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Spring 2011

WCSA AlumNEWS Chuck Spohr’s heartfelt gratitude for gifts received

—by Matt Privratsky ’11, Walker

Chuck Spohr ’57 has always enjoyed life to the fullest. As a student at the West Central School of Agriculture, Spohr was very involved in the classroom and WCSA activities. He was the senior class president, homecoming king, and a member of the yearbook staff. He played on the basketball team and became the captain of the football team—even though the first football game he had ever seen was also the first one he played in at WCSA. After graduating from WCSA, Spohr enrolled in the first classes offered by the new University of Minnesota, Morris. Shortly thereafter, his father became ill, and Spohr went back to the farm to help. To this day, he still wishes he could have gone to college to get a degree, but he knows “it was best for the family.” Energetic and hard working, Spohr farmed until 1998. He and wife Liz moved into the city of Morris in 2001. In 2003, his life changed dramatically when he contracted an extremely rare virus that weakened his heart muscle. Because of the damage, his heart could not effectively circulate his blood. He had virtually no energy and would fall asleep in places like the dentist’s chair, the barber’s chair, and sometimes just standing up.

people in western Minnesota to be fitted with this type of medical heart pump, which he describes as “the same one Dick Cheney had.” But the pump, was not meant to be a permanent fix. Spohr needed a heart transplant. The pump did the work of his left ventrical to allow his body to recover and be prepared for surgery. The gift of a new heart In 2008, after five years of fighting the virus, dealing with its aftermath, and seven months of using the LVAD and wearing the battery pack, Spohr’s overall health improved, and he was placed at the top of the heart transplant list. He received a new heart in August. He spent a month recovering from the incredible surgery at the hospital and at his daughter’s home in Minneapolis, where he was close to the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Today, Spohr shares that he is better than ever. He’s getting his strength back, and he says, “It’s the best I have felt in my entire life!”

Life with a mechanical heart pump Even with medication and a pacemaker, Spohr’s health continued to deteriorate. After more than four years, a mechanical heart pump called a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) was surgically placed in Spohr’s abdomen to do the work of his left ventrical. The pump was plugged into an external battery and control system that he wore like a shoulder pack during the day and plugged in during the night. Spohr was one of the first page 1

From left: Chuck Spohr and Armand Aswege ’57 in a photo from their senior Moccasin (continued on page four)

Greetings from the Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Last July, as part of the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the WCSA and All-School Reunion, Aggies and guests enjoyed a preview of the campus history documentary, Promise of the Prairie: Education in Three Acts. Preparations are underway for this summer’s reunion on July 16, 2011, and I am pleased to announce that the entire film will be shown. I invite you to attend the annual meeting at 4 p.m. and then stay to enjoy the film. You won’t be disappointed. A number of Aggies were interviewed for the documentary, which explores the American Indian boarding school time period, the WCSA era, and the University of Minnesota, Morris years. DVDs will be available to purchase for a minimum gift of $30. All but $5 is tax deductible with proceeds supporting student scholarships. Class gatherings are being planned for 1946, 1951, 1956, and 1961 during the All-School Reunion. You will find more information in this issue of AlumNEWS. Whether or not you are a member of a special reunion year class, all alumni are invited to attend the All-School Reunion. Return the registration form found on this issue’s last page soon. When you are on campus this summer, take a stroll to the Alumni Garden as it should be in full bloom. If you gaze to the east, you will notice not one but two wind turbines on the horizon. The new turbine began operating in March 2011 adding to the exciting renewable and sustainable energy initiatives taking place at Morris. Chancellor Jacqueline Johnson, Associate Vice Chancellor for External Relations Maddy Maxeiner, and I enjoyed visiting with Aggies at the winter reunion in Mesa, Arizona. As always, we were made to feel most welcome. Chancellor Johnson enjoyed sharing a campus update. We look forward to hosting Aggies as you return to your campus this summer. You can call or email me anytime with questions, concerns, or just to say hello. I enjoy hearing from alumni. I can be reached at rileycj@morris.umn.edu or 320-589-6394.

