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UND ALUMNI ASSOCIATION & FOUNDATION Chief Executive Officer DeAnna Carlson Zink, ’86 Vice President of Marketing & Communications Sarah Prout, ’07

UND ALUMNI MAGAZINE Editor Alyssa Konickson, ’06, Associate VP of Marketing & Communications


For donors to endowed faculty positions, the reward is heartfelt, deep and personal.

Lead Designer Jenny Wolf, ’03, Director of Creative & Brand Strategy Photographers Sara Titera, Graphic Designer Mike Hess, UND Marketing & Communications Associate Editors Milo Smith, Senior Director of Public Relations & Videography Jenn Lukens, Director of Stewardship & Donor Appreciation Writer Alyssa Anderson, ’18, Associate Director of Impact Writing


Digital & Social Media Allison Johnson, Associate Director of Communication & Marketing Analytics Ellie Johnson, ’15, Social Media & Event Coordinator Contributing Writers, UND Today Patrick Miller; Janelle Vonasek, ’89

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair Dr. John Gray, ’87


Unique program offers financial assistance – and so much more – to North Dakota teachers.

Vice Chair Jim Poolman, ’92 Directors Darla Adams, ’84, ’85 Lisa Barnes, ’88 Cindy Blikre, ’91 Scott Fredericksen, ’74 Angie Freeman, ’91 Randy Gershman, ’84 Mike Hamerlik, ’84, ’88 Marten Hoekstra, ’82 Jonathan Holth Dr. Michael LeBeau, ’02 Rick Lee, ’78 Chuck MacFarlane,’87 Doug Mark, ’86 Karen Phillips, ’77 Jodi Rolland, ’92 Dave St. Peter, ’89 Pat Sogard, ’82, ’86 Karen Thingelstad, ’89 Kathryn Uhrich, ’86 Chad Wachter Ex Officio Andrew Armacost Dr. Joshua Wynne Nancy Pederson, ’90

Jed Shivers Eric Link DeAnna Carlson Zink, ’86

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Loved ones create scholarship named for longtime UND employee who made Aerospace courses accessible worldwide.

From DeAnna Thanks to you, our alumni and friends, we made plenty of great memories in 2021. Some highlights include: • Setting a record for the value of our endowment. The fund hit $366 million at the end of the fiscal year on June 30. Turn the page to see more fundraising highlights. • Countering a national trend of dropping enrollment, UND saw an enrollment increase this fall. • A “Meet the Armacosts” tour of Minnesota and North Dakota. (This year, they're going nationwide! Check out some of the stops on page 31.) • In-person Homecoming where we: • Celebrated the new Memorial Union, Chester Fritz Library renovation, ATO house, Gershman Graduate Center and dedication of the Gerald W. VandeWalle Courtroom. • Honored Tom and Konnie Middleton for their $5 million gift to establish the Middleton School of Entrepreneurship & Management.


By the numbers

• Signed a beam and created a time capsule for the under-construction Nistler College of Business & Public Administration.


From the President


Eternal Flame Society


Adelphi Circle

• Honored the 2020 Sioux Awards recipients following last year’s postponed ceremony.

12 Feature: Endowed Faculty

2022 is shaping up to be another fantastic year. In November, the North Dakota Legislature gave us the go-ahead to begin fundraising for a renovation of Merrifield Hall with the state committing $50 million to the project. In April, we’ll host the Champions Ball, our largest UND Athletics fundraiser. Homecoming is in late September and Las Vegas will host the College Hockey Hall of Fame Game on October 29. As we reflect on 2021 while looking ahead to the future, thank you for all the good that you do in the lives of UND students. Sincerely,

16 Budge Circle 20 Smith Circle 24 Clifford Circle 31 Events 32 President's Circle 38 Feature: Burgum Scholars 62 Feature: Horne Scholarship 66 1889 Legacy Society

DeAnna Carlson Zink, ’86, CFRE UND Alumni Association & Foundation CEO deannac@UNDfoundation.org


JULY 1, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2021


BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT, the UND Alumni Association & Foundation’s endowment that benefits UND reached a record $366.1 million in fiscal year 2021 — up nearly $100 million from just five years ago. The milestone came during a year in which $64.4 million was raised through nearly 10,000 gifts from donors who chose to do good in the lives of those seeking the dream of a UND degree.


given to scholarships

“I could have quit when I was afraid, but I still have so many goals to reach and I’m not done until I fulfill those goals. I hope my donors know that they’ve inspired me to help students later in life when I can.” ERICA BENSON, ’21 NURSING 4


fundraising total

“Konnie and I saw a tremendous opportunity to give both back and forward for the benefit of the University, its faculty and students.” TOM MIDDLETON, ’72 MIDDLETON SCHOOL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP & MANAGEMENT

9,886 gifts

“The extra funding provided through this position really allows us to build for the future.”


first-time donors




for programs & faculty


From Andy It’s been an amazing and consequential year for the University of North Dakota. We’ve seen the University emerge from the shadow of the COVID pandemic to reopen its campus, returning to the active and vibrant environment it’s always been. The hard work and preparation by faculty and staff was rewarded when students came back brimming with excitement and a renewed sense of purpose. Our Fighting Hawks athletics teams got back into action. Plays, concerts, art exhibits, parades, and other events reenergized UND and the surrounding Grand Forks community. Kathy and I appreciated the opportunity to travel around North Dakota to meet with our state’s residents and UND alumni. Working with the North Dakota Legislature, UND received funding for important capital projects and its space initiative. Federal funding allocated by the legislature will cover a major portion of the renovation of Merrifield and Twamley halls to modernize academic spaces and to bring additional faculty and staff to the central campus. As we’ve watched the new Nistler College of Business & Public Administration taking shape, we’ve also dedicated a new Memorial Union, reopened the renovated Chester Fritz Library, and welcomed the Gershman Graduate Center along the strikingly transformed University Avenue. Partnerships are key to the continued success of UND. We have enjoyed and valued the benefits of close working relationships with community leaders, North Dakota’s state and federal officials, businesses, industry, and other institutions of higher education in our state and region. We couldn’t have accomplished all we did in the past year without the valuable assistance from our alumni and the generous support from the UND Alumni Association & Foundation. These are the partnerships that spark opportunities for our students and faculty to shape tomorrow’s leaders for North Dakota. As we close out 2021, my gratitude and appreciation goes out to all those who have so generously committed time and resources to making UND’s comeback year a success. Thanks to those efforts, we can look ahead to 2022 with a vision for the future.

Andrew Armacost President University of North Dakota 6


In the academic hub of campus, where Old Main once stood, is a beacon of light that symbolizes the University of North Dakota: the Old Main Memorial Sphere and its eternal flame. Between Twamley and Merrifield Hall, the globe-shaped metal monument was raised in 1963. Stanley O. Johnson (pictured welding above), then Assistant Professor of Art, created the piece. The small figures that make up the sphere symbolize educational development – how far we’ve come since the birth of our state’s flagship research institution, and our vision for the future. The burning flame is a steadfast reminder of UND’s motto, “Lux et Lex,” translated to “Light and Law,” and has since been inserted into UND’s logo – one of the most recognizable images associated with our University. Years ago, the UND Alumni Association & Foundation created the Eternal Flame Society to recognize our generous donors. The name was carefully chosen as a reminder of the forward-thinkers who have passed the torch of knowledge to the next generation through their financial contributions. We are dedicating this issue to each member of our Eternal Flame Society. In the following pages, you will see the names of more than 5,000 donors who make up each Giving Circle. Their stories uncover their motivation for giving and the impact of their commitment.

The Eternal Flame Society is made up of the following membership levels. A UND alumnus or friend is welcomed into a Circle once their total lifetime giving reaches the levels listed below. Adelphi Circle $5 million+ William Budge Circle $1 million – $4,999,999 Dr. Cora Smith Circle $500,000 – $999,999 Thomas Clifford Circle $100,000 – $499,999 Presidents Circle $10,000 – $99,999 1889 Legacy Society Documented planned gift This issue is the start of our renewed effort to welcome new members and re-welcome faithful contributors of each Giving Circle. Within each name listed and each word written is woven our deepest gratitude for you, our dear alumni and friends. \\\ 7


Adelphi $5,000,000 +

Built in 1907, the Adelphi Fountain was the first purely aesthetic addition to campus as a gift to UND from the Adelphi Literary Society, UND’s first student organization. Since 1928, the fountain has remained on the west bank of the English Coulee between the Hughes Fine Arts Center and Burtness Theatre. At the top of the fountain stands a likeness of Pythia, a Roman oracle and priestess, holding a plate from which inspiration is said to flow out in the form of water. During the Roman era, Pythia was one of the most powerful women in the world due to her wisdom, insightfulness, respected counsel and celebrity. The three muses surrounding the bottom of the fountain represent many cultures. One holds a sheaf of wheat, another a scroll and the third carries a lyre. The wheat sheaf symbolizes charity and love; the field from which it was harvested represents the church. The scroll is a symbol of learning, enlightenment, communication, and sacred writings. The lyre is a symbol of music and harmonics, poetry, classical antiquity, and Greece.


After withstanding the elements of harsh North Dakota winters and floods, the fountain was in growing need of repair. In 2006, a gracious estate gift from Roy and Elnora (Hopper) Danley, ’37, resulted in the restoration of the fountain, the Remembrance Wall and the Hopper Danley Spiritual Center. A brick sidewalk, cement benches and a flowerbed has added to the fountain’s charm. Because of the fountain’s longstanding history, Adelphi was given as the name for the Eternal Flame Society’s most prestigious Giving Circle. Members of this Circle are, like Pythia, respected not only for their generosity, but also for the wisdom and counsel that freely flows out of their love for the University. \\\ Adapted from the Dakota Student.


Altru Health System The B. John Barry Family Rick & Jody Burgum Continental Resources, Inc. Roy & Elnora H. Danley Estate Engelstad Family Foundation Dr. Eva L. Gilbertson Foundation Hal & Kathy Gershman Benedict F.* & Dorothy J. Gorecki Glen* & Janice Gransberg Harold G. Hamm Hess Corporation Kenneth Hyslop Estate The Estates of Robert & Elizabeth Kratt Tom & Konnie Middleton Dr. David & Lola Monson Colleen & Werner G. Nistler, Jr. on behalf of the Nistler Family James C. Ray*

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021



Adelphi CIR CL E

“Scholarship support is our way to help students avoid a financial burden.” DR. DAVID MON SON

DR . D AV ID,’ 61, ’ 6 3 , & L O L A ( R OGN L IE ) M ON S ON , ’ 6 0

FROM PAINTBRUSH TO STETHOSCOPE Dr. David Monson remembers the moment he received his scholarship to UND. It was the summer of 1957, and he was painting the door of his high school in Climax, Minnesota. With brush in hand, he was handed an envelope with $95 from a visiting professor.

while his wife Lola (Rognlie), ’60, used her home economics education degree to teach. Money was tight, “but it’s not what we’re looking at now,” Dr. Monson confirmed, where the average debt of a UND medical student stands at $167,000.

The couple has built a life in “I was very glad to get that,” Dr. Illinois around Dr. Monson’s Monson recalled. “I had asked cardiothoracic surgery career. for an athletic scholarship, but Though he’s surpassed painting they came up with something doors to earn an income, he else. At the time, $95 went and Lola honor what’s got pretty far in my life.” He was them this far. They’ve focused planning on being an engineer, their giving on UND’s School but with that scholarship, he of Medicine & Health Sciences pursued medicine instead. (SMHS), establishing two After completing his undergrad endowments. The first funds an endowed chair position held in 1961, Dr. Monson attended UND’s two-year medical school by Richard Van Eck, Ph.D., 10

who teaches students new technology useful in healthcare practices. The second is the largest scholarship endowment at SMHS. It helps several students each year make their way through medical school. Through their support, the Monsons hope to make the transition from medical school to profession a smooth experience for new graduates. “The volume of information is great and ever-changing as the medical degree is achieved, leaving little time for earning income. Scholarship support is our way to help students avoid a financial burden,” Dr. Monson explained. \\\



People over age 70½ can give up to $100,000 from their IRA directly to a charity like the UND Alumni Association & Foundation. A QCD* can count for or toward your required minimum distribution.


Help yourself by making charitable gifts in the most tax-efficient way possible. Qualify for a charitable income tax deduction for the gift of stock while avoiding capital gains.


Thinking of revisiting your estate plan? It’s a great opportunity for you to evaluate how your charitable goals may fit into your lasting legacy.


Do you anticipate unusually high income or gains this year? You can “bunch” multiple gifts, such as cash, appreciated securities, or other assets to a DAF at the UND Foundation and receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction. Consult your tax advisor to determine what strategies are right for you. *subject to AGI limitations

CONTACT giftplanning@UNDfoundation.org | 701.777.2611 UNDalumni.org/guide-to-giving




For universities, the benefits of endowed faculty are clear: They attract and retain leading scholars and are investments that last far into the future while protecting the university’s operating budget. But what about the donors themselves? For many, the reward is heartfelt, deep, and personal. They are able to thank the University and the outstanding professors who made such a difference in their lives while helping generations of new students experience that same rich education. BY JANELLE VONASEK, ’89 | SPECIAL PROJECTS EDITOR, UND TODAY

TOM OWENS, ’68, was not yet 30 when

“He was one of the best professors I had,” said retired chemical engineer Kristi Brindle, ’78, who helped spearhead the endowment. “He had such an easy way of communicating. There was room for humor, and you always could tell he enjoyed being around his students and his faculty.”

“I didn’t know what I wanted to do for sure when I grew up,” Owens said with a laugh. “But I wasn’t there very long before I realized that wasn’t the place for me. I had the opportunity to stay, but there was absolutely no question what I needed to do.

He also had a knack for getting to know his students, giving them confidence and opening their eyes to new possibilities. For example, Brindle said it was Owens who suggested she major in chemical engineering. The first-generation college student took that advice and went on to have a long and successful career with Texaco in Colorado.

he faced a career choice: academia or Exxon. A UND assistant professor of chemical engineering at the time, Owens packed up his home and young family to head to Houston for a yearlong consulting residency with the oil and gas giant in 1973.

“I realized my place was back with my students in the classroom. I knew UND was the right place for me, so it was no contest to come back.” UND can be glad he did. So can the 800-some chemical engineering students whom Owens would come to challenge, mentor and inspire over his 33 years here. Owens proved to be such an exceptional teacher that his students eventually did their own extraordinary thing: They banded together to endow a professorship in his name. 12

Today, Brindle and a donor list that includes hundreds of former students have paid tribute to their mentor by establishing and providing ongoing support to the Thomas C. Owens Chair of Chemical Engineering Endowment. They hope their gifts will continue to help UND recruit and retain the “best of the best” faculty and the most capable students.



Tom Owens, ’68 professor emeritus

Kristi Brindle, ’78 retired chemical engineer

Owens still gets email and holiday greetings from his former students some 30, 40 and 50 years later. Retired since 2001, he’s now professor emeritus, a status earned after a career in which he chaired the Department of Chemical Engineering for 23 years and served three times as interim dean of the UND College of Engineering & Mines. Looking back on that fateful decision to return to Grand Forks and to teaching 48 years ago, Owens is both humbled by and immensely grateful to his former students for endowing the professorship and chair in his name. “Really, what I think I’ve done is just lend my name to something that’s important and positively contributes to the department, college and University,” he said. “There are chemical engineering students now at UND who wouldn’t recognize me or my name, and that’s just fine.

commitment to teaching excellence

“But what I hope this endowment represents is a commitment to teaching excellence. I want it to enhance opportunities for students and faculty at UND.” Frank Bowman, who today holds the title of Thomas C. Owens Associate Professor, has been enhancing opportunities at UND for almost two decades, exactly as Owens described. The current chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Bowman launched a project that trains elementary and middle school teachers of Native American and rural North Dakota students how to integrate engineering tasks into their classrooms. He’s also developed high-quality online courses to enrich the student experience, a focus that has helped UND create one of the nation’s highest-ranked online engineering programs.

Frank Bowman Thomas C. Owens Associate Professor 13

lifelong impact on students

WELL-ROUNDED AND READY UND alumni and benefactors Rick and Jody Burgum share this sentiment for excellence in education. Rick is a 1968 philosophy graduate; Jody earned her degree in elementary special education in 1974. And for years, both have had a special affection for UND’s College of Arts & Sciences, where their son and daughter also earned undergrad degrees before achieving M.B.A. and law degrees elsewhere. “Arts & Sciences introduces people to so many different areas of life. It’s just a wonderful base no matter what you end up doing,” Jody said. Rick seconded this passion for the liberal arts and added: “I want it to be clear to the world that UND is a first-class educational institution. We’d like to see a whole slug of Merit Scholars coming to UND — not just because they got a scholarship, but because they want to learn from the best educators. “The endowed chair lets us make an impact on many students over many years. That’s what interests us most. The better the professors, the better the education. It lifts everybody up and raises the bar.”

Simona Barbu Burgum Endowed Chair of Music

World-renowned cellist and educator Simona Barbu has been raising that bar at UND since 2011. That’s when the highly

most valuable assets


decorated musician was selected as the Burgum Endowed Chair of Music. Earlier, she had performed as a soloist throughout the United States and held residencies at conservatories and universities in China, Hungary and her native Romania.

“The endowed chair lets us make an impact on many students over many years. … The better the professors, the better the education. It lifts everybody up and raises the bar.” RICK BURGUM, ’68 Said Jody Burgum, “It’s a great feeling to be able to provide students this kind of opportunity to experience such a wonderful cellist. I think really fabulous instructors make for a much better school and institution.” The Burgums since have created a second endowed faculty position in Arts & Sciences which will become the Burgum Arts & Sciences Endowed Chair.

THE MULTIPLIER EFFECT Longtime UND supporter and retired Cargill CEO Greg Page is another alum who understands the power of the multiplier effect in higher education. The 1974 UND economics graduate who led one of the largest privately held companies in America believes outstanding faculty rank among the most valuable assets for any university. “I was an enormous beneficiary of some very effective teachers in my time there,” Page said. “In my 42 years of working in the business world, I found myself thinking almost every day of something a professor once said, or some particular piece of knowledge they offered. And on many of those occasions, that knowledge played a role in a challenge or opportunity that was in front of me.” It was practical knowledge for the real world, Page said, and it was part of his motivation for establishing the Page Endowed Chair in Applied Economics at UND’s Nistler College of Business & Public Administration. Chih Ming Tan, the first to hold the endowed chair, is an applied econometrician who researches inequality, mobility, global health and economic growth and development. He says the endowment has enabled

top-quality courses

him to bring top experts from all fields to interact with UND faculty and students, and share their research. At UND, “we may be geographically disadvantaged, but we’re not intellectually isolated,” Tan said. “And that’s critical.”

Scan with your phone’s camera app to learn more about creating an endowment at UND.

Page agreed. “I believe endowments are a great way to support the University,” he said. “It may be the No. 1 way we can enable a university to employ that highest level of faculty that both attracts and retains students. Certainly, we need good facilities and other things, but in the absence of outstanding faculty, I just don’t think a university can prosper.” When Page and the other donors were students, some of them were learning the ground rules for grammar or politics, while others were devising equations for liquidto-gas transfer phenomena or exploring macroeconomics. But clearly, they all had one thing in common: outstanding professors who made an enduring impact on their lives and livelihoods. That’s what they want to give back to their University and its future students, and that’s why they’ve chosen endowed faculty as a terrific way to do so. \\\

Chih Ming Tan

Page Endowed Chair in Applied Economics

employ highest-level faculty



William Budge $1,000,000 - $4,999,999

William “Billy” Budge (1852-1938) was a Scotsman, politician, businessman and pioneer of his time who played a large hand in securing the location of the University of North Dakota. Budge donated the original 20 acres of land to the University. At the time, he owned most of the land between downtown Grand Forks and today's UND campus. Budge had a large hand in “rescuing” UND on several occasions. At one point, he convinced President Webster Merrifield to turn down an offer from the University of Montana, which led the prominent UND leader and several faculty members to stay at UND. Budge and Merrifield then began a vigorous campaign for private financial support to sustain the University’s faculty members after the governor vetoed state funding to UND. Budge immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland as a teenager. His willingness to try his hand at any job once his ship landed was kindling for his business savviness later in life. Budge’s diverse portfolio included serving as a cook, a bartender, working in a Canadian fur post and in a brick factory, and running a stagecoach line. He even served as the Grand Forks postmaster and sheriff for a time. 16

Together with other early city leaders, Budge helped develop the first brick business block in Grand Forks in 1883, now in the heart of downtown Grand Forks. He was also a leading figure among UND’s first group of Trustees and served from 1891-1907. Budge Hall was built in his honor in 1899 and served as a men’s dormitory until 1981. The William Budge Circle recognizes donors who, like Budge, have forged a path that many pioneers have followed. His willingness to work hard at many endeavors coupled with his foresight and commitment to the University and Grand Forks have paved the way for those who have continued building on what Budge began. \\\

Bart & Lynn* Holaday

William* & June* Nuessle

Advanced Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.

Edmond Hughes Estate

Linda & Mark* Pancratz


Ruth H. Ralph*

Alvis B. Amble*

Larry* & Lynda Jodsaas

Kevin & Courtney Ritterman

Donald E. Bahr, M.D. Estate

Betty Wold Johnson*/ The Wold Family in Honor & Memory of Karl Christian Wold, M.D.

Stephen W. Robinson, Ph.D.

Bank Forward Oliver L. Benediktson* Bernard Osher Foundation Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Dakota

Larry & Jean Johnson Winnifred H. Jones*

John Rouzie Estate Ray C. Rude* Thomas W.* & Joan* Ryan Wes & Vivian Rydell Sanford Health

Grace Ellis Bowen*

Dr. Karl* & Carolyn Kaess

Bremer, Grand Forks

Lyle & Kathleen Kasprick

Steve L. Burian

Paul J. & Lynn E. Korus

Rod* & Barbara Burwell

Stephen P. Kramer

Dr. John L.* & Ruth* Carter

Peter & Eunice Kuhn

Jill M. Cholewa & Steve Cholewa

Mike & Tanya Kuntz

City of Grand Forks

R. Doug & Sally Larsen

Collins Aerospace

Dale & Paulette Lian

Patricia F. Crow Estate

Michael & Sitney Lodoen

Howard & Ann Dahl

Jack G. Marcil

M. Duane Sommerness, M.D.* & Marge Sommerness

Edson Larson Foundation

Bill & Jane Marcil

Bryce* & June* Streibel

Helen Baird Fait*

Doug & Katie Mark

C. Francis Swanke*

Jody & Duane Feragen

Gary & Jane Marsden

Lowell* & Marge* Swenson

Louise S. Ferguson*

Inez L. McDonald* in Memory of William F. McDonald

The Estates of Mildred Thelin & Gustaf Thelin

A. Kirk* & Janet Lanterman

Robert L. Fransen The Estates of Chester Fritz & Vera Fritz Gate City Bank Virgil L. Gerig Estate Gaylen & Penny Ghylin Philip & Patricia Gisi Jeffrey & Sonya Gorman

Scheels All Sports Scheels All-Sports Foundation Dr. Mark & Lori Schneider Sensor Systems, Inc. Terry & Diane* Severson Sidney Green Four LLC Norman C. Skalicky* Robert & Kristine Solberg

Carol* & Robert* Middleton

Roger S. Thompson, M.D. Estate

Fritz & Verona Mikkelson Family

Marvin A. Thorson Estate

Dale & Barbara Morrison Howard & Johnnie Moum Estate

Beulah-Rom Gullekson*

Myers Foundation/Eugene E.* & Florence H.* Myers

Dr. Thomas & Carolyn Hamilton

Myra Foundation

Henry & Judee Herr

Neuropsychiatric Research Institute

Norm & Ann Hoffman

Harvey & Melanie Noteboom


Burton A. Aarestad Estate

Craig & Dolly Tweten UND Aerospace Foundation Loren A. Unterseher Jeff & Kim Vigen Jim & Barbara Williams Allan* & Marvel Williamson

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021



William Budge CIR CL E


WORTH THE RISK Bart Holaday, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, built his career as an entrepreneur, an asset manager and an early adopter of venture capital investing. When venture capital, a risky but profitable investment method, was gaining popularity in the 1980s, Bart was invited to present it to the North Dakota State Investment Board. From the front of the fiscally conservative room, he could tell receptivity was waning. “Everybody was just shaking their heads except for two people who were smiling at me. One was my mother, and the other was Bruce Gjovig.” At the time, Gjovig, ’74, was CEO of UND’s Center for Innovation (CFI). 18

Of similar ideals, Bart and Bruce formed a partnership – Bruce offered the opportunity for Bart to teach students his investing techniques while Bart funded several entrepreneurial programs through the foundation he established with his late wife, Lynn. One such program was the Dakota Venture Group, the nation’s first student-run fund that allows students to experience capital investing using seed money provided by the program. “When we originally put the money in, I figured the worst-case scenario was we would lose $400,000 but that some students would learn something,” said Bart.

