become a visual indicator of the of the long slog of 1939–45. the stained glass, the large rose and three arched windows. Theexperience rest He certainlyand feltthe then thatisheseen should of the façade all but disappears, focus to betake on up themore or less any request for work on the colours groundsofthat was when his duty, and he provided characteristically dusky theitglass seen from outside, a quantity of illustrations and book covers, talks, and wrote of often for periodicals. The diffusion of what he did is foretelling the excitement ofand the gave interior. The absence bright andby it depended on the assistance of his wife in dealing not colour, though it hadastonishing, been declining degrees incompletely Piper’s painting just the correspondence and making throughout the 1950s, is with startling, its place taken by stone. But the whole enterprise more enjoyable, but in her intellectual to was anything that was But his starry reputation, Piper was Venice bycontribution then, and this effectively a written. Detail of fig 5.18 Renishaw: Triumphal Arch, already painting 8.16 Chartres Cathedral, 19XX. Oil on canvas, 122 × 58.4 cm. November Morning and had the favoured support given This to him (andfor to Graham Sutherland) by Sir21Kenneth Whereabouts [Christie’s, November 1995, lot 56] preview of a change that taken place elsewhere. search

Neo-Romanticism 1941 – 1945




8.17 Albi No. 1, 19XX. Oil on canvas, 24.1 × 50.2 cm. Whereabouts [Richard Green, 2010]

8.18 Nailsworth Mill, 1958. Mural at Morley College, London





Hardback 256 pp 245 x 165 mm BIC Code: G, HB, JFMD, JPVH2 60+ colour images 978-1-910787-11-3 February 2016 £25.00

On the Burning of Books How Flames Fail to Destroy the Written Word Kenneth Baker In this revealingly illustrated book, the political sage Lord Baker records the many times throughout history when books have been burnt for political, religious, or personal reasons. Ranging politically from Ancient China to the Nazis, from Animal Farm to Chairman Mao; religiously, from the Spanish destruction of the Aztec civilisation to Bloody Mary, from Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses to bibles in Islamist strongholds today; personally, from Samuel Pepys burning an erotic novel and Lord Byron’s memoirs to Dickens’s letters, Hardy’s poems, Burton’s translations, and Philip Larkin’s diaries. Alongside these telling examples are chapters on burning in war, accidental burning, and lucky escapes. Baker reveals that while books, diaries and letters can be burnt, as a result of the invention of the printing press in the sixteenth century, very rarely can their content be expunged from the written record in history – the ‘delete’ button does not delete. Book burning today survives as a symbol, usually by desperate regimes, dictators and religious fanatics to impress the naive, warn the dissenter and rally the faithful.





Paperback with flaps 128 pp 279 x 216 mm BIC Code: A, ACBN, AGB 150+ colour images 978-1-910787-00-7 February 2016 ÂŁ20.00

George Smart, The Tailor of Frant Artist in Cloth and Velvet Figures Jonathan Christie George Smart was born in 1774 and died a pauper in Frant, Sussex in 1846. During these years he served as a soldier, worked as a tailor, got married and raised a daughter. He also created unique artworks that are recognised as hugely important within the idiom of English Folk Art; yet there are no books dedicated to his life and work. In the summer of 2014 twenty-one of his works were featured in the Folk Art exhibition at Tate Britain, London, alongside those of other artists such as the Cornish painter Alfred Wallis and the embroiderer Mary Linwood. This unprecedented exposure to a global audience sparked a huge interest in this imaginative and entrepreneurial artist.

Jonathan Christie pieces together the fragments of this charming, eccentric and elusive artist’s life, gathering together the scraps of information that exist on him, along with an unprecedented amount of examples of his work.



Masterpieces of Soviet Painting and Sculpture Ivan Lindsay and Rena Lavery Hardback │ 384 pp │ 300 x 250 mm BIC Code: A, ACXD, ACXJ │ 300+ colour images 978-1-910787-01-4 │ January 2016 │ £60.00

This book examines Russian painting and sculpture created during the Soviet Period of 1917-1991. Artistic movements such as Soviet Realism, Russian Impressionism and the post-war Severe Style, as well as conditions under which Soviet artists worked, are explored and explained. The book is handsomely illustrated with artworks drawn from Russian museums and private collections. Although artists had to conform to a template laid down by the Soviet state there was sufficient ambiguity for the most talented artist to create remarkably original bodies of work. Many of these painters and sculptors are little known in the West and this book will introduce them to a wider audience. The leading art dealers Rena Lavery and Ivan Lindsay have produced this book. It is edited by the Soviet art historian Katia Kapushesky, and written by the senior curators in the Russian museums, including Liudmila Martz and Natalya Alexandrovna at the State Tretyakov Gallery and Elena Vasilevskaya at the Russian Museum. It is published under the patronage of Art Russe, the vehicle of the philanthropist Andrei Filatov, which aims to encourage cultural exchange between Russia and the West.


Beyond the Boundaries of Socialist Realism The Path of National Traditions in the Soviet Art of the Twentieth Century


Natalia Alexandrova and Olga Polyanskaya Hardback with slipcase │ 396 pp │ 310 x 270 mm BIC Code: A, ACXD, ACXJ │ 200+ colour images 978-1-910065-81-5 │ November 2015 │ £125.00

This beautiful book brings together an extensive collection of over 200 works by artists from Azerbaijan and Russia who lived and worked during the second half of the 20th century. It features an in-depth study of the subject as a whole, followed by paintings and drawings by more than 50 artists plus a biography and analysis of their works.

Stamp Collections These commemorative stamp sheets were produced to accompany major exhibitions and feature artworks from the Art Russe collection alongside Royal Mail first class stamps. They are available from

Legacy of World War II in Russian Art £40.00

The Tower of London Exhibition £30.00

The Banqueting House Exhibition £30.00

War and Peace Collection of 20th Century Russian and Soviet Art £40.00





Flexiback 128 pp 267 x 207 mm BIC Code: A, ACBN, AGB c. 80 images 978-1-910787-04-5 April 2016 £30.00

Trophies of Experience Alexander de Cadenet Edward Lucie-Smith

Trophies of Experience is the first comprehensive retrospective of Alexander de Cadenet’s twenty-five years of art practice, spanning photography, painting and sculpture. His works are both profound and humorous, as if directed by a mischievous jester spirit. We see how his art combines inquiries into the big philosophical questions of life, death and the enigma of art itself with an idiosyncratic, ‘post-pop’ aesthetic. Alexander de Cadenet was born in 1974 in London, where he currently continues to live and work. He was educated at Harrow School and the Courtauld Institute of Art. He is a published poet and his artworks are exhibited and collected internationally. Written by the renowned art historian Edward Lucie-Smith, the book provides insights into the mysterious works of de Cadenet.



Hardback Quarterbound 160 pp 246 x 202 mm BIC Code: A, AB, BGF c. 100 images 978-1-910787-07-6 June 2016 £35.00

Rodolphe Brèsdin The Incorrigible Bohemian Trevor Dance

The book is the first published English language monograph of the distinguished French artist, Rodolphe Brèsdin. It contains a rigorous re-appraisal of the artist’s work, and new insights regarding his biography. Brèsdin’s subtle artistry was appreciated in his lifetime by talented writers such as Théodore de Banville, Victor Hugo and Charles Baudelaire, fellow members of the Paris bohemia. He was the mentor of Odilon Redon, who signed his work, ‘pupil of Brèsdin’. Redon was a lifelong advocate of the imaginative genius of his teacher. Brèsdin’s life story is stranger and even more compelling than those of Gauguin and Van Gogh: penniless throughout his life, a country boy uneasy in the Paris boheme, an epic journey to Southern France, then later, at the age of fifty, with a wife and six children he disastrously voyaged to Canada. They were rescued by Hugo and the bohemians, followed, however, by marital break-up and his death in a garret room. His work has sometimes been judged on his two most famous pictures, ‘The Good Samaritan’ and ‘The Comedy of Death’, however all Brèsdin’s oeuvre is fired by a fine sensitivity, sagaciously depicting the natural world in a manner ranging from the delightfully sinister to a rampant elemental ferocity.


