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Officers of the University Robert O. Kelley President

Thomas M. DiLorenzo

Joshua Wynne

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Lori M. Reesor

Vice President for Student Affairs

Susan Balcom Walton

Alice C. Brekke

Vice President for University and Public Affairs

Vice President for Finance and Operations

Suzanne Anderson

Phyllis E. Johnson

University Registrar

Vice President for Research and Economic Development

State Board of Higher Education Kirsten Diederich, Fargo President

Duaine Espegard, Grand Forks Terry Hjelmstad, Minot Don Morton, Fargo Kathleen Neset, Tioga Kari Reichert, Bismarck Grant Shaft, Grand Forks

Devin Hoffarth

Student Member Lake Region State College and Mayville State University

Douglas Munski

Faculty Advisor University of North Dakota

Janice Hoffarth

Staff Advisor University of North Dakota

ON THE FRONT COVER: The elegant features of Merrifield Hall take on a special character on a warm summer night. Since 1930 the structure has stood out as one of the most famous landmarks of the UND campus. Photograph by Shawna Widdel. ON THE BACK COVER: Created by the late Stanley O. Johnson, longtime UND art professor, the Old Main Memorial Sphere is a widely recognized symbol of the University. Built on the site of UND’s first building, the Sphere celebrates the University’s dedication to learning and social progress. Photograph by Jackie Lorentz.

The Order of Exercises 2013 Summer Commencement Ceremony

3:00 p.m., Friday, August 2, 2013, Chester Fritz Auditorium

President Robert O. Kelley, Presiding Alma Mater Hail to thee, O Alma Mater! Hail to thee with heart and tongue! Pride we feel and love yet greater While we raise our grateful song. Home of lofty thought and learning, Beacon o’er our western land, Shrine whence still the ever- burning Torch is passed from hand to hand.

Prelude Music........................................................................... Michael Wittgraf Processional......................................................... “Pomp and Circumstance” Michael Wittgraf

Please stand during the Processional.

“America the Beautiful”.......................................................... Angela Loff Greetings.................................................................. President Robert O. Kelley Greetings ������������������������������������������������������������ Terry Hjelmstad, Vice President, State Board of Higher Education

Conferral of Honorary Degree....... President Robert O. Kelley

Norman C. Skalicky, Doctor of Letters Escorted and presented by Dean Dennis Elbert

Presentation of Chester Fritz Distinguished Professorship ...................................................... President Robert O. Kelley

Michael Wittgraf, Professor of Music

Commencement Message..................................................... Karen Nyberg

NASA Astronaut and UND Alumna

Conferring of Academic Degrees............................... President Robert O. Kelley Josh Jones, Proctor

(Order of degrees begins on Page 5)

Alumni Greetings............................................... Sarah Kotelnicki UND Alumni Association and Foundation

“Alma Mater”...........................................The Assemblage

Angela Loff, Song Leader

Recessional.......................................................... Michael Wittgraf 1

Chester Fritz Distinguished Professors The Chester Fritz Distinguished Professorships were established with an endowment gift from the late UND benefactor Chester Fritz, 1892-1983. Revenue from the endowment provides for cash stipends to one or more full-time UND faculty members, who thereafter may use the title “Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor.” Nominations are solicited from members of the V.P.A.A. Academic Cabinet and the Chester Fritz Distinguished Professors; these are evaluated by a committee chaired by the graduate dean and composed of three Chester Fritz Distinguished Professors and faculty representatives from each academic college not represented by a Fritz Professor. The recommendations are reviewed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and forwarded to the President for final decision.

William F. Sheridan, Biology Roxanne Vaughan, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Sharon C. Wilsnack, Neuroscience Michael Wittgraf, Music Stephen A. Wonderlich, Clinical Neuroscience Former faculty members who were honored with Fritz Professorships include: Michael A. Anderegg, English James Antes, Psychology Robert Beck, Law Richard Beringer, History William V. Borden (deceased), English William E. Cornatzer (deceased), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Richard D. Crawford, Biology Kenneth J. Dawes, Social Work Sandra Donaldson, English Manuchair Ebadi, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics, and Clinical Neuroscience Ronald C. Engle, Theatre Arts Albert J. Fivizzani, Biology Mary Lou S. Fuller, Elementary Education Elizabeth Hampsten, English David Hein, Pharmacology and Toxicology Carla Wulff Hess, Communication Disorders Richard L. Hill, Educational Administration Harvey Knull, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology David O. Lambeth, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Richard G. Landry, Educational Measurements and Statistics Diane K. Langemo, Nursing Practice and Development Donald K. Lemon, Educational Leadership Robert W. Lewis, English Frank Low (deceased), Anatomy Richard L. Ludtke, Sociology Roger Melvold, Microbiology and Immunology Robert C. Nordlie, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Lewis K. Oring, Biology Surendra S. Parmar, Physiology Brian O. Paulsen, Art Russell Peterson (deceased), Education Lewis J. Radonovich, Chemistry Paul D. Ray, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology John L. Rowe (deceased), Business and Vocational Education Mary Jane Schneider, Indian Studies Donald E. Severson, Chemical Engineering Virgil Stenberg, Chemistry Jeffrey L. Stith, Atmospheric Sciences Kathleen A. Tiemann, Sociology D. Jerome Tweton, History Stephen K. Wikel, Microbiology and Immunology Charles A. Wood, Space Studies Kevin D. Young, Microbiology and Immunology

Chester Fritz attended UND from 1908 to 1910. He became an international trader in precious metals and lived most of his life in China and Europe. In establishing the endowment for the professorships — just one of his many gifts to UND — as an “investment in the future of my Alma Mater and of the people who make the future what it shall be.” He added, “I am especially indebted to the fine teachers who, in the end, have determined in large measure, how well I was able to learn and to use the knowledge that the University of North Dakota could provide.” Chester Fritz Distinguished Professors currently serving on the faculty include: Michael C. Beard, English Holly Brown-Borg, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics Edward C. Carlson, Anatomy and Cell Biology F. Richard Ferraro, Psychology Michael J. Gaffey, Space Studies Jonathan Geiger, Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics William D. Gosnold Jr., Geology & Geological Engineering Birgit Hans, Indian Studies Joseph Hartman, Geology and Geological Engineering Mark R. Hoffmann, Chemistry Gordon Iseminger, History Warren Jensen, Aviation Michael Mann, Chemical Engineering James E. Mitchell, Neuroscience James Mochoruk, History Thomas Mohr, Physical Therapy Myrna R. Olson, Teaching and Learning Leon F. Osborne, Atmospheric Sciences Thomas V. Petros, Psychology Michael Poellot, Atmospheric Sciences Isaac Schlosser, Biology Wayne Seames, Chemical Engineering Mary Ann Sens, Pathology


Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor Michael Wittgraf One faculty member will be honored as a Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor during today’s summer commencement ceremony. He is Dr. Michael Wittgraf, Professor of Music, in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Chester Fritz Distinguished Professorships were established with an endowment gift from the late benefactor Chester Fritz. Revenue from the endowment provides for cash stipends to one or more full-time UND faculty members, who thereafter may use the title “Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor.” The first Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor was named in 1973. Just 71 individuals — including this year’s selectees — have been designated Fritz Professors, 28 of whom are currently on staff.

A versatile performer and educator, Michael Wittgraf is widely recognized as a composer and for his work in utilizing digital technology in music. Wittgraf was born in Redwood Falls, Minn., and raised in Paynesville, Minn. The son of music teachers, he played in polka bands as a teenager and toured with rock bands for four years. Wittgraf earned a B.A. with a major in mathematics from Carleton College in 1985. He received the M.A. in music theory and composition from the University of Minnesota in 1994 and the Doctor of Music in composition from Northwestern University in 1997. He has been a member of the UND faculty since 1998 and chair of the Department of Music since 2009. Wittgraf specializes in the bassoon, music composition and theory, and technology. With his background in mathematics, he combines diverse musical styles with mathematical precision while maintaining a keen overall musical sensibility. His catalog contains over 70 works in various genres, including solo, chamber, orchestral, band, choral and electronic. He has received many awards and distinctions, and his works have been performed and recorded by a number of prominent artists. His compositions have been performed throughout North America and Europe, and in Asia and Australia. Wittgraf is focusing on the field of interactive computer music, primarily using Kyma X software. His music embraces sonic ecosystems, improvisation, compositional systems, and electronic interfaces. He has been using computers as a musical tool since 1993. Wittgraf performs on a number of instruments in addition to the bassoon, including piano, organ and electric bass, in genres ranging from experimental avant-garde to classical and rock-and-roll. He is very active in the region as a lecturer and performer. In September of 2011, the North Valley Arts Council honored him as their “Artist of the Year.” Wittgraf presented a Faculty Lecture in February 2005. At that time, he observed, “Composing is an integral part of my identity and spirit. I eat, breathe, and sleep music. Working in a field so rich in possibilities, both intellectual and emotional, has taught me the importance of pursuing excellence while participating in a discipline that is an essential part of humanity.”


Commencement Message Karen Nyberg Karen Nyberg, the first UND graduate to go into space, was launched on to her second mission to the International Space Station on May 28, 2013. She is slated to return to Earth in November. A native of Vining, Minn., where her parents still reside, Nyberg dreamed of being an astronaut from an early age on. She graduated from Henning (Minn.) High School and attended UND, earning a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, summa cum laude, in 1994. She continued her education at the University of Texas, Austin, earning her master’s degree and doctorate in mechanical engineering in 1996 and 1998. Nyberg’s experience with NASA began early in her college years, working in co-op placements with the Johnson Space Center from 1991 to 1995. After completing her doctorate, she accepted a position as an environmental control systems engineer with NASA’s Crew and Thermal Systems Division. Nyberg was selected as a mission specialist by NASA in July 2000. Following the completion of two years of training and evaluation, she was assigned technical duties in the Astronaut Office Station Operations branch, serving as crew support. She has since served in the Space Shuttle branch, the Exploration branch, and as chief of the Robotics branch. In July 2006 she took part in NEEMO 10, a deepsea training and simulation exercise at the Aquarius underwater laboratory to help NASA prepare for potential manned missions to the Moon and Mars. On May 31, 2008, Nyberg rode the space shuttle Discovery to the International Space Station, becoming the 50th woman to go into space. The 14-day mission delivered components to complete the Japanese Kibo laboratory on the station. She returned to her alma mater for Homecoming in October 2009 to give a number of presentations, including one to hundreds of grade school children in the Memorial Union Ballroom. The UND Alumni Association presented Nyberg the Sioux Award, its highest honor. Nyberg is married to astronaut Douglas Hurley, and they have a son. Her recreational interests include running, sewing, drawing and painting, backpacking, piano, and family time.


