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Tuesday, December 1, 2020 a virtual event presented by

welcome letter Dear Friends,

Welcome to UNICEF Changemaker, our virtual gathering in this unprecedented year. We are so pleased to have you join us!

The importance of UNICEF’s work for children has never been more urgent. UNICEF’s COVID-19 response has helped keep vulnerable children safe, provided digital learning for children at home, and accelerated access to life-saving supplies. UNICEF is poised to take a global leadership role in the procurement and supply of COVID-19 vaccines when they are available. As the global leader in vaccine distribution and the largest vaccine buyer in the world, UNICEF procures more than 2 billion doses of vaccines annually for routine immunizations and outbreaks in nearly 100 countries.

UNICEF continues to have an impact on a global scale. Earlier this year, for instance, the World Health Organization officially certified the African region as wild polio-free. Since UNICEF joined the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in 1988, worldwide polio cases have been reduced by 99.9 percent.

The real change makers are people like Adama, a vaccinator in Mali working on the frontlines in rural communities that would not otherwise have access to vaccines. We are gathering to celebrate the thousands of people like him who work tirelessly to serve the needs of the world’s children. You are a change maker, too. The critical work of UNICEF depends on what we do together to realize our shared vision of a world that upholds the rights of all children and helps every child thrive. Thank you for your unwavering support during this urgent moment in history.

Dolores Rice Gahan, D.O.

Co-Chair of the Board


Ewout Steenbergen

Co-Chair of the Board


Michael J. Nyenhuis

President & CEO


A Word From Dear Friends,

On behalf of Johnson & Johnson and UNICEF USA, thank you for making the 2020 Changemaker: A Benefit for Children virtual event one to remember!

Thinking back to the beginning of the year, we couldn’t have foreseen the extent that COVID-19 was going to stop the world in its tracks. Over the past 11 months, thriving metropolises ground to a halt, health systems were strained to the brink of collapse and social distancing became a normal part of everyday life. At the same time, we experienced economic uncertainty and demand for racial and social justice.

While 2020 has brought these challenges to the forefront, it also has sparked an inspiring response. Humanity is bringing the best of what we have to address the obstacles that have crossed our paths. This is what UNICEF Changemaker is all about—recognizing the heroes who served on the frontlines throughout this turbulent time.

From doctors and nurses to midwives and community health workers, the global health community has put forth a truly remarkable effort. Now, they are counting on us to continue supporting them as we combat the coronavirus and build back our health systems to be stronger and more equitable than ever before.

At Johnson & Johnson, we share UNICEF USA’s belief that if we break down barriers faced by frontline health workers, we will advance health for everyone, everywhere. Through the training and empowerment of frontline health workers and providing innovative tools that help vulnerable women and children, fantastic progress has been made – but we are just getting started.

We are truly living in an extraordinary time. As we look ahead, I am energized that together we can continue to shine a light on children and families in need, driving even greater impact in 2021 and beyond.

Joaquin Duato

Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee
 Johnson & Johnson

Member, Board of Directors


Regional Co-Chairs Brenda Bancel

Max Duckworth

Kimberli Macpherson

Elena Marimo Berk

Jeannette Hsu

Selwyn Rayzor

Ginny Brewer

Sippi Khurana, MD

Lucy Brewer

Toni Ko

NextGen Chairs Victoria Edwards

Christine Lico


Watts Johnson, MD



Danielle Simmons

Host Committee Natasha Berg

Ray C. Fish Foundation

Christine M.J. Oliver

Lynn Belluardo

Jude Fitzgerald

Amy & Rob Pierce 

Susan & Dan Boggio

Joyce Goss

Aleem Ramji

Michele & Pat Boushka

Ann & Tod Holmes

Lisle Richards

Rob & Amy Brown

Harleen Hunjan

Hilary & Sean Scott

Sheilah Burnham

Stacey Kenealy

Will Seibold

Livia Cheung

Katya Khazei

Faizal Sheriff

Marcelo De Santis

Michelle Kim

Christine Stonbely

Carlton DeWoody

Brittany Letto

Alexandra Green Walter

Habiba & Ali Dhanani

Susan Littlefield

Margaret Alkek Williams

Bill Dietz

Lailee Mavadat

Randa & Charles Williams

Allie Dinielli

Dave & Emily Merjan

Kelly Wilson

Dr. Emmett & Bridget Doerr

Lauren Moore

Samiah Zafar

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Kimberli & 
 D.G. Macpherson

Christine M.J. Oliver

Champion American Airlines

Ariadne Getty Foundation

Susan Littlefield & Martin Roper

Brenda & Stéphane Bancel

Kaia Miller Goldstein &

Live Nation

Elena Marimo Berk & Derek Drummond

Jonathan Goldstein

Gloria Principe & John O’Farrell

The Craigie Family Foundation

Neil & Mindy Grossman

S&P Global

Bill & Cindee Dietz |

Richard Hirayama

Kerry & Brendan Swords

Toni Ko


Max Duckworth & Sarah Godlewski

Amy Kuehner

Margaret Alkek Williams

Barbara & Michael Eisenson

G. Barrie Landry, Landry

Randa & Charles Williams

Heartland Produce, Co.

