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Issue 60 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | From the desk of the Associate Vice Chancellor



This is our 60th, or diamond, edition of Facilities Focus. Thanks to the newsletter staff for continuing to produce a quality product to share pertinent and timely information with our team. The newsletter is only as good as the content received; therefore, please continue to share what is going on within your respective unit. We want to celebrate with you.

Philip M. Jones

Our Facilities Management department continues to excel. Your teamwork and customer service over the past three months have inspired me. Special thanks is due to those who worked the snow event the weekend of January 6 through 8. These dedicated employees worked tirelessly, some more than 24 hours straight, to insure the campus was safe and could open for classes Monday, January 9. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. As there is still some winter left, stay prepared to respond. We could see some more snow and ice.

MISSION To provide a quality learning, research, and living environment for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the community by planning, building, operating, and maintaining the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

VISION A leader in Facilities Management distinguished by safety and excellence. A proficient, responsive, and adaptable ‘Team of teams’. Providing high quality services and facilities in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Our team is successfully executing the first phase of the University’s Five-year Capital Construction Plan. The whole department contributed to preparation of swing space in Cedar Hall and then successfully moved faculty and staff out of the Denny building into this space so renovation could start on time. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this a success. This marks the start of a complete makeover of five of the oldest buildings on campus (Denny, Macy, Winningham, Garinger, Barnard – all built in the early 1960’s). It is rare that a facilities organization is trusted with the funds to do a whole building modernization like this. We are fortunate to have two such projects on-going. Burson renovation is the second project of this kind, and construction is proceeding well. We are working hard at the challenge of keeping the building operational and the occupants happy – no easy task!

Thanks again to the Holiday Party Committee for a grand event in December. Fun program, good food, nice prizes, and most of all good fellowship! Can’t wait for the annual picnic in May! Exciting news! Design is proceeding on the new Facilities Operations and Parking Services Compound (now fondly call FOPS). Construction will start early next summer just to the northwest of North Deck. Facilities Operations and Parking and Transportation Servies should be occupying their new home in August of 2018. The compound will be a real “step up” in quality and function for these two organizations. We also understand the Blue Line Extension is still on track for an August 2017 opening. You will start to see some trains running in test mode in April. As we move forward into a new year, keep focused on our key business drivers of Teamwork, Customer Service, and Continuous Improvement. Key business drivers are things an organization needs to excel at to be successful! Our FM team has truly adopted a culture of continuous improvement. It is part of our “DNA” as an organization. Here are just a few of the on-going initiatives to make us better: • Third Generation Campus Renewal/ Deferred Maintenance (CRDM) to predict and head-off building system failures • Sustainability Plan Revision to create an actionable plan • Academic and Administrative Space Study to improve utilization across campus • Work Order Process Reinvention • Interscope data input initiative using Six Sigma methodology • Building Automation System Upgrades • Training Records Automation • APPA Cleanliness Audit Automation • Implementation of Team Cleaning Concept across campus • Hiring Process Flow Chart • Apprenticeship Program We can be very proud of these efforts which are above and beyond our normal duties and go a long way toward creating a campus of distinction at UNC Charlotte. Keep it going!

Philip M. Jones Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management

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In s i d e t h i s Is s u e 2 3 Spring Issue | February 2017

Facilities Management, a department of Business Affairs

Do Things Better. Do Better Things. Do The Right Thing.

Message from Chancellor Dubois

4 - 6 Staff Recognition 2016 Excellent Attendance Twenty Year Club New Employees Promotions Applause Card Recipients Safe Teams

7 Philip M. Jones Associate Vice Chancellor Editor Beverly Imes Staff Solomon T. Franklin Ronda Latham Laurie Manderino Leigh Richardson Proofreaders Pamela Duff Pamela Hickman Kristi Westphal Photographers Wade Bruton Chris Crews Clyde Derberry Pamela Duff Kelly Freshcorn Beverly Imes Don Janus Jim Johnson NiCole Lynch Ashley Sisco

Thanks to all contributors!