School of Graduate Studies Mariah Dawn Laver Juanto, Harlan, Iowa

Wayne S. Swisher, Dean

Major: Clinical Psychology Dissertation: Sex Offenders’ Perceptions of North Dakota’s Sex Offender Policies. Advisor: Dr. April Bradley

Doctor of Philosophy

Michael P. McGrath, Minot Major: Criminal Justice

Natasha Dawn Adamson, Estacada, Oregon

Dissertation: Does Time Matter? An Examination of Probation Sentence and Completion Length, Probation Failure and Recidivism. Advisor: Dr. Martin Gottschalk

Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: TBI and Long-Term Competitive Employment as a Function of Services Provided by Vocational Rehabilitation. Advisor: Dr. David Perry

Joseph Orlo Mehus, Hatton Major: Biology

Abraham John Bilyeu, Ankeny, Iowa

Dissertation: The Ecology of Host-Seeking Mosquitoes Within the Red River Valley of Central North Dakota. Advisor: Dr. Jefferson Vaughan

Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: The Impact of the Perceptions of Fathering on Adult Children’s Emotional Well-Being and Satisfaction With Life. Advisor: Dr. Cindy Juntunen

Kevin Steven Montes, Gardena, California Major: Psychology

Kevin Charles Buettner, Grand Forks

Dissertation: A Comparison of Online and Offline Gamblers: An Experimental Manipulation of Escape. Advisor: Dr. Jeff Weatherly Kenneth Ndumbe Ngale, Grand Forks Major: Chemistry

Major: Teaching and Learning

Dissertation: Professional Socialization in Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs: Attitudes and Beliefs of Faculty Members and Recent Graduates Advisor: Dr. Myrna Olson

Rebecca Joyce Cicha, East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Dissertation: Towards More Efficient Enhanced Sampling Methods to Study Phase Transitions. Advisor: Dr. Jerome Delhommelle

Major: Clinical Psychology Dissertation: Development and Outcomes of an Experientially-Based Nonverbal Social Skills Curriculum for Youth With Visual Impairments. Advisor: Dr. F. Richard Ferraro

Masela Ogenga Obade, Suna, Migori, Kenya Major: Teaching and Learning

Jocelyn Marie Dunnigan, Bismarck

Dissertation: A Model of Nontraditional College Student Motivation and Success. Advisor: Dr. Robert Stupnisky

Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: Effects of Aromatherapy on Test Anxiety and Performance in College Students. Advisor: Dr. Myrna Olson

Mehdi Ostadhassan, Tehran, Iran Major: Engineering

Melissa Ann Fine, Chesterfield, Virginia

Dissertation: Geomechanics and Elastic Anisotropy of the Bakken Formation, Williston Basin. Advisor: Dr. Richard Lefever

Major: Clinical Psychology Dissertation: Risk Assessment in Corrections: An Analysis of Variables Related to Suicide Attempts and Self-Mutilation. Advisor: Dr. F. Richard Ferraro

Kipp Ryan Pietrantonio, Iron Mountain, Michigan Major: Counseling Psychology

Vincent Roman Genareo, Mohall

Dissertation: Class is Out: Mental Health Professionals’ Social Class Identification and Classist Attitudes Toward Low-Income Clients. Advisor: Dr. Cindy Juntunen

Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: On the CUSP: A School District and Two Communities Respond to an Oil Pre-Boom. Advisor: Dr. Jodi Bergland Holen

Kendra Lynn Puig, Chetek, Wisconsin Major: Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics

Darlene S. Hanson, East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Dissertation: Role of the Alzheimer’s Amyloid Precursor Protein in High Fat Diet Induced Obesity and Regulating Macrophage Phenotype. Advisor: Dr. Colin Combs

Major: Teaching and Learning Dissertation: Nurse Educators’ Consensus Opinion on Using an Academic Electronic Health Record: A Delphi Study Advisor: Dr. Myrna Olson

Kara Ann Richardson-Cline, Webber Falls, Oklahoma Major: Counseling Psychology

Brett James Holfeld, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dissertation: Spirituality in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Advisor: Dr. Cindy Juntunen

Major: Psychology Dissertation: A Social Ecological Approach to Cyber Bullying. Advisor: Dr. Mark Grabe

Jennifer Susan Soupir-Fremstad, Moorhead, Minnesota Major: Educational Leadership

David William James, Terrell, Texas

Dissertation: The Expectancy Theory: Teachers’ Perspectives of Motivation and Compensation. Advisor: Dr. Brenda Kallio

Major: Chemical Engineering Dissertation: Modeling Arsenic, Antimony, and Selenium Partitioning During Coal Combustion. Advisor: Dr. Gautham Krishnamoorthy and Dr. Wayne Seames

Nicola Miky Telbis, Drayton Major: Teaching and Learning

Nils-Erik Juhani Juanto Laver, Fargo

Dissertation: International Students’ Confidence and Academic Success. Advisor: Dr. Lars Helgeson

Major: Counseling Psychology Dissertation: The Effect of Masculinity on Post-Deployment Veterans’ HelpSeeking Behaviors and Mental Health Outcomes. Advisor: Dr. David Whitcomb


School of Graduate Studies Leslie Marie Harden, Burke, Virginia

Doctor of Philosophy, continued

Major: Forensic Psychology

Trafton Fletcher Hardison, Apex, North Carolina Major: Linguistics

Doria Keesling Thiele, Corvallis, Oregon Major: Nursing

Elizabeth Hattu Hartwell, Huntsville, Texas

Dissertation: The Impact of Continuous Prenatal and Early Postpartum Maternal Vitamin D Supplementation on the Vitamin D Status of Exclusively Breastfed Infants. Advisor: Dr. Cindy Anderson

Angela Mae Heil, Mandan

Major: Psychology Major: Forensic Psychology

W. Trent Holder, Cody, Wyoming

Kaylee Marie Trottier, Grand Forks

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Clinical Psychology

Jason D. Hopkins, Glen Rose, Texas

Dissertation: Influence of Gender and Race on Self-Objectification. Advisor: Dr. F. Richard Ferraro

Major: Linguistics

Anastasia Louise LeFevre Jacobs, Dalton, New Hampshire

Kristen Michelle Votava, Grand Forks

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Teaching and Learning

William Joseph Jancewicz, Schefferville, Quebec, Canada

Dissertation: Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Understanding the Family Assessment Process in Early Intervention. Advisor: Dr. Kari Chiasson

Major: Linguistics

Laura Elizabeth Jason, Salisbury, North Carolina Major: Forensic Psychology

Xuefei Zhang, Tianmen, Habei Province, China

Kelly Marie Jones, Gambrills, Maryland

Major: Engineering

Major: Psychology

Dissertation: Efficient Regeneration of Chemical Solvents for C02 Capture by Polymeric Membrane Contactors. Advisor: Dr. Brian Tande

Harpa Lind J贸nsd贸ttir, Seltjarnes, Iceland Major: Psychology

Stephanie Hope Liden, Thief River Falls, Minnesota Major: English

Kinda Irene Lilley-Karkos, Wilton, Maine Major: Forensic Psychology

Master of Arts

JoEllen Anna Magnus, Grand Forks

Rebecca Nicole Ashley, Des Moines, Iowa

Victoria Sima Maneev, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Major: Linguistics

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Counseling

Gennifer Leigh Baker, Fargo

Spencer Crowley McGrew, Hawley, Minnesota

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Geography

Michael Roland Boucher, Barnesville, Georgia

Brandon D. Mills, North Salt Lake, Utah

Major: Geography

Major: Communication

Alyssa M. Chandler, Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Daniel Ryan Moore, Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Major: Communication

Major: Forensic Psychology

Dusty Lea Clements, Colfax, Iowa

Katie Marie Nechiporenko, Fargo

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Forensic Psychology

Kevin Lynn Cline, Germantown, Ohio

Linda May Olson, Grand Forks

Major: Linguistics

Major: Counseling

Kirsten Ruth Craft, Bemidji, Minnesota

Mark Andrew Penner, Tokyo, Japan

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Linguistics

Amanda Sue Deal, York, Nebraska

Deidre Marie Pugh, Kenmare

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Forensic Psychology

Desirae Mowry Dubisky, Green Mountain, North Carolina

Emily Catharine Smith, Auroa, Colorado

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Forensic Psychology

Sarah Elizabeth Eberle, Basom, New York

Wendy Watson Smith, San Diego, California

Major: Linguistics

Major: Forensic Psychology

Jon Paul Eclov, Walker, Minnesota

Anne Charlotte Taggart, Stockbridge, Vermont

Major: History

Major: Forensic Psychology

Sarah Lynne Frey, Lafayette, New Jersey

Stephanie Ann Taylor, Sahuarita, Arizona

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Forensic Psychology

Mary Magdalene Galloway, Norcross, Georgia

Robert Steven Wyatt, Imperial, California

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Forensic Psychology

Megan Kristen Hancock, Salt Lake City, Utah

Ashley Ann Zabka, Fargo

Major: Forensic Psychology

Major: Forensic Psychology


School of Graduate Studies Master of Arts, continued

Cassandra Monique Johnson, Rhame

Mary Emilie Zander, Grand Forks

Autumn Dawn Junes, Menahga, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education Major: Elementary Education

Major: Psychology

Daniel Kaffar, Grafton

Larry Alexander Zuniga, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Forensic Psychology

Attia Tun Noor, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Major: Educational Leadership

