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We can also help you with planning and construction issues, housing applications and relocating to the Islands.

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Woodcote, Rue De L’Epinel, Forest

Pres Des Piliers, Rue De La Ree, La Grande Rue, St. Saviours

Le Petite Croute Farm, Les Bergers/Rue Des Belles, Castel

De Beauvoir, Rue Des Jehans, Torteval

Half Acre, Les Bemonts, La Contree Des Huriaux, St. Andrews

Sea La Vie, Rues Des Crabbes, St Saviours (was L’Escale)

La Niche, 1 Clos Saint Michel, Landes du Marches, Vale

Apt 5 Strand House, The Strand, St. Peter Port

Le Courtil D’Aval, Rue De La Claire Mare, St. Pierre du Bois

Apt 10 Carrick House, Havelet Waters, St. Peter Port

Les Etoile, 10 Les Rouvets De Bas, St. Saviours (was Rose Corner)

Willow House, La Route Du Braye, Vale (was Waikiki)













The Hideaway House, 4 Clos St Michel, Landes du Marches, Vale (was Les Cailloux) £794,625

2 Clovelly Villas, La Rue Maze, St. Martins

Les Sylphides, 11 Bruce Lanes, Les Canichers, St. Peter Port

Chateau Du Poods, 3 Close D’Elise, Rue De La Cache, St. Andrews

Hideaway, Rue Du Lorier, St. Saviours (was Remainere)

La Cachette, La Rue Des Pointes, St. Andrews (was Koala)

Waikiki, Clos Du Grande Rue, La Grande Rue, Vale (was Chanson D’Hiver)

Jacaranda, 1 La Frairie, Rue Frairies, St. Andrews (was Mulberry)

Le Neuf Courtil, Rue Des Rocques, Torteval (was Sonesta)

Conamara, 5 Sables D’Or, Grandes Rocques, Castel

Beachside, 19 Clos De Carteret, Route De Carteret, Castel

Maison Du Soleil, 4 The Willows, Route De Carteret, Castel (was Beau Maison)

Apt 3 Hanois House, Royal Terrace, St. Peter Port

Arosa, 1 Close Saumarez, Rue Cohu, Castel, (was The Beeches)

Fields Associated with La Petite Croute Farm, Les Belles, Castel

Macoma, Le Petite Marais, Vale

Apt 1, Le Vigne, Guelles Road, St. Peter Port

Maplewood, La Passee, St. Sampson (was 3 La Heche Cottages)

7 Marais Rise, Les Banques, St. Sampson



















Tortuga, 9 Clos De Bellevue, Rue Des Truchots, St. Andrews £526,500

Puffins, La Colline Des Bas Courtils, St. Saviours £518,000

Avalon, Le Close Des Sablons, Sandy Lanes, St. Sampson £500,000

Apt 8, Salem Apartments, Vauvert, St. Peter Port £468,000

4 Easterbrook, New Road, St. Sampson

Flat 1 Mandeville Court, Lowlands Road, Vale £414,375

Toscana, 7 Avenue Rue Maze, La Rue Maze St. Martins (was Marben)

Le Coussinet, Rue De La Fontenelles, La Variouf, Forest £391,218

Flat 1, Grandes Rocques Court, Grandes Rocques, Castel £385,125

Flat 38, La Charroterie Mills, St. Peter Port £380,250

Apt 6, St Cecilia Court, Collings Road, St. Peter Port £365,625

Apt 4, Kings Mills Country Residence, La Route Des Grandes Moullins, Castel £365,625

Morella, 7 Westcommon Villas, La Garenne, Vale

Le Cheval, 2 Vue D’Albecq, Ruette De La Tour, Castel

La Bailloterie De Haut & Field La Bailloterie Lane, Vale

Flat 1, 5 Union Street, St. Peter Port £300,300 Misty Cottage, Rue Des Marettes, La Villette, St. Martins £299,812

Flat 16 (aka No.4) Clos De Bellevue, Rue Des Truchots, Castel £273,000 Mount Hermon Cottage, Mount Hermon St. Peter Port

Pura Vida, Lowlands Road, Vale, (was Cornerbrook)

Flat 1, 7 Sausmarez Street, St. Peter Port

Field with Barn & Pigsty & Second Field at Bailloterie Lane Vale

Ave Marie, Burnt Lane, St Peter Port

Glasshouse/Outbuilding/Land, Courtes Fallaze, St. Martins

Gwylanod, 11 Sycamore Avenue, Les Bas Courtils, St. Sampson (under construction)

Land Area at La Rue De La Viliaze, Forest

Fields x 3 Le Cour Ricart, La Cour Ricart De Bas, Le Court Ricart De Haut, Rue Des Clercs, St. Saviours

The Nook, Le Bellieuse, St. Martins

Field Les Planels, Le Planel, Torteval

10 Val Fleury, Hauteville, St. Peter Port £62,100

Kazoku, Les Osmonds Lane, St. Sampson £56,718

Land Area at La Biloteire Road, St. Saviours

Land with outbuilding at Route Des Capelles, St. Sampson

Apt 1 13/15 Victoria Road, St. Peter Port

Fields x 2 Les Cinq Verges, Rue De La Cloture, Pleinmont, Torteval

Land Area at Les Huriaux, St. Andrews

effort is made to ensure property names, addresses and prices are correct, the publisher does not take responsibility for any errors contained therein.

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Castel Up to 5 bedrooms Local Market Sole Agent £1,675,000 Le Gree St Martin’s 2 Bedrooms Local Market Du Mais
St Sampson’s 4 bedrooms Local market Apartment 5, The Villa St Peter Port 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Local market Sole Agent Multi Agent Joint Agent £825,000 £760,000 £660,000 MAY 2023 PAGE 6
Sophie Hollowell M 07839 110576 E sophie@maison.gg


Saturday 6 May 2023 10am – 4pm

Free entry to both events

Watch the Coronation service, parade and appearance of the Royal Family on the balcony at Buckingham Palace on the big screen. Bring the family along to enjoy the entertainment throughout the day including bouncy castles, face painting and games. A range of food will be available.

Sunday 7 May 2023

5.30pm – 10.30pm

Enjoy the spectacular Coronation Concert from Windsor Castle on the big screen withiconic locations across the UK lit up using projections, lasers, drone displays and illuminations. Food will be available and bar will be open.


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Join us to commemorate and celebrate the Coronation of The King and the Coronation concert from Windsor Castle at the KGV Playing Fields.

Properties to call home

Brockhurst, St Peter Port

One of the finest period homes of St Peter Port.

3 Reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms

Open Market | Guide Price £3,950,000

Le Mistral, St Peter Port

A beautifully presented home with a private, south facing garden.

3 Reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

Open Market | POA

Talk to us today

Stuart Leslie Head of Residential 713463 stuart.leslie@savills.com

Keith Enevoldsen Director 713463 keith.enevoldsen@savills.com

La Grande Rue Farm, St Saviour

An attractive farmhouse with beautiful gardens, guest house and apartments.