Since 2006, 250 students have graduated from the program and the fund has grown to nearly $1.5 million. “It has turned out to be far better than I ever dreamed. It’s been a tremendous tribute to what students can do if you give them the freedom to chart their own direction. I think it’s the best investment I ever made.” Although he didn’t graduate from UND, Bart has become a trusted advisor and friend of the University, serving on the board of CFI and the UND Alumni Association & Foundation. In 2006, he received an honorary degree. Bart and his wife, Cathy (pictured), live in Colorado Springs where they manage the Dakota Foundation. \\\

TICKETS ON SALE UNDalumni.org/ball

North Dakota





Dr. Cora Smith $500,000-$999,999

Physician. Surgeon. Teacher. Elocutionist. Mountaineer. Activist. Suffragist. Dr. Cora Smith (1867 – 1939) lived an unconventional life, and her work advocating votes for women is still remembered a century later. A member of UND’s first graduating class in 1889, Smith taught at the newly formed University of North Dakota while still a student and continued teaching after her graduation. Famed for her speaking abilities, she went on to become the first licensed woman physician in North Dakota. Most of all, she is remembered for her work in advocating voting rights for women. On campus, Smith Hall bears her name. After graduating from UND, Smith studied medicine at Boston University. During the North Dakota Constitutional Convention, Henry Blackwell, a national suffrage advocate, addressed the constitutional convention and chose Smith as his representative. A popular orator as well as a regional celebrity, she lobbied at the convention. In 1890, Cora and her mother, Sara Smith, became the first women to vote in Grand Forks in a school election.


Even after taking a job as a physician for the Minneapolis Maternity Hospital, Smith continued as president of the North Dakota Suffrage Association and to advocate for suffrage in both states. Smith later moved to Seattle and built a medical practice. There, she became involved in the Washington state suffrage movement, as well as mountaineering. In 1909, she planted a “Votes for Women” flag on top of Mount Rainier. The UND Alumni Association & Foundation recently added a circle to the Eternal Flame Society in honor of Dr. Cora Smith. Members of this circle are applauded for their actions, like Smith’s, to advocate for students and education in North Dakota through their giving. \\\ Adapted from UND Today.

Alerus Financial

Bernadine Greenwood*

Donavan & Gail Olson

Amity Technology

Richard Hebert

Janet F. Olson*

Frank* & Joanne Bavendick

Mike & Lori Hendrickson

Jack & Kristen Paris

Orville J. Berg*

Elaine L. Hetland*

Norma & Joe* Peltier

Edwin J. Berge Estate

IBM Corp.

George* & Ruth* Perrott

Col. Carlton L. Bjerkaas (RET)

ICON Architectural Group

Piper Aircraft, Inc.

Mike Jacobs & Suezette Bieri

James & Nicole Poolman

Fred & Albena Blumhardt Estate

Dorothy Donnelly James*

Dr. Linda L. Redmann Estate

JLG Architects

Border States Electric, Fargo

Kenneth P. & LuAnn Regan

Chuck* & Cory* Johnson

Kathleen M. Branley Estate

Rosa Ruger Estate

Ruth Brennan Johnston*

David A. Brown

Scott* & Susan Sayer

L. W. Huncke Foundation

Robert* & Frances* Buckingham

Myrtle Peterson Schmidt*

Glenn* & Elaine* Lee

Harry* & Bernice* Schwenke

Ed* & Olive* Bushby

Paula H. Lee* in Memory of Randy H. Lee

Jim* & Nancy* Seifert

Cargill, Inc.

Lynn & Shirlee Leininger

Bob* & Pat* Higgins Caudel

Drs. Donald & Mary Ann Sens

Dr. Anthony J.* & Junieve* Lund

Harold* & Helen* Smith

Barbara A. Clark

Lunseth Plumbing & Heating Company/William O'Connell

Ethel M. Stone Estate

Helen A. Dahl*

David & Mary MacMillan

Thomas & Ardys Dahl

Richard J. Maginn, M.D.*

Drs. Haldean & Bonnie Dalzell

Erwin & Colleen Martens

John B. Davenport*

Robert & Kathy Mau

Department of Commerce, Economic Development Association

Dr. Donald* & Marjorie Meredith

Marilyn A. Bjerke*

Marcus & Lynn Chorney

Solveig P. Matlock*

Floyd B. Sperry* Keith & Jo Streyle The Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation Mark & Claudia Thompson Touchmark Alyce Travers* UCB Insurance Agency Edna Ullyot Estate

Drilling Systems (USA), Inc.

Mikkelson Consolidated, LLP

Ray Duggan*

Fritz Mikkelson Family

Chad & Stacy Wachter


Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing

Dr. Hudson & Christine Washburn Burness G. Wenberg Estate

John R. Fischer, M.D.

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc.

Mark & Cindy Fliginger

Todd & Liz Mitzel

Henrietta Stone Fox*

Lauris Molbert & Laurie Kusch Molbert

David J. & Gay C. Shemorry Williamson

First International Bank & Trust

Alan & Clara Gray Estate John "Jack" * & Ellen* Gray Great River Energy

Dale R. Monsebroten*


Center For Excellence

Darold* & Lyla* Rath

David & Linnea Veeder

Dean & Mae Wieland

Lew Wilson Xcel Energy, Grand Forks

Lucille M. Nilson Estate Robert M. Olafson

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021



Dr. Cora Smith CIR CL E

M A R C, ’ 81, & LY N N ( P O W E R S) CH OR N E Y, ’ 8 2

EQUIPPING STUDENTS ON AND OFF THE ICE Marc Chorney, ’81, credits UND with changing his life forever. Recruited to play hockey in 1977, Marc met his college sweetheart and now wife, Lynn, while achieving the degree that would set him on his path. Marc and Lynn have been giving back to UND for a quartercentury, helping dozens of student-athletes achieve their education. Through their philanthropy, they want to see student-athletes excel on and off the ice.

Hockey runs deep in the blood of the Chorney family. After playing hockey for UND, Marc was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1979. Their son, Taylor, played three years of UND hockey before his professional career with the Edmonton Oilers, and their son, Marcus, is a senior playing for Quinnipiac University.

The Chorneys have provided a tremendous amount of relief for UND Hockey “We want to give back to student-athletes. A generous UND to thank them for all scholarship gift in 2010 has they’ve given to us. I don’t supported student-athlete think we could ever pay back scholarships for the past everything that we’ve gotten, 12 years, and they recently but we want to help as much helped create the 1980 as we can,” Marc said. National Championship Team Endowment together 22

with 25 of Marc’s former teammates. Their goal is to have every player from their championship team contribute to the fund.

Through the years, Marc and Lynn have developed special connections with scholarship recipients. “Every year we get a nice letter from a student-athlete who has received a scholarship from us; it means the world to us. We feel a special connection to them after that and cheer them on throughout the remainder of their athletic career,” he said. The Chorneys aren't cheering alone. Together with lifelong friends made at UND, they're proud to support the Kelly green. \\\



Annual giving is the act of supporting UND year after year, promoting the growth of our students, faculty, facilities, and programs. Annual gifts are spent as they come in and are directed wherever the need or opportunity is greatest. Annual donors help meet our University’s most immediate needs by giving to areas they care about.


Kept students at UND by supporting scholarships across campus.

Addressed food insecurity by providing groceries to students in need.

Provided equipment for students in activities like athletics and music.

Purchased supplies to keep colleges, schools, and units running smoothly.


By giving annually, you help meet our Universityʼs most immediate needs. Scan the code to give to an area youʼre passionate about.



Thomas Clifford $100,000 - $499,999

Thomas J. Clifford (1921-2009) was UND’s longest-serving leader, dedicating 21 years as UND’s president. Clifford spent over a half-century on campus as a student, faculty, dean, and finally president from 1971-92. He was the first North Dakotan to hold the office. Under his leadership, the University saw important developments in student enrollment numbers, research, the medical school, aerospace programs, and the Energy & Environmental Research Center. He forged relationships with tribal partners and implemented instructional Native American programs in medicine and other fields. From his namesake, Clifford Hall, he led UND’s Aerospace Foundation into his 80s. Clifford’s experience at UND began as an accounting student, a law student and part-time instructor. He was just 29 when he was named dean of the College of Commerce in 1950 – the youngest dean in UND’s history. Nine years later, after earning a master’s degree in public administration at Stanford University, he became UND’s vice president for finance.


A decorated Marine veteran, he exuded energy and charisma mixed with candor and accessibility that earned students’ affection and respect. As a graduate of UND, he easily empathized with their experiences. He was quick to seek out the opinions of others to inform his decisions and direction for the University. In 2002, UND awarded Clifford an honorary doctorate. That same year, he received the Theodore Roosevelt Roughrider Award, North Dakota’s highest honor. Thomas Clifford has not only been one of UND’s greatest leaders but is recognized as one of the nation’s most effective university presidents. The Thomas Clifford Circle applauds donors who give at a leadership level. Like Clifford, members of this Circle have a vital role in helping UND, its programs, and our students develop as industry leaders. \\\

Associated General Contractors of North Dakota AT&T Foundation Avianax Azore, Inc. Alton* & Joanne* Baglien Bob & Kerry Bahl Joe* & Wilma* Baker BankNorth, Arthur, N.D. Dr. Philip L. & Sandra Barney Barr Engineering Company Aldene A. Barrington* Basin Electric Power Cooperative Daniel Bauer Bard & Nicki Baukol Emil* & Margaret* Baxstrom Richard & Linda Beall Richard & Joanne Becker Dean* & Jamie Beckstead Garfield* & Sanae Beckstead John W. Behl* Patricia A. Beithon David & Diane Bender Ethel T. Bendixen* George* & Lois* Benner Carol J. Berg in Memory of John C. Berg John & Nancy Berg Donald O. Bergquist Edward* & Eileen Bernhoft John* & Doris Black Drs. Julie & David* Blehm LaVonne Blikre* in Memory of Dr. Clair T. Blikre Jim & Twylah Blotsky Timothy & Joellen Bohannon Vera Bollinger Estate Border States Electric Supply, Grand Forks Irene Bostrom Estate

Ray* & Shirley* Bostrom Col. Joe L.* & Averille* Bourne BP Amoco Foundation, Inc. Brady Martz & Associates, P.C. Joyce E. Braithwait Estate Josh & Kelsey Brandsted Robert & Betsy Breckner Roger* & Darleen Breezley Alice & David Brekke Dr. Arne G. Brekke* Charlotte R. Brekke Dr. Charles & Janine Bridgeford Chester* & Madge* Bridgeman Kristi & Richard Brindle Brown Corporations Dr. Glenn* & Harriet Brown Matthew E. Brown Larry Brown* & Vaughn Malm Brown* Bruce R. McCaw Family Foundation Lyle F. Buchwitz Dennis & Carol Buck Jerry & Nancy Bugliosi James & Kristen Bullis Merle* & Anita* Bunde Audrey* & Russ* Burfening Burgum Foundation BNSF Foundation Paul & S. Gail Busch James H. Bushaw* David J. Butler Matthew* & JoAnn Butler Mrs. Pat Byrne* C. L. Linfoot Company Madelyne & Theodore* Camrud Canad Inns Dr. William & Norma* Cape Dr. Bruce M.* & Nan Carlisle

DeAnna Carlson Zink & Wayne Zink Rachel Carlson* Judge Jim* & Bev Carrigan Elizabeth Gaulke Cary* Donald* & Georgine Casement Charles L. Cavanagh Cessna Foundation Dr. Cecil & Penny Chally John S. & Linda Charlesworth Choice Financial, Grand Forks Boyd* & Marlene Christenson Laura Christianson* Carla J. Christofferson Weston Christopherson* & Myrna ChristophersonKline* Cirrus Aircraft Dr. Rodney* & Carol* Clark Dr. Bennie* & Beverly Clayburgh Tom* & Gayle* Clifford Dr. Maurine Clow* Midwest Coca Cola of Grand Forks J. Randal & Sharon Cochrane Dr. Dale & Penny Cody Corey & Joyce Colehour Community Contractors, Inc. Ernie* & Jennie* Coon Harold* & Emma* Coop Dr. Susan & Richard Crockett Jack* & Yvonne Cronquist Dr. Francine Cronshaw & Russell Selleck Jack & Eileen Crystal Custom Aire Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Brian & Terrie Dahl Ervin* & Drusilla* Dahlund Dakota Commercial & Development Co.

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


160 Investment, LLC Dr. Brad & Gayle Aafedt Larry* & Martha Ann* Aasen Reuben* & Alice* Aasland Elizabeth & Alden* Abraham Acme Tools Advanced Business Methods, Inc. Joyce & Aqueil Ahmad Leslie Johnson Aldrich & Kenneth Aldrich Alex Stern Family Foundation D. Guy Allen Estate George* & Glenna "Pat"* Allen Dr. Kent & Diane Alm Elizabeth Alsop* Dr. William & Sandy Altringer American Petroleum Institute - Williston Amundson Family Funeral Home Aron D. & Mary L. Anderson Dr. Arden & Bertha Anderson Estate Dr. Christopher Anderson & Dr. Allison Clapp Daryl* & Diane Anderson Dennis* & Carol* Anderson Eric T. Anderson Ethel I. Anderson* Jeff Anderson* Lowell T. Anderson* Dr. Quentin N. Anderson Dr. Richard D. & Trisha L. Anderson Dr. Richard H. Annis* Marilyn A. & Duane A.* Arness Drs. Robert Arusell & Janelle Sanda Russell T. Asleson Estate A. Leonard Asmundson, M.D.*



Dakota Medical Foundation Dakota Sales Budweiser Company, Inc. / Roger & Joan Kieffer and Randy & Kim Kieffer Denis J. & Josie Daly Janice & Clifford d'Autremont Tim* & Maxine* Davies Thomas L. & Nan K. Degnan John A. DeKrey, M.D.* Timothy & Sharon Delmore Judy L. DeMers Mark E. Denbrook III in Honor and Memory of Myron E. Denbrook Jr. William* & Jane* Denk Devils Lake Athletic Club Merlin* & Barbara Dewing Judith R. Dickinson Estate Patrick & Mary Dirk Wayne A. Drugan, Jr. Estate Dwain E. Duis* Gary & Linda Dunford Jerome* & Anne* Dunlevy Jerome, Sr.* & Katharine* Dunlevy Jeanne Morrow Dye* EAA Flight Academy Inc. EAPC Architects Engineers Dr. Michael & Donna Ebertz Ruth Sorlie Edick Estate Robert G. Edkins, M.D.* Tom & Jackie Edwards Eide Bailly LLP Eide Motors George & Barbara Eidsness Emerson Process Management & Rosemount, Inc. Dr. Nels J. Erickson* Lisa L. Eriksmoen* John F. Ermer*

Dr. Lloyd & Jacquelyn Everson Exxon Education Foundation Winnifred T. Falkanger Estate Fargo Jet Center LLC Farmers Union Insurance Perry & Diane Fast Dr. Robert* & Margaret Fawcett Dr. Cal & Dodie* Fercho Jim* & Louise* Fingarson Dr. Verrill* & Ruth Ann* Fischer Flint Group Don* & Myra* Flint Robert* & LaVerne* Florance Edward Fogarty, M.D. & Carolyn Fogarty Robert F. & Marian* Foley Jack & Karen Fontaine Dr. Elton & Patricia Fors Fortuna, LLC Forum Communications Company Grace Foss* Mark B. Foss* Frandsen Bank & Trust Capt. Jeffrey J. Frane Dr. Richard E.* & Mary Margaret* Frank Melanie A. Fransen Eula Fratarelli Estate Fredrikson & Byron Foundation Angela & Russell Freeman Ellen H. Freeman Estate Ira Frendberg Estate Friends, LLP Jim & Susan Fristad Dr. Laurence* & Adeline* Gaebe Charles* & Dorothy* Gainor Jeff & Melinda Gau Michael & Janel Gehb Wilbur Gehrke Family

Survivors Trust Bill & Marlys* Geiger Jeff & Cathy Gendreau Allison & Bud Gentle Ed & Pat Gerhardt Todd Gierke & Dr. Jan Bexell-Gierke Dr. Robert & Marilyn* Gilsdorf

“It gives us a sense of satisfaction to know that by ‘paying it forward’ we have hopefully had a positive impact on someone’s life.” BRAD, ’86, ’88, & GAYLE, ’88, AAFEDT Dr. Paul* & Marian* Gislason Dr. Duane & Roberta* Glasner Dr. C.J.* & Viola B.* Glaspel Florence Golde Estate James G. Golseth, M.D.* Donald & Joan Gorowsky Gowan Construction Milton & Sallie Gowan Grand Forks Family Medicine Residency Grand Forks Herald Gloria L. Gransberg Hazel M. Gransberg* Dr. John Gray & Karen Schmidt-Gray Greenberg Enterprises Gary & Char Griffeth Jamie S. Gronowski & Ann Kearney-Gronowski Clifford C. Grosz* Coleen Shaner Bacon Grosz* Clayton* & Evelyn* Grove

Dorothy C. Grovom* James F. & Connie L. Haakenson Tim & Joey Haas Dr. Lyle & Susan Hall Fleurette Halpern Estate Gary* & Helen Hanisch Warren* & Fran* Hanna James & MaryDale Hansen Wayne E. Hansen & Sara E. Crewe Hansen Happy Harry's Bottle Shop/Hal Gershman Ada McLellan Haraldson* in Memory of Adrian McLellan Bob & Louise Harris Dr. William L. Harwood Arnold* & Marjorie* Haugen Carl* & Zoila* Haugen Fern C. Haugen* in Honor & Memory of Clifford O. Haugen, M.D. Elsie* & Abraham* Haykel Barbara & Gregory* Heck Thomas & Joanne Heck Dr. Robert & Kay Hedger Dr. Robert* & Jane* Heen Kenneth S. Helenbolt, M.D.* Robert & Lois Helland Richard* & Lynn Hentges Dr. Norman & Charmaine Hepper Mary Elizabeth Hetherington* Richard & Margaret Hill Marten & Valerie (Wessman) Hoekstra Dr. Karen L. Hoelzer Vilcinskas Nancy K. Hoff John & Kaye Hoffert Wesley Hoffman Estate Len & Margaret Hoffmann

Julia I. Keegan* Maybelle Keller* Dr. Robert & Marcia Kelley Dr. Stephen & Sandra Kelly Harris* & Ardyth Kenner James* & Elizabeth* Kertz Roger* & Joan Kieffer Carolyn J. King Earl & Elinor Kitchen Estate Torval & Hilda Kittelson Estate John R. Klai, II Mary Lou J. Kojancik Estate Axel & Agnes Kongslie Estate Loren & Marby Kopseng Mick & Traci Kornkven Terry & Victoria Kovacevich KPMG Foundation Dr. Eugene* & Carole Kralicek Terry & Wendy Kremeier Ralph* & Eleanor* Krogfoss Edward D. Krogstad Audrey Windingland Krohn & Duane R. Krohn Margaret (Peggy Paupst) Kruta Estate Brent & Heather Kukla William & Marcella Kunkel Estate Dr. Robert & Charlene Kyle Fred* & Joyce* Laborde Kurt & Tami Lamp Michael & Linda* Langey Earl Larson Estate Edson* & Margaret* Larson Franklin G. & Jo Andrea* Larson Irene G. Larson Estate Paul* & Annie* Larson Jon & Sheena Larson Linda J. Laskowski

Sen. Judy & Duane* Lee Rick & Lori Lee Gunder* & Ruth* Legvold Leighton Broadcasting Margaret R. (Hjalmarson) & G. Thomas Lesher Dr. Ronald L. & Rebecca Lien Lithia Ford Lincoln Mercury of Grand Forks Don* & Jean* Loepp Ritchie A. Loerch Joshua & Sara Lord Walter* & Norma Lorshbough Dr. Frank N. Low* Jane Fercho Ludlow & Thomas W. Ludlow* Eric R. Lunn & Family Lutheran Brotherhood Col. Herbert* & Muzette N.* Lux Karen Lynner Estate

“I hope that my gifts help generate awareness of American and global violence and help to find the social, cultural and political means to combat it.” JOYCE, ..’69, & AQUEIL AHMAD John & Eunice MacFarlane John & DaVee MacMaster Philip* & Adelaide* MacMillan Norman & Floy Ann MacPhee Lois & Fred Madsen

Drs. Tom Magill & Sarah McCullough Dr. Jim* & Yvonne Mahoney Marathon Oil Corporation Kirk & Karla Marchell Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies Dave & Mary Maring F. John & Sharon Marshall Drs. W. Bradford* & Joanne Martin Dan & Mary Martinsen Marvin Windows Janet M. Marwin Estate Perry & Stacy Mattern Dean E. May Jessie K. Mayer Estate Bruce* & Charlotte* McArthur McCain Foods Limited Richard D. & Mildred McConn Mildred McDermott*/ T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation Jim* & JoAnn* McKay McKinnon Company, Inc. Ellen R.* & George D.* McKinnon Mary Ellen McKnight Mac* & Janet* McSparron MDU Resources Group, Inc. Dorthea Melroe Dr. Lois J. Merrill* Microsoft Microsoft Great Plains Business Software Jon & Carol Mielke Brian R. Milne Roger L. & Glenda Minerman Robert & Grayce Mitchell Mobil Foundation, Inc. Stanley* & Doris* Moe Drs. Thomas & Peggy Mohr

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Sherman E. Hoganson* Curtis E. Hogfoss P. Kimball & Beth Holmes Home of Economy W. Allan* & Claire Hopkins Dean & JoAnn Hornbacher Charles M. & Julie Horter Dr. L. Michael & M. Michela Howell Joanne C. Hubbard* in Memory of Don V. Hubbard K. David Hulteng Dr. Akey C. F. Hung in Memory of Amy Hui-Mei Chen Hung Donald L. & Sandy Hynek IBM Corp. icon HD, LLC Innova Industries Inc./ Dick & Lorna Young/ Jeff & Cyndi Young Island Harbor Beach Club, LLC Island Harbor Resort Management, Inc. Michael C. Jackman* Mark & Betsy Jackson Janet S. Jedlicka Johnson Airspray Dr. David C. Johnson* & Karen Erdman Johnson* David T. Johnson* Martin C. Johnson Rodger D. Johnson Russ* & Vivienne* Johnstone Jim & Joanne Kack Marvin L. Kaiser Eunice C. Kalloch Estate Dr. Dale C.* & LoAnn Kana Evans J. Karpenko* in Memory of Fran Karpenko Dr. C.J. Karzmark* Katun Corporation


T homas Clifford CIR CL E


K E V IN ,’ 72 , & K AT HIE K IE F E R

GIFTS TO GO THE EXTRA MILE Kevin Kiefer never got the chance to attend graduate school, but today he’s making it his mission to be sure other aspiring engineers do.

“My main advice to students would be to stay after undergrad and get their master’s degree. I wish that I could’ve pursued mine but there wasn’t enough money available at the time. That’s why I give back: for the one student who would’ve stayed around if he or she saw a little bit of money available. That’s where I want my legacy to go,” Kevin said. Kevin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1972 and landed a job immediately out of college


working in energy research and development. In 2007, he retired from a successful 31-year-long career with Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, shipboard containers and railway cars. He and his wife, Kathie, now live in Gardnerville, Nevada, and enjoy supporting future engineers. Kevin has steadfastly supported UND for the past 40 years, starting with his first $50 gift in 1981.