Kelly Lee Roemmich, Bottineau Major: Educational Leadership

Master of Business Administration

Katherine Wakefield Schuh, East Grand Forks, Minnesota

Timothy Lee Anderson, Alvarado, Minnesota

Lindsey Grace Storhaug, Alexandria, Minnesota

Major: Reading Education Major: Elementary Education

Major: Business Administration

Molly Jean Syvertson, Grand Forks

Alexandra Rae Brickl, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education

Major: Business Administration

Hope Marie Wosick, Fargo

Ryan James Feltman, Bloomington, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education

Major: Business Administration

Scott Aaron Greer, Ramona, California Major: Business Administration

Brianne Nicole Osowski, Argyle, Minnesota Major: Business Administration

Master of Fine Arts

Kevin Douglas Wikoff, Parker, Colorado Major: Business Administration

Sharon D. Smith, Erie, Pennsylvania

Junyu Yang, Tianin, China

Major: Visual Arts

Major: Business Administration

Master of Music

Master of Education

Fernando Vargas, Valencia, Venezuela

Aaron Christopher Anderson, Rugby

Major: Music

Major: Educational Leadership

Patrick Ryan Beckman, Dickinson Major: Educational Leadership

Kathryn Rebecca Bjorgaard, Chesapeake, Virginia

Master of Occupational Therapy

Major: Elementary Education

Katie Grace Crofutt, Flasher

Meghan Beth Enabnit, Carmichael, California

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Occupational Therapy

Linn Theresa Dockter, Finley

Kristi Ann Fickes, Herman, Minnesota

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Occupational Therapy

Daniel Scott Freund, Grand Forks

Joshua Allan Gilbertson, Grand Forks

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Occupational Therapy

Lanny R. Gabbert, Williston

Stephanie Michelle Gubbels, Rosemount, Minnesota

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Occupational Therapy

Robin L. Gaffney, Arlington, Virginia

Laura Leigh Hennes, Grand Forks

Major: Special Education / Early Childhood

Major: Occupational Therapy

Haley Lynn Haugen, Bismarck

Ashley Nichole Mathiason, Grafton

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Occupational Therapy

Janae Elizabeth Helvik, Fargo

Izaak Paul Schafer, Staples, Minnesota

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Occupational Therapy

Heather Lynn Hintz, Bismarck

April Leona Waters, Langdon

Major: Educational Leadership

Major: Occupational Therapy

Rosann Jacobs-Fode, Bismarck Major: Educational Leadership


School of Graduate Studies Nathaniel Glen Emery, Wasilla, Alaska

Master of Public Administration

Major: Biology

Sara Marie Engelmeyer, Melrose, Minnesota Major: Special Education

Collette Marie Adamsen, Belcourt

Kate Emery Gallagher, Fargo

Major: Public Administration

Major: Elementary Education

Jessica Faye Gilbertson, Bismarck

Amanda Marie Gefroh, Bismarck

Major: Public Administration

Major: Biochemistry

Kristin Leigh Kearns, Durham, North Carolina

Nialani Miyako Green, Grand Forks

Major: Public Administration

Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Brooke Lauren Raths, Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Salaam Green, Hoover, Alabama

Major: Public Administration

Major: Early Childhood Education

Jane Louise Williams, Grand Forks

Sarah Elisabeth Griffith, Box Elder, South Dakota

Major: Public Administration

Major: Special Education

Nicholas David Gruhlke, Estherville, Iowa Major: Special Education

Hasibul Hasan, Grand Forks

Master of Science

Major: Civil Engineering

Jun He, Grand Forks

Daniel Kwasi Adjekum, Tema, Ghana

Major: Geology

Major: Aviation

Karin Louise Hensellek, Vandalia, Ohio

Kajli Agrawal, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh, India

Major: Aviation

Major: Space Studies

Michael William Holman, Grand Forks

Brittany Kayla Amborn, Winona, Minnesota

Major: Electrical Engineering

Major: Special Education

Krystal Ann Holzer, Bismarck

Jennifer Kay Annette, Bemidji, Minnesota

Major: Special Education

Major: Early Childhood Education

Sarah Hovde, Portland

Nicole Allison Bacan, McCook Lake, South Dakota

Major: Special Education

Major: Special Education

Katrina Marie Jackson, Woodbridge, Virginia

Ladan Bahrainirad, Grand Forks

Major: Space Studies

Major: Physics

Beth Renee Kane, Fargo

Matthew Hesketh Bakke, Grand Forks

Major: Special Ed Strategist

Major: Education: General Studies

Amanda Jean Katz Kazmi, Duvall, Washington

Tessany Denae Becker, Greenbush, Minnesota

Major: Early Childhood Education

Major: Education: General Studies

Amber Dawn Kennedy, Grand Forks

Desiree A. Bernal, Lewiston, Idaho

Major: Special Education

Major: Special Ed / Emotional Disturbances

Amy Kathleen Knudson, Minot

Brandon Clifford Bigelbach, Circle Pines, Minnesota

Major: Special Education

Major: Atmospheric Sciences

Staci Korkowski, Bismarck

Christopher Allen Bingham, Marana, Arizona

Major: Education: General Studies

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Daniel Scott Krowinski, McKean, Pennsylvania

Ali Josephine Bishop, Rosemount, Minnesota

Major: Space Studies

Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Natalie Jean Larson, Mayville

Angela Christine Bovee, Burley, Idaho

Major: Special Education

Major: Early Childhood Education

Denise Renee Leapaldt-Johnson, Wilton

Joshua Elliot Braband, Glencoe, Minnesota

Major: Elementary Education

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Bing Liu, Eagan, Minnesota

Amy Marie Braddock, Perham, Minnesota

Major: Computer Science

Major: Special Education

Nicholas Adam Lounsberry, Glen Rose, Texas

Kaley Buysse, Fargo

Major: Aviation

Major: Elementary Education

Sherry Kay Lowery, Covington, Georgia Major: Early Childhood Education

Denise R. Carlson, Mandan

Jaimie Lynn Miesel, Nokesville, Virginia

Major: Nursing

Major: Kinesiology

Angela Bernice Cooper, Ferguson, Kentucky

Kelly Ann Mitchell, Lahaina, Hawaii

Major: Early Childhood Education

Major: Special Education


School of Graduate Studies Master of Science, continued

Master of Social Work

Alanna Michelle Pahos, Spooner, Wisconsin

Taryn Marie Anderson, Remer, Minnesota

Major: Special Education

Major: Social Work

Jennifer Lee Palmerton, Putnam Valley, New York

Joseph A. Butler, Moorhead, Minnesota

Major: Special Education

Major: Social Work

Alireza Pesaran, Shiraz, Fars, Iran

Tina Lynne Colacicco, Fordville

Major: Chemical Engineering

Major: Social Work

Nicholas Joaquin Proett, Lincoln, California

Miranda Lynn Confer, Grand Forks

Major: Space Studies

Major: Social Work

Shaoyue Qiu, Beijing, China

Lisa Marie Sonneman Englund, West Fargo

Major: Atmospheric Sciences

Major: Social Work

Pedro Romero, New York City, New York

Julia Christina Geigle, Grand Forks

Major: Special Education

Major: Social Work

Theresa Marie Rose, Fairbanks, Alaska

Allison Joy Gronseth, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Major: Nursing

Major: Social Work

Alicia Rae Samson, Bemidji, Minnesota

Jacqueline Marie Hoffarth, Grand Forks

Major: Early Childhood Education

Major: Social Work

Randy Frederick Schantz, Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Breanna Kristine Landrus, Cokato, Minnesota

Major: Special Ed Strategist

Major: Social Work

Sarah Morgan Schmitt, Grand Forks

Justin Craig Lervik, Fargo

Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Major: Social Work

Ashley Renee Sizemore, Hagerstown, Maryland

Brittney Leigh Odberg, Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Danielle Sloan, Rolla

Allison Lynn Pikul, Grand Forks

Major: Early Childhood Education

Major: Social Work

Major: Special Education

Major: Social Work

Lois Marie Snethen, Vermillion, South Dakota

Jenna Nicole Pulkrabek, Euclid, Minnesota

Major: Special Education

Major: Social Work

Kayla Jo Steffen, Grand Forks

Alex Rene Roeder, West Fargo

Major: Education: General Studies

Major: Social Work

Casey Tiesman, Morrison, Illinois

Andria Lynn Short, Fargo

Major: Kinesiology

Major: Social Work

Lucille Clark Tillman, Wadesboro, North Carolina

Shawna Diane Siewert, Grand Forks

Major: Early Childhood Education

Major: Social Work

Ann Marie Wargetz, Houston, Texas

Glenda Springstad Spencer, Warwick

Major: Space Studies

Major: Social Work

Kelly Ann Wurdelman, Sauk Rapids, Minnesota Major: Nursing

Master of Science in Applied Economics Rachel Diane Baxter, Denver, Colorado Major: Applied Economics

Jonathon Patrick Cummings, Akron, New York Major: Applied Economics

Brennan Nicklaus Dyk, Bowman Major: Applied Economics

Yi Liu, Tianjin, China Major: Applied Economics


College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines Steven Light, Dean Bachelor of Science in Community Nutrition Allison Rhea Albers Bismarck Major: Community Nutrition

