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Issue 61 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | From the desk of the Associate Vice Chancellor


s we come to the end of another challenging academic year, I want to thank each of you for the work you have done to make UNC Charlotte a “Campus of Distinction”. I have to say the TEAMWORK among all units within the department has been marvelous. Keep up the good work! We are in the midst of “end of year” and closing out our financial books. This is a busy and stressful time as we try to get all the projects finished and the money spent. I have no doubt, working together, we will make it happen as always. After the craziness of year-end close, be sure you take some time this summer to recharge and relax.

Philip M. Jones

MISSION To provide a quality learning, research, and living environment for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the community by planning, building, operating, and maintaining the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

VISION A leader in Facilities Management distinguished by safety and excellence. A proficient, responsive, and adaptable ‘Team of teams’.

If you want a quick break, take a walk through Van Landingham Glen or around Hechenbleikner Lake. The entire campus looks beautiful this time of year due to the hard work of our Grounds team. In my temporary office in Hickory, we are right next to the Glen and have the privilege of walking by and through it as time permits. The temporary “digs” are working out nicely for the AVC Office, Capital Projects, Space Management, and Sustainability. Lots of windows and bathrooms! I have even heard some comments about not wanting to move back. Truly, we are looking forward to getting back to our permanent home in the Facilities Management building in late May. By the way, Building Environmental Services has done a great job adapting to all of the changes driven by swing space, construction in occupied buildings (Burson and the Academic Complex), and administrative space in Levine Hall. They have kept standards high across campus despite these challenges.

We recently embarked upon a quest to “re-engineer” the work order process. Work Orders are our key customer facing process. I am excited about the potential of finding ways to improve this process, make it better for our customers, and easier for us to execute. We have an experienced consultant guiding us through the project and expect to see the recommendations in early June. Construction around campus is going to ramp up this summer. One project we will all be watching is the Facilities Operations and Parking Services Compound, which will be the much-deserved new home for Facilities Operations, Parking and Transportation Services, and Receiving and Stores warehouse. The project will start in July and take approximately a year to complete. Other major projects starting in the summer and fall include expansion of Union Deck and construction of the Health and Wellness Center. These projects will shut down parking lots 18 and 19 permanently. Further, projections are that between 29,000 and 30,000 students will be on campus next fall. We can anticipate increased congestion, construction traffic, and slowdowns. Drive service vehicles slowly and safely – never pass pedestrians or exceed the speed limits on campus. I look forward to seeing you all at our spring fellowship on May 25. This is a time for our department to take a break from the day to day routine, come together, relax, and have some fun. One of the highlights is a friendly game of kick ball game. Sign up and join us. Thanks again for all you do to make UNC Charlotte a special place.

Providing high quality services and facilities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Philip M. Jones


Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management Plantings at the South Entrance are a collaborative effort between Capital Projects and Grounds

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Cover Story UNC Charlotte Employees of the Year: Gary Edwards and Brent Offenburger


Employee of the Quarter - Armetta Davis


Team of the Quarter - Learning and Development Team

Summer Issue | May 2017

Facilities Management, a department of Business Affairs

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Building Environmental Services and Recycling Building a first-class organization


Earth Month Highlights University earns third Tree Campus USA designation


Facilities Information Systems Best Wishes and Congratulations to Sara Clayton Welcome Robert Alexander New ARCHBIUS Key Management View Goes Live


Facilities Operations Paula Lail pays it forward with EPIC technology tours


Facilities Planning Laurie Manderino achieves PMP Certification Fun with Sustainability


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Issue 61 | Facilities Focus



Edwards and Offenberger Earn UNC Charlotte's 2017 Employee of the Year

Chancellor Philip Dubois presents Gary Edwards (left photo) and Brent Offenberger (right photo) with UNC Charlotte Employee of the Year Awards


acilities Management is proud to announce two of our staff members were honored with UNC Charlotte’s Employee of the Year Award for 2017. Supported with the presence of their family members and coworkers, Gary Edwards, Facilities Operations - Grounds, and Brent Offenberger, Facilities Operations Zone 7, received their accolades from Chancellor Philip Dubois at the 2017 Staff Recognition Luncheon on March 22, 2017, which included a plaque and a monetary award. Edwards won in the category of Devotion to Duty. His nomination stated he is an exceptional, dedicated, and valued employee. Gary was also recognized for 30 years of service to the University and he has not used any sick leave in more than 20 years!

