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Your TRITON GUIDE to your first year at UMSL & Beyond TRITON MANUAL PLANNER 2022 2023

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388 Millennium Student Center 314-516-5271

Here it is—your first college book! We hope that any information you learn now about the University of Missouri-St. Louis will help make your transition to college life a smooth one.

This manual will introduce you to some of the most important departments and services at UMSL. In order for you to thrive as a college student you need to understand how to navigate your college campus and tap in to the many resources and opportunities that can be found here.

We are excited to help you understand academic expectations, learn where to go for help with everything from studying to writing papers, and discover ways to get involved on campus and in the community.

The goal of this publication --- and of everyone on campus --- is to help you feel at home at UMSL so that you can make the most of the wonderful living and learning environment that surrounds you here!

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The University’s Expectations 2

Undergraduate Study-University Bulletin 2 Academic Advising 2 Registration Tools 4 UMSL MyConnect 4 Triton Store 5 Disability Access Services 5 Academic Support 5 Math and Writing Academic Center 6 Science and Technology Academic Center (STAC) 6 Student Academic Support Services (SASS) 6 Student Enrichment and Acheivement (SEA) 6 Multicultural Student Services (MSS) 6 University Tutoring Center (UTC) 7 Quick List of Tutors, Study Spaces, and More 7 Libraries 8

Technology Support Center 8 The TritonCard 9

UMSL Veterans Center 10 UMSL Global 10 Where You Live 11 Getting Around Campus & Safety 12 Metro Pass Program 12 Emergency Notification System 13 What to Do in an Emergency 13 Financing Your Education 14 Career Services 16 Being Healthy 16 Recreation and Wellness Center 17 Athletics 18 Student Involvement 18



Academic Integrity and Caliber of Work

Promoting academic achievement and integrity is everyone’s responsibility. You are expected to read your syllabus (a course outline or description), attend class regularly, participate in class discussions, and ask questions. Faculty members are expected to set clear guidelines, give honest feedback, and uphold standards. Achieving a degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis is a prestigious accomplishment. It signifies that you have met all of the requirements and learned the body of knowledge necessary for your chosen discipline. The value of your degree is greatly diminished when grades are not achieved honestly.

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

The University of Missouri-St. Louis Code of Conduct has established academic and behavioral standards for students. As a student, you are responsible to the academic community of the University as well as the broader community of which you are a part. A student at the University assumes an obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the University’s function as an educational institution and voluntarily enters into a community of high achieving scholars. Consequently, students must adhere to community standards in accordance with the University’s mission and expectations. Any student who commits, aids, or attempts to commit any of the acts below will be subject to disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct. If you observe such behavior, please notify Student Conduct & Academic Integrity (314-516- 5211).

These expectations have been established in order to protect a specialized environment conducive to learning which fosters integrity, academic success, personal and professional growth, and responsible citizenship.

Examples of behaviors that will not be tolerated include:

• Sexual misconduct, intimate partner/dating violence, and/or stalking

• Suggestive or insulting sounds or obscene gestures

• Off-color jokes

• Using or selling drugs on University property, including marijuana

• Cheating, plagiarism, forgery, or sabotage

• Other physical, verbal, graphic, or written conduct of a sexual nature

• Unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual activity by a person or persons in a position of power or authority over another person

• Engaging in or encouraging underage drinking

• Hazing for the purposes of initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in a group or organization

• Treating someone inequitably on the basis of sex, gender identity, or gender expression

• Bullying or mistreating someone on the basis of actual or perceived membership in a protected category (e.g., religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, veteran-era status, age, disability, etc.).

• Threatening or intimidating behaviors

• Physical abuse or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person

You can find the Student Code of Conduct online at...


The University Bulletin serves as a campus-wide resource that describes academic policies and requirements for students enrolled as an undergraduate and University requirements for undergraduate academic programs. It includes degree programs, 4 year plans of study, general education requirements, and a list of all academic majors, minors, and course work for your specific college degree. Your academic advisor will also refer and use this resource to make sure you are on the right path to your degree. Visit


Everyone needs support to succeed. At UMSL you will have support in abundance. Staff, faculty, and administrators are here to guide you through your educational journey and help you make informed decisions based on accurate information. It will be your

job to get to know these campus professionals and utilize their resources throughout your college career. Take time to find the resources and people who will support you. This section is a starting point.


Academic Advisors

The advisor and student are engaged in a collaborative, respectful relationship, and learning process with one another. Both the student and advisor have responsibilities in their shared partnership as noted below:



• Be accessible to students during posted office hours, by telephone, and by email.

• Explain the university’s programs, requirements, policies, and procedures.

• Provide timely and accurate information.

• Listen carefully to students’ questions and concerns.

• Assist students in planning realistic programs consistent with their abilities and interests.

• Make referrals based on students’ needs and available resources.

• Assess progress and communicate it clearly.

• Encourage students to develop a collaborative, professional relationship with assigned advisor(s).

Students’ Responsibilities:

• Contact advisors by telephone, email, or during posted office hours.

• Prepare a list of questions and concerns for each advising session.

• Acquire knowledge about the university’s programs, requirements, policies, and procedures.

• Provide honest, accurate information to the advisor such as: transfer credits, complete transcript information from other educational institutions, advanced credit, placement test results, etc.

