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Hello. This is our book of who we are, how we do things and what we make.




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A little about us Pages 6-11

Our DNA Pages 12-13

Retail Display Pages 14-31

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Bespoke Design and Build In-Mall Retail Standard Cabinets, Showcases & Counter Islands Special Items Shop-in-Shop Shelving Systems

Exhibition & Events Pages 32-51

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Stand Construction System Stands Curved Tension Fabric System Tension Fabric Stands Supercar Launch Pit Garages

Graphic Display & Point of Sale Pages 52-61

54-55 Graphic Display & Point of Sale Systems 56-57 Bespoke Security Signage & POS 58-59 Bespoke Point of Sale Graphic Display & Totems 60-61 Metro System

Graphic Illumination & Signage Pages 62-67

64-65 Illuminated Signage Solutions 66-67 Edge-lit Illuminated Graphic Displays

Museum & Heritage Pages 68-71

70-71 Tom Dixon - Royal Academy of Arts, Tobermory & HMS Raleigh

Workspace Solutions Pages 72-77

74-75 Office PODs 76-77 Privacy Screening

Lumenal Lighting Systems Pages 78-83 Refrigeration Units Pages 84-87 Services and Accreditations Pages 88-89 Our Home Pages 90-101 3

Who We Are We’re Unibox. We’re based in Manchester, England, and for over 20 years we’ve worked with designers, architects, retailers, OEM’s and trade clients to create brilliant retail, stunning exhibition and intelligent graphic display systems. Sometimes our projects are straightforward, whilst others call for a bit more of our well known ingenuity, experience and expertise. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, we’ve found that our collaborative approach, can-do spirit and keen eye for detail, keeps our customers coming back for more.



What We Make We make bespoke solutions for retail display, exhibitions, promotions, graphic display, commercial interiors, commercial lighting and refrigeration industries all over the world. Tesco, Morrisons, Tom Dixon, Carphone Warehouse, River Island and Sony (to name but a few) have all designed and implemented some truly innovative sales environments utilising our products. We thrive on a challenge and because every project is different, the process of evolving our products to meet the changing needs of our clients, means every day at Unibox is a learning day.




Pretty Good Stuff We love aluminium. It’s difficult not to. For a start, it lasts and lasts. Over 70% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today, and every single profile in our Modular System can be recycled with no degradation. But, perhaps more importantly, aluminium is lightweight, durable and resists corrosion. This keeps transportation costs down, environmental impact low, and means the solutions we offer will last longer than any other of their type.


Unibox Modular System


It all starts here with our aluminium profiles. To some they might not appear very special, but to us they’re incredible. The simplicity and strength in every precision engineered curve and angle is a masterpiece of modular design. Combined with our connectors and accessories, they allow complex, challenging and contemporary structures to be simply created. We call this the Unibox Modular System and it’s at the heart of most of the things you’ll see in this book.


It’s in our DNA One system. Countless possibilities. One of the main benefits of the Unibox Modular System is that it allows us to collaborate in many different ways. Some customers know exactly what they want in terms of parts, profiles, connectors and accessories. Others require whole kits for a specific design, but more often than not we work closely with our customers to create a bespoke solution. It’s that simple.



Retail Display Twenty years ago, internet shopping didn’t exist. Retailers told us how and when we were going to buy. Now, more than at any point in history, consumers have a choice. The result? High Street retail environments that create engaging, on-brand customer experiences. The following pages show examples of how we work with retailers to achieve beautiful, functional and engaging display solutions.

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Bespoke Design and Build In-Mall Retail Standard Cabinets, Showcases & Counter Islands Special Items Shop-in-Shop Shelving Systems


Unibox Retail Bespoke Design & Build Combine our Modular System with bonded glass, joinery and laminate finishes, creating a look and style which is unique to your brand.

Frameless, modular and reconfigurable UV-bonded glass cubes and plinths.


UV-bonded glass shelving combined with custom made plinths featuring high gloss laminate finish and concealed edge LED lighting.


