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2012 - 2013 Annual Report Millennium Student Center Student Life New Student Programs Residential Life & Housing New Recreation & Wellness Center


Fiscal Responsibility

Through participation and engagement in student employment, involvement opportunities, and through the utilization of the many facilities, services, and programs offered by our departments, students are the most important part of accomplishing our missions.

Development of adequate budgets with attention to current and long term plans and projections, an ability to fund future capital needs and equipment replacement, and adequate financial resources to provide appropriate services, facilities, and programs needed to achieve our missions and to maintain the standards consistent with our image and reputation.


A letter to the campus community

On behalf of the students, staff and stakeholders of the Millennium Student Center, Office of Student Life, New Student Programs, and Residential Life and Housing, we are pleased to present our 2012-2013 Annual Report. This report begins to share our story of the significant role we play in the lives of UMSL students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners and the important work we engage in to create an outstanding student experience from the first day on campus and beyond. Under the Division of Student Affairs, our departments share the common goal of providing our students with the total UMSL experience. We do this by creating and supporting opportunities for student learning, leadership, and engagement that go beyond the classroom. We are committed to providing outstanding facilities, programs and services, and engagement opportunities to help every student succeed. This annual report will provide an overview of each departments’ and corporate partners’ activities throughout the past year with special attention given to our accomplishments, challenges, and goals for the future. It is with pride that we present this report to the UMSL community. With Triton Pride, Miriam Roccia, Assistant Dean of Students Benard Diggs, Director, Millennium Student Center Jonathan Lidgus, Director, Residential Life and Housing Jessica Long-Pease, Director, Office of Student Life Megan Green, Director, Office of New Student Programs Kiana Wilhite, Manager of Budgeting

Activities and programs that enhance student learning and provide opportunities for student, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community to collaborate and engage in meaningful interactions are key. Programs in which a student chooses to engage outside the classroom are important to their development, providing a significant increase to the time and means with which an UMSL student learns and grows.

Assessment Assessment is important to determine mission and goal achievement. Data collection and satisfaction information are key to improving programs, facilities, services, policies, and procedures in our departments.

Leadership Effective leadership is important to accomplishing our missions, maintaining fiscal responsibility, assessing, and improving our programs and services in response to the changing needs of our students, staff, and UMSL. Through employment, internships, and a variety of campus involvement opportunities, students can gain leadership skills.

Our future Promote and support student and staff development by offering opportunities to improve upon core competencies and develop new competencies. Provide intentional programs and services that enhance the UMSL Experience and promote recruitment and retention efforts. Align strategic priorities with investment of revenue while responding to the challenging economic climate.

Organization Structure A functional organizational chart, current policies and procedures, a recognition and reward process, effective training and supervision, and strong relationships with campus stakeholders, community organizations, and professional organizations are important to achieving success.



top 5


number of campus events catered by Sodexo this year

coca-cola brands

UMSL Bookstore

at umsl


900 non-perishable items dontated during Holidayfest



number of Hours volunteered during MLK Day of Service

percentage of all catered events held in the MSC




textbook rentals

Number of student employees

12,741 Hours 530 days 1.5 years Total Hours of events hosted in the MSC

number of student contacts by Residential Peer Mentors



recognized student

number of conferences at the msc






number of Events coordinated

Student attendance at

students involved

Dollars raised for the

by University Program Board

University Program

in greek life

American cancer society

Board events

at relay for life

millennium student center

This year has been a year of discovery and reflection resulting in change for the MSC. We evaluated all of our processes and with the help of our campus stakeholders we made progress toward changes in our website, reservations and scheduling software. These improvements are still incomplete, but moving ahead systematically to be fully operational by the start of the new semester. We effectively reorganized our custodial department to a zone cleaning model and eliminated our temporary staff. This is not the most ideal model, but working within the budgetary restraints, it has been effective for this time. For the first time in several years the building administration’s fiscal department and our food partner are working in concert with monthly zero balances in outstanding invoices. That is a great accomplishment and highly appreciated by our clients. In our efforts to provide our clients the best service we are on track in obtaining regular data regarding our daily operations, so that we can perform quarterly analysis and make adjustments as needed. Satisfaction surveys, spreadsheet as well as other assessment tools are now a part of our monthly reporting, which has been a longterm goal accomplished.