Making Waves The 200 Year History of the Royal Yacht Squadron


Alex Martin Hardback │ 288 pp │ 305 x 280 mm BIC Code: WSS3, WSS 100+ historical images as well as contemporary bicentenary photographs 978-1-910065-68-6 │ March 2016 │ £40.00

Founded in 1815, the Royal Yacht Squadron (RYS) is widely regarded as the most prestigious yacht club in the world. Its clubhouse, Cowes Castle on the Isle of Wight was built by Henry VIII in 1539. It overlooks the waters of the Solent and the start line of many celebrated yacht races. In 2015, the Royal Yacht Squadron celebrated its bicentenary. The anniversary book, Making Waves: The 200 Year History of the Royal Yacht Squadron, by the historian Alex Martin and with a foreword by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, is being published in early 2016 to mark this celebration. ck rba ape P in New

“Rosenthal has done his subject proud. This rich and stimulating book is a fitting tribute to an artist of considerable complexity” Andrew Lambirth, The Spectator.

L.S. Lowry The Art and The Artist T. G. Rosenthal Paperback with flaps │ 320 pp │ 300 x 250 mm BIC Code: A,AGB images │ 100+ colour images 978-1-910065-41-9 │ Already available │ £25.00


John Hoyland Scatter the Devils


Andrew Lambirth Hardback │ 288 pp │ 280 x 240 mm BIC Code: A,AGB │ 100+ colour images 978-1-906509-07-1 │ Already available │ £40.00

Back in print to coincide with a ‘knock-out’ exhibition at Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery of his work, Andrew Lambirth’s critically acclaimed monograph on John Hoyland (1934-2011) celebrates the work of an artist who ‘stretches our imaginations to capacity’. With over 150 colour illustrations plus drawings from his sketchbooks and notes on his friends and influences, this book whilst concentrating mainly on Hoyland’s later work, provides a great introduction to the work of one of our major artists. The John Hoyland exhibition at Newport Street Gallery, London, runs until 3 April 2016.

Lettering From Formal to Informal Rosemary Sassoon Paperback with flaps │ 112 pp │ 250 x 190 mm BIC Code: AKD, WFU │ 200+ images 978-1-910065-96-9 │ March 2016 │ £15.00

Lettering from formal to informal explores the development of lettering from the early twentieth century up to the present, by one of the foremost names in lettering and typography. The book charts Rosemary Sassoon’s journey from her early formal training in letterforms to the lively and imaginative work she does with students today. The book is filled with images of different types of lettering – from Edward Johnston’s notes and Rosemary’s own work through to the creative work her pupils have produced in recent years. 13

New ‘In Arcadia’ Titles New

The Year in the Countryside Frances Pitt Paperback with flaps │ 160 pp │ 193 x 140 mm BIC Code: WZG, WSXF, WSX, WGM 40+ scraperboard illustrations 978-1-910787-12-0│ March 2016 │ £11.99

The author’s knowledge of nature in Britain is deep and exact, based upon years of observation and distinguished by an intuitive understanding of what she sees. In this latest collection of her work she shares her discoveries and enthusiasms with us, and as the seasons pass we see our countryside, green and lovely, full of life and interest, through the eyes of an expert who loves what she sees, and who is rich in memories of other years.

Fishing and Flying Terence Horsley Paperback with flaps │ 160 pp │ 193 x 140 mm BIC Code: WZG, WND, WNC, WN 40+ wood engravings 978-1-910787-13-7 │ March 2016 │ £11.99

Combining wonderful writing of the countryside with beautiful illustrations, the author writes of his two loves – the air and its freedom, and the countryside with its quiet rivers and lochs. As a pilot, he flies from the remote highlands of Scotland to the quiet creeks of Cornwall, packing into the gun wells of the fighter, his fishing-rod and a box of flies.


Going Fishing Negly Farson Paperback with flaps │ 160 pp │ 193 x 140 mm BIC Code: WSXF, WZG, WNGF 40+ wood engravings 978-1-910787-10-6 │ March 2016 │ £11.99


This book is considered one of the classics of fishing literature and is as much an autobiography as it is a book on fishing. The author recounts his experiences of river fishing whilst travelling the world, with chapters on Pacific Salmon, the Shetland Islands, Uxbridge, Moscow and the Danube, erupting volcanoes in Chile, rural and urban life in England, France and Norway.

Already available in the In Arcadia series:

I - In the Heart of the Country H.E. Bates 978-1906509-83-5 £12.99

II - The Happy Countryman H.E. Bates 978-1906509-82-8 £12.99

III - Canals, Barges and People John O’Connor

978-19100-65-25-9 £10.99

V - English VI - The Natural VII - The Country Houses History of Selborne Angler’s Guide Vita Sackville-West Gilbert White T.F. Salter 978-1910065-11-2 £10.99

978-1-910065-56-3 £12.99

978-1-910065-46-4 £10.99

IV - Birds of the Hedgerow, Field and Woodland Raphael Nelson 978-1910065-24-2 £12.99

VIII - Legends of the Flowers Janet Hepworth 978-1-910065-83-9 £10.99


The Tuareg Kel Tamasheq, the People Who Speak Tamasheq, and a History of the Sahara


Henrietta Butler

Paperback with flaps │ 208 pp │ 207 x 210 mm │ BIC Code: HB, 2CXB, AJ 60+ images in colour, archive documents, maps, drawings. 978-1-906509-30-9 │ Already available │ £30.00

Romanticised by nineteenth-century explorers as mysterious ‘people of the veil’, but with a reputation too as fearsome warriors, the Tuareg have been guardians of the Sahara for over a thousand years. Their story, often misunderstood and misrepresented, is described here with authority and sympathy. The accompanying photographs capture the grandeur of the Sahara and its elegant and resourceful people.

swimming with

Dali And other encounters

with artists edwin mullins

Swimming with Dali and Other Encounters with Artists Edwin Mullins Paperback with flaps │ 192 pp │ 245 x 170 mm BIC Code: A, AGB │ c.75 images 978-1-910787-14-4 │ March 2016 │ £14.99

Edwin Mullins, former Sunday Telegraph art critic and television presenter, recounts his meetings with some of the biggest names in 20th century art, including Salvador Dali, Henry Moore, John Piper and L.S. Lowry.