He radiates a positive attitude in everything he does. Offenberger won in the category of Safety and Herosim because his selfless actions contributed to saving the lives of three United States Navy crew members in June 2016. He attributed his preparedness in this emergency situation to on-the-job first aid training he participated in a few years ago in Facilities Management. He has worked in Facilities Management since 2009 and is known as someone who always shows care and concern for others. Jones stated Offenberger’s quick action aided in recovering the lives of three members of the United

States Navy. This outstanding action epitomizes the intent of the Employee of the Year Safety and Heroism Award. His actions while on vacation mirror what he does day to day in caring for his fellow man. Other 2017 nominees submitted from Facilities Management were Larry Blomberg (Building Environmental Services), Bart Davis (Facilities Operations - Grounds), Stanley Gant (Facilities Operations - Fire Systems), Laurie Manderino (Facilities Planning), and Christopher Facente (Facilities Operations - Automotive). By Beverly R. Imes Associate Vice Chancellor’s Office

He and his crew are responsible for many construction aspects that include installing storm drains, drainage, and sidewalks. In addition, he directs any repairs needed to roads, walkways, fences, or other campus structures. His crew also handles the site work, grading, digging and heavy equipment use on campus. Philip Jones, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Management stated Gary’s best quality is his ability to develop relationships. Every person at every level he encounters is made to feel important and respected. 2


Facilities Focus | Issue 61


Employee of the Quarter | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

Armetta Davis - Employee of the Quarter Employee of the Quarter This award is presented to an individual who goes beyond expected duties, consistently maintains a high level of work, exhibits outstanding customer service and or demonstrates creativity, safety, and noteworthy behavior over the course of the quarter. Amenities Include: • Four hours of comp time • Name added to recognition plaque • Letter of Commendation from the associate vice chancellor • Certificate Plaque • Employee parking space to utilize during the quarter • FM staff meeting recognition • Facilities Focus newsletter notation • Annual evaluation notation

C ongratulations to Armetta Davis, lead administrative assistant for Facilities Operations’ admin group, for being named employee of the third quarter! Mike Herran, Utilities Manager, nominated Davis for going “above and beyond the call of duty” for her assistance with the first NC State Energy Office Existing Building Commissioning seminar. Herran explained how Davis exceeded expectations: “She was focused and patient even when information or details were absent; by always finding a way past obstacles. The seminar was scheduled in January, but due to the snow event, it was postponed at the last minute. Armetta was in California dealing with a family issue but without batting an eye, she handled the postponement of the event from California. She made sure everyone was notified of the change, cancelled reservations along with many other little details. UNC

Charlotte collaborated with the NC Department of Environmental Quality Utility Savings Initiative to hold this event, and Armetta was asked if she could handle the registration using Event Brite. Armetta mentioned she had never used Event Brite before, but was very willing to learn. In a short amount of time, she became adept. In short, anything we asked Armetta to do, she did with grace and skill, and made many suggestions to make the event a success. Even after the event, she was still thinking of others, by taking the leftover snacks to the student interns, putting the snacks to good use!” Sandy Mullins, Davis’ supervisor, added: “I was extremely impressed that Armetta was able to pull together such a well executed event. What is even more impressive is that she was able to do so while learning her new position as lead admin in a new unit, Facilities Operations.”