• Clarify personal values and goals and interact in the decision-making process.

• Follow through with suggestions, referrals, and resources.

• Keep a record of academic progress and accept responsibility for academic decisions and performance.

• Work to develop a mutual relationship with assigned advisor(s).

Campus Advising Resources and Information:

Students have access to several resources on campus for selecting a major, discussing career options, and planning a curriculum appropriate to their needs, interests, and academic strengths. Through the advising program, students develop a working relationship with assigned advisor(s).

Students who are exploring majors work individually with advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences and may utilize assessments to assist them in determining

how their own personalities and interests can influence decisions regarding majors or career fields.

For additional information about the academic advising process, locations or contact information for your advisor visit

College of Arts and Sciences 303 Lucas Hall 314-516-5501

College of Business 107 Anheuser-Busch Hall 314-516-5888

College of Education Advising Office 116 South Campus Classroom Bldg 314-516-5937

Honors College Provincial House 314-516-5243

Joint Engineering Program 228 Benton Hall 314-516-7018 or contact Brad Iftner 314-516-6801

College of Nursing Nursing Administration Building 341-516-6066

School of Social Work 469 Social Sciences Building (SSB) 314-516-6385



For future terms, you will register using your Self-Service Student Center in MyView. Registration appointment times will indicate when you can begin to register. Talk to your academic advisor each semester and use the tools available in the Schedule of Classes, My Degree, and the University Bulletin to assist with course selection.

Search for Classes: Locate classes by subject, title, and other identifying criteria. Preview class times, dates, locations, instructor, and section status. Updates show when openings will be available. Schedule Planner: With this tool, you can easily generate a class schedule that fits your needs.

Registration Holds

A registration hold can be placed on your record by various campus offices for a variety of reasons. These holds are intended to help you take care of tasks or obligations that are critical to your success at the University. An example is a hold that will prevent you from registering for classes until you have had an academic advisor appointment. If you have a question about a registration hold and how to resolve it, you can start by asking your college academic advisor. They will either resolve the hold or direct you to the office that can.

UMSL MyConnect

Connect with faculty and staff supporting you on campus. You can make appointments with your advisor, Career Services, Student Academic Support Services and other student support offices on campus through UMSL MyConnect.

You will also receive notifications through UMSL MyConnect referring you to other offices, action items you may need to take (To-Do’s) and academic concerns raised by your instructors (Flags).

UMSL MyConnect can be access through your MyGateway portal. The instruction Guide can be found on the Advising website: pdfs/studentgettingstartedguide2018.pdf



209 Millennium Student Center 314-516-5763

Textbook Department: 314-516-5767 |

The UMSL Triton Store is located on the second floor of the Millennium Student Center and serves as the campus headquarters for course materials, technology, supplies and officially licensed UMSL and Triton spirit wear. The UMSL Triton Store accepts cash, checks, major credit cards, Triton Store gift cards, and student charge. Enrolled students can charge up to $1,250.00 on their UMSL student ID card for books and merchandise. Purchases made with the TritonCard will appear on the monthly bill from the Cashier’s Office.


131 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-5671

The mission of Disability Access Services (DAS) is to acknowledge the uniqueness of each student as a valuable member of the UMSL community. Recognizing UMSL’s commitment to equal access to education, we strive to ensure full and equal participation in all education opportunities by:

• Providing individualized, appropriate accommodations, and services;

• Maintaining a high level of involvement with campus administrators, faculty, and staff;

• Helping students with disabilities develop and maintain independence and self-advocacy skills for college and beyond.

Student Responsibilities:

If you are a student with a disability, you are expected to


College is challenging. Seeking help early and often can support your academic goals. Don’t struggle through a course without seeking help. It’s everywhere and all you have to do is ask.

The UMSL Triton Store carries a variety of products and services to meet the needs of the campus community

• Textbooks/course materials (rental, new, used, and digital options)

• University apparel and gifts

• School and office supplies

• Study guides and test preps

• General reading books/popular magazines

• Art supplies

• Computer supplies/hardware/software

• Snacks/beverages

• Toiletries/over-the-counter medications

• Graduation regalia

• Fax services

• USPS 1st class stamps

• UPS shipping service

complete the same degree requirements as your peers. We are here to provide reasonable accommodations to support your academic success.

Registering Procedures:

1. Complete the DAS Accommodation Request Form online at

2. Arrange for the Disability Access Services office to receive documentation of disability from a licensed provider

3. Schedule an intake interview to discuss accommodations, policies, and procedures

Services Available Through DAS Include:

• Specialized testing accommodations (extended time, quiet environment, etc.)

• In-class accommodations

• Alternate textbooks

• Certified ASL interpreters and CART

• Special furniture accommodations

• Transcription

• Emergency location procedures for mobility challenged students; procedures for mobilityimpaired students

Many academic departments offer tutoring services. Resources such as the chemistry department are staffed by tutors and teaching assistants. They offer drop-in course assistance throughout the day.



222 Social Science Building | 314-516-6863

Students needing help to improve their mathematics or writing skills are able to receive free assistance in the Math and Writing Academic Center.


The Student Academic Support Services (SASS) unit provides UMSL attending students with comprehensive support in the areas of tutoring, academic coaching, developmental workshops, mentoring, and leadership development through a variety of support services offerings to encourage and promote student success. Services are free to all UMSL attending students.