Time Traveller Artist Man RUN (Giacomo Bufarini) Hardback, quarterbound │ 200 pp │ 254 x 190 mm BIC Code: A, AFJG │ 100+ colour images 978-1-910065-69-3 │ March 2016 │ £30.00

This book explores the true identity of the artist known for 15 years by his tag RUN. Moving between journal, sketchbook, studio, street, the great outdoors and the gallery it follows his progress from graffiti artist to international mural artist and beyond. 16


Paperback with flaps 144 pp 238 x 195 mm BIC Code: HBW, WFB, WFBS Colour photos 978-1-910500-33-0 March 2016 £18.99

Knitskreig! A Call To Yarns A History of Military Knitting Joyce Meader Throughout warfare man has relied on knitted comforts and this book looks at many of these across three centuries. From the nineteenth century battles at Crimea, Waterloo and the American Civil War through to the twentieth century including the First World War, Second World War, Malaya, Korea and the Falklands, finishing with the modern soldier’s requirement in the twenty-first century. Learn what soldiers wore, why they wore it and who made it for them. A fascinating insight into what comforts soldiers wanted from the standard issue and essentials from home such as socks and vests to the more bizarre such as woven splints and smoking caps, complete with expert instructions; ‘directions for knitting two socks at once’. This book also looks at the types of knitwear produced by the many nations at war over the years, including Great Britain, USA, France, Germany and Australia, where during World War I Australian women produced over one million socks. Joyce Meader is an expert on historic knits, providing advice and reproduction clothing for re-enactment events, TV and film and supplying some of our national museums. She also spends time presenting talks and demonstrations around the country. 17


Kitchener Wants You! The Famous Great War Poster and its Legacy Martyn Thatcher and Anthony Quinn Hardback │ 120 pp │ 198 x 129 mm BIC Code: HBWN, JPVN, JFCA │Colour & B&W photos 978-1-910500-36-1 │ June 2016 │ £10.99

The words ‘Britons Wants You’ and ‘Your Country Needs You’ are echoes from the First World War – a time very different from today but synonymous with one man and one (or rather several) printed images. This book explores that world through a remarkable poster whose words and image have influenced millions of people across the globe. Well researched and presented with new and interesting facts about the ‘Kitchener’ poster, the book goes on to explore why this poster, among hundreds of others, has survived as such a cultural and design icon. One hundred years from Lord Kitchener’s death aboard HMS Hampshire on 5 June 1916, the book shows how the great man is remembered from the image on the poster rather than from what he really looked like and how, like Chinese whispers, facts change over the years. The book includes a foreword by Lady Kenya Tatton Brown, great-niece of Lord Kitchener.



Light and Life in the Middle Hills A Photographer’s Perspective of Life in Nepal


Johnny Fenn Foreword by Joanna Lumley Johnny Fenn

Paperback with flaps │128 pp │ 280 x 238 mm BIC Code: AJ, WT, JWTR, 1FKN │ images in colour 978-1-910500-42-2 │ April 2016 │ £25.00

A year after the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal, former Gurkha Officer turned professional photographer, Johnny Fenn, shares his journey with the Nepalese people. This book documents the land, the lives and experiences of the inhabitants through the lens. Johnny has been visiting Nepal as a Gurkha officer for 15 years, including two years living in Pokhara as the Field Director of the Gurkha Welfare Trust. The photographs here capture the beauty of Nepal and its people; reflecting the hardship of many, including former Gurkhas, and portrays the days immediately after the 25 April 2015 earthquake in the epicentre villages.


The Riddle

Maldwin Drummond New

Paperback with flaps 296 pp 235 x 172 mm BIC Code: HBWN B&W illustrations 978-1-910500-39-2 2016 £25.00

This is the definitive study of the background to the writing of The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers, the best known tale of yachting fiction in the English language. Drummond explores the book’s main two themes – the problems and ways of the Victorian small boat sailor and the politics and defence issues prior to the First World War.

The Women’s Land Army Vita Sackville-West Hardback, quarterbound 172 pp 193 x 140 mm BIC Code: HBW, HBWQ 30 duotone images 978-1-910500-18-7 January 2016 £14.99

Written by Vita Sackville-West and published under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, The Women’s Land Army provides a comprehensive history of this important branch of women’s war work, from its inception in September 1939 until 1944. It is copiously illustrated with photographs depicting land-girls in nearly every branch of the work they undertake. The text aims to give a ‘human’ picture of the landgirl’s life, alongside official statistics and tables of reference. Following on from the success of The Hurricane Story by Paul Gallico, this is the second in the series of military reissues by great literary figures. 20

Uniform Legends This new series of paperbacks brings to life for a new audience exciting, forgotten and rarely seen titles, commemorating some of the legendary figures and events in military history.

Eagle Day Richard Collier 978-1910500-25-5 £16.99

Soldier and Dramatist Harold Chapin 978-1910500-45-3 £13.99

German Submarine Warfare

Wesley Frost 978-1910500-24-8 £13.99

Summer of No Surrender Richard Townshend Bickers 978-1910500-28-6 £12.99

Ginger Lacey Richard Townshend Bickers 978-1910500-27-9 £12.99

Via Ypres Allan Jobson 978-1910500-21-7 £13.99


In the Line Georg Bucher 978-1910500-23-1 £14.99

Whizzbangs and Woodbines Rev JCV Durell 978-1910500-22-4 £12.99


Innocence Slaughtered Gas and the Transformation of Warfare and Society New

Edited by

Jean Pascal Zanders

Paperback with flaps │ 272 pp │ 234 x 176 mm BIC Code: HBWN, JW, JWMC │ Colour maps and B&W photos 978-1-910500-41-5 │ January 2016 │ £28.00

The introduction of chemical warfare to the battlefield on 22 April 1915 changed the face of total warfare. Not only did it bring science to combat, it was both the product of societal transformation and a shaper of the twentieth century societies. This collaborative work investigates the unfolding catastrophe that the unleashing of chlorine against the Allied positions meant for individual soldiers and civilians. It describes the hesitation on the German side about the effectiveness, and hence impact on combat operations of the weapon whilst reflecting on the lack of Allied response to the many intelligence pointers that something significant was afoot.


Universe Press

The Hoarse Oaths of Fife Chris Moore Paperback │ 224 pp │ 216 x 138 mm BIC Code: FJM 3JJF 978-1-910500-30-9 │ September 2015 │ £10.99

The Hoarse Oaths of Fife re-fights in novel form the Battle of Loos, 25 September, 1915, surpassed by far every previous slaughter of Scottish fighting men. The flower of Scotland’s infantry did reach their objective, but they lost direction and ended up like all the rest, heaped in dead mounds. At the northernmost point of the British line, the Fourth Black Watch stormed across No Man’s Land with the Punjabi Muslims of the Vaughan’s Rifles behind them. Their share of glory was a private massacre all to themselves, a fate brought to life in tragic detail through the experience of Kenny Roberts, Great War veteran, who through his profane reverence for his native soil is destined to become a clarion voice in Scottish fiction. 22

Imperial War Museum Titles UP


Sales & Distribution

Firing on Fortress Europe HMS Belfast at D-Day Nick Hewitt Paperback │ 120 pp │ 260 x 220 mm BIC Code: HB, HBWQ, JWF │ 150+ images 978-1-904897-57-6 │ April 2016 │ £12.99

On 6 June 1944 HMS Belfast supported troops in action on the beaches of Normandy in the campaign to liberate Europe from Nazi Germany. Firing on Fortress Europe recounts this extraordinary story, not only focusing on the dramatic events of 6 June but also setting the context of the ship’s history in the Arctic Convoy Service and Battle of North Cape. Using first-hand accounts from IWM’s rich collection of oral testimonies, diaries, and memoirs along with over 200 colour photographs, Firing on Fortress Europe brings to life her leading role in the largest invasion operation in history.

