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JOHN WICK SIG MPX PCC, Taran Tactical STI Combat Master + Taran Tactical Benelli M2

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KHX CUSTOM/RL (OI) A V A I L A B L E I N 9 M M , . 4 5 A C P, 1 0 M M L E A R N M O R E AT K I M B E R A M E R I C A . C O M




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70 The Guns of John Wick 3 Cover Feature

UN12 Issue 006


UN12 / Issue 006

Table of Contents




Custom Glock 17 Gen 3 Firearm Feature

The Vault III General Feature

Personalized Knife Customization Feature




King of the Hammers Outdoor Feature

Optimizing Your PWS General Feature

Unity Tactical FAST Mounts Product Review




Quarter Circle 10 General Feature

One-Piece Scope Mounts Buyer’s Guide

Freedom Street Defense Customization Feature



The Powder Keg General Feature

“Twin” Precision Rifles Firearm Feature



Suppressed Precision AR-10 Firearm Feature

Ghost Gunner 2 Product Review


DISCLAIMERS: UN12 is created for MATURE AUDIENCES and may include adult language and humor. PRICES shown are deemed accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. FIREARM SAFETY is paramount. Obey firearm safety rules at all times. UN12 assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate, delayed or incomplete information. The opinions expressed in each article are the opinions of its author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of UN12.



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UN12 / Issue 006



Editor’s Letter

Transport of Dangerous Goods Ammunition, such as for rifles, handguns, shotguns, starter’s pistols and power tools that contain explosive material are dangerous goods listed under Class 1.4S. The information presented here is for the following UN numbers only: UN0012 / CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, INERT PROJECTILE or CARTRIDGES, SMALL ARMS

Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, a major influence

roots. Then we gain entry into a hidden speakeasy


on our young minds were action flicks that can now

where guns, scopes, and cigars are on the menu—as

Howard C Lim

be considered “classics.” We’ve all but worn out our

is a full kitchen remodel if you so choose. Gear expert

VHS tapes on iconic movies such as Die Hard, Lethal

Charles “Chip” Lasky shows us four mission-driven


Weapon, Rambo, Aliens, Terminator 2, Predator,

primary weapon setups for real-world work. Chip always

The UN12 Creative Team

Commando, RoboCop—the list goes on and on. Lucky

puts together informative and fascinating reads, and you

for us, we can now stream these nuggets of action

won’t want to miss this one. Elsewhere, if you’re looking

Technical Editor

without fear of the VHS player chewing up the tapes.

for a new custom Cerakote job, perhaps Freedom Street

Michael Penhall

The artistry and creativity these movies helped

Defense can help you out. We meet the company’s

unleash has inspired a generation of inventors,

owner, Wes Reames, and check out his impeccable

Creative Direction

innovators, and craftsmen, who are in turn influencing

work. We also showcase sixteen of the newest one-

James Ho, Jerry Tsai

the next generation of firearm enthusiasts. Yes, we’ve

piece scope mounts in an extensive buyer’s guide.

got action movies on our minds, and there’s one man to

We thank you for your support of UN12 and for print

blame—John Wick. The latest chapter in the John Wick

magazines in general. We are proud to create what we

saga is about to be released, and to say we’re excited about it is an understatement. UN12 was invited to examine the guns used in the new movie and hear some behind-thescenes stories about each one courtesy of Xtreme Props. We

“We’ve got action movies on our minds, and there’s one man to blame: John Wick.”

bring you what we learned,

believe is the highest quality firearms publication around. We have also recently made digital versions available for those who prefer that kind of platform at, but we should remind our digital readers that the morale patches aren’t downloadable.

Art Director James Ho

Contributors Martin Anders, Jim Barnett, Jay Canter, Danny Chang, Jeff Chen, Jason Davis, Michael Grey, Charles Lasky, Chris Lee, William Petty, Roland Wilkes, James York

Special Thanks Aristotle Bartolome, Roberto Flores, George Huang, John Hwang, Allison Lai, Jeff Lai, OC Armory

direct from the prop house. We also caught wind of

Speaking of which, Issue 006 features a very special

a special collection of John Wick guns that is being

collection of morale patches. Celebrating the release of

Copy Editor

prepared for sale in an ultra-limited release; we visit

John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum, UN12, SIG Sauer,

Frank Stroud

Taran Butler to take a look at it, too.

and Aprilla Design, with the help of Xtreme Props, have collaborated on not one, not two, but three limited-

Advertising Sales

custom firearm builds, innovative technologies, and

edition morale patches. Which one you get with this

Danny Chang

the artistry of the firearms world. We recognize that

issue is purely chance. Like the magazine, they’re made

personalizing a gun or piece of gear is something

in small quantities and will not be reissued.

UN12 is a passion project that does deep dives on

special that should be shared with fellow enthusiasts.

We’re always looking for innovators and cool custom

Join us as we look at several fully customized firearms,

guns to feature. If you have a firearm or other piece of

including a set of precision shooting “twins,” one a

gear that you customized, we want to know about it. Tag

semi-auto and the other a bolt gun. We also take a look

us at @un12mag on Instagram if you have something

at a customized Glock that was built to sway over an

that UN12 readers would like to see. Let us know what

old-school shooter who otherwise wouldn’t think twice

you think we got right or could do better in this issue on

about polymer pistols.

our Facebook page at: /un12mag.

Ad Coordinator Frank Stroud


The same unstoppable Magpul drum reliability, now for 7.62/.308. Featuring 50 round capacity, rounds remaining indicator window, and compatibility with ammunition up to 2.830” OAL (including M118LR). The only 7.62x51 drum that passes MIL-SPEC dust tests. Capacity. Reliability. Magpul. Printed in the USA

Elsewhere, we pay a visit to Quarter Circle 10 and its owner Bettina Mathis to find out more about the brand’s

- The UN12 Creative Team 005-2019


UN12 / Issue 006

© 2019 Magpul Industries Corporation. MAGPUL, MAGPUL LOGO & DESIGN, and others are trademarks of Magpul Industries Corp.

Classy Raptor Tactical John Wick Titanium Back Plate


New Products

Real Avid AR-15 Armorer’s Master Kit This AR-15 armorer’s kit includes everything you need to modify an existing rifle or build one from the ground up. Each tool is designed with exacting tolerances, from high-quality materials, to make each task easily executable. Tools include an armorer’s master wrench, Lug-Lok upper and Smart-Fit lower vise blocks, a master bench block, torque wrench, pin alignment tool, AR-15 punch set, and more. Tools are all organized and secured in a tough, purpose-molded carry case. Step-by-step instructions are included to help walk you through the build process (or just to refresh your memory). $250

Classy Raptor Tactical has been fashioning quality Glock back plates since 2015. The company’s latest, released in anticipation of the newest John Wick flick, features the film’s titular badass. Each plate is cut from lightweight titanium and Wick’s likeness is etched into the metal using a high-tech 50W fiber laser. Several different finishes are available, including bead-blasted, stonewashed, brushed, and anodized. The standard plate will fit all Glock models from 17 to 41, and all generations 1 to 5. Special plates are available for models 42 and 43. Made in the USA. $55

Viktos Contractor AF Pant Whether your daily duties entail kicking down doors or just plain kicking it, Viktos Contractor AF pants can help you get the deed done in comfort and style. They feature low-key pocketing and patterning so you won’t raise any undue red flags. A proprietary, stretchable cotton/Spandex weave makes them everyday wearable, and an integrated crotch gusset and knee expansion panels add to their versatility and mobility. Other features include oversize loops for tactical belts, a hidden waistband pocket, and Teflon coating for durability and water- and stain-resistance. As they say at Viktos: If you operate in one set of trousers for weeks on end, make sure it’s these. $130

Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! If you want to be prepared for any eventuality, a compact trauma kit should always be part of your EDC. Blue Force Gear’s Trauma Kit NOW! is just such a kit, one that’s super-compact and can be deployed with a single finger. It was designed to hold the contents of an Army AFAK but can be configured for any medical emergency, or however you see fit. The inner carriage includes six rows of various heavy-duty elastic loops to keep contents accessible but secure. The top flap uses a hook and loop to close on itself when removed. The TKN mounts on a 3x3 MOLLE field and fits easily and comfortably on, say, a battle belt. Shown with optional basic trauma kit supplies. $120

Battle Arms Development RACK AR-15 Charging Handle

Zero Tolerance Knives 0022

JL Billet Nano M-Lok AR-15 Free-Float Handguard

Designed by Tim Galyean and manufactured by Zero Tolerance, the 0022 is the smallest ZT the company has ever made. Measuring less than 2 inches, the blade is formed from CPM 20CV steel for extreme wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. Designed with deep finger contours for a comfortable, ergonomic grip, the handle features a carbon-fiber front scale and stonewashed titanium back. The ball-bearing hinge mechanism makes deploying and concealing the blade quick and easy (and somewhat addictive, according to the company).

The 15-inch Nano M-Lok free-float handguard for AR-15 is machined from a magnesium alloy with materials and manufacturing aimed at making this one of the lightest guards on the market. JL Billet claims the proprietary combination of magnesium, aluminum, and steel makes these units about 25% lighter than other comparable ultra-light handguards. Picatinny rails placed fore and aft allow accessory mounting at key points without the need for additional rail sections. The angled business end adds a bit of visual flare. The guard’s precision bore mates with a proprietary aluminum barrel nut for an exact fit with zero play. 15” handguard weighs 6.4 ounces with barrel nut and hardware, handguard only is 4.7 ounces.

The DOT Mount is a slim, lightweight mounting solution for an array of red-dot optics. It attaches to any M1913 Picatinny rail and offers lower 1/3 co-witness with standard AR-15 backup sights. A spring-loaded, nitride steel clamp and mounting bolt simplify the mounting process, sitting flush in the mount’s body for a low-profile, anti-snag design. The DOT Mount is compatible with popular red-dot setups from Aimpoint, SIG Sauer, Vortex, Primary Arms, and Holosun. Available immediately in black Mil-Spec Type III anodizing with flat-dark-earth and clear-anodized finishes on the horizon.





The RACK ambidextrous charging handle for AR-15 features a patented new mechanism that makes it unlike any other on the market. Battle Arms Development designed it sans roll pins, thereby eliminating an infamous failure point from the equation. The patented latch system slides parallel with the receiver notch for slick operation and minimal wear. Regardless of your racking technique, the RACK was designed with asymmetric use in mind for true ambidextrous operation. It’s CNC-machined from a single piece of aluminum, coated in a hard-anodized black finish, and engineered and manufactured in the USA.


UN12 / Issue 006

Reptilia DOT Mount




Pelican Products Ruck Case From one of the most recognized names in transport comes Pelican’s Ruck Case, a compact, durable carryall that can secure your sensitive EDC components or any other smaller piece of gear you need to shield from the elements. It features IP68 rated protection from dirt, dust, snow, and water to a depth of 2 meters for 30 minutes. A dual-pivot latch system ensures easy access to contents along with a secure method of locking them away. Internally, it features a flexible, adaptable lid organizer, and multiple exterior attachment points allow you to secure the Ruck itself—in a vehicle, for example, or on another Pelican case. R40 pictured (exterior: 9.84 x 6.12 x 2.89 inches); R20 and R60 versions are also available. $55

American Precision Arms


The Answer For competitive shooters who are looking for a lightweight and tuneable muzzle device, American Precision Arms has an answer. Specifically, The Answer—a user-configurable muzzle brake that incorporates the company’s customizable Unique Recoil Profile (URP) adjustable gas system. Each adjustable port is placed adjacent to the internal “Bastard” tooth, making each port directionally effective. The assembly offers shooters 256 combinations, allowing you to really fine-tune your rig and keep your sights on target. The Answer measures 2.2 inches and weighs 2.2 ounces, is available in black nitride or stainless finishes, and is compatible with .223, 6.5mm, .308, and 9mm bullet calibers.



XTech Tactical MAG47 BHO


The MAG47 Bolt Hold Open (BHO) magazine for AK-47 represents what the manufacturer claims is the strongest polymer AK mag ever brought to market. It’s designed to hold 30 rounds of 7.62x39 ammunition and feed flawlessly, while the BHO follower holds the bolt open on the last bullet. Hightech features include a steel-reinforced bolt stop on follower, stainless-steel-reinforced feed lips and locking lugs, anti-bind stainless springs, and a quick-release base plate for easy servicing. This design has been tested beyond 20,000 rounds and will fit virtually every AK-47 rifle on the market.



Howard Leight Covert MultiCam Impact Sport Earmuffs

ALWAYS A BOLD CHOICE Which folder goes with you today? May we suggest the new 0562TI with its lightweight titanium handles and edge-holding 20CV steel blade? See it in its full glory at

Howard Leight by Honeywell’s popular Impact Sport hearing protection is hitting 2019 with three new covert MultiCam color schemes. The Leight Impact Sport electronic earmuffs give shooting enthusiasts what they want and need: high performance, ergonomic comfort, and a slim design. They are versatile enough for any shooting situation or environment—rifle, shotgun, handgun, hunting, and tactical. The earmuffs’ internal circuitry allows low-frequency sounds to be safely amplified to a peak of 82 dB, so users can hear range commands, conversations, or approaching game, and amplification is immediately shut off above 82 dB to protect the wearer from impulse gunfire. $60

TWO LASERS. TWO LIGHTS. ONE VISION. In 1979, the SureFire Model 7 launched the laser sight market. 40 years later the XVL2 redefines it. Infrared and high-vis green lasers, co-aligned for extreme accuracy and easy zeroing. Infrared and white light LED illuminators. Engineered to win the future.





A Collector’s Mentality

Concept illustrations of the UN12 x SIG Sauer morale patches shipped with Issue 006. Details on the final patches themselves may differ slightly.




re you a collector? That is, a really die-hard

For seasoned readers (and collectors) of UN12,

The morale patch that came with your (print

you will already know that the morale patches

version) magazine took a team effort to produce.

vinyl records or vintage stamps? Or, perhaps, it

that come with this magazine usually come in two

The prop experts who provided the John Wick film

might be hard-to-come-by morale patches or even-

colorways, one that’s a little harder to find than the

production with its firearms, Xtreme Props and

harder-to-come-by challenge coins. We’ve come to

other. In celebration of the forthcoming John Wick

Weapons Rentals, were instrumental in getting us

realize that some people are born with a collector’s

movie, UN12 has collaborated with SIG Sauer to

access to the featured guns. It was thanks to them

mentality that’s engrained in them since birth. Maybe

produce three different morale patches that are

that we were able to obtainthe images on which

it’s in the genes or something. We’re not talking

made in the image of three different SIG firearms

Aprilla Design based the artwork.

about hoarding, either; that’s something else entirely.

featured in the third film. (That number again.)

collector? Do you hunt for rare first-pressing

Although to those without the collector-gene, it may

Produced by Aprilla Design in their distinctive

The results are a collector’s dream—if you can locate them all. The ultimate in collector’s mentality

“cartoon gun” stylized artwork, the three morale

would be to collect all three SIG firearms as well. We

patches include John Wick’s SIG MPX PCC, the

can dream, can’t we? Until then, like many of you, I’ll

boy of about six or seven. It started with Hot Wheels,

ultra-compact SIG MPX Rattler, and the even-more-

be hunting for all three morale patches.

then it became baseball cards and quickly escalated

compact P365 pistol. Each design comes in a single

to comic books. From an early age I was sorting,

colorway and one is randomly packed with each

collect) UN12 morale patches, regardless of whether

cataloging, and making lists of what I was missing to

issue of UN12. Which style did you get?

you have all of them or are just getting started, we

look the same. I got my start collecting stuff when I was a little

fill the holes in my collections.

If you’re a collector, you’ll want to snag all three

If you’ve been collecting (or have been inspired to

thank you for your continued support and good

morale patches. We should mention, however, one


bought items in quantities of three: one to handle,

patch is a bit more scarce than the other two. We’ll

[ UN12 ]

one to display, and one to hide away out of view of

let you figure out which one it is. Morale patches are

UV rays. (Geeky, I know.) Since then, I’ve had the

not only fun to collect, but to wear, display in your

Are there any unique places where you display

habit of buying things that I want to collect in threes

collection, and trade. We wish you luck in your quest

your patch collection? Show us by tagging us on

whenever possible.

to get them all.

Instagram @un12mag.

A few years on, I discovered that many collectors



UN12 / Issue 006

L.E./Military discount for all active duty personanel

Every Day Carry I

Every Day Carry / 13

Dango Products PO1 Dango Ball Point Pen MSRP: $35


04 CL CarbonLife


Carbon Money Clip MSRP: $14


f you emptied the


contents of your

pockets onto a table right now, what would we see?




Spy Optic


Men’s Leo Sunglasses

What are the essential tools


that get you through your

MSRP: $120

day? Depending on the daily routine, one person’s


everyday carry can vary greatly from another’s. It’s


this difference that makes

Honest Outdoor EDC Multifunctional Keychain

examining different EDC


setups so fascinating. In this rendition of Every

MSRP: $15

Day Carry, we get to check out EDC setups that have been curated by two different


users who are in the same


line of work. Each carries a couple special items you may

Matte Gunmetal Bullet 02 Light

or may not recognize. Take a

MSRP: $20

look and see if you can spot

these unique accessories. Do


you know what they are?

Titaner Titanium EDC Precision Knife MSRP: $36

09 Zero Tolerance Knives 0456


MSRP: $325



Alex Gora

Parnis Watch Co.

Minimalist Leather Wallet

Classic St3600, 44mm

MSRP: $20

MSRP: $73

02 SureFire Stiletto MSRP: $109


11 SIG Sauer P365 (Customized)


UN12 / Issue 006



Premium EDC Items Dango Products PO1 Dango Ball Point Pen MSRP: $35 URL: Our 2¢: It’s a must in our book to always carry a writing instrument whenever you’re out and about. Dango Products CNCs each PO1 pen in the USA from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum that’s anodized for a durable finish. Providing the ink is the highly regarded Schmidt 4889M ballpoint pressurized ink refill, which allows you to write upside down without any change in ink flow. The result is a reliable pen that’s ready when you are.

HONEST Outdoor EDC Multifunctional Keychain

MSRP: $15 URL: Our 2¢: This multi-purpose, carabiner-style keychain has a built-in bottle opener, holds two keyrings, and has a deployable striker and flint for fire starting. The keychain body is electroplated in zinc alloy for oxidation and corrosion resistance. Weighing in at about 2.3 ounces, this keychain is on the heavier side and its size is bulkier than we usually like.

MI Combat Rifle Sights

Slughaus Matte Gunmetal Bullet 02 Light

MSRP: $20 URL: Our 2¢: Billed by Slughaus as “the world’s smallest flashlight,” the Bullet 02 Light is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, is both waterproof and fireproof, and is a good fit on a keychain for use as an auxiliary light source. Is it really as small as they say? We’d take their claim with a grain of salt. We can, however, report that the light is plenty bright for its size.

◆ Featuring dual locking detent springs for added reliability and crisp positioning ◆ Ordnance grade phosphate finished steel and hard coat anodized 6061 aluminum ◆ 100% made in the U.S.A. with Midwest Industries Lifetime Warranty

Combat Rifle Front Sight ◆ Low profile .437” when folded down, flips up to Mil-Spec sight height ◆ Uses standard A2 front sight post, 1.5 MOA per click adjustments

Combat Rifle Front Sight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-F

MI Combat Sight Set ◆ Includes Combat Rifle Front and Rear Sight, and A2 Front Sight Tool #MI-A2ST

Combat Rifle Sight Set

#MI-CRS-Set . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Retail $159.95



Combat Rifle Rear Sight ◆ Low profile .388” centerline when folded down, flips up to Mil-Spec sight height ◆ Intermediate aperture for long-range precision and close range rapid engagement ◆ 1 click equals .50 MOA for 20 inch rifle; 1 click equals .65 MOA for 16 inch Carbine

Combat Rifle Rear Sight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-R



MI Combat Rifle Sights

45 Degree Offset

Ambidextrous design works on right side or left side of the rifle Dual locking detent springs for added reliability and crisp positioning Ordnance grade phosphate finished steel and hard coated 6061 aluminum 100% made in the U.S.A. with Midwest Industries Lifetime Warranty 45 Degree Offset Front Sight features: Uses standard A2 front sight post, 1.5 MOA per click adjustments, weighs 1.8 ounces ◆ 45 Degree Offset Rear Sight features: Super low profile with intermediate aperture for long-range precision and close-range rapid engagement; 1 click equals .50 MOA for 20 inch rifle; 1 click equals .65 MOA for 16 inch Carbine, weighs 1.6 ounces ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Combat Rifle Sight Set - 45 Degree Offset - Includes A2 Front Sight Tool #MI-A2ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#MI-CRS-OSS

UN12 / Issue 006

MSRP: $36 URL: Our 2¢: We were surprised by this knife’s small size and sharpness. The housing is made of Grade 5 titanium and its #11 scalpel blade is made of 6Cr13 stainless steel. Open length is 4 inches. Internal detents make blade deployment manageable, but the blade itself does not lock in place so you need to be very careful.