Flurry of reading opportunities at the Morris campus A number of programs, events, and news associated with books and reading have recently been initiated or occurred at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Online book club invitation You are invited to explore literature with fellow alumni and friends through the Morris Alumni Book Club, which reads and virtually discusses books online. The next book is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. If you have questions or would like to join the group, email alumni@morris.umn.edu or call 320-589-6066. The Web page is morris.umn.edu/alumni/bookclub. New books released Several Morris professors have published books on topics that may be of interest to WCSA alumni. Jennifer Deane, associate professor of history, has written A History of Medieval Heresy and Inquisition on medieval religious history. Brook Miller, associate professor of English, has written America and the British Imaginary in Turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century Literature. Cyrus Bina, professor of economics, has written Oil: A Time Machine—Journey Beyond Fanciful Economics and Frightful Politics about oil’s impact on world history. Athena Kildegaard, lecturer in English, has completed a book of poems called Bodies of Light. Prairie Gate Literary Festival The first annual Prairie Gate Literary Festival was held in March 2011, bringing together literary enthusiasts, aspiring writers, published authors, and others through workshops, discussions, and free public readings. Guest writers were Eric Gansworth, Philip Bryant, Mary Rose O’Reilley, and Morris native Tom Hennen. The inaugural event was successful, and plans are underway for the 2012 event.

Carla Riley ’85 page 2

Greetings from the Alumni Association President

“Green energy” at Morris New wind turbine In March 2011, a new wind turbine began generating power for the Morris campus. The Board of Regents approved the second University turbine in mid-November. It joins the West Central Research and Outreach Center turbine, the very first large-scale wind research turbine established at a United States public university, on the ridge just to the east of campus. The new turbine stands 1,600 feet south of the existing structure. At 80 meters it is 10 meters taller that the first turbine and delivers 10 percent more power. Biomass gasification research and energy facility The biomass facility is in a “data collection phase,” amassing deliverables in fulfillment of a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant and in preparation for other grant applications. Following the submission of a required report in March 2011, Lowell Rasmussen, vice chancellor for facilities and finances, anticipates a site visit from the USDA. The series of experiments is allowing valuable data collection to improve the facility’s efficiency and drive the direction of future agricultural biofuels utilization. Last fall, burning wood in the gasifier held steam production continuously for 72 hours. A period of burning corncobs straight from the fields of local farms, known as sustainable crop residue harvesting, ensued, followed by prairie grass blends, and corn stover gasification. The results aim at an arsenal of densified biofuel options based on converting biomass into hockey puck-sized pellets, increasing storage capacity and heating value. Photo by Mike Vandenberg ’03 page 3

With Interstate 94 closed just a few weeks ago due to snow and heavy winds, it is hard to believe that we are making plans for Reunion 2011 already. Last year (and we did celebrate all year) was a wonderful celebration of the 50th Anniversary of UMM and the 100th year of our high school! I was particularly pleased when I was able to return in September and officially unveil the plaque in front of the Welcome Center, formerly Engineering, that tells the WCSA story. That was made possible by your strong support of the program to place signs on all buildings connected to our time on campus. Your Alumni Association Board of Directors endeavors to make the All-School Reunion a meaningful weekend for all while keeping prices as low as possible and to that end we have made a few changes. In 2010, we initiated a nominal charge of $3 per person for the bus tour and offered the tours only to those registered for reunion. This charge assists us in planning and helps to hold costs down. We have a familiar format in 2011 with brunch on Saturday, bus tours, our annual meeting and program, followed by an evening banquet featuring locally grown foods. We are hopeful this will blend well with off campus activities planned by some classes. For some reason, when I step foot on that campus I called home for four years, the years seem to drop away, and I am younger at heart and ready to stroll down memory lane with my friends and bring them up to date on all that has happened since we left WCSA. Come join us for the experience!