3 Reception rooms, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms

Open Market | Guide Price £2,950,000

Norfolk Lodge, St Peter Port

A spacious town house complete with garden, garage and outbuilding.

3 Reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

Open Market | Guide Price £2,150,000

Richard Fox Director 713463 richard.fox@savills.com

Nick Paluch Director 713463 nick.paluch@savills.com


Savills Guernsey

Royal Terrace, Glategny Esplanade, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 2HN 01481 713463 savills.gg

Clos A L’Avoine, St Saviour

A modern new build situated on the popular west coast.

2 Reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms

Local Market | Guide Price £2,695,000

Les Cerisiers, Vale

A superb bungalow in a quiet location with further potential.

3 Reception rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Local Market | Guide Price £1,295,000

Charlotte Glen Sales Consultant 713463 charlotte.glen@savills.com

Kelsey Van Katwyk Associate 713463 kelsey.vankatwyk@savills.com

Oasis, Vale

An excellent family home in immaculate condition.

2 Reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

Local Market | Guide Price £1,400,000

Bumble Cottage, St Peter

A traditional Guernsey cottage just inland from Rocquaine bay.

1 Reception room, 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Local Market | Guide Price £765,000

Maxine Bell Sales Consultant 713463 maxine.bell@savills.com


Shields & Rutland, 31 Glategny Esplanade, St. Peter Port, GY1 1WR


First floor apartment with town centre a short walk away. Kitchen, lounge/diner, two double bedrooms and a bathroom. Secure parking for one car.

Ground floor flat within quiet corner of small clos. Lounge/diner, kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom. Private rear garden. Parking for one car and visitor parking.

Ground floor apartment in highly desirable area. Large lounge/kitchen/diner, double bedroom, small study/hobby room and a shower room. Communal patio area and parking for two cars.

Semi-detached property in need of renovation. Lounge, kitchen/breakfast room, two bedrooms, study/nursery, utility room and a bathroom. Two outbuildings, garden and parking.

Spacious mid-terrace house set back from the road with Admiral Park on your doorstep. Lounge/diner, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Garden, garage, and parking space.

Semi-detached home located within quiet clos. Open plan lounge/kitchen/diner, three double bedrooms, bathroom and WC. Rear garden, garage and parking.

Traditional cottage located in a quiet lane. Lounge, kitchen, dining room, two double bedrooms, nursery/home office, utility room and bathroom. Low maintenance garden and parking.

Semi-detached property located on a quiet clos with L’Ancresse Common nearby. Lounge/diner, kitchen, two bedrooms, a nursery/study and a bathroom. Garden and parking.

Mid-terrace family home near Cobo Beach. Open plan lounge/diner, kitchen, two double bedrooms, single bedroom/study and a bathroom. Garden and parking.

Mid-terrace cottage located with amenities in walking distance. Lounge/kitchen/diner, two double bedrooms (one with hidden shower), two single bedrooms, bathroom, a WC and a utility. Garden and parking.

Detached family home near the West Coast. Lounge, kitchen/diner, playroom/ study, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a WC and utility room. Garden and parking.

Detached family home in quiet, coastal location. Lounge/diner, kitchen, three double bedrooms (Master having a dressing room), single bedroom and bathroom. Outbuilding, garden and parking.

Family home and wing near L’Islet. Lounge, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, three bedroom and bathroom. Wing: kitchen, lounge, bedroom and shower room. Garden and parking.

Located in the heart of St Martins. Kitchen, lounge, dining room, conservatory, three double bedrooms, a single bedroom/study, two bathrooms and a utility room. Garden and parking.

Family home near Vazon. Lounge/diner, kitchen, four bedrooms, master bedroom with dressing room and (currently bare) en-suite, shower room, utility and potential bathroom. Garden and parking.

DO YOU NEED YOUR PROPERTY VALUED? Call us today on 714445 for a

Recently upgraded home in desirable Castel area. Lounge, kitchen/diner, snug/ bedroom five, four bedrooms, bathroom, shower-room and a utility. Garden, double garage and parking.

T 01481 714445 E info@shieldsandrutland.gg
CASTEL Somerset
£575,000 ST PETER PORT Petite Fleur £435,000
Millmount £365,000
Grove £527,500
PORT 2 Lilydale
£665,000 ST ANDREWS
Flat 23, Balmoral Heights £365,000 ST PETER PORT
VALE Penrhys
3 Ashton Cottages £575,000 ST SAMPSONS
Himalayas £685,000
£815,000 CASTEL
Laurier £365,000 ST MARTINS
Maxime £580,000
Cedres £795,000
FREE, NO OBLIGATION, verbal and written valuation.

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1 1 1

8 2 0

Situated in a cental location in St Peter Port, 4 Hauteville is an 8 room staff house with 2 shared bathrooms, shared kitchen/utility and outside patio. Some of the rooms have breathtaking views of St Peter Port harbour and neighbouring islands. With local amenities and town at its doorstep, this property benefits anyone looking for an investment.

11 Smith Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4BA Tel: 01481 723636 hello@lovellsproperty.com

Apartment 40 Rosaire Court, St Peter Port 2 1 1

Rosaire Court is an Extra Care housing development for over 55’s, set in lovely surroundings. The property offers two bedrooms, a wetroom/ bathroom, fully fitted kitchen and lounge. On site, residents have use of a communal garden, library, laundry, cafe, hairdressers and activities room. There are on-site care staff available 24 hours a day when needed and a community alarm service in case of emergencies. The property is perfect for a retired person or couple who wish to live in a modern development with the added comforts that Rosaire Court provides. The property was designed with wider hallways, doorways and lower kitchen units to accommodate wheelchair access. Viewing is highly recommended.

The Heathers, St Peter Port

2 2 2

£359,000 Joint Agent New Instruction Sole Agent

The Heathers is a deceptively spacious terraced house with the living accommodation split over two floors. The ground floor offers an entrance hall, a good size lounge with a feature fireplace, a spacious kitchen/ diner and another small room which could possibly be used as an office. The upstairs offers two double bedrooms, a shower room and a family bathroom. There is the added bonus of a large floored loft ideal for storage. Externally there is a low maintenance good sized rear paved garden with a brick built shed which houses the utility room and offers extra storage. To the front is a small enclosed paved space. This property is in a convenient location, close to all the amenities and shops. There is good rented parking close by and other parking available. With this and more viewings are highly recommended.

£510,000 Multi Agent Reduced Price

Les Collines, Route De La Perelle, St Saviour 2 1 2

It isn’t very often when a site like this becomes available but Les Collines is a property ripe for development. Being located on the West coast at Perelle and boasting a good sized plot with stunning sea views this could be an amazing location for the property of your dreams. The property currently has two bedrooms, three reception rooms, a bathroom, wc and large garage with storage rooms all making the current footprint a reasonable size but with design, thought and the relevant planning permissions this property could be doubled in size to make a two storey dwelling with spectacular sea views, an in and out driveway and a secluded garden, all just a stones throw from the beach. To find out more contact Lovells today.