student life

Leadership & Training programs expanded for the third consecutive year to include programming leadership topics focused on women’s leadership through the Women at the Top Series. In April 2013, the Office of Student Life’s Leadership & Training program was awarded a $2,000 grant from the Women’s Leadership Council to implement the Women’s Executive Leadership Series in the upcoming year. MLK Day of Service completed its fifth year with more than 230 volunteers participating in service projects in the St. Louis community. The 2013 MLK Day of Service marked the first time that an out-of-state group participated in the program. Miami University in Ohio brought a group of 35 students to participate in the day’s activities. It is estimated that 690 hours of service was performed on MLK Day through this program. The Student Government Association successfully transitioned representation from the Check the Rec Campaign into student representation on the Recreation & Wellness Center Planning Committee. SGA currently has one representative on the planning committee and three representatives on the RFP Committee with the intent to nominate at least one additional student who can serve on the committee for the next two years. The University Program Board maintained quality campus programming while focusing on the important task of building a larger general membership. UPB successfully planned and implemented 80 programs during the 2012 – 2013 year. Participation exceeded 6,000 individuals for an average of 75 participants per program. Greek organizations expanded their collaboration efforts beyond high-profile cosponsors such as the University Program Board and Student Government Association and partnered with various on-campus entities including such groups as the Student Nurses Association, Partners in Prevention, and the Catholic Newman Center. Through these collaborations and other activities, the community raised more than $40,000 for their philanthropies.

staff spotlight

staff spotlight Megan Green New Student Programs 4 Months of Service

Millennium Student Center 40 Years of Service I started working at the university on June 25, 1973, on what was then called the floor crew. At the time, the cleaning staff was on a grave yard shift operation, so at 10:30 pm each night I started swinging a mop that was bigger than I was.

I currently serve as the first Director in the Office of New Student Programs. Before coming to UMSL, I worked as an Assistant Director of Student Life, at Rockhurst University where my primary responsibilities were in orientation, welcome week, family weekend, advising student organizations, and leadership development.

I stayed on the floor crew for several years before moving to the 3rd floor in Clark Hall as a custodian. At the time, there was no south campus so everything was compact and I had never seen so much trash in all my life. After several years there I was promoted to Asst. Supervisor. I had the responsibility for the Marillac complex, the Music Building, Wood Hall and Benton/ Stadler. In 1988, the cleaning operation moved to a day shift and all asst. supervisors were made supervisors. I was in school here at the time so I think management gave me a little more responsibility and after a major reorganization I was moved into an interim management position over custodial/ painters/ special events and with some interaction with grounds.

I received my B.A. in Communication, Science and Disorder from Rockhurst University and M.Ed. in Higher Education and Administration from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. My work in student affairs began as an undergraduate student leader in the Office of Student Activities. I continued my education and working as the Program Assistant at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, and then as the Coordinator of New Student Programs at Southern Methodist University. I have enjoyed my short time here at UMSL and cannot wait to see what impact the Office of New Student Programs can make!

I finished my degree in May 1994 and soon after moved to the University Center as its Operations Manager. This position changed the whole course of my life. Working in Student Services is addictive, challenging, and rewarding, but requires that you view everything around you from a totally different perspective…the STUDENT PERSPECTIVE. Seeing the MSC built from its foundation into what it has meant to UMSL today, and being the director of this great center has been stimulating and rewarding, and has aided my professional and academic growth. I didn’t come here to stay because I had my heart set on something in the medical area, but you always end up where are supposed to be. As I stated, this was not my plan but: “How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else.” Buckminster Fuller


cas 42% cofac 16% coba 15% Nurs 10% engr coe opt ma

5% 7% 1% 4%

Average GPA: 3.03

accomplishments and ACHIEVEMENTS

Conference and Events in the MSC increased its revenue from FY12 to FY13 by: 35%. University Program Board hosted 80 events with total attendance exceeding 6000 students. Occupancy increased in Oak Hall by 3.4% over FY12. Peer mentor labs located in Oak Hall hosted 1427 student meetings between peer mentors and Oak Hall students. Summer Conferences hosted by Residential Life and Housing increased to 14 from 4 the previous fiscal year, an increase of 250%. Weddings hosted in Provincial House Chapel increased 20% from the previous year. In its first year in existence, the National Society for Leadership and Success inducted 137 members and has over 385 total participants.

