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• Custom SS80 80% G43 Pistol • Inside Grey Ghost Precision • Get Started with 3D Printing • POF-USA Factory Visit • Glock 9mm Barrel Buyer’s Guide

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Dead Foot Arms



Transport of Dangerous Goods Ammunition, such as for rifles, handguns, shotguns, starter’s pistols and power tools that contain explosive material are dangerous goods listed under Class 1.4S. The information presented here is for the following UN numbers only:

Customized Double Folding AR-15


UN12 x Gear Head Works Patch





W I T H T H E S T R I K E R - F I R E D E V O S P. P R E M I U M C A R R Y F I R E A R M S .












(888) 243-4522 KIMBERAMERICA.COM

BALLISTIC ADVANTAGE 34 FoldAR Double Fold AR-15 Firearm Feature


90° Crown

11° Target Crown

11° Target Crown

Concentric Threads

Concentric Threads

Concentric Threads

Hanson Options

Hanson Options

Optimum Size Gas Ports

Optimum Size Gas Ports

Optimum Size Gas Ports Fluting Options

Manufacturing Code

UN12 Issue 007


UN12 / Issue 007

Table of Contents

Manufacturing Code

Proof Tested and Inspected MIL-B-11595E Material




SCORE Baja 1000 Outdoor Feature

3-Day Scoped Carbine General Feature

Ops-Core AMP Comms Headset Product Review




Grey Ghost Precision General Feature

Boresight Solutions Customization

POF-USA Shop Visit




ADM UIC MOD2 Product Review

Rifle Hard Cases Buyer’s Guide

Personalized Knife Customization



Dual Upper AR-10 Firearm Feature

Customized Glock 43 Firearm Feature



9mm Glock Barrels Buyer’s Guide

Replicants General Feature


DISCLAIMERS: UN12 is created for MATURE AUDIENCES and may include adult language and humor. PRICES shown are deemed accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. FIREARM SAFETY is paramount. Obey firearm safety rules at all times. UN12 assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate, delayed or incomplete information. The opinions expressed in each article are the opinions of its author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of UN12.

QPQ Coating Throughout

Headspace Inspection Stamp

Headspace Inspection Stamp NIB M4 Extension


AVAILABLE CALIBERS 5.56 Nato .223 Wylde

6.5 Creedmoor 9mm

.224 Valkyrie

.300 Blackout

6.5 Grendel

.308 Win

Proof Tested and Inspected

MIL-B-11595E Material

QPQ Coating Throughout

QPQ M4 Extension

Manufacturing Code


Premium 416R Stainless

Bead Blasted Finish Headspace Inspection Stamp NIB M4 Extension


Over the last decade, Ballistic Advantage has contributed over 1,000,000 barrels to our great nation and allied countries around the globe. Designed to excel at every level, from button rifling to finished crown, our proprietary manufacturing process and attention to detail ensure you can trust BA to deliver a barrel capable of any scenario. Our history of success provides the foundation for your trust in the best barrels at a price you can afford. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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20 Every Day Carry




Editor’s Letter




New Products

Guns of IG



Morale Patch

Retailer Directory



28 Do It Yourself: 3D Printing

132 Shoot This Drill


UN12 / Issue 007


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Editor’s Letter

Transport of Dangerous Goods Ammunition, such as for rifles, handguns, shotguns, starter’s pistols and power tools that contain explosive material are dangerous goods listed under Class 1.4S. The information presented here is for the following UN numbers only: UN0012 / CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, INERT PROJECTILE or CARTRIDGES, SMALL ARMS

The UN12 approach is simple. Present firearms, gear,

Join us as we travel to Patriot Ordnance Factory,


tools, techniques, people, lessons, and experiences in

Inc., in Phoenix, Arizona, and learn from founder Frank

the best way we can. We have built our foundation on

DeSomma how he started his innovative company

clean aesthetics, quality photography, and informational

and what they’re up to next. Elsewhere, our resident


as well as entertaining articles. We strive to do justice

gear expert Charles “Chip” Lasky enlightens us on the

The UN12 Creative Team

to the well-made, well-designed, and well-constructed

differences between an at-home stippling job and one

firearms and gear that we cover, not to mention the

done by a seasoned professional.

artisans and experts in the field that we have the honor of interacting with.

We live in a time when people now have the ability to create usable three-dimensional items that can be

UN12 has gained all sorts of traction over the past

printed out of a desktop machine in their own home.

few months, both with new readership and through our

That’s pretty amazing. Have you ever wondered how to

social media platforms. As you might imagine, launching

get started with 3D printing? It may seem intimidating to

an independently published print magazine in this day

the uninitiated, but we break it down and learn about the

and age can be quite the challenge. If you’ve been

basics in Do It Yourself: 3D Printing.

riding along with us since the beginning, or if you’ve only just discovered us, we thank you for your support. Regular readers will know that our focus is on customized guns and gear. In this issue, we get an up-close look at three very different firearms. You might recall that Dead Foot Arms almost broke the internet with an AR-15 that folds three ways. We

“Our distinctive take on the firearms world focuses on innovation, imagination and creativity.”

Building Glocks never seems to get old, but the plethora of available parts can be overwhelming. With that in mind, we put together a comprehensive guide of 9mm Glock-compatible barrels. Perhaps you’ll find the perfect one for your next project. And if you’re looking for your next rifle hard case, you’re in luck. We’ve gathered the top cases on the market and let you know what we think of them. This issue’s morale patch is the result of collaboration between UN12, Gear Head

Howard C Lim

Associate Editor Danny Chang

Technical Editor Michael Penhall

Creative Direction James Ho, Jerry Tsai

Art Director James Ho

Contributors Martin Anders, Jay Canter, Jeff Chen, Frank Chu, Jon Dufresne, Roberto Flores, Nick Gough, Michael Grey, Charles Lasky, Victor Nguyen, Greg Schauble, John Scott, Lauren Short, Jason Swarr, TracerX, Roland Wilkes, James York

Special Thanks Aristotle Bartolome, John Hwang, Allison Lai, Jeff Lai, Zach Mason, OC Armory

dive into a customized version of the double-folding viral

Works, and Aprilla Design. The collectible patch comes

sensation. We also get behind a 12-gauge AR-10. That’s

in two different colorways, one more limited than the

right—an AR that fires shotgun shells. You’ll want to see

other. Which color did you get? Like the print edition of

how the owner decked his out. Going much smaller, we

UN12, these morale patches are made in small batches

Advertising Sales

also examine a completely custom G43 subcompact

and will not be reissued.

Danny Chang

pistol that started out as an 80% frame.

As always, we’re looking for innovators and cool

Copy Editor Frank Stroud

Our distinctive take on the firearms world focuses

custom guns to feature. If you have a firearm or other

Ad Coordinator

on innovation, imagination, and creativity. Although we

piece of gear that you customized, we want to know

Frank Stroud

maybe gear-heavy, it’s not all we’re about. In this issue,

about it. Tag us @un12mag on Instagram if you have

we get an insider’s view of what it’s like to take a class

something that UN12 readers would like to see. Let’s

with legendary trainer and retired Marine Corps Master

continue to build UN12 together. Let us know what you

Sergeant Buck Doyle of Follow Through Consulting.

think we got right or could have done better in this issue

You’ll want to read about what we experienced at his

on our Facebook page at: /un12mag.

3-Day Scoped Carbine class.

—The UN12 Creative Team

UN12 / Issue 007

The culmination of fifteen years of carbine stock innovation, with an optimized cheek weld, sleek on-board storage, a snag-free profile, shielded levers, ambidextrous sling attachments, a non-slip rubber butt pad, staggeringly impressive all-temperature durability, and geometry that helps you manage recoil and stay on target. All of Magpul’s best carbine stock features, available in one, optimized solution.

Printed in the USA 007-2019



© 2019 Magpul Industries Corporation. MAGPUL, MAGPUL LOGO & DESIGN, and others are trademarks of Magpul Industries Corp.

Gear Head Works SIG FIX


New Products

This adapter is designed to allow you to fit a GHW Tailhook pistol brace on a SIG Sauer MPX Copperhead or SIG MCX Rattler. It is machined from solid aluminum billet and anodized for durability. Originally designed for AR pistols, the Tailhook Mod 1 features a machined-billet design to maximize strength and rigidity. Using the FIX adapter, you can replace the free-spinning OEM brace and replace it with the Tailhook. Simply unscrew the spin brace, slip the adapter on, tighten, and install the Tailhook as you normally would.



Real Avid Gunnar Low-Profile Operator Belt

Ammunition Pouch

Tourniquet Pouch

Accessory Pouch

The Sentry Gunnar is constructed from 1.75inch nylon webbing. It features the trademark quick-release Cobra Buckle. The inner side holds the loop portion of the hook-andloop system to allow you to quickly fasten it to the optional Inner Belt (which features the hook portion). The Gunnar’s outer side incorporates a MOLLE-style platform that’s fashioned from high-strength laminate and fully sewn into the belt so it’s sure to safely secure your preferred pouch configuration.

Sentry manufactures a complete line of handgun and rifle magazine pouches to accommodate mags in two and threes and a variety of stacking configurations. There are single, double, and double-stacked pistol pouches, an extended pistol pouch, double, single, and triple rifle pouches, and pouches for SR25/.308 mags. Constructed of multilayer nylon with laser-cut edges to prevent fraying, they’re built to last. Their design eliminates seam tape for a slimmer profile and the 1080-2 mounting system on the front provides secure attachment points for stacking, nesting, or affixing other gear.

Sentry has designed three different pouches to hold the most important part of your medical field gear—your tourniquet. The standard zippered pouch holds the tourniquet and a few other necessity items. The Pop-Up Pouch features what Sentry calls its “captured development” system, a hook-and-loop band with an internal Velcro strip to keep the tourniquet presented on the pop-up tab to allow you to deploy it without flinging it into the fray. The Slim-Line Pouch (pictured) is the sleekest, holding just the tourniquet and presenting the lowest profile on your belt.

To complete your belt kit, Sentry makes a range of accessory pouches tailored to contain specific gear for specific missions or purposes. The latest, the Dump Pouch, features the company’s silent magnetic closure and folds flat when not in use. There’s also a pouch for electronics like comm gear or cords and cables, a radio pouch, a pouch for shot shells, one for a tactical baton, and (pictured) one that holds a single set of handcuffs—open top for easy access in a harrowing situation.

$120 (+$5 XL, +$15 2X)




Springfield Armory XD-M OSP Springfield Armory touts the XD-M OSP as its most potent and versatile platform. It comes optics-ready out of the box with three adapter plates to accommodate most popular red dots. It feaures a threaded barrel, factory-milled slide, and a short-rest trigger engineered for minimal break. Caliber: 10mm Frame: Black polymer Slide: Forged steel, Melonite treated Weight: 1.78 lbs Barrel: 5.3 in. $695

Mirzon P320 Enhanced Grip Module This grip module is designed to enhance the SIG Sauer P320 with improved ergonomics and a custom look. Features include overmolded rubber panels for comfort, an upgraded beaver tail, and serrations on the trigger guard and frame. It is compatible with all standard holsters as well as with the factory X5 grip weight and magazine well and works with Gen 1 and Gen 2 slide-lock levers. It’s designed to accept Gen 2 17- and 21-round 9mm magazines as well as Gen 2 14-round .40 S&W. The module can be used on all P320 and P250 models, excluding Sub-Compact and X-Compact. $159

CompMag 10-round AR-15/AK-47 Magazines CompMag is a first-of-its-kind, 10-round-max, fixed magazine for AR-15 and AK-47 rifle platforms that allows users to be compliant with certain local firearms laws—and still easily reload their rifle without taking it apart. This is accomplished via a port cut into the magazine’s side that allows easy insertion of cartridges and a sliding panel that covers the loading slot when the firearm is in use. Currently, the AR-15 CompMag will accept .223, 5.56, .300 Blackout, and .277 Wolverine ammunition right out of the box. This version is available in California and New York state-compliant configurations. The AK-47 magazine currently works with 7.62x39 ammunition only. New versions of the CompMag are planned to support the use of other cartridges, a .308/AR-10 model being the first later in 2019. $65 (AK-47); $65 (AR-15, CA); $63 (AR-15, NY)


UN12 / Issue 007

DoubleStar Brimstone Folder Designed by Mike Vellekamp of V Nives, the Brimstone Folder is 8 inches overall with the blade deployed and weighs just 3.4 ounces. The satin-finished blade is formed from high-carbon D2 tool steel for great edge retention and abrasion resistance. The scales are machined G-10 laminate. It is designed for easy thumb opening and comes fitted with a pocket clip that allows tip-up carry. Pictured here in olive drab. $75

Night Fision The Perfect Dot Tritium Sights SB Tactical SBA4 This SB pistol brace is designed for all AR pistol platforms capable of accepting a Mil-Spec carbine receiver extension. It’s five-position adjustable from 7.5 to 10.25 inches and includes an integrated ambidextrous QD socket for a sling. It ships with an included 7075 Mil-Spec receiver extension and an adjustable nylon strap. Available in black or FDE, the SBA4, like all SB braces, is proudly designed and made by veterans in the USA. $170

The Perfect Dot tritium sights for Glock include a patent-pending injectionmolded sleeve designed to not only hold the tritium vials securely but also create a brighter and more durable ring (the trademark Perfect Dot) for maximum visibility both at night and during the day. The ring housings are CNC-machined steel and black nitride coated. Made in the USA using Swiss tritium. Various ring colors and combinations are available. Professional gunsmith installation is recommended. $48-$117


SOG Knives SEAL XR Folder Designed with input from professional users, the SOG SEAL XR is intended to provide the feel and functionality of a fixed-blade SEAL in a large folding format. SOG’s XR Lock makes it fully ambidextrous and allows users to quickly and smoothly deploy the blade using one of three methods: thumb hole, kick, or the lock itself. The blade is honed from S35VN steel and the handle is formed from glass-reinforced nylon (GRN). True to its ambidextrous nature, it has a removable belt clip for left- or right-side carry. The SEAL XR measures 5.3 inches closed and just over 9 inches with the 3.9-inch blade deployed. Available in a black Cerakote finish. $189

Stern Defense H2S Drop-in Trigger Stern’s H2S was developed with PCC shooters in mind. According to the company, it was created to bridge the gap between Mil-Spec style and high-speed, low-drag competition triggers. It’s a two-stage unit with a 2-pound first stage and a positive 4-pound second stage engineered to finish with a crisp break and predictable reset. The duty spring is intended to remove the possibility of bump-fires or failures to reset sometimes seen in a PCC. The H2S’s poundage can also be stepped down with the included “green spring” for use with AR-15 and AR-10 rifle calibers. $137

Timney Triggers Elite Hunter Remington 700 Timney developed this trigger as the “next evolution of accuracy” for drop-in replacement triggers on the Remington 700. It can be configured a number of ways for very personalized operation, in pull weights from 1.5 to 4 pounds, for right- or left-handed shooters, and in various thicknesses. As with every Timney trigger, this one features precision machining and is individually tested and calibrated by hand in the action it was designed for. $165

Kimber KHX Custom/RL (OI) The KHX Custom/RL (OI) has a milled slide that comes with a Trijicon 3.5 MOA Type 2 RMR optic already installed. The pistol is also equipped with a 1913 Picatinny rail on the underside and standard Stiplex front strap stippling for added grip. Caliber: .45 ACP, 9mm, 10mm Frame: Stainless steel Slide: Stainless steel Grips: Hogue Magrip G-10 Weight: 2.44 lbs Barrel: 5 in. $1,946


UN12 / Issue 007









HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF Vaultek MX Wi-Fi Series The MX is a biometric smart safe that can be monitored remotely with an app on your smart device, and it incorporates a number of different ways to secure and to access its contents. The fingerprint scanner features an enlarged scanning surface and can store up to 20 unique prints. There’s an illuminated keypad that lights up when it detects your hand. The MX also integrates Vaultek’s Smart Key Nano technology, which allows you to access the safe with the single press of a button. You can carry the smart key with you discreetly and it can also be used as a panic button. The MX safe can be permanently mounted to a stable surface like a wall and can hold up to eight handguns or a combination of guns and magazines using the available module inserts. $600


Vortex Optics Razor HD 4000


The Razor HD 4000 is an angle-compensated laser rangefinder with four targeting modes—Normal, First, Last, Extended—to allow you to gauge any ranging environment. The primary Horizontal Component Distance range mode provides the key angle-compensated range info required by most shooters on the unit’s simple display. It also has a LOS (line of sight) range mode and a scan feature. Sighting specs include 7x magnification, a 6.5-degree angular field of view, and a linear field of view of 341 feet at 1,000 yards. Physical specs include a length of 5.5 inches, weight of 9.9 ounces, and eye relief of 16-19mm. The unit comes shipped with a carry case, lens cloth, hex wrench, and a CR2 battery. $730


SIG Sauer P365 Air Pistol Modeled directly after its 9mm counterpart, this P365 makes a great platform for practicing your concealed carry techniques and tactics. It carries virtually the exact physical dimensions of the original P365 and discharges 4.5mm steel BBs for live-fire exercises, up to 12 of them with the included magazine. Other features include a full-blowback metal slide, highvisibility fixed 3-dot sights, a manual safety, and a CO2 loading system. $100

TWO LASERS. TWO LIGHTS. ONE VISION. In 1979, the SureFire Model 7 launched the laser sight market. 40 years later the XVL2 redefines it. Infrared and high-vis green lasers, co-aligned for extreme accuracy and easy zeroing. Infrared and white light LED illuminators. Engineered to win the future.


Torrent T3K Micro .30 Cal Suppressor


The T3K Micro features a robotically welded core, fusing each baffle together for an extremely lightweight yet strong design. Its modular thread pitch (1.375”-24) accepts many popular muzzle attachment devices. Caliber rating includes .30, 300 BLK, .308/7.62, and 300 Win Mag. This can is 5 inches long with an inch and a half diameter and weighs just 7 ounces. Measured sound reduction at the ear was 139 dB for 300 BLK. Available in a raw metal or Cerakote finish.

This is Tenicor’s new appendix carry holster that accommodates installed weapon-mounted lights. It’s designed to universally accept a variety of popular compact lights (Streamlight TLR7, SureFire XC1-B and XC2, Inforce APLc to name a few) but also works for weapons with no light attached. It has been painstakingly contoured on the body side to optimize concealment and to direct the weapon’s muzzle away from the carrier. The camming bar, which rotates the pistol grip toward the body, is interchangeable with different sizes (1/4, 3/8, ½) to allow you to fine-tune your carry.



DoubleStar STAR10-P .308 Pistol Incredible stopping power in a PCC-esque package is the STAR10-P’s mission statement. It’s built out on the same billet upper and lower as DoubleStar’s original STAR10 rifle and features accoutrements such as the Strongarm pistol brace and the Stronghold pistol grip to take the AR pistol concept to another level. Caliber: .308 Twist: 1:10 Handguard: Cloak MLOK 11-in., free-float Receivers: 7075 T6 billet Weight: 8.15 lbs Barrel: 12 in. $2,300

Lead Star Skeletonized PCC Receiver Set This receiver set will allow you to build an LSA-9 into any configuration. Precision machined from 7075-T6 billet, the upper and lower feature minimalist skeletonized construction for maximum weight reduction while incorporating Lead Star’s proprietary truss system design to maximize strength. The upper features a full-length Picatinny rail with CNC-engraved numbers for convenient indexing. The lower is Glock magazine compatible, features a contoured front magwell “grip,” and includes an integrated feed ramp and last round bold hold open functionality (which can be removed for competition shooting). Each receiver is designed to work seamlessly with the other, but both are also designed to pair with a differently branded Mil-Spec counterpart should you so desire. The complete set weighs in at just 19.8 ounces. $440 (set)


UN12 / Issue 007

UN12 x Gear Head Works



Life Size


Aprilla Design’s concept art for this issue’s UN12 x Gear Head Works morale patch.





ike you, we love a good morale patch. Patches can be clever,

ollaborating with industry innovators is something we at UN12 love to do.

Whether it’s giving our opinion on new pieces

funny, feature creative artwork, or even

of gear or simply bouncing ideas around,

pass on ideas that can really make

we’re here to give our feedback and support

you think. Just as everything else in

to creators and visionaries. One company that

life, there are trends that come and go,

has helped change the industry is Gear Head

even in the world of morale patches. A

Works, makers of a famed and oft-used pistol

growing movement that we noticed over

brace: the Tailhook.

the past year that really floored us are

Gear Head Works may be known for

life-size morale patches.

its successful line of Tailhook braces and

“I love bullpups and there wasn’t any good aftermarket support for them. Most people think all we do is arm braces, but it isn’t what got the company started.”

One-to-one scale patches are just like

eye-catching One bolt-action pistol, but

designed and produced automated machinery

your standard morale patches, only made

the company actually got its start making

for various industries to help streamline their

much larger than we usually see them.

aftermarket accessories for bullpup rifles like

operations and reduce costs.” We appreciate

We’re not sure what we’d slap these life-

the IWI Tavor and Steyr Aug.

creative minds, and it’s clear that Reavis and

size patches on, but they’re impressive to

“I love bullpups, and there wasn’t any good

look at to say the least.

aftermarket support for them,” Paul Reavis,

Battle Arms Development (BAD),

owner of Gear Head Works, tells us. “Most

his team are full of new ideas and innovative solutions. This issue’s exclusive morale patch is a

in conjunction with Modern Arms

people think all we do is arm braces, but it isn’t

collaborative effort between UN12, Gear Head

(, has made a life-size

what got the company started. The Tailhook

Works, and Aprilla Design. It is available in two

patch of their popular Woody SBR. This

concept rolled around in the back of my head

collectible colorways. Which did you get? Aprilla

badass, fully embroidered morale patch is

for a long time (along with the rest of them). So

Design’s distinctive morale patches are highly

backed with Velcro-style hook backing so

I kept working on the designs and even made

sought after by morale patch collectors the world

that you can attach it to… well, we’re not

two entire pre-production runs of the Mod 1

over, so hold on tight to this one.

quite sure!

before it was made public in 2017.”

[ UN12 ]

We may be new to the 1:1-scale morale

Aside from making firearms accessories,

patch game, but patch maker Modern

Gear Head Works also designs and consults on

We’d like to know what your patch collection

Arms isn’t. Check out their life-size K-Bar,

projects for other companies outside the firearms

looks like! Show us by tagging us on Instagram

1911, and familiar-looking “laser-sword”

industry when time allows it. Reavis says, “We’ve


patches. We love ’em! If you’re looking for some life-size morale for your own collection, BAD is thinking about making the Woody patch available in the near future. If they do, we’re sure that plenty of collectors (including us) will need to clear some space on their patch panels. [ UN12 ]



UN12 / Issue 007

“One-to-one scale patches are just like your standard morale patches, only made much larger than we usually see them.”