Recently, he and Kathie pledged $50,000 to the Kiefer Family Engineering Scholarship Endowment. They declared their intention to give another $50,000 through

a gift in their will, supporting students at the College of Engineering & Mines. “Giving back is important to me. I feel like it’s my duty to pay back what was given to me, and I really want to help students succeed,” Kevin said. They hope their gifts encourage students to go the extra mile by pursuing a graduate degree from UND. Kevin is a firm believer that continued education is a great step for launching a successful career in engineering. “We want our money to support students who want to earn a graduate degree but maybe wouldn’t have had the funds to do so if it wasn’t for our gift,” Kevin said. \\\

Dr. Robert & Joyce Oatfield Obermiller Nelson Engineering Lewis H. Oehlert Estate Ronald & Karen Offutt Tim & Becky O'Keefe Dr. Bernard* & Marcia* O'Kelly Dr. Richard A.* & Ann* Olafson Dorothy Krug Oliphant* Al & Barb Olson Drs. Thomas & Sandra Olson Opp Construction / Greg Opp Greg & Susan Opp Don & Janene Oppegard Otter Tail Corporation Otter Tail Corporation Foundation Otter Tail Power Company Alpha J. Ottis Estate Otto Bremer Foundation Varner & Diane* Paddack Sally J. Page* PCL/Community, A Joint Venture Bob & Jeanine Peabody Dr. Rene' & Barbara Pelletier Dr. John S. Penn Estate Dr. Donald & Blanche Person Richard J. & Eunice Peters Gary & Nancy Petersen Robert & Peggy Petersen Dr. Troy & Jacqueline Petersen Duane G. Philis* Karen Borlaug Phillips PIEPIE LLC Roger* & Elsie* Pitsenbarger Rev. Gerald L. Potter Estate

William* & Karmen* Purcell R. J. Zavoral & Sons, Inc. James* & Sandra* Rader Dr. Wally & JoAnne Radtke Raisbeck Foundation Dr. Harold & Diana Randall Drs. Jon & Laura Raymond Tamar C. Read Lucille Reilly Estate Keith & Stephanie Reimer Michael & Theresa Reinarts Donald* & Ruth* Reinoehl Steve* & Robbin Rendahl Residual Materials, Inc. Harold E. Resinger, M.D.*

“Being able to open the door for others was something that really interested us.” JOHN, ’75, & SUZANNE SHORE

Robert Wood Johnson, Jr. 1962 Charitable Trust Joan M. Roberts Estate Robert E. Roberts Estate Alberta* & Donald* Robertson David G. Rognlie* in Memory of Marjorie A. Rognlie Rodney J. Rohrich, M.D. Ron Shaide Family

Jesse Rosoff* in Memory of Sylvia (Wolpert) Rosoff Egbert P. Rotnem* Alvin L. Royse Ralph* & Carol* Rudrud Robert* & Betty* Rust Beverly & Dr. Casey Ryan Jerry* & Sanny* Ryan Cathy & Chuck Rydell Leonard* & Margaret* Rydell Arthur* & Mary* Saastad Gordon Salness, M.D.* William H. Saltzman Albert & Carol Samuelson Sanders 1907/Kim & Beth Holmes Mary Ellen Sandlie* Dr. Robert N. Sando Catherine Sandt Estate Sanford Clinic North Rep. Dr. Mark & Gloria Sanford Bertha & Anna Sather Estate William G. Saumur* Adeline Scheuneman* Cary H. Schilling Michael H. Schlax Estate Beverly Schlechter Don & Sylvia Schmid Robert Schoneberger* & Terri Breitzmann Marlys E. Schuh, M.D. Dr. Frank & Cynthia Schulte Dr. T.A. & Maureen Schultz Dr. William* & Florette Schwartz R. James & Ann Scoular SEI Investments Seifert's, A Division of Grafton Group Ltd. VeAnna & David Selid Dave & Karen Senger Dennis & Barbara Senneseth

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Molstad Excavating, Inc. Judge Jay & Judy Mondry Dr. Dale & Carol Moquist Dr. Walter H. Moran, Jr. J. Roger Morrison Dr. Richard & Sheri Moser MotionDSP, Inc. Kevin & Jeanne Moug Kurt H. & Martha Mueller Robert & Rebecca Muhs Bob Mullen Larry R. Mullins Douglas C. & Laura Munski Mark & Monica Musich John R. Muus* Nabors Drilling Technologies USA Inc. Dr. Linda & Rev. Marc Well Nagel National Society Daughters of the American Colonists Joe K. Neel, Jr.* Randy & Debbie Nehring Dr. Charles & Marlys Nelson Jane S. Nelson* Jim & Neel Nelson Marcia & Ken Nelson Arlys J. Netland Robert W. Neville* George N. & Marion* Newton William V. Nicklawsky* Michael J. Nicolai Robert B. & Peggy L. Niles Mary Beth Noble* Nodak Insurance Company Norman & Ann Hoffman Foundation North Dakota Bar Foundation, Inc. Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation



Serkland Law Firm Dean S. Shingler Estate Diane Shnider Dr. John W. & Suzanne B. Shore Dr. Mark Siegel* Dr. Louis* & Thelma* Silverman Sam S.* & Evelyn* Silverman Dr. Bruce A. & Ann Smith Larry A. Smith, M.D.* & Claudine Smith* Patrick & Tamara Sogard John R. Solberg A.M.* & Elizabeth* Souby Caryn & Louis Speizer Dr. Warren, Jr. & Dena Stanchfield State Bank of Lakota State Bar Association of North Dakota Alice Steinbach* & Albert L. Steinbach, M.D.* James L. Steinert* Joseph & Lynn Steininger S. Peter & Stacey Stenehjem Stephen & Gretchen Stenehjem Richard* & Belle* Stern John & Jodi Stewart Strata Corporation DeWayne* & Mona Streyle Earl & Jan Strinden Dr. Thomas & Rep. Michelle Strinden Lawrence L. Suda Gary & Leora Sukut Ray* & Edyth* Sullivan Thomas & Sabina Sullivan Ross L. Sundeen Allan* & Betty Swanson Ken* & Frances* Swenson Swingen Construction Co. Dan & Heidi Swingen Walt & Norma Swingen Sysmex America, Inc.

Helen O. Szepelak Estate Dr. George* & Rosalie* Talbert Jan N. Tangdelius* Tango Corporation Dr. Ralph* & Phyllis* Tarnasky

“We love UND and we just really appreciate the fact that the money that goes into the Foundation is focused back on educating students.” JODY, ’96, & ROBERT, ’84, TREUER M. Genevieve Taylor* Dr. Christina TelloSkjerseth & Brent Skjerseth The Kresge Foundation The Morrison Family Foundation Inc. The Summit League The UND Athletics Booster Club Adolph Thorson Estate Greg & Cindy Thrall Tom & Carolyn Hamilton Family Foundation The Tom & Frances Leach Foundation Jerry & Marie Topp Leo* & Margaret* Toussaint Dr. Mack* & Rita Traynor Dr. Jody & Robert Treuer Betty J. Undeberg Tritten* Constance Tuntland* in Memory of Mervin Tuntland Raymond E. Tyvand, M.D. Estate U S Bancorp Adolph Ulland*

Dr. George W. Ulseth* UND Center for Innovation Foundation Lloyd C. Underdahl Estate United Community Bank of ND United Valley Bank Unlimited Partnership Vaaler Insurance, Inc. Vaaler Insurance/ Dave* & Nan Vaaler Jerry & Carolyn* Van Eeckhout Chester* & Betty* Van Raden Dr. Michael & Peggy Vandall Justice Gerald W. VandeWalle Ronald & Carol Vantine Col. George F. Vaughan* Dr. John* & Mary Ellen* Vaughan Harold Vavra* Charles & Leeza Vein Evelyn M. Veitch* Dr. John* & Agnes* Vennes Elaine E. Vig Caldis* Dewel, Jr.* & Geraldine Viker Gerald Voegele & Laura Eider Vogel Law Firm Wadhwani Family Wakefield Flight Services Dr. Lilly J. Walker-Kittsley Jonathan & Amy Warrey Judge Rodney S.* & Betty Webb Phyllis Webb in Memory of Everette L. Webb Dr. Lyle* & Edith* Webster Roy A. Wehe* Nita Weinrebe Estate Wells Concrete Dr. Frank & Rosemary Welsh Dwight & Peggy Wendschlag Jim & Janey Wendschlag

Frank* & Esther* Wenstrom Dr. Philip W.* & Foymae* West J.M.A.* & Irene* Westermoe Western Products, Inc. Richard* & Margaret* Westley Lisa J. Wheeler Louis Whelan* Whiting Petroleum Corporation John* & Marilyn Whitney Gertrude Galbraith Wiegman Estate Harrison* & Dorothy* Wilder Thelma E. Willett Estate John & Megan Williams Denise Wior & Bruce Glesby Dr. Keith* & Elaine Wold/ Bay Branch Foundation Sidney R. Wold, M.D.* Thomas C. Wold Gary* & Pat Woodford Boyd Wright & Lillian Elsinga Harold B. Wright* Drs. Joshua Wynne & Susan Farkas Zahradka Land & Timber Company Joseph & Roberta Zahradka Dr. Sandra Zahradka & Mr. William T. Mann in Memory of Buck Zahradka, M.D. Ronald O. Zink














Fountain Hills, AZ Hosted by Tom & Konnie Middleton

Naples, FL Hosted by Dale & Barbara Morrison

Tucson, AZ Hosted by Paul & Lynn Korus

Marco Island, FL Hosted by Mike & Linda Appert

Gorecki Alumni Center Keynote: Missy Heilman, ’01, BIO Girls

Alerus Center

To get updates and register, scan the code or visit UNDalumni.org/events.



President 's $10,000 - $99,999

UND has benefited from 13 presidents and four acting presidents in its 138 years. During their terms, each has made their mark sustaining and elevating UND through drought, floods, economic downturns, wars and pandemics. They have come from across the nation to lead. Graduates from prominent institutions like Yale and MIT to our very own University of North Dakota, each has been tasked to uphold the principles that UND was founded upon. Ministers, military veterans and leaders, educators and authors, businessmen and politicians – their backgrounds vary but a common thread of commitment to UND runs through. Because of them, UND is the public flagship research institution that stands today. The faces, the voices, and the heart behind the University, these presidents have established athletic programs, academic success, and student life on campus as we know it.


They have taken actions that have turned the eyes of the region, nation, and world to Grand Forks. Their decisions have been made keeping in mind those on campus, those who once were, and those who will be. The President’s Circle gets its name from the commitment that donors make to support UND’s vision, which is shaped and guided by the sitting president. We feel pride and love with each new name added to this Circle. To you, we raise our grateful song. \\\

Robert & Peggy Alderson Alerus Center Dr. Jon W. & Rose M. Allen Joseph C. Allen Estate Sarah Allen* in Memory of Dr. Robert Allen Ahmed Alomari Andy* & Fern Alpha Corinne* & Robert* Alphson Pat & Bev Altringer Nora A. Amann G.F. Chapter of the American Association of University Women American Board of Trial Advocates American Crystal Sugar Co., Moorhead American Express Foundation American Federal Bank American Federal Savings Bank American Federation for Aging Research American Lung Association of N.D. American Medical Association Dr. Edward J. & Kathleen Hagen Endowment established by American State Bank & Trust Co. of Williston American Tire Service AmericInn Motel & Suites Loyd* & Verna* Amick Mary & Bruce Amundson Doug Amundson Lloyd Amundson Philip & Michelle Amundson Dr. Roger & Kim Amundson Bonnie MacMaster Andersen Phyllis & Rod Anderson Anderson & Bottrell Law Firm Anderson Steel Erection Services Alma J. Anderson*

A. Mavourneen Anderson Estate Bernt* & Clara* Anderson Brent & Laura Anderson Carol I. Anderson* Chad E Anderson Clifford* & Alphild* Anderson Damon E. Anderson Eric & Sheri Anderson Gary* & Olga Anderson Gary & Marcia* Anderson Dr. Gordon & Darlene Anderson J. A. Anderson Jr., DDS, PC Janell Schmidt Anderson & Mark Anderson J. Thomas & Jeanette H. Anderson J.K. "Andy" & Patricia Anderson Keith D. Anderson Kirk & Janelle Anderson Leonard & Kay Anderson LeRoy A. Anderson* Magnus* & Evelyn* Anderson Marvin D. Anderson* Michael & Dianna Anderson Owen & Kathie Anderson Paula Register Anderson Robert A. & Elaine Anderson Ronald & Kelly Anderson Sidney* & Mary Anderson Thomas P. Anderson, M.D.* William & Shirley Anderson Mark, Sr.* & Mary* Andrews Rudy Andrews, Jr.* Levi & Bethany Andrist H. Gary & Gloria* Annear Andrew Anseth Dr. Lloyd & Mrs. Kelly Anseth Jerry, Irene & Deborah Anstett in Memory of Terrance F. Anstett Dr. James & Mary Antes

David R. Antonenko, M.D. Pete & Mary Antonson Fred & Farzaneh Anvary Dori & Todd Anvinson Anytime Plumbing & Drain Cleaning/Kevin & Sheila Bosh Dr. Ronald A. & Dorine* Apanian Apollo Electric, Inc. Aqua Pure Water Solutions/Mike Nolan Estelle Archdeacon* ARCO Foundation Wesley A. Argue Dr. Andrew & Kathy Armacost Daniel Armbrust Donald & Mary* Armstrong Rep. Kelly & Kjersti Armstrong Paul & Debra Arnason Barbara J. Arneson Arthur Andersen LLP Ross T. Arthur John & Phyllis Artz Dave Arvidson Kathy & Fred Ashe Ashford Memorial Fund/ The Calgary Foundation Ashland Oil, Inc. T. B. Asmundson* Ken L. & Pamela Astrup Christopher L. Athas Alicia & Corey Atkins Larry Atkins Atlas International Foods & Equipment Company Maury A. Audet Donald J. Augustin Everett L. Ault Walt* & Connie Auran Auto Finance Super Center Auto Glass & Aftermarket Aventis Pharmaceuticals Aviation Education Foundation Aviation Industry CBT Committee AVS Rec Club M. Elaine Ayers

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


7 Medical Systems A D M Foundation A Touch of Magic, Dennis Narlock Robert* & Bernita* Aaker Mary O. Aaland, M.D. Jim & Carol Aamodt Joe Aas & Nancy Morris Keith & Barbara Aasen Don & Polly Aaser Accenture Foundation, Inc. Accesslex Institute Donald B. Achttien* Jason Ackerman Ackre-Lord Partners ACP North Dakota Chapter Ad Monkeys Dr. Darla & Steven Adams Earl F. Adams* Naomi E. Adams Estate Ron & Kathleen Adams Aetna Foundation, Inc. Affinity Builders Agassiz Chemical & Equipment, Inc., Fargo, ND Aggregate Industries North Central Region, Inc. AgVenture/Don & Diane Blue Ag-West Bio, Inc. Jesse & Megan Ahlers Air Line Pilots Association International Air Tahiti Nui Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Airport Association of North Dakota AirTouch Communications Foundation Kenneth W. & Dr. Carole J. Aitchison Alan & Susan Collette Eric & Joann Albrecht Dr. Thomas* & Bernice* Alderson Janie A. Alderson











William & M. Collene Bares James D. Barger, M.D.* Thomas* & Kitty* Barger Larry & Maureen Barker Lisa S. Barnes D. Lee Barnum* Dean & Susan Barsness



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“It is gratifying to be able to support UND and a number of students. The ideal goal would be that students would in turn one day be able to support others and pay it forward to the next generation.” BARBARA & GEORGE EIDSNESS, ’73 John & Carol Bowman Dr. Robert & Dawn Boyd Arne & Mary Boyum Kelley & Pat Boyum Dr. Lowell* & Muriel Boyum Dr. Jon & Paula Bradbury Bradford M. Freeman Foundation

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Teachers benefit from a unique program that offers them financial assistance – and so much more – to attain a master’s degree.

MRS. JAMES’ second-graders

at Badlands Elementary School in Watford City, North Dakota, are surprised to hear that she is a student just like them. They have learned this because a reporter from the UND Alumni Magazine is snapping photos during class on a Friday morning in December. “You’re a student?” asks one curious second grader. “Does your husband know?” asks another. Lindsey James explains that she’s studying to get her master’s degree from the University of North Dakota. Just like them, she has homework and gets graded on her mastery of the subject matter.

BURGUM SCHOLARS James is not the only teacher in her western North Dakota school district currently pursuing a UND master’s degree via online learning. Fifteen teachers here take part in the UND College of Education & Human Development’s new Partnership for Rural Education in North Dakota program.

Through a generous $250,000 grant from the Burgum Foundation, program participants receive 50% tuition assistance. Watford City was chosen for the pilot program, which aims to create a cohort of teachers in the same district working collaboratively toward advanced degrees.

factor. Having a cohort of fellow teachers has been a bonus as they collaborate on research that can make their district better.

The Burgum Foundation was established in 2015 by Rick, ’68, and Jody (Stibbe) Burgum, ’74, to continue their lifelong commitment to philanthropy.


“I would just pour out my heart to them,” said James when asked what she would say in the way of thanks to Rick and Jody. “I never thought this would be me in a million years. I always thought, ‘bachelor’s degree and I’m done.’ A master’s degree would never be attainable financially, so I’m very, very grateful.” High School Social Studies Teacher Logan Suter and his wife, Cassie Suter, an elementary Literacy Coach, are both Burgum Scholars in the district. He says it was a “no brainer” to apply to the program with the financial assistance being a major

“It’s nice that there are 15 of us going through it at the same time,” said Suter. “We have conversations outside of the normal collaboration you would have.” Burgum Foundation Executive Director Katie (Burgum) Itterman, ’03, says the program’s focus on rural educators was appealing. “We were interested in a program that would give rural teachers equal access and opportunity to master’s-level programming in their own school districts,” she said. “We wanted them to have an opportunity to learn from phenomenal professors while continuing to teach in their schools and learn from their peers as part of a cohort. For us, this model is key because they are learning not just independently, but as part of a cohort that, in the end, makes their school district so much stronger.”



Calina Krogen, who helps administer the program, agrees. She says the program has been influential in student achievement. “Effective schools are the backbone of the community,” said Krogen. “With the cohort model, these teachers are able to do research projects that can have an immediate impact on our district.” Dr. Jared Schlenker, ’09, helps run the program from the UND campus. He says some of the research conducted in Watford City during the spring of 2021 was understandably focused on remote learning, given that most of the data used would have come from fall 2020. “That’s beneficial information,” said Schlenker. “Google


Classroom was one of the projects that several teachers collaborated on. Has that been beneficial to student learning? Now that most classes are again face-to-face, that’s still vital information on how Google Classroom can be utilized to benefit students.”

“These [undergraduate] students may not know that Watford City exists out here in the western part of the state,” said Krogen. “So, bringing them as part of the Burgum program allows them to see what we do and cultivate them as potential student-teachers or teachers down the road.”

Another goal of the program was to bring UND faculty to Watford City for in-person teaching. Although the pandemic has limited those interactions, professors have made the trip several times, twice bringing undergraduate students to tour the district.

“What UND brings to the table is our expertise in online learning,” said Schlenker. “What I really think makes us unique is the enthusiasm that I’m not only seeing from the students, but our instructors as well. To have that buy-in from professors at UND is really key to the success of the program.”

Administrator Krogen says the connections made between Watford City and UND through this program have been invaluable.

This year’s Burgum Scholars are: back row (l to r): Logan Suter, Sara Boom, Rachelle LaGree, Jacob Lawler, Cassandra Longbrake; middle: Delanie Hill, Cassie Suter, Kallie Knutson, Kasie Gotschall, Lindsey James, Nicole Brew, ’07; front: Pam Moen, ’92, Rebecca Jordan, Olivia Dwyer, and Clarissa Hooper.

BUCKET LIST Pam Moen, ’92, has been an educator for 29 years. Thanks to the Partnership for Rural Education in North Dakota program, she is checking off an item on her bucket list. “We are very fortunate to have this program,” said Moen. “I’m closer to the end of my career than the beginning, but this program has been a catalyst for me to continue with my education. I’m very appreciative.”

Moen hopes to be able to come to the UND campus for Commencement. It’s important to her to show her grandchildren what can be accomplished when you put your mind to something. “I’ve told our younger teachers that they should walk across the stage, too,” said Moen. “They have young kids that should really see them do this.” \\\


To follow along with some of Watford City’s Burgum Scholars, scan with your phone’s camera app.