Carol Pederson Meyer ’60

Photo by Lara Swimmer

Chuck Spohr ’57

Calendar of Events

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May 7, 2011 Sunrise walk in the West Central Research and Outreach (WCROC) Garden, 6:30 a.m. May 27, 2011 Alumni Garden planting at 9 a.m. Board of Directors meeting, 11:30 a.m., Multi-Ethnic Student Center Lounge (Music building) July 8, 2011 West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) Summer Center Day, 7:30 a.m. July 16, 2011 WCSA All-School Summer Reunion

Chuck Spohr after heart surgery in 2008 with grandson and namesake Charlie

July 28, 2011 WCROC Horticulture Night from 5 until 9 p.m. September 12, 2011 WCSA Alumni Board of Directors meeting, 7 p.m., LaFave House February 6, 2012 Arizona All-School Winter Reunion at noon at 8350 East University Drive in Mesa February 15, 2012 Winter WCSA gathering at 11:30 a.m. at Gattie’s in McAllen, Texas.

WCSA Alumni Garden planting Invest a spring morning in the WCSA Alumni Garden, then return to campus for the reunion in July to see the fruits of your labor in full summer bloom. If you’d like to help with this tradition, mark your calendars for Friday, May 27, 2011, at 9 a.m. Although not necessary, letting us know if you will be attending helps with planning. Email alumni@morris.umn.edu or call 320-589-6066. See you in the garden! Photo by Courtney Dreissen ’12, Blooming Prairie

Heartfelt gratitude An unbelievable attitude sustained Spohr through his medical journey and continues to keep him motivated. In part, he credits his positive outlook on life to his WCSA teachers who he still thinks about nearly every day. He remembers, “As soon as you walked into Mr. Lindor’s classroom he would say, ‘You better walk in here with a smile. And if you don’t, you walk right out that door, and don’t come back in until you have one on!’” Spohr models that attitude for his five children and his six grandchildren and takes pride in their strengths and accomplishments. “One thing I really wanted to make sure of was that my kids would all make it through college. Even if I didn’t get that chance, I knew it was something I wanted them to do.” A lifetime Morris resident, Spohr has been active in the community for decades. You’ll see him all around Morris sporting his Second Chance For Life cap and sharing his spirit for life with heartfelt gratitude. After all he has been through, Spohr hasn’t really changed much from his Aggie school days. He’s still the man who greets you with a spring in his step,a friendly handshake, and a big smile of which Mr. Lindor would surely appreciate and approve.

Matt Privratsky ’11, Walker, is a student writer in the office of University Relations at the University of Minnesota, Morris. page 4

Class News

compiled by Sarah Deutl ’11, Anoka

Class of ’30

Class of ’39

Walter “Slim” Hokanson, Morris, passed away April 5, 2011, four days shy of his 101st birthday. Slim’s first and only full-time career was with the WCSA and the Experiment Station, where he was the dairy herdsman for nearly 45 years. In 1934, he married Lily Anderson. They moved into the third floor of Dining Hall and later moved to the big farm house across from the dairy barn, where they raised their four children. As a side line business, he was a beekeeper for as many as 600 colonies and processed the honey under the business name of Elm Ridge Apiary. Following his retirement, he became a master gardener for the University of Minnesota, specializing in evergreens and mums. He began an avid walking and running program, running his first 10K at 72. He switched to biking, and once took a 10-day trip in the Black Hills with Jim Klobuchar, biking 500 miles in a week. His extensive cream separator collection numbering more than 200 required its own building. In 2010, Slim demonstrated the use of a cream separator at the West Central Research and Outreach Centennial Center Day.

Ray Kinzie celebrated his 90th birthday with 100 friends and family. He lives on a ranch in Turlock, California, where he just finished squeezing and selling 150 gallons of pomegranate juice. His wife, Florence, makes the best pomegranate juice. Over the years, Ray has worn many “hats” including farming, milk testing and artificial breeding, barbering, and selling antique silver. He continues to work around the ranch, building birdhouses, and cutting hair for his long-time customers. Ray has two children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren by his first marriage to Helen Carlson. Helen passed away in 1977. He has been married to Florence Keesey for 33 years, acquiring a larger family who call him grandpa. Ray enjoys reading the newsletter from WCSA and has many memories of attending school, such as playing on the championship 1938 basketball team and crawling out of the dorm’s basement window to go ice-skating with the girls.