107 Lucas Hall | 314-516-5300

Student Enrichment & Achievement collaborates with students to create a culture of enrichment and achievement through a commitment to holistic and individualized support. SEA strives to educate, equip, and empower students to fully engage in their academic improvement and the pursuit of personal and academic success.

Students served include: conditional admits, students on academic probation, suspension reinstatements, Financial Aid SAP Back on Track referrals, early alerts, at-risk populations, students with a cumulative GPA of 2.499 or lower.

The following services are offered: success coaching, early alert management, referrals to campus resources, mentoring, workshops, programming and course support for gateway courses with high instances of D, F, or W grades.


125 Stadler Hall | 314-516-5000

This facility lets students have informal learning experiences in science areas. Tutors are free and available to students in areas of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics, and psychology.


225 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-6807 |

Comprehensive student support services are provided by our professional team are intentionally designed to provide effective academic support, mentoring, professional and leadership development, networking opportunities, and cultural enrichment activities geared to promote student success and degree completion. Students will be provided with the necessary tools and resources to assist with navigating the college campus successfully.

The Office of Multicultural Student Services (MSS) is committed to providing support services as outlined below:

• Academic coaching

• Peer to peer mentoring (iMentor)

• Faculty and staff mentoring for students (INSPIRE)

• Gender specific mentoring (Men’s Empowerment Network (M.E.N.) & Women’s Empowerment Network (W.E.N.)

• Cultural enrichment activities

• Professional development and networking seminars

• Educational and career planning

• Leadership development

• Developmental Workshops and Seminars (Commit to Success)

Our space is designed with you in mind. We have a place for you to relax and a place to study. Come in, hang out or connect with friends because You Matter, You’re Worth It and You Belong!



225 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-6807

The University Tutoring Center (UTC) is committed to providing you with opportunities to be a successful college students. When you utilize the services provided, you are equipped with effective study skills, strategies, and resources to enhance your overall learning experience and empower you to achieve student success. UTC provides you with a variety of tutorial supports:

• Paired-Peer Tutoring: Earn up to (5) hours of individualized tutorial support a week from a UTC-


trained tutor. You can request up to two subject areas (more if availability is there).

• Walk-In Tutoring: UTC offers on-the-spot tutoring in our walk-in format. Come visit us from 10 AM to 7 PM to receive math or writing support. In addition, we offer a variety of high-need courses, such as biology, chemistry, psychology, etc.

• Online Tutoring: You can receive tutorial support from the comfort of your home. Some courses are offered 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


Department/Course Service Location Drop-In/Appt

Accounting Accounting Resource Lab 006 Anheuser-Busch Hall Drop-in

Economics Economics Resource Center 452- Social Science Building (SSB) Drop-in

Finance Finance Tutors 006 Anheuser-Busch Hall Drop-in

Information Systems IS Lab 005 Express Scripts Hall (ESH) Drop-in

INFSYS3845 Tutors 213-Express Scripts Hall (ESH) Drop-in

INFSYS1800 Tutors 103-Social Science Building (SSB) /003-Express Scripts Hall (ESH) Drop-in

INFSYS2800 Tutors 103-Social Science Building (SSB) Drop-in INFSYS3806/INFSYS3816/ INFSYS3844 Tutors 003/200-Express Scripts Hall (ESH) Drop-in

Business Statistics Tutors 232-Express Scripts Hall (ESH) Drop-in

Operations Management Tutors 240-Express Scripts Hall (ESH) Drop-in

Mathematics/English Mathematics and Writing Academic Center 222-Social Science Building (SSB) Drop-in

College Algebra Math Technology Learning Center 50-JCPenney Building Drop-in

Philosophy Tutors 222-Social Science Building (SSB) Drop-in

Nursing Study Spaces Seton Hall/Nursing Admin Bldg

Math and Writing Academic Center

222 Social Science Building

Multicultural Student Services 225 Millennium Student Center

• Alumni Tutoring: For some courses, you can work with a previous UMSL student to receive up to (5) hours of tutorial support a week. Will vary

Science and Technology Center 125 Stadler Hall

Study Spaces, Tutors, Academic Coaches, Workshops

Student Enrichment and Acheivement 107 Lucas Hall



Thomas Jefferson Library

314-516-5060 |

St. Louis Mercantile Library

314-516-7240 |

Academic Year Regular Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

7:30am-10:30pm 7:30am-5:00pm 8:00am-4:00pm 12:00pm-8:00pm

Public Service Desk:

The Thomas Jefferson Library’s Public Service Desk is the single service point for the Library and is located just inside the main entrance. You can visit the Public Service Desk to find out about the many services offered by the Library including:

• Research assistance from a librarian

• Checking out books

• Requesting books and articles from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan

• Checking out books from our bestseller collection

• Checking out a study room for individual or group study

• Using the book scanners located on levels 3 and 5 of the Library

• Also, visit Café TJ just inside the main door of the library for a cup of coffee or a snack.