Abigail Lee Fettig

Williston Major: Community Nutrition

Jill Elizabeth Haberman

LaMoure Major: Community Nutrition

Jason Alan McCoy

Grand Forks Major: Community Nutrition

Aja Pearl Van Den Heuvel =

Two Harbors, Minnesota Major: Community Nutrition

Michelle A. Montgomery =

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Jennifer Marie Arveson

Skye Eileen Albert ==

Nichole Katherine Nelson ===

Kayla Lynn Chesley =

Brooke Ashton Biederstedt ==

Kelsey Anne Olson

Gregory Dean Conlon

Abbey Bohlman

Shane Alan Reed

Marie Brianne McArthur

Brittany Amanda Broderson =

Chelsey Nicole Richard

Jenna Irene Monshaugen

Tara Lynn Cutting

Rachelle Flora Ruegemer

Christina Jean Shockley

Brittany Lynn Fode

Darrin Michael Stork

BreAnna Marie Vidas

Lul Abdirahman Haji-Mohamed

Alice Monique Taylor =

Jerri Marie Westphal

Nekaiya Chazey Herring

Frank Cooley Thayer

Madisyn Lou Kalinowski

Katelyn Geraldine Vonch

Kristina Marie Klingseisen

Emily Roann Wieland

Trail, Minnesota Major: Nursing

Powell, Wyoming Major: Social Work

Enderlin Major: Nursing

Dickinson Major: Social Work

Bemidji, Minnesota Major: Nursing

Grand Forks Major: Social Work

Ogema, Minnesota Major: Nursing

Reynolds Major: Social Work

Moorhead, Minnesota Major: Nursing

Soldotna, Alaska Major: Social Work

Wahpeton Major: Nursing

Bismarck Major: Social Work

Eveleth, Minnesota Major: Nursing

Minneapolis, Minnesota Major: Social Work

Fargo Major: Nursing

Grand Forks Major: Social Work Karlstad, Minnesota Major: Social Work Isanti, Minnesota Major: Social Work

Grand Forks Major: Social Work

Amanda Jo Nelson

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota Major: Social Work Grand Forks Major: Social Work

Minnetonka, Minnesota Major: Social Work Grand Forks Major: Social Work Rolette Major: Social Work

Richmond, Minnesota Major: Social Work Grand Forks Major: Social Work Grand Forks Major: Social Work Edina, Minnesota Major: Social Work

Red Wing, Minnesota Major: Social Work Streeter Major: Social Work

Kathryn Mary Lenway Faribault, Minnesota Major: Social Work

School of Medicine & Health Sciences Joshua Wynne, Dean Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training Matthew Paul Harder

International Falls, Minnesota Major: Athletic Training

Bachelor of Science in Cytotechnology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Misty Marie Dahlkoetter = Grand Forks Major: Cytotechnology

Salipa Nambela Sinkala

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Major: Medical Laboratory Science


College of Education & Human Development Jason Alan McCoy

Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Robert Hill, Dean Bachelor of Science in Education Katie Marie Bosman

Grand Forks Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Veronica Gene Munkeby ===

Lisbon Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Grand Forks Major: Early Childhood Education

International Falls, Minnesota Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Samantha Marie Kearns =

Fargo Major: Elementary Education Major: Early Childhood

Kimberly Carol Augusta Stulken West Fargo Major: Elementary Education Major: Middle Level Education

Erik Austin Rohlfs

Jessica Lynn Bietz

Travis Ray Schubauer =

Danna Lynn Nelson =

Kathryn Joann Southard =

Seth Caleb Nichols

Danielle Rae Sylvester ===

Travis Ray Schubauer =

Fergus Falls, Minnesota Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Jennifer Patricia Fletcher

Rochester, Minnesota Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Shane Edward Hylton

Grand Forks Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Brainerd, Minnesota Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Nicholas Edmund Lindberg

Blaine, Minnesota Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Crookston, Minnesota Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness

Brandon Michael Lommen

Grand Forks Major: Physical Education, Exercise Science & Wellness Major: German

Bachelor of Science in Recreation & Tourism Studies St. Thomas Major: Recreation & Tourism Studies Langdon Major: Recreation & Tourism Studies McVille Major: Recreation & Tourism Studies Rochester, Minnesota Major: Recreation & Tourism Studies

Kaitlin Elizabeth Willer

Sauk Centre, Minnesota Major: Recreation & Tourism Studies

College of Engineering & Mines Hesham El-Rewini, Dean Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Godwin Isioma Ebhoma Sugarland, Texas

Major: Chemical Engineering

Jake Lynden Green

Anchorage, Alaska Major: Chemical Engineering

Megan Mae Jimenez

Yorba Linda, California Major: Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering John Geniuch =

Friday Harbor, Washington Major: Civil Engineering

Najd Musa Alzahrani

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Major: Electrical Engineering

Samuel David Lux

Tehachapi, California Major: Civil Engineering

Harland Eugene Atkinson =

Somerset, New Jersey Major: Electrical Engineering

Wade E. Miller

Creal Springs, Illinois Major: Civil Engineering

Nicholas A. Baer

Duluth, Minnesota Major: Electrical Engineering

Ahmed Hassan Yusuf

Eden Prairie, Minnesota Major: Civil Engineering

Steven Brent Corrie

Yuma, Arizona Major: Electrical Engineering

Alexander Kenneth Johnson

Abhishek Deepak Goswami

East Grand Forks, Minnesota Major: Chemical Engineering

Rohini, New Delhi, India Major: Electrical Engineering

Christopher Taylor Scott

Abdullah Mohammed Maswai , Saudi Arabia Major: Electrical Engineering

Michael James Mullins =

Federal Way, Washington Major: Electrical Engineering

Michael Kless Rowland

Kansas City, Missouri Major: Electrical Engineering

Clayton Levi Senyo ==

Summerville, South Carolina Major: Electrical Engineering

Greg Anthony Smith

Batesburg, South Carolina Major: Electrical Engineering

Alex Jacob Westhoff

St. Cloud, Minnesota Major: Electrical Engineering

AndrĂŠ Moral Dannie Williams Boca Raton, Florida Major: Electrical Engineering

Michael Allen Link

Ferndale, Washington Major: Chemical Engineering

Eden Prairie, Minnesota Major: Electrical Engineering

= Denotes cum laude == Denotes magna cum laude = = = Denotes summa cum laude (See description on page 16)


School of Engineering & Mines Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering Seth Allen Knudsen =

Williston Major: Geological Engineering

Alexander David Padgett

Gillette, Wyoming Major: Geological Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Chad Clinton Devorak

Christopher Michael Marasco

Kyle Andrew Fagerstrom

Daniel Alan Ross

Michael John Dominic Green

Thomas Lee Varner Jr. ===

Paul Michael Keltgen

Manuel Vela

Abingdon, Maryland Major: Mechanical Engineering Chisholm, Minnesota Major: Mechanical Engineering Strasburg, Colorado Major: Mechanical Engineering

Abdulaziz Muteb Almutairi

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hutchinson, Minnesota Major: Mechanical Engineering

Christopher Allen Carter

Hooper, Utah Major: Mechanical Engineering

Woodstock, Illinois Major: Mechanical Engineering Fargo, North Dakota Major: Mechanical Engineering Pittsfield, Massachusetts Major: Mechanical Engineering Spring, Texas Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jeff W. Knobloch

Quincy, Illinois Major: Mechanical Engineering

Preston James Wahl ==

Bismarck Major: Geological Engineering

College of Business & Public Administration Dennis J. Elbert, Dean Bachelor of Accountancy Julia Ann Aas

Eden Prairie, Minnesota Major: Accountancy

Jack Alexander Brus

Plymouth, Minnesota Major: Accountancy

Casey R. Callaghan

Fargo Major: Accountancy

Ryan Michael Gatzke Lakeville, Minnesota Major: Accountancy

Jonathan Russell Hugg Grand Forks Major: Accountancy

Tyler Gordon Parker

Chanhassen, Minnesota Major: Accountancy

Christopher Michael Patch Bismarck Major: Accountancy

Bryan Milton Scholler Grand Forks Major: Accountancy

Sara Dawn Stanislawski Greenbush, Minnesota Major: Accountancy

Nikola Todorovic

Grand Forks Major: Accountancy

Matthew David Wrolstad Fargo Major: Accountancy

Matthew Lawrence Fowler

Bachelor of Business Administration

Fargo Major: Management

Samantha Jo Giesler Jamestown Major: Investments

Michael Edward Anderson

Adam James Gorecki

Casey Lynn Backhaus

Christopher J. Handlos

Russell Momtazur Badaruddin

Brittany Morgan Johnson

Lindsay Marie Barta

Taylor James Klundt

Grand Forks Major: Management

Lino Lakes, Minnesota Major: Management

Baxter, Minnesota Major: Management

Willmar, Minnesota Major: Information Systems

Bismarck Major: Management

Maricopa, Arizona Major: Management

Bismarck Major: Business Economics

Grand Forks Major: Marketing Major: Entrepreneurship Major: Management

Katrina Louise Kozojed

Mayville Major: Banking & Financial Econ

James Martin Berry III

Christopher Michael Kueppers

Hudson, Wisconsin Major: Management

Lino Lakes, Minnesota Major: Marketing

Sarah Wai Lan Chang

Kristopher James Kwak

Waipahu, Hawaii Major: Aviation Management

Maple Grove, Minnesota Major: Marketing

Kelle J. DeCoteau

Cole J. Larson

Belcourt Major: Information Systems

Adams Major: Business Economics

Sage Marie Doehler

Timothy Erik Larson

Oakes Major: Banking & Financial Economics

Hibbing, Minnesota Major: Entrepreneurship Major: Marketing

Hannah Dohmeier

Gregory Scott Maas =

Cologne, Germany Major: Airport Management

Ortonville, Minnesota Major: Aviation Management

Andrew Thomas Fix

Ian James McGurran

Apple Valley, Minnesota Major: Marketing

Fargo Major: Entrepreneurship


Kelly Sue Miller

Grand Forks Major: Managerial Finance & Accounting

Charnay Michelle Mothershed Tempe, Arizona Major: Human Resource Management

Ashley McCall Nelson Arthur Major: Management

Kyle Cameron Nelson

Apple Valley, Minnesota Major: Management

Tyler Gordon Parker

Chanhassen, Minnesota Major: Investments

Rachel Violet Pence

Bemidji, Minnesota Major: Management

Ryan Christopher Petersen Prior Lake, Minnesota Major: Management

James Anthony Purtle Elk River, Minnesota Major: Marketing

Sean Michael Ranum =

Thief River Falls, Minnesota Major: Marketing

Thomas Zachary Reichert Red Lodge, Montana Major: Management

Shawn Kendall Rosaasen

Naples, Florida Major: Managerial Finance & Accounting

Carter Todd Rowney

Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada Major: Managerial Finance & Accounting

College of Business & Public Administration Bachelor of Business Administration, continued