£410,000 £700,000

Flat 4, 21 Sausmarez Street, St Peter Port 2 1 1

£550,000 Sole Agent New Instruction Sole Agent New Instruction

Located in an elevated position, this light and airy top floor flat boasts stunning views of St Peter Port harbour, neighbouring islands and Castle Cornet from almost every room. Laid over two floors, the property offers spacious accommodation comprising lounge, dining room, kitchen, generous double bedroom and large bathroom. Ideally situated just a stone’s throw from the Town Centre, the flat offers a great opportunity in a very convenient location. Benefiting the property further is one allocated car parking space.

Sole Agent New Instruction Open Market MAY 2023 PAGE 12

4 Hauteville, St Peter Port 2 Maison Carriere, Delancey Lane, St Sampsons
A well presented ground floor apartment situated close to Delancey Park in a quiet residential area. The accommodation comprises entrance lobby, light and airy lounge/diner, kitchen, double bedroom with fitted furniture and a shower room. Externally, there is one allocated parking space to the rear and immediately to the front is a small patio. £895,000

Hazeleigh Vinery, St Pierre Du Bois

This is the kind of property we very rarely see come to the market. Hazeleigh Vinery has been in the same family for over 60years. It has been upgraded, developed and extended over the years to create what is now a large family home with flexible accommodation, which could be suitable for multi-generational living. As well as the main house there is a stable block, greenhouse and further stalls for horses. The greenhouse is perfect for growing your own produce. There are also multiple fields and other areas of land, and veg patches. All of this comes together to create a unique property that is ideally suited to those who want space to keep animals and enjoy having a good amount of land around them. The property is accessed via a long private driveway as the house is set back a long way from the road. There is separate access at the rear of the property for the fields. To view this property please call Lovells on 723636.


Tel: 723636
6 6 3
Sole Agent New Instruction VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 13
t 01481 236039 e enq@cooperbrouard.com w cooperbrouard.com La Grande Rue, St Martin’s, Guernsey GY4 6RR
Detached 3 bedroom spacious home Great potential to extend and develop Large south and east facing gardens Double garage and ample parking Highly sought after neighbourhood Fort George £1,375,000 Substantial period family home 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms Large, extremely private rear garden Potential to extend if desired Sought after residential location St Martin’s £1,750,000 Impressive home with sea views 4 bedroom suites. Plans to convert the attic Sheltered south facing garden Large 3 car garage and ample parking Substantial property in desirable location Fort George £3,300,000 SOLE AGENT Fabulous 3 bedroom reverse plan home Recently renovated by the current owners Wonderful panoramic sea and island views Garden, balcony, garage and parking Superb residential location Fort George £3,200,000 SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT MAY 2023 PAGE 14
Open Market
Local Market | Open Market | Sales | Lettings & Management | Auctions | Valuations Local Market Modern recently refurbished home 3 beds. New kitchen and shower room Rewired and replumbed throughout Garden, garage and ample parking Convenient area with amenities near St Peter Port £685,000 Attractive 2 bedroom Guernsey cottage Providing spacious accommodation Rear garden and parking for 3 cars Open views over agricultural land Excellent sought after rural location St Saviour’s £655,000 Detached 2 bedroom barn conversion Charming 1740’s building Well-proportioned accommodation S/facing patio and 2 parking spaces Within walking distance of Cobo bay Castel £580,000 Detached low maintenance bungalow 2 bedrooms and spacious living space Enclosed garden and patio areas Garage and parking for 2 cars Quiet lanes next to L’Ancresse common Vale £695,000 SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 15
t 01481 236039 e enq@cooperbrouard.com w cooperbrouard.com La Grande Rue, St Martin’s, Guernsey GY4 6RR £2,495,000 Local Market Immaculate 3 bedroom converted barn Smart and low maintenance home Courtyard garden and ample parking Timber framed double garage Surrounded by beautiful rural views St Peter Port £895,000 Detached cavity built bungalow 3 bedrooms. Spacious accommodation Would warrant some interior upgrading Tiered gardens and ample parking Lovely area near L’Ancresse Common Vale £765,000 Well maintained detached bungalow 3 beds. Would benefit some modernising Large west facing garden Summerhouse, store, ample parking Sought after area inland from L’Eree Bay St Pierre du Bois £797,000 St Andrew’s Stunning 3 bedroom barn conversion Original features with a modern style Newly fitted shower room suites Large garden, parking and garage Sought after location near Vazon Bay £935,000 Castel Castel SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT MAY 2023 PAGE 16

Beautifully presented duplex apartment 1 bedroom. Spacious and light rooms

Detached 4 bedroom chalet bungalow

Requires modernisation and upgrading

Offering great scope

South facing garden, parking for 3 cars

Lovely location close to the west coast

Much loved detached bungalow 3 bedrooms. Newly decorated

Detached garage and parking

Exciting development opportunity

Subject to planning permission

Approximately 600m sq plot of land

Access to utilities in the road

Elevated west coast location

St Peter Port £625,000

Spacious and versatile accommodation

Would benefit some modernisation

Enclosed south facing garden

Elevated site with rooftop views

Detached 4 bedroom bungalow

Potential to modernise and develop

Gardens, parking and workshop

Quiet location in sought after parish

Yet close to schools and amenities

Character 2 bedroom farmhouse

Original features and traditional charm

Potential to extend or convert the roof

Lawned gardens and good parking

Timber framed bungalow on large site

The property needs to be demolished; Creating a superb home in good area Great potential, subject to permissions West coast location with super views

