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62 Customized SIG Sauer P320 Firearm Feature

UN12 Issue 009

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Taking Aim at Thunder Ranch General Feature

Clothing Guide General Feature

Triarc TRI-11 Product Review




Red-Dot Ruger Blackhawk Firearm Feature

Hellfire M&P 9 Firearm Feature

LEO TakeDown Product Review




White Label Armory Company Profile

Ten Slides Custom Cut & Coated Buyer’s Guide

Personalized Knife Customization Feature

50 Pistol Magwell Buyer’s Guide Buyer’s Guide

72 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang General Feature


UN12 / Issue 009

110 DCPrecision R17 Open Race Gun Firearm Feature

136 Crucial Concealment Product Spotlight


DISCLAIMERS: UN12 is created for MATURE AUDIENCES and may include adult language and humor. PRICES shown are deemed accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. FIREARM SAFETY is paramount. Obey firearm safety rules at all times. UN12 assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate, delayed or incomplete information. The opinions expressed in each article are the opinions of its author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of UN12.



18 Every Day Carry



Editor’s Letter

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10 New Products


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16 Morale Patch

26 Called Out

132 Shoot This Drill


UN12 / Issue 009


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Editor’s Letter

Transport of Dangerous Goods Ammunition, such as for rifles, handguns, shotguns, starter’s pistols and power tools that contain explosive material are dangerous goods listed under Class 1.4S. The information presented here is for the following UN numbers only: UN0012 / CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, INERT PROJECTILE or CARTRIDGES, SMALL ARMS


elcome to UN12. If you’ve been with us before,

to delve into the world of aftermarket magwells. Join us


we thank you for your valued, continued support.

as we check out some of the industry’s latest offerings,

Howard C Lim

If you are just picking us up for the first time, we thank

as well as a few old favorites, for some of the most

you as well and encourage you to seek out our previous

popular handguns on the scene today.

issues. Each edition of UN12 is chock-full of articles

UN12 is interested not only in imaginative, creatively

about innovations and innovators alike in the world of

done products, but also the imagination and creativity

firearms, firearm accessories, and everyday carry and

of the people behind them. We sat down with David

tactical gear.

Rybacki, founder of White Label Armory, and he and

UN12 celebrates the creative side of firearms culture.

his team told us what it takes to be successful in the

We embrace customization, artistry, ingenuity, and

competitive world of firearm parts manufacturing. A bit

originality. If you’re into modifying your guns and gear

further back, our resident gear expert, Charles “Chip”

for increased function or enhanced aesthetics, we’re

Lasky, writes on what to think about when dressing

with you. Like you, we enjoy

for situations from the


everyday mundane to

This is a special issue. In it, we focus almost elusively on pistols. Pistols are hot right now, and we dive head-first into the thick of things. We take in-depth looks at a collection of customized pistols, including a competition Glock 17 Open “race gun,” another pair of semiauto polymer-

“UN12 celebrates

the creative side of the firearms world. We embrace customization, artistry, ingenuity, and originality.”

Editors The UN12 Creative Team

Associate Editor Danny Chang

Technical Editor Michael Penhall

Creative Direction James Ho, Jerry Tsai

Direct Action assaults.

Art Director

As always, he drops

James Ho

invaluable knowledge. This print issue’s included morale patch marks yet another collaboration between UN12 and Aprilla Design. For it, we decided to do a cartoon rendition of the belt-fed M249 SAW. We

Contributors Martin Anders, Jay Canter, Raquel Dotani, Michael Grey, Charles Lasky, Greg Schauble, John Scott, Lauren Short, David Thorston, TracerX, Chris Tran, Roland Wilkes, James York

Special Thanks Aristotle Bartolome, John Hwang, Bryan Robaina, Jeff Lai, Che Chon, OC Armory

frame pistols—one a Smith

hope you like it as much

Copy Editor

& Wesson M&P 9 and the

as we do. Like the print

Frank Stroud

other a SIG Sauer P320, each built to take on tactical

magazine, the limited-production patch is made in small

classes—and finally, a truly unique Ruger Blackhawk

batches and will not be reissued once this issue is sold

single-action revolver built for nighttime target practice.

out, so be sure to hold on tight to yours.

In fact, the Blackhawk is the first revolver to grace the pages of this magazine. You won’t want to miss it. Elsewhere, we challenged ten of the industry’s top

Ad Coordinator

piece of gear that you have customized, we want to

Frank Stroud

slide. We sent a factory-issue slide out to ten artisan

have something that UN12 readers would like to see.

establishments, who not only machined them, but

Let’s continue to build UN12 together. Let us know what

applied various custom Cerakote schemes to them.

you think we got right or could do better in this issue on

Turn to page 98 to see the amazing results for yourself.

our Facebook page at: /un12mag. —The UN12 Creative Team

Printed in the USA 009-2020

UN12 / Issue 009


As always, we’re looking for innovators and custom

know about it. Tag us @un12mag on Instagram if you


We’ve taken the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 family of pistols and carbines and given them the Magpul treatment with our PMAG 35 EV9, MOE-EVO Grip and MOE-EVO Enhanced Magazine Release. Our focus on the finer details means more versatility, usability, and reliability when you need them most.

Danny Chang danny@un12mag.com

guns and knives to feature. If you have a firearm or other

slide customizers to see what they could do to a Glock

At the opposite end of things, so to speak, we decided

Advertising Sales



© 2020 Magpul Industries Corporation. MAGPUL, MAGPUL LOGO & DESIGN, and others are trademarks of Magpul Industries Corp.


CGS Group The Official Qube

New Products

According to its maker, this compensator is the first of its kind that doesn’t required set screws. The Official Qube’s mount threads onto your barrel first and then must be cinched down with a torque wrench. The compensator body slides over top of the mount and shoulders against a taper. The lock nut then threads onto the mount and pinches the Qube compensator body against a second taper, locking it down and preventing rotation. Crafted from 17-4 H900 stainless steel, the package measures 1x1.25x0.825 inches and weighs just 2.4 ounces. $159 cgsgroup.com

Global Ordnance CanMunition Norsso P320 Reptile C Full-Size

Feeling frosty? Grab yourself a CanMunition. This innovative packaging grants users a completely sealed, waterproof, lightproof, and oxygen-free environment in which to store your ammo until you’re ready to use it. Even, the company says, if that happens to be decades from now. Global Ordnance tells us to think of it as encasing your bullets in a protective aluminum box with its own internal micro-environment, with all oxygen removed and replaced with inert gas. The can features a full-aperture end for easy access, and once you do pop the top, a handy lid is included to let you re-seal it for the ride home. It will even fit in your vehicle’s cupholder. Currently flavored with 90 rounds of 115-grain 9mm Luger, with further caliber support planned for the future.

Designed as a compact carry compatible slide for the SIG P320, the Reptile begins life as a 17-4 stainless steel billet that’s CNC-milled with mass left over in the forward area, which in turn allows for material removal in other areas for porting and enhanced serrations. Angled forward and top serrations aid in press checks and slide racking; the top serrations include a beveled edge that blends them into the chamfers to create a reptilian scale-like texture. The slide windows are designed for both weight reduction and to be aesthetically pleasing, with varying surfaced slopes to provide an extra level of visual depth.





Dead Air Silencers Wolfman

Atibal Sights MRD V3

Werkz M7 OWB Holster

Head Down Firearms HD15 10.5-inch pistol

According to its manufacturer, what began as inline improvements to the Wolf-9SD turned into an entirely new beast. The Wolfman is a nextgeneration suppressor, a modular, multi-caliber unit specialized for subgun, light-duty rifle, and pistol use. Constructed of fully welded 17-4 PH stainless steel, it is optimized for maximum muzzle suppression while maximizing at-ear performance through use of a large internal volume and a generous blast chamber. The Wolfman whips with a ½-28 direct-thread mount and a wipecompatible front cap with included tool. It’s rated for 5.56, 300 BLK, 7.62x39, 9x39, 350 Legend, .380, and 9mm.

The MRD V3 is a mini red dot sight, the product of Atibal re-engineering the company’s popular MRD V2 to create an optic unit that’s designed to withstand the rigors of everything from competitive shooting to duty use. The MRD V3 features improved battery life up to 50,000 hours. Its hood portion has been designed with an aggressive V-shaped cut to better withstand the forces experienced up to and including direct impact with the ground. This redistribution of force helps to protect the glass and prevent it from cracking or shattering that could render the optic useless.

This M7 OWB is molded for Glock 17/19/34/45 sized pistols equipped with Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-1S, or TLR-1HL weaponlights. Like other Werkz M7 holsters, it is designed to carry no extra bulk, i.e., it’s molded for a specific fit to the indicated firearm and light combination. The Dual Pattern Design fits a wide variety of leading industry attachments and mounts (includes a Tek-Lok style attachment). It accommodates both open carry as well as concealed carry outside the waistband (OWB) and is designed to support customized firearms with accouterments like compensators, slidemounted optics, and suppressor-height sights. It includes a threaded barrel dropthrough provision.

The HD15 SRO with Covert Assignment Support System (CASS) is designed to provide professionals like school resource officers a discreet method of carrying a rifle-caliber pistol or SBR ready for quick deployment. It features an insert that’s multi-configurable to allow it to act as a holster for the HD15 pistol or a scabbard for the SBR variant. Other features include an ALG Mil-Spec trigger, BCM Gunfighter stock, Vortex SPARC AR, Streamlight ProTac rail-mounted light, Magpul offset mount, and Magpul MBUS front and rear sights, as well as ambidextrous controls and a Blue Force Gear two-point sling. The CASS system comprises a Mystery Ranch backpack with Kydex holsters for two magazines, a Kydex rifle holster, and additional mounting space for Kydex add-ons.

$965 deadairsilencers.com

$299 atibal-optics.com

$2,400 hdfirearms.com

$65 werkz.com


UN12 / Issue 009



Sousa Optics RAID Pistol Red Dot The RAID has been engineered to be a compact red dot powerhouse, with a wide lens and thin frame intended to provide a wide-open, unobstructed sight picture. The body is constructed to deflect minor bumps and digs away from the lens. Special lens coatings are present to offer a clear, night-vision-compatible viewing plane (it will not block IR light). With 11 brightness settings (two of them night vision ready), the 4-MOA dot provides a crisp and precise aiming point that you can tune to a particular situation and setting. Sousa Optics says the RAID is as at home mounted on your favorite carry pistol as it is on the heaviest-hitting tactical shotgun. $180 sousaoptics.com

EDC Coffee Co. Drop Point & Tanto blends Whether you count it as such or not, odds are a cup of joe is probably part of your everyday carry—at least in the morning if not throughout the day. As the EDC Coffee Company states: “We believe that an EDC mindset and a stellar cup of coffee are the essential first steps to being prepared for any situation, every day.” This sentiment was kept firmly in mind when they set about packaging their craft coffees. These include Drop Point, a single-origin Costa Rica Tarrazu with a medium body, and Tanto, EDC’s most popular roast that’s dark and strong and imparts an intense flavor. $17 edccoffeeco.com



Dead Foot Arms SCW 2.5 Tailhook Pistol Brace



DFA designed the SCW 2.5 Tailhook as the most compact PDW-style pistol brace in the industry with a collapsed length of just 2.5 inches. While compact, it has been engineered to remain extremely versatile, with buttonfree deployment and five length-of-pull settings. It measures 12.5 inches fully extended so it remains legal within ATF pistol brace regulations. The brace uses DFA’s Modified Cycle System, with a shortened version of the M16A2 BCG (sold with the kit). The single rail down the left side of the weapon will not interfere with weapon controls. The complete system includes the brace, receiver extension, adjustment rail, recoil springs, and shortened BCG; excluding the BCG, the system weighs just 12.8 ounces.





$575 deadfootarms.com

Olight M2R Pro Warrior This is the newest version of Olight’s two-button straight tactical flashlight. It features a single 5,000 mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery and a TIR lens for uniform light distribution. It’s designed for maximum output of up to 1,800 lumens and a distance reaching out to 300 meters. Six output levels are available. A new magnetic USB charging wire is able to withstand 2A current. The light can be controlled with a dual-switch configuration: a metal tail switch and a multi-functional side switch. The newly designed barrel texture offers positive grip, and the business end features an aggressive strike bezel that allows the light to be used as a glass-breaking tool or as an improvised defensive weapon. $110 olightstore.com


UN12 / Issue 009

Benchmade 496 Vector The latest addition to the Vector family, Benchmade’s 496 is a painstakingly crafted AXIS Assist flipper built as much for style as for functionality. Designed for seamless everyday carry, this knife features Benchmade’s first compound-grind blade honed from CPM-20CV steel in a plain-edged drop-point style, as well as full stainless steel liners, a gray aluminum bolster, and two-tone G10 handles. The clip is positioned for tip-up carry and the handle features a lanyard hole. Blade length is 3.6 inches, overall length is just shy of 8.5, and the knife weighs in at 4.5 ounces. $325 benchmade.com



Naroh Arms N1 PRO This PRO model is an evolution of Naroh’s previous N1, a subcompact pistol that delivers 7+1 9mm rounds in a slim, ergonomic package. It includes all the familiar features along with a new trigger system, which reduces the trigger pull length and reset, and standard tritium night sights. The full-length frame is 7075 aluminum with a black nitride or matte stainless slide, a short-reset DAO action, and an internal drop safety.


Caliber: 9mm Frame: 7075 aluminum Slide: Anodized stainless steel Length: 6.1 in. Height: 4.2 in. Width: 0.95 in. Weight: 16 oz. (empty) $450 naroharms.com


RangeStore.net Steel Target Paint Tired of one-scheme-fits-all color arrangements for your range-day practice sessions? Unleash your inner artist and decorate your own with durable Steel Target Paint colors. Contained in convenient aerosol spray cans, this paint deploys like standard spray paint so it can be applied and reapplied with minimal fuss and mess. It’s available in white, black, green, orange, blue, and red. Buy it individually by the can and do your own mixing and matching, or get it bulk with an included storage box via convenient sampler or range kits. Accessories like a handy paint nozzle, target stencils, and standalone storage boxes are also available.



$5 per can








CamelBak Sparta 100OZ Mil-Spec Crux This is a new Low Rider style pack that’s design to be the perfect size for singleday missions. The Sparta includes room for more than 30 liters of cargo, laser-cut Mountain MOLLE, and CamelBak’s new 3-liter, 100-ounce Mil-Spec Crux lumbar reservoir designed to deliver 25% more water per sip. The trademarked Low Rider technology employs a lumbar reservoir to keep your liquid reserve’s mass low in the pack for better stability through a lowered center of gravity. The pack itself is constructed of 500D Double-Rip Cordura for long-term durability. The MOLLE panels on the front and sides are designed for secure accessory pouch attachment. $225 camelbak.com

Nomad Defense Co. Magwell Extension/Backstrap This package for the Nomad 9 is a re-imagining of the Glock pistol platform that’s compatible with Glock 19 Gen4 components. It’s a compact magwell extension with integrated medium backstrap designed to use the original Nomad 9 backstrap retention pin. Components are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and black hardcoat anodized for durability. The medium backstrap will be available initially, with additional options available in the future (depending on industry feedback). Each unit is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. $89 nomaddefenseco.com


UN12 / Issue 009

The Scout Light ® Pro features our new Low-Profile Mount (LPM), giving you the flexibility to adjust the light’s position for optimal compatibility with a variety of weapon-mounted accessories. Every model includes both mounting options for secure attachment to MIL-STD-1913 or M-LOK ® rails. The Scout Light Pro’s recoil-proof LEDs deliver intense white light, or a combination of white light and infrared illumination on IR models, providing the best tactical solution for any mission. Lightweight aerospace aluminum bodies with Mil-Spec hard-anodizing and O-ring seals provide supreme durability in the harshest conditions. Every Scout Light Pro is engineered to thrive in combat.




Which Ones Do You Have? Text by JAMES YORK


N12 is unlike any other firearm magazine that you’ve ever read. The

content is as unique as the customized firearms and gear that we cover. The print quality of each issue surpasses any other gun magazine out there. We also include a morale patch with each issue. That’s quite unheard of in the realm of print publications. There’s a reason for that—it’s not easy to do. Thanks to our partners, we are able to bring one-of-a-kind, collectible morale patches with each new issue. This is our ninth issue, but with it comes our nineteenth morale patch. How could this be? Each patch is made in at least two, sometimes more, versions. Some are scarcer than others. All are very collectible. Here are all the patches that we have made so far including our latest—a cartoon rendition of an M249 SAW that we collaborated on, once again, with our friends at Aprilla Design. It’s number nineteen and already it’s one of our favorites. We’d love to see which UN12 patches you’ve collected so far. Show us which one is your favorite by tagging us on Instagram @un12mag.


UN12 / Issue 009



Every Day Carry D

Every Day Carry / 19





01 02

o you carry the same EDC setup every day

or do you vary it from time to time? Depending on what one’s day looks like, it’s not uncommon to swap out or add a couple of items on occasion. It could be due to the demands of a particular job, while other times it might be because of the weather. There are plenty of reasons why an EDC setup can


change from day to day. There are those who have entirely different sets of EDC layouts to choose from. If your work takes you out of country, for instance, you’ll most likely use a different EDC than when


you are staying put around town. If you have two separate EDCs, just how different are


they? Are they similar in look or methodology? Or do you deliberately keep two totally different EDCs according to their intended function? In this installment of Every Day Carry, we get to see two substantially different EDCs.


One is for a no-nonsense urban dweller, the other for a refined gentleman woodsman. Do they belong to the same person or did two different people piece them together? Let’s take a gander and let you guess whose is whose.










Springfield Hellcat Pistol

Minuteman A11 Field Watch

Kershaw Static Folding Knife

SureFire Stiletto Pro Light

Skeleton Optics Renegade Coyote Tan Sunglasses

Samsung Note10+


MSRP: From $1,099

Defender Series Case

The Hidden Woodsmen Pocket Pouch

Ingrained Outdoors Slim Wallet

MSRP: $249

MSRP: $60


MSRP: $61

MSRP: $10

MSRP: $30





MSRP: $569 springfield-armory.com


UN12 / Issue 009

MSRP: $109 surefire.com

MSRP: $239 skeletonoptics.com





Premium EDC Items Minuteman A11 Field Watch

The Hidden Woodsmen Pocket Pouch

MSRP: $249 URL: minutemanwatches.com Our 2¢: It’s hard to deny that this watch has classic style. The Minuteman A11 is based on the U.S. Military’s WWII A11. The A11 Field Watch features Ameriquartz movement that’s carefully assembled by hand in Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA. It has a stainless steel case, is water resistant to 100 meters, and features a luminous dial and hands. The straps are made of heavy duty 2pc Nylon. The A11 comes with a two-year warranty.

