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YOUR GIFTS MAKE AN IMPACT ON THE FUTURE Thousands of UMUC students are helped each year by the scholarships that your generosity makes possible. We have let them share their gratitude in their own words throughout this honor roll, to serve as a reminder of how significant your gift is in helping inspire our students to achieve . . . and how it forever links you to their future successes.


Thank you—on behalf of our students and our university—for your generous support! This year’s Honor Roll is a powerful illustration of the deep commitment our donors have for University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Your gifts make an enormous difference. More students receive a quality education, and more graduates step out, ready to make a positive impact in the world. In 2013, UMUC celebrated more than 10,000 graduates in commencement services worldwide—10,000 goals achieved, 10,000 dreams realized, 10,000 men and women who can look forward to a future filled with greater promise. Thanks to the financial resources provided by our global community of alumni, faculty, staff, leadership boards, and friends, UMUC is able to rise to the challenges that come with success. Your financial support is critical as we seek to provide students with an education that broadens their intellect, equips them with professional skills, fosters their growth and discipline, and inspires them to find innovative ways to engage with the workforce and help change the world. During the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years, private donations funded hundreds of scholarships, supported the development of workforce-relevant academic programs, and allowed our Arts Program to continue its outreach to the community, while expanding and enhancing its extensive collections. Every gift of every size has a measurable impact that reverberates far beyond our university, and every gift affirms the importance and impact of UMUC’s mission. My sincere thanks to each and every one of you who contribute to the success of our extraordinary university and its commitment to transforming lives. Sincerely,

Javier Miyares President, UMUC



Thank you for your gifts and contributions made during Fiscal Year 2013. This year’s Honor Roll serves as a testament to the power of giving by donors, friends, and alumni. Your dedication to UMUC has directly contributed to our continued growth and innovative spirit by helping maintain the university’s longstanding position as a global leader in higher education for adult learners. Your generosity plays a crucial role as we embark on a mission to educate new generations of leaders by supporting scholarships, expanding our educational offerings, and enhancing our academic programs. Your gracious support also helps the university restore and acquire new artwork for UMUC’s renowned Arts Program. This year’s Honor Roll includes the names of all donors who have made gifts of $100 or more during Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2013). It also lists members of the Ehrensberger Society, a group of generous benefactors who have included the university in their estate plans. Alumni and friends—like you—are what make UMUC special. Your gifts have a profound impact in the lives of our students and on the university. On behalf of everyone at UMUC, thank you for all that you do to ensure UMUC’s continued success. Sincerely,

Cathy Sweet Vice President Institutional Advancement


KIMBERLY NGUYEN Undergraduate Student, Computer Networks and Security

When I received the e-mail from the UMUC Financial Aid Office saying that I was awarded a scholarship, it was like a dream! To this day, I still remember that moment of joy, happiness, and appreciation. For a 40-year-old immigrant who came to the U.S. in 2008 with minimal English and skills, I realize a college education is crucial to my future, as it will give me the opportunity to better my life and my family’s. You have helped in making my education dream come true, and I deeply appreciate your financial assistance.”


$15,000+ | 1947 CLUB AFFIRM Mr. Michael J. Batza Jr. & Mrs. Patricia K. Batza Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. Mr. I-Ling Chow & Mrs. Diana F. Chow Cisco Systems Mr. Ed Clark Comcast Foundation Deloitte LLP Mr. John M. Derrick Jr. & Mrs. Linda D. Derrick Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Mr. Mark J. Gerencser ’93 Mr. Seymour G. Gresser Mr. Reini Maters Mrs. Gaylor Neely Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Northrop Grumman Corporation Pearson Mr. Henry A. Rosenberg Jr. & Mrs. Dorothy L. Rosenberg SAIC, Inc. Mr. George M. Sherman & Mrs. Betsy R. Sherman Mr. Noi Volkov $2,500–14,999 | PROVOST’S CLUB Adobe Systems, Inc. AT&T Corporation Mr. John Babcock & Mrs. Doris Babcock Dr. Thomas C. Bailey ’86 Mr. Ralph Baney CACI, Inc. Lt. Gen. John H. Campbell, USAF (Ret.) & Mrs. Marky Campbell

Mr. Wayne A. Chasen ’81 & Mrs. Nancy R. Chasen Dr. Marie A. Cini & Dr. Andrea Lex Ms. Beverly Corey Corporate Office Properties Trust, Inc. Creative Information Technology Inc. CyberPoint International, LLC Data Computer Corporation of America Dr. Cynthia A. Davis Jonathan S. & Patricia G. England Foundation Ms. Lenore England Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund GEICO Corporation Google, Inc. Dr. Christina A. Hannah Hewlett-Packard Corporation Ms. Michéle E. Jacobs ’74 & Mr. Joseph V. Bowen Jr. ’84 & ’95 Dr. Sunil Sharad Kolhekar ’90 & ’11 & Dr. Aparna S. Kolhekar Ms. Joan W. Lee ’97 & ’06 Lockheed Martin ManTech International Corporation McAfee Inc. Mr. Brooks McClure* Microsoft Corporation National Contract Management Association Pepco Ms. Clarissa A. Peterson ’87 Ms. Dana Richard Mr. Michael J. Semyan Mr. George A. Shoenberger

The 2013 Honor Roll represents gifts and pledges received from July 1, 2012, to June, 30, 2013. If we have made any errors in this list, we extend our sincerest apologies. We ask that you inform Taneka Chialastri at 301-985-7124 of the error so that we may correct the data in our system. *Deceased 7

Mr. Walter R. Somerville Jr. ’70 Sotera Defense Solutions Tata Interactive Systems UMUC Alumni Association Mr. David Westlein ’88 & ’95 & Mrs. Patricia A. Westlein ’88 Ms. Joyce M. Wright ’90 & ’94 Mr. Peter C. Young $1,000–2,499 | DEAN’S CLUB Dr. Susan C. Aldridge The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore Assured Information Security, Inc. Dr. Evelyn J. Bata ’68 Dr. Murray D. Blank Mr. Dennis H. Blumer & Mrs. Alice H. Blumer Mr. Jere Broh-Kahn & Mrs. Bonnie N. Broh-Kahn ’77 Mr. Duncan R. Butts Mr. Sean C. Chung & Mrs. Kimberly David-Chung Col. Rennie C. Coleman Jr., USA (Ret.) ’66 Mr. Wallace H. Currey Ms. Winifred C. Day ’97 Mr. John G. Dreyer & Mrs. Barbara J. Dreyer Ms. Sarah Dufendach Mr. Daniel Dwyer & Mrs. Nina Dwyer Ms. Demetria V. Hanna ’90 Mr. Eric D. Harbison ’89 & ’90 Dr. Blair Hayes Ms. Ralphine A. Ippoliti ’79 Ms. Elaine F. Jacobs Dr. Robert W. Jerome Ms. Savitha Krishnamaneni Mr. O. Wayne Krumwiede ’66 & Mrs. Grace I. Krumwiede Mr. Willis T. Lansford ’90 & ’96 Mr. Eugene Donald Lockett Jr. Mr. Edward J. Lubbers ’75 Marymount University Mr. Javier Miyares & Mr. Dean Amahboub NJVC