Somewhere in England American Airmen in the Second World War Emily Charles, Jenny Cousins, Lucy May Maxwell and Carl Warner Paperback │ 160 pp │ 260 x 220 mm BIC Code: HBWQ, AJ, JWG │ 75 images 978-1-904897-54-5 │ February 2016 │ £15.00

The Roger Freeman Collection comprises of more than 15,000 photographs of the US Army Air Forces in Britain during World War II. At its peak strength in 1944, USAAF employed 450,000 Americans in Britain, and their impact was particularly felt in the East of England. This book features some of the best images from this stunning collection, introducing the fighter pilots and bomber crews, the navigators and gunners, as well as the ground crew who ensured the aircraft kept flying. It provides a unique and fresh insight into the men and women whose hard work and bravery helped to defend Britain during the Second World War. 23


Sales & Distribution


The Poppies Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Hardback │ 80 pp │ 195 x 150 mm BIC Code: HBW, WZG, AJ │ 60+ colour images 978-1-904897-51-4 │ April 2016 │ £8.99

The major art installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London marked one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. Created by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, 888,246 ceramic poppies progressively filled the Tower’s famous moat between 17 July and 11 November 2014, each poppy representing a British military fatality during the war. A smaller, reduced version of the installation is now touring round the UK. The scale of the installation was intended to reflect the magnitude of such an important centenary and create a powerful visual commemoration. Featuring forewords by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper and stunning photography of the installation, The Poppies at the Tower is the only official publication to mark this landmark event.

The Somme A Visual History Anthony Richards Paperback │ 160 pp │ 260 x 220 mm BIC Code: A, AB, ABA │ colour images throughout 978-1-904897-52-1 │ May 2016 │ £15.00

Between 1 July and 18 November 1916 Britain’s new volunteer army took the leading role in a battle on the Western Front for the first time. The Somme offensive was intended to achieve a decisive victory for the British and French Allies over the Germans, yet the Allies failed to achieve all of their objectives and the war was to continue for another two years. This book tells this story through the unique collections of IWM. Using artefacts, medals, documents, interviews, film, art, and photographs, it reconstructs not only the history of the famous battle, but provides an intimate insight into the experiences of those who were there. 24

Weird War One Paperback │ 160 pp │ 180 x 180 mm BIC Code: HBWN, HBG, WZG │ 250+ images 978-1-904897-84-2 │ Nov 2015 │ £12.99



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Peter Taylor with Phil Dutton

Welcome to Weird War One, a catalogue of the weird, the wonderful and the downright eccentric, from deep within IWM’s First World War archives. From bizarre propaganda posters to eccentric spies, from pigeon parachutes to the ventriloquist’s dummy that saved his master’s life, from tickle sticks to fly swats, this is proof that, as ever, the truth is stranger than fiction.

In Their Own Words Anthony Richards Paperback │ 176 pp │ 198 x 130 mm BIC Code: HBWN, BJ, WZG │ 11 B&W images 978-1-9104897-53-8 │ June 2016 │ £15.00

World War I was the defining event of the last century, claiming the lives of over 16 million people globally with no nation in Europe left untouched. Yet it was the ordinary men and women who were affected the most. This gripping and poignant collection of stories recalls the war from the perspective of those who were there, using letters, diaries and memoirs from IWM’s unparalleled archives.

Explore! A Kids Guide to IWM London Paperback │ 32 pp │ 168 x 210 mm BIC Code: HB, HBW, YNJ │ 80 colour images 978-1-904897-56-9 │ Already available │ £4.00

Explore! A Kid’s Guide to IWM London is packed with fun facts and activities to keep families entertained both during and after a visit. Featuring colouring, quizzes and stickers, as well as comic strips depicting real stories, the guidebook picks out some of the most family friendly content to see in each gallery and includes tips for adults on how to talk to children about war and questions to prompt conversations among families. Aimed at seven - eleven year old’s but suitable for a wide age range. 25


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Groovy Bob The Life and Times of Robert Fraser Harriet Vyner Paperback │ 350 pp │ 216 x 135 mm BIC Code: BGF │ 30 images colour and B&W 978-0-993010-39-2 │ February 2016 │ £10.00

Acclaimed on first publication, Harriet Vyner’s Groovy Bob is the cult biography of hedonistic gallery owner Robert Fraser and a dazzling evocation of 1960s culture and counter-culture, told through the voices of those who knew him best. Taste-maker, heroin addict and promiscuous homosexual, Fraser astonished London with the artists he introduced, including Andy Warhol, Peter Blake and Jean-Michel Basquiat. This republication features a new afterword by the author and colour plates including works from the major exhibition A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense: A Portrait of Robert Fraser, curated by Vyner and Brian Clarke at Pace London, 2015.

Night Orchids Brian Clarke Hardback │ 450 pp │ 350 x 270 mm BIC Code: AGB │ 200 colour images 978-0-993316-10-4 │ February 2016 │ £45.00

Most nights between about seven pm and midnight Brian Clarke draws and paints on paper at his home in West London, larger scale works being made in the studio in Park Royal. The subjects of these works change over time but are made obsessively over periods that usually last about two to three years. Between December 2013 and August 2015 the subject has been night orchids. These drawings and paintings vary from delicate white line drawings on black card to stained glass. They are coloured paintings of startling variety. The urge that drives these nights is curiosity. As in his explorations with Fleur de Lys, Spitfires, The Cross etc., this varied iconography – in this instance, Night Orchids – generates an apparently endless sequence of questions ‘about the nature of beauty and the void in which it flourishes’. 26



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Robert Storr Interviews Robert Storr Paperback │ 400 pp │ 260 x 210 mm BIC Code: ABA, ACXJ │ 150 images colour and B&W 978-0-993010-35-4 │ February 2016 │ £30.00

Interviews collates the major body of interviews conducted by the revered American critic and curator Robert Storr, encompassing engaging discussions with some of the most renowned names in the art world over the last two centuries. The book features nearly thirty illustrated interviews with artists and curators, including Gerhard Richter, Alex Katz, Richard Serra, Gabriel Orozco, Catherine David and Mike Kelley. The introduction by art historian and curator Francesca Pietropaolo precedes a conversation between herself and Storr in which they dissect the interview as a medium: discussing the ethics involved, the notion of technique and approach, alongside the limitations and difficulties of the process.

Street Art Book Art Ingrid Beazley Paperback │ 156 pp │ 297 x 272 mm BIC Code: AF, AFJG │ 203 colour images 978-0-956873-86-6 │ February 2016 │ £10.00

Street Art Book Art follows on from 2014’s acclaimed Street Art, Fine Art – a collection of classic works of fine art reinterpreted by some of today’s most cutting-edge street artists. Author Ingrid Beazley commissioned 15 of those artists to produce a series of unique designs on copies of the book with blank covers. Some artists subverted the medium as a space to blend illustratively their style within the conventions of book design, some utilised the uniform shape to create a series of five parallel works, whilst others approached the book as any other blank canvas presented to them on the street. Street Art Book Art catalogues in full the exhibition of these works in June 2015, and serves as unique document of a diverse and fascinating series of approaches to a single blank space.


Sea King


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Sabine Moritz Paperback │ 88 pp │ 207 x 280 mm BIC Code: AGB │ 41 colour images 978-0-993010-38-5 │ February 2016 │ £20.00

Sea King is published in conjunction with the book launch of German artist Sabine Moritz’s Helicopter at Serpentine Galleries and as a catalogue to a companion exhibition of the Sea King series. Originally derived from a simple black and white sketch, reproduced and painted over, the series comprises 41 individual works focussing on the global presence of the Sea King anti-submarine warfare helicopter, giving the series its name. Previously explored in Heni Publishing’s title Helicopter, Moritz’s fascination with these aircraft has arisen from an awareness of a shift in the symbolic meaning of air travel since 9/11. Her highly evocative paintings and drawings are interpretations of images from newspapers and television that range from objective depictions to more poetic compositions. Sea King features a foreword by Joe Hage, friend of the artist.