St Martin’s £995,000

Renovated and extended bungalow

3 bedrooms and 2 bath/shower rooms

Impressive open plan living space

Gardens, garage and ample parking

In a quiet lane close to parish Village

Immaculate garage linked home

6 bedrooms, spacious accommodation

Low maintenance gardens

Attached garage and parking for 2 cars

Impressive property in sought after area

Neatly presented 3 bedroom home

Offering spacious accommodation

Easily managed enclosed garden

Single garage and ample parking

Quiet lane close to parish school

St Pierre du Bois £895,000

Detached 4 bedroom family home

Modern and versatile accommodation Garden, veg patch and summerhouse

Ample parking, garage/workshop

Lovely rural location near parish school

St Martin’s £1,100,000

Beautifully presented spacious home

5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

Impressive Shaker style kitchen

Enclosed garden with store. Parking

Ideal location in the heart of the village

St Andrew’s £1,175,000

Stylish 4 bedroom family home

Impressive open plan kitchen/living room

3 modern bath/shower rooms

Enclosed garden and ample parking

Elevated site in sought after location

Local Market | Open Market | Sales | Lettings & Management | Auctions | Valuations Local Market
Castel £495,000 SOLE AGENT
Smart study area built under the stairs Allocated parking for 1 car Ideal first home or investment
Peter Port
Modern first floor apartment 3 bedrooms. Spacious accommodation Fabulous west coast sea views Parking space and communal gardens Popular location near Cobo
Gardens and further tiered garden
Popular Damouettes Lane location
Peter Port £745,000
Castel £550,000
Charming 3 /4 bedroom cottage
St Martin’s £1,050,000
Convenient area
Forest £850,000 SOLE AGENT
Rural lanes near the parish Church Torteval £835,000 Spacious 3 bedroom detached home Attached commercial unit Both offering versatile accommodation
facing garden and good parking
St Martin’s £895,000
Castel £675,000
JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT JOINT MULTI SOLE SOLE SOLE SOLE SOLE SOLE SOLE SOLE SOLE NEW NEW NEW NEW Local Market / LR3119 £299,000 Local Market / LR3109 £529,000 Local Market / LR3107 £725,000 Local Market / LR3143 £460,000 Local Market / LR3141 £669,000 Local Market / LR3146 £849,000 Local Market / LR3145 £469,000 Local Market / LR3099 £699,000 Local Market / LR3106 £399,000 Local Market / LR3138 £475,000 Local Market / LR3122 £715,000 Local Market / LR3139 £POA St Peter Port TRP TBC St Sampson TRP102 Castel TRP192 St Peter Port TRP118 Vale TRP109 St Sampson TRP342 St Peter Port TRP3145 Castel TRP147 St Saviour TRP77 St Peter Port TRP71 Vale TRP3122 St Sampson TRP 173 • Ground Floor Apartment • 1 Bedroom • On Street Parking Nearby • Cash Buyers Only • Low Maintenance • Short Walk To Town JOINT Local Market / LR3151 £575,000 St Peter Port TRP 111 • 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms • Ground Floor Apartment • Over 1100 Square Feet • Sunroom • Front & Rear Courtyards • Two Allocated Parking • Detached House • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Parking For 3 Vehicles • Utility & Workshop • Enclosed Rear Garden • Detached Bungalow • 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Single Garage & Parking For Up To 4 • Rear Garden & Sheds & Workshop • Modernisation Required JOINT SOLE Local Market / LR3132 £315,000 St Peter Port TRP44 • Semi-Detached Cottage • 1 Bedroom • Front Patio • Fully Thermoboarded • On Street Parking • Central Location • Terrace House • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Parking For 1 Car • Rear Patio & Greenhouse • Close To Local Amenities • Detached Bungalow • 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Ample Parking • Rear Garden & Worskhop • Renovation Required • Detached House • 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Has Land • Single Garage & Ample Parking • Scope to Develop Further JOINT NEW Local Market / LR3151 £309,950 St Sampson TRP TBC • 1 Bedroom • First Floor Apartment • Over 55’s • Communal Garden • Parking For One • Service Charge £345 p/m • Terraced House • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Rear Courtyard Area • Close To Local Amenities • Low Maintenance • Detached Bungalow • 3 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Ample Parking • Rear Garden & Shed • Single Garage • Duplex Apartment • 1 Bedroom • 1 Nursery/Box Room • Allocated Parking • Well Maintained Communal Garden • Visitor Parking Spaces • Detached Bungalow • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • On Street Parking Nearby • Gravel Outside Areas • Central Location • Detached Chalet Bungalow • 1 Bedroom Wing • 4 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Rear Patio & Gravel Garden • Rear Workshop • Semi-Detached • 3 Bedrooms • Rear Large Workshop • 2 Bathroom • Good Sized Rear Garden • Parking For Up To 4 Vehicles JOINT SOLE NEW Local Market / LR 3150 £395,000 St Sampson TRP 45 • Second Floor Apartment • 2 Bedrooms • Private Rear Games Room & Workshop • No Service Charge • Allocated Parking • Communal Garden Area Sales | Rentals | Management | Free verbal valuations www.cranfords.co.uk | sales@cranfords.co.uk New Road, St Sampsons, Guernsey, Channel Islands, GY2 4QE Tel: 243878 MAY 2023 PAGE 18

Can we ‘interest' you in lower monthly payments?

With an interest-only mortgage, your monthly payments pay off the interest on your mortgage, not the capital borrowed.

That means a lower monthly outgoing than a traditional repayment mortgage and therefore more accessible funds to help you achieve your life goals. Whether it’s to finance further education for your family or simply to enjoy life more.

At the end of the term, you’ll still owe the original amount you borrowed from the lender, which you will normally be required to pay as

one lump sum. So, you need to establish from the outset how you will be covering the total loan cost at the end of your term, but if that suits your circumstances, then an interest-only mortgage may be of interest to you!

At SPF, our lender relationship with the Marsden, enables us to arrange interestonly mortgages to suit your unique, personal circumstances.

To find out if an interest-only mortgage is suitable for you, call us on 715234 or email info@spf.gg

Exclusive to SPF Licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission to provide advice on insurance business. Mortgages | Commercial Lending | Business Insurance | Personal Insurance Tel: 715234 info@spf.gg www.spf.gg /SPFGsy @SPFGsy The Financial Suite, The Maze, Berthelot Street, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1JT. VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 19


Vale £1,260,000 ■ Ample parking and single garage ■ Beautiful sea views ■ Possible 4th bedroom ■ Right on the common ■ Fibre broadband 3 Beds / 2 Baths Joint Agent Sole Agent Castel £495,000 ■ Bright and spacious apartment ■ Fabulous sea views ■ Parking space and communal gardens ■ Popular west coast location ■ Short walk to Cobo Bay 3 Beds / 2 Baths Joint Agent Sole Agent St Saviour £1,795,000 ■ A fantastic Open Market sea front property ■ Stunning location ■ Recently fully renovated ■ 4 ensuite double beds ■ Plenty of parking, garage and low maintenance rear garden with swim spa. 4 Beds / 4 Baths Joint Agent Sole Agent MAY 2023 PAGE 20
St Peter Port £825,000 ■ Three bedrooms ■ Bright and airy ■ Stunning sea views ■ Family bathroom and two ensuite shower rooms ■ Parking for two vehicles 3 Beds / 3 Baths Joint Agent Sole Agent Torteval £1,795,000 ■ Stunning rural outlook ■ Listed farmhouse and annex ■ Swimming pool and extensive gardens ■ Sought after parish of Torteval ■ Parking for plenty Up to 6 Beds / 3 Baths Joint Agent St Peter Port £1,950,000 ■ A rare and exciting property ■ Superb harbour views ■ Central location ■ Three excellent bedroom suites ■ Garage for small car 3 Beds / 3 Baths Joint Agent Sole Agent St Sampsons £795,000 ■ Spacious accommodation ■ Quiet and desirable location ■ In need of upgrading ■ Low maintenance garden ■ Outbuilding and parking 4 Beds / 1 Bath Joint Agent Sole Agent New Instruction St Peter Port £1,300,000 ■ Stylish & contemporary ■ Four bedroom townhouse ■ Spacious reception accommodation ■ Stunning elevated views ■ Garden and secure parking 4 Beds / 4 Baths Joint Agent Sole Agent St Peter Port £765,000 ■ Stunning, spacious ground floor apartment ■ Within sought after development ■ South east facing balcony with sea views ■ Secure parking for two vehicles 3 Beds / 2 Baths Joint Agent Sole Agent New Instruction St Peter Port £700,000 ■ Spacious flat over two floors ■ Fantastic panoramic views ■ Large Master en-suite bedroom ■ Allocated parking space ■ OPEN MARKET Part A 2 Beds / 1 Bath Joint Agent Sole Agent New Instruction Vale £POA ■ Modern family home ■ Direct beach access to Portinfer ■ Spacious open-plan living ■ Large garden ■ Carriage driveway with ample parking 4 Beds / 3 Baths Sole Agent VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 21

Let’s talk about the bathroom & find your happy place.