MSRP: $10 URL: thehiddenwoodsmen.com Our 2¢: Sewn by hand in New England, the Hidden Woodsmen Pocket Pouch is constructed of durable 500d nylon and features a reliable USA-made #9 zipper. Measuring in at 6x6 inches, it’s the perfect size for a typical cargo pocket. Loops at its top and bottom allow the pouch to be attached to a backpack or clipped to a belt. Offered in a variety of patterns, The Hidden Woodsmen pouch helps keep small EDC items reined in and organized.

Skeleton Optics Renegade Coyote Tan Sunglasses

MSRP: $239 URL: skeletonoptics.com Our 2¢: Designed for those who don’t go where the path leads but forge their own trail instead, the Renegade Coyote Tan Edition Sunglasses are up to the task. They feature polarized polycarbonate Zeiss lenses with 100% UV protection, advanced TRI-PEL/RI-PEL coating to promote clear vision, and Grilamid TR90 frames for ultra-durability. Designed and manufactured in Italy.



STUFF 40 ROUNDS OF 9MM, 33 ROUNDS OF 10MM, AND 30 ROUNDS OF .45 ACP INTO YOUR FACTORY STANDARD GLOCK® MAGAZINES WITH THE KRISS MAG-EX2. Ingrained Outdoors Slim Wallet MSRP: $30 URL: ingrainedoutdoors.com Our 2¢: With a minimalist yet highly functional design, each wallet is handmade in the Pacific Northwest using exotic woods and resins to create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. No two are the same. Ingrained Outdoors also offers matching EDC knife strops to go along with your wallet. 20

UN12 / Issue 009

Kershaw Static Knife

SureFire Stiletto Pro Light

MSRP: $60 URL: kershaw.kaiusaltd.com Our 2¢: Designed for dynamic performance, the Static’s cleaver-style, 8Cr13MoV blade is just under three inches long and has a slightly curved belly for enhanced cutting versatility. KVT ball bearings and a flipper enable one-handed opening. A sturdy frame lock keeps the blade secure while working. The deep-carry pocket clip is reversible and allows the knife to ride comfortably in your pocket.

MSRP: $109 URL: surefire.com Our 2¢: The Stilleto’s slim design allows it to deploy much like a pocketknife. A Melonite-coated, springsteel pocket clip lets it ride comfortably with bezelup quick access. The primary switch activates the 650-lumen, 250-lumen, or dialed down 5-lumen modes. The tactical switch activates high output with an optional high-frequency strobe. It is rechargeable using the included micro USB charging cable.










Every Day Carry / 20



06 02




Lynch North West All Access Pass V1.5

Case Knives Amber Bone Trapper

MSRP: $88

MSRP: $108





Malone Knives Wingman

Alexander Brothers Bottle Opener

MSRP: $139 maloneknives.com

MSRP: $25 alexanderbrothers.com




Fenix E18R Flashlight MSRP: $64.95

Fellman Watch Co. Olympic V2


MSRP: $125 fellmanwatchco.com

04 Karas Kustoms EDK V2 Pen

09 09


American Bench Craft Hemingway Journal MSRP: $69

MSRP: $65



05 Craft & Lore Insider Wallet MSRP: $65




UN12 / Issue 009




Premium EDC Items American Bench Craft Hemingway Journal MSRP: $69 URL: americanbenchcraft.com Our 2¢: Handcrafted from a single piece of thick full-grain leather, the Hemingway Journal will hold up to years of daily-carry service. Use it to carry your passport and travel documents or as a journal thanks to the included Field Notes Memo Book. Its compact size will fit most pockets or sleeves on backpacks and travel bags. The Hemingway Journal is available in black or brown leather and is made in the USA.

Malone Knives Wingman

MSRP: $139 URL: maloneknives.com Our 2¢: The small but mighty Wingman from Malone knives is an excellent option for those who like to carry a small fixed blade. It’s made from 1095 high-carbon steel and has a 2.5-inch cutting edge and overall length of 5 inches. What sets it apart from other small fixed blades is the finger hole that extends your grip, giving you superior control over the blade. It makes an excellent neck knife as well as a low-profile belt knife. Handmade in Texas and offered in a variety of custom handle scales.

Fellman Watch Co. Olympic V2

MSRP: $125 URL: fellmanwatchco.com Our 2¢: Named after the Olympic Peninsula mountain range, the Olympic V2 from Fellman Watch Co. is designed to be an all-purpose watch that looks just as good in the office as it does in the backcountry. It features a 316 stainless steel case with a PVD ceramic coat, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, two-piece luminous paint, and Swiss Quartz movement. The V2 is hand-assembled in the USA and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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All Access Pass V1.5

Craft & Lore Wallet

Fenix E18R Flashlight

MSRP: $88 URL: lynchnw.com Our 2¢: Machined out of solid titanium, the All Access Pass V1.5 pocket tool is both incredibly lightweight and strong. It functions as a prybar, nail puller, bottle opener, and flathead screwdriver. The All Access Pass measures 4 inches long and features a sand-washed finish. The tool comes with a deep-carry titanium pocket clip and carry lanyard. Made in the USA.

MSRP: $65 URL: craftandlore.com Our 2¢: This slim, low-profile wallet from Craft & Lore is handmade out of U.S. native steer hide. Capable of holding up to 12 cards as well as cash, it’s designed to be both stylish and comfortable to carry. The wallet is cut and saddle-stitched by hand in Idaho with a lifetime guarantee on the stitching. Various quality leather options and colors are available.

MSRP: $64.95 URL: fenix-store.com Our 2¢: At just 2.36 inches long and weighing only 1.17 ounces, the Fenix E18R boasts a powerful 750 lumens on high mode. Featuring an aluminum body and ultra-thin optical lens, it’s built to withstand everyday use and stand up to the elements. The E18R is rechargeable using the included magnetic charging cable and 16340 rechargeable battery, or it can use CR123A batteries.

UN12 / Issue 009

• Constructed From Hard Coat Anodized 6061 Billet Aluminum • 12” and 14” Length Handguard Options • Extended Bolt Handle • Fixed and Side Folding Chassis Configurations • Compatible With Factory Iron Sights

VISIT US AT MIDWESTINDUSTRIESINC.COM TO SHOP OUR DIVERSE PLATFORM OFFERING *Conditions: Use coupon code 2020UN12 to save 10% on all Midwest Industries, Inc. products manufactured for Ruger® platforms. Coupon code cannot be combined with any other offers. Valid for retail customers only. Not valid on previous orders.


Called Out





Strike Industries

Strike Industries

Strike Industries

Strike Industries

Model: Modular Blade Sights

Model: Ark G17 Barrel

Model: Mass Driver Compensator

MSRP: $50

MSRP: $180

Model: Enhanced Pin Kit w/ Anti-Walk Locking Block Pin



MSRP: $90

MSRP: $10



Stippling High Speed Arms Model: C3


MSRP: $300 highspeedarms.com

Swampfox Optics Model: Kingslayer MSRP: $220

Strike Industries Glock 17


Slide Strike Industries Model: Ark Slide MSRP: $370 strikeindustries.com


here’s no doubt about it, we are now

artisans who still maintain a healthy

living in an age of instant gratification.

wait list for their services, but for those who

Gone are the days of waiting… you want to

want to live in the here and now and wish to

watch an old movie? Don’t bother going out

skip the wait, you now have instant options at

to rent one, stream it now. You need some

your fingertips.

more TP? Why waste the ten minutes going to

Many companies now offer off-the-shelf

the store when you can order it for same-day

parts that look and perform similarly to

delivery? You’re craving a Popeye’s chicken

hand-customized components. One of these

sandwich? Why bother hitting the drive-thru

companies, Strike Industries, offers an entire

when you can have it delivered?

line of custom aftermarket parts for Glock

The funny thing is that in a way, the same

pistols. Aside from the stippled frame, the

can be said of our firearms. Customization

pistol pictured here was assembled with


of a pistol used to mean sending your parts

ready-to-ship, no-wait parts. Talk about


off to a customizer or gunsmith for weeks or

instant gratification. Let’s examine some of the

even months at a time. Sure, there are many

highlights of this ready-to-go pistol.

Mag Release Strike Industries Model: Modular Magazine Release MSRP: $25 strikeindustries.com


UN12 / Issue 009



Magazine Extension


Strike Industries

Strike Industries

Model: SBAL-PL

Model: Gen 3 Magwell

Model: Extended Magazine Plate

MSRP: $765

MSRP: $20

MSRP: $20



strikeindustries.com UN12mag.com



: : Aero Precision press day held at Thunder Ranch outside Lakeview, Oregon : : Custom rifle build based on an Aero Precision M4E1 lower

Taking Aim at Thunder Ranch

: : Multiple courses of fire over two days

Text & Images by CHRIS TRAN


he Aero Precision factory complex is nestled in the working-class city of

Tacoma, Washington. With its origins in the aerospace industry, Aero Precision ventured into the firearms market with modestly priced, quality components and has grown an avid and dedicated fan base. In recent years, Aero Precision has brought several creative builder solutions to market, from the monolithic-ish Continuous Optic Platform (COP) system, to the innovative M4E1 Enhanced upper with integrated handguard mounting system, to the ATLAS handguard series with its unique taper lock. Considering that Aero Precision currently manufactures OEM parts for roughly ten other name brands, the company is a force to be reckoned with. We were given the opportunity to attend Aero Precision’s first-ever media event hosted at the inimitable Thunder Ranch in Lakeview, Oregon. The premise behind the event was simple: Come to Thunder Ranch and train under the watchful eye of the legendary Clint Smith, using an Aero Precision rifle that the attendees would build themselves. This was an excellent opportunity to learn about the company, how the products are made, and how they can be assembled and pressure-tested during a two-day class. We were presented with three different build packages. We chose option two, which was built around the M4E1 receiver set with a 16-inch Ballistic Advantage barrel chambered in .223 Wylde, the ATLAS S-One handguard system, a VG6 Precision Epsilon 556 muzzle device, Rise Armament trigger group, and an EOTech VUDU 1-6 FFP SR1 low power variable optic scope.


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spring without having to rely on the

Upon arrival at Thunder Ranch we had

installation of the end plate and castle

an opportunity to meet Clint Smith, his

nut, making stock swaps a breeze for

wife Heidi, and members of Thunder

future modifications.

Ranch’s training cadre. We broke off into

In addition to these three enhancement

groups to tour the ranch grounds and

features, the lower receiver also has a

begin our builds. We are familiar with

tensioning screw to fine-tune the upper

building rifles in different configurations;

and lower receiver fit, a flared magwell,

however, Aero Precision’s M4E1 lower

a generous magazine release gate, and

receiver has a couple key features that

it will accept most short-throw safety

set it apart from other lower receivers on

selectors. Despite its smooth billet lower

the market.

look, the M4E1 is actually forged T-7075,

Anyone familiar with building an AR

resulting in a very strong, 8.61-ounce,

rifle is aware of a few common pitfalls.

low-cost unit. Ours was Cerakoted in

First is the bolt catch assembly. To

FDE, bringing the stripped lower cost to

assemble and install the bolt catch, you


must first insert the bolt catch spring

We next met with Clint Hanson from

and plunger. Then the bolt catch itself

Ballistic Advantage. The barrel we

is aligned and a bolt catch roll pin is

chose for our build was a 16-inch .223

painstakingly tapped into place. It’s

Wylde 416R stainless mid-length with

an awkward process, and misaligned

a 1:8 twist. It has outstanding handling

hammer strikes can potentially mar

characteristics with its Hanson profile,

the lower’s finish. Aero Precision uses

shoulderless design, and 11-degree

a threaded bolt catch roll pin that can

target crown. The .223 Wylde chamber

simply be screwed into place using a hex wrench, eliminating the need for hammering, masking off the side of the

will accommodate both .223 Remington


lower receiver, or swearing. The second design feature is the

Thunder Ranch is a multi-range shooting and training facility comprising more than 900 acres in rural Oregon.






integrated trigger guard. On traditional

Those present ran through a modified version of Thunder Ranch’s Urban Precision Rifle Course, up to 400-yard shots from a prone position.

and 5.56 cartridges. Since we didn’t know what ammunition we were going to be shooting at the event, we wanted a barrel that would perform well regardless of ammo load.

lowers, builders must be mindful not

During the barrel assembly and

to snap the ears off the trigger guard

installation, Hanson explained to us

area where the trigger guard roll pin is pressed through. If an ear is broken off,


that’s all she wrote and that broken ear


The Aero Precision program at Thunder Ranch was all-inclusive— including great meals and fellowship.

cannot be fixed. The integral trigger

Multiple ranges with epic names such as The Punisher, Terminator 3, and Ambush Alley were all designed by the Thunder Ranch staff.

guard allows this step to be skipped altogether and provides a more rigid, stable lower.


is the rear takedown pin detent and spring. On a traditional lower, the detent incrementally pressing the end plate


onto the uncompressed detent spring until the plate is flush against the back of the receiver, capturing the spring. If

The founder’s background in military, LE, and tactical training dictated that nothing short of excellence would do in the creation of Thunder Ranch.



09 10

Clint Smith is a legendary figure in the shooting community and runs a tight ship. The Ranch is also his and his wife’s personal residence.

Enough vetted material was available to keep everyone on their toes and shooting with high round accountability, with safety of paramount importance. Fundamental rifle manipulation was a key point, from Type-1/2 malfunctions to onehanded/injured shooter scenarios.

care isn’t taken during this process or while threading on the receiver extension tube, the spring can get knocked out and in some cases improperly crimped.


receiver extension for a different stock

The author’s Aero Precision M4E1 lower and ATLAS-One handguard prior to final assembly. Various other build options were made available.

11 05




The author takes part in one of the courses of fire. This was no walk-in-thepark press junket, but a real trial-by-fire firearms training session.

configuration, the rear takedown pin Aero Precision addressed this by threading the detent and spring channel, allowing the spring and detent to be captured using a 4-40 set screw. All you

package upon delivery. The build was completed with a Rise Armament trigger accessories, and a Blue Force Gear Vickers sling. With our builds complete, we zeroed them in preparation for the next two days of coursework and relocated to Clint and Heidi’s home—the heart of Thunder Ranch itself. THE KING, HIS QUEEN, THEIR KINGDOM One would be hard-pressed to talk with anyone in the shooting community who

Additionally, if you want to swap out the

assembly will have to be reinstalled.

the pin coming in a separate sealed

group, Aero Precision and Magpul

The third point of consternation

and spring are secured in place by

that the .750 gas block is also pinnable,

doesn’t know who Clint and Heidi Smith are. With independently impressive lineages within the military, law enforcement, and firearms communities, the real-life Mr. & Mrs. Smith have carved out a respectable corner in the firearms


Everything was supplied to enable building a tactical AR from the ground up. The rifle would, in turn, be used in all courses of fire.


training industry with Thunder Ranch, Course attendees took note of Clint Smith’s very insistent reminders about the proper training mindset.

a sprawling, multi-range facility that comprises more than 900 acres in rural Oregon State. The facility is impressive. Multiple

need to do is to cut a few coils off the

ranges with epic names such as The

spring and cinch down the set screw.

Punisher, The Terminator 3, and Ambush

This effectively captures the detent and

Alley were all designed by the Thunder


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It’s the little things that mean the most™. Lower M4E1 Lower Receiver: $119.99 M4E1 MOE Lower Parts Kit (minus Fire Control Group): $44.99 Rise Armament RA-535 Trigger: $259 Carbine Buffer Kit: $39.99 Magpul SL-S Stock: $79


DUal use optic

Introducing the new Spek™ red dot and Flik5™ magnifier by American Defense Mfg. Sold individually or together as a Dual Use Optic (DUO™), the 3.7 inch Flik5 is an extremely short and ambidextrous 5X fixed power magnifier with generous eye relief, capable of quick transitioning from 1X to 5X, and adaptable with all red dot and holographic sight heights. The 2MOA Spek micro red dot is powered by (1) AAA lithium battery, includes push-button brightness adjustments and offered in low, co-witness, and lower-third co-witness mounts in either aluminum or full titanium. ADM is Intentionally Superior.