Davis stated that she was “truly thankful for having the opportunity to work with Mike Herran and Kathleen Stahl, Energy Engineer, with the NC Department of Environmental Quality, on the Retrofitting Conference.” Davis worked in Animation at Walt Disney Animiation Studios and Warner Brothers for 27 years as a film editor and won awards for sound editing. She also worked in Facilities Planning and Operations at Duke University for six years prior to coming to UNC Charlotte three years ago. Davis enjoys hiking, biking, traveling with her husband, dancing, listening to music, and volunteering to help the homeless. She and her husband reside in Charlotte. They have four children and three grandchildren. Thank you Armetta for your great work at the seminar! By Laurie Manderino Facilities Planning Issue 61 | Facilities Focus



Pictured left to right are Clyde Derberry (Facilities Business Office), Sandy Mullins (Facilities Operations), and Solomon T. Franklin (Building Environmental Services & Recycling)

In December of 2015, the Safety Training Task Force was formulated by Facilities Management (FM) and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) consisting of Clyde Derberry, Solomon T. Franklin, and Sandy Mullins with Lee Snodgrass as chairperson. After conducting a needs assessment and gap analysis, the team determined that one of the key deliverables for FM was to develop an accurate way to fill out the EH&S recordkeeping workbook and relay information to EH&S. Previously, the process had been manual and labor intensive. The team was tasked to address the following: 1. Collaborate with EH&S staff for improvements, ease of manageability, and accuracy of current information 2. Systematize safety training compliance 3. Create scheduling notifications and record-keeping systems 4

4. Determine training record availability for ongoing analysis, reporting, and continuous improvement In December of 2016, after countless hours of diligent and collaborative effort, the team introduced a system using Google calendar, sheets, and forms to schedule, conduct, record, and report on FM training. The team accomplished the following through the University supported relationship with Google as a Google campus: 1. Coordination of key training topics 2. Simplification of reporting system 3. Opened door for transparency and accessibility 4. Created training record for each FM employee 5. Minimized manual training record entries The new system was approved by FM leadership and went live March 2017. This team delivered so much more

Facilities Focus | Issue 61

than was asked for and exemplified the meaning of teamwork throughout the entire process. The team achieved unity around common goals, improved relationships with EH&S, and presented a positive image for FM. The goodwill generated during the process will greatly benefit FM in unseen yet very real ways for years to come. By Ronda Latham Building Environmental Services


New Employees, Promotions & Recognition ~ January - March 2017 NEW EMPLOYEES

Building Environmental Services (BES) Randall Biggerstaff, Bldg. Environmental Technician, BES South Elina Hoyle, Bldg. Environmental Technician, Colvard Robert Marrero, Bldg. Environmental Technician, CHHS Mildred O’Neal, Bldg. Environmental Technician, EPIC Joyce Patterson, Bldg. Environmental Technician, Woodward Connie Worley, Bldg. Environmental Technician, Center City

Facilities Operations Vivian Cherry, Administrative Support Associate Josue Guzman, FM Building Trades Patrick Hinman, Preventive Maintenance Technician Thomas Mullis, FM Technician Mechanical Trades Timothy Wilson, Grounds Services Technician, Central Campus Nelson Austin, Grounds Services Technician, Central Campus Anthony Gasparini, Grounds Services Technician, Central Campus

Space Management Newman Hui, Space Surveyor PROMOTIONS

Facilities Operations Jeffrey Michel, Electronics Specialist, Fire Controls


Individuals Armetta Davis, Facilities Operations Administrative Group Stan Gant, Fire Controls Mike Watt, Renovations James Harris, Zone 5

Teams Learning and Development Team: Clyde Derberry, Solomon T. Franklin, and Sandy Mullins Building Environmental Services Team: Luz Gomez Ramirez and Aida Jimenez Renovations Team: Mike Watt and Nicholas Gray Renovations Team: James Williams, Robert Braun, Mike Camp, Pete Crainshaw, Jim Krupa, Steven Reis, Michael Rogers, and Stan Gant To view awards photos and read detailed descriptions of nominations, visit: ht t p: / / f aci l i t i es. uncc. edu / a b o u t - u s / a w a rd s - p ro g ra m/ p a s t - a w a rd - re c i p i e n t s

