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Issue 64 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | From the desk of the Associate Vice Chancellor


now Days! Thanks to our dedicated Facilities Operations, Building Environmental Services, and Recycling team members who spent two long days and nights in January clearing the campus and making it safe. This group of exemplary employees demonstrated outstanding teamwork during the snow event. We likely will have more winter weather before spring arrives, so be prepared!

Philip M. Jones

MISSION To provide a quality learning, research, and living environment for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the community by planning, building, operating, and maintaining the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Good things are happening at UNC Charlotte as usual. Light Rail arrives March 16! You can hop on and be at Center City Building in 22 minutes. The trains will depart every 15 minutes on a daily basis and more often during rush hour. Having the Light Rail will change the campus in many ways yet to be determined. Just north of the Light Rail station, the new Facilities Operations and Parking Service (FOPS) Complex is rising out of the ground. Occupants will move into this beautiful new facility in September of this year. We continue to work on improving communication in FM. This was an area of weakness identified in our employee work climate survey last year. Each unit within Facilities is putting together an action plan to improve communications both internal to the unit and between

units of the Department. This is a great example of our commitment to continuous improvement as an organization! Many of you may not be aware that FM leaders meet with our campus customers on a regular basis. Every three months, we meet with the various departments of the University including Housing and Residence Life, Student Affairs, Atkins Library, Athletics, Charlotte Research Institute, and Academic Affairs. We discuss issues and share concerns with leaders from these units. During these meetings, I often hear comments about exceptional customer service provided by employees of FM. I hear stories of you going the extra mile to make sure we serve all customers on campus. Thank you for this. Well, that nicely covers our three key business drivers: teamwork, continuous improvement, and customer service. If we continue to excel in these areas, then we will indeed live up to our vision of being a leader in Facilities Management and Creating a Campus of Distinction! Keep up the good work.

Philip M. Jones Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management

View of the tower of Atkins Library and Denny Building from Cato Hall

A leader in Facilities Management distinguished by safety and excellence. A proficient, responsive, and adaptable ‘Team of teams’. Providing high quality services and facilities in an environmentally sustainable manner.


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In s i d e t h i s Is s u e 2

Message from Chancellor Philip Dubois


Cover Story Tyler Sytsma, Facilities Planning - Employee of the Quarter

Spring Issue | February 2018

Facilities Management, a department of Business Affairs

Do Things Better. Do Better Things. Do The Right Thing. Philip M. Jones Associate Vice Chancellor Editor Beverly R. Imes Staff Solomon T. Franklin Ronda Latham Sandy Mullins Leigh Richardson Proofreaders Beth Brown Tenille Dellinger Pamela Duff Don Gariepy Brian Kugler NiCole Lynch Photographers Wade Bruton Tenille Dellinger Clyde Derberry Pamela Duff Solomon T. Franklin Kelly Freshcorn Beverly R. Imes Jim Johnson NiCole Lynch David E. Smith Thanks to all contributors!

We S.H.A.R.E.


Team of the Quarter 2017 SRAPPA Planning Committee


Staff Recognition Applause Card Recipients New Employees Promotions Safe Teams of the Year Safe Teams of the Quarter Excellent Attendance Twenty Year Club

8 - 9 Holiday Party Highlights 10 Capital Projects Project Updates Dorothy Vick Reaches 20-year Milestone Welcome Don Bailey 11

Building Environmental Services and Recycling Expect What You Inspect Have You Seen It?


Facilities Faces Yolanda Brown, Facilities Business Office Tenille Dellinger, Facilities Business Office Gloria Verlezza, Facilities Business Office Nick Occhipinti, Facilities Information Systems Dipesh Ingawale, Facilities Information Systems


Facilities Information Systems New Motorola Portable Radio Distribution Farewell to Robert Alexander


Facilities Planning Reorganization Promotes Communication and Collaboration Basketball at Halton Arena Expands Zero Waste Initiative


Facilities Operations First Snow Motor Fleet wins Efficiency Awards


Happenings Around Campus Austin McComas’ New Position Upcoming Events Spring Fellowship Volunteers Needed


Happy Birthday to You! Excellent attendance award recipients


Facilities Management Values: Safety, Honesty and Integrity, Accountability, Respect for Others, Excellence Facilities Focus is a communication tool for the benefit of all Facilities Management employees to develop a better informed workforce, to foster a greater sense of community, and to build morale. Your ideas are welcomed and appreciated for future issues.