Personal Librarian Program: The Personal Librarian Program (https://libguides.umsl. edu/personallibrarian) is a service offered by the Thomas Jefferson Library that pairs students with a librarian who can help them with their research and assignment needs. Students can expect their Personal Librarian to help them with the following:

• Finding articles, books, and other information sources

• Developing research topics and search strategies

• Citing sources

• Connecting students with library specialists in all subject areas

• Decreasing anxiety about using the Library

Research Assistance: Visit the Library’s Homepage at for access to the Library’s collections.

• Access research guides that help you navigate the

Library’s resources on many different topics

• Chat with a librarian

• Search the Library’s databases to find books, journal articles, newspapers, and more

• Schedule an appointment for research help

• See upcoming Library events

Library Research Commons (LRC):

The LRC is a computing lab available to faculty, staff, and students located on level 3 of the Thomas Jefferson Library. The LRC is staffed by student consultants who can assist with the hardware and software that are available in the lab. A photo copier is also available in the LRC.

Users must log in using their SSO ID and password. Please refer to UMSL’s Information Technology Services site for additional information.

The LRC and study rooms close 30 minutes before the Library closes.


190 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-6034 technology/tsc/info.html

We Will Be Happy to Assist You With:

• University-provided Operating Systems. (Windows, Mac OS X)

• University-provided Software. (Microsoft Office 365, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

• Virus Protection (Microsoft Security Essentials)

• University-provided computing services

• MyGateway, MyView, Office 365, and Office 0365

• Status of campus systems

• Password resets

• University approved Software installs

• Wireless Networking (Please drop by the office for this)

We Are Unable to Assist With:

• Software not provided by the university

• Student Web pages

• Personal computers, unless inquiries are related to University How to Reach Us:

• Phone us at 314-516-6034

• Drop by 190 Millennium Student Center

• Email us at


THE TRITONCARD is the Official University of Missouri – St. Louis Identification Card

Your TritonCard Is Used For

• UMSL Student Identification

• Access to dining meal plans

• Checking out books from the library

• Access to the Recreation & Wellness Center

• Attending UMSL athletic events FREE

• Charging purchases at the TritonStore to your student account

• Access to residence halls and apartments

• Check-in for appointments with advisors

The Accounts on Your TritonCard

• Student Account

• Access your eTritonCard at

• Meal Plan

• Sodexo Dining Dollars

View your balances for your meal plan, flex dollars, and sodexo dining dollars at:

Deactivating Your TritonCard

• Deactivate your TritonCard immediately if it is lost or stolen

• You can deactivate your TritonCard at the TritonCard Office or online at umsl.

• Replace your TritonCard at the TritonCard Office --$15.00

Getting Your TritonCard

• Bring a government issued photo ID (ie. Driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc)

• Get your picture taken in the TritonCard office or submit your own photo at

• Your first TritonCard will be issued free of charge

• View your account meal plan balances at

• You will get your TritonCard at the end of your Orientation, if you attended an in-person session

• If you completed an Online Student Orientation (OSO) format, you can take your picture and pickup your card all in one day

Taking Care of Your TritonCard…


• Store your TritonCard in a protective sleeve

• Keep you TritonCard in a secure place

• Monitor your TritonCard account balances

• Carry your TritonCard with you on campus

Do Not:

• Lend your TritonCard to anyone

• Scratch the magnetic stripe

• Put your TritonCard near a magnet

For more information visit the TritonCard Office in 190 Millennium Student Center, go online to, or call at 314-516-6034.



211 Clark Hall | 314-516-5705 |

The UMSL Veterans Center serves as a first-stop resource center that supports our military-connected population through their entire time at UMSL. This includes GI Bill advising, navigating campus life, connecting to UMSL resources and supports, and anything else that our students might need. The UMSL Veterans Center is a dedicated space that is operated by veterans, for veterans.

Services Available:

• •Admissions support including military-transcript evaluation

• G.I. Bill advising and certification

• State and federal veteran education benefit support

• Veteran-to-veteran peer support

• Networking with veteran specific employers

Our lounge is a designated place on campus where you can study, relax, socialize, and access available veteran resources. The office is staffed by the VA certifying official and VA work-study students who are well-versed in UMSL and VA policies and procedures.


362 Social Sciences Building (SSB) 314-516-5753 |

Study Abroad

The UMSL Global Study Abroad office (362 SSB) supports students throughout the entire study abroad process, from your first advising appointment to your return to UMSL.

• Study abroad programming options range from two weeks to a full year!

• Any major can go abroad, and most programs do not have a language requirement!

• Gain self-confidence, independence, and international competencies while traveling overseas!

• Scholarships are available through UMSL Global d most students use their financial aid!

• Details on all programs are available at https://global.

• Contact us at to set up an appointment with a study abroad advisor to find the program best suited to your personal, academic and career goals!


Vets: Student Veterans of America (SVA) Chapter

Triton Vets is an active organization whose goals are to advance the interests of veterans on UMSL’s campus, build a community of veterans to support each other academically and socially, and give back to the community through volunteer service projects. Check out Triton Vets at

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) falls within the UMSL Global division of the university. It is comprised of professional International Educators who provide comprehensive assistance and support for the international student community at UMSL. We support international students and scholars by:

• Supporting your initial adjustment to the United States

• Providing information and advice about immigration regulations, tax assistance, cultural differences, financial matters, and personal concerns

• Assisting students throughout their stay through cross-cultural programming and engagement.