Mr. Martin J. Oppenheimer & Mrs. Helen G. Oppenheimer Mr. Richard L. Pearlstone Mr. George J. Petrello Ms. Patricia C. Pezzuti Dr. Theresa Poussaint ’01, ’05 & ’13 Mr. Jeffrey Rudy ’12 Mr. Marcus H. Sachs Ms. Gina M. Schmidt-Phillips ’93 Dr. Koo-Sik Shin Dr. Joyce T. Shirazi & Mr. Charles R. Martin Ms. Cheryl A. Storie Mr. William C. Sweeney ’84 & Mrs. Cynthia E. Sweeney Ms. Cathy Sweet Mr. Bruce E. Theden ’95 & Mrs. Kathy L. Theden Mr. George C. Toregas ’08 & Mrs. Patricia J. Toregas ’84 & ’91 Mr. Albert L. Troupe ’92 Gen. John W. Vessey Jr., USA (Ret.) ’63 Ms. Maureen M. Walsh-David Mr. Paul S. Waxman ’92 & ’96 & Mrs. Deborah A. Waxman ’05 Mr. Stanley J. Weiss & Mrs. Joan O. Weiss Ms. Nancy Williamson $500–999 | EXECUTIVE’S CLUB Ms. Cheryl A. Adams ’90 & ’91 Ms. Neelkamal Ahuja-Agarwal ’05 Dr. Sharon Anderson ’69 Mr. David L. Armijo ’87 Ms. Sheryl Elizabeth Banks ’00, ’10 & ’12 Ms. Barbara Barnett BCT, LLC Dr. Allan J. Berg Mr. Harold J. Bothner III ’82 & ’93 Mr. Jeffrey S. Brody ’93 & Mrs. Jodi G. Brody Mr. Joe Broussard ’05 Mr. Orson Butler ’79 & Mrs. Ruth Butler ’82 Mr. Richard G. Carlson ’80 Mr. Curtis Paul Cote ’90 Dr. Myron L. Cramer & Mrs. Gloria J. Cramer Dr. Guy De Genaro ’57 Ms. Pamela J. Dello-Russo

Ms. Anna R. Doroshaw ’91 Ms. Yolanda Elliot Dowe ’03 & ’11 Mr. Jonathan Eric Dyer ’01 FireEye Ms. Teresa Floyd ’96 & ’02 Mr. Earl H. Foote ’77 & ’02 Mr. Eldrich L. Frazier ’96, ’02, ’03 & ’05 Mr. Michael Freedman Mr. Ronald Douglas Friday ’07 & ’08 Ms. Crystal J. Frye ’12 Mr. Robert L. Fuss ’92 Mr. John Galliano ’01 Mr. Robert Goodwin Mr. Thomas R. Grippo Jr. ’79 Dr. Sharon G. Hadary Ms. Andrea Hart ’12 Ms. Julie C. Helm Sturges ’99 Rear Adm. Elizabeth A. Hight, USN (Ret.) Dr. Allen L. Ingling ’85 & Mrs. Virginia L. Ingling Dr. Steven L. Jacobs & Mrs. Louanne Jacobs Mr. Wayne Johnson Mr. Ronald J. Keller ’67 & Mrs. Mary Lou Keller Ms. Patricia J. Kelley ‘74 Mr. Alex M. Kelso ’74 Mr. Eric Key Mr. Mark R. Laird ’90 Ms. Geraldine F. Lanier ’94 Mr. Charles H. Lynch ’81 Ms. Anne V. Maher Ms. Andrea S. McAleese ’97 Mr. Bernard J. McGuinness II ’00 , ’06 & ’07 Mr. George H. Miller ’78 Ms. Barbara A. Mitchell ’03 Ms. Elizabeth Mulherrin Ms. Dorothy B. Parker ’95 & ’99 Ms. Carol A. Parker-Perez ’98 Mr. Raj Parr ’08 Ms. Linda Marie Payton ’02 Mr. Douglass F. Peagler ’92 & ’03 Mr. Charles C. Philipp & Mrs. Nancy Philipp ’88 & ’95 Ms. Nadine M. Porter Ms. Laura A. Preston ’93 Ms. Maria-Pilar Pulido ’94, ’96, ’04 & ’05 Ms. Renee E. Pulliam ’01

Mr. William T. Rachford Jr. ’70 & ’72 & Mrs. Susan Rachford Renaissance Medical Group Mr. Charles R. Rogers ’87 Mr. Dharma R. Selvanayagam ’02 & ’04 Ms. Beverly Slavin Mr. Richard W. Stickle ’77 & Mrs. Judith S. Stickle Mr. Mickey D. Sullivan ’85 Mr. Robert Milton Taylor ’05 Ms. Jennifer L. W. Thompson Ms. Patricia D. Vestal ’85 Ms. Frances A. Volel-Stech ’89 & Dr. Frank Stech Dr. Greg von Lehmen Ms. Marcia R. Watson Mr. Harold L. Weiss ’81 Ms. Danielle Y. White Ms. Robin C. Whitfield ’03 Mr. Wei Yen Woo Ms. Penny L. Young ’85 & Mr. Steven A. Groom $250–499 | DIRECTOR’S CLUB Mr. Joseph K. Adams Ms. June A. Austin ’00 & ’02 Bankers Business Management Services, Inc. Mr. Kenneth A. Bell ’95 Mr. Carl Robert Berman Mr. Randall J. Bertsch ’95 Mr. Robert R. Bikoski ’79 Mr. David K. Biser ’85 Mr. Mel R. Blackburn Mr. Beau Boughamer & Mrs. Rebecca Boughamer Mr. David J. Boutcher ’97, ’00 & ’04 Mr. Brian E. Bowman ’85 Dr. Deena L. Britt Mr. Christian Alexander Brown ’07 Mr. Christopher Cassano Mr. Richard T. Chadwick ’95 Ms. Carol J. Clark ’93 Mr. Kirk W. Clear ’03 Ms. Sherry Denise Cool ’95 & ’97 Ms. R. Noel Crain ’96 & ’00 Mr. James B. Cronin ’03 Ms. Helen L. Dale ’87 9

Mr. Jeffrey S. Deadrick ’00 Ms. Patricia Delaney Mr. Manuel F. Dennis ’05 Ms. Michelle A. Didier Ms. Brenda E. Dixon ’95 Ms. Mary Ann Donaghy Ms. Tammy J. Donaldson Mr. Theodore P. Drennan ’97 & ’02 Ms. Elisebeth T. Driscoll ’91 Mr. Herman Leon Eaton Mr. Ivor A. Edmonds ’98 & Mrs. Carolyn F. Edmonds ’89 Dr. Jerome H. Enis ’62 & Mrs. Harlean Enis Ms. Jennifer M. Eubanks Mr. Paul D. Fairburn ’05 & Mrs. Lisa Fairburn Mr. Jason Elmore Faust ’04 & ’05 Mr. Richard Flores ’85 Dr. Michael S. Frank & Mrs. Jennifer V. Frank Ms. Kristin L. Fulton ’95 Mr. Egbert M. Goodman ’94 Mr. Nathan Greeno Mr. Theodore H. Grier ’74 Mr. Anthony J. Grogan ’89 Mr. Robert Eugene Gross ’10 & ’13 Mr. Kenneth E. Hale ’77 Mr. Kenneth Harvey Ms. Lisa Henkel Herbert George Associates, LLC Mr. Robert T. Hobble ’96 & ’05 Ms. Catherine L. Hogendobler ’06 Ms. Beverly J. Jackson ’86 Ms. Geraldine Jackson ’80 Ms. Penny A. Jacocks ’97 Mr. Arthur L. James Jr. ’91 & Ms. Mary Lee Seifert ’94 Ms. Ramona J. Johnson ’06 Mr. Leon Kaplan ’74 Mr. Gregory Thomas Katz ’97 Mr. Naveed A. Khan ’85 & ’93 & Mrs. Siemy Khan Ms. Dawn L. Kilheffer ’87 Ms. Erica H. Kropp ’82 & ’91 Ms. Julia Lindenmeier ’13 Dr. Dianne Whitfield Locke Dr. Garth Mackenzie ’07 Mr. Philip E. Macneill & Mrs. Barbara R. Macneill ’78 Dr. Vic Maconachy & Mrs. Christine L. Maconachy 10