Cover Story Team of the Quarter: McEniry Flood Recovery Team


Design Services Welcomes New Staff Building Environmental Services and Recycling Collaboration in Creating a Campus of Distinction Work Loading to Increase Efficiency Solutions for Household Recyclables

10 - 11 Did You Know? FM Notification Meditation Room on Campus Staff Recognition Opportunities Continuous Improvement in Training Hechenbleikner Lake - Certified Wildlife Habitat 12

Capital Projects Academic Complex Overhaul Underway Capital Update David Daignault: Capital’s Own Thespian


Facilities Information Systems Building Automation System Upgrade ARCHBIUS Training Transitioning to Canvas


Focus Feature: Chris Moose, Facilities Operations


Sustainabilitiy News


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Issue 60 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | From the desk of the Chancellor

A Message from Chancellor Philip L. Dubois Dear Colleagues: Well, we survived the holidays, a presidential transition like no other, and the first significant winter weather event of the season...and we’re still here! So I’d say 2017 is off to a great start! Here at UNC Charlotte, our growth continues at a blazing rate of speed. The never-ending stream of construction and renovation projects is mind-boggling, but our unparalleled Facilities Management team makes it look easy...and you make our University look amazing. Those of you who have been around for more than 10 minutes have probably heard me say at least a dozen times that “Details matter.” Our Facilities Management team definitely understands this point and does a masterful job of handling the “little” details that make such a BIG difference. I notice your great work daily and brag about you often, but I probably do not say it to you all nearly THANK YOU for all that you do! Happy 2017, and Go Niners!

Chancellor Dubois Philip L. Dubois was named as UNC Charlotte’s fourth Chancellor in 2005.

Philip L. Dubois Chancellor

MISSION UNC Charlotte is North Carolina’s urban research university. It leverages its location in the state’s largest city to offer internationally competitive programs of research and creative activity, exemplary undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs, and a focused set of community engagement initiatives. UNC Charlotte maintains a particular commitment to addressing the cultural, economic, educational, environmental, health, and social needs of the greater Charlotte region. Read the complete mission statement at


Facilities Focus | Issue 60


McEniry Flood Recovery Team - Team of the Quarter By Ronda Latham, Building Environmental Services and Recycling

Pictured left to right are Carlota Mieles (McEniry zone), Jean Pierre Mvumbi (McEniry zone), and Paul Dilgard (College of Health and Human Services zone) Not pictured: Walter Alexander (Colvard zone) and Johnnie Doyle (Grigg zone),


he first floor lobby of the McEniry building has experienced its fair share of weather-related challenges. Katherine Humphries, Building Environmental Services (BES) Supervisor for McEniry zone stated they are normally equipped to handle such challenges, but recent vacancies, including a lead tech position, created a hardship. Fortunately, a team of volunteers went above and beyond the call of duty to assist in an emergency situation.

Hearing the call over the radio, several technicians (Jean Pierre and the volunteer team) moved to action, including Paul Dilgard (College of Health and Human Services zone), Walter Alexander (Colvard zone), Johnnie Doyle (Grigg zone), and Carlota Mieles (McEniry zone). As the team worked to extract the water, they were challenged with continual flow, but still without hesitation continued the extraction for hours.

Following the close of a most recent business day, the Charlotte area began experiencing very heavy rains. The weather became so bad, the McEniry zone expected several calls, but there were none. Jean Pierre Mvumbi, a technician in the McEniry zone, immediately called for assistance over the two-way radio when he was notified of the flooding situation.

Returning to work the next morning, the McEniry zone found the first floor was equipped with at least 10 “wet floor” signs and four Pro-Blitz air blowers still in full operation. It was apparent the team had a tough night tackling flood waters. Word spread quickly that the team volunteered without hesitation and performed above and beyond the call of duty.

The McEniry zone was very short staffed during this incident and without a doubt, the team would have experienced a hardship in their attempts to conquer those flood waters alone. Great appreciation is extended to Jean Pierre Mvumbi, Paul Dilgard, Walter Alexander, Johnnie Doyle, and Carlota Mieles - a proficient, responsive, and adaptable ‘Team of teams’- for their tireless efforts.