Passport Services

UMSL Global operates a passport application acceptance facility in 301 SSB, open to any U.S. citizen. For more information, or to make an appointment, please visit



There are many housing-related resources for students –no matter where you live.

Residential Life and Housing

4343 Normandy Trace Dr. | 314-516-6877 |

The Office of Residential Life and Housing is committed to designing and maintaining a learning environment that encourages academic success, student engagement, personal growth, and personal responsibility. We firmly believe that living on campus significantly contributes to the educational and developmental growth of students. We create a safe, clean, and comfortable environment that is a student’s home away from home while fostering their collegiate development.

Where you live will vary during your time at UMSL. Some of you may live on campus in a residence hall, while some may be traveling to campus. Many of you may live within a mile or two of campus and walk, bus, or bike to class. No matter where you live, there are great resources available to make the University of Missouri-St. Louis feel like Home.

On-Campus Housing

Welcome to your new home away from home. The Residential Life and Housing office offers lots of extras to make your residence hall room feel like home. Read on for lists of what to and not to bring, what to not bring, and details on programs and policies designed to help students thrive in a safe, nurturing environment. Here are some details on how rooms are assigned – and when you can move in.

Housing Assignments

You will get your room assignment by late July. Students can now view their housing assignment and who they will be living with through Triton Housing Portal (the same location they filled out an application/contract).

Move-In dates

• Monday, August 1, 2022: All Mansion Hill Apartments – Move-In begins at 8:00 am

• Thursday, August 18, 2022: New Student Move-In for Oak Hall– Move-In begins at 8:00 am; First year students, please refer to the Housing Self[1]Service site for your housing assignments and move[1]in information. You will receive by Mid July.

• Friday, August 19, 2022: Returning Students MoveIn begins at 8am


• Watch for your housing assignment (Mid-July) and remember your move-in day and time.

• Make a lists of what you have for your room and what you need. Be in touch with your suitemates to avoid bringing duplicate items.

• Familiarize yourself with the community policies and standards.

• Check your (parent’s) homeowner’s insurance coverage information and/or look into renter’s insurance.



The University of Missouri-St. Louis is a safe learning environment for students. The safety of those on campus is not only the responsibility of the UMSL Police Department, but also the students, staff, and faculty. The department fulfills its duty with fully certified and empowered full-time law enforcement officers who serve UMSL’s campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Campus Police

44 Campus Police Building 314-516-5155 |

Parking and Transportation

44 Campus Police Building 314-516-4190 |

Emergency Vehicle Services

UMSL Police Department is available to recharge vehicle batteries, or assist in contacting an off-campus tow truck company.

Student Parking Permits

Currently enrolled students with vehicles are required to obtain a Student Parking Permit. Students may receive their Permanent Parking Permit from the Student

Financial Services Office located in 327 Millennium Student Center. No additional cost for parking permit.

Campus Shuttle Service

The university provides students, faculty, staff, and visitors free access to campus shuttle services. Shuttle service is available Monday-Thursday (7:30am – 10:45pm) and Friday (7:30am – 3:30pm)

• Campus shuttles transport students around campus and between North and South campuses. Look online for the shuttle schedule.

• Friday shopping shuttle provides service to local grocery stores.

• Visit the UMSL Mobile App and the website for the current schedule,


Currently enrolled students are eligible to receive a Metro Pass for $25. This pass gives unlimited access to both Metrobus and Metrolink to students during the academic semester. Passes can be purchased in the Student Financial Services Office in 327 Millennium Student Center.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis is committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of all campus community members. Because we all “share the air”, the University is smoke and tobacco-free, which includes all University facilities, buildings, and grounds.



The University of Missouri System has provided an emergency notification system on its four campuses. To be warned of any pending danger through this warning system, please update your cell phone and/or text messaging contact information. This is an opt-in system, you have to take the next step to register in this system. We strongly encourage your participation in the emergency notification system in order to be kept informed at all times while on and off campus. These emergency notifications can be sent to multiple email accounts, cell phone, and landline phone numbers.

Visit to register.

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING Dial 314-516-5155 for a direct line to the UMSL Police Department There are Blue Light Emergency Phones in various location on campus. Pushing the button on the Blue Light is just like dialing 911, and will go immediately to the UMSL Police Department.


Severe Weather/Natural Emergencies


• Take shelter in safe areas of your building

• Exit gymnasiums and lecture halls, avoid glass doors and windows

• If necessary, sit or kneel on the floor under heavy furniture or against an interior wall with your hands on your head

• Do not leave your place of safety until the storm passes or you are instructed to do so

• Be prepared to change location if directed by the Building Emergency & Safety Team (BEST) Evacuation Team member or other authorities


• Drop to the floor, take cover under sturdy furniture or brace yourself in an interior door or hallwayhold on until shaking stops

• Cover your head with your arms

• Avoid glass or objects such as light fixtures or furniture that could fall

• Stay inside until after the shaking stops then pursue the safest evacuation route

• Be prepared to change location if directed by the BEST Evacuation Team or other authorities

• Do not enter buildings that are damaged

Fire/Explosion/Hazardous Material Release

• Activate the nearest fire alarm

• Evacuate the building immediately and close doors behind you

• Call Campus Police

• Do not return to the building unless you are instructed by someone in authority