Issue 61 | Facilities Focus



Safety Recognition The following teams earned “Safe Team of the Quarter� having NO accidents January - March 2017 (Statistical information provided by UNC Charlotte Safety Office) Building Environmental Services and Recycling Center City, EPIC (Energy Production and Infrastructure Center), Grigg, Kennedy, Library, McEniry, North Area Floor Crew, Recycling, South Area Floor Crew, and Woodward Facilities Operations Automotive, BAS (Building Automation System) Controls, FCAP (Facilities Condition Assessment Program), Fire Systems, Grounds - Playing Fields, Renovations, Steam Plant, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, and Zone 7




INDER ensat ory tim for th e earn e qua ed Recog rterly nition Staff Progr used am m within ust be 90 da y s If you of rec do no eipt. t use you w it, ill los e it ! Comp

Pictured above left to right are Diane Parks (South Area Floor Crew), Billy Poston (Steam Plant), and Kay Rankin (North Area Floor Crew)

Our ninth annual Safety Slogan contest is under way! Contest rules require each entry be submitted on the official entry blank (please see example below). You may type in your slogan entries or print out the entry blank and write it in clearly. You may submit as many entries as you like by scanning and emailing your entry to me, send it to me via interoffice mail, or drop it by my office. If duplicate entries are received, the date on the entry will determine priority for eligibility. Contact me at or 704-687-0544 if you have questions or need entry blanks. Contest ends May 31, 2017. By Clyde Derberry Facilities Business Office


Facilities Focus | Issue 61

Facilities Business Office | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

Focus Feature ~ Noella Paquette Her 20-year feat of service to the department began in the Facilities Business Office (FBO) with a threeyear front desk role where she handled customer relations. In the 17 years since, she is still a member of the FBO team with a role filled with all things financial from work orders to fund balances.

Noella Paquette and Chancellor Philip Dubois

Ibestow f there were a badge of honor to upon Facilities Management employees, Noella Paquette, accounting technician/billing specialist, should be in the class of inaugural honorees.

In describing the most rewarding aspect of the job, Paquette said, “I like working with the financials and accounting. When I see our fund balances in good standing, I know my work assisted with this.” When ARCHIBUS was in its implementation phase, Paquette represented FBO because her work closely tied in with the work order aspect of the system. In addition to being a part of a team contribution, she continues to hone skills by learning and, ultimately, mastering new systems and seeking opportunities to personally learn and grow. “My parents were both honest, hard-working people who taught me

to learn as much as I can. Following their example, I acquired my own honesty and strong work ethics.” Although Paquette displays a no nonsense level of professionalism, she is a powerhouse personality who knows how to decompress from yearend challenges and enjoy life. Outside of work, she will likely be somewhere hiking in the mountains, supporting the talents of Charlotte’s local musicians, relaxing on a beach, or spending time with family. Among the many layers of her personality, Paquette is quite the dancer and photographer! Her eye for capturing beautiful images often grace custom-made cards she shares with colleagues on special occasions. Congratulations and cheers to the remaining years before you dance your way toward preparing for retirement. By NiCole Lynch Facilities Business Office

Safety Fair Highlights

T his year’s Safety Fair was yet another in a long line of successful events due to the stellar teamwork of the Safety Committee members and other volunteers. We had a perfectly beautiful day to welcome more than 250 employees and guests to this year’s event at the Hauser Alumni Pavilion. Special thanks to the City of Charlotte for the use of the Driving Simulator, a definite highlight of the fair. We had over 20 vendors attend with products ranging from specialized cleaning products to a myriad of tools. In addition, a huge thank you to the Environmental, Health and Safety Office for offering educational games and safety based information at their booth. A great lunch provided by KT Enterprises and the many vendor donated raffle prizes rounded out a perfect day for this special annual event. Thanks to everyone for coming out. By Clyde Derberry Facilities Business Office

Issue 61 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Building Environmental Services and Recycling

Building a First-c

“It is more important to know where yo T he Building Environmental Services and Recycling (BES&R) staff is dedicated to becoming a first-class, process oriented and data driven team that consistently delivers excellent, proficient, and cost effective cleaning and recycling services. A first-class organization includes the following atributes: An engaged workforce that benefits from meaningful work, clear organizational direction, and accountability for performance A safe, trusting, and cooperative environment An organization with diverse backgrounds, knowledge, skills, creativity, and motivation of its workforce and partners Leadership committed to employee engagement, satisfaction, development, and well-being On March 7, 2017 Joanna Roop, CEO and Founder of The People Tree, facilitated a leadership retreat with the BES&R leadership team.