The Irina Stolyarova Collection

Flying in the Wake of Light Irina Stolyarova E. Bowlt

Essay by John

Hardback, cloth bound │ 156 pp │ 300 x 300 mm BIC Code: A, AGB │ 94 colour images 978-0-956693-92-1 │ Available now │ £40.00

Flying in the Wake of Light focuses on the work of 26 Russian artists of several generations, living both in Russian and the West, including works by Dmitrienko, Masterkova, Serge Charchoune and Vladimir Yankilevsky. As John E. Bowlt writes in his essay, this collection ‘constitutes a noble monument, not only to the supreme power of individual creative expression but also to the victory of artistic eternity over ideological transience’. 28

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40 Days



Dor Guez Paperback │ 80 pp │ 230 x 170 mm 978-9-950313-42-2 │ Already available │ £10.00

Guez’s work focuses on depicting the history and experiences of the Christian Palestinian minorities in the Middle East. He is considered a leading and critical voice from the Middle East whose practice questions contemporary art’s role in narrating unwritten histories. This publication includes a conversation between Dor Guez and Mitra Abbaspour, Associate Curator in the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as a personal essay by the Guez narrating how his earliest memories helped shape his work. It features images of his Scanogram series as well as stills from his two-channel video installation, 40 Days.

The Face The One, The Multiple Marwan and Adonis Paperback │ 32pp 978-9-950313-64-4│ Oct 2015

To mark the Syrian artist Marwan’s first solo UK exhibition, The Mosaic Rooms are publishing a special limited edition art book. Marwan is considered a leading artist from his generation, both internationally and in the Arab world, and is recognised in museum collections around the globe. This book celebrates the artists literary connections and inspirations. It features twelve works on paper by the artist alongside a selection of never before translated or published prose poems by the famous Syrian poet Adonis, about Marwan’s unique oeuvre. Adonis’ poetic responses reflect on the artists depiction of the human head, providing a unique perspective on the artist’s work. The book is written in English and Arabic.



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Mogadishu Lost Moderns Rashid Ali and Andrew Cross Paperback │ 112 pp │ 280 x 240 mm 978-9-950313-49-1 │ Already available │ £18.00

Mogadishu: Lost Moderns explores the city of Mogadishu through its architecture and urban environment, narrating the story of Somalia’s journey from traditional African nation via colonisation and post colonialism to emergent independent state. Challenging familiar mainstream images that depict the city solely as a place of conflict and destruction, Somali-British architect Rashid Ali and British photographer Andrew Cross offer a unique account of what remains of the city’s urban fabric and key modernist symbols after two decades of civil conflict.

Background Hrair Sarkissian Hardback │ 130 pp │ 215 x 270 mm 978-9-950313-60-6 │ Already available │ £30.00

Background is an important new artist’s book, published by The Mosaic Rooms, London, in collaboration with internationally exhibited Syrian artist Hrair Sarkissian. It reflects on the disappearing tradition of studio portraiture in the Middle East, playing a vital part in documenting a vanishing art form at a time of cultural destruction within the region.




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Effigies Drawings by Lawand Poems by Pascale Petit Paperback │ 38 pp │ 295 x 210 mm 978-9-950313-46-0 │ June 2016 │ £12.00

Effigies is a haunting collection of two bodies of work by Syrian artist Lawand and British poet Pascale Petit. Though the two had never met nor previously known anything about each other’s work, Petit was invited to respond in poetry to a large series of new drawings made by the artist, Lawand in Beirut.

My Sister who Travels Essay by

Martina Caruso

Paperback │ 58 pp │ 240 x 170 mm 978-9-950313-54-5 │ Already available │ £15.00

My Sister Who Travels is an exhibition catalogue of a group show by six contemporary women artists held at The Mosaic Rooms in the summer of 2014 and curated by Martina Caruso. Each artist in their own way challenges the canonical representations of landscape photography offering a new perspective. Often straying from conventional tropes, the landscapes presented articulate places of memory, conflict, colonisation, migration, emptiness and expanse. The catalogue, designed to look like a travel journal, beautifully presents the works of the six internationally acclaimed artists, Noor Abed, Jananne Al-Ani, Halida Boughriet, Ursula Schulz-Dornburg, Corinne Silva, Esther Boise Van Deman and Paola Yacoub. It features artists’ biographies, full colour images of their works and an essay exploring the role of women lens based artists in representations of landscape by Martina Caruso.



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Intervening Space

From the Intimate to the World Paperback │ 16 pp │ 250 x 175 mm │ 11 B&W images 978-9-950313-53-8 │ Already available │ £10.00

Intervening Space: From The Intimate To The World is an exhibition catalogue published on the occasion of a group show of six contemporary Algerian artists, held at The Mosaic Rooms in 2014. The exhibition curated by Aria (artist residency in Algiers) and Yasmina Reggad featured newly commissioned and reimagined works from Fayçal Baghriche, Amina Menia, Atef Berredjem, Hanan Benammar, Massinissa Selmani and Sadek Rahim. Working in a range of media, their work explores interstices in time and space.

Iraq: How, Where, For Whom? Hanaa’ Malallah and kennardphillipps

Paperback │ 48 pp │ 220 x 220 mm BIC Code: │ images 978-9-950313-36-1 │ Already available │ £10.00

This catalogue was published to coincide with the exhibition by Iraqi artist Hanaa’ Malallah and the UK duo kennardphillips held at The Mosaic Rooms, London in 2012. Iraq: How, Where, For Whom? casts a critical and reflective view of the occupation/invasion of Iraq. In their work, both Malallah and kennardphillipps, question the claims that the invasion of Iraq brought freedom and a better future to its people. The artists also interrogate and subvert the powerful tools of modern mass media, posing questions about democracy and the representation of conflict. 32



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Mouths at the Invisible Event David Birkin Paperback │ 63 pp │ 240 x 170 mm 978-9-950313-59-0 │ Already available │ £12.00

Mouths At The Invisible Event is a catalogue published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same title by British artist David Birkin which took place at The Mosaic Rooms in 2015. Birkin’s multimedia work centres around censorship, spectatorship and the legal and linguistic frameworks underpinning war. The reflects on not only the failure of images, but also the failure of truth and the manipulation of legislative language to suit political expediency. Designed to emulate the appearance of a classified document, the book features in depth essays by Emily Apter (a writer on critical theory, the politics of translation and contemporary art) and the artist examining the contrived ambiguity of political and military rhetoric. The catalogue is richly illustrated with colour images of Birkin’s latest work providing a multi-layered contemporary commentary on language, aesthetics and the ethos of modern warfare.