Richard Corey Ryan

Edina, Minnesota Major: Management

Ashley Elizabeth Sauer Maple Grove, Minnesota Major: Marketing

Isaac Loren Schwab

Bismarck Major: Management Major: Marketing

Adam Michael Sedlacek

Bismarck Major: Entrepreneurship

Kyle John Severson

Grand Forks Major: Information Systems

Abigail Mae Sorum == Grand Forks Major: Marketing

Matthew Stephen Stewart

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Major: Airport Management

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology

Bachelor of Science in Public Administration

Andrew Mark DeShaw

Kelsi Jae Steckler

Lake Elmo, Minnesota Major: Industrial Technology

Sarah Lynn Thomas Devils Lake Major: Marketing

White Bear Lake, Minnesota Major: Public Administration

Dave John Tillges

White Bear Lake, Minnesota Major: Investments

Leah Allison Tupy

Apple Valley, Minnesota Major: Marketing

Nickolus Alan Underhill

Maple Lake, Minnesota Major: Aviation Management

College of Arts & Sciences Debbie Storrs, Dean

Amanda Elaine Haugland

Ashley Brianna Pietris

Bachelor of Arts

Nicole Pamela Ingalls-Caley

Shane Alan Reed

Mitchel Lee Engh Anderson

Kayla Lynn Jahraus

Tara Lynn Russell

Mary Elizabeth Buckley

Daniel Ryan Johnston

Austin Michael Salyer

Donovan Paul Dean

Ashley Lauren Koob

Heather Anne Sanchez

Matthew Stephen Dearth ==

Madeline J. Lott

Donica Brianna Severson ==

Lindsay Kirkeby Escobar

John Carl Mickelson

KayDee Lynn Syverson =

David Carl Folske

Rachel Fain Parramore

Shelby Marie Thorlacius ==

Joseph McKnight Gunvalson

Anne Michaela Phillips =

Sartell, Minnesota Major: Political Science St. Paul, Minnesota Major: History Lansford Major: History

Grand Forks Major: Political Science Grand Forks Major: Theatre Arts

Bowman Major: Communication Gonvick, Minnesota Major: Chinese Studies

Devils Lake Major: Psychology

Beaufort, North Carolina Major: Psychology

Grand Forks Major: English

Grand Forks Major: English

Dickinson Major: Communication

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Major: Visual Arts

Arvilla Major: Communication

Grand Forks Major: Communication

Maple Grove, Minnesota Major: Communication

Eden Prairie, Minnesota Major: Social Science

Rochester, Minnesota Major: Visual Arts

Stefanie Margaret Tiedtke =

Sanford, Manitoba, Canada Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Allyssa Jordan Wall ===

North Sioux City, South Dakota Major: Political Science

Michelle Amber Warbalow == Minocqua, Wisconsin Major: Communication

Tiffany Nikole Williams-Rice Fargo Major: Social Science

Madison Nicole Yaggie

Wahpeton Major: Political Science

Soldotna, Alaska Major: Classical Studies

Cando Major: Social Science

Helena, Montana Major: Psychology

St. Paul, Minnesota Major: Communication

Apple Valley, Minnesota Major: Communication Major: Interdisciplinary Studies: Peace Studies

Baker City, Oregon Major: Communication

Tyler Robert Hardy

Sammamish, Washington Major: Political Science

= Denotes cum laude == Denotes magna cum laude === Denotes summa cum laude (See description on page 16)


College of Arts & Sciences Bachelor of General Studies

Christopher Paul Biwer == Mandan Major: General Studies

Marissa Lynne Casazza Rochester, Minnesota Major: General Studies

David Kenneth Smith

Kirstiane Nicole Holgate

Julie Marie Solberg

Luke Joseph Hushagen

Allyson Joy White

Aubrey Elise Kaczor

Keaton James Wolf

Kayla Beth Krisher

Edmore Major: General Studies

Grand Rapids, Minnesota Major: Psychology

Grand Forks Major: General Studies

Bismarck Major: Biology

Bemidji, Minnesota Major: General Studies

Talmoon, Minnesota Major: Psychology

Austin, Minnesota Major: General Studies

Christopher Dean Ekegren

Farmington, Minnesota Major: Psychology

Lakeville, Minnesota Major: General Studies

Nicole Marie Larson === Lakeville, Minnesota Major: Psychology

Tondrea Ann Freeman

Emerado Major: General Studies

Chelsea Ann Jeffrey

Batesville, Arkansas Major: General Studies

Joseph Montgomery Jessup == Lake Havasu City, Arizona Major: General Studies

Courtney Taylor Kniert

Grand Forks Major: General Studies

Mihail Livitchi ==

Hillsboro Major: General Studies

Anthony Wayne Marshbank Idaho Falls, Idaho Major: General Studies

Rebecca Roeste Pettersen Stavern, Norway Major: General Studies

Joshua Aaron Pitts

Smartville, California Major: General Studies

Hope Elizabeth Schultz Bloomington, Minnesota Major: General Studies

Stephanie Rae Shobe

Monticello, Minnesota Major: General Studies

Kayla Marie Morgan

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Fisheries & Wildlife Biology Matthew Joseph Rash ==

Bloomington, Indiana Major: Fisheries & Wildlife Biology

Jessica Lynn Selchow

Minneapolis, Minnesota Major: Fisheries & Wildlife Biology

Minot Major: Psychology

Alexandar Warren Paulson =

Bismarck Major: Biology / Pre-Health

Christopher A. Anderson

Jose M. Reyes

Duluth, Minnesota Major: Psychology

Denver, Colorado Major: Psychology

Nickolas Philip Baker

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Krista Ann Sletmoen

Bismarck Major: Psychology

Hawley, Minnesota Major: Biology / Pre-Health

Logan Joseph Barnett Jamestown Major: Geography

Catlin James Dale Enno Williston Major: Geology

Mackenzie Tanner Johnson

Brianna Jocelyn Battles

East Grand Forks, Minnesota Major: Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies

Matthew Joel Bingert Mandan Major: Biology

Jalincia Sharell Bryant

Atlanta, Georgia Major: Biology / Pre-Health

Benjamin Joseph Hoefs

Grand Forks Major: Criminal Justice Studies

Rachel Anne Christensen Aberdeen, South Dakota Major: Psychology

Jessica Ryanne Langan ==

Big Lake, Minnesota Major: Criminal Justice Studie Major: Sociology

Colleen Claire Concannon Grand Forks Major: Mathematics

Melissa Kathleen Linneman =

Sarah Elizabeth Fashant

Reynolds Major: Criminal Justice Studies

Eagan, Minnesota Major: Psychology

Ryley Wayne Struckman

Samantha Christine Hanson

Richfield, Minnesota Major: Criminal Justice Studies

Portland Major: Psychology


Cambridge, Minnesota Major: Geology

Preston James Wahl == Bismarck Major: Geology

John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences Bruce A. Smith, Dean Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics Quentin Matthew Ballenger Truman, Minnesota Major: Flight Education

Sarah Wai Lan Chang

Waipahu, Hawaii Major: Commercial Aviaition Major: Flight Education

Chao-Yu Chen

Taichung City, Taiwan Major: Commercial Aviation

Marian Laura Courtney

Shoreham, New York Major: Air Traffic Control

Kyle Lynn Dunham

Tempe, Arizona Major: Commercial Aviation

Conor Stephan Dwyer

La Crescent, Minnesota Major: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations

Daniel Johnson Fitzgerald

Foxboro, Massachusetts Major: Commercial Aviation

Clark Steven Gebhard

Grand Forks Major: Aviation Technology Management

Michael Patrick Howard

Webster, Minnesota Major: Air Traffic Control

Chia-Hsiang Hung

Andrew Hans Pfalzer ===

Taichung City, Taiwan Major: Commercial Aviation

Trout Creek, Montana Major: Commercial Aviation Major: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations

Brian Ernie Kindrat ===

Swan River, Manitoba, Canada Major: Commercial Aviation

Tadd Garrett Powers II

Rochester, Minnesota Major: Air Traffic Control

Jacob Adam Kunz =

Mahtomedi, Minnesota Major: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations

Sheldon Elliot Zilla =

New York, New York Major: Commercial Aviation

Shayne Thomas Zurn

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Major: Air Traffic Control

Jose M. Reyes

Denver, Colorado Major: Commercial Aviation

Anthony Charles Lang

Jonathan Frederick Sievert ==

Cable, Wisconsin Major: Commercial Aviation

Anoka, Minnesota Major: Commercial Aviation

Brian Everton Lee Jr.

Martin Phillip Stage =

Bronx, New York Major: Commercial Aviation

Anchorage, Alaska Major: Commercial Aviation

Andrew Marti Levine

Benjamin Charles Steates

Phoenix, Arizona Major: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations

Clinton, New York Major: Commercial Aviation

Dylan Lucas Magrum

Paul Edmund Sterk

Benjamin John Miller

Matthew Stephen Stewart

Brandon Kenneth Mongan

Timothy Aaron Szargowicz

Wesley Stephen Neuman

Aaron Dale Vanada

Logan Allen Newsom ==

Ryan D. Wood

Fargo Major: Air Traffic Control

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences Aaron L. Dye

Williston Major: Atmospheric Sciences

Oak Lawn, Illinois Major: Commercial Aviation

Lennox, South Dakota Major: Commercial Aviation

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Major: Air Traffic Control

Pine River, Minnesota Major: Commercial Aviation

Swansea, Massachusetts Major: Air Traffic Control

Lakeville, Minnesota Major: Air Traffic Control

Monument, Colorado Major: Commercial Aviation

Seattle, Washington Major: Commercial Aviation

Eau Claire, Wisconsin Major: Aviation Technology Management

Robert Chester Obma

Seth Wunrow-Brushafer

Avon, Indiana Major: Air Traffic Control

Sitka, Alaska Major: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations

= Denotes cum laude == Denotes magna cum laude === Denotes summa cum laude (See description on page 16)


Candidate for Commission Lt. Col. Josh Sauls, Professor of Military Science Commission as Second Lieutenant United States Army Adam James Gorecki

Grand Forks Management National Guard Air Defense

Student Honor Medallions Honor Medallions are worn by candidates for the bachelor’s degree who have at least 50 graded hours from the University of North Dakota and achieve a scholastic average of 3.50 (cum laude), 3.70 (magna cum laude), and 3.90 (summa cum laude) in courses completed at the University of North Dakota. For the purpose of the commencement program and publication, honors are based on the UND grade point average at the end of the previously completed term. Once final semester grades are recorded and the degree has been cleared by the college, grade point averages are recalculated and final graduation honors are recorded to the transcript and diploma.