Please look online for the newsletter at:

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | From the desk of the Chancellor

A Message from Chancellor Philip Dubois


hese days, everyone seems to be fascinated with action heroes...and what’s not to love? Heroes tend to be brave, strong, selfless, and honorable. The interesting thing is that there are many kinds of heroes. Some heroes wear colorful capes and masks. Some wear shiny badges and uniforms. And some heroes wear UNC Charlotte logos embroidered on their work shirts and uniforms. It’s you - the unsung heroes - who keep things running smoothly around here, who make the campus beautiful, who work to ensure that we all are safe and comfortable. As we begin a new year and a new semester, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Every day, I hear from someone about how impressive our facilities and grounds are. Your dedication is noticed, and it makes a difference. With a campus as large and complex as ours, your job is not an easy one. But I am convinced we have a facilities crew that is second to none and fully prepared to meet whatever challenge we throw your way! Let’s work together to make 2018 the best year yet. Go Niners!

Chancellor Dubois


Philip L. Dubois Chancellor

Facilities Focus | Issue 64


Tyler Sytsma: Employee of the Quarter Employee of the Quarter This award is presented to an individual who goes beyond expected duties, consistently maintains a high level of work, exhibits outstanding customer service and or demonstrates creativity, safety, and noteworthy behavior over the course of the quarter. Amenities Include: • Four hours of comp time • Name added to recognition plaque • Letter of Commendation from the associate vice chancellor • Certificate Plaque • Employee parking space to utilize during the quarter • FM staff meeting recognition • Facilities Focus newsletter notation • Annual evaluation notation


ongratulations to Tyler Sytsma! Tyler received our Employee of the Quarter award for his hard work and dedication to the job and on our campus. Tyler was nominated by a student who participated in the Adopt-A-Spot initiative here on campus. He praised Tyler for making the process stress free while being personable and professional. This initiative allows students to give back to the campus and community by taking responsibility for a specific area on campus, making sure the area is clean and well maintained. The campus currently has 15 different Adopt-ASpot locations! Since joining UNC Charlotte as the Sustainability Coordinator in April of 2016, Tyler continues to make a positive impact on our campus. He is involved in RecycleMania, Earth Month, and Sustainability week, all of which promote environmental awareness and preservation. He also mentors the Earth Club and the Charlotte Green Initiative here on campus. Updating social media outlets and participating in outreach events

Philip Jones presents Tyler Sytsma with the Employee of the Quarter plaque.

are a few more of the ways he promotes and encourages sustainability. When asked what his favorite part of the job was Tyler said, “My favorite part of the job is the wide range of opportunities I have to help the University make a positive impact in our community and on the environment.” Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tyler has always had a knack for helping others. Prior to college, Tyler served our nation in the United States Marine Corps as a Reconnaissance Marine serving two tours in Iraq. When he is not helping and educating others, he likes to garden, go hiking, and run marathons. He even has a hound dog named Baxter whom he lives with here in Charlotte. Tyler’s efforts are not only noticed by students but by his supervisor as well. Dr. Mike Lizotte said, “Tyler brings a lot of energy to everything he does. He works a lot of projects and events that reach students and staff.” He continued to say, “he is also a voice for sustainability on campus” [and that] “Tyler is such a good role model for our student workers.” Tyler’s

impact has definitely been felt in the almost two years he has been with UNC Charlotte. From everyone here at Facilities Management, thank you for spreading your enthusiasm and knowledge and thank you for helping to make UNC Charlotte a better place. Congratulations! By Mary Hajtovik Facilities Operations