Class of ’34

Lester Huebner, Morris, passed away in November 2010.

Lillian Olhoft Frounfelter, Wheaton, passed away in December 2010.

Lorraine Johannsen Nietzel, Princeton, passed away in January 2011.

Class of ’40

Class of ’35

Betty Tripp Kruse, Pipestone, passed away in November 2008.

Harold Nash, Rockton, Illinois, passed away in December 2010.

Class of ’41

Class of ’37 Helen Sloneker Stenson, Hancock, passed away in January 2011. Survivors include her husband, Juel ’38.

Class of ’38 Gordon Johnson, Minneota, passed away in December 2010.

Almer Kruse, Pipestone, passed away in May 2007.

Class of ’43 Earl Peterson, Wanamingo, passed away in December 2010. Merlyn Rose, Wheaton, passed away in February 2010.

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Class of ’45

Class of ’59

Lloyd Pearson, Fargo, North Dakota, passed away in January 2011.

Richard “Dick” Kleespies, San Bernardino, California, passed away in January 2011.

Class of ’46

Class of ’60

Carol Smith Brevig, Herman, passed away in January 2011. She is survived by husband Andrew Brevig.

Gene Ferguson writes, “I graduated in 1960 from WCSA and in 1964 from UMM. I was part of the small population of students that spent eight years on the Morris campus.”

Gladys Olson Pearson is looking forward to the 65th reunion next summer. She has talked to several classmates who plan to attend. She writes, “Let’s all make an effort!”

Neila Geistfeld Gunderson’s short story “Egypt: 5,000 Years in 200 Words” was selected for publication in Dreams, 30 stories from the Hot Springs Art Center’s 2010 Short Story Writing Competition.

Class of ’49 Raymond Murphy, Alexandria, passed away in January 2011.

LuWanna Foslien Hintermeister writes: “I would encourage Aggies to get their ‘bucket list’ done and then fulfilled. So far, I’ve ridden a mule down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (2008), toured Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons (2009), and in 2010, Arkansas, Alaska, Canada to Quebec and Halifax, and Boston. And many more places to see! Gotta get going.”

Class of ’51 Dexter Johnson, Fargo, North Dakota, passed away in February 2009.

Class of ’53 Lyle Pattison, Elbow Lake, passed away in January 2011.

Class of ’58 Dennis Johnson retired in August 2010 from his position as dairy scientist at the West Central Research and Outreach Center. His work with grazing systems and crossbreeding are highly respected, but his original career goal was to become a dairy farmer. His parents had a different idea, and encouraged their children to go to college. A college professor gave Dennis a subscription to the Journal of Dairy Science and told him to consider an advanced degree in dairy. After joining the ROTC in college, he served in Germany, where he read the magazine. When his service came to an end, he had a choice to make: remain in the military or continue his agricultural education. He decided the cows at home were more exciting. Niala Kjergaard Petersen, White, South Dakota, passed away in May 2010.

Members of the Class of 1954 gathered in March 2011 at the home of Ted Storck ’54 in Surprise, Arizona. Ted Horning ’54, Adrienne Akerson Horning ’54, James Norman ’54, Marlys Thorstad Charles ’54, Carroll Holmen ’54, Ted Storck ’54, Harvey Vogt ’54 and James Dewey ’54

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WCSA memories by Sidney Schmidt ’46 This Long Prairie farm boy came to WCSA in October 1943 after leaving home without the permission of my parents. They said they already had a son in the Navy and that I was needed at home to provide two more hands. After the first year, my father agreed that as long as I could spend most of the planting, cultivating, and harvesting time at home, I could continue my education. USA was at war in both the European and Asian theatres. Everything we needed was rationed, and there were stars in windows indicating that a member of that family was in the military. I will never forget the banner hanging in the foyer of the auditorium with stars on it indicating the alumni who were then in the service of their country. I, along with other students, would sit near the huge radio to listen to the newscasts telling of the victories and some setbacks on the battlefronts. Patriotism ran high among the guys, and we would often share our intent to enter one of the branches of the military. Somehow, a military jeep entered the campus, and it became quite an attraction. I did enter the Army in October 1946. I keenly remember lining up for meals in the cafeteria. Usually there are a series of complaints over the food and/or food service, but I cannot recall but snippets of complaints. Perhaps the greatest memory was going to the basement snack shop for a malt or sundae after classes were over.