We all desire for a space that is a pleasure to spend time in every single day. Bathroom Emporium can design a space that you can identify with. Our designers will tailor a bespoke bathroom to your own needs, with more individuality, more comfort and more you! Ranges to suit all budgets.

For further information please visit our showroom. Appointments available by arrangement. Open Tuesday to Thursday 9.00 - 17.00, Friday 9.00 - 15.00, Saturday 10.00 - 16.00. Parking available.


White and Magnolia 5Ltr: £48.94

Mixed colours 5Ltr: £56.07

For a professional finish in your home:

• Goes much further

• Covers better

• Is easier to apply

• Dries quickly

Mix and match over 1500 colours in Vinyl Matt, Mid Sheen, Silk Vinyl, Clean Extreme Scrubbable and a whole range of finishes

Southside House, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4QH Tel: 01481 247100 Email: hello@bathrooms.gg
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MAY 2023 PAGE 22

Le Ruisseau is a 3-bedroom chalet bungalow situated in rural lanes bordering Vale and Castel and is just a short distance from the west coast. The property overlooks open fields and offers potential to extend further to create a substantial home in a lovely tranquil setting (subject to the relevant permissions). The current accommodation comprises entrance hall, 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen/breakfast room and sitting room on the ground floor, with a spacious first floor living room with a 4th bedroom/study leading off. To the rear is a utility room and sun room overlooking the extensive garden. To the side is a detached workshop and single garage, together with ample parking. The rear garden area includes mature fruit trees and the whole site is level and extends to approximately 1 Vergee 15.38 Perch.

The property in its current condition requires upgrading and renovation but would make a lovely family home in a peaceful location.

Specialists in home lettings and property management. T: 01481 249168 | E: carreproperty@cwgsy.net | W: www.carreproperty.co.uk ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS WELCOME Vale/Castel border £850,000 SOLE AGENT
LE CABANE St. Peter Port 808 sq.ft - 1 bed, 1 bath £485,000 AGENTSOLE AGENTSOLE AGENTSOLE LOCAL MARKET Livingroom is an internationally recognised award-winning agency. Born and bred in the Channel Islands with unparalleled local knowledge.
938 sq.ft - 2 beds, 2 baths
1,138 sq.ft - 2 beds, 2 baths £660,000 ARMOREL St. Martin 1,107 sq.ft - 4 beds, 2 baths £648,000 UOR PAGES MAY 2023.indd 1-2 MAY 2023 PAGE 24
3, MAISON L’ECOLE St. Andrew
£545,000 5, THE VILLA St. Peter Port
WWW.LIVINGROOMPROPERTY.COM Livingroom House, North Clifton, St. Peter Port GY1 1JR Call 01481 715555 email guernsey@livingroomproperty.com TABOR Castel 0.27 acres SALONICA St. Sampson 2,107 sq.ft - 4 beds, 2 baths £850,000 £870,000 9, HANOIS HOUSE St. Peter Port 1,192 sq.ft - 3 beds, 2 baths £845,000 AGENTSOLE AMORE St. Sampson 1,334 sq.ft - 3 beds, 2 baths £795,000 AGENTSOLE 19/04/2023 10:57 VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 25
LOCAL MARKET Livingroom host regular open viewings of its properties in the Channel Islands. Visit www.livingroomproperty.com to see this week’s open viewings. SARTILLY St. Peter Port 2,086 sq.ft - 5 beds, 3 baths LES HUBITS DE HAUT St. Martin 2,279 sq.ft - 2 beds, 2 baths £950,000 £875,000 CHISWELL HOUSE St. Martin 1,964 sq.ft - 6 beds, 2 baths £1,050,000 AGENTSOLE AGENTSOLE BON AIR St. Martin 2,034 sq.ft - 5 beds, 4 baths £1,295,000 UOR PAGES MAY 2023.indd 3-4 MAY 2023 PAGE 26
AGENTJOINT OPEN MARKET Livingroom House, North Clifton, St. Peter Port GY1 1JR Call 01481 715555 email guernsey@livingroomproperty.com 2, MONT HAVELET COURT St. Peter Port 2,506 sq.ft - 4 beds, 4 baths £3,350,000 2, CHOISI St. Peter Port 7,163 sq.ft - 7 beds, 4 baths £5,750,000 MONT BLEU St. Peter Port 9,000 sq.ft - 8 beds, 7 baths POA HIGHFIELD St. Martin 4,828 sq.ft - 6 beds, 4 baths £4,950,000 19/04/2023 10:57 VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 27
1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Smart Top Floor One Bed Apartment Popular Residential Complex Open Plan Living Space Within Walking Distance Of Town Allocated Parking Space 5 Millmount St Peter Port £310,000 3 Bedrooms, 0 Bathroom Renovation Project, Cash Buyers Only Terraced House With Up To 3 Beds Accommodation Over Two Floors Convenient Location, Near Shops Good Size Garden, Parking For 1 Car 2 Lowlands Cottages Vale £350,000 Joint Agent Sole 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom Spacious 2 Bed Cavity-Built House Within Over 55’s Development Excellent Reception Space Parking For 1 Car & Visitor Spaces Communal Gardens, Quiet Location 3 Catharina Court St Martin £415,000 6 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Large Period Town Property With Up To 6 Beds, 2 Baths Renovation Opportunity Situated On Outskirts Of Town Elevated Position, Town & Sea Views 16 Mount Durand St Peter Port £495,000 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom Modern 2 Bed House On Small Clos Built Of Cavity Construction Spacious Enclosed Decked Garden Located Near Schools & Amenities One Allocated Parking Space Bonne Heure St Sampson £499,000 Joint Agent Sole 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms Development & Investment Opportunity Semi-Detached Town Building Consisting Of Two, One Bed Flats Ground Floor Commercial Unit Minimum Rental Income £20,928 PA 3 Tower Hill St Peter Port £550,000 Joint Agent Sole 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom Charming & Spacious Family Home Stunning Sea & Island Views 3 / 4 Bedrooms & Scope To Extend Good-Size, Enclosed Garden On-Street & Rented Parking Close By Water’s Edge St Sampson £565,000 Joint Agent Sole 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Detached Bungalow Close To L’Ancresse 2 Double Beds, 2 Bathrooms Plenty Of Reception Room Space Low Maintenance Front & Rear Gardens Detached Garage & Parking Chez Nous Vale £645,000 Joint Agent Sole 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Semi-Detached 3 Bed, 2 Bath Home Off Road Location, Outskirts Of Town Spacious & Light Accommodation Presented In Walk-In Condition Enclosed Rear Garden & Parking Everlong St Peter Port £675,000 Joint Agent Sole 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Spacious Detached 3 Bed, 2 Bath Bungalow Lovely Large Garden To Rear Of House Parking For Multiple Vehicles & Garage Located In A Very Quiet Lane Possible Scope To Extend Kalamunda Vale £795,000 Joint Agent Sole 6 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms Large Detached House In Quiet Lane With Very Flexible Accommodation 6 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, 2 Receptions Can Be Utilised As House With Wing Good-Size Garden, Ample Parking Scotch Mist Vale £875,000 Joint Agent Sole 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Characterful & Unique Detached House Located In Off Road Tranquil Setting Offering 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Plenty Of Reception Room Space Sizeable Garden, Carport & Parking Les Reveaux Des Isles St Pierre Du Bois £949,000 Joint Agent Sole 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Immaculate Detached Bungalow Location Close to North Coast Beaches Flexible & Spacious Accommodation Option To Create Self-Contained Wing Private Rear Garden, Large Workshop/Garage Magpies Rest Vale £975,000 Joint Agent Sole 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms Lovely Detached 3/4 Bed Chalet Bungalow With Adjoining 1 Bedroom Wing Located Close To North Coast Beaches Fantastic Flexible Accommodation Garage, Summerhouse, Garden & Pkg La Neuve Chaumiere St Sampson £995,000 Joint Agent Sole 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms Spacious Detached Family Home 5 Beds, 2 Baths & 3 Reception Rooms With Lovely Enclosed Gardens Parking For Several Cars & Garage Located Off-Road In Quiet Lane Detached 5 Bed House St Peter Port £1,100,000
| MANAGEMENT Sole Agent 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Modern Detached 3 Bed, 2 Bath House In A Select Clos On Outskirts Of St P.P Spacious & Light Reception Rooms Low Maintenance Enclosed Garden Parking For Several Vehicles Steppingstone St Peter Port £800,000 Sole Agent MAY 2023 PAGE 28
Croeso Vale £849,000 Bellita St Sampson £865,000 Moonshine St Sampson £799,000 Daintree St Martin £695,000 4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Fantastic Detached Family Home 4 Beds, 2 Baths, 2 Reception Rooms Situated In A Quiet Off Road Location Presented In Walk In Condition Front & Rear Gardens, Garage & Parking 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms 3 Bed, 2 Bath House, With 1 Bed Wing Beautifully Presented Accommodation Enclosed Garden With Sunny Aspect Parking For Four/Five Vehicles Deceptively Spacious Property 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Spacious 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Home Located Within Small Select Clos Modern Construction, Built Six Years Ago Accommodation Over Three Floors Enclosed Rear Garden & Parking 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Modern, Cavity Built Semi-Detached House Offering 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Within Minutes Walk Of St Martin’s Village Spacious & Light Accommodation Front & Rear Gardens, Garage & Parking Joint Agent Sole Joint Agent Sole Joint Agent Sole Joint Agent Sole Lifestyle House, L’Islet Crossroads, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4SR www.mawsoncollins.com For the latest properties visit T: 01481 244244 E: info@mawsoncollins.com VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 29