Tyler poses at the AKA Sorority Adopt-ASpot sign between Belk Gym and Cone Deck

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus



2017 SRAPPA Planning Committee earns Team of the Quarter


ongratulations to Clyde Derberry, Brian Guns, Brian Kugler, NiCole Lynch, Sandy Mullins, and Paul Taylor for earning team of the quarter. David Smith, Zone 5 supervisor and Southeastern Region APPA (SRAPPA) president, nominated the 2017 SRAPPA Planning Committee for their role in UNC Charlotte hosting the 66th annual SRAPPA Conference in October 2017 in addition to their normal job duties. Originally, the conference was to be hosted by another university, but due to a change in leadership, they were unable to host. UNC Charlotte’s Facilities Management stepped up and volunteered to host. Therefore, two years of planning was completed in less than eleven months. Some of the tasks performed was to find a site location, keynote speakers, educational workshop presenters, sponsors, organize the golf event and the community service project, as well as manage other logistical concerns. The conference was a huge success. The planning committee did an excellent job and received positive feedback from the attendees. They exemplified the theme of the conference, “Building Excellence in Facilities.” Thank you for a job well done!

Pictured left to right seated are NiCole Lynch (Facilities Business Office), David Smith (Facilities Operations), and Sandy Mullins (Facilities Operations) Pictured left to right standing are Brian Guns (Building Environmental Services and Recycling), Paul Taylor (Facilities Operations), Brian Kugler (Capital Projects), and Clyde Derberry (Facilities Business Office)

Phil Jones, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management added, “I strongly support this nomination. The work done by this group is to be commended. It went far above normal duties. I received multiple compliments from other facilities leaders including several associate vice chancellors about the organization and operation of the conference. This work reflected greatly on UNC Charlotte, our department, and our employees.”

The committee humbly accepted this award stating what an honor it was to be named “Team of the Quarter.” They further stated that major credit goes to the coordinators and all the volunteers who helped make this event an overall success.

By Ronda Latham Building Environmental Services

Staff Recognition ~ October - December 2017 APPLAUSE CARD RECIPIENTS

Individuals Tyler Sytsma, Facilities Planning - Sustainability Michael Watt, Facilities Operations - Renovations

Teams Lock Shop Team: Steve Conder, RJ Philemon, and Leslie Aaron 2017 SRAPPA Planning Committee: Clyde Derberry, Brian Guns, Brian Kugler, Sandy Mullins, NiCole Lynch, and Paul Taylor Zone 5 Team: David Smith, Jeffrey Carmien, Jim Harris, Dan O’Donnell, John Beno, and Chris Shores Automotive Team: Bill Allerton, Leroy Crawford, Chris Facente, Kathy Fisher, Jim Green, Landon Martin, Vince McNeil, Sara Nester, and Bobby Robinson


Steve Conder, Leslie Aaron, and RJ Philemon

Facilities Focus | Issue 64


New Employees and Promotions ~ October - December 2017 NEW EMPLOYEES

Building Environmental Services (BES) and Recycling Crystal Beam, Bldg. Environmental Technician - BES North Isaac Moore, Bldg. Environmental Technician - BES South Robert Smith, Bldg. Environmental Technician - BES South Tonia Killebrew, Bldg. Environmental Technician - Center City (3rd Shift) Saida Pyles, Bldg. Environmental Technician - EPIC

Capital Projects Don Bailey, Energy Manager

Design Services Evamarie Spataro, Engineer

Facilities Business Office Tenille Dellinger, Communications Specialist Gloria Verlezza, Administrative Support Associate

Facilities Information Systems Nicholas Occhipinti, Business and Tech Analyst

Facilities Operations Brandon Miller, Mechanic - Automotive Mary Hajtovik, Program Development and Educational Assistant Matthew Kimball, FMT Mechanical Trades - Central Operations Bobby Fine, Specialist Trades Technician - Lock Shop Dianand Maharana, FMT Mechanical Trades - Zone 2 William Rose, FM Tech Mechanical Trades - Zone 4

Recycling Darcy Everett, Recycling Project Manager


Building Environmental Services (BES) and Recycling Timothy Honeycutt - BES North Lydia Gordon - BES South Randy Sidbeck - BES South Renee Davis - EPIC

Facilities Operations Joshua Parker - Central Operations Gregory Barnes - Zone 1 Paula Lail - Zone 2 Jeffrey Burris - Zone 6 Christopher Moose - Utilities

To view awards photos and read detailed descriptions of nominations, visit:

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus



Safety Recognition The following teams earned “Safe Team of the Year” having NO accidents January - December 2017 (Statistical information provided by UNC Charlotte Safety Office)

Building Environmental Services and Recycling Center City, EPIC (Energy Production & Infrastructure Center), Grigg, Library, McEniry, Recycling, and South Area Floor Crew Facilities Operations FCAP, Fire Control Systems, Renovations, Steam Plant, Utilities, Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4

Phil Jones presents the Safe Team of the Year award to Diana Parks, BES South Floor Crew

Don Henry, Steam Plant, holds the Safe Team of the Year award

Pictured seated left to right are Don Teate (Utilities), Benny Goode (Zone 3), Brien Clapton (Zone 2), Regina Goodridge (BES Center City), Lee Arnold (Recycling), Gloria Escobar (BES Library), Johnnie Doyle (BES Grigg), and Susan Clapton (BES EPIC) Pictured standing left to right are Sumia Mayfield (BES McEniry), Ryan Reichert (Fire Systems), James Williams (Renovations), Curtis Elam (Zone 4), and Jim Johnson (FCAP)

The following teams earned “Safe Team of the Quarter” having NO accidents October - December 2017 (Statistical information provided by UNC Charlotte Safety Office)

Building Environmental Services and Recycling Center City, CHHS, Colvard, EPIC (Energy Production & Infrastructure Center), Grigg, Library, McEniry, North Area Floor Crew, Recycling, and South Area Floor Crew Facilities Operations Automotive, FCAP, Fire Control Systems, Grounds – Central Campus, Grounds - Perimeter, Grounds - Playing Fields, High Voltage, Lock Shop, Renovations, Steam Plant, Utilities, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, and Zone 7 PLEASE REMEMBER: Compensatory time earned for the quarterly Staff Recognition Program must be used within 90 days of receipt. If you do not use it, you will lose it!


Facilities Focus | Issue 64


2017 Excellent Attendance

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Excellent Attendance award. Employees on staff January 1, 2017 who used 16 hours or less of sick leave are recognized annually with an excellent attendance certificate and a catered buffet breakfast sponsored by Beth Hardin, Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs. The breakfast was held February 6 in the Student Activity Center. Amanda Caudle Annie Joyner Barry Hannibal Bart Davis Beverly Imes Beverly Starcher Billy Poston Brent Offenberger Brian Guns Brien Clapton Calvin Hough Chris Facente Chris Gonzales Chris Hamm Chris McKinney Chris Schultz Dan Baughman David Haigler David Love David E. Smith David Smith Dennis Lupert Derrick Massey Donald Teate Donia Schauble Donnie Watkins Dorothy Munson

Douglas Walters Earl Sneed Franjo Pauler Fresnel Nkosi Gary Edwards Gloria Escobar Janet Mieles Jean Pierre Nzau Mvumbi Jeff Michel Jeffrey Carmien Jim Green Joey Cochran Joey Crocker III John Boal John Neilson Jon Canapino Jonathan Hadden Katherine Humphries Kathryn Horne Kathy Fisher Keith Dixon Kelly Freshcorn Kenyel Spaulding Kyle Thomas Lee Allsbrook Lee Arnold Lee Beard

Lee Cox Linda Roberts Linda Wiley Mac Fake Mary Chavez Mike Lizotte Nathaniel Snodgrass Noella Paquette Pamela Duff Paul Taylor Pauline Zensu Randy Sidbeck Reggie Morrison Reid Castor Robert Cooke Robert Fitzgerald Robert Kennedy Rosalia Moron-Perez Sam Coleman Sandy Mullins Shannon Caveny-Cox Shawn Kelly Steve Burt Steve Jackson Toia Young Virgil Torrence

Twenty Year Club Employees who have worked in Facilities Management 20 consecutive years Pictured left to right are: Brian J. Guns, Building Environmental Services and Recycling John K. Neilson, Capital Projects Robert Braun Jr., Facilities Operations Sherby A. Price, Building Environmental Services All began their careers with Facilities Management in 1997.

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus


Preventive Maintenance

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Holiday Party Highlights


ore than 260 Facilities staff gathered on December 4 for the annual holiday party.