Ms. Debra Magidson ’86 Mr. Scott H. Maurice ’02 & ’10 Mr. Ronald J. Maus ’84 Ms. Laura McWeeney Mr. John J. Meiburger ’96 Dr. Thomas J. Mierzwa Ms. Shirley D. Monroe ’04 & ’05 Mr. Ronald E. Moore ’84 Mr. Bernard M. Murphy ’96 Ms. Denise D. Nadasen ’90 Ms. Patricia I. Nance ’91 & ’93 Mr. Van Oler ’02 Ms. Cheri Denise Osborne ’99 Mr. Jeffry R. Paddock ’92 Dr. Mark L. Parker Ms. Melissa M. Penn ’04 Mr. Thomas Porch Mr. Ernest J. Porter ’86 & ’86 Mr. Kevin Pratt ’01 Mr. Cale Terrance Queen ’10 & ’11 Mr. Narendra D. Ratnapala Mr. Alan L. Reed ’97 & ’99 Mr. Timothy J. Rieger ’08 Mr. Michael Risher ’04 & ’07 Mr. David W. Risik ’88 & Mrs. Pamela S. Risik Mr. John N. Roberts ’82 Mr. Daniel E. Roehrich ’81 Ms. Lisa M. Romano Mr. Victor S. Rosenblum ’85 Mr. Lewis C. Schneider ’75 & Mrs. Sandra P. Schneider ’72 Dr. Anna Seferian Mr. James H. Selbe Mr. LeVorn Smalley Ms. Patricia K. Spencer Ms. Mary J. Taylor ’03 & ’10 Mr. Willie Thomas ’87 & ’89 Mr. Bruce A. Thyer ’76 Dr. James D. Tschechtelin Mr. William C. Wallace ’84 Ms. Cynthia Washington ’98 Ms. Tania M. Washington ’95 Ms. Beth Raber Waters ’91 Ms. Elizabeth A. Westerburg ’85 & ’92 Mr. John White & Mrs. Cleopatra A. White ’12 Ms. Jennifer J. Williams Ms. Scarlett Rae Wirt ’91 Mr. Charles W. Woodland ’77 Ms. Pershail C. Young

Mr. Charles H. Youngblood ’72 Dr. Monika Zwink $100–249 | ASSOCIATE’S CLUB Mr. Paul R. Aaron ’96 Ms. Heather M. Abbott ’12 Ms. Brenda L. Abell ’08 Ms. Dafina Awaili Abernathy ’06 Ms. Yolanda C. Abernathy-Glover ’84 Ms. Diane H. Acurso ’83 Mr. Charles E. Adams ’84 Mr. Robert W. Ahlberg Ms. Cheryl F. Albus ’92 Mr. Charles R. Aldridge ’80 Mr. Mark A. Alexander ’97 Ms. Farida K. Ali-Overholt ’96 Mr. William Allison ’79 Mr. Sam J. Alonge Jr. ’73 Ms. Betsy A. Alperin Mr. Nathaniel Alston Jr. ’77 Mr. Larry E. Altman ’91 Mr. Robert P. Anderson ’79 Ms. Glenda H. Anene ’00 & ’02 Ms. Debbie K. Ard ’05 Ms. Judy C. Arnold ’95 Ms. Ashley Arvin Mr. W. Russell Asher ’69 Mr. Mansour Ash-Shakoor ’88 Mr. Leonid Assur ’96 Mr. Curtis Atkins Jr. ’89 Mr. Andrew Y. Au Ms. Sharon Austin-Hassan ’97 Mr. Ernest L. Baillargeon ’64 Mr. Patrick H. Bair ’83 Mr. Oduwole Bakare ’04 Ms. Queen W. Baker ’85 Ms. Tessie L. Ballard ’90 Ms. Patti R. Ballentine ’07 Mr. Donald F. Baltunis ’68 Ms. Hadja I. Bangura ’07 Mr. Noel C. Barbot ’71 Ms. Elsie M. Barnes ’91 Mr. Orlando D. Barnes ’96 Mr. Renard Barnes ’11 & Mrs. Carolyn Barnes ’13 Ms. Susan K. Barnett ’10 Ms. Teresa M. Barth ’85 & ’09 12

Dr. Diane Bartoo Ms. Deborah C. Bassard ’05 Mr. Carl F. Baswell ’59 Ms. Alba Beckford Mr. Stephen M. Beiga ’01 & ’02 Dr. Michael James Belak ’05 Mr. James W. Beller ’73 Mr. Matthew J. Beloin ’04 Ms. Donna C. Belt ’83, ’92 & ’03 Mr. Joshua P. L. Bender ’10 Ms. Betty G. Bengtson ’86 Mr. Wayne E. Bennett ’76 Ms. Sandy Bernstein Mr. David A. Bird ’86 & ’87 Ms. Susan R. Bittle ’01 Ms. Dianna L. Black ’07 Mr. Brent William Bland ’00 Mr. Roy N. Blood ’87 Ms. Christine M. Bodily ’88 & ’92 Mr. Michael R. Boivin Sr. ’81 Mr. Stephen L. Bolton ’82 Ms. Mari Del Bonnemaison-Moore ’92 Ms. Nikki B. Bonomo ’11 Ms. Linda C. Boor ’85 Ms. Alesia R. Booth ’07 Mr. Ricardo A. Borrero ’98 Mr. Robert Bouchard ’74 Mr. George L. Bowman Jr. ’71 Ms. Mary B. Bradburn ’79 Mr. Robert S. Bradley ’76 Mr. Craig Alan Brand ’97 Mr. Robert W. Brandenburg ’92 Mr. Carl E. Bratfisch ’62 Mr. Charles Brechbill Mr. Michael C. Brett ’86 Mr. Richard O. Bridges ’79 Mr. Mark W. Briggs ’85 Mr. John K. Brittain ’73 Ms. Vickie Louise Brooks ’97 Mr. Arthur J. Brown ’81 Mr. Ellsworth Sylvester Brown ’99, ’01 & ’06 Ms. Evangeline R. Brown ’01, ’03, ’06 & ’09 Mr. Espey T. Browning Jr. ’11 Mr. Jay Browning ’11 Mr. Raymond A. Burch ’73 Ms. Cheryl May Burg ’88 & ’99 Mr. Harold F. Burgess ’00 Mr. Brendan T. Burke ’76

Ms. Tamela Meshell Burton ’99 & ’08 Mr. John L. Busch ’87 Ms. Doreatha Bush ’90 & ’95 Mr. Arthur D. Bussiere ’87 Mr. David Michael Cacciotti ’96 Mr. Frank W. Calamia ’85 Mr. Lawrence M. Call Jr. ’94 Mr. Nick Denson Callaway III ’10 Ms. Judith A. Calvert ’86 Mr. Keith D. Cameron ’00 Ms. Debra Jeane Campbell ’04 Ms. Daisy M. Capers ’91 Mr. Theodore T. Carlsen ’87 Ms. Ann Caroll Lane ’73 Ms. Shirley M. Carozza ’04 Ms. Jenae L. Carr ’10 Ms. Linda J. Carr ’91 Mr. Michael R. Carter ’90 & ’96 & Mrs. Sheila L. Carter ’02 Mr. Lionel Edward Cartwright ’04 Mr. Daniel F. Case ’97 Ms. Susan P. Cash ’03 Mr. John J. Catalano ’87 Mr. David T. Chaconas ’02 Ms. Sandra Parkinson-Chambers ’12 Mr. Leo Chaney ’90 Ms. Kai-Xuan L. Chang ’93 Mr. Son H. Chang ’86 Ms. Ronnie M. Chantker ’95 Ms. Maxine E. Chaplin ’04 & ’06 Mr. Thomas Chapman Jr. ’76 Ms. Donna L. Chase ’90 Mr. Carl L. Chavanne ’86 Ms. Dianne L. Cheek ’81 Mr. George L. Child ’92 Mr. Darrin F. Chisolm ’11 Mr. Donald J. Chontos Jr. ’11 Ms. Gail L. Choyce ’07 Ms. Jean A. Clark ’97 Ms. Mary A. Clark ’83 Mr. Philip M. Clark ’09 Dr. Roger G. Clark ’90 Mr. Roy C. Clark Jr. ’65 Ms. Susan J. Clatchey ’87 Mr. Robert A. Coelho ’80 Ms. Danette Michele Cole ’00 & ’01 Dr. Pierre A. Colombel Sr. ’76 Mr. Willie L. Colvin ’88