Allan & Jennifer Erickson Armond* & Nancy* Erickson Elaine D. Erickson* Gordon M. Erickson* Rev. Dr. Doug* & Joan* Erickson Dr. J. Mark Erickson Kevin & Brenda Erickson Mark & Elaine Erickson Robert A. Erickson TH





09 TE



Mylo R. Einarson Patricia A. Eisele in Memory of Sydney Westman Clyde & Sheryl Eisenbeis Bill & Marietta Ekberg Randy & Janelle* Eken Richard & Janell Eklof Rusty Ekness E. Bartlett Ekren* Louann & Winston* Ekren Richard A. Ekstrom El Roco Night Club & Bottle Shop/ Pat & Paul Endres Dr. Dennis & Dora Lea Elbert William C. Elder, M.D. Charlotte* & Wallace* Elefson Ron Elgin & Linda Shaw-Elgin Ellendale Flying Club Bruce & Bernadette Ellingson Joe "Buzz"* & Bev* Elliott Elmer* & Ruth* Ellis Dr. Robert & Grace Ellis Richard A. Ellison Leslie R. Elm Frank & Teresa Elshaug Emerson Process Management, Saint Louis Enbridge Energy Partners Colleen & W. Roger Endersbe Marc & Ann Engelbrektson David & Jill Engelstad Ted & Claudia Engelstad Robert & Vicky Engen Thomas R.* & Beverly Engen Cliff* & Angeline* Enger Mike & Debra Enlow Enserch Exploration, Inc-EEX Enterprise Holdings Foundation Envoy Airlines Epcon Partners



Earl J Dunnigan, M.D., FACP* Dr. Ralph & Bernadette Dunnigan Estate Aaron & Jessica Dunphy Lloyd F. Durand Joel & Deb Duray Paul A. Durbin Dusek Law David D. Dusek Terrie A. Birkholz Dusek Scott V. Dusterhoft Terry & Anne Dymowski E. F. Johnson Foundation E. I. DuPont deNemours & Company EAA Chapter 25 Eagle Drug Company/ Dick Maves Eagles Club #350, East Grand Forks Kathy (Fritsch) & Gordon Eagon Dick* & Pat* Earp Douglas M. East Dr. Manuchair Ebadi* Gary A. & Kate Ebel Richard & Kathy Ebel David P. Eberly Parker M. Eberwein, M.D. Lynne Stenehjem Ebner G. Stephen Eccles* Ecolab, Inc., Grand Forks Ecolab, Inc. Isla* & Helge* Ederstrom Edgewood Management Group, LLC Louise Edwards* Dr. Robert* & Virginia Eelkema Kayla Effetz Kleven & Craig Kleven Theodore Effos* Mark & Carol Egeland EGLJ LLC Robert W. Ego* Darcy & Mary Ehmann in Memory of Laura Marie Ehmann Dr. Carol Eidsvoog & David Spencer Darcie M. Einarson






Bob Erickson & Claire Fallon Tod* & Sara Erickson Jerry & Cherylyn Ericson Dr. John* & Betty* Ericson Ken* & Jan Erie Ernst & Young Foundation Julia L. Ernst Paul W. Ernst Gregory M. Erovick Duaine & Phyllis Espegard Todd Espelien Gary & Marcia Euren Gary & Linda Evans Julie A. Evans Forest & Jean Fee Evashevski Debbie Evenson David* & Janine Evenson Dr. Greg & Linda Everson Kelly & Marcy Everson Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation Exxon Mobil ExxonMobil Foundation Dr. Jon* & Barbara Eylands Mark & Linda Fagerholt Donald S. Fair

Clarke & Andrea Fairbrother Richard Faletti* in Memory of Barbara Shaft Faletti Fritz O. Falgren* Tyler R. Falk Falkirk Mining Co. John* & Evelyn* Fallon Robert & Carlene Falos Robert E. Falstad Terry & Charleen Farder Fargo Glass & Paint Company Arnold & Barbara Farmer Farmers & Merchants State Bank Langdon Farmers Elevator Company of Alvarado Donna* & Joe Farrell Stephen* & JoAnn Goetz Farrington Farstad Oil, Inc. Dr. James R. & Clarisse Fasbender Dr. Gregory & Wanda Faul Wade D. Faul Noel & Judith Fedje In Memory of Charles Fee by Jean Evashevski & Carlen Goehring Dr. Donald & Barbara* Feist Bernie & Sue Feland Dr. Colin & LoriAnne Fennell David Fennell Fercho Cataract & Eye Clinic/Ron Flaig Joe & Stacy Ferguson Kris & Julie Ferguson Dr. Clayton* & Dorothy* Ferry Ronald R. Fett* Ralph & Bonnie Fetter Dick* & Dolores* Fiala Terry L. Fichtner Kevin M. Fickenscher, M.D. Justus J. Fiechtner, M.D. & Karlene J. Gehler Dr. Marcus & Margaret Fiechtner Scott Field

Forks Equipment, Inc. Dr. Gary G. Forrest Laurel J. Forsberg Robert* & Orpha* Forsythe Mike L. Forthun Foss Associates Odell* & Eleanor Foss Mark D. Foss Carol & Douglas Fosse Bret & Elizabeth Fossum Dennis H. Fossum Guilford* & Peggy* Fossum Eleanor Stratte Foster* Gladyce E. Foster Estate Dr. James D. Foster

“I have always been impressed with the quality of individuals from UND that succeed not only academically but athletically. It is gratifying to receive letters from student-athletes thanking us for our support.” MICHAEL ANDERSON, ’96 Jim & Beverly Foster Judy & Richard Foster Jerome & Barbara Fox Fran* & Mary Lou Fox Jason & Tamera Frankl William* & Virginia* Franta Henry & Julie Frantzen Lorraine Sharp Franz Frasca International, Inc. Eugene C. Frazer Scott L. Fredericksen Gary Shooter Frederickson

Fredrik* & Helen* Reis Fredlund Dale & Tammy Fredrickson Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Lance T. Freier Lori (Fritsch) & Tim Freilinger Wayne & Theresa Fricke Jonathan & Alison Friese Mark & Roxanne Friese Dr. James* & Julie Frisk Fritel Brothers Robert & Diane Fritel Joe & Roxanne* Fritsch Dr. Erik K. Fritzell Froehlich-PaulsonMoore, Inc. Brian & Denise Fruhwirth Donald Frye Marianne* & Gustav* Frye Dr. Eugene & Martha Fuchs Randy Fugleberg Daniel & Tami Funk Dr. Leola Dyrud Furman in Memory of Dr. Philip Furman Robert, Jr. & Ann Furst Garnet & Kaye Furstenau G H C Potatoes Vincent T. Gabby* Donald C. Gackle* George & Carol* Gackle Beverly & Del Gage Dr. Theodore & Barbara* Galambos Kevin & Sheri Galbreath Bob & Marian Gallager Gallery Apartments Dr. Duane G.* & Janice* Gallo Galstad, Jensen & McCann, P.A. Randall & Cathy Galstad Bruce & Cherry Gannarelli Jeffrey A. Gapp Luis A. Garcia, M.D. Gary Gardner & Mary Jo Crystal Dr. Jeremy & Sadie Gardner

Sara Garland & Kim Uhl Kathleen & John Gasparini Gate City Bank, Grand Forks Gateway Amoco Gateway Storage LLP/ Don W. Lee & Connie Lee Bradley L. & Joni Gaudry Paul & Beth Gaukler Gerald R. Gaul, M.D. Laura Mae Gay* Dr. David & Karen Gayton Joshua J. Gebur, M.D. Dr. Jeffrey & Laurie Geddes Reed A. Gehrke Glenn* & Mary* Geiger General Electric Corporation General Mills Foundation General Motors Shane R. Gensrich Virginia J. P. George Estate George's Quick Printing Dr. Cassie Gerhardt & Brad Parrish Greg Gerloff & Michele Sorenson Gerloff Alexandra & Dr. Paul German Gerrells Sports Center Randy & Joyce Gershman Capt. Richard* & Lorraine* Gerszewski Wayne & Dr. Tammy Gerszewski Frank & Helen Gessell Stonewall* & Margaret Gessner Dr. Robert & Virginia Geston GF Goodribs G.F. Marble & Tile, Inc./ Scott Slominski & Marcia Hjelmen GFG/US Foodservice Clair Ghylin* Leanna Gibbens Estate Mike Gibbens Jennifer & Chad Gibbs

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Marjorie M. Findlay Fine Print of Grand Forks, Inc. Dennis & Muriel Finken Kay M. Finneseth Firebird Fiberglass Products, Inc. Fireman's Fund Ins. Co. Foundation Fireside Office Solutions First District Medical Society First National Bank of Bottineau First State Bank Buxton, Grand Forks, Thompson First United Insurance Dr. C. Peter & Beverly Fischer Dr. Robert* & Margaret Fischer Mary K. Fischer James L. Fish* Fisher Motors, Inc./ First International Bank & Trust Donna L. Fisher Jill A. Fisher Dr. Lee & Mavis Fisher Timothy & Susan Fisher Don & Sue Fisk R. Jon Fitzner John & Holly Flaagan Mark S. Flaagan Robert Flaherty Chad & Emily Flanagan Flanders Oil Steve & Tiffany Flaten Carl E. Flem* Neil* & Charlotte Fleming Jerry & Kay Flom Harold & Alida Flom Richard A. Flom, M.D. Florian Properties, LLC FMC Foundation Mike Foley Farms Folson Farms Kregg & Patricia Foltz Mike* & Patti Fonder Robert & Laurie Fontaine Ford Motor Company Christopher B. Ford Kevin Forest



M. James Gibbs* Mary Gibson Estate Richard & Nancy Giddings The Honorable H. F. "Sparky" Gierke, III* Lloyd* & Marian* Giessel Phyllis Dolyniuk Gifford Nels* & Carol* Gilberg Pete & Wendy Gilbert Joel & Jan Gilbertson Scott* & Lynn Gilbraith Kenneth L. Gilchrist* Dr. Kevin & Ann Gilchrist Michael & Donna Gillen Dr. Diane & Stephen Gilles Dr. Chuck & Marge Gillespie Dr. Paul & Lois Gillespie Vincent* & Leona* Gilloley Bob* & Margaret* Gilmour Drs. James & Janet Gilsdorf Gilbert W. Gimbel* David M. Gipp* G. John Gislason, M.D.* Dr. James & LuAnne Gjerset Bruce Q. Gjovig GKT Farms Elfrida B. Glas* Eliot Glassheim* & Dyan Rey Paula J. Glasow GLD Farms Mary & Matthew Glessner Dr. Morley D. Glicken Tom & Wendy Goddard Dr. Ernest N. Godfread Paul E. & Kathy Godlewski Duane & Patty Goetz Randy E. Goetz Dr. John* & Georgia* Goff Vincent Goldade John, Danielle & Tyler Golden Golf Center Dr. Susan Swanke Goltz

Walter H.* & Rosemary Brundin Gomer Grant W. Gongoll Glen Gonsorowski Tim & Cathy Goodman Tyler Goodman, Jr. Ray & Pamela Goodson Dr. Daniel* & Shirley Goodwin Drs. David & Monica Goodwin Steven & Marie Goodwin David & Jane* Gordon

“We hope our donations have made an impact on the lives of UND studentathletes and their time spent at UND. We are very thankful we can give back and will continue to do so!” JO & KEITH STREYLE Shirley & Sylvester* Gores Brent & Devin Goska Family Terry L. Goulet Dr. Bonni F. Gourneau Gowan Properties LLC J. Frances Graalum Kelly G. Graber, DeLana L. McLean, Kris M. Hatten Estelle Graham* in Memory of Dr. John Graham Dr. John & Mary* Graham Arlene H. Gran* Granatus Consulting, Inc. Grand Forks Abstract & Title Company

Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce Grand Forks Fire Equipment Co./ Dick Stallmo Grand Forks Lions Club Greater Grand Forks Sertoma Club Grand Forks Subaru KIA Grand Forks Tent & Awning Donald* & Irene* Grangaard Janice M. Granum Dennis Gravdahl Kevin Zane Gray Richard W. Gray* Great Plains Financial/ Vetta & Ryle Syverson Great Plains Land Services, Inc. Great Plains Recreation Club, Inc. Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau Greater Grand Forks Symphony Dr. Gregory & Colette Greek Green Masonry Contractors, LLC Green Mill Douglas J. Green (’74, ’86) & Esther K. Hjalmarson Green (’74) Greenberg Realty Matt Greene Rod Greene & Kirk Motl Becky & Ken Greer Kristine A. Grefsheim Gregoire Insurance Agency, Inc. Arnie & Jane Gregory Dave & Sandy Gregory Michael B. Gregory Sandi Gress & John Decker Drs. Douglas & Shirley Greves James B. Griebel George E. Griffeth Christopher Griffin & Haley Wamstad

Leonard Griffin* in Memory of Blanche Griffin Wally & Lynette Griffin Kathryn Griffith* Donald & Debora Grinde Paul & Kay Grinnell Alice Geneva Loe Groll* Dan D. Grossman Dr. Robert & Patricia Grossman Bonny & Gary Grosz Charles W. Groth Ground Round Grill & Bar John & Vicki Grove H. Leonard* & LaVerne* Gryte Anton & Vicky Gudajtes Jay Gudajtes James H. Guinn Estate Lon & Tammy Gulberg Gulf Oil Company Dr. Frances F. Gulick Lillian Gullekson Gordon* & Beverly* Gulmon Gretchen Gulmon Donald* & Joyce Gulseth Kitty M. Gumble Greg & Michele Gunderson Dr. Robert* & Rosanne* Gunderson Lt. Col. Ben Gustafson RET* Glen & Marilyn* Gustafson Ben* & Ruth* Gustafson John* & Carol Gutenkunst Bill & Marilyn Guy Joe & Joyann Guzek H. E. Everson Company, Grand Forks Stanley* & Gloria* Haas Thomas W. Haas Dale & Sue Hadland Jean K. Hafer* Duane & Sue Hafner Paul C.* & Lee* Hagen Terry* & Judy Hager Jack* & Marilyn Hagerty

Dr. Richard & Mary Jean Hartl Terence A. Hartsfield Michael & Cleo Hartung M. Brian Hartz, M.D. Gertrude E. Haskin* in Memory of Clinton A. Haskin James P. Haskins Dawn R. Hastings Donna Hastings & Dr. Jonathan Geiger Ruth Eastman Hastings* Trevor J. Hastings Hatton Granite Company Hatton Processing & Exporting Company Randy & Laurie Hatzenbuhler Dr. Harold W. Haugan* Bernard & Jean Haugen Estate Brenda Haugen Ross & Jana Haugen Virgil F. Haugen* Kevin & Debbie Haugstad Dr. Alan Hauser & Anne Suh Robert* & Colleen Hauser Henry* & Lilah* Havig FO








9 -1 KM C V E Y 19 0 9

Paul R. & Janet Havig William G. Hawkins Lawrence D. Hazzard* Margaret A. Healy Jeff & Peggy Heath Diane M. Hedler Warren* & JoAnne* Hedlin Allen & Ardella Hefta Mark J. Hefta Ross S. Hefta* Ronald* & Darlyne Hegg

Suzanne & Bradley Hegvick Jan E. Heidinger Alex & Valerie Heigaard Don* & Elaine* Heinitz Allan & Diana Heinle Joseph & Marlys Heintz William J. & Nina Heiser in Memory of Joseph T. Heiser Dr. Al & Nancy* Heising Georgia & Dieter Heitmann Dan & Rose (Ulven) Heldt Bradley & Laura Helferich Arral J.* & Donna Helgerson M. Bruce & Judith Helgerud Brian D. Helland Jennifer & Casey Heller Gregory & Janet Helma Carlton* & Florence* Helming John B. & Nanci Trutna Henderson Drs. Amy Henley & David Cason Dr. John R.* & Nancy Henneford Tim & Tamara Hennessy Anita M. Henry Dr. Gordon & Patricia Henry Timothy D. Henry, M.D. Robert Hensle Donald D. Hensrud, M.D. Dr. Cliff A.* & Christine Herman Thomas R. Herman, Sr. Frank J. Dooley & Pamela J. Hermes Jared Herndon Deanna & Pat Herold Heath & Lisa Hertel Glenn & Karla Herz J. Paul Herzig* Robert & Haroldeen Heskin Drs. Carla Hess* & Richard Landry Robert & Phyllis Hess

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Dr. Erica & Daniel Hanson Edwin W. Hanson* Dr. E. Jerome, Jr.* & Mary Anne Hanson Janice Barden Hanson Dr. John V. Hanson Dr. Thomas L. Hanson & Karen Juhala Hanson Lauri & Curt Hanson Lloyd & Carrol Hanson Dr. Harris* & Mary Hanson Randall & Carma Hanson Richard D. & Laura Hanson Robert S. Hanson Roy A. Hanson* Steve J. Hanson Hanson-Maves Company (Bekins) Hanson's Auto & Implement, Grafton Robin T. Hape, M.D. Drs. Richard & Diane Harder Leonard* & Geraldine* Hardland John "Jack" W. Hardy, M.D.* Patrick & Laurie Hardy Dr. Donald* & Darlyne* Hariman Shelby & Steve Harken Randy J. Harles Harley J. Camperud, Auctioneer & Clerk Edward* & Barbara* Harloff Tanya L. Harlow, M.D. Phil & Bonnie Harmeson Jerry & Terri Harmon Karla & Peter Harmon Dr. J. Raymond & Jean Harrie Lynn R. Harrie William P. Harrie Brent L. Harris David & Jennifer Harrison Dr. Les & Marilyn Harrison Marilyn A.* & Donn R.* Hartford


Dr. Jonathan L. Hagmaier Maurice* & Betty Hahn Doug & Madonna Hajicek David & Erinn Hakstol Hal & Kathy Gershman Family Foundation Dorothy C. Halcrow* Haldeman-Homme, Inc. Jerry* & Norma Haley/ Jay & Deb Haley Dr. Cara Halgren & Robert Axtman David & Judy Halgren Richard & Helen McLean Hall Estate Mark & Julie Hall Ed* & Ellen* Hallenberg Gabe & Kayce Halley Etta Halpern* Tom & Yvonne Halstenson Gerald A. Haman Steven K. & Donna Hamar Dr. Gerald* & Agnes* Hamerlik Mike & Beth Hamerlik Thomas L. Hamlin George* & Alma* Hammond Laurie B. Hamre Barb Hangsleben* Dr. Robert* & Florita* Hankins Wally* & Winnie* Hankla James* & Yvonne* Hanley Hanna, Brophy, MacLean, McAleer & Jensen Jewell L. Hanna* Hannaher's, Inc Hansen Ford Lincoln Mercury Chad J. Hansen, M.D. Gregory & Elizabeth Hansen Steve & Bobbi Hansen Bernold "Bruno"* & Marilyn* Hanson Corey N. Hanson Dane & Wendy Hanson



Kevin A. Hessinger Dustin & Bethany Hetletved Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation Heyd Cement & Fence Construction Dr. Richard & Judy Hicks Jay & Pamela Hilbert Michael V. Hilgers Dennis A. Hill Eldon J. & Doris Hill Ellen I. Hill Estate James & Charlotte Hill Vern L.* & Eunice O.* Hill Todd J. Hillier Kurt & Diane Hillman Arthur & Margaret Hillman Robert & Karin Hillstrom Hilton Garden Inn Grand Forks/UND John P. Himebaugh Evelyn S. Himes* Carol & John Hinz Estate Hobbs, Straus, Dean & Walker, LLP Mark A. Hobson Kyel & Kimberly Hodenfield Diane F. Hodges in Memory of Dennis W. Hodges R. Joseph & Trisha Hoefs and Family Dianne & Wayne Hoeschen John B. Hoesley, M.D.* William A. & Betty Hofer Agatha D. Hoff* Al* & Mary Jo* Hoffarth Janice & Frank* Hoffarth H. Dennis & Susan Hoffelt Nancy R. Hoffelt Ben G. Hoffman Darrell L. Hoffman in Memory of Xavier W. Hoffman Edward J. ’68 & Carol R. Hoffman John J. Hogan* Thomas J. Hoganson* Martha M. Hoghaug

Glasoe Estate Greg A. & Sheri Hoistad Peter J. & Melanie Hoistad Stanley O.* & Dorothy* Hoistad Holaday Family Trust Dr. Roy W. & Gail Holand Ivan C. Holbrook Estate Dr. Linda & Jim* Holdman Ben & Barb Holien Holland Company F. D., Jr. & Margine* Holland Paul & Jane Holland Grace Hollett* Mark & Kathryn Holm Maureen & Brent Holman Ann Holmes Kenneth Holmes Estate Robert A. Holmes, M.D.* David & Teresa Holt Bill M. & Janie Holtan Judge Alfred O. Holte* Dr. John R.* & Karel Johnson Holten Emily & Jonathan Holth Rod & Janelle Holth/ Paul Suda Farms Mike & Debra Holweger Janis & Jim Hom David A. Homstad Leslie* & LaNell Honeyman Honeywell Foundation Allison & Curtis Hong Christopher & Melissa Hong Katy M. Hook Jeff & Lisa Hoplin Bev & Glenn Hopman Paula I. Horab Dr. Jerry* & Martha Hordinsky in Memory of Bohdan Z. Hordinsky, M.D. Jim & Karen Horge Hormel Foods Charitable Trust Shawn & Julie Horn Drs. Richard N. & Donna G. Horne

Dr. Robert & Deanne Horne Greg & Becky Horner Kenneth J. Horner, Jr. Sally L. & Robert Horner Dr. Charles C. Hosford Ralph W. & Ruth Houkom Dr. Catherine Houle & Todd Shirek Kevin L. Houser John R. & Deborah Hovel Carl M. Hoverson James & Ellarene Hoverson Ronald A. & Gayle H. Hoverson Dr. Charlotte & Duane Hovet John D. & Karen Hovey E. Keith Hovland Jesse J. Howard Joanne & Robert* Howard Michael A. Howard Tarek & Tammy Howard William & Dr. Heather Howard Jeff & Julie Howatt Keith* & Doris Howell Clayton & Tricia Hoyt Dr. Jay R. Huber Josephine F. Huey* Delmar M. Hugger* William B. Huggins Hughes Aircraft Company Gregory J Hughes Patrick & Jane Hughes Richard D. Hughes John L.* & Elizabeth* Hulteng Dr. John* & Carol Hundley Kenneth W. C. Hung Lily Wei-Siang Hung Dr. Thomas & Cynthia Hunt Dr. C.M.* & Elizabeth* Hunter Dr. William & Carolyn Hunter Roxanne & John Hurley T & G Hurtt Farms

Timothy & Naomi Hurtt James & Lorraine Husband in Memory of Donald R. Husband Allan & Barbara Huseth Rex A. Huss Hussey Plumbing/ Tim & Linda Hussey Thomas P. Hutchens, M.D. Dr. John* & Margaret* Hutcheson Donna M. Hutchison Neil R. Hutchison Bill D. Hutchison Andrew J. Hvidston, M.D. Dr. Glen & Sandy Hyland Iris E. Hynek* ICS, Inc. Joseph & Laura Idso IEC Distributing, LLC iHeart Media/Jeff Hoberg, Pat McLean Thomas & M. Kay Ihlan Floyd* & Betty* Iljana Impact Foundation Independence Investment Associates, Inc. Indigo Signworks Industrial Hardwood FI






K A N E 1918-





Products Inc./Marc Chorney & Phil Sykes Information Technologies, Inc./John & Brenda Miller Ronnie & Michelle Ingle Kathleen Ingulsrud & Robert Stjern Charles & Mara (Aton) Ingwalson Dr. Gail C. Ingwalson In-Prints Screen Printing, Inc.

John & Jeanne Jankowski Matthew J. Jankowski Daniel J. Janssen

“Scholarships helped me achieve my dreams of attaining a degree that I had to pay for myself. I appreciated what others did for me and I want to pay that forward. It feels good to know that I’m playing a small part in helping others to achieve their dreams.” SHERRI BONACCI, ’89 Dr. James & Sonia* Jarrett Dr. John & Marcia Jarrett Marjorie R. Javet JC Chumley's, Inc. Blaine Jeanotte JEH Enterprises, LLC David B. Jelliff Barbara & Harlan Jensen Dr. Clayton* & Gloria* Jensen Drs. Jason & Heidi Jensen Dr. Mark Jensen & Leah Fujimoto Ole C. Jensen* Dr. Warren & Cindy Jensen Ronald L. Jenson, M.D. Jeppesen Aviation Foundation Jewel T Foundation Lu Jiang

Jim Tallackson Farms, Inc. Jobbers Moving & Storage John Deere Electronic Solutions Inc. Dianne & Ronald Johnke Johnson & Johnson Johnson Airspray Robert Wood Johnson 1962 Charitable Trust Dr. A. William & Joan Johnson Adeline Johnson Amber & Scott Johnson Ansell Johnson* in Memory of Elizabeth Jean Eaton Johnson Arin A. Johnson Arthur* & Clara* Johnson Beth* & Dale Johnson Dr. Bob & Judy Johnson in Memory of Dr. Alan K. Johnson Brian & Kathy Johnson Chad & Christy Johnson Clifford Johnson* Dr. Craig Johnson & Connie Hofland Darold & Ardella Johnson Dave & Karen Johnson David L. Johnson Deborah J. Johnson Dennis & Joan Johnson Donald T. Johnson Estate Doug & Lisa Johnson Edward Marcus Johnson, M.D. Eric Lind Johnson, M.D. Gary & Beverly Johnson Dr. Gary & Diana* Johnson Gary & Diane Johnson George M. Johnson, M.D. Gordon & Liz Anne Johnson Gregory Johnson Iner V.* & June E.* Johnson James* & Gwen* Johnson James V Johnson, M.D.

