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A signature feature of the UHP curriculum includes honors courses that center around topics that are far from ordinary.

UNIQUE CLASSES You will enjoy the escape from lecture-style classes and discover your voice as you engage with some of the university’s most dedicated professors. With an average class size of 14, you will be an active partner in your learning experience. The UHP curriculum serves as a complement to your major, providing flexibility so that you have time to make the most of your college experience.


Develop as a scholar-citizen as you engage in meaningful service with community partners. You will be exposed to a wide variety of service opportunities throughout your UHP experience that will expand your concept of citizenship and prepare you to invest in and act as an agent of change in your community.

Gain confidence in yourself as a leader in UHP, across campus, and beyond. The UHP experience will provide you with opportunities to practice professionalism, expand your communication skills, and find your own unique leadership style. You will be prepared to lead wherever your next steps take you after graduation.


OPPORTUNITIES One of the greatest advantages to studying in Charlotte is unparalleled access to research and internship opportunities. You will be able to apply lessons learned in the classroom as you investigate real world problems and solutions. When you start interviewing and graduate, you will have many unique experiences to share.

COMMUNITY Find your home away from home. Through living in the honors residence hall, meeting with your peer mentor, and attending events such as the annual UHP Venture Adventure orientation program, you will make valuable connections and lasting friendships before ever stepping foot in the classroom.

Be part of a small, scholarly community within the setting of a large, urban research university. Honors professors, staff, and other UHP students will take the time to get to know you and invest in your academic and personal growth. You can always count on someone in UHP to support, challenge, and inspire you.



Break out of your comfort zone and experience new adventures. Explore a different culture by studying abroad for a week, a summer, or a full semester. Or take advantage of an array of other travel opportunities including attending national and international conferences. You will find many ways to travel the world during your time in UHP.

The University Honors Program seeks to inspire students to be intellectually curious, creative problem solvers, and envoys of diverse and inclusive thinking in and outside of the classroom.




APPLICATION PROCESS We invite entering freshman and current students with less than 30 earned credit hours to apply to the University Honors Program. We actively employ a holistic review process, evaluating the fit of each individual with the program. SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS: • Write essays that demonstrate fit with the UHP mission • Provide a resume that displays potential for success in UHP • Supply supportive letters of recommendation from teachers • Provide high school transcripts that demonstrate academic rigor as well as competitive grade point averages (weighted and unweighted) • Have competitive test scores • Interview effectively HOW TO APPLY: • Visit for deadlines and application instructions. • If you have any questions, call our office at 704-687-7197.

SCHOLARSHIPS EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE TO UHP STUDENTS CROWN SCHOLARSHIPS • Merit-based scholarships averaging $19,000 annually for tuition and fees, room and board, and other expenses, and $5,000 stipend for University-approved study abroad. Visit for deadlines and application instructions. ALBERT ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS • Annual renewable merit-based scholarships for Engineering majors including tuition and fees, room and board, and up to $6,000 professional development allowance for an undergraduate summer research experience or internship. Visit for deadlines and application instructions. uncc_uhp UNCC_UHP University Honors Program 2,500 copies of this document were produced in October 2016, at a cost of $2368, or $0.95 each.

University Honors Program Brochure, 2016  
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