Mr. Eric Brett Compton ’02 Mr. Theodore R. Comstock Jr. Mr. Patrick Todd Conley ’96 & ’99 Ms. Nancy D. Conner ’86 Mr. Charles J. Conrad ’96 Ms. Jo Ann Conrad ’98 Ms. Dorothy S. Cooper ’93 Ms. Greta Alicia Cooper ’09 Mr. Errol K. Cox ’79 Mr. Willie Bernard Cox ’97 Mr. Stephen T. Craddick ’01 & ’05 Mr. Charles L. Crain ’61 Mr. Carl D. Craker ’04 Mr. Brian Crooke ’94 Ms. Rebecca J. Cross ’92 Mr. Stacey Crowell ’10 Ms. Monita R. Crump-Sisco ’91 Mr. Gregory E. Cunningham ’84 Mr. James A. Cutlip ’91 & ’01 Ms. Graça A. Da Cruz ’00 Mr. Anthony R. Damiano Jr. ’82 Mr. Ronald L. Danielian ’96 Mr. Lyle G. Daniels ’95 Dr. Raju V. Datla ’97 Mr. Garth V. Davis ’76 Mr. Lawrence A. Davis ’91 Mr. Thomas F. Davis ’83 Mr. Timothy Franklin Davis ’08 Ms. Patricia Aman DeAloia ’06 Mr. Corey Debrauske ’00 & ’03 Ms. Brigitte Dehart ’99 Ms. Carmen Riotto DeMasters ’92 Mr. Walter F. Dempsey ’87 Mr. Robert A. Dillon Jr. ’58 Mr. Chuyen Minh Do ’04 Ms. Marilyn C. Dodd ’05 Ms. Dawn Marie Doggett ’06 Mr. Richard W. Dommers Jr. ’03 Mr. James S. Donnelly ’03 Mr. Edward B. Donohue ’81 Ms. Kerri S. Donovan ’09 Mr. Richard James Dorn ’90 & Mrs. Denise Dorn Mr. Guy Douglas ’95 Ms. Pamela J. Douglas ’00 & ’04 Mr. Rigby Pernell Douglas Jr. ’09 Mr. Kevin B. Dowd ’99 Ms. Mazie F. Downs ’83 13

JORGE L. BONILLA Undergraduate Student, Business Administration

I’d like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for your generosity. . . . Your altruistic act has afforded me the opportunity to make a dream that seemed out of reach reachable and a hope that was unseen to become seen.”

Mr. Thomas F. Doyle Jr. ’60 Mr. Gregg Eugene Drake ’99 & ’03 Mr. Kenneth Gordon Duffau ’03 Ms. Toni M. Jarboe-Duley ’92 Mr. Larry Joe Dunn ’95 Ms. Marcia A. Dunn ’98 & ’07 Mr. John P. Dupon ’90 Ms. Frieda Bernadet Edwards ’01 Mr. Charles A. Eisenhart ’73 Ms. Lalla Najlaa El Alami ’10 Mr. Richard E. Ellison ’94 Ms. Teresa L. Emmart ’97 Mr. Joseph G. Era ’06 Mr. Andrew H. Fang ’01 Mr. Patrick V. Farina ’82 Mr. Fred C. Farley ’04 Mr. Paul Anthony Feicht III ’02 & ’04 Dr. Juanita Felder ’65 Ms. Sarina Miriam Fellers ’98 Mr. Delvon Ferguson Ms. Denise F. Ferrenz ’84 Mr. Michael L. Fitzgerald ’99 Ms. Joyce L. Fitzhugh ’79 Ms. Cynthia Ann Flagg ’02 & ’04 Mr. Stephen M. Flaherty Mr. Robert J. Fleury ’79 Ms. Teresa M. Flick ’96 Mr. Byron Fordham ’94 & ’00 Mr. David A. Foston ’02 & ’08 Ms. Alexandra M. Fotos ’96 Mr. Andre A. Fournier ’98 Ms. Consandra Fox ’94 Mr. Alvin A. Frazier ’97 Ms. Joy E. Freund ’03 Mr. Peter W. Friedman Mr. Sean T. Fromm ’00 Ms. Christi M. Gabbay ’02 Mr. Kyle Stephen Gahan ’06 Mr. Douglas R. Gaines ’95 Mr. Lawrence J. Gallagher ’71 Mr. Willard C. Gallaher ’92 Mr. David Gallegos ’01 Mr. Maurice S. Galloway ’84 Ms. Christine S. Garza ’06 Mr. Frederick A. Gawlick ’73 & Mrs. Susan P. Gawlick ’73 Mr. Keith B. Gayheart ’93 Mr. George A. Gebelein ’81

Dr. James Gelatt & Mrs. Cathy L. Gelatt Mr. Bradley A. Gerth ’80 Mr. Paul A. Gifford ’75 Mr. Keith E. Giggy ’78 Mr. Brian K. Gilbertson ’94 Ms. Karen L. Gill ’86 Mr. Raymond D. Ginn ’80 Mr. Brian W. Glatchak ’10 Mr. Frederick M. Goines ’01 & ’04 Ms. Sandra L. Golas ’01 Mr. Martin I. Goldenberg ’82 Mr. Michael R. Gorman ’99 Ms. Catherine R. Gould ’03 Ms. Barbara A. Graham ’88 Mr. James W. Graham ’69 & ’86 & Mrs. Cynthia M. Graham ’96 Mr. Reginald J. Graham ’86 & ’92 Ms. Valerie Denise Graham ’05, ’08 & ’11 Ms. Mary Louise Grant ’03 Mr. Daniel J. Grasso ’88 Mr. Mark A. Gray ’96 Ms. Rebecca K. Gray ’98 Mr. Dan G. Greathouse ’05 Dr. Gordon Michael Green ’07 Dr. Herbert S. Green ’74 Mr. James G. Green ’02 Ms. Lyllis M. Green ’10 Ms. Terry L. Green ’88 Mr. Winston C. Green ’84 Mr. Jackie Greene ’93 Mr. John A. Greene ’04 & ’05 Mr. Keith Gregory & Mrs. Pat Gregory Mr. Irvin Greif Jr. & Mrs. Nanette Greif Mr. James W. Griffie ’91 Ms. Janette M. Griffith ’98 Ms. Doris E. Grimes ’88 Mr. Alexander Johann Grohmann ’04 Ms. Shelly Mae Gross-Wade ’97 Mr. Charles E. Gross ’94 Mr. Jeriel T. Guess Jr. ’77 Ms. Anntoinette C. Gurvin ’88 Mr. Donald R. Gutberlet ’89 Ms. Barbara E. Gutow ’84 Ms. Sandra H. Gwynn ’07 & ’13 Ms. Jean Hahn ’80 Mr. Randy Haire ’01 Ms. Rahemoon H. Halfmann ’98 Mr. Michael A. Hall ’99 15

Mr. John E. Halpern ’66 & ’67 Mr. Frank A. Halstead ’96 Rev. Patricia M. Hames ’84 Mr. Fred A. Hand ’74 Mr. Bob L. Handley ’93 Ms. Ruth E. Handy ’80 Ms. Patricia E. Hannum ’77 Ms. Tami Lee Hardesty ’12 Mr. Floyd R. Hardman ’88 Mr. Mel Hardy & Mrs. Juanita Hardy Ms. Mary J. Harmon ’02, ’04 & ’07 Ms. Stacey F. Harrell-Ebeling ’97 Ms. Anna C. Harris ’99 Ms. Bessie M. Harris ’94 Ms. Charlotte B. Harris ’85 Ms. Cynthia E. Harris ’08 Mr. James W. Harris ’83 Ms. Kelsey Harris ’88 Mr. Marvin O. Harris ’81 Mr. Joseph Harrison Jr. ’82 Ms. Kathleen W. Harrison ’69 Mr. Joseph O. Hart Jr. ’82 Ms. Rosemary Hartigan Mr. Robert E. Hechler Jr. ’09 Mr. Michael Terrence Henderson ’93 Ms. Sylvia E. Henri-Wonasue ’05 Mr. Robert W. Herbig ’84 Ms. Sharhonda R. Herman ’09 Mr. Pedro C. Herrera ’90 Mr. John G. Herron ’95 Mr. Thomas Hesse ’80 Dr. Anita Hibler Ms. Bertha Jane Hickey Mr. Walter D. Higginbotham ’91 Mr. William G. Hilby ’11 Ms. Carol E. Hipple ’94 Mr. Kenneth R. Hixon Jr. ’96 Ms. Lisa M. Hoag ’94 Mr. James Hodges ’85 Ms. Elizabeth A. Hoffman ’95 Dr. Gae Holladay Mr. Willard J. Holy Jr. ’79 Mr. Hoang T. Hong ’06 Mr. William M. Hong ’04 Mr. Joseph E. Hopkins III ’72 Mr. Richard T. Hopkins ’86 The Horizons Group LLC Mr. James Hornage Jr. ’00, ’01 & ’02 16