Working From Life Yamou Paperback │ 48 pp │ 260 x 205 mm 978-9-950313-39-2 │ Already available │ £10.00

Yamou is a Moroccan artist inspired by the natural world. He creates paintings which offer an original interpretation of the use of organic forms in traditional Islamic art and design. The works explore organic processes, continuity and change, the tensions and instabilities of boundaries and of spaces in between. Yet beneath the surface of these beautiful paintings, produced in both large and small scale, there is an underlying sense of disquiet. This publication is beautifully illustrated with Yamou’s elegant, abstract and stylised paintings. 33


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The Future Rewound and the Cabinet of Souls Nadia Kaabi-Linke Paperback │ 64 pp │ 240 x 190 mm 978-9-950313-56-9 │ Already available │ £15.00

This book was conceived out of the exhibition of the same name by artist Nadia KaabiLinke at The Mosaic Rooms, London in 2014. The exhibition was inspired by the history of the gallery’s building which, more than a century ago, served as the domicile for Imre Kiralfy, the man responsible for many of the grand exhibitions at Earls Court, White City and Olympia. Kiralfy brought curiosities from all parts of the global empire to England, where the Victorian public was eager to view such spectacles.

The Sick Man of Europe The Painter Dor Guez Paperback │ 72 pp │ 230 x 170 mm 978-1-900300-64-3 │ Already available │ £10.00

This publication is produced on the occasion of the exhibition The Sick Man of Europe by artist Dor Guez at the ICA, in collaboration with The Mosaic Rooms, London. The exhibition presented ‘The Painter’ the first part of an ongoing project which tells the story of a painter-turned-soldier, a Jewish Tunisian who immigrated to Israel. The ‘painter’ was conscripted to the Yom Kippur War as a reservist soldier in 1973 and, in recent years, has undergone psychiatric treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, part of which consists of repeatedly recording his memories of the war. These recordings are central to Guez’s new work. 34

The Historic New Orleans Collection


George L. Viavant Artist of the Hunt by George E. Jordan

Hardback Inspired by the bayous, marshes, and lagoons of southern Louisiana, 128 pp artist George Louis Viavant (1872–1925) produced exquisitely detailed 241 x 203 paintings of mm the birds, fish, and small game that he knew so well from BIC Code: A, AGB,onWSXH years spent hunting his family’s property just outside New Orleans. 65 images in colour Featuring full-color reproductions of numerous works, this illustrated 978-0-917860-48-5 biography relates the story of a man whose work 2016 won acclaim in Louisiana and beyond. £20.00 Author George E. Jordan, using the On the cover: Green-winged teal; 1921; by G. L. Viavant; extensive collection of Viavant family courtesy of the Viavant family papers in the holdings of The Historic New Orleans Collection, has crafted AVA I L A B L E J A N UA R Y 20 16 a history of both the Viavant family published by The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2003; second printing 2015 and of the complex life of an “artist of hardcover • 8" × 9½" • 128 pp. the hunt.” The inclusion of Viavant’s George E.19Jordan 65 color images, black-and-white images 02. GLV 27-52 10/1/03 correspondence, 11:16 AM Page 42 personal including ISBN 978-0-917860-48-5 letters to and from patrons and US $25 • UK £20 regarding his work, adds intimacy to the TO ORDER historical tale and allows us a glimpse into North America: G EORGE L. VIAVANT the workings of the artist’s mind. Inspired by the bayous, marshes, and lagoons of southern Louisiana, artist George Louis

George L. Viavant Artist of the Hunt

Forest Sales (985) 479-1456 Viavant (1872–1925)

produced exquisitely detailed paintings of the birds, fish, and small B O U T THE AU TH O R game that he knew so well from years spent hunting on his family’sAproperty just outside George E. Jordan is a fine-arts Outside North America: New Orleans. this illustrated Unicorn Press Ltd. Featuring full-colour reproductions of numerous works, consultant, art historian, and writer. +44 1622 891 301 biography relates the story of a man whose work won acclaim in Louisiana and beyond. Since the 1960s, Jordan’s special Author George E. Jordan, using the extensive collection of Viavant interest familyhas papers in from the been artists Europethe who worked ME I A C O N TACof T The Historic New Orleans Collection, has crafted a Americas theDholdings history and of both in New Orleans from 1780 through Teresa Devlin Viavant family and of the complex life of an ‘artist of the hunt. ’ The inclusion of Viavant’s ( 504) 598-7170 the 1980s. Formerly curator of personal correspondence, including letters to and from patrons andAmerica regarding his work, and Louisiana art at the adds intimacy to the historical tale and allows us a glimpse into theNew workings of the of Art, he Orleans Museum also was the art critic for the New artist’s mind. Orleans Times-Picayune from 1974

George E. Jordan is a fine-arts consultant, art historian, and writer. to Since 1980.the Mr. 1960s, Jordan is now retired and resides Connecticut. Jordan’s special interest has been artists from the Americas and Europe who inworked in New Orleans from 1780 through the 1980s. Formerly curator of America and Louisiana art at the New Orleans Museum of Art, he also was the art critic for the New Orleans Times-Picayune from 1974 to 1980. Mr Jordan is now retired and resides in Connecticut. P U B L I S H I N G T H E C U LT U R E & H I S T O R Y OF NEW ORLE ANS & THE GULF SOUTH

(504) 523-4662 •


Green trout by G. L. Viavant, 1923,THNOC, 20 x 11 8Viavant "; perch by G. L. Viavant, Right: George Louis Viavant; ca. 1910; Papers, MSS 393,1923, box 5 /16", courtesy of the Viavant family. “In the clear waters of Bayou Cochon x 12 15 Above: 19 Green trout; 1923; by G. L. Viavant; courtesy of the Viavant family which circled the high shell banks near Lake Pontchartrain were many perches and other fishes.” (Alice Viavant, Viavant Papers, MSS 393, box 7)



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Dare Gale Press

Poems of Love and War


Mary Borden, edited by Paul O’Prey

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Paperback 64 pp 198 x 129 mm BIC Code: DC, DCF, HBWN 978-0-993331-10-7 Already available £9.99

Mary Borden is featured in major anthologies of First World War poetry, but this is the first full book of her poems to be published, one hundred years after they were written. Suffragette, socialite, novelist, nurse, Mary Borden wrote some of the most remarkable poems of the First World War. At the Battle of The Somme she was determined ‘to create a counter-wave of life’ against an overwhelming tide of suffering and death. Her poems are spontaneous, passionate reactions to what she saw and did. Although married with three children, she fell in love with a young British officer she met at the Front; her poems to him have an immediate and reckless intensity.

Edizione Osiride

The Guardians of Silence

A Photographic Journey of the Italian Front in WWI Andrea Contrini Hardback │ 208 pp │ 300 x 210 mm BIC Code: HBWN, AJ, 3JJF│ 200+ colour images 978-8-874982-34-9 │ Sept 2015 │ £20.00

This photo book by Andrea Contrini explores what remains of the Italian-Austrian front of the First World War. She uncovers the Italian and Austro-Hungarian fortresses situated on the Great Plateaus of Trentino and of the “Seven Municipalities” of Veneto: two fortified systems among the most impressive in Europe. The passing of time has transformed the bastions of war in places of peace and keepers of memory. The author has captured visions of the past while crossing war posts and underground caves where one can still perceive the anguish that shook the fighters. The preface is signed by the historian Antonio Gibelli and the texts by the researcher Fernando Larcher. The texts are in Italian, German and English. 36

Alfred Wallis

t the Author

Alfred Wallis

Cornish Primitive Painter Edwin Mullins

Cornish Primitive Painter

umque et expla premquos remperit porrum accae veni utem et quis alis quat id que nimperem eribera turibusae aspere, as dolluptatur idebis aliquam. nem repudaes este que vid qui magnatur re consend enimpor itasitae vit landaes temperes Ga. Licipsum que lat explique veliquos eossus nobisci endant qui rerate pliquam as de nobit im namus. m nobit doloriore optas ut am undus seque nullor si aliqui em adi conecte moloribus.