Group from the BES&R Leadership Retreat. Ms. Roop is pictured center on the front row

Roop is an award winning leadership development leader coach, ​​ consultant, engaging speaker, and Latina entrepreneur. The People Tree is an organization that helps individuals bloom to their full and unique potential through self reflection, experiential learning, and building collaborative partnerships. The theme of our retreat was “Valuing Our Differences.” Roop guided the participants to improve their emotional intelligence (EQ) and explore how different job functions, learning styles, and diversity of thought can strengthen the team and produce more efficient achievement of business outcomes at UNC Charlotte.


Facilities Focus | Issue 61

Building Environmental Services and Recycling | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

class Organization

ou are going, than to get there quickly.� In addition to the BES&R Leadership Retreat, the BES&R leadership brought the staff together in unity with a potluck celebration. On Saturday, March 11, BES&R staff celebrated the diversity of the team through a potluck tasting, participative team building activities, dancing, music, and games. The goal of this event was to create an atmosphere where more trusting relationships are formed within the team. This goal was definitely accomplished. The event was well attended and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. The

food selection was vast. The energy between staff members was harmonious and people took time to meet people that they do not regularly talk to at work. Venture facilitated two team building activities in which the participants worked together successfully complete the challenges. Funding for this event was made possible by an NCAPPA Microgrant. The planning committee did a fantastic job: Althea Cook, Vanessa Dodd, Deborah Mayfield, Virgie Fewell, and Katherine Humphries. BES&R is taking action to become a first-class team of teams at UNC Charlotte.

Photos below are from the BES & Recycling Potluck Celebration

By Solomon T. Franklin Building Environmental Services and Recycling

Issue 61 | Facilities Focus



Temporary Digs


or those who may not know, the Capital Projects team temporarily vacated the Facilities Management and Police and Public Safety Building while the second floor is undergoing a major renovation to make room for additional personnel. Our temporary location is on the third and fourth floors of the Hickory Building. The University Space Management and Utilization Office, Sustainability Office, as well as our AVC (and Beverly too) moved in with us to ensure we were not forgotten! Despite poor acoustics, we made ourselves at home and find the facility is not bad at all. As you can see, David Daignault gives it a “thumbs up!” One of the benefits of being in Hickory is the close proximity to other locations on campus including meeting spaces and eateries. Most of all, we feel more connected to campus life as we see students daily walking and driving to and from class. We have the word we are moving back into our “new and improved” digs on May 26.

David Daignault

Did You Know? The Capital Projects team is currently managing approximately $342M in projects? Currently in Construction: Burson Renovation, Residence Dining Hall, Renovation, Academic Complex, Student Counseling Center, Elm, Maple, Pine Renovation, and Campus WiFi. Projects in Design: Facilities Operations and Parking Services Complex (FOPS), Union Deck Expansion, Health and Wellness Center (HAWC), Sycamore Renovation, Parking Lot 8 Expansion, Admissions Center, Scott Hall, CRI Entrance, Belk Plaza Revitalization, and Moore Hall Renovation.

Congratulations to Peter Franz


Facilities Operations and Parking Services

Best Wishes to Tony Schallert

eter Franz, pictured left of Chancellor Philip Dubois, received his 20-year service award plaque at the 2017 Staff Recognition Luncheon on March 22, 2017. Peter joined the University in 1996. He serves as our campus landscape architect.