Mr. Larry D. Horton ’89 Mr. William R. Hotalen Jr. ’87 Mr. Michael Howard Ms. Renee L. Howell ’94 Ms. Chia-Lei Hung ’91 Ms. Loretta L. Hunt ’00 & ’08 Mr. Jeffrey L. Hurdle ’01 & ’04 Mr. Otis Hurt III ’95 Mr. Jonathan L. Hutchison ’01 Mr. Curtis D. Huyser ’08 Mr. Daniel Joseph Idell ’04 Ms. Stephanie Ineh ’11 Mr. Dan H. Iredell ’85 & Mrs. Lena F. Iredell Mr. David C. Isom ’95 Mr. Donald E. Jaccard ’93 & ’96 Ms. Andria Frederick Jackson ’12 Mr. Kevin D. Jackson ’94 Mr. Levert Jackson ’95 Ms. Lisa Anne Jackson Ms. Joy Lynn Jacques ’11 Ms. Elizabeth M. Jay ’81 Ms. Phyllis A. Jenkins ’79 Mr. Anthony E. Jennings ’92 Ms. Marianne T. Jessee-Solfronk ’83 Ms. Muriel Joffe Mr. Steven A. Johnigan ’03 Mr. Robert W. Johns ’81 & ’86 & Mrs. Eleonore Johns ’86 Ms. Derryl E. Johnson ’85 Ms. Esther M. Johnson ’83 Mr. Michael R. Johnson ’01 Mr. Mitchell W. Johnson ’99 Mr. Robert A. Johnson ’82 Ms. Sara M. Johnson ’95 Mr. Antwon Harris Jones ’11 & ’13 Ms. Brenda Cassandra Jones ’05 & ’08 Mr. Christopher K. Jones ’04 Mr. Craig L. Jones ’92 Mr. Douglas E. Jones ’94 Mr. John Paul Jones Jr. ’00 Ms. Margaret S. Jones ’76 Mr. Ralph T. Jones Jr. ’92 Mr. Richard R. Jones ’72 Mr. William H. Jones ’90 Mr. Jack R. Jordan ’96 Ms. Leslie B. Joy ’01 Mr. William C. Joyner ’04 & ’08 Mr. Charles Kalnbach ’02

Ms. Althea Elaine Kancel ’06 Mr. Donniel B. Karpman ’82 Mr. Gregory J. Kaseeska ’81 Ms. Cheryl B. Kates ’98 Mr. Bartie L. Kelley ’94 Ms. Candice Quinn Kelly ’10 Mr. David M. Kelly ’86 Mr. Wallace Kendrick ’87 Mr. Imre Kertesz ’00 Dr. Dattakaur Khalsa Mr. Mark K. King ’08 Mr. William J. King ’70 Ms. Patricia A. Kingsley ’89 Ms. Amy J. Kisloski Ms. Darlene S. Klinksieck ’85 & ’92 Dr. E. Kathryn Klose ’01 Klvana Creative Inc. Ms. Kathryn Klvana Mr. Chester H. Knapp ’91 Mr. Joshua Edward Kneipp ’11 Mr. Ronald J. Knight ’02 Mr. Joseph Knudson ’79 Mr. Mark Koenigsberg ’79 Mr. Darrell G. Kohr ’96 Mr. Dennis Charles Kolb ’00 Ms. Susannah C. Kolstad ’06 Mr. Mark S. Kominski ’96 & Mrs. Denise J. Kominski ’91 Ms. Jeanne M. Kraus ’88 Mr. Richard A. Kruckow Jr. ’92 Mr. Dennis J. Kubicki ’07 Mr. Bernard J. Kubrak Jr. ’96 Ms. Catherine G. Kuenzel ’99 Ms. Linda A. Kuligowski Mr. Albert L. Kulle ’77 Ms. Frances W. Kushner ’82 Ms. Billie M. Labhart ’81 Ms. Jeannie A. LaDriere ’94 Ms. B. Lee Lambert ’99 Mr. Etienne T. Lamoreaux ’86 Mr. Randolph Noel Langer ’08 Ms. Marylou Langston ’93 & ’97 Ms. Sarah Lanning ’00 LaRose Enterprises, Inc. Ms. Lana Larsen Ms. Jean A. Larson ’85 Ms. Linda S. Laukaitis ’91 Mr. Ernest P. Lawhorn ’87

Ms. Tonia Lawrence ’99 Mr. Michael J. Leahy ’94 & ’11 Mr. Paul R. Lebanik ’79 Ms. Shirlene K. Lebeu ’80 Ms. Joan M. Ledbetter ’76 Mr. Christopher A. Lee ’08 Mr. James N. Lee ’06 Ms. Sheila M. Lee ’95 Mr. Robert B. Legrand ’03 Ms. Barbara A. Lehto ’69 Mr. Cornelius Lewis ’82 Mr. Robert W. Lewis Jr. ’93 & ’98 Mr. Richard L. Lichvar ’79 Mr. Marc A. Lindemann ’06 Mr. William Lineburg ’94 Ms. Regina S. Litman ’82 Mr. Jered Dale Little ’05 Ms. Jerry Little Dr. Karl B. Lloyd Mr. Robert H. Locke ’70 Ms. Kemisola Omolara Lofinmakin ’03 & ’05 Ms. Alice L. Logan ’88 Mr. Christopher B. Loggans ’97 Mr. Larry M. Lopez ’90 Mr. Kenneth J. Lozupone ’91 Mr. Dante F. Lupinetti ’87 Mr. Jonathan Paul Madagu ’09, ’10 & ’13 Mr. Russel C. Maheras ’91 & Mrs. Janet L. Maheras ’90 Mr. George E. Maillot ’60 Mr. James Malone ’01 Mr. Robert L. Mantz ’80 Mr. Howard Y. Manwiller Jr. ’87 Ms. Nalaja S. Marcus ’07 & ’08 Mr. Dennis Allen Marglin ’00 Mr. Philip S. Margolies ’05 Dr. Theresa Marron-Grodsky Mr. Clemento Marshall ’89 & Mrs. Nancy A. Marshall Ms. Elaine N. Martini ’90 Mr. Jonathan P. Mason ’04, ’07 & ’09 Ms. Xinli Mataya ’98 Mr. John Phillip Mathews ’00 Mr. Gregory N. Matsuda ’84 Mr. J. Michael A. Matthews ’83 Ms. Belinda J. Mattos ’85 & ’86 Mr. Marshall K. May ’95 Ms. Diane M. Mayfield ’86 17