ALWAYS A BOLD CHOICE Which folder goes with you today? May we suggest the new 0460TI with its lightweight titanium handles and edge-holding 20CV steel blade? See it in its full glory at

Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry / 15

01 Glock G19 Gen 3 MSRP: $515




02 Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool MSRP: $120




hy is it so interesting


to see what other

E30R Flashlight

people carry with them in

MSRP: $80

their pockets on a daily

basis? When you see an EDC collection spread out


on a table, do you compare


the items with what you

Primary Weapons Systems

carry? Do you look for items

Bottle Opener Keychain

that are unfamiliar to you?

MSRP: $10

What can you tell about the

person by what they carry? We’d venture to guess that


all of the above keep people engaged in someone else’s


setup. That, and the diverse


selection of EDC gear that’s

MSRP: $30 (Original 2.0)

available. (It’s always fun to

look at the latest gear.) In this issue’s Every Day


Carry, we examine EDC setups that have been

Wazoo Survival Gear

curated by the same user,


but for different occasions. Some items can be called commonplace staples, while

Original Wallet

Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace MSRP: $24


others are more unique. Do you see any items you will add to your EDC loadout?


07 Exotac fireSLEEVE MSRP: $16

08 Zero Tolerance Knives 0350 MSRP: $195


UN12 / Issue 007



Premium EDC Items Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool MSRP: $120 URL: Our 2¢: When you think of multi-tools, it’s likely that Leatherman instantly comes to mind. Now available in seven different colors, the Signal is designed specifically for the outdoor enthusiast, but you’ll find it useful for everyday carry tasks as well. It measures a compact 4.5 inches in length and includes a nylon sheath plus a carabineer for convenient carry options. With 19 different tools including a ferro rod, 420HC combo blade, hammer, and bit driver, the Signal will serve you well in just about any situation.

Wazoo Survival Gear Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace

MSRP: $24 URL: Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace Our 2¢: Handcrafted in Texas, this high-quality necklace both looks great and makes for a practical addition to your everyday carry kit. The adjustable leather lace is strung with both a ferrocerium rod and ceramic striker so you’ll always be capable of starting a fire—one of the priorities in most survival situations.

MI Combat Rifle Sights

Exotac fireSLEEVE

MSRP: $16 URL: Our 2¢: Never again worry about your Bic lighter getting wet or lost when it’s secured in the Exotac fireSLEEVE. This case is waterproof to a depth of 3 feet for up to 30 minutes and features a gas lock that allows it to stay lit without needing the gas button depressed continuously. It also has attachment points on the body and cap, allowing you to secure the lighter to your person or pack.

◆ Featuring dual locking detent springs for added reliability and crisp positioning ◆ Ordnance grade phosphate finished steel and hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum ◆ 100% made in the U.S.A. with Midwest Industries Lifetime Warranty

Combat Rifle Front Sight

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-F Retail ◆ Low profile .437” when folded down, flips up to Mil-Spec sight height ◆ Uses standard A2 front sight post, 1.5 MOA per click adjustments


Combat Rifle Rear Sight


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-R Retail ◆ Low profile .388” centerline when folded down, flips up to Mil-Spec sight height ◆ Intermediate aperture for long-range precision and close range rapid engagement ◆ 1 click equals .50 MOA for 20 inch rifle; 1 click equals .65 MOA for 16 inch Carbine

MI Combat Sight Set ◆ Includes Combat Rifle Front and Rear Sight, and A2 Front Sight Tool #MI-A2ST . . .#MI-CRS-Set Retail $159.95

MI Combat Rifle Sights

45 Degree Offset

Ambidextrous design works on right side or left side of the rifle Dual locking detent springs for added reliability and crisp positioning Ordnance grade phosphate finished steel and hard coated 6061 aluminum 100% made in the U.S.A. with Midwest Industries Lifetime Warranty 45 Degree Offset Front Sight features: Uses standard A2 front sight post, 1.5 MOA per click adjustments, weighs 1.8 ounces ◆ 45 Degree Offset Rear Sight features: Super low profile with intermediate aperture for long-range precision and close-range rapid engagement; 1 click equals .50 MOA for 20 inch rifle; 1 click equals .65 MOA for 16 inch Carbine, weighs 1.6 ounces ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Combat Rifle Sight Set - 45 Degree Offset - Includes A2 Front Sight Tool #MI-A2ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-OSS

MI Combat Rifle Fixed Offset Sight Set ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆




UN12 / Issue 007

MSRP: $10 URL: Our 2¢: PWS shrunk itspopular MOD 2-M Diablo and turned it into a highly-detailed keychain. One look and it’s understandable that this is one of the company’s most popular swag items. The keychain not only keeps keys organized but also doubles as a bottle opener. This surefire conversation starter is bound to turn heads wherever you go.


MSRP: $195 URL: Our 2¢: The 0350 weighs less than some of ZT’s larger models and we found it to be a great size for everyday cutting tasks. Its CPM S30V stainless steel blade is strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Other notable features include textured black G10 scales, a reliable liner lock, 4-way pocket clip mounting, a lanyard hole, and assisted opening that’s both smooth and fast.


MSRP: $80 URL: Our 2¢: Despite its easy-to-carry size, this pocket flashlight boasts a powerful 1600 lumens in its high-powered Turbo mode, along with five other output modes. It features a four-level battery indicator, rechargeable li-ion battery, lock-out function, and a magnetic charging cable. It’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and rated IP68 for water resistance up to 30 minutes.

Primary Weapons Systems Bottle Opener Keychain


Zero Tolerance Knives 0350



Fenix E30R Flashlight

Combat Fixed Front Sight, A2 Type . . . . . #MI-CFFS Retail $59.95 Combat Fixed Front Sight, HK Type . #MI-CFFS-HK Retail $59.95



Sight Set with A2 Style Front Sight - Includes A2 Front Sight Tool #MI-A2ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-FOSS-A2 Sight Set with HK Style Front Sight - Includes A2 Front Sight Tool #MI-A2ST . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-FOSS-HK

◆ Rugged lightweight design, weighs 1.1 ounces ◆ Machined to A2 or HK type front sight profile ◆ Ambidextrous design works on right side or left side of the rifle ◆ Billet machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized ◆ Uses standard A2 front sight post ◆ Easy install on a mil-std 1913 rail, for same plane rail systems ◆ 100% made in the U.S.A. with MI Lifetime Warranty


A2 Typ

Ambidextrous design works on right side or left side of the rifle Low profile clamp, same height as traditional sights at 45° angle Do not have to move your head when transitioning to backups Hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum, set weight 3.8 ounces 100% made in the U.S.A. with Midwest Industries Lifetime Warranty Front Sight features: Uses standard A2 front sight post, 1.5 MOA per click adjustments Rear Sight features: Standard A2 aperure; 1 click equals .50 MOA for 20 inch rifle; 1 click equals .65 MOA for 16 inch Carbine

MI Combat Fixed Front Sights


Retail Retail

$179.95 $179.95

MI Combat Back Up Iron Sight ◆ Rugged lightweight design, weighs 1.9 ounces ◆ Standard A2 dual rear aperture fully protected for extreme use ◆ Flush windage knob easily adjusted with a bullet tip ◆ 1 click equals .50 MOA for 20 inch rifle; 1 click equals .65 MOA for 16 inch Carbine ◆ Billet machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, hard coat anodized ◆ Easy install on a mil-std 1913 rail, for same plane rail systems ◆ 100% made in the U.S.A. with MI Lifetime Warranty

Combat Back Up Iron Sight . . . . . . . . #MI-CBUIS Retail $69.95

W292S4498 Hillside Rd, Waukesha, WI 53189 ◆ Tel: 262-896-6780, Fax: 262-896-6756 ◆


Every Day Carry / 16 07 02




10 03















Wazoo Survival Gear



Wazoo Survival Gear





Armatus Carry


Mountaineer Bracelet



M2R Warrior

MSRP $140

Classic Brushed Chrome Lighter

Architect Sheath for ESEE Izula


MSRP: $30

W89HB-5AV Illuminator Sport Watch

Contour Wallet

MSRP: $77

Whetstone Sharpening Pendant

MSRP: $22

MSRP: $35-$50

MSRP: $30


UN12 / Issue 007

MSRP: $100

MSRP: $25

MSRP: $140

MSRP: $98



Premium EDC Items ESEE Izula MSRP: $98 URL: Our 2¢: In the world of knives, full-tang fixed blades reign supreme when it comes to durability. When it comes to small fixed blades, the ESEE Izula has been a frontrunner for years. Constructed out of 1095 high-carbon steel with a durable powdercoated finish and a full-tang, flat-ground blade, this knife can handle whatever you throw at it. Available in a variety of colors and configurations including Micarta scales, it makes an excellent addition to any EDC loadout. Like all ESEE knives, it comes with the company’s lifetime no-questionsasked warranty.


Exotac ripSPOOL

MSRP: $30 URL: Our 2¢: Field repairs become much easier when you have the Exotac ripSPOOL at your side. It contains 60 feet of 30-pound test-braided line, 50 inches of heavy-duty repair tape, a #16 sail needle, and an attached 550 fire cord lanyard. Bonus features include extra room in the needle storage area for a small emergency fishing kit and the ability to magnetize the sail needle for use as an improvised compass.

Leatherman FREE P4

MSRP: $140 URL: Our 2¢: The Leatherman FREE P4 features the latest in multi-tool technology from the company who brought us the original folding multi-tool. The new FREE series features one-handed opening and ultra-smooth access to all of the tools with a roll of the thumb. Despite containing 21 different tools, it weighs only 8.6 ounces. It’s a high-quality product made with 420HC stainless steel and is covered by the Leatherman 25-year warranty.

Olight M2R Warrior

Trayvax Contour Wallet Wazoo Survival Gear

MSRP: $99.99 URL: Our 2¢: This USB-rechargeable flashlight features an output range of 1 to 1,500 lumens, a quiet tail switch for tactical use as well as a side switch, a dual-direction pocket clip, and a lanyard hole. The tail switch can toggle between conventional and enhanced tactical modes, allowing users to access turbo or strobe modes with a single click. It’s a great choice for a multi-use EDC flashlight.

MSRP: $140 URL: Our 2¢: The Trayvax Contour features a CNCmachined stainless steel plate with PVD coating for increased durability. The plate is wrapped in top-grain, oil-tanned leather for a classic look that becomes more attractive with use. It features an adjustable retention strap as well as a bottle opener and lanyard hole. It’s made in the USA and backed by a 65-year heirloom warranty.

UN12 / Issue 007

Mountaineer Bracelet MSRP: $77 URL: Our 2¢: This paracord bracelet contains far more than meets the eye. Incredibly, it comprises 14 different items including a wire saw, surgical tubing, a firesteel with a striker, fish hooks, fishing line, a whistle, and a mirror. You’ll be ready to tackle just about any survival scenerio you can imagine with the Mountaineer Bracelet.


Do It Yourself


3D Printing What’s Needed

- 3D printer

- Microfiber towel

- Filament

- 1/4” binder clips

- STL file

- Mini precision dykes

- Slicer (software)

- Optional items include round-nose pliers, filament in various colors and styles, sandpaper, filler primer spray, colored spray paint

ave you ever had a thought on how to

advancements in 3D printing, this incredible

original piece of gear. 3D printing allows us to take

improve a piece of kit that you use? Do you

technology is now accessible to those without an

that idea and turn it into a physical, usable item.

have ideas that solve a particular need that you

advanced degree in computer aided design and

This guide is meant as a primer to the 3D world

may have? Making something that started as an

production engineering. Much like the personal

and is based on personal experience. We had

- SD card

idea into something you can hold in your hand and

computer revolution of the late ’70s and early

previously never done this type of work before,

- Isopropyl alcohol

use is now easier than ever, and getting started

’80s, 3D printing is now available to hobbyists and

but found it to be fun and addicting. We’ve made

isn’t as hard or confusing as it may seem.

tinkerers who simply want to create things.

mistakes along the way, but our hope is to help


Like something from a sci-fi movie, we

Those of us who are active in the firearms world

first-time 3D printers understand the process of

are now capable of turning digital files into

have undoubtedly had our own ideas on how to

getting started. Read on to learn more about our

three-dimensional items. Thanks to continual

improve on an existing product or even invent an

experiences with 3D printing.

Printer Choice The printer we use is a popular model available at an affordable price and with plenty of community support—the Creality Ender 3. We got ours for around $229. It includes everything you need to get started 3D printing, minus the filament.

Disclaimer: Always take safety precautions when working with tools or other dangerous goods. This DIY should be done at your own risk. Verify your results with a certified gunsmith prior to using the final product.


UN12 / Issue 007




Buy a home-use 3D printer. One of the most popular models offered at an affordable price with plenty of community support is the Creality Ender 3. We were able to buy ours for around $229. The Ender 3 Pro version costs about $30 to $50 more and has performance upgrades that can be very helpful. In retrospect, we would have gotten a Pro version from the getgo. The Creality Ender 3 included everything needed in the box to get started other than filament. FILAMENT Hatchbox and eSun seem to be the most

printing. Saving a few bucks on crappy filament will waste your money in the long run. Also,

popular filaments used on forums and

even certain colors of proven filament like eSun and Hatchbox will vary in quality. There are

enthusiasts groups we researched online.

many types of filament choices based on your needs, but starting with polylactic acid plastic

Amazon Basic filament is also coming up

(PLA) or PLA+ (shown in this DIY) is the base. PLA is the most generally used filament type.

in conversations too. Purchasing cheap,

However, there are other types of filament like ABS, PETG, carbon fiber, wood, copper,

unproven filament can frustrate you and may

magnetic, and so on. PLA can print almost anything, but different materials can be used for

not bring a positive experience to your 3D

more specific purposes.


SOFTWARE STL FILE Assuming you have a computer to use, download a design from a proven 3D printing website like You may be surprised at the large variety of free 3D print designs (including gun parts and accessories) that are shared by the community of designers and 3D printers. There are also websites where you can buy designs. One of the advantages to buying a design is that it might give you rights to legally sell the printed product. You can also design your item from free cloudbased software like Tinkercad or pay the big bucks for a professional CAD


designing program like Fusion 360. There are plenty of CAD programs

One of the most important things in 3D printing is having multiple slicer

available; in our experience, going with popular names provides more

software profiles. From the type of filament you are going to use to how

community support when you need help.

detailed the print is and even how fast it prints, you should have a profile

Doing a Google search for an item you are looking for with STL included

set up for each important detail or know what to revise in the profile

in the keywords is another way to search out design files. STL is the most

before saving the GCODE (the file type a 3D printing machine reads to

commonly used file type for 3D print files. Of course, the general rule of

print) file for the print.

caution when downloading files from untrusted sites is a given. If you

If you’ve seen 3D printed items before, you’ll notice the “smoothness”

downloaded a design online, pay attention to the summary and print

of the surface of certain items can vary from ribbed or rough to

settings. Designers tend to include advice in the summary and print settings

smooth. This surface texture is largely determined by how the profile is

to save users from wasting time and money on a bad print job.

configured, along with how the machine is assembled. Make sure the machine’s belts aren’t too tight or loose and play with profiles to dial in

SLICER A slicer is software that converts a 3D object model into instructions


the effect you’re looking to get. It may sound confusing, but it isn’t. Educate yourself by watching

for the 3D printer. Download a free 3D printing slicer program such as

YouTube videos or join an online community like SanTube’s 3D

Ultimaker. Cura is a very popular program that takes the STL file you

printing Group on Facebook. These communities can provide you with

downloaded or created and prepares it in a language that your 3D printer

preconfigured profiles for Cura and other popular slicers and can also

understands. We found that using Cura provided a lot of community

provide support. You can post a picture and description of your problem and

support when we needed help.

community members will usually jump in and give suggestions.

UN12 / Issue 007


DIY: 3D Printing

needs to be the temperature you set in the slicer



for your filament. You don’t always need a heated bed, but the Ender 3 comes with that ability, which helps with material adhesion. Certain materials like ABS require a heated bed.


Loading the filament into the extruder isn’t

Pick or create the profile you want to

complicated; just follow the steps in your

use for a specific item. Make sure the

machine’s manual. When handling your roll of

temperature matches the filament. Make

filament, it’s important that you never loosen the

sure the print speed matches the detail of the

wound-up roll. If the filament roll gets loose, you

print. You can adjust the strength of the item by

will most likely get a snag during the print that

adjusting the thickness of its outer surface (the

can break extruder wheels and other parts.

shell) and its internal construct (the infill).

We printed clips that keep the end of the

Print speed and item strength can be adjusted

filament roll tight when it’s stored away.

by changing the program’s shell and infill

Be sure to clean your bed to make sure

settings. We learned that you don’t always need

it’s not dusty or has any leftover residue.

100% infill. You can make the shell wall thicker

Depending on your bed, or if you got an

and that can make the print stronger than by

upgraded glass or mirror plate, a quick wipe with

printing a 100% infill. Each design is different;

a little isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber towel

with experience, you’ll get the hang of it. Having a great base layer is important. We

may be all you need. recommend going to and downloading

Some use Aqua Net hairspray or a glue stick

recommend printing your item with what’s called

the SD Memory Card Formatter for a super clean

to make sure there is great bed adhesion. In

a skirt, a surrounding outline of material that

card wipe, since some machines’ SD card readers

our experience, a clean bed surface and proper

helps improve print reliability and quality. Also,

can be picky and throw errors if the card isn’t

temperatures, along with a brim, are all you need.

we always print with a brim, a layer of material

formatted clean enough.

It is a good idea to preheat your filament and your

that extends along the print bed from the print’s

As mentioned, the print’s base layer is the

bed (if you have a heated bed). Adjusting your

edges. Brims improve bed adhesion and can

most important and will set you up for success

printer to print some filament out and prime the

help prevent warping. A raft is used when you

or failure. Having a balanced printing bed is

hothead is also a good idea.

have an item that may not balance by itself or

also important. For beginners, a scrap of paper

when you really want to make sure there is good

and a little patience is all you need. To level the


adhesion to the bed and no warping.

printing bed on our printer we adjust tension

Select the GCODE file you created and start the

Supports are important when part of the item

knobs underneath the four corners; twisting the

printing process. We like to run the printer at a

may have an overhang. They make sure the print

knobs either way will raise or lower each corner.

super slow speed at the beginning of the brim and

doesn’t fall over or droop because of overhang.

The goal is to adjust the hothead (or tip where the

usually up to 1mm of the print. We will watch that

There are various ways to set up supports based

filament comes out) so that it is only a sheet of

happen before walking away from the machine

on the specific print. Half the time we use an

paper’s thickness from the surface of the bed. It’s

just to make sure everything is running right.

experimental support (found in Cura), which

much easier to do than it sounds.

generates a tree-like support with branches.

If you purchase upgrades such as upgraded

Be cautious where you place your printer. If you’re printing materials like ABS, make sure the

bed springs, you only have to balance every so

area is well ventilated. Prints can take anywhere


often, but, depending on your machine, you may

from a minute to five or more days depending

Copy the GCODE file from your slicer to your SD

need to balance the bed before each print. Our

on design detail and print speed. We once had

card (or micro SD card, depending on machine).

springs required us to balance the bed all the

a 6-day print produce a beautiful thing and once

If your machine came with a card, go ahead and

time. Switching to ungraded springs solved that.

had a 9-day print fail in the last 10%. Be sure to

use it. If you use a new or previously used card, we


The printer’s extruder helps feeds filament and


FINISHING Depending on your profile setup, you may need to clean up the brim or raft. You may need to remove supports, which might easily snap off or require

monitor your job, even if it lasts over several days.


cutters and/or pliers. You may also need to use dykes, files, Xacto blades and the like to clean up your print. You can buy filament in the color you want the item to be or finish your print by sanding, primering, and painting it. We keep various types of sandpaper and sanding strips handy (in 220, 320, 400, and 600 grit) to help smooth out surfaces and edges when







needed. Sometimes we also use a filler primer spray in case the print’s exterior isn’t perfectly solid and finish it off with a colored spray paint. [ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 007



: : Built from Dead Foot Arms FoldAR Double Folding AR-15 Builders Kit : : Folds down twice for compact storage : : Chambered in .223 Wylde




UN12 / Issue 007

Double Folding AR-15




ithin the pages of UN12, you’ll notice that we have a

started racing with ideas for a build using this kit. “This thing is as

in .223 Wylde. Understandably, due to its popularity, the kit was

unique take on firearms. On top of viewing them as

unique and innovative as it gets, in my opinion,” he says.

backordered. After waiting not-so-patiently over the course of a

essential tools and crucial defensive implements, we also look

On discovering the Double FoldAR15, Danny informs us:

few months, I was finally informed that my order was shipping out.

at them as artistic pieces that are to be admired as much for

“While attending the 2018 TriggrCon range day, I was walking up

Thank you, Dead Foot Arms—these kits are in high demand, not

their stunning beauty as their technical achievements. The

and down the firing lines to check out all the latest and greatest

easy to come by, and rightfully so.”

craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every firearm

guns and gear. As I was walking past one table, something

we feature is something to behold and appreciate. We also

caught my eye. There was an AR fitted with a Dead Foot Arms

We’re not talking about only guns, either. If he’s not further

recognize that every gun has a story to tell.

(DFA) Modified Cycle System (MCS) folding stock adaptor,

organizing his garage by building shelving units or tinkering on a car,

something I’m already familiar with, but something else about it

you’ll always find him doing something—maybe pulling tree roots

only show the gun itself but also find out more about its story.

made me do a double-take. The handguard was folded under

out of the ground to install a fence. “If you can rotate the tires on your

Who is the owner? How did it come to be? Why was it modified

the upper receiver with the barrel pointing in the wrong direction.

car and perform an oil change, great, but if you can rebuild an engine

in such a manner? We usually look far and wide for guns to

This wasn’t your ordinary AR. Due to its folding mechanisms, the

or transmission, let’s talk and hang out,” he says. “#buildyourown

feature, including on our social media accounts (which is why

entire gun was only as long as the upper and lower receivers.”

and #doityourself are my mottos in life.”