MSRP: $70 URL: Our 2¢: We like both the classic military-inspired look and the reasonable price of this 44mm case-diameter watch. It does not display any logos for an elegant, low-profile look. A crystal case back displays its inner workings; the band is dark-brown leather with white contrasting stitching. We didn’t spend much time with it, so we can’t vouch for its durability just yet.



Parnis Watch Co. Classic St3600, 44mm


MSRP: $109 URL: Our 2¢: We like the blinding light emitted from this slim, polymer-bodied package. Its sleek shape allows it to be drawn and activated from a pocket quickly and its primary switch activates a userselectable wide 650-lumen, medium 250-lumen, or dialed-down 5-lumen beam according to need. Its rechargeable battery can be charged via common micro-USB chargers.

Titaner Titanium EDC Precision Knife

e Typ

SureFire Stiletto


MI Combat Fixed Front Sights

◆ Rugged lightweight design, weighs 1.1 ounces ◆ Machined to A2 or HK type front sight profile ◆ Ambidextrous design works on right side or left side of the rifle ◆ Billet machined from 6061 T6 aluminum ◆ Hard coat anodized for a lifetime of service ◆ Uses standard A2 front sight post ◆ Easy install on a mil-std 1913 rail, for same plane rail systems ◆ 100% made in the U.S.A. with MI Lifetime Warranty

Combat Fixed Front Sight, A2 Type . . . . . #MI-CFFS Retail $59.95 Combat Fixed Front Sight, HK Type . . #MI-CFFS-HK Retail $59.95



MI Combat Back Up Iron Sight ◆ Rugged lightweight design, weighs 1.9 ounces ◆ Standard A2 dual rear aperture fully protected for extreme use ◆ Flush windage knob easily adjusted with a bullet tip ◆ 1 click equals .50 MOA for 20 inch rifle; 1 click equals .65 MOA for 16 inch Carbine ◆ Billet machined from 6061 T6 aluminum ◆ Hard coat anodized for a lifetime of service ◆ Easy install on a mil-std 1913 rail, for same plane rail systems ◆ 100% made in the U.S.A. with MI Lifetime Warranty

Combat Back Up Iron Sight . . . . . . . . . . #MI-CBUIS Retail $69.95

W292S4498 Hillside Rd, Waukesha, WI 53189 ◆ Tel: 262-896-6780, Fax: 262-896-6756 ◆



Every Day Carry / 14






11 04

























Zebra Pen

Taran Tactical Innovations

535GRY-1 Bugout



Summit Notebook

Vortex Utility Keychain

Base Tide


MSRP: $17

MSRP: $70

MSRP: $80

TIP 360 Lumen USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight


MSRP: $160

10,000mAh Power Bank Battery Pack

MSRP: $20 (3 pack)

MSRP: $7

MSRP: $100

MSRP: $8

Combat Master G19 (Customized)

MSRP: $33

MSRP: $30

MSRP: From $1,300


UN12 / Issue 006



Premium EDC Items


Slughaus NanoPen

Nitecore TIP 360 Lumen USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight

Nixon Base Tide

MSRP: $20 (3 pack) URL: Our 2¢: Keep this tiny pen on anything you can think of—keyring, jacket zipper, travel bag—and it will always be ready to go anywhere you are. The cap screws on so you won’t lose it and the tip is made of tungsten carbide for the occasional odd job. Use it to slice open your Amazon package or bust open that stubborn bag of snacks. It’s sold in packs of three so you’ll always have enough to go around.

MSRP: $30 URL: Our 2¢: The TIP is a lightweight illumination powerhouse. Weighing less than an ounce including the built-in battery, it can be carried on a keychain or hung on a pocket with a removeable clip. It features a bright, 360-lumen light that can be toned down three brightness levels if lower illumination is required. It can be charged via USB. When you need pocket power, you can count on the TIP to fill the role.

MSRP: $100 URL: Our 2¢: Designed for those who love to live in the water, the Nixon Base Tide is the perfect watch for surfers and beach bums alike. It features a simplified, easy-to-read negative LCD for easy underwater reading, as well as time, day, date, future tide times, chronograph, and countdown timer functions. Construction includes a polycarbonate case and an ultra-soft silicone band for comfort.

Leatherman Raptor

SOG Flint

Trayvax Summit Notebook

MSRP: $70 URL: Our 2¢: The Leatherman Raptor foldable shears have been a staple of first responders ever since they were introduced. We carry a pair in our range bag for whenever shears are needed. The Raptor was developed with the input of special operations medics, EMTs, and fire professionals for the perfect balance of multi-purpose features without over-complication. Holster included.

MSRP: $17 URL: Our 2¢: For the Flint’s size, SOG has done a good job packing it with enough survival and defensive tools to make it a good addition to your everyday carry. This pen-shaped (and pen-sized) tool includes a built-in fire starter, steel-wool tinder compartment, carbide-tipped glass breaker, and safety whistle. It weighs less than an ounce and measures only 4.3 inches long.

MSRP: $80 URL: Our 2¢: Much more than just a notebook, the compact natural tanned leather Summit is also a pocket organizer that contains a metal-framed wallet, an all-weather notebook, and a Fisher Space Pen, so you’re never left looking for pen and paper to jot down important notes. The Summit Notebook is sourced and made in the USA and comes backed by the Trayvax 65-year heirloom warranty.

UN12 / Issue 006


Do It Yourself


The 25¢ Glock Trigger Job I

f you’re a seasoned shooter this DIY either isn’t for you, or you’ve already

trigger job ended up with the name. For many, this is the first modification

done it to one or more of your Glocks already.

job that they do to their Glocks. (The

To those who may have picked up their first

first of many, we’re sure.) If you’re not

Glock (yes, it may be hard to believe, but there

ready to step up to an aftermarket

are still people out there who are new to the

trigger, or just plain don’t need one, this

platform), you’ll want to pay attention to this DIY

quick and easy modification to your existing

what we’ve noticed, we’ve seen pull weights fall

if you want a better feeling and performing

trigger can help you enhance your shooting

by about a pound. Not bad for a “25¢” job! Or

trigger for your favorite polymer pistol.

experience at little cost.

you can go to the range and run 10,000+ rounds

The 25¢ Glock Trigger Job, as it’s often called,

What it essentially does is that it accelerates

through your Glock to get the same effect. Before you begin, make sure that your

is a simple polishing job that can greatly enhance

the natural wear of your brand-new or low-

your stock Glock trigger’s smoothness and pull

round-count trigger parts so that certain areas

workspace is in a well-ventilated area. The

weight. Let’s start off by saying that the title of

of the metal surface become smoother. The

polishing process can be messy, so we

this DIY job is sort of a misnomer. The materials

smoother the surfaces, the smoother the trigger

recommend doing it on a surface that you

used in it indeed cost more than a quarter, but it’s

feels, and lighter the pull, too. Some say that

don’t mind getting dirty. Maybe line up some

probably called that because you end up using

there’s no appreciable trigger-pull weight loss

newspapers or do it over an old towel. Once

such a minute amount of polish that it’s how this

from performing this polishing job. But from

you’re ready, let’s get to it.

What’s Needed

- Metal polish

- Dremel 401 mandrel (optional)

- Clean rags

- Dremel 422 felt polishing cone (optional)

- Rotary tool (optional) - Dremel 414 ½” felt polishing wheel (optional)

- Power drill (optional)

Tool Choice You may choose to use a rotary tool like we do in this DIY, or you can go with good oldfashioned elbow grease and hand polish with a rag or Q-tip. It’s your choice, but we do highly recommend going the rotary tool route to save time and for a more thorough job.

Disclaimer: Always take safety precautions when working with tools or other dangerous goods. This DIY should be done at your own risk. Verify your results with a certified gunsmith prior to using the final product.


UN12 / Issue 006


DIY: The 25¢ Glock Trigger Job


01 Preparation Making absolutely sure that your Glock is unloaded, strip the pistol according to the manufacturer’s manual and separate the following parts as shown. You will need to have the trigger bar, firing pin (striker), firing pin safety (safety plunger), and connector.

03 Polishing the trigger bar cruciform You may want to polish the entire cruciform on the trigger bar, which is fine, but the important area is the tail end that contacts the firing pin/striker. This is the edge that loads tension onto the striker. Warning: Do not physically alter any angles as this may cause severe malfunctions. Remember, we’re only polishing the surface for smoothness and not looking to remove material.

02 Polishing the trigger bar ramp Apply polish to your polishing tool of choice. We are using a metal polish called Flitz, but any metal polish will do. Polish the ramp on the trigger bar that disengages the firing pin safety/safety plunger. This is the ramp that rides along the safety plunger. Be careful not to reduce the height of the ramp because doing so will not fully disengage the plunger.

04 Polishing the trigger bar to connector contact points Polish both the inside surface and spine of the trigger bar area that makes metal-to-metal contact with the connector. This drops the trigger bar and releases the striker. Warning: It’s hard to do, but if you change the angle of the spine, it may not release the trigger from the striker.



UN12 / Issue 006

DIY: The 25¢ Glock Trigger Job

Polish the yellow area

05 Polishing the firing pin ledge Polish the inside ledge of the firing pin/striker that touches the cruciform tail on the trigger bar. Warning: Do not alter any angles or edges as this can cause severe malfunctions.

07 Polish the firing pin safety Polish both ends of the firing pin safety/safety plunger. Polishing the dome will make it ride more smoothly along the trigger bar ramp. The polished barrel of the safety plunger will travel with less friction inside the slide. Tip: The power drill is optional as mentioned because it will speed things along and help keep the polishing more uniform. Remember, we are only polishing to smooth the surface and not remove any material.

06 Polishing the connector Polish under both ledges and the flat surface that contacts the trigger bar, which is about halfway down the connector. The square ledge of the connector pushes the trigger bar to drop. Warning: Do no alter any angles as it may cause severe malfunctions. Tip: When removing the connector from the trigger housing, try not to change the angle as it can alter the trigger reset tension. Make a note of the gap between the connector and the trigger housing.

08 Complete Congratulations—your Glock’s trigger is much smoother now. You can see in our final example that we ended up polishing more areas than mentioned in these steps as it not only looks cool, but also makes all the parts smoother. Polishing metal-onmetal contact points makes everything smoother, but don’t forget metal-to-plastic contacts make a difference as well. Once again, before attempting this DIY, please keep in mind that you are only polishing surfaces for smoothness and not looking to remove or alter the shape of the metal. Reassemble your pistol according to the manufacturer’s instructions and revel in the smoothness of your trigger.

Finish 28

UN12 / Issue 006



“The owner built this Glock to convince his father that a polymer-bodied pistol could be as accurate and reliable as his own 1911.”

Custom Glock 17 Gen 3

: : Cerakote by Tampa Cerakote Facility (slide), Arsenal Engraving & Coating (frame) : : Chambered in 9mm : : Owner’s first customized firearm



UN12 / Issue 006




02 04


05 O

ld habits die hard.”

law enforcement and military professionals. That would

That’s a nugget of wisdom you have probably

be the Austrian-made Glock.

heard before. Maybe it was your dad who said it, maybe it was Grandpa. Maybe it was a variation on the

customized Gen 3 Glock 17, was convincing Leigh’s

adage, something like “It’s hard to teach an old dog

dad that more modern offerings could be every bit as

new tricks.”

functional and effective as his old military standby.

Whatever the saying or setting, the meaning is clear.

compliant pistol that’s comfortable in the hand and

like pepperoni on pizza in lieu of pineapple, traditional

could also be used for competition,” Guarnieri says. He

tastes tend to win out in the end.

goes on to say it was also to “convince my dad that a

For Leigh Guarnieri’s father, that traditional taste was sidearm design that’s been in service for more than

plastic gun could be as accurate and reliable as the 1911 he’s been shooting for as long as I can remember.” To older generations, the word “plastic” can be a

a century, starting with John Browning’s original Colt

something of a loaded term. Except for the barrel, slide,

M1911 in the year nineteen hundred and eleven.

and some small internal components, Glock pistols are

Leigh himself has a different taste in sidearms, one that gravitates toward a more contemporary design.

constructed entirely from polymer. A 1911, on the other hand, is fashioned entirely from

It’s a more modern platform for newer generations of

wood and steel, and its construction makes it feel

shooters, but one that’s become nearly as ubiquitous

quite substantial as it sits in the hand—if not downright

as the 1911, both in private hands and riding the hips of

heavy. To someone accustomed to this inherent

UN12 / Issue 006

A custom Zaffiri Precision ZPS.6 G34 slide features an RMR optic cut to accommodate the Trijicon optic.

“The purpose of the build was to create a California-

Trends and fads come and go, but at an individual level,

for the venerable 1911, the legendary semi-automatic


In fact, one of the driving forces behind this gun, a


02 The optic itself is a Trijicon RM07 Type 2 RMR adjustable LED sight with 6.5 MOA red dot.

03 Jack Bardos at Rocket City Stippling provided the reshaping of the grip and the aggressive texturing.

weightiness, it may be tempting to look down your nose

an engineering degree to quickly become a name in the

at the much lighter Glock as “cheap.”

custom slide and barrel world.

Any dedicated Glock user knows nothing could be

The Cerakote scheme on the slide was laid down by

further from the truth. Because of its more modern

Tampa Cerakote Facility, what Guarnieri bills as one

construction, in terms of cost any Glock is overall less

of the premiere graphics applicators in the Southeast.

expensive than virtually any 1911. And because the

Owner and operator (and armed forces vet) Tony

polymer frame is so much easier and more forgiving

Mittelstaedt applied the custom MultiCam pattern

to work with, customization tends to be a much more

using Cerakote Armor Black, Sniper Grey, and Titanium

straightforward proposition—even for a do-it-yourselfer.

overlaid with a matte finish.

When the project began in earnest Guarnieri tore the

The frame went to Rocket City Stippling in Huntsville,

pistol apart and had work performed on the slide and

where RCS owner Jeck Bardos executed a full custom

frame simultaneously to keep the overall build time

re-shaping that includes an overall reduction of the

down. “I needed to get the slide finished and run some

grip’s rear palm “hump” and narrowing of the backstrap,

rounds through it,” Guarnieri says, “to make sure it

removal of the finger grooves, and a double undercut, all

performed as needed with lower-FPS ammo that would

to allow a higher and more comfortable grip on the gun.

be used with lighter competition springs.” The slide itself is a Zaffiri Precision ZPS.6 G34 unit

04 The owner packs the custom G17 to and from the range in a rugged ZEV Technologies SKB hard case.

05 The Glock feeds via ETS 10-round smoked magazines fitted with Taran Tactical baseplates.

The frame then went to Arsenal Engraving & Coating (also in Alabama) for a full application of Cerakote Sniper

crafted from 416 stainless with an RMR optic cut.

Grey to match it up visually with the slide. Then it went

According to Guarnieri, Stephen Zaffiri has augmented

back to RCS, where Bardos added his signature Gap

his background as a humble tool-and-die apprentice with

Borders and a super-aggressive triangular grip texture






Ultimate trigger with a

with rounded index

new stainless plunger and

points to assist proper

lightweight fluted firing pin, both

thumb placement. He finished it with borders that follow the lines of the Taran Tactical Innovations flared aluminum magwell. “Jeck sits handcuffed to a Dremel and soldering

with an 11-pound recoil spring and solid stainless guide rod led to the occasional light primer strike,” Guarnieri

iron working magic on polymer frames night and day,”

says. “So the factory Glock firing pin spring was added

Guarnieri says. “Few people know that he lives only on

along with a Ghost Inc. connector and spring. It hasn’t

white rice. It’s his secret to having the stickiest grips in

skipped a beat since.”

the business.” The G17 went back together by the owner’s hand

Another bit he added that works surprisingly well is the ZEV extended magazine release with billet paddle.

and he also performed his own testing and tuning. The

“It was surprising,” Guarnieri says. “Combined with

custom slide actuates over a bead-blasted Zaffiri G34

the Taran Tactical magwell and the TT +0 California-

barrel that is just a bit longer than the original to help

compliant baseplates on the ETS 10-round smoked

keep gas pressure to aid in cycling Guarnieri’s intended

magazines, you end up with fast and consistent

ammo loads. Zaffiri also provided a billet extractor and

changes that can be done under any conditions and at

stainless-steel backplate to help make servicing and

any skill level.”

cleaning the pistol easier. On re-assembly, Guarnieri dropped in a ZEV Pro


of which use extra-light springs. “Combined

UN12 / Issue 006

Guarnieri finished the pistol off with an optics and sighting package that includes a Trijicon RM07 Type


2 RMR adjustable LED sight with 6.5 MOA red dot,

ever-expanding custom market for Glock, a movement

The Zaffiri slide actuates over a beadblasted Zaffiri G34 barrel that is just a bit longer than stock.

AmeriGlo GL-329 3-dot front and rear green tritium

that’s taken the high reliability and functionality of

sights, and an Inforce ALP Gen 3 weaponlight. He packs

the Glock platform and turned it into something else

it to and from the range in a custom ZEV Technologies

entirely. A market that has, for all intents and purposes,

SKB case.

transcended the polymer Austrian pistol.

02 Tampa Cerakote Facility provided the custom MultiCam patterning with a mix of Armor Black, Sniper Grey, and Titanium.

03 Turning the pistol over gives a good look at the Taran Tactical flared magwell and blue magazine baseplates.

The real question, though, is will it all be enough to

And whether he’s able to sway allegiances or not,

sway his old man from his old allegiance? Only time will

Guarnieri has to give his father props for his baptism in

tell, but it seems like Guarnieri has a pretty good jump

the world of enthusiast shooting to begin with. Leigh is

on it. He likens the whole Glock-versus-1911 debate to

appreciative of “the years of weapons training and 43

another analogy, one that involves automobiles.

years of doing ‘that Dad thing.’”

He’s unofficially nicknamed his pistol the “Hyundai.” For some reference, Hyundais were cars that were always very functional and reliable, but until recently

“And I can’t forget Mom for lying to Dad about what these builds actually cost,” he is quick to add. Guarnieri also would like to give a nod to his boss at

weren’t all that sexy. Historically, a Hyundai wasn’t

Tactic Enterprise, his place of employment. “For all the

necessarily something one aspired to owning. That’s

support and unrelenting abuse of the RSR account,” he

all changed quite a bit in the last decade or so with

says. “Oh, and for letting me stop production and use

the introduction of cars like the performance-oriented

the million-dollar Mazak lathe to make trigger pins that

Genesis Coupe and the super-lux Equus.

probably cost $2 on eBay.”

The same might be said of the burgeoning and

[ UN12 ]




Leigh Guarnieri’s custom Glock 17 Gen 3


Specificaton: Caliber: 9mm


Magazine Capacity: 10+1 Barrel: Zaffiri Precision G34 threadless Overall Length: 8.875 in. Weight Unloaded: 1 lb, 12.1 oz. Coating: Cerakote by Tampa Cerakote Facility (slide), Asenal Engraving & Coating (frame) Slidework: Zaffiri Precision ZPS.6 G34 Framework: Rocket City Stippling custom package

Featured Accessories: Sights: AmeriGlo GL-329 3-dot front and rear green tritium w/ white outline Optic: Trijicon RM07 Type 2 RMR adjustable LED sight Magazine: ETS Glock 17 9mm Limited 10-round Case: ZEV Technologies SKB Parts & Accessories: ZEV Technologies Pro flat-face trigger kit, ZEV Technologies Small Skeletonized V4 Sriker, ZEV Technologies Extended Mag Release, ZEV Technologies Stainles Steel Extractor, Taran Tactical Competition Magwell, Glockstore Stainless Steel Competition Recoil Spring, Ghost Inc. Edge Complete Trigger Kit, Zaffiri Precision RMR cover plate, Zaffiri Precision Stainless Back Plate, Inforce ALP Gen 3 weaponlight, Tactic Enterprise custom stainless steel pins, Glockstore Stainless Solid Rod Guide, 11-lb spring, Extended Slide Stop & Slide Release

Selected by the U.S. Army for the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle System (SDMR) and for U.S. Special Operations Forces. TANGO6T Riflescopes have been ruggedized and optimized for the demands of the U.S. Military MIL-STD810G tested and approved. Assembled in the U.S.A.