Mr. Quincy M. Mays ’10 Mr. Mark A. Mazzoni ’87 Ms. Claire McCardell ’94 Mr. William F. McCarthy ’86 Mr. James P. McCaslin ’72 Mr. Daniel McCollum Mr. Patrick O. McConaghy ’79 Ms. Vicki N. McCorckle ’82 Mr. Brian P. McCormack ’03 Ms. Karen F. McCoy ’85 Ms. Sheryl D. McCullough ’06 Ms. Malinda McDonald ’80 Ms. Deborah McFadden-Lane ’01 Mr. Dennis L. McGuire ’75 Mr. Charles O. McMahon ’73 Ms. Josephine D. McNally ’84 Ms. Emily Medina Ms. Denise Melvin Ms. Pamela A. Menefee ’84 Ms. Eileen S. Menton ’90 Ms. Sonya M. Mercer Ms. Kittie L. Messman ’98 Mr. William E. Metzger Jr. ’76 & ’80 Ms. Carmela R. Miglionico ’04 Ms. Cynthia D. Miller ’93 & ’96 Mr. George E. Miller ’87 Ms. Nancy Miller Ms. Phyllis K. Miller ’84 Ms. Kathleen A. Mishkin ’87 Ms. Brenda May Mitchell ’90 Mr. Zenford E. Mitchell ’86 Mr. John A. Mojecki ’67 Mr. Francis A. Monaco ’95 Mr. Louis J. Monaco ’70 Ms. Deborah A. Mooney ’04 Mr. James P. Mooney ’88 Ms. Heather D. Moore ’04 Ms. Lisa R. Moore ’95 Mr. Timothy P. Moore ’96 Mooring Fund Manager, LLC Mr. Stephen F. Moran ’10 Mr. Eugene E. Morath Jr. ’55 Ms. Michelle J. Morris ’00 Mr. Marvin P. Morrison ’86 Dr. Linda Ruggles & Mr. Michael Motes Ms. Debra H. Mueller Ms. Cynthia Muldrow ’06 Ms. Judy L. Murphy ’00 & ’03 18

Mr. Gordon D. Murray Jr. ’79 Mr. Herbert L. Murray Jr. ’88 Ms. Frances B. Musgrove ’89 Mr. Stanley T. Myles ’04 Mr. Ennis Nealy ’06 Ms. Cheryll Nebblett ’02 Mr. Steven M. Neiman ’93 Mr. Russell Eugene Nelson ’97 & ’99 Ms. Kathleen Burchill Nester ’07 Ms. Mary E. Nettles ’91 & ’92 Mr. Wil B. Neubauer ’12 Ms. Marcelle W. Newsome ’96 Ms. Carolyn Newton Mr. Can Xuan Nguyen ’02 Mr. Khiet Kim Nguyen ’11 & ’12 Mr. James W. Nichols ’07 Ms. Irene Njiraini ’11 Mr. Steve Nugent Ms. Joan E. O’Brien ’01 Mr. Patrick Michael O’Connell ’94 & ’97 & Mrs. Carla J. O’Connell ’97 Mr. Keith A. Oliver ’86 Mr. Kevin C. O’Neil ’10 Mr. Augustine C. Ormrod ’71 Ms. Candace G. Orsetti ’03 Mr. Carlos Jaime Ortiz ’11 & ’12 Mr. Joseph Ortiz ’05 Mr. Patrick J. Oshea ’93 Ms. Mary J. Otterbein ’80 Dr. Robert P. Ouellette Dr. Harry Gayle Overstreet ’94 Mr. William A. Owens ’96 Ms. Eleanor M. Packard ’87 Mr. Thomas G. Padamonsky ’79 Mr. Michael E. Pafford ’80 & ’81 Ms. Lydia Lee Pair ’02 Mr. Richard H. Pak ’90 Mr. Vijay A. Pandit Mr. Abraham Pappan ’10 & ’11 Mr. Clarence S. Parker ’62 Mr. Daniel C. Parker ’85 Dr. Ruth D. Parker ’88 Mr. Warren L. Parker Jr. ’65 Mr. David B. Parks ’06 Ms. Diane C. Parks ’04 Ms. Alethea E. Patten ’93 & ’98 Mr. Billy W. Patterson ’82 Ms. Carolyn M. Patterson ’99

Mr. Errol Lynn Patterson ’06 Mr. Mark Peabody ’89 & ’94 Ms. Kathryn S. Pearson ’95 Mr. Kenneth Fitzgerald Pelt ’99 & ’00 Ms. Adelaide Pelzer ’07 Hon. Edward J. Perkins ’67 Ms. Helen M. Pernell ’98 & ’00 Mr. James M. Peters ’85 Ms. Wanda L. Peterson-Parker ’82 Mr. George D. Phillips ’73 Ms. Janet M. Piateski ’98 Ms. Irene C. Pierce ’08 Mr. Julian A. Pierson III ’96 Mr. Leighton Newton Pinnock ’03 & ’06 Mr. Ray C. Pitt ’99 & ’04 Mr. Gerald L. Pizer ’91 Ms. Sonya-Charie Ponds ’09 & ’10 Ms. Merlin Ponraj Dr. Stella Porto ’08 Mr. John F. Potter ’04 Mr. Daniel F. Powell ’91 Mr. Kent H. Price ’60 Ms. JoAnn Foster Queen ’11 Mr. Brandon M. Racer ’06 Mr. Michael A. Ragoza ’95 Dr. Glenda Marie Rainney ’93 Mr. Andrew Jonathan Raith ’07 Mr. Randal Ramirez ’90 Mr. Jude-Thaddeus V. Ramos ’90 Ms. Tarlisha Rochelle Ramos ’12 Ms. Andrea M. Rander ’92 Ms. Beverly J. Rank ’81 Ms. Shelia Ratliff ’02 & ’03 Ms. Angela J. Reed ’86 Mr. Lester Haywood Reed Jr. ’04 & ’05 Mr. Stewart E. Reed Jr. ’88 Ms. Donna L. Reese ’91 Ms. Tina E. Regan ’86 Ms. Deborah M. Reid ’91 Mr. Charles A. Reiher Ms. Janice H. Reilly ’90 Ms. Megan Elizabeth Reilly ’00 Ms. Betsy A. Renfrow ’93 Ms. Cecilia A. Reynolds ’93 Ms. Earnestine J. Richardson ’85 & ’91 Mr. Roger W. Rick ’79 Mr. Anthony N. Riggs ’74 Ms. Victoria Z. Rindone ’01 20

Mr. Donald M. Ritscher ’60 Ms. Cheryl A. Robinson ’90 Ms. Lalitha Rocker ’95 Mr. Steven W. Rodichok ’95 Ms. Danielle E. Rogers Mr. David F. Rogers ’89 & ’92 Mr. Steven Leo Rogers ’97 Ms. Valerie H. Rolandelli Ms. Sonya I. Rowe ’88 Ms. Joni M. Rozycki ’94 Ms. Bonnie J. Rubel ’01 Ruffin & Ruffin Enterprises, LLC Ms. Evelyn Maribel Runciman ’12 Ms. Elizabeth A. Russell ’09 Mr. Kenneth Russell ’79 Ms. Monica Whiten Russell ’08 & ’12 Ms. Marshaw Kasandr Ryan ’00 Mr. Stephen V. Ryan ’80 Mr. William E. Ryan ’84 Mr. Richard M. Ryerse ’80 Mr. Jeffrey L. Salisbury ’79 Ms. Grace E. Sanders ’92 Mr. Rene Sanjines Ms. Dianne L. Sanna Ms. Dionne D. Saul ’95 Ms. Carol A. Savage ’84 Ms. Meta J. Scharre ’85 Ms. Laura I. Scheeler ’89 Mr. Douglas W. Scheffler ’85 & ’92 & Mrs. Elizabeth Scheffler ’80, ’95 & ’97 Ms. Maida Schifter ’85 Mr. Warren Schor ’90 Ms. Bonnie M. Schultz ’91 Mr. Jeffrey D. Schutter ’92 Mr. David A. Schwind ’82 Ms. Martha K. Schwinghamer ’96 & ’05 Ms. Anita P. Scott ’00 Mr. Charlie F. Scott ’83 Mr. Christopher Paul Scott ’11 Mr. Steven Scott Steven Scott Gallery Ms. Nakia Nichelle Scruggs ’02 & ’03 Ms. Theresa I. Segears ’07 Mr. Roy Seivwright Ms. Donna J. Sellers ’04 Mr. Ronaldo A. Serrano ’83 Mr. Arthur E. Sevigny ’91 Mr. Terry J. Sewell ’97