Magpul Gen 3 PMAG: $17.95 Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded 2-point Sling: $59.95

Upper M4E1 Threaded Upper Receiver: $144.99 Aero Precision ATLAS S-ONE 15” M-LOK Handguard: $194.99 16” .223 Wylde BA Hanson Midlength Barrel w/ Pinned Gas Block: $245 Aero Precision Black Nitride BCG: $129.99 Melonite Mid-Length Gas Tube: $16.99 VG6 Epsilon 556: $84.99

Ranch staff. Each range requires a different skill set from the students. The

more so, than the hardware in his or

diversity of ranges, shoot houses, and environmentally dictated shooting

her hands.

positions will challenge students with all sorts of training requirements, from CQB to high-angle, long-distance shots. We met with the Smiths at the end of Day 1 and learned about Clint’s training

We learned some training modalities and philosophies not necessarily taught at other

philosophies, the application of logic to his training courses, the mindset we

contemporary schools, such as

must adapt to apply our training in real-life situations, and his expectations

covering a partner during reloads,

for the remainder of the course. Over the next two days we ran through a

the proper time to index a trigger

modified version of Thunder Ranch’s Urban Precision Rifle Course, ranging

finger, or when the safety selector

from demanding moving-hostage shots at 10 yards and in, to multiple target

should be activated. We spent

engagements at varying distances, to 300- and 400-yard shots from the prone at

a good deal of time familiarizing

the Adam Brown Range.

ourselves with fundamental rifle

The courses of fire were challenging for all levels of shooters. Some had never

manipulation, everything from Type-

taken any type of tactical training; others had prior law enforcement or military

1/2 malfunctions, brass-over-bolt

experience; some had hunting backgrounds. Despite our varied backgrounds,

clearances, and one-handed/injured-

Mr. & Mrs. Smith and team had enough vetted material to keep everyone on

shooter scenarios. Every course of

their toes, shooting with high round accountability and with safety paramount in

fire was completed using frangible

every course of fire.

ammunition whether we were at 7

Aero Precision Ambidextrous Charging Handle: $79.99 Magpul QD Sling Mount: $19.95 Magpul MBUS Pro Front Sight: $84.95 Magpul MBUS Pro Rear Sight: $104.95 EOTech VUDU 1-6 FFP SR1: $1399.00 EOTech PRS QD Cantilever Mount: $195.00

Price as built with optic: $3,322.61 Price of parts available from Aero Precision/Ballistic Advantage: $1,409.66

yards or 400. Not only does this speak to the quality of Double Tap Ammunition, QUALITY PERFORMANCE, EVERYMAN PRICING

but the versatility of the Ballistic Advantage barrels. We were also quite taken

With the coaching provided to us by the outstanding staff at Aero Precision,

by the ATLAS S-One handguard. This sleek unit features excellent ergonomics

our build was put together efficiently and properly and we experienced no

with subtle ridges for traction and an absence of a 12 o’clock Picatinny rail

performance issues over the next two days of sustained fire. The Thunder

except at the end for a front sight. These reductions cut down on weight and

Ranch team knows its stuff, most of them still working as active law

lend themselves to a very svelte and nimble handguard profile.

enforcement, with solid tactical and training backgrounds. We took note of Clint Smith’s adamant and insistent reminders about

In a twist we did not expect, Aero Precision gifted us the rifle we built while at

Flik5 MSRP starts at $475 DUO MSRP starts at $685

that we would donate the build as an auction item to the Behind the Badge

guns. When on his range, we were all required to flip a mental switch and get

Foundation in Washington State for their annual fundraising drive.

into a fighting state of mind. We were training for a fight, not just putting holes

[ UN12 ]

in cardboard. That mindset and literal ferocity in training was refreshing and a


UN12 / Issue 009

Flik3 MSRP starts at $369

Thunder Ranch. After discussion with Aero Precision staff, we mutually decided

mindset—we were not just a bunch of writers that got to shoot some cool

strong reminder that a shooter’s mental software is just as important, if not even

Spek MSRP starts at $369

Follow Chris on Instagram @christranfiveoh.

For dealer inquiries, email dealers@admmfg.com



: : Based on a Ruger New Model Blackhawk : : Custom-made wood furniture : : Shoots 9mm & .357 Magnum




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ncounted projects, from cars to firearms to man

hunters have used it to stalk and bag some of the toughest

caves and just about anything else, have been

and most dangerous targets of ill repute, including grizzly

begun with the desire to do “something different.” While it’s impossible to know the exact numbers, among handguns,

bear, lion, and cape buffalo. Six decades and change later, the Blackhawk is

conservative estimates can probably peg the sales

still available new from the manufacturer with minimal

discrepancy between semiautomatics and the traditional

evolution. This one was originally purchased and

revolver at about ten to one.

customized by Alex Huffman at Pegasus Rifleworks. For

So in that regard, this custom firearm build truly is something different—in fact, it’s the first customized

the build’s concept, Huffman’s inspiration came from the


video game realm.

revolver to be featured in UN12. The desire to do something unlike what’s been done before was indeed a major factor in this gun’s build. “In all seriousness, this was a build that caught my attention because it is so drastically different,” says Tyler Roberts, co-founder of Licentia Arms in Frankfurt, Kentucky, and current owner of this custom red-dot-equipped Ruger six-shooter. Licentia Arms is a dealer of night vision devices whose founders have dedicated themselves to customer education in the world of NVGs. They feel that in this highly technical realm, where even basic gear can cost a goodly sum, it’s important to make informed buying decisions without acquiring anything you don’t particularly want or need. The word “licentia” is adapted from a Latin term meaning freedom, liberty, and the leave to do as one pleases. The gun began life as a Ruger New Model Blackhawk. The venerable Blackhawk is a six-shot, single-action revolver developed partly as an homage to the classic sixshooters that helped tame the American West. It was first introduced in 1955, and part of Sturm, Ruger & Co.’s marketing strategy may well have been capitalizing on the popularity of the now-classic western films of the day like John Ford’s “The Searchers” (starring John Wayne) and George Stevens’ “Shane.” The Blackhawk is still celebrated for its simple, robust design. It was originally chambered in .357 Magnum, but was soon adapted to .44 Magnum as a foil to Smith & Wesson’s .44 of the day. In its 60-odd years, it has become legendary for its efficacy and accuracy, and big game


01 The wood furniture, including the panels overlaying the barrel and the grip, was taken from scrap wood found on the side of the road.

02 The barrel shroud was custom made from billet aluminum, pressed over the barrel itself and pinned in place.


UN12 / Issue 009

“The Ruger Blackhawk was created in 1955 as an homage to the classic six-shooters that helped tame the American West.” UN12mag.com



“When I first saw that it had an RMR on it, the first thing I thought of is if it’s got a red dot, I can shoot it under NODs.”

“This revolver takes heavy inspiration from a variety of guns from the ‘Borderlands’ series,” he says. “It was just

be. I’m not a video game guy and I didn’t pick up on that

a ‘why the hell not?’ sort of thing. I build a lot of high-end

connection right away. I noticed first that it had an RMR on

AKs. After a while building the same thing over and over

it… so owning a night vision company and doing a lot of

again gets kind of boring, so you have to figure out how to

night shooting, the first thing I thought of was ‘If it’s got a

spice things up somehow.”

red dot, I can shoot it under NODs.’”

Huffman and Roberts first met at a customer-

future owner that Roberts tried to seal the deal right then

were party. “I brought [the Blackhawk] in to fire a couple

and there. “I tried to buy it on the spot, but he responded

rounds downrange when things were slow,” Huffman says.

that no, it wasn’t for sale,” Roberts says. “After I’d tried if I still wanted it. Because it was time for him to start a new

“Alex was telling me about his different projects and how

project.” barrel by about an inch, so it’s currently around 5 inches

pleasure of meeting. He uses different parts and puts

even. He re-crowned it, and to accommodate the Trijicon

different things on guns regardless of how they quote

RMR he made a mount that press-fit over the gun’s frame

unquote ‘should be’—like the red dot on this revolver, for

so the optic is not set directly on the wood.

On the trio’s first meeting—the two men and the gun—

01 The factory Ruger barrel was trimmed by about an inch. The wood panels were trimmed to length, slotted for the extractor, and pinned to the barrel shroud.

02 A custom frame extension was made to extend the grip for the previous owner’s extra-large hands.

The first thing Huffman did to this gun was cut down the

but he’s one of the most talented gunsmiths I’ve had the

instance. That’s part of why this build got me so excited.”

UN12 / Issue 009

about four more times, one day he texted me and asked me

talking about custom guns, stuff like that,” Roberts says. he approaches different builds. He’s a pretty modest guy,


The attraction was so strong between the gun and its

appreciation range day to which their respective companies

“Our tables were right next to each other, so we started


at it without any kind of bias of what it was supposed to

Obviously, the original RMR04 still resides on the gun and Roberts does use it for night vision shooting. But, since the

Roberts continues: “We were looking at it through two

RMR04 uses fiber optics that rely on ambient light, it does

different sets of eyes. He looked at it from the standpoint

not interface as well with his NVGs. Roberts’ plan is to swap

of the build and the thought process behind it, but I looked

the optic for a battery-powered RMR06 in the near future.




To impart the gritty sort of look and feel he was after, Huffman crafted the wood furniture out of scrap he procured from a cast-off table he found on the side of the road. The pieces for the improvised “handguard” were cut out of one of the table’s legs. For those wood accents, he says, “I cut it up into a couple pieces on the band saw, then started milling it to the sizes I needed. I made a slot so you can still access the ejector, which is kind of important on a single-action.” The wooden panels are pinned to a barrel shroud that was milled out

calibers, we’ve mentioned three—.44, .357, 9mm—and

of a solid block of aluminum that was then hammered

this revolver can be equipped to shoot the latter two.

onto the barrel and pinned in place.

“I didn’t touch the cylinders, but I did extend the

The grip panels are made from the same found wood.

hammer,” Huffman says. This, too, was done to

Because he has larger-than-average hands, Huffman

reproduce the look of certain in-game Borderlands guns

also built a frame extension and spent time shaping

that he wanted this Blackhawk to emulate. To get it done,

the grip to his liking. “The panels are held in place by

Huffman adapted an AK-platform fire control group for

the two screws and a bushing,” Huffman says. “Those

the trigger shoe and to produce the extended hammer.

were done by hand using a belt sander.” He shaped it all

“One of our previous [rifles] was built off an

as one piece so that you’d be hard-pressed to guess it

unconverted Saiga, one we’d convert into a more

didn’t come that way directly from Ruger.

standard configuration, so we had a ton of the old factory

As both he and Roberts attest, it’s comfortable to shoot and fairly docile when equipped with the 9mm cylinder. “The ergonomics of the frame extension and

triggers lying around,” Huffman says. “It was easy enough to cut off a chunk of that and weld it in place.” Initially he also tried to weld the frame extension,

grip, it makes [handling it] very intuitive,” Roberts says.

but soon found that aluminum was an entirely different

“Everything is right where you expect it to be.” The

animal than steel, so he scrapped those plans and

added weight from the barrel shroud, the wood, and the

pinned it. The gun’s metal is finished in a custom

RMR also helps keep it stable even when shooting .357

Cerakote mix that Huffman mixed and applied himself,

Magnum rounds.

which is also mixture of materials he had lying around the

While in its 60-plus years of existence the Blackhawk has been outfitted to accommodate a multitude of


shop. Two shades were used, Sniper Grey being one and another whose origin is not 100% certain.

01 The trigger assembly was adapted from Saiga AK parts and the extended hammer was shaped for functional and aesthetic purposes.

02 The grip panels were crafted from the same found wood as the barrel guard, pinned to the Ruger’s grip and shaped as one piece.


UN12 / Issue 009

“It has a nearly universal appeal. It stands out from every other thing that people know to be ‘normal.’”






The gun hasn’t gotten any less popular from an onlooker’s standpoint since arriving in Tyler Roberts’ collection. “There have been multiple people who have tried to buy it off of me,” he says. But, as with its erstwhile owner, he’s loath to part with it. Its appeal, he says, is still precisely because it is so different from the firearms he shoots on the regular. “Keep in mind this is a single-action revolver,” Roberts says. “Doing what I do for a living, I have the luxury of shooting anything and

Caliber: 9mm, .357 Magnum

sub-guns to all different types of M16s. Very

Capacity: 6

few guns really get me excited anymore. After

Barrel: OEM Ruger cut to 5 in.

shooting this revolver, I’d prefer to shoot it over

Overall Length: 10.75 in.

For Roberts, its original and enduring appeal is its analog, obviously mechanical nature.


The current optic is a fiber-optic Trijicon RMR04, which will be swapped in the future for a battery-powered RMR06 for an improved night vision interface.

The optic mount is another custom piece that was pressed over the gun’s barrel, so the optic itself is essentially anchored to the gun’s frame and not the wood.

“Loading the cylinder, getting to pull the trigger on it,” he says. “It’s the simplicity of it,

Weight Unloaded: 3 lbs (approx.) Coating: Custom gray mix Cerakote by Alex Huffman Frame: OEM Ruger w/custom frame extension

the manual operation—cocking the hammer, pulling the trigger, cocking the hammer again. It’s sort of a humbling experience, to be so enthralled with something so simple.” He quickly adds: “And the accuracy with the RMR... I wasn’t familiar with it at all at first and was still just stacking shots.” The other great thing about it, he feels, is its universal appeal. “One thing that should be

“It’s sort of a humbling experience to be so enthralled with something so simple.”


everything all the time, from belt-feds and

any belt-fed or anything like that.”


Custom Ruger New Model Blackhawk

noted about this specific revolver,” Roberts says. “You can take someone who is brand-

Featured Accessories Optic: Trijicon RMR04 on custom mount Parts & Accessories: Modified Saiga AK fire control group (trigger/hammer), custom aluminum barrel shroud, custom-cut found wood barrel panels, custom-shaped found wood grip panels

new to guns or someone like us with a lot of

About the Owner

experience in the industry, and it still stands out

Name: Tyler Roberts

from every other thing that people know to be ‘normal.’ It enthuses everyone from the top of

Occupation: Co-owner, Licentia Arms

the industry all the way down.”

Social: Instagram @licentia_arms

[ UN12 ]

Built. It’s a simple word, but it implies that you’ve personalized your rifle for a specific need. Aero Precision M4E1 receivers are specifically designed to enhance every aspect of your build process, ensuring that you receive a quality experience at a great value. What are you building for?


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Images courtesy of DRG


he story of White Label Armory is really the

in turn supplying the AR-15 market. Rybacki’s chief

story of two business entities, separate in a

lieutenants are Joel Edwards, the lead on business

sense but also indivisible from one another. Parent

development, who spent 16 years in law enforcement and

company DRG Manufacturing was established in 2016

in government contracting and has been active for nine

and built its business manufacturing AR-style receivers

years in firearm manufacturing with an emphasis on OEM

for industry clients on an ATF variance. Manufacturing

production; and Randi D’Ambrosia, a marketing director

soon expanded to include bolt carrier groups and other

who has racked up 17 years in the marketing arena, five of

components, followed in turn by barrel blank production

those being centered in the firearms industry.

and then finished barrels.

and tinkering, one visit to the White Label Armory website

producing everything for AR-15, AR-9, and AR-10

would be enough to get you hooked. It’s a one-stop shop

platforms except for springs and cast components. The

for anyone looking for specific parts—a replacement for

next step was obvious: production of rifle components

that takedown detent that went shooting off into the nether,

for smaller manufacturers, dealers, and retail customers

for example, the takedown pin itself, individual springs

who did not have the desire or the means to place bulk

for the hammer or the trigger, the hammer or trigger units

orders. Thus was the White Label Armory brand born.

themselves, and so on. Parts are also offered in various

Today, it allows rifle builders of all levels access to quality

groupings, from matched billet receiver sets to complete

components as either individual pieces themselves or

lower parts kits, to lower spring groupings, to fire control

parts grouped into cohesive kits. You could build an entire

groupings, to bolt carrier groupings… and on and on. The

rifle and never leave the White Label Armory website, it’s

exhaustive inventory and sub-groupings let you shop for

that comprehensive.

and acquire just the parts you need or, alternatively, allow

with the specific intent of supplying OEMs who were

UN12 / Issue 009

If you’re an AR enthusiast with a penchant for building

In a short span of time, DRG Manufacturing was

DRG Manufacturing was founded by David Rybacki



you to acquire everything at once en masse and build an entire rifle (or rifles) from the receivers on out.





“Exhaustive inventory lets you acquire everything you need to build an entire rifle from the receivers out.”

From there, it was not a huge step for

wide quality control a very positive and robust

Overall, it’s a picture of a thoroughly

White Label Armory to offer complete

thing. “With so many companies competing

modern, cutting-edge manufacturing

firearms, which they do under the Leviathan

for attention and sales, we’re seeing some

operation, with an army of robots and

Defense brand in collaboration with Leviathan

very innovative accessories, designs, and

automated feeding devices working in

Group LLC. Fully assembled pistol and

overall improvement to the AR family,” he

concert with a fully staffed (by humans)

carbine versions of each supported caliber

says. “Rising production and variety has also

QC lab, as well as integrated quality

are available—9mm, .308, 5.56.

driven prices down, enabling any American

control and measurement protocols within

to have access to a rifle that may have

each production cell. This enables the

previously been out of reach.”

manufacturing operation to turn out quality

With regard to the intense competition within the expansive AR market, DRG and White Label Armory look at it as a barometer

As for carving its own niche in this market,

products at low relative cost.

for the health of the firearms industry as a

the DRG/WLA team feels that its considerable

whole and a guarantee for further enjoyment

manufacturing capabilities and understanding

manufacturing front, DRG/WLA will continue

What does the future hold? On the

of our freedoms. “I think it’s one of the best

of the processes involved contribute to and

to improve and increase their automated

movements to help with the general state of

guarantee their success. DRG was founded

manufacturing capabilities. Currently they’re

the Second Amendment,” says Joel Edwards.

with the express intent to manufacture

working on a fully automated and robot-

“The widespread sales and normalization of

firearm components. It was not an “inherited”

driven barrel profiling and chambering cell

a fantastic and versatile firearm can only help

operation in terms of either equipment or

with built-in automated inspection equipment.

protect us from further infringements.”

process. Dave Rybacki started from Square

As a model for other processes, this cell

Edwards also points out that such a

One and was able to “tailor” machining cells

will be designed to be quickly scalable so

booming market helps greatly with inherent

with the express purpose of making specific

production can be, say, doubled in a matter of

quality control and further technological

parts, with the opportunity to make each cell

weeks. Similarly, a new bolt machining cell is

development—in effect, it makes market-

as efficient and precise as possible.

partially installed and has already increased



01 46

UN12 / Issue 009




DRG got its start manufacturing billet receivers for industry clients on an ATF variance, and now offers its own branded parts under the White Label Armory moniker.

The manufacturing backbone was not an inherited operation; DRG founders tailored it to make each process as efficient and precise as possible.




“The team feels its considerable manufacturing capabilities and control contribute to and guarantee success.” The company has taken care to retain its original supporting role and to avoid direct competition with its industry clients. As the White Label Armory brand matures, the team may look to become a bit more involved in the competition shooting circuit and support the community that ultimately supports them. At the end of the day, says marketing guru D’Ambrosia, “Our core business is O.E. manufacturing. Our manufacturers and dealers are the heart of our business and we are very protective of them. We created White Label Armory with the intent of giving the operation’s production capacity. The

business on servicing and repairing customer

smaller manufacturers and dealers access to

team holds up the new barrel profiling and

firearms. Similarly, the Range Kit includes

our product without having to order pieces

chambering component as a model for the

parts that see the most wear and potential

by the thousand. Our consumer market is

companies’ future direction. A model for the

failure during heavy range use—by civilian

new growth for us, and we will continue to

rest of the in-house manufacturing processes,

and law enforcement training programs,

foster that growth with excellent pricing and

it allows the production arm to change barrel

for example, or simply enthusiastic range

customer service.”

caliber, profile, and length instantaneously

junkies—to facilitate on-the-spot service

without having to shut production down

and repair.

for hours at a time to be able to change production parameters. “We already provide barrel blanks to several

[ UN12 ]


As manufacturing support for a variety

For more information, visit White Label

of industry outlets and players, DRG has to

Armory at whitelabelarmory.com and find

date been a largely behind-the-scenes force.

them on Facebook at White Label Armory.

respected barrel makers, and this cell will allow us to leverage our blank manufacturing capability to create our own barrel line,” Edwards says. “Because we can turn-key a barrel in-house from raw bar stock, we’re not at the mercy of another manufacturer to keep the cell running.” White Label Armory is also constantly expanding its product lines to include components from other manufacturers outside of DRG, along with maintaining


an ever-expanding menu of in-house components accessories. Everything on offer is 100% American-made and the team UN0012 / CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, INERT PROJECTILE or CARTRIDGES, SMALL ARMS —

refuses to lower its standards by sourcing questionable components from overseas sources. A few new offerings of note include a line of One such package, the Master Armorer’s AR-15s running smoothly, whether you’re an armorer, gunsmith, or a dealer who maintains


UN12 / Issue 009



New barrel manufacturing capabilities allow instant profile/ chambering changes without significant downtime.