Facilities Focus | Issue 61

T ony Schallert, Energy Manager, accepted a position with Wake Forest University. His last day was May 4. While at UNC Charlotte, Tony contributed greatly to our energy management program. The coffee drinkers miss him already as Tony was the main coffee maker each morning. By Dorothy Vick Capital Projects

Earth Month Highlights | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT


e hope you had a chance to check out some of our Earth Month events in April. This year, our spring tree planting actually expanded into Tree Campus USA Day (April 5), in honor of UNC Charlotte gaining Tree Campus USA certification through the Arbor Day Foundation. Thanks to Sustainability, Grounds, Capital Projects, and the Botanical Gardens for their help in making this day a success! Campus Cleanup (April 12) was a great success with participants picking up over 105 pounds of cigarette butts and other trash. Despite the rain on April 19, our annual Earth Day Celebration was a hit. More than 25 groups came out to share information on everything from growing your own produce, to the campus bike-share program starting on campus. A big thank you to everyone that participated. We couldn’t do this without you! By Shannon Caveny-Cox Recycling

Tree Planting

Campus Cleanup

Earth Day Celebration

University earns third Tree Campus USA designation


NC Charlotte was honored with 2016 Tree Campus USA recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to effective urban forest management. Tree Campus USA is a national program created in 2008 by the Arbor Day Foundation to honor colleges and universities for effective campus forest management and for engaging staff and students in conservation goals. There are 296 campuses across the United States with this recognition. UNC Charlotte achieved this distinction by meeting Tree Campus USA’s five standards, which include maintaining a tree advisory committee, a campus tree-care plan, dedicated annual expenditures for its campus tree program, an Arbor Day observance and student servicelearning projects.

chairperson of the University’s Tree Advisory Committee, the campus “maintains an aesthetic that balances new construction and renovations needed to meet our growing student body with a landscape design that incorporates native trees and other biodiversity across campus.”

landscape, and bringing local experts to campus to discuss urban forestry.

In accordance with other aspects of the Tree Campus USA designation, University goals include continual mapping, planting and labeling of trees on campus; developing educational opportunities involving our natural

In April, the campus celebrated Earth Month with several hands-on and educational events and other activities.

“Although over half of our 1,000-acre campus remains undeveloped and wooded, the purposeful inclusion of trees into our developing campus remains a priority,” noted Franz.

By NiCole Lynch Facilities Business Office

According to Peter Franz, UNC Charlotte landscape architect and

Issue 61 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Facilities Information Systems

Best Wishes and Congratulations to Sara Clayton


ebruary 24, 2017 was Sara Clayton’s last day with the Facilities Management team. Sara was Facilities Information Systems’ Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Survey Technician for almost two years. She was an exceptional asset to the FIS team and to many other Facilities Management units, and we will miss her very much! Sara accepted a full-time, permanent position with the City of Charlotte, Storm Water Department, where she is surveying storm water lines and manholes. Sara Clayton

We wish her the best in all her endeavors as well as congratulate her on the birth of her son, Ezra!

Ezra Clayton

Welcome Robert Alexander


obert came onboard as a part of the team on April 3, 2017 as our Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Survey Technician. His duties include assisting with surveying projects especially external surveying, overseeing utility map updates, supporting additional ARCHIBUS AutoCAD applications and the space information updates. Robert brings with him eight years of GIS and Surveying experience gained from previously working at the USGS, colleges, Piedmont Natural Gas, and ESP Associates. Robert received his Master of Science in GIST from the University of Southern California. Robert has lived in Charlotte two years. His hobbies include fishing and hiking. We are excited to have Robert on our team, and we are confident that his skills will be a valuable asset in supporting our Facilities Management departmental operations and continued campus growth.

Robert Alexander

If you would like to stop by to say hello and welcome Robert to the Facilities Management team, he is located on the second floor of the Facilities Management/Police and Public Safety Building in Room 228. His phone number is 7-0550.