When we select a firearm to feature, our intention is to not

it’s important to tag us if you want your gun featured). But this

He continues: “Fast forward a few months later, I was informed

To say Danny loves to work on projects is an understatement.

Of course, his first passion is the customization of firearms and

time we had a blaster worth taking a closer look at right under

by the guys at DFA that they would now

related gear. His drive to work with his hands and exercise his

our noses. Our Associate Editor, Danny Chang, built an AR pistol

be selling a FoldAR Double Folding

creativity is a big reason why the DFA Double FoldAR Builders Kit

that’s worth examining in detail.

AR-15 Builders Kit that incorporated

really got his build juices flowing. It comes with everything you

DFA’s MCS folding stock

need if you want to try to fit a complete AR-15 into your pocket. We

particular use or theme in mind. The impetus for the build it came

adaptor. On hearing that

jest—but it folds down

about when he first laid eyes on FoldAR’s Double FoldAR15 at

news, I knew I had to get

so compactly that it

TriggrCon 2018. The memory of the truly innovative double-

one. I asked them to put

sure feels like it could

folding AR-15 was something he couldn’t shake. His mind

my name down for one

According to Danny, his AR pistol wasn’t built with any

“The truly innovative double folding AR-15 was something he couldn’t shake. His mind started racing with ideas for a build using this kit.”

01 02

01 The optic is a Holosun HS407CO solar red dot on a Midwest Industries QD mount.

02 Dead Foot Arms’ MCS stock adapter allows the gun to be fired while the stock is folded.


UN12 / Issue 007




The ambidextrous control theme starts with Battle Arms Development’s RACK charging handle up top...

01 02

02 ...and Strike Industries’ Strike Switch safety selector on the lower, along with Hiperfire’s Hipertouch Eclipse trigger with adjustable finger pad.

chimes in: “It’s awesome what a super-light trigger without creep

“The drive to work with his hands and exercise his creativity is a big reason the DFA Double FoldAR Builders Kit really got his builder juices flowing.”

can do, and I love modularity and the option to tweak things. I now own an AR that has a lighter pull than some of my 1911s!” He continues: “The triggers on all my AR builds in the last couple years have all been flat-faced whenever possible. I love the feel of a flat trigger. I installed Hiperfire’s optional Hipershoe finger pad to the trigger, adjusted it to my liking, and wow, I kept placing my trigger finger over and over and I got consistent placements every time. The Hipertouch Eclipse is a trigger engineer’s gift to shooters, with a lighter trigger pull and heavier hammer stroke. The heavier stroke increases reliability with less worry about light strikes, even on harder primers. For peace of mind I installed stronger KNS Precision anti-rotation trigger and hammer pins.” The XTech Tactical ATG adjustable tactical pistol grip can be adjusted for grip angles of 17, 25, or 33 degrees. Subtle finger grooves, texturing, and backstrap give shooters extra comfort and control. Battle Arms Development’s (BAD) RACK ambidextrous charging handle is another innovative piece that found a home

fit in a pocket. Because of the proprietary barrel and components required, parts for a complete upper are all included. “I went with

on this build. There are no roll pins in it, so traditional charging

called the Komodo, that caught his eye. We don’t blame him—it

handle weak points have been eliminated. What it does boast

caught ours too. “Aesthetically speaking, it is a thing of beauty,”

is slick operation and minimal wear, as the latch system slides

Danny says. “There should be some weight savings with all the

parallel with the receiver notch. Another notable part that worked

lightening cuts, too. Finish it off with a Gear Head Works Mod 1

its way in is an Odin Works ATLAS 5 muzzle brake. Odin Works

and it looks like I have the perfect arm brace setup.”

does away with muzzle device timing with this latest brake. No

When he looked into Cerakoters, Danny did his research.

shims or washers are needed to properly install it. The ATLAS is

the 9-inch barrel, .223 Wylde caliber version,” Danny says. “A

In his own words: “Do a Google or social media search for

a three-piece modular design with a titanium sleeve that can be

.300 Blackout is also offered. Along with the complete upper, you

#callahancam and you will see endless examples of a sharp-

adjusted for timing and tuning. “I’m going to do a serious session

get Dead Foot Arms’ MCS stock adapter kit. I believe the MCS is

looking camo pattern called CallahanCam, which is created

at the range and put a bunch of rounds down this thing to see

the only folding stock adapter that allows the AR to be fired while

by Republic Rifle (Reprif). I’ve always admired AR builder sets,

what position I want the sleeve adjusted,” he says, “so I can get

still in its folded position. Can’t go wrong with that. This kit is only

Glock slides, even AKs and others that I’ve seen in CallahanCam.

the best felt recoil out of this little bad boy.”

missing a lower receiver, stock or pistol brace, and a lower parts

Reprif is trusted by top brands like Aero Precision, Lantac USA,

kit and ammo to make it go bang.”

Meridian Defense Group, Cloud Defense, and many others.

manufacturers, I decided to go to Strike Industries for all the

Regarding the lower receiver he chose, Danny explains: “No

He continues: “Instead of sourcing parts from multiple

What’s most impressive is that the company is only manned by

little stuff I needed. SI just released an updated version of the

bullshit, in my safes you will find more Aero Precision AR lowers

two dudes with occasional help from family and friends. The

Sidewinder 45-degree backup sights, with tool-less adjustment

than any other brand. My first-ever AR lower was an Aero I got

CallahanCam pattern used for my Double FoldAR is composed

dials, a low profile on the top rail, low snag, and now it’s able to

back in 2001. My friend Chris sat down with me and taught me

of olive drab, tan, brown, and black.”

handle 5.56 and larger calibers. I’m in.

how to install a complete lower parts kit. What I learned that day

At the heart of the lower receiver sits a Hiperfire Hipertouch

“Next to Aero Precision lower receivers, I think my second most

was to never assemble an AR lower over carpet. Those springs

Eclipse trigger. For those who haven’t seen the guts of a Hiperfire

commonly used part is the SI dust cover. The one on this gun is

and detents are probably still in the carpet! For this project, I

yet, you’ll want to check out its unique adjustable spring system.

the newer billet version that installs and removes within seconds

selected a ‘Pistol’ marked Gen 2 Aero stripped lower that I had in

You can choose from a variety of springs to adjust your trigger

thanks to internal captured springs and detents. No messing with

the safe, which I thought would be perfect for the build.”

from under two to over three pounds of pull. It seems counter-

tiny e-clips or having to removing the handguard to swap out the

intuitive, but the interesting thing is that if you want a lighter pull

dust cover.

Keen on the latest and greatest, Danny looked into which pistol brace setup would create the look that he was going for.


He didn’t need to look far, since DFA offered a new pistol brace,

UN12 / Issue 007

from the trigger, you actually choose a harder spring. Danny

“The SI Strike Switch is a selector I have already used on other



ROMEO8T Sitting fore of the optic, Danny installed a SureFire X300U-B on the top rail because he found that


it was a comfortable spot. “The builds. With its extended lever arms, I never have to alter my

front of the light nicely sits over the

firing grip to engage the safety, and like all the other control

Strike Industries Sidewinder II front

parts, it’s ambidextrous. The last SI part worth calling out is the

backup sight,” he says. “I don’t have

Link Hand Stop Kit. It comes with three pieces for you to pick

much real estate on this short handguard so

and choose how you want to situate it on your handguard. SI

I need to make smart choices on positioning the accessories.”

handguard accessories are nice because they usually all have

Outside of the incredible engineering feats that went into the

the ability to work with M-Lok and KeyMod, so you don’t have

making of the Double FoldAR and even DFA’s MCS, Danny also

to decide before buying. It’s so convenient.”

marveled at something smaller: the AR’s bolt catch retaining pin.

Optic-wise, Danny went with one of Holosun’s latest

Traditional lower receivers require a pin to be pounded in when

offerings, the HS407CO. This red dot is from Holosun’s

installing the bolt catch. KNS Precision’s pin is here to save the

Elite Series of optics, with Solar Failsafe technology, which

frustration. Installed by passing the pin through the receiver’s

Holosun was the first to innovate. This tech gives the optic the

bolt-catch pinhole, it’s captured on the other side by securing

ability to operate solely on any light source, natural or artificial.

a little C-clip. No more dropping the pin when hammering it, no

The unit’s reticle is essentially a double-ringed open circle

more possibly marring the lower.

with 6 and 8 MOA. This style of reticle looks like it’ll work well

On what else he has planned for this AR pistol, Danny laments:

Designed for the most severe conditions, the ruggedized ROMEO8T allows for rapid target

for quick, close-distance target acquisition. The housing is

“I don’t have one yet for this little thing, but I have to get one of

made from robust 7075 aluminum, which should be able to

those custom foam-cut hard cases, especially now that Pelican

withstand some major abuse.

has their custom foam service up and running. There are other

38mm wide sight picture, the ROMEO8T delivers

The red dot is mounted on a

companies who already have pre-cut foam for the FoldAR, but it

Midwest Industries mount

just wouldn’t be the UN12 way if I didn’t personalize something

unparalleled target acquisition, accuracy and

made for Trijicon RMR, which

for myself.”

is light in weight for its size.

It looks like he’s already found another

We noticed that the mount

project to get started on.

has one of the smoothest

[ UN12 ]

QD levers on the market.

acquisition in any situation. With a massive

situational awareness, accelerating reaction time on follow-up shots. Assembled in the U.S.A. ROMEO8T MIL-SPEC RED DOT SIGHT  Integral field-replaceable lightweight Titanium shroud  Ruggedized 7075 CNC aluminum body for ultimate durability  Quad Ballistic Circle Dot LED reticle with 4 onboard reticle options  IPX8 waterproof rating, 20 meters for 30 minutes  1.53” optical center height for night vision and magnifier compatibility  CR-123 lithium battery with MOTAC™ for up to 10 years of run-time  Rugged 1/2” hexbolt mount fits both Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rail

2 MOA Red Dot Ballistic Circle Dot


UN12 / Issue 007

sigsauer. com



Danny Chang’s Custom FoldAR Double FoldAR15 Specifications Caliber: .223mm Wylde Length Folded: 11.875 in. Length Unfolded: 28.5 in. Barrel: FoldAR 9-inch Weight Unloaded: 6 lbs, 7.5 oz. Upper Receiver: DFA FoldAR .223 Wylde Double Folding AR-15 Builder’s Kit Lower Receiver: Aero Precision Gen 2 Pistol Marked Coating: Cerakote by Republic Rifle (Reprif)

Featured Accessories Optic: Holosun HS407CO Optic Mount: Midwest Industries QD Mount for Trijicon RMR Lower 1/3 Trigger: Hiperfire Hipertouch Eclipse Pistol Brace: DFA Komodo Pistol Brace Magazine: Magpul PMAG Gen 1 Window Parts & Accessories: Battle Arms Development RACK Charging Handle, Odin Works ATLAS 5 – 5.56 muzzle brake, SureFire X300U-B, KNS Precision Gen JJ Build-A-Kit (1.54, Black JJ), KNS Precision Bolt Catch Retaining Pin, XTech Tactical TG AR15 Adjustable Tactical Grip, Strike Industries Sidewinder II, Strike Industries Billet Ultimate Dust Cover-223, Strike Industries M4 AR15 Fan Series Trigger Guard, Strike Industries Strike Switch, Strike Industries Ultra Light Pivot/ Takedown Pins, Strike Industries Link Hand Stop Kit, Strike Industries Ambi Magazine Release, Strike Industries MLOK-Cover 5-pcs. V1

About the Owner Name: Danny Chang Occupation: UN12 Associate Editor / Advertising Sales



UN12 / Issue 007

Special Thanks: To my wife Hien, daughter Taylor, son Paxton for allowing the time to do this. Russell and Ted @ Dead Foot Arms, Matt and Adam @ reprif, Louis and Sean @ Holosun, Andrew @ SureFire, Tim @ HiperFire, Brian @ Strike Industries, George @ BAD, Joaquin @ Odin Works, Jeff @ Aero Precision, Wendy @ Midwest Industries, Jeremy @ XTech Tactical and Gordon @ KNS Precision.



Chasing the Baja 1000

: : 51st SCORE Baja 1000 : : 807-mile loop racecourse : : Location: Baja California peninsula

Text & Images by VICTOR NGUYEN


he unmistakable shriek of a highstrung motor being pegged at full

throttle jolted me awake. I rubbed my eyes and opened my tent window just in time to catch a glimpse of a race buggy drifting the corner alongside our campsite. All four tires were fighting for traction, and a rooster tail of dirt and rocks was flung upward in its wake. His throttle was still pegged wide open as he continued along the coast, and I watched until I could no longer see his dust trail in the distance as it faded away. This isn’t such a bad way to wake up, I thought to myself. And, I probably shouldn’t have drunk that much tequila last night. The SCORE Baja 1000 is one of the most prestigious off-road races in the world. The course varies from year to year, and for its 51st iteration it would be an 807-mile loop starting and ending in Ensenada, Baja California. More than 30 different vehicle classes and 285 entrants would battle it out in everything from million-dollar trophy trucks to dirt bikes, buggies, and stock Volkswagen Beetles, all on the same unforgiving desert race course and within the same grueling time limits. Fewer than half of all entrants will ever see the finish line, the rest falling victim to mechanical breakdowns, off-course excursions, or running over the allotted 36-hour time limit. It was the chance to experience this race firsthand that drew us across the border to the warm deserts and clear beaches of Baja in the middle of November. We chose to spend a week prior to the race camping and watching racers pre-run the course, and carefully plotted sites that would give us the best view of the action ahead.


UN12 / Issue 007




Taking a break at a scenic overlook on the Sea of Cortez.

We made an uneventful border


Baja 1000 casualties aren’t exclusive to the racers.

While travelling on the various trails, we


Seaside casting on the first morning on the peninsula.




Preparing our Filet-O-Fish—Baja California style.

Race vehicles include the two- and fourwheeled kind.


Camping just a couple dozen yards from the course.

opposite coast, morning sunrises

to catch the race along Race Mile 40

over the Gulf now replaced by evening

and 60, away from the large crowds near

rearview mirrors for approaching racers

sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. The

Ojos Negros but still close enough to

pre-running their course sections and

beaches here were even more secluded,

the start that we could catch most of the

the tranquil waters of Gonzaga Bay.

pulling over as quickly as possible lest

and we found ourselves enjoying the vast

vehicles before they got too spread out.

We arrived to find our campsite already

we find ourselves on the wrong end of a

blue expanse of ocean in quiet solitude. It

However, this meant that we would have

occupied by several other race teams,

friendly tap. Trophy trucks don’t use horns.

was along one such section of the Pacific

to traverse the route early in the morning

Coast late in the week that we pitched

before the track was closed to spectator

crossing into Tijuana early in the morning

frequently found ourselves checking our

and quickly made our way down the peninsula toward our first campsite on

who undoubtedly had the same idea to


Much like the vehicles racing in the

bunker down close to the highway. We

Baja 1000, we found that spectators

camp, as dozens of racers passed us

traffic. Luckily, we had the foresight to

were too tired to let the fireworks being

drove vehicles of all types and sizes.

from afternoon until late into the evening.

attempt this section the afternoon prior

lit a few hundred yards away bother us,

Sure, there were the full-blown race

Several would stop at our campsite

to the race and scout for a viewing site.

and we retreated to a first night’s sleep

teams with chase trucks and fancy gear,

either to chat, ask directions, or just to tell

It took us almost 4 hours to travel 20

inside our tents.

but more often than not it seemed the

us we had a killer campsite. We stayed

miles through the canyons, and then we

Thoroughly refreshed from the long

local spectators would just pile into

up all night, probably fueled by tequila,

quickly abandoned our plans, opting for

drive the previous night, we woke up just

whoever’s car was running—or pile

cheering on the racers as they passed.

a spot farther down the course at Race

in time to catch the sunrise across the

in with whoever was sober enough to

It was the following morning, the day

Sea of Cortez. We cracked open a can of

drive. On multiple occasions we came

before the actual race, that I found myself

cold cerveza, chopped some bait, and

across locals stuck in the sand or in the

awakened by the buggy at full throttle,

who had flown in to watch the races

cast some fishing lines while watching

dirt. It was on one such occasion that we

hitting the apex with dirt churning just a

for the weekend and set out early for

the sunrise. We didn’t catch anything,

encountered two stuck cars. A passing

few dozen yards from where we camped.

our race viewing site not long after the

but with a morning so spectacular,

race team chase truck also stopped to

We packed up our gear, cleaned up the

motorcycles and quads started to run.

nothing else mattered.

assist, and to our surprise Jessi Combs

beer cans, and made breakfast. It was

The race is staggered a bit to allow

of Spike TV/Monster Garage fame

time to hit the road again.

motorcycles and quads to start early, at

We spent the next couple days exploring the Gulf Coast of Baja, traveling by day and finding camp before sunset.


UN12 / Issue 007

popped out to help recover the vehicles. We eventually made our way to the




One of the toughest classes is for Volkswagen Bugs.


Nothing like the sound of a highstrung sand rail.




Mile 80 the following day. We linked up with some friends

Sometimes even the best laid plans

6:00 a.m. for safety reasons, with the later

go awry. We had plotted several places

truck classes starting closer to 10:00 a.m.



It’s the little things that mean the most™.


DUal use optic


Simply crossing the finish line is a hardfought victory.


Unforgiving terrain leaves its mark on all the racers.

Amid a steady stream of tequila, cerveza,

at Race Mile 80 well into the evening hours.

and breakfast burritos, we eagerly waited

Finally, with the cool desert temperatures

for the first vehicles to approach our

quickly setting in, we decided to call it a day.

section of the course.

Even on our way back out to the main road we

The unmistakable thump of churning

Satisfaction and elation on the finisher’s ramp.


encountered several quicker race classes still

helicopter rotors gave us our first

inbound to our section, no doubt slowed by

indication that the race leaders were

mechanical or vehicle issues in the same area

quickly approaching our section.

we’d encountered the previous day.

Several more helicopters appeared on


Introducing the new Spek™ red dot and Flik5™ magnifier by American Defense Mfg. Sold individually or together as a Dual Use Optic (DUO™), the 3.7 inch Flik5 is an extremely short and ambidextrous 5X fixed power magnifier with generous eye relief, capable of quick transitioning from 1X to 5X, and adaptable with all red dot and holographic sight heights. The 2MOA Spek micro red dot is powered by (1) AAA lithium battery, includes push-button brightness adjustments and offered in low, co-witness, and lower-third co-witness mounts in either aluminum or full titanium. ADM is Intentionally Superior.

We watched the battered remnants of

the horizon, chasing their race teams,

more than a few race vehicles reach the

followed by the distinctive sounds of

finish line back in Ensenada, all bearing signs

race motors generated by the trophy

of a hard-fought battle against unforgiving

trucks flooring it through the straightaway

terrain. This year’s overall Baja 1000 winner,

just before our vantage point. Our spot

Justin Morgan, completed the course on a

couldn’t have been much better—a long

Honda motorcycle in just over 16 hours—36

straightaway allowed the trucks to hit

seconds ahead of the first finishing trophy

triple-digit speeds right before a banking

truck driven by Cameron Steele. Of the 285

Spek MSRP starts at $369

turn and a series of jumps. The air was

starters, only 178 would complete the race.

Flik3 MSRP starts at $369

filled with dust and the smell of race fuel.

But for everyone who raced, all would agree

We watched for hours as the trophy

that it was a combination of hard work and

trucks passed, followed by the numerous

determination that propelled them through

other competing classes. We cheered

the event.

particularly hard for the stock Volkswagen

sweat, and gears.

compete in, most reaching our section

[ UN12 ]

UN12 / Issue 007

Flik5 MSRP starts at $475 DUO MSRP starts at $685

Or as the old racers say—it takes dirt,

Beetles, one of the toughest classes to



For dealer inquiries, email





Images provided by GREY


he Grey Ghost Precision story starts with a

would likely underestimate its range, a costly mistake. Thus

very special rifle commission in the earlier half

were the Heavy .308 and Grey Ghost Precision born.

of this decade. An unnamed U.S. military spec ops

showing up on a special operations unit’s radar says

new semi-automatic rifle platform with a few special

something of the Grey Ghost team’s credentials—even

considerations. The rifle was to employ a 16-inch barrel

before GGP was officially GGP. “Why did the unit come

and a harder-hitting round than the standard 5.56x45—it

to us? Credibility,” says Grey Ghost Precision CEO

would be capable of handling the spectrum of .308 Win

Casey Ingels. “We already had a reputation for working in

ammunition available on the battlefield. The rifle needed

conjunction with the end user to develop new equipment.

to be truly weight saving over traditional heavier caliber

They had the need, we had the means.”

exceptionally accurate at extended range. There were also requirements that would be a bit less

Grey Ghost Precision represents one corner of a triad that also includes Tactical Tailor and Grey Ghost Gear. This trio of companies is headquartered in Lakewood,

objective. For example, deception would be a key factor

Washington, strategically situated south of Tacoma and

in successfully deploying the weapon in the field. Ideally,

across the Interstate from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

it would appear as a standard-issue M4 so as not to

UN12 / Issue 007

When it came to the Heavy .308 commission, even

unit—which will remain unnamed here—needed a

weapons. It would need to be rugged, and it needed to be



Tactical Tailor may be regarded as the parent company.

attract any undue attention. To an enemy combatant

Founded in 1998 by Army veteran Logan Coffey, the

assessing the military unit from afar, the absence of

company got its start inside the one-car garage of a two-

familiar long-range rifle platforms (e.g., M24, MK 14

bedroom house. Coffey began by modifying and improving

EBR, SR-25, M98B) would likely tempt him to close

existing Army gear like rucksacks and ghillie suits, and

the distance. Unbeknownst to him, squad designated

eventually began producing his own designs, supplying

marksmen could then use the new weapon to engage.

what was then the Army base at Fort Lewis (one half of

If the enemy assumed it was a standard-issue gun, he

today’s Joint Base Lewis-McChord).




“The company’s core focus is simple enough: building the best weapon systems in the world.” produce products like rifle cases, bags, and

engraving services. Every single rifle or pistol

is the triad’s second point. Like Tactical Tailor,

Founded in 2010, Grey Ghost Gear (GGG)

concealed-carry gear that will almost certainly

is assembled by no more than two individuals.

GGG manufactures high-quality tactical nylon

be used by Grey Ghost Precision end users.

Being ISO-9001 certified, we ensure every

products. As a United States Department

weapon system that leaves here meets the

of Defense contractor, Tactical Tailor must

and values cultivated at Tactical Tailor and

high standard that our customers have grown

adhere to defined parameters outlined by the

Grey Ghost Gear were extended to Grey

to expect.”