new student programs

Following nearly a year of work from a cross-campus committee appointed by Provost Cope, the New Student Experience Team proposed the creation of New Student Programs Office to comprehensively address the transition needs of new first-time and transfer students. In August 2012 Budget and Planning Committee approved funding for this office. Megan Green was hired as the Director of the Office of New Student Programs and began February 4, 2013. Additional staff members will be recruited and hired in the next six months. A New Student Orientation Advisory Committee was established to assist in collaborative planning and execution of NSO and Transfer Tuesday programs. The committee consists of representatives from each academic college/school as well as representation from Student Affairs/Services partners. The committee meets biweekly throughout the entire year reviewing and providing feedback and suggestions regarding new student initiatives. The Fall 2012 New Student Orientations served 521 student attendees. Of those required to attend the NSO program, 90% were in attendance. The program served 53 students who were not required to attend the program. Only 6 NSO attendees cancelled their admission to UMSL before Fall 2012 classes began. Transfer Tuesday sessions were held 5 times throughout Summer 2012. This was a new initiative intended to provide an on-campus orientation for transfer students. Transfer Tuesdays is a four hour program providing the nuts and bolts of becoming and UMSL students for transfer students. In its first year 194 transfer students attended. Transfer students are also able to complete an online Transfer Orientation.

residential life and housing

Residential Life has created a seamless communication process to our students. We have invested in EMMA, which is an email system that tracks our electronic recruitment communication to our prospective and current residents. The department has implemented a recruitment system that includes personal calls, postcards, and electronic communication. With our constant contact policy we have increased our occupancy for the 3rd year in a row and have had the highest retention rate in 4 years. Residential Life spent time assessing the needs of our students and planning future residential programs. Through focus groups and town hall meetings, our department has developed an Honors College living and learning upperclassman community that is set to launch in Fall 2013. Partnering with Student Life, Residential Life and Housing has launched two additional Greek chapter houses on Natural Bridge Rd. Sigma Pi is now the first Fraternity to be housed in a university property and brings the total number of Greek chapter houses to four. The department has also acquired a new property on Natural Bridge that will be developed into the Triton Leadership House, which is also in partnership with Student Life. In conferences and events, we developed partnerships with external conference groups which have led to an increase in summer conferences from 4 in summer of 2012 to 14 in summer 2013.

Future Triton Leadership House

New Sigma Pi house on campus


The MSC began the process of transforming two restrooms into Gender Neutral and Family-Friendly restrooms. A full renovation to the facilities, including the addition of a Nursing Mother’s station should be completed by Fall 2013. The MSC, Residential Life and Housing, and Student Life partnered to successfully bring digital signage to the Millennium Student Center, Oak Hall, and Provincial House. In partnership with Sodexo, food service has expanded to include Café TJ (located in the Thomas Jefferson Library) and Pizza Hut (located in the Nosh, MSC). Gallery Visio is now available as a room to be reserved in the MSC for small receptions. Fireside Lounge received some small updates including signage on the glass windows to promote more student interaction. Several coffeehouse singers were hosted in the space by the University Program Board. The MSC received a fresh paint job and new carpeting in some locations. The North entrance was also opened up to enhance pedestrian traffic with the removal of large potted plants. Villa Hall received renovations to the community kitchens and fresh paint throughout the building. Mansion Hill apartments units had all decks evaluated. Repairs and replacements were made as needed.