Everything is 100% American made, never outsourced to questionable overseas outlets.


White Label Armory armorer and range kits. Kit, contains all you’d need to keep a fleet of



Master Armorer and Range kits include everything needed to facilitate on-the-spot service and repair.

Buyer’s Guide

Pistol Magwell Buyer’s Guide Text & Images by JERRY TSAI


nlarged magwells exist to help a

wide enough to swallow up an incoming

shooter avoid the dreaded reload

magazine with little problem, it’s lucky

bobble. Admit it, you’ve probably done

for us who believe that the benefits

it at least a couple of times before. You

of a funnel-like magwell outweigh its

hurriedly thrust a topped-off mag into

added width. In some cases, especially

your pistol and bam—instead of hitting

regarding magwells designed for carry

the sweet spot, you miss by a fraction

pistols, the added material is entirely

of an inch. There goes a split-second off

negligible. Another benefit of aftermarket

your reload. Whether it’s time added to

magwells, especially those designed

your competition score or in the field,

for competition use, are their added

those fractions of seconds can cost you

weight, some even being made out of

more than just time.

heavy materials like brass. This added

By their very nature, pistols do not tend to have the most inviting magwells. This is probably because they are generally

When it comes to add-on pistol magwells, what you get is all benefit as

ready to be carried on your hip or in

far as we are concerned. Join us as we

your waistband. It seems that pistol

take a deep dive and look at some of

designers are concerned with the base

the newest magwells, as well as some

functionality, accuracy, and reliability of

longtime favorites, for a few of the most

the firearm. Some ergonomic choices

popular pistol platforms. There are many

may be left out in favor of appealing to

variations available, so be sure to check

the widest audience possible.

with the manufacturer if you’re looking

little room for “extras” such as a magwell

UN12 / Issue 009

redistributing the balance of the pistol.

designed to be svelte and compact,

While some may agree that there’s


weight helps cut down felt recoil by

for a magwell to fit your particular pistol. [ UN12 ]




BG-11 CMC Triggers

Strike Industries

Glock Enhanced SOCOM Combat Magwell

Gen3 Magwell for Glock

Fitment: Gen3 19

Fitment: Gen3 17/22/31/34

Color: Black

Color: Black

Details: One-piece, aluminum

Details: One-piece, polymer

MSRP: $100

MSRP: $20

URL: cmctriggers.com

URL: strikeindustries.com

MDX Arms

ZEV Technologies

Lightweight Delrin Magwell

Fitments: Gen3 19/23/32/35/38/ PF940C, Gen3 17/17L/22/24/31/34/35/37

Pro Plus Universal Magwell Fitment: Gen3, 4 17/17L/22/24/31/34/35/37, OZ9, Gen5

Color: Black

Color: Black

Details: One-piece, aluminum

Details: Two-piece, Delrin magwell, steel Insert

MSRP: $109

MSRP: $50

URL: zevtechnologies.com

URL: mdxarms.com

Agency Arms Magwell for Glock Gen3 Fitments: Gen3 19/23/25/32/38, Gen4 17/19X/22/24/31/34/35 Colors: Black, gray Details: Two-piece, aluminum

KE Arms Carry Magwell Fitments: Gen3 19/23, Gen3 17/22 Color: Black Details: Two-piece, aluminum MSRP: $70 URL: kearms.com

MSRP: $110 URL: agencyarms.com


UN12 / Issue 009




BG-11 Killer Innovations


Velocity Glock Magwell

Fitments: Gen3 17/22/31/34/35, Gen 4 19/20/20SF/21/21SF/21 Non-SF/23/32/40/41

Big Mouth Aluminum Magwell w/Brass Insert

Fitments: Gen3, 4 17/19

Colors: Gray, black, blue, FDE, gold, orange, red

Colors: Gold, black, blue, red, silver

Details: Two-piece, aluminum

Details: Two-piece, aluminum, choice of 3- or 4-oz. brass insert

MSRP: $100

URL: killer-innovations.com

MSRP: $90-100

URL: glockstore.com

Taran Tactical Innovations

Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well

Fitments: Gen3 19/23/32/34/38, Gen4 17/17L/22/24/31/34/35/37

Full Size Competition Lightning Magwell

Color: Black

Fitments: Gen5 17/22/35/45, Gen2, 3, 4

Details: One-piece, polymer

Color: Black

MSRP: $70

Details: One-piece, aluminum

URL: magpul.com

MSRP: $100 URL: tarantacticalinnovations.com

Reptilia Blackhole Polyer Magwell

SLR Rifleworks

Fitments: Gen3, 4 19/23/ PF940C

Glock 19X Magwell

Color: Black

Fitment: 19X

Details: One-piece, polymer

Colors: Black, FDE

MSRP: $23

Details: One-piece, aluminum

URL: reptiliacorp.com

MSRP: $80 URL: slrrifleworks.com


UN12 / Issue 009






SIG Sauer

Magazine Funnel, 320 XSeries

Fitment: XSeries P320 Full Size, Carry & Legion Color: Black

Details: One-piece, steel MSRP: $49

URL: sigsauer.com

ANVL P320 ANVL Magwell Fitment: P320 Full Size, Carry & Compact, mediumsized grip module (no XSeries) Color: Black Details: One-piece, aluminum MSRP: $99 URL: anrdesignkydexholster.com



1. Become a BDU member 2. Save big $ on over 200K items. 3. Fill up your safe + celebrate.

TRIAL today for .99 cents


UN12 / Issue 009


Springer Precision ESP/Duty Magwell

Fitment: XSeries P320 Full Size, Carry & Legion Color: Black

Details: One-piece, aluminum MSRP: $65

URL: springerprecision.com

Springer Precision Open/LTD Magwell Fitment: XSeries P320 Full Size, Carry & Legion Color: Red, black, blue Details: One-piece, aluminum MSRP: $75 URL: springerprecision.com


UN12 / Issue 009

At home


Springer Precision M&P 9/40 ESP Magwell Fitments: v.1.0 9/40, v.2.0 Color: Red, black, blue, raw aluminum Details: One-piece, aluminum MSRP: $60 URL: springerprecision.com

Springer Precision M&P 9/40 Limited Magwell

And on the go

Fitments: v.1.0 9/40, v.2.0 Color: Red, black, blue, raw aluminum Details: One-piece, aluminum MSRP: $70 URL: springerprecision.com

Get organized with tacticalwalls.com

540.298.8906 60

UN12 / Issue 009

Proudly made in the usa

Shenandoah, virginia


: : Based on a SIG Sauer P320 : : Grey Ghost Precision GPP320 Slide : : Chambered in 9mm

Customized SIG Sauer P320 Text by MARTIN ANDERS Images by MICHAEL GREY


UN12 / Issue 009




he world of customized guns, pistols in particular,

are out of the box, many users wish to improve upon

has become analogous to that of sports cars

them for themselves. This includes highly custom work

but for those of us with customization on our minds it

and modified off-roaders. If you’re into decking out your

by craftsman who reshape and re-contour the polymer

clearly stands apart. We’ll point out that unlike Glock’s

vehicle, there are a few cars that lend themselves to

frame to better fit individual shooters’ hands, as well

approach to modification, SIG Sauer went the opposite

aftermarket modifications so well that they’re commonly

as the installation of drop-in or semi-drop-in parts like

direction. Not only do they not mind owners modifying

seen on the street with at least some sort of modification

triggers, slides, and barrels.

their P320s; SIG Sauer actively helps you do it.


made to them.

The P320 is a similar pistol in many aspects to a Glock,

The challenge for some would-be customizers was

Cars such as Mustangs, GTIs, and Civics are easily

The P320 is built on a modular fire control unit (FCU),

usually the Glock’s frame. The frame is the serialized

which is the serialized part, not the frame itself. This

modified anywhere between mild and all-out wild. If

part of the pistol, which means it presents one more

means as long as you keep the FCU you can ship

you’re a four-wheeling enthusiast, we can easily switch

hurdle to overcome that other parts do not. If you want

your frame to a Cerakoter or stippler without worry. In

that comparison to Wranglers, Tacomas, and F-150s.

a customizer to work on your frame in another state, for

fact, SIG Sauer itself sells frames (what they call grip

Whichever ride you choose to mod, these platforms and

example, you’d have to deal with shipping it to them

modules), high-performance slides, and caliber change

the healthy aftermarket support for those models make it

properly. If a mistake was made to it or it becomes lost,

kits that include slide assemblies so you can further

easy for you to do so.

replacing it usually meant buying another complete pistol

modify your pistol to your liking. Want a frame that’s sized

(as Glock does not sell frames by themselves) as well as

better for your hand? Want a lightweight slide with red

easier to modify than a Glock. Or is there? Over the past

dealing with a lost serialized part in whatever way your

dot capability? Want to change caliber or overall pistol

couple of decades, Glock has become the clear leader in

state of residence requires. For those looking to build a

size? Heck, want a cool-looking stippled frame? SIG has

terms of modifiable pistols. That fact is largely due to the

highly custom pistol, is there an alternate platform?

you covered direct from the factory. Understandably,

Now when we’re talking about guns, there’s no pistol

robust aftermarket support the platform receives. You can

Well, there’s a relative newcomer in customization-

literally build a Glock-type pistol nowadays without using

town, and its name is SIG P320. SIG Sauer’s polymer-

any Glock parts. That’s pretty incredible.

framed, striker-fire pistol clearly has Glock in its sights.

Ed Elrich, owner of the featured P320, was

The P320 is a reliable, accurate, and smooth-shooting

excited to get his SIG Sauer project going. He

One reason the aftermarket has produced such

the P320’s baked-in modularity has the aftermarket companies excited too.

prodigious amounts of parts for the polymer pistol is

platform that has quickly gained a loyal following,

partly due to the fact that Glock itself, the manufacturer,

including us. In fact, SIG Sauer actually edged out Glock

had already laid out plans for his urban camo pistol even before he bought it. In fact,

does not. The company’s stance is that it’s a pistol that

for a major U.S. military contract and is now nipping at its

he bought and shipped an extra SIG

does not need improvement. As great as these pistols

heels in the custom pistol realm.

Sauer P320 XSeries TXG Grip Module


01 The Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 slide offers enhanced grip serrations and an optic cut.


01 03 04

Night Fision suppressorheight iron sights were installed to co-witness the SIG red dot.

03 The SureFire XVL2 light/laser unit imparts enhanced targeting capabilities in virtually any situation.

“The P320 is a reliable, accurate, smoothshooting pistol that’s quickly gained a loyal following; SIG Sauer recently edged Glock out for a major U.S. military sidearm contract.”




UN12 / Issue 009

The optic itself is of the same provenance as the pistol: a SIG Sauer Romeo1PRO red dot.




Assembly to his stippler at Highspeed Arms for their C3

parts for the smoothest and cleanest pulls possible, all

treatment and then to the Cerakoter, 313 Tactical, for work

while retaining complete reliability with defensive-grade

even before his pistol arrived at the gun shop. He knows

ammunition. He reports that in line with the gunsmith’s

custom work takes time, so he figured he’d get a head

highly regarded reputation, the pistol’s performance

start. He chose SIG’s innovative TXG Grip Module because

matches or even exceeds what Grayguns promised.

it uses a tungsten-infused polymer that has the weight of steel and the flex of polymer. It’s really interesting stuff. His P320 not only looks good on the outside. Its

Elrich also reworked the pistol’s top side. He replaced The GGP320 drop-in slide not only offers increased grip serrations and enhanced aesthetic features, but also a

features work and parts by Grayguns, a gunsmith famed

red-dot-ready optic cut. The optic cuts can accommodate

for working primarily on SIG Sauer pistols. Elrich’s pistol

Trijicon RMR, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, and SIG Sauer

features the Grayguns P320 Competition Hybrid Trigger

Romeo1. He chose to go with a SIG Romeo1PRO with a

System. Designed by Bruce Gray, it is an enhanced drop-

3-MOA dot. He was also able to choose between versions

in trigger package that includes a competition

of the slide that offered either aggressive serrations and

pounds. It lightens the trigger press to quick and accurate competition standards while still preserving all the inherent mechanical safety values. Because he wanted the smoothest trigger possible, Elrich also opted for Grayguns’ Action Cleanup Perfection Service (ACP).


checkered texturing with no window cuts. He chose the former option, what GGP


calls Version 1. Firearms P320 Flame Fluted Barrel and DPM Systems Technologies


Recoil Reduction System. Faxon’s TiN PVD-coated

includes detailed refitting,

an 11-degree target crown,

Even prior to delivery of the factory pistol, the SIG grip module was textured by Highspeed Arms and Cerakoted by 313 Tactical.

03 A testament to the detailed nature of the build, Cerakoting was also applied to the inside of the magwell.

Housed inside the slide are a Faxon

stainless steel barrel features

of the pistol’s internal


window cuts or another slide pattern that offered

The ACP service package polishing, and refinishing

The basis for the build is a SIG Sauer P320 XSeries TXG Grip Module Assembly, a tungsten-infused polymer with the heft of steel and the flex of polymer.

the factory slide with a unit from Grey Ghost Precision.

insides have been completely reworked as well. The FCU

sear to reduce trigger weight to as low as four


along with a 9mm SAAMI chamber for reliable

“An extremely detailed build, this P320 not only looks good on the outside; its internals have been completely reworked as well.”

the coating is holding up extremely well, even after being inadvertently dropped onto sharp gravel while he was carrying it at a shooting competition. Elrich says that he had some trouble quickly getting to the stock magazine release when doing mag changes. He installed a Springer Precision extended magazine release paddle to remedy that situation. The paddle, which sweeps back perfectly to meet his thumb to easily eject mags when required, is one of his favorite upgrades. To keep his reloads to a minimum, he also opted to install the P320’s mags with Taylor Freelance’s plus-5 basepads. The basepads up the ammo allotment from 17 rounds of 9mm

accuracy. The company promises tighter tolerances with

to 22 and leave the magazine with 140mm of overall length,

a drop-in installation for better barrel fitment and lock-up.

keeping it legal for USPSA and 3-Gun competitions.

DPM’s recoil reduction system is a mechanical recoil rod reducer that replaces the stock recoil rod. The system works by employing three springs and a unique recoil rod

of the pistol. This combination pistol and carbine light and

to help soften the pistol’s recoil.

laser gives you just about any type of light or aiming laser


On top of the slide sits a set of suppressor-height Night


UN12 / Issue 009

For those with tactical minds, there’s little doubt you’ve noticed the SureFire XVL2 hanging under the muzzle end

that you would need in self-defense or battle situations.

Fision Perfect Dot tritium night sights featuring an injection-

Elrich admits that this unit is overkill for his use, but he likes

molded sleeve that holds the glow-in-the-dark tritium

nice things—and who doesn’t like nice things?

vials securely in place while creating a brighter and more durable ring.

SureFire touts its technological advancements in tactical illumination as key design elements in the XVL2.

After the major mods were made, Elrich had experts at

The unit features SureFire’s MaxVision Beam technology

313 Tactical do a complete MultiCam-inspired Cerakote

that shapes the illumination beam into one that’s capable

job on the pistol. The color palette infuses multiple tones

of providing a mix of far-ranging projected light while

of warm grays for a sleek, urban look. Elrich reports that

simultaneously emitting wide-angle illumination for fast




“This is a prime example of what a custom pistol can end up being—even if it isn’t a Glock. The only thing holding you back is your creativity.”

target acquisition and augmented situational awareness. The light is paired with a co-aligned, dual-beam visible green/infrared laser module. The XVL2’s dual laser/LED system generates both white and infrared light from a dualemitter LED module. Time to grab your NODs and have some fun with this unit. Elrich’s P320 is a prime example of what a custom pistol can end up being, even if it isn’t a Glock. With plenty of aftermarket as well as SIG Sauer factory options at your disposal, the only thing holding you back from creating a big-time build is your creativity. With the P320’s FCU in hand, Elrich can easily swap this full-size setup to become a compact, subcompact, or even long-slide if he wished. The sky really is the limit when customizing SIG Sauer’s P320. With the ease of working on it and a seemingly unlimited parts selection, we can’t help think that Glock’s time as the most customized pistol may be numbered. As for Elrich, he already has a few slides and grip modules crisscrossing the country for his next few P320 builds. We can’t wait to see (and shoot) them. [ UN12 ]

01 Grayguns’ P320 Competition Hybrid Trigger System lightens actuation to as low as four pounds.


01 02 03 04

Taylor Freelance plus-5 basepads up the ammo allotment to 22 and keep things legal for competition.

03 The Faxon “Flame Fluted” barrel features a TiN PVD coating and 11-degree target crown.




UN12 / Issue 009

The DPM recoil reduction system includes three springs and an intricate recoil rod to help the user fine-tune recoil characteristics.



Ed Elrich’s Custom SIG Sauer P320



Specifications Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 22 + 1 Barrel: Faxon SIG P320 Fullsize Flame Fluted Barrel, Non-Threaded, TiN PVD Overall Length: 8.25 in. Weight Unloaded: 2 lbs, 8.7 oz. Coating: MultiCam Hybrid Cerakote by 313 Tactical Frame: SIG Sauer P320 XSeries TXG Grip Module Assembly



Slide: Grey Ghost Precision GGP320 Slide Full-Size Version 1 Optic: SIG Sauer Romeo1PRO 1X30mm

Featured Accessories Grayguns P320 Hybrid Trigger System – Competition, Grayguns Action Clean Up Perfection Service, SureFire XVL2, Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights – Suppressor Height, Taylor Freelance SIG plus 5 Basepad w/ Spring, Springer Precision SP P320 9/40 Extended Magazine Release Paddle RH, DPM Systems Technologies Recoil Reduction System, High Speed Arms C3 Stippling

About the Owner Name: Ed Elrich Occupation: Aerospace production manager


UN12 / Issue 009

“With the ease of working on a P320 and seemingly unlimited parts selection, Glock’s days as the most popular custom pistol could be numbered.” www. www.