Local Market Properties

• Super three bedroom family home

• Convenient location close to schools and amenities

• Fantastic light filled and spacious reception rooms

• Plenty of parking and workshop

• Enclosed patio and garden

• Immaculate, high specification family home

• Desirable St Martin’s location

• Four/five bedrooms and three bathrooms

• Delightful rural and sea views

• Enclosed garden and patio

Atlantis, St Peter Port TRP 286

• Stunning four bedroom renovated Townhouse

• Ideal for modern family living

• Immaculate throughout

• Beautifully landscaped south-facing garden

• Plenty of parking and garage

• Stunning five bedroom modern bungalow

• Beautifully appointed throughout

• Spacious light filled open plan kitchen/dining/living room

• Extensive west facing patio and low maintenance garden

• Garage and plenty of parking

£1,475,000 Tasami,
Forest TRP 361
Bon Air,
Martin’s TRP 212
Belvoir Cottage, St Sampson’s £745,000 SOLE AGENT £1,295,000
Salonica, St Sampson’s TRP 200 £870,000 SOLE AGENT Monpazier St Peter Port £695,000 SOLE AGENT • Three bedrooms • Parking and garage • West coat location • Move-in condition • Secure rear courtyard TRP 144 SOLE AGENT MAY 2023 PAGE 30
• Immaculate detached
• Large living space • Separate kitchen • Main bedroom with en suite • Lovely low maintenance garden