ISBN 978-1-910065-14-3

Edwin Mullins



Art and Art History Titles

About the Book Idebis aliquam nem repudaes este que vid qui volut magnatur re consend enimpor itasitae vit landaes temperes eatur? Ga. Licipsum que lat explique veliquos eossus nobisci endant as as sequi rerate pliquam as de nobit im namus. Fic tem nobit doloriore optas ut am undus seque nullor si aliqui bersperem adi conecte moloribus. Ventur alique rest harion core et debis ut es eniet, volupta tioribuscium dolorehendi imo intius cus arum ni quo min non eaquate mperece prerunt esequi in expersperum explab ideligenda quam repelecerem aut voloriatet que cum, et fuga. Asperit optatentius. Ga. Ut repra volo ilibus. Riam iumque et expla premquos remperit porrum accae veni utem siti con et quis alis quat id que nimperem eribera turibusae aspere, voluptas dolluptatur? Qui cullatiaero offic temquo voluptatem lacea doluptatur alit doloratur.

Unicorn Press Ltd 66 Charlotte Street London W1T 4QE


9 781910 065143 WWW.UNICORNPRESS.ORG

Alfred Wallis Colouring Book 978-1-910065-80-8 PB £7.99

A Potter’s Book 978-1-910065-16-7 HB/Q £24.99

The Dance of 1000 Faces 978-1-910065-57-0 PB £15.00

David Inshaw 978-1-910065-10-5 PB/F £30.00

Edwin Landseer The Private Drawings 978-1-910065-38-9 PB/F £25.00

Fechin (French edition) FRA 978-1-910065-04-4 HB £35.00

Glasgow Museums The Italian Paintings 978-1-906509-17-0 HB £55.00

Glasgow Museums 17th Century Costume 978-1-906509-86-6 PB £16.99

A is a Critic 978-1-906509-20-0 PB £12.99

Alfred Wallis 978-1-906509-89-7 PB/F £20.00

Cedric Morris and Christopher Wood 978-1-906509-18-7 HB £20.00 

The Eduard J. Gübelin Story ENG 978-19100-65402 DEU 978-19100-65433 MAN 978-19100-65440 HB/J £40.00



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Galliano: Fashion’s Enfant Terrible 978-1-910065-65-5 PB/F £20.00

The Hermitage Cats 978-1-910065-66-2 PB/F £14.99

The Hermitage Dogs 978-1-910065-67-9 PB/F £14.99

History of Loot and Stolen Art 978-1-906509-21-7 HB £40.00

Jewels of Imperial St Petersburg PB 978-1-910065-15-0 £30.00

Laura Knight at the Theatre 978-1-906509-79-8 PB/F £25.00

L.S. Lowry 978-1-910065-41-9 PB/F £25.00

Unity Spencer Lucky to be an Artist 978-1-910065-60-0 HB/Q £30.00

Maggi Hambling War Requiem & Aftermath 978-1-910065-22-8 PB/F £30.00

Maggi Hambling The Works 978-1-906509-69-9 PB/F £30.00

Martin Cheek Mosaic Artist 978-1-910065-64-8 PB/F £20.00

Mary Fedden and Julian Trevelyan 978-19065-09118 HB £25.00


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The Master’s Muse 978-1-910065-63-1 HB £20.00

On Artists and their Making 978-1-910065-84-6 PB/F £30.00

Photographs from Imperial St Petersburg 978-1-906509-39-2 PB £20.00 

A Potter in Japan 978-1910065-17-4 HB/Q £20.00


#RoughSketches Volume 01

A collection of blackbook sketches from 1996 to 2015 by Remi Rough

Volume 01

The Power of Letterforms 978-1-910065-55-6 PB/F £12.99

Robin Darwin 978-1-910065-39-6 HB £30.00

#Roughsketches 978-1-910065-92-1 PB/F £20.00

Sarah Raphael 978-1-906509-29-3 HB £30.00

Singing Softly to the Light 978-1-910065-88-4 PB/F £30.00

Sir Winston Churchill His Life and Paintings 978-0-956771-52-0 PB/F £25.00

Time Traveller, Artist Man 978-1-910065-69-3 HB £30.00

Treasure Box 978-1-910065-18-1 HB/SC £500.00



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Van Gogh The Asylum Year 978-1-910065-53-2 PB/F £20.00

Viktor Popkov 978-1-906509-34-7 HB £40.00

The Wallace Collection’s Pictures 978-1-906509-16-3 HB £60.00

Wellington Portrayed 978-1-910065-12-9 HB £40.00

Cultural History Titles


The Blues A Visual History 978-1-910065-49-5 HB £24.95

Changing Women’s Lives 978-1-910065-33-4 HB £24.99

Chasing Churchill 978-1-910065-08-2 PB/F £16.99

The Firstborn 978-1-906509-94-1 HB £5.99

The Food and Art of Azerbaijan ENG 978-1-906509-92-7 RUS 978-1-910065-21-1 HB/SC £24.99

A History of Kitchen Gardening 978-1-910065-91-4 PB/F £20.00

Laurie Lee A Folio 978-1-906509-95-8 PB/F £24.99 

Laurie Lee Selected Poems 978-1-910065-14-3 PB/F £12.99


Painting as a Pastime 978-1-906509-33-0 HB £7.99

Ring of Bright Water 978-1-910065-09-9 HB/Q £18.99

War & Peace and Sonya 978-1-910065-30-3 PB/F £14.99

The Sea Around Us 978-1-910065-65-1 PB/F £14.99

The Edge of the Sea 978-1-910065-06-8 PB/F £14.99

Under the Sea Wind 978-1-910065-07-5 PB/F £14.99

In the Heart of the Country 978-1-906509-83-5 PB/F £12.99

The Happy Countryman 978-1-906509-82-8 PB/F £12.99

Canals, Barges and People 978-1-910065-25-9 PB/F £12.99

Birds of the Hedgerow 978-1-910065-24-2 PB/F £12.99

English Country Houses 978-1-910065-11-2 PB/F £10.99

The Angler’s Guide 978-1-910065-46-4 PB/F £10.99

The Natural History of Selborne 978-1-910065-56-3 PB/F £12.99

Legends of the Flowers 978-1-910065-83-9 PB/F £10.99



Uniform Press Titles


Bad Teeth No Bar 978-1-910500-17-0 PB/F £25.00

Battlefields in Britain 978-1-910065-19-8 HB £8.99

The Christmas Match 978-1-910500-01-9 PB/F £12.99

For This Alone 978-1910065-20-4 HB £9.99

Great War Railwaymen 978-1-910500-00-2 PB/F £25.00

The Great Retreat 978-1-906509-41-5 PB £40.00

The Gurkhas 978-1-910500-02-6 HB £40.00

The Happy Warrior 978-1-906509-90-3 PB/F £12.99

The Hurricane Story 978-1-910500-05-7 HB/Q £14.99

Imperial Russian Air Force 978-1906509-40-8 PB £24.99 

Imperial Russian Navy 978-1906509-49-1 PB £24.99

The Love of an Unknown Soldier 978-1-910065-45-7 HB £9.99

Backlist Poppyganda 978-1-910500-16-3 PB/F £14.99

Subterranean Sappers 978-1-910500-10-1 PB/F £25.00

Take Me To France 978-1-910500-03-3 HB £7.99

The Tangier Archive 978-1-910500-15-6 PB/F £25.00

The Wager Disaster 978-1-910065-50-1 E-book: 978-19100-65518 PB/F £20.00

The New Army in Training 978-1-910500-04-0 HB £7.99

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Greg Dyke My Part in His Downfall 978-0-993242-40-3 PB £10.99