The University Marshals A tradition since the early years of the University of North Dakota, the University Marshals serve as the honorary marshals and ushers for commencement exercises. They are selected primarily from the junior class on the basis of academic excellence.

Honorary Faculty Flag Marshal

Alex Holte Grand Marshal

Warren Jensen

Kanika Chadha Charter Marshal

A UND faculty member, chosen from the ranks of the Chester Fritz Distinguished Professors, carries the University flag and leads the commencement procession.

Candace Cottingham Adam Heine Katrina Kotta Josh Nelson Terra Rausch

The Faculty Flag Marshal at today’s ceremony is Warren Jensen, Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor of Aviation. Dr. Warren Jensen studied at UND prior to receiving his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco. He was engaged in private practice in rural North Dakota before participating in a NASA-sponsored residency in Aerospace Medicine. Dr. Jensen is a Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor at the University of North Dakota where, for the past 20 years, he researches and teaches in the areas of human factors, aerospace physiology, and human performance aspects of aviation and space flight. He has served as the state air surgeon for the North Dakota Air National Guard and is board certified in the field of Aerospace Medicine.

Special Notices Whether the individual is the first or last to receive a degree in the graduation ceremony, the conferring of that degree is a very special event for every graduate and family. To this end, it is requested that everyone remain seated until the conclusion of the commencement ceremony. A professional photographer will take a picture of graduates as they receive their degrees. This photograph will be made available for purchase through an e-mail and PIN number sent to the graduates in the days following commencement. Today’s UND Commencement Ceremony is being shown live on Grand Forks Cable Channel 3 and will be rebroadcast on August 6-9 at 12:00 noon, and 8:00 p.m. DVD copies of the ceremony can be purchased for $15.50 plus tax and shipping through the University of North Dakota Bookstore. To purchase a copy, contact the Bookstore at 701-777-4980.


Honorary Degrees Awarded Honorary degrees have long been awarded by institutions of higher learning to recognize lives of achievement. In 1909, UND presented its first honorary degree, a Doctor of Laws, to Webster Merrifield, who served the University for 25 years, including 18 as its third president. Honorary degrees from UND particularly recognize those with an association with the University or with the state and region; they also have been presented to such notables as philosopher Mortimer Adler, heart surgeon Michael DeBakey and President John F. Kennedy. 1909, 1913, 1914, 1916, 1918, 1922, 1925, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1938, 1938, 1939, 1939, 1941, 1941, 1943, 1943, 1943, 1944, 1944, 1944, 1945, 1945, 1946, 1946, 1946, 1947, 1947, 1947, 1948, 1948, 1948, 1948, 1948, 1948, 1949, 1949, 1949, 1949, 1950, 1950, 1951, 1951, 1951, 1951, 1951, 1952, 1952, 1952, 1953, 1953, 1954, 1954,

Webster Merrifield, Doctor of Laws Roger W. Cooley, Master of Laws E.M. Babcock, Doctor of Science Homer B. Sprague, Doctor of Laws Joseph P. Kennedy, Doctor of Laws John Lee Coulter, Doctor of Laws F.P. Robertson, Doctor of Laws Howard Huston, Master of Arts Thomas D. Campbell, Doctor of Laws Guy C.H. Corliss, Doctor of Laws Vilhjalmur Stefanssen, Doctor of Laws Maxwell Upson, Doctor of Engineering John M. Hancock, Doctor of Laws Thomas F. Kane, Doctor of Laws John F. Douglas, Doctor of Laws J.F.T. O’Connor, Doctor of Laws Frederick Koch, Doctor of Letters John Burke, Doctor of Laws Sveinbjorn Johnson, Doctor of Laws A.G. Burr, Doctor of Laws Vincent J. Ryan, Doctor of Laws C.J. Hambro, Doctor of Laws Gudmundur Grimson, Doctor of Laws Crown Prince Olav of Norway, Doctor of Laws John W. Dafoe, Doctor of Laws Clarence Daniel O’Connor, Doctor of Humanities John O. Christianson, Doctor of Science Walter L. Stockwell, Doctor of Laws John Alister Hutcheson, Doctor of Science Sigureir Sigurdsson, Doctor of Humanities Boyd Milne Begg, Doctor of Science George Addison Talbert, Doctor of Science Edward Francis Flynn, Doctor of Laws Barend Herman Kroeze, Doctor of Humanities Elwyn Francis Chandler, Doctor of Science David Rhys Jenkins, Doctor of Science Elmer Ellis, Doctor of Laws Melvin A. Brannon, Doctor of Science Raymond A. Heising, Doctor of Science George Albert Selke, Doctor of Laws Adolph Marcus Christianson, Doctor of Laws John S. Lundy, Doctor of Science William L. Nuessle, Doctor of Laws Ezra Thayer Towne, Doctor of Humanities Luther Earle Birdzell, Doctor of Laws Harley F. French, Doctor of Science Franklin Jerome Lunding, Doctor of Laws John Morris Gillette, Doctor of Humanities Charles John Breitwieser, Doctor of Science Lawrence Vold, Doctor of Laws Alfred G. Arvold, Doctor of Humanities Charles J. Murphy, Doctor of Laws M. Beatrice Johnstone, Doctor of Humanities Chester E. Fritz, Doctor of Laws Edward H. McDermott, Doctor of Laws George A. Abbott, Doctor of Laws Juan Mendoza Rodriquez, Doctor of Laws Homer N. Wallin, Doctor of Science Daniel F. Bull, Doctor of Communication Sciences Edmund O. Belsheim, Doctor of Laws A. Hoyt Taylor, Doctor of Science Fred J. Traynor, Doctor of Laws Theodore H. Fenske, Doctor of Science Arno Carl Fieldner, Doctor of Science

1954, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1956, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1958, 1959, 1959, 1959, 1960, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1962, 1962, 1962, 1963, 1963, 1963, 1965, 1965, 1965, 1965, 1966, 1966, 1966, 1967, 1967, 1967, 1968, 1968, 1969, 1969, 1969, 1970, 1970, 1970, 1970, 1970, 1971, 1971, 1973, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1981, 1982, 1982, 1983, 1983, 1983, 1984, 1986,

Alfred Jacobsen, Doctor of Science Luther W. Youngdahl, Doctor of Laws John C. Baker, Doctor of Laws Robert D. Campbell, Doctor of Laws Harlan Henthorns Hatcher, Doctor of Laws John Chester West, Doctor of Humanities Richard Simpson Watson, Doctor of Laws Richard Blackburn Black, Doctor of Science Charles W. Boise, Doctor of Science Olger B. Burtness, Doctor of Laws Min Hin Li, Doctor of Humanities Russell Reid, Doctor of Humanities James Duane Squires, Doctor of Laws Henry G. Lykken, Doctor of Engineering Hermann Hegedorn, Doctor of Humanities Jerome Hall, Doctor of Laws J. Maxwell Anderson, Doctor of Humanities Edgar Dale, Doctor of Humanities Rudolph J. Gielsness, Doctor of Laws Cushman D. Haagensen, Doctor of Science Grover Holt, Doctor of Engineering Grayson L. Kirk, Doctor of Humanities George A. Lundberg, Doctor of Laws Herbert G. Nilles, Doctor of Laws Edward K. Thompson, Doctor of Humanities Neal A. Weber, Doctor of Science J. Frederick Weltzin, Doctor of Humanities Philip W. West, Doctor of Science Waldemar Westergaard, Doctor of Laws Paul Yoder, Doctor of Music Alexander Grow Budge, Doctor of Laws Thomas E. Whelan, Doctor of Laws Charles E. Scott, Doctor of Humanities Elmo B. Roper, Doctor of Humanities James H. Douglas, Doctor of Laws Ronald N. Davies, Doctor of Laws Fred George Aandahl, Doctor of Laws Thomas Joseph Burke, Doctor of Laws O.H. Thormodsgard, Doctor of Laws James Morris, Doctor of Laws Harold D. Shaft, Doctor of Laws Owen Meredith Wilson, Doctor of Laws John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Doctor of Laws Edward J. Devitt, Doctor of Laws Bertin C. Gamble, Doctor of Laws Orin Alva Stevens, Doctor of Science Thomas C. Barger, Doctor of Laws Robert E. Bradley, Doctor of Engineering Herbert Victor Prochnow, Doctor of Laws Robert E. Slaughter, Doctor of Laws David E. Bell, Doctor of Laws Leonard W. Larson, Doctor of Laws Joseph C. Allen, Doctor of Engineering Robert H. Bahmer, Doctor of Laws Malcolm Moos, Doctor of Laws Era Bell Thompson, Doctor of Humane Letters Arthur Naftalin, Doctor of Laws Richard Beck, Doctor of Literature Eric Sevareid, Doctor of Laws James L. Elder, Doctor of Engineering Harry H. Ransom, Doctor of Literature Warren J. Hanna, Doctor of Laws George C. Wheeler, Doctor of Laws B. Fred Davidson, Doctor of Laws William A. Franta, Doctor of Engineering Christopher J. Hamre, Doctor of Science Frank Edward Stinchfield, Doctor of Science George W. Starcher, Doctor of Laws Thomas S. Kleppe, Doctor of Laws E.A. Haunz, Doctor of Science Carlton A. Pederson, Doctor of Laws W.E. Koenker, Doctor of Laws Mary Jean Mannes, Bachelor of Laws Thomas McGrath, Doctor of Literature Anne H. Carlsen, Doctor of Humanities Warren Christopher, Doctor of Laws Mortimer J. Adler, Doctor of Humane Letters Frank N. Low, Doctor of Science Fred L. Snyder, Doctor of Science Wilson M. Laird, Doctor of Science James E. Olson, Doctor of Laws