Pictured left to right are Johnnie Doyle, Jean Pierre Mvumbi, Paul Dilgard, Carlota Mieles, and Walter Alexander

Issue 60 | Facilities Focus



2016 Excellent Attendance Employees who used 16 hours or less of sick leave are recognized annually with an excellent attendance certificate and a buffet breakfast sponsored by Elizabeth A. Hardin, Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs. Congratulations to the 2016 recipients listed below. Aaron Moore

Earl Sneed

Lee Cox

Robert Cooke

Althea Cook

G. David Smith

Mac Fake

Robin Thompson

Amanda Caudle

Gary Edwards

Marijan Pavlovic

Rosalia Moron-Perez

Ameila Fisher

Gloria Escobar

Marshall Lowrance

Sandy Mullins

Bart Davis

Helen Giroux

Michael Crawford

Shannon Caveny-Cox

Beverly Imes

Iris Davis

Mike Lizotte

Shawn Kelly

Beverly Starcher

Jeffrey Carmien

Nick Fulton

Stan Gant

Billy Poston

Jason Brissenden

NiCole Lynch

Steve Burt

Bloko Nguessan

Jean Pierre Nzau Mvumbi

Noella Paquette

Steve Jackson

Brent Offenberger

Jeffrey Michel

Pamela Duff

Steve Terry

Brian Guns

Joey Cochran

Paul Taylor

Toia Young

Brien Clapton

John Boal

Regina Goodridge

Tonya Wright Virgil Torrence

Carlota Mieles

John Neilson

Rob Kennedy

Catherine Harris

Jon Canapino

Robert Bonds

Chris Facente

Jose’ Palacios

Christopher Hamm

Joseph Clay

Dan Baughman

Juana Morales

David E. Smith

Katherine Humphries

David Love

Kathy Fisher

Dennis Lubert

Kelly Freshcorn

Cone Center Lucas Room

Derrick Massey

Kyle Thomas

Donnie Watkins

Lee Allsbrook

Dorothy Munson

Lee Arnold

Douglas Walters

Lee Beard

Attendance Breakfast

February 14, 2017 7:30 a.m.

Twenty Year Club

Employees who have worked in Facilities Management 20 consecutive years. This year’s recipients are: Candis Robinson – Building Environmental Services Noella Paquette – Facilities Business Office Robert “Bob” Fitzgerald – Facilities Operations (1996 - 2016)

Noella Paquette


Facilities Focus | Issue 60

Bob Fitzgerald


New Employees, Promotions & Recognition ~ October - December 2016 NEW EMPLOYEES

Building Environmental Services (BES) Renee Davis, Building Environmental Technician, Center City Jeremy Henderson, Building Environmental Technician, Center City Linda Roberts, Building Environmental Technician, Center City Faustin Kalonji, Building Environmental Technician, EPIC Amee Revis, Building Environmental Technician, Library Patrick Hernandez, Building Environmental Technician, McEniry Mireille Mwady, Building Environmental Technician, Woodward Clement Yapi, BuildingEnvironmental Technician, Woodward

Design Services Don Janus III, Engineer Brice Millsaps, Interior Designer

Facilities Operations Becky Boucher, Administrative Support Associate David Mulbah, Grounds Services Technician, Central Campus (Grounds) Jeriah Bowers, Grounds Services Technician, Perimeter (Grounds) Daniel Dixon, Access Control Technician (Lock Shop) Anthony Falco, FM Technician Mechanical Trades (Zone 1) William Crocker, FM Technician Mechanical Trades (Zone 5)

Real Estate and Space Management Linda Haywood, Administrative Support Associate PROMOTIONS

Building Environmental Services & Recycling Annette Anderson, Building Environmental Technician, Center City Sara Brooks, Building Environmental Technician, Woodward Luis Chalco, Building Environmental Technician, Recycling

Facilities Operations Leon Baker, FM Technician Mechanical Trades, Zone 2 Julio Brandon, Grounds Services Technician, Grounds Central Campus


Individual Nick Fulton, Grounds

Teams McEniry Flood Recovery Team Walter Alexander, Paul Dilgard, Johnnie Doyle, Carlotta Mieles, Jean Pierre Mvumbi Zone 2 Team Leon Baker, Rick Bohling, Lacy Brumley, Brien Clapton, Ed Diaz, William Elledge, Neal Eudy, Michael Greer, Paula Lail, Terrell Morris, Dwight Neely, Jeffrey Saer, G. David Smith, Earl Sneed To view awards photos and read detailed descriptions of nominations, visit: ht t p: / / f aci l i t i es. uncc. edu/ a b o u t - u s / a w a rd s - p ro g ra m/ p a s t - a w a rd - re c i p i e n t s