Mr. Bruce A. Shadle ’92 & ’96 Mr. Lloydis Shelby Jr. ’05 Ms. Joellen E. Shendy Mr. James Earl Sherrell ’98 & ’02 Mr. Adrian W. Sherrod ’76 Ms. Christina C. Shinn ’93 & ’12 Mr. Michael H. Shipley ’85 Mr. Robert E. Shoulds ’05 Ms. Dorothy J. Shrake-Wilinkin ’89 Mr. Steven C. Shriver ’80, ’88 & ’90 Mr. Manpreet S. Sidhu ’01 Mr. Leon Sidoruk ’82 Mr. Patrick W. Simien ’96 Mr. Wendell B. Simms ’10 Ms. Leonora L. Simon ’92 Mr. Steve E. Simpson ’86 Ms. Cleopatra Sinkamba Islar ’02 & ’06 Mr. James E. Sirkis ’00 Ms. Robin Marie Slade ’99, ’00 & ’02 Mr. Alexander Smith ’08 & ’12 Ms. Angela Smith Ms. Earlene E. Smith ’06 Mr. Ernest R. Smith Jr. ’75 Mr. Frank C. Smith ’82 Mr. Jacob W. Smith Mr. James F. Smith ’86 Mr. Joseph P. Smith ’05 Ms. Martha M. Smith ’96 Mr. Michael L. Smith ’03 Ms. Penny E. Smith ’85 Mr. Richard E. Smith II ’86 Ms. Angela Smookler ’94 & ’98 Dr. Darlene A. Smucny Ms. Brittany P. Snyder ’06 Dr. William W. Sondervan Mr. Ethan A. Sonnichsen ’06 Ms. Catherine M. Speakman ’80 Ms. Nancy S. Spiker ’93 Dr. Anthony Bernard Spivey ’91 Mr. Gary M. Spurrier ’87 Mr. Michael J. Squier ’85 Mr. Gerard R. St. Michel ’84, ’86 & ’87 Mr. Daniel R. St. Onge ’83 Mr. Ervin D. Stahel ’76 Ms. Irene R. Staver ’91 Mr. Andrew P. Stefancik ’81 Mr. James R. Steindl ’97 Ms. Cynthia Lee Stevenson ’03

Dr. James J. Stewart Mr. William P. Stivers ’82 Ms. Denise Stokes ’11 Ms. Katherine Stone Mr. Willie A. Sugay ’07 Ms. Janet M. Summers-Rountree ’99 Ms. Cyril P. Svoboda Ms. Mary E. Switzer ’85 Ms. Sylvia M. Syphax ’96 Mr. Raymond H. Szyperski ’73 Ms. Sonja M. Talley ’86 & ’92 Mr. Ricky D. Tart ’95 Ms. Mary Tartanian ’86 Mr. Jeff J. Taylor ’96 Mr. Kenneth S. Taylor ’94 & ’96 Ms. Linda Kay Taylor ’99 Ms. Miley A. Taylor ’95 Mr. Neil J. Taylor ’02 Dr. Leon H. Teague ’79 Mr. Adrian Gerard Thibodeaux ’02 Ms. Angela D. Thompson Mr. Herbert Paul Thompson ’96 Ms. Penny E. Thompson ’86 Ms. Marcine Thompson-Carroll ’98 Bruce A. Thyer Corporation Ms. Stephanie A. Tierno ’93 Mr. William T. Tilton ’58 Ms. Cheryl M. Tobierre ’08 Ms. Linda A. Toland ’04 & ’13 Ms. Willadene Tolmachoff ’94 Ms. Oluwatoyin M. Tomori ’05 Ms. Adinah V. Torres ’92 & ’96 Mr. Gregory J. Trehey ’06 Ms. Blanche O. Trueheart Mr. George Trujillo ’07 Ms. Bernice G. Tucker ’85 Ms. Mitchia Darnya Tull-Cook ’03 Ms. Cherry A. Turner ’92 Mr. William G. L. Turner & Mrs. Patricia L. Turner ’83 Uplift Medical Associates Mr. John J. Upman Jr. ’86 Mr. Gerard Urbas ’85 & ’02 Mr. Kestutis A. Vaitkus & Mrs. Lina M. Vaitkus Ms. Antionette T. Vanderhorst ’99 Ms. Joanne Frances Van der Kuijl ’02 Mr. Paramjit Singh Vasir ’10 Mr. Melvin Lee Vaughan III ’96 & ’10 21

MONIQUE R. JONES Graduate Student, Information Technology, Information Assurance specialization


I would like to say thank you for the scholarship provided to assist with my education. It is an honor, and I am very grateful to be one of the selected candidates for this award. This scholarship will provide me with additional drive to excel in my educational endeavors.�

Ms. Victoria Vergara ’97 Verizon Corporation Matching Gift Mr. John Joseph Viner ’95 Ms. Ana M. Vittes ’06 Ms. Luann H. Vondracek ’88 Mr. Kenneth R. Waddell ’01 Ms. Lydia Christina Waddler Mr. Edward S. Walker ’69 Mr. Raymond S. Walton ’91 Mr. Peter M. Wanco ’97, ’01 & ’02 Ms. Catherine M. Ward ’05 Mr. Jeffery Lee Wardlaw ’11 Ms. Noleen E. Warrick ’00 Ms. Tammy Lynn Watkins ’01 Rev. John D. Watson ’88 Mr. Kenneth J. Weeks Jr. ’06 Mr. Robert J. Weesner II ’91 Mr. Sherman Weisinger ’61 Mr. Jerome G. Welkom ’69 Mr. Michael S. Wenthold ’11 Ms. Rosann T. Werner ’94 Mr. James C. Wesley ’81 Ms. DeEtta M. West ’11 Mr. Levon West ’04 & ’06 Mr. Lyle H. West ’63 Mr. Larry Alan Westwood ’97 Mr. David P. Wheeler ’73 Ms. Diane B. White ’84 Mr. Francis L. Whiteley ’94 Mr. Stephen H. Whitney ’02 Ms. Catherine A. Wick ’86 Mr. Frank A. Widic Jr. ’78 Ms. Linda Z. Willard ’77

Mr. Amos Cecil Williams Jr. ’00 Mr. David Kent Williams ’08 Mr. Jon A. Williams ’73 Mr. Larry D. Williams ’05 Ms. Raven R. Williams ’10 Mr. Samuel Stephen Williams ’07 Ms. Tina N. Williams ’02 Mr. Tommy L. Williams Jr. ’08 Ms. Yvette Williams ’85 Mr. Clay Wilson III ’79 & ’95 & Mrs. Aleta R. Wilson ’94 & ’96 Ms. Inez N. Wilson ’11 Ms. Tanya M. Winheim ’96 Mr. Kevin F. Winkeler ’88 Mr. Joachim R. Winkler ’88 Ms. Elizabeth M. Winston ’09 Ms. Sue Ok Withrow ’98 & ’07 Ms. Marie J. Woodard ’95 Ms. Sandra L. Woody ’06 Mr. Charles K. Woolley Jr. ’03 Ms. Mary A. Wright ’92 Ms. Renae L. Wright ’05 Mr. Raymond J. Yakelis ’72 Mr. Eric Edward Yocam ’03 & ’08 Mr. David E. York ’83 Ms. Dorothy E. Yorks ’04 Mr. Brian Young Mr. Robert W. Zachidny ’71 Mr. Floyd J. Zollicoffer ’03 Mr. Chester A. Zue ’91 & ’94