I know it is far too late to say a special thanks to the faculty and staff of WCSA during these years. I believe that you could have taught anywhere else and likely for more pay, but you ‘stayed with us.’ Each one invested his/her life to leave a legacy of changed young men and Darleen and women—this alumnus is grateful. I Sydney Schmidt hope their offspring can read these kind words of their parents or grandparents. Let’s fast-forward to autumn 1996. When the Class of ’46 held our 50th graduation reunion, my wife Darleen and I drove from Euless, Texas, to Morris to attend this grand occasion. Graduates of WCSA, you did yourselves proud. Memories will linger through our lifetimes, and you made a lasting positive impression upon Darleen. She was my guest, and she was glad she came. How do I spend my time now? My wife and I are still teaching a 26-session marriage enrichment course that I wrote. More than 600 couples have completed this study in the past 15 years. We just celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary, which gives our learners a template they may choose to adapt and use. Would I choose WCSA again if given the chance for a high school education? You bet!

Alumni met for an informal Winter Texan Gathering in February 2011. Next year’s reunion is scheduled for February 15, 2012, at Gatti’s in McAllen. Row 1: LaVonne Schmock Dupree, ’59, Mary Anderson, ’56, Audrey Rinke Jackson ’50, Carol Dewey Erlandson, ’55, Barb Jorgenson Albertson ’57, Shirley Hagen Wendland, ’56, Jan Finberg Frazier ’56. Row 2 (seated): Wally Affield ’63, Everett Holtz ’42, Marshall Beebe (Experiment Station employee), Russell Erlandson ’54, Robert Danielson ’51, Gary Peterson ’56. Row 3 (standing): Doug Glesne ’56, Carmon Jackson ’49, Charles Dupree ’54, Allen Albertson ’56, Jim Becker ’57, Virgil P. Nielsen ’57, Duane Kolle ’50, Lawrence Findlay ’45, Ken Kutzer ’54, Loren Maahs ’56, Gene Kutzer ’51 page 7

2011 Arizona WCSA All-School Winter Reunion Scrapbook The Arizona WCSA All-School Winter Reunion was held on February 7, 2011, at the ViewPoint RV and Golf Resort in Mesa, Arizona. Next year’s reunion is February 6, 2012, same location.

page 8

Class announcements for All-School Reunion Class of 1946’s 65th Reunion The Class of 1946 will gather for our 65th reunion during the WCSA All-School Reunion on Saturday, July 16, 2011. A room in the Student Center has been reserved for our class to meet. A brunch will be served from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., and a banquet at 5:30 p.m. in Oyate Hall of the Student Center will conclude the day’s activities. We look forward to the opportunity to visit and reminisce. For more information, contact Delores Bertram at 605-537-4754. Class of 1951’s 60th Reunion Can you believe it is 60 years since our class graduated from the WCSA? Let’s all plan to gather again on July 16, 2011, for the All-School Reunion. All activities will take place in the Student Center on the Morris campus. Brunch will be served from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., and a banquet will be served at 5:30 p.m. Our class will meet in the Prairie Lounge at 1 p.m. to share memories of the past 60 years. A photo of the group will be taken at that time. Bring your best recollections as to why you attended the WCSA and your most memorable time while there! For more information, contact Joan Bauman Bruer at 320-324-2569 or Audrey Mumm Berg at 320-324-2413. Class of 1956’s 55th Reunion We had a very good turn out for our 50th reunion,