New ARCHIBUS Key Management Views Go Live


n April 3, 2017, Facilities Information Systems went live with new ARCHIBUS Key Management module views that included New Key Customer and a consolidated Access Approver role. The project was a major team effort between Facilities Information Systems and the Lock Shop and took over three years to develop with various phases and extensive key data clean up. The new Request Room Access form provides customers the ability to request door card access and physical key requests. New Key Customer Role

New Access Approver Role

ARCHIBUS training for Key Management was available online in Moodle2 (until May 15) and now in CANVAS. You may contact Facilities Information Systems at 704 687-0552 or by email, if you have questions about training or the new Key Management views. By Pamela Duff Facilities Information Systems 12

Facilities Focus | Issue 61

Facilities Operations | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

Paula Lail pays it forward with EPIC technology tours for RCCC students

“We have nothing but good experiences when working with UNC Charlotte, Paula Lail, Patrick Foley, Joe Loder, and the others in Facilities...”

Paula Lail

When Paula Lail graduated from Rowan-Cabarrus Community College (RCCC) in 2005, she probably did not imagine that her path would come full-circle years later. Since 2011 Lail, who works as a service technician for Zone 2 maintenance, has given tours to students enrolled in RCCC’s Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology (AHR) program. The collaboration between RCCC and UNC Charlotte has been successful, according to Jon Crockett, RCCC instructor in the college’s AHR program and lead advisor for the AHR Chiller Club and SkillsUSA initiatives. Crockett calls it a “win-win situation” for both schools. The tour introduces students to the practical applications of an exceptionally technical field. Once students graduate, some apply for positions with UNC Charlotte. Currently there are 13 RCCC AHR graduates and three current students working for Facilities Operations. RCCC offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in heating and refrigeration technology, as well as several related certificate programs. Lail generally gives two tours per semester to students taking advanced classes. One recent tour included students studying chiller systems. The course introduces students to the principles of water chilling, refrigerant, water and piping circuits, freeze

prevention, purging, and equipment flexibility. Fortunately, UNC Charlotte has a state-of-art chilling system housed in the Energy, Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) located on its Charlotte Research Institute campus. The EPIC building uses 750 active chilled beams, which helps comply with state-mandated energy reduction goals set in Senate Bill 668. Each cooler beam unit recovers nearly 80% of the energy emitted from fresh and ventilated air circulated within the building. Lail was fortunate to be assigned to the EPIC building in 2012 and is extremely knowledgeable about cooler beam technology. “[The tour] provides a good visual for students,” says Lail.

EPIC Building

Crockett believes that additional learning should take place outside the classroom. Participation in extracurricular activities, such as SkillsUSA and experiencing practical applications, help students learn and grow. “We have nothing but good experiences when working with UNC Charlotte, Paula Lail, Patrick Foley, Joe Loder, and the others in Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations. It has been a very rewarding partnership between the two schools.”

By Donna M. Sofsky Facilities Operations Issue 61 | Facilities Focus



Laurie Manderino achieves PMP Certification project management. In the Facilities Planning Office, her responsibilities include the project management of the online CRDM Map, various studies, assistance with the Five-year Capital Construction Plan, and various reports to the General Administration, the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Governors.

C ongratulations to Laurel (Laurie) Kotch Manderino, PMP, for obtaining her certification as a Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute. Laurie is a program coordinator in Facilities Planning and this credential underpins her knowledge and abilities with regard to planning and

Established in 1969, the PMP certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The four hour, 200 question PMP exam tests project management knowledge, practices, analysis and application. Candidates who possess a Bachelor’s Degree must also obtain 35 contact hours in Project Management Education and 4,500 hours of Project Management Experience within the last eight years. Laurie graduated Summa Cum Laude from California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U) with a Bachelor of Science in Science and Technology and a minor in Management. She

received project management experience while serving as the Assistant Director for the Institute for Law and Public Policy at Cal U. In that position Laurie managed continuing legal education and training programs including: marketing materials, recruitment, and contracts and legal publications. She was also Cal U’s liaison to the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board. According to Laurie: “I hope I can bring the knowledge I attained in the PMP program to benefit Facilities Planning and the University.” Laurie is the mother of three sons, James, Andrew, and Joseph. James is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Andrew is a University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering graduate and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, and Joseph is a certified automotive technician for Ford.