Named in honor of Dr. Raymond “Ray” Ehrensberger, UMUC’s first chancellor, the Ehrensberger Society is an exclusive club created for UMUC benefactors who choose to make bequests or deferred gifts that will benefit the university in the future. Members of the Ehrensberger Society demonstrate their confidence in UMUC with their generosity, which will benefit generations of students to come. Mr. James Robert Barchiesi ’09 Mr. Charles R. Bolden ’95 Mr. Barry Borella ’59 Mr. Richard R. Bowers ’71* & Mrs. Charlotte L. Bowers* Mr. Ronald G. Bryan ’70 & Mrs. Beth Bryan Ms. Barbara Cihak ’67 Col. Rennie C. Coleman Jr., USA (Ret.) ’66 Mr. Charles L. Crouch ’60* Dr. Jerome H. Enis ’62 Mrs. Mary Anne Hakes ’90 Dr. Julie E. Hamlin & Dr. Paul H. Hamlin Lt. Col. Kathleen W. Harrison Mr. Ronald J. Keller ’67 & Mrs. Mary Lou Keller Ms. Ann Blake Kelley ’96 Ms. Patricia J. Kelley Col. Dieter C. Knuepfer, USA (Ret.) ’60 & Mrs. Catherine Wiggins Knuepfer Mr. O. Wayne Krumwiede ’66 & Mrs. Grace I. Krumwiede Mr. Thomas L. Long ’67 & Ms. Lucy M. Long ’83* Mr. Edward J. Lubbers ’75 Dr. T. Benjamin Massey Mr. Brooks McClure ’77*

*Deceased member 24

Mr. John F. McDonnell ’59* Ms. Linda S. McDowell Mr. John L. Milton ’68 Mr. Javier Miyares Col. Fitzroy Newsum, USAF (Ret.) ’58* The Honorable Anne S. Perkins & Mr. Thomas P. Perkins III Ms. Clarissa A. Peterson ’87 Mr. William T. Rachford Jr. ’70 & ’72 Mr. Thomas P. Rockhill & Mrs. Patricia C. Rockhill Mr. Thomas H. Robinson* Mr. William Schultz ’81 & ’95 & Mrs. Janet P. Schulz Mr. George Shepard ’60* Mr. Joseph Sheppard & Ms. Rita St. Clair Gen. John W. Vessey Jr., USA (Ret.) ’63 & Mrs. Avis Vessey Mrs. Shirley A. Walker ’81 Mr. David Westlein ’88 & ’95 & Mrs. Patricia A. Westlein ’88 Col. Vernon E. Wickman, USAF (Ret.) ’58 Lt. Col. Ethelyn B. Wiggins, USA (Ret.) ’71 Ms. Marian O. Williams Dr. Ching-Hung Woo & Mrs. Rosalie Woo ’82

LEAH SAAKA ’13 Graduate Student, Health Care Administration

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to UMUC for awarding me a scholarship. Although it is a small portion of my student loan, I know how long it would have taken to raise that amount of money with the minimum wage job that I have. I am very thankful!”


Rebecca Boughamer Director, Advancement Services Taneka Chialastri Assistant Director, Scholarship and Grant Programs

Simmy Papali Assistant Director, Advancement Services Michael Richmond Director, Annual Giving Programs

Pam Dello-Russo Associate Vice President, Grants and Donor Relations

Ragan D. Royal Associate Vice President, Development

Jennifer Eubanks Assistant Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Nikki Sandoval Associate Vice President, Alumni Programs

Earl Foote ’02 Program and Support Services Specialist

Dharma Selva ’02 & ’04 Assistant Vice President, Development

Matt Galloway Database Records Coordinator

Angela D. Smith Office Manager

Michael Halley Director, Corporate Relations

Carla Solis Coordinator, Grants and Donor Relations

Harriett Hayes-Hubbard Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations Sylvia Henri-Wonasue Executive Assistant to the Vice President Robert Hilderbrand Assistant Director, Finance and Administration

Cathy Sweet Vice President, Institutional Advancement Danielle Werner Acting Senior Director, Alumni Relations

Tara Holder Research and Prospect Associate



Javier Miyares President Joseph K. Adams Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Allan J. Berg, PhD, JD Senior Vice President, Overseas Operations Lisa Branic
 Vice President, Enterprise Project Management

Alexandra (Alexa) Kim
 Vice President, Information Technology Services Aric Krause, PhD Vice Provost and Dean, The Graduate School Eugene D. Lockett Jr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Darren Catalano
 Vice President, Analytics

John Petrov, SPHR Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Sean Chung Vice President, Enrollment Management

Jason Reed
 Vice President of Technology

Marie A. Cini, PhD Provost and Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

James H. Selbe Senior Vice President, Military Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

James Cronin 
 Vice President, Military Partnerships

Joyce T. Shirazi, DSc Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff

Cynthia Davis, PhD Acting Vice Provost and Dean, The Undergraduate School

George A. Shoenberger Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer

Sarah Dufendach
 Vice President, Federal Government Relations

Cathy Sweet Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Michael Freedman Senior Vice President, Communications

Marcia Watson, PhD
 Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

Nathan Greeno
 Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Nancy Williamson, JD Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Blair H. Hayes, PhD Ombudsman and Vice President, Diversity Programs

Peter C. Young Senior Vice President, Analytics, Planning, and Technology Nicholas H. Allen, DPA Provost Emeritus


CICELY L. JOSEPH Undergraduate Student, Computer Networks and Security

Attending UMUC is very important to me and my family— not only because it allows me to further my education to obtain my degree and advance in my career, but because it also provides me with confidence to be a role model to my two children, one of whom will be attending college in two years.”


Mark J. Gerencser, Chair ’93 Chairman of the Board, CyberSpa LLC

Charles E. (Ted) Peck Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Ret.), The Ryland Group, Inc.

Evelyn J. Bata, PhD ’68 Collegiate Professor, University of Maryland University College

Sharon R. Pinder ’01 President and Chief Executive Officer, The Pinder Group

Joseph V. Bowen Jr. ’84 & ’95 Senior Vice President, Operations, and Managing Principal (Ret.), McKissack & McKissack

Brig. Gen. Velma Richardson, USA (Ret.) Vice President, DoD IT Programs and Special Projects IS&GS, Lockheed Martin Corporation

David W. Bower President and Chief Executive Officer, Data Computer Corporation of America

William T. (Bill) Wood, JD Founder Wood Law Offices, LLC

Karl R. Gumtow Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CyberPoint International

Joyce M. Wright ’90 & ’94 Senior Associate Consultant, Fitzgerald Claims Consulting

Michèle E. Jacobs ’74 Managing Director, Special Events at Union Station Lt. Gen. Emmett Paige Jr., USA (Ret.) ’72 Vice President, Operations (Ret.), Department of Defense/Intelligence Services, Lockheed Martin Information Technology


Richard F. Blewitt ’73 President and Chief Executive Officer, The Blewitt Foundation Donald S. Orkand, PhD (Former Chair) Founding Partner, DC Ventures and Associates, LLC Gen. John (Jack) Vessey Jr., USA (Ret.) ’63 Former Chairman, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff



Serving Busy Professionals Worldwide University of Maryland University College (UMUC) specializes in high-quality academic programs that are convenient for busy professionals. Our programs are specifically tailored to fit into the busy lives of those who wish to pursue a respected degree that can advance them personally and grow their careers. UMUC has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence as a comprehensive virtual university and, through a combination of classroom and distance-learning formats, provides educational opportunities to more than 95,000 students. The university is proud to offer highly acclaimed faculty and world-class student services to educate students online, throughout Maryland, across the United States, and in 25 countries and territories around the world. UMUC serves its students through undergraduate and graduate programs, noncredit leadership development, and customized programs. For more information regarding UMUC and its programs, visit



Being a UMUC graduate student is an immense honor. Education has always been highly respected in my family because education oftentimes paves the way for great success and wonderful opportunities. My experience with UMUC has been wonderful, and I would like to thank UMUC for making it possible for students like me to continue their education. I am so grateful for the financial aid that organizations and businesses donate to schools, universities, and students. Receiving an award toward my graduate degree was so unexpected that when I received the news via e-mail, my eyes filled with tears.”


Thank you for donating your time, talent, and treasures to the UMUC community so that future generations of students will benefit.


14-IAD-025 (11/13)

UMUC Honor Roll of Donors, 2012-13  
UMUC Honor Roll of Donors, 2012-13  

Learn about the donors whose generous support benefits University of Maryland University College.