• Stunning panoramic sea views of

• First floor apartment just over 1,300 square feet

• Two bedrooms, two bathrooms

• Open-plan arrangement

• Delightful communal garden

• Parking for two vehicles

Maple Leaves Vale TRP 299

• Wonderful five bedroom family home

• Positioned down quiet lane in the Vale close to L’Islet Village

• Generous reception space

• Situated on a one-acre site

• Ample parking and outbuildings

sales@swoffers.co.uk I 01481 711766 For full details of these and all our current properties, visit swoffers.co.uk • Generous family home • Five bedrooms, two bathrooms • Situated on an executive estate in St Andrews • Enclosed south/west facing rear garden • Double garage and ample parking £1,350,000 Chabrique St Andrew’s TRP 295 • Delightful Victorian Guernsey Cottage • Four beds in main house and one bedroom wing • Could be one large five bedroom house if required • South facing mature garden • Plenty of parking and large garage/workshop £995,000 Milston Cottage St Sampson’s TRP 286 • Stunning West coast location • Three bedrooms • Amazing sea views • Low maintenance garden • Allocated parking £585,000 7 Richmond Court St Saviour’s TRP 112 • Semi-detached house • In the heart of Town • Offering up to four bedrooms • Excellent storage • Parking for one car £565,000 29 Vauvert St Peter Port TRP 150 • Two bed semi-detached house • Convenient Town location • Enclosed patio • Garage and parking • No onward chain £595,000 • New build four bed semi-detached house • Two parking spaces • Acorn kitchens • Landscaped west facing gardens • Due to be completed Sept 2023 £885,000 Unit 2, Highgrove St Peter Port Purple Heather St Peter Port TRP 97 • Delightful ground floor apartment • One bedroom, one bathroom • Prime town location • One allocated parking space • Ideal starter home or investment £295,000 Flat 2, Vue Des Isles St Peter Port TRP 56 • Detached bungalow on small clos • Spacious and bright kitchen • Attractive rear garden • In need of modernisation throughout • Garage and summer house £675,000 Tournesol St Sampson’s TRP 149 • Charming detached cottage • Quiet location in St Saviours • Delightful gardens and woodlands with views • Garage and plenty of parking • Opportunity to enhance original property or develop £1,000,000 La Petite Vallette St Saviour’s TRP 605 • Delightful two bedroom home • Immaculately presented throughout • Situated close to amenities • Garage parking • Viewings highly recommended £525,000 Rivendell St Sampson’s TRP 105 • Separate lounge • Dining room open with kitchen • Three good sized bedrooms • Elevated views over neighbouring field • Lovely garden £590,000 2 Leicester Terrace St Peter Port TRP 142 • Contemporary detached house • Open plan living • Beautiful kitchen with island • Downstairs bedroom with en suite • Plenty of parking £795,000 Pebbles
£440,000 Seaview St Peter Port TRP 136 SOLE AGENT
the west coast • Three bedrooms • Lounge/diner with views • Allocated parking • Communal garden and use of storage shed £410,000 16 Terramar Court Castel TRP 67 SOLE AGENT ✓ FIRST-TIME BUY • Delightful ground floor apartment • One bedroom, one bathroom • Close to L’ancresse Common • Two allocated parking spaces • Wonderful communal gardens £410,000 5 Symphony Park Vale TRP 71 • Stylish, recently built two bedroom home • Quiet outskirts of St Peter Port • Open plan kitchen/dining/living area • Patio and foregarden • Parking for two cars £549,000 2 Merriman Court St Peter Port TRP 95 SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT • Immaculately presented first floor maisonette • Spacious kitchen/breakfast room • Large separate lounge and versatile mezzanine level • Two large double bedrooms • Parking for one with ample visitor parking £525,000 9 Meadow Grove St Peter Port TRP 126 SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT ✓ FIRST-TIME BUY SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT • Three bedroom bungalow • Situated on clos at Port Soif • Close to amenities and beaches • Delightful rear garden • Garage and parking £710,000 Rivendell Vale TRP 140 SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT ✓ FIRST-TIME BUY • Characterful and spacious home • Four bedrooms, two ensuites and family bathroom • Large reception room • Parking for two cars • Beautiful garden £830,000 Hollingbourne St Martin’s TRP 193 SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT SOLE AGENT VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 31



New for 2023, the Only Fools & Donkeys team, in association with Ian Browns Cycle Shop, is organising a cycling sportive to raise funds as part of the annual 30/30 Challenge.

The event is a week before the Rocque to Rock and is aimed more at endurance road bikers but is open to all levels of cyclist and bikes, with the option to ride 30, 60 or 90 miles on three different 30 mile routes on Sunday 21st May. Starting and finishing at KGV it is hoped this event will raise valuable funds for Les Bourgs Hospice. The three routes will vary in terrain so everyone can enjoy this event regardless of whether you like hills! This is a fun way to raise money for a great cause.

KGV are kindly hosting the event with registration, feed station, toilets and the start and finish of each route situated here.


As well as having a great morning on the bike, the main objective of putting on this Sportive is to raise valuable funds for Les Bourgs Hospice as part of the month long 30/30 Challenge. The £10 entry fee will be given in full to Les Bourgs. If you would like to donate more, donations can be made before (or after) the event by going to:

Visit: giving.gg/donate/event/9294/3030-Cycling-Sportive-2023

Registration is now open

The cost to register is £10 per person with all proceeds going to Les Bourgs Hospice.

For further information and registration please visit:



30, 60 or 90 miles

Choose from three 30 mile routes

The routes are available to view and download from the website: Visit: ride30in30.com/sportive

Organised by

In association with

Photograph by Nick Després

A modern two bedroom terraced townhouse with garden and within close proximity to the town centre and its amenities. x3 x2 x2

A three bedroom semi-detached Guernsey cottage located a stone’s throw away from Perelle Bay with garden, parking and a garage. x4 x2 x4

A magnificent detached family home with four bedrooms, garden and parking located in a quiet lane in the Vale.

◆ Two bedroom modern terraced townhouse

◆ Sunny garden

◆ On-street parking close by

◆ Located in the heart of St Peter Port

◆ Located at Perelle Bay

◆ Three double bedrooms

◆ Parking for multiple vehicles

◆ Garage

◆ Move-in condition

A well presented two bedroom semidetached house located in Delancey Lane with garden and parking. x3 x2 x2

A charming semi-detached family home located in the outskirts of St Peter Port with garden and parking.


◆ Two bedroom semi-detached house

◆ Private garden and parking for three vehicles

◆ Located on a private clos in Delancey Lane

◆ Clos quarterly fee of £25.00

◆ Four bedrooms

◆ Private and enclosed garden

◆ Parking for multiple vehicles

◆ Feature gables and vaulted ceilings

◆ Garage/utility room

A substantial family home located in a quiet lane on a large private plot in the Vale.