Issue 60 | Facilities Focus



Safety Recognition The following teams earned “Safe Team of the Year” having NO accidents January - December 2016 (Statistical information provided by UNC Charlotte Safety Office) Building Environmental Services and Recycling Center City, CHHS (College of Health Human Services), Colvard, EPIC (Energy Production and Infrastructure Center), Grigg, Library, North Area Floor Crew, Recycling, South Area Floor Crew Facilities Operations BAS Controls, Fire Systems, Grounds - Playing Fields, Lock Shop, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 5, Zone 6, and Zone 7

Pictured above standing left to right are Dale Kroeze (Grounds - Playing Fields), Michael Crawford (Zone 3), James Luchene (Fire Systems), Jeff Saer (Zone 2), Josh Hyatt (Zone 7), Faustin Kalonji (EPIC), Carl LaChance (Zone 1), Leslie Aaron (Lock Shop), and Barry Hannibal (Zone 5) Pictured above seated left to right are Linda Roberts (Center City), Jodie Kowalski (Grigg), Tonya Day (Recycling), Susan George (Colvard), Gloria Escobar (Library), Paul Dilgard (CHHS), Don Teate (BAS Controls), and Bob Fitzgerald (Zone 6)

Pictured left to right are Elzy Neely (South Area Floor Crew) and Tameria Rankin (North Area Floor Crew)

The following teams earned “Safe Team of the Quarter” having NO accidents October - December 2016 Building Environmental Services and Recycling Center City Building, CHHS (College of Health Human Services), Colvard, EPIC (Energy Production & Infrastructure Center), Grigg, Kennedy, Library, McEniry, North Area Floor Crew, Recycling, South Area Floor Crew Facilities Operations Automotive, BAS Controls, Fire Systems, Grounds - Central, Grounds - Perimeter, Grounds - Playing Fields, Lock Shop, Steam Plant, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7



y time earned Compensator rly Staff for the quarte m must be ra og Pr Recognition t. days of receip used within 90 e it, If you do not us it! se lo ill you w


Pictured left to right are Kenyel Spauling, Michael Crawford, and Bryan Burris

Facilities Focus | Issue 60

Zone 3 was presented with the Five-year Safe Team Award. This is awarded to teams who have five consecutive years of no accidents. They are the third team to receive such recognition. The others were Zone 2 and Zone 7.


Welcome New Staff Members

D esign Services has experienced a significant transformation over the last seven months by filling four open positions. Caroline Hill was hired in June as an Interior Designer and Architectural Project Manager. Caroline has taken on several renovation projects such as classrooms and the ITS space in Atkins Library, as well as, designing a student led initiative to create a meditation space in Cone University Center. You may reach Caroline at extension 7-0528 or via email at

Caroline Hill

Ashley Sisco was hired in August as an Interior Designer and Facility Planner. Ashley is designing renovations for the Student Government Organizations Complex in the Student Union, and IT space in Storrs. Ashley is also responsible for compiling detailed project information related to vendor information for quarterly Design Services Internal Project Processes and Controls documentation. Closer to home, she is the project manager for Facilities Management’s second floor renovation. You may reach Ashley at extension 7-7811 or via email at

Ashley Sisco

Don Janus was hired in October as a Mechanical Engineer. In his short time with Design Services he has already accomplished several projects with HVAC and fire protection systems. Don was responsible for the recently completed UNC Charlotte main entry lane expansion project. He is currently studying for his professional license. You may reach Don at extension 7- 0526 or via email at

Don Janus

Christopher Brice Millsaps was hired in December. Brice assisted Design Services as a student worker from 2009 to 2014. Brice returns as an Interior Designer and Environmental Graphics Designer. Brice is assisting with project management of the Student Counseling Center and the Health and Wellness Center. He will also assist with campus signage projects. You may reach Brice at extension 7-7286 or via email at

Brice Millsaps

By Caroline Hill, Design Services

Issue 60 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Building Environmental Services and Recycling

Collaboration in Creating a Campus of Distinction By Katherine Britt, Classroom Support


lassroom conditions have long been a concern that bridges multiple campus operational teams, from Facilities Operations (FO) to Building Environmental Services (BES) to the Office of Classroom Support (OCS). Classroom appearance and functionality have deteriorated, and negatively affect students and faculty. With the above challenges in mind, representatives from FO, BES, and OCS came together to plan a more robust and systematic approach to classroom conditions assessment, repair, and maintenance, the result of this being the Classroom Conditions Assessment Program or CCAP. The CCAP Renovations Team is comprised of technicians from FO and BES including the following: Ed Diaz, Brien Clapton, Michael Greer, Michael Watt, Dennis Herr, Jeffrey Carmien, and James Revis. This team possesses the specialized skill sets needed to successfully complete the CCAP rennovations.