New recreation and wellness center

During the 2011-2012 academic year, a student referendum was held to determine the interest of UMSL students to assess themselves a fee of $19.25 per credit hour to build and maintain a Recreation and Wellness Center on the UMSL campus. The referendum passed by an overwhelming majority of students and the design phase is underway now. Planning is continuing as scheduled and groundbreaking of the Recreation and Wellness Center is currently scheduled for October 2013. Construction will take between 18 – 24 months. The projected opening of the building is Fall 2015. Throughout the planning phase special focus and attention has been paid to sustainability and the requirements of LEED Certification. At this time, it is very possible that the building will be able to receive LEED Certification at the Silver Level. Building amenities are planned to include the following: elevated jogging track, 3 court gym, 4 group fitness rooms, fitness and weight center, swimming pool, juice bar, and a wellness center.

honors and Accomplishments 2012-2013 event photos

professional service

UMSL was selected as the 2012 ACUI Region 11 School of the Year.

Miriam Roccia, Jessica Long-Pease (Student Life), Ashley Jessica Thornton, Office of Student Life White (MSC), and Tiara Rogers (MSC), served on the Women at the Top, Women’s History Month Leadership Leadership Team for ACUI Region 11. Panel, What’s Your Red Rubber Ball: Following Your Passion, Student Affairs Staff Professional Development Tegan Klevorn served as the NACA Central Region Committee, True Colors, Focus on the Future Showcase Selection Coordinator. Ashlee Roberts, Office of Student Life Ashlee Roberts, Student Life, served as the NASPA Region Women at the Top, Women’s History Month IV-W Board Member and Chair of the MultiRacial Leadership Panel Knowledge Community. Kelly Forsythe and Carly Nivison, Office of Student Life Jessica Thornton, Student Life, served as the Advisor of The Many Paths to Becoming a Graduate Assistant, ACUI the National Society of Leadership and Success. Region 11 Conference

Sodexo Catering received the Student Life Award during the UMSL Leadership Award Banquet on April 29, 2013. Sodexo Catering Catering Supervisor Danielle Malone received the award as an individual. The catering team and support staff are very pleased to be recognized for their efforts. Kelly Forsythe, Student Life, was selected as a Scholarship Recipient for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Annual Conference Jessica Thornton, Student Life, received the Excellence in Service to Students Award, National Society for Leadership and Success and was selected for a Women’s Leadership Council Grant Recipient for the upcoming Women’s Executive Leadership Series.


Megan Green, New Student Programs, served as NODA Region IV Small Network College Representative. Better Community Project

Kelly Forsythe, Student Life, served as a Chapter Advisor for the Theta Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta at Washington University.

Miriam Roccia, Student Affairs, was selected as an Honorary Member of the National Society for Leadership and Success

Laura Carpenter, Sodexo, served as a Food Safety Instructor/Exam Proctor for the National Restaurant Association.

Jessica Long-Pease, Student Life, received the Excellence in Service to Students Award from the National Society for Leadership and Success.

Brandy Kaeshoefer, Sodexo, was selected as the Sodexo District Catering Coordinator.

Laura Carpenter, Sodexo Serve Safe Certification Class: Webster University and UMSL Tegan Klevorn, Office of Student Life Programming at an Urban Institution, NACA Central 2012

Ashlee Roberts, Student Life, began the PhD program in Higher Education at St. Louis University. ABC Step Show

Tiara Rogers, MSC, graduated with Master of Business Administration from Lindenwood University. Dorian Hall, MSC, graduated with Master of Business Administration from UMSL.

years of service

Benard Diggs, was featured in Who’s Who in Black Saint Louis 2013.


Tommy Phillips, 15 years of service Residential Life & Housing

Will Malone, 10 years of service Millennium Student Center

Mary Birdsong, 5 years of service Millennium Student Center

Kiana Wilhite, 10 years of service Residential Life & Housing

Miriam Roccia, 5 years of service Assistant Dean of Students

Tiara Rogers, 5 years of service Millennium Student Center

Willie Pruitt, 10 years of service Residential Life & Housing

Patricia Atkinson, 5 years of service Residential Life & Housing

Ashley White, 5 years of service Millennium Student Center

Campus Life Annual Report 2012/2013  

Annual Report for Campus Life at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis

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