• Assist or report any persons who need help evacuating

• Be prepared to change location if directed by the BEST Evacuation Team or other authorities

Suspicious/Criminal Activity General

• Immediately call Campus Police

• Describe the event, location and the person(s) involved

• Do not approach or confront the person(s)


• If you hear gunfire, leave the building and call Campus Police

• If you cannot leave, lock or barricade yourself in the nearest room - hide and be quiet

• If a violent person threatens you in your hiding area, take actions to save your life

• Follow the “Run, Hide, Fight” training used on campus (Pro-active response options in the event of an active shooter incident)


Medical Incidents

• Immediately call Campus Police

• Only move the patient [an injured/ill person] if the current location places them in danger

• Stay with patient until help arrives

• Stay on phone with dispatcher until medical personnel arrive

Elevator Malfunction/Utility Failure Elevator Malfunction

• If confined inside the elevator, use the emergency telephone and activate the elevator emergency bell

• If you are outside the elevator and hear the elevator emergency bell, call Campus Police

• Police dispatcher will send appropriate assistance Utility Failure (electric, gas, water)

• Call Campus Police

• During short interruptions, remain in place unless notified to leave

• During prolonged utility failure, exit corridors and stairs while temporary emergency lights are on

Call Campus Police

• Call 314-516-5155 (pre-program/speed dial in your phone)

• Use Red Phones located inside buildings

• Use Blue Light Emergency Phones located outside of buildings throughout campus

Emergency Notification

To assure that you are notified in an emergency, verify your contact information is current:

• Students should go to and employees should go to

• Sign in, click on “Personal Information”, click “UM Emergency Information”

• Enter all phone numbers and e-mail addresses where you wish information to be sent

Assistance for Students with Disabilities

• Students are encouraged to self identify their special needs and develop a plan with Disability Access Services

• You have the right to make your own decisions about your life-safety evacuation assistance

• If assistance is needed during an emergency, call or ask someone to call the Campus Police


Student Financial Services Office

327 Millennium Student Center

Cashier’s | 314-516-5151

Financial Aid | 314-516-5526

Financial Aid

Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 1st for priority consideration of federal, state, and institutional aid. The FAFSA must be renewed for each academic year. The UMSL school code is 002519. The General Scholarship application is accessible by visiting the Financial Aid homepage and due by April 1st. Students will be notified over the summer via their UMSL email account of their financial aid award package for the upcoming academic year. The award package may include grants, scholarships, work-study, and/or federal student loans.

Undergraduate Tuition Rates for Fall 2021Summer 2021

Missouri/Metro Residents

$379.00 per credit hour*

Non-Residents $1,019 per credit hour*

*There may be additional fees or rates that apply. See the course catalog in the MyView student system to find out if a course has a Course Fee, Supplemental Fee, or Special Rate.

Note: The cost of attendance presented is a standardized estimate of various University charges and educational expenses.

Our office subtracts the EFC (expected family contribution determined by your FAFSA) from the estimated cost of attendance (COA). The difference is called a student’s need. The amount of any scholarships and grants you receive combined with any other needbased assistance, such as a federal work study job, cannot exceed your need. COA - EFC = NEED


Scholarship & Grant Information

These are some of the scholarships and grants you may see on your award letter. Scholarships and grants may require full time enrollment (at least 12 credit hours). All awards are contingent on funding.

Federal Pell Grant

Amounts vary and are based on enrollment and Expected Family Contribution (EFC). It is awarded to students with exceptional need who are seeking a first bachelor’s degree.

Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

For undergraduate students who are Pell eligible. Funding is very limited and awarded as available.

Federal TEACH Grant

Available to students pursuing a teaching degree. Visit for eligibility criteria and other information.

UMSL Grant

For undergraduate students with exceptional need. Funding is limited and awarded as available to full time students. A 2.5 or higher GPA is required for renewal.

Bright Flight Scholarship & Access Missouri Grant

For undergraduate students who meet the eligibility criteria listed at, are enrolled full time, and maintain a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA.

Non-Resident Scholarships

Applied to non-resident fees only and cannot exceed the actual amount of eligible non-resident fees assessed any semester.

New: *Fast Track Grant (External Application)

The Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant is a new financial aid program for adults through the MO Dept. of Higher Ed. Visit fast_track.php for elibigility criteria and application.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is awarded based on a student’s financial need and academic level. Please contact our office for a separate application. If you do not qualify for Work-Study, check for other on-campus opportunities at

Please contact Student Financial Services Office for more information on how to apply.

Receiving Your Financial Aid

• All funds (except Federal Work Study) will be credited to your student account no sooner than 10 days before the semester starts.

• The amount of accepted aid will be split in half between the fall and spring semesters.

• Financial Aid will automatically apply to tuition, fees, and housing charges on your student account. You must consent for it to cover other charges, like bookstore purchases, in TouchNet.

• Refunds will be processed through the Student Financial Services Office. You can set up direct deposit in TouchNet to have any excess funds automatically deposited into your account.

Financial Aid Checklist:

☐ Have you completed the following?

Complete all of the items found on your To Do List in MyView

Check your student e-mail regularly and respond to requests for additional info quickly

Accept or Decline each award in MyView

Provide our office with information about any outside scholarships you will be receiving

All UMSL first-time borrowers of Stafford and PLUS loans must complete Loan Entrance Counseling & Master Promissory Note at before we can disburse any funds ☐ Be sure to review your financial aid renewed criteria. ☐ Review the Guide to Paying Fees at

I’m Still Lost! What do I do?