Preventive Maintenance

Special appearances by Moses Jones Band and our newly formed Preventive Maintenance Band were huge hits this year. The concert was great cardio exercise as people wiggled to the music in their seats while others danced on their feet. A returning favorite was the Kahoot trivia game and a new team took home the trivia trophy. The event committee decided to collect toys for local charity Katie’s Kidz. Katie is a 16 year old who has been collecting toys to give to children in local hospitals since she was six. Thank you to all who donated more than 60 toys that put a smile a child’s face. Special thanks to the event committee, Associate Vice Chancellor Phil Jones, Vice Chancellor Beth Hardin, Chartwells Catering, vendors, and all of you for making the day a super success. - Beverly

Holiday Party Event Committee and Volunteers


Facilities Focus | Issue 64

Holiday Party Highlights | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

Moses Jones

Trivia Winners

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus



Capital Projects

Housing and Residence Life (formerly Residence Dining Hall)

Facilities Operations and Parking Services Complex


enovation of the Residence Dining Hall was completed late November 2017. The facility, built in 1970, received a new roof, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, aesthetic improvements and a repurposing of the interior for new Housing and Residence Life offices and the campus catering services and kitchen. The facility is now called Housing and Residence Life. Construction on the new home of our Facilities Operations unit is moving right along with an expected completion date of July 2018.


ongratulations to Dorothy Vick, HUB Coordinator, for her 20 years of service with UNC Charlotte! Dorothy began in 1998 as a procurement counselor with the Small Business and Technology Development Center where she helped the NC business community obtain federal, state and local government contracts. She now runs the University Historically Underutilized Businesses Program where she ensures that minority and women-owned businesses have equal access to University construction contracts. Currently about 26% or $222M of University capital construction dollars ($857M) has gone to minority and women-owned businesses. The mandated state goal is 10%! Thanks, Dorothy, for all you do!


Dorothy Vick

apital Projects’ team is happy to announce the arrival of our newest employee, Don Bailey, who filled our vacant energy manager position. His primary responsibilities are: 1. Continue to develop and evolve a sustainable energy management program for the University. 2. Provide campus building energy evaluations for potential of Retro-Commissioning. 3. Meet and maintain the air emissions requirements for the University through necessary permitting and reporting needs. Don is a native North Carolinian and a North Carolina State University graduate. Before joining the Capital Projects team, Don was a utility commissioner with the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Prior to that, Don spent approximately 31 years with ATI Specialty Materials. He has been married to his college sweetheart for 43 years, has two sons, four grandchildren, and is a fair-weather only golfer. Don’s office is located on the second floor of the Facilities Management/Police and Public Safety Building, room 203. You can reach him at or 704-687-5384. Be sure to stop by and welcome Don to FM.

Don Bailey


By Dorothy Vick Capital Projects

Facilities Focus | Issue 64

Building Environmental Services and Recycling | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

Expect What You Inspect


hank you to Vanessa Dodd, BES North Area Manager, for introducing the Expect What You Inspect Program to our unit. Ms. Dodd created this program as a friendly competitive way to measure and reward building cleanliness. BES supervisors will conduct monthly inspections in designated areas. Upon completion of all inspections, the employees with the highest percentage of touch points cleaned will be entered into a drawing. One employee from each area (North and South) will receive an award for their hard work and professionalism. The Expect What You Inspect Program at UNC Charlotte is made possible with the support of NCAPPA. Congratulations to the Expect What You Inspect winners for this quarter: Judy Davie (EPIC Zone) and Iris Davis (McEniry Zone). Please congratulate them when you see them. By Solomon T. Franklin Building Environmental Services

Judy Davie

Iris Davis

Have You Seen It?


ave you seen the new building next to the Building Environmental Services and Recycling modular? Are you wondering what it is? Well, you’re in luck, because we are here to tell you! It is the brand new Recycling Warehouse! Due to the forthcoming construction of the science building, the recycling team is losing the space we collect office blend paper, shredded paper, and other office recyclables such as toner cartridges and batteries. The new warehouse will now host the shredded paper baler along with the collection and recovery of office recyclables, block Styrofoam, wiring, metal, aerosol cans, and more. The recycling team will also process all the office blend paper collected across campus at this new location. In 2017, the recycling team collected and processed more than 153,000 pounds (the weight of 38 cars) of office blend paper. With the addition of this new building, the recycling team can grow and expand existing recycling streams, and look for new streams. The building opens in February 2018, so please stop by and check it out when you get a chance! By Darcy Everett Recycling Recycling Warehouse