James & Verna Johnson Jane & Dr. Tom Johnson Joann Murray Johnson Joel J. Johnson, M.D. Dr. Joel L. & Lori Johnson J. Philip & Joanne* Johnson Joyleen K. Johnson Keith & Josy Johnson Keith D. & Jean M. Johnson Drs. Kent & Mary Johnson Maude M. Johnson* Michael L. & Debra Johnson Monte* & Karlene Johnson Philip Q. Johnson, M.D. Prentiss Johnson* Randy & Marcia Johnson Dr. Richard Johnson Richard H. & Nancy J. Johnson Richard M.* & Twyla H. Johnson Dr. Richard W. & Elaine M. Johnson Robert* & Dr. Phyllis Johnson Robert Post & Linda Johnson Rodney A. Johnson* Ronald & Darla Johnson Rory R. Johnson Sam & Mary Johnson Steven & Jacqueline Johnson Drs. Steve & Teri Johnson Drs. Tom Johnson & Katherine Sukalski Walter & Melissa Johnson Wesley P. Johnson Yanci Morque Johnson & Robbie Johnson Donald & Cheryl Johnston Paul & Marilyn Johnston Phillip* & Cindy Johnston

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Interhealth Division of the UND Rural Health Dept. Dr. Edwin* & Effie* Irgens Iris Westman Trust Larry & Ruth Isaak Dr. Gordon & Trudy Iseminger Italian Moon/Wendy's South Washington/Ken* & Gloria Towers Katie & Brett Itterman David & Debby Iverson Justin & Theresa Iverson Merlyon* & Marjorie* Iverson J & S Nelson Farms, LLP J. C. Penney Company, Inc., Dallas J. C. Penney Company, Grand Forks J. P. Morgan Chase Foundation J. R. Simplot Company, Grand Forks J. R. Simplot Company, Boise, ID Francis D. Jabara* Pamela D. Jablonsky in Memory of Sydney Westman Dane & Carrie Jackson Dr. Jon & Margaret Jackson Marlys & Dale Jackson Richard* & Eileen* Jackson Bud* & Betty* Jacobi H. James Jacobsen Hazel Jacobsen-Theel* Ben & Dawn Jacobson Brad Jacobson Corinne R. Jacobson Neil* & Jean Jacobson Lane & LaVon Jacobson Scott D. & Laureen L. Jacobson Brian & Mary Jadeke David & Judy Jahnke Dorothy Cooley James* Edwin C. James, M.D.* John B. James, M.D.* Dr. Robert L. James* Alberta J. Janes*



Rodger* & Lynn Johnston Terry & LeeAnn Johnston Johnstown Bean Company/Jim & Denise Karley Craig & Michele Jones Mary E. Jones Norman & Eunice Jones Jeffrey & Deborah Jonson Christopher & Wendy Jordheim Dr. LaVernia J. Jorgensen* Leon Jorgenson* Steve Jorgenson Todd M. Jorgenson Dustin & Erin Jostad J. Emmet* & Kita* Judge Cindy L. Juntunen K & H Custom Woodworking Lorraine C. Kaatz* Dr. Sharon & David Kabes V. Frank & Maxine* Kadlec Kadrmas Lee & Jackson, Inc. Arnold E. Kadrmas, M.D. Joan M. Kadrmas Rodney J. Kadrmas Terrence L. Kadrmas Ryan A. Kaeding Cyrus P. Kahl* Gail & Daniel Kahl Leo* & Selina* Kaiser Michael B. Kalina Mike J. Kaminski, M.D. Dick & Kathy Kampa Albert C. Kane* Charles E. Kankel* Carol & Clifford* Kannegieter Ka-Rick, Inc./Rick & Kathy Carik Amy & Ryan Karlstad Gary L. Karlstad, M.D. & Zo (Kaldor) Karlstad James & Beth Karnik Kermit B. Karns* Steven L. Karpenko Kauffman Center

Robert J. Kaufmann Ron* & Marilyn* Kavadas Dr. Gaylord & Cindy Kavlie Jeffrey & Ann Kay Tom & Dianne* Kays KBM, Inc. Admiral Timothy D. Keating Nancy Kehrberg in Memory of Scott Greenan George M. Kelcey, M.D., Ph.D.*

Tom & Lynde Kennelly The Kenneth Kendal King Foundation Dr. George E. Kenny Ethel Kermott* Maximilian C. Kern, M.D.* John Kertz Theodore F.* & Dee* Kessel Leo L. Kessel Theodore & Barbara Kessel

“I am grateful that I am in a position to help others; that is what God put us on this earth to do. I know my relationship with UND has played a part in being able to help others. ​ I hope my gift allows others the opportunity to grow, develop and become better people, and to be successful in their careers.” TOM PFLIGER, ’79, ’87 James & Suzanne Kelleher Paul & Mary Keller Dr. Reed Keller* & Mary Ann Keller-Wakefield* Scott & Mavis* Kelley Dr. Ellin M. Kelly* Drs. Kimberly Kelly & Daniel Mickelson Milton* & Mari Jane* Kelly Bob & Pat Kelly Kelly's Country Market RaeAnn* & Thomas Kelsch Dr. Walter* & Phyllis* Kelsch Larry L. Kemnitz Rodger W. Kemp James Kempel in Memory of Kay Kempel Mark & Debbie Kennedy Christopher & Nanette Kennelly James D. Kennelly Jayne E. Kennelly

Kathie & Kevin Kiefer Jean Kiesau Estate Kilen Enterprises, Inc. Janelle & Kelly Kilgore Kim & Kent Cronquist Dr. Michael & Ronda Kincheloe Mel & Faye Kindel Kindness Animal Hospital/ Rick & Diane Odegard Lonnie & Dianna Kindseth Jodi King Ramsey & Jon Ramsey Peggy* & Dewey* King in Memory of Abram & Vaughn Owens King Gay Gidley King* Maria & Colton King Dr. Wallace E. King* W. James L. King Kinney Bean Co. Virginia J. Kirby* in Memory of Ward M. Kirby

J. R. Kirkland Arnold* & Nettie* Kirkness Drs. Jay & Leslie Kisch Linda & David Kjelstrup Lincoln* & Marlene* Klabo Tom & Mary Klabo Clayton H. Klakeg, M.D.* Dr. William & Kathy Klava Robert & Janelle Klave Gary L. Klein Carter & Kathaleen Kleinsasser Jim & Christa Kleinsasser Klemetsrud Plumbing & Heating, Devils Lake Rep. Lawrence & Rita Klemin John L. Kleven* Jay & Miranda Kleven Arnold* & Helen* Klick Bryan Klipfel & Kathleen Schoen Elmer W. & Evelyn A. Klipstein Estate KLITE 104FM/KCNN Radio/Dave & Patty Norman Peter J. Klokstad John O. Kloster* Janet, James and Peter Klosterman in Memory of Annette Klosterman Kelby J. Klosterman Chuck & Margaret Kluenker David & Ellen Klym Knight-Ridder, Inc. Dr. Robert & Joyce Knodell James & Margaret* Knoell James R. Knudson John & Jackie Knudson Dr. Paul & Sandra Knudson Allan & Cheryl Knutson Knutson Printing Mickey* & Larry Knutson Robert & Rebecca Knutson Raymond & Elizabeth Kobe

KS Energy Power Africa Ronald* & Alice Kubesh Tyler R. Kuenzel Steven & Melissa Kuhlman Peggy R. Kuhn Peter K. Kuhn Kenneth & Nancy Kuk Robert* & Myrna Kuk John Kuklenski Stephanie J. Kuklenski Deborah L. Kukowski Louie* & Dorothy* Kulas Greg & LeeAnne Kulesa Charles R. Kummeth Daniel S. Kuntz Jake & Helen Kuntz Scott & Rochelle Kuntz Thomas L. Kuntz Dr. Charles & Adele Kupchella Christopher D. Kuper SI





W E S T 19 3 3 -19



Douglas & Michelle Kupitz Pat Kurtz LeRoy & Donna Kuta John & Nicole Kutch Jerry* & Shirley* Kvidt KVLY-TV/11 Ruth Kyle* Sandy & Paul Kyllo John & Lisa Kyvig Traci & Gregory LaDouceur Lafarge Dakota, Inc. Pam & Lonnie* Laffen Daniel M. Lafontaine Laurie M. Lafontaine Charles W. LaGrave Greg & Lori LaHaise Todd M. LaHaise Dr. Wilson M. Laird*

Lakeside Tavern Brewery Dale* & Roberta* Lalim Lamb Plastic Surgery Dr. Donald & Linda Lamb David Lambeth & Cecilia Volden Sharon J. Lambeth* Bonnie C. Lambiase Dr. John & Doris Lambie Paul B. Lambie, M.D. Mike & Jill LaMoine Andrew Lamoureux Land O' Lakes Christopher & Cindy Lander Ed* & Barb* Lander Pamela & Paul Lander Bob* & Pat* Lander Andy & Melinda Landman Dwight A. Lang* Wally & Susan Lang Drs. Mark & Diane Langemo Darin W. Langerud Dr. John & Mary Jo Langhorne Dr. James* & Valois Lantz Dr. Steve & Teri Lantz Dr. Richard & Vicki Laraway Robert*, Pam, & Nathan Larimore Bert* & Monica* Larivee Dr. Daniel L. Larsen Dennis* & Beverly Larsen Arlyn & Joyce Larson Bill & Stacey Larson Caesar Larson Dennis "Bing"* & RaeAnn* Larson Dr. Donald & Joyce Larson Edwin & Barbara Larson Jeffrey T. Larson & Dorene K. Kainz Lillian* & Paul* Larson Mark & Nina Larson Marvin & Susan Larson Michael J. Larson

Milton* & Marvine* Larson Patrick Larson Randall L. Larson Robert P. Larson* Robert & Judy Larson Toni D. Larson Van & Diane Larson Larson/Sillers Farms John K. Lassen John Latimer & Karen Payne Matthew W. Laughlin Craig R. Laumann Jason & Margaret Laumb Roger D. Lausch Keith E. & Judy Lavachek Ed & Elaine Laxdal Stefan & Sue Laxdal Luverne* & Maxine* Lazier Paul & Lucinda LeBel Chuck & Lorraine LeBlanc Bill & Jan Lee Howard* & Geraldine* Lee Marland & Noreen Lee Nick & Heidi Lee Leevers Foods, Inc., Devils Lake Dr. Russell & Carole Lefevre Tom & Jodee Lehar Ronald G. Lehrer Edwin* & Barbara Leiby Glenn A. Leier William Leier & Teri Brackenbury Leier Dr. C. William* & Joan Leifur Dr. Ralph* & Bernice* Leigh Dr. Jack* & Grace* Leigh Dr. James Leigh* & Marjorie Krum Leigh Dr. Richard* & Marion* Leigh Lt. Col. Robert L. Leininger Leisureland RV John & Elise Leitch

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Patricia A. Kobetsky KodaBank - Cavalier George & Kimberly Koeck Emery N. Koenig Roger W. Koenker Nadim Koleilat, M.D. & Rola Kanafani Koleilat Ryan M. Konrath Kristin E. Konzak Bruce & Rachel Kopp Eddie G. Kopperud/ Kopperud Foundation Ryan & Stephanie Kopseng Gregory S. Kordecki Korsmo Brothers Trucking Cheryl* & David Korsmo Michael & Janet Kosanda Jerome & Marlyce* Koskovich David Kosmowski Mildred F. Koth* Traci & Jared Kovar Herman Kovnick* Dr. Arthur* & Ann Kracke Brian & Susan Kraft Duane & LaVonne Kraft Barb M. Kramer Stephen P. Kranz Dr. Dwight* & Ramona Krapp Dan & Elaine Kratochvil Lon & Jane Kratochvil/ Jeff & Heidi Bye Russell W. Kraus Dell* & Donna Krause Grace L. Krause* Tom & Mary Jo Kreiger Dr. Lynette & Brent Krenelka Diane M. Krepp Curt P. Kriedeman* Scott Kroeger Lorance T. Krogstad, M.D.* Kent & Val Krogstad Drs. Kimberly Krohn & John Fishpaw Rod & Ginni Kroocmo Francis* & Carolyn Kryzsko









Lithia Toyota Scion of Grand Forks Dean & Leslie Little John A. Little Duane S. Littlejohn* Barbara A. (Grabanski) & Arnold E. Lizakowski Ralph & Tami Llewellyn Warren* & Dolores* Loberg Chris R. Lobsinger Dean* & Marian* Locken Dr. Peter & Holly Locken Lockheed Martin Corporation Don* & Phyllis* Loder Paula & Larry Loendorf Don & Glorianne Loeslie John A. Lohse LOK Commodities Lola's Italian Restaurant Jason & Nikki Loney






Harold & Susy Lemar Mark & Linda Lembke Pastor Donald W. Lemke Dr. Donald K.* & Ann M. Lemon Dean* & Mary Lenaburg Donald* & Edith* Lenarz Dan Lenertz Vincent* & Phoebe* Leo Gary* & Patricia Lerberg George* & Shirley Lerom Christopher & Rachel Lerum Lervik & Johnson Dr. James & Betty Lessard Sigrid & Stuart Letcher Diana & Noel LeTexier Alan T. & Joanne Leupp Levine Family Endowment Fred J. Lewis Lisa D. Lewis Nichole Lewis Peter D. Lewis* Robert W. Lewis* LFS Professional Services, Inc. Dr. Chien-Wei & Kam-Wei* Liao Dr. Inger Lise Nissen* & Dr. Albert Liebman* Rudolf Liedtke/RJL Systems, Inc. Richard & Cindy Lien Lifetime Vision Center John R. Liffrig Carl & Kathy Lill Lincoln Therapeutics Dr. Amy I. Lind* Kim & Chris Lindgren Robert & Jayne Lindgren Paul & Glenda Lindseth Ernest & Jeanne Lindstrom Dr. John & Donna Linfoot Dr. Leland & Dorothy Lipp Erik G. Lips* Evan E. Lips* Bruce K. Listoe* Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Grand Forks


5 R C H E R 19



Cynthia R. Long* Gerald & Connie Long Longview Fibre Co. William C.* & Frances Lontz Dr. James & Janet Loos Timothy & Staci Lord Walter B. Lorshbough* in Memory of H. D. Benwell, M.D. Daniel Lovas Kent & Karen Lovelace Kent & Vicki Lovell Rick & Holly Lowenberg Thoraine A. Loyd Lucas Aerospace Terrance S. Lucht Gerald & Peggy Lucke Lynn D. W. Luckow David & Judith Ludtke Karen & Duane Luessenheide Fred & Jane Lukens

Lumber Mart, Inc., East Grand Forks Lumber Mart, Inc., Grand Forks Michael & Patti Lunak Harald* & Gay* Lund Monty C. Lund Marilyn & Stuart* Lundberg Scott A. Lundberg Terry & Suzanne* Lundberg William R. Lundberg Dennis W. Lunde Roy & Bev Lunde Jeffrey Lundeby Mark A. Lundeen, M.D. Franklin J. Lunding* L. N. (Les) Lundstrom James & Elizabeth Lunseth in Memory of John Lunseth Douglas J. Luttenberger Odvin* & Betty Lybeck John & Linda Lyche Kent M. Lynch Klonda Lynn* John C. Lyons, M.D.* Lystad's Janitorial M. International, Inc. Duane & Patty Maatz James & Roberta MacDonald Charles & Linda MacFarlane Fred & Lois MacGregor Patrick* & Lisa Mach Daniel & Dr. Erica Macintosh Dr. Gerrard & Michelle Macintosh Gary & Barbara Mack Douglas J. MacKay Archie* & Neva* MacMaster William* & Alice* MacMillan Norman S. MacPhee* Macy's Dr. David & Lois Madsen Romund & Harriet Madson Steven & Tanya Madson Todd K. & Michelle Maesse

Magnum/KBW Dr. Douglas & Karen Magnus Hugo* & Dorothy* Magnuson Curtis* & Judy Magnuson James & Jean Magnusson Keith & Mary Magnusson Kingdon B. Magnusson* David M. Mahar Henry* & Patricia* Mahlman Bernardine M. Mahowald, M.D.* Brook & Courtney Maier Steven C. Maier, M.D. Michael G. Maitino* Richard A. Majerus Dr. Raymond Majkrzak Glenn & Brenda Malke Brian A. Mallaro Gary & Carol Malm Perry & Liz Malm Roger & Sandra Malm Becky J. Mann Sharon & Randy Mann Michael & Tiffany Mannausau Fred* & Mary* Mannes Dr. Thomas* & Annie* Mar John & Nancy Marchell Michael J. Marcil Marco, Inc. Margaret & Frank Stinchfield Foundation Patricia Kalil Margarit C. T. & Cindy Marhula Marian & Speros Martel Foundation Marion Merrell Dow Mars Foundation Floyd* & Ann* Marshall Amos S.* & Grace E.* Martin Donald G. Martin Gloria Martin Gordon "Duke" Martin* John Martin Larry & Rita Martin Steven T. Martin

McDonald's Restaurant, Gateway Drive Jeffrey T. McElroy John & Nancy McEnroe McFarlane, Inc Julie & Michael McGauvran McGee, Hankla, Backes & Dobrovolny Ryan* & Cheryl McGlynn Elaine R. McGrath Kenton & Marilyn McGregor John & Sherri McGurran Rebecca Heigaard McGurran &

Susan McLeod Michael J. McMenamy Mark & Diane McMorrow Neil B. McMurrin Vicky R. McNicholl MDS Market Street LLC Mead Westvaco Rodney & Joyce Medalen Medcenter One Health Systems, Inc. Judge Joel & Amy Medd Laura & Jared Medhus Robert & Linda Medhus

“We decided the best way to show our appreciation to UND was to provide scholarship funds to an undergraduate program. Emily’s association with the College of Nursing made this an easy choice. Scholarships made it possible for us to get our university degrees. We hope that our scholarship support will provide aid to students in a similar situation.” FORREST & EMILY NIELSEN Richard McGurran McIntosh County Bank Josephine M. McIntosh Dr. Donald & Joann McIntyre Jeff* & Michelle McKay Jack* & Julia Ann McKay John S. McKechnie* James* & Jeaninne McKee McKenna & Associates, PC McKesson Foundation, Inc. Kay A. McLafferty James* & Dorothy* McLaughlin Don & Mary McLean Robert McLennan Dr. Doug &

Medical Arts Clinic Medicap Pharmacy/ Jeffrey Theige Medicine Shoppe Alfred B. Meeg* Timothy J. Mehlhoff Ben* & Clara* Meier Meinecke-Johnson Company Terry & Joan Meland Robert* & Kay* Melin Kenneth* & JoAnn Mellem Walter J. Mellem* in Memory of Esther Mellem Kjell & Dawn Melvie Merchants Bank Richard Mercil & Rosa Panzarella

Merck Company Foundation Victoria Braund, M.D. & Michael Mercury, Ph.D. Bill* & Bernice Meredith Allen J. Merrill Jane S. Merrill Ted* & Sandra Merrill in Memory of Captain Donald R. Emerson Donald P. Mersch, M.D. Dr. Dave & Pat Mersy Metropolitan Federal Bank, Grand Forks Metropolitan Federal Bank, Fargo Dr. Todd L. Metzger Robert & Deborah Meuwissen Betty Rose Meyer* in Memory of Victor Rose Michael J. Meyer Robert H. Meyers* Daniel P. Michelsen Estate Dr. Leonhard P. Mickelsen* Midgarden Potato Co. Midland Hospital Supply, Inc. Mid-States Distributing Company, Inc./M. W. Kiesau Foundation Midwest Chapter National Agra-Marketing Association Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead Midwest Refrigeration, Inc. Midwest Testing Lab, Inc. Dave & Patti Miedema Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation Dr. Craig* & Max Millar W. Dyce* & Esther* Millard Anthony & Kimberly Miller Bruce & Sharon Miller Dr. Carl & Caralee Miller Carol L. Miller Craig & Cynthia Miller John & Dawn Miller

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Lori Martindale Mike Marttila Baldwin* & Shirley* Martz Dale & Nan Mathiason Dr. Mark* & Marge Mathison Don & Marilyn Mathsen Ed & Judy Matonich Tom & Shannon Matson Kathy Mattea Margaret S. Matthews* Ken & Julie Mattson/ Copy Cat Printing Maurys TV & Appliance Co./Maury & Faith Finney Robert* & Ruth* Mautz Max Kade Foundation Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, Inc. Raymond & Janet Maxson Dr. LaVaun & Michael McCann Daniel & Jill McCarty Dr. Vikki & Curtis McCleary Sheila & Earl McClenathan James G. McClintock, Jr. Brian & Dorothy McClure Robert* & Bernadine McConn Franklin E. McCoy, M.D.* Spencer C. McCrae, M.D.* Dr. Linda J. McCrea Pat & Donna McCrummen Dr. Kimberly & Monte McCulloch Stephen E. McCullough Phyllis M. McCusker* John McDaniel Gregory & Theresa McDermott Dr. Jim & Sonya McDonald William & Kay McDonald Stuart J. McDonald* Nancy R. McDonaldRosenberg



Howard S. (Sam) & Charlayne Myers Joseph C., Jr. & Margaret Myers Alison G. Myhra Harold G.* & Nita Myhre Oliver Myhre* Claude* & Ellen Myrick Christine & Matt Myrvold Dr. Donald P.* & Shirley* Naismith NALCO Champion Nalco Company Dr. Mukhtar & Harbhajan Nandra Parm & Susan Narveson Nash Finch Corporation National Financial Marketing Group, Inc. in Memory of Glenn Geiger National Society of the Dames of Court of Honor Dave Naylor EI








in Memory of Herbert E. Moore Dr. Patrick & RoxAnne Moore Moorhead Electric Perry W. Moothart* Darren & Alli Moquist Grace Moran* Harriet E. Morck* Reg* & Brenda Morelli Dr. Mark & Pamela Moret Morgan Grenfell Capital Management, Inc. Morgan Printing of Grafton Jodi & Jason Morgan Greg & Patty Morgan Sandra M. Page Morken Morley Law Firm Dr. James & Renee* Morley Michael J. & Margaret Morley Dr. William & Ida Morris James R. Morton, M.D. Roy G. Mosher* William Mount, Jr.* MPT Enterprises James R. Muhs, Sr. A. Kevin & Amy Muiderman Arthur E. Mukomela, M.D.* Janelle* & Daniel Mulroy Joan D. Multhaup* Dr. Glen & Lois Mumey Orville T. Mundt* John & Alree Mundy George Munyer in Memory of Beverly Torgrimson Munyer Gary D. Muralt* Susan Rosscup Muralt Dr. James* & Barbara* Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Murphy Gene Murphy* Dr. Ben W. & Carmen M. Muscha Dr. John & JoAnn Muus Marci & Dale Myer Gordon & Karen* Myerchin



Albert* & Elizabeth* Miller Don* & Lynn* Miller Mike Miller Robert A. Miller, Jr. Robert P. Miller, M.D. Roger J. Minch Minnesota Power in Memory of Andrew Freeman Minnesota Twins Chris & Jane Misialek Mathew & Vickie Misialek Sally & Jeremy Miskavige Darin & Shannie Mitchell Gary & Jackie Mitchell Milton & Phyllis Mittelstedt Glenn & Lynn Mitzel Russell* & Evelyn* Mlinar MMOPA Safety & Education Foundation Modern Auto Body, Inc./ Scott & Jane Loscheider Modern Building Management/LeRoy & Judy Sondrol Sandra A. Modisett* Erik G. Moe Keith E. Moe Paulette* & Roger Moe Dr. Jason & Tonya Moe Michael I. Moeller Dr. Douglas L. & Patricia M. Moen Matthew Mohr Wayne S. Mohr, M.D. Drew O. Molstad John M. Mongeon Betty C. Monkman Robert & Colette Monroe Monsanto Company Monsanto Research Corporation Eric & Pat Monson Rick Mont Ina C. Montgomery* Loren & Heloise Moore Estate Hugh* & Marian* Moore Dr. Mark & Nancy Moore Mildred S. Moore*


7 F O R D 19



N.D. Academy of Family Physicians N.D. Foster & Adopt Parent Association Erma Neel* in Memory of Joe K. Neel, Sr. Gerard D. Neil Nelson Farms, Inc. Nelson International Nelson Masonry Allen* & Nancy* Nelson Beverly J. Nelson* Dr. Bruce & Lois Nelson Chester E. Nelson, Jr.* Clinton R. Nelson Connie M. Nelson Dr. Dennis & Janice Nelson Diane & Dick Nelson Don* & Joan Nelson Dylan Nelson

Eileen & Carlton* Nelson Gregory & Michelle Nelson Jeffrey N. Nelson Ken & Deb Nelson Kristi Magnuson-Nelson & Robert Nelson Larissa L. Nelson, M.D. Lloyd S. Nelson* Margaret Montague Nelson* Mark & Jan Nelson Mark & Stacy Nelson Mary Stephens Nelson* Dr. Patrick & Sandra Nelson R. Duane & Lila Nelson Stuart Nelson Tim & Mary Jane Nelson Wilford* & Biona* Nelson Susan M. Nelson-Holter Jay D. & Jennifer L. Neppel Dale & Judy Neppel John* & Beverley* Nepper Neset Consulting Service Aaron Ness Daniel Ness Dr. Gene C. Ness Lee* & Pamela Ness Ordean Ness Estate Bill & Henrietta Ness Harold M. Nessett* Randy & Karen Nesvold Thomas G. Netcher* Frank Neukamp, M.D.* Dr. James & Darcy Neumann Dr. Nick & Jean Neumann & Family Kent Neustel New Piper Aircraft, Inc. Jill J. Newby Newby's Ace Hardware Doug & Sandi Newgard Drs. James & Myrna Newland Newman Outdoor Advertising Corby* & Mary* Newman Dr. William & Virginia Newman

Northern Plains Potato Growers Association Northern Sky Bank Northern Trust Company Northridge Construction, Inc. Northrop Grumman, Grand Forks A.F.B. Bill & Joyce (Sorensen) Northrop Northstar Insulation, Inc. Northwest Area Foundation Margaret J. Norton Catherine A. Novak* in Memory of Lois J. Schweiger James Noye NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association Don & Georgia Nygaard Dr. Corey L. & Wanda Nyhus Dr. Bob & Gloria Nyre Angela S. O'Brien* Ochoco Lumber Company/Bruce Daucsavage Gail & Mark O'Connell Dr. James O'Connell Patrick* & Muriel O'Connell Lynn & George O'Connor Ralph S. O'Connor David & Brenda Odegaard Diane Odegard Dr. Mark & Rebecca Odland Paul & Amy Oen Off The Wall Advertising James & Jean O'Grady Craig & Tina O'Halloran John* & Jean* O'Keefe Mike & Cindy O'Keefe Lee D. & Marlene Okeson Dr. Amy E. Oksa & Leslie Ross Olaf Anderson & Son Construction Erin M. O'Leary Lt. Col. Clifford* & Wynn* Olesen

Olger & Zoe Burtness Foundation Olin Corporation Charitable Trust Leslie B. Oliver Kathy & Gerald* Olsen Dr. Morgan Olsen & Beth Saiki-Olsen Larry & Nancy Olsen B. Dianne Olson Estate in Memory of Terence D. Olson Cheryl D. Olson, Sheila R. Olson, Gary B. Olson, Sonja S. Olson, Bradley K.Olson, and Melody A. Vachal Clayton L. Olson David R. Olson Dolores Olson Dorothy M. Olson Eleanor & Bob* Olson Gil Olson* Greg & Val Olson Gregory A. Olson Howard* & Leila Olson Jacqueline R. Olson in Memory of Dean Olson J. Raymond Olson* & Frankie MacMaster Olson* Jim* & Jean* Olson Joel & Peggy Olson John D. Olson, M.D.* LeRoy E. Olson* Mark & Kari Olson O. Henning & Jeanne Olson Estate Philip J. Olson* Randall J. Olson Steve & Maren Olson Wallace C. Olson* William Olson Olson & Juntunen & Sandberg, Ltd. A. E. "Dutch"* & Virginia* Omdahl Gerald B. Omlid Roger A.* & Annette* Ophaug Dr. Paul & Susan Opsvig Curtis & Dorothy Orr Shari Orser, M.D.