TANGO6T 1-6X24mm

About The Owner

 Designed for MSR/AR Platforms  Ideal for Close to Mid-Range Tactical Engagements.

Name: Leigh Guarnieri

 30mm Maintube

Social: IG @ lguarnieri; FB: Leigh Guarnieri

 Daylight Bright Illumination with Locking Illumination Dial with Night Vision Settings

Occupation: Vice president at Tactic Enterprise

 Waterproof (IPX-8 Rated) for Fog-Proof Performance

Special Thanks: Leigh Guarnieri Sr., Dan Donovan

 Throw Lever Included

 Fiber Optic Power Indicator 4 6 8 10






UN12 / Issue 006

6 8

8 10


7.62 762 EXTENDED RANGE 3-GUN HELLFIRE Extended Range




6 8


762 EXTENDED RANGE 5.56MM / 7.62MM 300 Blackout Horseshoe Dot






















ADVENTURE : : Location: Johnson Valley, California : : Takes place every year in February : : 300 teams, 35,000 on-location spectators, 500,000 online viewers

King of the Hammers 2019 Text & Images by JIM BARNETT


hen I hear the words “King of the Hammers,” my mind starts racing.

Dirt, dust, rocks, and carnage. King of the Hammers is, without doubt, the occurance that embodies off-roading as a whole better than any other. It’s a week-long event where you can see the most hardcore race trucks battle it out over the toughest terrain the U.S. has to offer—and then hit the same trails in your own vehicle at night. The gathering draws people from every corner of the off-road world: desert racers, rock crawlers, mudders, and everything in between, which leads to a completely wild and fun time. But I don’t wanna get lost in the mayhem of it all, because that’s just the face of it. The thing that keeps me going back to the Hammers is the camaraderie. You’ll be with people from all walks of life, cheering and yelling together as they watch in amazement, because there is no race tougher or gnarlier than the King of the Hammers.


UN12 / Issue 006




Racers, rock crawlers, mudders, and everything in between.


So aside from watching a truck try and

Getting up close and personal on the race route.


One-off race rigs you may see nowhere else.

do it there. It’s also the central meeting

climb a sheer rock wall and then flip back

spot for anyone attending because there

onto the truck behind it, you get to be with

is absolutely no cell service out on the

thousands of other people who want to

lakebed. If you’re going to try and meet up

see that exact same thing. That experience

with someone, you’re gonna have to go to

in itself is very unique to motorsports;


you immediately feel the bond with fellow

It’s also the start/finish point of the

spectators as your sinuses fill with magical

race, so all the big race teams’ pits are

Earth dust and you feel the grittiness of the

there. That’s where you can walk around

dirt in your teeth because you just can’t

and see the incredible machines up

help but smile while taking in the incredible

close. Getting to dunk your head into

sights. It feels like a close-knit group when

these mechanical wonders is always

you’re there despite how diverse most of

a must-do for any gearhead. But don’t

our other interests are. It’s just one of those

stick to just Hammertown itself; take a

events that really brings people together

stroll through the parking lot and see the

from all over the place.

number of absolutely insane vehicles that

You also can’t talk about the Hammers

want see a monster truck or a weird, totally

infamous Hammertown is the culmination

custom vehicle you couldn’t have ever

of days of work, thousands of people, and

imagined before. The parking lot around

every off-road vendor you could imagine.

Hammertown will have it. is experienced not during the title races

race RC cars, or see all the race trucks in

but after the sun sets and you see the

their pits and meet the drivers, you can

thousands of lights ascending the nearby

UN12 / Issue 006


Competitors traverse the most hardcore terrain.




I think the real King of the Hammers

in the industry, grab some good food,


In a cloud of “magic Earth dust” with the grit in your teeth.

are parked there. It doesn’t matter if you

without talking about... Hammertown! The

If you want to see the latest and greatest





tailhook pistol brace

Tailhook Mod I



Hammertown—a city unto itself, away from the city.


They go to basically attempt the impossible.


canyons. Like the desert outpost of Mos

pure chaos, but so much fun at the same

Eisley, there are so many lights it nearly

time. You’ll be making friends with every

looks like a sprawling city blanketing

person next to you as you collectively cheer

the desert landscape. You’d have to be

for the guys who are basically attempting the

crazy not to want to see what all the fuss


is about. This is where you’ll see your


Remote viewing the action away from the course.


Tailhook Mod I

King of the Hammers has a bit of

average Joe out slamming his homebuilt

everything. It’s certainly a very big party,

rock crawler through the very same course

but it’s also an amazing family event, with

the million-dollar race trucks will be doing

interactive booths and ride-alongs in a huge

the very next day, only at a very different

array of vehicles. Off-road mayhem aside, it’s

pace. So many rock crawlers, in fact, that

the people you meet out there that will stick

the procession over the course amounts

with you. I’ve met people I now consider

to what seems to be a giant off-road

close friends, people I never knew before we

traffic jam. You’d think you were sitting on

met in Hammertown. The first time I went

the 405 freeway at 5 o’clock on a Friday

I was by myself, and I didn’t know a single

evening, it’s that absurd.

person going. All I knew was that I wanted

The King of the Hammers nighttime

Camping beneath the stars, of course. Where else?

Tailhook Mod II


These braces give the shooter ultimate control over their AR pistol by utilizing a fold down shelf that “hooks” under the shooter’s forearm to counter balance muzzle weight.


to go and that I was glad I was there. Now

experience is really a sight to see, and I

when I step foot into Hammertown, I feel like

can’t think of anything else even remotely

Norm taking his barstool at Cheers. It’s those

like it that I’ve ever been to. It’s loud, it’s

experiences and friendships that will keep

rowdy, it’s raw, and it’s a party like you’ve

me going back year after year. No amount of

probably never experienced, where if you

dirt or dust can keep me away.

flip your truck you’re gonna get the loudest

[ UN12 ]

Tailhook Mod II

For more info on our products check us out at

Follow us:

applause and cheering. It’s nights like these that I enjoy the most because it’s just


UN12 / Issue 006

Follow Jim on Instagram @_jim_bob.


Text by JASON DAVIS Images provided by QUARTER CIRCLE 10

Quarter Circle 10 Q

uarter Circle 10 has been around longer

gifted 10 head of cattle at the ripe old age of

than anyone reading this has been

ten. The heifers were branded with the mark of a

alive—quite literally. The brand, established in

quarter circle shape hovering above the number

1854, is now synonymous with pistol-caliber

10. And thus the Quarter Circle 10 brand was

carbines (PCC), but it wasn’t always that way.

born. The logo you see on your PCC and its

We’ll get more into that in a moment. More than

parts is the same as the brand found on those

a century and a half after its founding, Quarter

cows all those years ago. When she launched

Circle 10’s current owner, Bettina Mathis, has

her company—which she did along with a

chosen to put her family’s branding on what

couple of friends—Mathis thought it best to

are quite possibly some of the most sought-

keep the family legacy going and saw fit to put

after pistol-caliber carbines on the market. We

the cattle-brand logo on the new line of pistol-

had the opportunity to speak with Mathis and

caliber carbines and accessories.

the company’s marketing director, Courtney

“A femaleowned business in the firearms industry is not new, but it can be considered rare.”

Mathis grew up in San Antonio, Texas, where

Donnell, about Quarter Circle 10’s fascinating

she was born and raised in a family with a long

she started shooting shotguns with a 20-gauge


history of ranching. Early in her life, like many of

single shot. Firing the shotgun taught her how

Mathis first walked us through how the

us, she started shooting with a single-shot .22.

to make each pull of the trigger hit her intended

Quarter Circle 10 moniker came about. The

Her father walked her through how to shoot and

target. While living life on the ranch, she learned

name harkens back to the mid-nineteenth

she learned that she had to make every shot

hard work did not come easily, but she forged

century, when her great, great, great

count if she was going to put food on the dinner

ahead and learned myriad life lessons that have

grandfather, George Washington Saunders, was

table for her family. Graduating from the .22,

landed her where she is today.

: : Branding established in the mid-1800s : : Noted today for dedicated PCC platforms : : Female-owned and operated


UN12 / Issue 006




you’ve probably heard this statement from

Quarter Circle 10’s PCC weapon system was a concept that was born between

companies before, but Quarter Circle 10 is

Mathis and her first business partner.

one organization that stands behind their

Over an extended period, the two thought


about producing an AR-type family of

Being a female-owned business in the

weapons that would be more suitable

firearms industry is nothing new, but might

for a pistol-caliber weapon system. After

be considered rare. Not only are more

seeing existing models on the market that

women learning to shoot, but females are

used an existing 5.56 lower with a wedge

the fastest growing segment of the industry.

or an insert that fit into the magazine well

Mathis is proud to see her company grow

and allowed it to accept pistol magazines,

and she’s ecstatic seeing the number of

Mathis realized a dedicated lower needed

women using and enjoying her products.

to be built that did away with any inserts.

She wants her customers to be proud of

After shooting a Colt 9mm submachine

their weapons and says she won’t produce

gun, Mathis did not like how the magazine

a weapon that she herself would not shoot. Along with building a satisfying product,

adapter insert fit into the well, and realized it could be done in a better and different

of Mathis’s greatest highs is being able to

way. She went to work figuring out how the

create jobs. She likes to see skilled people

dedicated lower concept could be brought

employed and says this has been one of

to market. She and her machinist started

those high-highs for her. As the operation

work on various concepts to implement

in Tucson grows, future plans potentially

the features they desired in their lower

include a new Dripping Springs, Texas,


manufacturing and warehouse facility in the future.

After working to come up with a solid

Quarter Circle 10 offers complete

plan to make pistol magazines work in an AR carbine platform, they turned out some

weapon systems ready to go from the

of their first lowers. Mathis told us that the

factory, or you can buy build kits or any of

first few lowers were somewhat rough, but

the other small parts on offer to customize a

the concept and ideas continued to evolve.

weapon to your liking. Kits include an upper

Little by little the concept came to fruition,

and lower receiver, a bolt system, a barrel,

until they had a lower that would not only

and a buffer with different weights that can

be functional but would work reliably with

be optimized for whatever round you plan

pistol magazines.

to shoot. If you have extra furniture lying around, along with assorted small parts,

The Quarter Circle 10 crew brought their ideas to life working out of a shop in Tucson, Arizona. And with the increased interest in shooting pistol ammunition from


Billet lowers branded with the venerable QC10 logo.


Owner Bettina Mathis as a young competitive shooter.


Competition shooter Diana Brafford runs a QC10 PCC.


One of the company’s signature PCC platforms.



The QC10 logo as it was established in 1854 (on the horse).

Individual components and kits are on offer.


QC10’s heritage runs 19th century deep.


The QC10 logo—the brand itself on a branding iron.

took off. Mathis says she never thought she would be the owner of a firearms

their PCC lineup. From humble beginnings,

company. But with her work ethic, her

the Tucson facility is now home to six

love of shooting, and the desire to bring

CNC machines along with equipment you

innovative ideas to the market, she and her

might expect to see in larger weapons

company quickly came to the forefront of

manufacturers’ plants. That growth is

the PCC market.

evidence that the company is building

control, the company began work on the

With a wide customer base, Donnell estimates that 40% of the sales are the folks in the tactical or home defense

a carbine, the Quarter Circle 10 brand

With the Quarter Circle 10 lowers under

the builder kit may be perfect for you.




products that customers want to use. Quarter Circle 10 currently manufactures

PCC’s bolt system, which must mate and

carbines that employ Colt, Glock, SIG

fit perfectly with the receivers to make sure

P226, and H&K MP5 magazines. While

the gun functions 100% of the time. As

support for others may be on the horizon,

with their lowers, they experimented with a

magazines like these are already in use by

few different designs before they came up

plenty of avid shooters. They also allow

with what worked for their weapon system.

shooters to easily switch between pistol




“Ideas started flowing, and along with increased interest in shooting pistol ammunition out of carbines, the Quarter Circle 10 brand took off.” According to Donnell, Quarter Circle

market, another 40% are competition shooters, and the remaining 20% are involved in law enforcement. Both Mathis and Donnell stay engaged with the industry, but their customer base is their focus and they listen to their customers when planning what might be coming off their manufacturing lines next. Speaking of which, there are a few new items coming out soon, but you’ll have to stay on the lookout for them, as they aren’t quite ready to be released yet. One that both Mathis and Donnell are proud to be able to talk to us about is a fully ambidextrous PCC system. Being a left-

and carbine. The most popular is designed

10 has a three-fold plan that is the

handed shooter myself, I know how difficult

weapon isn’t as simple as finding parts and

for Glock magazines, followed by the MP5

cornerstone of its success. First, they

it can be to live in a right-handed world.

slapping them together to make a weapon

(QC5), followed by the Colt 9mm. Whether

want their weapon systems to run—zero

that fires from time to time. Mathis wanted

your flavor preference is 9mm, .40 S&W, or

compromises, just run. Second, Quarter

what they are doing is simply awesome.

to take the guesswork out of producing a

.45 ACP, Quarter Circle 10 has a weapon

Circle 10 wants the product to look good.

For her part, Mathis brings a South Texas

complete system, which is why Quarter

system that will work for you.

If you’ve seen any of their products,

ranching family work ethic combined with

advertising, or marketing content, you’ll

a love of the outdoors and shooting. If a

Most of us know building a quality

Circle 10’s quality control is key to making

For a little more on the business, we also

To hear two people speak so proudly of

their products run reliably. They sourced

spoke with marketing director Courtney

know what they’re talking about. Finally—

pistol-caliber carbine is on your wish list,

and worked closely with industry partners

Donnell. She is a “Jill of all trades” who

and this is great for the consumer—if your

look no further. I know what my next firearm

to produce quality parts that worked well

claims if she could squeeze 25 hours out of

weapon system breaks, Quarter Circle

purchase will be!

with one another to form the backbone of

the day, she definitely would.

10 will fix it. That may sound easy, and

UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 006


FEATURE : : Hidden in plain sight : : One-on-one gun shop experience : : Reservations required


The Powder Keg I

f you’ve been frequenting some of the trendier areas around town,

there’s a good chance that you’ve noticed a steady influx of “olde timey” types of businesses cropping up, undoubtedly inspired by the sorts of shops that were much more commonplace over the first few decades of the last century than in more recent times. The revivals of classic businesses such as old-fashioned soda fountains, vinyl record shops, hidden-from-plain-sight alcohol speakeasies, and even dedicated moustache and beard trimming parlors are populating once-forgotten areas and turning them into hipster havens. While some of this retro-revival may be classified as hipster-chic, some of it is just plain cool. Tucked away in an unassuming plaza in Tempe, Arizona, is a business that was undoubtedly inspired by the retro revival movement—but with a gun enthusiast


UN12 / Issue 006



Feature: The Powder Keg


The Powder Keg is accessed through a secret entrance.


A selection of Vortex Optics are available to examine.


The Speakeasy also has historical artifacts on display.


Blades of all types are also available in the store.



The classic decor makes us want to hang out there all day.


There are plenty of guns available to look at and handle.


It reminds us of a museum—with stuff we’d actually be interested in.


Not enough for you? Gittus has access to many more guns; all you need to do is ask.

twist. The Powder Keg opened its

idea grew, so did the shop. It morphed

was 16 and volunteered with a local

have several historical artifacts in the room

(hidden) doors in October 2018 with the

from a small room with a few guns to

law enforcement agency for 7 years.

from the Civil War, both World Wars, and

aim of providing a unique experience in

a firearms Speakeasy with many more

“I am passionate about firearms and

Vietnam, as well as other antiquities. If you

firearms purchasing. It’s a firearms store

offerings and a gun shop experience like

everything around firearms,” he adds.

have a chance to visit, it’s worth spending

like none that we’ve encountered before.

no other. “My goal has been to create

“For those who share the passion

some time talking with Gittus about these

a fun space for those who are firearms

already, the Speakeasy is a fun place with


kitchen remodeling business via a hidden

fanatics,” Gittus explains, “as well as a

personalized service without the retail

We asked Gittus what some of his

entrance. Yes, that’s right. It’s a firearm

relaxing environment with no pressure for

store feel or experience. For the same

favorite gun customization styles are at

Speakeasy. Because the Speakeasy

those who are newer, or brand-new, to

reasons, the Speakeasy is a great place

the moment. “I love seeing customized

is hidden in a kitchen showroom and


for those less experienced with firearms.”

1911s and love the fact that they are still a

First of all, it’s accessed through a

is accessed through a pantry cabinet,



Born and raised in Arizona, Gittus

The Powder Keg is clearly unlike

current firearm after over 100 years (sorry

access to the shop is gained through

has had a passion for firearms and

your run-of-the-mill gun shop, and, in

.45 haters),” he replied. “I also really enjoy

saying the phrase “I’m interested in a

hunting since he was a kid. He has been

fact, it’s designed specifically to not be

seeing the creativity in the pistol-caliber

pantry remodel.” We’re suckers for this

in the construction industry since he

like the others. It’s much more about

carbine world.”

the experience than anything else.

UN12 ]

kind of thing. Also, unlike most other shops, the service that The Powder Keg provides is completely one-on-one. You can come to the Speakeasy to talk guns, optics, gun safety, gear, knives, and cigars without distraction or the feeling of being rushed. Proprietor John Gittus started The Powder Keg with the idea of creating a very small shop with a personalized “friends and family” feel to it. As the


UN12 / Issue 006

“The Powder Keg is unlike your run-of-the-mill gun shop; in fact, it’s designed specifically to not be like the others.”





The shop sells firearms of all types, optics, ammunition, knives, and other accessories. They don’t just sell guns,

If you’re interested in setting up an

but also buy them. We like their style.

appointment to visit The Powder Keg,

“While we stock quite a few items,”

the best way is to contact them over their

Gittus points out, “we have access to

social media accounts on Instagram @

most firearms and accessories within a

the.powder.keg and on Facebook @

day or two if we don’t already have it.”

firearmspeakeasy. Next time we’re in

Aside from guns, The Powder Keg is also home to history lovers. In fact, they

Tempe, we’ll be looking for a pantry remodel for sure.





: : Custom-assembled

: : Chambered in .308 Win : : Suppressed, thermal-equipped

“Like many of us, this AR-10’s owner is a gun fanatic who always has his eyes set on the next build.” 52

UN12 / Issue 006



ith so many shooting disciplines

the latter category. Devised by its owner

billet aluminum and comes mostly stripped

available, it can be hard to find time

to be used as a platform for him to learn

other than an ambidextrous bolt release.

to learn how to shoot them all. This author

about ballistics and how to calculate

This allows visionaries such as Canter

has been a run-and-gun guy for most of his

shooting targets at distance while running

to build the rifle up to suit any need. The

shooting career. From pistol and carbine

suppressed, this long-range shooter is

ARQ-10 is based on AR-10 architecture

competitions to tactical classes, I’ve enjoyed

outfitted with plenty of innovative parts as

so it accepts most LR308 lower receiver

the demands of running a gun at speed. It

well as a heavy dose of passion.

components. The lower’s magazine well


promotes fast mag changes thanks to

was only recently that I have been coaxed

The creative mind behind this AR-10 is

into the deep world of precision shooting.

Jay Canter, a professional photojournalist

its proprietary ARQ radius magwell ramp

Talk about rabbit’s hole.

by trade. Like many of us, he’s also a gun

design. The contours also help give it a cool,

fanatic who always has his eyes set

modern look.

There’s a lot to learn about the category,

The upper is designed as a slick side

and the deeper you go on the subject, the

on the next build. In this case, the

more you realize you need to learn. Like

Mesa, Arizona, resident started

receiver, which means that it does not have

myself, the owner of the featured rifle is only

out with a billet upper and

provisions for a forward assist assembly.

just embarking on his journey to learn the

lower receiver set made by

Omitting the forward assist helps keep the

craft of precision shooting.

Quentin Defense.

receiver set’s weight down to 20 ounces. For

There are guns that are built to serve a

The Quentin Defense

variety of applications and then there are

ARQ-10 Billet Receiver

guns that are created to serve a single

Set is manufactured

purpose. The rifle featured here falls into

from robust 7075-T6

AR-10 Optic

Sighting is accomplished by a Bushnell Forge series 2.5-15x50 first focal plane riflescope.

Mount The Bushnell glass is secured by Weaver 30mm rings.

Thermal Imaging A Night Optics Panther C 336 Thermal Clip-On Sight is mounted directly to the front bell housing of the Bushnell scope.