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus



Welcome to Facilities Management


acilities Business Office (FBO) has three new members – Yolanda Brown, Tenille Dellinger, and Gloria Verlezza. Brown, who joins as cost accountant and fiscal analytics manager, is a Massachusetts native. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and Western New England University, where she earned bachelor and master degrees respectively. Prior to joining FBO, she worked as a financial analyst at Newell Brands in Huntersville. Dellinger, who earned degrees in public relations, sports management, and dance, is a graduate of Western Michigan University. A previous employee of PSE Event Housing in Kalamazoo, MI, the North Carolina native has returned to her “home state” to serve in the role of communications specialist. Verlezza, a native of Long Island, NY, comes to us from the Charlotte School of

Pictured left to right are Yolanda Brown, Tenille Dellinger, and Gloria Verlezza

Law where she was a senior administrative assistant. In this role, she supported the associate and assistant deans of academics, and supervised faculty assistants. A multi-talented administrator, she joins the FM-Human Resources team as an administrative support associate.


Nick Occhipinti

Dipesh Ingawale


To learn more, please visit their work spaces located on the first floor of the Facilities Management/Police and Public Safety Building. By NiCole Lynch Facilities Business Office

acilities Information Systems (FIS) has two new team members.

clude working on FIN STACK and creating graphics within the BAS application.

Nick Occhipinti came on board November 27, 2017. Nick’s responsibilities include developing and supporting our GIS applications and campus maps. Nick brings with him over 10 years of JavaScript, C#, SQL, and Python programming and GIS experience. He previously worked at the NYC Department of Education as a GIS developer. He also worked at Mott MacDonald as a GIS developer.

Dipesh is a UNC Charlotte graduate student working on his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Dipesh brings with him application development experience gained from working as a research assistant in EPIC’s computer engineering research lab. He is originally from India and has lived in the Charlotte area for more than three years. His hobbies include reading, gaming, and cooking.

Nick received his Bachelor of Science in computer science from Kean University. He has lived in the Charlotte area for three months, and his hobbies include playing volleyball and going to museums and different sporting events. We are confident that Nick will be a great asset for Facilities Management in supporting our University’s operations and continued growth.

We are excited to have Dipesh as a part our team, and we are confident his knowledge and skills will be a tremendous asset in completing needed updates to our building automation graphics.

Dipeshkumar (Dipesh) Ingawale came on board on January 8, 2018 and will be working with the FIS team until June 2018. He is supporting the Building Automations System (BAS) application. His duties in-

Facilities Focus | Issue 64

Please join FIS in welcoming Nick and Dipesh to our Facilities Management team. If you would like to stop by to say hello, both are located on the second floor of the Facilities Management/Police and Public Safety Building in Room 228. By Pamela Duff Facilities Information Systems

Facilities Information Systems | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

New Motorola Portable Radio Distribution for Facilities Management


ew Motorola two-way radios were distributed to Facilities Management’s Building Environmental Services (BES) and Facilities Operations (FO) units. In January, an additional 120 radios were ordered and equally distributed to BES and FO areas. This recent purchase is the second one-time funded large radio purchase allocated in the last year and a half by Mr. Phil Jones, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities. Last year in May, Mr. Jones allotted funding for the purchase of 110 new radios that were distributed equally to each area also. The newest Motorola portable radios are model XPR 7550e, and they come with a full set of features and rich functionality. Just a few of the features include: • Large, Full-Color Display • Integrated High Efficiency GPS and Wi-Fi • Longer Battery Life • Programmable Keys • Embedded Bluetooth Audio and Data • Day/Night Mode Display • 1000-Channel Capacity • Customizable Talk Groups The new display radios will replace outdated and broken radios in each area. The goal is to maintain an annual lifecycle replacement process within the units.