Berry Amendment—which stipulates that the

Ghost Precision. According to company

DOD should give preference to domestically

sources, GGP started with a team of unique,

enough: building the best weapon systems

sourced products—but GGG may utilize non-

dedicated, and proven professionals with

in the world. After completing that first rifle

Berry materials to manufacture more exotic

a broad range of expertise, quantitative

project, the way forward was clear. “After

bags, backpacks, and combat gear.

evaluation standards, and heavy engineering

the success of the Heavy .308, we took the


lessons learned and developed more GGP

Incorporated in 2014, Grey Ghost Precision is the third point and the triad’s weapons

“We have capabilities to design, CAD,

Grey Ghost Precision’s core focus is simple

rifles at the request of our users,” says CEO

division. According to team marketing

program, and manufacture everything we

Ingels. “The Heavy needed a little brother with

manager Ryan Cross, the three companies

do in-house and distribute soft and hard

the same tight tolerances and endurance but

working in conjunction is advantageous to

goods for any market, not just the firearms

in the 5.56 chambering—the Light 5.56.”

the business model, especially when Grey

side,” says Cross. “We have in-house CNC

Ghost Gear or Tactical Tailor design and

machining, rapid prototyping, and laser


03 52

Predictably, the combat-effective mentality

UN12 / Issue 007



He continues: “Some years later we were tasked by former scout snipers and PRS



The Grey Ghost Precision Heavy .308 as it would have been used in the field. Deception was a key factor in deploying it successfully.

Full design, manufacturing, and distribution cababilities are maintained inhouse, including CNC and rapid prototyping.



GGP has recently expanded into handguns with its Combat Pistol line, which offers custom components like frames and slides as well as complete builds.

Grey Ghost’s mission is to provide the very best combatproven gear. “The professional is our R&D department,” says the CEO.




“Every GGP gun has to be able to be run hard and maintain accuracy from the first round to the last.” hardware and score consistently well in regional and national circles. In a similar vein, GGP is the title sponsor of the 2019 Memorial 3 Gun Competition, taking place September 13-15, 2019. As a veteranowned company developing and marketing products designed and built with active duty, veteran gunfighters and 3-gun competitors in mind, supporting a competition with a heavy Gold Star focus was an easy decision, comp shooters to deliver a gas gun that gave

doing the Lord’s work, and everything else

the 6.5 Creedmoor round all the advantages


of a modern semi-auto without compromising

Ingels goes on: “We have to ensure our

according to Ingels. As this issue goes to print, the company is preparing six products scheduled to launch

accuracy, consistency, and performance.

guns run reliably and repeatedly. In the comp

before year’s end—but, unfortunately, cannot

The result was the GGP Grim, an extremely

realm, stoppages equal low scores. As for

allude to any of them. To try and gain some

accurate, tack-driving instrument for both

the combat side, stoppages equal death. The

insight as to what these mystery offerings

competitive and combat roles.”

metrics for success are very black and white

might be, we asked in closing whether there

to us. Every GGP gun has to be able to be

were any industry trends the company is

pistol market about two years ago and has

run hard and maintain accuracy from the first

inclined to follow. Ingels was quick with a

seen a big response.

round to the last.”

verbal riposte.

More recently, GGP moved into the custom

“Our aftermarket slides, match-grade

In addition to deploying its products in the

“Follow? GGP follows no one! In fact, we

barrels, Combat Pistol frames, and now slide

field, Grey Ghost Precision is also active in the

find it quite the opposite,” he says. “We have

completion parts kits have been very well

shooting sports and sponsors an experienced

been told by several competitors they look

received by the growing Glock aftermarket,”

team of shooters, collectively known as Team

to us for innovation and the next steps for

says Cross. “Building a higher-grade

Grey Ghost. The team’s core is comprised of

industry knowledge. To us, tight tolerances

defensive pistol or competition blaster from

Jeremiah Futch, JP Sullivan, and Tyler Virgin,

and rugged reliability will always be ‘in trend.’”

scratch, to your own individual liking and with

all three fierce competitors and all current

minimal tools, is a truly revolutionary thing.”

active duty military. They compete with GGP

For more information on Grey Ghost Precision and to view the company’s

The company also offers its Combat Pistol

current product offerings, visit them online

line for those who want to buy a complete,

at You can

off-the-shelf aftermarket handgun without

also find them on Facebook (Grey Ghost

spending a fortune.

Precision) and follow them on Instagram @

As ever, the end-user experience—

greyghostprecision and Twitter @GPrecision.

including that of professionals in law

[ UN12 ]

enforcement and in the military—is the major


consideration in GGP’s business strategy.

For more information on the 2019 Memorial

“End user feedback has always been a driving factor in our company culture,” says Ingels. “All of our systems are deployed in combat.” He expands on the sentiment: “Since day one we’ve depended on the military, law enforcement, and professional users to field test and push our products to their limits. We take their after-action reports and integrate [that feedback] directly into product design

3 Gun Competition, visit memorial3gun.



Every GGP firearm is assembled by no more than two individuals, and each is built to ISO-9001 standards.

The Grey Ghost brands produce firearms and gear intended to mesh well with one another, which is a benefit to the end user.

Built. It’s a simple word, but it implies that you’ve personalized your rifle for a specific need. Aero Precision M4E1 receivers are specifically designed to enhance every aspect of your build process, ensuring that you receive a quality experience at a great value. What are you building for?

and engineering. The professional end user is our R&D department. We focus on the peeps


UN12 / Issue 007



American Defense Manufacturing: Much More than Mounts Text by CHRIS TRAN Images by TRACERX


fter a while, an AR is an AR is an AR. Or is it? We’ve had the fortunate

opportunities to meet with a few different rifle companies, and there’s a veritable cornucopia of AR-patterned rifles out on the market today. Some stand out, others are run-of-the-mill, and every once in a while an AR model will come out that definitely turns heads. The same can be said about optic mounts. There are many different platforms for mounting an optic, and most companies do an adequate job of providing a way to bolt one’s optic onto one’s weapon platform of choice. The big names are usually big names for a reason—their gear works as advertised and savvy consumers know that “buy once,

“American Defense Manufacturing builds more than just mounts— the UIC MOD2’s component selection is toptier right out of the box.”

What else could you want in an out-of-thebox solution? How about 100% ambidextrous controls? Yeah, they’ve got that too. This is one of the excellent features that gives ADM an advantage versus the competition. As a left-handed shooter, I typically purchase an ambidextrous mag release and enhanced bolt catch/release immediately for any build that I put together. This is not necessary with the UIC MOD2. The integral ambidextrous mag release is well-placed for my medium-sized hands, and the oversized bolt catch/release on the left side is difficult to miss. Additionally, the right side of the receiver boasts an integral bolt catch/release, making the UIC MOD2 a truly ambidextrous rifle. Many

cry once” should be the name of the game

and chambered in .223 Wylde, the UIC

excellent companies feature a right-side bolt

when it comes to choosing a mount that will

MOD2 is manufactured largely from billet

release, which is very handy for left-handed

assist delivering the highest possible degree of

7075 aluminum and comes standard with

shooters, but having a bolt catch/release on


components that are pretty much perfect

the right side gives right-handed shooters

American Defense Manufacturing (ADM)

right out of the box. No need to swap out

a distinct leg up when it comes to weapon

builds both. Admittedly, I was unaware that

hardware; the Radian Weapons RAPTOR

manipulation without sacrificing a master grip

the company produced its own line of rifles.

charging handle and ambidextrous safety

on the rifle.

The one we looked at is dubbed the Universal

selectors, a Geissele 2-stage match trigger,

Unlike the other relatively few 100%

Improved Carbine (UIC) MOD2. The UIC that

13.5-inch M-Lok handguard, and a Magpul

ambidextrous rifles out there, the UIC’s

was sent to us came with with a gorgeous

Pro BUIS leave little to be desired. To further

right-side bolt catch/release is a lever, not

custom anodizing job from Outlaw Ano out of

tighten tolerances, the UIC MOD2 also

a button. The shooter utilizes his right-hand

Houston. Looks, however, don’t typically sway

comes standard with an internal upper/lower

trigger finger to sweep the lever up and lock

us; it’s what is under the hood that impresses.

tensioning screw to minimize play between

the bolt back, and depress the lever downward

the receivers. The lower features a magwell

(not inward) to release the bolt forward. For a

unloaded, with a mid-length gas system

with a 20-degree flare, an enlarged trigger

left-handed shooter like me using a right-side

and a 16-inch, 1:8 twist Criterion barrel

guard, and even a QD endplate.

bolt release, when I conduct a speed reload I

Weighing in at a nimble 6.2 pounds


UN12 / Issue 007


Product Review: ADM UIC MOD2


UN0012 / ADM UIC MOD2 —



ADM 2-MOA SPEK micro red dot

MAGNIFIER ADM FLIK with 5x magnification and reversible mount

01 FINISH Our test subject came with a custom anodizing job from Outlaw Ano.





Features include a 20-degree flared magwell, enlarged trigger guard, and QD endplate.

index my right thumb, insert the mag, and simply

20mm objective lens, 2-MOA dot, two night vision

2-MOA dot a breeze. Coming in with a fixed 3x

titanium and is compatible with any optic with a

press the bolt release with my thumb. With the UIC

settings, and 10 illumination settings, all powered

magnifier called the FLIK. The FLIK is a simple,

and 5x magnification option is a great touch,

T1 footprint. Due to the titanium construction,

MOD2, I must sweep the lever downward instead.

by an easy-to-find AAA battery. ADM specs battery

no-nonsense 5x magnifier with a rubberized body

and the system comes with a 4mm and 8mm

the mount boasts a 44% weight savings

Not a dealbreaker by any means, but a different

life at 5 years if left on illumination level 5. The unit

for easy manipulation. In keeping with the UIC’s

spacer to allow customizable co-witnessing

compared to ADM’s aluminum/steel T1 mount.

movement that will require extra repetitions to

also features a 16-hour shut-off feature to maintain

utility, the FLIK mount can be reversed, allowing

with the optic.

myelinate properly.

juice for when it’s needed.

the magnifier to be flipped to the left or the right to

The MOD2 was already highly functional out of

Mounted behind the SPEK was a fixed 5x

The belle of the ball with this optic system,

Now, if you’re like me, you probably already

: : For more information:

have an ADM mount in your rotation. Despite

I found the tool-less windage and elevation

the end user’s preference. The 5x FLIK is compact.

however, are the mounts. While the flip

ADM’s titanium improvements, current ADM

American Defense MFG, LLC.

the box; however, our evaluation rifle came with a

controls a little mushy, and for hard-use optics I

Even though it’s a 5x magnifier, it comes in shorter

magnifier body on the FLIK is made of

mount owners are not left out in the cold. I was

few more accessories that are worth a look. ADM

prefer my adjustment knobs to be capped, which

than EOTech’s G33 3x (3.75” vs. 3.9”) and starts at

aluminum, the latching mechanism itself is

surprised to learn that the titanium latch system

released its own micro red dot, dubbed the SPEK,

the SPEK’s are not. One-MOA groups are easily

$475 versus the EOTech’s price of $609.

titanium, which reduces weight and enhances

is backwards-compatible with existing ADM

in May of 2019. The SPEK is of standard budget

achievable at 50 yards unmagnified with this optic,


mounts, which means that retrofitting a pre-

fare, weighing in at a respectable 3.9 ounces with a

so it’s no surprise that the UIC is a shooter.


UN12 / Issue 007

Adjustment knobs are identical to the SPEK’s, and clearly marked to make centering the SPEK’s

The SPEK mount is made completely from

existing mount is possible to enhance weight-


Radian Weapons RAPTOR charging handle, ambidextrous safety selectors, Geissele trigger, 13.5inch M-Lok handguard, Magpul Pro BUIS.


Product Review: ADM UIC MOD2

You've bought the best gear...

ADM UIC MOD2 savings, strength, and heat dissipation/shift—titanium, according to ADM specs, has a 63% lower thermal/expansion rate than aluminum. All in all, the mounts, as always, are winners. ADM has always been at the forefront for mounting solutions and they continue their upward trend. So the real question in all of this: How does the ADM UIC MOD2 shoot? Performance is what you would expect from a solidly built rifle. Once out on the square range and zeroed in, MOA groups as advertised could be achieved. I initially zeroed the rifle with off-the-shelf .223 American Eagle 55-grain. I then shot several groups using different brands and weights: .223 American Eagle 55-grain, .223 Federal Premium 55-grain BTHP Sierra Match King, .223 Hornady Steel Match 55-grain HP, 5.56 NATO M855, .223 Black Hills 68-grain Heavy Match HP, 5.56 77-grain OTM, and .223 SIG Sauer 77-grain Match Grade. At 100 yards, using a Steiner Optics T5Xi 1-5x24 SFP, the SIG Sauer Match Grade gave me the tightest grouping and closest group to POA/POI as initially zeroed with the .223 American Eagle. Shooting impressions are positive overall. I didn’t have a chance to run the UIC MOD2 terribly hard or through a rougher course of fire during our evaluation time, but my initial impressions are that it’s a solid performer, and frankly is something I would consider as an off-the-shelf purchase as its component selection is top-tier right out of the box. The 100% ambidextrous controls are an outstanding feature, and the only additions/modifications I would consider would be perhaps a JP Enterprises silent-captured spring assembly. With a MSRP of $1,850, the ADM UIC MOD2 is not a budget build by any stretch. That being said, it’s competitively priced for a higher-end rifle with select components and solid performance and well worth consideration, especially for shooters who demand high quality, function, and great versatility. [ UN12 ]

Doesn’t it deserve the best wall? We’ve got you covered.

540.298.8906 60

UN12 / Issue 007




AR-10 : : Genesis Arms Gen-12 shotgun upper : : Custom-assembled 6.5 Creedmoor upper


: : KAECam custom Cerakote by KAE Custom Coatings



UN12 / Issue 007




e wonder what Eugene Stoner would think

need to remember the right-side charging handle

if he knew that the AR platform is currently

location on this Gen-12. Modern AR upper

one of the most versatile gun platforms—and

receivers are available as side-charging, but

probably the most popular—in this firearms

normally on the left side, so you don’t have to move

enthusiast’s world we’re currently living in. Between

your shooting hand away from the trigger area

small-frame and large-frame AR builds, support for

(assuming you’re right-handed). Depending on your

almost every caliber is available now… including

buffer spring setup, maybe some of those AK-47

good ol’ 12-gauge shotgun shells, from birdshot to

techniques could come in handy.

magnum, and most everything in between. When Martin Johnson saw media coverage from

The Genesis Arms Gen-12 installs onto a DPMS Gen 1 lower receiver by simply pushing out the

SHOT Show online back in January 2019 about the

takedown pins and swapping out the upper, and

Genesis Arms Gen-12 upper, his mind was blown

of course inserting the 5-round magazine that

and he immediately pulled out his wallet. The Gen-

works with 2 ¾” and 3” shot shells. We hope that

12 is not the first AR shotgun in the world, but it is

8- and 10-round magazines are around the corner.

the first to use a standard AR10 lower receiver. Martin had already custom-assembled an AR-10 using a JL Billet receiver set chambered in the popular 6.5 Creedmoor. “The idea of having a gun kit that would cover me for both short- and long-range shooting constantly

Upper The original build is a JL Billet matched receiver set configured to fire 6.5 Creedmoor for distance shooting.

ran through my mind,” he says. Martin owns more than 25 AR variants chambered from the common .223/5.56 and .22LR to .308 and .300

Included with the upper (if you

“The Gen-12 isn’t the first AR shotgun, but it is the first to use a standard AR-10 lower receiver.”

purchase the Gen-12 upper only) you’ll find what Genesis Arms calls a “Beef Up Kit.” There’s a magazine catch and increased power spring, a bolt catch and increased power spring, and an anti-rotation trigger pin set. Due to the shock and recoil from 12-gauge ammo and the inherent differences within magazine geometry, it’s comforting that Genesis Arms cares to include

Blackout, pistol calibers 9mm and .45 ACP, as well as 6.5 Grendel and others. “I was actually doing research about getting into AR big-boy calibers like .458 SOCOM

Optic #1 The 6.5 Creedmoor upper employs a Riton Optics RT-S Mod 7 4-32x56IR riflescope.

or .50 Beowulf before this beast caught my attention,” he tells us. Even though Martin also owns more than a handful of shotguns, he seldom finds himself shooting them. They don’t provide the same level of competence, manipulation, and familiarity as an AR-based gun. One does, however,

Lower The basis for both setups is a JL Billet lower receiver fitted with a PWS buffer tube and Armaspec SRS.


UN12 / Issue 007



Optic #2 The Genesis Arms Gen-12 upper employs an Atibal SLR-1 Solar Red Dot for quick shortrange acquisition.

“There are other shotguns that try and mimic AR ergonomics, but they are often bulky and use too many proprietary components.” what you need to ensure functionality, reliability, and compatibility. We should note that not all AR-10 or even DPMS Gen 1 lower receivers are equal. There isn’t an industry standard Mil-Spec like AR-15 lowers. Genesis Arms posts an article on their website for lower compatibility, as some are good fits, some require some modifications you can do at home, and some will not work at all. You may or may not see your AR-10 gun or lower receiver listed. (The current list had been recently updated at the time of this writing.) They also seem to be doing a great job at

adjusting the buffer weight to allow more variety of

answering all questions on their Instagram (@

ammo loads. He is completely comfortable working

genesisarms) about Gen-12 fitment and other

on his own guns for the most part, and he really

queries. Genesis Arms sells a complete Gen-12

got a visual on how the barrel can move when he

gun, but you can also purchase just the complete

dissembled the Gen-12 so he could send it off for

upper if you already have a favorite compatible AR-

Cerakote. “Where the gas tube on a DI AR would

10, as Martin did. He ordered the Gen-12 knowing

normally be inserted in the upper receiver, there’s a

that he had a couple of options in the safe, and he

small recoil spring held in by a bracket on the barrel

was also willing to build something brand-new just

extension and locked in by the barrel stud nut,” he

to have a new toy. Luckily, the JL Billet receiver is

told us. “It’s interesting.”

almost identical to the Barrett REC10, which was

We shouldn’t forget about the original upper

looks damn sexy, especially since the end of the

noted as having good fitment on the compatibility

receiver that was assembled for this gun, the 6.5

handguard is so close to the brake without much

list and saved him from having to break into his

Creedmoor. With the JL Billet matching receiver

barrel showing.

piggy bank.

set, Ballistic Advantage Premium Series barrel

But how does the Gen-12 shoot? How does

The build’s foundation, the JL Billet lower

and Rise Armament BCG, this setup has cycled

receiver, was not only a matched set with the JL

and accessories is KAW Custom Coatings (@


upper receiver. It’s almost like it was also made

kaecustomcoatings). They have their own

for the Gen-12 upper receiver. There were no

camouflage pattern called KAECam. Martin said

The 5-round 12-gauge magazine works with 2 ¾” and 3” shot shells. Larger capacities could be in the works (we hope).

modifications needed for the magazine to feed

that when he talked to the team over at KAE that

reliably. Genesis Arms can add JL Billet to their

he already knew he wanted the KAECam for this

compatibility list. Both the Gen-12 and Magpul

one-and-a-half-gun setup, but left it up to the KAE

PMAG magazines have had no issues so far

crew to pick the colors. KAE used an amalgam of

it cycle? The minds at Genesis Arms created an

a couple hundred rounds of reliable precision-

upper receiver that uses a short-recoil action.

targeting groups. Martin has other AR-10 6.5 rifles

Similar to the way a Glock pistol functions, the

with longer barrels but picked this one because of

barrel itself moves a short distance, enough to

the lower receiver compatibility and for the 18-inch

cycle the gun, instead of the upper using a gas

barrel to match the similar barrel on the Gen-12.

system like a traditional AR. Shooting a Gen-12

Locally Martin only gets to shoot up to 600 yards

is fun and manageable. The felt recoil is different

max, and with the ballistics of the 6.5 Creedmoor,

feeding popular 12-gauge and 6.5 Creedmoor

Battleship Gray, Glock Gray, Smith & Wesson Gray,

from a standard shotgun. You get more of a push

even an 18-inch barrel has no issues attacking that.

ammunition, depending on the upper.

and a custom-mixed gray. Martin heartily approves.

rather than a shotgun’s snap. However, Martin can’t

The JL upper and lower receivers mate up

The weight savings theme is even evident in

“I have guns with the typical greens and tan camos,

say what the feeling was like shooting the Gen-12

perfectly, but that didn’t stop Martin from making

the buffer tube. The Mil-Spec Primary Weapon

without the CNC Warrior Short Firestorm Brake

sure he had set components from the same

Systems Enhanced Buffer Tube has a unique fluted

installed, as it was immediately purchased for the

manufacturer so he didn’t have to worry about

tube design and weighs only 4.3 ounces. The

a targeting system. Of the 6.5 Creedmor upper,

SAIGA threaded barrel.

fitment. Another concern was weight. He wanted

ratcheting castle nut gives Martin assurance that

Martin says he “wanted glass that wouldn’t cost

certain features like a fluted barrel and titanium


everything will stay in its place no matter which

double the rifle, but would also provide me all I

caliber he shoots. Having as many QD points is

need to go deep.” The Riton Optics RT-S Mod 7 line

The JL Billet lower accommodates both the Magpul PMAG and Gen-12 magazines without issue.

also a bonus. Most of the time the bipod will be on

and the brand-new 4-32x56IR gave him just what

a table or floor, but you never know when Martin

he needed: first focal plane (FFP), Riton Christmas

might run and gun with the Gen-12 and throw a

tree illuminated reticle, a big tube diameter to allow

sling over his shoulder. Even in the dark with 800

plenty of light in, crisp turrets, an uncomplicated

lumens blazing out of the Inforce WMLx Gen 2.

zero stop system, and HD glass.