UN12 / Issue 006

“Canter chose the titanium T3Ti and intentionally didn’t have it Cerakoted because he loved the look of the uncoated metal. We have to agree—the raw titanium does look mighty sharp.”



most shooters, a forward assist is rarely, if

ounces, and is attached to a 16-inch Rosco

at it.” The handguard he went with is a JL

ever, used, so its omission in favor for weight

Manufacturing barrel, which is chambered

Billet 17.2-inch, angle-cut model complete

savings makes sense. Canter tells us a little

to fire .308 Winchester bullets. Regarding

with M-Lok attachment points. For it to

more about why he chose this receiver set.

his barrel choice, Canter says, “I proudly run

properly match up with the upper receiver, a

“The Quentin Defense ARQ-10 receiver

Rosco Manufacturing barrels on virtually

DPMS high-profile version was required.

set is easily one of the most striking sets

every build I design. Their price point is

available on the market and its fit and finish

fantastic and I have not had a single issue

AR10 Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group

are flawless,” he says. “It being made in

with any of their products.”

(BCG). The DPMS pattern compatible Full

We asked if he encountered any

Auto BCG is manufactured using a 9310

challenges while building the AR-10. “The

steel bolt and an 8620 steel carrier. If you

main issue was finding a handguard that

haven’t heard of Toolcraft before, you’ll want

“Going into the design of this rifle, I already

looks great, is lightweight, and would accept

to know that the company is an OEM for the

had some sort of idea of what I wanted it to

a suppressor,” he says. “That was the

U.S. military and many other large firearms

become. I always love seeing suppressors

main issue. Deciding on other parts wasn’t


inside of handguards no matter what their

overly difficult. A tiny bit of clearance help

intended use is for. So that’s what I decided

inside the handguard was needed to get the

host of quality aftermarket parts including

for this build. I would get a direct-thread

suppressor to clear, even by .00001 inch,

an Elftmann Tactical drop-in trigger, Ascend

suppressor to fit inside the handguard and

which is how close I feel it is whenever I look

Armory takedown pins, Forward Control

my rifle on.” Elaborating on the concept, Canter says:

it would basically live permanently on this build.” The centerpiece of the AR-10 is the Torrent Suppressors T3Ti sound suppressor. When Canter chose the titanium T3Ti he intentionally didn’t have it Cerakoted because he loved the look of the uncoated metal. We have to agree—the raw titanium does look mighty sharp. The suppressor is 7.75 inches long, weights a scant 10

“Ever conscious of budget, Canter makes it a point to source gear that works above and beyond his requirements at reasonable costs.”

The lower receiver was completed with a


Arizona made it a no-brainer for me to base

Driving the action of the rifle is a Toolcraft

Suppressor The Torrent T3Ti lives permanently on the barrel and the raw titanium was left uncoated.

Cerakote FSDefense bathed the rife in a Burnt Bronze finish with custom shading accents.


The Quentin Defense lower promotes fast mag changes with its proprietary ARQ radius magwell ramp design.

BCG Toolcraft’s DPMS pattern compatible Full Auto BCG uses a 9310 steel bolt and 8620 steel carrier.


UN12 / Issue 006



AR-10 elements of his precision AR-10, the optic, he chose to run a Bushnell Optics Forge series 2.5-15x50 first focal plane scope. “The optic fits perfectly with the rifle but also is one of the nicest pieces in the price range available,” Canter says. Bushnell offers its Forge series as a part of a line of optics geared toward hunters. While Canter’s AR-10 is built with precision shooting in mind, hunting can always be an

darker shades that were applied on the gun

situations, Canter has the option of using a

that give it an enhanced, high-contrast look.

Trigger The build uses a Elftmann Tactical drop-in unit.

coated, and prepped for assembly, Canter

mounted to Picatinny rail or, as in Canter’s

went to see Jason at Quentin Defense for the

case, mounted directly to the front bell

gun’s final assembly and to perform safety

housing of his Bushnell scope using a Night

and clearance checks. build: “Maybe to get longer range I would

Design bolt catch and magazine release

access to up-to-date thermal imaging

have been better off selecting a different

button, and other parts Canter carefully

technology over a 600x800 high-resolution

cartridge and maybe bolt action. However,

selected for this build. The rear end features

AMOLED display. Although not used as a

semi-automatic is more user-friendly with

a fully adjustable Luth-AR MBA-1 buttstock,

part of his precision shooting setup, it’s cool

easier access to parts in a pinch if need be.

Luth-AR buffer tube, and Strike Industries

kit that we would welcome if the opportunity

Once this gets out and really dialed in it will

buffer spring. The combined buttstock

ever arises to use it. Perhaps a future hunting

make for a great distance tool.”

assembly allows for fine adjustments to

trip is in order.

Now that the rifle is complete, he’s ready to go use it to learn with and practice shooting targets at distance in the field per his original

one-off custom job. He’s done many projects

concept. We’d be happy to come along to

it a point to source gear that works above

with the coating company and trusts their

help break it in and join him in the rabbit hole

and beyond his requirements at reasonable

work immensely. The rifle was finished in

of precision shooting.

costs. For one of the most important

Burnt Bronze, but you’ll also notice some

[ UN12 ]

Ever conscious of budget, Canter makes

UN12 / Issue 006

To give the rifle a unique look, Canter went to the Cerakote experts at FSDefense for a

taking precision shots.


Canter’s offers some final thoughts on this

a dual-mode system that gives the shooter

length of pull and cheek weld height for


After all the parts were selected, gathered,

Sight. The thermal-imaging system can be

Optics day/night mount. The Panther C is

Danger Close Armament

“The rifle was finished in Burnt Bronze, but you’ll also notice some darker shades that were applied that give it an enhanced, highcontrast look.”

alternative use. For darkness or low-visibility Night Optics Panther C 336 Thermal Clip-On


877-556-GUNS (4867)



Jay Canter’s Suppressed Precision AR-10



Caliber: .308 Win Length: 43 in. Barrel: 16-in. Rosco Manufacturing 308 Weight Unloaded: 12 lbs, 0.8 oz.

Upper & Lower Receivers: Quentin Defense ARQ-10 Billet Receiver Set Coating: Cerakote by FSDefense Cerakote

Featured Accessories Optic: Bushnell Optics Forge RF2155TF1 2.5-15x50 bronze first focal plane Opic Mount: Weaver 30mm Mount #99680 Thermal Optic: Night Optics Panther C 336 Thermal Clip-On Sight (336x256, 50mm) Suppressor: Torrent Suppressors T3Ti Handguard: JL Bilet 17.2” Angle Cut M-Lok DPMS High Profile Buttstock: Luth-AR MBA-1 Bipod: Accu-Shot Atlas PSR #BT46-LW17 Magazine: Lancer Smoked 20 Round L7AWM20 Parts & Accessories: JL Billet Gas Block, Toolcraft BCG, Strike Industries Charging Handle, Strike Industries Charging Handle, Elftmann Tactical Trigger, Ascend Armory Takedown Pins, Quentin Defense Safety Selector, Forward Control Design Bolt Catch, Forward Control Design Magazine Button, Ascend Armory Magazine Catch, Luth-AR Buffer Tube, Luth-AR Buffer, Strike Industries Buffer Spring, Ergo Pistol Grip

About the Owner Name: Jay Canter Social: IG & FB: Jay Canter Photography Occupation: Photojournalist, creative mind Special Thanks: Quentin Defense, FSDefense, Torrent Supressors, Rosco Manufacturing, Bushnell Optics, Night Optics, Accu-shot, Strike Industries, Elftmann Tactical


UN12 / Issue 006


FEATURE : : Inspired by the highly anticipated film : : Includes replica guns from John Wick: Chapter 3— Parabellum Text & Images by JERRY TSAI

: : Extremely limited, only 10 sets available

The Vault III

[DISCLAIMER: The John Wick III Vault depicted in this article was a preproduction sample. For final details on what is included, firearm modifications and upgrades, please visit:]


UN12 / Issue 006




here’s little question that John Wick’s fresh take on a mixture

of martial arts and gunplay made it an instant favorite of action movie fans everywhere. The intense action scenes and highly stylized look have injected the action movie genre with an infusion of creativity that’s been needed for quite some time. Count us in as fans; we can’t wait for the next chapter to be released. If you’re a die-hard John Wick fan (like us), and have the financial means The collection is encased in a wood trunk that looks a lot like Wick’s own.

(unlike us), you too can be one of a few select people to own a The Vault III. This limited and carefully curated collection of weaponry is produced by Big Daddy Unlimited (BDU) in conjunction with Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) and is intended for the John Wick über-fan. We were fortunate to get an early sneak peak at BDU’s upcoming The Vault III when they recently busted out their sledgehammers and dug it out from under a basement floor. Bear in mind that elements of what we got to see and feature here are subject to change by the time the finalized collection is made available. The Vault III includes working replica firearms that are patterned off the guns that were used in the latest film in the franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3— Parabellum. The collection is encased in a custom-constructed wood trunk that looks a lot like the trunk that Wick retrieved from under the floor of his room in the first movie. Opening the trunk is an exhilarating experience. Lifting the heavy red oak lid

Ten vaults will be made available to ten John Wick fans of means.

to reveal what’s inside makes you feel like you’re in a scene from one of the movies. In fact, you may even feel like Wick himself. At the heart of the vault, you’ll find a SIG Sauer MPX PPC that is configured by the expert crew at TTI to closely match how the carbine was outfitted for the film. As you can infer from its pedigree, this gun isn’t only built for looks. TTI is manned by serious shooters and they will not put a gun out that only looks pretty—although we must admit, it is mighty pretty. The 14.5-inch-barreled carbine is decked out with everything a guy in Wick’s line of work would want, including an Ion-Bonded Bolt Carrier Group for increased reliability and ease of cleaning, as well as a Radian Raptor MPX Charging Handle for ambidextrous weapons charging and malfunctions clearing. The 14.5-inch barrel features a pinned TTI Muzzle Device to give it a


UN12 / Issue 006

“Lifting the heavy red oak lid to reveal what’s inside makes you feel like you’re in a scene from one of the movies. In fact, you may even feel like Wick himself.”

FEATURE 16-inch overall length; this helps it avoid

pounds. Fiber-optic front and adjustable

being an NFA-classified weapon. The

rear sights along with a TTI grip job are a

throttle of the gun is a Hiperfire 24 Reflex

few more modifications on the long list of

drop-in trigger that has been further

John Wick-inspired upgrades.

tuned to enhance performance. Like the gun used in the movie, the

There’s a trio of 24-karat gold-plated Continental Coins...

As if the guns weren’t enough to get you to buy in already, the impressive Wick

front end features a Lancer 14-inch

collection is presented in The Vault III Trunk,

Carbon Fiber Rail that had the TTI

which is handcrafted from solid red oak.

Grand Master Grip Texture applied to

It features brass hardware and includes

it. The carbide-like texture adds plenty

custom foam inserts made by Carolina

of grip to the underside of the rail. A TTI

Custom Foam to securely hold the trunk’s

Ultimate MPX Magwell was installed or

contents. This display is a pretty epic

lightning-fast reloads. Up top, you’ll find

conversation piece if you ask us.

a Trijicon MRO red dot optic in a Geissele

Big Daddy Unlimited and Taran Tactical

Automatics mount. Sitting in front of it is

Innovations went out of their way to do

a Streamlight TL - 8 Light/Laser. Capping

Wick fans justice. To top off the entire

off the rear end of the MPX is a TTI

collection, the vault also includes prop

Stock Adapter that plays host to a BCM Carbine Buffer Tube and BCM Gunfighter SOPMOD Stock.

“The Vault III includes working replica firearms that are patterned off the guns that were used in the latest film in the franchise, John Wick: Chapter 3— Parabellum.”

But that’s not all… we’re just scratching the surface.

all the TTI bells and whistles installed and

Big Daddy Unlimited

applied to it. The 12-gauge, semi-auto

The Vault III is being sold exclusively through Big Daddy Unlimited (BDU). BDU is a paid-

shotgun features a TTI Enahnced Barrel,

membership, web-based firearms and accessories retailer. Think of them as the Costco of

TTI Bolt Carrier, TTI Trigger Job, and

guns and gear. Membership has its privileges and the perks are drastically reduced prices on a

an enlarged and polished loading port,

massive list of items. Visit them at

The set also includes a 20-inchbarreled Benelli M2 3-Gun that has had

among a host of other upgrades. To smooth out the M2’s action, TTI’s gunsmiths gave the shotgun a full action job, which includes tuning and polishing the shell and carrier latches. They also deburred and polished the carrier window notch and applied TTI’s 3-Gun stippling package to it. What you end up with is one of the smoothest-shooting M2s you’ve ever had the pleasure of handling. There’s no longer a need to debate whether or not your next pistol will be a fully done-up Glock or STI 2011. This collection’s got both, and they’re both marvelous. Both patterned after the TTI Combat Master pistols that can be seen ...And the collection even includes what looks to be a “used” No. 2 pencil.

in the movie, the Glock is made from a competition-length G34. Known as the John Wick G34 Combat Master, the Gen 3 Glock gets the competition pistol treatment, including TTI Combat Master Slide Cuts, an Ion-Bonded bronze barrel, competition trigger job, full wrap stipple, and more. On the STI side of the trunk, you’ll find a pistol that’s called the John Wick STI Combat Master. The double-stack 2011 is fitted with a FDE DLC-coated, 5.4-inch match-grade bull barrel for incredibly accurate shots. Chambered in 9mm, the pistol gets TTI’s Combat Master slide cuts and an Extreme Engineering fire control group. The trigger pull is estimated to be between 1.75 and 2.5


UN12 / Issue 006

You've bought the best gear...


“If you’re a die-hard John Wick fan (like us), and have the financial means (unlike us), you too can be one of only a few select people to own The Vault III”

reproductions from the trilogy that include a trio of 24-karat gold-plated

One of the included pistols is the John Wick STI Combat Master, a doublestack 2011.

“Continental Coins,” as well as what looks like a “used” Number 2 pencil. If you’re not quite sure what the coins and pencil are about, we suggest a re-watch of the Wick movies. At press time, it’s reported that The Vault III will retail for a cool 18 grand and will be limited to a production run of only ten sets. If you’re interested in being one of the lucky few to get one, we suggest you hurry to Big Daddy Unlimited ( to lock your set in. If don’t have enough golden

The Glock is the John Wick G34 Combat Master, based on a competitionlength G34.

Continental Coins saved up but you’ve got your eye on a particular firearm, don’t worry. Each of the TTI-built John Wick guns will be offered individually as well.

Doesn’t it deserve the best wall? We’ve got you covered.

But if you do end up with a John Wick III Vault, will you display it—or bury it under your basement floor? We’d proudly display it—but then again, we’re not John Wick. [ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 006




“The action sequences in the John Wick movies can only be described as a brutal ballet of precision ‘gun-fu.’”





JOHN WICK Text by MARTIN ANDERS Images by JERRY TSAI Film images courtesy of


: : Featured in John Wick: Chapter 3— Parabellum : : Actual screen used guns from the movie : : The inside story on each firearm


UN12 / Issue 006




he visuals are sleek. The action is mind-blowing.

Tuers, a third-generation Property Master, has been

The action sequences in the John Wick movies can only

crew showed us a wide variety of guns that were used in

on and around film sets since he can remember. Movie-

be described as a brutal ballet of precision “gun-fu.” Wick

the movie. Some have a screen time of only a few seconds

after all. As a lifelong fan of both the cinema and firearms,

making is in his blood. In fact, his family has been in the

mixes martial arts with gunplay to create scene after scene

when used by the cannon fodder that Wick quickly

I qualify as the perfect target audience member for action

movie business for over a hundred years. At an early age,

of hypnotically beautiful, yet bloody, action scenes. It may

dispatches, and others were used by the main characters,

movies in general, and the John Wick film franchise in

his father introduced him to firearms and firearm safety as

be strange to call such violent sequences beautiful, but

played by Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry, to fight their

particular. I was hooked on the assassin-populated world

the family oftentimes recreationally shot together; .22LR

damn it, they are.

way out of seemingly impossible situations. We were

of Wick ever since I saw the trailer for the first movie back

rifles and .410 shotguns (plus ammo) were common

in 2014. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited to see the

Christmas gifts in the Tuers household while he was

story directly where Chapter 2 left off. Wick is on the run

continuation of John Wick’s story in the third chapter of the

growing up.

with a $14 million global contract on his head. Expect

Sauer MPX PCC, Taran Tactical STI Combat Master, and

The vengeance is palpable—they did kill his puppy,

John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum continues the Wick

immediately fixated on the main hero’s guns. Wick’s guns from the film include a customized SIG

plenty of assassins looking to collect their bounty. We

Taran Tactical Benelli M2. As you can probably guess,

profile action movies that feature a lot of guns. Getting

don’t know the particulars of the story just yet, but what

Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) was

up for UN12 to visit the real-life weapon sommeliers who

these kinds of gigs isn’t easy, but due to Tuers’ expertise,

we do know is that John

instrumental in the planning, modification, outfitting,

provided John Wick his guns, Xtreme Props and Weapons

plenty of studios trust him with the work. This year his

Wick is outfitted with at

or building of the guns that were used in not just this

Rentals, located less than an hour’s drive from Hollywood,

company has worked on the third John Wick and other

least three guns that he

third chapter, but all the Wick films to date. Butler also

California. Xtreme Props owner Gary Tuers was kind

projects you may recognize over the past few years,

will undoubtedly put to

trained the actors in their use as well. You may recall a

enough to invite us over to check out the actual on-screen,

including Jurassic World 2, Fate of the Furious, John

good use. Tuers and his

video on social media a couple of years back showing

fully functioning prop guns. Tuers, along with his crew

Wick 2, and The Magnificent Seven. Some older favorites

Reeves tearing up a competition shooting stage. That

members Dominick Bruno and Tristan Hall, gave us some

that you might recognize his work in include Mr. and Mrs.

video was shot at Butler’s training facility, and is a good

insider stories on the guns as well as the film’s production.

Smith, Miami Vice, and GI Joe 2.

demonstration of the skills Reeves has learned from Butler.

His company usually works on big-production, high-

action-thriller franchise. You can imagine my reaction when the opportunity came



01 The oversized Radian Weapons Raptor charging handle allows for ambidextrous charging and malfunctions clearing.


01 02 03 04

The TTI-exclusive BCM buttstock is outfitted with a Magpul MS4 sling.

03 The optics suite comprises a Trijicon MRO in a Geissele mount and a Streamlight TLR-8 light-andlaser unit.

“For those who are wondering why the TLR-8 is mounted right in front of the MRO, it was placed there to allow for ambidextrous use while keeping it out of the way.”

04 The carbine also employs an oversized TTI magwell and carbide treatment on the carbonfiber handguard’s lower portion.


UN12 / Issue 006



01 Wick’s STI uses a slightly longer barrel and shoots 9mm Major.

02 It features a customized grip and competition flared magwell.

01 02 03 04

When director Chad Stahelski began planning the guns for the third film, he got together with Tuers and Butler even before he received the official greenlight from the studio. Tuers points out that Stahelski is very much hands-on with every detail of the movie, including the selection of guns used. Tuers told us that most times he’ll be lucky if he gets a six-week jump on a new production, but this time around,

capacity. Butler contacted STI about participating in the project and they were all in. With Butler’s input, STI created a few sets of pistols that shared many characteristics of Wick’s previous pistol, the TTI Combat Master G34, but with even more add-ons. Interestingly, Tuers said that STI sent models that had both standard-position front sights as well as some that utilized sight-tracker-style front standard-style front sight.