Every student has their own personal Financial Aid Advisor! Contact us to find out who your advisor is and let us know how we can help you!



278 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-5111

Hours: Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Degree-seeking students and recent graduates receive a number of free services designed to help achieve professional goals. Career services professionals are committed to supporting our diverse and talented student and alumni population.

Career development

We offer career assessments, on-line resources, and individual support to guide students choosing a major and making career decisions. FOCUS2, an on-line career planning and assessment tool, is readily available on our website.

Career readiness/coaching

Get ideas for how to target your resume, achieve interview success, and learn strategies for finding jobs and internships.


You will get sick: It’s inevitable. The good news is that you will have access to great health care while you are at UMSL.

Health Services

131 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-5671

Health Services is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through care and education. An ambulatory care clinic with an emphasis on primary care services, Health Services is staffed by a team of medical professionals including nurses, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, and collaborating physicians. Referrals to other providers or medical facilities are also provided as needed.

Services Provided

Allergy injections, blood glucose check, blood pressure checks, contraception/birth control, illness visits, immunizations, injury visits, laboratory testing, physical examinations, pregnancy testing, referrals, sexually transmitted illness testing, weight check, and well woman exams.

Career tools

Visit our website to access a variety of career development and job-search-related information. We have links to “What Can I Do With This Major”, O*Net (includes job outlook and salary information on a national and state level), GoinGlobal (an online resource that provides professional advice and employment information for over 28 countries and 40 U.S. cities), and to a variety of short and informative videos on career-related topics.

Internship & job leads

Access Handshake, a premier career development platform. Students can use Handshake to discover employers and opportunities, submit applications, attend career events and much more!

Career fairs & events

Gain access to employers by stopping by employers tabling on-campus, attending our fall internship & job fair and our spring career fair, and through various employer outreach opportunities throughout the year.

Health Insurance

Students are encouraged to have health insurance while enrolled at UMSL. Health insurance is available for students attending UMSL through Anthem Student Insurance. For complete information, please visit the Health Services website.

Immunization Requirements

Health Services strongly encourages all students to follow CDC guidelines on vaccinations for adults. All incoming students are required to complete a TB risk assessment on the patient portal, and students living in campus housing are required to have received vaccinations for MMR and meningitis. Limited exceptions are possible on the basis of medical and religious reasons. Documentation of vaccinations can be uploaded to the patient portal at, as well as mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to Health Services.


Counseling Services

131 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-5711

Counseling services can help you:

• Learn effective coping skills

• Overcome barriers to success

• Build self-confidence

• Clarify values and set priorities

• Build healthy relationships

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling can help you navigate through times of stress and/or overcome barriers to your success. Our approach is to focus on your strengths and help you to


314-516-2348 |

The Recreation and Wellness Center, also known as Campus Recreation, offers a first class recreation facility to students and the UMSL community. Student membership is included in your student tuition. A membership gives you more than just access - we have a wide variety of equipment, classes, programming, and recreational opportunities.

• 100,000 square feet of dedicated recreation space

• 14,000 square feet of open fitness space

• Variety of cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, and much more

• Top of the line strength and functional training equipment


144 Millennium Student Center Visit website to request assistance.

Provides students with case management and other support and services to address unmet basic needs and other challenges they may be facing outside of the university that impacts their ability to succeed

help yourself. Some of the common issues for which students seek counseling include stress or anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship or family issues, loss or grief, a history of abuse, etc.

We take the confidentiality of your contacts with us very seriously. Except for the case of very extreme situations, both the content of counseling sessions and the fact that a student has used our services are kept strictly confidential.

Counseling Services also provides immediate services to any student experiencing a mental health crisis. If you are in crisis and need to be seen immediately, you can walk in during office hours to be seen by the walk in counselor.

• 2 hardwood gym courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, and open recreation

• 1 multi-activity court with dasher board system for indoor soccer and floor hockey

• Scenic indoor track with short and long loop as well as an incline/decline feature

• State of the art aquatics facility to meet both your fitness and leisure needs

• Lap lanes for exercise and lessons

• Zip line and bouldering wall

• Vortex for aquatics classes

• Leisure space for lounging, aquatics sports, whirlpool, and more

• Multi-purpose rooms for fitness classes, dance, and other activities

• Locker rooms with day and rental lockers and dry saunas

academically. These challenges may include things like food insecurity, housing instability, lack of childcare, and financial emergencies.

Triton Pantry is a food resource for any enrolled UMSL student who is experiencing or is at risk of food insecurity or hunger. The Triton Pantry is conveniently located at the lower level of the Millennium Student Center. Right down the hall from The Nosh.



225 Mark Twain Building | 314-516-5661

UMSL Athletics is home to 19 NCAA Division II intercollegiate sports teams that compete in the Great Lakes Valley Conference. Our outstanding studentathletes excel in competition, deliver Triton pride across campus and carry on a history of success and achievement.

Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, swimming, indoor and outdoor track and field and tennis. Women’s sports include basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field and volleyball. Scholarships are offered in each intercollegiate sport.