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An A-Z of the First World War 978-1-904897-85-9 HB £6.99

Art from Contemporary Conflict 978-1-904897-74-3 PB £9.99

Churchill 978-1-904897-77-4 PB £12.99

Churchill’s Cookbook 978-1-904897-73-6 HB £9.99

Food for Thought 978-1-904897-76-7 HB boxset £8.99

How to Keep Well in Wartime 978-1-904897-65-1 PB £4.99

Art from the First World War 978-1-904897-89-7 PB/F £9.99

The First World War 978-19048-97835 HB £35.00

Make Do and Mend 978-1-904897-64-4 HB £4.99

Art from the Second World War 978-1-904897-66-8 PB/F £9.99

First World War Poems from the Front 978-1-904897-88-0 HB £9.99

Posters of the First World War 978-1-904897-87-3 PB/F £9.99


British Posters of the Second World War 978-1-904897-92-7 PB/F £9.99

Churchill Flip Book 978-1-904897-67-5 PB £3.99

Unofficial War Artist 978-1-904897-71-2 HB £12.99

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Gerhard Richter Overpainted photographs 978-0-993010-33-0 HB/SC £375.00

Helicopter 978-0-993010-30-9 HB £25.00

Long Live South Bank 978-0-992926-80-9 HB About the Author£30.00

When not appearing on stage or screen, Lucy Liu can often be found in her art studio in New York. Born to Chinese immigrant parents in Jackson Heights, New York, Liu attended the New York Studio School for drawing, painting and sculpture from 2004 to 2006. For over two decades Liu’s practice as a visual artist has encompassed, and often combines, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, embroidery and collage. Representations of the body permeate her oeuvre, from portraiture to abstraction. To date, her work has explored issues of sexuality, identity, race, memory and history. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Nova Scotia and Munich.


Lucy Liu - Seventy Two 978-0-956873-80-4 ISBN: HB978-0-9568738-0-4 £200.00 Date of Publication: March 2012

Trim Size: 300 x 390mm / 11.8 x 15.4 in BIC Code: ACXJ, AGB Price: £200 / $325.00 Extent: 192pp Binding Style: Hardback (in slipcase) Details of Illustration: 83 color & b/w illustrations

Gerhard Richter


When setting down my responses, I used the technique of spontaneous writing as much as I could. I let myself associate with the image, but not randomly. It’s tempting when you look at Asian-inspired art, or abstract art in general, to turn the image into a Rorschach test. (Not that ink blots don’t have their own aesthetics. After all, they were devised to peer deeper into the patient than what he or she was willing to see, or tell.) I could be criticized for dwelling too much on everyday associations. My starting point might be too mundane.

Gerhard Richter

Night Sketches

Let’s go a bit deeper, then. Telepathy isn’t about using your mind like a TV station to broadcast pictures. Indeed, telepathy is no more than an example of how mind extends beyond the brain. Mind is collective. Its contents are shared. Hidden in its deeper reaches are invisible things. What kind of invisible things is Lucy tapping into?

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Consider Listening To Your Soul (p. 136). If I sampled twenty people and asked them if this image was masculine or feminine, I think most would say feminine. The soul, or anima, is also feminine. It’s our source, the still point around which a lifetime of activity spins. Isn’t that implied here? I see that white dot in the center as a kind of source, and swirling out of it is Creation. The soul expands into the world exactly like that. I also think that most people could see the outline of a chambered nautilus in this image, if it were suggested to them.

Night Sketches

– Lucy Liu is an internationally exhibited visual artist and acclaimed actress. – Includes words from Deepak Chopra, Dr. Ori Z. Soltes and Michael Dopp. – Makes a perfect gift, presented in a silkscreened cloth-covered slipcase.

H E N I P U B L I S H I N G , L O N D O N 2 0 11

Lilies 1

Seventy Two is a dynamic body of artwork by Lucy Liu. Comprising 72 paintings in ink and acrylic, the series is inspired by the 72 Names of God – esoteric sequences of Hebrew letters that some believe help in the journey to find enlightenment for mind, body, and spirit. Liu’s art practice sits at the interface of Eastern and Western traditions of art, referencing a variety of styles, from Abstract Expressionism to Chinese calligraphy. With a freshness, vitality, and energy of its own, Liu’s Seventy Two series is a must for anyone with an interest in abstract art and spirituality. A text by Deepak Chopra offers an insightful introduction to Liu’s paintings, while Michael Dopp takes the reader on a journey through the series as a whole. An essay by theology and art history scholar Ori Z Soltes explains the history and meaning of the 72 Names of God. This Special Edition comprises a copy of the publication presented in a silkscreened cloth-covered slipcase.

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Night Sketches 978-0-956404-15-2 HB £25.00

Sabine Moritz Lilies 978-0-956404-16-9 PB £38.00



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160 Eastern Avenue Sabine Moritz Roses Milton Park, Oxfordshire, OX14 4SB 978-0-956404-12-1 PB £38.00

Not only is the chambered nautilus one of the most beautiful shapes in Nature, but the way the creature builds its chambers, from the tiniest to the largest, is like a blueprint for the soul’s progress through life, beginning with the first, fragile experiences of infancy. Not everyone reads poetry anymore, but Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809–1894) wrote an exquisite poem about the chambered nautilus, meditating on eternity, of which the following is a short extract: Year after year beheld the silent toil That spread his lustrous coil; Still, as the spiral grew, He left the past year’s dwelling for the new Poetry is relevant here because it displays the entire arc from the dark unconscious to the light of beauty. Artists make the invisible visible. Even if you haven’t explored Jungian archetypes, few would

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Street Art, Fine Art 978-0-956873-85-9 PB £20.00

Golems 978-1-909406-12-4 HB £35.00



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The Historic New Orleans Collection

Before Disaster Strikes 978-0-917860-32-4 PB £5.99

A British Eyewitness at the Battle of New Orleans 978-0-917860-50-8 PB £12.99

Charting Louisiana: 500 Years of Maps 978-0-917860-47-8 HB £80.00

A Closer Look 978-0-917860-52-2 HB £12.99

A Company Man 978-0-917860-61-4 HB £30.00

Complimentary Visions of Louisiana Art 978-0-917860-40-9 HB £18.99

Creole World: Photographs 978-0-917860-66-9 HB £30.00

Drawn To Life 978- 0-917860-58-4 PB £12.99

A Fine Body of Men 978-0-917860-67-6 PB £20.00

From Louis XIV to Louis Armstrong 978-2-85056770-4 HB £24.99

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Furnishing Louisiana 978-0-917860-56-0 HB £70.00

A Guide to the Papers of Pierre Clément Laussat 978-0-917860-33-1 PB £14.99

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In The Spirit 978-0-917860-54-6 PB £16.99

Jazz Scrapbook 978-0-917860-41-6 PB £6.99

Josephine Crawford An Artist’s Vision 978-0-917860-53-9 HB £20.00

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Nelly Custis Lewis’s Housekeeping Book 978-0-917860-09-6 HB £8.99

Perique 978-0-917860-62-1 PB £18.99

Unfinished Blues 978-0-917860-55-3 HB £18.99

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