The team at Xtreme Props went ahead and adapted

Being chased by endless throngs of assassins signals a need for increased ammunition capacity. Wick’s STI uses TTI’s extended base pads, which, depending on type, will allow magazine capacities of 21 to 23 rounds. Some initial feedback that Tuers and company have heard from Wick fans upon seeing the first trailer for the third movie was to question why Wick would be shooting

to. Your typical 115- to 125-grain 9mm bullet goes about

instead of a heavier-caliber weapon. Part of the reason

1,100 to 1,200 feet per second. If it’s a hot hollow point,

is practicality within the movie, and some of it is artistic, cinematically speaking. Wick’s use of the MPX reportedly

additional time allowed them to determine firearm choice

finishing. The sample pistols were sent in the white, without

hot hollow point, which is much hotter than even +P

coincides with a close-quarters action sequence where

before the film got the nod to go into production.

any coloring at all. The tones you see on the completed

ammunition. Velocity is about 100 feet on top of +P—you

he’s taking on many bad guys at very close range. The

pistol, down to the barrel color, were chosen by Stehelski.

can even call it +P++. It’s a 125-grain bullet that travels at

higher-capacity, low-recoil weapon is an advantage, and

about 1,350 to 1,375 feet per second.”

more ammo means less reloading, which equates to

pistol, after using a HK USP 30L, Kimber 1911, and a Glock

Wick’s STI is the result of a collaboration between TTI

34 in his previous outings. Studying the weapons that were

and STI. It is a high-capacity pistol, chambered in 9mm

used from film to film, one will notice a progression towards

Major, with the look of TTI’s Combat Master package

oversized slide release, extended guide rod, oversized

racier competition guns in each chapter. Being that Taran

grafted onto it. Butler dives a little deeper: “We went with

magazine release button from Dawson, fiber-optic front

Butler was involved, this shouldn’t be a surprise. The dude

a 5.4-inch barrel. It’s a little bit longer, looks a little meaner.

has probably won more shooting competitions than John

I wanted to go with a different caliber than 9mm, so it’s a

Wick has whacked thugs, and that’s a lot. In Wick 2, our

9mm Major, which is how it’s featured in the film.”

Butler tells us that he felt that the natural progression from a G34 would be to an STI 2011. The 2011 is a

The 2011 is fitted with ambidextrous safeties, an UN0012 / CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, INERT PROJECTILE or CARTRIDGES, SMALL ARMS —

Glock 34 Gen 3.

longer, uninterrupted, heart-pounding action sequences for the moviegoer. As fans, we were pleasantly surprised to hear the reason

sight, and its trigger was flattened by hand. The slide

that there was a conscious decision to not go with an

features TTI’s signature serrations and cuts as well as

SBR-length gun. We all love the look of shorties, so why

a black ion-bond finish that rates 95 Rockwell on the

not make one the hero gun in the movie? The reason for

hardness scale. Its barrel was finished in a FDE/Bronze

Wick not running an SBR was so that fans of the film who

DLC coating. The pistol also has a custom grip job and a

want to own a replica of Wick’s gun can have an easier

but can shoot both .357 Magnum and vice versa. So you

tactical magwell. Trigger-wise, the 2011 is fitted with a fire

time buying one, or replicating one for themselves, without

don’t have to shoot 9mm Major, but you can if you want

control group made by Extreme Engineering (EE). Butler

dealing with NFA paperwork.

comparison, it’s like a .357 Magnum, but the gun is a .38,

Ambidextrous safeties, an oversized slide release, fiberoptic front sight and flattened trigger are all part of the package.

says they are phenomenal.

it’s going a little faster. The 9mm Major is a supercharged

To explain what 9mm Major is, Butler continues: “In


the SIG MPX PCC, which is a carbine chambered in 9mm,

sights. The director chose to go with the version with the


The slide wears TTI’s signature serrations and a super-hard black ion-bond finish.

has been shooting with EE parts for over twenty years and

the pistols for firing blanks and sent them back to STI for

protagonist is remembered for using a TTI Combat Master

UN12 / Issue 006

precise trigger, superb accuracy, and high ammunition

Stehelski contacted him and Butler about a year out. This

Stehelski wanted to find the next evolution of Wick’s


“The team at Xtreme Props went ahead and adapted the pistols for firing blanks and sent them back to STI for finishing.”

preferred firearm of many competition shooters for its





The SIG MPX PCC is a gas-piston-operated carbine

light-and-laser unit. For those wondering why the TLR-8 is

in time. This time around, Stahelski wanted to make sure

can quad-load the M2 just as quickly and efficiently as

that feeds on 9mm ammunition and comes with a 16-inch

mounted right in front of the MRO, we were told by Bruno,

that Wick got his M2, and thanks to his preplanning, he

seasoned 3-Gunners do. If you’ve ever tried to hold four

barrel from the factory. Wick’s SIG MPX was given some

the armorer on set, that it was placed there to allow for

was able to get Tuers and company the time they needed

shotgun shells in one hand to reload a shotgun, you’ll know

performance TTI upgrades with a Taran Tactical-style

ambidextrous use while keeping it out of the way. This type

to create a blank-firing-capable M2 done in time for filming.

just what a challenge it is. And to do it quickly and in a

ion-bond treated bolt and custom TTI Grand Master

of light placement is said to keep the front of the gun clear

Texture carbide treatment on the lower portion of its Lancer

of any potential snags.

We spoke to Tuers about the challenges of getting an M2 to fire blanks. Before he got into it, Tuers fist demonstrated

smooth motion is a skill that needs to be practiced—a lot. John Wick’s M2 is based on a TTI Custom Tactical 3

the power of shooting blanks at close distances. Firing

Gun Benelli M2. Butler calls the M2 the winning-est 3-Gun

exclusive BCM buttstock. This stock, which is made for

differently power loads, it was evident that even blanks are

shotgun platform on the planet and the TTI version has a

TTI, features a larger-than-usual storage compartment,

able to severely injure or even kill someone from a few feet

ton of custom upgrades done to it to make it even better.

TTI compensator permanently attached to keep it out of

lighter weight, and an add-on cheekpad. To increase

away, and even more. As you’ve noticed in Wick, the action

These start with the bolt. TTI lightens the bolt by fluting it

NFA territory. Butler mentions that, like the other Wick

ammo capacity, TTI +11-round basepads were added to

is close-up, sometimes almost point-blank. In order to be

and then ion-bond treats it. They also modify the bolt so

guns, those who want a replica of this MPX can buy one

the original SIG magazines to maximize round count to a

safe, it was critical that the Xtreme Props crew figure out

that the M2 is capable of “ghost loading.” For those who

from TTI or Big Daddy Unlimited. Or if you already have an

satisfying 41+1.

how to have the shotgun fire safely and function reliably.

aren’t aware, Benelli M2s of the ’80s and ’90s were capable

Fortunately, they figured it out and Wick got his M2. If they

of taking an extra shell in the loading port, on the lifter and

didn’t figure it out, he’d be rocking an M4 again.

under the bolt. This made it so that the gun held eight in the

Systems carbon-fiber handguard for extra grip. The stock

The factory buttstock was replaced in favor of a TTI

16-inch barrel was swapped out for a slightly shorter 14.5inch barrel from In Lead We Trust. It also had a 2-inch-long

In John Wick 2, you’ll notice that Wick uses a Benelli M4

MPX, you can send it in to TTI for a conversion. It also features additional aftermarket upgrades such

in some of the action sequences. What you might not know

Not only did Stahelski want Wick to use an M2, but John

tube, one in the chamber and one on the lifter. TTI brings

actually wanted him to use an M2 instead, but due to time

Wick himself, Keanu Reeves, wanted to as well. This is due

this capability back with their modification. In Wick’s M2,

grip, Magpul MS4 sling, Trijicon MRO optic in a Geissele

constraints and the time that it takes to make an M2 blank

to Reeves being more proficient with the manipulating the

this makes for 8+1+1 ammo capacity. The bolt is also

Super Precision MRO mount, and a Streamlight TLR-8

firing capable, it wasn’t going to be possible to get it done

M2. In fact, both Tuers and Butler mentioned how Reeves

radiused so it slides over the hammer more smoothly.

as a TTI oversized magwell, HiperFire trigger, Radian

is that the director, who is himself a avid 3-Gun shooter,

Weapons Raptor oversized charging handle, Hogue


“This time around, Stahelski wanted to make sure that Wick got his M2. Thanks to his preplanning, he was able to get Tuers and company the time they needed to create a blank-firing-capable M2 in time for filming.” 01 The stock is finished with stippling around the grip.


01 02 76

UN12 / Issue 006

The M2’s loading port is opened up for quad loading and the lifter is extended to keep thumbs safe.

03 04

03 TTI stippled and contoured the forearm.

04 The M2 employs an oversized bolt release, Matchsaverz shell holder, and an oversized extended shell catch.




Introducing Introducing the P320 the XCOMPACT, P320 XCOMPACT, redefining redefi what ningawhat compact a compact pistol should pistol should be. Built be.on Built theon proven the proven P320 platform P320 platform and and combining combining compact compact concealability concealability with full-size with full-size XSERIES XSERIES features. features. The P320 The XCompact P320 XCompact includes includes a flat blade a flat blade trigger, trigger, an an optics-ready optics-ready removable removable sight plate, sight X-RAY3 plate, X-RAY3 Day/Night Day/Night sights,sights, a 3.6” abarrel, 3.6” barrel, 15 round 15 round magazine magazine and the and most the ergonomic most ergonomic XSeries XSeries grip module grip module we’ve we’ve ever designed. ever designed.



Rubber Stunts From a few feet away, you’d be hard pressed to tell if this rubber gun is real or fake. That becomes even more true when it’s viewed on the screen. Made for use in movie and television productions, dummy guns—better known in the industry as rubber stunts—are created by prop houses such as Xtreme Props and Weapons Rentals to be used when real guns are not needed or unsafe to use. Some of the rubber stunts are made of super-soft foam, while others are composed of dense rubber. Some even have metal wire or dowels inside them to help maintain their shape. They are used for anything from action, such as a pistol-whipping a perp, to John Wick’s MPX “tomahawk” throw at a would-be assassin in the third film. We got a kick from seeing these foam and rubber guns up close. They do look pretty good from afar. As our screens become sharper thanks to HD and 4K, the quality of these fake guns is getting better and better. Can you identify fake guns when they’re

Wick’s 21-inch-barrel M2 also features an oversized

experience. There’s a ton of work, stress, and long hours

charging handle, oversized bolt release, a Matchsaverz

that movie viewers don’t see attached to film production.

shell holder, oversized extended shell catch, trigger job, and

We just get to see the fruits of their labor.

oversized safety. The loading port is opened up for quad

As we wrapped up, we thanked Tuers, Bruno, and Hall

loading and the front forearm and rear stock are stippled.

for their hospitality and the incredible opportunity to check

TTI also extends the lifter to keep thumbs safe, and a

out John Wick’s guns. We were glad to find out that those

fiber-optic front sight is installed. For sling attachment, a

involved in the production of the films, from the director

Noveske QD is added to the front and a TTI QD to the rear.

to the actor to the firearms prop masters, are genuine gun

All the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing firearms for use in film production is a pretty amazing sight. It may seem like a glamorous job, getting to work on guns while hanging out with big-time stars in exotic locations. But on getting an insider’s view,

fanatics through and through. We’re sure that’s why the John Wick franchise has such a loyal fan base, especially in the firearms community. You just can’t fake that kind of realism.


being used in movies and TV? We bet you probably can’t spot them all.

[UN12 ]

as short as our visit was, was an eye-opening


UN12 / Issue 006



Primary Weapons System

Optimize Your PWS Text and Images by



f you’ve been reading UN12 since the beginning, you have figured out that I’m

gunfighter and should flip past this article. The AR-15 platform is the most common rifle

himself a gunsmith. The rifle you take to work


community, that little 7-inch barrel is a poor

needs to have been built by a professional, for a

A PDW is an ultra-compact package that’s

choice. Likewise, clearing a double-wide meth


ideal for concealment. It will generally have a

lab with an 18-inch-barreled recce rifle is going

barrel length between 6 and 9 inches. Operators

to present some challenges. Regardless of the

a bit of a gear guy. This started back in my team

system in use by military and police units. There

days and persists to present. I’ve always been

are endless variations and countless possibilities

fascinated with the toys of the trade. In fact, I

for setups. The makeup of the weapon in and of

consideration when selecting a rifle for the job.

will generally use PDWs in non-permissive

platform type, there are certain mission-critical

have to admit: One of the reasons I chose the

itself has tons of variables. I’m not discussing rifle

Outside of Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems, the

environments where they are working out of

tools that work guns need to have in order to do

career path I did was because the cool guys

brands. Soldiers are issued what they are issued.

AR can be broken down into a four main types.

uniform and need to blend in. They can be

the job. These include optics, lights, and lasers.

get to play with the cool toys. We all know that

But law enforcement officers sometimes have

carried in backpacks and satchels so as to not

There are numerous manufacturers of these

personal drive, teamwork, and training are what

leeway in what they carry. Many departments

1. CARBINE. Carbines are going to be 14.5- to

draw attention. PDWs provide more firepower

devices. Some are great. Some are okay. Some

count in the fight. But when your gear is properly

have policies that allow officers to carry

16-inch guns. They are going to have either

than a pistol and are often used for close

are complete shit. Suffice to say that a $100

chosen and set up for the mission, you’re putting

personally owned weapons on duty. If you work

carbine or mid-length gas systems. The carbine

protection details and surveillance operations.

red dot at the local gun store has no place on a

yourself ahead of the power curve. I’m not writing

for one of these departments, you need to listen

is the most common type of AR found in

about training in these pages. There are plenty

to what I am going to say.

professional service, and can be employed in

4. RECCE. Recce rifles (sometimes called

you’re two years on the job in a small department

ranged engagements or CQB.

Special Purpose Rifles) are carbines or rifles that

and just got on SRT. Don’t go to the bars for

are fitted with low- or high-power variable optics.

a couple months and buy some solid kit that

of great instructors and schools out there. What I

There will come a time when your life, and

There are several factors to take into

work gun. I don’t care if you make $30K because

can do is to help you set up your gear for success

the lives of the public, will depend on your

so you can perform your job better.

weapon. It better be built for no-fail. “No-fail”


They are designed to provide intermediate to

will save your life. Don’t show up to rescue my

does not include $500 cheapo or no-name/

going to be 10.5- to 13-inch guns. They most

long-range target engagement capability. A

friends or family with a Cracker Jack box optic

gear. This time I’m going to discuss setting up a

fly-by-night manufacturers found at the general

commonly have carbine-length gas systems

recce rifle is usually going to have a 14.5- to

and laser that won’t hold zero.

rifle for work. By “work,” I mean for the job of a

store. “No-fail” does not include Frankenguns

(although some companies can build them with

20-inch barrel and should have a 1:7 or 1:8 twist

professional gunfighter. These weapon systems

cobbled together by you, on your workbench,

mid-length gas systems). The SBR is generally

to help stabilize heavier bullets. Recce platforms

representing the four different types mentioned

are going to allow the operator to work day or

after you watched a YouTube DIY video, and

used for shorter-range work (under 300 meters),

can easily reach out from 500 to 1,000 meters

here. They will be set up with commonly used,

night, with or without night vision goggles. This

bought no-name parts from some faceless

but can be stretched out further in a pinch. More

and beyond, even with a 5.56x45mm round.

high-quality lights and lasers. I am going to

means lights, lasers, the works. If you’re going to

warehouse company during a Father’s Day sale.

compact than a typical carbine, an SBR is more

sit here and whine “nobody needs all that crap

“No-fail” also does not include Frankenguns

maneuverable in smaller spaces and is ideal for

paramount. Sure, little PDWs look sexy as hell.

effectively be put together with all the necessary

on their gun,” then you are not a professional

cobbled together by your buddy who fancies

CQB and working around vehicles.

But if you’re a deputy or SWAT officer in a rural

tools for the modern professional gunfighter.

Previously, I’ve covered a lot of wearable

Choosing the right tool for the job is

I’m going to show four different rifles,

demonstrate how different-length guns can still



UN12 / Issue 006



FULL DISCLOSURE. I work for Unity Tactical,

need to work hard to operate it. Controls, be

Essentially, you should be able to operate your

all conditions. Even high-quality lasers can have

6. Use a good two-point sling. If you are using

which develops integration solutions for

they safeties, bolt releases, charging handles,

weapon system ambidextrously. Now, I have

a lot of trouble in extreme cold, from intermittent

a single-point sling, you better be running an

weapons and gear. Some of the products I am

magazine releases, weaponlight click caps, or

never, ever switched shoulders in a gunfight or

operability to downright failure to work. This

MP5K. If you are using a three-point sling,

going to show and recommend are made by

pressure switches, should be thoughtfully placed

while clearing structures and reducing rooms.

should be a concern for any cop or warfighter

you better be running an MP5. The bottom

Unity Tactical. I approached this article with

so they can be consistently actuated under

I do not advocate it because you will not be

who is stationed in, deployed to, or working in

line is two-point slings allow you to create a

some hesitancy because I did not want to come


nearly as stable or accurate shooting off your

cold climates.

more stable shooting platform. They allow you

products. Please note that this information is

2. Every interface with the weapon system

shoulders to post up on a barricade or corner

5. Mount lights and lasers appropriately. There’s

based on my opinions and recommendations as

must require a deliberate action. This is just as

while my guys are wrapping up things behind me.

a lot of arguments about light/laser placement.

a former operator. Some of the products featured

important when activating lights and lasers as it

During those ten seconds I may need to engage

I’m in the camp of placing them as far forward as

are made by Unity Tactical. Some of them are

is for working the safety and pressing the trigger.

threats, which means I better be able to operate

possible. I don’t want anything in front of my light

made by Unity’s competitors. My company’s

An accidental discharge of white light or laser

my light and laser in that position.

and laser emitters if I can help it. Any potential

products are not always going to be the best

may not be immediately deadly like a negligent

choice. Sometimes they will be.

discharge. But it can draw attention to you and

4. Build redundancy into the system. I see a lot of

bloom in my vision, my team’s vision, or my aerial

your team, inviting enemy fire and compromising

professionals show up at my classes with guns

support’s vision. I want my laser on top of my rail,

several rules I abide by when setting up a rifle.

the mission. In other words, light/laser controls

that have one optical sighting system. When

as far forward as it will go. This gives me access

I keep these rules in mind when assembling a

should not be placed exactly where the support

questioned, they often say their laser is their

to the onboard fire button if needed, and means

work gun as they are going to dramatically affect

hand will grip the weapon. The firing grip should

backup. I don’t like this trend. I don’t want to be

that I really only need to worry about height

the performance capability of the weapon.

not need to be broken, but a slight, deliberate

relying strictly on electronic devices to aim my

over bore with a converging zero. I also want to

movement to actuate the controls must be a

weapon. Why? Historically, lasers will fail faster

attempt to get my light above bore. This helps


or more often than red dot sights. And if my red

place the dark “Pac Man” mouth of light, created

dot goes down, I don’t want to rely solely on a

by the barrel or suppressor, at the bottom of the

“Rail estate” is always at a premium. There are

1. Have complete control over all functions of the weapon, including fire control group,


to securely sling the weapon while roping or

non-dominant shoulder. However, I will switch

across as a shill, shamelessly plugging my own

blockage of the emitter can cause the device to

optics, lights, lasers, activation switches. You

3. Take into consideration various shooting

downrange-visible sighting system. It points both

circle. It also helps me clear the light when I shoot

are the master of your weapon and shouldn’t

positions and conditions when placing controls.

ways. Lastly, not all lasers perform on-demand in

from a barricade.

UN12 / Issue 006

rappelling, or going hands-on with an adversary.

“If you are a professional, there will probably come a time when your life and the lives of others depend on your weapon. It had better be built for no-fail.”





Suppressor Shorter “mini” suppressors are great because of their size. However, they are best suited for standard-length rifles and carbines. Professionals use suppressors. Period. Whether to mask your location or help reduce hearing damage inside structures, professionals use suppressors. There is a time to not use cans, but if your team doesn’t have them, someone in your chain of command is either not doing their job by properly budgeting for and acquiring suppressors, or they’re playing politics.

Optic Red Dot sights should be accompanied by magnifiers. The fight can quickly move from 10 feet to 100+ yards. While a rifleman is certainly capable of hitting a target with a 1X sight at these distances, a critical shot calls for more accuracy. If a hostage-taker shot needs to be made across a parking lot, you will need all the help you can get.

This 16-inch carbine is built on an American

button and port for remote switch. This is key

Defense Manufacturing UIC (Universal

in that it allows easy yet deliberate activation

Improved Carbine). It possesses a truly

of the light and laser with their onboard

ambidextrous lower receiver that checks

controls. Meanwhile, a TAPS Dual Pressure

one of my boxes with an integral feature.

Switch is mounted directly behind the MAWL.

This gun has a full-length, free-float M-Lok

The purpose of this is redundant access if I

rail handguard. A professional’s rifle needs

need to shoot with my opposite hand.

to have a free-floating handguard system.

01 86

UN12 / Issue 006

A 16-inch carbine could easily be set up

“This carbine is configured with everything needed to fight: light, laser, optics. It’s prepared for any scenario.”