CCAP Pilot: Fretwell, Room 202 (Before)

Members of the CCAP Renovation Team in Fretwell, Room 202 A pilot for the CCAP program is underway and eight classrooms have been selected for renovations. Teammates across various departments identified condition deficiencies and worked together to determine the necessary actions to bring the classrooms back to excellent condition. Classroom renovations focused on refresh of surfaces and technology by installing carpet, painting the classrooms, and upgrading the technology. Additional measures are also being taken to decrease the maintenance liability of the classrooms with movable furniture. Addressing these issues will ensure UNC Charlotte classrooms continue to be a safe and pleasant learning environment for years to come.

CCAP Pilot: Fretwell, Room 202 (After)

Work Loading to Increase Efficiency Every cleaning department struggles to find a solution to understand the who, where, when, what and how much cleaning should be and is being done. The use of available technology is designed to improve workloading, training and quality monitoring without incurring additional operational costs for the department. At UNC Charlotte, customer communication protocols are being developed using Google G-Suite that will help meet the demands both in resource management and customer satisfaction. Through the use of the Google Calendar, Google Forms and Google Sheets, the impact can reduce unnecessary paperwork and simply the training for the cleaning worker.

Example of Work loading using the Google tools

Utilizing open sourced solutions like Google allows customizable solutions that are not dependent on the use of any one specific tool or chemical. Proper workloading and training allows for continuous improvement by understanding the needs of the organization based on annual historical results. Using G-Suite applications in the cleaning operations allows the team to connect to assigned work, improve quality and deliver results.

Katherine Humphries (BES Supervisor) Demonstrating tools at the Workloading Workshop (Level 3)


Facilities Focus | Issue 60

Building Environmental Services and Recycling | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

Solutions for Household Recyclables By Kelly Freshcorn, Recycling


n the Recycling unit we often hear the question, “Where can I take this item to recycle it?” When you are at home this question becomes even trickier because some items that are technically recyclable cannot go in your residential curbside recycling bin. For example, things like plastic bags, batteries, lightbulbs, cell phones, and other small electronics are recyclable, but they cannot be placed in your curbside recycling bin. These items can still be recycled, but require a little more effort. Many of the stores where you shop have recycle bins for these items. They are often located at the front of the store near customer service or the main entrance. Almost every grocery store has a plastic bag recycling bin near the front entrance. Publix even has a recycling bin for your used styrofoam egg cartons.

Lowes Recycling Bin

Home improvement stores, Lowe’s and Home Depot, accept compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL’s) and rechargeable batteries. Lowe’s also collects plastic bags. Target has a bin for ink cartridges, MP3 players, and cell phones. They also have a place for plastic bags and other common recyclables. Office stores like Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max are also happy to accept ink/ toner cartridges, and Staples will also take rechargeable batteries and small electronics. You can take wires, cords, and cables to Best Buy. They will also accept rechargeable batteries and those pesky plastic bags. With a little extra thought and effort, most of your common household items can be recycled one way or another.

Best Buy Recycling Bin

Finally, check with your local government (city and/or county) about “Household Hazardous Waste” collections. Most counties have dropoff locations, or special collection events, for various wastes that you might not know what to do with, including paint, light bulbs, batteries, pesticides, and herbicides. Contact our office at 704-687-0607 if you have any questions about what can be recycled or where an item goes. Target Recycling Bin

Issue 60 | Facilities Focus



FM Notification The Facilities Notification announcements are now available as an RSS feed on the Facilities Management home page. For the most up-to-date information on closures, outages, and other work, visit

Meditation Room We have created a dedicated meditation and reflection space called Peace Haven located on the second floor of Cone University Center near the candy counter and lounge. It is open to all for use during Cone hours. It will close in May for renovation. Karen Shaffer, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, Student Activities

Meditation Room - Not Actual Site in Cone Center

Staff Recognition Opportunities Just a reminder of other recognition opportunities on campus. Take a moment to nominate a deserving staff member. Notable Niner - This program is intended to serve as a constant driving force to support a positive recognition culture at UNC Charlotte. This program is administered and maintained by the UNC Charlotte Staff Award and Recognition Coordinator. Golden Nugget - Do you know a staff member who deserves a little extra gold in their sluice pan for going above and beyond the call of duty, and representing UNC Charlotte in a manner we can all be proud of? Then, give them a “Golden Nugget”! The Notable Niner and Golden Nugget are not voted on by a committee. Whatever you submit goes through and the person ​(​or team)​ is notified.