Farewell to Robert Alexander


e recently said farewell to Robert Alexander. Robert’s last day with FIS was December 31, 2017. Since April 3, 2017, Robert served as our Geographical Information Systems (GIS) survey technician completing numerous exterior surveying projects, overseeing utility map updates, and supporting many AutoCAD applications. He brought much knowledge and skill to the position during the short time he was with us and worked on a number of vital projects including utility inventories and ADA pathway surveys. Robert is still around campus, as he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Geography and Urban Regional Analysis, and working with Dr. Delmelle as a graduate assistant. We will miss Robert, but we congratulate him on being accepted to the graduate program and wish him great success in his future endeavors. By Pamela Duff Facilities Information Systems

Robert Alexander

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus



Facilities Planning "reorg" all about better Communication and Collaboration The initiative to reorganize came as these offices’ responsibilities have grown with the University’s expansion. This new organization will not in any way limit their ability to fulfil their roles, but will enhance their communication and collaboration with one another. According to Jones, “Each function supports the others and so it is logical to have them under one director.”

Pictured left to right seated are Mike Lizotte, University Sustainability Officer; Kathryn Horne, Director of Facilities Planning; Richard LaLiberte’, Real Estate Manager Pictured left to right standing are Tyler Sytsma, Sustainability Coordinator; Nick Patel, Space Planner; Michelle Embry, Facility Planner; Peter Franz, Campus Landscape Architect; Christy Langdon, Real Estate Specialist; and Jade Reed-Kreis, Administrative Assistant


he Facilities Management Department has undergone some reorganization among its units. It was recently decided by unit directors and Phil Jones, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, to combine the Space Management and Utilization, Real Estate, and Sustainability offices under Facilities Planning.

Previously, Space Management and Utilization and Real Estate reported directly to Jones. Now, the offices report to Kathryn Horne, who was appointed as the new director of Facilities Planning effective January 2.

Decision makers studied the organizational structure at other successful universities in an effort to seek understanding of how other institutions function. They researched universities both within the UNC System and across the nation to come up with this reorganization. The decision to reorganize these offices, “consolidates synergistic and complimentary functions,” Jones added. FM leaders are confident this reorganization will be successful in maintaining a well-functioning department. By Tenille Dellinger Facilities Business Office

Basketball at Halton Arena expands Zero Waste Initiative Tyler Sytsma


he idea of zero waste expanded to Halton Arena through three pilot basketball games, occurring on January 11 and 27 and February 2. The games provided a transition period for fans, volunteers, team personnel, and operational staff to become educated on the processes of recycling appropriately. Now, the arena is working to integrate the zero waste program for all events, as well as daily operations. This program encourages proper disposal of unwanted items, therefore reducing


landfill waste. Garbage is determined to be either compost, recycling or landfill, and is appropriately disposed of or recycled. UNC Charlotte has been engaging in zero waste for years. The most notable effort came with the launch of the football program. Since its inception, Richardson Stadium has been zero waste with great success in reducing landfill usage. UNC Charlotte hopes to achieve the same success with Halton Arena.

Facilities Focus | Issue 64

“This past season [at Richardson Stadium], 80 percent of everything discarded at the games ended up being either composted or recycled,” stated Tyler Sytsma, University sustainability coordinator. The arena was chosen as the next zero waste facility due to its inclusion of collegiate sports and other events. The expansion to include Halton Arena aligns with the University’s affiliation in the Green Sports Alliance. This association includes nearly 500 sports teams and venues that are actively involved in zero waste initiatives and offers support to those within its alliance. Their support has been an integral part of making the arena zero waste. Sytsma added, “Hopefully, integrating zero waste in two venues on campus will increase our involvement with Green Sport Alliance, making it easier to expand this initiative to more campus locations.” By Tenille Dellinger Facilities Business Office

Facilities Operations | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

First Snow


NC Charlotte experienced its first snowfall of 2018 with four inches recorded on main campus. The grounds crew worked diligently to prepare main pedestrian walks, stairs, and roadways prior to the event. FM crews from Facilities Operations, BES, and Recycling worked together to clear miles of sidewalks and roadways while campus was on suspended operations status.

