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Part One •  Before registering for your classes, it’s important that you understand the academic requirements –  Which courses you should take –  Why you are taking them –  How many courses to take each term –  Here is more information to help you understand this

Your U of M degree Your degree has 2 parts: - The Major - The General Education Requirements (GER) Remember: All UMM courses count toward your degree-some can count for both the GERs and the major!!

Your Major •  Review the requirements for your major before registering. (see the Advising web site for program outlines)

•  Talk to your adviser about which courses are most appropriate for you this semester. •  Understand how courses will work toward your degree. •  Undecided about a major? That’s OK! Work with your adviser to explore options.

The General Education Requirements (GER) Part I: IC:

Intellectual Community 2 or 4 credits

(required for all first year students)

Skills for the Liberal Arts: (some of these may be satisfied by exemption)

CW: FL: M/SR: ArtP:

College Writing – 1 course Foreign Language –first year proficiency Math/Symbolic Reasoning – 1 course Artistic Performance – 1 course

General Education Requirements, con’t. Part II: Expanding Perspectives (

complete 8 courses of at least 2 credits each in Part II)

Hist: SS: Hum: FA: Sci: SciL:

History Human Behavior/Social Processes Communication, Literature, Language, Philosophy Fine Arts Science course w/or w/o lab Science course with Lab

The Global Village (choose 2 from this area) HDiv: Human Diversity Envt: People & the Environment IP: International Perspective E/CR: Ethical & Civic Responsibility

A typical first year student class schedule Fall semester •  Intellectual Community (IC) 2 cr. •  College Writing 4 cr. •  One course in the major* 4 cr. •  One GER course 4 cr. TOTAL: 14 – 16 credits *always consult your faculty advisor about your program plan! Major requirements vary greatly.

What is the Intellectual Community (IC) requirement? The goal of Intellectual Community course is to foster development of an intellectual community among new college students. All first year students must take an IC course during their first semester of enrollment at UMM. Courses for this Fall semester are either 2 or 4 credits and either option will satisfy this requirement.

IC is…….. •  Introduces students to intellectual and practical skills that will help you fully participate in an intellectual community •  Promotes active classroom participation •  Provides students with an opportunity to work with and know their classmates well •  Provides students with the opportunity for close interaction with faculty

Your Adviser •  All new students will meet their adviser during New Student Orientation. •  You should also make an appointment to meet your adviser during the first two weeks of class. •  All students are assigned to a faculty adviser in their area of study. •  You are required to meet with your adviser before registering each semester. •  You may change your major and/or your adviser any time.

Planning Materials •  To make the most of your semester, we recommend previewing the requirements for your program before registering. •  For an outline of UMM majors, academic programs, and suggested timelines for completing these programs click here: Http://

•  Check course availability on-line at:

Part Two •  Learn how to use the University of Minnesota online registration system. You will be using this system each semester that you register. –  Easy –  Secure –  Convenient –  Always consult your adviser before registering

UMM Homepage Click here to get to the OneStop.

Current Student Page

Student One Stop

Internet ID and Password Tips •  Your Internet ID (also known as your username) begins with the first letters of your last name followed by numbers. Example: bond007 •  Create and remember your password. Don’t write down your password-keep your records safe! •  Create a hint for your password •  Set up security questions and answers. You should be the only person accessing your records this way. (Parents can be given guest access)

Initiating your student account •  This series of slides will show you step by step how to initiate your UMM student account (if you haven’t already done this!) •  Before you begin, gather your private information. You will need: Ø  Your internet ID (aka username) provided in Admission materials Ø  Your social security number Ø  Your date of birth (that should be an easy one!)

•  Go to the Current Student OneStop: Account”

click on


Initiate Your Account

Parent/Guest Access Students may choose to provide guest access to their academic and financial records. This access may changed or updated any time. Parents should not login via the student’s account. ↓ Students may use this link to create guest access:

Health plan coverage is required before you register •  It is the policy of the University of Minnesota to require that all enrolled students have health plan coverage and provide this information when they register for classes •  If you have coverage under a parent’s health plan, this will satisfy the requirement •  Or, if you do not have coverage, you can purchase health coverage in a group plan offered by the University. Click here for more information: ( •  The next series of slides will show you how to add your health plan information in the registration system

Health Plan Coverage

Click which option applies to you. Then add the details about your insurance if you have coverage.

Using the Registration System •  Click on the “Registration System” link on the Student OneStop •  Sign in with your internet ID and password •  The next series of screens will show you how to search for courses and add them to your class schedule

Login to Registration System

Login with your ID and Password

Begin by searching for a course or add the 5-digit course number

Class Search

Add Now Button When you find the course you want, hit the “Add Now” button—the course will be put brought into your class schedule.

Grading Basis

Select A-F grading in the drop down menuThis is how you will be graded in this course. Use S/N only if that’s the only option or if you have discussed this option with an adviser.

Registration Summary

When the courses you have selected show up like this, you are officially registered for them! Note that the system tells you how many total credits have registered for (lower right hand corner).

If you change your mind, you may “swap� courses. Click the Swap button if you want to drop a class and add another at the same time.

Swap Courses

Swap Courses

Select the course you want to swap out, hit “continue” On the next screen, add a different class by using “search” to find a class or add the 5 digit course # if you know it.

Swap Courses

Confirm that these are the courses you wish to swap. If yes, click YES-SWAP.

If a course is full, you may request to be on the WAIT LIST. If you get permission from the faculty to be added to the course, you will receive an email at your UMM email account with a “permission� #). Another reason to check your email regularly!

Wait List

Log Out of Your Record Always remember to log out!

Log Out Completed

Always remember to close all windows when finished. Keep your records safe!

Things to Remember •  Remember your Internet ID and password. •  Do not share your password with anyone. (Parents may use Guest Access only) •  Log out and close all browser windows when you are finished. •  Ask if you have questions!

Resources and Reminders •  Online registration is easy and secure! •  Use wait lists if needed and watch your email for permission numbers •  Pay attention to registration deadlines Ø  Register before the first day of class to avoid a late registration fee Ø  Essential Deadline for Fall: Sept. 7, 2011 is the last day to drop/ add classes or change grading

•  View your classes on Student One Stop-click on “enrollment summary” any time, anywhere •  Check your UMM email account regularly for information updates.

Getting ready for your registration session KNOW before you arrive: ü  Understand the requirements for general education & your major ü  Make some preliminary course selections after viewing the program planning outlines and courses recommended for first year students

ü  Review Intellectual Community (IC) course descriptions. All first year students must register for one! DO before you arrive: ü  Initiate your student account ü  Provide your health insurance information ü  Get familiar with the registration system ü  Sign up & get confirmation of your registration session ü  Submit your pre-advising survey

Next Steps…… Congratulations! You’ve taken your next step in becoming a UMM student. Good planning and preparation is key in being a successful student at UMM. We want to help you reach your goals and earn your degree in four years! You will use all the things you just learned at your new student registration session. You will be discussing your course choices with an adviser before registering for classes.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

New Student Registration Tutorial 2011  

Registration tutorial for new students at the University of Minnesota, Morris

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