Continuous Improvement in Training Facilities Managment (FM) is implementing a new digital training records system. Staff transition from using paper training records to inputting their own digital training record for each training they attend. A digital platform allows FM to more efficiently capture training data in an easy to use electronic entry form. The electronic form is created through Google Forms and is linked to a digital training database in Google Sheets. These improvements will result in the increased accuracy of training records and a portal for individual training transcripts for each FM employee. Clyde Derberry, Sandy Mullins and Solomon T. Franklin will coordinate training sessions to demonstrate how to use the form for all FM employees. The training sessions will be scheduled throughtout the month of February and full implementation of the new digital training forms will begin in March 2017. Each unit within FM has their own designated training form. You can access the appropriate training form for your unit on the FM Learning Academy website: For any questions about this new improvement, please contact Clyde at extension 7-0544.

Are You a Member of WeSave?

Visit to sign up or login for all types of discounts for State employees. WeSave is the Nation’s first no-cost discount network and loyalty program exclusively for active and retired public employees at the state and local government level.


Facilities Focus | Issue 60


Hechenbleikner Lake designated as a Certified Wildlife Habitat By NiCole Lynch, Facilities Business Office


echenbleikner Lake is now designated as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). NWF, America’s largest wildlife conservation and education organization, recognized the University’s efforts to spearhead initiatives to create and maintain a space on campus that is wildlife hospitable. For decades, the organization has certified sites including yards, schools, businesses, community gardens, parks and places of worship. Each site provides basic elements that all wildlife need to thrive natural food sources, clean water, cover and places to raise young. Certification also makes Hechenbleikner Lake part of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, a national effort to restore critical habitat for pollinators. “We are excited to have another passionate wildlife area join us by creating

a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Over the last 40 years, nearly 200,000 wildlife gardens have joined NWF’s Garden for Wildlife movement and helped restore wildlife habitats right in our own yards and neighborhoods,” said David Mizejewski, naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. Hechenbleikner Lake is named for biology professor Herbert Hechenbleikner, who was recruited to the faculty by University founder Bonnie Cone. He is credited with the creation of the Van Landingham Glen, which is the basis for the University’s Botanical Gardens. “The campus has developed many wonderful examples of areas that promote biodiversity from the Botanical Gardens to the student garden, and through the meaningful development of the campus’ landscape,” states Tyler Sytsma, University sustainability coordinator. “We hope, by establishing these designations, students, faculty, and staff become

increasingly aware that the campus design reiterates the university’s mindfulness of how it interacts with nature in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.” The Facilities Management grounds team recently installed the new sign, which prominently promotes the certified habitat designation.

Issue 60 | Facilities Focus



Academic Complex Overhaul Underway By NiCole Lynch, Facilities Business Office Before construction began, Denny Building employees were relocated, last semester, to swing space. They will take up temporary occupancy in Cedar Building, a former residence hall that underwent renovations to accommodate their needs. FM worked in collaboration with Academic Affairs personnel to establish the ACR project’s multiphase approach and the temporary relocation of personnel. Academic Complex


s part of the University’s strategic Five-year Capital Construction Plan, work to transform the Academic Complex in the historic core of campus began in January. “The goal of the Academic Complex Renovation (ACR) project is to modernize the Denny, Macy, Barnard, Garinger and Winningham buildings. Work to overhaul the complex will occur in three phases, with 2019 as the target for completion,” said Phil Jones, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Management (FM).