1986, 1986, 1987, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1989, 1989, 1989, 1990, 1990, 1990, 1990, 1991, 1991, 1991, 1991, 1991, 1992, 1992, 1992, 1992, 1992, 1992, 1993, 1993, 1993, 1993, 1993, 1994, 1994, 1996, 1996, 1996, 1997, 1997, 1998, 1998, 1998, 1998, 1999, 1999, 1999, 2000, 2000, 2000, 2001, 2001, 2001, 2001, 2002, 2002, 2002, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2005, 2006, 2006, 2006, 2007, 2007, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2008, 2009, 2009, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2011, 2012, 2012, 2012, 2012, 2012, 2013,

James F. Seifert, Doctor of Laws Owen W. Webster, Doctor of Science Duane B. Haagenson, Doctor of Engineering Lois Phillips Hudson, Doctor of Letters Merlin E. Dewing, Doctor of Laws Weston R. Christopherson, Doctor of Laws Agnes Geelan, Doctor of Humane Letters Arley Bjella, Doctor of Laws Bernard P. Randolph, Doctor of Engineering Michael E. DeBakey, Doctor of Science Robert E. Mautz, Doctor of Laws Bruce McArthur, Doctor of Engineering Frank A. Wenstrom, Doctor of Laws Andrew Freeman, Doctor of Engineering Lee Gerdine, Doctor of Music Donald Grangaard, Doctor of Laws Lowell Swenson, Doctor of Laws Harold Schafer, Doctor of Laws William E. Cornatzer, Doctor of Science Margaret Heyse Cory, Doctor of Science Richard J. Lee, Doctor of Science Vivian Hanson Meehan, Doctor of Science Harold Resinger, Doctor of Science Louis W. Sullivan, Doctor of Science Thomas M. Hamilton, Doctor of Engineering Bill Martin Jr., Doctor of Letters Stanley A. Moe, Doctor of Engineering Everette L. Webb, Doctor of Engineering Gilmore Schjeldahl, Doctor of Engineering James F. Buchli, Doctor of Science Jon Hassler, Doctor of Letters Roland H. Flint, Doctor of Letters George A. Sinner, Doctor of Laws John W. Vennes, Doctor of Science Jim R. Carrigan, Doctor of Laws Clara A. Pederson, Doctor of Humane Letters Theodore V. Galambos, Doctor of Engineering Patricia Wallace Ingraham, Doctor of Laws Arthur A. Link, Doctor of Laws Vito Perrone, Doctor of Humanities Eugene R. Dahl, Doctor of Laws John C. MacFarlane, Doctor of Engineering Dale F. Morrison, Doctor of Laws Thomas J. Clifford, Doctor of Laws Bernard O’Kelly, Doctor of Letters Dwight Baumann, Doctor of Laws Richard A. Olafson, Doctor of Letters Patricia A. Owens, Doctor of Letters Raymond Rude, Doctor of Letters Peter Schickele, Doctor of Letters Calvin K. Fercho, Doctor of Letters Lloyd Omdahl, Doctor of Letters Noel Watson, Doctor of Letters Byron L. Dorgan, Doctor of Letters Robert Kyle, Doctor of Letters Kurt H. Mueller, Doctor of Letters H.F. “Sparky” Gierke, Doctor of Letters Charles “Chuck” Johnson, Doctor of Letters A. Bart Holaday, Doctor of Letters Lance W. Lord, Doctor of Letters Rodney J. Rohrich, Doctor of Letters Laurel Reuter, Doctor of Letters Russell Lefevre, Doctor of Letters Jean Kiesau, Doctor of Letters Edward T. Schafer, Doctor of Letters Steinar Opstad, Doctor of Letters Phil Jackson, Doctor of Letters William Marcil, Doctor of Letters Edwin Benson, Doctor of Letters LaVonne Russell Hootman, Doctor of Letters James C. Ray, Doctor of Letters Howard A. Dahl, Doctor of Letters Earl Pomeroy, Doctor of Letters Kenneth L. Mellem, Doctor of Letters B. John Barry, Doctor of Letters Kent Conrad, Doctor of Letters Mary Katherine Wakefield, Doctor of Letters David Nething, Doctor of Letters Hiram Drache, Doctor of Letters Norman C. Skalicky, Doctor of Letters

2013 Honorary Degree Recipient Norman C. Skalicky Norman C. Skalicky was born and raised on a farm near Brocket, N.D. He attended the University of North Dakota and earned a degree in accounting in 1955. Following service in the U.S. Army as a commissioned officer, he returned to North Dakota and started in the insurance business in New Rockford. In 1961, Skalicky moved his family to Albany, Minn. Saving diligently to purchase stock, he acquired a controlling interest in the Stearns County Bank in 1964. One year later, at the age of 31, he purchased a controlling interest in another bank down the street and formed a national bank charter known today as Stearns Bank. After nearly 50 years in banking, Skalicky still is the master of his field, as Stearns Bank consistently has been ranked as one of the top-performing banks in the United States. Stearns ranks third in the nation in the number of bank “turnarounds” it has performed for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., bringing failed banks back to good financial health. Stearns Bank established a national reputation for entrepreneurship, customer service, and employee relations. In 1987 Skalicky established an employee stock ownership program, or ESOP, that is now one of the largest in Minnesota. He is recognized nationally for his achievements and leadership in the industry. The Norman C. Skalicky Foundation was established in 1999 to contribute to charities and community needs. To date, more than $2.5 million has been raised through matching challenges led by Skalicky and Stearns Bank. The foundation has helped annual local food shelf drives, Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Minnesota, Habitat for Humanity, Help for Haiti, and funds for natural disaster victims. Skalicky maintains close ties with UND, including the Center for Innovation and his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta. He has been honored with the UND Alumni Association’s Sioux Award and induction into the North Dakota Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. In 2004, the Rural Technology Center on the UND campus was renamed the Norm Skalicky Tech Incubator, recognizing his achievements and support. The Skalicky Tech Incubator is described as a “supportive, creative and entrepreneurial environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and teamwork, similar to the culture at Skalicky’s Stearns Bank.”


Approved Academic Honor Cords and Stoles Pi Alpha Alpha — National Honor Society for Public Affairs and Administration; light blue and gold cords

Students who are members of the following honor societies will be wearing these adornments to their regalia:


Pi Theta Epsilon, Kappa Chapter —National Occupational Therapy Honor Society; blue and gold cords

Alpha Phi Sigma — National Criminal Justice Honor Society;


Beta Gamma Sigma — Honor Society accredited by the



blue and gold cords

Psi Chi — Psychology Honor Society; platinum and navy cords


Sigma Gamma Epsilon — National Honor Society for Earth Sciences; gold, blue and silver cords

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International; worn by students and faculty members; blue and gold cords


Sigma Theta Tau — International Honor Society of Nursing;


purple and white cords

Gamma Theta Upsilon — International Honor Society in


Tau Beta Pi — National Engineering Honor Society; white/

Geography; blue, brown and gold cords


orange cords

Golden Key International Honor Society — royal blue and


Tau Sigma — Transfer Student Honor Society; maroon and

gold cords


gold cords Theta Alpha Kappa — National Honor Society for Religious Studies and Theology; red cords l Upsilon Pi Epsilon — International Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines; maroon/white cords

Mortar Board — National Honor Society; silver and gold cords l Phi Alpha — National Social Work Honor Society; gold cords l



Phi Alpha Theta — History Honor Society; red and blue cords

Phi Beta Kappa — National Scholarship Honor Society for


Liberal Arts and Sciences; pink and blue cords


Phi Eta Sigma —Honor Society for First Year Students; black and gold cords

Non-Academic Recognitions UND Legacy Cords

Multicultural Symbols American Indian students graduating today may wear any of

Legacy students will be honored with a green, pink and white cord to recognize the connection they share with their family members who have graduated before them. Students with UND graduates in their family history (parents, step-parents or grandparents) are considered legacies.


several pieces of traditional American Indian regalia including an eagle feather considered sacred and attached to their mortar board tassel representing honesty, truth, courage and wisdom; beadwork representing their tribal or individual cultural designs on top of the mortar board, or traditional clothing/ regalia under their gown.

As part of their cultural heritage, some graduates may be

Veterans and Military


wearing woven cloths with patterns and designs, such as a Kente Cloth, representing their ethnicity or customs.

Veterans who are graduating from UND and students who serve in the military will be wearing red, white and blue cords to honor them for their service to our country.

The wearing of a lei is a Polynesian tradition dating back


several centuries. It is given to distinguish the wearer on the occasion of important life events.


Academic Pageantry traditions have been continued. To maintain continuity with the past, University of North Dakota faculty, the stage officials and the degree candidates will wear academic dress.

The pageantry of American colleges and universities, including such ceremonies as commencement, has been inherited from the medieval universities of the 11th and 12th centuries. Academic life as it is known today began in the Middle Ages, first in the church and then in the guilds. The teaching guild was the Guild of the Master of Arts, in which the Bachelor was the apprentice of the Master and the dress was the outward sign of privilege and responsibility.

Principal features of academic garb are the gown, cap and hood. Early it became necessary for universities to set rules to preserve the dignity and meaning of academic dress. Both Cambridge and Oxford since the 15th century have made academic dress a matter of university control even to its minor details, and have repeatedly published revised regulations. American universities agreed on a definite system in 1895.

The ceremony you will witness today will be less formal than would have been the case even two decades ago. Still, many

Academic Dress College of Business and Public Administration; black and white, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences; blue and white, College of Education and Human Development; orange, School of Engineering and Mines; purple, School of Law; green, School of Medicine; apricot, College of Nursing; black, Graduate School. For undergraduate students, the tassels hang on the right side of the cap until they receive their degrees, at which time the tassel is moved to the left. For master’s students, the tassel hangs on the left side of the cap and is not moved.