Orthopedic & Sport Medicine Specialists of Fargo Leon* & Kathy Osborne Mike & Diane O'Shaughnessy Dan & Bev O'Shea Donn R. Osmon* Nancy S. Osmon* Joel & Paula Osowski Robert & Ruth Ostgulen Keith & Anne Ostlund Otis Elevator Fred* & Sigrid* Ott Otter Tail Power Company Foundation, Fergus Falls Hope & Dr. Jeffrey Ottmar Kurt & Linda Otto Tory M. Otto John W. Oty Karla J. Oty Katherine G. Overstreet* Daniel J. & Sarah Owens James Owens Robert G. Owens Terry L. Owens Oxbow Industries, LLC David A. Oxford Dr. Ella Jane* & Herbert* Oyer P. D. Sproule Co./Paul Sproule/Tim Crary Pacific Enzymes Robert* & Kathleen* Page Marvin* & Carol Paggen Genevieve Painter* in Memory of Robert Painter, M.D. Nancy M. Paintner John C. Palenberg* Palm Island Resort Hugh* & Ruth* Palmer Rick Palmer Tony & Debbie Palmiscno Carrie M. Panetta Papa Murphy's Pizza, Fargo Kurtis M. Papenfuss Wayne & Christi Rae Papke

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Leland R. Nicholson* Forrest & Emily Nielsen Thomas O. Niemi Rayton D. Nies Daniel & JoEmily Nieuwsma Judith F. Niles Al & Bonnie Nipstad Paul* & Barbara Nistler NITEC LLC Noah Insurance Service Andrew L. B. Noah Nodak Electric Cooperative in Memory of Andrew Freeman NoDak Nation Jane E. Nolden Gerald & Marlene Nolte Doug & Sandy Norby Norby's Work Perks Brian J. Nord Dr. James & Melody Nord Dr. John & Angeline Nord Meredith B. Nordberg* Arlen & Wendy Nordhagen Dr. Robert C.* & Sally A. Nordlie Steven & Barbara Nordstog Ruth A. Noren* Drs. Arlan* & Diane Norman David L. Norman Gregory J. Norman Funeral Home North Dakota Eye Clinic North Dakota Medical Association Alliance North Dakota Newspaper Association in Memory of Mark Carlson North Dakota Petroleum Council North Dakota Pipeline Company North Dakota Society of CPAs North Dakota State Board of Public Accountancy North Valley Arts Council Northdale Oil, Inc.



Adella L. Petersen Brian D. Petersen & Nancy A. Krogh Barry & Sharon Peterson Barry R. Peterson David* & Betty Peterson Glen* & Diana Peterson Jane & Wayne Peterson Myron D. Peterson, M.D.* Robert & Lisa Peterson Tammy & Shawn Peterson Dr. Thomas & Bonnie Peterson Terry & Susan Petsinger Dr. Ross & DonnaLee Pettit A. Jeanne Pfeiffer Pfizer Foundation Thomas L. Pfliger Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation Phase Technology PDT Varsity Bachelors Educational Foundation Phillips Petroleum Co. Dr. Amy Phillips Larry G. Phillips Heidi J. Philpot, M.D. Phoenix Industries, Ltd. Clark & Kathy Piepkorn/ Happy Grass Dr. Troy & Kellie Pierce Noel & Jill Pilon David A. Pinder, Sr. Dr. Brett & Jonathan Pinkerton Piper Jaffray & Co. H. Malcolm Pippin Pitney Bowes/ Amy Bergen Karen Pitsenbarger Thomas* & Nancy* Plante Plants Plus Doug & Rita Podolak Kevin Polansky The Honorable Ruthanne Polidori Frederick D. "Fritz" Pollard Estate Andrea M. Pollema Stella Pollock*

Ken & Becky Polovitz Michael* & Barbara* Polovitz Kimberly K. Polries Brent & Nikki Polum Poppler's Music, Inc. Bill* & Phyllis Porter Dr. Bruce A. Porter & Sharon Vaughn Fanny Porter Michael & Ann Porter Michelle Powers W. Brian & Susan Poykko Gary* & Claudia Pramhus James* & Sheila Pratt Bill Predovich PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation Gordon H. Prichard The Procter & Gamble Foundation Joseph* & Diane Proctor Lara & Anthony Prozinski Prudential Crary Real Estate Prudential Insurance Company PS Doors Psychotherapy Associates, PC Catherine T. Puetz, M.D. Pugsley's Sandwiches/ Gary & Monica Senger Angie Pulkrabek Moen NI







Grant & Kristine Paranica Laure Eckroth Park Park River Implement LLC B. Brian Parrish, M.D.* in Memory of Thomas R. Whelan, Ph.D. Drs. Sarah & Christopher Paschall Scott W. Patterson Judith & Terry Paukert Paul F. Sulllivan & Associates Paul Suda Farms, Inc./ Rod & Janelle Holth William & Carolyn Paulsen Judge John T. & Bonita L. Paulson Gerald T. & Marla Paulson Mark* & Patricia Paulson LTC Jerel Pawley Curtis R. Paxman, M.D.* Pearce & Durick Morgan G. Pearsall G. Allan & Kay* Pearson Garry Pearson & Rose Mary Kitzan Melvin & Lila* Pedersen Michael & Terri Pedersen Alvin* & Elizabeth* Pederson Mrs. Ann & Randy Pederson Lt. Col. A. Paul* & Ruth Pederson Col. Clark R. Penas, RET Dr. Sue C. Pendell Dr. Timothy J. Pennings Pennzoil Company Peplawn, Inc., Detroit Lakes, MN Pepsi Americas PepsiCo Foundation Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Perkins Family Restaurant/Tim Brandt Dexter Perkins Dr. Vito* & T. Carmel* Perrone Petcetera Animal Clinic Petersburg Oil Corporation



B A K E R 19 9 2-



Courtney & Mary Pulkrabek Jeff & Rebecca Pulkrabek Webster Pullen Estate David* & Marlys* Pung Michael & Debbie Pung Al* & Dorothy* Purdon

Anne & David Putbrese Jon & Anne Putnam Dr. Ronald E. & Scharlene* Pynn QOL Medical LLC Bruce & Roberta Quick Qwest Dex R & R Contracting, Inc./ Bill & Rhonda Reimer R & S Electrical Contracting, Inc. R & T Electric/ Rick Laframboise R. J. Reynolds Industries, Inc. Ada B. Raab* Rebecca & Michael Raber John* & Darleen* Rader Marjorie A. Tegtmeier-Radi Rahr Foundation Ralph Larson Farms, Inc. Ruth B. Ralston* in Memory of Lloyd Ralston Ramada Inn David & Joyce Ramage Cynthia & Todd Ramage Dr. Janaksinh & Pushpa Ramaiya JoAnn & David* Ramsaur Robert E. Ramsay James & Jane Ramsland Della Mae* & Marvin* Ramstad Kathryn R. L. Rand & Steven A. Light Ruth A. Rand Estate Thomas & Alice Rand Drs. Brian Randall & Mary Kemen Dr. Francis J. Randall Bruce L. Ranstrom Kurt D. Rasmussen Lloyd E.* & Shirley* Rath William C. & Helen Rath Dr. David & Valerie Rathbone Dr. Jennifer & Michael Raum Dr. Paul* & Annette Ray Dr. Robert* & Meryl* Ray

Dr. Daniel R. Rice Dr. Jon & Roberta* Rice William G. Rice* David & Kristee Richards Bob* & Marie* Richards Ray Richards* Elwood P. Richmond* Billie A.* & Lloyde* Richmond William, Jr.* & Blanca Richmond Dwight A. Richter Joe & Cindy Richter Heather & Scot Rider Joshua M. Riedy Rieger, Borgen, Benson Electric, Inc. Virginia* & Daniel Rieger Daniel* & Sue Riley Jim & Soni Riley Kate G. N. Rindy

“UND gave me a great education and a ticket to a successful life. I hope we strive to help UND continue to do that for future generations.” MORLEY GLICKEN, ’62 Ken Ring Hilary "Butch" & Julie Riske Leon & LauraLee Riske David & Barbara Riskey Robert & Karen Riskey Rita Foundation Lena B. Ritchie* Richard & Bernetta Ritter Harlan* & Bette Ritterman Robert & Teri Robb Don & Erika Robertson Dureanna & Kevin Robertson Frances L. Robertson*

M. James* & Margie Robertson Robinson Excavating Karen R. Robinson Laurie Robinson & Sheldon Krantz Michael R. Robinson Thomas J. Robinson Rockwell International Dr. Harold & Bonnie Rodenbiker Jameson J. Rodenbiker Tom* & Sandy Rodgers Marguerite Rodgers* Tammy & Michael Rodriquez Dr. Jamie & Rhonda Roed Roers Construction, Inc. Ryan Rogen Lt. Col. Kathryn A. Rogenes, RET* Rogers Construction/ Wes & Corliss Rogers Wesley & Corliss Rogers Heidi Rognlie Hazel H. Rohde* John & Ann Rolando Telmar* & Helen* Rolfstad Jodi Thompson Rolland Orlando & Roberta Rollefstad Reid & Doreen Rolshoven Maryanne & Russ Romero in Memory of Ronald & Ann Bzoch Henry F. Rompage Karleen M. Rosaaen* Jerry & Gloria Rose Tom & Brenda Rosendahl Martin Rothberg, M.D. Gerald M. Rott Harris Rouse Richard* & Judith* Rouzie Dr. Scott & Kathleen Rowe Royal Order of Flickertails Gary M. Royal Roger A. Royse

Wanda L. Royse RSM McGladrey, Inc. Dave* & Doreen* Rubin/ Wendy's Julie R. Rubin Edith Henderson Ruby & Michael Ruby* James* & Elaine Rudd Mel* & Ruth* Ruder Lawrence W. Rudh* Robert J. Rudolph Dr. James & Suzanne Rue Dan & Lisa Ruebke Mark & Sandra Ruelle Bill & Catherine Rueth R. W.* & Dureen Ruff Rumors Lounge & Plaza Package Glenna Rundell* Erik & Jackie Russell in Memory of Maurice Russell Drs. LaVonne Russell Hootman* & Joe Hootman Dr. Maurice T. Russell* Ray & Joan* Russell Jeff & Kim Rustad Dan & Pam Rustvang Karen R. Ruth Larry A.* & Irene* Rutherford Robert & Joan Ruud Estate Dr. William & Judy Ruud Rux Painting Ryan Potato Company Dean Ryan Karen* & Jerry Ryan William V., Jr. & Kerry L. Ryan Ryan's Potatoes, Inc. JR & Bridget Ryberg Brian & Selmara Rydell Robert & Cheri Rydell Wallace & Edith Rygh Betty L. Rystad S & S Transport, Inc. Kent L. Sack, M.D. Darrel G. Sackman Col. (Ret) Thomas & Jackie Saddler JJ Safranski

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Joe Raymond Raytheon Aircraft Company Raytheon Company RDO Equipment Company RDO Foods Company Real Property, Probate and Trust Section of the State Bar Heather & Chad Reardon Irwin R. Rector* Red Pepper, Inc. Randy & Judy Redmann Dr. John C. & Marilyn B. Redmond John & Ruth Reese Regional Airline Association Regis Foundation Kevin J. Register Susan & George Register in Honor & Memory of Edward & Ellen Hallenberg Cash & Snookie Register Mark D. Rehwaldt Bill* & Betty Reichart Dr. Donald J.* & Monica* Reichert Timothy J. & Mary Gassmann Reichert Reimer Welding Robert J. Reinertson* Dr. Jerald W. & Joan Reinhardt Noell Hamann Reinhiller Eldon H. Reinke* Shaft, Reis & Shaft, Ltd. Reiten & Young International Beulah C. Reiten* James E. Reller Dr. Richard & Mary Render Harold* & Karen Rene Republic National Distributing Company Resource Technology Associates Paul Retzer, M.D. & Marian Retzer Rhino Contracting Grace Osborne Rhonemus*



David J. Saggau Gary & Lynette Sagstuen Dr. John* & Julie Saiki Fran & Dale Sailer Robert & Mary* Sailor in Honor & Memory of Matthew Sailor John & Betty* Sakariassen Dr. Jack B. Sampson* Dr. Jerome M. & Evelyn Sampson Richard & Charlene Sampson Daniel & Sandra Samson Sand Steel Building Co. Doran & Marilyn Sand Kirk & Romayne Sand Curtis & Ione Sandberg Dr. David* & Ann Sande Jeffrey & Denise Sande Paul Sandeen Dale & Diane Sander Linda & Clayton Sander Gary & Sherrie Sanders Marvin Sanders Estate Paul O. Sanderson, M.D. Nicole M. Sandoval Michael & Jane Sandsmark Roger* & Dorothy Sandven Wade & Amy Sandy Sanofi-Aventis Dr. Sarah & Steven Sarbacker Dr. George & Grace* Sarosi Stanley G. Sateren, M.D. R. Norman Sather, M.D.* Maynard & Jeanette* Satrom Gale* & Virginia* Satrom William & Carolyn Satterfield In Honor of David & Linda Kjelstrup Leo & Maria Saucedo Brett E. Sauer Dr. William & Susan Sausker Keith & Joanne Saville Cordelia M. Sayler* Tim & Lori Sayler SBC Foundation

David P. Schaaf Honorable Edward & Nancy Schafer Harold* & Sheila* Schafer Michael J. Schaffer Richard W. Schaffer Brad & Nadine Schanilec Gayle A. Whitmer Schantzen, M.D. Roger W. & Janet (Brush) Schauer Thomas & Summer Schauer Steve & Tiffany Scheel Scheels Sports & Sportswear Curt & Debbie Scheevel Jerry & Melody Schefter William H. Scheide* Gregg M. Schildberger Mary Jo & Kenneth Schill Jeffery G. Schindele Naomi C. Schindele* Doug & Kay* Schindler Charlene* & Gilmore* Schjeldahl Schlotzsky's Deli Marc & Kelly Schmaltz Mike & Lisa Schmaltz Monte Schmaltz & Amy Dahl Dr. Daniel* & Betty Schmelka Dale* & Susan Schmid Bob & LuAnn Schmidt/ Paul & Wendy Bernardy David O. Schmidt Fred A. & Karen A. Schmidt Patti & Kenny Schmidt Ronald & Irene Schmidt Brad & Rachael Schmitz Dr. David F. Schmitz John* & Leone* Schmitz Judith A. Schmitz Frederick & Mary Jane* Schneider Lois E. Schneider in Memory of John T. Schneider McLain & Crystal Schneider Matt Schober

Bill Schoen & Jim Kobetsky/Schoen Associates, Inc. William & Beverly Schoen Wayne D. & Marcia E. Schott Larry & Judy Schrader Troy & Sally Schrader Rep. Cynthia Schreiber-Beck Lloyd & Jean Schreiner Dr. Dean & Karen Schroeder William H. Schroeder George & Arline* Schubert Gary & Deb Schue Jerry & Holly Schue Janice I. Schuh Jay Schuler Charles & Ardis Schultz Dick & Barbara Schultz Donald P. Schultz Dr. Sara J. Schultz Schumacher Goodyear John M. Schumacher Tom & Rita Schuster Theresa L. Schwan Dan L. Schwartz Dave & Suzanne Schweigert Kyle "Bubba" & Laura Schweigert Lowell J. Schweigert* Science Engineering Associates Scott Farm Archie* & Alpha* Scott David Scott McDonald Watson Scott Estate Velma Hurmence Scott* Marty & Linda Scramstad Scripps Howard Foundation Francis & Edith Sears Estate Lynne & Rodney Sears Dawn & Jerod Seaver Dr. Thomas M. & Mary J. (Langlie) Seaworth Securian Financial Group, Inc.

Brad & Beth Seeba Emil A. Seeger* Kathy & Dr. Ron Seeley Clifford* & Lenora* Seglem Dr. Brian Selland & Rev. Sharon Baker Will Semke Betty Breakey Senechal* Gary E. Senger John & Doris Senger Sheri A. Senne Jim & Cindy Senske Shawn M. Serba SESVanderHave USA, Inc. Ken Severinson Arthur* & LaVonne* Severson David & Donna Severson Io* & Harold* Severson Dennis & Denise Sevigny Lynus & Debbie Sevigny Drs. James & Margaret Shaeffer Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Gary L. Shantz ShareLook Alvin R. Shasky* Gregory Shega & Amy Weber Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. Dan Shelstad Estate Don* & Marijo* Shide Sandra M. E. Shivers, Ph.D. & Jed M. Shivers Dr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Shoar Ann* & Lester* Shook David J. Shorma Jim & Joan Shulind Agnes G. Shurr* Al Sieben Scott D. Siebert Jeff J. Sieler Dana Siewert Family Florence Sigal* Dr. Paul* & Deborah Silverman Krolik in Memory of Dr. Louis B. & Thelma K. Silverman David I. Silverman

Smitty's Transmission Service Dr. Roy & Sherry* Snoke Chris Snortland John & Deborah Snustad Marvin J. & Luella* Snyder Bonnie J. Sobolik Douglas E. & Judith (Graham) Sobolik The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc. RADM Paul & Jacqy Soderberg Jonielle Soderstrom Helen Collins Sogard* Gary* & Gail Solberg Larry G. Solberg Matthew & Dr. Brooke Solberg Michael & Charleen Solberg TE










P C H E L L A 19 9


Dr. David & Genise Solseng Mark J. Solseng Ralph E. Soltis Dorothy Nelson Sommerfield* LeRoy S. & Judith F. Sondrol Sons of Norway Foundation Keith & Marlys Sorbo John* & Joan* Sorensen Dr. Robert & Gwynn Sorenson Laurie Thomas Sorenson, M.D. Sara K. Sorenson Helen L. Sorlie* John A. Sorteberg, M.D. Anne F. Spaeth Martin & Doris* Spargo Don & Cindy Speare

Specialty Restaurants Corp. SpeedySign Spitfire Bar & Grill Gary & Mary Splichal Anne Sprague* Susan & Paul Sproule Col. Warren Bennett & Eunice Bennett Spruance* Phil* & Jeanne* Srur St. Alexius Medical Center Leo* & Jean* St. Michel Michael & Linda St. Onge David E. St. Peter Jenelle Stadstad Allen* & Gale* Stahl John C. Staley Dianne & Robert Stam Jeff Stamp Gladys I. Stannard Dr. George* & Margaret* Starcher Loren K. Starcher Carol* & Wayne Stark State Farm Companies Foundation Dale W. & Cheryl Stauss Larry J. Stauss Virginia M. Stauss Steven B. Staver Carla & Scott Steen Dr. Thomas B. Steen & Dr. Carol E. Cook Steffes Corporation Edith Steinbach Estate Doris E. Steingraber Margaret M. Stellon* David & Tonya Stende Stengl Johnson Cruise & Travel Gregory & Andrea Stennes Jennifer L. Stenseth Stephen Stenseth Mark & Claudia Stenson Stephen Larson & Dwight Larson David B. Stern* Larry C. Stetzner, M.D. Leah L. Manning Stetzner*

Garvin & Sandra Stevens Cameron R. Stewart Estate Ferguson Stewart* Dwayne L. Sticka Scott & Sue Stinar Frank & Margaret Stinchfield Estate Cheryl & John Stjern Col. J. Thomas Stocker, M.D. Jacque G. Stockman* Louise Aandahl Stockman* Winnifred F. Stockman* Tom & Dawn Stoe/Papa Murphy's Pizza, Grand Forks Col. (Ret) Greg & Jey Stolt Emil, Jr.* & Audrey Stoltz Ardell Stone* J. Lloyd* & Grace* Stone Jennifer Stoner Stone's Mobile Radio, Inc. Drs. Debbie Storrs & John Mihelich Paul J. Storsteen* David & Judith Stowman A. Thomas Strand* in Memory of Mary Flemington Strand & Albert Engebret C. Strand Dr. Jens* & Rosalinda Strand Jon & Kristine Strand Cecil & Karen Strande Steven R. Strande Harold E. Stratemeyer* Joann A. & John W.* Strehlow Craig Strehlow & Marcia Estee Strehlow Kent B. Streibel Jolanda M. Streifel Mark F. Streifel Paul Stremick Dr. Dean* & Catheleen* Strinden Jon & Sandi Strinden Drs. William & Sarah Strinden

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Dr. L. Otis* & Ethel* Simenstad Simonson Lumber & Hardware, Inc. Simonson Station Stores, Inc. Dr. Donald* & Ingrid* Simonson Arch & Mary Simonson Pete* & Marilyn Simonson Al K. Simpson* Karen Owens Sinard Brian & Laura Sivertson Norman E. Skabo* Janet L. Skadeland David J. Skar, PE Glen M. Skar Troy & Michelle Skime Skinner Roofing & Insulation Skip's Budget Drug Arlene B. Skjervem Estate Howard M. Skjervem Estate Spencer & Zelda Skretvedt Dennis & Donna Skyberg Rose Skyberg Daniel H. Slemmons, M.D. James* & Nettie Smallwood Smith Lumber Company Alice & Steven Smith DeLoris & John Smith John E. Smith Estate Kevin & Kathy Smith Kirk & Joan* Smith Lois E. Kent Smith* Madge* & Robert* Smith Marion Smith* & Family in Memory of Neal F. Smith Robert S. Smith* Ronald Maurice Smith, M.D./Arizona Medical Group of Mesa Dr. Stacey & Jen Smith Thomas H.* & Betty* Smith Smith, Bakke, Porsborg, Schweigert & Armstrong