Fortive & The Lico Family

Family Foundation

Protector Abbott

Dolores & Thomas Gahan

Prudential Financial

Wasan & Kasim Alfalahi

Desiree Gruber & Kyle MacLachlan


Alston & Bird, LLP


Julia & George Argyros

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin W. Hobbs

Selwyn Rayzor & Rich Moses

andana Radhakrishnan & 
 Sangeet Pillai

Ann & Tod Holmes

Stephen & Tamrah Schaller O’Neil


Yasmin Ibrahim & Omer Ismail

Hilary & Sean Scott

Susan & Dan Boggio

L’Oréal Luxe

Wendy Stapleton

Ginny & Charles Brewer & Family


Marjolein & Ewout Steenbergen

Kate & Chuck Brizius

Merck & Co., Inc.

Christine & George Stonbely

Sheilah & Matt Burnham




Purvi & Harsh Padia

Alexandra & H. Glen Walter IV

Mary Louise Cohen

Paramount Pictures

Emily Watts & Alfred Johnson

Habiba & Ali Dhanani

Amy & Rob Pierce

Samiah Zafar & Minhaj Patel

Nancy Bard & Don Baer

Patricia & Alex Farman-Farmaian

Plum Spring Foundation

Lynn & Steven Belluardo

Jude Fitzgerald

Suzanne & Bill Plybon

Leah Bishop & Gary Yale

Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Ana Maria Gordon

Aleem Ramji

Michele & Pat Boushka

Joyce Goss

Karuna &

Rob & Amy Brown

Claire & Mark Haidar

Carrie D. Rhodes-Nigam &

Travis Brown & Teresa Barger

Nicole & Andrew Hayek

Livia Cheung & Charlie Choi

Jill & Michael Hayford


Alexi & Steven Conine

Jeannette Hsu

Susan & Fayez Sarofim

Rose Cullen

Drs. Garfield & Jakeen Johnson

Drs. Akhil & Aparna Sharma

Rania & Jamal Daniel

Sippi & Ajay Khurana

Asher & Kendra Simon


Eileen & Kase Lawal

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher &

Stephanie Argyros


itale & David Biro

Ray C. Fish Foundation



Shelly Dee


The Hoglund Foundation


Sterling McDavid & Carey Dorman


iresh Rawal

ishal Nigam



Flom LLP

Marcelo De Santis & Ana Paula Mizrahi

Dave & Emily Merjan

Latha Sundram & Kim Anehall

Discovery, Inc.

Martha Metz & Tina Trott

Barbera Hale Thornhill

Dr. Emmett & Bridget Doerr

Joanie & Ed Michaels


Ceylan & Peter Eatherton

Moda Operandi

Weintraub Family Foundation


Susan & David Nethero

Jenn Weizenecker

Mimi & Ian Edmonds

Michael J. Nyenhuis

Sherrie & David Westin

The Enrico Foundation

The Oristaglio Family

Kelly Wilson

David M. Ernick

Denise & Jim Poole

Melody Wilder Wilson & David Wilson

oya Financial

Sponsors listed as of November 23, 2020


President and CEO


Dolores Rice Gahan, D.O.* Michael J. Nyenhuis

Ewout Steenbergen

Mindy Grossman


Assisant Treasurer

Assistant Secretary

Brett D. Robinson

Alpha Conteh

Anucha Browne

Michele Walsh

John A Herrmann

Franklin W. Hobbs

Andrew Hohns, Ph.D.