The same primary profile system, used to dramatic effect to create two very distinct display environments.


Painted and clear UV-bonded glass combined with tactical LED in-cabinet lighting.


Unibox Retail In-Mall Retail The Retail Merchandising Unit (RMU) is a familiar sight in shopping malls and airports. They are also a perfect example of how 20+ years of Unibox design and development has perfected the balance between form and function as we continue to consult with and design for clients, both nationally and internationally.

Halo RMU.



Contemporary RMU Design.

Freestanding catering unit, incorporating functional storage, LED accent lighting and multi-surface graphics.



Standard Unibox Halo RMU featuring LED lighting, glass display shelving and secure storage facility.

In-mall kiosk constructed from Unibox system, incorporating aluminium slatwall feature (right).

Custom designed RMU, configured with contemporary glass, directional LED lighting and laminate-faced block structure. Also incorporates secure, lockable storage. 23

Unibox Retail Standard Showcases, Cabinets and Counter Islands Not every budget or environment requires a bespoke display solution. That’s why Unibox offers a range of standard displays which can be individually specified to create an almost endless variety of finishes and configurations.

Display case featuring adjustable glass shelving combined with joinery made lockable storage cabinets.

The ‘Edge’ range of showcases, counters and cabinets: Flexible, easily customised and reconfigurable. 24

One single system used to create multiple options of size, format and finish is shown above, including both coloured and clear glass, acrylics and integral LED lighting.


Unibox Retail Special Items Displays built with Unibox Modular System, with material finishes including real wood veneers, digital graphics, tempered glass and LED lighting, creating stunning designs.

Flexible retail shelving: Reconfigurable cabinets supported off an aluminium rail integrated into the backwall.


Showcase lighting.


Unibox Retail Shop-in-Shop Where brand and functionality meet. Engaging, practical and versatile concession areas which can be adapted and configured to almost any retail situation, particularly where floor space is at a premium.

Custom colour-matched aluminium profile, branded lightboxes, adjustable glass shelving (right) and customer-specified leather infill.


Mix of freestanding display cabinets, graphic displays and joinery units for an optical retail area.


Unibox Retail Shelving Systems Combine shelving and storage with Unibox Modular System and LED lighting to create flexible, robust, product-specific display opportunities.


Backlit display using adjustable glass shelving within a custom fit framework.

Aluminium upright profile sections, incorporating suspended shelving and low level storage.


Exhibition & Events Unibox collaborates with prominent exhibition designers, stand builders and event companies to maximise the exhibitor’s opportunity to really stand out. Our trusted, easy-to-use, world class system is the first choice for exhibition structures, from modular solutions right through to bespoke custom-built stands.

34-35 36-43 44-45 46-47 48-49 50-51


Stand Construction System Stands Curved Tension Fabric System Tension Fabric Stands Supercar Launch Pit Garages


Unibox Exhibition & Event Combine the Unibox Stand Construction System with our specialist, in-house fabrication techniques; add a terrific range of profiles and accessories and the result is an almost limitless infrastructure of exhibition space design possibilities.

Louvre wall created by linking aero profiles to upright posts.



Unibox Exhibition & Event Structures Designed and realised in conjunction with design agency Viable London, the Unibox System was configured in a honeycomb structure and clad with acrylic petals to create a stunning central bar area at London’s 100% Design exhibition.



Unibox Exhibition & Event Jam Design London tasked us to deliver this concept as part of an events roadshow for their client - one of France’s premier champagne houses. The design incorporates bespoke aluminium extrusions and laser-cut acrylic for a stunning, unique piece of brand expression.



Unibox Exhibition & Event Structures In response to an ever more demanding consumer world, our design and product development teams are continually exploring new opportunities to evolve and enhance our Modular System, components and accessories, to ensure our clients remain ahead of the game.

Demonstration unit with integral Lumenal LED lighting.


Feature wall using printed glass on ‘Spider clamps.’


Bespoke modular display featuring AV stands.


Designed in CAD and downloaded to our CNC rolling machine to create accurately curved profiles.