Currently this AR-10 lower is using a one-piece Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring buffer with

muzzle brake. “I could’ve saved some weight

the heaviest weight of 5.7 oz. to handle the 6.5

with the handguard but I just had to have one of

Creedmoor, and it works for shooting magnums or

the longest handguards I could find,” he says. “It

3” shells on the Gen-12. “Once I get more rounds

gives me lots of real estate and ability to mount

through both uppers, I have plans to purchase

the Magpul bipod as far forward as possible.”

multiple weights to include in this gun’s kit case,”

The angle on the JL Billet VPR muzzle brake

Martin says, as the cyclic rate can be tuned by

matches the angle on the JL Billet handguard and


UN12 / Issue 007

One common source for cool Cerakote guns

but I’ve never had a gray combination,” he says. No gun—or guns, in this case—is useful without

For the Gen-12 upper, Martin got his hands on



one of the newest red dot offerings from Atibal Optics. The new SLR-1 red dot uses both solar and a highly efficient and common CR2032 battery to give the user 100,000+ hours of use. Outdoors, natural light illuminates the red dot. Indoors, or in low-light conditions, the battery has a failsafe mode. The optic uses a Multiple Dot System (MDS), allowing both a 3 MOA or 65 MOA circle dot. It attaches using Bobro Engineering optics mounts. The AR-10’s controls are finished off with

Side by Side The 6.5 Creedmoor (left) and Gen-12 (right) configurations are similar in both length and weight (minus the optics).

“Shotguns just don’t provide the same level of competence, manipulation, and familiarity as the AR. In terms of recoil, the Gen-12 upper produces more of a push than a shotgun’s snap.” components from BCM. Martin went with a Mod 3 pistol grip and the SOMOD version of the BCM buttstock with its more pronounced cheek weld. He also jokes that he should’ve just opened a dealer account with Radian Weapons and ordered Raptor charging handles in bulk to save some money. One other notable feature on the lower is the safety selector. “I like to try new things,” Martin says. “Never owned a 50-degree short-throw safety selector, so I gave Ascend Armory a try and wasn’t disappointed.” Nicely machined levers, the ability to pick 50-degree or 90-degree selector angle, a selector spring and KNS Precision hardened selector detent… you don’t see this stuff included on selector kits double the price. There are other shotguns that try to mimic AR ergonomics, but they are often bulky and use too many proprietary components that definitely make them “not an AR.” Super stoked about how the original AR-10 rifle got a new coat of KAECam paint, as well as the new member of the family in the Gen-12, Martin’s armed with more excitement to head to the range, class, or course to run these things hard and see how it all holds up in the name of fun. “I wonder if my local sporting clay facility will let me bring the Gen-12 out,” he muses. [ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 007


Martin Johnson’s 12-Gauge/6.5 Creedmoor AR-10 Specifications Caliber: 12-gauge / 6.5 Creedmoor Overall Length: 37.5-40.5 in. (12ga) / 37-40 in. (6.5mm)



Barrel: Genesis Arms 18.25-in. (12ga) / Ballistic Advantage 18-in. (6.5mm)


Weight Unloaded: 8 lbs, 5 oz. (12ga) / 12 lbs, 2 oz. (6.5mm) Lower Receiver: JL Billet AR10 .308 Billet Lower (serialized) Upper Receiver: Genesis Arms GEN-12 / JL Billet .308 Billet Coating: Cerakote by KAE Custom Coatings

Featured Accessories Optics: Atibal SLR-1 Solar Red Dot Sight (12ga) / Riton Optics RT-S MOD 7 4-32x56IR (6.5mm) Optic Mounts: Bobro Engineering Aimpoint Micro T1/T2/Comp M5 Mount Absolute Co-Witness (12ga)/ Bobro Engineering Dual Lever Precision Optic Mount 34mm Rings (6.5mm) Handguard: Genesis Arms 13” Freefloat M-Lok (12ga) / JL Billet 17.2” Angle Cut M-Lok (6.5mm) Muzzle Brakes: CNC Warrior SAIGA / VEPR 12 Short Firestorm Brake (12ga) / JL Billet Titanium .308 Cal V.P.R. Muzzle Brake (6.5mm) Buttstock: BCM BCMGUNFIGHTER Mod 0 - SOPMOD Weapon Light: Inforce WMLx White Gen 2 (12ga) Bipod: Magpul Bipod for M-Lok (6.5) Magazines: Genesis Arms 5-Round (12ga) / Magpul PMAG 10 LR/SR GEN M3 (6.5mm)



UN12 / Issue 007


“I like to try new things... The idea of having a gun kit that would cover me for both short- and long-range shooting was constantly running through my mind.”

Parts & Accessories: Rise Armament .308 BCG, POF-USA EFP trigger, PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube, Radian Weapons Raptor Ambi Charging Handle, Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring, Ascend Armory Ambi Safety Selector Set, Ballistic Advantage Lo-Pro Gas Block, BCM Grip Mod 3, Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover, Ballistic Advantage Melonite Gas Tube, Xtreme Precision 308 Extended & Pivot Takedown Pin Set

About the Owner Name: Martin Johnson Occupation: Appraiser Special Thanks: Cody, Jimi, Stephen, Paul, Calley, Jimmy & David, Brian, Josh, Will, Brittany, Ben, Andrew, Jason, and the team at KAE Custom Coatings.



Buyer’s Guide

9mm Glock Barrel Guide Text by JERRY TSAI Images by JEFF CHEN


t’s no secret that Glock pistols have

an upgraded barrel, of course. Barrels not

become the hot rods of the firearms

only dictate how accurate your pistol is, but

world. Just like souped-up cars, they are

can contribute greatly to its weight as well as

routinely modified for improved function and

its aesthetic.

enhanced form by shooters, craftsmen, and

We scoured the aftermarket for samples of

artists alike. One category of aftermarket

barrels to present to our custom gun loving

firearm parts that has skyrocketed in recent

audience. On display here are representative

years in terms of selection and demand due to

samples of Glock-compatible barrels. If you

this movement is that of upgraded barrels for

see one you like, we encourage you to visit

Glocks, especially of the 9mm variety.

the manufacturer’s website to see what else

After you get a Glock’s slide milled and

they may offer that might pique your interest.

its frame re-contoured and the entire pistol

Without further ado, let’s dive into the guide.

coated, what do you do next? You drop in

[ UN12 ]



UN12 / Issue 007



True Precision Glock 19 Non-Threaded Finish: Rose-TiCN Other Finishes: 14 more Highlights: Drop-in fitment, advanced proprietary broach-cut design specifically engineered for increased accuracy.

Bear Creek Arsenal

MSRP: $190 URL:

BCA Glock 19 9mm Replacement Barrel (Threaded/Unbranded) Finish: Black Nitride Highlights: This is a drop-in replacement barrel that will fit Glock 19 models Gen 1 through 4. MSRP: $109


9mm Glock Barrel Guide


Wilson Combat Match Grade Barrel, Full-Fit 9mm for Glock 19 Finish: Stainless Highlights: For Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5 G19s, made of 416R stainless and oversized in all dimensions. When properly fitted, WC claims it will shoot groups rivaling a 1911 handgun with a match grade, fully fitted barrel. Designed for professional gunsmith installation, this barrel will not drop into any firearm without significant fitting. MSRP: $165

CR Precision Drop-in G19 Non-Threaded Barrel Finish: TiCN Other Finishes: 14 more Highlights: This drop-in replacement barrel features dimpling and a durable TiN coating. MSRP: $235


Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Barrel (Glock 19, Threaded) Finish: TiN Other Finishes: Black Nitride, MDC Highlights: Machined with an 11° target crown for greater accuracy and coated with high-quality finishes, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Tactical Kinetics G19 Threaded Barrel — Engraved Finish: Black Nitride Highlights: This button-rifled match grade Tactical Kinetics G19 Gen 5 threaded pistol barrel is engraved with the Tactical Kinetics ‘TK’ logo. MSRP: $105 URL:

MSRP: $190 - $211 URL:



UN12 / Issue 007


BG-09 Wheaton Arms

Next Level Armament

Glock 19 Copper Finish Threaded Match Grade Barrel

Glock 19 Barrel Two -Tone Threaded

Finish: Copper

Finish: Nitride, silver dash, clear Cerakote Highlights: This Glock 19 barrel begins with a 416 stainless steel blank that is finished in nitride, which is then machined in your choice of either a dash or spiral design. Also available in a non-threaded version.

Highlights: Fits Glock 19 Gen 5, MOS & 19X models. Its fully supported chamber reduces the risk of case head separation and its polished feed ramp increases reliability. Oversized locking lugs maximize accuracy and reduce wear to the slide.

MSRP: $150

MSRP: $220



SureFire ZEV Drop-in Gun Barrels for Glock 19 Finish: Black DLC Other Finish: Burnt Bronze Highlights: Manufactured exclusively for SureFire by ZEV Technologies, this matchgrade, drop-in barrel features extremely tight tolerances for superb accuracy. Because they’re produced for SF, the thread specs and profile of these barrels are perfect for attaching SF’s Ryder 9mm suppressor MSRP: $275


9mm Glock Barrel Guide


Griffin Armament Glock 19 Gen 3/4 Barrel 1/2x28 Threaded With Micro Carry Comp Finish: Black Nitride Highlights: Billet machined from 416R stainless steel for ultimate drop-in match performance. Designed with concealed carry users in mind, comes with GA’s patent pending Micro Carry Comp, an impressive performance add-on. MSRP: $196 URL:

Fortis Manufacturing Glock Match Grade Barrel —19 with Lone Rifling Threaded Finish: MDC Coating (Gray) Other Finish: Black Nitride, TiN (Gold) Highlights: Single point cut Lone Rifling for precise concentricity and accuracy, made of 416-R steel, 11° target crown, comes with threaded barrel protector, compatible with Glock Gens 1-5 as well as Glock X. MSRP: $210 - $220 URL:

Faxon Firearms G19 Barrel, Flame Fluted, Threaded, 416-R, Nitride, Match Series Finish: Chameleon (Rainbow) Highlights: Compatible with Glock 19 Gen 1 through 5, this drop-in barrel features tight tolerances for great fitment and lock-up. It features a 9mm SAAMI Chamber for increased accuracy and boring reliability. MSRP: $209 URL:


UN12 / Issue 007


BG-09 CMC Triggers

Shadow Systems

Glock Barrel 75518 Glock 34 Fluted Non-Threaded

Match Barrel - Threaded Fluted - Glock G19

Finish: TiN

Finish: Bronze TiCN

Other Finishes: Stainless, Black DLC

Other Finishes: Black DLC

Highlights: CMC’s barrels are six-groove, cut-rifled, double-honed, and are made with SAAMI Match Grade specification chambers. This straight fluted direct drop-in barrel does not require gunsmith assembly. Accuracy made easy.

Highlights: Engineered to easily drop in yet fit more tightly in critical lock-up areas for improved accuracy. Flutes reduce the weight of the barrel while adding an exit for dirt and debris in the slide. Made of 416-R stainless, its thread protector is included.

MSRP: $199

MSRP: $249

Other Finishes: TiN, Stainless, Black Nitride

Battle Arms Development

Highlights: This match-grade barrel is an easy drop-in performance upgrade for your pistol. Made of 416-R stainless steel with pulled broached rifling and a polished feed ramp. OEM stands for factory Glock length.

Battlearms One:1 Barrel Fits Glock 19

MSRP: $169

Finish: Stainless


Other Finishes: Melonite ,QPQ, Black Nitride Highlights: Available in both threaded and non-threaded versions, the One:1 utilizes a revolutionary machining process wherein one machine comprehensively machines the entire barrel from beginning to end. Fits Glock 19 Gen 1 through 5, including 19X.

9mm Glock Barrel Guide


G19 Barrel - Threadless (OEM) Finish: Tropical PVD



Zaffiri Precision

MSRP: $200 - $250 URL:

Brownells Match Grade Barrel Glock 19 Gen 1-5 9mm Threaded Finish: Black Nitride Highlights: Brownells Compact 9mm Glock 19 barrels are designed to drop into any Glock 19 pistol Gen 1 through 4. Constructed from 416-R stainless steel bar stock, they feature conventional land-and-groove rifling instead of the polygonal rifling found on factory Glock pistol barrels. MSRP: $137

AIM Surplus Glock 19 Compatible 9mm Barrel Finish: TiN Other Finishes: Stainless Highlights: AIM’s Glock 19 compatible stainless steel drop-in barrel is coated in TiN with 1/2x28 threads. No gunsmithing required MSRP: $100 URL:



UN12 / Issue 007


BG-09 Lone Wolf Distributors PVD Coated LWD Barrel M/19 Threaded Finish: Frost Bite PVD Other Finishes: Stainless

Suarez International Faceshooter G-43/43x Threaded Barrel

Highlights: Available for Glock 19 Gens 1 through 5 and Glock 17 Gens 1 through 4, LWD’s barrels are ready to drop in without any further gunsmithing. Available in nine different colored finishes, LWD barrels allow you plenty of choices for your pistol’s customization. MSRP: $160 URL:

Finish: Melonite Highlights: A perfect drop-in replacement barrel for Glock 43s, the Faceshooter is threaded for suppressor attachment and is fully supported for SAAMI specification match chambers. The barrel allows for significant increases in accuracy with no loss in reliability. MSRP: $160


9mm Glock Barrel Guide

URL: suarezinternational

KAB Defense Barrels for 9mm Glocks Finish: TiN

Grey Ghost Precision GGP Glock 19 Match Grade Barrel Finish: Black Nitride Other Finishes: Uncoated Highlights: Available threaded and non-threaded, this match grade drop-in barrel is made of 416-R stainless steel. It is machined for a final dimension of +/- 0.003” for consistent accuracy and features a proprietary twist rate. MSRP: $180 - $190

Other Finishes: CrN, Black DLC Highlights: Available to fit Glock 17, 19, 19X, and 34 Gens 1 through 4 and Glock 19 and 19X Gen 5, KAB Defense’s barrels are machined in-house from 416R stainless steel hardened to 38-42 HRC. They are available with or without threading. MSRP: $225 URL:

Alpha Wolf

Double Diamond Premium Replacement Barrel Finish: Stainless

ZEV Technologies

Alpha Wolf Barrel for M/17 9mm Stock Length

Other Finishes: Black, Chameleon, Gold

V2 Match Barrel G17 Gen 5

Finish: SBN

Highlights: A high-quality replacement barrel with a touch of style for your Glock. Available for Glock models 17, 19, 22, 23, and 34. Does not fit Gen 5 models, and the G34 Barrels only work in Gen 1-3.

Other Finishes: Black DLC

Other Finishes: Black, Chameleon, Gold Highlights: Alpha Wolf barrels fit Glock generations 1 through 4 and are designed to fire lead, plated, or jacketed ammunition. Made of 416 stainless steel and buttonrifled, then finished with a three-stage honed bore. MSRP: $140 URL:

MSRP: $170 - $280 URL:

Finish: Bronze

Highlights: ZEV’s V2 Match Barrels have been redesigned for improved performance and Gen 5 compatibility. Available threaded or non-threaded, new features include a recessed target crown, a new match chamber, and a stylized barrel hood with caliber and model engravings and a loaded chamber indicator. MSRP: $100 URL:



UN12 / Issue 007


BG-09 Alpha Shooting Sports Alpha 9mm Match Grade Barrel for G17 Finish: TiN Other Finishes: Stainless, Black DLC Highlights: Titanium nitride (TiN) plated for increased wear resistance and an attractive gold finish. This 4.5-inch barrel is compatible with Gen 3 and 4 G17s. Manufactured from 416-R stainless steel bar stock. Broach-cut rifled in 1:16LH twist for accuracy and the ability to shoot non-jacketed lead projectiles. MSRP: $230


9mm Glock Barrel Guide



UN12 / Issue 007

Lantac Strike Industries

Glock 9ine G17 Threaded Upgrade Barrel Finish: Stainless Other Finishes: Bronze, Black Highlights: If you’re looking for a substantial upgraded drop-in barrel for your Gen 3 and 4 Glock 17 and 19 pistols, this match grade barrel is precision machined from certified prehardened DFARS-compliant 416-R stainless steel to extremely tight tolerances. MSRP: $306 URL:

Agency Arms

RK G17 Barrel for Glock

Premier Line Match Grade Drop-in Barrel

Highlights: Strike Industries’ ARK G17 is a spiral-fluted barrel that reduces weight without sacrificing accuracy or durability. Crafted from pre-hardened 416 stainless steel, the barrel is corrosion resistant and boasts high tensile strength.

Finish: TiN Other Finishes: Stainless, Black DLC Highlights: Sporting distinctive octagonal fluting, one look at the Agency Arms Premier Line barrel and you already know it’s unlike all others. Available for different Glock models including Glock 17 Gens 1 though 4, in threaded and non-threaded versions. MSRP: $310 - $320 URL:

Finish: Black Nitride Other Finishes: Black, Chameleon, Gold

MSRP: $180 URL:


3-DAY SCOPED CARBINE : : Instructed by Retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant Buck Doyle : : Three-day scoped carbine class : : Practical application of the Tremor3 reticle


UN12 / Issue 007

Text by NICK


Images by JASON



magine being surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to

Very few things are appealing to look at, marvels of mechanical engineering, and extraordinarily fun,

offer, focusing on your breathing, your stance, the

yet also capable of saving your life. For some, a gun

placement of your hands around the grip… you

is a finely tuned tool that can put food on the table

are ready to take the shot. If you were to read this

or stop an intruder, or simply pierce a distant target

to some people, they may immediately picture you

with a single, precise shot. For others, it’s a piece

on a golf course ready to tackle that intimidating

of recreational equipment capable of delivering

Par 5; to others, you have just described the serene

a gratifying blast of adrenaline. Regardless, it’s a

experience of shooting their rifle.

symbol, the embodiment of core American values.



Situated in Northeastern New Mexico just a stone’s throw from the Colorado border is the city of Raton and the Q Ranch. On 38,000 acres of private land, students are exposed to picturesque backdrops, diverse terrain, majestic wildlife, and training opportunities unavailable to most, including law enforcement and military personnel. Whether you are looking to explore extreme long-range distances, experience high angle, or shoot at high altitude, the Q Ranch is able to facilitate. On top of being a world-class training venue, the facilities on the ranch are topnotch and leave you wanting for nothing. The on-site bunkhouse has no shortage of beds and bathrooms, allowing students to feel relaxed and not like they’re on top of one another. Inside the main lodge, the enormous common area provides more than enough

fundamentals of gunfighting and the practical

the reticle. Doyle, speaking from experience,

room to present course material prior to, and

application of the Tremor3 reticle. This is not

knows tools like a rangefinder or weather

to socialize after, a day on the range. At the

an entry-level course and requires students

meter may be around, but accessing them

heart of the main lodge is the kitchen, which

to have successfully completed a basic

in time to take a shot is not always feasible.

from sun up to sun down never ceases turning

tactical AR course prior to attending. As with

For this class I had the Vortex Razor HD Gen

out restaurant-quality meals for the masses.

all firearms training, safety is paramount,

II 4.5-27 with the Tremor3 reticle mounted

especially when developing full-field

on top of my 22-inch Spike’s Tactical 6.5

maestro to enter the scene. Retired Marine

situational awareness and addressing the

Creedmoor. If your scope is not equipped with

Corps Master Sergeant Buck Doyle spent

variables of physical and mental duress.

a Tremor reticle, Follow Through Consulting

17 of his 21 years of service within the

The scoped carbine course is not a sniper

provides a loaner so students can maximize

Special Operations community. As a

course, not a precision rifle course, but rather

their learning experience.

Recon Marine, Doyle was responsible for

gunfighting at extended distances using the

conducting unconventional warfare, deep

maximum effective range of the shooter’s

confirm zero, we were quickly off to farther

reconnaissance, and direct-action operations

weapon system.

distances and more dynamic exercises. After

With the stage set, it’s time for the

in support of conventional units. Buck utilized

classroom session to acquaint students with

terrain in our vehicle convoy, we arrived at

Follow Through Consulting principles and

his philosophy and the basic operation of the

the next range. It wasn’t long before Doyle

course structure.

Tremor reticle system. With the Tremor reticle,

identified a teaching point, and that point was

The 3-Day Follow Through Consulting

you can quickly and easily range targets and

that not every day of shooting is going to be

Scoped Carbine Course focuses on the

hold for elevation and windage—using solely

sunshine and rainbows, as this particular day

03 UN12 / Issue 007

crawling up and over rugged, mountainous

the depths of his experience to structure his



Doyle kicked off day one with a short

After a brief stop at the 100-meter range to





Not every day is going to be sunshine and rainbows; freezing temperatures, snow, and mud are all possible variables.

The course teaches you how to quickly and easily range targets and hold for elevation and windage—solely using the Tremor3 reticle.



Unconventional shooting positions on a cold and wet shooting deck are all par for the course.

Along with target acquisition and accurate shooting, the course also teaches you to move with purpose.