and hope that we can do even better for the 55th. Our class will meet on Saturday, July 16, 2011, on the Morris campus as part of the All-School Reunion. We will meet in the Study Lounge of the Student Center. Our class photo will be taken at 1 p.m. SHARP, so everyone be on time. Brunch will be served in Oyate Hall from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., and a dinner will be served in Oyate Hall at 5:30 p.m. A Hospitality Room (#116) at the Prairie Inn has also been reserved for Friday and Saturday nights. We are also planning to get together for a meal on Friday night at a restaurant downtown. If you have questions, contact Larry Soliah at 218-205-6178. Class of 1961’s 50th Reunion The Class of 1961 is planning its 50th year reunion to coincide with the All-School Reunion on the weekend of July 16-17, 2011, says Patricia Lesmeister Nelson, chair of the Reunion Committee. Plans are to take part in the morning and afternoon All-School Reunion activities planned on campus on Saturday, July 16, with an evening banquet and program planned at the Prairie Inn for the Class of 1961. Special invitation is extended to classmates of 1960 and 1962 to join in the banquet/ program at the Prairie Inn that evening for a wonderful opportunity to re-acquaint with the “upper” and “lower” classmates! Banquet reservations for the Prairie Inn are due by July 1. Contact Pat Lesmeister Nelson at 320-589-1935.

Class News WCSA alumni love reading Class News, so send us your updates! Mail us a letter, give us a call, or send an email about your careers, families, travels, hobbies, activities, and WCSA memories. We will include your news in the next AlumNEWS issue. The deadline for submission is October 1, 2011.

discontinue receiving a printed copy, please contact us. The newsletter, photos, and a history of the WCSA can be found on the WCSA website at morris.umn.edu/WCSA.

Funding for AlumNEWS Your donations fund AlumNEWS. Thanks to those who have given in the past! We appreciate your donations. Checks to support AlumNEWS should be made payable to the University of Minnesota, Morris and sent to the address at right. WCSA Web page The WCSA AlumNEWS is available online. If you would like to read the newsletter online and page 9

AlumNEWS is produced by the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving. It is available in alternative formats upon request. Class news, donations, comments, corrections, or questions may be directed to: Carla Riley ’85 Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving University of Minnesota, Morris Welcome Center 600 East Fourth Street Morris, Minnesota 56267-2132 320-589-6394 or rileycj@morris.umn.edu

2011 All-School Reunion Tentative Schedule of Events Saturday, July 16 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Registration, Student Center 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Brunch, Oyate Hall, Student Center

All-School Reunion parking and free shuttle service

All Day Alumni class reunions Assigned rooms for special reunions and other classes, Student Center

During the All-School Reunion, complimentary golf cart shuttle service will be provided from the North and West Lots on the University of Minnesota, Morris campus to the Student Center where the 2011 All-School Reunion will be held. All parking is free on the Morris campus during the reunion. Parking in the mall area around the Student Center will be restricted to vehicles with handicapped plates or permits. ALL mall-area parking spaces will be reserved for handicapped permits providing approximately 20 handicapped parking spots around the campus mall. If you have special transportation needs, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving by email at alumni@morris.umn.edu or call 320-589-6066.

1 and 2:30 p.m. Bus Tour of the West Central Research and Outreach Center, wind turbines, and biomass facility At your leisure Visit the WCSA Alumni Garden 4 p.m. Business meeting, Edson Auditorium, Student Center 4:15 p.m. Program: Promise of the Prairie documentary viewing 5:30 p.m. Banquet, Oyate Hall, Student Center

Morris Area Lodging Information Hotels Prairie Inn in Morris 1-800-535-3035 Morris Motel 320-589-1212 Super 8 Motel in Morris 1-800-800-8000 Super 8 Motel in Benson 1-800-800-8000 Cedar Inn of Starbuck 320-239-4300 Rob’s Motel in Benson 320-843-3484 Prairie Waters Inn in Appleton 320-289-2500 Scotwood Motel in Glenwood 320-634-5105 Country Inn and Suites in Benson 320-843-4395