◆ Three bedroom semi-detached house

◆ Garden, parking and single garage

◆ A short walk to the town centre

◆ Stylish modern bathroom/shower room

◆ Lapsed plans to extend the property

◆ Five bedrooms

◆ Versatile accommodation over 3,200 sqft

◆ Mature large garden and patio area

◆ Garage and parking for multiple vehicles

◆ Located a short drive to the West Coast

Sheppards Estate Agents, 1 Eros House, La Grande Rue, St Martin, GY4 6LQ www.sheppards.gg Get In Touch +44 (0) 1481 239640 jon@sheppards.gg Cartref TRP 95 38a Victoria Road, St Peter Port £510,000 Rose Cottage TRP 141 Rue De La Hougue Bachelle, St Saviour £750,000 Le Courtil Au Puits TRP 189 Rue De Francais, Vale £950,000 Manhattan TRP 100 1b Delancey Clos, Delancey Lane, St Sampson £575,000 The Treehouse TRP 214 Avenue Beauvais, Ville au Roi, St Peter Port £795,000 Le Jardin Des Roches TRP 399 Le Rocher Lane,
£1,495,000 Sole Agent Sole Agent Sole Agent Sole Agent Joint Agent Sole Agent x2 x1
x2 x1 x3
x5 x4 x6
£375,000 £330,000 £309,950 £299,000 • A 1 bedroom semi-detached house. • Within walking distance of The Bridge for all your amenity needs. • Great for a first time buyer looking to get a house rather than a flat etc. • The property comprises kitchen, lounge/diner, bathroom & bedroom. • Small outside terrace area. • Perry’s Guide - Page 11 F3 • A first floor apartment in a popular development. • Great location within walking distance of all Town amenities. • Offers two double bedrooms, lounge/diner, kitchen & bathroom. • Ideal first time or investment purchase. • Allocated parking for one car. • Perry’s Guide - Page 25 F2 • One bedroom first floor apartment. • Located just off the Bridge providing very easy walking distances to all amenities. • Designed to offer an independent lifestyle to the over 55’s. • Comprises lounge, kitchen, bedroom and shower room. • Allocated parking for one car and use of the communal front garden. • Perry’s Guide - Page 11 E3. • A well presented ground floor flat. • Situated within easy reach of the Town centre. • Open plan light & airy living space. • Generous double bedroom with walk in robes. • 4 piece bathroom including walk in shower. • Perry’s Guide - Page 17 G5 Vale TRP: 41 Ref: 853 St Peter Port TRP: 66 Ref: 1941 St Sampson TRP: N/A Ref: 1914 St Peter Port TRP: Tbc Ref: 1897 Tel: 244544 www.chateaux.gg Ocho Rios is a well presented 2 bedroom semi-detached house with a generous garden, allocated and good visitor parking and situated close to all local amenities. The property offers a nice size lounge, kitchen and conservatory/dining room on the ground floor with family bathroom, double and single bedrooms to the first floor. Add to this a generous fully enclosed south-west facing garden with lawn and patio areas along with block built and wooden sheds. It really must be seen to appreciate what’s on offer so call one of our friendly team today on 244544 to arrange a viewing. £549,000 • A well presented 2 bedroom, semi-detached house. • Situated in a convenient location for local amenities. • Nice size lounge, kitchen and conservatory/dining room. • Double and single bedrooms and family bathroom. • Generous south-west facing garden and allocated and good visitor parking. • Perry’s Guide - Page 10 C2 St Sampson TRP: 91 Ref: 1924 MAY 2023 PAGE 34
£995,000 Vale TRP: 225 Ref: 1889 • A modern cavity built property. • Offering up to 5 bedrooms. • Very generous living space. • Easy maintenance enclosed garden. • Garage and plenty parking. • Call 244544 for further details. £1,795,000 St Saviour TRP: 308 Ref: 1783 • A fantastic 4 bedroom Open Market Sea Front property. • Stunning location and easy walking distance to all local amenities. • Fully renovated with in the last 10 years. • Comprises 4 ensuite double bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, conservatory & dining hall. • Plenty of parking with large double garage and low maintenance rear garden with swim spa. • Perry’s Guide Page 13 E4 Email: info@chateaux.gg /ChateauxEstateAgency @ChateauxEstates New Instructions Urgently Required Chateaux Estates are pleased to offer to the market “ Finavon” a good sized detached 3 bedroom family home, situated in a small clos off Les Petites Capelles Road just a short walk to the schools, shops and Oatlands Village. The property comprises of a lounge/diner, kitchen, conservatory, integral garage and WC on the ground floor with a large master en-suited bedroom (easily converted into 2 bedrooms) plus two further bedrooms and family bathroom on the first floor. Externally there is space for 3 cars on a tarmac driveway with a chance to create more parking to side. Behind the drive you have an area laid to gravel which also gives access to the large block built shed. Moving around the side to the rear of the property you have a south facing garden mainly laid to lawn with a gravel area to side. All in all this is a great family home and viewing is highly recommended. Please call 244544 to view. £759,950 • A detached 3 bedroom family home. • Located on a small clos along Les Petites Capelles road. • Comprises lounge/diner, conservatory, kitchen, garage and WC on the ground floor. • Master en-suite bedroom, family bathroom plus two further bedrooms on the first floor. • Parking for 3 cars plus front and rear gardens. • Perry’s Guide - Page 9 G3. St Sampson TRP: 180 Ref: 1805 VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 35

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There are many young farmers in Guernsey, who have travelled the world learning their craft. They have a passion for sustainable farming, have been a driving force behind RSPCA Assurance and are introducing innovative methods in local milk production.

Pictured: Brother and sister, Robin and Rachel Le Cocq from Les Hubits Farm. Guernsey’s new breed of dairy farmers.
RENTALS Savills Guernsey Royal Terrace, Glategny Esplanade, St. Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1WA 01481 713463 savills.gg 2 Cofton Mews, St Peter Port 1 Reception room, 3/4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, parking for three and garden £3,750pcm | Joint Agent | Local Market Hawkesbury, St Sampson 3 Reception rooms, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, parking, gardens, annexe and swimming pool £5,000pcm | Joint Agent | Open Market 3 Primrose Court, St Saviour 1 Reception room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, parking and communal garden £1,695pcm | Local Market Le Friquet À Droit, St Martin 3 Reception rooms, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, garden and parking £4,850pcm | Joint Agent | Local Market RECENTLY LET Nik Whysalls Residential Lettings Consultant 01481 713463 nik.whysalls@savills.com VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 37
RENTALS t 01481 236039 e enq@cooperbrouard.com w cooperbrouard.com La Grande Rue, St Martin’s, Guernsey GY4 6RR Rentals RENTAL PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED WE HAVE TENANTS WAITING! 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom Open Market Part D Room Private Shower Room Communal Lounge, Kitchen & Garden Service Charge £200 p.c.m. Available Immediately 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom Open Market Part D Room Ensuite Bathroom Communal Lounge, Kitchen & Garden Service Charge £200 p.c.m. Available Immediately Room 3, 2 Rozel Terrace St Peter Port £775 p.c.m. Room 2, 2 Rozel Terrace St Peter Port £850 p.c.m. Open Market Open Market 4/5 bedroom / 3 bathrooms Open Market Part A Stunning 4/5 Bedroom Home Master Bedroom With Ensuite Huge Amount Of Parking Available Early July 2023 Lorina Lodge St Sampson £4,500 p.c.m. Open Market SALES | LETTINGS | MANAGEMENT We offer a comprehensive professional letting service to local and open market landlords and work proactively to find a reliable, suitable tenant for your property at the best possible price. If you have a property to rent, contact us today! Please call 244244 or visit www.mawsoncollins.com PAGE 38 MAY 2023
UNDER ONE ROOF RENTING MADE EASY. SO EASY, WE NEED MORE PROPERTIES. ESTATE AGENTS & PROPERTY MANAGERS Do you need a tenant for your property? Please call 714445 or email info@shieldsandrutland.gg to discuss how we can help. TO LET rentals@swoffers.co.uk I 01481 721757 I • Beautifully appointed, brand new, executive home • Prime west coast position with stunning sea views • Generously proportioned rooms throughout • Parking, garaging and landscaped gardens • Price, deposit and availability upon request ROA Confidential Instruction O • Stylish, modern, beautifully appointed home • Five bedrooms. Fully furnished. Gardener included • Attractive, enclosed south facing gardens • Parking for three to four cars plus double garage • Deposit £22,500. Available by negotiation £7,500pm 37 Avenue Morley O • Three bed, two bath detached house • Modern, neutral and bright throughout • On well regarded clos near West Coast beaches • Parking for four cars, garage and gardens • Deposit £3,000. Available 1st June 5 Lemon Grove L TRP 172 |£3,000pm SOLE AGENT • Spacious four bed, four bath family home • Convenient for St Peter Port and St Martin’s • Large living space including home cinema • Some sea views towards Herm and Sark • Deposit £20,000. Available mid May 2023 £6,666pm Beaufort House O SOLE AGENT VISIT: WWW.UNDERONEROOF.GG PAGE 39
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