TESTING GROUNDS Starting with your rifle and extra magazines, you move to the first barricade and begin engaging targets in the order and with the number of hits dictated by Doyle. Shooters are given no time to pull out any devices or tools—just enough to find the target, range it, and shoot. Before advancing, you scan the area for threats, identify your next shooting position—and then you move! When you arrive with your heart pumping, reticle bouncing erratically, and snow blowing across your face, you have to set up and make multiple hits on a 12-inch plate at 400+ meters. Maintaining a “stay in the fight” mindset is critical when encountering adversity, whether it’s an equipment malfunction, weather, fatigue, or any other variable. After completing the culmination exercise,

My primary setup for this course was an out-of-the-box Spike’s Tactical 6.5

the class loaded into vehicles and made way

Creedmoor. I went with their standard 22-inch Krieger barrel option to see if

to the one-mile range to push the students and

the length and/or weight would present difficulties in a course with dynamic

their equipment to their brink. At this range we

movements and unconventional shooting positions. First impression after

broke out ballistic computers and other shooting

visiting the 100m zero range: Wow… this thing is a hammer. The most

solutions to provide the most accurate data and

noticeable feature compared to other AR platforms was just how smooth the

best chance at achieving a hit. For the first time

gun operates. I know 6.5 Creedmoor is a smooth-shooting round with low

in three days, elevation holds were dialed into

felt recoil impulse, but I was able to maintain my sight picture and re-engage

saw freezing temperatures, snowfall, and a

There’s not always time for turret turning,

approach to using a barricade as both cover

the turrets to remove the chance of an inaccurate

without providing any input to the rifle. The Timney Calvin Elite AR trigger

muddy shooting deck.

calculators, or rangefinders during a gunfight,

and a shooting platform. The demonstration

reticle hold. In most cases, optics lack enough

had the crisp break Timney is known for and removed any impulse to yank it,

but knowing how to operate these tools

displayed the importance of moving to or

elevation within the reticle and turrets so a

translating to easily sub ½ MOA groups on paper.

as a practical application of the “12-inch

can ensure your holds are accurate if the

from a target with purpose and using angles

combination of dialing and holding is required

rule,” which is a simple formula allowing for

conditions permit. Movement should always

to your advantage while taking terrain into

to achieve the distances we were going to be

fast target engagement at extended ranges.

be purposeful and efficient; you need to have

consideration. Students then broke into


Based on mil measurements, the rule is

a destination, a reason to go, and a plan to

groups and applied the principles at their own

designed to get you on target out to 600

get there. Doyle’s Scoped Carbine Course

pace to ensure proper repetitions were being

equipped with Applied Ballistics software, we

meters. That being said, to use the formula is

is about employing your scoped carbine

performed they weren’t just going through the

began engaging targets between 850 and 1,760

to figure out what “number” your gun is. This

to its maximum capability from prone and

motions. Doyle shadowed students as they

meters. Students quickly identified just how

number is dictated by two primary variables:

unconventional positions under stress.

moved through snow and over natural terrain

much goes into making a shot at this range, and

from barricade to barricade, engaging targets

with Doyle providing instruction from behind the

This particular range was set up specifically

the ammunition you are using and the velocity

As the sun came up on day two it revealed

After a crash course in the Kestrel wind meter

at which your rifle propels that projectile out

a fresh snowfall, again setting the stage for

from 50 to 400 meters along the way. There

spotting scope several students made hits on all

of the barrel. A good starting point is a “10

a challenging day of movement-oriented

was no prize for fastest split time, or even a

targets. Although making a hit was certainly the

Gun.” However, keep in mind faster guns

drills. Doyle demonstrated a very systematic

timer present for that matter. Just shooting,

goal, those who didn’t identified why not, whether

use 9, while slower guns use 11 or even 12.

moving, and communicating with purpose

they needed to focus on their fundamentals or if

For example, using a 10 Gun, we would first

and efficiency according to the Follow

they had reached the limits of their equipment.

convert the 10 into 1.0 and measure the 12-

Through Consulting mantra.

inch target. If the target is 0.8 mils, subtract

The last day puts everything together in an

0.8 from 1.0 and you’ll get a 2-mil elevation

exercise that requires students to implement

skills. Training under moderate stress using natural

Brace Built Modern Carbine— MC7 (6mm Creedmoor)


skills learned in the previous days. Targets

terrain and the basic tools at your disposal pushes

In addition to shooting my 6.5 Creedmoor, I had the opportunity to put

are scattered at unknown distances and

you beyond the square range. You quickly figure

a Brace Built MC7 chambered in 6mm Creedmoor through its paces.

most are obscured from view until you’re

out your equipment’s limitations, along with your

Brace Built specially configured their MC7 for Buck Doyle to shoot 6mm

at the barricade from which you’ll engage.

own. Doyle creates a friendly and professional

Creedmoor. The quality of the build is top-notch and on par with the best in

atmosphere for students and in no way wears

the industry. Equipped with a Proof Research barrel, the already-lightweight

his experience on his sleeve or throws it in your

MC7 became even more manageable when running courses of fire. Although

face. His learning environment isn’t saturated with

I didn’t get to put any rounds on paper, I feel confident the results would be

endless war stories—just trigger time and the

½ MOA or better based on the groups seen on steel at distance. The almost

practical application of skills.

non-existent recoil of the 6mm cartridge was brought down even further by

[ UN12 ]

the NG2 Defense MaxFlo 3D rifle suppressor featuring a zero back-pressure


design. The MC7 was a well-suited platform for this course because its light

For more information on Buck Doyle

weight afforded maneuverability, and the low-recoil 6mm Creedmoor allowed

and Follow Through Consulting, visit:

for rapid engagements at extended ranges.

Most of the first day is spent between 300 and 800 meters learning to use the T3 reticle and reading the wind—lots of wind. There is no real square-range time or hours spent



working reloads and shaving down split times on equally spaced targets seven meters away. Targets are no larger than “man-sized” but are often quite a bit smaller, forcing shooters to be accurate with their mil measurements and consistent with their fundamentals. Emphasis is placed on knowing your equipment and how to utilize it, using the latest technology where possible but not being a slave to it.


Spike’s Tactical 6.5 Creedmoor Roadhouse Precision Rifle

UN12 / Issue 007


The course demonstrates systematic approches to using barricades as both cover and as shooting platforms.

02 Doyle shadows students as they move across the terrain, engaging targets from 50 to 400 meters along the way.

Follow Through Consulting’s Scoped Carbine Course provides practical, usable, real-world




Boresight Solutions Text & Images by CHARLES “CHIP” LASKY


first heard about Boresight Solutions well over a decade ago from my friend and mentor, Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical.

When I asked him why his trusty .45 had been replaced with

being molded. Today, everyone who offers professional grip work

an M&P9, he replied: “Chip, my Hebrew brother, my hands just

on polymer pistols will cut borders. But Ben was the first. And like

can’t take the 1911 anymore.” I’d had a fondness for the M&P9

every service Boresight offers, it’s for more than just looks.

and was carrying one in class myself. But there was something

at classes. Some were professionally done, while others were

I immediately realized the grip seemed to fit in my hand so much

homemade with soldering irons. While I certainly wanted to send

better than mine. When I asked him if it was a special edition, he

my pistols off for professional work, I had a hard time justifying the

replied that he had sent it to Ben Simonson at Boresight Solutions

expense. I worked up the courage to take a soldering iron to my

for a complete workover.

M&P9. How hard could it be? The final product didn’t turn out half bad, but it still didn’t compare to the work the pros do. It wasn’t

customizations on polymer pistols. Ben was one of the first to

until I got back to my roots with a Glock that I decided to reach out

make customization a mainstream thing. I’ll be so bold as to say he

to Boresight.

was the first to successfully blend organic aesthetic forms and true

UN12 / Issue 007

I started seeing a lot of customized plastic pistols online and

different about Pat’s blaster. He let me shoot it during lunch and

Back then, there were very few shops that were doing quality


The aggressive new texture on Pat’s M&P was contained within perfectly cut borders that looked so clean you’d mistake them for

By that time the market was saturated with custom shops,

function. Almost every meaningful pistol plastic surgery feature

each trying to stand out by offering some proprietary design. It

offered by almost every pistol plastic surgery shop was developed

was a competition to see who could make the most outlandish

or perfected by Boresight Solutions.

modification to a $500 pistol. What’s more, 99% of these mods


Customization: Boresight Solutions were 100% aesthetics-driven, appealing to

from the fields of Valhalla, he was still bringing

was going to be a build according to my needs and

guys who want their guns to look like gas

good people together.

wants rather than an assembly-line process.

station knives. Meanwhile, I kept seeing

While I was “satisfied” with the work I’d

Boresight Solutions continue to build functional,

done on my M&P9 frame, I wanted to tackle a

beautiful guns with meaningful upgrades.

Glock. The M&P already has good ergonomics,

After a long conversation with Don Edwards

so all I was doing was adding texture. Glock

(, I called Boresight.

ergonomics have always been lacking. I wanted

There are a handful of other shops I would trust,

a pro to take my G19X to the next level with a

but Boresight was the first to catch my eye. I

full grip job. By sending it to Boresight, I was

also sort of felt that doing so was an homage to

guaranteed a result.

my mentor, Pat Rogers. Ben Simonson is a veteran SOF warfighter

To me, anything worth doing is worth

The big thing I knew I wanted was the Level 1 Grip Package with a Razorback Backstrap. Boresight’s Below: Unlike stippling, Boresight’s combat-proven, heat-embossed grip texture allows skin to roll in for grip but not get torn up.

over-doing. I reached out to Simonson and

who after discharging sought further training

quickly found a kindred spirit. He radiates

to continue honing his skills. Just because you

passion for what he does. He has been doing

hang up your uniform doesn’t mean the sword

this since 2002 and is still the guy you will

goes with it. Pat Rogers was on the range, in

talk to when undergoing your customization

full kit, teaching warriors the finer points of

interview. During my interview he quizzed me

gunfighting less than a week before passing

on my height, weight, hand size, hand shape/

away. The fact that Pat first introduced me to

proportions, grip style, preferences, and more.

Boresight is of no small consequence; even

It was immediately apparent that this project

proprietary grip altering process is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. I can’t go into too much detail on how they do it, but the result is that the outside surface is 100% factory polymer. The inside of the grip is reinforced to the point where it is arguably stronger than before. Not only was the frame reprofiled to fit my “high grip” shooting style, the addition of the Razorback helps push the muzzle

Opposite: The Razorback Backstrap option moves the backstrap hump higher on the grip, which helps push the muzzle flat during presentation.

flat during presentation (Glocks are notorious for “muzzle high” presentations). It made the whole gun feel like a true extension of my hand. The Razorback changes the way the backstrap of a traditional Glock fits in the hand. Rather than a “press-fit” that requires the lower rear hump to mash into the palm while leaving the center of the hand empty, the Razorback literally creates a “ball and socket” interface. By raising the hump, the center of my palm is filled and I have more surface contact with the pistol. This translates into more control. The work is executed beautifully. Ben describes it as “Organic Aesthetics.” In a firearm, function should always drive the form. Boresight designs, processes, and execution are easily mistaken for factory production. The texture is achieved through heat embossing, not stippling. Stippling is peening metal with a punch. Ben designed the signature Boresight texture to provide the greatest amount of grip for the

“Each build is performed according to the customer’s needs; it is not an assemblyline process.”


UN12 / Issue 007

Boresight Solutions


Customization: Boresight Solutions shooter’s hand without resembling a cheese

index points as another place to leverage

gunfighters, for gunfighters.” I require things to be

grater. The theory is based on mud tire tread,

the gun for recoil control and to reacquire my

purposeful—but it never hurts if something

where the depressions are large enough to

second sight picture.

looks good.

displace liquid. Boresight’s depressions are

The process turned my Glock19X into an

Ben Simonson built Boresight Solutions into

sized to allow skin to roll in for grip but not get

ergonomic sculpture. The complete reshaping

one of the best custom shops in the United States.

cut up. The texture is combat-proven. Framed

of the grip gives me increased control and

Word of mouth is their advertising and their guns

by Boresight’s signature impeccable borders,

handling of the pistol. It also looks like it

it looks amazing. However, the borders aren’t

was factory molded. The attention to detail

just for looks, but a very function-driven design

and execution display the mark of a true

element. While the texture package is not so

professional. But don’t just take my word for it.

aggressive that it destroys your hand, the edges

There’s something therapeutic about sitting

can be quite sharp. When plastic is displaced

down for a few hours and texturing plastic

with heat, it raises up. It’s not bad over wide

with a soldering iron, but the result will not

surfaces, but the edges need to be tamed. The

have the same lasting functional and aesthetic

borders create a soft transition of sharp edges

properties as a professional job. That said,

rolling into the valley. The recessed index points

there are myriad professionals to choose

farther up on the frame look great, but they have

from. Some do legit grip jobs with meaningful,

a function too. Because the polymer raises,

aesthetically functional touches. Others

these recessed index points protect the texture

copy techniques developed by the pioneers.

from premature holster wear. I like having the

Boresight work is what I would call “by

are their business cards. So far I’ve sent two Below Right: Boresight founder Ben Simonson (with the tats) remains very involved with day-to-day operations.

“Boresight work is what you might call ‘by gunfighters, for gunfighters.’”

pistols to Boresight Solutions and will be sending more. Boresight doesn’t have a fleet of Instagram superstars on the payroll, nor do they officially sponsor anyone. Instead, Ben looks to personal relationships. He has a select few professional instructors who offer discount codes to alumni. If you’ve had training by one of these select few

Bottom: Boresight channels and borders don’t just look good; they also serve a functional purpose.

instructors, you already have a code. [ UN12 ]

For more information, visit

Made Their Mark Boresight Solutions is not the only custom shop out there, but there’s an impressive list of “firsts” to the name.

or follow them on Facebook at Boresight Solutions LLC and Instagram @boresightsolutions.


reprofiles the factory magwell to a

a truly functional grip modification that is

provide a little more flare for faster mag

also visually appealing. Early customizers

insertion. It also lines up perfectly with the

didn’t seem to care much about

Raven Concealment Freya Magwell. A

aesthetics. Boresight was the first to

testament to URMOM is that Glock has

create “shootable sculptures” that were

actually started doing this at the factory

desirable for their function and form.

with the Gen 5 series.

2. BORDERS – Originally an aesthetic

7. MEMORY GROOVE – The Memory

feature, borders help transition the sharp

Groove is an undercut on the lower side

edge of displaced polymer from the heat

of the trigger guard to provide an index

application. Texture edges are protected,

point for the support hand, helping to

along with the shooter’s skin.

achieve a consistent grip on the pistol. It also helps create fore/aft leverage on

3. GLOVE BEVEL – A beveled lead-in to

the pistol.

the trigger guard was originally proposed by Miami Dade SRT Officers. It provides a


better recess to allow more gloved hand

SCALLOP – Boresight was not the first to

access to the trigger.

scallop the entrance to the Mag Release, but was the first create enough of a

4. RAZORBACK – This is a nod to Ben’s

scallop that offered functionality while

fondness of the Browning Hi-Power. The

maintaining structural integrity.

raised Razorback bump creates a ball/ socket interface with the hand, giving


shooters more palm-to-grip contact.

index points were a thing before Ben started, Boresight was the first to recess

5. LEVEL 2 REDUCTION – Boresight

them. This is a very tricky area to work

pioneered the strongest and most

on when modifying pistol frames. Index

aesthetically pleasing full grip reduction

points provide a great spot to place your

with a secret polymer welding technique

support hand thumb and trigger finger

that leaves all outside grip surfaces with

when not shooting, but they need to

original factory plastic while increasing

be done correctly. Simply texturing the

structural integrity of the grip. This grip-

plastic will cause it to raise proud of the

reducing technique is especially well-

surface and will quickly wear down with

suited to shooters with smaller hands

holster use. Removing lots of material to

and/or shorter fingers.

reshape this area significantly reduces structural integrity of a critical slide/frame


UN12 / Issue 007


area that sees a lot of strain. Recessing


the area allows texturing to be present

And people say Ben doesn’t have a

without exposing it to wear or reducing

sense of humor. URMOM essentially

frame integrity.




Buyer’s Guide

Rifle Hard Case Guide Text by MARTIN ANDERS Images by JEFF CHEN


UN12 / Issue 007


: : 10 hard-sided cases for firearm and firearm accessory transport : : Details on the protective foam interior : : Dimensions, weight, MSRP and more

rguably one of the coolest gun toting

If flying isn’t in the cards but you still intend on

accessories you can buy, the hard case

travelling with your gear, such as driving to a

is useful for much more than just looking cool.

range, a lighter case could be an advantage

(Although we’d be hard pressed to beat the look

when loading it into your vehicle and lugging it

of a hard case with gear placed in a perfectly

around the range. If you shoot or travel in areas

outfitted foam insert.) Hard-sided cases provide

that have plenty of dust or rain, you’ll want to

physical protection for your investments.

look for a case that is water-resistant or even


When combined with impact-absorbing foam or a protective bag on the inside, a hard case is a good way to safely travel with your gear in tow. With so many cases available, just how should you decide on choosing one? A few factors to consider when looking at a hard case include its durability and your intended use, as well as environmental factors. Consider how heavy your payload is. The weight of multiple rifles, optics, and other accessories packed into a single case can quickly add up. A quality


“If you intend on flying with your firearms as checked baggage, a heavy-duty case that’s lockable so it cannot be pried open on any side is key to satisfying TSA requirements.”

case made of heavier

If you’re looking for custom-fit interior foam, some companies now


Exterior Dimensions: 47.5 x 16 x 6.5 in. Interior Dimensions: 44 x 14 x 5 in.

offer bespoke foam

Foam: Pull and pluck

treatments either as a

Warranty: Lifetime

service or in the form of

Weight: 23 lbs, 14 oz.

precut foam that fits most

allows you to pluck out

Special Features: Cedar Mills employed TSA and private security guards to test and vet this case for current policies regarding the transportation and carry of firearms on aircraft. Made to flex but not break, it keeps valuables safe from impact by distributing pressure over a larger area. An IP67 rating keeps dust and water out of the case for situations with severe weather.

pre-cut cubes of foam so

MSRP: $300

you can easily configure


rifle setups. If you want to do it yourself, most cases are available with pull-and-pluck foam that

your own layout. Traditional weak points for lesser cases include the latches, hinges, wheels, and handles. If any of those features fail,

Our 2¢: Made to shrug off anything in its way, this case even floats if subjected to water. If you’re looking for a case that can take some major abuse, you’ll want to look into this one. At the time of this article’s writing, this case was selling for $200, $100 off the MSRP.

the case is done. From our

materials can hold up to the

experience, the mantra

extra weight of being fully loaded. Keep in mind,

“buy once, cry once” certainly applies to hard

however, that even if the case is equipped with

cases. Quality cases aren’t cheap, but they’re

wheels, an overloaded case can be difficult to

well worth the investment. Let’s take a look

roll around or load into a vehicle.

some of the leaders in the hard case realm. We

If you intend on flying with your firearms as


Cedar Mills


focused our search on rifle cases meant for 36-

checked baggage, a heavy-duty case that’s

to 42-inch rifles, but many of these cases are

lockable so it cannot be pried open on any side

also available in other sizes.

is key to satisfying TSA requirements.

[ UN12 ]



Exterior Dimensions: 46.34 x 17.72 x 6.22 in. Interior Dimensions: 43.3 x 14.57 x 5.51 in. Foam: Pull and pluck Warranty: Limited lifetime Weight: 19 lbs, 6.4 oz. Special Features: Waterproof (IP67), dustproof, antistatic body, automatic pressure release valve, easy-to-open latches, durable wheels, fold-down soft-feel-grip handles, stackable, chemical-resistant, and corrosionproof. MSRP: $320 URL: Our 2¢: Elephant’s rifle case checks all the boxes in terms of the essentials. Dust and waterproof, it’s equipped with auto pressure release and has quality latches, nice-feeling handles, and plenty of interior space. It is the priciest case in this guide, however, and for the price we’d like to see steel-reinforced lock hasps.


UN12 / Issue 007





Exterior Dimensions: 42.92 x 15.35 x 5.91 in. Interior Dimensions: 39.76 x 12.59 x 4.92 in. Foam: Pull and pluck Warranty: 5-year guarantee with product registration

Exterior Dimensions: 43 x 17 x 6 in. Interior Dimensions: 40 x 13.75 x 4 in. Foam: Pre-cut Warranty: Unlisted

Special Features: IP67 water-resistant, crush-proof, dust-resistant, easy-open latches, O-ring seal, integrated wheels, ergonomic folding top and side handles, two padlock holes on front edge for gun locks, strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings.

Weight: 10 lbs

MSRP: $139

MSRP: $80



Our 2¢: A great option for the price (street price is only $99), this case does what’s asked of it without any problems. It’s well-built to fend off water and dust while keeping your guns and gear from being crushed. Those looking for a great value will want to look into this case.

Our 2¢: The lightest case in this guide, the Economy AR Case also carries the lowest price tag, and we love the precut foam that will fit most any AR setup. This case isn’t equipped with wheels and seems more suited for light duty instead of rough-andtumble treatment.



Exterior Dimensions: 44.37 x 16 x 6.12 in. Interior Dimensions: 42 x 13.5 x 5.25 in. Foam: Pull and pluck Warranty: Limited lifetime Weight: 20 lbs, 8 oz.

Special Features: Designed to secure two rifles or a combination with optics and gear, waterproof protection up to one meter, crushproof, dust-proof, resistant to mold/fungus/ corrosive chemicals, pressure-equalization valve, stackable, meets TSA requirements. MSRP: $140 URL: Our 2¢: We like the look and feel of this case. Its size is generous enough to carry multiple firearms with accessories, and it feels like it can take a beating and not skip a beat.

UN12 / Issue 007


Weight: 13 lbs, 3.6 oz.




Patriot Cases

Special Features: Lightweight, six molded holes for secure locking, pre-cut high-density 2.2-pound polyethylene foam impervious to cleaning oils and moisture, AR case foam fits virtually every build design, stackable, wide easy-open latches.



Exterior Dimensions: 41.25 x 15.25 x 7 in. Interior Dimensions: 38 x 13 x 5.5 in. Foam: Pre-cut, felt-covered Warranty: Unconditionally guaranteed Weight: 14 lbs

Special Features: Air- and water-tight, pre-cut felt-covered foam, two levels (top level holds one standard 36” AR), three-layer system offers premium protection, includes a reusable desiccant to keep the interior dry, optional solid brass engraved plate. MSRP: $229 URL: Our 2¢: We can’t get enough of this case. It’s sleek, feels and looks deceivingly small but packs double layers of pre-cut foam ready to take your arsenal on the go. Its build quality feels great and it’s fitted with robust handles and latches.



SKB Cases



Exterior Dimensions: 56.11 x 19.15 x 6.65 in.

Exterior Dimensions: 39 x 17 x 7 in.

Interior Dimensions: 53 x 16 x 6 in.

Interior Dimensions: 36.5 x 14.5 x 6 in.

Foam: Uncut

Foam: Pull and pluck

Warranty: 1 year limited

Warranty: Lifetime

Weight: 24 lbs, 15.2 oz.

Weight: 16 lbs, 10 oz.

Special Features: Confidently carries two scoped rifles, crush-proof, dust-proof, weather-resistant, heavy-duty handles, six easy-open push-button latches, four stainless steel lock hasps for extra security, five layers of protective foam.

Special Features: AR cavity has adjustable pull-out foam plugs to accommodate overall lengths up to 35”, six separate accessory cavities, in-line skate-style wheels for easy transport, padlock holes include stainless steel protector clips, waterproof and dusttight design, ambient pressure equalization valve, resistant to UV/solvents/ corrosion/ fungus.

MSRP: $200 URL: Our 2¢: Pelican’s reputation for quality and durability is legendary. The V800 Vault is the largest case in this guide and will carry more than enough gear for your next trip. We like how it has five layers of foam and that its lock hasps are reinforced with steel for extra protection and security.


URL: Our 2¢: SKB is a trusted brand and this iSeries case backs up the company’s wellfounded reputation. We like the ruggedly built feel of this go-anywhere case. It’s got tall Rollerblade-style wheels for smooth rolling over rough surfaces and is impervious to the elements.




Foam: Pull and pluck

Exterior Dimensions: 46.6 x 16.7 x 6.8 in.

Warranty: Limited

Interior Dimensions: 44.5 x 14.3 x 6.2 in.

