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The environmental policy of Umdasch Shopfitting 

By determining responsible persons or representatives for the area of environmental protection (environmental organisation) we can ensure that the requirements of environmental legislation are implemented internally and complied with on all levels within the company.

The authorities are informed of the names of the contact persons prescribed by the law. We ensure by means of regular attendance at relevant seminars that all employees responsible for carrying out tasks relating to environmental protection are in possession of the latest information to a high standard.

The entire purchasing process is directed towards the sourcing of goods which are as resource-efficient as possible. In line with packaging regulations we are constantly and specifically working towards the minimisation of all packaging materials. When investing in plant and equipment we consistently place value on the minimisation of environmental influences, and processes are modified with a view to reducing the amount of waste matter and its hazard potential.

The Store Makers at Umdasch also pay attention to measures aimed to reduce emissions in order to protect both water and air.

All periodic checks relating to the environment, including for example waste water analyses, are carried out as planned and are correspondingly documented. A current refuse management concept in accordance with AWG (Austrian Federal Law on Refuse Management) has been drawn up. The legally prescribed refuse records for hazardous waste by means of waste manifests are documented precisely, archived and preserved for the period of time determined by law.

By means of their targeted information policy the Umdasch Store Makers ensure that their environmental policy has been understood and accepted and that all employees can use it as the basis for their activities.

Environmental Policy  
Environmental Policy