Capital Update

“We understand that moving occupants into swing space interrupts their normal work routines. Therefore, the team worked hard to ensure transitions were executed as smoothly as possible,” Jones stated. Phase two, which will include Macy and Barnard buildings, is projected to begin late summer to early fall of 2017. Phase three, scheduled for 2018, will include the Garinger and Winningham buildings. When the remaining two phases begin, building occupants will move into temporary swing space in Hickory and Cedar.

upgrades, sprinkler and fire alarm improvements, new windows, and upgrades to the facility’s interior such as new paint, carpeting and ceilings. Auditoriums will get new fixed seating, lighting, drywall, and acoustical treatments. Brick will replace the existing exterior skin to bring the building in line with the exterior of the rest of the complex. UNC Charlotte’s Five-year Capital Construction Plan currently consists of more than 40 capital projects, with costs totalling approximately $450 million. These projects include new construction, renovations, and roadway and utility improvements. The goal of the plan is to position UNC Charlotte for the next 25 years, as campus leaders anticipate continued enrollment growth. These investments in building and infrastructure improvements will better serve students, faculty, and staff and will support scholarship and research efforts across the institution.

Denny Building renovations include heating and air conditioning (HVAC)

Levine Hall

Daignault: Capital's Own Thespian

By Dorothy Vick, Capital Projects


onstruction finished in December on our newest residence hall, Levine Hall, located in South Village near the main entrance traffic circle along Broadrick Boulevard and Alumni Way. The hall has 435 beds, and each floor is equipped with a classroom, laundry room, lounge, and multi-purpose rooms.

Levine Hall - Lobby David Daignault


The hall is also the new home for the Levine Scholars Program which was previously in the Cone University Center. Construction began late last year on the Student Counseling Center located adjacent to the Student Health Center. The project budget is more than $4M with an expected completion date of August 2017.


Student Counseling Center

Facilities Focus | Issue 60

hank you, David Daignault, for giving us the opportunity to enjoy a reprisal of the Tony Award Winning Musical “Annie” presented by the Concord First Assembly Intune School of the Arts. David was a member of a very talented group of individuals – young and old – who provided the audience with an evening of singing, dancing, and wonderful entertainment. Who knew we had a thespian on our team? Rock on David!

Facilities Information Systems | FACILITIES MANAGEMENT

Building Automation System (BAS) Application Upgrade is Coming By Pamela Duff, Facilities Information Systems


new Building Automation System (BAS) application upgrade project is in the planning stages. The project will involve the implementation of the newest BAS software platform, Fin Stack 4.0. FIN (Fluid INtegration) is next generation Building Automation System software. It features new applications server technology that embraces tagging, data modeling and HTML5. FIN will work as seamlessly on a handheld device and tablet as it does on a desktop. Implementation of Fin Stack 4.0 platform will provide many improvements to our current Building Automation System application. The upgrade changes will include the following:

• Eliminate issues experienced with JAVA • Allow Graphics and Views usable in any browser • Deploy Mobile device friendly views • Provide cohesive look and feel • Improve navigation • Enable Context-sensitive links • Customizable dashboards The Facilities Information Systems team is excited about these changes to the Building Automation Systems application that will allow scalability for future growth and mobile application functionality. The upgrade will be a team project between Activelogix and Facilities Information Systems with Activelogix performing the server migration, FIN Stack 4.0 setup, JACE updates, tagging, and programming and the Facilities Information Systems team creating the floorplan graphics and dashboards. The BAS project will be completed in several phases with Phase 1 to be released June 2017.

ARCHIBUS Moodle 2 Online Training is Transitioning to Canvas


ll ARCHIBUS training modules located in Moodle 2 ( will transition to Canvas (canvas.uncc. edu) this spring. The Moodle application will no longer be available for training course access beginning May 16, 2017. You may access the courses already migrated to the new Canvas site at by logging in with your NinerNet credentials and then clicking on the Access Courses link. Once logged in, you may select Courses from the left navigation links to get started. If you have questions or need more information about ARCHIBUS online training, you may contact Facilities Information Systems at 704 687-0552 or email

Issue 60 | Facilities Focus


FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Facilities Operations

Focus Feature: Chris Moose By Armetta Davis, Facilities Operations

Chris Moose


hen I first started talking with Christopher Moose, a technician in Building Automation Systems (BAS), a month after I started working in Facilities Operations I thought, I want to know more about this guy. Fast forward three months. My supervisor, Sandy Mullins, asked if I would be willing to write an article for Facilities Focus. I immediately thought of Chris Moose. We talked for more than an hour. I must say, he’s a talker. Learning that he had fallen 30 feet off of a roof explained the noticeable limp sustained by his back being broken in the fall, but that doesn’t stop this guy. Historical reenactments have never really been of interest to me until I had a conversation with Chris. He and his family perform reenactments of all the major battles from the Revolutionary War to World War l. He traces his roots from Germany to Newton, NC going back to 1771. What I found interesting was the family involvement in the historical aspect of recounting, or reenacting, these events.