.com .com



KISS KISS BANG BANG Getting Comfortable with a Daniel Defense M4 V7 SLW Text by RAQUEL





recent study suggests that, by the ripe age of six, girls lose confidence in their intelligence relative to boys and struggle to imagine a protagonist being female.

Guess I missed the memo. It may be thanks to my innate bullheadedness, but mostly because the male figures in my life always encouraged me to be my own damn hero. As a result, I loathed Barbie, except when I was lighting her hair on fire. I worshipped Sarah Connor (God bless her arms). I was 100% convinced that Ellen Ripley could have skipped the sequels if she had just recruited me to help her vanquish those pesky aliens. I broke a bully’s nose in the second grade, earning myself the childhood nickname of Rocky, and unapologetically sucker-punched a dude after he spat on a friend of mine, earning the right to proudly keep that moniker into my adulthood. Despite being significantly outnumbered by men at both my alma maters, I finished a mathematics degree and an accelerated master’s.


UN12 / Issue 009




I was totally hooked, this time managing to remember a thank-you for my tutor. I spent the rest of the day politely asking different gents if they could give me a tour of their rigs, many of whom graciously invited me to test them myself. Afterward, I immediately sought the help from industry veterans to build a custom .260 with all the trimmings. I spent every spare moment on the range, spent my meager annual bonus on a five-day training course, and even entered a few competitions— where I didn’t finish in last place. Next came experimenting with shotguns and pistols and rayguns, oh my! If someone would let me touch it, I would shoot it, and then proceed to ask too many questions about it. Recently, an unsuspecting friend of mine entrusted to me a brand-new Daniel Defense DDM4, having no idea I would later form my autobiography around it and leave his name completely off-record. So let’s continue to ignore his existence and dive into the sexiest part of this novel. The Daniel Defense M4 V7 SLW is one of the lightest, fastest-handling rifles available in the DDM4 lineup, tipping the scales at under 6 pounds. Built around a cold hammerforged, 14.5-inch, lightweight-profile barrel, What’s funny is, despite any accolade I

just wanted to be appreciated for their kind

pistol. Without any real knowledge of how

trying to start a precision rifle competition

.50-cal with an incendiary round the length of

the V7 SLW has an extended flash suppressor

deem to be a gender stereotype crusher, the

forethought. Who knows? Regardless, if I’m

they worked, we enjoyed some target practice

(whatever the hell that was), and my company

my hand next to it. “They listen to directions

that’s pinned and welded to reach the NFA-

most Ooooh and Ahhhh praise comes from

ever hungry to feed my own ego, I simply

at a local indoor range. In the next lane over,

blindly became one of their first sponsors.

and don’t try to muscle the damn thing.” To a

required 16-inch minimum barrel length. Are

the fact that I shoot. I’ve never been able to

drop “competitive precision rifle” as a casual

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s twin watched me

“What exactly is a long-range rifle?” I asked

newbie it felt totally illegal, but I was definitely

you jelly yet?

put my finger on why this is the pinnacle of

hobby, and it brings all the boys to the yard.

fumble through a few rounds that somehow

a fellow observer during that first event. He

going to do it anyway. Listening intently to my

managed to hit paper before graciously

laughed and told me it’d be easier to just

instructor—who turned out to be the head

provides smooth and reliable cycling

show me.

of Barrett sales—and closing my mouth as I

under any conditions and reduces both

was told, I felt the ground float and the target

perceived recoil and wear on moving parts.

explode in slo-mo.

A free-floating MFR 13.5 handguard offers

badassery. Maybe it’s because our founding

I’m from California and I didn’t grow up with

fathers wrote the Second Amendment

firearms. The first time I fired one was after my

asking my father if he might teach me a few

knowing that in the future we would stream

grandfather passed and my dad inherited his

tricks because, in his words, “Women are the

chicks in bikinis unloading full-auto and they

old-school hunting rifle and home-protection

natural deadeyes.” He took the .38 Special

“Women are better learners,” he grinned, placing me in front of a brand-new Barrett

The carbine’s mid-length gas system

away and pressed his daughter’s Kimber 1911 into my hand, assuring me it would be easier to grip. Then, with patient instruction, he explained how a gun worked and how to handle one safely. He had me open both eyes, bend my knees, lean forward, and breathe deeply, exhaling at the same time I gently squeezed the trigger. Bullseye. Due to early onset Daria syndrome, I was furious when I couldn’t reenact my first


performance. I sadly remember storming out

UN12 / Issue 009


and never thanking PSH for his assistance. My dad and I put some rounds downrange a few more times after that, but once I graduated school I realized I hadn’t shot anything but booze in over a decade. Enter my first out-of-college job that required me to attend SHOT Show. It reignited my curiosity, so I networked with a few guys







Trial by fire—the author’s formal introduction to firearms was behind the thundering action of a Barrett Model 82A1 50 BMG rifle.

Spending some downtime at the range, where Raquel Donati has been known to compete in 3-Gun and precision rifle matches.



The author at home in her workshop, where she assembled her first personal firearm, a custom Remington .260, in her spare time.

Donati credits her no-nonsense personality to the men in her family who nurtured her sense of selfempowerment.




DDM4 V7 SLW incredible weight savings as well as superior


cooling, ergonomics, and modularity, while

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO

maintaining the strength and durability expected from Daniel Defense. I seriously don’t know why anyone would entrust this to me for a weekend and expect it back. With the M-LOK attachment points that run along seven positions and an uninterrupted 1913 Picatinny rail on top, the V7 SLW has plenty of room for any sights, optics,

Muzzle Thread: 1/2x28 TPI Weight Unloaded: 5.90 lbs Overall Length: 31.5-34.75 in. Gas System: 4140 hardened steel pinned low-profile gas block hardened steel and Mil-Spec heavy phosphate coating, mid-length, direct impingement

and accessories the operator may require. The rifle is finished off with the rugged and comfortable Daniel Defense buttstock and pistol grip. It’s everything you want it to be and more, plus it looks hella sexy. If you’re scrambling to buy it, I’ll just sit back and encourage you, because this is definitely the right way to spend your tax refund. I think my younger self would enthusiastically agree. All of this gung-ho enthusiasm (and probably sarcasm) can be attributed to passionate men who clearly didn’t support the notion of boys-only clubs. In fact, they planted the seed of knowledge that I would be exceptional due to my gender. I wish every little girl could have mentors that cultivated curiosity regardless of the outlet. No channel

Featured Accessories Barrel: 14.5-in. chrome-moly vanadium steel, cold hammer forged, lightweight profile, chrome-lined, MilSpec heavy phosphate coated, HP/ MPI tested, 1:7 twist Lower Receiver: 7075-T6 Mil-Spec, enhanced flared magwell, QD swivel attachment point Upper Receiver: 7075-T6 Mil-Spec, indexing marks, M4 feed ramps Muzzle Device: Pinned/welded Daniel Defense flash suppressor, 17-4 PH stainless steel, salt bath nitride finished BCG: M16 Profile, Mil-Spec MP tested, chrome-lined, properly staked gas key

of encouragement is more important than our own confidence to say “screw it,” embrace discomfort, and just get after it. I in my mouth a little typing this, but honestly,

Handguard: Daniel Defense MFR 13.5, 6061-T6 aluminum, M-LOK attachment

life really does begin at the end of your

Magazine: Daniel Defense 32-round

may have vomited

comfort zone. This is Princess Charming, signing off. Kiss kiss. Bang bang. [ UN12 ]

01 The V7 is the first rifle in the DDM4 line to feature M-LOK technology combined with Daniel Defense’s MFR rail. A raft of other features makes it an ideal carbine for a wide range of uses, from sport to defense.

Receiver Extension: 7075-T6, 6-position Mil-Spec Buttstock: Daniel Defense glass-filled polymer w/soft touch overmolding Pistol Grip: Daniel Defense glass-filled polymer w/soft touch overmolding Finish: Daniel Defense Deep Woods

Daniel Defense MSRP: $1,805 URL: danieldefense.com


UN12 / Issue 009


01: Combat We’ll start out with the combat uniform. A combat uniform is essentially the clothing you would wear during a Direct Action assault, UN0012 / CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, INERT PROJECTILE or CARTRIDGES, SMALL ARMS —

Right shoulder pocket—AA and 2032 batteries, anti-fog paste, clear lenses, Z-fold gauze

Left shoulder pocket—AAA and CR123 batteries, weapon lube, persimmon lenses, Z-fold gauze

combat patrol, or SWAT callout. Whatever the mission, if you’re wearing a combat uniform, it means you have some sort of preparation before going outside the wire. This gives us the benefit of staging gear and making sure everything is good to go. Since this isn’t a buyer’s guide per se, I’m going to use one example of a combat uniform and detail how I load it out. I’m not saying this is the only way to do it; rather, I’m

Crye Precision Combat Uniform

hoping to plant some ideas in your head about how you can pre-stage gear and make the most out of the uniform you have. In this case, I’m going to show you how I lay out a Crye Precision

Rear pocket— personal documents, ID, cash

Combat Uniform. While combat uniforms seem to be covered in pockets, most guys either don’t use them as intended or simply don’t use them at all. As I mentioned in last issue’s “Load & Make Ready,” you need to go through the preparedness ritual

Right thigh pocket (tools)—folding blade, multitool

Left thigh pocket (SSE)— Flashlight, nitrile gloves

before stepping into the fight. You’re moving toward a situation that could potentially end your life. Treat it with the respect it deserves. This isn’t running out to buy milk.


Over the years, I realized that combat uniforms should be laid out and pre-staged. I figured out what items should go in what pockets and then segregated them in individually labeled Ziploc baggies. After donning my uniform I would go from baggie to pocket, ensuring items were sitting properly and not impeding movement. OCD? Yes. Did I forget to bring things on missions? No. Setting up a combat uniform is arguably the most important of the ensembles. The items carried and their placement need to ensure easy access under the most demanding conditions. You also need to carry more than you normally might since the mission usually requires more self-sustainment.

Text & Images by CHARLES


Right cargo pocket— folded SSE bag, sports towel

Everything kept on your person needs to

Right & left ankle pockets—4-inch Israeli pressure bandages

Left cargo pocket—spare rifle mag, ball cap

be considered for access in the dark. Working


t’s easy to get wrapped up in the larger, more noticeable pieces of gear.

at night or in inclement weather will only

Plate carriers, packs, and helmets look really cool. They carry a bunch of

exacerbate stress. But if you can do it in the

stuff and when properly laid out can provide easy access to our gear. But let’s not forget all the pockets on our actual pieces of clothing.

dark, you can do it in the light. Let’s start with batteries. Since the industry

If you’ve read my past UN12 articles about setting up gear for success, you

cannot standardize on batteries, we need to

know that I preach about making everything deliberate. Thoughtful placement,

carry multiple types. While I have the utmost

pre-planning, and interrogating gear for its necessity is imperative to finding the

confidence in my electronic devices, a bad

right balance of what to carry. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some different

battery is usually responsible if a problem

outfits and how we can optimize ourselves for the fight in various environments.

occurs. I only carry lithium batteries. They have better performance in extreme temperatures and are less prone to leaking and corrosion

Durable, lightweight, insulated, waterproof footwear

compared to alkaline. I carry batteries in small


UN12 / Issue 009




01: Combat

Ziploc baggies to avoid unnecessary bulk and

searches should not be carried out with a weapon

improve water-resistance.

light. I back out the light’s tail cap to ensure that

Batteries are segregated in right/left shoulder

it will not accidentally activate if I lift my leg and

pockets. AA and 2032s are in the right shoulder

depress the clicky-cap. Nitrile gloves are there

pocket, while AAA and CR123 are in the left

because, well, people are nasty. And the places

shoulder pocket. I can easily feel the difference

bad guys live and hide are nasty, too.

between these types of batteries without

The right thigh pocket is my tool pocket and

looking, so I’m confident in what I extract from

holds my multitool and folding-blade knife. It’s

a pocket. My right shoulder pocket also carries

important to keep these on the front of the thigh

small tub of Cat Crap Anti-Fog Lens Paste and

since you cannot access the knife from under

my clear eye-pro lenses. The left side pocket

your holster anyway. Also, your holster will tap

also carries a small tube of Slip2000 Extreme

on the metal pocket clip of the knife if carried

Weapons Lube in a baggie and my persimmon-

traditionally, making unwanted noise.

A spare rifle magazine is always good to have on your person (in addition to those carried in your plate carrier/belt kit). A ball cap can serve various uses like combating glare and/or sweat.

color eye-pro Lenses. Instead of using the pen loop on the left shoulder for a pen, I place a row of large safety pins. Safety pins can do a lot. Here, I use them as locking replaceable pins for ordnance. Have you ever tried putting the pin back in a frag or

Next are the cargo pockets. I prefer pants with generous bellows cargo pockets. Even if I don’t fill

An SSE bag for stowing evidence is a handy thing to have, and a small sports towel is useful for a variety of purposes.

them completely, I know that the space is there in case I need to stuff an item temporarily. I keep an extra rifle mag in my left-side cargo pocket since I always want to have one on my person—just

banger? It doesn’t work, and you can’t always

in case. It’s secured by the elastic straps on the

simply detonate the device. While not ideal, a

inside of the pocket. On top of that is a baseball

couple of safety pins can replace the original

cap. The left-side cargo pocket holds a folded

cotter pin in a pinch, rendering the device

SSE bag for evidence and a folded sports towel

safe until it can be properly disposed of. This

(because I’m a sweaty sumbitch).

technique does not render devices safe for

I tend to keep personal documents, identification, and cash in a Ziploc baggie in

“Like plate carriers, helmets, and combat belt setups, a combat uniform should be pre-staged. Treat it with the respect it deserves. You aren’t dressing to run down the street to buy milk.”

the rear zippered pockets since I don’t need to access it quickly. I put an extra 4-inch Israeli Pressure Bandage in each of the ankle pockets. Again—gauze and bandages will save lives, so carry enough. I wear a headlamp around my neck, a watch, and a wrist compass. Last, I wear Gore-Tex boots. To this day, I have yet to find

Shoulder pockets carry various batteries sealed in Ziploc baggies, eye protection in clear and persimmon, weapon lube and anti-fog paste, as well as extra gauze—because you can’t carry too much gauze.

anything that works better than the Salomon

One thigh pocket is dedicated to SSE gear, the other to tools, in this case a folding blade and a multitool.

Safety pins can serve a variety of uses, one of which is making various types of ordnance safe until it can be disposed of properly.

Critical gear should be stowed in closed pockets, but non-sensitive gear like lip balm or a lens cloth can be kept in an open (slit) pants pocket.

Quest 4D GTX boots: lightweight, water-resistant, and rugged. It’s important to come up with a pocket layout that suits your mission. Mine was military, but you can easily adapt this to law enforcement

transport or storage by any technical standard.

applications. After you’ve established a layout,

However, it’s an old field-expedient trick if a

make sure you keep it consistent and memorize

situation presents itself. Combat is rarely ideal.

each pocket’s contents. Pocket organization

Each shoulder pocket also holds an extra

should be carried over to other scenarios. If you

package of compressed Z-fold gauze. If you

wear a combat uniform for work, you should wear

have space, carry more gauze. I’ve never

it for training, too. Everyone has heard the adage

packed a wound and thought “I could do this

“train as you fight.” This seems to have gotten

with less gauze.”

lost somewhere during the GWOT when some

I’m not a fan of traditional slit pockets on

guys became too cool for school.

combat pants since they tend to not secure

A warrior must have proper neural pathways

the contents. But in this case, I will keep a lens

through which he can unconsciously react to

cloth and Chapstick in the left pocket (they are

situations. Proper neural pathways are only built

not sensitive items). One of my favorite features

through proper repetition. And proper repetition is

of the Crye Precision Combat Pant is the front

only achieved if things are done consistently and

thigh pocket, useful for quick-access items. The left pocket is my SSE pocket and holds a one-cell handheld flashlight and two pairs of nitrile gloves. Always carry a tertiary handheld light—evidence search during SSE or prisoner


UN12 / Issue 009

properly. If you go to a gunfight wearing certain

Gore-Tex boots are a must. The author prefers Saloman Quest 4D GTX for their light weight, water resistance, and durability.

It’s important to carry a tertiary light source on your person (in your clothing), in this case a small, single-cell unit, and nitrile gloves for handling evidence and/or nasty bad guys.

kit and dressed in certain clothes, you damn well better wear it in training too. Kuhl pants and checkered shirts under your plate carrier may look great on Instagram, but train as you fight. UN12mag.com



02: Range If you don’t do this for a living and are simply a

main pockets are great for securing personal and

student of the gun, there are still systems and

small items that could fall out while you’re rolling

things to think about when training. As a firearms

around on the ground. This is especially a concern

instructor, I see all sorts of outfits. Some guys

when attending night classes.

dress in full MultiCam combat uniforms. Others

I will keep my cell phone in the main slit right

show up in high-end outdoor active wear. And

side pocket with my wallet in the zippered pocket

some show up in old jeans and T-shirts.

immediately behind it. These are considered

The important thing to keep in mind is that

Velocity Systems Boss rugby shirt

Right thigh pocket (sensitive items)— wallet, cell phone

access (so it’s OK if my holster impedes their

teach at ranges with gravel shooting bays that

access). The knife and multitool are kept in my left

will chew up fabric quickly. If you’re attending a

pocket. Two cracked cell phone screens taught

training class, it’s important to think about items

me this lesson. Folding knives + cell phones + high

you should have on your person while on the

impact/intensity activity do not mix.

Vertx Delta pants

A good moisture-wicking top is my preference.

up the class because he needs to run back to

Like I said, I’m sweaty, so anything that helps

the classroom or staging area to grab tools or

me not break out on my back is a bonus. To this


end, I’ll usually wear an Under Armour top or

If you opt not to wear a combat uniform with

Velocity Systems Boss Rugby shirt with my head

pockets galore to store all your stuff, I suggest

lamp around my neck. I’d love to be able to wear

wearing some sort of cargo or utility pant. If you’re

cotton T-Shirts all the time, but they always end up

at a training class or at your local range, you will

wringing-wet with sweat.

most likely have reasonable access to gear.