Weight: 19 lbs

Foam: Pull and pluck

Special Features: Plano’s AW2 cases feature a continuous Dri-Loc seal to create a watertight and dust-proof shield to fend off the most extreme conditions. Built-in locks, heavy-duty, dual-stage lockable latches and a built-in pressure release valve help the case withstand jarring travel by land, air, or sea.

Weight: 19 lbs, 9.6 oz. Special Features: Ideal for rifles, shotguns, and bows, customizable dual-layer prescored cubed foam, stable wide-tracked wheels, meets MIL-STD-810F and IEC 60529: IP67 waterproof and MIL-STD-3010C impact resistance standards, automatic pressure equalization system. MSRP: $250 URL: Our 2¢: Seahorse is a trusted name that builds cases for other brands in the industry. The 1530F feels like it’s built to take on any environment, from dust to water to high altitudes. We like its wide-tracked wheels for stability over uneven terrain.

UN12 / Issue 007

MSRP: $260

Seahorse Protective Cases

Warranty: Lifetime guarantee





Exterior Dimensions: 53.5 x 17 x 7 in.

Interior Dimensions: 51.5 x 14 x 5.5 in.

MSRP: $180 URL: Our 2¢: We found that Plano’s AW2 case covered all our checklist items in terms of protective features and then some at a very reasonable price. The two outer latches of the case include built-in locks and the wheels make the case easy to roll.



“He’s long admired those ‘pretty’ Glocks that grace his Instagram feed and wanted one for himself. He thought this SS80 project would be the perfect excuse to go down that road.”

: : Grey Ghost Precision Slide : : Based on a GlockStore SS80 Frame : : Chambered in 9mm


UN12 / Issue 007








Light An Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie mounts to a slightly modified Recover Tactical GR43 rail adapter.

“It was unheard of or at least rare to see red dots on carry pistols until a few years ago. Nowadays, red dots seem to be all the rage, even on conceal-carry weapons.” f you’re going to carry a

Stark stands 6 feet, 2 inches, weighs

Stark promptly ordered one, along

those “pretty” Glocks that grace his

concealed pistol, you might as

about 250 pounds, and has rather large

with a laundry list of parts to build his

Instagram feed and wanted one for

well do it with style. That’s what Daniel

mitts. He told us he hadn’t had much

single-stack Glock 43-style pistol.

himself. He thought that this SS80

Stark thought as he planned the build

luck fitting his hands on smaller-framed

He said after completing the frame,

project would be the perfect excuse to

for his first subcompact pistol. The pistol

pistols in the past, so he’s generally

which he reports required a separately

go down that road. He first contacted

had to be slim, lightweight, comfortable

avoided them.

available SS80 builder’s tool set,

Alex at Tactical Arms & Manufacturing

Being someone who enjoys using

the SS80 was straightforward and a

for Cerakote work. “I saw one of Alex’s

his hands to create, the bug of building

breeze to finish. He assembled the

IG posts of a SIG Sauer P320 that he

Stark has always been a Glock fan.

80% firearms really bit him hard. He

pistol to perform a function test and

Cerakoted, and I fell in love with its

For as long as he’s been shooting, he’s

first started with an 80% AR receiver

realized that, due to the size of his

MultiCam Arid pattern and the mixture

been flying the Glock flag high and

and moved onto Polymer80’s line of

hands, it would require a magazine

of Patriot Brown, Desert Sand, Magpul

proud. His collection of the venerable

Glock-compatible pistol frames. When

extension so his ring finger and pinky

FDE, and Troy Coyote Tan colors on

polymer-framed pistols, up until he

the Glock 43 was introduced, Stark was

had something to rest on. He would

the slide and the solid Magpul FDE

built the featured subcompact G43,

curious about its single-stack format. It

address that shortcoming in the form

on the frame,” Stark says. “I decided

had exclusively included models with

didn’t take much for him to talk himself

of an extended magazine, but we’ll get

I had to have that same paint job on

full-sized frames. “I never really got

into going all-in on the single-stack

back to that later.

my SS80.”

comfortable shooting smaller guns like

frame when he found out GlockStore

subcompacts because of my meaty

came out with their own version, called

his collection, not many have been

Precision for stipple work. He follows

hands and body type,” he explains.

the SS80.

fully customized. He’s long admired

them on IG and didn’t hesitate to


in his hand, and it had to be easy and familiar to use.

Configuration A


UN12 / Issue 007

Although he had many Glocks in

Next, he went with Dark Side

Internals A titanium-coated striker and safety plunger from GlockStore further enhance this pistol’s inner workings.



call on them for frame enhancements. After

with the other, because the T-Comp reduces

a short wait, he got his frame back and

muzzle rise and felt recoil and makes for

couldn’t be happier with the results. To make

much quicker target re-acquisitions. I’m

his large hands feel more at home on the

actually thinking about doing some steel

pint-sized pistol, he elected to step up to

matches in the open division with this bad

a drop-in trigger by CMC. Of the Glock 43

boy just for fun.”

compatible trigger, Stark says, “I was worried

and SS80 80% frame do not come with a rail

pistol, so I appreciate the L-shape of their

provision for frame-mounted accessories.

signature flat Glock trigger. Its tactile shape

Leave it to the aftermarket to come up with

helps me place my index finger so it’s where

a solution. Recover Tactical’s GR43 rail

it needs to be every time.”

adapter for the Glock 43 frame isn’t a 100%

It was unheard of or at least rare to see red

match with the SS80 frame, but was close

dots on carry pistols until a few years ago.

enough for Stark to slightly modify it to fit.

Nowadays red dots seem to be all the rage,

After shaving parts of the rail adapter, he

even on conceal-carry weapons. Curious

attached an Olight PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie light to

about trying the setup for himself, Stark

it. The Olight unit seems to perfectly match

looked for a G43-compatible slide that was

the lines and size of the G43, as many

pre-cut for mounting his preferred red dot,

of the pistol’s owners

the Shield RMSc. The Shield RMSc was

can attest. Stark

designed specifically for use on the Glock

explains one of

43. Due to the G43’s slim profile, most if

his favorite

not all other micro red dots will not fit on

features of the

the slide. “If I was to build an EDC gun with

light: “When

a red dot,” Stark adds, “I had to have the

it’s stored

smallest red dot, and there’s nothing smaller

at night, the

than the RMSc. I like how the RMSc has a

USB charging

rear backup sight built in, so all I would need

cable is easy

is to pair a standard front sight with it.” He

to attach with its

completed his aiming setup with a tritium

magnetic charging

front sight by Warren Tactical.

capability, just like an

After a search for possible slides, he

to charge, there’s no reason

is one of the only companies that makes

the light shouldn’t always

G43-compatible slides that come with a

be charged.” the guts of the pistol, Stark

milled with GGP’s V1 slide pattern I it. The

wanted to make sure that it ran

simple serrations look good while giving his

reliably. “Having all the right accessories

hands some extra grip, and without being

can make or break the feel of the pistol,” he

so aggressive that they might tear up his

tells us. “A carry pistol may even be called

clothes. A V2 slide pattern is also available

upon to save a life. The magazine release,

for those looking for something even more

slide stop, and slide cover not only look


better than an OEM Glock part but also add

to primarily serve as a concealed-carry piece. So why does Stark’s gun have a

over factory parts.” He continues: “Making sure the gun is reliable adds to peace of mind. Installing a

comps on carry guns; Stark explained that

GlockStore extended tip striker so there are

his carry setup for this pistol actually does

never any light strikes matters to me. And I

not include the comp. He uses a non-

hope to never have to make sure it works,

threaded GGP Match Grade barrel for carry

but I also installed Ghost Inc. Turbo Maritime

and changes to a True Precision Stainless

Spring Cups that allow the pistol to be fired

Threaded barrel with an attached Tyrant

underwater, just in case there’s ever some

Designs T-Comp for range-time fun.

underwater shooting situations.” Now that’s

the option to carry with one setup and also have the option of a good time at the range

UN12 / Issue 007

A Tyrant Designs mag extension adds three extra rounds and plenty of extra area for big hands.

texture and grip to give me better control

compensator on it? Say what you will about

Of the two configurations, he says, “I have


When it came to outfitting

precut. The SPG43-RMS slide he chose was

As you’ll recall, this pistol was built

A non-threaded GGP barrel for carry, a True Precision threaded barrel and Tyrant Designs T-Comp for range.

Apple Watch. It’s so easy

found that Grey Ghost Precision (GGP)

provision for the Shield Sights RMS red dot


Surprisingly, both the factory Glock 43

about my sausage fingers fitting on a small

“Surprisingly, both the factory Glock 43 and SS80 80% frame do not come with a rail provision for frame-mounted accessories. Leave it to the aftermarket to come up with a solution.”


making sure your pistol is good to go in almost any scenario! With a pistol this small, magazine and



Trigger The CMC drop-in unit features an L-shape to help the shooter place his trigger finger.

“Stark says he’s still getting used to its slim, single-stack size, but he mentioned that the stipple job, the magazine extensions, and the L-shaped trigger have helped him control and manipulate the small pistol without any problems.” magazine extension choices are that much


Configuration B


UN12 / Issue 007

slim, single-stack size of the pistol, but he

7-round mags because their clear bodies

mentioned that the stipple job, the long

allow you to see ammo count at a glance.

magazine extensions, and the L-shaped

The mags also work the three different

CNC trigger have helped his large hands

extensions he bought for this build, too.

control and manipulate the small pistol

The Tyrant Designs magazine extension

without any problems.

is the largest, gives three rounds of added

Dark Side Precision provided the texturing for the GlockStore SS80 frame.

Magazine Recover Tactical’s extension has a pocket clip and just enough real estate for a pinky finger.

Stark says he’s still getting used to the

more important. Stark went with ETS

“I’m excited to break this puppy in

capacity, and leaves plenty of room for

and get comfortable with smallest pistol

larger hands. The extension by TangoDown

I’ve ever owned,” Stark proclaims,

adds a two-round capacity and leaves

unmistakably happy about how his

Stark with no fingers falling off it. The most

concealed-carry pistol project turned out.

compact extension, by Recover Tactical,

“Now that I’m a bit more used to handling a

has a nice clip for a pocket and has just

subcompact, I might try to customize a SIG

enough real estate that his pinky doesn’t go

Sauer P365 next if this G43 works out.”

wild under recoil.

[ UN12 ]




Daniel Stark’s Custom Glock 43 Specifications Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 7 to 10 + 1 (depending on the mag extension) Barrel: GGP Match Grade (3.41 in.); True Precision Stainless Threaded (3.85 in.) Overall Length: 6.5 in. Weight Unloaded: 1 lb, 4.3 oz. (carry configuration) Coating: Cerakote by Tactical Arms & Manufacturing Stippling: Dark Side Precision Slide: Grey Ghost Precision SPG43-RMS V1 Frame: GlockStore SS80 80%

Featured Accessories Sights: Warren Tactical Series Glock 42/43/49 Tritium Front Sight Optic: Sheild Sights RMSc (4 MOA) Magazine: ETS 7-Round (9mm) Parts & Accessories: CMC Triggers Drop-In Glock Trigger, Tyrant Designs CNC Glock 43, 43x, 48 T-Comp Compensator For Threaded Barrel, Olight Technology PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie, Recover Tactical GR43 Rail Adapter, Elite Tactical Systems ETS 7-Round Mag, Tyrant Designs CNC Glock 43 Magazine Extension, TangoDown Vickers Tactical +2 Magazine Extension, Recover Tactical MC43 Magazine Clip w/ Finger Extension, TangoDown Vickers Tactical Slide Stop, GlockStore Precision Extended Slide Lock, Tyrant Designs CNC Glock Slide Cover Plate, GlockStore Extended Tip Skeletonized Striker, GlockStore G43 Reduced Power Tungsten Guide Rod, GlockStore Titanium Coated Safety Plunger for Glock 43/43x/48, Ghost Inc. Turbo Maritime Spring Cups for Gen 1-5, X & 42/43, Tyrant Designs CNC Glock Extended Magazine Release, Command Tactical Complete Glock OEM Upper & Lower Parts Kit

About the Owner Name: Daniel Stark Occupation: Physical Therapist Special Thanks: The wife and children. For all the help: Alex @ Tactical Arms & Manufacturing, Dan @ GlockStore, Ryan @ Grey Ghost Precision, Figg @ Dark Side Precision, Ken @ Shield Sights, Brett @ CMC Triggers, Jason @ True Precision, Tom @ Tyrant Designs, Taylor @ Olight, Ron @ Recover Tactical, Erin @ Tangodown



UN12: The biggest and freshest firearms magazine focuses on customization and individuality. Dealers wanted: UN12 is a premium and limited magazine that is not available on newsstands. It is only available online and through specialty shops like yours. Join up as a UN12 retailer and we’ll drive customers to you. If you would like to carry UN12, contact us at today.


UN12 / Issue 007


“What started out as simply replicas of our favorite firearms has gradually turned into a phenomenon that is enjoyed by countless individuals worldwide.”

Replicants Text by JOHN SCOTT Images by LAUREN SHORT


t wasn’t long ago that the boundary between airsoft and real guns was a well-defined, hard-

edged line. This once clearly delineated border has steadily become more blurred over the years largely thanks to meticulous airsoft designers and openminded firearms trainers and users.


UN12 / Issue 007


Kriss Vector SDP

F1 Firearms BDR-15-G3 Skeletonized Rifle

vs. Krytac Kriss Vector

vs. EMG F1 Firearms BDR-15-G3

Specs Real Gun Weight: 7 lbs, 5 oz. Airsoft Weight: 6 lbs Real Gun MSRP: Starting at $2,050 Airsoft MSRP: $365 Real Gun URL: Airsoft URL:


“In the past, airsoft has been a polarizing subject amongst some firearms enthusiasts.”

Real Gun Weight: 6 lbs, 10 oz. Airsoft Weight: 5 lbs, 13 oz. Real Gun MSRP: Starting at $1,349 Airsoft MSRP: $449 Real Gun URL: Airsoft URL:

Airsoft Similarities • Unique serial numbers on every individual F1 Firearms airsoft rifle

Airsoft Similarities • 1:1 scale

• 1:1 scale

• Accurate controls and ergonomics

• Accurate controls and ergonomics

• Almost exact handing characteristics

• Almost exact handing characteristics

• Unloaded weights are only about a pound off, the airsoft version being the lighter one

• Fits real AR stocks, optics, lights, rail accessories i

Airsoft Differences

Airsoft Differences

• No recoil

• No recoil

• Powered by rechargeable battery

• Powered by rechargeable battery

• Weights are similar unloaded, but with the addition of ammo in the real gun it will considerably outweigh its airsoft counterpart

• Weights are similar unloaded, but with the addition of ammo in the real gun it will considerably outweigh its airsoft counterpart

powered motor or compressed gas. If a plastic

most part their internal architecture differs quite

purpose within the firearms world. It is enjoyed

one of the largest airsoft stores in the nation,

but many of the details looked toy-like... and

favorite firearms has gradually turned into a

What started out as simply replicas of our

BB hits you, it will definitely sting and may

a bit from the real thing.

in a host of different ways, including in military

to get caught up on the latest in airsoft. A little

the weight and feel of it left much to be desired.

phenomenon that is enjoyed by countless

even break the skin, but shouldn’t cause more

simulation roles, in collector displays, in

background first—this author first handled

While perusing the latest guns and gear at Evike,

individuals worldwide. For those who may not

damage than that if protective gear is worn.

subject amongst some firearms enthusiasts.

competition shooting practice, and it has even

an airsoft gun a little over a decade ago. At

I was surprised at just how realistically detailed

be familiar with them, airsoft guns are detailed

Superficially, they may look like real guns and

Some look at them as toys for tactical wannabes

been incorporated into force-on-force law

the time, I thought that the M1A1 Thompson

airsoft guns are now and just as surprised to see

replica guns that fire 6mm plastic ball-shaped

many can even take real accessories such as

while others view them as bonafide training

enforcement and military training.

submachine gun replica I got a chance to shoot

so many familiar real gun brands represented on

projectiles and are operated via a battery-

buttstocks, handguards, and optics, but for the

tools. Over time, airsoft has found legitimate

was passable in terms of overall appearance,

the shelves.


UN12 / Issue 007

In the past, airsoft has been a polarizing

We visited our friends at Evike (,


Glock 17 Gen 3

Which one is the replica?

vs. Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 3


Answers below.




Real Gun Weight: 1 lb, 11 oz. Airsoft Weight: 1 lb, 13 oz. Real Gun MSRP: Starting at $540 Airsoft MSRP: Starting at $130 Real Gun URL: Airsoft URL:


Airsoft Similarities • Unique serial numbers on every individual airsoft G17 • 1:1 scale • Accurate controls and ergonomics • Almost exact handing characteristics • Unloaded weights are almost identical • Fits rail accessories

“Some of our edgier ideas can be tested on an airsoft before we do it to the real thing.”



Airsoft Differences • Powered by compressed CO2 or Green Gas • Less felt recoil felt on the gas-powered airsoft G17


• Slide coloration and material is different (aluminum vs. steel) • Weights are similar unloaded, but with the addition of ammo in the real gun it will considerably outweigh its airsoft counterpart

We examined a few officially licensed airsoft

firearms customization. We enjoy decking out

Regardless of how you view airsoft guns,

guns including an F1 Firearms BDR-15-G3

our gear in custom colors and with hard-to-

it’s hard not to marvel at just how accurate

Skeletonized Rifle, a Glock 17 Gen 3, and a Kriss

acquire parts or handmade pieces. This desire

they have become in terms of look, feel, and

Vector SDP pistol, and then compared them to

to turn what’s in our imagination into reality does

sometimes even function. Join us as we

their real-life counterparts. Eagle-eyed gun guys

come with a price tag, however. After handling

examine just how impressive the likenesses

and gals can probably point out which one is

these airsoft replicas, it occurred to us that

are between airsoft and the real deal.

which, but most likely only after looking into the

perhaps some of our creativity can be applied

We’re willing to bet that the resemblances

minute details. You’d probably agree that it is

to airsoft at a generous cost savings—or some

are much better than anything you see at

difficult to differentiate the two at first glance.

of our edgier ideas can be tested on an airsoft

Madame Tussauds.

before we do it to the real thing.

[ UN12 ]

As you probably already know, UN12 loves




UN12 / Issue 007



Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset Text & Images by CHARLES “CHIP” LASKY

here are literally tons of options to choose

retrofitted with an audio package that allowed

headset. But a closer look reveals removable

from when looking at ear protection. And

radio connectivity through a PTT (Push To Talk)

covers on both ear cups concealing ports for

all of these options have options, too. Military,

switch. PTTs were radio-specific and allowed

plugging in downleads for PTTs and boom

law enforcement, and other professional

users to have comms transmissions beamed

mics. The headband assembly secures via

organizations have a duty to provide their

right into their ears.

a streamlined arm that’s easily removable.


personnel with adequate hearing protection and

Like most products developed for

While the AMP can be used as a standalone

communication equipment. We don’t know a

warfighters, electronic ear-pro systems

electronic noise-cancelling headset,

single current or former infantryman or LEO who

made incremental “improvements” over the

components purchased a-la-cart can convert

is not suffering from some level of permanent

years. These were mainly band-aid solutions

it into practically endless configurations. We

hearing damage (including, but not limited to,

designed to meet new requirements from

were amazed at how simple the whole process

tinnitus and hearing loss). It’s a serious problem

warfighters but translated by staff personnel

was. Need to add a boom mic? No problem.

considering hearing damage/loss can contribute

who had little or no combat experience.

Need to switch sides for a lefty? Give us 10

to neurological issues. The GWOT has seen

The results met the solicitation goals in

seconds. Single or dual comms? Just add

myriad advancements in battlefield technology.

a PowerPoint, yet fell short of making

another downlead. It’s really that simple. The

Ear-Pro and communications equipment are

meaningful improvements for the end user

boom mic secures with a small thumb screw,

light years ahead of where they started in 2001.

(though there were undoubtedly many high-

while the downleads plug and unplug with a

Perhaps the greatest leap forward is in the form

fives and atta-boys passed around the staff

satisfying pop.

of the new Ops-Core AMP Communication

offices). It’s certainly refreshing to see a


product that was designed from the ground

The OG War on Terror comms headsets

up to meet the needs of warfighter PPE,

were absolute Gucci kit back in the day (then

communication, and comfort from the

again, so was a weaponlight with 60 lumens of

operator’s standpoint.

blinding fury). Headsets by 3M/Peltor and MSA/

You may wonder why we make such a big deal over the modularity. The reason is the brilliance in supply chain. The

The first thing we noticed

Sordin ruled the market, giving warfighters and

after unboxing the AMP

SWAT officers the ability to merge electronic

and its accessories

noise-cancelling technology and radio

was the absolute

communications. Electronic noise cancelling

modularity of

immediately subdues sounds over a certain

the system.

decibel to a hearing-safe level. Meanwhile,

It unboxes

sound at hearing-safe levels is transmitted

as a rather

normally (albeit somewhat metallically). These


headsets could be factory configured or


AMP Headset 120

UN12 / Issue 007


Product Review: Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset

Push to Talk

UN0012 / OPS-CORE —

The Ops-Core Push-To-Talk Cable is available in either single- or dual-radio configurations. They based the form off the popular U94 style for a low profile. Like the AMP, the PTT is modular. This means the initial investment in a single PTT will allow it to





AMP Earcups quickly pop on and off the headband and helmet rail mounts for in-thefield changes. The system is fully integrated in either configuration, making the AMP the first full spectrum comms/ear-pro system.

AMP Downleads are available in standard configuration (Right) for use with legacy PTT’s from Peltor, TCI, TEA, and others. They can also be had in Ops-Core’s proprietary configuration for use with Ops-Core PTT’s.

work with almost any radio currently in use by military and law enforcement. PTTs come with a hefty price tag, but they pay for themselves as soon as you need to switch radios. All that’s required is a new downlead to whichever radio is going to be fielded. The headset downleads are also modular. Perhaps one of the biggest feathers in the



AMP system’s cap is the compatibility with



in SOF communications equipment. They have

AMP Boom Mics are 100% modular and sold separately. Mic ports on right and left earcups have plugs when a boom mic is not in use.