8 EY 200









Sigurd* & Evelyn* Swenson Gary L. & Betsy Swenson Jane & Scott Swenson Wayne M. Swenson, M.D. & Lois Swenson Roger Swiger Capt. George Swiggum, USN (RET)* Jim* & Bev Swingen Steven M. Synhorst Savanthi & Jason Syth Chad & Genaya Syverson Grant Syverson, M.D. & Melissa Burkland Jane & Rod Syverson Mark Syverson Dr. Robert & Elizabeth Szczys T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation Clyde W. & Pauline K. Tabor Ronald & Josephine Taillon Estate R. Wayne Taintor, M.D.* Gene D. Tang, M.D. Dr. Guy & Brenda Tangedahl Dave & Mary Tannahill Drs. Basir & Mohiba Tareen



Michael & Susan Stromberg Scott & Cindy Stromme Stephen A. Stromstad, M.D. Thomas & Heather Stroup Structures, Inc. Dr. Eudene M. Stuart* Gregory S. Stuart* Student Air Traffic Control Association Student Aviation Management Association Jason & Patty Studsrud Jon A. Study Catherine* & Richard* Sturtevant Lynn* & Phyllis* Stutrud Sublime Aesthetic Professionals Subway/Little Caesars Gail A. Sullivan Summer Institute of Linguistics Debra & Tom Sumner Sun Pool & Patio/ Hutton Farms Sundstrand Corporation Super Valu Supervalu Foundation Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Sure Foot Corporation Madeline* & Bill* Sutherland Patricia A. Swangler Swangler Auto Parts Aloys P. Swanson Andrew E. & Gail A. Swanson Clay Swanson Helen M. Swanson* Howard & Deborah Swanson Steve F. Swanson Calvin L. "Bud" Swedlund Estate Jim Sweeney Maurice F. Sweeney* Michael & Jane Sweeney Harriet M. Sweetland* Dr. Marian E. Swendseid*


0 -2

Douglas & Lori Taylor Dr. William* & Jeanne* Taylor TCI Insurance Team Electronics Technology Applications Group Dr. Arthur & Doris* Tees Donald & Mary Tehven Ople J. Teigen* Philip J. Teigen Teledyne Incorporated

Tony* & Tracy Telken Nicole & Jefferson Tellmann Dr. Ronald & Joyce Tello Cherie Templeton* Tenneco Incorporated Terra Dr. Katherine L. Terras Butch Tester Gene R. Tetrault Texaco Incorporated Texas A&M University Textron, Inc. Connie F. Tharaldson Gary Tharaldson The Buck Zahradka Memorial The Bush Foundation The Coteau Properties Co. The Delta Airlines Foundation The Gene Murphy Golf Classic The Jostens Foundation, Inc. The Marvin Companies, Inc. The Nash Family Foundation The Presser Foundation The Quaker Oats Foundation The Wheeler Foundation William Penn Foundation Special Gifts Program Dr. David & Theresa Theige Karen D. Thingelstad Dr. Robert* & Joan* Thom Belle L. Thomas* in Memory of Paul Thomas Tom & Buzzy Thomas Todd R. Thomas* Debra Thomas-Anderson* Beverly J. Boone Thompson C. James Thompson, Jr.* Chris Thompson DeeAnn L. Thompson Edward K. Thompson* Era Bell Thompson* Harrison C. Thompson

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President 's CIR CL E

S T E V E M A R T IN , ’ 8 9


After becoming a mechanical engineer, Steve spent 11 years working for GE Energy in Central and Eastern Europe, developing and executing strategic plans for all GE Energy profit centers across

19 countries. In 2008, he pursued his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and co-founded KS Energy in Botswana and Nigeria, Africa, now one of the fastest-growing African energy companies on the continent. In 2018, after more than two decades working and living in Africa, Steve had an idea. “I wanted to help an Indigenous kid from North Dakota who had knowledge in engineering and lead them off the beaten path where they could experience the similarities and differences between cultures in Africa,” he said. Steve worked with UND’s College of Engineering & Mines to establish a cultural exchange internship for three Native American engineering

students. While they gained valuable career experience and were immersed in African culture, he covered their travel and living expenses. Steve still mentors all three students and plans to continue the program to give unique opportunities to more Indigenous students. His biggest dream is to use his knowledge and resources to help students learn from a different perspective and encourage them to take chances throughout their career.


Since he was a child, Steve Martin, ’89, has dreamed of becoming many things: a mechanical engineer, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist to his community. Thanks to a lot of hard work and his time at the University of North Dakota, Steve has achieved those dreams. As a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians with over 28 years of energy project experience, he now feels equipped to help Native American students at UND fulfill their dreams.

“When I’m gone, I want to be remembered as a leader who taught people to be open minded, dream big and make decisions that benefit communities and people,” Steve said. \\\ 61


employees of the University of North Dakota make it run on all cylinders. When one cylinder breaks down, they fix it before the problem has time to wreak havoc. They’re on speed dial in every department, helping out with a nod and a “you bet,” or “anytime.” They’re our technicians whose expertise and equipment resolve crises and prevent so many more. They bring us to the next level, working on

UND’s technological advances that make us industry leaders. These unsung heroes’ faithful work impacts the multitude but is often understood by only a few. When they’re gone, the gaping hole left behind becomes obvious to all that it’s not easy to fill.

Academic Support Services department at the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences. David helped create programs and solve technology problems for Aerospace students, instructors and supervisors alike.


On May 22, 2021, David’s life ended unexpectedly from a heart attack.

David Horne, ’85, ’88, was one of these heroes. Known informally as “Jack of all trades,” he held the official title of Interactive Systems Analyst for the

left: When a flood hit Minot in 2011, David Horne arrived with a U-Haul to retrieve his parents, Bob and Deanne, and move them into his home in Fargo. Since then, the Hornes have lived in the same neighborhood. His parents carry a lifetime of memories, including David's work on his master's thesis and his UND graduation. right: Tom DiLorenzo (1956-2020), then UND Provost, awards David Horne (1962-2021) for his 25 years of service to the University of North Dakota. Both men served UND faithfully in different ways and have left a legacy in their absence.




SUPER SMART, FULL OF HEART Family and friends honor David Horne, a UND employee who made Aerospace courses accessible worldwide through distance education.

After getting over the shock, David’s parents Robert (Bob) and Deanne Horne, along with David’s wife Shelley, discussed how to best commemorate David’s life and service to UND. They established the David K. Horne Family Memorial Scholarship to benefit physics students. “We look at it as a double impact,” said Bob. “One, we want to strengthen UND and help it grow and educate more students and prepare them for the future. Second, it makes us feel good that, through David’s memory, we are helping future students get their degree in physics and have an impact in society.”

Physics was David’s first love – the focus of his undergraduate and master’s degrees at UND.

“ David was a close friend to everyone at Aerospace whose paths he crossed.” Shortly after graduating, he landed a job with the Odegard School when the Aerospace Network (ASN) was built. Through use of the multimedia production facility,

David helped launch distance education courses through satellite broadcasting to a handful of universities. “We were doing this long before any other school,” said Robert Cary, ’84, Audio/ Video Producer & Director and David’s supervisor. “UND has always been a leader in distance education, and David had a hand in that.” When internet came on the scene, David uploaded classes online, spreading the School of Aerospace’s influence from the region to the world and putting the school on the map in terms of distance learning.


FEATURE: SUPER SMART, FULL OF HEART David’s memory is carried on by his team. (From left) Lee Smith, Robert Cary and Henry Borysewicz spent hours with David in the ASN Control Room creating distance education materials for the School of Aerospace.

FOR THE LOVE OF THE JOB In 1982, David married his high school sweetheart Shelley (Kautzman) Horne, Ph.D., ’85, ’87, ’94, They enjoyed settling into married life as students at UND. After Shelley started working in the Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences department at NDSU in Fargo, David began commuting to UND – which he would continue for the next 27 years. Often questioned about his decision to drive, he was quick to give assurance that the car ride was a time to think and decompress. To his family, friends and colleagues, it was apparent that the love of the job is what kept him on the road 160 miles a day – blizzard, rain or shine.


The School of Aerospace is still picking up the pieces following David’s death. More than his professional expertise, it’s his friendship that David’s colleagues mourn the most. “You don’t go to work with someone five days a week for 20-some-odd-years and not become friends. David was a close friend to everyone at Aerospace whose paths he crossed,” said Henry Borysewicz, ’98, director of the College’s Academic Support Services. At David’s funeral service, a former roommate of David’s summarized him as “super scary smart.” Henry agreed. “He was the guy that would take care of anything, fix anything for you. Even if he didn’t know how to do it,

he would say, ‘Yes, we can do that.’ And then he would figure it out,” he said. His brains were matched by his heart. David would lend a hand for anyone in need. His second cousin, Rachel (Lindemann) Bakken, ’10, told a story at the funeral service. She was a freshman at UND who had just moved from Nevada. Although the two barely knew each other, Rachel called David in a panic about a roommate crisis. A few hours later, David showed up at her door to help move her out of the situation. “I think I would have gone back to Nevada if he hadn’t helped me,” said Rachel, who graduated with her nursing degree four years later and now works at Essentia Health-Fargo.

A RICH FAMILY TRADITION David’s commitment to UND was passed on by his parents. His mother Deanne, ’75, a first-generation college student, earned her master’s degree in special education from UND. His father Bob, ’64, earned his master’s in history from UND and his doctorate from the University of Montana. “We always thought that UND was the top of the education pyramid in North Dakota, and we wanted to be part of that,” said Bob. Between David’s parents, aunts/uncles, cousins, niece and two brothers, the Hornes have a rich family tradition at UND. Together, 13 members of the Horne family have earned 19 degrees from UND. Bob served in the North Dakota Senate and helped sponsor the original bill that would change the future

of philanthropy in North Dakota. In 2007, the North Dakota Income Tax Credit bill passed, which eventually allowed up to a 40% tax credit for a minimum $5,000 donation to a qualified North Dakota endowment. That was one of Bob’s proudest achievements serving in the state legislature. Since then, he and Deanne have used the benefit many times in their philanthropy to nonprofits and churches throughout the state, including the endowment they established at UND in honor of David. Through this endowment, the Hornes are carrying on David’s memory by helping produce more “super scary smart” professionals who will use physics to solve the world’s problems, just as David did. \\\


A N E N D O W ME N T Endowments are longterm investments in the University of North Dakota that benefit students, faculty, or programs year after year. The UND Alumni Association & Foundation manages and invests endowed funds to ensure a dependable income stream for designated programs. Anyone may establish an endowment, either individually or with a group. Naming opportunities create a way to honor an individual, family, or business, just like the Hornes did for David.

Scan with your phone’s camera app to learn more about creating an endowment at UND.

David and Shelley celebrated the graduation of their only child, Tyler, from Davies High School, Fargo, in 2020.



1889 Legacy The 1889 Legacy Society honors alumni and friends who have made a commitment for the future support of the University of North Dakota with estate, planned, or deferred gifts through the UND Foundation. This Society was proudly named to recognize the year the UND Alumni Association was founded. On June 13, 1889, the first eight graduates of the University of North Dakota met after commencement ceremonies and together they formed the UND Alumni Association. It was the start of our proud tradition of alumni loyalty and support. Qualifying gifts include a bequest in will or revocable living trust, designation of the UND Foundation as beneficiary in an insurance policy or retirement plan, or a life income gift or life estate gift of a residence or farm property. The 1889 Legacy Society is our humble way to express gratitude for planned gifts of any size or type to benefit the University of North Dakota. Through their generosity, 1889 Legacy Society members leave a powerful and impactful legacy of support for future


generations at the University of North Dakota. The 1889 Legacy Society has over 1,000 members. If you have already named the University of North Dakota Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift for the support of UND, we want to welcome you as an 1889 Legacy Society member. If you are interested in committing a planned gift and becoming a member of this Society, please contact a development officer or Shane Hersch, Director of Gift Planning. Our experienced team will work with you and your advisors to design the best gift for your situation. If you do not see your name listed on the following pages and believe you have already documented a planned gift with us to UND, your gift may be marked anonymous. Please contact us for support; we are here to help your legacy shine. \\\

Robert D. Bain* Joe* & Wilma* Baker Dr. Benjamin* & Ardelle* Bakkegard Dewey* & Borgie* Balch Robert W. Baldwin Estate Katherine M. Bangsund Thomas* & Kitty* Barger Lisa S. Barnes Dr. Philip L. & Sandra Barney Lynn C. Jorgenson Barnhart Margaret L. Barr Estate Aldene A. Barrington* Dianne P. Barry Charles W. Bartholomew Estate Bard & Nicki Baukol Frank* & Joanne Bavendick Emil* & Margaret* Baxstrom Barbara G. Beach David* & Jean* Beach Ruth Beagarie* Leonard Beal* Eugene* & Muriel* Becken Dean* & Jamie Beckstead Garfield* & Sanae Beckstead Orma A. Bedzis Dr. Ed & Marjean Bender Robert* & Joan* Bender Ethel T. Bendixen* Oliver L. Benediktson* George* & Lois* Benner Orville J. Berg* Edwin J. Berge Estate Donald O. Bergquist Edward* & Eileen Bernhoft Donald Bertheuson* Helen L. Besse* Tom & Robin Biel Bruce O. Bjerkaas* Col. Carlton L. Bjerkaas (RET) Marilyn A. Bjerke* Orvald J. Bjerken Estate Marlyn & DaLonna* Bjorge

Adeline M. Bjork (Hoge) Estate Bill* & Miff* Blair Drs. Julie & David* Blehm LaVonne Blikre* in Memory of Dr. Clair T. Blikre Jim & Twylah Blotsky Raymond* & Billie Jean Blum Fred & Albena Blumhardt Estate Karen M. Bohn & Gary M. Surdel Erling M. Bolstad* Mona Barrie Bolton Estate Roger Borg Irene Bostrom Estate Ray* & Shirley* Bostrom Daniel C.* & Bette C.* Boteler Jane Bourassa* in Memory of Wilbur O. Bourassa Grace Ellis Bowen* Dr. Lowell* & Muriel Boyum Dr. L. Eugene* & Kathryn Bradfield Joyce E. Braithwait Estate Harriet M. Brandow (Anderson)* Jake Brandt Kathleen M. Branley Estate Victoria Braund, M.D. & Michael Mercury, Ph.D. John & Diane Brawley Harold & Helen Breeding Estate Roger* & Darleen Breezley Duane & Mary Jane Breitling Charles J. Breitwieser* Chad & Catherine Brekke Ordean* & Wilhelmina* Brekke Steven & Desilee Brekke Ross & Emily Brenneman Elsa W. Brenner Estate

Gary Bridgeford Kristi & Richard Brindle Dr. James L. Brinkman* & Cecelia R. Brinkman* Derrel & Anne* Britsch Robert* & Cassie Brostrom Bill & Ruth Brown David A. Brown Dr. Glenn* & Harriet Brown Larry Brown* & Vaughn Malm Brown* Dr. Mary P. Bryngelson Mary Alice Buchanan* Lyle F. Buchwitz Robert* & Frances* Buckingham Jesse & Lee Bull Merle* & Anita* Bunde Alan & Jill Burchill Audrey* & Russ* Burfening Ruth M. Burgh Estate Rick & Jody Burgum Ruth Burrage* Lyn J. Burton Dorothy E. Busch* Robert A.* & Lorraine* Busch James H. Bushaw* Ed* & Olive* Bushby Dean & Michelle Bushee Linda Butts Cord & Jean Bye Dr. Gwen J. Bymers* John* & Mary Bywater Dorothy Upham Call* Jessie P. Campbell Estate Madelyne & Theodore* Camrud Dr. William & Norma* Cape Leonard S. Carlisle DeAnna Carlson Zink & Wayne Zink Dr. John L.* & Ruth* Carter Margaret Carter Estate Elizabeth Gaulke Cary* Gregg & Darcy Cascaes Donald* & Georgine Casement

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Larry* & Martha Ann* Aasen Reuben* & Alice* Aasland Elizabeth & Alden* Abraham Hal E. Adams Naomi E. Adams Estate Ralph* & Jackie Adamsen D. Guy Allen Estate George* & Glenna "Pat"* Allen Joseph C. Allen Estate Dr. Kent & Diane Alm Elizabeth Alsop* Alvis B. Amble* Alma J. Anderson* A. Mavourneen Anderson Estate Dr. Arden & Bertha Anderson Estate Aron D. & Mary L. Anderson Bernt* & Clara* Anderson Daryl* & Diane Anderson Ethel I. Anderson* Jeff Anderson* LeRoy A. Anderson* Lowell T. Anderson* Magnus* & Evelyn* Anderson Marvin D. Anderson* Owen & Kathie Anderson Dr. Richard H. Annis* Dr. Ronald A. & Dorine* Apanian Dorothy A. Arneson & Ronald P. Vuturo Marilyn A. & Duane A.* Arness Drs. Robert Arusell & Janelle Sanda Russell T. Asleson Estate A. Leonard Asmundson, M.D.* Larry Atkins Walt* & Connie Auran Alton* & Joanne* Baglien Donald E. Bahr, M.D. Estate J. Michael Bailey Terry & Marie Bailey David & Jan Bailly



Bob* & Pat* Higgins Caudel Adolph* & Betty* Cervenka Virginia W. Cheng, M.D.* Dr. Steffen & Janice Christensen Laura Christianson* Carla J. Christofferson Twyla I. Chun Jean M. Clark* Dr. Rodney* & Carol* Clark T. Michael Clarke* Richard D. Clay Dr. Maurine Clow* Dr. Dale & Penny Cody Corey & Joyce Colehour Ireton & Marie Connelly Estate Ruth Connors Dr. Paul* & Helen* Cook Ernie* & Jennie* Coon Harold* & Emma* Coop Dorian "Pete" H. Cordes, M.D.* Margaret Heyse Cory* Dr. Clifford "Kip" A. Cranna, Jr. Helen Crawford* Dr. Francine Cronshaw & Russell Selleck Patricia F. Crow Estate Joyce I. Reintjes Crowder & Brian-Paul Klein Crowder Dr. Thomas & Nancy* Cruden Dr. Jean W. Currey* Bob* & Jean* Dahl Eugene Dahl* in Memory of Evelyn Dahl Helen A. Dahl* Thomas & Ardys Dahl Ervin* & Drusilla* Dahlund Dr. John H. & Carlyn Dalness Drs. Haldean & Bonnie Dalzell Russell Danforth Estate Roy & Elnora H. Danley Estate John B. Davenport* Tim* & Maxine* Davies

David E. Davis Estate John* & Marilyn* Davis Charles E. DeKaye* John A. DeKrey, M.D.* Roger L. & Agnes C. Dell Charitable Trust II William* & Jane* Denk Ralph G. Devlin* Dorothy M. Diakoff* Judith R. Dickinson Estate Patricia & John* Diehl Lori L. Dietrich & Steven J. Piazza Dave Dornacker & Jody Spencer Wayne A. Drugan, Jr. Estate Harriet A. Drummond* Mary Elizabeth Wiltrout Dryden Estate Virginia & Paul DuBowy Dan & Andrea Dufner Dwain E. Duis* Bob & Vivian Dunbar Jane E. Duncan Jerome* & Anne* Dunlevy Dr. Ralph & Bernadette Dunnigan Estate Jeanne Morrow Dye* Mary Jo & Rick Eastes Lynne Stenehjem Ebner Sara Edel & Diane Reinking Ruth Sorlie Edick Estate Robert G. Edkins, M.D.* Louise Edwards* Tom & Jackie Edwards Theodore Effos* Robert W. Ego* Donald J. Ehreth Donald L. Eide* Eric Eknes Charlotte* & Wallace* Elefson Joe "Buzz"* & Bev* Elliott Elmer* & Ruth* Ellis Leeland T. Engelhorn* David & Judy Engen Thomas R.* & Beverly Engen Bob Erickson & Claire Fallon

Rev. Dr. Doug* & Joan* Erickson Jan M. Erickson* Dr. Nels J. Erickson* Dr. John* & Betty* Ericson Lisa L. Eriksmoen* John F. Ermer* Julia L. Ernst Debbie Evenson

“We have no children and we decided years ago that our legacy would be to support the field of education. Part of that legacy will be the new (Nistler College of Business & Public Administration) building along with our existing business and education scholarship endowments at the University of North Dakota.” HARVEY, ’71, & MELANIE NOTEBOOM

Dr. Lloyd & Jacquelyn Everson Vera Facey* Helen Baird Fait* Fritz O. Falgren* Winnifred T. Falkanger Estate John* & Evelyn* Fallon Perry & Diane Fast

Dr. Robert* & Margaret Fawcett Bob & Patricia Feidler Bernie & Sue Feland Louise S. Ferguson* Dr. Clayton* & Dorothy* Ferry Kevin M. Fickenscher, M.D. Jean R. Fields Estate Jim* & Louise* Fingarson Dennis & Muriel Finken Dr. C. Peter & Beverly Fischer John R. Fischer, M.D. Mary K. Fischer Dr. Verrill* & Ruth Ann* Fischer Lloyd* & Ruth* Flem Fletcher Family Trust A. Irene Fletcher Estate Mark & Cindy Fliginger Don* & Myra* Flint Robert* & LaVerne* Florance Hilda C. Flynn* Dr. Elton & Patricia Fors Mark B. Foss* Dennis H. Fossum Eleanor Stratte Foster* Henrietta Stone Fox* Capt. Jeffrey J. Frane Dr. Richard E.* & Mary Margaret* Frank Eula Fratarelli Estate Fredrik* & Helen* Reis Fredlund Ellen H. Freeman Estate Rodney & Beckie Freeman Dr. James* & Julie Frisk William M. Fruhwirth* Marianne* & Gustav* Frye Dr. Laurence* & Adeline* Gaebe Charles* & Dorothy* Gainor Dr. Duane G.* & Janice* Gallo Charles & Edna Galloway Estate Sara Garland & Kim Uhl

Coleen Shaner Bacon Grosz* Clayton* & Evelyn* Grove Dorothy C. Grovom* H. Leonard* & LaVerne* Gryte Ava & Salvator Guerrera Beulah-Rom Gullekson* Lillian Gullekson Dave & Jane Gunther Robert D. & Karen J. Gusaas Lt. Col. Ben Gustafson RET* Glen & Marilyn* Gustafson John* & Carol Gutenkunst Bill & Marilyn Guy Joe & Joyann Guzek James F. & Connie L. Haakenson Tim & Joey Haas Dale & Sue Hadland Jean K. Hafer* Paul C.* & Lee* Hagen Dr. Lyle & Susan Hall Richard & Helen McLean Hall Estate George S. Hallenbeck, M.D. Ken C. Halliday Fleurette Halpern Estate James V. Halteman* Dr. Dalton D. Halverson Estate Dr. Gerald* & Agnes* Hamerlik Dr. Thomas & Carolyn Hamilton Adelaide M. Hamre* Laurie B. Hamre Dr. Robert* & Florita* Hankins Jewell L. Hanna* David L. Hanson Edwin W. Hanson* Roy A. Hanson* Ada McLellan Haraldson* in Memory of Adrian McLellan Adeline C. Hartl* Ruth Eastman Hastings* Randy & Laurie Hatzenbuhler

Arnold* & Marjorie* Haugen Bernard & Jean Haugen Estate Carl* & Zoila* Haugen Fern C. Haugen* in Honor & Memory of Clifford O. Haugen, M.D. Robert* & Colleen Hauser Henry* & Lilah* Havig Elsie* & Abraham* Haykel Thomas & Joanne Heck Dr. Robert* & Jane* Heen Kenneth S. Helenbolt, M.D.* Dr. Ramon* & Lee Henkel Dr. John R.* & Nancy Henneford Jim & Michelle Henrichsen Dr. Gordon & Patricia Henry Richard* & Lynn Hentges Dr. Norman & Charmaine Hepper Dr. Cliff A.* & Christine Herman Thomas R. Herman, Sr. J. Paul Herzig* Robert & Phyllis Hess Mary Elizabeth Hetherington* Elaine L. Hetland* Carol & Lawrence* Hill Dennis A. Hill Ellen I. Hill Estate Vern L.* & Eunice O.* Hill Carol & John Hinz Estate Agatha D. Hoff* Nancy K. Hoff Janice & Frank* Hoffarth Wesley Hoffman Estate John J. Hogan* Sherman E. Hoganson* Thomas J. Hoganson* Martha M. Hoghaug Glasoe Estate Ivan C. Holbrook Estate F. D., Jr. & Margine* Holland Grace Hollett*

Kenneth Holmes Estate Judge Alfred O. Holte* Dean & JoAnn Hornbacher Dr. L. Michael & M. Michela Howell Delmar M. Hugger* John L.* & Elizabeth* Hulteng K. David Hulteng E. Karen Hunt* Gerald W. Hunt Donald C. Gackle* Kenneth Hyslop Estate Ruth Ellen Ihde* Michael C. Jackman* Kay Jackson Estate in Memory of Mildred Lippincott Mike Jacobs & Suezette Bieri Dorothy Donnelly James* Alberta J. Janes* Genevieve Janes Estate Dr. John & Marcia Jarrett Marjorie R. Javet David B. Jelliff John M. Jenkins* Lu Jiang Karn L. Jilek Larry* & Lynda Jodsaas Dr. A. William & Joan Johnson Arthur* & Clara* Johnson Chuck* & Cory* Johnson Clifford Johnson* Dr. Craig Johnson & Connie Hofland Donald T. Johnson Estate Erik R. & Beth Johnson Erwin & Arlene Johnson Iner V.* & June E.* Johnson James* & Gwen* Johnson Janice Meeg Johnson in Memory of Alfred B. Meeg Larry & Jean Johnson Loering M. Johnson Loretta M. Johnson Lyle* & Irene Johnson

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Wilbur Gehrke Family Survivors Trust Bill & Marlys* Geiger Glenn* & Mary* Geiger Allison & Bud Gentle Virginia J. P. George Estate Virgil L. Gerig Estate Greg Gerloff & Michele Sorenson Gerloff Leslie Gerloff* Stephen S. Gershman Capt. Richard* & Lorraine* Gerszewski M. James Gibbs* Mary Gibson Estate Chris* & Marie* Giese Lloyd* & Marian* Giessel David M. Gipp* Dr. Paul* & Marian* Gislason Elda S. Glady* Dr. C.J.* & Viola B.* Glaspel Dr. Morley D. Glicken Dr. John* & Georgia* Goff Florence Golde Estate James G. Golseth, M.D.* Dr. Daniel* & Shirley Goodwin David & Jane* Gordon Benedict F.* & Dorothy J. Gorecki Dr. John & Mary* Graham Arlene H. Gran* Glen* & Janice Gransberg Clara Graving* Alan & Clara Gray Estate John "Jack" * & Ellen* Gray Dr. John Gray & Karen Schmidt-Gray Kelly M. Bye Greenlees Bernadine Greenwood* Leonard Griffin* in Memory of Blanche Griffin Jacquelyn & Patrick Grinde Mary J. Groebner Alice Geneva Loe Groll* Clifford C. Grosz*


1889 Legacy S OCIE T Y

“My mom and dad fully funded my education, so I obtained a bachelor’s degree debt free. I know not everyone has that luxury, so I want to be able to help those students through my legacy.” DR. MARY BRYNGELSON

DR . M A R Y ( M A R T IN ) B R Y N GE L S O N , ’ 76



Dr. Mary (Martin) Bryngelson, ’76, has a genuine desire to help the next generation of learners. As a UND graduate with expertise in mathematics, supporting math majors is a mission near and dear to her heart. The financial sacrifice that her parents made in support of their children’s education is what inspired her to help students at UND.