Frozen Fountain at Bissell House

Robinson Hall

The 49er Gold Miner

Craver Road at CHHS/COE Quad

Application of rock salt helped the warmer temperatures melt the remaining ice and snow after Wednesday’s storm. Main roadways (Cameron, Mary Alexander, Craver) were kept open throughout the event. The main pedestrian priorities were South Village Dining, Student Union, and all associated walkways and entrances. Parking lots were treated during the event and Trull Enterprises assisted with all snow and ice removal on the campus parking lots. By Donna Sofsky and the Facilities Operations Newsletter Team

My thanks to all the great FM employees who labored so diligently to make the campus safe during the recent snowstorm. An outstanding example of teamwork with everyone pulling together to make it happen. Your work is greatly appreciated by all students, faculty, and staff! --Phil Jones

Motor Fleet wins Efficiency Awards For award consideration, fleets must apply online. Applicants are, then, evaluated based on fleet composition, fuel and emissions, policy and planning, fleet utilization, education, executive and employee involvement and supporting programs.

Chris Facente


NC Charlotte’s Motor Fleet/ Automotive team won the 2017 Green Fleet Award, placing 15th out of all applicants. The Green Fleet Award recognizes outstanding motor fleets across North America. An estimated 38,000 fleets are eligible each year.

The Motor Fleet team has applied for and won this award three consecutive years. They ranked 24th in 2015 and 36th in 2016. All three wins were under the supervision of Chris Facente, Automotive Supervisor. UNC Charlotte’s Motor Fleet also made the 2017 list for the 100 Best Fleets in North America, an associated award. Since 2014, they have been recognized as Smart Fleet Champions, a title awarded by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center at North Carolina State University. They are also part of Plug-in NC, a program promoting North Carolina as an energy efficient state.

Following the leadership foundation established by Larry Lane and Steve Terry, Facente strives to continue to maintain an efficient motor fleet. One way he plans to continue forward, is by updating the fleet to newer vehicles in the upcoming years, therefore lowering the carbon footprint of the University. “We strive to be the best fleet in North Carolina and even North America. It is hard competing against large municipalities that have greater resources and more diverse vehicles, but I am very proud of the work we do here on campus,” stated Facente. Facente attributes this award to his hardworking team.

By Tenille Dellinger Facilities Business Office

Issue 64 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Happenings Around Campus

DID YOU KNOW? Austin McComas has taken a position with Academic Affairs. Austin served as Facilities Information Systems’ Open Options Support Technician since July 2017. His last day was February 5, 2018. Although Austin was a part of the team for a short timeframe, we will miss him. During his time with Facilities, he resolved numerous card access user support issues and updated inventory for our Open Options access controls. Please join us in wishing Austin the best in his new position and in his future endeavors.

By Pamela Duff Facilities Information Systems

February 13 - Quarterly Supervisors Forum 15 - Board of Trustees Meeting March 5 - 10 - Spring Break April 4 - Tree planting 11 - Campus Clean Up 18 - Board of Trustees Meeting 18 - Earth Day 19 - All Employees Meeting (day) 24 - All Employees Meeting (night) 27 - Strategic Planning Session Randy Sidbeck, Joe Scollo, and Rob Ervin pose with BES third shift floor crews’ safe team of the quarter awards

May 2 - Safety Fair 24 - Facilities Spring Fellowship

Volunteers are needed for Facilities Management’s Spring Fellowship Committee. Please contact Beverly Imes at 704-687-0513 or by February 14

SAVE THE DATE! Thursday, May 24, 2018 Hauser Alumni Pavilion

Are You a Member of WeSave?

Visit to sign up or login for all types of discounts for State employees. WeSave is the Nation’s first no-cost discount network and loyalty program exclusively for active and retired public employees at the state and local government level.


Facilities Focus | Issue 64

Happy Birthday To You! February-April 2018

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Issue 64 | Facilities Focus


John Fessler

Fred Brillante

Lee Snodgrass

Facilities Management celebrated the holiday season with music, dancing, games, fun, and fellowship. Pictured above are staff dancing during the concert. Pictured left is Johnnie Doyle, one of our emcees. 18

Facilities Focus | Issue 64

Facilities Focus, Issue 64  
Facilities Focus, Issue 64