Left thigh pocket (hard items)— folding blade, multitool

personal items and do not require immediate

clothing should be functional and durable. I often

line. Nobody wants to be that guy who holds

An aid bag should be close at hand in case the

Regardless of weather conditions, having access to multiple layers of clothing is the best way to regulate your body temperature, starting with a good moisture-wicking base top. Arc’teryx LEAF Naga Hoodie and Arc’teryx LEAF ATOM jacket pictured here.

Footwear needs to be functional and supportive. And I’ve pretty much become a Salomon guy

worst happens. And it’s possible to cease fire

over the years. Their shoes have just held up.

and make the range cold immediately to treat

However, athletic footwear is very subjective

casualties (not possible in combat). You should

and your feet may be more comfortable in other

also have a full-size IFAK on your belt or chest rig.

brands. Regardless, I recommend something with

You don’t need to stuff every pocket with extra

a good tread.

gauze. You also don’t need to have all your eye-

It’s also important to have good gear for

pro lenses, SSE bags, et cetera on your person,

inclement weather. One of my favorite cold-

so you can significantly slim down your first line.

weather pieces is the Arc’teryx LEAF Naga Hoodie.

Conventional wisdom dictates your cell phone should be pair with something soft, like your wallet. Sensitive electronics and hard items like knives or multitools generally do not pair well during dynamic range activity.

For range duty, the author recommends anything durable and comfortable with a good tread.

A multitool is a must-have for the range, useful for adjusting optics or other weapon attachments. A folding knife is good to have on hand for a multitude of possible uses.

Coupled with a good set of thermal underwear, For these types of activities, I recommend

it provides a solid base level of warmth without

having the following:

trading a lot of volume. It’s important to remember that layering offers much better cold weather

Comfortable, durable footwear with a particular stress on a good outsole

• Multitool for making adjustments to optics, retightening bolts that backed out, etc. I can’t tell you how many times students have not had this on their person at a class. • Folding knife for just about anything. • An extra tourniquet. I usually roll with four tourniquets on my person. These are usually spread out across my plate carrier and belt kit. But not everyone wears this gear at the range or in a class. Tourniquets save lives. • Personal items such as cell phone, wallet, etc. Other items can be kept back at the staging

UN12 / Issue 009

stacked around the body because more heat gets trapped between the clothing layers. And it’s easier to don/doff layers for better thermal regulation than to rely solely on a single jacket. With the cold often comes wind and wet. I layer up with the Arc’teryx LEAF ATOM jacket and pants while topping it off with the Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha shell and pants. A good Gore-Tex shell will keep you drier longer while stopping wind penetration that can chill you to the bone. Cold-weather gear is nothing to scrimp on. This is especially true when

area. If I’m at the range, you’ll usually find me in a

talking about duty use. But, it’s very true for you

pair of Vertx Delta pants. They are laden with all

training junkies who want to get the most out of

sorts of cool-guy hidden features. But my main

your training classes.

reasons for wearing them are the durability and


protection while remaining active. More heat gets

If you’re cold and wet, you’re miserable, and

flexibility of the construction. Range of motion is

you’re not getting the full training value out of

unimpeded and I can get into all sorts of positions

class. This may seem like an advertisement for

without worrying about blowing out the backside.

Arc’teryx, but I have purchased everything I

The secondary zippered slit pockets inside the

mentioned because I have found nothing better. UN12mag.com



03: Everyday Finally, I want to talk about daily wear. If you’re reading this magazine, you most likely have a concealed-carry permit and devote a better-thanaverage amount of energy to the way of the gun. But how you dress in the real world should not reflect the CCW life. Clothing should conceal, but it shouldn’t shout “I’m carrying a gun” or “I’m an off-duty cop.” So many companies tout their “gray man,” “low-vis” apparel. But all that

Right side—wallet, cell phone, folding blade, pistol (SIG P365 in RDR Gear holster) carried at 4 o’clock

clothing potentially screams “look at me” to the wrong people. I’ve heard plenty of people say that scumbags don’t know the difference and that bad guys aren’t going to notice that stuff. Bullshit. You would be alarmed at the tiny details that get noticed. These include pants and shoes, belts, and wedding bands. You think your silicone wedding band and super-thick nylon gun belt don’t scream “COP” to a trained eye? One of my students relayed an account of how he was “made” as an off-duty cop in a bar by a girl he was chatting up. She noticed his nylon belt with slider buckle, of all things, in an otherwise non-industry outfit and immediately guessed his profession. If you don’t want to stand out, you

Left side— spare pistol mag

need to dress yourself at the mall instead of at an online tactical retailer. I wear Lucky brand jeans. They are stylish without breaking the bank. Why do I care about style? Because it’s important to look like you belong wherever you are. And I live in the suburbs

Magpul Tejas belt

where most people care about how they look. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and know your areas of operation. Your style is one of the first things people will notice about you. If you stand out, it can be cause for a second look. At that point, your behavior will be analyzed and a threat assessment will be made. Are you a target? Are you an undercover cop? Are you a security Your environment should always dictate your wardrobe. This rule of thumb should apply to foreign and domestic environments. People dress differently in cities than they do in the country. They also dress differently in the USA than they do in Europe. Recon the local fashion and blend in if you’re working. Obviously, this does not apply to III% crowd who’s going to wear the loudest Second Amendment shirt and open carry a 1911

Casual footwear— not tactical footwear

in a leather holster. You guys keep doing you. Molon all the labes. For everyday carry, I wear a Magpul Tejas belt. It’s my favorite because it literally just looks like

“If you dress around the gun, that’s what it’ll look like. Instead, try including the gun in the way you dress. The point is to blend in.”


contractor? Are you an armed citizen?

a leather belt. But the internal non-skid material keeps it from rotating around my body. I prefer


UN12 / Issue 009




03: Everyday

“We can carry all sorts of crazy concealment gear, but the more you add, the more obvious it becomes to others that you’re packing.” to carry my pistol at the 4 o’clock. I just can’t conceal an appendix rig as fully. I see a lot of dudes walking around with an appendix rig that is plainly printing. Just because a T-shirt is covering up a clear silhouette of a pistol doesn’t mean it’s concealed. Concealed means I don’t know it’s there. You might be fooling Suzy Soccer Mom who doesn’t know what it is. But the trained eye will spot that telltale sharp edge bulge immediately. Some guys’ body type can pull it off. But many can’t. Let’s all say this together: “Covered doesn’t equal concealed.” Appendix carry has a lot going for it from a combatives standpoint. But I would argue

because I’m not going to be as active as during

that concealing the weapon is more important

a training class.

in this case. We can war-game all the “what

UN12 / Issue 009

The point is to blend in with the people

I don’t carry first aid supplies on me if I’m

around you. Wear what they wear. Remember:

ifs” of scenarios involving CCW shootings

not working. There are a lot of great low-pro

The gun is an accessory to your daily life. If you

and BJJ fighting. And we can carry all sorts of

IFAKs made for CCW, but I have never been

dress around the gun, you will look like you

crazy concealment gear that someone on the

able to conceal them without looking like I have

dress around the gun. Instead, try including the

Internet told us we can’t live without. But try

colostomy bag. If the worst happens and I need

gun in the way you dress. If you read my article

walking around with your CCW pistol, backup

to apply self-aid during a domestic shooting

about setting up a plate carrier in Issue 002,

CCW pistol, CCW reloads, CCW baton, CCW

involving my CCW, chances are pretty high that

you’ll remember that I said to interrogate every

fixed-blade knife, CCW white light, CCW IFAK,

911 is on the way. Yes it’s a risk. But I’m willing

piece of gear you plan on carrying. Do you really

CCW pry bar, CCW lock picks, CCW PDW,

to accept that based on my mission of going to

need it? Is the weight and size penalty worth

CCW chainsaw, CCW breaching shotgun, and

the grocery store versus the Bekaa Valley.

it? The same goes for everyday carry. Getting

rape whistle. It’s going to be obvious that you’re

I can conceal this gear under a regular-fitting

packing. Simply stated, you won’t look natural.

T-shirt and/or button-down. I try not to wear any

requires certain gear that’s appropriate to the

I carry a SIG P365 for its compact size and

T-shirts that are overly gun-industry-related. If

mission. You do not need to carry all of that if

high relative capacity in an RDR Gear holster.

I am wearing an industry shirt, it’s going to be

you’re going to the movie theater.

The extra mag is in my left pocket. Oh no—a

something benign without a big gun plastered

pocket mag? The horror! Concealment means

on it. Again: I don’t want to advertise that I’m

to forget that we can carry items in clothing

not wearing a belt full of Kydex that prints in


pockets. When wearing normal clothes, it’s

any position besides standing straight up. An


boots fit right in with everyone else.

I wear a simple pair of shoes that are anything

geared up to go hit a terrorist compound

When you’re getting all geared up, it’s easy

easy to attempt to carry too much. Remember

Emerson CQC folding knife is in my right pocket

but outdoor cross-trainers. These days,

to think about what is appropriate for your

along with my cell phone. In this scenario,

Salomons are an indicator every bit as Oakley

mission. Everything should have a purpose.

I’m willing to keep them in the same pocket

M-Frames. Some stylish casual sneakers or

[ UN12 ]



Hellfire M&P 9 88

UN12 / Issue 009

: : Utilizes an M&P 9 Pro 1.0 Frame : : Faxon M&P Hellfire Slide : : Chambered in 9mm





hen Smith & Wesson first released its

parts used in post-first-generation models

line of polymer striker-fire M&P pistols

seemingly becoming as consistent as those

back in 2005, Glock was by far the reigning favorite among polymer pistol shooters. For

of their competitors. The newer M&P 2.0 pistols seem to be

perspective, we’ve got to remember the

the go-to models now, but what of the

polymer pistol landscape was quite different

original “1.0” generation pistols? Are they

back then. There wasn’t another striker-

as customizable as their newer siblings?

fire polymer platform that gained such a

The M&P 9 you see here is actually one of

dominant foothold as Glock, and options on

those early pistols. It has been modified by

modifying them were not as abundant as they

its owner, Rick Diaz, to use for plinking and in

are today.

tactical classes, as well as for the occasional

As happy as many were with the

shooting competition. His pistol started

“Tupperware” gun, there were those who

out as an M&P 9 Pro, which meant that it

yearned for an alternative. For some, the

came from the factory as a long-slide model

Glock’s grip angle and blocky feel left

equipped with a 5-inch barrel. The M&P 9

something to be desired. For others, they

Pro was popular with competition shooters

simply didn’t have affinity for the brand.

thanks to its accuracy and long sight radius.

Whatever the reason, there were many that

Diaz enjoys shooting his pistols at local

welcomed Smith & Wesson’s innovative

competitions or whenever he gets a chance

M&P with open arms. The M&P featured

to attend a tactical or self-defense class. As

an ergonomically contoured grip and a grip

the owner of a handful of modified pistols,

angle that pleased most, as well as optional

he had always passed on modifying his

backstraps to help the owner configure the

M&P due to not knowing what parts would

pistol to his or her liking.

fit it. He got it years ago and remembers

After a few initial teething problems, the

the confusion at the time about which

M&P pistol eventually found its groove and

aftermarket trigger parts would fit, so he

demand surged. Those who adopted it in

decided to keep it stock. On top of that, Diaz

its first few years found that modifying its

points out, “As popular as M&Ps are, they

trigger could be confusing. Unlike Glock,

haven’t had as many readily available drop-in

which had a few decades to refine its parts,

parts for them as with Glocks. I like having the

the M&P seemed to use different trigger parts

option of using off-the-shelf parts in case I

depending on when a particular pistol was

want to easily swap them out for newer parts

produced. We imagine that this is probably

down the line.”

due to mid-production refinements. Smith & Wesson has since figured it out, with

It wasn’t until he saw that Faxon Firearms released a drop-in slide that he finally

01 The Faxon Hellfire slide comes pre-cut to accept a red dot and incorporates lightening cuts and pronounced serrations.


UN12 / Issue 009

“After some early teething problems, the M&P pistol eventually found its groove, and demand surged.”




“In the years since its initial release, considerably more aftermarket support has become available for the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol platform.”

turned his attention back to his M&P 9 Pro.

company claims that its design increases

The Faxon Hellfire slide fits earlier M&P

accuracy, allowing the M&P to shoot as

1.0 frames and comes pre-cut to accept

small as a 1.5-inch grouping at 25 yards.

a red dot, has lightening window cuts to

“On average it’ll have the capability to shoot

help reduce weight, and has front and rear

better than I can,” Diaz says. “I’m sold!”

serrations. The slide is also thoughtfully

are now many more aftermarket M&P parts

a welcome feature since sights made for

available. Down the rabbit hole he went;

Glocks are so plentiful.

he proceeded to look at everything else he

By switching his M&P to the Faxon Hellfire

A weaponlight was a must, so a Streamlight TLR1 HL was called on to fill the role.

could do to mod his pistol out. His search led

slide, however, he did sacrifice slide and

him to Springer Precision, which specializes

barrel length. The slide is made to full-size

in high-performance upgrades for various

spec, which takes a 4.25-inch barrel. He was

firearms and offers an extended magazine

fine with this, since he wanted the additional

release and magwell for the M&P, as well as

benefits of a red-dot-ready slide without

M&P 140mm extended-capacity basepads

having to send his slide out for irreversible

complete with extra-power springs for

custom work.

reliable ammunition feeding. These modest-

Upon further research, Diaz also found that


And in the years since he last looked, there

cut so that it can take Glock iron sights,

looking basepads up the ammo capacity

Apex Tactical offered not only their famed

from 16 to a respectable 22 rounds. He

trigger parts that would fit in his M&P 1.0,

snapped all of that up and also made sure

but a drop-in barrel as well. Apex’s stainless

that he got some needed factory parts for

steel barrel features a 1:10 twist rate and the

his build, such as a slide-stop assembly and



UN12 / Issue 009




trigger bar assembly from Brownells. Diaz has a couple of modified Glocks with stippled frames in his collection. He likes the additional grip that the stippling gives him and its decidedly tactical look. So he decided he wanted a similar look with a less aggressive feel for his M&P, and he found a company called High Speed Arms that works on M&Ps along with other popular pistols. He sent his frame over for the company’s C3 treatment, but asked them to only stipple the front and back straps. He felt that texturing those two areas would give him the extra grip he was looking for. After a quick turnaround, he sent the pistol off to have it completely custom Cerakoted by the artists at Reprif. Diaz had seen their work in a previous issue of UN12 and wanted the outfit to work on his M&P. He chose what’s called an M81 Arid pattern. The desertthemed coloring turned out exactly how he envisioned. “I thought to myself, now this looks like a proper custom pistol,” Diaz says. He wasn’t quite done with it yet, however. Diaz tries to outfit every one of his pistols with a weaponlight. He believes it’s important to be able to see what you shoot in all


environmental conditions, to include low- or no-light situations. He decided to go with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL and chose one anodized in FDE from the factory—a perfect match for the Reprif desert camo scheme. In order to take advantage of the Faxon optic cut, he also installed a Vortex Optics Viper red dot to the top of the slide. The robust red dot features a 6-MOA-sized dot and it sits low enough to clear a set of Night Fision suppressorheight iron sights. Diaz now wishes he had taken the time to figure out that his M&P 1.0 was no problem to modify years ago. “I would have built it much earlier than I did,” he says. “The Apex trigger makes the M&P feel great to shoot, and I can’t say enough about the other mods like the slide, barrel, and stippling. The pistol has gone from the

“The M&P has gone from the back of the owner’s safe, where it sat for many years, to being a semi-permanent resident of his range bag.”