We mount laser aiming devices to these

with a red dot or low-power variable optic

handguards. Once zeroed, we cannot afford

scope. In this case, I have mounted the

for them to move. M-Lok has proven to be

excellent Aimpoint Micro T2 and 3XMAG

Magnifiers are our friends. The FAST mount

the winner in the next-generation modular rail

in Unity Tactical FAST mounts. I’m a huge

system raises the optics up to help clear

system wars. It is stronger than KeyMod and

proponent of pairing magnifiers with red dot

comms headsets, gas masks, NVGs and so

lighter than M1913 Picatinny.

optics. Gunfights can quickly transition from

on. The built-in adjustable rear BUIS works

same-room/in-your-face to outdoor/ranged

in conjunction with the front sight at the end

configuration with the addition of a Geissele

engagements. Hell, a SWAT officer may need

of the rail. In this configuration, the carbine is

Automatics SSA Trigger and SureFire

to take a 100+ yard shot across a parking lot.

prepared for almost any scenario.

I’ve upgraded this carbine from stock

Warcomp. There are many great triggers on the market, but there is a reason why operators at the tippy-tip of the spear choose Geissele triggers. The Warcomp allows for attachment of QD SureFire SOCOM2 suppressors. A work gun should have the option of running suppressed. This carbine is configured with everything needed to fight: light, laser, and optics. The laser is a B.E. Meyers MAWL. Its unique shape provides excellent access to onboard fire buttons. Immediately in front of it is a Unity Tactical FUSION Micro Hub 2.0 with FUSION Front Sight. This assembly provides a direct-mount solution for the SureFire M300C Scout Light. In this configuration, both light and laser are well above the bore. The M300C is fitted with a SureFire DS00 tail cap that features both an onboard click

Lights & Lasers Mounting both light and laser above bore allows them to easily clear a barricade as long as the muzzle clears. The Micro Hub 2.0 acts as a low-profile mount for the Scout Light while also providing a platform for the backup front sight.





Spacing While longer than a PDW’s handguard, SBR rails still have limited space. Every inch needs to be maximized.

This SBR is somewhat patterned after the

02 88

UN12 / Issue 006

options, Mk18-type SBRs are very popular

option over a dual-spectrum light. The reason

for work guns. So, I wanted to demonstrate

is simple: When I want white light, I want as

how a weapon like this can be optimized.

many lumens as possible, and I want them

This is a BCM4 Short Barrel Rifle. Bravo

now! Dual-spectrum lights, while versatile,

Company Manufacturing is well known

provide anemic output in both visible

for building some of the most reliable ARs

and infrared compared to their dedicated

available. This one has an 11.5-inch barrel

counterparts. If I want infrared illumination, I

rather than the more traditional 10.3-inch

will use the laser. If I want white light, I will use

found in issued Mk18s. The reason is simple:

the weaponlight. In my opinion, the SureFire

effectiveness. The optics are at a lower 1/3

11.5 inches is the shortest barrel length for

M300C provides one of the best outputs (500

co-witness height, so the flip-up rear BUIS

reliable performance when shooting a direct-

lumens) relative to its size. And SureFire’s

can be used through the glass of the HWS

impingement gas system with a suppressor

reputation of unwavering commitment

(when the magnifier is flipped off to the

all the time. Like the carbine on the preceding

to quality and unmatched track record of

side). The BUIS is the low-profile Midwest

pages, this SBR is also upgraded with a

dependability in the most austere conditions

Industries Combat Rifle Sight.

Geissele SSA Trigger.

is beyond question. I’ve mounted it using the excellent Arisaka Defense Side Scout Mount

issued Daniel Defense RIS II. This combat-

Picatinny. This highly affordable, tiny little

proven M1913 Picatinny rail is fitted with a

mount takes up almost no space and snugs

standard-issue AN/PEQ-15 ATPIAL laser

the light right up to the PEQ-15.

system. While older, the ATPIAL has an

The Magpul CTR Stock is decorated with an RE Factor Tactical Combat Reference Guide. This one features the NATO 9-Line MEDEVAC Request procedure. Hard as it is to believe, sometimes even operators need reference cards to remember procedures. The Tactical Reference Guides come in several flavors and are extremely useful.

“This SBR has an 11.5-inch barrel, the shortest length for reliable performance while shooting with a suppressor.”

Mk18. While not as modern as some of the

The free-float handguard is the SOCOM-


Once again, I have attached a SureFire M300C. I much prefer a dedicated white light

Both light and laser are controlled, again,

impressive record of dependability through

by a TAPS Standard dual-pressure switch.

well over a decade of combat in the GWOT.

Mounted at the 12 o’clock position, it

It adorns many of the weapons in the

provides ambidextrous control access to

NATO arsenal as well as those of many law

both devices. The placement of the vertical

enforcement agencies. I’ve mounted it all the

grip is less about grip and more about

way forward on the rail so no accessories

creating an index point for consistent grip. It

can block the beams or cause refraction.

puts my thumb in a position to ride alongside

Because I believe in running backup iron

the rail. Swinging my thumb to the side will

sights, I have mounted the revolutionary

give me instant access to the TAPS switch

Railscales PEQ-LEAF front sight. While quite

without breaking my firing grip.

pricey, the PEQ-LEAF provides amazing

Optics are the commonly used EOTech

utility. Its unconventional geometry is quite

EXPS and G33 magnifier in their factory

literally unmatched in making the best use of

configuration. Again, magnifiers are crucial

rail space.

to expanding your weapon’s combat

Rails The outstanding Rail Scales LEAF-PEQ takes up minimal space when paired with the AN/PEQ15 ATPIAL. Likewise, the tiny Arisaka Defense Side Scout Mount Picatinny is one of the smallest and lightest ways to put a SureFire light on M1913 rail.





Mapping A professional’s weapon must be equipped with everything needed to prosecute the fight, regardless of the size. Great care must be taken to properly lay out the accessories to maximize efficiency.

Switches The use of a SureFire DS00 tail cap provides both onboard click activation and a port for a remote switch.

03 90

UN12 / Issue 006

This Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is a

factory mount and attached it directly to a

9-inch AR-15 chambered in 300 Blackout.

Unity Tactical FUSION Micro Hub 2.0, from

The heavier caliber provides added punch

which I’ve added a FUSION Light Wing for

and barrier penetration capability. One of

the SureFire M600U Scout Light. The light

the defining characteristics of a PDW is

is fired by one of two separate controls. I’ve

small size. What we gain in concealability,

again used the SureFire DS00 dual tail cap.

we sacrifice in barrel length. But then again,

I’ve mounted a Unity Tactical Hot Button

we wouldn’t choose this weapon for a

at the 11 o’clock. This placement requires

recce mission in the Shah-i-Kot Valley. To

a very small movement of the thumb for

increase concealability, I’ve installed a LAW

actuation. If I have to switch hands, I can

Tactical Gen3-M Folding Stock Adapter. This

still use the click button on the back of the

incredibly effective accessory allows a short

DS00. The DBAL is controlled with a factory

PDW to get even shorter. In fact, the entire

tape switch that is literally attached to the top

package fits easily into a standard backpack,

of the rail with Velcro and a zip-tie. This is a

perfect for low-visibility operations. And with

pretty old-school technique that’s less than

an SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace, this PDW is

elegant, but works.

a pistol that’s perfect as an emergency trunk gun for armed civilians. Regardless of the lack of rail space, we still

“This PDW is chambered in 300 Blackout, a heavier caliber to provide added punch and penetration.”

Due to the lack of rail estate on this PDW, I have mounted an Aimpoint CompM5 in a Unity Tactical FAST Micro Mount. This mount

need to equip this gun with the necessary

has built-in, fully adjustable iron sights. While

lights and lasers for combat operations. The

the sight radius is only about 1 inch, these are

laser is a Steiner DBAL-A3. I’ve removed the

adequate backups.

Folding Stock Micro Mount The FAST Micro Mount features integral front and rear backup sights, extremely useful for super-short PDWs and SMGs where rail space is at a premium.

A Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter is the perfect accessory to make your super-short AR-15 PDW even shorter, and especially useful when carrying the weapon in a non-descript case like a standard backpack. If the PDW is an AR pistol, the Folding Stock Adapter creates a small package that can easily be kept as a trunk gun to help get home safe if you’re out and about when the zombie apocalypse kicks off.





Free-Float A work gun needs to have a free-float rail that won’t flex when CNVDs and lasers are in use. This is especially important as the rail gets longer. Geissele Automatics has long built some of the stiffest rails used by professional gunfighters in some of the most elite SOF units.

This is a weapon I would use for intermediate distances. It is also light enough

system. I know, I know: I said I like having

to be carried long distances. The 14.5-inch

non-battery-operated backups. But there

barrel is short enough to be maneuverable in

is a good reason for this exception. While

built-up environments. I’ve outfitted this rifle

offset iron sights are great, the front sight will

with a Geissele Super Modular Rail. Geissele

interfere with a CNVD. Obviously, this isn’t a

rails are renowned for their rigidity, which is

problem if you don’t use a CNVD. However,

a major concerned when a CNVD (Clip-on

I did say this article was about setting up

Night Vision Device) may be used. CNVDs

fighting guns for professionals. I have placed

are great tools, but need to remain 100% in

an Aimpoint Micro T1 on a Daniel Defense

I’m used to sighting systems being on top of

line with the host optic.

offset mount. Aimpoint Micros are about as

the gun. However, the need to add or remove

durable as you can get. So they’re perfect for

the CNVD negates my ability to put my laser

Mk6 3.5-18x. This is one of my favorite

hanging off the side of a gun, where they are

where I want it. This is one of the only times

optics for sheer versatility. The range of

exposed to potential impact.

when I advocate mounting the laser on the

magnification is incredibly useful, without

04 92

UN12 / Issue 006

It’s important that a recce rifle stock has a protected lever. I prefer the Magpul ACS for its SOPMOD-type cheek weld. The lever is protected from accidental release when propped on a rear bag.

“Recce rifles have a very versatile role. They may engage targets out to 1,000 meters, or be used to clear structures.”

engagements where I need to hit at

In this case, the host optic is a Leupold


When running a variable-power optic, I prefer to use a red dot sight as a backup

Recce rifles have a very versatile role.

side of the gun. In this case, I have placed

making the physical package overly bulky.

I may be engaging targets out to 1,000

an LA/5-PEQ on the outside of the rail. Its

I prefer the TREMOR3 reticle for rapid

meters, or I may be clearing structures. Up

primary control will be a Hot Button remote

engagement. The scope is mounted in a

until this point, you have probably noticed

M-Lok switch placed at the 11 o’clock. While

Geissele Super Scope Mount. I swear I don’t

a distinct lack of quick-detach levers. In my

this rail is not actual M-Lok, its slots do still

get paid by them to say this, but Geissele

world, QD has its place only with items that

support some M-Lok hardware. I would not

pretty much makes the best of just about

actually need it. For this gun, my Atlas bipod

normally advocate this practice, but remote

everything. I have used their products for a

attaches via LaRue Tactical lever. For ranged

switches don’t see the same shear/torque as

long time and would absolutely recommend

engagements, I will most likely want to use

vertical grips and other accessories, so it’s

them for going into harm’s way. Speaking of

the bipod in conjunction with a small bean

strong enough. I’ve placed a SureFire Dual

high-quality accessories, I put the excellent

bag. But I certainly don’t want that weight

Fuel light at 9 o’clock. This puts both light

Aadmount Flip-Up Scope Caps on all my

and bulk hanging off the front of my gun while

and laser controls within easy access while

scopes. These caps, made by Aadland

trying to clear rooms.

still requiring deliberate action to activate

Engineering, are one of the best-kept secrets

I generally want to keep my laser on top

them. Meanwhile, the top rail is left open for

in optics. They are durable as hell, won’t fall

of the rail. It allows me to make quicker

adding and removing a CNVD (in this case, a

off, and they fold flat against the scope.

calculations for offset while aiming because

Knight’s Armament Company AN/PVS-30).



Professionals have little need for quick-detach levers on optics, lights, and lasers. But a bipod should always be QD. You will sometimes need it, and sometimes won’t. It needs to come off easily.

I much prefer an offset MRDS over offset iron sights when a CNVD may be used. The night sight objective lens will not clear the front offset sight. Due to it needing to hang off the side of the rifle, the MRDS of choice must be rugged as hell. In this case, the Aimpoint Micro T1 is an excellent choice. Being completely enclosed, it won’t become fouled by dirt and debris.



“Your weapon is the tool you will use to defend your life; optimizing it should be of paramount importance.”

Being a professional means doing

Once I’ve configured my weapon, I

everything as if your life depends on it.

ensure I shoot it regularly. I ensure I handle

Since your weapon is literally the tool you

it regularly. I dry fire when I cannot shoot.

will use to defend your life, optimizing it

I make sure I practice moving it around

should be of paramount importance. Like

my body while wearing my gear. I make

all of my gear and tools, I configure it to

sure I work all the controls in the dark with

work in complete darkness. If I can use it in

complete consistency. This builds neural

blackness, I can do it in the light. Running

pathways in my brain, ensuring my ability to

my gun and gear at night is the true test for

manipulate the weapon under all conditions.

whether everything works as intended. Bad

I commit the feel of switches, pressure

things tend to happen at night and I need to

pads, buttons, safeties, and the trigger to

ensure I can deal with them. I need a light to

memory. I ensure my hands find the same

work in the dark, a laser to work with night

place on the pistol grip and handguard so

vision, a suppressor to keep decibels down

as to not inadvertently actuate anything

and mask my position, and an optic system

that I do not want to deliberately actuate. A

that allows me to engage targets near and

professional ensures that everything on his

far. I need to have complete control over

person and on his weapon is purposeful and

every function of every device, regardless

suited for the job.

of which shoulder I’m firing from, both day and night.

Your weapon is your life. [ UN12 ]

Supplies When building a work gun, make sure you have these supplies. Mini zip-ties are essential for shoring up wild cables from lights and lasers. Blue thread locker should be used on all screws, be they accessories, or mounting bolts for rails. But be careful not to overdo it. A little bit goes a long way. If you use too much, you run the risk of gluing the screw and ensuring you’ll never get it out. Finally, a paint pen should be used to make witness marks on all fasteners. This is a short line drawn over the bolt and the adjoining surface. If the line appears broken, I immediately know the fastener is backing out.



UN12 / Issue 006



Buyer’s Guide


Scope Mount Buyer’s Guide Text by MARTIN ANDERS Images by JEFF CHEN




UN12 / Issue 006

here probably hasn’t been a better time

every bit as important as the glass itself.

in history than now to be into precision

It can’t be stressed enough that to get the

shooting. With the advent of modern

most out of your magnified optic, you need

precision calibers such as 6.5 Creedmoor

a quality scope mount. A proper one-piece

and .224 Valkyrie on top of the array of proven

scope mount can take the punishment of

favorites like .308 Winchester and .300

heavy recoil and the occasional impacts in the

Winchester Magnum, precision shooters

field and should retain zero even if repeatedly

have plenty of remarkable ammunition to

taken off of and put back on your rifle.

choose from. On top of that, firearm technology is

Think of the scope mount as the foundation that your rifle’s accuracy is built on. Don’t

constantly evolving in terms of the methods

let it be the weak link in your setup. If you’re

and materials used to create components,

looking to outfit your magnified optic

from barrels to precision glass and their

equipped rifle, whether it’s a long-range

reticles. Firearm technology has never been

shooter or a medium-distance run-and-gun

more advanced. The improvement of each

rig, it’s a good move to take the time to review

element of doesn’t stop, not with its trigger,

which mount is right for you. The following

chassis or stock, or even its scope mount.

guide features mounts from 16 top scope

Acquiring a quality scope is only half the battle; the mount that the scope sits in is

mount manufacturers. Odds are you’ll find one that will suit your needs perfectly.





Aero Precison

Badger Ordnance



Ring Diameter: 30mm; also 1 in., 34mm

Ring Diameter: 30mm, 34mm, 35mm

Centerline Above Rail: 1.5 in. Weight: 3.27 oz. Cant: 0° Mount Type: Standard Style: Cantilever Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Special Features: Aero Precision’s objective with this mount was to create on of the lightest mounts in the industry. It will hold your scope in place without weighing it down. MSRP: $100


Centerline Above Rail: 1.93 in. (30mm), 1.70 in. (34mm), 1.54 in. (35mm) Weight: 8.3 oz. (w/ Micro Sight Mount) Cant: 0° Mount Type: Standard Style: Cantilever Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum Special Features: Offers four accessory mounting points on to mount additional accessories such as Micro Sight Mounts for the Leupold DPP, Trijicon RMR, and Aimpoint T1/T2. MSRP: $300


American Defense Mfg.

Bobro Engineering



Ring Diameter: 30mm

Ring Diameter: 1 in., 30mm, 34mm, 35mm

Centerline Above Rail: 1.5 in. Weight: 9 oz. Cant: 0° Mount Type: Quick Detach Style: Cantilever Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum Special Features: This mount is made for putting high power glass onto a flattop style AR-15. The AD-DELTA-C is a cantilever scope mount with 2” of eye relief built in. MSRP: $240

Centerline Above Rail: 1.5 in. Weight: 9.9 oz. Cant: 0° Mount Type: Quick Detach Style: Cantilever Material: 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 Aluminum Special Features: Quick-detach BLAC lever system is tested and proven for return to zero. LBX system joins the ring halves by using interlocking sections that ensure maximum strength and uniformity. MSRP: $325


UN12 / Issue 006



Daniel Defense


Ring Diameter: 30mm; also 1 in. Centerline Above Rail: 1.5 in. Weight: 5.5 oz.


Geissele Automatics SUPER PRECISION SCOPE MOUNT, 30MM FOR AR-15 Ring Diameter: 30mm Centerline Above Rail: 1.93 in. Weight: 8 oz. Cant: 0째

Cant: 0째 Mount Type: Standard Style: Cantilever Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum Special Features: Patented Rock & Lock technology offers easy installation and removal using Torx Plus fasteners at the base and rings. Finished with Type III hardcoat anodizing. Made in the USA. MSRP: $153

Mount Type: Standard Style: Cantilever Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum Special Features: Optimal height for clearing common range finders, lasers, or IR devices. Updated nutand-bolt attachment method that offers 2,800 pounds of clamping force. Incorporates four shear lugs for maximum rigidity. MSRP: $325



Ring Diameter: 30mm; also 1 in., 34mm Centerline Above Rail: 1 in. (medium); 1.19 in. (high); 1.38 in. (X high)


JP Enterprises JP FLAT-TOP SCOPE MOUNT Ring Diameter: 1 in., 30mm

Weight: Varies

Centerline Above Rail: 1.47 in.

Cant: 0째

Weight: 7.65 oz.

Mount Type: Standard

Cant: 0째

Style: Cantilever

Mount Type: Standard

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Style: Cantilever

Special Features: Custom-made to fit each type of firearm and align perfectly with its receiver. Designed to be 67% lighter than comparable one-piece mounts with four times the threads and precision socket-head cap screws. Made in the USA.

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

MSRP: $166

Special Features: Designed to take advantage of the generous eye relief found in new-generation 1-4x, 1-6x, and 1-8x riflescopes. An integrated recoil lug helps aid stability. Included ring adapters adapt from the 30mm default to accommodate 1-inch tubes.

MSRP: $225


UN12 / Issue 006




Ring Diameter: 34mm; also 1 in., 30mm Centerline Above Rail: 1.55 in. Weight: 6.95 oz.


Primary Arms Optics

30MM ECS CANTILEVER MOUNT, Ring Diameter: 30mm

Centerline Above Rail: 1.41/1.535/1.64 in. Weight: 5.83 oz. Cant: 0° Mount Type: Standard

Cant: 0° Mount Type: Quick Detach Style: Cantilever

Style: Cantilever Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Special Features: User-friendly, tool-less quick-detach design. Rings may be adjusted forward or backward according to user preference. Type III hard-coat anodized.

Special Features: Mil-spec Type III hardcoat anodized aluminum, USA-made grade 12.9 manganese phosphate-caoted clamping hardware. Relief cuts in top caps and ring body avoid tube “pinching.” Lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $225

MSRP: $300

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum


Midwest Industries


Ring Diameter: 34mm; also 1 in., 30mm Centerline Above Rail: 1.55 in. Weight: 8.7 oz. Cant: 0° Mount Type: Quick Detach Style: Cantilever Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum Special Features: QD clamping system that will not mark or coin the rail surface. Multi-faceted adjustment nut allows exact tensioning. Patented QD lever by Elite Defense. Hard-coat anodized finish. Made in the USA. MSRP: $180


Scalarworks LEAP/SCOPE

Ring Diameter: 30mm, 34mm

Centerline Above Rail: 1.57 in. Weight: 5.62 oz. Cant: 0° Mount Type: Standard Style: Cantilever Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Special Features: Engineered for extreme light weight without sacrificing rigidity. Proprietary leveling screw helps square the scope with the mount. Conjoined rings are designed to be stiffer, lighter, and easier to use than split rings. MSRP: $400


UN12 / Issue 006




Seekins Precision

Warne Scope Mounts



Ring Diameter: 30mm, 34mm

Ring Diameter: 30mm

Centerline Above Rail: 1.45 in.