Unibox Exhibition & Event Curved Tension Fabric System This clever, lightweight Unibox innovation creates an organic feel to an exhibition, event space or in-house collaboration area. The fabrics can be left as minimal as desired - or they can become a flood of colour and brand, with stunning results.

Curved and ceiling-hung TFS screens, enhanced by Lumenal LED up-lighting.


Eye bolt: Securely fixed into Unibox channel detail to create a suspension point.

Ceiling-hung curved TFS frames.


Unibox Exhibition & Event Tension Fabric Stands Create a major impact at events with curved TFS structures.


Event break out pods.

TFS Archway with AV screens and promotion displays.


Unibox Exhibition & Event Backdrop Graphics TFS can be utilised in open space environments to create large backdrop displays spanning widths of up to 50 metres.


Seamless transition from flat to curved graphic wall.


Unibox Exhibition & Event Pit Garages Bespoke graphics, colour-coded accessories and durable finishes ensure that this demountable and transportable system delivers in a space where performance means everything.

Unibox create bespoke, branded motorsport solutions for Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and other teams throughout the world. 50


Graphic Display & Point of Sale The days of ‘standard’ are over. Branded retail, exhibition and commercial environments demand more than just a ‘big poster’. Because every element of our modular display systems are designed and manufactured in-house, we can customise every dimension, shape and configuration of your display.

54-55 Graphic Display & Point of Sale Systems 56-57 Bespoke Security Signage & POS 58-59 Bespoke Point of Sale Graphic Display & Totems 60-61 Metro System



Unibox Graphic Display & Point Of Sale Systems We manufacture an extensive range of pre-configured kits which can be supplied as either portable or semi-permanent versions. The kits comprise all the accessories required to create an on-brand customer experience.

Single freestanding Metrolite graphic display system.


POS incorporating ‘Blade’ aluminium uprights, solid, lightweight, coloured infill panels, aluminium slatwall, and selected colour-coded accessories.


Literature display.

Selected profiles combine with bespoke heavy duty bases to house a graphics system for security signage in major UK airports.


Merchandised POS stand with Tension Fabric LED Lightbox.


POS counter incorporating custom manufactured product merchandising system and audio visual point, constructed using system profiles and bespoke cabinetry.


Freestanding totem graphic/POS display using an aluminium framework.


Unibox Graphic Display & Point Of Sale Systems Metro System A flexible and robust graphic display system which is the perfect choice for a multitude of venues and applications.

Full exhibtion event using the metro system: HMS Raleigh Shore Training Establishment & Tobermory Harbour Marine Visitor Centre.


Metro display system incorporating AV, magnetic graphic display and feature colour-coded acrylic end caps.


Graphic Illumination & Signage We have developed a range of stunning LED illuminated graphic display options for retail, events, corporate and commercial environments. Using removable or fixed graphics, our slimline designs incorporate a variety of materials to create highly engaging areas of graphic display and messaging.

64-65 Illuminated Signage Solutions 66-67 Edge-lit Illuminated Graphic Displays



Unibox Graphic Illumination Dramatic, lightweight illuminated displays featuring easy to change, digitally printed graphics utilising high quality, energy efficient LED lighting technology.

7 metre long Tension Fabric LED lightbox.


Laser-cut, LED illuminated signage developed for a retail design consultancy and installed across the UK within a leading high street electronics retailer.


Edge-lit Illuminated Graphic Displays Our most advanced slimline lightboxes include high-quality, flexible LEDs to illuminate laser-etched acrylic panels, featuring a bespoke dot matrix pattern.

Slimlite TFS panel: Ultra-slim illuminated display for Tension Fabric System graphics.


Slimlite solid panel: By combining sleek Unibox aluminium extrusions with an edge-lit LED light guide plate, the printed graphic is permanently set and sits flush with the edge of its housing, creating a frameless effect.