The M81 Arid Cerakote pattern was performed by Reprif and really pulls the build together visually.

back of the safe, where it sat for years, to always riding in my range bag.” [ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 009



Faxon Hellfire M&P 9 1.0



Specifications Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 22 + 1 Barrel: Apex Grade Semi Drop-In M&P Barrel - 4.25” Overall Length: 7.75 in. Weight Unloaded: 1 lb, 13.6 oz. Coating: M81 Arid Cerakote by Reprif Frame: C3 Stippling by High Speed Arms Slide: Faxon Full Size M&P Hellfire w/ Multi Optic Cut Optic: Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot


Featured Accessories Night Fision Suppressor-Height Sights, Apex Tactical Specialties Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit, Apex Tactical Specialties Failure Resistant Extractor, Springer Precision M&P Extended Magazine Release, Springer Precision M&P 9/40 ESP Magwell, Springer Precision M&P 9/40 EZ 140mm Extended Capacity Base Pads (w/extra-power spring), Streamlight TLR-1 HL (FDE), Brownells Smith & Wesson M&P Slide Stop Assembly Gen 3, Brownells Smith & Wesson M&P Trigger Bar Assembly

About the Owner Name: Rick Diaz Occupation: Food service industry


UN12 / Issue 009




Buyer’s Guide

Custom Slide Guide Text by JERRY TSAI & DANNY CHANG Images by JERRY TSAI


s much as we love the instant gratification we

customizer can be a nerve-wracking experience. We

receive from semi-custom, off-the-shelf parts,

just did it ten different times for this feature. The pictures

there’s nothing that can beat or even match the greatness

may look great on a customizer’s website, but is that

of truly one-of-a-kind custom pieces. Though custom

how it will really turn out? How long a wait should you

work takes more time and oftentimes comes at greater

be prepared to endure? We contacted some of the top

expense, the unique piece you end up with is usually well

slide customizers in the business and asked them each

worth the extra effort and patience.

to modify one of the slides depicted here. We sent them

Take for instance an aftermarket drop-in slide that may

We chose to use Glock slides as an example, but most of

even provide improved function. But its custom looks

these companies offer their services for brands like SIG

aren’t really that custom if it’s being offered as an off-the-

Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and others.


signature machine work, but custom Cerakote as well.

version you are replacing. It may look nice, and it may

shelf part, is it? Having a slide custom machined to your

represented here got our slides back to us in the tight

you want, provides a whole other ownership experience.

two-week timeline we imposed. As you’ll see, the work was done with pride; each of these slides looks

to match the looks and performance that you demand

impeccable. We also opted to outfit each slide with Night

from your pistol. Perhaps you have a red dot that requires

Fision tritium night sights. They not only fit well; they’re

a unique mounting surface, or you want window cuts in a

some of the brightest night sights we’ve ever used.

specific pattern or in a certain area of the slide. Only a true customizer can help you in those areas. We understand that handing over your slide to a firearm

UN12 / Issue 009

We’re glad to report that every one of the companies

specific preferences, then coated to match the exact look Truly custom work done to your pistol’s slide allows it


stripped OEM Glock slides and asked not only for their

feature more serrations or window cuts than the stock

Without further delay, let’s dive into the artisan work of slide customization. [ UN12 ]




01 02

Alpha Dog Arms

Boogeyman Customs

Slide Milling Design: ZZYZX

Slide Milling Design: El Cucuy

Cerakote: Battleworn

Cerakote: Battleworn Midnight Bronze

Optic Cut: No Shown on Slide: Glock 19 Gen3 Custom Work: $750 URL: alphadogarms.com Additional Notes: Wilson Combat barrel ported to match hole in slide design Also shown, not included: Sights: Night Fision Glow Dome Tritium Night Sights

Optic Cut: No Shown on Slide: Glock 17L Custom Work: $250 URL: boogeymancustoms.com Also shown, not included: Sights: Night Fision Glow Dome Tritium Night Sights Barrel: Factory Glock 17L

Barrel: Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel, Full-Fit 9mm, Stainless


UN12 / Issue 009



03 04

Danger Close Armament

Dynamic Weapon Solutions

Slide Milling Design: Lvl 5

Slide Milling Design: Mrk I Aggressor

Cerakote: Cobalt Optic Cut: RMR Shown on Slide: Glock 19 Gen3 Custom Work: $400 URL: alphadogarms.com Also shown, not included: Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights (Suppressor Height) Barrel: Faxon Firearms G19 Flame Fluted Barrel, Threaded, Chameleon PVD

Cerakote: Dynamic Black Optic Cut: RMR Shown on Slide: Glock 19 Gen3 Custom Work: $300 URL: dynamicweaponsolutions.com

Additional Notes: Optional top window cut, tin rose gold screw set Also shown, not included: Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights (Suppressor Height) Barrel: True Precision Glock 19 Non-Threaded (Rose-Gold TiCN)


UN12 / Issue 009



05 06

Jagerwerks Slide Milling Design: B&B Cerakote: Battleworn Optic Cut: RMR Shown on Slide: Glock 23 Gen3

Slide Milling Design: Accolade

Custom Work: $555

Cerakote: Distressed

URL: jagerwerks.com

Optic Cut: RMR

Additional Notes: Top front cut— window & serrations; Chamfer— radius serrations, Carbon Kap

Shown on Slide: Glock 17 Gen3

Also shown, not included: Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights (Suppressor Height) Barrel: Lone Wolf Distributors Alphawolf M/23&32 conversion to 9mm stock length


UN12 / Issue 009

JL Machining Works

Custom Work: $424 URL: jlmachiningworks.com Also shown, not included: Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights (Suppressor Height) Barrel: Agency Arms Premier Line Match Grade Drop-In Barrel



07 08

KAB Defense

Slideworks Engineering

Slide Milling Design: Mach1

Slide Milling Design: Alpha 1

Cerakote: Dark Side Camo

Cerakote: MultiCam

Optic Cut: RMR

Optic Cut: RMR

Shown on Slide: Glock 34 Gen3

Shown on Slide: Glock 17 Gen3

Custom Work: $325

Custom Work: $315

URL: kabdefense.com

URL: slideworkseng.com

Also shown, not included:

Also shown, not included:

Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights For Glock (Suppressor Height)

Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights

Barrel: Kab Defense 9mm Kab Barrel for Glock 34 Gen3, 4


UN12 / Issue 009

Barrel: Storm Lake Glock 17 9mm Custom TiN Coated



09 10


UN12 / Issue 009

Thrash Tactical

Zaffiri Precision

Slide Milling Design: Velocity

Slide Milling Design: ZPS.2

Cerakote: Battleworn

Cerakote: Triangle MultiCam

Optic Cut: RMR

Optic Cut: RMR

Shown on Slide: Glock 19 Gen3

Shown on Slide: Glock 23 Gen3

Custom Work: $360

Custom Work: $445

URL: thrashtactical.com

URL: zaffiriprecision.com

Also shown, not included:

Also shown, not included:

Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights (Suppressor Height)

Sights: Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights (Suppressor Height)

Barrel: CR Precision Drop-In G19 Non-Threaded Barrel

Barrel: Zaffiri Precision G19 Barrel, Threadless (OEM), Tropical





: : Based on Gen3 Glock 17


: : Dedicated competition shooting platform : : Hybrid use—9mm & 9mm Major


UN12 / Issue 009




Magwell Another proprietary piece, the flared well is hand-finished and internally Cerakoted.


eing a complex system of

own dedicated competition platform, and

interrelated moving parts, a firearm

the foundation for his company was laid. “I

is not so different from an automobile.

started identifying deficiencies and came to

Anyone who has ever experimented with

understand that I was using [various parts]

improving performance in a car, especially

outside their intended purpose,” he says.

for competition use, knows that modifying

“So I started designing my own parts and

one area will inevitably affect another—and

modifying other parts, piece by piece. The

not always for the better.

majority of the parts used in this build are

The same can be said of guns. If you want to continue to use your car, or your

my own parts.” Many of the components used in the

gun, for mundane use like daily driving

pictured firearm, a DCPrecision R17 built

or for daily carry, at some point you’ll

for Open division and hybrid use, are for

find yourself sacrificing practicality that’s

sale individually—with a few key exceptions

inversely proportional to shaving seconds

to protect the business’s reputation and

off your ETs. Depending on your level of

brand image. But the company’s specialty

commitment, you’ll probably consider

is building full competition race platforms,

building a dedicated performance platform.

either by building an essentially brand-new

It’s no accident that race cars are a thing.

gun from the ground up or by modifying an

And as with cars, so with guns—thus the concept of a “race gun.” DCPrecision LLC of Bennet, Nebraska,

existing Glock. For the latter process, Petta gives us a rundown. “The few parts I don’t use get put

was founded in 2017 by Dave Petta. The

in a box and are sent back to the customer.

company’s mission is building dedicated

Everything is stripped down, taken apart,”

guns—race platforms, in essence—for

he says. “I check out all the parts and

competition circuits including USPSA and

make sure they’re still in good

3-Gun, and pretty much anything else. The

shape. From there I’ll go

company specializes in pistols, specifically

through the basic

Glocks, as well as semiauto shotguns.

frame work

“Originally, I worked for a friend who was


an NFA dealer, doing some custom work for him, and inevitably started messing with Glocks,” Petta says. “The funny thing is, I used to hate Glocks. I thought they were

needs to be done prior to the coating, the

the ugliest guns ever. Once I started being

reshaping of the frame like the undercut

around them and became a little more

and the trigger guard. I’ll put the raw

knowledgeable, I started to realize why

magwell and the raw frame weight on the

people like them so much.”

gun and make sure the fit is all correct.

About the same time he began dabbling

Then I’ll go through and start doing the

in competition shooting and began


modifying his personal firearms to improve

features is its blended compensator and

compete in USPSA and 3-Gun,” he says.

slide configuration. Petta explains the

anything like that. I spend a fair amount of

“I didn’t have enough money to go out and

assembly in detail. “The comp is machined

time doing the blending by hand so it’s a

separately from the slide,” he says. “The

nice, seamless fit.

buy a fancy race gun. I was just competing with what I had, so I decided I’d just build a Glock.” As the process gathered steam, he began to kick around the concept of building his


One of the R17’s most noticeable

his performance. “Originally I wanted to

UN12 / Issue 009

“DCPrecision’s specialty is building full ‘race’ platforms for dedicated competition use.”

two pieces are machined very well, but

“The compensator is a slip-fit design, so

there’s still always a little fitting that needs

the barrel’s not threaded. It’s a standard

to be done. Blending them so everything

34-length barrel, so that gives you the

lines up and you can’t feel any edges or

extra protrusion that’s necessary for the




9mm or 9mm major loads. As such, the compensator has ports on the top that can be left open or blocked off with set screws depending on the ammunition being shot. “If you just want a standard compensator, you can increase the pressure a little bit to help cycle a lower-power-factor round,” Petta says. “If you move up to a 9 major round, you can open the holes up, step your recoil spring rate up and balance the gun back


out.” He says he was inspired by tunable

Extensive work is performed on the trigger components to sharpen response yet maintain all safety functionality.

principles to the R17 platform.

AR compensators and applied those A closer examination of the slide will reveal a backing plate with a set screw. This is an example of an upgrade Petta devised in the heat of competition. He had just started shooting a set when the plate

comp to slip over it. The compensator is

people to be taking on and off frequently

shifted slightly and wouldn’t allow the

held in place with two set screws in the

for cleaning and maintenance, it is user

slide to go into battery. He says he’d never

side, a very large set screw on the bottom

serviceable. Although it’s recommended

seen that happen before and hasn’t seen

that basically times it, and an additional

the user contact DCPrecision for the

it since, but took it as an opportunity to

cross pin. It may seem a little like overkill,

proper method for doing this.

address yet another possible weak point.

but when you start shooting 9 major

Concerning the overall aesthetic of the blended compensator and slide assembly,

happen, so that’s just one more liability,”

going through there. If the compensator

Petta explains his methodology and

he says. “You pay a certain amount of

is not held in place really securely it’ll start

overall business practice. “There’s no

money for a gun, you’re wanting as much

working its way off.”

performance increase by starting with

liability as possible removed, especially in

a blank and doing a blended comp,”

a competition or self-defense firearm.”

The slide started as a Lone Wolf blank to which Petta added his proprietary milling,

he says. “There is an aesthetic benefit

and the barrel is a Double Diamond

though—it looks about a million times

standard replacement that’s finished and

better. If the option has no performance

ported by DCPrecision. “Double Diamond

benefit I’ll tell [a customer] straight out. If

is one of the only brands that makes a

I’m building something for myself and I

simple aftermarket Glock barrel,” Petta

just want pure performance, and I’m not

explains. “It has case support for major

worried about the looks, I appreciate it

loads; you want as much case support as

when someone’s honest and says ‘Yeah,

possible. It’s also a relatively inexpensive

you don’t need this extra $200 option

barrel. I don’t like fancy fluting and junk all

because it’s not going to work any better,

over it, or a barrel that is overly ‘branded.’ I

it just looks cooler.’ For some people that

like a simple, elegant look.”

$200 is a big deal.”

While the compensator assembly is not something DCPrecision intends for

UN12 / Issue 009

He adds: “I’m that guy—if something can break, I’m the one who’ll break it.”

As we alluded to earlier, this pistol is built as a hybrid gun that can run standard

“Many modifications are the direct result of various experiences in the heat of competition.” 114

“I thought, well obviously that can

loads through it there’s a lot of pressure

Compensator Hand-finished for a seamless fit with the slide, it features ports that can be blocked off or left open depending on the ammunition being used.




The slide racker is another component that sets a DCPrecision race gun apart from its peers. “They’re usually just straight, rounded off on the side to match the profile of the factory Glock slide,” Petta says. “I fit it to the dovetail, file the side off to blend it to the top chamfer on the corners of the slide, then tweak it and put a little bend on it so it’s got a nice upward angle.” Concerning the Glock’s modified fire-

Cerakote Custom MultiCaminspired scheme applied by DCPrecision.

control components, Petta goes into more detail: “In a Glock, there’s a bunch of different parts that make up the ‘trigger,’ so to speak.

necessarily trade secret, Petta says, since a

the customer’s request). This one was given a

As far as the actual trigger body, or shoe, I’ve

lot of people perform similar work on many

modified MultiCam-inspired scheme.

messed with a bunch of them—literally all

of these parts. The trick is getting the parts

As we mentioned, many DCPrecision

of them. I even wound up back on a factory

to all time correctly so they don’t engage or

components are available as standalone

Glock trigger for a while. In my opinion, they

disengage until the last second. Keeping the

upgrades—with the exception of the optic

all had their shortcomings. The Kineti-Tech

firearm operationally safe is paramount.

mount and the Open slide package as

checked all the boxes—it looked good, it

All things considered, almost every single

wasn’t ridiculously expensive, and it took

part on the gun has been handled to enable

company from someone lacking the proper

well to the modifications I was doing. I’ve

it to fit together and function properly. The

experience building an R17 Open clone using

basically got them in every gun I build now.”

R17 Open is finished with a proprietary

off-the-shelf parts and fielding a poorly done

DCPrecision frame weight (11.8 ounces)

or non-functioning weapon.

On an R17 Open build, extensive work

standalone pieces. This is to protect the

is performed to the internal reciprocating

and custom flared magwell, which is

components to make sure everything still

epoxied on the inside, sanded by hand, and

shooting for not working or not being

“Open Glocks are notorious in competition

functions properly and that all the safeties

then Cerakoted. The optic mount is also a

reliable,” Petta says. “An Open Glock works

engage. This includes polishing various

proprietary piece; here it supports a Trijicon

if it’s built from the ground up to do that by

contact surfaces and even reshaping certain

SRO red dot. Prior to final assembly, the

somebody who knows what they’re doing.”

parts like the firing pin lug. None of this is

major external components are Cerakoted (at

[ UN12 ]


“An open Glock works best if it’s built from the ground up by somebody who knows what they’re doing.”


UN12 / Issue 009

The Trijicon SRO red dot rides on a proprietary DCPrecision optic mount.





DCPrecision R17 Open Race Gun Specifications Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 10 + 1 Barrel: Double Diamond modified by DCPrecision Overall Length: 10.25 in. Weight Unloaded: 2 lbs, 11.3 oz. Coating: Custom MultiCam by DCPrecision Frame: OEM Glock modified by DCPrecision Slide: Lone Wolf AlphaWolf blank w/ DCPrecision R17 Open slide package Optic: Trijicon SRO 2.5 MOA red dot on DCPrecision mount

Featured Accessories DCPrecision 3-port compensator, Wolff 10-lb round wire recoil spring, Wolff Gen3 guide rod, modified OEM firing pin, Wolff 4-lb firing pin spring, modified OEM safety plunger, Wolff reduced power safety plunger spring, modified Bastion backplate, modified Carver Custom slide racker, DCPrecision 11.8-oz. frame weight, DCPrecision optic mount, Bastion slide lock, modified Kineti-Tech trigger, modified OEM trigger bar & housing, Ghost 3.5 connector, modified Ghost Gen3 mag release, DCPrecision handfinished magwell, OEM Gen4 ejector spring, Taran Tactical magazine base pad

About the Owner


Name: David Petta Occupation: Founder, DCPrecision LLC Social: Facebook @ DCPrecisionLLC, Instagram @ dcprecisionllc


UN12: The biggest and freshest firearms magazine focuses on customization and individuality. Dealers wanted: UN12 is a premium and limited magazine that is not available on newsstands. It is only available online and through specialty shops like yours. Join up as a UN12 retailer and we’ll drive customers to you. If you would like to carry UN12, contact us at retailer@un12mag.com today.


UN12 / Issue 009


: : Chambered in .45 ACP or 9mm : : Modeled on a 1911 with widened grip for increased capacity : : Holds up to 17 rounds (9mm) or 13 rounds (.45)



here’s simply nothing like holding a

all comes together in the most comfortable

highly refined world-class firearm. It’s

and naturally pointing firearm I’ve ever held.

much like stepping into a quarter-million-dollar

Cycling the slide was smooth as butter with not

Italian sports car—not only does it look head-

a hair of sloppiness—it was perfectly mated

turningly gorgeous on the outside, but from the first moment you reach for the door handle and sit inside, it’s clear everything is perfectly thought out. From the minuscule details like the placement and texture of each knob or handle to the click of the buttons, nothing feels cheap and no corners are cut. Even the texture of the seats, the glow of the lights, the glorious growl of the engine—you know it’s not going to be just another drive, but an experience like no other. That feeling doesn’t come over me often in the firearms world, but it did when I received a package from Triarc Systems with not one but

“Handling a worldclass firearm is like slipping into an exotic Italian sports car; nothing feels cheap and no corners are cut.”

two TRI-11 2011s for review. I was astounded from the first glance and knew these were something special. Picking each up, inspecting

to the frame. A quick dry fire revealed a crisp

the perfectly done Cerakote finish or the finely

3-pound break. Then, without releasing the

machined surfaces you’ll find only on firearms

trigger, I brought the slide back again and gently

of this caliber, to the stippling on the grip… it

released the trigger’s reset, the tactile feedback

Triarc TRI-11 120

UN12 / Issue 009



Product Review: Tricarc TRI-11

Triarc TRI-11 Commander Weight Unloaded: 2 lbs, 1.3 oz. Length: 7 7/8 in. Height: 5 3/8 in. (excl. sights/SRO) Slide Width: 1 in. Grip Width: 1 ¼ in. MSRP: From $2,990

Triarc TRI-11 Government Weight Unloaded: 2 lbs, 3.5 oz. Length: 8 5/8 in. Height: 5 3/8 in. Slide Width: 1 in. Grip Width: 1 ¼ in. MSRP: From $2,990

coinciding with the perfect pitch of the click as my finger rested on the break wall for another follow-up. This was indeed quite the gun, straight out of the box. For those not familiar with the 2011 platform, it’s based on the traditional 1911 but with a more modern take. The main difference is where normally the gun would have a grip holding a single-stack magazine with 8 rounds of .45 ACP, the 2011 has a wider grip that gives it the ability to accept a double-stack magazine with up to 17 rounds of 9mm or 13 rounds of .45 ACP. Triarc Systems explains it best: “The TRI-11 offers the 1911 package with increased capacity.

“Each TRI-11 is hand-fitted for precise tolerances and tuned to provide a smooth and reliable action, superior recoil management, and increased longevity.”