Centerline Above Rail: 1.435 in.

Weight: 6.95 oz.

Weight: 8.19 oz.

Cant: 0°/20 MOA

Cant: 0°

Mount Type: Standard

Mount Type: Quick Detach

Style: Cantilever

Style: Cantilever

Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Special Features: Rings include integral, flat recoil center lugs machined directly into the bottom to fit Picatinny slots precisely with minimal clearance. Grade 8 T-25 Torx fasteners will not strip while being tightened to spec.

Special Features: Patent pending dual quick-detach levers facilitate fast installation and removal. Skeletonized aluminum body and caps help reduce weight. Extended design provides more than 2 inches of forward cantilever for additional eye relief.

MSRP: $200

MSRP: $200




SIG Sauer




Ring Diameter: 30mm

Centerline Above Rail: 1.375 – 1.535 in.

Ring Diameter: 30mm, 34mm, 35mm Centerline Above Rail: 1.50 in.

Weight: 5 oz.

Weight: 7.04 oz.

Cant: 0°/20 MOA

Cant: 0°

Mount Type: Standard

Mount Type: Standard

Style: Cantilever

Style: Cantilever

Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum

Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Special Features: Clamps and mounts machined from titanium for reduced weight. Available with zero-degree or 20 MOA cant. Construction from 7075 aluminum for added durability.

Special Features: Cantilever body and ring allows scope to be mounted in either direction. Return-to-zero accuracy on reattachment. DLOC mount allows the user to hand-tighten retention knobs or torque to spec. Antireflective anodized coating standard, Cerakote available for extra charge.

MSRP: $340

MSRP: $280


UN12 / Issue 006




“Gough deployed 15 times to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other hostile theaters with the 75th Ranger Regiment and as a Global Response Staff (GRS) operator. To put it mildly, the dude knows how to shoot.”

: : Built for precision shooting : : Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor : : Coatings by Blowndeadline


UN12 / Issue 006



Night Vision A Knight’s Armament AN/ PVS-30 attaches to the Vortex if need be.


“We were told that the AR is built off of a Spike’s Tactical 6.5 Creedmoor Roadhouse Precision Rifle—and even though it doesn’t look like it, it is almost all stock.”

The Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 x 56 FFP scope is secured in a Spuhr SP-4616 (6mil/20.6 MPA) cantilever mount.



A Spike’s Tactical 15-inch .308 M-Lok rail floats over the 22-inch Krieger barrel.

The XLR Industries unit features an adjustable length of pull and cheek weld.

ometimes you’ll meet a pair of

were created for competition shooting and

the elite 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger


Spike’s Tactical R2 Brake, Timney Calvin

efficiently with a wide range of ammunition,”

buddies that are so in step with one

precision rifle instruction. Gough’s daily grind

Regiment, with six of those years as a sniper.

We were told that the AR is built off a

Elite Trigger, Radian Raptor-LT AR10, and

Gough replied. “However, I only run Eagle

another that they themselves even joke that

sees him share his time between Dark Corner

He graduated the U.S. Army Sniper School

Spike’s Tactical 6.5 Creedmoor Roadhouse

Magpul ACS Stock. The list of quality parts

Eye Precision ammunition, so using the

they’re brothers from another mother. In a

Concepts and Spike’s Tactical. Gough is the

and Special Operations Target Interdiction

Precision Rifle, and even though it doesn’t

explains a lot about why Gough left the rifle

adjustable gas block I tuned the gas system

way, you can probably say the same thing

owner of and lead instructor at Dark Corner

course with top honors as a sniper section

look like it, it is almost all stock. In fact,

mostly untouched.

to operate most efficiently with that.”

about these two rifles. It may seem strange

Concepts, a dedicated precision rifle training

leader. Gough deployed 15 times to Iraq,

Gough informed us that other than a few

to call a bolt rifle and a semi-auto gas gun

company, and the military/law enforcement

Afghanistan, and other hostile theaters with

parts that he added, he shoots it pretty

challenges that he may have encountered

own rifles, he did turn to Cerakote expert

twins, but in a fraternal, non-identical sort of

program director at Spike’s Tactical.

the 75th Ranger Regiment and as a Global

much as it comes from the factory. The rifle

for this build. “As with any gas gun, the

Blowndeadline to help him change up the

Response Staff (GRS) operator. To put it

comes with plenty of upgrades as standard,

initial ‘challenge,’ if you had to call it that,

rifle’s look. He asked them to coat the AR in

let’s first learn more about the man behind

mildly, the dude knows how to shoot. Now

including a 20-inch stainless Krieger Barrel,

was finding the balance that allowed the

a MultiCam motif. As you can see, the results

them. Gough served nearly eight years in

let’s get back to his rifles.

Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Block,

gas system to operate smoothly and

are truly fantastic.


way, they are. Nick Gough, former Army Ranger sniper, is the owner of these two rifles. Both long guns



UN12 / Issue 006

To understand more about the rifles,

We asked him if he could recall any

While Gough generally works on his



Optic A Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 x 56 FFP is secured in Badger Ordnance 34mm rings.

Barrel The 26-inch Bartlein terminates with a American Precision Arms Little Bastard muzzle brake.


Bipod Platform

The Accu-Shot Atlas BT10 provides added stability on long-range shots.

The rifle is built upon a Kinetic Research Group Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C).

Since he’s an experienced precision shooter, we were interested to see what

As you might have noticed, a Knight’s

thought stood out, and he quickly mentioned


The gun’s body is made of hardened 416

tell you firsthand that it does a remarkable

that he really like the Magpul M-Lok ARCA

Similar to his AR, Gough’s bolt gun is also

Stainless Steel and features an integral 20

job of effectively cutting down muzzle jump and recoil.

optic setup Gough preferred to use on his

Armament AN/PVS-30 is sometimes

Interface Dovetail Adapter, which allows him

chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor and

MOA scope base. Its tang is thicker than

gun. Gough chose to mount a Vortex Optics

attached to the Roadhouse rifle. Thanks

to mount his rifle on tripods to steady his

finished by Blowndeadline in a MutliCam

standard and is radiused to fit Model 700

The rifle is built upon a Kinetic Research

Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 x 56 FFP scope in a

to the Spuhr mount, the Vortex scope and


Cerakote scheme. As noted, he uses both

style platforms. Mated to the receiver is a

Group Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C). The W3C

Spuhr SP-4616 (6mil/20.6 MOA) cantilever

Knight’s night vision line up perfectly. The

As far as the gun’s accuracy, Gough

rifles for competition shooting as well as

26-inch Bartlein Barrel, on which Gough

chassis forms the backbone of the rifle and

mount. The first-focal-plane optic features

AN/PVS-30 is a clip-on night vision device

told us: “The days of being satisfied, even

precision rifle instruction. But unlike his AR,

installed an American Precision Arms Little

combines precise aluminum bedding with

exceptional clarity that allows Gough to hit

that allows the user to see out to distance

impressed, with gas guns achieving 1 MOA

Gough points out that he didn’t do the work

Bastard Brake.

tool-less adjustment capability. The chassis

targets accurately at distance. He couldn’t

under very low light. According to Knight’s

accuracy are over. My initial expectations

on this gun. For something as specialized

The trifecta of GA Precision’s Templar

say enough good things about the Spuhr

Armament, this device can help the operator

were to have a platform that consistently

as a bolt gun, he trusted the experts at GA

V2 receiver with the Bartlein and American

any need for special bottom metal. Spending

mount. The SP-4616 allows for an absolute

recognize a standing man under a quarter-

punched ½ MOA groups, but the end result


Precision Arms duo is a winning combination

some time with the rifle allowed us to see

co-witness with most clip-on night vision

moon or recognize a vehicle under starlight

was a semi-auto that repeatedly knocks on

for long-range precision shooting. This

that plenty of expertise and thorough thought

units when mounted on AR platforms, and

in excess of 1,000 meters. Where can we

the door of ¼ MOA instead.” That’s good

features a GA Precision Templar V2 receiver.

author has spent some time with various

and feedback were used in the chassis

its cantilever configuration allows the scope

sign up for one of those?

news if you ask us. We wonder, though—

GA Precision’s Templar receivers are

rifles that were equipped with the American

design. One feature we especially like is its

how does his other twin shoot?

considered some of the best in the business.

Precision Arms Little Bastard Brake and can

modular grip panels. Different-sized grips

to be mounted 1.57 inches further when


compared to a non-cantilever mount.

“GA Precision’s Templar receivers are considered some of the best in the business.”

UN12 / Issue 006

We asked Gough which other parts he

The GA Precision 6.5 Creedmoor rifle

also takes AICS-style magazines without



“Both rifles are undoubtedly handsome and both do similar jobs, but in very different ways.” can be installed to allow a shooter to tailor

to the barrel to the scope, every component

is also one of the reasons we call these two

the fit of the stock to his or her needs.

will affect how accurately and reliably the

rifles brothers from another mother. Both rifles are undoubtedly handsome

Gough equipped this rifle with the same

rifle performs. This includes the trigger. As

style Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 x 56 FFP

on his Spike’s Tactical Roadhouse gas gun,

and both do similar jobs, but do them in very

scope found on his AR. Taking advantage of

Gough installed a Timney Calvin Elite on

different ways. Each is used for competition

the familiarity of a single type of scope and

the bolt gun. It’s a proven trigger that he’s

shooting as well as precision rifle instruction,

reticle allows him to jump from platform to

familiar with. Although it’s not exactly the

and each is chambered in 6.5mm

platform quickly and efficiently. On the bolt

same trigger as in his AR, he does believe in

Creedmoor. One thing’s for sure—it presents

“TWIN” RIFLES gun, the scope sits confidently in a set of

Timney’s products and is very familiar with

a dilemma. When he can only shoot one at a

Badger Ordnance 34mm rings.

their feel no matter the platform. Have you

time, which of the twins does Gough select?

It’s extremely important to get every

element of a bolt gun right. From the receiver

sensed a theme yet? Consistency is key, and

That’s a conundrum that we wish we had.

the similarity of parts between the two rifles

[ UN12 ]

MEET YOUR NEWEST ADDICTION UN12: The biggest and freshest firearms magazine focuses on customization and individuality. Dealers wanted: UN12 is a premium and limited magazine that is not available on newsstands. It is only available online and through specialty shops like yours. Join up as a UN12 retailer and we’ll drive customers to you. If you would like to carry UN12, contact us at today.


UN12 / Issue 006





Nick Gough’s Spike’s Tactical Roadhouse Precision Rifle

Nick Gough’s GA Precision 6.5 Creedmoor



Caliber: 6.5mm Creedmoor

Caliber: 6.5mm Creedmoor

Length: 43.5 in.

Length: 47 in.

Barrel: 22” Krieger Barrel

Barrel: 26” Bartlein Barrel

Weight Unloaded: 15 lbs, 9.6 oz.

Weight Unloaded: 15 lbs, 4.8 oz.

Upper & Lower Receivers: Spike’s Tactical Gen II Billet

Receiver: GA Precision Templar V2

Coating: Cerakote by Blowndeadline

Coating: Cerakote by Blowndeadline

Featured Accessories

Featured Accessories

Optic: Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27 x 56 FFP, Vortex Venom Red Dot

Optic: Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.527 x 56 FFP

Optic Mount: Spuhr SP-4616 Cantilever Mount (6mil/20.6MOA)

Optic Mount: Badger Ordnance 34mm Rings (1”) Chassis: Kinetic Research Group Whiskey-3 Chassis Bipod: Accu-Shot Atlas BT10 Bipod

NV Optic: Knight’s Armament AN/ PVS30 Handguard: Spike’s Tactical 15” .308 M-Lok Rail Buttstock: XLR Industries AR Buttstock

Magazine: Accuracy International Parts & Accessories: American Precision Arms Little Bastard Brake, Timney Calvin Elite, AccuShot Precision Monopod

Bipod: Accu-Shot Atlas BT10LW17 Bipod Magazine: Magpul PMag Parts & Accessories: Timney AR Calvin Elite Trigger, Magpul M-Lok ARCA Interface Dovetail Adapter

About The Owner Name: Nick Gough


UN12 / Issue 006

Social: IG: @Dark_Corner_ Concepts / FB: /Dark.Corner. Concepts Occupation: Owner/lead instructor at Dark Corner Concepts, military/law enforcement program director at Spike’s Tactical Special Thanks: The crew at Spike’s Tactical for the opportunity to run with the 6.5 Creedmoor project and develop a platform I feel is the new standard in the precision gas gun market.



: : Finishes 80% receivers : : Windows & Mac OS compatible : : Ideal for the novice machinist

Ghost Gunner 2 Text by JAMES YORK Images by JEFF CHEN


f you’ve ever constructed an 80% firearm the old-fashioned way, you’ll know that it

takes loads of time, a good amount of effort, and a decent number of tools to get it done right. When I made my first 80% AR-15, I did it manually on a drill press with a basic set of tools that consisted of a vise, a jig, a set of end mills, and a few drill bits. While I was able to successfully “mill” out the lower, the receiver’s interior looked like the surface of the moon after an artillery strike. For my second 80% I used a buddy’s mill, which yielded much better results. While I ended up with some machining marks here and there, it was overall better-looking than my first attempt. Both receivers work, but the second one is the one that I show people, not the first one that I did. That one stays in the safe. The Ghost Gunner CNC mill has been around for a while now and it’s certainly seen its share of news

“After reading the one-sheet setup guide that came packaged with the Ghost Gunner, we realized getting the machine up and running was going to be a lot easier than we originally thought.”

first glance it seems very well built—and at two thousand clams, it better be! As responsible operators, the first thing we did was to get down with the user manual that we found online for some proper learnin’. To be honest, we lost interest a third way through it, as it’s been front-loaded with a hefty helping of CNC operator technobabble. All we wanted to do was to get this thing fired up to see what it could do. After reading the one-sheet setup guide that came packaged with the machine itself, we realized getting the machine up and running was going to be a lot easier than we originally thought. Ghost Gunner 2 interfaces with Windows- or Mac OS-powered computers. In our case, we plugged it into a MacBook Pro. The machine comes packaged with a USB thumb drive that contains the DDCut program and its cutting codes, called .dd files. The user interface is surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. We’re no IT

stories. It’s marketed as a general-purpose CNC

The Ghost Gunner 2 is an improved machine

geniuses, but do we count ourselves as average-

mill whose specialty is completing 80% firearm

over its predecessor, being updated in all

level computer users able to get things going

receivers. The idea is that the user can simply enter a

areas including re-engineered motion control

armed with a decent dose of computer common

few keystrokes to an attached computer and let the

electronics, increased cutting power, a new


machine do the dirty work.

custom rougher-finisher end mill, and revamped

We recently had the opportunity to try the current version of the CNC machine out for

operating software. It was like Christmas morning busting the Ghost

A part of our initial apprehension about using Ghost Gunner 2 was that we aren’t CNC savvy and we didn’t want to get bogged down in a crash

ourselves, the Ghost Gunner 2. We have heard

Gunner 2 and an AR-15 starter kit out of their

course in CNC operation just to cut a receiver.

a lot about the machine, good and bad, and

shipping boxes. The machine is roughly the size

We were glad to find out that the DDCut CNC

we were both excited and apprehensive to

of a microwave oven and weighs a bit over 50

program is configured to hold your hand through

get a go at it. To be fair, any bad reviews that

pounds. It’s hefty for sure. The Ghost Gunner 2’s

the entire process, making completing the lower

we’ve heard were about the first Ghost Gunner.

all-black appearance gives it a sleek look, and at

as easy as can be.


GUNNER 2 116

UN12 / Issue 006


Product Review: Ghost Gunner 2 UN0012 / GHOST GUNNER 2 —

01 COMPACT Ghost Gunner 2 is about the size of a microwave oven.

02 STARTER KIT Ghost Gunner 2 requires jigs and hardware to load the 80% receiver or frame. This optional AR-15 starter kit came complete with everything we needed.

04 EAST SETUP Ghost Gunner 2 is set up and ready to mill out the fire control pocket.


The first operation we ran was the cutting of

AR-15 receiver. The results were magnificent, with

of vacuums, we do suggest having one around to help

was a mil-spec forged 80% from an unknown

prompts on the laptop, we were able to load and

the trigger well/pocket. That took the longest, as

each of the milled areas looking as smooth as can

suck up all the metal shavings. The Ghost Gunner will

brand. Both receivers had slightly different

set up the jig and 80% lower into the machine.

it requires the most material to be removed. That

be. It was much better than my other 80% lowers,

not work properly if metal shavings are built up inside

exterior contours, and both were finished by

Cutting codes can be loaded into the program

operation took two hours to complete. Before we

that’s for sure.

the machine or the receiver that it is milling.

the machine without issue.

in multiple ways. You can instruct the machine

moved on, we needed to reset the jig so that the

to cut the trigger well, selector hole, and trigger

receiver would be oriented vertically for the selector

low-volume machine. We measured an average of 85

finish 80% receivers and frames with ease. We can

other 80% receivers and frames such as

and hammer holes as one large operation, or you

switch hole and trigger and hammer pin holes to

dB when it was machining with a few brief spikes at 98

unequivocally attest that it does do what it sets out

AR-308, 1911, and Polymer80’s Glock-

may single out each area as its own operation. In

be cut. We also needed to vacuum the aluminum

dB. Although an average rating for a vacuum cleaner is

to accomplish. Being completely unfamiliar with the

compatible PF940C, the machine is plenty

our case, we elected to do the whole lower in one

shavings from the inside of the machine and the

said to be 70 dB, we didn’t feel that the Ghost Gunner

machine prior to our time with it, we were done and

capable. At $2,000 (before shipping)

go, but due to operator error we had to start the

receiver itself.

2 was as loud as one. That’s probably because it

cutting a second receiver only a little over three hours

however, Ghost Gunner 2 may not be for

doesn’t give off a constant noise like a vacuum cleaner

from opening its shipping container.

everyone. If you can get ahold of one, we

After following well-thought-out onscreen

Sound-level-wise, Ghost Gunner 2 is a relatively

hammer and trigger pin operations over again.

The final two operations went by just as easily

Instead of loading the entire cut code again, we

and smoothly as the first. All in all, it took us three

does. The louder noises come and go as the end mill

singled out just the pinhole cut codes to run.

hours and five minutes to completely mill the 80%

works on the aluminum in varying intervals. Speaking


UN12 / Issue 006

Ghost Gunner 2 was created to help people

The first 80% receiver we completed was a billet one that we got from Ghost Gunner, while the second one

With programs and jigs available to cut

don’t think you would be disappointed. [ UN12 ]

: : For more info: Ghost Gunner 2 MSRP: $2,000


An AR-15 80% receiver can be completed in a little over three hours.




Personalized Knife

: : Based on Spyderco’s McBee C236TI : : Personalized by the owner : : Self-taught customizer



uch like firearms, knives are works of art that are oftentimes modified by

their owners to reflect aesthetic sensibilities

customizing his knives for the last couple

or practical needs. Knives come in a diverse

of years. “There’s a lot you can learn on

assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles.

YouTube, from how to fix a leaky faucet to

Some are custom crafted while others are

anodizing metal,” he informs us. “A few

churned out en masse. For a knife enthusiast

years back I got hooked on watching how-to

like Dylan P., whose collection of knives spans

videos on metalworking. It was then that I

mass-produced models to truly one-of-a-kind

got bit by the bug to start customizing my

masterpieces, the idea of customizing his

store-bought, off-the-shelf knives.”

knives came to him in a vision... a vision he glimpsed on his laptop’s screen, that is.


UN12 / Issue 006

Dylan has been a knife collector for about a decade now but has only been

He continues: “I’ve always liked the way customized knives stood apart from other


Customization: Knives

01 To add color contrast, the existing hardware was brass-washed.



Copper and brass mosaic pins were added to the knife’s countersunk holes.

Owner: Dylan P. Custom Knife Based On: Make: Spyderco Model: McBee C236TI URL:

02 The knife’s signature stippling on the pivot and lock bar recesses was retained.

03 The scales were carefully masked and then stone-washed and satin-finished.

“The new texture and color contrast improved the look, but Dylan felt it needed something more. He decided to use copper and brass mosaic pins to add some style.”