The Ops-Core PTT is available in either single or dual comms models and are completely modular. The radio downleads can accept cables for almost any radio in use by military and law enforcement.

traditionally been very proprietary. The fact

Invisio products. Invisio has long been a leader

that they are collaborating with Ops-Core for system compatibility should mean something to any professional. ever heard. There’s usually a certain amount

hearing of the ear-pro headset. Ops-Core’s NFMI

of mechanical noise heard in headsets, but we

plugs are completely battery-less and begin

detected almost none. Conversations were as over

transmitting sound from the AMP microphones

a cell phone with good service.

once they are in proximity of the ear cups. We got

They could have stopped there. But they didn’t.

the best of both worlds with the ability to double

Ops-Core decided to go for the proverbial mic-drop

our hearing protection while maintaining crystal-

with their 3D Hear-Through technology. Essentially,

clear audio transmission. Our only complaint with

they designed the headset to mimic the human ear’s

the system came with the comfort of the NFMI

capability to discriminate what direction a sound is

earplugs. Their shape causes them to stick out of

coming from. This allows the AMP’s hear-through

the ear a bit and make contact with the interior of

mode to simulate natural hearing, reproducing

the ear cup if they’re not seated properly. If the ear

ability to instantly convert one headset into lefty/

Mount Kit. This is a 100% integrated solution in

the Ops-Core ARC rail, leaving the precious top

ambient sound with an uncanny degree of directional

cup is closed without care, we found ourselves

righty, and the ability to immediately build the

either configuration. The “Did we just become

section of rail free to accept other mission-critical

accuracy. We were skeptical, but it actually works!

needing to readjust the plugs to avoid irritation.

AMP into a single-comm, dual-comm, or no-

best friends?” line from the movie Stepbrothers

accessories. The arms pop in and out with spring-

Traditional headsets will transmit and amplify sound

Once the plugs are properly adjusted, they fit

comms setup future-proofs the system. Legacy

was the first thing that came to mind. It’s that

loaded hinges that apply enough force to ensure a

but lack the ability to tell the wearer where the sound

perfectly and we had no issues.

comms headsets needed to be factory built for all

cool. No longer does the end user need to choose

proper ear cup seal. In fact, we found that once the

is coming from. This is incredibly important when

these different configurations. Units and agencies

between a headband stuffed under his helmet or a

AMPs were engaged we didn’t even need to buckle

reacting to a threat. In fact, warfighters often remove

only ones to feel this way: US Special Operations

would spend silly amounts of money outfitting

dedicated helmet-mounted setup.

the chin strap on the helmet (note: we would

their electronic headset to get a bearing on where a

Command (USSOCOM) recently awarded Ops-Core

certainly buckle the chinstrap while performing

shot or noise is coming from (often endangering their

a huge contract to start supplying AMPs to SOF

troops that required different configurations. And

On that note, the Helmet Rail Mount Kit is one of

We are believers in the AMP, and we weren’t the

if a part became damaged, the entire headset

the slickest designs we have ever seen. Because

high-intensity activities like airborne or fast rope

hearing in the process). The AMP gave us direction

warfighters. The retail price of $999.95 (with NFMI)

had to be taken out of circulation for costly repair

Ops-Core designed the AMP to be an integrated

insertions). The arms allow the ear cups to pivot up

and elevation information. Seriously, what sort of

for the headset isn’t chump change. Then again,

through rebuild. The AMP scoffs at that idea.

solution from the beginning, it doesn’t suffer from

and stow on top of the helmet.

sorcery is this? To top that off, the headset can boost

competing legacy and next-generation systems

your hearing by 12 dB, allowing you to hear things

aren’t far off in price. That said, Ops-Core just

you otherwise wouldn’t.

released a fixed-downlead variant of the AMP that

But the modular revolution doesn’t end there.

the “retrofit monster.” Retrofit kits often do a

Ops-Core could have stopped there, but they

Perhaps the most noticeable transformation

clumsy job because the original device was never

kept going with the internals. When people

capability lies in the ability to set up the AMP

intended to perform in a way outside its original

think of Ops-Core and parent company Gentex

for headband or helmet rail mount in about 30

design. Some kits are better than others, but you

Corporation, they often think of helmets. They do

Magnetic Induction (NFMI) earplugs. Electronic ear-

actually right around the same price as competitive

seconds. Simply free the ear cup cable from the

always end up making compromises. The AMP

make awesome headwear, but few realize how

pro is good, but doubling up with earplugs in urban

headsets. The fixed-downlead version is a great

neoprene headband cover Velcro flaps and pop

Helmet Rail Mount Kit was obviously designed

much Gentex does with military and industrial

or confined spaces is better. This has traditionally

option for those already using standard PTT styles

the arms off the ear cups. Voila—you can now

with end-user input because it solves almost

safety hearing protection. Their R&D earn their

created a cancel-out effect because the foam

who don’t plan on changing them out.

snap the same ear cups onto the Helmet Rail

every problem. The attachment is in the rear of

pay with some of the clearest audio we have

earplugs end up interfering with the amplified

[ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 007

The AMP is available with a set of Near Field

clocks in at $799.95. While pricey at first glance, it’s

: : For more information: Ops-Core AMP MSRP: From $800



Shop Visit


Images by JAY CANTER


reedom breeds innovation” is a phrase that might get

engineering, building, and bringing to market the first piston-

thrown out now and again if you ever find yourself

driven AR-15 platform. The company’s success culminated in

speaking to Frank DeSomma. In fact, America itself and the

2017 with its Revolution rifle receiving Industry Choice Awards

freedoms outlined in the nation’s founding documents are key

“Rifle of the Year” honors, and in 2018 when the same gun

influences to his company’s philosophy.

received an American Rifleman Golden Bullseye from the NRA.

“America itself and the freedoms outlined in the nation’s founding documents are key influences to the company’s philosophy.” DeSomma is the owner and founder of Patriot Ordnance


UN12 / Issue 007

The idea for developing a piston-driven AR-15 upper was born when DeSomma and his son, Cody, were assembling an FN FAL from a kit at home. “Seeing the gas piston system on the FAL made me think, That’s what the AR needs to eliminate the heat and carbon from the action during operation,” DeSomma says. He spent an estimated 30 hours designing his system. Six weeks later he had fabricated the parts, assembled his first gun, and began testing it. “Much to my surprise, the system worked the first time we tried it,” DeSomma says. “From there our testing progressed so we knew why it worked and what made it not work. That knowledge is powerful.” DeSomma never meant to make that project into his life’s work,

Factory, Inc., in Phoenix, Arizona—more commonly referred

but word got out and soon enough friends of his, and friends of

to as POF-USA. As many businesses do, it began as a side

friends, wanted their own gas-piston AR-15s. Thus POF-USA

project in DeSomma’s home garage. POF-USA’s claim to fame is

was born, incorporated in 2002, and the rest is history.


Customization: POF-USA the action,” he says. “Best of all is how it keeps

mass-producing the award-winning POF-

to make waves in the industry, DeSomma did

the environment out of the action better than

USA Revolution. The Revolution is also

not start out as a gunsmith. In fact, he wasn’t

any system ever created. No other weapon

the flagship in the company’s line of fully

even professionally involved in the firearms

system does it more effectively.”

assembled rifles. The concept was to build a

Like some others who come out of nowhere

industry prior to tackling his gas piston design.

He continues: “All other designs try to

He was an aerospace process engineer, so he

achieve what Eugene Stoner created. We

make it lighter and more compact than an AR-

had a good grasp of how various mechanical

believe we have enhanced and elevated his

10—essentially building a housing and action

components work and why, and he thinks that

original design to the next level, providing more

to drive the larger cartridge and make it all fit

it probably helped when he began designing

opportunity for it to progress.”

into the footprint of a standard 5.56/.223 AR.

.308-capable AR-15 from the ground up and

DeSomma is nothing if not passionate, and

DeSomma confidently states that you won’t

a leg up when he set about developing and

his engineer’s brain prompted him to evaluate

currently find a smaller, lighter weapon with

streamlining his own firearms production

every mechanical aspect of the AR’s operation

this much firepower.


so he could identify what he thought could

his own firearms systems. It also gave him

In light of his company’s achievements

use some improvement and then set about

and remarkable trajectory, DeSomma

various iterations of the AR-15, along with

implementing solutions. His proprietary gas-

attributes his success to the shooters who

manufacturing many of the components

piston drive incorporates features designed

use his gear, particularly the early adopters.

used in the builds. The company offers full

to reduce friction and the resulting heat and

“We thank all the customers who gave us

gas-piston builds that are direct descendents

drag, as well as enhancements to structural

the opportunity in 2002,” he says. “Freedom

of DeSomma’s garage-built test mule, along

rigidity to reduce harmonics and make a

of choice is why we exist—when customers

with more traditional direct-impingement

smooth-shooting AR-15 shoot even smoother.

choose to give us an opportunity.” It’s like the

rifles, AR pistols, and individual components

The design includes provisions for using the

man says: Freedom breeds innovation.

like receivers, triggers, and handguards of

gases of the cartridge to break the seal of the

[ UN12 ]

the company’s own design and manufacture.

cartridge’s fire-formed neck when it’s ignited,


POF-USA both sells to the public and supplies

and using the gases to push on the base of

For more information on POF-USA and to view

military and law enforcement agencies.

the shoulder for push/pull extraction, which

the company’s complete catalog of firearms,

reduces burden on the extractor and extends

gear, parts, and accessories, visit

its life.

You can also find them on Instagram @POFUSA,

Today POF-USA designs and builds

You might say that DeSomma has a decided affinity for the AR-15 platform and design. “It has the best ergonomics, handling, and shooting/recoil because of the inline design of

To date, DeSomma’s favorite build and proudest achievement is creating and

Facebook at Patriot Ordnance Factory, YouTube at POF-USA, and on Twitter @PatriotOrdnance.


UN12 / Issue 007

Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc. owner and CEO Frank DeSomma is as innovative as he is passionate. Pictured here in his office (above) and holding the POF-USA Revolution (top right).

“To date, DeSomma’s favorite build and proudest achievement is creating and producing the awardwinning POF-USA Revolution.”



Customization : :Based on a Manker Elfin Compact EDC Knife : : Matching customized Manker E02 flashlight : : Personalized by the owner

Personalized Knife Text by DANNY CHANG Images by FRANK CHU



UN12 / Issue 007

e live in a world where off-the-shelf

Billy Gee, the owner of the customized

just doesn’t cut it anymore. It seems

the knife and flashlight pairing featured here,

as if everything is customized, from the limo

works in a corporate environment. He used to

tint on your car’s windows to the tall, nonfat

carry a larger EDC setup but found that smaller

latte with caramel drizzle coffee you drink in

items would work better for his workplace

the morning. Today, it’s easy to get things just

situation. It was when he began looking

the way you want them. The same can be

around to find an even more compact knife

said about our gear. Whether it’s gear for the

and flashlight duo that he came across the

range or for daily carry, many of us prefer to

Manker brand. Up until then he hadn’t heard

apply a twist of our own to it. Sometimes it’s

of the company. After doing some research

for aesthetics and other times its for function.

online, he learned that Manker’s specialty is

Regardless, factory stock isn’t where it’s at.

making flashlights. The company has since


Customization: Knives

01 The Manker Elfin is a scant 2.3 inches long with the blade folded.

Specs Owner: Billy Gee Customized Knife Based On: Make: Manker Model: Elfin Compact EDC Knife Titanium M390 Steel Folding Knife (Natural Color) URL:

Flashlight Based On: Make: Manker Model: E02 Ti 220 Lumens Titanium Angle Flashlight (Natural Color) URL:

02 The natural adherence of the anodizing to the E02 light adds a subtle color contrast.

branched out to create other EDC items such as knives

story when he got to the flashlight. He was told not to

would be a good addition. Bronze and brown leather

and tactical pens.

dip non-titanium metals uncovered in the anodization

always make for an attractive combination.

Billy realized there are tons of flashlight choices on the market, so he looked for one that met criteria that

“With the bronzed color of the anodizing, it seemed like leather would be a good addition. Bronze and brown leather always make for an attractive combination.”

UN12 / Issue 007

Billy ordered up some leather cords and braided them onto the lanyard loops of both the knife and the

Liquid tape and nail polish were initially considered,

flashlight. To add yet another custom touch, he also

like AA or AAA. While lithium batteries such as CR123s

but he finally settled on trying mounting putty. Mounting

decided to apply leather inlays to the knife’s scales.

usually have better performance, they’re not quite as

putty like the type you use to secure pictures on walls or

This was his first time working with leather, so he had

available at your local gas station or office supply store.

objects displayed on shelves is tacky and malleable, so

some experimentation to do. After cutting the leather

Second, he wanted a magnetic base so he had the

it seemed to be the perfect product for the job.

pieces to the correct size and shape, he tried using

to convert it to a headlamp.

Billy carefully and meticulously applied the putty, but

superglue to make the leather adhere to the titanium.

after applying the anodizing he decided the result was

He quickly learned that wasn’t the way to go. For his

not satisfactory. The edges where the putty was applied

second attempt he used an epoxy that has held up

all the right boxes. What made the choice even easier

had allowed uneven bleed-through from the anodization

well. After some trial and error, he finally got the look

was that Manker also offered a compact folding knife.

mixture. It didn’t look good at all. To correct the problem,

that he wanted.

The Elfin is fitted with titanium scales and a blade made

Billy tried anodizing the entire light. It didn’t correct all

of quality M390 steel. He carried the pair, both finished

the issues, but he decided the final results were good

something that I really enjoy,” Billy says. “Customizing

in a natural metal color, for a couple of weeks. While he

enough to make it presentable. An added benefit from

the pieces myself makes carrying them that much

loved their functionality, he wished the two items had a

his second anodization attempt was finding out that

more satisfying, even if they’re not perfect.”

bit more style. Having access to a homemade titanium-

the light’s bezel is also made of titanium. The color

anodizing setup, he decided to try his hand at adding his

took to the bezel well and gives it a nice, albeit slight,

and flashlight came in, we think the bronze color and

own style to the E02 and Elfin folder. The stonewashed

contrasting finish.

leather textured combination looks great.

The Manker E02 he ultimately chose seemed to check

natural titanium combo was about to get some color. Billy has home-anodized items like knives before so


had to be masked. How was he going to mask them?

he set. First, it had to run on readily available batteries

option of using it hands-free. Third, he wanted to be able

Titanium M390 Steel Folding Knife

bath, so the flashlight’s button, magnet, bezel, and lens

Already having a drawer full of knives and flashlights

“It’s not a perfect job, but learning by doing is

Compared to the natural metal look that the knife

If you have a knife that you customized yourself

with paracord lanyards tied to them, Billy wanted to try

that you’d like to see featured in UN12, tag us on

this wasn’t a new process for him. The knife was easily

something different to complete the duo. Considering

Instagram (@un12mag).

disassembled and anodized, but it was quite a different

the bronzed color of the anodizing, he decided leather

[ UN12 ]



Competition & Training ABOUT JON DUFRESNE Jon Dufresne served with 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, deploying multiple times in various capacities. The Ranger Battalion provided him with training and firsthand experience in small unit tactics, airborne operations, field medicine, breaching, foreign 1




languages, and small arms. Upon leaving the Army, he worked in executive protection and acted as a law


enforcement consultant, molding his military


experience into a contextual view of the threats faced outside combat environments.





He comes to the firearms industry with an ideal blend of military and citizen, shaping his courses to apply to Mil, LE, and citizen


students alike. Learn more about Dufresne,


his classes, and his company by visiting







2 Text by JON DUFRESNE Illustrations by CHARLES LASKY








s an avid student and teacher, I use drills and exercises to isolate skills. Drills are

not scenarios. They should be viewed as an exercise. Like when you go to the gym: You isolate certain muscles and work them out to make them stronger. One of my favorite exercises is the 5 in 5. It’s a drill I developed to enhance and test a shooter’s skill. One of the things I look for in a drill is a way to push me mentally and physically. I want it to help develop the myelin around the central nervous

Shoot This Drill

system. Myelin insulates nerve cells to increase the speed at which information is transferred from cell to cell. If we can increase the myelin, we can better develop our efficiency and consistency with how we shoot. The 5 in 5 drill helps this development, which I believe is necessary for a combat or performancebased shooter. The exercise helps practice and apply presentation, trigger speed, sight recovery, holdover, recoil management, cadence, and transitions—all in one. All have a contextual place in combat or performance-based shooting. This exercise can be used as a metric to test a shooter with different equipment and loadouts. It can also be modified to add reloads or transitions


to pistol. Your imagination is your only limitation. Be creative, have fun, and push yourself. [ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 007


Competition & Training


SET UP THE DRILL Required for the exercise: • 1 target • 5 index cards • 5-yard space between the shooter and the target • 25-round magazine • Shot timer

THE SETUP • Put up 1 target with 5 index cards glued or stapled to it in a “number




5 dice” orientation. • At 5 yards, load a 25-round mag into




your weapon and stand by for the timer. • Shoot the 5 index cards with 5 rounds





each, starting at the top left, then top right, low right, low left, and center.



• Write the time down and count your misses. The lowest time with least


misses is the goal. Finishing under a 7-second par is good work.













The 5 in 5 can be modified to create a greater challenge such as adding reloading to the exercise or transitioning to pistol to complete the string of fire. Your imagination is your only limitation.

“The 5 in 5 drill helps myelin development, which is necessary for combat or performancebased shooting.”


UN12 / Issue 007


Key Influencers


Influencers tend to drive trends long before they become popular. His or her vision of what’s hot and what’s not influences and affects both the hardcore enthusiast and the casual bystander. The following featured influencers have built up a solid reputation for their expertise, style, knowledge, or opinions in the firearms world. Let’s get to know them a little better and learn what makes them so interesting to follow.


If you’re like us, you’ve spent more than your fair share of time cruising through gun-related videos on YouTube and thumbing through images on Instagram. Chances are you’ve seen Jade Struck competition shooting and rubbing elbows with A-listers in videos and pictures on the social platforms.

A few IG accounts that we found to be follow-worthy

She is employed at Taran Tactical Innovations and is a firearms instructor, professional shooter, and competitive athlete, and has an infectiously positive mindset.

who shoots like a badass and has fun while doing it.


Jade Struck / @jadestruck on IG



Southern California Job:

Firearms Instructor/ Professional Shooter for Taran Tactical Innovations Who:

Energetic and intelligent hard-working young lady

I like the 9mm rifle trend. The TTI SIG MPX shoots like a dream and the PCC division in USPSA is super fun to shoot. Lame:

Non-free-floated handguards on AR-15s. Favorite:

The STI TTI Combat Master

2011 is my favorite gun to shoot right now. It’s got all the specs I’m looking for as well as style. It’s beautifully crafted and reliable. Paper or Steel:

I’m a steel-slinger personally. Last Purchase:

A Streamlight TLR-8 for my G19 Combat Master. Style:

Anything by Taran Tactical Innovations. TTI products

are not only beautiful but also built to perform... plus, John Wick uses them.





I’m always perfecting my craft and training with cool people and cool products while putting out a positive message. I hope to inspire people who follow me to get after their dreams and work for them to become their reality. @idavemoore






DAVE YOUNG @youngbuckdave With over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Dave Young is definitely doing some influencing with his photography. Not only does he shoot photos for several companies in the industry, his work allows him to get in plenty of training, too. In his own words: “I train a lot with SWAT teams at my work and we treat our guns as tools. I customize my guns with products that can go with you to hell and back and make you look good doing it.” Looking through the incredible photography in his IG feed, we can tell that he’s got that “looking good” part down pat. Who:


Dave Young/ @youngbuckdave Location:

Aiken, South Carolina Job:

Owner of YoungBuckDave Media, photographer for Defense Marketing Group. Tactical Photographer at Government Training Institute (@gtitraining), where we train law enforcement and military personnel, along with offering courses to the general public. 136

UN12 / Issue 007

I’m just a regular guy. I enjoy shooting a lot and training with vetted, knowledgeable, and experienced instructors. I like to joke around a lot, because why take life too seriously? Trend:

I’m not sure if you would say it’s a trend, but I love well-made products that serve a specific purpose and can withstand heavy use and abuse. Lame:

Everyone is different, so something I believe isn’t practical might be the perfect solution for someone else.


I’d have to say my favorite gun right now is my PWS PCC-9. I’ve never had that much fun shooting a gun that wasn’t full auto, and since it’s 9mm ammo is easy to find anywhere. Caliber:

9mm and 5.56/.223 Paper or Steel:

Paper for close range like in a shoot house and steel for outdoor and distance shooting. Last Purchase:

The Heckler & Koch VP9 Long Slide Kit because the HK VP9 is my favorite handgun.


I guess you could say my preferred style of customization is using and outfitting my firearms with what I like to call “Go To War Gear.” Basically, I like using products that are built to withstand the harshest environments, withstand the most punishment, and still function just as well as the day you got them.

Popular IG tags to follow: #un12mag #pewpewlife


My style of photography is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s raw, dark, and real. I don’t use Photoshop and strive to capture images of reality in a unique way.


Win glory for yourself and your collection and gain


hoards of IG followers. Tag


if you’d like a chance for your


future issue of UN12.

us with the hashtag #un12ig IG account to be featured in a


Est. July 4th, 2009



Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

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Kings River Coatings 2491 Avenue 400 Kingsburg, CA 93631 Tel: (559) 246-6426 URL: OC Armory 23012 Del Lago Dr., Suite B Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Tel: (949) 768-5189 URL: Rifle Gear 18065 Mount Shay St. Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Tel: (949) 209-6413 URL: Tactical Pro Shop 3503 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505 Tel: (818) 468-7837 URL:

CO Danger Close Armament 6801 S. Emporia St #102 Greenwood Village, CO 80112 Tel: (720) 638-6572 URL:


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The P365 redefined what a concealed-carry pistol should be, delivering unprecedented capacity and shootability in a micro-compact size. Now the new P365XL is doing it again, delivering 12+1 or available 15 + 1 capacity, with the shootability of a compact, all in a profile that is highly concealable, and extremely comfortable.

XSERIES P365 Grip Module With Integrated Magwell and Extended Beavertail

3.7� Barrel For Increased Accuracy While Retaining Concealability

Flat Trigger With 90 Degree Break

(2) 12rd Magazines Included

Optic Ready Slide Compatible With ROMEOZero and RMSC Optics

15rd Magazines Available

XRAY3 Day / Night Sights

Profile for UN12 Magazine

UN12 - 007 Magazine  

We are purveyors of firearms customization and style. We are gun enthusiasts that can never let good enough alone. Whether our focus is on...

UN12 - 007 Magazine  

We are purveyors of firearms customization and style. We are gun enthusiasts that can never let good enough alone. Whether our focus is on...

Profile for un12mag