TRACK is a proprietary rifling known as Single

ledge rear sight. Billet steel components machined

Shooting the TRI-11 did not disappoint; it was hands-

and painless ordering process, Triarc Systems offers a

Edge Polygonal (SEP) available from Triarc Systems.

from either 4140 chrome-moly or 416 R stainless stock

down the most accurate pistol I have had the pleasure of

Its primary function is to provide improved rifling for

are used exclusively. Parts are sourced from respected

firing. Having such a perfectly light trigger, with its crisp

the gun’s barrel, which has a single edge area and a

vendors such as Dawson Precision, EGW, Ed Brown,

break and reset, contributed to more accuracy than I

history, Chris Reeves founded Triarc in September of

polygonal area separating the grooves. Essentially,

10-8, X-line, Tripp Research, Wolff Gunsprings, VZ

knew I was capable of, with bullets going through the

2013. As a former paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne

it’s a combination of standard and polygonal rifling,

Grips, and others. TRI-11 pistols are also compatible

same holes and cloverleafs all day long. Shooting these

division, his 14-year military service included two one-

designed to reduce any substantial deformation of the

with many aftermarket components designed for use

pistols, simply put, blew my former definition of a “tack

year combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Reeves

bullet due to minimal engraving. It allows the bullet to

with STI 2011-style pistols such as magazines, mag

driver” out of the water and completely raised the bar.

was specifically trained and developed a strong talent

move more symmetrically along the barrel, enabling a

catches, extended mag wells, mainspring housings,

Not only was I impressed by the TRI-11’s operation,

for problem solving and working with mission-specific

straighter line towards the target. And the tighter seal

and triggers.

of the projectile reduces forward-escaping gases for a minimal loss of gas pressure.

Fervently interested in American war and weapons

but also the ease of obtaining one. From ordering a base

equipment. He served as squad leader and platoon

gun to adding on customizations, the Triarc website’s

sergeant in the 4th Infantry Division. After receiving

case. Trigger weights are set at 3 to 3.5 pounds, and

custom builder is just a few clicks away. Custom

a Purple Heart, Reeves retired from the military and

2011 pistols are available with either 5-inch Government

features may include a threaded barrel, optic cuts,

remained in Texas to work in the firearms industry, where

Each pistol is shipped with two magazines and a hard

Each TRI-11 is hand-fitted for precise tolerances

through generations. Each Single Action Only is

and tuned to provide a smooth and reliable action,

built from certified American steel using all-billet

order to achieve high tolerance standards for the

or 4.3-inch Commander length barrels. Commander-

slide/hammer/trigger finishes, as well as chambering

his values converged on a specific task: fine tuning

with superior recoil management and increased

components. Each TRI-11’s match grade barrel is

smoothest-operating action possible. Every SAO pistol

size pistols are compatible with Colt Commander-style

for various loads. This custom ordering process is not

modern weapon systems.

longevity.” These pistols are designed to be

hand-fitted and features patented TRACK rifling with

features polished feed ramps, lightweight hammer,

recoil system components for ease of maintenance and

limited to 1911/2011 guns, but Glock, SIG, and AR-

[ UN12 ]

functional works of art that can be passed down

a thick barrel bushing.

ambidextrous safety, and a fiber-optic front sight with

customization to specific loads.

10/15 platforms as well. On top of their great service

triarcsystems.com • Instagram: @triarcsystems


UN12 / Issue 009

Triarc armorers hand-fit each slide to its frame in

transferable lifetime warranty on all custom guns.




Interchangeable Barrel System Text by MARTIN ANDERS Images by JERRY TSAI


he age-old quest for a beyond-shortrange firearm that can be easily

transported has resulted in many solutions over the years. Platforms like short-barreled rifles (SBR), personal defense weapons (PDW), dedicated takedown guns, rifle-caliber pistols and the like are all predicated on the need for compactness with a punch. One of the latest innovations, made by LEO TakeDown, offers the user a way to drastically reduce the overall length of AR-15, M4, and M16 patterned firearms for discreet transport while still promising rapid deployment. It also provides a method for instant barrel removal, caliber swaps, and barrel length changes without tools. LEO TakeDown’s kit works by retrofitting your existing AR with what is essentially a quick-

“It offers users a way to drastically reduce the overall length of AR-15, M4, and M16 pattern firearms for discreet transport, while also promising rapid deployment.”

disconnect (QD) for the front half of your weapon. By pulling back on a QD collar, the entire barrel

construction of the QD coupling pieces is as

components fit. That is to say, our barrel was too

assembly, including the gas tube and handguard,

solid as can be. The locking feel is tight and

thickly Cerakoted (even on the barrel extension),

slides out and separates from the upper and

confident. The handguard’s original barrel nut

so the barrel and gas block had to be forcefully

lower receivers. What you end up with is a gun

attaches to the kit’s barrel coupling so you can

rubber-malleted into place. In no way is that LEO

that’s now much more easily stowed in your

retain your choice of handguard. This part does

TakeDown’s fault, but it is worth pointing out so

favorite bag, pack, or case.

come with a caveat, however.

that if you were to attempt this install you know

The bolt-on kit comes with five components

After reviewing both the included paper

what to expect.

plus four pieces of hardware. It’s really amazing

instructions as well as the company’s installation

how simple the assemblage is, considering

video, we proceeded with the kit’s install. Of

We realized too late that the LEO TakeDown

Now to the caveat we mentioned earlier.

what it does. Once assembled, the front end

course, as with many installation videos we’ve

requires what we would consider a “standard”

of the AR can be taken apart and reassembled

seen in the past, doing it yourself is not always

Mil-Spec style upper receiver and handguard.

within seconds, with no shift in zero. It works by

as snag-free as the manufacturer’s example.

We initially used a different AR pistol than the one

turning the barrel extension and upper receiver

Our main takeaway is that your installation

shown here for the installation, but we found out

interface into a simple QD system. The steel

experience will be affected by how your AR’s

mid-install that both the handguard and upper

LEO TakeDown 124

UN12 / Issue 009



Product Review: LEO TakeDown UN0012 / ADM UIC MOD2 —





issue and was just as accurate even after repeated





disassemblies and reassemblies.

The bolt-on kit comes with five components for the quick disconnect, plus four pieces of hardware.

Steel construction of the couplings is as solid as can be. Knurled edges provide positive grip.

Your existing barrel nut attaches to the kit’s barrel coupling, so you can retain your handguard of choice.

Handguards that fit flush (flat) against the receiver are most readily accepted by the LEO TakeDown.

receiver had contours that would not accommodate

handguard. It’s also worth mentioning that the kit

range and confirmed that it continued to fire without

the kit. The back portion of the receiver coupling

adds about 0.74 inches to overall length and about

(the large ring) requires bolts to be screwed in from

10 ounces to the front of the gun. It certainly adds

the rear, and the upper receiver we used had a thick

convenience but is not necessarily lightweight.

contour that would not clear the bolts.

With the kit installed, we tested how quick it was

Overall, we’re happy with the LEO TakeDown. Its construction is robust and fitment was right on

: : For more information:

Likewise, the handguard we had was shaped so

to take down. We were pleased to find out that it

the money. We look forward to seeing if the LEO

that it “hugged” the front of the upper receiver. LEO

was not only fast to do, but fairly effortless. The

TakeDown team can shave some weight from the

LEO TakeDown

TakeDown requires a handguard that sits completely

barrel assembly came off and went back on in what

system and make it compatible with a wider range

MSRP: From $299

flat against the upper receiver. A standard upper

must have been a second at most. The new travel

of upper receivers and handguards. Our next step


receiver and flat “end” free-float handguard

length allows our AR to be packed into the most

would be to add a folding stock adapter to this setup

remedied the situation. Again, this had nothing to do

compact backpack or bag. It makes transporting

so we can make our AR even more compact.

with the kit’s function, just our choice of receiver and

the firearm truly discreet. We took the AR to the

[ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 009


0102 0304





: : Based on a ZT 0223 : : Tribute to the owner’s father : : Originally designed by Tim Galyean

Personalized Knife Text by DANNY CHANG Images by MICHAEL GREY


ony had always been aware of his

also shared some photos and mementos

father’s Army service during the late

from that time, too.

’70s through the early ’80s. He knew that

image in particular caught Tony’s eye and

more than that since his father rarely, if

captured his imagination. “I saw an image

ever, spoke about it. During a family get-

of my dad as a young man with the sleeves

together a couple of years ago, his father

rolled up on his woodland camo uniform,

finally opened up and told him a few stories

posing with what looked like a Ka-Bar and

about his time in the service.

a menacing grin,” he says. “That picture

“I was surprised that my dad started


UN12 / Issue 009

While looking at the pictures, one

he had served, but he didn’t know much

really drew my attention, as the man I

reminiscing about his time in the Army,

know now as my dad has a much milder

since he never really spoke about it,” Tony

temperament and wouldn’t pose for a

says. “I was glad he opened up and shared

photo like that today. It was fun seeing him

some of his stories with the family.” His dad

as a young tough guy.”



Customization: Knives

Specs Personalized ZT 0223 Owner: Tony M. Occupation: Customer service rep. Special Thanks: My dad and the crew at Reprif



Zero Tolerance Knives

The original earthtone G10 scales were redone in ultra-bright Hunter Orange.

Model: ZT 0223 MSRP: $300 URL: zt.kaiusaltd.com Designer: Tim Galyean Cerakote by Reprif

Although Cerakote was also applied to the blade, it still opens and closes without issue.

Paint Scheme: M81 w/orange accents

02 The woodland camo Cerakote, inspired by the military’s Woodland M81 pattern, was applied by Reprif.

04 The fluorescent scales wrap around the top of the knife to provide improved grip.

He continues: “That image inspired me to personalize a knife that I could give him for Father’s Day last year. I looked around and saw that Zero Tolerance Knives made a folding knife called the 0223 that evokes the look of the classic military knife that Dad was holding. That was the knife I was going to base my project on.” Designed by Tim Galyean, the 0223 features a clippoint style blade with deep jimping along the knife’s spine and a rounded rectangle cutout to decrease the knife’s overall weight. It also features a titanium handle and frame lock with a hardened steel lockbar insert for


UN12 / Issue 009

“The 0223 features a clip-point style blade with deep jimping along the knife’s spine and a rounded rectangle cutout to reduce the overall weight.”

reliable lockup. ZT’s famed KVT ball-bearing system

1981, there wasn’t a branch of the U.S. military that

to locate… and it looks pretty cool too.” The G10

makes the knife quick and smooth to open.

didn’t use the pattern. In fact, almost four decades

scales wrap around to the top of the handle to not

later, some units use it even today. He turned to the

only provide a secure grip, but also keep debris out

for Father’s Day, his father was speechless. He

steel for its enhanced hardness and wear resistance.

Cerakote experts at Reprif to help him apply the

of the knife’s interior.

absolutely loved it, and we can see why. Not only

This tough material features high corrosion resistance

classic look to the 0223. Tony disassembled the knife

and allows the blade to hold a sharp edge and resist

and sent it to Reprif for Cerakoting.

The 3.5-inch length blade is made of CPM 20CV

impacts. The original ZT version of this knife is finished

An interesting choice that we quite like is that

Reprif got the knife parts back to Tony with plenty

opens and closes without any issue. When Tony presented the knife to his dad

does it look great; it now has significant sentimental

of time to spare before Father’s Day. He carefully

value to both father and son. “Dad carries it

reground the blade to remove the Cerakote coating

everywhere he goes now, and that makes me feel good,” Tony says.

in black DLC coating, but Tony had his own thoughts

Tony decided to have the knife’s original earth-

from the blade’s cutting edge and reassembled it.

on what he wanted it to look like.

brown-colored G10 handle scales coated in

Tony reported he was concerned the coating would

fluorescent Hunter Orange. “My dad hunts with

add thickness that might make the blade open and

that you’d like to see featured in UN12, tag us on

he wanted the 0223’s blade and frame to wear that

my uncle nowadays,” he says, “so I figured that a

close less smoothly, but his worry was unfounded.

Instagram @un12mag.

iconic ’80s-era military pattern as well. Introduced in

Hunter Orange handle would make it easy for him

Final assembly went off perfectly and the blade

[ UN12 ]

Inspired by his father’s Woodland M81 uniform,

If you have a knife that you customized yourself




Competition & Training

Shoot This Drill S



hooting drills are an important part of formal training and an important part of practice. Whether for self-defense or

competition, a drill establishes a goal, and goals are critical to skill development. When creating a drill, time, distance, and accuracy are the three common metrics used to gauge performance and improvement. A drill, in my opinion, should be challenging and modular. It should help teach and reinforce as many principles as possible, expending the fewest number of rounds possible. While teaching red dot sight (RDS) handgun-specific classes to everyday citizens and law enforcement, I needed a drill that helped focus some of the basic necessities for RDS use: dot acquisition from the draw, holdover for closer distances, precision shooting, fast change in point of aim, and cadence fire accuracy. To do this, I created Eleanor.


UN12 / Issue 009



Competition & Training THE ELEANOR DRILL

for three rounds of cadence but with

used by shooters with iron sights, it is

Eleanor is a simple, low-round-count

very little remaining time to accomplish

intended for RDS handguns and rifles.

exercise that demands many things from

the task.

the shooter and does not, when shooting

The Eleanor drill standards are shot

The Eleanor drill’s modularity comes

from three yards with the handgun and

counts, or repeat changes in points of

Handgun starting position is in the

drill, Eleanor requires the shooter to draw

aim. A shooter can run it with one shot

holster, shooting hand off the grip. For

and fire one precise round to a one-inch

to the one-inch circle, then increase

rifle, the rifle is shouldered at a low ready.

circle, then transition his point of aim to

the cadence count to five or seven—or

a reduced A-zone and fire a cadence of

more—then finish with a precise shot.

three rounds. Line breaks on either point of aim are not acceptable. In four rounds, a shooter must be

With two Eleanor targets set up,

five yards with the rifle.


from being able to introduce varied round

of error. Shot on a target created for the


for the par time, allow for a large margin

The par time for Eleanor is 2.5 seconds. For those who attend a Sage Dynamics course, an Eleanor Challenge

a horizontal point of aim change is

coin can be earned for successfully

introduced so that in whatever order

shooting the drill within the par time.

precise in his draw, precise in his

the shooter wishes to approach it,

holdover, precise in his accuracy, and

precision, cadence, and rapid changes

Dynamics targets, can be downloaded

then change point of aim and maintain

in point of aim are occurring in a short

for free from sagedynamics.org.

a more generous degree of precision

period of time. While Eleanor can be

[ UN12 ]


The Eleanor target, and other Sage


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Aaron Cowan began his career in the U.S. Army in 1999, serving seven years in infantry. During that time he served as a rifleman, squad automatic rifleman, and designated

The Eleanor drill’s modularity comes from being able to introduce varied round counts, or to repeat changes in points of aim.

marksman, and received training in small unit tactics, close quarters combat, and ballistic and mechanical breaching. After leaving active duty, Cowan worked as a private security contractor, both CONUS and OCONUS, conducting convoy security, close protection details, static security, and relief security during natural disasters. Cowan also served more than ten years in federal and state law enforcement, working both in uniform and on plainclothes assignments. He served as a SWAT/SRT member, sniper section member, deputy SRT commander, field training officer, and training coordinator. He formed Sage Dynamics in 2011 with the goal of maximizing training realism and developing more efficient problem solvers.

“While Eleanor can be used by shooters with iron sights, it is intended for RDS handguns and rifles.”


UN12 / Issue 009




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hen you have plenty of pistols, outfitting each

quality and functionality. BPT is able to do this

of them with essential accessories such as

because of a new holster manufacturing process

carry styles. Named the Covert series, the line also

that they’re pioneering.

features a versatile mag pouch that can be utilized

holsters and mag pouches can quickly add up. It’s

From start to finish, Crucial Concealment

may not want to buy top-dollar items for your entire

products are built using the latest technologies

and mag pouches are made of thick .080 Kydex,

stable of handguns. That said, it also doesn’t mean

that allow them to manufacture items to precise






in both IWB and OWB carry positions. CC’s holsters a material we shooters have come to know and

that you should skimp on quality and functionality

trust. They also have developed a holster called the

when outfitting your collection.

Crossover, which was developed to offer both carry

A holster is an item you shouldn’t be cheap

styles in one simple package. We’re most excited

about. A proper holster is important to your safety

about the Crossover ourselves.

and the safety of those around you. You need it

A top-tier Kydex holster would regularly run you

to be designed with hard use in mind and built so

about a hundred bucks a pop or more, depending

that it’s up to the task under the most demanding

on options. One of the reasons we’ve got high

situations. You never know when you’ll need it

hopes for CC’s product line is that they are able

most, and you don’t want to get caught with one

to produce quality Kydex holsters that retail

that may malfunction when you’re depending on it.

at $60. Those savings certainly go a long way.

This is where the guys at Black Point Tactical

specifications on custom-built machinery. The

Understandably, the options aren’t as robust as the

(BPT) step in. BPT is known for producing feature-

production process leverages advancements in

holsters made by their luxury brand BPT, but for a

rich, handmade, bespoke holsters that are crafted

manufacturing automation technology for accurate

well-crafted, excellent-fit holster that holds up with

to a customer’s exact specifications. There are so

and repeatable results. What this means is that

the best of them at almost half the price, we can’t

many options for their holsters—color-matched

these development and manufacturing techniques

turn the offer down. We’re about to outfit the rest of

leather, anyone? You’d think that you’re ordering a

produce high-quality products at massive cost

our pistols with holsters so they’re no longer sitting

luxury car and not a pistol holster.

savings that are passed directly on to the consumer.

naked in the safe.

That’s good news for all of us.

[ UN12 ]

Understanding that not every pistol owner needs a holster fancier than their car, the BPT team has launched an exciting holster brand called Crucial Concealment (CC). CC’s streamlined holster designs are sold at nearly half the price of their higher-end counterparts, all without sacrificing UN12 / Issue 009



CC offers holsters that cover both OWB and IWB

understandable from a financial standpoint that you



Crucial Concealment




10% OFF

Crucial Concealment is making an offer for UN12 readers that’ll be hard to pass up. They’re offering 10% off your entire purchase plus free shipping when you use the coupon code “UN12” at checkout. Visit their website, crucialconcealment.com, to take advantage of this deal.

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us with the hashtag #un12ig IG account to be featured in a




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UN12 / Issue 009



Introducing the TREAD by SIG SAUER. •Free-floating M-Lok® handguard for increased accuracy and modularity •Stainless-steel barrel with mid-length gas system for smoother cycling and reduced recoil •Magpul® adjustable stock for a customized fit •Fully ambidextrous fire controls for easy operation •Complete line of user installed customizable accessories

sigsauer.com TM

Profile for UN12 Magazine

UN12 - 009 Magazine  

We are purveyors of firearms customization and style. We are gun enthusiasts that can never let good enough alone. Whether our focus is on...

UN12 - 009 Magazine  

We are purveyors of firearms customization and style. We are gun enthusiasts that can never let good enough alone. Whether our focus is on...

Profile for un12mag