Fun with Sustainability T he Charlotte Green Initiative recently approved funding for a human-powered ice cream bike that will be made available to student organizations to assist in raising money for philanthropies. Unbeknownst to me, the bike came in a large array of parts. Luckily, I share the fourth floor in Hickory building with multiple engineers. Tony Schallert stepped up to the task and was able to put together the bike in no time flat. In appreciation of this, I made the inaugural batch of ice cream for some of the members of FM in the Hickory building. Some say it was worth my 20 minutes of pedaling to get the delicious cool treat.

Tyler Sytsma spins on the ice cream bike as Brian Kugler, one of the engineers Tyler referred to in Capital Projects, observes.


By Tyler Sytsma Facilities Planning

Facilities Focus | Issue 61


Meet Newman and Michelle

Newman Hui began with Facilities Management on March 27, 2017. Job Title: Space Surveyor Responsibilities: Verify campus wide room usage and occupants. Report and resolve space discrepancies. Update and maintain ARCHIBUS information. Newman has two degrees, one in electrical engineering and one in computer engineering. both from North Carolina State University. He aspires to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science. Hobbies: Hiking, Ice skating, Cooking, Video Games. Newman’s office is temporarily located in the Hickory building, room 32A. He can be reached at extension 7-1685 or via email at

Newman Hui

Michelle Embry began with Facilities Management on April 3, 2017. Job Title: Facility Planner Responsibilities: Supporting the data analysis and evaluation of requests for space working with departments to evaluate and define potential space needs. Michelle is originally from Indiana where she attended Indiana University and received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She later attended Indiana Wesleyan University where she received a Master of Business Administration. New to Charlotte, she previously worked at Kent State University for seven years as a Physical Facilities Planner. Hobbies: Reading, knitting, bowling, and traveling. Michelle shares an office with Newman which is in the Hickory building, room 32A. After May 26, you will find her in the Facilities Management/Police and Public Safety Building on the second floor. She can be reached at extension 7-1601 or via email at

Michelle Embry

Revised University Policy 601.4, Integrated Space Management

C hancellor Philip Dubois and the Chancellor’s Cabinet recently approved the revised University Policy 601.4, Integrated Space Management. The revised policy and the accompanying procedures supplemental to the policy set forth the principles, processes, and procedures that guide space allocation and use at UNC Charlotte. A copy of the revised policy is available for review at The Space Planning Advisory Committee (SPACe) and the Space and Property Steering Committee (SPSC) review requests for space and make recommendations to the Chancellor for review. Chancellor Dubois makes all final decisions about the allocation and use of space. All requests for new space, reallocation of space, change in use of space, or leased space must be made by completing a Space Request Form and forwarding it to the director of Space Management for review by the committees. The form must have the signature of the department/division head and the dean or associate vice chancellor. By Kathryn Horne University Space Management

Issue 61 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Happenings Around Campus


3 - Safety Fair 8 - Quarterly Supervisors Forum 12-13 - Commencement 22 - First Day Summer Classes 25 - Facilities Spring Fellowship & Fun Day


National Safety Month


4 - Independence Day Holiday 28 - Strategic Planning Session


3 - All Employees Meeting (day shifts) 8 - Quarterly Supervisors Forum 21 - First Day of Fall Classes (evening)

Facilities Management Spring Fellowship May 25 10:00 a.m. ~ 1:30 p.m.

Location: Hauser Alumni Pavilion No Fee to Attend Lunch $2.50 per plate ~ was due May 8 ~Bring your lawn chair~ Kickball at 10:00 a.m. Main Feature: Dunking Booth ~ bring your dollars! Are You a Member of WeSave?

Visit to sign up or login for all types of discounts for State employees. WeSave is the Nation’s first no-cost discount network and loyalty program exclusively for active and retired public employees at the state and local government level.


Facilities Focus | Issue 61

Issue 61 | Facilities Focus


The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Facilities Management 9201 University City Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

We S.H.A.R.E. Facilities Management Values: Safety, Honesty and Integrity, Accountability, Respect for Others, Excellence 18

Facilities Focus | Issue 61

Facilities Focus, Issue 61  
Facilities Focus, Issue 61