All games, home and away, can be watched on the GLVC Sports Network through the GLVCSN App, or at

As successful as our student-athletes are in their field of play, they are equally as impressive academically. The Tritons consistently boast an above average graduation rate and consistently establish a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.3.

Visit our website at for up-to-date news, schedules and results, and come out to a game to cheer on your Tritons!

Follow @UMSLAthletics on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

All Home Athletic Events are FREE for students, faculty and staff with an UMSL ID!



Come have fun and make UMSL home!

366 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-5291 Website - Email us -

Follow @umslOSI on Facebook and Instagram!

Here in the Office of Student Involvement (OSI), we are committed to engaging students in exploring their curiosities, developing passions, gaining a better understanding of self and others, and creating lasting community. There are so many ways for all students to make their time at UMSL impactful.


The Office of Student Involvement has several ways for you to get involved during your time at UMSL

• Student Organizations

• Fraternity & Sorority Life

• Campus Programming with the University Program Board

• LGBTQ+ & Diversity Initiatives

• Service Opportunities

Student Organizations

You have some exciting years ahead. Make the most of them inside and outside the classroom. Getting involved can be intimidating, but joining a student organization is one of the best ways to meet new people in an open and friendly environment. Student organizations are always looking for new members! No matter what your interest area, you can probably find a student organization that fits you. If you can’t find a related group, it is a fairly easy process to start one yourself!

As an UMSL student, you automatically have access to our engagement software, known as TritonConnect. TritonConnect is your hub for all things involvement and is a great place to start to browse student organizations, find details on upcoming events, and find new passions you didn’t even know you had! To activate your TritonConnect account, just visit to get started.

We promise, involvement has never been so easy! Search for student organizations based on your interests, filter events based on free food, and check-in to events with ease!


Campus Programs through the University Program Board

University Program Board (UPB) is THE student programming board on UMSL’s campus - if it’s fun, we’ve done it. We host dozens of events for students each semester! Our events span from educational programs to the just-for-fun events. We help make your UMSL experience unforgettable! Be sure to follow along on social media to keep up to date about all the events we plan (@umslUPB).

Past events have included:

• Drive in movie

• Murder mystery dinner

• Bingo & game shows

• Cooking class

• Lunch & Learns

• Mirthweek carnival

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Fraternity and Sorority Life at UMSL provides engagement opportunities with more than 250 students and honors more than 50 years of tradition. We seek to encourage members to become contributing and productive members of the campus and community. Fraternity and Sorority Life cultivates scholastic excellence, develops leadership skills, and provides opportunities for community involvement and philanthropic pursuits while forging lifelong brotherhood and sisterhood.

Visit to learn more about the organizations recognized at UMSL and how to get involved!

LGBTQ+ & Diversity Initiatives

Throughout the year, UMSL hosts events to coincide with national history and heritage months that help the UMSL community learn about and honor the diversity of the people and cultures around us. These months are filled with a variety of activities sponsored by various campus offices for you to learn from and be involved with.

UMSL strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the LBGTQ+ community and their allies. Our campus fosters an atmosphere that values and supports all individuals, no matter sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We do this through a multitude of engaging activities, programs and events such as Rainbow Welcome, Sports Are Universal socials, QTPOC Meet-Ups, Lavender Graduation, and many more!

PRIZM is UMSL’s Queer - Transgender - Straight Student Alliance. It is the student organization’s goal to create and maintain an inclusive, safe and accepting

environment on campus. PRIZM hosts monthly general meetings for members and monthly events for all students. You can join their portal on TritonConnect to get more information regarding upcoming events and how to become a member.


The UMSL Safe Zone program serves to identify and train faculty, staff, and students to be sensitive and affirmative to the experiences of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex persons. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence of heterosexism, homophobia and transphobia as well as dismantle cultures of heteronormativity and cisnormativity on our campus. Thereby promoting a campus that is a safer and freer place for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. For more information contact LGBTQ+ & Diversity Initiatives: 366 Millennium Student Center | 314-516-4423


UMSL believes that volunteering is an essential component of a well-rounded and fulfilling college experience, and we would like to help you get connected and make a difference. Whether you are interested in volunteering for fun or personal fulfillment, to earn service hours, or as part of a group or organization, we can connect you to opportunities on campus or in the St. Louis community. Look for events like Trunk or Treat, MLK Day of Service, and The Big Event.

Visit the OSI website, or email for more information on service opportunities.


Student Government Association

Joining the Student Government Association (SGA) is a great way to help shape the university from the student’s point of view. You can also have the power to influence change for the university’s policies and operations that impact the student body. SGA serves as the collective voice for the student body and covers an extremely wide range of topics in an effort to enhance the college experience for students at UMSL. This diverse agenda allows students of all interests and talents to easily find a fit for themselves within SGA. Visit the Student Government Association portal in TritonConnect to get involved!

Associated Students of the University of Missouri

ASUM is a non-partisan, non-profit student lobbying

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organization that has been the student voice in government since 1975. Every student enrolled in a University of Missouri campus is a member. ASUM´s mission is to advocate and lobby for student interests while educating students on the importance of involvement in government. ASUM provides meaningful student leadership and hands-on learning experiences in the area of policy development, higher education concerns and processes, and day to day operations of state and federal government.

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