“My mom and dad fully funded my education, so I obtained a bachelor’s degree debt free. I know not everyone has that luxury, so I want to be able to help those students through my legacy,” Dr. Bryngelson said. To honor their sacrifice, Dr. Bryngelson has left a

generous gift to UND in her Will that will establish a permanent endowed fund in honor of her parents, Buster and Margie Martin. Her generous contributions will support scholarships for math students, relieving their financial burden. “I hope other people consider giving back. As I get older, I think more about estate planning. I renewed my testamentary gift because I feel strongly about my money supporting the students in the math department,” Dr. Bryngelson said. After earning a degree from UND, she pursued her Ph.D. in higher education administration from Florida

State. Following her education, she launched her career as a math teacher in England and went on to work in higher education administration at UND and the University of Missouri. She also worked in environmental studies and finished her career in healthcare leadership. Dr. Bryngelson now resides in Montana and Arizona and is excited to leave a lasting legacy to math students. “I’ve been grateful to all the educators at UND who helped me launch into an amazing career path. I’ve really had some wonderful opportunities and I hope to provide the same for students,” she said. \\\

Arnold* & Nettie* Kirkness Earl & Elinor Kitchen Estate Torval & Hilda Kittelson Estate Ronald K. Kjos, M.D. Charles Klein* Arnold* & Helen* Klick Elmer W. & Evelyn A. Klipstein Estate Janet, James and Peter Klosterman in Memory of Annette Klosterman James R. Knudson Mary Lou J. Kojancik Estate Dorothy C. Kolberg Estate Axel & Agnes Kongslie Estate Mark & Priscilla Kovar Herman Kovnick* Dr. Arthur* & Ann Kracke Dr. Eugene* & Carole Kralicek Barb M. Kramer The Estates of Robert & Elizabeth Kratt Ronald Kreienkamp Karen & Randy Kreil Dr. Timothy J. Kroeger Ralph* & Eleanor* Krogfoss Lorance T. Krogstad, M.D.* Faith D. Krueger Margaret (Peggy Paupst) Kruta Estate Arnold D. & Susan R. Kuhn Peter & Eunice Kuhn Louie* & Dorothy* Kulas William & Marcella Kunkel Estate Dr. Charles & Adele Kupchella Dr. Robert & Charlene Kyle Ruth Kyle* Fred* & Joyce* Laborde Sharon J. Lambeth* Ora* & Carol Lampman Bob* & Pat* Lander Ed* & Barb* Lander R. Doug & Sally Larsen

Dr. Donald & Joyce Larson Lillian* & Paul* Larson Milton* & Marvine* Larson Paul* & Annie* Larson Linda J. Laskowski Vernese Feldman Lathrop Dr. Suzanne Laudert & Robert Stremick Stefan & Sue Laxdal Luverne* & Maxine* Lazier Howard* & Geraldine* Lee Sen. Judy & Duane* Lee Paula H. Lee* in Memory of Randy H. Lee Rick & Lori Lee Gunder* & Ruth* Legvold Ralph* & Rosemary Leidholdt William Leier & Teri Brackenbury Leier Mary Lee & Keith Leikas Donald* & Edith* Lenarz Vincent* & Phoebe* Leo Kraig S. Lerud, M.D. Ingeborg Lerum* Dr. Leonard* & The Honorable Beryl Levine Dale & Paulette Lian Dr. Chien-Wei & Kam-Wei* Liao Dr. Ronald L. & Rebecca Lien Dr. Amy I. Lind* John & Nettie Lindvig Erik G. Lips* Bruce K. Listoe* Barbara A. (Grabanski) & Arnold E. Lizakowski Dean* & Marian* Locken Peter J. Lockrem & Emily Jane Lockrem Cynthia R. Long* William C.* & Frances Lontz Dr. Frank N. Low* Robert Jame Lowe* Dr. Anthony J.* & Junieve* Lund Harald* & Gay* Lund

Terry & Suzanne* Lundberg Jeremy S. Lunde Col. Herbert* & Muzette N.* Lux Klonda Lynn* Karen Lynner Estate Archie* & Neva* MacMaster David & Mary MacMillan Philip* & Adelaide* MacMillan William* & Alice* MacMillan Norman & Floy Ann MacPhee Norman S. MacPhee* Lois & Fred Madsen Drs. Tom Magill & Sarah McCullough Richard J. Maginn, M.D.* Dr. Jim* & Yvonne Mahoney Bernardine M. Mahowald, M.D.* Michael G. Maitino* Roger & Sandra Malm Don A. Mann Bill & Jane Marcil Jack G. Marcil Dave & Mary Maring Gary & Jane Marsden Floyd* & Ann* Marshall Frederick E. Martin Estate Mike Marttila Janet M. Marwin Estate Solveig P. Matlock* Margaret S. Matthews* Steven R. Mattson, M.D. Lori A. Maurer Margot de Bruyn Kops McClintock* Robert* & Bernadine McConn Spencer C. McCrae, M.D.* Mildred McDermott*/ T. Lloyd Kelly Foundation Inez L. McDonald* in Memory of William F. McDonald Elaine R. McGrath Dorothy (Nelson) McGregor Estate

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Lynn* & Ann* Johnson Martin C. Johnson Prentiss Johnson* Randy & Marcia Johnson Drs. Steve & Teri Johnson Dr. William* & Helen* Johnson Lyda F. M. Johnston* Ruth Brennan Johnston* Viola Johnston Estate Russ* & Vivienne* Johnstone Scott S. Johs Gail M. Jones Winnifred H. Jones* Dr. LaVernia J. Jorgensen* Todd M. Jorgenson Richard W. Kaczor & Virginia A. Jameson Dr. Karl* & Carolyn Kaess Cyrus P. Kahl* Eunice C. Kalloch Estate Leighton E. Kaloupek Dr. Dale C.* & LoAnn Kana Albert C. Kane* Evans J. Karpenko* in Memory of Fran Karpenko Lyle & Kathleen Kasprick Julia I. Keegan* Maybelle Keller* Dr. Ellin M. Kelly* Milton* & Sybil* Kelly Dr. Walter* & Phyllis* Kelsch Harris* & Ardyth Kenner Maximilian C. Kern, M.D.* James* & Elizabeth* Kertz Theodore F.* & Dee* Kessel Theodore & Barbara Kessel Kathie & Kevin Kiefer Ragna Kilian* Carolyn J. King Gay Gidley King* Jesse & Tamara Kirchmeier



Joseph McIntee Estate Jim* & JoAnn* McKay John S. McKechnie* Rodney B. McKinney Ellen R.* & George D.* McKinnon Mac* & Janet* McSparron Robert & Linda Medhus Terri L. Medhus McLean Ben* & Clara* Meier Roger W. Melvold Dr. Donald* & Marjorie Meredith Dr. Lois J. Merrill* Robert H. Meyers* Daniel P. Michelsen Estate Dr. Leonhard P. Mickelsen* Carol* & Robert* Middleton Fritz & Verona Mikkelson Family John & Cindy (Buck) Miklesh W. Dyce* & Esther* Millard Mike Miller Brian R. Milne Roger L. & Glenda Minerman Russell* & Evelyn* Mlinar Sandra A. Modisett* Erik G. Moe Marguerite Camilla Moe Estate Stanley* & Doris* Moe Denis E. Moen* Dale R. Monsebroten* Martha S. Monson Estate Ina C. Montgomery* Darrell & Kay* Moon Loren & Heloise Moore Estate Mildred S. Moore* in Memory of Herbert E. Moore Stephen L. Morgan Dr. William & Ida Morris Dale & Barbara Morrison J. Roger Morrison Marvin & Diane Morrison Howard & Johnnie

Moum Estate Denise* & Kenneth* Mullen Larry R. Mullins Joan D. Multhaup* Douglas C. & Laura Munski Dr. James* & Barbara* Murphy John R. Muus* Eugene E. & Florence H. Myers Estate Mary F. Myers Estate Joe K. Neel, Jr.* Beverly J. Nelson* Chester E. Nelson, Jr.* Jim & Neel Nelson Lloyd S. Nelson* Mary Stephens Nelson* Wilford* & Biona* Nelson Jay D. & Jennifer L. Neppel Dr. Joel K. Ness Harold M. Nessett* Thomas G. Netcher* Arlys J. Netland Frank Neukamp, M.D.* Robert W. Neville* Corby* & Mary* Newman William V. Nicklawsky* Beth M. Nienow Daniel & JoEmily Nieuwsma Lucille M. Nilson Estate Dr. Inger Lise Nissen* & Dr. Albert Liebman* Colleen & Werner G. Nistler, Jr. on behalf of the Nistler Family Barbara N. Norman-Maddock* Harvey & Melanie Noteboom Angela S. O'Brien* Tim & Becky O'Keefe Dr. Bernard* & Marcia* O'Kelly Diane Odegard Lewis H. Oehlert Estate Ronald & Karen Offutt Lee D. & Marlene Okeson Dr. Richard A.* & Ann* Olafson Robert M. Olafson

Dorothy Krug Oliphant* B. Dianne Olson Estate in Memory of Terence D. Olson Dennis L. & Dianne R. Olson Janet F. Olson* John D. Olson, M.D.* O. Henning & Jeanne Olson Estate Philip J. Olson* Drs. Thomas & Sandra Olson A. E. "Dutch"* & Virginia* Omdahl Roger A.* & Annette* Ophaug Roger* & Mona* Ophus Margaret O. Oros* Curtis & Dorothy Orr Chuck & Bonnie Orvik Fred* & Sigrid* Ott Alpha J. Ottis Estate Robert G. Owens Dr. Ella Jane* & Herbert* Oyer Varner & Diane* Paddack John W. Padden* Robert* & Kathleen* Page Sally J. Page* Linda & Mark* Pancratz Wayne* & Christi Rae Papke John M. Parr B. Brian Parrish, M.D.* in Memory of Thomas R. Whelan, Ph.D. Scott W. Patterson Tom* & Dorothy Paulson Curtis R. Paxman, M.D.* Garry Pearson & Rose Mary Kitzan Robert & Shirley Pederson Col. Clark R. Penas, RET Dr. John S. Penn Estate Dr. Timothy J. Pennings Dr. Vito* & T. Carmel* Perrone George* & Ruth* Perrott Susan L. Peters Estate Robert & Peggy Petersen Glen* & Diana Peterson

Robert & LaVonne Peterson Dr. Ross & DonnaLee Pettit Fernanda & Steven Philbrick Duane G. Philis* Peter A. Pifer Roger* & Elsie* Pitsenbarger Thomas* & Nancy* Plante Frederick D. "Fritz" Pollard Estate Stella Pollock* James & Nicole Poolman Dr. Bruce A. Porter & Sharon Vaughn Michael & Ann Porter Rev. Gerald L. Potter Estate Loretta L. Prather Webster Pullen Estate William* & Karmen* Purcell Al* & Dorothy* Purdon Ada B. Raab* John* & Darleen* Rader Marjorie A. Tegtmeier-Radi Ruth H. Ralph* James & Jane Ramsland Odin* & Vivian* Ramsland Ruth A. Rand Estate Laraine L. & Steven E. Rank Darold* & Lyla* Rath Dr. Robert* & Meryl* Ray Tamar C. Read Dana M. Rebelein Dr. Linda L. Redmann Estate Kenneth P. & LuAnn Regan Lucille Reilly Estate Robert J. Reinertson* Eldon H. Reinke* Donald* & Ruth* Reinoehl Dr. Richard & Mary Render Harold E. Resinger, M.D.* Scott T. Rex*

Dr. Jack B. Sampson* Albert & Carol Samuelson Marvin Sanders Estate Mary Ellen Sandlie* Catherine Sandt Estate Bertha & Anna Sather Estate William G. Saumur* Adeline Scheuneman*

“Being a part of the 1889 Circle is about future generations of University of North Dakota students — ensuring through scholarships and other financial support that no one will be denied an education because they can’t afford the tuition; that they will have access to caring and exemplary professors and mentors, and academic and research opportunities.” SARA GARLAND, ’68, ’72 Naomi C. Schindele* Myrtle Peterson Schmidt* Ronald & Irene Schmidt John* & Leone* Schmitz Dr. Mark & Lori Schneider Susan F. & Dennis A.* Schneider

Vernon J. Schreiner George & Arline* Schubert Harry* & Bernice* Schwenke Archie* & Alpha* Scott McDonald Watson Scott Estate Francis & Edith Sears Estate Dr. Thomas M. & Mary J. (Langlie) Seaworth Emil A. Seeger* Clifford* & Lenora* Seglem Jim* & Nancy* Seifert Betty Breakey Senechal* Dave & Karen Senger Sheri A. Senne Dr. Thomas* & Shirley Setter Terry & Diane* Severson Otilda Shadensack* Gary L. Shantz Gregory Shega & Amy Weber Dean S. Shingler Estate Dr. Mark Siegel* Dr. Donald* & Ingrid* Simonson Elizabeth T. Simpson Estate Norman E. Skabo* Donald E. Skjei, MD* Arlene B. Skjervem Estate Howard M. Skjervem Estate V. Blanche Slagerman, M.D.* David M. Sloven, M.D. Harold F. Smith* Harold* & Helen* Smith John E. Smith Estate Larry A. Smith, M.D.* & Claudine Smith* Lois E. Kent Smith* Rolfe E. Sobolik M. Duane Sommerness, M.D.* & Marge Sommerness Betty S. M. Soo, M.D.* Delmar R. Sormula* A.M.* & Elizabeth* Souby

Floyd B. Sperry* Kevin L. Spooner* Anne Sprague* Leo* & Jean* St. Michel John C. Staley Alice Steinbach* & Albert L. Steinbach, M.D.* Edith Steinbach Estate Margaret M. Stellon* Richard* & Belle* Stern Cameron R. Stewart Estate John & Jodi Stewart Margaret & Frank Stinchfield Foundation Ardell Stone* Ethel M. Stone Estate Paul J. Storsteen* A. Thomas Strand* in Memory of Mary Flemington Strand & Albert Engebret C. Strand Bryce* & June* Streibel Keith & Jo Streyle Dr. Dean* & Catheleen* Strinden Earl & Jan Strinden Michael & Susan Stromberg Jon A. Study Catherine* & Richard* Sturtevant Ray* & Edyth* Sullivan C. Francis Swanke* Helen M. Swanson* Calvin L. "Bud" Swedlund Estate Maurice F. Sweeney* Harriet M. Sweetland* Dr. Marian E. Swendseid* Ken* & Frances* Swenson Lowell* & Marge* Swenson Sigurd* & Evelyn* Swenson Walt & Norma Swingen Helen O. Szepelak Estate Ronald & Josephine Taillon Estate Dr. George* & Rosalie* Talbert Jan N. Tangdelius*

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021


Eliot Glassheim* & Dyan Rey Grace Osborne Rhonemus* William G. Rice* Clifford D. Richards* Billie A.* & Lloyde* Richmond Elwood P. Richmond* William, Jr.* & Blanca Richmond Col. Kyle & Maija Riedel Lena B. Ritchie* Joan M. Roberts Estate Robert E. Roberts Estate Frances L. Robertson* M. James* & Margie Robertson Pamela S. Robertson Class of 1965 Dave & Marisa Robinson Dr. Gordon* & Virginia Robinson Karen R. Robinson Stephen W. Robinson, Ph.D. James F. Rodde Lt. Col. Kathryn A. Rogenes, RET* Larry H. Roles Karleen M. Rosaaen* Jack J. Rosenstein, M.D.* Jesse Rosoff* in Memory of Sylvia (Wolpert) Rosoff Dr. Robert & Julie Roswick Egbert P. Rotnem* John Rouzie Estate Dale W. Rowe Dave* & Doreen* Rubin/ Wendy's Ralph* & Carol* Rudrud Elvira M. Ruettell Estate Rosa Ruger Estate Glenna Rundell* Ray & Joan* Russell Robert* & Betty* Rust Robert & Joan Ruud Estate Arthur* & Mary* Saastad Darrel G. Sackman Gordon Salness, M.D.* William H. Saltzman



Dr. Ralph* & Phyllis* Tarnasky M. Genevieve Taylor* Dr. William* & Jeanne* Taylor Cherie Templeton* The Estates of Mildred Thelin & Gustaf Thelin Douglas & Bonnie Theroux Todd R. Thomas* DeeAnn L. Thompson Era Bell Thompson* Larry D. Thompson Roger S. Thompson, M.D. Estate Frederick "Pinky" Thomson* Adolph Thorson Estate Marvin A. Thorson Estate Greg & Cindy Thrall Horace* & Marjory* Thue Norman W. Timmins Dr. Timothy & Kathleen Tinius Kathryn Horway Tiongson & Dr. Genaro I. Tiongson Ruth B. Titus Estate Jerry & Marie Topp Thomas M. Torgerson, M.D.* Leo* & Margaret* Toussaint Ken* & Gloria Towers Alyce Travers* Dr. Mack* & Rita Traynor Dr. Jody & Robert Treuer Betty J. Undeberg Tritten* Faye Troyer Estate Constance Tuntland* in Memory of Mervin Tuntland Warren & Betty Twietmeyer Wayne L. Twito* Raymond E. Tyvand, M.D. Estate Kathryn E. Uhrich & Jeffrey D. Holmes Adolph Ulland* Edna Ullyot Estate Lloyd C. Underdahl Estate

Adrian H. Vaaler* Adrian J.* & Treva* Vaksvik Jerry & Carolyn* Van Eeckhout Carolyn Van Mackelberg & Brad Belluk, M.D. Chester* & Betty* Van Raden Anna E. Van Voorhis* in Memory of Robert Van Voorhis Dr. Michael & Peggy Vandall Ronald & Carol Vantine

“If we want to see the organizations that we care about continue to succeed, we need to support them and contribute to their brighter futures. I hope my gifts challenge and inspire others to give back to the University that has given us so much.” JACK MARCIL, ’63, ’68 Dr. Frederick & Claudette Varricchio Col. George F. Vaughan* Dr. John* & Mary Ellen* Vaughan Harold Vavra* Evelyn M. Veitch* Dr. Robert & Barbara Veitch Dr. John* & Agnes* Vennes Elaine E. Vig Caldis* Kenneth S. Vig* Reuben J. Vig*

Dewel, Jr.* & Geraldine Viker Dr. Vernon* & Marjorie* Vix Wadhwani Family Chris Wagner Dr. John D. Wahl Estate Helen Wahlstrand* Gladys* & Vernon* Waldorf Dr. James L. Walker Estate Dr. Scott* & Marian* Walker Henry* & Elizabeth* Walter Cole L. Ward Dr. Hudson & Christine Washburn Jeffrey N. Weatherly Diane J. Weber* Erven* & Ida* Weber Dr. Lyle* & Edith* Webster Willard* & Helen* Webster Roy A. Wehe* Donna J. Weinrebe* Nita Weinrebe Estate Mildred Weisinger* W. William, Jr. & Diane Weispfenning Burness G. Wenberg Estate Dwight & Peggy Wendschlag Jim & Janey Wendschlag Dr. Richard P. & Paula J. Wenham Frank* & Esther* Wenstrom Elmer & Minnie West Estate Gordon W. West* John* & Charlotte* West Dr. Philip W.* & Foymae* West Lorraine Hagen Westerberg, Ph.D.* J.M.A.* & Irene* Westermoe Richard* & Margaret* Westley Drs. Barbara & Timothy Whalen

Lisa J. Wheeler Louis Whelan* Francis D. White Gladys N. Whitesell* Josephine L. Whitworth* Maurice M. Wicklund, M.D.* Gertrude Galbraith Wiegman Estate Dean & Mae Wieland Dr. Stephen & Nancy Wikel Allan* & Marvel Williamson David J. & Gay C. Shemorry Williamson Shelley Williamson E. Donald Wilmot* Dr. H. David Wilson Lew Wilson Donald J. Winge* Julice A. Winter Kim & Roger Woods Roseann Woodward Boyd Wright & Lillian Elsinga Clara F. Wright* Dr. David & Carol Wright Drs. Joshua Wynne & Susan Farkas Dr. John N. & Linda Youngs in Memory of Nelson A. Youngs & Dr. Philip Furman Joseph & Roberta Zahradka Michael & Vicki Zaun Rudolph E. Ziegler* Dr. Helene L. Zimmerman* LeAnn Zimmerman & John Dvorak Larry J. Zine Dr. James J. Zwarych*

For more information on how to leave a gift or estate gift intentions, please contact Shane Hersch at 701.777.3992 or shaneh@UNDfoundation.org

*indicates deceased | names in bold entered this giving circle in 2021

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