Téa Leoni

Dikembe Mutombo

John O'Farrell

David Sable*

Henry S. Schleiff

Shahriar Shahida

Elizabeth Smith

Bernard Taylor

Sherrie Rollins Westin

Kelly Wilson*

Directors Robert T. Brown

Gary M. Cohen

Joaquin Duato

Philippe Gilbert

Mindy Grossman

Hilary Gumbel*

Carol J. Hamilton*

*Advisor to the Changemaker Virtual Event


Sofia Carson UNICEF ambassador

Liam Payne UNICEF supporter

P!nk UNICEF ambassador

Katy perRy UNICEF goodwill ambassador

Ndlovu Youth Choir

Special Performer

Special Appearances

Halima Aden UNICEF Ambassador

Orlando Bloom UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

gemma chan UNICEF supporter

Charli X Dixie D’Amelio UNICEF supporters

Billie Eilish

UNICEF supporter

Finneas UNICEF supporter

Pau Gasol

UNICEF Ambassador, spain

Laurie Hernandez UNICEF supporter

George Howell

UNICEF Southeast Regional Board Member

Danielle Kang UNICEF supporter

Kofi Kingston

UNICEF supporter

Heidi Klum

UNICEF supporter

Special Appearances

Téa Leoni UNICEF USA National Board Member

UNICEF Ambassador

Alyssa Milano

UNICEF Ambassador

Naomi Osaka

UNICEF supporter

Justin H. Min

UNICEF supporter

Satou Sabally

UNICEF supporter

Featuring Joyce Chisale

K.I.N.D. Fund Scholar

Dr. Carlos Navarro Colorado

Principal Advisor, Public Health Emergencies, UNICEF

JOaquin Duato

Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee, 
 Johnson & Johnson

Member, Board of Directors, 

Henrietta H. Fore

Executive Director, UNICEF

Sam Mort

Chief of Communication, Advocacy & Civic Engagement

UNICEF Afghanistan

Michael J. Nyenhuis

President and CEO, UNICEF USA

Harry Santa-Ollala

Auctioneer, Master of Ceremonies, Fundraising Consultant

Noala Skinner

Representative, UNICEF Zambia

Youth voices Alex



















Live inspired gifts


Emergency Truck UNICEF leads or co-leads disaster relief efforts around the world in the areas of Nutrition; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; Education, and Child Protection. By selecting the donation of a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you could enable UNICEF’s field officers to speed urgent supplies to a region fighting an emergency, reaching children in even the most inaccessible urban and rural communities.

$10,000 Protect a Health Care Worker Kit Health workers are key to our work across the globe. Now more than ever, it is clear that we need to support them as they work on the frontlines to keep children safe and healthy. By buying this gift, you can help make sure that health workers are protected when they put themselves at risk to help the most vulnerable children and families. Your gift of $10,000 can provide:

• 163 pairs of protective boots needed to go wherever 
 vulnerable children are endangered

• 8,150 surgical masks to prevent contamination 
 between patients and doctors (50 masks per kit)

• 163 coveralls to protect a health worker's skin and clothing
 from viral transmission and other dangerous materials • 163 respiratory masks to help keep health workers from 
 breathing in hazardous or infectious airborne particles

• 163 pairs of gloves to promote hand hygiene and reduce 


Community Water Pumps Each day, more than 700 children under-5 die from unsafe, contaminated water. By purchasing 13 of these durable water 
 pumps, you will be providing 13 communities with access to 
 safe, clean water—and the chance to stay healthy.



Your gift of $2,500 could provide 13 UNICEF School-in-a-Boxes that could help 520 children continue their education during times of emergency and conflict. Materials for an entire classroom are packed into a large portable aluminum case, including a clock, markers and flipchart and an inflatable globe for geography lessons. The inside lid of the box doubles as a blackboard when coated with the special paint included in the kit. This UNICEF Inspired Gift also contains resources for teachers — including those who teach children with disabilities.


Warm Blankets

Your gift of $1,000 could provide 158 thermal fleece blankets that will help keep children snug and warm. These fleece blankets offer crucial protection in emergency situations or harsh winter conditions.

Place a bid on our silent auction items here

Purchase an inspired gift to send resources directly to the field here


How is UNICEF helping to 
 fight the coronavirus?

UNICEF has delivered tens of millions of protective items for health workers, including medical equipment, and hygiene supplies.

When a COVID-19 vaccine is ready, UNICEF will lead global efforts to procure and supply vaccine doses for 92 lower- and middle-income countries and can serve as procurement coordinator for at least 80 higher income countries.

When schools closed in 186 countries, interrupting the education of 1.29 billion students, UNICEF focused on finding ways to help children keep learning, working closely with education partners to provide high-quality remote learning and prioritize the safe reopening of schools.

By the Numbers:
 Results so far


people reached 
 with soap, water and 
 hygiene supplies


children treated for severe acute malnutrition


children supported with distance/home-based learning

PPE delivered to 
 health workers


children, parents and caregivers provided with community-based mental health and psychosocial support


health workers trained 
 in infection prevention 
 and control

To learn more visit our website at unicefusa.org/mission/covid-19

77.6M gloves


N95 respirators


oxygen concentrators


diagnostic tests for COVID-19

Take Action #ForEveryChild We invite you to take your commitment to UNICEF USA to the next level by advocating, fundraising, building community, and speaking out on behalf of the world’s children.

Here are two ways you can take action today:


In September 2020, the U.S. House unanimously passed the Global Child Thrive Act, bipartisan legislation that would strengthen the implementation of early childhood development (ECD) in U.S. foreign assistance programs. Now, we need your help to get this bill over the finish line and passed in the Senate before the current Congressional session concludes at the end of the calendar year.

Go to act.unicefusa.org/thrive to urge your U.S. Senators to support this critical piece of legislation. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world’s most vulnerable children at even higher risk. This is your chance to help level the playing field and show Congress that ECD is the key to providing a fair start in life #ForEveryChild.


Become a dedicated volunteer by joining UNICEF UNITE and connect with fellow supporters in your community. Whether it’s building relationships with Government Officials, advocating for legislative priorities, hosting a fundraiser, or spreading awareness through social media, our UNITERs are passionate about ensuring every child’s rights are protected. Join our growing community at unicefunite.org and connect with others around the country through our UNITE Facebook Group.

Reach out to our UNICEF USA Community Engagement and Advocacy Teams 
 at volunteer@unicefusa.org for more information.

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