RV Parking RVs may be parked at Pomme de Terre Park on a firstcome, first-served basis. Prices are $12 per night without electricity and $18 per night with electricity. Bathrooms and water, but no water hookups available. Please register at the registration stand in the park. Free parking for self-contained recreational vehicles is available in all of the University of Minnesota, Morris campus parking lots. The East Lot has the most shade and is the largest, quietest area. No water or electrical hookups are available. On-campus Apartments On-campus apartments, which sleep four, are available at $50 per night. Linens will be provided for $5 or you may bring your own. It is recommended that you bring a fan. Call 320-589-6066 to make a reservation. page 10

2011 WCSA All-School Reunion Registration Saturday, July 16, 2011 If you plan to attend the reunion, please return this form by Friday, July 8, 2011. Please make checks payable to the University of Minnesota, Morris. If you do not plan to attend the reunion, please use this form to update your address or to send donation. Return this form with your check(s) and updated address information to:

Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving, Welcome Center, 600 East Fourth Street, Morris, Minnesota 56267 Name(s) for nametag(s) Permanent Address

Winter Address (if applicable)












2011 WCSA Reunion Registraion Registration Fee $7 per person to cover printing and other miscellaneous reunion costs. (Please enclose $14 if you are bringing a guest.) Registration Fee $ Brunch 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at $14 per person ($17 if not pre-registered by 7/8) Please reserve ______ (quantity) meals at $14 each. $ Banquet 5:30 p.m. at $18 per person ($21 if not pre-registered by 7/8) Ham, scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, green beans, rolls, dessert, and beverages Please reserve______ (quantity) meals at $18 each. $ Afternoon Refreshments


Tour West Central Research and Outreach Center, campus, wind turbines, and biomass facility in air-conditioned motor coach at $3 per person Please reserve _______(quantity) seats at 1 p.m. or 2:30 p.m. (Circle first preference.) (We will do our best to provide you with your first time choice.) $



Gift I ¨ will ¨ will not be attending the All-Classes Reunion, and I have enclosed a gift (a separate check, please) for: ¨ WCSA AlumNEWS (#4634)


¨ Rural Students Scholarship (#5616)


¨ Herb Croom Endowed Scholarship $ (given to WCSA and UMM legacy students) (#3910) ¨ West Central Research and Outreach Center $ (#2094) ¨ The Wes Gray Honorary Garden Fund (#1051)


¨ Other

$ Total Gift $

If your gift is (please check)

¨ in honor of a living person, or

¨ in memory of someone who has passed away,

please write his or her full name here:


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Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving University of Minnesota, Morris Welcome Center 600 E 4th St Morris, MN 56267-2134

WCSA Alumni Association Board of Directors Carol Pederson Meyer ’60, president 508 Irving Street Alexandria, Minnesota 56308 320-763-5814

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Janice Berg Arneson ’55, secretary 25587 Nordic Point Drive Glenwood, Minnesota 56334-3393 320-239-4491 Marion Thompson Davenport ’51, vice president 12752 County Highway 15 Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537 218-739-9281 Wilbur Grunewald ’63, treasurer 9833 Oakland Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420-5052 952-881-3809 James Dewey ’54 707 W Stanton Ave Fergus Falls, Minnesota 56537-2511 218-736-4843 Eldon “Tex”Larson ’55 2595 330th Ave Rothsay, Minnesota 56579-9209 218-867-2674 Kay Noble Mariotti ’58 7344 Howard Lane Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55346-3033 949-394-4570

Ted Storck ’54 19176 North Cathedral Point Court Surprise, Arizona 85387-8249 623-266-4995 arizonated@cox.net Legislative Interface and Fund Raising Committee Les Bensch ’59, chair 36209 County Highway 126 Ashby, Minnesota 56309 218-747-2121 The University of Minnesota, Morris is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Printed on recycled and recyclable paper with postconsumer content.

Photo by Courtney Driessen ’12, Blooming Prairie

John Peternell ’60 35747 County Road 10 Albany, Minnesota 56307-9395 320-845-2334

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WCSA Spring 2011 Newsletter  

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WCSA Spring 2011 Newsletter  

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