THE GOWN. The flowing gown comes from the 12th century. While it originally may have been worn as protection against the chill of unheated buildings, it has today become symbolic of the democracy of scholarship, for it covers any trappings of rank or social standing underneath. It is black for all degrees, with pointed sleeves for the bachelor’s degree recipient, long closed sleeves with a slit at the arm or wrist for the master’s degree, or full bell double sleeves for the doctoral degree. Bachelor’s and master’s degree gowns have no trimming. For the doctoral degree, the gown is faced down the front with velvet and has three bars of velvet across the sleeves in the color distinctive of the faculty or discipline to which the degree pertains.

THE HOOD. The hood is trimmed with one or more chevrons of a secondary color on the ground of the primary color of the college. The color of the facing of the hood denotes the discipline represented by the degree; the color of the lining designates the university or college which granted the degree. The official colors of the University of North Dakota, selected by the student body in preparation for the institution’s first commencement in 1889, are the pink and green of the prairie rose.

THE CAP. Under Roman law, a slave that had been set free received the privilege of wearing a cap. The academic cap is a sign of freedom of scholarship, and of the responsibility and dignity with which scholarship endows the wearer. Ancient poetry records the cap of scholarship as square to symbolize the book. The color of the tassel denotes the discipline. At the University of North Dakota, the tassel colors associated with academic divisions are: white, College of Arts and Sciences; drab (subdued orange),

Ceremonial Objects the medallion worn by the president bears an engraving of the University’s official seal and the names of all former presidents are included on the chain of office.

THE MACE. The mace was initially modeled after a 12th century implement of war. In earlier days, the mace, or heavy staff, was borne by or carried before a magistrate or other dignitary as an ensign of authority. A mace is placed as the symbol of royal authority on the treasury table in the British House of Commons at the opening of each session and is removed at its close. In the U.S. House of Representatives, it is a rather plain staff mounted in a marble pedestal at the right hand of the Speaker. The mace of the University of North Dakota symbolizes authority to carry out its mission, especially the granting of degrees. Made from the oak of the University’s first building, “Old Main,” the mace is carried by a marshal during academic processions and is placed at a prominent spot on the stage during commencement.

THE CHARTER. The University of North Dakota was founded six years before North Dakota became a state. The original, handwritten charter, enacted in 1883 by the Dakota Territorial Assembly, is preserved in UND’s archives. One facsimile is displayed in the President’s Office and another is used at commencements and other special occasions. THE UNIVERSITY FLAG. The University flag features the UND flame logo set on a white background. The flag is used at ceremonial events and is carried by the honorary faculty flag marshal to lead the commencement procession. The flag is displayed on the stage during the commencement ceremony along with the mace and charter.

THE MEDALLION. A medallion or seal of office worn by the head of an educational institution is a practice that also dates to the Middle Ages. In those times, a seal was used to mark documents as official. Possession of the seal was so important that it was usually worn around the neck for safekeeping. The wearing of the seal eventually became a symbol of authority. One side of


Presidents of the University Dr. Robert O. Kelley assumed duties as the 11th president in UND’s 125-year history on July 1, 2008. He came to UND from the University of Wyoming, where he had served as dean of the College of Health Sciences and professor of medical education and public health since 1999. Before that, he was associate vice chancellor for research and executive associate dean of the graduate college at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and professor of biological sciences at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and professor of anatomy and cell biology at the College of Medicine, both at the University of Illinois at Chicago. At the University of New Mexico, he served as chair of anatomy and senior executive associate dean, as well as other faculty capacities. He has also taught at the University of California, Berkeley. Kelley earned his bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, in 1965, and his master’s degree in 1966 and doctorate in 1969, both in cell and developmental biology from the University of California, Berkeley. UND’s First Lady, Marcia Bell Kelley, was a senior lecturer in the University of Wyoming Department of Communication Disorders and supervisor of clinical services in speech-language pathology. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Loretto Heights College and her master’s degree at the University of New Mexico. She spent much of her childhood in northern Minnesota. Bob and Marcia Kelley have four grown children and three grandchildren. They are outdoor enthusiasts who count skiing, camping, hiking, kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving among their hobbies.

William M. Blackburn 1884 — 1885 Academic Specialty: Mental, Moral and Political Science

Henry Montgomery 1885 — 1887 (Acting) Academic Specialty: Natural Sciences

Homer B. Sprague 1887 — 1891 Academic Specialty: Rhetoric and English Literature

Webster Merrifield 1891 — 1909 Academic Specialty: Greek, Political and Social Science

Frank L. McVey 1909 — 1917 Academic Specialty: Economics

Earl J. Babcock 1917 — 1918 (Interim) Academic Specialty: Geology and Chemistry

Thomas F. Kane 1918 — 1933 Academic Specialty: Classics

John C. West 1933 — 1954 Academic Specialty: Education

George W. Starcher 1954 — 1971 Academic Specialty: Mathematics

Thomas J. Clifford 1971 — 1992 Academic Specialty: Business, Accounting, and Law

Kendall L. Baker 1992 — 1999 Academic Specialty: Political Science

Charles E. Kupchella 1999 to 2008 Academic Specialty: Biology, Physiology, and Microbiology


The First Commencement The following is excerpted from University of the Northern Plains, the history of the University of North Dakota written by Louis G. Geiger and published in 1958 as part of the University’s 75th anniversary celebration. A major milestone in student affairs, as well as in the University’s history, was the graduation of the first college class in 1889. A faculty committee was appointed in February to plan the exercises. In April the student body met and chose the school colors, the pink and green of the prairie rose, “suggestive of our green prairies and rosy prospects.” On June 13, a cool, fair day, the ceremony began at ten o’clock in the University assembly hall, which had been decorated with flags and flowers and a large “89” centerpiece. A capacity crowd of students and spectators (perhaps as many as 250) was on hand as the graduates — “the ladies … dressed in white” and “the gentlemen … neatly attired” — marched to their places on the stage to the accompaniment of music by [W. W.] Hall’s Cadet Band. Special guests were the Regents, H. M. Mellette, governor of the Territory, several other territorial officials [North Dakota did not attain statehood until November 2, 1889], and Nehemiah Ordway, who as governor had signed the organic act of the University. [President Homer B.] Sprague presided and introduced the speakers. Mellette observed that it was a “Red River letter day.” Ordway spoke with pride and feeling on the University’s founding. One of the Regents relieved the occasion with a touch of unconscious humor when he explained: “As to the faculty we have done the best we could with the money at hand.” Following the official commemoration of the occasion, the main part of the program began; there were essays and orations presented by each of the eight graduates, six from the college and two from the four-year normal course; Frances M. Allen (B.A.), Clinton S. DeGroat (B.S.), Ben F. Ingwaldson (B.S.), Cora Smith (B.S.), Marie Teel (B.S.), May Travis

The University of North Dakota graduated its first class on June 13, 1889. Seated: Frances M. Allen, B.A.; May Travis, B.A.; Genevieve Arnold, Normal Certificate; and Marie Teel, B.S. Standing: Irene Mares, Normal Certificate; Clinton S. DeGroat, B.S.; Cora Smith, B.S., and Ben F. Ingwaldson, B.S.

(B.A.), and Genevieve Arnold and Irene Mares (normal certificates). The orations, on current as well as literary and moral subjects, were printed in full in the Grand Forks newspapers. Three of the college graduates were from Grand Forks; none had come from farther than Hillsboro. Not one had been born in North Dakota; Ben Ingwaldson had been born in Norway. In the class of 1890, of seven college graduates, four were from Grand Forks, three were women, and six took the science degree. A considerable proportion of the early graduates entered medicine, law, or teaching. Cora Smith, a member of the first class, took a degree in medicine at Boston University; Mary Crans of the second class completed the course in dentistry at the University of Michigan. Ben Ingwaldson went on to the University of Minnesota law school. North Dakota’s first appointee to West Point, Joseph Travis, graduated in the class of 1890.

The Main Building and Ladies’ Hall (later Davis Hall)


New Arrivals A small group of fascinated spectators were on hand July 8 to welcome three new members of the UND Family. The peregrine falcon chicks were briefly removed from their nesting box atop the University’s water tower to be banded and named. Grand Forks raptor expert Tim Driscoll, director of the Urban Raptor Research Project, and assistant Jeff Bell attached the bands and drew blood samples. Driscoll named the chicks George, Stella and Anson, in honor of Grand Forks Herald founder George Winship, longtime conservationist and state legislator Stella Fritzell, and Anson Northrup, the first person to navigate the Red River by steamship. The mother falcon, Terminator, noisily circled the water tower until the 45-minute operation was complete. Her partner, unbanded and unknown, apparently kept his distance from the proceedings. Assisting Driscoll and Bell were Nick Kludt of the UND Biology Department and Cory Floden of East Grand Forks, Minn. Grand Forks and Fargo are the only two North Dakota cities where peregrine falcons are known to nest. The UND water tower has been the site of the nesting box since 2010.

A measurement of the leg is taken before banding. All photographs by Jackie Lorentz.


A carrier was used to lower the falcon chicks from the UND water tower.

THE AWARDING OF DEGREES and academic distinctions listed in this program is contingent upon successful completion of the various requirements. Commencement ceremonies at UND are planned through the Office of Ceremonies and University Events in the Division of University and Public Affairs. The University of North Dakota is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. For more information on equal opportunity policies and procedures, see UND catalogs and other major printed pieces. BELOW: Water cascades down the sides of the granite fountain located near the Hopper-Danley Chapel.

The Old Main Memorial Sphere

The University of North Dakota is proud to recognize the accomplishments of its graduates and extend its gratitude to all family members and loved ones who have supported these learners in their endeavors. With their spirit and achievements, they have all contributed to enriching an exceptional community, proud of its traditions and confident in its future. For more than a century, the graduates of this University have earned distinction across the nation and around the world. We look forward to following the lives and accomplishments of these newest members of the UND alumni family.

UND 2013 Summer Commencement Program  
UND 2013 Summer Commencement Program  

University of North Dakota (UND) Summer Commencement Program August 2, 2013 U.S. Astronaut and UND alumna Karen Nyberg delivers a commencem...