He and his family dress the part and act the part. Married to his high school sweetheart, Danyel, they have three children. It’s a family affair, with each one playing a role in the reenactments along with local people who share the same passion. Chris has a collection of horse saddles, one from each war. His horses are some of the finest in the state and can be seen in the demonstrations. When I asked Chris what his favorite war was, he said it was at Dunker Church, the Battle of Antietam, where both sides called a truce. It was one of the bloodiest battles in history. The truce led the soldiers to trade with each other - items such as tobacco and coffee as well as skills. The truce demonstrated true forgiveness and humility. Lives were saved. Families rebuilt. Growth began. Today, while we all have a voice, wouldn’t it be nice if a truce could be called? Forgiveness and humility would be demonstrated. We would all sleep a lot better.

Chris' collection of horse saddles


Thank you, Chris, for your wonderful story. Peace in the New Year.

Facilities Focus | Issue 60


University earns STARS Silver rating for sustainability achievements By NiCole Lynch, Facilities Business Office

Michael Lizotte

UNC Charlotte earned a STARS Silver rating for its accomplishments in sustainability from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System, is a comprehensive framework for colleges and universities to measure sustainability performance and achievements in four categories – academics, engagement, operations, and planning and administration. A primary campus sustainability assessment tool, the AASHE 2.0 report was the University’s first submission for a STARS-level designation. UNC Charlotte scored above average in research, campus engagement, transportation, waste, water, planning and well-being. Innovation credit was earned for cooperative work done with county and city staff to prepare for the introduction of light rail service in 2017. The assessment, led by Michael Lizotte, University sustainability officer, was a campus-wide endeavor. Lizotte, along with the Sustainability Executive Committee, task forces, faculty, staff, and

student interns, worked collaboratively during a two-year period to complete the submission. “Our STARS submission is a product of hard work from across the institution and has helped us build a stronger network and understanding of sustainability on our campus,” said Chancellor Philip L. Dubois. The extensive report noted several University milestones, including a decrease, since 2003, of 24 percent water usage per person. Additionally, a total of 19 percent of the research conducted on campus is being done on sustainability issues spanning 59 percent of academic departments. UNC Charlotte was noted as a “good employer in the region,” and 98 percent of staff are covered at sustainable employee compensation levels.

By using this form of deep analysis, the University will be able to learn from past successes and replicate them in new pursuits, continue to grow responsibly as its infrastructure expands to meet the increasing student population and proactively approach new challenges. UNC Charlotte has been an AASHE member since 2009. According to Lizotte, the STARS Silver rating will be beneficial in helping to engage the campus community about goals and plans in the next year to revise the sustainability plan.

In recent years, Lizotte said “the University has made significant progress to improve issues in a variety of areas including transportation, waste generation and disposal and energy consumption – to name a few. The progress, which affirms sustainability as a campus-wide effort, is profound.”

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O n the chilly, rainy morning of December 6, units from across Facilities Management came

together in holiday cheer to celebrate the annual holiday party. This year’s theme of “UNC Charlotte Memories” allowed those attending to get a glimpse of the wonderful people we have had the pleasure of working with in years past, while also providing some of the newer employees very real insight of how their bosses dressed back in the 90’s. This year’s party was made possible in part by the generous funding by Beth Hardin, Vice Chancellor of Business Affairs, and featured a splendid catered meal by the Chartwells staff, singing by the talented Courtney Agee, trivia, and plenty of prizes. Taking home this year’s trivia championship trophy was Fire Systems aka “Firey”, dethroning FBO (last year’s winning team) and beating out the other 29 teams competing. FBO redeemed themselves by winning the new game, “Wheel of Scramble” - patent pending. And sneaking in to claim the top prize, the 40” plasma TV, was Pete Crainshaw, from Renovations.

Wheel of Scramble

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All the fun and festivities proved to be a great atmosphere that really showed how great of a team we have at Facilities Management. A special thanks goes out to everyone who helped set this event up, and also to those who brought the deserts that were enjoyed by all. We hope you had a wonderful holiday and look forward to coming together as a team for the spring picnic!

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