UN12 / Issue 006

Spyderco McBee C236TI

run-of-the-mill knives. I appreciate the unique look

produced, and after browsing around for a bit, he

rods that come in a variety of patterns. The pins Dylan

that handmade knives have. I’ll be the first to admit

decided to purchase Spyderco’s McBee, which is the

used for this knife were purchased at a knife show,

that I’m only a garage tinkerer, and in no way am I

company’s iteration of Jonathan McNees’ (of McNees

but he said that there are many sellers offering them

qualified to actually make my own knife from scratch.

Custom Knives) Killer B.

online as well.

But I did wonder if I could achieve unique styles with my purchased knives though what I learned online.”

If you’re unfamiliar with McNees’ style, his creations

The knife’s polished stainless-steel pocket clip

usually feature plenty of textures and color contrasts.

was left stock to match the bright stone-washed

The Spyderco rendition of McNees’ knife is a fair bit

blade, but Dylan is already thinking that the next

decided to try his hand at customizing knives. He

more plain, so Dylan felt that its plain-Jane scales

step might be to machine a brass pocket clip and

says he learned a lot from the first knife he worked

needed some work. Wanting to keep the knife’s

brass-wash the blade to add even more texture and

on, but it eventually became a practice knife for many

signature stippling on the pivot and lock bar recesses,

color contrasts. That will no doubt require some more

of the things he wanted to try. For him, the learning

he carefully masked the scales off and then stone-

YouTube tutorials. For the time being, he’s happy with

curve was steep. (At least he was practicing on $10 to

washed them. To add some color contrast to the

the low-key modifications. Currently, Dylan uses this

$20 knives.) “Over time, I got the hang of things,” he

McBee’s hardware, it was brass-washed.

as his daily carry knife. “It’s small enough you almost

It was sometime during the fall of 2016 that Dylan

says. “Now it’s a fun hobby I like to delve into when time permits.” Concerning the knife featured here, Dylan told us

The new texture and color contrast improved the look, but Dylan felt it needed something more. He decided to use copper and brass mosaic pins to add

forget that it’s there,” he says, “but useful enough that it comes in handy almost daily.” If you have a knife that you customized yourself

he came across it after he noticed that smaller, more

some style. The pins were installed into the factory

that you’d like to see featured in UN12, tag us on

compact knives had been trending lately. He started

countersunk holes, and the main flats of the scales

Instagram @un12mag.

to pay attention to the many small knives being

were then satin-finished. Mosaic pins are decorative

[ UN12 ]



: : Enables a heads-up shooting posture : : Enhances reticle acquisition

Unity Tactical FAST Mounts

: : 2.26-inch optical centerline Text by MARTIN ANDERS Images by MICHAEL GREY


hen looking for optic mounts, it’s easy to quickly glance at them and think to

yourself, a mount is a mount is a mount. What’s the difference? Seasoned shooters know that a mount is just as crucial to your weapon system as the optic itself. The right optic mount can dictate not only how accurate your shots are, but how you shoot as well. If the mount can’t even hold zero and isn’t made to take the abuse of a rough day at the range or on an extended mission, it doesn’t matter if you have the best optic in the world riding atop it. Optic mounts must be able to hold an optic in place even if it gets abused. Another thing to consider when shopping for a mount is how it sits on your firearm. How high or how low a mount places an optic relative to your eye affects how you shoot and can even dictate how you adjust your other gear. If you’ve ever worn a helmet or plate carrier while shooting, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Shooters have been taught over the greater part of the past decade to bring their heads down to line their eye up with the optic’s reticle or red dot. This method has its merits and works well,


UN12 / Issue 006

“How high or low a mount places an optic relative to your eye affects how you shoot and can even dictate how you adjust your other gear. If you’ve ever worn a helmet or plate carrier while shooting, you’ll know exactly what we mean.” Unity Tactical’s new line of FAST Mounts can

The higher, heads-up posture also allows shooters to gain a quicker sight picture and better situational awareness when compared to standard-height mounts. When bringing the gun up, the increased height of the optic allows it to come to the eye rather than vise versa. This allows for a neutral spine posture that creates less fatigue throughout its use. The increased comfort is especially noticeable if you’re wearing a heavy helmet with a night vision device. You’ll also notice the higher-mounted optic is a natural, more comfortable fit if you are wearing a plate carrier or helmet with helmet-borne electronic ear protection and comms systems. Tired of the buttstock inadvertently pushing your earmuffs off? A heads-up stance can keep that from happening. Currently, there are three items in Unity’s FAST Mount collection. The FAST Micro Mount is made to host Aimpoint Micro H1, H2, T1, T2, CompM5, and other optics that are compatible with the Aimpoint Micro’s footprint. It features a built-in, standard-height backup iron sight that helps keep your rear rail uncluttered without reducing targeting capability. This feature is especially

but what if you’ve got bulky gear on or your body

provide shooters who need a higher, heads-up

noticeable on super-short PDW weapons that

itself won’t allow you to contort that way? Those

style of shooting stance with a mount that will suit

require precious rail real estate for accessories

in military and law enforcement circles may need

their specific needs. The main mission of FAST

such as lights and lasers. The ghost ring style

to wear gas masks and armor plates and hunters

Mounts is to keep the shooter’s head up. This

sight lines up with all standard-height front sights.

may require night vision gear mounted on their

series of optic mounts provides a 2.26-inch optical

heads that affect how they use their optics. For

centerline height, which enables faster and easier

the FAST Micro Mount does exactly what it was

those times, an optic mounted up high can be the

reticle acquisition while wearing head-mounted

made to do. It’s a dependable, high-position

relief that they are looking for.

gear such as night vision goggles and gas masks.

mount that’s equipped with a thoughtfully placed,

Weighing a little over three ounces, we found


Product Review: FAST Mounts UN0012 / UNITY TACTICAL FAST MOUNTS —

01 HEADS UP FAST Mounts allow for a heads-up shooting stance, which offers advantages such as faster reticle acquisition while wearing head-mounted gear, improved situational awareness, and a more neutral spine posture that creates less fatigue.

place at the center of the mount that won’t get snagged. For those who prefer holosights such as EOTech’s EXPS and Vortex UH-1 or red dots such as Leupold’s LCO, Unity also makes a FAST Riser that brings “lower 1/3” Picatinny-mounted optics to a higher 2.26-inch optical center. We found out that the FAST Riser will support “absolute co-witness” optics such as EOTech XPS and SIG Sauer Romeo8H as well, but compatibility with the FAST FTC Magnifier Mount will be limited. We’ll introduce that mount in a moment. As with the FAST Micro Mount, our time spent with the FAST Riser was equally satisfying. We tried the riser with an EOTech EXPS and observed that the lock-up between the optic and the riser was solid. The heads-up positioning takes a little getting used to for

“The higher, heads-up posture allows shooters to gain a quicker sight picture and better situational awareness when compared to standard-height mounts.”

mounts that flip to the side, the extra height of the FAST system allows the magnifier to be pushed down toward the weapon’s top rail and out of the way when not in use. No more snag hazard when the magnifier isn’t deployed. The FTC function is truly innovative and completely solves the problems posed by flip-to-side magnifier mounts. Use of the FTC mount is operated by what Unity Tactical calls a force-to-overcome mechanism. This means that you simply push it down when you need to stow the magnifier or pull it up when you need to use it. There are no buttons to slow you down. If you want to remove the magnifier altogether, that’s not a problem either. The magnifier mount comes outfitted with an ADM QD Auto-Lock Lever for quick detachment. The FAST FTC Aimpoint Mag

those accustomed to ducking behind the optic, but it

Defense, Midwest Industries, and Knight’s Armament

Mount is designed to take Aimpoint’s 3XMag-1 and

was overall more comfortable and caused less strain

Company. Both optic mounts are configured for direct

3X-C magnifiers and is also compatible with some

on our neck and shoulders.

hard mount to Picatinny rails. An optional quick-

other 30mm magnifiers. Unity Tactical tells us that

detach American Defense Manufacturing (ADM)

an EOTech G33 FAST FTC Magnifier Mount is in the

throw lever is available as an add-on.

works and will be available soon.

Unlike the Micro Mount, an iron sight does not come standard, but one is available as an option. As you can see in the accompanying pictures, our

The final item we looked at might be the most

The design innovations and build quality

sample FAST Riser was equipped with the Flip-Up

interesting of the collection. Unity’s FAST FTC

incorporated into the FAST Mount series are what

Offset Backup Rear Iron Sight module. The flip-

Aimpoint Mag Mount features the first-ever Flip-

we’ve come to expect from Unity Tactical. If you

up offset sight requires no buttons to operate and

To-Center (FTC) mechanism, which allows an

require the flexibility of a heads-up shooting style,

provides fast optic-to-iron sight transition if needed.

Aimpoint magnifier to be completely stowed within

dictated either by your gear setup or shooting

Just flip the sight up or down as needed. The Offset

the footprint of the weapon’s receiver while not

preference, we’ve found that the Unity Tactical FAST

Rear Iron Sight Module is compatible with offset-style

obstructing the optic’s sight picture or the shooter’s

Mount series allows you to do it, and do it very well.

front sights by companies such as Magpul, Dueck

peripheral vision. Unlike most other magnifier

[ UN12 ]


UN12 / Issue 006

: : For more on Unity Tactical: FAST Micro Mount $169 FAST FTC Aimpoint Mag Mount $198 FAST Riser $88


built-in iron sight. The rear sight sits in an unobtrusive




FSDefense Text by JERRY TSAI

Images by JAY CANTER


one are the days where plain old black rifles and woodgripped, nickel-plated pistols ruled the firing range.

While classic finishes are very much still popular with firearms enthusiasts and always will be, it is undeniable that multi-colored guns have become so popular that you can’t frequent the range or a shooting competition without catching a glimpse of at least a few, if not many, uniquely finished firearms. From military-inspired camouflage to pop-culture-themed color schemes, we have noticed that those who customize their firearms have become bolder with their artistic style over the years. It wasn’t long ago that any non-earth-color rifle was ridiculed by throngs of detractors on the interwebs. Nowadays we see everything from superhero-themed builds to rifles that resemble hot rods and everything in between. For those who wish to personalize the look of their guns and gear,


UN12 / Issue 006

“Serious functionally protective coatings have risen in popularity to not only provide stalwart surface protection, but to dish out a healthy serving of style as well.” Serious, functionally protective coatings have risen in popularity to not only provide stalwart surface protection, but to

there are many methods to go about doing it. For those who want to

dish out a healthy serving of style as well. There probably isn’t

do it quickly and at very little cost, cans of spray paint can be found

a more popular coating within the firearm realm than Cerakote.

at the hardware store for as little as a dollar. While spray painting

The polymer-ceramic composite coating can be used on just

may be a quick way to change the look of a gun, the results are often

about any material, including metal, plastic, polymer, and

lacking—and let’s not even talk about the poor durability.

wood. Its ceramic properties enhance corrosion, wear, and


Customization: FSDefense

chemical resistance, as well as impact strength

explains. “It was then that I realized I could make

he must see a lot of different items pass through

and hardness. The bottom line is that the stuff is a

some money by starting a business doing this.”

his shop. So we wanted to know which type of

tougher-than-nails finish that can simultaneously

In 2011 he opened FSDefense to pursue his

firearms he likes painting the most. “Surprisingly,

add protection and some serious style if applied

passion. Concerning the early years, Reames

my favorite items to paint are shotguns, even

by a skilled artisan.

tells us: “As for Cerakote painting, I was self-

though I don’t do a lot of them,” he informs us.

Enter Wes Reames, the owner of Freedom

taught with countless hours of trial and error, fine-

As for some of the more interesting firearms he’s

Street Defense (FSDefense). FSDefense is in

tuning, and practice under my belt. When I finally

painted recently, he told us that it would probably

the business of Cerakote finishing, and by the

started taking on real customers there were not a

have to be a couple of Barretts that he had the

looks of it, business is good. The talented crew at

lot of people Cerakoting, so I got popular pretty

pleasure of working on. “They are massive guns

FSDefense churns out one head-turning custom

fast. In more recent days we have upgraded our

and it was fun to get them prepped and sprayed,”

finish after another. In fact, one of the rifles

equipment and now I have a small team. We take

he says.

featured in this issue of UN12 was coated by

on bulk orders from various manufacturers, but

FSDefense. Flip through the magazine to figure

still make time for custom jobs.”

We love the contagious passion that Reames and FSDefense have for firearm customization

When asked about some of his favorite

through their application of custom Cerakote

customization styles and designs, Reames

finishes. Join us as we look for more of their

back about eight years ago, when Reames,

responds: “I really enjoy painting different camo

creations by checking out examples from Reames

wanting to try his hand at painting a few of his

schemes. Anyone who knows me knows almost

and Freedom Street Defense’s work by following

own guns, decided to paint some of them in his

all my guns are camo and I re-do them constantly,

them on Instagram and Facebook at @FSDefense

backyard. “Eventually, I was painting not only

trying to see what colors and patterns look good

and on their website,

my own, but my family and friends’ guns too,” he

together.” As a professional Cerakote applicator,

[ UN12 ]

out which one it is. The beginnings of FSDefense can be traced

“Bottom line is that the stuff is a tougher-thannails finish that can simultaneously add protection and some serious style if applied by a skilled artisan.”


UN12 / Issue 006



Competition & Training

ABOUT WILL PETTY William Petty began his law enforcement career in 2003 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he served as a firearms instructor, an emergency response team member, and was also a member of the department’s shooting team. In 2011 Petty relocated to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, where he worked as a counterterrorism instructor with the Critical National Infrastructure Authority. In 2013 (to present) he returned to the U.S. and resumed law enforcement with his department



very time I set this drill up, students are immediately like, “But Will, this isn’t real life!

in Texas. He continues to run contract courses

There’s no way I’d fight 15 dudes around a vehicle like

establishing various programs and in-service

this.” And you know what? They are absolutely right.

material for major local, state, and federal

But hear me out—this is a drill, not a scenario. Having

departments in the U.S. and Canada. You can

multiple numbered or lettered targets set up is a way to

learn more about Petty and Centrifuge Training by

facilitate one moving threat. Or another way to look at


it is that there are 14 no-shoots and one asshole who is threatening everyone.


UN12 / Issue 006


Competition & Training


on the barricade(s) and that you are aware of

searching for their targets in a target-

Place 15 targets, paper up close, steel

your available angles of engagement.

filled environment. Every target called

at distance, all at varying heights and

You can place as many or as few targets as you like, utilize steel (at

are no-shoots. Speed and accuracy

not all the targets have a clear line of sight

distance), work the drill in low light, use

are everything. Dealing with equipment

from a single position on the shooter’s

handgun and/or carbine, work it as an

failures and reloads along the way is

side of the vehicle. Mark each target with

injured shooter, or any other scenario that

part of the exercise.

a unique identifier. It can be marked with

you can think of.


That’s a bummer. The vehicle used in this

Here’s how the Alphabet Soup drill

drill can be substituted for a collection of

works. One person calls out a number

range barricades.

or letter and the shooter works the available cover and concealment to find

more myelination, the better. It’s important

the angle to best address that threat.

that when you’re setting this drill up not all

Once that’s done, rinse and repeat.

threats can be viewed from any one position




This drill helps the shooter to work on: • Movement

a car available that you can shoot up?

As with any skill-building exercise, the


could mean that the other 14 targets

distances around a vehicle. Make sure that

letters, numbers, even colors. Don’t have



Shooters must make their hits while

• Proper use of available cover and concealment • Searching methods • Shoot/no-shoot information processing • Appropriate and safe weapons

TIP When setting up this drill, make sure that not all the targets have a clear line of sight from a single position on the shooter’s side of the vehicle.


manipulation, control and orientation [ UN12 ]






Starting Point




Good for the mind and body. The Alphabet Soup drill works on a shooter’s movement, proper use of available cover and concealment, searching methods, safe weapons manipulation, and more.


“Speed and accuracy are everything. Dealing with equipment failures and reloads along the way is just part of the drill.”


UN12 / Issue 006

13 15


Key Influencers


Influencers seem to catch onto popular trends long before they become a thing. Perhaps its because they drive what’s “in” and influence die-hard enthusiasts, casual bystanders and everyone in-between. The following featured influencers have built up a solid reputation for their expertise, style, knowledge or opinions in the firearms world. Let’s get to know them a little better and learn what makes them so interesting to follow.


Mario is a guy that we here at UN12 have been following on Instagram for quite some time now. His firearm images always spark creativity and enthusiasm in us. He’s a veteran, a firearm instructor, and a firearm collector with absolutely no safe queens. You’ll see Mario at most of the large industry

A few IG accounts that we found to be follow-worthy

trade shows keeping up on the latest offerings from all the best manufacturers as well as the little guys that are up-and-coming.


Mario S. Caner / @POWEREDbyMARIO

to help as many people as possible with firearms training as well as firearms and accessories purchases. Trend:

Las Vegas, Nevada / Phoenix, Arizona

Cerakote & stippling are great ways to make a firearm look and work better for you, when done properly.




Web developer specializing in E-commerce & SEO / SMM Who:

A regular guy who tries

People who always want to go shooting yet never bring ammo or anything else to contribute. Ass, brass, or cash—no one shoots for free!


Last Purchase:

Master of Arms Corto Pistol for an AR and a Fostech Origin-12 SBS for a shotgun.

CK Arms Thunder series 2011 racegun


Tax stamps

9mm for pistols and 300 Blackout for ARs (both suppressed whenever possible). Paper or Steel:

Steel FTW. The instant feedback of steel is so satisfying.












Custom guns, custom knives, watches, and a car build are the only things I share. If you have questions or need help, just reach out.

DAVID THORSON @TracerXphoto David is a talented photographer whose work you’ve seen in the pages of UN12. He loves building ARs and compares them to Legos for adults that are far more addicting. David adds: “Just being able to take a table full of parts and build a fully functional tool is incredibly satisfying. My first AR-15 was an off the shelf commercial Rock River Arms carbine with a very cheap $50 add-on Picatinny rail. I soon realized the gratification of being able to build AR-15s myself. It looked intimidating at first and I definitely had my share of dented and scratched parts due to a lack of proper tools, but now I can build a flawless AR in under an hour. My very first custom build was a Mega Arms 300 Blackout rifle, which I affectionately named ‘Blackbird.’ That build really got my addiction going.”


David Thorson / @TracerXphoto Location:

Auburn, Washington Job:

Custom sporting rifle builder & commercial photographer Who:

I began as a photographer in 1994. In 2013 I was asked to do commercial firearms photography, combining my two great passions. Trend:

I feel the industry is moving more towards artistry 136

UN12 / Issue 006

in craftsmanship and machining. There’s two types of firearm buyers. Those who stick with tried-andtrue designs whose guns are nothing but workhorses. The others I call firearm aficianados, those who not only demand functionality but a gun that’s a work of art, too. Lame:

I have a tough time knocking a particular product since it’s all so subjective and each has a use in a particular market segment. Favorite:

My Ascend Armory 300 Blackout pistol build from

UN12 Issue 005. It is literally my car, bug-out, and get-home gun for CQB as well as dealing with mid-range targets with its ½ MOA accuracy. My concealed carry is a SIG 365.


Paper for accuracy at short range (7-100 yards), steel for long range or rapid fire.

I enjoy accessorizing any of the builds I do. They’re not just for looks; they all function. As far as style, it depends on the build and client. Some are more works of art for the aficianados and others are based more around ruggedness. Most importantly, they have to work flawlessly, and secondly look good.

Last Purchase:



300Blackout, 9mm Paper or Steel:

1942 M1 Carbine. I had to test and photograph KCI USA’s new 20- and 30-round magazines for the gun.

Inspiration for your AR-15 builds, coming soon—how-to videos and live videos when I’m assembling the guns.

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Selected as the official sidearm of the U.S. Army for its uniquely innovative modularity, uncompromising performance and unmatched capability the M17 has redefined the definition of the combat handgun forever. Now, SIG SAUER® is proud to introduce the new P320® M17. The same innovation and versatility as the U.S. Army’s M17 available in a civilian version. Removable night sight rear plate U.S. Army Coyote tan PVD coated stainless steel slide SIGLITE® front sights (2) 17-round magazines TM

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UN12 - 006 Magazine  

We are purveyors of firearms customization and style. We are gun enthusiasts that can never let good enough alone. Whether our focus is on...

UN12 - 006 Magazine  

We are purveyors of firearms customization and style. We are gun enthusiasts that can never let good enough alone. Whether our focus is on...

Profile for un12mag