Using cast acrylic, high resolution photo quality media, this display has been developed for when permanent graphics are required. 67

Museum & Heritage We work with designers and specifiers to create bespoke museum & heritage displays, many of which have been featured in various high profile projects. We take this as a ringing endorsement, not only of our Modular System’s versatility, but of our materials knowledge and design expertise. Only from understanding and sharing a client’s vision can we then begin to realise it.

70-71 Tom Dixon - Royal Academy of Arts, Tobermory & HMS Raleigh



Unibox Museum & Heritage Displays Unibox has contributed to a number of high profile projects in the museum and heritage space - crafting bespoke exhibition and signage displays, as well as secure display showcases for valuable artefacts.

Bespoke Metro graphic display system: HMS Raleigh Shore Training Establishment, Cornwall.

Bespoke, secure display showcases: Designed in collaboration with the Tom Dixon interiors project for the Oliver Peyton restaurant at The Royal Academy of Arts.


Metro & AV Graphic Displays: Created for the Tobermory Harbour Marine Visitor Centre.


Workspace Solutions Our pods and privacy screens are designed to be as practical and functional as they are sleek and understated, with the same attention to detail and engineering precision as all of our products. As you would expect, our systems encourage clients to incorporate bespoke graphics, materials and finishes resulting in contemporary working environments.

74-75 Office PODs 76-77 Privacy Screening



Office Pods We’ve developed a new range of modular meeting pods. Contemporary and flexible, with unrivalled acoustic qualities, our pods provide complete privacy. We also offer bespoke design & branding possibilities to suit your working environment or even create a new one.


Integration of accessories and hardware.


Privacy Screening We’ve worked with interior designers to develop and produce bespoke partitions and privacy screening for high profile clients in the the automotive, finance and retail sectors.

Designed to accept a wide variety of panel finishes and substrates.


Media AV units.


Lumenal Lighting Systems Lumenal are UK-based manufacturers of modular LED lighting solutions for retail, point of sale, exhibitions and galleries. Constant innovation implemented by the Lumenal team, means we offer intelligently designed and highly engineered LED lighting products creating more energy-efficient, intelligent solutions. With over 20 years manufacturing experience, we understand that our clients want products that function perfectly, look fantastic and offer a great return on investment. Our technical expertise and manufacturing capability, combined with extensive experience of display, enables us to meet the business needs of our seriously high profile client base.



Lumenal We manufacture all of our linear, spot, track and edge-lit lighting solutions in-house, and while we won’t blind you with the science around LED lighting, our products are market-leading thanks to the constant innovation implemented by the Lumenal team, constantly creating more energy-efficient, intelligently designed products.

Our client base is testament to our dedication, working with the likes of Tesco, River Island, Tom Dixon and other high profile end-users, specifiers and designers.



Under-shelf lighting: Morrisons supermarket.


‘Neutral’ and ‘warm’ white diodes are combined to enhance the colour properties in a mixed jewellery display.

Edge-lit acrylic panels and linear display lighting in Carphone Warehouse.


Refrigeration Units Our long-standing association with the refrigeration industry has resulted in the development and manufacture, here at our premises in Manchester, of a wide range of products including chiller cabinets and cassettes, glass door systems and lineside equipment.



Unibox Refigeration Units We’ve worked in the refrigeration and temperature controlled environment market since 1993 and are a recognised, leading specialist manufacturer of chiller units for the rail industry.

We design, manufacture and install refrigerated display cabinets and chiller units for companies such as Alstom Engineering and Bombardier. In addition, we offer a range of glass door systems, electrochromically heated panels and clean room environment construction systems.


Kitchen chiller evaporator matrix.


Services and Accreditations


bespoke extrusions


aluminium composite fabrication



ISO 14001 ISO 9001

punching 88





uv bonding

pcb design


solidworks technical design


joinery 89

Our Home We are proud of where we live. It is the perfect home for producing the products we love to make for you, our clients and partners.



Attention to detail.



Our people.



The smaller details.




It all fits together. 99



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Unibox Brand Book  
Unibox Brand Book  

The Unibox Brand Book is a 104 page, image-focused book that showcases everything Unibox can offer. We create bespoke solutions for the reta...